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Greater Gods

    Samantha Maxis 
Samantha Maxis, Goddess of Power-Up Drops (Sam, The Demonic Announcer)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A Teddy Bear
  • Theme Song: 115 and Moon
  • Alingment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The one in control of the zombies, A really creepy girl even before getting traped in the M.P.D., Trying to kill everyone because of being trapped, Apocalypse Maiden, Knows how to use a gun without previous training, Existing outside of the flow of time
  • Domains: Power-ups, Toys, Undead
  • Allies: Ludvig Maxis (Her father), The School Life Club, Lieselotte Achenbach, Hansel and Gretel, Reisuke Houjou, The Toy Story Cast, Winnie Pooh, Cerberus, Chuck, Naughty Bear, Erma, SCP-1048
  • Enemies: Edward Richtofen, Albert Wesker, Kel'thuzad, Nekron, Zhaitan, Nagash the Undying, Undying
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The rest of the Survivor Crew (Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki), Mandy
  • Opposed by: Anyone who comes from a Zombie Apocalypse
  • On Good terms with: Alma Wade
  • Under the watch of: Clockwork and Nozdormu
  • There was one particular day that shaked up the entire pantheon, catching everyone off-guard. At first it seemed that the power in every house went off, followed by the screams of a demonic entity saying "EDDIE! I HAVE RETURNED". After that, a huge endless horde of zombies attacked everyone on sight. Thanks to the Survivor crew (Who at this point are pretty used to deal with a situation) it was revealed that Samantha Maxis was behind theattack and the court of gods immediately acted by taking her out of the M.P.D. (A device that is only found on the moon, a whole ordeal to find by itself) and restraining her.
    • However, they couldn't depower her entirely, but she was glad that she wasn't trapped in that horrible device anymore. Just to keep her in check, it was decided to give her a place in the House of Gaming given her control over various power-ups. But most importantly, they wanted her to be entertained by something else.
  • As stated before, she has the ability to drop a Power-Up after on her undead minions is killed, granting anyone that pick it ups a special ability. It's unknown if she is able to control any other Power-Up outside of her homeverse ones but she is interested in trying out "new ways to play". Those power-up can consist of the following abilities:
  • Besides the usual Zombie army, she also has the ability to summon Hellhounds anywhere (Which in reality are zombified dogs who are ocasionally on fire). The reason for this is related to her lost pet Fluffy, which after a teleport accident, she became the first Hellhound.
    • It is unknown if she can control Cerberus but people claimed that they have seen the creature be on good terms with Samantha, to the point of playin with her like it was a normal dog. If you hear "FETCH ME THEIR SOULS!", it's very likely that you may be visited by these lovely puppies
    • On the other hand, she doesn't have supreme control over Chuck for some reason, mainly because she doesn't have any interest in summoning him, due to reasons. However, she has felt pity for him as is interested in helping him out and attempting to open his zipper to release the Hellhound.
  • She is usually seen hanging around children who have similar tendencies like her. That's why she befriended people like Lieselotte Achenbach, Hansel and Gretel or Reisuke Houjou. She also orders her zombies to avoid harming her friends.
    • She however isn't fond of Mandy, given her bossy attitude. Plus, her sociopathic nature reminds her too much of Richtofen.
  • She is rather fond of toys, that's why she is always seen with a teddy bear. She also likes to play with the Cast of Toy Story from time to time (Even though they find her a little unnerving).
  • She really loves teddy bears and whenever she sees one, it's pretty hard for her to let it go. That's why she likes to hang around Winnie Pooh, since he is basically a life-sized teddy bear. Surprisingly, Pooh doesn't mind Sam's presence and considers her a friend.
    • Has grown very sympathetic of Naughty Bear, due to not only being a torn up teddy bear, but because of just how neglected and abused he was on Perfection Island. She also greatly approves of his plans of revenge against those that plan on mocking or hunting him down, and has offered to lend him some of her Hellhounds in return for making sure that she isn't taken advantage of.
  • Weirdly enough, she is a very good friend of The School life club (particularly their leader Yuki) even though she is pretty much involved with the undead. They don't mind that aspect of her and welcome her to hang with them whenever she wants, which Sam is grateful for. As a result, her zombies also avoids attacking them.
  • There was one time where she decided to pay a visit to the woman known as Alma Wade, who she heard was a very dangerous person. To the surprise of everyone, Alma didn't harm Samantha when the latter approached her. It's possible that Alma was moved by hearing about how Samantha was trapped in the aether or that they are actually Not that different, but not clear explanation was given. Sam is one of the few people that Alma won't try to harm and considers her one of her own children (even though Samantha is possibly Older than Alma)
  • Hates Albert Wesker after hearing that he plans to take the powers of the Aether for himself. It got worse when he allied himself with Richtofen, sending Samantha into a fit of rage so big that left the House of Mentalism overrun by zombies for about three days.
  • Powerful necromancers have taken interest in the young Samantha, being very impressed on how flawless is her control on the element 115 infected. However, Sam doesn't reciprocate this feeling and has made it clear that she won't tolerate anyone taking advantage of her.
    • So far, she has set eyes in powerful foes like Zhaitan or Kel'thuzad, given their control on different types of infected. Even the GUAD leader, Nekron, has taken an interest in making Sam join him, with no success so far.
  • She has been subject of investigation in the house of Time and Space. Given her situation of being trapped in the M.P.D., it was discovered that she basically lives out of the current flow of time, explaining why she regained control of the undead when the timeline jumped back to 1914. This case has been so difficult to understand that both Clockwork and Nozdormu, two of the most powerful Time Masters in the pantheon, had to be involved. Neither the Ghost of time nor the Bronze Dragon have been able to properly fix it, but according to Samantha, there may be someone or something more powerful than Samantha than is keeping her trapped.
    • However, both Clockwork and Nozdormu have been keeping an eye on the alternate versions of the Survivor Crew, who are enacting a plan to save samantha from her terrible fate. They've been considering assisting the alternate Richtofen in his plan to assassinate the current selves but they both chose to not interfere for now
  • She also has the control over a box which she personally calls "the mystery Box". If you are kind to pay the box 950 points it will grant you a random weapon for you to use. Because the Box is able to spawn any weapon imaginable, it quickly became a popular tool for getting weapons.
    • However, because Samantha was feeling like trolling someone, she can change the location of the box whenever she pleases, often forcing people to search in different houses just to find the Box. If you happen to roll out a Teddy Bear, you can kiss goodbye to the Mystery Box, followed by a taunting Samantha.
  • Samantha's control over the element 115 infected is incredibly dangerous, and that's why the GUAG has labeled her as one of the most dangerous threats around. However, she cares little for anyone that's not her friends and would simply ignore you. But, should you ever consider befriending or aiding Richtofen on his plans, She. Will. End. You
  • " you hear the voices?"

Intermediate Gods

    Arle Nadja 
Arle Nadja, The Patron Saint of Falling Blocks (Silvana)

    Mr Eaten 
Mr Eaten, God of Self-Inflicted Butchery (The Eaten One, The Drowned Man, Mr Candles)
  • Intermediate God (possibly a former Greater God or even Overdeity)
  • Symbol: The Well (pictured right)
  • Alignment: Chaotic... err... something.
  • Portfolio: These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, Horror Hunger, Humanoid Abomination, Rasputinian Death, Snicket Warning Label, Press X to Die, Very Unlucky Seven
  • Domain: Knowledge, Pain, Hunger, Betrayal, Death, Madness
  • Followers: Every Seeker of the Name.
  • Allies: Darth Nihilus, Xion (maybe?)
  • Information on Mr Eaten is sketchy at best due to the active efforts of the Masters of the Bazaar to keep it hidden. Even its true Name seems to be censored at the level of Natural Law, requiring Seekers to go to incredible lengths of self-destruction for even the tiniest hint to its nature.
  • It is known though that those who seek the Name are almost always afflicted with horrible fates. Death, insanity, social ostracization and betrayal are just the start.
  • Seems to be on good terms with Xion, of all people, though that may come as less of a surprise considering they shared a similar fate.
  • The Name is one of the few pieces of information that even Hermaeus Mora is cautious with. Since Mr Eaten's true power is unknown, and considering the effects of Seeking the Name on mortals, Mora considers seeking the name himself to be too risky, and is content to let mortals suffer to figure it out for him instead.
  • A reckoning is not to be postponed indefinitely.

    Rathalos and Rathian 
Rathalos and Rathian, Divine Duo of Subsystem Damage (Both: Rath; Rathalos: Liolæus, Fire Wyvern, King of the Skies [Azure: Azure Fire Wyvern; Silver: Silver Sun; Dreadking: Darkness Lord, Darkflame Lord]; Rathian: Lioleia, Female Fire Wyvern, Queen of the Land [Pink: Pink/Cherry Blossom Fire Wyvern; Gold: Gold Fire Wyvern, Golden Moon; Dreadqueen: Deadly/Purple Poison Princess])
Azure Rathalos 
Silver Rathalos 
Dreadking Rathalos
Pink Rathian 
Gold Rathian 
Dreadqueen Rathian 
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbols: Their Hunter Icons.
  • Theme Songs: Roar / Rathalos, Ancient Rhythm / Rathian (Don't expect them to use these that much), Resolve Flaring in the Heart (Dreadking and Dreadqueen)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Foils to each other, Lion Motifs, Battle Couple, Lightning Bruisers, Traditional looking Wyverns, Utilizing Poison, Roars, and Fire, Many variants
  • Domains: Fire, Poison, Wyverns, Lion Motifs (Naming Only)
  • Sizes: 1140.6cm - 2248.6cm (Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Silver Rathalos) 1954.89cm - 2242.98cm (Dreadking Rathalos) 1151.9cm - 2303.8cm (Rathian, Pink Rathian, Gold Rathian) 2240.69cm - 19733.45cm (Dreadqueen Rathian)
  • Followers: The rest of their variants, and the rest of the unascended monsters from Monster Hunter for that matter
  • Heralds: Ratha and Rathi
  • Allies: Master Hand
  • Rivals: Deviljho, Lagiacrus, Rajang, Zinogre, Glavenus, Brachydios, Akantor, Odibatorasu
  • Enemies: Plesioth, Barroth, Nerscylla, Seltas and Seltas Queen, The House of Food, Big Al, Hircine, Acnologia, The Gang of Seven
  • Fears: All Elder Dragons but mostly Gore and Shagaru Magala
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters, All ascended Smash Fighters (especially Yoshi, Bowser, Marth, and Duck Hunt Team), users of electricity
  • There have been many monsters, both from the New World and Old, known throughout history of the Hunters Guild. From thunderous lupines, killer frog sharks, ice cold or molten behemoths, to giant spiders, crocodilian cobra eels, and virulent dragons. But few can match the sheer recognizability and numerousness of the Flying Wyverns that are the Raths. All Raths have excellent vision, ability to breath fire with flamesacs, poison foes (either with talons or tail), and bloodcurdling roars, though a Rathalos and a Rathian have different approaches in comabt. The Rathalos takes to the air, befitting its title of the King of the Skies, and pelts foes with fire before descending upon them talons open. Befitting her title of the Queen of the Land, the Rathian prefers fighting on ground using instead the poison located on the barbs her tail and the giant spike on her chin to fell prey and rival monsters.
  • While the Pantheon is home to an exceedingly diverse amount of wildlife, in all honesty, it had been a long time coming for the Raths' ascension to the Pantheon. It had actually started out with a Gold Rathian being the follower of Ahtal-Ka, but soon became dissatisfied with the lack of territory and flew off its own one day. It flew around the Pantheon before eventually settling in an empty, elevated point in the House of Gaming. Following her, denizens began to report Rathaloses and Rathians in a bunch of different colors, some even constantly burning. Eventally the Court of Gods decided to just ascend the species as a whole for Subsystem Damage.
    • The Raths, save for colder areas such as the House of Ice & Cold, just about inhabit a wide array of environments and it wouldn't be out of place to find them flying around their territory, with the Rathalos and Rathian alternating from this and protecting the nest. Unfortunately, they're also very territorial and won't hesitate to attack intruders on sight. Weaker monsters like Barroth, Nerscylla, Seltas Duo, and Plesioth prefer to hide and not deal with them. Others like Zinogre, Brachydios, Lagiacrus, Rajang, Glavenus, and Deviljho put up a greater fight though the Raths prefer not to tangle with the last three. Akantor even Odibatorasu even less so.
      • And speaking of monsters they don't want to tangle with, Elder Dragons are a definite no-go. They're cunning enough to know that trying to oppose them is practically suicide. Especially with the Magalas and their Frenzy Virus they spread around.
  • There is one guaranteed way to grab a Rath's attention: Stealing their eggs. Particularly in the Rathian's case, they will drop whatever they're doing to hunt down whoever touched her eggs without fail. Usually it's one parent hunting the thief down, but people are in a very special world of hurt if both of them are drawn. Still, it has not deterred some in the House of Food from making requests to those like the Monster Hunters to do the dirty work for them. The Monster Hunters warned people not to overdo it but Rath eggs quickly caught on anyways. As a result the Raths quickly caught on to the House's schemes and just resorted to going after requesters themselves. A spike in hospitalizations by incineration and maulings later, the requests for Rath eggs were soon kept at a regulated minimum.
  • When fighting the Raths it is important to watch for its many moves it can pull off, not just the weapons and skills it had on hand- er, claw. A Rathalos may fire off a volley of Fireballs or even briefly fly up off the ground seemingly fleeing but actually just swoops down on the earth to create a small blast of poison. But the biggest one to watch out for, in terms of just the Rathalos at least, is the Rathalos World Tour. It lifts off the ground and circles around the attacker in air and... that's it. That's all it does. It's true purpose is to waste people's time.
    • On a more serious and helpful note, the Monster Hunters note that generally Thunder and Dragon element works best for all of them as they tend to be weak to both save for the Azure Rathalos, who's weak to Dragon and Ice, and the Silver Rathalos, who's weak to Thunder and Water. Blinding them with a sudden burst of bright light is also a good thing to do, although in Dreadking's case it's much more harder to pull off if you don't meet the right conditions.
  • Typically, the Monster Hunters are called up when problems involving the Raths arises, though many in the House of Hunters have had their fair share of tasks dealing with a Rathalos or Rathian at some point or another. The Dovahkiin distinctly remembers a time when a Rathalos lowered its altitude to rake the adventurer with its claws only for the Dovahkiin to use Unrelenting Force and cause the Flying Wyvern to come crashing down into someone's temple, caving in both the walls and most of the roof. Said deity (who for this purpose chose to remain anonymous) angrily asked why couldn't just use Dragonrend to just force the Rathalos to land. They agreed that they would of tried that, but the Monster Hunters told them before hand they weren't quite like the Dragons they fought back in Skyrim. As in, they aren't immortal children of a god and the whole point of Dragonrend was to force upon the alien idea of immortality on them.
    Anonymous Deity: Okay, so you can't use it on the Raths. But did you have to use Unrelenting Force like that?
    The Dovahkiin: I had to chase that thing all around the House. It was a long day, alright?
    • Being the Egomaniac Hunter Daedric Prince that he is, Hircine is quite fond the King and Queen. Though they are not the flashiest of beasts, he thinks their more grounded way of fighting and sheer amount of staminanote  is satisfying as it is and has brought the Raths over to the Hunting Grounds from time to time. They don't like that he keeps doing that, though the Nature Preservers thankfully have already begun cracking down on his hunts, at least for the wildlife being dragged into them at least. Hircine dragging people into them is a different issue in of itself.
  • The Rathalos has the greater spotlight of the two, being a Mascot for the original Monster Hunter but also Series Mascot for the franchise, sharing that spot with the Felynes. The Azure Rathalos, meanwhile, serves as the Mascot for Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate. Though, that isn't to say the Rathian is completely left out. In Monster Hunter: Stories, a Rathalos and Rathian (named Ratha and Rathi) serve as the main Monsties for Lute and Cheval, respectively.
    • Big Boss recalled fighting a Rathalos during the time when he wa driving out some armed forces in Costa Rica. He did so after heading the sales pitch of a talking cat to head to Isla de Monstruo on the promise that "they'd drop amazing stuff". The use of modern firearms made the Flying Wyvern's domain over the skies almost trivial, if only for the fact that it ate loads of bullets and rockets before it finally went down. The dozens of Velociprey didn't really make it any easier.
    • Continuing off of Big Boss's tale, Solid Snake, and the rest of the Smash Fighters for that matter, also describe their recollections with the Rathalos. They said he appeared as an assist trophy, but they also vividly remember having to corner it to actually fight it during their conflict with Galeem. Whether or not if it's the same Rathalos or just one that holds a grudge, it apparently holds a special disliking to Marth, Yoshi, Bowser, and the Duck Hunt Team for some reason. The Rathalos did, however, get along with Master Hand considering they both were under the command of Galeem. Technically speaking, anyways. The rest of the Raths don't mind Master Hand which is quite the surprise given their temperament.
      • Isabelle got sheepish at the mention of the Rathalos and when questioned why people pointed to footage of her summoning an infinite amount Assist Trophies, which of course included the Rathalos and the sheer chaos it brought. People cackling at the insanity of it all and snide comments on "Rath mating season but with only one Rathian" aside, one comment from the crowd stood out.
    Dogged Monster Hunter: Still wouldn't get a Rathalos plate.
  • Naysayers of the Raths tend to bring up their dwindling status in power as newer monsters get revealed. Said new monsters tend to include an invasive thousand-bladed scale wyvern, a theropod with a massive flaming tail, and a giant flying psycho bugzapper and it isn't to say all newbies get the better of the Raths. In the New World, a Rathalos easily picks up and manhandles an Anjanath like it's nobodies business. The Rathalos here was courteous enough reenact this scene, only with Big Al and he instead tossed the lesser theropod on the poor sod who badmouthed them.
  • Deities in the House of Gaming were in for one hell of a spook when a Rathalos swooped by one day and bore an uncanny resemblance to Acnologia. The Fairy Tail Guild was immediately notified, but the confusion was quickly cleared up though they were still unnerved at the idea of anything looking like him. Predictably, Acnologia thought it was pathetic that a Rathalos having the gall to try emulating him.


Lesser Gods

    Barathrum the Spirit Breaker 
Barathrum, God of Knockback (Spirit Breaker, Space Cow, Bashlord)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Barathrum's flail.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cycle of Hurting, Epic Flail, Nether Strike, Charge of Darkness, Aform You Are Comfortable With, Horned Humanoid, Lightning Bruiser, Minotaur-like Beast, Noun Verber, Primal Stance, Super-Persistent Predator, Super Speed
  • Domains: Travel, Combat, War, Chaos, Darkness
  • Allies: Rain, The Prince of Persia, Aladdin, The Doomslayer, Hidetora Tojo
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, Jago, Shulk, Christian Cage, Baine Bloodhoof
  • Opposed by: Simon Belmont
  • It was a normal day in the Pantheon when Razzil Darkbrew was experimenting with a small selection of chemicals that was provided to him by fellow gods, until someone reported an angry bull charging directly at Razzil's position, knocking bystanders away. Razzil and his ogre friend was confused, until they remembered that a certain dire hero was still charging at them when their last battle ended. Though they fled, the bull caught up to them and repeatedly stunned and bashed them until they fell off the nearby cliff. The alchemist and his ogre survived the nasty fall, but it was clear to the Defenders of the Ancients who the attacker was. It was the Spirit Breaker, who had charged across entire planes and dimensions just to get back at the Alchemist for beating him in the aforementioned battle.
  • There are few things that can keep up with the Spirit Breaker while he's charging. One of them is Rubick if he steals his charge, another is Bloodseeker when he smells enough blood... and yet another is a homing missile.
    • The good news is just about any obstacle in the way of his path can knock him out of his charge. It is advised that if chased by Spirit Breaker that you should lay out as many objects in his path as possible to stop the charge.
  • Yes, he does indeed look like a cow. This shape was made during the time he was considered a Tauren in a previous game. While he made some changes afterwards, he maintained some of his original design as a bull still fit the nature of a charging elemental.
    • This also does not mean that he is chummy with Baine Bloodhoof, God of Minotaurs. When Baine first met him, Barathrum was only interested in a test of strength. When Baine managed to overcome the other's strength, he only received an acknowledgement of his skills before the Tauren left. Baine is much friendlier to hang around than the brash and chaotic Spirit Breaker. This does not mean the elemental wouldn't call for his aid when he is in the mood for some trampling.
  • Fighting game deities in general have both revered and feared his mechanic. Some use it to extend their combos while others use this at the sole means to win games. It is with that reason that many of their ilk were glad to see him ascend.
  • Rain turned Knockback into an art fort. His Roundhouse Kick are capable of launching people across to the other side of the screen. He was honored to have someone with similar talents in the Pantheon.
  • Jago used to be the God of Combos, but his main specialty was to prevent knockback with the Combo Breaker. Once he lost the former title, his knockback stoppint abilities became a bane for combos. As such, Spirit Breaker maintains a beef with the warrior.
  • The Prince used Knockback as a way to get around certain enemies who were in the way of his Wall Run. Of course it can go both ways as even the slightest pushback can leave a ledge out of reach.
    • Likewise with Aladdin in regards to SNES Game. In this case, knockback helped him gain full control of his movements to the point that some players would do so on purpose in order to complete a level.
  • The Doomslayer was one of the earliest implementers of the mechanic in regards to shooter games. The One-Man Army had to learn just how powerful each gun of his was as well as the effect on each enemy as their weight affected how far they were pushed back.
  • Shulk has a rather mixed reception for the deity. While he can use this to defeat enemies much faster, they can do the same to him. Thus is especially annoying in boss fights as boss characters are immune to knockback.
  • Simon Belmont was not a fan of the creature's return. Many a campaign of his were ruined when face with Medusa Heads when bottomless pits were behind him.
  • There are reports that he serves a yet to be revealed master in the background. There has been speculation as to who this person or being might be. It could very well be someone who has already ascended in the Pantheon or one who is letting Spirit Breaker test the waters before making an appearance.
  • Hidetora Tojo was pleased to bring over one of his potential followers into the Pantheon... even though Spirit Breaker has no time for the battle between good and evil. The Unskilled but Strong God has been advised not to pet Spirit Breaker lest he sees it as and insult and chases him to the end of days.
  • Christian is pretty much the opposite; His pronounced technical skill in combat is hindered by his poor strength. Spirit Breaker decided to test the wrestler in a cat and mouse chase. Christian was able to avoid the elemental long enough for his partner Edge to save him.
  • "I'll break their spirits and their backs."

    Bartz Klauser 
Bartz Klauser, God of the Job System (Butz, Warrior of Light, Mimic)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A chocobo feather next to an adamantite crystal
  • Theme Song: Four Hearts
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Many talents, wandering, Fun Personified, Older Than They Look, vocal mimicking, foolishness, Ditto Fighter, knowing when to get serious
  • Domains: Technique, Copying, Wandering, Fun
  • Allies: Cosmos, Cloud, Firion, Squall, Terra, Cecil, Kain, Sora, Kino
  • Enemies: Exdeath, Chaos, Garland, Mateus, Sephiroth, Kefka
  • Rival(Arguably): Gilgamesh
  • Many have wondered about the empty shrine to the god of the Job System. It seemed to just be vacant for years, with no one being named its lord. Only recently was its god discovered, as Bartz was found one day casually strolling through the House of Nature. Many are shocked to discover he had been in the Disgraces, the Fallen, and Purgatory before arriving to the Pantheon proper. He was never an official resident to those feared locations, but simply wandering around and exploring.
  • As god to the Job System, Bartz can become just about any warrior type a person could think of. Though his two favorites seem to be the Mime and Dancer jobs.
  • Declared, "Sweet Cosmos, it's a talking duck!" When he first met Sora's ally Donald. Though he did add that he could "partly" talk, having a hard time understanding him.
    • It took a few tries, but Bartz figured out how to perfectly match Donald's voice, which was indeed a surprise.
  • It didn't take long for Gilgamesh to catch wind that his chosen rival had at last found the Pantheon, and rushed as quickly as he could to meet up with Bartz. The meeting was a little awkward, but the wandering man did like the idea of some friendly sparring. The two have met up regularly here and there.
  • Has also become one of the GUAG's instructors alongside Firion. While Firion teaches beginner weapon combat, Bartz introduces new recruits to various styles of combat ranging from healing to martial arts.
  • Also serves as the Manager in the House of Profession.

Bullet, Goddess of Short Shorts and Crosshairs (Butt Girl, Butt Floss)

Ciel, Goddess of Ominous Save Prompts (Dr. Ciel, Shieru)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Ciel System
  • Theme Song: Labo (Ciel's Lab)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Big Good Rebel Leader, The Dr. Light/Alia Of Her Era, 14-Year-Old Genius, Ominous Save Prompt, Gadgeteer Genius, Created Copy X, True Pacifism, Motherly Scientist, Ship Tease, Product of Genetic Engineering, A Mother to Her Men, Token Human, Fling a Light into the Future
  • Domains: Resistance, Cyber-Elves, Intelligence, Programming, Energy Sources
  • Herald: Prairie/Alouette (her Spiritual Successor/sister)
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Kosmo and Nova, Bender of all people, the Nature Preservers
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Pandora and Prometheus
  • Enemies: Dr. Weil, Copy X, Omega, Sigma, Mr. Burns (somewhat), SKYNET (really, any viral, malignant AI), Gate (also pities), the Grox, Hexxus, the Corpus, Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Sombra, the Infested
  • Ciel is a product of Neo Arcadia's technological prowess, using genetic engineering to make enhanced human children. Descendant of the creator of the Mother Elf and thus the Cyber-Elves, she helped create a replacement for Mega Man X when he was forced to seal the corrupted Dark Elf away. However the naive copy would engage in ruthless persecution of Reploids to solve an energy crisis, forcing her to flee. She would found the Resistance in order to protect Reploids, and one day solve the crisis.
  • Responsible for awakening Zero from his century-long slumber, eventually bringing an end to the conflict. In the Darker and Edgier Mega Man Zero era, she serves to be a beacon of hope. As the master scientist of her era, she's an equivalent to Dr. Light, who is very proud of what she's accomplished and wishes to help. As mission control she's similar to Alia as well, who's happy to see that the work of curing the Maverick Virus eventually pays off with the Cyber-Elves. Because of this, she was Alia's high priestess before gaining her own temple.
  • Appears to have feelings for Zero, but has yet to confess them to him even in the pantheon. She was overjoyed to see him again. Kosmo and Nova support her love for Zero, and hope to help her confess her love. That said, she did have to learn about Zero's troubled love history, especially about Iris, which made her gain second thoughts about confessing, not because she feels unworthy, but she just finds it to be really awkward to ask Zero about it afterwards.
  • Her specialty are Cyber-Elves, digital beings capable of enhancing the power of Reploids. They were also key in finally purging the Maverick Virus from the world, and completely destroying Sigma's essence. Naturally, he is angry at what her great-grandmother did and her wielding them. Malignant computer viruses have much to have worry towards her, such as SKYNET. Good-aligned robots benefit from them though, and she's often helping them in the House of Technology.
  • Doctor Weil was incredibly frustrated to learn that Ciel had ascended, who has more than most reason to despise him. Interestingly Prometheus and Pandora of all gods were interested in a temporary alliance with her, mainly because of their hatred towards Weil due to what he as Biometal W did to him. Copy X was equally upset to see that his creator has ascended.
  • Though human and from a society which treats Reploids as second-class, she formed an all-Reploid resistance in order to end their persecution. She supports good-aligned robots and opposes dictatorships. Bastion approves of this, and oddly enough Bender does as well since he often bemoans when robots are treated less important than humans. Granted he's partial to Kill All Humans and is too lazy/dickish to be a proper ally. Baymax is happy to work as a doctor for the Resistance.
  • Elpizo was rather sheepish about seeing her again, given what happened, however Ciel is happy he realized he went too far. She ended up meeting Gate, who she saw much of Elpizo in him. Unlike Elpizo he remains relatively unrepentant, but she still sympathizes with his plight. The two will form a temporary alliance if it means the overall good of robots.
  • An Actual Pacifist, she is more focused on a peaceful solution and is trying to develop a new energy source to solve Neo Arcadia's energy crisis. Mr. Burns has troubled her as he wants to monopolize on resources, but she doesn't seem too concerned with his Cartoonish Supervillainy. She is interested in Cael Cynder and Nibbler's energy sources, though obviously with their consent. Jake Sully is interested in her research so as to make sure humans don't have the need to invade Pandora again.
    • Though understanding of her reasons, Cael Cynder can not just let her use his Zeenium since extracting it from him may kill him. He will allow her to use any Zeenium she can find through other means though or if she can find a way to extract it without killing him.
  • Working hard to try and fix the environment, which the Nature Preservers and Captain Planet wholeheartedly approve. This has made her an enemy of Hexxus and Grox, particularly the latter due to their alliance with Dr. Weil. She gets along with Alexstraza due to being a Hope Bringer that also wants to protect nature.
  • Epsilon approached her with an offer to research force metal for a possible solution to the energy crisis in Neo Arcadia in exchange for helping his pro-Reploid movement. He also explained what had happened in Giga City to her so that there would be no misunderstandings between the two of them. The exact events are unknown, but Ciel did accept his offer.
  • With a rise in Maverick attacks by machine villains came a faster-than-intended transition to the group becoming a true resistance against tyranny involving robots, with focus on robots in general rather than just Reploids. While X and Zero stood opposite Sigma and Ultron in a massive clash involving the merging of Marvel and Capcom, she, along with Epsilon, Harpuia, and their partner Green Biker Dude worked to set up the infrastructure to retool their organization.
    • By the time both Ultron-Sigma's merger of the Infinite world and their attempted mechanical outbreak in the Pantheon were both stopped, Ciel and company had gained the allegiance of Harpuia's brothers Phantom and Fefnir, as well as the group's first non-Reploids, Labrys and Lambda-11, all of whom had been approved by allies including X, Zero, and Aigis. The eight of them stepped before the House of Justice and announced the birth of the faction Liberion Arcadia.
    • Following this, they continued building their base in said house, including its teleport terminals connecting to each individual member's temples, as well as providing Sigma Virus antibodies that were promised to Labrys and Lambda. Others who were made aware of their developments in hopes of gaining support included Proto Man, Repliforce, Grimlock, and even Bass; however, all of them stayed at a distance.
    • The first new member after the announcement turned out to be someone aside from all these invites, likely because she hadn't been known at the time. 2B, the YoRHa unit designed to eradicate machines that had invaded her Earth, came to them claiming that Liberion Arcadia's existence strangely fit just the idea for a group she'd already had in mind. After showing her skills and making her case, she gained the approval of Ciel and the others. Later on, Labrys ended up taking ICEY to a team meeting, while Epsilon would invite Quote and Curly Brace to join, following their ascensions; all three were soon considered backups to the group while new roles were being prepared.
    • 9S became a more primary member of the team following his ascension, and has been key to helping out against enemies such as The Corpus, the ascended members of Desperado, and even the hacking of Sombra. Ciel, meanwhile, is constantly working to develop new safeguards for the increasing number of both evil hackers and viral threats in the Pantheon; for example, she and Epsilon are closely aligned with the GUAG Medical Division on its efforts to produce an accessible cure to the Technocyte Infestation.
    • Leviathan, the lone female of the Guardians, finally joined the team when 9S hacked the case files of the Court of the Gods to push her petition forward. Since then, Leviathan, who likes nicknaming her teammates, has a habit of calling Ciel "light bulb". They're also seen as rivals over Zero, as Leviathan has made it no secret she has a crush on him, but Ciel isn't worried about that; she's just glad to be working alongside all Four Guardians again for the first time since before Copy X put the blame on Reploids for Neo Arcadia's energy crisis. This also allowed Harpuia to calibrate exclusive roles for everyone on the team, officially "promoting" the auxiliary units to full-on members in the process.

    Katori and Kashima 
Katori and Kashima, Dual Deities of Experience Boosters (The Katori-class Training Cruisers)
  • Rank: Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Scale models of the training cruisers Katori and Kashima. For Kashima though, her black Beret cap with the "UY" Signal Flag
  • Alignment: Lawful to Neutral Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Combat, Sea, Game Mechanics, Training
  • Direct Superior: Admiral
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Iowa (at least on Katori's end)
  • Enemies: The Abyssal Fleet (ascended: Wo-Class, Re-Class, Seaport Princess, Northern Ocean Princess)
  • The deites in charge with construction of fleet girls in the Pantheon were suprised when these two appeared, as they initially had little information as to their combat role. They later had them sent with Akatsuki and her sisters for a training exercise, and noticed that they have considerably become stronger afterwards. Realizing that the newfound role for them would be very beneficial for the rest of the fleet, their ascension was immediately recommended.
  • Their current roles as Training Cruisers means that they are the go-to authorities when it comes to the basics of maritime combat. This fact allows them to set up shop at the Houses of Combat! and School, for any deity who wish to learn as to how fleet girls do battle.
  • While Katori is happy to be in the Pantheon, she is not exactly confortable with having the American Battleship Fleet Girl in the House of Personal Appearance. This is probably due to her historical counterpart getting blasted hard by a full salvo from the real-life USS Iowa, with all hands lost. Nonetheless, Iowa assures that she would not be doing the same thing on her since they are allies at least in the Pantheon.
  • Kashima has been attracting a lot of male deities ever since her ascension, though she's not exactly happy that their admiration for her was rooted from "questionable" sources. She has been trying her best to prove herself as a "good girl", even by part-timing as a Convenience Store clerk.
    • Sanae apparently saw Kashima as a kindred spirit of sorts because of this, but the latter is rather more concerned of Sanae's drinking habits. Nonethess, Kashima accomodates her whenever necessary.
    • Meanwhile, Saori has been egging on Kashima to spill her secret as to how she managed to attract a lot of good-looking guys. Sensing something she can relate to with her, Kashima ocassionally invites her for some tips and tricks or two.
  • Much like some of the fleet girls in the Pantheon, Katori gains a virtual counterpart in an online Ship Combat game as a Tier-III Premium Japanese Cruiser. Like her, she's capable of training cruiser captains from other ships at a faster rate than usual. What makes the said ship unique however is that, since she could equip a certain upgrade to her main armament that is usually available to higher-tier ships, she is capable of laying down more accurate salvos at enemy ships at greater ranges. This makes the ship a bit of a Lethal Joke Character in lower-tier battles.
    • Thanks to the matchmaking system, she would never face the virtual counterpart of Iowa, who is a Tier IX battleship. She breathes a sigh of relief upon finding out about this mechanic.

    Kirie Sakurame 
Kirie Sakurame, Goddess of Save Points (UQ Holder #9)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A small mound with a candle on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Death Is Cheap, The Ojou, Fiction 500, Shy Around Others But a Bit of a Jerk, Tsundere, Gets Together with Touta, Their Kisses Can Freeze Time
  • Domains: Death, Save Points
  • Allies: Touta Konoe, Evangeline A.K. McDowell/Yukihime, Karin Yuuki, Kuroumaru Tokisaka, Winry Rockbell, Tenzin, Alphonse Elric, Lin Beifong
  • Enemies: Hoyt Volker, Medusa, Quan Chi, Zobek, Shinnok, Tsukuyomi
  • Good Counterpart to: Flowey
  • Supports: Avatar Korra, Asami Sato
  • The largest financier and ninth-ranked Number of Yukihime's UQ Holder organization, Kirie has the ability to make a Save Point so when she dies, she would automatically be summoned there. It comes in handy when she encounters strong opponents. After finding out that incompetent had ascended, she immediately tried to ascend for herself, somehow creating a Save Point powerful enough to enter the Pantheon's dimension.
  • As a result of her immortality she has been sought out by many evil gods in order to find the secret of her gift.
  • When most gods met her she was demure and quiet. Though many were surprised to find out that she had a nasty personality.
  • Don't insinuate that she likes that incompetent BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T!! Though some tend to snark behind her back and call her a tsundere under their breath.
  • It turns out that she's really rich and some would like to know who's the richest in the Pantheon, specifically the House of Crime. So some of the gods are trying to get the accountants and mathematicians to find out. Further delving indicates that her riches come from stock trading. She apparently uses her power to keep a firm hold on her riches.
  • Flowey is interested in harvesting her soul in order to both become God once again and to gain even more powerful SAVE powers. As he uses his powers to hurt others, Kirie understandably doesn't like the evil flower.
  • She is currently trying to help Kuromaru get together with Touta. Though the latter gave up much to her annoyance.
    • Funnily enough, Kirie herself ended up being the one to get together with Touta instead.
  • She really hopes she never ends up in a situation that causes a unavoidable "Groundhog Day" Loop. Since she'll keep reviving it would be a Fate Worse than Death… despite dying endlessly. And that would suck.
  • She once asked Mordin Solus for help in giving Touta The Talk. As one would expect, it did not pan out as she had hoped.
  • Kirie and the rest of the UQ Holder team accompanied Touta to a celebration party for Avatar Korra, who just recently moved out of the seat she shared with Touta and into her own temple. She caught the tail end of a conversation between Korra, Asami, and Kuroumaru and was pleased to hear that they were encouraging Kuroumaru to make the best decision according to his/her heart as it relates to Touta. Later, she realized that between the fact that Touta's seat was now his own as well, plus Tenzin, one of Korra's mentors at the party, and Winry Rockbell, Edward Elric's mechanic, were both fairly recently ascended as well, the three of them should also be celebrated. The notion was supported by all involved, with Ed's brother Alphonse using his alchemy to create a banner congratulating them as well.

    Locke Cole 
Locke Cole, God of Video Game Stealing (Lock Cole)

Mortred, Goddess of Critical Damage (Phantom Assassin)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A bloodcovered skull with the numbers 2000+ above it in red.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Cloak & Dagger, Coup de Grâce, Phantom Strike, the Visual Effect of the Critical Hit, Knife Nut, Professional Killer, The Sneaky Gal, Tomboyish Name
  • Domains: Critical Hits, Damage, Combat, War
  • Allies: Nerif the Oracle, Mordred
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra (in particular, Katarina du Couteau and Yasuo), Nova Terra, Riki, Loki, Gondar, Zeratul, Shiro Tagachi, Valeera Sanguinar, Sun Wukong, Marth, Roy, Lucina, Vergil
  • Complicated relations: Omniknight, Chaos Knight
  • Enemies: Anyone who got into her contract. Can be anyone. Even aforementioned friends and rivals. Also, super accurate deities.
  • One day, Nerif the Oracle visited the house where the Champions of Runeterra resided and gave a cryptic prophecy: "Reaching critical death, beyond comprehension from the phantom.". They did not take the warning heavily because it came from a rival realm, but at one point, when they were having a match, they saw Baron Nashor lying dead, with only a few hits registered, this is deduced that the attacker must have given a Critical Hit that goes beyond what an Infinity Edge could offer. What's worse... the minimap did not even detect anyone. The echoing voice of the Oracle from afar continues with "You're lucky right now you're all not in her contract." And in the meantime, it was around that time a new house rose... that belonged to the culprit, Mortred the Phantom Assassin.
  • So if you wonder how she attained this throne while there's another for Critical Hit (Yasuo)? Mortred might have less chance to score Critical Hit, but when she does... it's so painful that blood splattered from the stomach, and can even cause instant death. None has a Critical Hit so damaging as Mortred's... imagine if she taught her ways of Coup de Grace into those who love to level grind, like those from Disgaea... (She's not taking students. Yet.)
  • As much as they share the similar stuff, Mortred seems to get into rivalry with Katarina of Noxus, as they're both professional, efficient assassins capable to rack up kills in a short time, where bloods follow wherever they go. It helps that they are kind of 'friendly' for those newcomers who just likes seeing killings be done. They are still competing on who can score more Rampage/Pentakill more often.
  • What makes her a terrifying assassin is that she's extremely hard to track. Surveillance cameras? They won't even catch her on screen when she learns to just blur herself with the environment. The only way to stop her is to face her face-front, have a mean to lock on her without fail (many Robot pilots have that, or the good ol' Monkey King Bar). As such, Mortred really dislikes those who do, and Sun Wukong for the Monkey King Bar being around in the Battlefield of the Ancients.
  • Many thinks she's not that completely antisocial or freaky, just merely a bit shy
  • Her ancestry didn't come from the British lineage or in the 12th century, thank you very much. That said, Mortred seems to be getting along well with that person who has the same name, Mordred.
  • There are rumors flying that Mortred goes more than 'friendship' with Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight. She does appreciate his help when they're on the same team, but finds the idea of her in a relationship with an overly religious man like him ridiculous.
  • Much of her effectiveness depends on how luck she is with the Random Number God. While it isn't an official deity, there is one for Randomized Damage Attacks... which happens to be Chaos Knight. Mortred found it irritating to rely on a rival to deliver effective damage in her attacks.
  • It had come to her attention that Fire Emblem Lords Marth, Lucina and Roy have implemented their own versions of critical hits in Super Smash Bros.. Not only that, they appear to be one of the most powerful Final Smashes in the game. Mortred has taken note and is unsure whether to be threatened or flattered by the moves.
  • It is said that her blade is so sharp, it can cut a hole in reality itself. Surprisingly, she isn't alone in that department. The half-demon Vergil took note of this and challenged her to a duel. The resulting battle impressed him enough to back away before continuing the battle.
  • Unseen and unheard.


    Fubuki and Kasen Kanesada 
Fubuki and Kasen Kanesada, Gods of Beginner's Choices (Fubuki: Blizzard, Bucky, Kantai, Whobuki) (Kasen: Liberal Arts Sword)
Fubuki Kai Ni

Probius, God of Worker Units (Curious Probe, Hero Probe)

    Ryo Hazuki 
Ryo Hazuki, God of Quick Time Events

Smeargle, Goddess of Unique Way of Learning Moves (The Painter Pokemon)
  • Demigod (can copy even an Overdeity's moves)
  • Symbol: Its paw print, colored with its own paint
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Own Tempo
  • Moves: Sketch, Spore, Belly Drum, Return (moveset varies due to Sketch)
    • Z-Move: Varies, but usually sticks with Breakneck Blitz
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Manifesting attacks with its Painting Powers, Terrible Stats, Amazing Potential Movepool, Lethal Joke Character, Non Standard Skill Learning Through Sketch, Permanently Copying Moves It Sketches, Petting Zoo Person, Awesomeness by Analysis
  • Domains: Painting, Moves and Techniques, Copying, Skill
  • Interested in: The House of Combat!
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Chibiterasu, Jake The Dog, Iggy, Hana Song/D.VA, Eko, Jigglypuff, Rohan Kishibe, Yusuke Kitagawa, Jane Lane, Dan Hibiki, Maxwell
  • Rivals: Kirby, Mega Man, Dural, Ditto (friendly with Mega Man)
  • Enemies: The ascended Pokemon villains (mainly Team Rocket), The Hellhounds, Cell, Majin Buu
  • Smeargle is a rather unique Pokemon. A humanoid beagle and painter, its very low stats make it seem like a Joke Character. However the Painter Pokemon has an enormous strength: its Secret Art of Sketch. With this move, Smeargle can permanently copy any move it sees. With virtually any moveset, it's far more dangerous than it looks.
  • Because of Sketch, Smeargle's moveset is constantly changing. The above is just her preferred moveset with a space for learning new moves. Ditto would argue it is the more versatile Pokemon as Transform and the Imposter ability lets it copy stats. Mew simply watched on in smug amusement at their pissing content, given it can Transform, is already powerful and can learn every TM, HM and Tutor Move. As an extension of her rivalry with Ditto, Smeargle is also rivals with Dural and Kirby due to their ability to copy the opponent and/or their moves.
  • Said to have over 5000 different marks. The Smeargle in the pantheon was attracted to Amaterasu, namely her Ōkami incarnation. This is because she and Chibiterasu wield the Celestial Brush, a powerful paintbrush used for combat. There was a certain kinship between that and the body fluids Smeargle uses as both and copying powers. She also seems to get along with Maxwell, and considered him a potential partner
  • Unsurprisingly, Smeargle associates herself with other artists in the pantheon like Jane Lane. Jigglypuff was happy to see another Pokemon artist join the pantheon, though Smeargle one-ups the Balloon Pokemon in that respect. Rohan Kishibe and Yusuke Kitagawa find her Sketch power to be very interesting.
  • Due to copying moves, Smeargle spends just as much time in the House of Combat! as she does her own house. Outright creating new things isn't an option for her, with both Maxwell and Eko surpassing her in that. She knows she's inferior to Maxwell and only having Sketch causes a bit of Creative Sterility, but is willing to study them so as to prove motivation for becoming stronger.
  • Wants to prove herself as the most versatile power copier. As such, she finds herself in competition with Mega Man. Mega Man states that he's superior because he can have eight Robot Master power-ups to Smeargle's four and is strong in his base, but the Painter Pokemon states she can copy far more potential things and she doesn't lose them next adventure. Granted, she usually has to re-learn Sketch. Not that they don't get along.
  • Cell and Majin Buu scoff at her Sketching ability. Cell understands what it's like to permanently learn moves, but feels she's too weak to use them properly. Buu (at least whenever he's Super Buu and not his mindless normal state) agrees and finds her limited, while there's no limit to what he can absorb. Her response? "At least I don't steal and devour lives to get more powerful, I just need a swipe of the tail". This seems to have resonated with Buu, as he considers doubling his assimilation with Sketch by absorbing Smeargle would exponentially increase his potential.
  • Finds D.VA to be rather interesting because of her ability to learn fighting skills from V.R. She feels somewhat bad for Dan Hibiki as while weak like her, he doesn't have a strong gimmick to exploit (most of the time).
  • Welcome in the House of Canines, even if she was spooked by the Hellhounds. She was interested in Jake's incredible shapeshifting abilities, only really hampered by his laziness. His ability to transform into various things combined with Smeargle's ability to learn any move is a very powerful combination. She was interested in Iggy as Smeargle wishes to develop her own Stand, which is bound to be powerful.
  • While Smeargle can learn virtually any move, it cannot learn Struggle, Chatter, Shadow Moves or Sketch itself. Smeargle are said to sometimes have different colored paint, which has caused confusion over whether or not they're shiny in some games. Most of the time green is normal, red is shiny.
  • Smeargle also has quite the habit to perform photobomb of other Pokémon.

    Sonja and Lin 
Sonja and First Lieutenant Lin, Co-Goddesses of Reduced Visibility Gameplay and Negating It (Sonja: Asuka)
Sonja (Left) and Right (Lin)
  • Demigoddesses (Sonja being borderline Lesser Goddess)
  • Symbol: the Yellow Comet and Brenner's Wolves symbols together
  • Theme Song: Sonja's Theme (Sonja, obviously), Supreme Logician (Lin)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Defog of War, The Smart Girl, The Strategist, Hypercompetent Sidekicks (to her Lord Error-Prone father for Sonja, and to her optimistic superior(s) for Lin)
  • Domain(s): Warfare, Strategy, Fog of War
  • Allies: Will, Brenner, Isabella, Andy, Colin, Grit, Max, Olaf, Spock
  • Enemies: Red Skull, HYDRA, SHOCKER, Millennium, any instigators of apocalypses, evil scavengers like Immortan Joe, Mori Motonari, Doomfist, the Corpus, the Elksini
  • Respects: the Tactician, Robin, Corrin
  • Fog of War is a big nuisance in warfare. Seeing through it is diffucult without the right units, and sometimes your opponent isn't likewise handicapped. And then there are those who have means of countering or at least lessening these issues. Among these are Sonja of the Yellow Comet Army and Lin of the 12th Independent Legion (a.k.a. Brenner's Wolves).
  • Sonja cordially greeted her fellow Wars World deities, though it can be seen that she was happy to see them all. Lin on the other hand…isn't as uncomfortable with them as some expected her to be, given how war is taken more seriously in her world. Still, when she heard that the rest of Brenner's Wolves were arriving as well, she awaits the day. Thankfully, that day was today.
  • When Sonja was asked why she didn't settle for Lin as a herald and brought her up as a co-goddess instead, her reply was that while the Pantheon isn't as disbelieving in having a kid in command (given that Andy is here and all), 1) she would feel more secure with a more experienced partner, and 2) it's a favor for the rest of Brenner's Wolves.
  • Applies to both:
    • Both are impressed with the Tactician's brilliant mind as well as his/her capability to come out of every mission they undertake with zero casualties. The same goes for Robin and Corrin, though whether or not the former and the Tactician are the same person is yet to be determined.
  • Exclusive to Sonja:
    • When Sonja is in command, opponent commanders report getting fuzzy readings in the numbers of her troops, not being able to tell if there's just one unit or an entire platoon of it at any spot. And in fog of war, her units have a moderately greater vision range, and can be further improved when she uses her regular/Super CO Powers (Enhanced Vision and Counter Break, which not only negate any chances of hiding troops from her, but with her Super on, either one can never get the first attack on her or their defensive benefits are reduced). The downside however is that she has a case of bad luck, which also makes her not that suitable in areas without Fog of War. That said, fuzzy readings as well as stronger attack power when retaliating still makes her worthwhile.
    • Has no time for the Toy Ship teasing between her and Andy just because they're the youngest COs in their world (aside from Colin). The only thing she has for him is respect as a CO, when she tested him (as well as Max and her rival Sami) during the battle in Cosmo Land.
    • Always makes sure that she's well guarded, having had the unfortunate luck of being a hostage once before, though that was admittedly her own fault when she went investigating. No one knows how that one even worked.
  • Exclusive to Lin:
    • Just like the rest of Brenner's Wolves, Lin's powers as a CO manifest when she's in the field, though it's small compared to theirs. Her power affects all ground units and gives an extra attack and defense boost. Her CO Power, Scout, allows her ground units to see further, and spot enemy troops in hiding places.
    • Given the post-apoc conditions in her world, among other things she's picked up are…cooking rat stew, and other kinds made with frogs, snakes, roaches, boots…some aren't sure if this is her brand of humor.
    • Having had to engage in battle on top of a giant plane, Lin's not looking forward to flying again anytime soon.
    • Despite being an all-tactical lieutenant, Lin has a minor interest in fashion, as well as "color theory" for appropriate clothing to wear in combat.

    Stanley (The Stanley Parable
"This is the story about a man named Stanley"

Stanley, Avatar of Action Commands (Employee Number 427)
Stanley in his office
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A button
  • Theme Song: Exploring Stanley
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heroic Mime, The Aloner, "Groundhog Day" Loop, Featureless Protagonist
  • Domains: Player Characters, Choices, Buttons, Freedom
  • Allies: The Storyteller, ICEY, Old Man Henderson, Red, Lemony Snicket, Naughty Bear
  • Enemies: The Mob
  • Complicated Relationships: The Narrator
  • Odd Friendship: Dee Dee, The Defenders of the Ancient
  • Pitied by: The Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Stanley is a man who spends all his time working. His job consists of pushing a button as commanded by his boss, but one day everybody in his work place seemingly vanished. Stanley then set out to investigate what caused this strange event and set out to find the truth. Well, that depends if he listens to the narrator.
  • His relationship with the Narrator is a complicated one. Sometimes they get along depending if Stanley's follows the story or not, other times when Stanley has rebelled, they can't really stand each other. The Narrator has even killed Stanley a few times.
  • He at first was hesitant to talk or approach any Narrator, probably because he is very tired of being continously be told what to do. He gets along with the Storyteller rather well, considering he doesn't want to tell a story at the expense of others.
  • Stanley in a way, is not fond of people that control others for pure entertainment. The Mob for example is a case where there is a controlling entity that may be arguably worse than the Narrator and doesn't know what to do half the time. He sympathezises with Red because of that.
  • Lemony Snickey is another person that seems to pity the poor Stanley, probably because he doesn't get along with the Narrator in the first place. But Stanley feels that Snicket's style of narration could be more harmful for him considering the Baudeliares story so he kindly asked him to not retell any of his stories.
  • You may ask, why is Stanley located in the House of Gaming? Did he accidentally wander into the world of Minecraft and so got a spot in said house as a result? Well according to Pantheon classifications, pressing buttons doesn't have a real house to be located to so instead the Court of Gods send him there. At least this shiny new temple is more interesting than his old office.
  • Stanley is not the only deity stalked by a Narrator, he also learned that Naughty Bear has that same situation as well. While Stanley does have an amicable relationship with Naughty, he does distrust his narrator, mostly because he seems to be the force that pushes Naughty into slaughtering his foes, not to mention he also is a seemingly Evil Brit.
  • Because Stanley's whole purpose was to push buttons, he is very happy when he does have the opportunity to do so. In fact, his ascension was heralded like this.
    • Stanley is also friendly with Dee Dee since she also has a tendency to push buttons. She often visits his temple since she is amazed about the amount of buttons Stanley has in his temple.
  • Old Man Henderson has encouraged Stanley to do whatever he wants and that he should refuse listening to the Narrator. Stanley has faint memories about doing exactly what Henderson told him, which various degress of success.
  • Apparently the Defenders of the Ancient also had to deal with the Narrator constantly pestering them with his narration, so they do understand how Stanley might feel when having to deal with him.
  • The House of Time and Space seems to be in awe about Stanley situation. He and the Narrator are bound to endlessly repeat their story over and over again with no clear reason why. The Narrator does have some faint memories about some of the events and endings, but doesn't quite exactly recall the events. In fact, this very profile might be reset after it's completion
  • The Narrator implores to not tell Stanley about the Broom Closet. The last time he stood there for about 10 hours for some unexplained reason.
  • All the flavour texts detailed above may or may not be true. It all depends on if Stanley follows the Narration or not.



Exodia, God of Instant Win Conditions (The Forbidden One)
Click here to see the pieces 
  • Quasideity per limb. Overdeity as a whole.
  • Symbol: The five cards of Exodia chained together.
  • Alignment: True Neutral for now, was most likely evil-aligned in the past.
  • Portfolio: Instantaneous Victory Once Assembled, Chained by Fashion, Powerful Cards, Power Equals Rarity, Set Bonus, Who Needs Their Whole Body?
  • Domains: Victory, Power, Games
  • Followers: Some Magic: The Gathering Players
  • Allies: Yugi Muto, Yubel, Osiris
  • Opposes: Some of the water-based and insect-based gods.
  • Opposed by: Seto Kaiba
  • It was a shocking day in the Pantheon when a visitor reported seeing five cards floating in the water in the Subhouse of Water & Moisture. Curiosity about the strange cards turned into surprise when it turned out that these cards were in fact Exodia cards, which changed into utter shock when detective work and some assistance from the House of Time and Space confirmed that they're in fact Yugi's Exodia cards, having somehow made their way to the Pantheon after they were thrown out into the ocean by a rival card duelist. While we may never know how the cards came to the Pantheon, it doesn't change that Yugi was happy to see them.
    • Who wasn't happy about seeing his return was Seto Kaiba, for whom the set of cards has become a sore point ever since his defeat by Yugi. He has refused to comment on this, but rumours circulate about shouting being heard from outside his office ("AAAH! EXODIA!! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!"). This has caused him to put any plans for a duel with Yugi on hold as he prepares his deck (not that Yugi was too keen on another duel, anyway).
  • When Exodia is whole once more in one player's hands, nothing will save the opponent from crushing defeat. It doesn't matter what kind of almighty and world rending eldritch abominations or gods they have on their side, how many life points they have or what traps they have laid. When Exodia is complete, his player wins instantly. Even within the pantheon however, Exodia is still sealed.
  • Exodia is also notable for having some "alternate" forms, namely Exodia Necross ("zombie" Exodia), Exodius The Ultimate Forbidden Lord (Exodia's released form), and Exxod, Master of the Guard ("sealed" Exodia). However, this Exodia is the classic set.
  • As Exodia is essentially a set of cards, he has gotten along with the card spirit Yubel. The fact that she uses Exodia cards in some of her decks helps.
  • As his cards had been drifting in the sea for an unknown amount of time, it does not come off as a surprise to many that Exodia is a little unhappy about it. As a result, Exodia isn't exactly fond of some of the water gods within the Pantheon. As the duelist who threw the cards into the sea uses an insect themed deck, some bug gods also earn some of Exodia's ire.

    Unlosing Ranger 
The Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger, Getting-To-Be-God of Progressively Stronger Heroes (Main Character, The Unlosing Ranger (temp))
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  • Quasideity untransformed, Demigod when transformed, Lesser God as the True Unlosing Ranger, Intermediate, borderline Greater God as the Unlosing Ranger Omega, though his determination means he can endure fights with Greater Gods and even some Overdeities
  • Symbol: The Unlosing Ranger's V-Belt.
  • Theme Song: All the variants of the Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger Theme: Normal, Monster, Sexy Witch, 8-Bit, Junk, Mecha, Asian Stereotype, Dark Hero, Animal and Last Boss (when training) Unlosing Hero's Theme (when displaying great heroism)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Took a Level in Badass, All of the Other Reindeer, Level Grinding, Came Back Strong, Heroic Mime, Hello, [Insert Name Here], Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Abusive Parents
  • Domains: Determination, Training, Heroism, Victory
  • Allies: All ascended Toku Heroes, Zuko, Kamina, Black Jack
  • Friendly Enemies with: All ascended Nipponverse demons
  • Enemies: Mostly every Card-Carrying Villain, Super Hero Aurum, Darkdeath Evilman (formerly)
  • He's essentially only risen to pseudo-divinity via being too stubborn to stay down. It took him a good while of training and a lot of beatdowns, but he did once keep Gohma Vlitra back when everybody else was indisposed with other nonsense.
  • He doesn't talk. Due to this, it's difficult to get a handle on what his personality actually is. Given his expressions and constant usage of the Sweat Drop, he seems to be a Silent Snarker who nevertheless does the right thing.
  • Many of the... Less nice gods tend to look down on him for his wimpy appearance, but his dedication to his duty has swayed a few opinions.
  • Gets along with Toku Heroes in the Pantheon for rather obvious reasons, and Kamina because he reminds him of the former Unlosing Ranger, Pirohiko Ichimonji. He's somewhat friendly with Black Jack due to his overall resemblance to Jean Noire, the skilled surgeon the Ranger saved during his adventures.
    • He's enemies with Super Hero Aurum because Aurum represents the worst a hero can become. The Unlosing Ranger, however, IS intent on helping Aurum to redeem himself as the great hero that everybody loved.
  • Nobody's quite sure what his actual name is. He's sometimes called Main Character by those who know his civilian identity, but there's been so many other things he's been called that some are wondering if he even has a name.
  • Growing up, he got a... Lot of flak from his parents throughout his life as they blamed him for everything that went wrong with the family after the incident wherein he and his sister were kidnapped, because they believed he'd been useless and cowardly during the incident. When his sister later remembered that it was him who stood up to the kidnapper the whole time to keep his sister safe, however, they made efforts to start making it up to him. This sort of childhood led to him having something of a friendship with Zuko, though they agree that Zuko had it worse, and the Ranger feels sad that Zuko never got to peacefully reconcile with his father.
  • He's on-call as the resident Pantheonic Nuke Defense, given his Unlosing Anti-Nuke Typhoon is strong enough to punch an oncoming nuke into the Sun.
    • In relevance to things dealt with via Sun, Phoenix is seen by some as a Foil to the Unlosing Ranger. While both get stronger with defeat, the Ranger pushes himself to train after every defeat while Phoenix merely becomes stronger via being defeated.
  • He, of course, has multiple forms he attained from his gruelling training with the World Hero Society. As the standard Unlosing Ranger, he's only somewhat effective compared to proper heroes. As the True Unlosing Ranger, activated when he taps into his "120% Determination", he's on the level of high-powered heroes. As the Unlosing Ranger Omega, activated only when the people of the world cheer him on, he skyrockets in power, becoming capable of taking on even the toughest of villains.


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