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Greater Gods

    Samantha Maxis 
Samantha Maxis, Goddess of Power-Up Drops (Sam, The Demonic Announcer)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A Teddy Bear
  • Theme Music: 115 and Moon
  • Alingment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The one in control of the zombies, A really creepy girl even before getting traped in the M.P.D., Trying to kill everyone because of being trapped, Apocalypse Maiden, Knows how to use a gun without previous training, Existing outside of the flow of time
  • Domains: Power-ups, Toys, Undead
  • Allies: Ludvig Maxis (Her father), The School Life Club, Lieselotte Achenbach, Hansel and Gretel, Reisuke Houjou, The Toy Story Cast, Cerberus, Winnie the Pooh Chuck, Naughty Bear, Erma, SCP-1048
  • Enemies: Edward Richtofen, Albert Wesker, Kel'thuzad, Nekron, Zhaitan, Nagash the Undying, Undying
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The rest of the Ultimis Team (Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki), Mandy
  • Opposed by: Anyone who comes from a Zombie Apocalypse
  • On Good terms with: Alma Wade
  • Under the watch of: Clockwork and Nozdormu
  • There was one particular day that shaked up the entire pantheon, catching everyone off-guard. At first it seemed that the power in every house went off, followed by the screams of a demonic entity saying "EDDIE! I HAVE RETURNED". After that, a huge endless horde of zombies attacked everyone on sight. Thanks to the Survivor crew (Who at this point are pretty used to deal with a situation) it was revealed that Samantha Maxis was behind theattack and the court of gods immediately acted by taking her out of the M.P.D. (A device that is only found on the moon, a whole ordeal to find by itself) and restraining her.
    • However, they couldn't depower her entirely, but she was glad that she wasn't trapped in that horrible device anymore. Just to keep her in check, it was decided to give her a place in the House of Gaming given her control over various power-ups. But most importantly, they wanted her to be entertained by something else.
  • As stated before, she has the ability to drop a Power-Up after on her undead minions is killed, granting anyone that pick it ups a special ability. It's unknown if she is able to control any other Power-Up outside of her homeverse ones but she is interested in trying out "new ways to play". Those power-up can consist of the following abilities:
  • Besides the usual Zombie army, she also has the ability to summon Hellhounds anywhere (Which in reality are zombified dogs who are ocasionally on fire). The reason for this is related to her lost pet Fluffy, which after a teleport accident, she became the first Hellhound.
    • It is unknown if she can control Cerberus but people claimed that they have seen the creature be on good terms with Samantha, to the point of playin with her like it was a normal dog. If you hear "FETCH ME THEIR SOULS!", it's very likely that you may be visited by these lovely puppies
    • On the other hand, she doesn't have supreme control over Chuck for some reason, mainly because she doesn't have any interest in summoning him, due to reasons. However, she has felt pity for him as is interested in helping him out and attempting to open his zipper to release the Hellhound.
  • She is usually seen hanging around children who have similar tendencies like her. That's why she befriended people like Lieselotte Achenbach, Hansel and Gretel or Reisuke Houjou. She also orders her zombies to avoid harming her friends.
    • She however isn't fond of Mandy, given her bossy attitude. Plus, her sociopathic nature reminds her too much of Richtofen.
  • She is rather fond of toys, that's why she is always seen with a teddy bear. She also likes to play with the Cast of Toy Story from time to time (Even though they find her a little unnerving).
  • She really loves teddy bears and whenever she sees one, it's pretty hard for her to let it go. That's why she likes to hang around Winnie the Pooh, since he is basically a life-sized teddy bear. Surprisingly, Pooh doesn't mind Sam's presence and considers her a friend.
    • Has grown very sympathetic of Naughty Bear, due to not only being a torn up teddy bear, but because of just how neglected and abused he was on Perfection Island. She also greatly approves of his plans of revenge against those that plan on mocking or hunting him down, and has offered to lend him some of her Hellhounds in return for making sure that she isn't taken advantage of.
  • Weirdly enough, she is a very good friend of The School life club (particularly their leader Yuki) even though she is pretty much involved with the undead. They don't mind that aspect of her and welcome her to hang with them whenever she wants, which Sam is grateful for. As a result, her zombies also avoids attacking them.
  • There was one time where she decided to pay a visit to the woman known as Alma Wade, who she heard was a very dangerous person. To the surprise of everyone, Alma didn't harm Samantha when the latter approached her. It's possible that Alma was moved by hearing about how Samantha was trapped in the aether or that they are actually Not that different, but not clear explanation was given. Sam is one of the few people that Alma won't try to harm and considers her one of her own children (even though Samantha is possibly Older than Alma)
  • Hates Albert Wesker after hearing that he plans to take the powers of the Aether for himself. It got worse when he allied himself with Richtofen, sending Samantha into a fit of rage so big that left the House of Mentalism overrun by zombies for about three days.
  • Powerful necromancers have taken interest in the young Samantha, being very impressed on how flawless is her control on the element 115 infected. However, Sam doesn't reciprocate this feeling and has made it clear that she won't tolerate anyone taking advantage of her.
    • So far, she has set eyes in powerful foes like Zhaitan or Kel'thuzad, given their control on different types of infected. Even the GUAD leader, Nekron, has taken an interest in making Sam join him, with no success so far.
  • She has been subject of investigation in the House of Time and Temporality. Given her situation of being trapped in the M.P.D., it was discovered that she basically lives out of the flow of time, explaining why she regained control of the undead when the timeline jumped back to 1914. This case has been so difficult to understand that both Clockwork and Nozdormu, two of the most powerful Time Masters in the pantheon, had to be involved. Neither the Ghost of time nor the Bronze Dragon have been able to properly fix it, but according to Samantha, there may be someone or something more powerful than Samantha than is keeping her trapped.
    • However, both Clockwork and Nozdormu have been keeping an eye on the alternate versions of the Survivor Crew, who are enacting a plan to save samantha from her terrible fate. They've been considering assisting the alternate Richtofen in his plan to assassinate the other selves but they both chose to not interfere for now
  • She also has the control over a box which she personally calls "the mystery Box". If you are kind to pay the box 950 points it will grant you a random weapon for you to use. Because the Box is able to spawn any weapon imaginable, it quickly became a popular tool for getting weapons.
    • However, because Samantha was feeling like trolling someone, she can change the location of the box whenever she pleases, often forcing people to search in different houses just to find the Box. If you happen to roll out a Teddy Bear, you can kiss goodbye to the Mystery Box, followed by a taunting Samantha.
  • Samantha's control over the element 115 infected is incredibly dangerous, and that's why the GUAG has labeled her as one of the most dangerous threats around. However, she cares little for anyone that's not her friends and would simply ignore you. But, should you ever consider befriending or aiding Richtofen on his plans, She. Will. End. You
  • " you hear the voices?"

Intermediate Gods

    The Alchemists of Arland 

Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell, Totooria "Totori" Helmold, Merurulince Rede "Meruru" Arls, and Elmerulia "Lulua" Frixell, Goddesses of Item Crafting (Rorona: Cabbage Girl, Cabbage Princess, Titan Girl, Beloved Mother | Totori: Pupil #2, Legendary Alchemist | Meruru: May, Mini Master, Pupil #3, Wandering Former Princess, Masked M | Lulua: Nano Master, Fate-Burdened Child, The Second Coming of Rorona)
Left to right, top to bottom: Rorona, Totori, Meruru, and Lulua in their respective debut appearances
Rorona in Atelier Totori
Rorona in Atelier Meruru after a Potion of Youth mishap
Rorona in Atelier Meruru back to normal
Rorona in Atelier Lulua
Totori in Atelier Meruru
Totori in Atelier Lulua
Meruru in Atelier Lulua
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their respective staffs/wands
  • Theme Music: Atelier Rorona (Rorona), Atelier Totori (Totori), Princess March and Alchemist Girl Meruru's Song (Recorder/Flute version) (Meruru), Wagon Atelier (Lulua)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, though Meruru also leans to Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Item Crafting, Master-Apprentice Chain, A Master Makes Their Own Tools, Broken Out Of Medieval Stasis, Magic Staff, Mundane Utility, No Antagonist, Full-On Idealism, Determinator, Famed In-Story Come The Sequels (exc. Lulua), Item Caddy, Revering Their Predecessors (exc. Rorona), Trademark Favorite Food (exc. Totori) (Pies for Rorona, Mushrooms for Meruru, and Curry for Lulua), Cordon Bleugh Chef (Rorona and Lulua only)
  • Domain(s): Alchemy, Items, Master-Apprentice
    • Rorona: Pies
    • Totori: Adventuring
    • Meruru: Royalty, Urban Development, Mushrooms
    • Lulua: Curry, Magic Books, Alternate Options
  • Heralds: Astrid Zexis (Rorona's master), Sterkenberg Cranach (recurring companion across all their adventures), Hom and Hom (Rorona's—and later Meruru's—homonculus partners), Cecilia Helmold (Totori's sister), the Chims (Totori's homonculi), Piana (Totori's adopted sister and other apprentice, and Lulua's master), Keina Swaya (Meruru's maid and Childhood Friend), Chim Dragon and Chim Marudayu (Lulua's homonculi partners, "evolved" Chims), Stia (Lulua's partner)
  • Allies: The Etrian Odyssey Guilds, Tadano Hitonari, Steve and Alex, Beatrix LeBeau, Link, all heroic Fire Emblem deities, the Dovahkiin, the Warden, the Inquisitor
  • Enemies: bomb maniacs, those who would try to steal from or abduct them, Mother Gothel, Father (FMA)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Non-malevolent Lizard Folk (Meruru)
  • Opposes: Tezcatlipoca (Totori), All non-good pirates, Peter Pan (Lulua)
  • When it comes to the game mechanic of Item Crafting, where you merge certain items and maybe do a little more extra to create a new item, the Atelier Series is what popularized it in JRPGs, and its games are built around this mechanic. But because the first series aren't available outside of Japan, and because the Mana-Khemia spinoff duology and Iris trilogy don't have as much focus on the Item Crafting part, the Arland quadrilogy was explored instead, and its main characters were selected to represent the franchise. It also helped that someone wanted to ascend Rorona Frixell to represent Pies at the House of Food, but then it was decided to also ascend select people down the Master-Apprentice Chain. But let's get to who they are first.
    • The first is Rorona Frixell, an apprentice alchemist born in the capital of the Arland Kingdom. One day, a knight nicknamed Sterk delivers a message from the government: due to the recent advancements in steam technology, they will no longer support the art of alchemy and have made plans to shut her workshop down. The only way that Rorona can change their mind is by carrying out a series of tasks over the next three years designed to prove that alchemy can still be relevant in modern day life. With her alchemy teacher Astrid being too lazy and apathetic to care, it falls to Rorona to develop her alchemy skills and save her workshop from closure.
    • Eight years after Rorona's tale, the second is Totori Helmold, a young adventurer from Alanya Village who is travelling across Arland (which has since become a Republic) on a grand quest to discover what happened to her Missing Mom. Having been taught the art of alchemy by Rorona, Totori slowly develops her skills as an alchemist to aid others and her own journey, with the goal of becoming a famous adventurer firm in her mind. She eventually learns what happened to her mother Gisela; she had gone out at sea to take on the Flauschtraut terrorizing it, but failed to slay it, though she managed to deal enough damage to it for her daughter's party to finish the job years later. However, her ship ended up wrecked and she was left stranded in another continent across the sea and at a snowy village. She then proceeded to have a crack at the Devil King that was causing mass destruction to the north that required sacrifices from the village to be appeased, only to just end up tying twice against it, and passing away from illness/injuries and being buried at her ship at her request. Totori would eventually finish what her mother couldn't and put a stop to the Devil King.
    • Five years after Totori's tale, the third is Meruru Rede Arls, the Rebellious Princess of Arls, a small kingdom located in the northwest of the Arland Republic. Bored with palace life, she impulsively decides to become an alchemist under the tutelage of Totori. This does not sit well with her father Dessier and royal retainer Rufus given tragedy befell Meruru's aunt Sofraneis Yerx Arls as a result of following a path of adventuring (plus alchemy) alongside Dessier and Ludwig Giovanni Arland prior to their reigns as kings, when she tried to develop the wasteland around the volcano Mt. Velus. Specifically, she had to put to sleep a demon in the volcano that would've turned Arls into a wasteland, so they propose a deal: if Meruru can prove that her interest in alchemy is not just a passing fad by improving her skills and using them to develop Arls into a thriving kingdom over three years just as Aunt Sofra had with her adventuring before she died, then she will be permitted to complete her training. And just like Totori before her, Meruru would eventually finish what her parent('s sibling) couldn't and put a stop to the Firedrake Airshatter. Then, she successfully made Arls a great place before the merger was completed, thus abolishing the royalty. After that, she began to travel the continent at her father's suggestion.
    • And eight years after Meruru's tale, the last in this line is Lulua Frixell, adopted daughter of Rorona, and apprentice of Piana, who was Totori's second apprentice after Meruru, and grew up in a frontier village named Arklys. Though she studies hard to surpass her mother (who actually didn't really teach her alchemy, leaving that to Piana), she doesn't start out particularly talented at the art. And then Lulua finds a strange book which she dubs "Alchemyriddle", which only she can read, and which mysteriously reveals a hint whenever she needs to use alchemy to solve a problem. One day, Lulua receives a letter informing her that her mother's Atelier is about to be shut down due to its license expiring and technically fails to save it, but gets to save it anyway…under her own name instead. In order to save the workshop, Lulua heads towards Arland, which begins a great adventure during which she will learn much about the world and herself. And that includes an actually robot girl named Stia, Fellsgalaxen at risk of collapse and taking Arklys with it, Mana being the same/better kind of robot as Stia, having to choose to sacrifice Stia to save Arklys (and Arland as a whole) or find another way via a Memory Core to temporarily store Stia's memories so they won't be erased, and an alternate timeline and desiring to change the fates of its Lulua and Stia with a Restore Core.
  • It is not known how exactly Rorona's line of alchemists made it to the Pantheon, but it came in the form of separate invitations sent to each of them after Lulua saved both Fellsgalaxen (plus Arklys above it) and Stia, and her efforts to make sure that this fate is consistent in all timelines, as well as an accidental misuse of the True Dragon Hourglass. When they were sent to the Court of the Gods, that's when they realized they were now in the ages (and attire) they were when they just finished their own adventures, and none of them have even taken any Potions of Youth. The Court explained the reason for the alchemists' Ascension, and that it came with the ability to swap to any of their previous appearances (except Lulua, who is the last known one in the chain, though the dress of her Parallel Timeline self is available). Speaking of the Potion of Youth, Rorona also now remembers her time as a kid after using that, and how embarrassing some of those are, even if Lulua wants to hear details.
  • Applies to all or some of them:
    • Their collective temples are named Atelier Arland, since it's the realm all four alchemists resided in, from its status as a kingdom, and to its reformation into a republic. Thanks to transportation systems in the Pantheon, their temples in the Halls of Crafting Materials and Game Mechanics are connected, though only for the resident deities and heralds to access. All four alchemists and their Heralds reside and work there, and it takes elements from all the workshops they worked in, but Rorona also has a mobile Atelier that she and Lulua (and Piana) take and travel on. Assisting in item synthesis are the two Homs made by Rorona's master Astrid (one made first to assist Rorona, and the other made much later during Meruru's time), five Chims made by Rorona for Totori, and one of those named Chim Dragon has become something a little more. Totori even uses the Chims for battle by sending one to a foe in a kamikaze run and blow itself up for powerful Fire damage (though the Chims themselves just end up lightly charred yet whole after that). In case anything happens, there's also a repository for making more Chims called a Hom Motel. Unlike Hom, they can only replicate synthesis items and consumables, and require pie as motivation (Chim Dragon still has similar obsessions). While they can certainly be instructed to replicate pies for themselves, it's usually better if their mistress(es) do(es) it instead since their pies usually come out better, and thus further motivate them. However, with certain potions, Totori can "evolve" Chims to be like Chim Dragon.
      • There's also a Pie Shop on the side whenever Rorona is in the mood for making pies, though was demanded to have it open at least once or twice a week. That said, she also makes curry, but only for Lulua, who in turn is considering opening a curry shop on the side as well (and may as well just fuse the two into a single store). Totori is also known to be able to make alcoholic drinks (including variants made with fish) via alchemy (having synthesized them among other things since age 14), though usually doesn't drink even after becoming of age. Naturally, Rorona and Lulua are experts in making their favorite foods (though Lulua can do pies too), be it the traditional way or through alchemy. As for Meruru, while she's a big fan of mushrooms, and can synthesize a number of mushroom-related dishes, she's not nearly as obsessed with making them as Rorona and Lulua are.
    • Regarding Rorona's mobile Atelier, the reason it has no windows and why doing anything extraneous like item synthesis is ill-advised while it's moving is because of how physics is messed with to make it Bigger on the Inside and because the place tends to bounce a lot while traveling, not to mention the wagon potentially collapsing on itself otherwise. At least with the existence of consoles and smartphones in the Pantheon, there's more to do, such as planning what recipes to synthesize once the mobile Atelier stops, taking inventory, talking with people outside the wagon, etc. They have special Containers across their temples and Rorona's mobile atelier that all connect to the same storage space. That said, they've never checked what would happen if two or more Containers have their contents fiddled with at the same time. Totori also has a "secret bag" that connects her Basket to these Containers as well. Lulua has one such "secret bag" too, but it's limited to just sending her entire Basket inventory to her Container.
    • Despite their stories being interlinked, there are memories of Multiple Endings for each of them, though obviously only one of each is canon to make way for the next one.
      • For Rorona, after successfully proving the worth of Alchemy to the rest of Arland's higher-ups given Sterk and Gio already think well of her, and inheriting the workshop from Astrid for good, since she decided to leave for another town to rebuild her reputation, she may have taken a few days to bask in her accumulated wealth and lay off after three years of hard work, opened a pie shop and sold the pies she baked and concocted, ditched the workshop to Hom while she goes on monster-hunting adventures with Cordelia, life continues on without Astrid leaving and doomed to be boring, leaves town anyway to learn more alchemy due to her nonexistent reputation with the populace rendering her workshop non-profitable, either with only Hom, or also with Lionela (and becoming a dancer like her), or also with Tantris, or has become a screw-up in alchemy and has become explosion-prone, though her reputation with the populace allows her to stay anyway (and perhaps either becoming Iksel's screwy assistant in his shop, or end up getting Sterk as her minder). However, the ending that would eventually lead to her taking in Totori as an apprentice would be where she becomes highly influential and busy as the town's alchemist, and maybe either gets Cordelia as her manager after spending far too little time with her, ends up becoming the Royal Alchemist thanks to Gio, the King of Arland, or manages to keep up thanks to her friends, and eventually get an alchemist rival in the form of… her own returning master Astrid.
      • For Totori, after five years of adventuring and proving she's certified for it, she may have continued being so only for her village of Alanya, adventured together with Gino (but with Sterk and Rorona constantly coaching them from behind), adventured together with Melvia (and occasionally visit the village where Gisela passed away), adventured together with Mimi (and become famous enough for their tales to be written in books), adventured with Marc to determine the secrets of the land's Lost Technology (on a giant robot, no less), became an Alchemy co-teacher with Rorona (though Totori ends up getting more attention with the students and inadvertently upstaging her), went to Arland to work with Rorona… and end up arguing over who gets to take Sterk with them on adventures, went overboard with making Chims (over the maximum 5 she can make in-game) that they eventually replace the adventurer system at Arland, or ended up opening an Alchemy Restaurant under her name with Gerhard, Iksel, Ceci, and Rorona. However, the ending that would eventually lead to her taking in Meruru as an apprentice would be where it turns out Gisela survived after all thanks to help from Astrid, but had to recover for eight years before she was finally able to come home, and then a year later the Arland Republic decided to send Totori to the Arls Kingdom to help develop it with alchemy.
      • For Meruru, after five years of developing Arls before their merge with the Arland Republic, and thus ceasing to be a princess, she may have failed to rise in fame and became lethargic for a while before deciding to find a new goal, moved to a new atelier where she's super busy, became overburdened by all the development and synthesis requests that she decided to help Rufus with his job instead, raised Arls to become highly specialized in agriculture to the point of getting a new local delicacy thanks in part to her alchemy, raised Arls to become a tourist getaway thanks to a hot spring Peter found, became so charismatic that her own master Totori and Mimi vie for her attention, became a frontliner in the defense of Arls's borders, even if she's a reckless planner, became a confident, powerful, and successful adventurer with Keina by her side, witnessed Rorona restored… to 14 years of age when she first started her rise in alchemy, or witnessed Astrid reforge the Potion of Youth thanks to Meruru's work to be able to adjust all the alchemists before Meruru to 14 and have a tea party. However, the ending that would eventually lead to Rorona returning to her normal age (and therefore able to adopt Lulua in the future) would be where Astrid challenges Meruru to further perfect the antidote to the Potion of Youth by synthesizing the True Potion of Youth, and Meruru succeeding exceptionally well enough for Astrid to follow through on her promise.
      • And for Lulua, even without any sequel to require one to be rendered canon, there are also multiple ways her story reaches its conclusion in the eyes of the player. She may have failed to find a way to save Stia, and sent her Alchemyriddle back in time to another Lulua in the past just like the Lulua before her, settled down in Arklys to run her own atelier with Stia by her side, supported Eva with running the orphanage they both lived in while still running her atelier, traveled with Aurel as they honed their prowess in battle together, even if they quibble as he teaches her swordplay, traveled together with Piana in their wagon Atelier, teaching alchemy wherever they went, traveled together with Ficus as street performers and seeking to aid young minds with potential for growth, joined Niko's exploratory fleet in his mission to discover new trading routes to the Eastern Continent, bid farewell to Rorona and Sterk as they departed from Arland to explore the Eastern Continent (which may have happened anyway no matter what), or opened her own curry shop with the help of Stia, Chim Dragon, and Piana, even as her non-curry alchemy requests declined. However, what is considered the Golden Ending is where her skills started to rival her mother's, and she decided to depart from Arklys with Stia to further her craft even more.
    • As alchemists who partake in combat sometimes, item use is their main method of doing that, besides their staffs, which double as stirring implements for their Alchemy work. They are as follows, which include bombs, Beast Statues, cannons that shoot balls of magical power, ice bombs that can make impromptu frozen bridges over water, Air Drops that enable temporary underwater breathing, and other healing items. There's even a Tera Bomb that can risk one-shotting everybody on foot without the proper attributes like "Narrow Range +3". More of their attack items can be seen in the following links.
      • Out of the four, Meruru is most competent in terms of physical attack via staff. Naturally, she's still more suited as an item caddy in a party without plenty of fellow Arland alchemists. That said, by the time of Lulua's adventure, Meruru has switched to using a sword (and Totori switched to an Alchemy-made book that can summon whatever she needs to synthesize something). Lulua herself also has a pickaxe crafted with alchemy, though only for busting stone and mineral obstacles. And given all the things they cart around and the explosives they throw, all four alchemists are deceptively strong, with Lulua even able to beat a seasoned veteran knight (who's survived hits from dragons and is himself a legend above Rorona's level) in an arm-wrestling match (though he was holding back the first time, and can possibly trounce her in subsequent matches). Lulua even tanked a cannon shot ''point blank'' with barely a scratch while she was trying to convince her friend to have some extra-special Philosopher's Curry.
    • Despite looking like a simple task of mixing stuff in a cauldron, there is more to "Arland Alchemy" than that, thus why it's actually quite difficult to teach. And there are implications that this method of Alchemy might actually be some sort of alien technology. Rorona is considering once more the prospect of teaching her method of alchemy, with the young earth pony Apple Bloom as her first student in the Pantheon. Totori already took steps to establishing an Alchemy Classroom just like before during Lulua's time at the old Atelier Rorona, though it's not known if she already got Rorona's permission to do it back then, or if she would've gotten approval anyway as Totori's just about the last person on the planet Rorona would ever say "No" to. Between the four, only the first two have actual experiences with apprentices, and Totori's the much better one between them (apparently, it makes much more sense to those with natural intuition for alchemy, which is how Totori learned anything at all to teach others later, while Rorona struggles to even teach Lulua how to synthesize Pie as opposed to baking it). Meruru isn't suited to teaching, hence why the Master-Apprentice Chain didn't continue with her, but she's getting better thanks to Lulua and has taken her in as her junior. And Lulua herself is looking to be a prospective teacher as well.
      • Compared to the others, Totori is more involved as an adventurer and has started going out more often with their like than the others, such as the Etrian Odyssey Guilds, Keyblade wielders, Steve and Alex (who do their own crafting as well), or Tadano Hitonari. And ever since her father suggested it after abdicating the throne, Meruru has also become more involved in traveling, and even had a brief stint in vigilante work as Masked M (before having to stop after it turns out most people are too smart (or too dumb) to fall for her Paper-Thin Disguise). And this means taking requests in the Pantheonic Soldiers of Fortune (and her fellow alchemists do the same).
    • Once their temple and mobile atelier were properly set up, Atelier Arland was open for business, and each of the alchemists have gone out to various shops in the Pantheon that sell sundries, food, or (pre-modern, gun, and cannon) weapons for purchases, "Wholesaling", and selling of supplies to them just like before, at least in Rorona's case. And there is a much wider variety of materials in the Pantheon as well, such as Plorts (getting them a business partner in Beatrix LeBeau, though she won't tolerate her slimes being attacked unless they're fighting Tarr), shards of Kryptonite, Kyber crystals, Redstone, all sorts of Fantastic Flora, and other minerals and liquids. Additionally, everything in the Dominions Expansion has shown plenty of new resources to try out, though some areas were off-limits, and others way too dangerous even for the likes of the alchemists.
    • By the way, ship parts can also be synthesized, but it has to be in parts since there's only so much room in a cauldron. Totori and Lulua are most experienced with this, having done this before on behalf of a shipwright father and a "pirate" friend respectively. For some reason, the alchemists all have a strange fascination with barrels, even if they use them in battle sometimes. At least to Lulua, saying the word out loud brings a strange ineffable sense of joy. There is "fun" opposition from PewDiePie as a result, who hates barrels with a passion.
    • As alchemists, they drew interest from others of similar professions such as the Elric Brothers, their allies, and Anataeus Vaya, as well as potion makers like Severus Snape and Horace Slughorn. And now they have to get used to having genuine enemies as well, who would want nothing more than to exploit them for weapons, mainly explosives, and especially the N/A bombs. As such, they also have troubled relations with Plague Knight and Mona, but less so for Lulua, who finds their explosives fascinating, just excessive when they use them for absolutely every problem.
      • And then there's the Potion of Youth Rorona once made with Astrid during Meruru's apprenticeship under Totori, and Meruru's further improvement on it to successfully bring her back to normal from being a kid. Something like that would also draw its fair share of nefarious folks, such as Mother Gothel, who would want such potions for their own vain uses. Sure, everyone's functionally immortal in the Pantheon, but getting a younger body is still too tempting to pass up, and with Rapunzel kept out of her reach, she has to find alternatives.
      • Rorona has also gotten her Ruby Pies stolen from her shop by Father's minions due to rumors of hearing that a Philosopher's stone is an ingredient in it. She insists she just uses Ruby Prisms, only to then get questions as to why she even uses magical stones as ingredients in the first place. Lulua has also made a similar pie at least once, following her mother's recipe, and made a version for curry too, though that's less likely to get stolen (buying it is enough), but not many desire to even consider eating it except those who can eat minerals such as the dragonling Spike. Rorona has also vowed to never again make living food, not after the Living Pie, and makes sure that everyone else down her line vows the same. Flint Lockwood knows what that's like.
      • Other items the alchemists have made that are regarded as generally useful are ice bombs for making impromptu frozen bridges over water, Air Drops to allow for temporary underwater breathing, Alarm Clocks for recovering from KO
    • The thing about Item Crafting is that that game mechanic tends to be ubiquitous nowadays, and they all derive from the system used in the Atelier games, Tethu and Tethi
    • When it comes to ghosts, Rorona fears them, but can get over friendly ones as long as they don't do too much scaring. Totori shares most of these sentiments, especially after a miscommunication that almost made her assume that someone (Pamela) was perfectly willing to sacrifice her own life, which was only okay because she was already dead to begin with (being a ghost inhabiting a "body suit" specially made for her). Meruru doesn't express as much fear of them as her alchemy master. As for Lulua, she's completely immune to their scares, given the orphanage she lived in before has been set up as a haunted house so many times, and upon being revealed that Pamela was actually a ghost, her reaction was basically "already seen more fantastical things than ghosts".
    • Cats and other naughty or shedding-prone animals are not allowed inside the ateliers due to the risk of stray fur interfering with the ingredients or the cauldron, not to mention being hard to sweep up, and because the Homs tend to be strongly attached to cats. The Alchemists are also fearful of people who act very different while drunk, since each of them have been… playfully fondled by those they've discovered with that trait. Really, anyone who gets promiscuous while drunk is a no-no to ever be with. Lulua is most fearful of drunkards since Piana told her of HER experience with two drunk women, and ever since Piana's lightweight drunken spree from liqueur chocolates, she also vowed to abstain from ever imbibing alcohol.

  • Exclusive to Rorona:
    • Rorona was horrified with what the Alchemists Guild that Miriam and Gebel used to belong to did in order to remain relevant compared to what she had to do. Rorona just had to prove the worth of her work to Arland's higher-ups with its king Gio already in full support, while that Guild decided to summon demons to frighten people away from the Industrial Revolution. Frankly, that was far, far stupider than anything she did in her youth, and not only did they hurt—no, kill—a lot more innocent people, their plan failed anyway. As for her opinions on the Shardbinders themselves, she sees no problem with either of them. Gebel's actions do unsettle her, but she trusts Miriam.
    • Rorona's parents, while supportive of her career choice (even gifting her rare materials for her craft), are rather inattentive, even taking multiple vacations during her rise as an alchemist). Sure, she does have a legal guardian in her own master Astrid, but unfortunately she tends to be rather lazy partly out of frustration with how Arland treated her own master when she failed to industrializing the kingdom like her predecessors have and leaves most of the work to her apprentice. That said, it's not known how long they've been like this, or if they only started leaving at the start of Rorona's tale, and whether they were putting their faith on Astrid, and several other factors. But at least Rorona has both of her biological parents who think of her (Totori's father was mainly useless and her sister Ceci was the one who mostly raised her, and their mother was missing for years and presumed dead before coming back thanks to Astrid, Meruru's father was disapproving of her line of work unless it could be used to develop Arls before it's annexed to Arland, and there's no word on her mother, while Lulua doesn't even know her birth parents).
    • In case it wasn't obvious, Rorona really loves pies, whether it's baking them or synthesizing them (after Astrid prohibited her from using the former method to further hone her skills). As such, she's drawn attention from other deities known for their pies, such as Toriel for her butterscotch-cinnamon pies (and sometimes snail pies), and Amelia Bedelia for her lemon meringue pie (when she screws up her directions). Crystal Gem Pearl is also interested in the pie-making process, though not so much the eating part (with the sole exception of Toriel's pie).
    • Blackbeard of the One Piece world once checked out Rorona's Pie Shop when it was open, but to his disappointment, no cherry pies were on the menu. While under the pretense of being an ordinary if intimidating customer, he planted in her the idea of adding cherry pies there. One week later, she has started selling cherry pies, and Blackbeard became a very persistent customer, draining her supply of that in moments and waiting when he realized that she synthesizes them with Alchemy. He's even started contemplating abducting the alchemist to make more Cherry Pies for her, but leery eyes from her daughter Lulua, as well as the realization that she could just as easily synthesize something that could mess up his crew, not to mention probably losing a source of cherry pies, he decided not to enact that plan.
    • Despite everything, Rorona's nickname of Cabbage Girl from a contest long ago managed to spread, much to her embarrassment. This netted her a business deal and friendship with the Cabbage Merchant, however, as soon as he made sure there were no cabbage slugs in his wares. She even Wholesales Cabbage Pies for him to sell, though she advises that they need mayonnaise or other sauce to be extra delicious.
    • Having made friends with a puppeteer named Lionela, she has no issues interacting with others of her like, and is in amicable terms with Alice Margatroid when the puppeteer visited for a synthesis request one day. Rorona also tends to give nicknames to people she wants to befriend, and one of them was a wise old bearded man she decided to nickname Al as they talked about Alchemy and how it's different across worlds. It then came to a bit of a shock to the friendly denizens of the Wizarding World that Rorona was in really casual terms with Albus Dumbledore.
    • Was once able to "sleep" while flowing down a river all the way from one end of a country to another, as Totori can attest to when her father fished up her teacher by accident. That's like sailing down the River Nile from Victoria Falls to the Nile Delta. People are amazed she didn't drown at any point and was still coherent enough to continue teaching Totori some more after that.

  • Exclusive to Totori:
    • Totori doesn't think alchemy and science have to be in opposition to one another. She also doesn't think alchemy is magic. Unique to her, Totori has the ability to Duplicate an item without reducing its use count at the cost of mana and some of the item's potency when used. Lulua wanted to learn it, but all she learned was super-fast Synthesis and it took a heavy toll on her stamina that Totori decided to just give up on the endeavor after Lulua passed out as a result. Sometime during her apprenticeship under Rorona, Totori has somehow learned to exude such an intimidating presence that a person's vocabulary skills just plummet when she's around, and she's only gotten more formidable since then.
    • Having had to fight an entity that demanded human sacrifice and (almost) took her mother's life when she tried to fight him (and tied twice), Totori is more heavily against such people more than her master, apprentice, or other apprentice's apprentice. On top of this list are Tezcatlipoca (as an Aztec God and all), Mola Ram, and Zigfrid Shultz of the Aryan Brotherhood for performing these obscene rituals. She also harbors sympathy for Linkara's Magic Gun for having been a victim of Human Sacrfice, though couldn't stand its attempt to gaslight Linkara, but the fact that it was a case of Literal Split Personality makes things complicated.
    • People with parents who aren't in the right condition to raise their children (ineffectual, too hands-off, abusive, dead, or missing) are depressingly more common in the Pantheon than one would think. That was the case with Totori, who had a mostly ineffectual father, and a missing mother presumed dead before she eventually came back home after spending years in recovery. As such, it was up to her elder sister Cecilia "Ceci" to serve as parental substitute. Other kids who had such sustitutes are Lilo Pelekai (rasied by her sister Nani), Akane Isshiki (raised by her younger sister Momo), Mokuba Kaiba (raised by fellow adopted brother Seto), Jun Manjoume (raised by abusive brothers), and Yuma Tsukumo (raised by his sister Akari once their parents vanished). With the exceptions of the Kaibas and Manjoume (though is neutral with Mokuba as long as the subject of Seto's behavior isn't brought up), Totori gets along with all of them.

  • Exclusive to Meruru:
    • For the record, her nickname is pronounced "May-roo-roo", not "Mer-roo-roo". As a proactive princess who acts on behalf of her kingdom, she finds that she isn't alone in that regard and that there are plenty such examples in the Pantheon. Even though she's technically not a princess anymore, she made several acquaintances in the House of Royalty and out, proactive and otherwise, such as Aragorn, Zelda, Arthur Pendragon, his Distaff Counterpart Artoria, Alistair Theirin, Princess Cadance (and her husband Shining Armor), Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt, T'Challa, and the Disney Princesses. Princess Bubblegum also became acquainted with the Alchemists through Meruru, though they did starting off on the wrong foot when the candy elemental thought their alchemy was magic (to which Totori protested it wasn't) and went on her usual tirade about it. But when she heard that it might actually be some unexplained alien tech, Bonnibel immediately changed her tune, and is considering learning what she can from this art as well. Not all encounters were freidnly however, such as with King Allant, the Queen of Hearts, Aerys II Targaryen, Joffrey Baratheon, Luca Blight, and Ganondorf.
    • In contrast to Rorona only taking pity in mushrooms, Meruru loves them, be it when eating them in her meals or synthesizing them in her recipes. She's become very knowledgeable on them, though did have to learn about the kinds in the Pantheon that don't exist in Arland, but she was a dedicated study. She occasionally hosts mushroom shows, not just to profess her love for them, but also warn of the poisonous kinds. And, of course, she won't take kindly to her mushrooms getting stolen.
      • As it's in the name, Meruru made contact with the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and (after promising not to harm the Toads) marveled at the mushrooms they did have, and wonders if she can improve on the ones the Mario Bros. use with Alchemy. The Toads weren't the only sentient mushrooms she had to come to terms with existing; Parasect, Breloom, Amoonguss and Shiinotic soon entered that list, and her encounters with the latter two were less pleasant than the former two due to their general trickery. Of course, her association with the Mario Bros has made her a target of Bowser for attacks or even abduction, even if she's not a princess anymore.
    • Just how great is her love of mushrooms? She once wanted to make a giant walking (or even just stationary) mushroom that can scatter its spores all over to spawn more mushrooms (despite the whole thing with the Ent back in her apprentice days that she wanted to stop due to its presence putting her people on edge every time it gets close), but Lulua thankfully violently talked her out of that idea. And then scathing words from Joel and Ellie, whose world was essentially ravaged by mushroom infections on humans, terrified the former princess out of ever considering that notion. Speaking of that Ent, she was on edge again when she heard there were a few in the Pantheon already, but after sighting Treebeard and Rooftrellen, she just sighed in relief as the Ent she tangled with was much, much bigger than even them. And then she started to worry what they—especially Treebeard, after hearing of his kind's retaliation on Isengard—might think of what she did to the one in Arls, and keeps away. She also has a hard time trusting Lizard Folk, since her kingdom had been threatened by them, and has taken out her fair share of them during her time as an alchemist apprentice.
    • As someone who wanted to rebel from her old established lifestyle, only to then accept her role after some self-reflection (plus realizing what she wanted to learn—Alchemy—can help with that role), with the exception of that last bit, part of Meruru's character arc is just like Yukiko Amagi in that regard. One can also consider Bridget to be the same, though in terms of gender identity, which is kind of a new concept to think of. Meruru recognizes the value of defensive structures such as outposts, and that it's okay for them to be more better-designed than one's own castle. After all, they're the first line that invaders have to tend to first, and it's meant to keep the citizens safe, and doesn't understand the vain types who prioritize their own "houses" over their "walls".

  • Exclusive to Lulua:
    • When she was asked questions of Rorona's teenage pregnancy, Lulua reminds that she was adopted, 2 years before she acquired the Alchemyriddle. Rorona's reason for adopting Lulua is because when the alchemist visited Arklys, Lulua was so kind to her and talked about all sorts of things, and she thought they would have all sorts of fun if they were together, nothing ulterior or grand. On a different note, her birthday is on what is Valentines Day on Earth, although it's not known if her world has that holiday. And ever since Lulua turned in a few almost used-up items while fulfilling a request, having done the same back in her world, all requests sent to the Pantheonic Soldiers of Fortune since then now have to specify "unused", "fresh", or similar terms to prevent the same stunt being pulled ever again. Lulua herself was also reprimanded for that stunt and she has profusely apologized for it.
    • Once attempted to speak to a particular Slime in "Puni" language, just like she had before. This Slime, Rimuru Tempest, quickly revealed that she can speak to her just fine, much to her embarrassment. Lulua tried the same with the ones in the Far Far Range, but has found them to be rather simple-minded (even if a few of them are able to set up an "online account" to buy chickens to eat). Having had to deal with a workaholic Father Benon before at the orphanage she grew up in, Lulua prescribes to the incapacitating method to deal with such people. If she can't do that, she resorts to stern reminders of sleep and healthy eating.
    • Due to having been told what they are by her pirate friend Nicodemus "Nico" David Dieter, Lulua believes true pirates are all about escorting ships, fishing, and keeping the waters clean, and thinks those that plunder or hunt for treasure are impostors sullying their good name. As such, she gets along with the likes of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Turners, really has problems with Captain Jack Sparrow after he tried to pilfer a few things from her, is naturally enemies with mailicious pirates like Black Manta and Long John Silver (even his nicer cyborg iteration), and has clashed with Peter Pan whenever he messes with pirates she trusts.
    • Among the things Lulua can concoct, she can make Eraezyko Charms (shaped like ofudas) for banishing ghosts from an area if magical attacks aren't permanently cutting it. That said, if she has to banish one, she wants to know their story before going in blind; if a peaceful method is preferable, she'll take that option. She can also make medicines that can curb Big Eater tendencies, return them if they were curbed by the former, and a "super-special" Tonic that increases the Quality of items in an area that she can gather for a limited time.
    • Will not stand for buying items just to destroy them to deny its use by anyone else, just as Mimi has with Pure Truffles (Meruru once made a dish with that ingredient that causes the eater to abandon all pretense and deception and be perfectly honest about their feelings, and had no effect on her since she's already honest with herself. When the tsundere Mimi had that dish, she started to get very emotional and longing for more intimate moments with Totori, including sleeping in the same bed as her and bathing with her. After Mimi discovered what she had been saying, she went absolutely to pieces about it, and made Meruru swear she'd never cook with Pure Truffles again or reveal what she said.)
    • Despite coming from a time period bereft of much futuristic technology (although a few do inexplicably exist), Lulua doesn't really express shock or any strong reactions over any sort of Robotic Reveal, not even her first time when Stia revealed her status. As such, she's confused with anybody who invoke Just a Machine for any reason, and opposes those with prejudice against robots who use that reason against them.
    • With Café Leblanc no longer present, Lulua being a provider of curry has drawn much of those customers to her, like Rock Lee, Arle Nadja, Usalia, Daita Oiwa, Asbel Lhant, Presea Combatir, Yotsuba Koiwai, Minako Aino, Lan Hikari, Reaper's Game participant Beat, and the Kosugis (Lemeza in particular), and she quickly became friends with all of them. Ren Amamiya and Futaba Sakura have also checked out the place, and while they can tell that Lulua's recipes are incredible (albeit with some oddities), Ren resolutely claims that none of them can compare to Sojiro's recipe, and no, he will not share it. However, Lulua did eventually learn about the Metaverse, and now she's intrigued with what sorts of materials can be found there. Too bad they're very (justifiably) cagey with letting just about anyone in, so she will have to settle with secondhand acquisition by buying their acquired materials and seeing what can be made from them.
    • Being helped by one's past self via Alechemyriddle is pushing it, but actively aspiring to change the fates of Stias from multiple alternate timelines just about crossed the line in the eyes of the Dahaka, even if she didn't alter anyone's pasts, just "fixed" what's already happened there in the present. However, Barbatos sees her pursuit as full counter to his Dark Multiverse, and her use of The Time Brooch meant plenty of the Arland timelines are now consistent in one particular event, even if things can still end badly further down the line. And with the True Dragon Hourglass to traverse alternate timelines and the Time Brooch to "lock in" those results entering the rumor mill, Lulua has found herself been targeted by many nefarious folks who wish to alter their pasts (not knowing it won't change their present, but some might think helping their past selves win in at least one timeline or as many as possible is enough for them), and the Pantheonic Time Police have stepped in to make sure that Lulua completely and undeniably understands the gravity of her situation. Thankfully for the PTP, Lulua does understand, at least enough that she doesn't go visiting the alternate world's residents further than Alt Lulua's atelier and the other Fellsgalaxen. And technically speaking, she just undid the fate of Alternate Stia that was already done, rather than averting her own timeline's Stia's fate. Besides, from what Rorona relayed to her, even if one changes the past, it won't change their present, only create another branch of reality. Just like in the events of Avengers: Endgame, turns out.

    Sash Lilac, Carol Tea and Milla Basset 
Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, and Milla Basset, Goddess Triumvirate Of The Three Approach System (Lilac: The Dragon Girl, Little Miss Heropants, The Sparkling Comet of Avalice, Water Dragon Warrior, Hatchling, Squidhead, Neera the Hedgehog (best not call her the last two though) | Carol: The Wildcat, Rider of Walls, Kung Fu Kitty, Furball | Milla: The Hound, Super Dog, The Cuddly Chemist, Nature's Best Friend, Allim the Masked Marauder, Detective Milla, War-Dog, Defect, Mutant Milla)
L-R:Carol Tea, Sash Lilac and Milla Basset.
L-R:Carol Tea, Sash Lilac and Milla Basset during the first game
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Planet Avalice, Lilac’s Hair, Carol’s Cool Bike and a Green Deflector Shield conjured by Milla.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Music:
  • Portfolio: Three Approach System, Kid Heroes, Badass Adorables, Action Girls
  • Domains: Animals, Heroes
  • Allies: Commander Torque, Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles The Echidna, Amy Rose, Cream The Rabbit, Sally Acorn, Rotor Walrus, Mighty The Armadillo, Team Chaotix, Big The Cat, E-102 Gamma, Tikal The Echidna, Chaos, Rouge The Bat, Shadow The Hedgehog, Maria Robotnik, Emerl, E-123 Omega, Blaze The Cat, Silver The Hedgehog, Chip/Light Gaia, The Wisps, Shortfuse The Cybernik, Cosmo The Seedrian, Sticks The Jungle Badger, Tangle and Whisper, Aang, Zuko, Scar (FMA), Samus Aran, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, The Ascended CPUs, Shantae, Kirby, Ratchet and Clank, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Xion, Colette Brunel, Luz Noceda and Amity Blight, Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu, The Sailor Guardians, Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, The Chosen Four, Son Goku
  • Enemies: LORD BREVON, Dr. Eggman, Raven Beak, Fecto Forgo, Emperor Belos, Black Doom, Infinite, Metal Sonic, Nack The Weasel, Solaris, Erazor Djinn, Dark Gaia, Mammoth Mogul, Kang The Conqueror, Thanos, Mongul, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA, Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse, Zamasu, Volgin, Herman Carter, Katz, Freaky Fred, Risky Boots, Nightmare, Porky Minch
  • Pities: Gerald Robotnik
  • On the planet Avalice, the three kingdoms and their relations with each other were growing tense. Sash Lilac and Carol Tea, former members of a group, the Red Scarves, would be forced to save the world because of the arrival of the vile Lord Brevon. With the help of Commander Torque and Milla Basset, they’d succeed. Three years later, with Torque having left the planet to pursue Brevon once more after his defeat. Along with Neera Li, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea and Milla Basset would be forced to come to the defense of Avalice when Merga, General Serpentine and Syntax each play their hands for the destruction of the planet’s life.
  • For a long time, the three had been in the Pantheon. However, with the increasing threat of Lord Arktivus Brevon, and the fact that amount of Allies he had was slowly growing, his hand in Raven Beak, who they found painstakingly similar to the warlord, ascending to the Pantheon, convinced the three that it was safer if they all shared a trope. After fending off an attack from the SatAM Dr. Robotnik’s forces, the three took their case to the Court of the Gods, and were properly approved to share the trope of Three Approach System, much to their delight and Lord Brevon’s annoyance, as he planned on manipulating everyone around him in order to remove Milla from the Pantheon, before taking his revenge on Lilac and Carol once one of their friends was removed from play. Because of Lilac, Carol and Milla now sharing the same trope, he was forced to scrap this plot.
  • As early as before they begun sharing a trope under their own request, Lilac, Carol and Milla quickly befriended Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. Sonic in particular respects their, especially Lilac's, drive to help others no matter what. However, something all of Sonic’s friends, and even Sonic himself were disturbed by, was Brevon’s forced brainwashing and Painful Transformation on Milla, in which she was howling in agony while fighting Lilac and Carol and consistently trying to help her friends from the inside to no avail, Sonic even comparing it to Robotnik’s Unwilling Roboticization. The three have befriended Sonic and his friends, and have become close Allies. Tangle and Whisper in particular, once they arrived, became fast friends, and Carol ended up punching a wall upon discovering why Whisper was so reserved because of Mimic, Infinite telling her to try and cause friction between them in hopes that the Wolf would lash out. It didn’t work.
    • That’s not to say the three didn’t make their fair share of enemies from that universe either. Doctor Eggman himself simply sees more rodents in his way, and varying on the incarnation, sees them as more rodents to crush, or more potential roboticized soldiers for his forces. The depravity of those in the latter category outshines even that of Brevon’s, and all three were absolutely disgusted by them, as well as the Robotnik who used to be Ovi Kintobor, due to being outright Tyrants and Omnicidal Maniacs and are outright the worst of Eggman’s incarnations. All of them would go to any extreme to conquer everything or destroy it if not possible simply because it’s more “fun” that way. That being said, the Game versions of Eggman/Robotnik are significantly more Affable yet still pretty evil, and the rest are just outright polite towards them, except for the AOSTH incarnation who is simply evil despite his Large Ham, an incident proving that he is still a dangerous threat being him making a “Speed-Steal Ray” that he used on Lilac, which would get destroyed by Carol and Milla in an ensuing fight against him, returning her to normal.
    • One day, the three ended up seeing swarms of dark creatures come from the sky, they immediately went to help, and unfortunately, there were too many of them. In the end though, a timely arrival from Shadow the Hedgehog and E-123 Omega saved them, and what they figured out after the fact disturbed them. This was an attack from a Galactic Warlord known as Black Doom. Shadow defeated him himself to keep him from destroying all life on the planet, but through means unknown, the alien persevered into the Pantheon. They express nothing but disgust towards him and don’t really care that Shadow has Black Arms DNA as he’s nothing like Black Doom or his race. That being said, Professor Gerald Robotnik who worked with him to make Shadow? While at first outraged over his attempt to destroy the Earth, Lilac recognized it as a grief-born attempt at lashing out, and later after saving the planet from Merga and Syntax, saw similarities between the two, and the three have simply let him be after recognizing his slowly returning morals ever since Maria herself ascended to the Pantheon. In the end, they feel nothing but pity for the man.
    • Other foes from Sonic’s world include Nack The Weasel, a Bounty Hunter who reminded Carol and Lilac of Spade and ended up on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle. They’ve frequently clashed with Metal Sonic and while they rarely come out on top, the Robot has come to at least see Lilac as a Worthy Opponent, though they fear what the Brotherhood of Metallix are and would do should they arrive. They’ve tangled with Manmotb Mogul’s Fearsome Foursome but can’t properly make a move against him because of his reputation and being far stronger than any of them, the Cruel Elephant sorcerer himself wanting to place Lilac under his control, and the aforementioned Infinite tends to rely on Phantoms of Brevon, Merga and Milla’s Mutated State to fight them, considering them not worth his time even after Lilac almost broke his mask for daring to use what happened to Milla at Brevon’s hands against them.
    • There are enemies of Sonic they don’t delude themselves into thinking they can defeat. Chief among them is Solaris, the Mad God of Time who desires nothing more than to consume all of time and space just because. Regarding its components, they were capable of fighting Mephiles until he summoned countless clones in which they were forced to retreat, and Iblis is a self-resurrecting immortal fire monster who they didn’t bother fighting at all. Dark Gaia is an Eldritch Abomination far stronger than any of them that managed to influence both Lilac and Carol at one point while they were visiting the House of Nature, though Milla managed to overcome it and knock some sense into her friends. Lastly, they haven’t gone anywhere near Erazor Djinn as he desires to take control of all stories, and they know they aren’t strong enough to stop someone who plans to and has the resources to try and gain control over the narrative itself.
  • They hate Emperor Belos. Hate his needless cruelty, hate his self-absorbed entitlement out of racism and ego, hate his callous treatment and murder of countless Grimwalkers, hate him for murdering his own brother Caleb and Luz Noceda, who they befriended when she and Amity arrived, hate his manipulative behavior and hate his plans for a genocide of Witches, Demons and Mages. Carol even noted that it’s like he has the worst qualities of both Brevon and Merga rolled into himself, and he once attempted to take Milla’s life, though she was saved by Sailor Moon who promptly teleported him back to his temple and sealed him inside before he could utilize it to go into his Titan form, though Chuck Shurley later undid it. His depravity is to the point where Carol and Lilac fully intend on killing him for what he’s done. Similarly? They loathe Zamasu but know they can’t do anything to him, and he simply sees them as beneath his notice despite being mortals, believing them to easily be thrown to the wayside when the time comes.
    • However, there are racists that they hate just as much as Zamasu if not more. Johann Schmidt, also known as The Red Skull, is a depraved racist maniac towards the Jewish and really most things different than himself who actively misses the days of World War II, and is one of the the biggest faces of Evil in the Pantheon. HYDRA, an organization he helped form, while less outwardly racism, more than makes up for it with their plan to take over the world, and some things they’ve done like HYDRA Supreme and Project Insight horrified them to their core. William “Deathshead” Strasse is an unrepentant monster who subverts people to his own will, leaves them in conscious agony and gloats about it as he forces them try to murder their own allies, and is as depraved as Brevon. Naturally, none of them are above torture, and Lilac, Carol and Milla help stand up to them when needed.
  • Their temple happens to be the treehouse where Lilac and Carol live. Surrounded by a lush green forest in located in Dragon Valley, they tend to hang out there, The House of Heroism, The House of Beasts and Fauna or the House of Nature when not doing anything or just hanging out, not being forced to fight, going out of their way to help others and trying to take the fight to other villains. They don’t really mind if other people come by to hang out with them at their treehouse, and Milla has begun living there as well. Helps that aside from the occasional robot or a few, it’s very easy to get through Dragon Valley in order to reach said treehouse. They’ve also made it clear that should Torque ever arrive, they’d welcome him back with open arms and would be allowed to stay the night if he wished…
    • A few weeks after they ascended, an attack on the House of Magic and Sorcery took place and was broken up by Homura Akemi. Except not really. The true attack happened in an assault on Madoka Kaname’s temple, with Nightmare overseeing everything in case Homura came to help, fully planning on abusing his Invincible Villain status from outside of a dream. She never did. However, Madoka was one of their friends and Milla, the first to hear of it, came to help Sayaka Miki comfort her after the attack was over… only to have a massive panic attack upon seeing the remains of Shade Troopers and realizing exactly who was responsible for the attack. Lilac and Carol eventually came to help comfort them both, and while Lilac momentarily froze in horror at the sight, Carol found herself enraged and punching the wall, knowing that the fight against Lord Brevon wasn’t over anymore, and they stayed with Madoka until she got better. That being said, a few days later, Torque arrived to the Pantheon, and they kept to their word that he could stay with them at times if he wanted. It got even worse when they found out two more details about Brevon’s ascension. Nightmare, who has earned their animosity, is the reason he got to stay in the Pantheon, and the sole reasons for Brevon’s attack were to scope out magic and powers related to it that he may want to claim for himself, show everyone that he meant business by brutally attacking those close to an All-Loving Hero, and let the three know he was there.
    • Eventually, a Galactic Conqueror ended up arriving to the Pantheon after his own death. This led to Sash Lilac and Samus Aran allying themselves against him and ending up as Fire-Forged Friends against robots and monsters very familiar to the latter. This was because said Galactic Conqueror was Raven Beak, a power-hungry lunatic who wiped out his own race and saw her as nothing more than a means to an end, and proceeded to brutally single out and fight Lilac while throwing robots at Samus, all while brutally telling her that Brevon was the one who invited him to the Pantheon, only for Samus to blast him in the chest and the attempt to break Lilac to fail utterly. She and her friends are incredibly disgusted with Raven Beak after learning the depths of the monster he truly is.
  • One day, Milla befriended Kirby in the House of Food when she got incredibly hungry and waited for lunch to be given by Chef Kawasaki. However, a few of the animals and anthropomorphic animals begun attacking everything around them, and Milla almost did the same only for Kirby to use a Friend Heart to reverse what was happening. Kirby with an anger rarely ever seen from him, moved to defeat the ones that singled him out, with Milla helping for support. Kirby had immediately recognized what was happening, and with Ness’ help, managed to pinpoint the location of the being causing this since it had changed areas, the boy from Onett also having a stake in stopping this since Porky Minch was responsible for the entity going to a different place to set up shop for this plan. The three set off, and while Kirby and Ness fought Porky Minch and the being behind the plot, Fecto Forgo, it decided to sic Lilac and Carol on Milla, who was saved by the timely arrival of the rest of the Chosen Four, who proceeded to help the Anthropomorphic Basset free them. They then joined the others and in the end, Fecto was defeated. Upon learning that Porky was the reason Giygas, the only entity it fears, is the way he is now via turning off the Devil’s Machine, Fecto Forgo promptly severed all ties with him.
  • Applies to Lilac:
    • Regarding Lilac’s friendship with Samus, they’ve also had comparisons made to each other being the last of their kind (with the exception of Merga in Lilac’s case) wiped out by an opposing force (The Earth Dragons and The Space Pirates) unprovoked, though Samus does hope she succeeds in finding Merga after the Syntax-Bakunawa fusion was destroyed. As the water dragons she's descended from are indigenous to Avalice and were collectively enslaved by the spacefaring earth dragons, then were almost all killed off following a slave rebellion. This had led to Lilac finding a newfound appreciation for Son Goku, another heroic descendant of a powerful yet dwindling race thinned out in a genocide that followed a rebellion. In turn, she herself being a former thief and Zuko, as well as Aang, having gone through similar trials, has caused her to pity them, and she similarly feels sympathy for Scar.
    • While stolen from her parents when she was an egg by Spade and a thief for a time before deserting that life, Sash Lilac has a hero complex, to the point of being nicknamed “Little Miss Heropants” by Carol, her best friend. She takes it in stride, as she is aware of her own overwhelming urge to help others, though she’s toned down the whole…rushing into things bit after getting brutally tortured by Lord Brevon. She has trauma from it. When she met Fred, she had to be restrained to keep her from attacking him in the Freak Out when he expressed a desire to cut her hair. She’s befriended Twilight Sparkle, both being fairly polite but when the chips are down and someone hurts their loved ones, all bets are off. When Katz hurt Milla, she absolutely lost her cool and attacked him, forcing him to flee in the wake of an overwhelmingly one-sided fight.
      Nobody! HURTS! MILLA!
    • ”Let’s do what we do best!”
  • Applies to Carol:
    • What sets Carol's motorbike apart from other bikes is that it spawns whenever she nabs a gas can (unless she's already on her bike, in which it fixes any damage on it), she can ride up walls and ladders on it, she can hang on beams with the bike held between her legs while it's still running for an extended amount of time, she can Double Jump and Nitro Boost with it, it has an underwater modenote , and it blows up whenever it takes enough damage except when on a high-speed battle. She refuses to kill, unless truly pissed off. Rainbow Dash has allied with her, both having blunt, rough yet caring attitudes and unwavering loyalty to their friends.
    • She’s become close friends with Knuckles the Echidna, both very physical, fast, brutally honest heroes who ultimately have loyalty to those closest to them. While she criticized him for being tricked by Eggman multiple times, he reiterated that its been a long time since that’s happened. She befriended Sasha Waybright for much of the same reasons, and criticized her for going down the path of villainy. Anne and Marcy pointed out that she’s trying to atone, but Carol told them that she’s willing to help her out. Lastly, she has become close allies with Ratchet and Clank, two True Companions who will never abandon each other no matter what. While this makes her feel guilty for ditching Lilac to storm Thermal Base alone and ending with the Dragon Girl getting tortured, this has only strengthened the Wildcat’s resolve to do better.
    • ”If we can beat up a giant praying mantis-thing together, then who knows what else we can do!”
  • Applies to Milla:
    • Her friendship with Weiss Schnee, which surprised many in the Pantheon, is due to the oft-a-jerk heiress's soft spot for absolutely adorable canines. She's impressed further upon the hound showing off her abilities. Weiss plans to introduce Milla to the rest of Team RWBY, though knows she’s already met Ruby. For much of the same reason, she’s gotten a massive friendship with Xion, who loves dogs and has an enormous soft spot for them. She was utterly mortified when she learned what Brevon and Serpentine did to her, and went to confront the former. When Xion overpowered him, he brought the base down on her with her barely getting away while he made his escape. She likened Milla’s mutation and loss of innocence as similar to what Xemnas did to her and has vowed to help put a stop to Brevon for good.
    • Cream first met Milla when Sash Lilac gathered her friends to meet up with Sonic and his friends for a friendly get-together. After the rabbit got the shy hound to trust her, Milla asked if she could touch Cream's ears. Seeing no problem with this, she permitted it, and they became fast friends, especially after Cream introduced Cheese, whom Milla found absolutely adorable. She feels the same about Angel Bunny, Fluttershy’s rabbit, who she took too as well, and Fluttershy quickly befriended Milla and was curious about her, especially after the reveal of her coming from the same planet as Brevon and Serpentine. On occasion, the five can be seen hanging out at Fluttershy’s home in Equestria.
    • ”I’m a super dog!”

    SCP-076- 2 
SCP-076-2, God of Respawn Points (Able, Habil, Ab-Leshal, Hevel Ben Adam, The Great Betrayer, The Soldier, Breaker of the Bronze God, First Sword of Daevon, Butcher of the West)
Fan depiction of SCP-076-2 by artist ScarletDesires.

    Spore Player Race 
The Spore Player Race, Divine Representation of the Creature-Breeding Mechanic

Lesser Gods

    Agent 47 
Agent 47, God of Consummate Professionals and Blending-In Stealth Gameplay (Tobias Rieper, The Hitman, BRO3886, Mr. Byrd, Mr. Crooks, Dr. Cropes, Flech Fischer, Mr. Franklin, Ben Franklin, Mr. Julio, Jacob Leiter, Mr. Johnson, Stan Johnson, Mr. Metzger, John Smith, barcodeman_47, Number/Subject 47, The Clone, The Bald Killer Clone)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His barcode; alternatively, a pair of Silverballer pistols
  • Theme Music: "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but has his Handler often assigns him missions of a Chaotic Good or Neutral Good nature.
  • Portfolio: Badass in a Nice Suit, Bald Guy who is Up to No Good, Can Carry a Ton of Items With Ease, Considered One of the Best Hitmen in this Agency, Dark and Troubled Past, Dual Wielding, Has a Number for a Name, Man of a Million Hidden Talents, Married to the Job, Master of Disguise, Professional Killer, Has a Barcode on the Back of His Head, Rarely Shows Any Emotions, Will Use Any Means to Eliminate His Target, Genetically-Made Assassin
  • Domains: Assassination, Discretion, Disguises, Professionalism
  • Heralds: Diana Burnwood (his handler) note , Victoria (former ward), Agent Smith (occasional ally and damsel)
  • Followers: Angel Eyes, Mireille Bouquet, Michael Bryce, Shelly de Killer
  • Relationships with Other Pantheon Deities
  • Special Relationship with: The Shadow Client (His Childhood Friend and Clone Brother)
  • Within one week, a series of mysterious cases baffled even the brightness of officers and detectives, and shook many of the Pantheon’s denizens as the news was being reported within the domain. Several high-profile human members have been found dead inside their temples; with some of their bodies being stored in closets after being garroted, being in an apparent accident, or being poisoned by their favorite food. There's little evidence the officers can find as the cameras were mysteriously shut down during the incidents, no fingerprints are found and no signs of forced entry. Once more, these victims rarely come to their temples, so the killer likely planned their movements as well, making these cases a series of planned hits a likely possibility, the police and detectives speculated. While the victims would still live given that they are immortal (although some deities just take a lot longer to revive themselves depending on their injuries), the divine officers and detectives from the TPPD are on high alert and gathering any clue or evidence they possibly find before any more hits can happen. Meanwhile, rumors began to spread within the Pantheon how the murders happened around the time of the arrival of a new deity from a week ago.
  • Considered one of the greatest and most elusive assassins in his world, Agent 47 is known for his creative and varied ways in which he assassinates his targets, his persistence in making sure he eliminates all people he was hired to kill (save for a few expectations) and his unfaltering dedication to his line of work. But underneath his stoic demeanor, lies a dark, tragic, and mysterious past. He was the product of a secret cloning experiment done by one named Dr. Ort-Mayer to create the perfect assassin using the DNA from himself and 4 other individuals from different backgrounds. He was later recruited by the International Contract Agency (ICA), a neutral organization that takes contracts for anyone willing to pay, upon the insistence of his future handler Diana Burnwood, who sees his potential despite 47's unknown background.
  • More than a year after the events on the Carpathian Mountains and resuming his usual profession, 47 reviews a bunch of potential contracts from his handler Diana, who has been taking up new clients following the dissolution of the ICA and Providence. One of the contracts stood out, as all targets were hailing from a place called the Pantheon, a place where the Gods reside, with the reward being the usual huge sum of money and an invitation to reside within the realm. He was doubtful about this proposal at first, unsure if he was being tricked or what to make of the possibility of being a god if the offer is true. But the contract came with information compiled from his handler about the background of the Pantheon, its residents, and group entities, some of them are fantastical like superpowered beings to giant robots to talking ponies. They also contain deities 47 would be familiar with, which include criminals who wanted to expand their empire, corrupt people of high status to shadow governments as large if not larger than the ones he had faced before. Having faith in his partner’s judgment having worked together for so long and knowing this would be a challenge they were both interested in, he decides to accept the contract and prepares for his next hit. After 47 completed one of his Pantheon contracts and returned to his current hideout, he finds a mysterious letter delivered to him, stating he was invited to the realm of the Gods, as God of Consummate Professionals, for him being essentially being Married to the Job as well as his skills, demeanor and actions both the Pantheon and in his mortal realm.
  • Upon ascending, he and his handler have opened themselves to accepting contracts from anyone to (almost) anyone in the Pantheon as well as for targets in their respective normal realms as long as they pay well. While 47 is not afraid to assassinate anyone in the Pantheon he is contracted to kill regardless of the deity's rank and power, even he himself has his limits as he's still just a "human" albeit a genetically enhanced one. To prevent another Terminus Hotel incident, he and his handler established that they can only accept targets from Quasideities to Intermediate rank, regardless if they are human, talking animal, alien, robot or even a ghostnote . As much as 47 isn't afraid to take on anyone, even the great Asura himself, they can't afford to put themselves in unnecessary danger that's above what the Elusive Hitman is capable of. They would also turn down any contracts harming children, even if the child was evil like Stewie Griffin. He also tend to avoids killing any non-targets if ever possible, although it's more out of a sense of professional pride than any moral hesitation.
  • The temple(s) where he occasionally resides is a safehouse, which stores he stores various guns, explosives, other weapons, and poisons that would aid in his missions. He stores some of his favorite suits and disguises there as well. It also comes with a sophisticated shooting range, he does target practice to refine his skills. He doesn't stay there often as he prefers to move around and not linger in a location for long. It only appears to his most loyal followers, who are sharp enough to find it as it's well hidden. Even then, they are not allowed inside the basement of the temple where all of his stuff is located.
  • 47 would sometimes disguise as other adult male human and humanoid deities or pretend to be a new deity with a title no one has claimed, either for missions or for general Pantheon explorations. His disguise is mainly composed of a clothes change and very convincing acting the part of the person or persona he is trying to pretend, which works surprisingly well on a lot of people. But mindreaders and psychics like Haruka Kotoura and Charles Xavier and those with keen observational skills like L are not easily fooled and 47 tends to avoid and keep an eye on them to not blow his cover. In addition to his first title, he was later granted the second title of God of Blending-In Stealth Gameplay due to his ability to blend in and avoid detection within crowds. As part of his title, a condition was placed where if he gets caught in a middle of a crime by guards, by innocent civilians, or left any incriminating evidence, he would be reported immediately to the police and/or be immediately shot on sight. The Elusive Hitman accepts this condition as he likes to challenge himself.
  • Yes, "47" is the name he goes by as what his former captors would refer to him and what his handler Diana would later give him at his behest. He recently renounced this name sometime after an incident in the Carpathian Mountains, through his handler would still refer to him as "47" and just dropped the title "Agent" from that name. For now, the deities would refer to him as either "47" for convenience, by his frequently used alias "Tobias Rieper" or whichever alias he used to check in when dressed in his non-black suit red-tie attire around the Pantheon. He was asked why he hasn't adopted a normal given name yet. His reply? "Names are for friends, so I don't need one."
  • He's a frequent visitor of the House of Travel as his profession requires a lot of traveling. He's also a frequent visitor of the House of Weapons, mainly to shop for pistols, sniper rifles, or explosives he would use for his missions or restock on some ammo (they made a deal to be his supplier in exchange for hush money so that they wouldn't rat him out to the officers who are actively looking for him). Occasionally, in his free time, he would visit the House of Cultures to study the places he's assigned to as to not stand out like the Thom(p)sons as well as the Houses of Knowledge and Jobs and Profession to study whichever jobs or hobbies are available that could get him closer to his target(s). Surprisingly, he rarely goes to the House of Costumes as he prefers to get his suits from his preferred tailor in his mortal realm or whichever clothes he finds lying around or on a person, though he does go there to get a fun wacky costume or two.
    • The house he actively avoids is the House of Mentalism, specifically, the sub-houses of Mentalities and Mind Control, given the aforementioned mindreaders and psychics. While he's shown to have a surprising amount of mind control resistance, he's not exactly completely immune to it. Given that there are more powerful and experienced psychics in this place who can read his thoughts or control him for their benefit, he would rather be cautious about going near them. Also, a certain hall dedicated to memories makes him uneasy given that he only has spare memories of his time before escaping the asylum and being recruited by the ICA (and they were not pleasant ones). Although, if he finds himself being assigned to that House for a hit, he may need to find a way to shield his head upon entering.
  • Agent 47 has unusual respect toward the House of Faith, given that he used to befriend an Italian priest when he worked for him as his church gardener and comforted him even after being aware of 47's clone origins, although they went their separate ways following his return to his born profession. Some felt like he should have heeded his priest's advice in going to the righteous path, other people like Sister Luke are conflicted about his associations with the Church, and others like Father Anderson would have preferred him to use his skills to fight against evil in the name of the Lord. For now, 47 says he's content with his decision and wants to use his skills his own way. He also does anonymous donations to charities and churches to that house, who in turn have mixed feelings about the whole thing upon hearing rumors on who their benefactor might be. While they appreciate the fact that he's donating to charity (presumably as a way to atone for his killings), they obviously don't appreciate how he earns that money. On a side note, he keeps an eye on why any nun deities, good or otherwise due to his experiences with a similarity-dressed assassination squad called The Saints.
  • Another group of Houses with conflicting opinions about him are the House of Family and Relatives and the House of Childhood And Adolescence. Some members of the former House pity that he was trained and abused by his supposed father, having an unorthodox origin, having to kill his clone brethren multiple times and his remaining clone brother sacrificed himself to save him. However, they don't like that he’s still a hitman for hire with some of his targets on other missions being related to each other. The members of the latter House are a bit more lenient and more pitiful toward him but still wary of The Hitman. This because as of this writing, he hasn't been shown to harm an actual child and he wasn't given a normal childhood himself, making spend his younger years being trained to kill. They would however don't like that his contracts would often orphan children including his own handler, he and Diana have since reconciled regarding the matter.
  • Sometimes 47 prefers jogging alone in some isolated forested parts of the House of Nature, which is also convenient for him as he can pick up poisons from its sub-house, Hall of Toxicity. On one of these occasions, however, he found himself being approached by an assassin named Shay Cormac, having figured out that 47 was behind the temple murders; in addition to learning that he defected twice and having both killed several assassins in their stories, he figured that his skills could make him a potential ally. 47 pointed out that while their disillusionment with the groups they served for are kinda similar, argued that he wasn't close to anyone working there besides his handler and even then, he could never really betray those who have helped him even if they are working against him. This angered Shay saying he has no right to judge him for what he has done, and causing a fight to ensue, leading to the two assassins attacking each other until 47 managed to outmaneuver Shay and choke his attacker out, not before The Assassin Hunter vowed revenge on him. Ezio Auditore would later find the two near the end of their fight, having had the knowledge of what Shay's plan for the newcomer was, and tried to stop him. Being impressed by the stoic hitman's skills, Ezio asked if 47 ever considered joining an Assassins' Guild like he was, to which 47 declined to state that he finds their assassination methods too flamboyant for his liking, as they sometimes assassinate their targets themselves in open public. 47 walks off and leaves his now Rival to deal with his enemy's lifeless body behind, taking note to never take this forest path again.
  • After the forest incident, stories of his activities spread like wildfire among Assassins, Mercenaries, and Bounty Hunters of the Pantheon’s criminal underworld, seeing his creative skills and professionalism in his craft as something to aspire or to outmatch. Some assassins (namely Bullseye, Deadshot and Deathstroke on three separate occasions) decided to "meet" 47 during his missions and/or actively hunt him down note  while others like HK-47 stop by to observe and be impressed by his skills. Other times, he would meet other assassins who have been targeted themselves, such as John Wick, whom he has to fight and find themselves to be equally matched in terms of gun and hand-to-hand combat. While 47 is annoyed by it at first, he slowly gets used to the attention given the nature of the Pantheon’s pension for interactions, and he figured he would have to work with some of them at some point to not get unwanted heat. Over time, he's even agreed to cooperate on some missions with other assassins if they are in a shared mission, but he makes sure to let them know that their working relationship with them is only professional. It helps that he usually takes no moral sides (unless it gets personal) and seems fine working with both villains like Lex Luthor and Darth Tyranus or known good assassins like Black Widow and Lady Silva. This eventually (and ironically) lead to him taking Boba Fett's offer in joining the Pantheonic Soldiers of Fortune for his own protection and benefit.
  • Eventually, he does start to open up a bit, at least socially, to other deities after hearing about their hardships before their ascension and finding himself relating to them in some way. Being no stranger to betrayals and revenge, it's easy to see why Jimmy and Yoruka would get along with the stoic hitman. Then there's Laura a.k.a X-23, a fellow clone assassin whose origins and abusive upbringing are quite uncannily similar to the point that it would unnverve him quite a bit. Having heard that he accepted his purpose as an assassin as he feels like he's unable to live a normal life due to his origins, Laura can't help but feel sorry for him and she offered him her support if he ever needed it, to which he appreciated the gesture. He considered her fortunate that she was able to cope with her trauma and tried to put her past behind her like his former ward as she tried to better herself despite her own demons.
  • Despite usually distancing himself from other deities on his off-missions, 47 has a surprising soft spot toward Fluttershys, holding a fair amount of respect toward her love of animals (being reminded of the time when he used to have a pet rabbit and mice during his childhood and a pet canary during his adulthood). Her meek nature also reminds him of Victoria, a genetically enhanced teenage girl whom he used to protect. When he learned about what Gilda did to her, he offered to "protect" her from Gilda should she ever try to harm her again. Fluttershy quickly, but politely, refused, not wanting any unnecessary violence caused for her sake. Part of the reason why she refused was that she is intimidated by him, especially having heard rumors that he had off at least two of the pets that he had. When she tried to confront him regarding these rumors, 47 can only avoid eye contact with her out of guilt. note 
  • Agent 47 pities mistreated clones, as he recalls one encounter with the elusive pokemon Mewtwo while in one of his contracts. 47 finds The Genetic Pokémon relatable, being both genetically enhanced clones made for combat who searched for a purpose in their existence following the discovery of their origins. While Mewtwo is unable to bond with him due to the nature of 47's profession, he is nonetheless grateful to find another clone with similar harsh experiences.
    • He pities child assassins as well, even if they are not clones themselves. One example is Rolo Lamperouge, who was a trained assassin from a young age and never had a normal life until he was assigned to watch over his "brother" Lelouch. The fact that he died trying to save his "brother" from a militia ready to gun him down would hit too close to home for the Hitman. On a side note, while being wary of Lelouch due to his mind-controlling Geass, he is open to working with him if ever asked to make a contract, as long as 47 can do his own way. He does respect him for leading a rebellion and militia, not unlike his clone brother Lucas Grey, he also respects that he sacrificed his life for his sister to give her the peaceful world she wanted.
  • Understandably, any criminal similar to any of 47's past targets would be wary of the Elusive Hitman. Todd Alquist, for example, as he sees 47 as a treat to him, his uncle, and his fellow members of his Aryan Brotherhood, considering that the Hitman had killed a biker leader with implied ties to the Brotherhood before. It's worth noting that while 47 and Alquist are both unemotional killers with a pension about not leaving any witnesses, the main difference is that 47 has hints of compassion and guilt in him (and has a bit of pride) while Todd barely understands the concept, just content to do what he's told, being okay with making someone a slave and generally just wants to impress people. There's also Huang Lee, a Triad member feeling uneasy about the Hitman for what he did to two rival Triad groups, taking out a large portion of them just to lure out and assassinate one of their leaders. Having remembered that one of his targets was inspired and played by the man himself, Sean Bean is a bit afraid that the Hitman would mistake him for the seemingly Undying target and finish the job.
  • After receiving a briefing from his handler, 47 traveled to Shadow Moses Island to eliminate Revolver Ocelot and Liquid Snake. After sneaking past the guards and using a keycard scrambler to make it to the lower levels of the facility, 47 notices that several piles of the boxes laying around, to which the Hitman turns around to one specific box and says that he knows that someone is hiding there, since he can sense people and important objects with using his Instinct. Solid Snake then comes out of the box explaining himself, he knows that the Elusive Hitman targeting the two and to let the Hitman know that he wanted to take down Liquid Snake alone. Remembering the intel given to him around Snake's clone past, his relations with his clone brother, and sympathizing with what he has gone through, he figured that it wasn't his fight to take and reluctantly let the Legendary Mercenary go to Liquid Snake while he takes on Ocelot. The two go their separate ways with 47 eliminating Ocelot with the same virus that killed him (not before also vowing revenge on the assassin) and then receive a notification that his other target was eliminated as well. While Snake does feel some sort of kinship with 47 being especially after hearing about his origins from other assassin deities, it's not likely that they would be working regularly given they have conflicting outlooks with regards to killing, with him being disgusted with himself for the killing he had to do while 47 having no qualms with any of his assassinations (not knowing that 47's muted emotions are likely due to the genetic and chemical tempering and that he also with his own demons regarding his past).
  • Among his other assassination skills, 47 is also an expert sniper of whom other known sniper deities like The Sniper and Golgo 13 respect for his professionalism and marksmanship. On one mission, he was assigned to kill an arms dealer deity (along with his group of bodyguards) who is meeting up with one of the Soviet officer deities at one of the camps at the House of Military and Warfare. As he started to shoot the guards (via headshots, causing elaborate accidents, or shooting the targets into a conveniently placed well), this activity hasn't gone unnoticed by another sniper named Lt. Karl Fairburne, who is assigned to kill one of the Soviet Officers and his men. The two marksmen observed each other's kills, not retreating as they don't seem to be getting in each other's way nor alerting anyone (which Fairburne was worried about). 47 easily saw Fairburne in his scope while the Red Fox only got a glimpse of the Elusive Hitman from the other side of the camp as he was walking away when it was over. While they see each other as another mercenary/soldier who nearly endangered their mission, they would be lying if they say they don't respect each other's marksmanship and creativity.
  • He had his clothes stolen by a certain masked man after getting choked from behind and then proceeded to impersonate him as he went on a bloody rampage. After 47 recovered, he tried to locate and assassinate the Youtuber, only for the hockey-mask-wearing deity to beg for his life and apologized for choking him since he didn't know that he knocked out the Elusive Hitman himself. Delirious then admitted he used to be an occasional follower of his and wanted to follow his footsteps as "Hitmanlirious". Being flattered that he played his games, 47 decided to spare Delirious, who in turned to pester the Hitman to go on a mission with him. This team-up didn't last very long due to Delirious' tendency to go on a bloody rampage whenever someone spots him.
    • He also finds the Vinesauce duo Vinny and Joel a bit annoying to him as well when the Hitman teamed up with them separately. The latter for also going on a rampage when he gets spotted (having attacked a bunch of people with a didgeridoo) in addition to comparing 47 to a bald pornstar as well as every famous bald guy he can think of, while the former for glitching his game at least three times (thought he does find Vinny to have more potential as a hitman than the other two).
  • If there's one god Chester A. Bum always looks forward to seeing, it's Agent 47. Whenever 47 has to do 'business' in the around the Houses, he would consistently drop money into Chester's styrofoam cup whenever they crosspaths. Chester is even one of the rare gods that always forgives the elusive hitman whenever he has to 'borrow' Chester's clothes. When he is finally able to talk to the assassin himself, the Homeless God brings up the fact that the Agent has conflicting and confusing backstories, one relating to him as an orphan raised with other children to be trained as assassins or while another backstory state that he had been created by Dr. Litvenko. While the assassin that ascended is exclusively from the video games, 47 doesn't need to correct Chester in the version he is from as the contradictions help maintain this aura of secrecy around him. That and he doesn't like to elaborate on his actual backstory in general.
  • Other random minor information: 1) In the House of Gaming, when no one is around the arcade rooms, you can sometimes see him doing sick high scores in DanceDanceRevolution-like games. 2) Once visited one of the restaurants at the House of Food asking if he can use the bathroom. He says he needs it. 3) The Bribe respects him for his skills and also appreciates his shout-out in one of his missions. 4) Once confused his another herald for another Agent Smith until he learns about his destructive intentions and subsequently watch his back when The Prideful Agent was around. 5) While he has a few female and male admirers who want to either sleep or date him due to his good looks akin to a male supermodel, he politely denies it as he doesn't seem to show any interest in any of them (he has not confirm whether he's asexual or not). 6) Has heard about the Forever War and is not interested in joining in the conflict, as he "doesn't play politics".
  • Has a seat in the Hall of Outlooks on Job.

"A contract is a contract."

    Bartz Klauser 
Bartz Klauser, God of the Job System (Butz, Warrior of Light, Mimic)

    Conker the Squirrel 
Conker the Squirrel, God of Context Sensitive Buttons
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A stack of money with googly eyes and smoking a small cigar
  • Theme Music: Windy and Co. (Live & Reloaded ver.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Violence, Alcohol, Vulgarity, Squirrels
  • Portfolio: Alcoholism, Materialism, Hero in Name Only, Ass-Kicking Squirrel, Urinary Comedy, Context Sensitive Buttons, R-Rated Kiddy Character.
  • Heralds: His royal entourage (Marvin the Mouse, Franky the Pitchfork, Ron and Reg, Private Rodent, etc.)note 
  • Allies: Banjo and Kazooie, Diddy Kong, Moe Szyslak, Krusty The Clown, Bender, Cana Alberona, Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, Neo, Master Chief, Eric Cartman, at least one of the Pantheon's Grim Reapers.
  • Enemies: The Tediz, The Great Mighty Poo, Naughty Bear, the Xenomorph Drone, The Facehuggers, the Toon Patrol, all the Terminators in the Pantheon, Dracula, SCP-1048
  • Interested in: Deities with money, Sandy Cheeks, Screwy Squirrel.
  • Opposes: Eugene Gallardo, the Subhouse of Canines.
  • Opposed by: The House of Royalty, all protagonists of family-friendly media.
  • After a rowdy night of drinking at his favorite bar, Conker drunkenly stumbled through the stormy night trying to get home. When he woke up in the morning with a massive hangover, he had found himself within the Pantheon, having been turned into a god to boot. He still has no idea of how that happened.
    • Conker doesn't show much interest in staying, as he is still trying to find his way home. However, his luck means that he keeps crossing paths with the Pantheon's less pleasant deities, who exploit him to perform deadly, pointless tasks for some quick cash at best.
  • Don't let Conker's current demeanor fool you, he got his start in a kart racer, courtesy of long-time friends Diddy Kong and Banjo, and he's an enthusiastic participant anytime he can snag a roster spot and/or is sober enough, both to relive more innocent times, for the cash prizes and simply because he loves the thrill of the race. Spectators have remarked he's surprisingly ferocious behind the wheel, and seems to be at his happiest behind the wheel.
  • Spends whole nights drowning his sorrows at Moe's Tavern, no doubt due to still being depressed over the death of his girlfriend, Berri.
    • Bender has been trying to become closer to Conker as a drinking buddy, although it's obvious that the robot is just interested in the squirrel's riches and king status (unaware that Conker has already spent most of his treasure on parties and hookers).
    • After those nights, Conker tends to wake up in random parts of the Pantheon, usually with a massive hangover and no recollection of how he got there in the first place. There was that time where he found himself at the Subhouse of Canines. He honestly preferred being stuck in a war again.
  • Conker has been trying to start a new love life in order to get over Berri. He took an interest in Sandy Cheeks, but the female squirrel finds him really gross, what with all the drinking, pissing and cursing. At least SpongeBob and Patrick kept it family-friendly... most of the time.
  • Apparently, Conker can't stand the sight of Naughty Bear. It seems his horrifying experiences in the war against the Tediz caused him to develop a strong PTSD, which the teddy bear ends up triggering. The first time they crossed paths, Conker wiped out a pair of uzis against Naughty, who also retaliated with submachine guns of his own. Thankfully, members of the GUAL were able to stop the conflict before it escalated, and Conker was given another reason to want to leave the Pantheon.
  • Conker is hunting for mafioso Don Weaso, the motherf%&$#?@ weasel who killed Berri. Conker believes the Toon Patrol might be involved with his organization, and he's ready to drag out some info, the easy or hard way (both ways involve a baseball bat being used recklessly).
  • Sometimes, Conker gets called by Squirrel Girl to save the world from some interestellar menace. Conker doesn't mind facing Doctor Doom, Galactus or whatever, although he doesn't like when Doreen repays him with acorns instead of actual dough.
  • Conker wishes he was more like the Screwy Squirrel, screwing people left and right without a care in the world. Instead, he feels more like he's Getting-Screwed Squirrel.
  • Rumor has it that Conker, having realized what the Pantheon represents during a massive hangover one day, is planning to get Berri ascended, either as his herald or in some other capacity. Rumor also has it that he's asked the Overdeities, and they issued him a spectacularly large sum of money to be paid in exchange. Conker himself hasn't confirmed or denied the rumors, merely telling those who ask 'Just wait and see.'.

Eryi, Goddess of Meaningless Video Game Lives
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her melon
  • Theme Music: Main Menu BGM
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Genki Girl, Our Fairies Are Different, Unfaltering Resolve, Everything Trying to Kill You, Dying Over And Over Again To Negative Life Counts, One-Hit-Point Wonder Even In RPG Mode, Goomba Stomp, Holds No Grudge Against Farta
  • Domain(s): Difficulty, Kazio, Defeat (Repeatedly), Persistence
  • Herald: Farta (her girlfriend and tormentor)
  • High Priest: "Cat Mario"
  • Allies: The Kid, Diogenes, the Human Child, Kirby
  • Opposed by: The GUAE Trollkaiger
  • When it comes to Video-Game Lives, they're meant to represent chances for the player to go through a stage of the game before being marked a Game Over or restarting the stage. And in the case of arcades, it's a way to siphon more money from its customers as they insert more coins to buy more lives). And then some games make it all meaningless, whether that's from giving too many of them, or because the counter doesn't matter. Either way, they're made pointless to count, unless perhaps as a form of "score".
    • Eryi's Action is a game where Eryi has to go through numerous stages filled with Kaizo Traps set up by the fairy-ish troll Farta to get back her melon she was about to eat. And unless the player knows where all the traps are beforehand and how to avoid them, her life count will go down all the way to negative numbers very quickly, not that it actually makes a difference.
  • As for how Eyri got here, it was as simple as an invitation sent by the Court, which she immediately accepted, and she made her way in. Getting there however was just as deadly as her regular adventures for some reason. Still, she eventually passed the gauntlet, was rewarded papers of some importance, reached the Janus Checkpoints, passed her papers to the Inspector, and she was through; she's become a goddess.
  • Her temple takes the form of her house, and even there she's careful, since she risks getting conked by a washtub. It always kills her if it hits, while it's usually merely concussive/an inconvenience for anybody else her size or bigger who visit.
  • Speaking of, due to her fragility, and her title, she shares the same revival privileges as Viridian, Born, and Zee Tee; coming back to life in a few moments at the entrance of the sub-House she dies in.
    • As for her interactions with those three, the first accidentally killed her when he landed on her head from the ceiling (which he still apologizes for), she saw the third explode in blood while at a violent portion of the Pantheon, and she once followed the second around as he courteously left his paint long enough for her to catch up with him, wherever he was going.
  • As someone who's endured a ridiculous Platform Hell, Eryi gets a lot of respect from the Kid who (once) wanted to be The Guy. That said, neither he nor anyone else can see what Eyri sees in Farta.
  • Because of what she goes through, whenever she travels, she always moves erratically as if expecting a trap around every corner (which it often was in her game), only treading safely by tailing someone else since they're almost guaranteed to walk a path that's safe. This especially applies to people who are Walking Disaster Areas if they're sure to survive it, such as Nathan Drake, as exemplified that one time the two were in a sudden warzone between the Infested and the Corpus.
  • Has determination that reaches nigh-masochistic levels, that even when the Trollkaiger do what they can to reset her progress through an area, she always persists, and they tend to give up after a while, just like with their attempts on Diogenes.
    • Because of that, she managed to befriend not only that cauldron-wearing guy, but the Human Child as well for their similar never-give-up attitudes, even if Frisk has more things to live for.
    • Some who know Kirby also drew parallels between her adventure and the pink blob's quest to get back his stolen cake. As for when they met, it's usually spent eating together, and cooperating if someone has the "bright" idea of stealing food from them.
    • Also because of that, there are those who worry that she might even think of crossing the gauntlet through the Yamato Perpetual Reactor (and consider the timer to go through it before Flynn or the Demi-Fiend catches up to her as a challenge) if given a really, really, really, really good enough reason. Given she went through several brutal levels just to retrive a melon she was about to eat, people are concerned that the Trollkaiger or the GUAD might actually consider using her for this purpose, even if just to waste Flynn's and Naoki's time. Of course, she has to have a reason to bypass Maximum Security first, though, which has its own slew of traps.

    Ignis Scientia 
Ignis Scientia, God of Video Game Cooking (Iggy, Specs, The Royal Chef, The Blazing Tactician)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A cookbook with the sigil of Lucis on the cover
  • Theme Music: "Theme of Episode Ignis". "Ashes to Ashes" when he fights.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Team Chef and Team Mom, Battle-ready Chefs, Food Porn, enhanced abilities through eating, Male Chefs, coffee (particularly the Ebony brand), Badass Scholars and Butlers, Spellblade combat with battle strategies, intelligent English gentleman, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Handicapped Badasses and Blind Weaponmasters
  • Domains: Chefs, butlers and servants, high-class dining, handicaps (particularly blindness)
  • Followers: Tayce T., Zess T., Saffron and Dyllis
  • Herald: Quina Quen
  • High Priestess: Cooking Mama
  • Allies: Noctis Lucis Caelum, most good-aligned Final Fantasy deities, Toriko and Komatsu, Sanji, Mr. Champloo, Princess Tiana, Chiyoko Shiraishi, Soma Yukihira, Shido Itsuka, Ichika Orimura, Mario and Luigi, Tohka Yatogami, Hayate Ayasaki
  • Enemies: Ardyn Izunia, Shiro Tagachi, Midora, Starjun
  • Dislikes: Bob Belcher, SpongeBob SquarePants, Homer Simpson
  • Ascended upon cooking Noctis his final meal with a quality worthy of royalty, and did so while blind. The Trinity of Food gods were so impressed with his skill under the circumstances and the multitude of recipehs he knew that they appointed him to his position and restored his sight.
  • Ignis visits Noctis every day to prepare him three properly nutiritious and healthy meals. He's encouraging the Prince to clean up after himself, he is a God now, but doesn't mind tidying up while he's there. Still no luck on getting him to eat his vegetables, though.
  • Upon seeing Ignis in the Pantheon, Ardyn turned up his nose at him and immediately made several snarky remarks about his cooking skills being the reason he was named a God. Ignis calmly told Ardyn he had received a glimpse of an Alternate Timeline where he used the Ring of the Lucii to put Ardyn in his place, and if Ardyn did not remove himself immediately, Ignis would give him a first-hand demonstration of what he saw. Remembering what Ignis pulled off in the main timeline when he briefly had the Ring, Ardyn took his threat at face value and left without another word.
    • When he discovered what Ignis had done in said Alternate Timeline, Noctis expressly forbid Ignis from trying anything like that in the main timeline, unwilling to let his friend perform a Heroic Sacrifice for his sake. Ignis has agreed to comply with Noctis' wishes, but maintains he will do anything to see his Prince comes to no harm.
  • Has applied to be a sous chef in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen. While Ramsay is awaiting proof of Ignis' ability to operate in such an environment, Ignis has already informed him he's spent a full decade of his life replicating Noctis' favorite dessert dish, unsatisfied until he got it exactly right, so if nothing else he's as perfectionist as Ramsay himself and tenacious enough to keep trying until he pleases him.
  • Looks down upon Bob Belcher and SpongeBob due to his distaste of fast food chains, seeing such product as fattening, unhealthy, and overpriced.
  • Has admitted to Mario and Luigi he's not as proficient with pizza recipehs as he is more traditional high-class foods. The Mario Brothers have assured Ignis they'll open his eyes to the possibilities of the dish.
  • Is constantly exploring the other worlds connected to the Pantheon collecting exotic new ingredients and concocting new recipehs. His chambers already host a full bookshelf of notebooks full of meal ideas he's working on. Tohka Yatogami often accompanies him on Shida's suggestions, so Ignis can explain to her which things they encounter are meant to be eaten and which are not.
  • Keeps a very healthy supply of Ebony coffee in his quarters.
  • Despite his best efforts, he couldn't produce enough food to satisfy Homer Simpson, and has strongly asked Homer not to ask him to cook for him again. A disappointed Homer agreed after learning Ignis had no recipes for donuts and had no interest in creating any.
  • Takes the existence of Mystery Food X as a personal affront and refuses to discuss it in civil company.
  • Can also be found in Chefs and Establishments.


Alright, who's ne-

Pizza Time Starts Playing

Oh Shit!

Pizzaface, God of Punishing Time-Wasting (Pizzahead, "Pizza Boy", Totino)
Click here to see his True Form
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself as Pizzaface, His smiling, giggling head as Pizzahead
  • Theme Music: Unexpectancy, Parts 1 and 2 (Part 3 is more associated with Peppino and his Rage Breaking Point)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Pizza Behind Peppino's Woes, Naturally The Final Opponent Faced, Anthropomorphic Food, Just A Gigantic Asshole In General, Laughs Up A Storm, Has Unclear Motives For His Actions (Other Than Amusement, Of Course)
  • Domains: Pizza, Chases, Time Limits, Laughing
  • Allies: Evil Otto, Sinistar, The Killer Tomatoes, Plankton
  • Enemies: Peppino Spaghetti, Wario, The Ninja Turtles, Jimmy Neutron, Carl Wheezer, Mr. Krabs, The Cups, The Noid
  • Pizzaface is an enigmatic floating pizza who, for no determinable reason, decided to try and blow up Peppino's Pizza using a laser canon mounted atop his Pizza Tower. Wanting to torment the poor Italian for his amusement, he told him of his plan in advance and goaded him into entering his domain, which he filled with traps and tricks to ward off any intruders. Pizzaface himself kept a sharp eye on Peppino and appeared every now and again just to torment him further, especially during Pizza Time, where he'd appear once the timer had run out and chase and kill Peppino on contact. After Peppino beat all of his tower guardians, all of which he manipulated into playing the role, the two squared off on top of the tower, where it's revealed that "Pizzaface" was a mere robot piloted by the real mastermind: Pizzahead, the deranged former mascot of a closed-down pizza joint with a chip on his shoulder regarding Peppino. Ultimately, Peppino's Rage Breaking Point, combined with Pizzahead's own overconfidence, ended up winning the fight, with the tower being destroyed with him still in it. Pizzaface managed to survive however, prepared to cause more grief for Peppino in the future.
  • It was a few months since Peppino had ascended to The Pantheon, and truth be told he was getting pretty comfortable with the place. Sure, it was heavily chaotic and he had made his share of enemies, but he'd also made plenty of friends who'd happily help him, and his restaurant was thriving thanks to people wanting to see the guy that took out the Pizza Tower. Even if it wasn't perfect, he still would take the realm over spending another minute in Pizza Tower with Pizzaface, who he hadn't seen in months. That all changed when, during a pizza delivery on his moped, he suddenly heard a very familiar laugh echo throughout the area. At that very moment, Peppino realized just who was laughing and immediately sped away, terrified out of his mind and wondering how on earth Pizzaface managed to find him in another dimension. Eventually, the giant pizza managed to corner him, but instead of just killing him, he giddily informs him that someone in The Pantheon was very impressed with Pizzaface and granted him a spot, and is now using his new position to get revenge on the chef. He didn't make it to the last part however, as Peppino had launched himself at Pizzaface while he was talking and started beating the snot out of him, ending with Pizzahead being yanked out of his mech and launched into the stratosphere with a clean uppercut. The two have since resumed their conflict, with Pizzaface launching numerous inane schemes to mess with Peppino while the chef has to deal with his shenanigans.
  • While a good chunk of his time is often spent antagonizing Peppino, even he will reluctantly admit that it can get old. As such, he'll randomly decide to mess with someone else in the Pantheon and force them into a game of his: at any given moment, in a random area, a timer will appear and activate, signifying that everyone in said area, usually a building or maze-like area, should rush to the suddenly appearing exit immediately. If they don't escape in time, Pizzaface himself will appear and chase down anyone remaining, killing them on contact. Said areas are often filled with various tricks and traps to slow them down, from floating John Blocks to enemies attacking people. While there's a few areas he can't do this in, such as the Houses and most Domains, everywhere else is fair game and often comes with little warning.
  • Now, Pizzaface wasn't the only god who chases others after time is up, as narrow as that niche sounds: the robotic gods Sinistar and Evil Otto ended up taking notice of the pizza, the former being a Mechanical Abomination that chased the player upon being built (albeit he can be destroyed, though good luck there), while the latter is the owner of a labyrinth of robots that pursued anyone that stayed in one area for too long. Both were impressed by Pizzaface's dedication to their "craft", with Pizzaface returning the sentiment for starting his trend. In fact, Pizzaface took advantage of this friendship and suggested that they'd swap places and go after each other's adversaries, which Sinistar and Otto decided to go along with for a laugh. Long story short, Otto was now chasing after a spaceship in a meteor shower, Pizzaface himself was navigating a maze in search of the player, and poor Peppino just about had a heart attack when he first heard "RUN COWARD!" and saw a screaming skull flying straight towards him.
  • Considering that people were constantly comparing Peppino to the greedy treasure hunter Wario, it was inevitable that Pizzaface would also notice. He also noticed that, while the two shared a fair amount of visual similarities, Wario was much more greedier and willing to jump into danger just for a quick buck. As such, he organized a little trip for the hunter: he built a whole-new dungeon and goaded Wario into conquering it, claiming that he has a treasure chest absolutely filled with riches. As he expected, Wario immediately jumped at the opportunity and entered the dungeon, with Pizzaface noticing that he was beating the dungeon at around the same speed Peppino would: that is to say, really freakin' fast. When Wario beat the final boss and opened the chest, he found... a single gold coin. and it was a chocolate coin. Pizzaface couldn't stop laughing even as Wario beat the everloving crap out of him. Pizzaface would later claim that he did it just to see what Wario was capable of, but pretty much everyone could see the real reason why.
  • As Pizzaface entered The Pantheon, so did a wide variety of his goons from the tower. His mooks usually took the form of Anthropomorphic Food, or at least food themed, from the lowly Cheeseslimes to the gun-packing U.F.Olives, and even the genuinely formidable Toppin Monsters (more on them in a bit). Their appearances are generally limited to Pizza Time, where Pizzaface would place them all over the area to pester and slow down anyone he's chasing. In case of finding himself in an actual scuffle, he'll primary fight by just flooding the arena with enemies while occasionally ramming himself into his enemies. Either way, Pizzaface figured he'd be wasting the Pantheon if he didn't find new recruits for his army, and shortly afterwards he managed to gain the favor of the Killer Tomatoes, a group that's exactly what it sounds like, primarily lending him a hand just for a chance at causing more chaos. Now they're just as likely to spawn as anyone else in Pizzaface's group. And no, "Puberty Love" isn't gonna help any poor soul that encounters Pizzaface, if only becasue the pizza has enough foresight to smash any radios playing it just in case.
  • Notably, Pizzaface isn't the only evil Pizza-based lifeform anyone in the pantheon has met, though to his knowledge he's the only one of his kind in The Pantheon proper: The Ninja Turtles, due to their love of Pizza, have faced some pizza-themed bad guys over the years, most notably the identically named Pizzaface, an eccentric chef that was mutated by Mutagen into a living, evil blob of Pizza. The Ninja Turtles initially though that one was the Pizzaface that ascended and were only corrected when the floating pizza paid a visit to their temple to "introduce" himself to them. Boy genius Jimmy Neutron... might have fought a floating Pizza? For context, during a sleepover Jimmy and his friends were having a sleepover, when an attempt by Carl to make a pizza resulted in the birth of a evil floating Pizza that tried to eat everyone. The strange part was that it was followed by the repeated reveal that it was just a bad dream by various characters, ending with it being revealed as the pizza's dream. Nobodie's quite sure what was going on there. Hasn't stopped Pizzaface from harassing Jimmy and friends as well
  • Initially, Pizzaface thought he and The Noid were gonna be fast friends, and to his credit he had reasons to believe so: His old ally, The Noise, was very similar to Noid,they loved to mess around with people, and both had a grudge against Peppino, albeit fordifferent reasons. When he actually went and visited Noid however, he very quickly learned a difference between the two, that being while the Noise merely disliked Pizza and was willing to work with Pizzaface otherwise, The Noid despises any form of Pizza and goes out of his way to destroy it, and as it turns out Pizzaface isn't exempt. After their first encounter ended with The Noid trying to blow him up, the two have occasionally been seen fighting, mostly due to Noid starting the conflict while Pizzaface is for once just minding his own business. The Pizza has noted the irony of him being harassed for once, and noted it would be funny if it was literally anyone but himself. Okay fine, it's a little funny.
  • So the giant floating Pizza everyone knows him as? The floating pizza's actually a flying mech for the real mastermind: Pizzahead. He's the same annoying asshole he usually is, only much more deranged and eccentric, constantly giggling even as he's getting the absolute shit beaten out of him and refusing to take any situation seriously, which doesn't make him anymore dangerous. While most people don't know he even has a "true form" (well, about as true form as you can get for a guy piloting a floating mech), it's less because its some kind of well guarded secret and more that the pilot doesn't show himself off much, only coming out after his Pizzaface mech is sufficiently busted up. The first proper encounter recorded with Pizzahead in the Pantheon was with brothers Cuphead and Mugman, who during a scuffle with Pizzaface managed to destroy it, causing Pizzahead to pop out with an Uzi and start wildly firing, to the brother's surprise. The resulting shootout played out very similarly to other fights the brothers had been in, with Pizzahead throwing out every trick he found funny while giggling maniacally. Ultimately, the brother's tenacity, combined with Pizzahead clearly not taking the fight seriously, ended with the nefarious clown with a pizza slice for a head being blasted into the horizon. Pizzahead, having learned nothing from the beatdown, is eager to fight the cups again some other time, though less out of revenge and more out of amusement.
  • One question everyone has about Pizzaface: Why does he have such a grudge against Peppino? With everyone else it's very clearly because he just wants to, but while he acts much the same towards Peppino he goes through much more effort to mess with or even kill him, causing some to wonder. There is some background details about him people know about, that being his restaurant located within the Tower. Pizzaface, or rather Pizzahead, apparently used to be the mascot of a pizza joint that got closed down. The best guess based off this is that Peppino had some hand in getting it shut down, and that Pizzaface wanted revenge against the Italian chef for that. This is actually supported by the fact that Plankton, a similarity unsuccessful owner of a failing restaurant with a megalomaniac side, ended up encountering Pizzaface and, instead of being forced to run through one of his courses, actually ended up befriending the Pizza, his story apparently striking a cord with Pizzaface. of course, it could also just be an excuse to mess with Plankton's rival Mr. Krabs, resulting in the two plotting many a Zany Scheme to destroy the Krusty Krab.
  • If their's one even decent thing that can be said by Pizzaface, it's that he's willing to leave people alone if they can beat his courses, at least for a little bit before messing with them again. With that said, he has placed an option for people to actually ignore the exit and do the whole course again via the "Lap 2" option, with the chance of granting the participant with a "higher score". That pretty much means nothing in the Pantheon and it's clearly an excuse for Pizzaface to extend their suffering, but that hasn't stopped a frankly alarming amount of deities from actually taking up the challenge. Most of them often underestimate how hard it would be, but there are some that take up the challenge and succeed, impressing even Pizzaface with how they actually conquered such an obvious trap. There's even a select few that are actually disappointed that there's only two laps and have asked if a "Lap 3" is possible. Pizzaface is currently considering it, if only because it sounds really, really funny to him.


Reina, Goddess of Card-Based Combat
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her crimson knife and maid headband.
  • Theme Music: Main menu
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ninja Maid, Favoring knives as her weapon of choice, Reverse Grip, Fight Like a Card Player, Roguelike Deckbuilding Game, Story Breadcrumbs
  • Domains: Maids, Knives, Magic
  • Allies: G36, Fiona Mayfield, Rem & Ram, Hayate Ayasaki, Sakuya Izayoi, Alfred Pennyworth, Karin Kanzuki, Bartender Bob, Dante, Nero, Samuro
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Amelia Bedelia
  • Cautious Of: Sebastian Michaelis, time deities
  • Enemies: Various demonic and demon-like entities such as The Demons of Inferno, The Kraeken, The Magician, Cacodemons, The Revenants, Archviles, Gul’dan, Chucky, Laetitia (one-sided on Reina’s end)
  • Long ago, a deity named Nox tempted humanity with the prospect of immortality but was sealed away by the holy guardian goddess Valora at the cost of sacrificing/banishing many other gods. So the story as told by the church goes, anyway. Regardless, Nox’s Curse haunts humanity even in the present as it continues to eventually turn people into demon-like entities called Phantoms. Even Lady Lucia, daughter of the Great Witch Lady Charlotte, was not spared from its reach. To save her daughter, Charlotte began conducting experiments of her own behind the Church’s back. After confiding to a woman named Orphea, she responds by sending a maid named Reina as an aide to assist in Charlotte’s experiments but is quick to remind that Reina is, first and foremost, her loyal blade.
    • Reina not only cooperated with the witch’s secretive scientific ventures but also got along with the rest of the staff as well. In particular, she got close with Lucia as she served as her personal maid. Time passed and Lucia’s condition got worse and her mother grew increasingly desperate. Charlotte decided to take extreme measures by instead turning to have her daughter achieve apotheosis similar to that of Valora as a Crown Phantom. Reina tried to stop her, but the Great Witch speared her through the chest and left her corpse to grow cold underneath a statue. What would have been the end of her story doesn’t come to pass as a dapper goddess known as Time turns back the hourglass for the maid for reasons unknown to all but Time herself. Alive once more, Reina delves into the nightmare that is Charlotte’s once-proud manse now infested by Phantoms.
  • Reina arrived in the Pantheon sometime following her story after taking care of the manse’s corruption either through the demise of Lady Lucia or Time. Though the details are there, what transpired is overall quite fuzzy. In any case, she wasn’t a god at first, though Reina had already made a name for herself working a number of different jobs in and around the place. Her good service eventually led to one of the deities forwarding to the Court of Gods a recommendation for her to ascend. After going over the facts, they settled with her taking Fight Like a Card Player which Reina graciously accepted.
  • Considering the situation she was thrust in, the ability to defend herself is a given. Her sole weapon of choice is a knife, usually in crimson to match her eyes, yet Reina has demonstrated skillful usage of it. The maid’s magic isn’t lacking either and is just as versatile. Sometimes on her offtime, she visits the Houses of Fighting and Combat and Magic and Sorcery to touch upon both. She’ll also go to the House of Craft to touch upon some smithery as she had tried her hand in it while traversing the manse to gain an edge over the Phantoms.
  • Having undertaken a number of different jobs before she became a proper god Reina is familiar with many of the Pantheon’s maids and butlers. Much like how she seamlessly integrated herself among Charlotte’s Maid Corps, she got along well with others thanks to her charisma and aptitude as a quick learner. Alfred Pennyworth, for example, has complimented her skills when she was present at a social gathering involving Wayne Enterprises. G36, Fiona Mayfield, Hayate Ayasaki, Rem, and Ram have also taken note of her as well. On Reina’s end, she thinks of them highly as well. Sakuya Izayoi deserves a particular mention given her position as the head maid of the Scarlet Manor (and admittedly doing most of the work) earned her respect even as Reina was initially on her guard around her for personal reasons.
    • Amelia Bedelia is a bit of an exception to that, however, while skilled she’s also Literal-Minded and that has resulted in misinterpreting statements that leave room for ambiguity. Still, the intent is there, and she’s an amazing cook. Things are icier regarding Sebastian Michaelis, a demon contractually obligated to be Ciel Phantomhive’s servant to aid in avenging his twin brother. The clause is that he gets to devour Ciel’s soul one day, but until then he’s intent on helping Ciel, and acts of murder or manipulation to achieve that aren’t off the table. Reina keeps her distance whenever possible, though Sebastian himself has no such wariness around her.
  • Of all the different gods who have called for Reina’s services, the head of the Kazuki Zaibatsu, Karin Kanzuki, has employed Reina the most, and the former head maid of Charlotte’s manse has helped with a number of parties and events Karin has organized. Interestingly enough, she was actually the one to recommend Reina to the Court of Gods in the first place and a couple days after she was officially ascended Karin invited Reina to the Kanzuki Estate. The maid couldn’t help but feel awed at the sheer scale of the place, and the feeling remained even during future visits. The two managed to hit it off though Reina was a bit confused at her request to test her fighting skills during her first visit.
  • It is observed in one of Lady Charlotte’s experiments that the eyes of a Whispernote  turn red under the light of a mana crystal. When it comes to Phantoms themselves, however, not all of them have crimson eyes, and such a trait is common even in otherwise normal humans. People take care to hide theirs in fear of social stigma but Reina proves to be the exception to this as she’s instead quite proud of hers. Nox’s Curse has no presence in this place, though Reina keeps a lookout regardless.
  • Strangely, Reina has an insistence of wearing cat ears headbands when the opportunity presents itself. When asked, Reina matter-of-factly states “it may boost morale” or some variation of that line. She doesn’t ask other people to do the same but it’s appreciated if they do. It’s an odd quirk from an otherwise dignified person like herself.
  • Plenty of demons have already made their home in the Pantheon, both within and outside a Hall dedicated to housing them. Reina doesn’t go out of her way to slay them, though every once in a while she ends up having to fight some of them anyways. Lesser Demons of Inferno and the Kraeken immediately come to mind. Luckily for her, she’s not always alone this time around.
    • With the existence of demons comes those who are skilled in combating them on a daily basis. She has crossed paths with the likes of Dante Sparda, Nero, and Samuro for this very reason and is appreciative of that. Reina doesn’t mind that Dante and Nero are part-demon as she is familiar with Verona, a patient of Charlotte who soon became one of her maids (albeit a very clumsy one) and retains her humanity in spite of her condition. The most she does is ask Reina to help look for her cat, Ashe. Meanwhile Samuro was initially suspicious of her involvement with Charlotte’s experiments but soon became understanding when she had nothing to do with it beyond being a subject and observer. It going awry was Charlotte’s doing, which Reina fought to clean-up, and while the witch went down the path of playing god her initial goal was to save her daughter from Nox’s Curse. She certainly had more benevolent intentions than Gul’dan, who was simply a power-hungry schemer from beginning to end.
  • The Magician is a product of the mad geneticist, Dr. Curien, and it is his most powerful creation. While a mutant and not an actual demon, his appearance and power over fire fits the bill enough and the fact that Dr. Curien himself sought to cure his ill son reminded Reina all too well of the situation surrounding Lady Charlotte and her ill daughter, Lucia. It’s because of this that Reina has more personal feelings than most barring the Magician’s own enemies from its world.
  • Every once in a while she goes and helps Bartender Bob with running things, and she’s been a huge help in the times when she does. One has to wonder what business a maid working for an important figure in her country and former assistant to a famed witch has with a bartender. There’s also how she was roped into helping him in the first place though many attribute it to his overall friendly personality.
  • Living dolls and puppets such as Erises, Marionettes (and their Elite variants), Lady Eunices, Vampiric Dolls, and Dukes are among the many Phantoms that Reina encountered while fighting through Charlotte’s mansion. It seems encounters with them continue to happen during her stay in the Pantheon. While there are those who mean well, Reina frequently crosses paths with the more dangerous ones. Chucky, a serial killer who on death’s door used voodoo to inhabit a Good Guy Doll, is one who frequently encounters her every so often. He holds a bit of a grudge against Reina after their first encounter. The doll did get the drop on her and inflicted a nasty hit but after getting her bearings straight she froze him before cutting him apart with her knife. Chucky is sure to account for her magic in the event they meet again.
    • While tending to a party, the event was quickly thrown into chaos due to the appearance of spider-like monsters. As it turned out, some of the gifts turned out to be from Laetitia, a doll-like entity whose “gifts” contain pranks. Said pranks, of course, is one of her friends bursting from within the person in possession of it as some of the attendees had unfortunately found out. Assisted by an L Corp Agent, the monsters from Laetitia’s pranks were quickly suppressed. Reina’s began to be more cautious around such strange heart-shaped gifts in the future lest someone else falls prey to the Abnormality’s pranks. Laetitia, from word of mouth, simply seeks to cheer the maid up in return. From what she’s heard, Reina has a wonderful smile so she has to work extra-super-duper-hard for her gift.
  • Nox’s Curse is an infectious one, almost comparable to a plague or other such epidemics. Such things are hardly unique to only the world she knows. Yharnam has been afflicted with a Scourge that turns its denizens into feral beasts and monsters which can all be traced back to the blood of the Great Ones. Dead Water is a monstrous and predatory entity composed of water which could turn humans into violent sea creatures and those with negative thoughts and emotions are most vulnerable to it. And, of course, there are the many gods who have fought through worlds ravaged by some manner of a zombie apocalypse. Whatever disaster presents itself in the future, Reina is sure to cut her way through it.
  • Even though Time was responsible for Reina's revival, the two clashed when Reina didn’t react well to the mysterious goddess deciding to kill Lucia in one outcome of her adventure. The point of her journey would lead to putting down an old friend, yet Time getting in the way of that seemed to have touched a nerve. In any case, Reina doesn’t seem intent on meeting any more divinity associated with time.

    Tethu, Tethi, and Esna 
Tethu, Tethi, and Esna, Divine Trio of Space Management Games
Left: Tethu; Right: Tethi
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Great Tree; alternatively, the gate to their oasis
  • Theme Music: Ever Oasis Main Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Possibly the last Seedling able to create an oasis meeting the last water spirit, Super-Deformed
  • Domains: Settlements, Booths, Festivals, Union, Bonds; Wind, Crafting (Tethu and Tethi); Water Spirits, Sacrifices, Rain (Esna)
  • Heralds: The entire residence of their Oasis, Nour (Tethu and Tethi’s older brother)
  • Allies: The Smurfs, Link, Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog), Moana, Maui, Te Fiti, The T-Dolls, Pinkie Pie, The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba, Chance the Gardener, Captain Planet, Takuto and Shiki, the Spectral Familiars
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Chaos (Sailor Moon), Dark Gaia, Killer BOB, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Opposes: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • In a world filled with deserts, dungeons, and settlements for three different races, a long time ago, an evil entity known as Chaos arises to corrupt different species and fill the entire dessert with his presence. It ultimately backfires because a mysterious Seedling bonded with a Water Spirit and create an oasis together to power his influence. Seedlings who have the ability to bond with a water spirit to create oases are called the Children of the Great Tree and use the Great Tree’s influence and it’s rainbow’s protection to combat against Chaos’s evil. The story begins when Tethu/Tethi’s older brother Nour faces against Chaos (who already conquered almost the entire dessert), when he combatted to destroy his oasis. Sacrificing his own life to save their brother/sister, Tethu/Tethi were sent to the last water spirit in existence named Esna and they bond together to create an oasis to stop Chaos’s influence once and for all. Having recruiter different people from different races (most specifically Seedlings) to combat against Chaos to upgrade their oasis, the Great Tree, and it’s rainbow protection, finding out Tethu/Tethi’s brother was possessed by Sheut, also known as Chaos, his trio and using the Lumites to upgrade the oasis’s power against Chaos until the latter corrupted them into one gem known as the Dark Lumite. In their final battle with Shuet, Esna sacrificed her own life by turning herself into rain to purify him and bring peace into the oasis. Tethu/Tethi’s story ends with them seeing their brother’s spirit and believing that Esna is actually alive, only to find out she’s an hallucination and going outside to their oasis to find that the entire dessert is back to it’s original state, which now looks like a beautiful environment.
  • Tethu and Tethi found themselves in the Pantheon one day and were suprised to see each other, though they managed to become civil with one another and instantly became friends. They were summoned by the Court of Gods and found out that they are simply an alternate version of themselves in a different gender and ascended because the Pantheon is impressed by their story of fighting against Chaos. Having summoned the entire oasis as their temple, they are surprised to see Esna (who has memories of her friendship and adventures with both of them as she sacrificed herself and have an emotional reunion with her. Together, the trio summoned their residence and Tethu and Tethi’s older brother to manage the oasis in the Pantheon and open it’s door to new people they have never seen before.
  • As said before, the oasis are created by a Seedling who is a Child of the Great Tree and a water spirit through their bond. Seedlings who aren’t a Child of the Great Tree create Bloom Booths that serves as the oasis’s economy. With how much variety each Bloom Booth has, the festivals it hosted for the different Bloom Booths, the happy atmosphere the oasis generates, all of it’s beautiful design because of how it upgraded since then, the rainbow that surrounds the Great Tree, and the genuine friendliness that each resident has, the oasis became one of the most common places to visit for travelers and visitors who seek to visit a happy place.
  • Esna couldn’t be seen by others as only the Children of the Great Tree could see her and while the residence of the oasis knows who Esna is, they never actually met her. This goes the same to the people in the Pantheon, but their meetings with Tethu and Tethi and their bug Khepri, who serves as Esna’s way of communication as she is always bounded to the spring of the Great Tree due to being a Water Spirit, gave them an impression on who Esna is as a person and love her as a result, which gave the rest of the Pantheon more of a reason why they wanted to meet her. Esna is happy to see the response she is getting, as she is always lonely with Tethu and Tethi as the only people she could communicate and wants to interact with other people than them.
  • One of the first visitors of their oasis are The Smurfs, who were excited at the prosperity of seeing the various Bloom Booths. The trio easily get along with The Smurfs upon their first meeting being that they are both races who have plant-like settlements, their people sharing some similarities with some of The Smurfs themselves, and prioritizing peace and happiness. Out of all of them, Tethu and Tethi get along with Papa Smurf the most being that they are both the chiefs of their village who care and look out of their people.
  • When Tethu and Tethi are exploring dungeons to get materials for stocks for the Bloom Booths, they met Link and Zelda who were doing the same job as them. The duo instantly befriended the trio seeing that their situation back in their world reminds them of a lot of their own in their various incarnations. The duo occasionally help Tethu and Tethi whenever they explore the dungeons and Link helps them how to cook as they mostly rely on the items they created through the Great Tree for healing and erasing ailments. Their friendship also results in them becoming enemies with Ganondorf, whose presence and some abilities remind them of Chaos and being a much more ambitious villain than their arch-enemy.
  • While exploring the Pantheon to become familiarized with it, Tethu and Tethi met Sonic the Hedgehog who was conversing with Chaos. Sonic took a liking to the duo as long as Esna, admiring them for their bravery to step up against their own Chaos and finding their oasis as a way for him to take a break from his adventuring thanks to its relaxing, happy nature. The trio meanwhile, pity the other Chaos because his tribe’s destructing ways, being instantly reminded by the Drauk’s former nature and decided to befriend him to give him a sense of peace. Chaos instantly likes them for that and promised to protect them if they need it. Their friendship with Sonic caused the latter to remind them of Dark Gaia, whom they instantly hate due to being a much more monstrous, worse version of Chaos and became afraid of him at first glance upon seeing what he looks like, but they managed to step out of their fear and devote themselves to defeat him if they have to.
  • Tethu and Tethi are amazed upon seeing the ocean and wish that Esna was here. From there, they met Moana and Maui who were about to explore with their boat and the aid of the ocean. Upon meeting the Seedlings and hearing their stories, they befriend each other and Moana and Maui decide to take the two chiefs to Te Fiti, whose situation is worse than their own, being in constant anguish over losing her heart and transforming into an darker version of herself that erased life in the living. The duo, of course, pitied Te Fiti and promised to her that they would protect her in case someone wants to steal her heart, which comforted the sentient island.
  • Having constantly travelled to collect things back to the base, the T-Dolls were drawn to the festivals and the products that the Bloom Booths provided. Since then, they have become one of the most common visitors of the oasis if they ever want to take a break from their job and want to get something, causing them to befriend the trio and getting to know them more and more with each visit. G36 is the one T-Doll that mostly visits the oasis the most because of how relaxing it is to visit there as she is vulnerable to overheating.
  • Hearing about the varieties that the Bloom Booths have and the festivals dedicated to each one of them, Pinkie Pie was excited at the prosperity of visiting of the oasis and got the chance to do so when the oasis was hosting a Gourmet Festival. It became one of the most fulfilling visits she ever had and began suggesting different kinds of Bloom Booths and festivals to the chiefs. While they are open-minded at her ideas, they saddened her that the only way for it to happen is if they ever had a new Seedling resident, each one having different interests of what Bloom Booth they should have, and that it is unlikely for them to get a new one very soon. While she is disappointed at the circumstances, it doesn’t stop her from befriending them and wanting to visit the oasis once in a while.
  • While waking up and about to start their day, the trio found that all of the residents of the oasis disappeared. This prompted them to explore the entire Pantheon landscape to find their dear friends until they found The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask. They managed to found the source of the problem and that their Chaos captured them. Despite the stakes they faced towards this Chaos, they managed to free the oasis residents and the trio befriended The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask for helping them. After hearing that their Chaos is a source of evil who corrupts evil and gets revived in the future as long as evil exists, they became enemies with the entity since then.
  • Exploring multiple gardens at once and harvesting them to see if they could work as replacement materials for stocks, Tethu and Tethi met Chance the Gardener who was doing his usual gardening day. Chance is excited at meeting them after seeing their garden and that their Bloom Booths look like plants. He offered his services of wanting to help their garden whenever the Seedling residents are busy at their Bloom Booths, fascinated at the different plants and crops that existed in their world. Despite his naivety and having a hard grasp of their nature, the trio find him to be excellent company and want him to hang around more often.
  • While doing her usual villainy, Poison Ivy was intrigued upon seeing the gate of the oasis because it looked like vines. While visiting the oasis, she became astounded at the appearance of the Bloom Booths and the scenery of the oasis. It was there she met Tethu and Tethi and was fascinated of how they are able to create oases thanks to their nature, not to mention that they are somewhat based on actual seeds. She praised them of doing an amazing job of taking care of their oasis and hopes that they’ll continue their efforts. While they beamed at her praise, they have since opposed her as while they understand her reasons of doing ecoterrorism, it doesn’t mean that what’s she doing is good. Poison Ivy while heartbroken, offered her alliance to them in case they ever need help and promised to protect them.
  • During Tethu and Tethi’s strolling, they met Captain Planet when he was flying in the sky. Captain Planet was happy at the prospect of meeting them and considered them, along with Esna, as heroes for defeating an influential evil entity such as Chaos and how their actions managed to get them to unite their oasis and bringing back the dessert to it’s original state of being a green-filled environment, not to mention how beautiful the oasis is and doing an amazing job taking care of it. Of course, they are thankful of Captain Planet’s praise and extend the same gesture to him and wanted to help him if he wants help.
  • One day, hearing about a city that needs resources for expansion, even if the methods between it and their oasis are completely different, they decided to visit Floatia and were fascinated at it’s structure, prompting them to meet it’s builders, Takuto and Shiki. The two duos instantly befriend each other and have help each other on exploring whenever they are collecting resources for their settlements. Tethu and Tethi also instantly took a liking to their Digimon, being also fascinated by the Digivolution system and their various powers and have tried to teach Takuto and Shiki on using different weapons if ever their Digimon needs extra help.
  • One of their friends warned them about Killer BOB, a mysterious enigma who has the ability to corrupt people while possessing them and using it to cause his murder spree. This caused the trio to be instantly reminded of the various people possessed by Chaos, specifically their older brother, Nour, and hoping that it will never happen again with how overpopulated the Pantheon is, have promised themselves to beat him if he ever caused trouble. This caused BOB to become annoyed at their presence for standing at his way.
  • Tethu and Esna are one of the many people who became Spirits thanks to a war spurged by Galeem and Dharkon on taking over the multiverse. Hearing that they ascended, the duo were mad seeing them and told Tethi on how they have opposed him, not to mention of how dangerous their war is with each other and their ability to possess various people remind them of Chaos’s influence. Since then, they have help their various allies they met to combat against Galeem and Dharkon to stop their plans of succeeding.
  • Hearing about Angra Mainyu and how he could corrupt people when fused with the Holy Grail, they have opposed him and were about to fight him. Hearing about why he was like this made them pity him and acknowledge that it wasn’t his fault of being like this. However, his actions of the Holy Grail Wars, not to mention he’s still willing to do the things he did made them enemies with each other. However, since Angra Mainyu decided to relax in Chaldea and retires there, they weren’t at odds with each other that much since then, though they are still enemies.


Lenna, Archangel of Procedural Generation (Mother of Archangels, []{,_?%[, Hero of Another Story)
As the Mother of Archangels

  • Demigoddess in her human form, Intermediate Goddess in her archangel form
  • Symbol: The four powers (rainbow-tinted, tilted squares) arranged in a plus-shape
  • Theme Music: Your Inception
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Teacher who gives a Justified Tutorial, The Unchosen One, Devilish Hair Horns, Hello, [Insert Name Here] (but her Canon Name is in the Double-Meaning Title), has a Romance Sidequest, the Final Boss of her world turned human, Tomato in the Mirror, Amnesiac Dissonance, used to be Red and Black and Evil All Over, implied to be an Evil Orphan, horrified when she learns the truth of her origins, genuinely cared about her archangel children in her previous life and planned to buy Christmas presents for them, can use these to spare the archangels and get the Golden Ending, Multiple Endings, Pungeon Master in New Groan Plus, appears as a Superboss in Cassette Beasts by the same developer
  • Domains: Heroism, transformation, glitches, metafiction, teaching
  • Herald: Paige (her girlfriend)
  • Allies: Cassette Beasts party members, Link, Frisk, the Epic Battle Fantasy crew, Mewtwo, Game, Lady Amalthea, Vanellope von Schweetz, Steve and Alex
  • Ememies: MissingNo., King Candy
  • Lenna started out as an unassuming schoolteacher in a fantasy kingdom full of Schizo Tech, until she stepped outside and her school turned into a glitchy mess with her eight pupils trapped inside. She instructs Lance, the chosen hero, on how to slay the eight archangels and save the world... but then he's suddenly killed by a glitchy mess called 8Fridge, forcing her to take up his mantle as the Hero of Fortitude, save the kingdom from both glitches and the bankers' guild, and collect the four powers.

    After defeating all eight archangels, Lenna gains the Power of Truth and regains memories she didn't know she'd lost: she was originally the human-hating Mother of Archangels, who enjoyed hurting people, taught the chairman of the bankers' guild that money comes from monsters, and created the other eight archangels to be her minions. Delvin (a seemingly-ordinary human who'd been "helping" her throughout her adventure) accidentally created 8Fridge, used it to become a Reality Warper, and turned her into a human. She's horrified by the fact that she unwittingly killed her own children... unless she spared them all using the prince's Power of Compassion.
  • Some time after the Perfect Ending, a sentient, dimension-travelling bar called the Amber Lodge appeared in front of Lenna. Its avatar, Miss Amber, said Lenna had a special appointment, but couldn't say what it was. It brought her to the Court of the Gods, who told Lenna that she'd been chosen to represent Procedural Generation in the Trope Pantheons. In Lenna's Inception, each playthrough's map and boss order is determined by the seed you input when starting a new file, which also becomes the name of the kingdom. As Lenna's world exists within a sentient video game whose inhabitants are aware of concepts such as debug menus and respawning after game overs, this made sense to her. Upon ascending, she gained memories of all three endings... she tries not to worry about it.
  • Lenna had met the Amber Lodge before: it had taken her to New Wirral for a mysterious errand. There, she had a friendly (though extremely difficult) battle with the Cassette Beasts party members — that's right, this nearly-ordinary human held her own against Mons. She was glad to meet them again in the Pantheon, and since there's no need for secrecy here, she could answer all their questions about her past.
  • Lenna holds the philosophy that you shouldn't let your origins determine your path in life. As a result, she gets along with Mewtwo, who was created to be a weapon and lashed out against his creators. This struck a chord with Lenna, because (it's strongly implied that) her parents were slaughtered by Lance's father around the time she hatched, and that's where her original hatred of humanity came from. Mewtwo redeemed himself when he realised the circumstances of his birth were irrelevant; it was what he did with the gift of life that determined who he was.
  • Lenna also found she had a lot in common with a couple of other video game protagonists. Link reminds her of Lance, another tunic-wearing, sword-wielding Heroic Mime, and many of his adventures played out similarly to hers. She's grateful that every Link has been able to succeed in his quest... All There in the Manual timeline spits notwithstanding. Frisk is the protagonist of another meta Retraux game who had the choice of either killing or sparing the various monsters they faced. Just like Lenna, if they spared all the monsters, they got the best ending where monsters and humans learned to coexist. However, Frisk was confused to learn that Lenna received no repercussions for killing Mooks. The Epic Battle Fantasy crew are also very meta, and they've fought against glitches as well.
  • The first enemy she made in the Pantheon was MissingNo. She has plenty of experience with fighting glitches, and its effects are eerily similar to the corruption that overtook her world. Worse still, various other Pokémon deities have told her that MissingNo. is harmless, and there are even worse glitch Pokémon out there, the thought of which horrifies Lenna.
  • She sympathises with Vanellope von Schweetz, another video game character who was forced out of their role due to someone else's meddling — in this case, King Candy, AKA Turbo. Lenna especially hates him because his methods are almost identical to Delvin's: he tampered with the game's code and altered everyone's memories. Worse still, unlike Lenna, Vanellope was innocent and the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush. Vanellope has assured Lenna that she's supposed to be glitchy, and doesn't need to be fixed.
  • Much like Lenna's world, Game is a sentient video game that was tampered with. This created a rouge entity called Mr. Glitch that tried to take over the real world by controlling all the smart technology. Fortunately, he was saved by the User who reunited him with his beloved Global Gameplay. Both Lenna and Game have noticed their worlds' similarities to The Legend of Zelda, and since Mr. Glitch ascended to the Pantheon along with Game, Lenna has stopped him from wreaking havoc on several occasions.
  • Outside the realm of video games, Lenna also gets along with Lady Amalthea. Both of them were unwillingly transformed into humans — in the latter's case, it was to save her life — and underwent Character Development as a result. Even though Amalthea changed back into a unicorn at the end, her time as a human changed her mindset forever, and she became the only unicorn in her world to feel love and remorse. In contrast, Lenna would rather stay human, thank you very much, though she teaches humans and archangels to live together in peace and can seemingly switch between forms at will in the Perfect Ending.
  • There aren't many gods from procedurally-generated games in the Pantheon, so Lenna rarely has the opportunity to talk about her trope. Fortunately, she eventually found a pair of gods who've explored procedural worlds: Steve and Alex. She even asked them to build a temple for her, a replica of her school made of voxels.

Probius, God of Worker Units (Curious Probe, Hero Probe)

    Ryo Hazuki 
Ryo Hazuki, God of Quick Time Events


    Exodia the Forbidden One 
Exodia the Forbidden One, God of Instant Win Conditions (Exodia Necross, Exodia, the Legendary Defender, The Legendary Exodia Incarnate, True Exodia)
Click here to see the pieces
  • Quasideity when sealed, Overdeity when unsealed
  • Symbol: The five cards of Exodia placed together
  • Theme Music: Exodia (Special Battle Track)
  • Alignment: True Neutral by nature, his Alignment changes depending on who's controlling him
  • Portfolio: Instant-Win Condition Once Assembled, Non-Standard Game Over, Chained by Fashion, The Juggernaut, Powerful Cards, Power Equals Rarity, Having Separate Body Parts that can Operate Independently (Including his Head), Godzilla Threshold, Named after the Book of Exodus, Sealed Evil in a Six Pack, DARK-attribute monster, Being Turned into a Zombie-Like Form
  • Domains: Victory, Power, Games
  • Followers: Some Magic: The Gathering Players
  • Allies: Both Yami Yugi and Yugi Muto, Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler, Yubel, Osiris
  • Odd Friendship with: Kuriboh, Stan Marsh
  • Enemies: Gozaburo Kaiba, Nekron, Eric Cartman
  • Opposes: The Houses of Water and Moisture and Insects
  • Opposed by: Seto Kaiba
  • Respected by: the House of Luck and Fortune, especially in Luckiness
  • Feared by: All ascended Yu-Gi-Oh! duelists
  • While visiting Atlantica, Misty's Gyarados found three cards drifting in the water. Upon bringing the three cards to its trainer, Misty was surprised when she reported the discovery and learned that these cards were in fact Exodia cards. A combination of detective work and assistance from the House of Time and Temporality confirmed that they were indeed three of the five Exodia pieces that were wielded by Yugi Muto, having somehow made their way to the underwater kingdom after they were thrown into the ocean by a rival duelist and thought forever lost. While it may never be known how the cards came to be there, it doesn't change that both the Yugis were delighted to be able reunite them with the two he still possessed. They've been working to building a deck incorporating them with the Egyptian Gods, a combination that would undoubtedly be a daunting force. So far it's proven a challenging task; in the meantime, the cards are kept with Yugi's grandfather, who keeps them safe in a special Deck full of rare support he's collected in the interim.
    • Katsuya Jonouchi was happy to be the one to deliver the cards to Yugi. When the cards were thrown off the ship, he jumped overboard to try and save them, but only managed to save two cards, so he's glad that his efforts didn't go completely to waste. So long as Yugi has them, there's no chance they'll be used against him like Seeker did in Battle City.
    • Who wasn't happy about seeing their return was Seto Kaiba, for whom the set of cards has become a sore point ever since Yugi first used them to defeat him. He has refused to comment on this, but shouting has been reportedly heard from outside his office ("AAAH! EXODIA!! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!"), though he insists this is just a rumor. This has caused him to put any plans for a duel with Yugi on hold as he prepares his deck (not that Yugi was too keen on another duel, anyway). Gozaburo, who had made use of Exodia in his duel against Seto, was somewhat pleased to hear the cards had been found... until Exodia made it clear that being turned into the zombie-like Exodia Necross is not a pleasant experience. This has lead to a hostility towards Nekron for similar reasons.
  • When Exodia is whole in a player's hands, the seal binding him breaks, and nothing can save their opponent from crushing defeat. Whether against world rending eldritch abominations or almighty gods, the most supreme spells or the most well-placed traps, when Exodia is complete, his player wins instantly. Zorc Necrophades is the only soul known to have directly beat him, although in that case Exodia was limited to drawing his power from the limited energy of a single mortal. In his unsealed, complete form, his power and energy is limitless. Every duelist gets tense at the idea of facing off against the infinite force of Exodia.
  • According to Fi, the chances of drawing all five cards of Exodia in a given player's starting hand (assuming the deck uses the minimum 40 card limit) is precisely 0.000151973%note . The House of Luck and Fortune was left awestruck at these odds, and anyone who manages to legitimately achieve this is automatically awarded with a plaque in Luckiness, and Yugi's grandfather allows anyone who asks nicely to try for the honor. Among the first to ask was Eric Cartman, who immediately stole the deck with the Exodia cards, prompting Stan Marsh to be the first in the Pantheon to pull off the accomplishment to beat Eric in a game, winning it back.
  • Outside of obligatory circumstances, Exodia's full power remains sealed, and the cards he's sealed within are kept safe with Yugi. However, as with all card spirits in the Pantheon, pantheonic magic allows his spirit to roam the Pantheon outside his cards, but in a weakened state.
    • As fellow card spirits, he has gotten along with Kuriboh, Dark Magician Girl and Yubel. Kuriboh and Dark Magician Girl are both established cards in Yugi's deck (although the Pantheon is where he first met the latter, as she didn't get added until after Duelist Kingdom), and Yubel has been known to use decks themed around him and his variants. His friendship with Kuriboh is amusing considering that when unsealed he's one of the strongest monsters in all the game, while Kuriboh is among the weakest.
  • Feels a strong kinship with Osiris (the actual Egyptian god, not the Sky Dragon), who, after he was torn to pieces by his brother Set, was reassembled and restored by his wife, Isis. Rarely does Exodia identify with a story well enough for it to move him to tears, but that did it.
  • As his cards had been drifting in the sea for an unknown amount of time, it does not come off as a surprise to many that Exodia is a little unhappy about it. As a result, Exodia isn't exactly fond of water, creating a natural aversion the House of Water and Moisture. As the duelist who threw the cards into the sea is known to use an insect themed deck, the House of Insects has earned some of Exodia's ire.

    Jill Stingray 
Julianne Natalie Stingray, Goddess of Brewing Mechanics (Jill Stingray, Jo, Jules, Shadowmaster69)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The B.T.C. logo along with a shaker. Alternatively there's Fore, her pet cat.
  • Theme Music: Last Call, Safe Haven
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Bartender, Deadpan Snarker, Unmarried at 27 and very sexually frustrated, Girlish Pigtails, Hates being called Julianne, Surprisingly childish humor, Adorkable, Frequents Danger/u/, Grammar Nazi, Never Gets Drunk for the most part
  • Domains: Bartenders, Cyberpunk, Smoking
  • Allies: Dana Zane, Alma Armas, Dorothy Haze, Sei P. Asagiri and Stella Hoshii, Tapper, G36, Thunder
  • Regular Clientèle: Drinky Crow, Soda Popinski, Cana Alberona, Captain Haddock, The Think Tank (primarily Dr Klein and Dr Mobius), Rick Deckard, Aqua, Therion
  • Friendly Rivalry: Moe Szyslak
  • Avoids/Fears: House of Extraterrestrials and any alien races
  • Welcome to Glitch City, a Wretched Hive where the economy has gone to hell, foot shortages and violence is not an uncommon sight and the quality of life for the non-powerful decreases with each passing day in the year 207X. Though it a place that has granted autonomy to the human-like Lilim, it has still rightful earned the infamy of being "the guinea pig of the world" in part to the corporations that keeps things going while the puppet Prime Minister, QUINCY, continually makes things worse. In this lovely city-state Julia— sorry, Jill Stingray works as a bartender in the VA-11 building's Hall-A. (VA-11 Hall-A, or Valhalla, for short) to make ends meet. Though nice on a professional level, she's always willing to lend an ear to the stories of her various clients. She would soon come to find out that the bar is threatened to be closed down but in this span of time Jill would not only close off an old chapter of her life involving her ex-girlfriend and a heated fight that drove them apart but also open her eyes to the fact that she is not alone and has formed some genuine companionship with people.
  • When she was brought to the Pantheon it both took a while for Jill to get the swing of things and at the same not all that long when she ascended to the Pantheon, if that makes any sense. The first emotion that came was shock and a reflection on how all her life choices lead to her apparently becoming a deity. This led to her remembering certain incidents like the time she served talking Corgis as apart of a celebration for their toy company's anniversary for three days. By then her situation in the Pantheon comparatively didn't sound that weird, and she was at least granted her co-worker, Gillian, and boss, Dana Zane, as Heralds to help her adjust in addition to a 1:1 recreation of her apartment in this Hall and Valhalla over in the Hall of Alcohol. When she just thought of the whole divinity-thing as more of a title she just treats her time in the Pantheon as not that different from Glitch City. Helping this is that she still gets to get up way later in the day, which is a godsend. Even more of a godsend is her boss managing to secure a Pantheonic title for herself.
  • Though Jill's occupation allows her to hear tons and tons of different information from all kinds of people she has no interest in spreading gossip or becoming a Knowledge Broker. First of all, it will hurt business and that goes without saying. Second of all, she's just a simple bartender and has no ambitions from delving into that kind of world with the latter. And thirdly, she honestly just wants to hear the stories because she finds them interesting what with each and every person having their own tales to tell. Their own ambitions, anxieties, and loved ones. Hence, why she tends to start up conversation with many of her patrons.
    Jill: I like to see myself as a friendly ear rather than someone you need to be weary of.
  • Sometimes assisted by Tapper here and there, coincidentally always on more packed and busier days, even if they don't come all that often. In Glitch City, clients come and go but she has her fair share of regulars and in the Pantheon this is no different. Obviously setting aside Drinky Crow, Soda Popinski, Cana Alberona, and Captain Haddock there are other people outside the House of Alcohol who'd like a taste of what drinks VA-11 Hall-A have to offer, even if they're not actually alcohol due to resource shortages from were she comes from. No one seems to really mind or care.
    • As a fellow god from a cyberpunk setting, Rick Deckard frequently comes and goes to this hole-in-the-wall bar. With that, he also finds himself taking up many of the Strong drinks it has to offer though. Given all the hell he has been through when it comes to dealing with the Replicants, it's not an unreasonable thing to do.
    • One of her past clients was a talking disembodied Brain in a Jar named Taylor. Though she had to admit Taylor wasn't nearly as eccentric and more down to earth than much of the Think Tank's members, and the most frequent of them all are Dr. Klein and Dr. Mobius. Klein is loud (though not by choice) and his time in VA-11 Hall-A is spent complaining by his colleagues incompetency or whatever antics goes around Big Mountain ranging from another lobotomites' "atoms did a happy dance" to a facility becoming lost. Mobius, meanwhile, is pretty much a stoner from all the drugs in his biogel but he's moreso a friendly grandpa than anything else. Every once in a while, though, he slips out to Jill over what the Think Tank were like in the past and how he's far more competent than he looks when it came to containing them back then.
    • Before the Pantheon, Jill never would of imagined actually serving an actual divine being one day, much less meeting one in the flesh. Jill also would of never imagined that one such being would also be an incompetent weirdo, such in the case of Aqua. When that water goddess comes by, Jill's day immediately becomes whole lot more lively and actually has to hold herself back from taking her break early.
    Jill: I've met a camgirl, talking corgis, a textile company owner who thought they were an alpaca. And somehow this 'goddess' here gave them all a run for their money within the first hour.
    • Therion, resident thief of his party, has stopped by VA-11 Hall-A to get information. Yes, Jill isn't a source for info but that doesn't necessarily mean other patrons' lips are that way too. The drink has a way with loosening them, after all, especially if someone underestimates how hard a Fringe Weaver hits. It's either that, or if he needs just needs a freaking drink. Which is quite often.
  • When it comes to her relationships with bartenders other than Tapper she's on good terms with both Moe Szyslak and Wuher of the Mos Eisley Cantina (moreso Moe, more on that latter). While there is a supposed rivalry between her and them really all three of their bars have their own niches.
  • A Deadpan Snarker here and there she may be, overall Jill maintains a cool and professional attitude in her shifts even when faced with more annoying clients. It is not unshakable characteristic, however. Underneath that persona Jill admits she has a surprisingly childish sense of humor. She always has to stifle laughter when a patron orders a Bad Touch, for example. And she became a cackling mess when her boss ordered a giant wiener for a New Years party not helped by one of her friends feeding into said humor. Then there was that one time Jill drunkenly recounted a tale where she broke out in a fit of laughter when she saw her boyfriend's dick for the first time when they were about to have sex.
  • Some members of the House of Love and Affection gave their sympathies to her when passing by, in addition to commending her. While they weren't specific on why, Jill theorizes it has something to do with her relationship with Lenore. Namely, when it came to her finding out she passed away not too long ago three years after their unofficial break up and last meeting ending on a fight. While Jill and her ex's sister, Gaby, blew up at each other when it came to her passing and Jill's absence (something Jill will never forgive herself for by the way), the two ended up reconciling with the bartender telling Gaby to celebrate the life Lenore led and promising she won't run away should they fight again. Jill will be there for her all the way through, and will see to Gaby growing up to a fine person.
  • There are two surefire ways to get on her nerves. The first is making any reference towards her small bust and the second is referring to her by her first name, Julianne (Jules elicits a similar reaction). The Julianne thing comes from the show Model Warrior Julianne, of which she was a die-hard fan growing up. If there was any sort of merch related to it, Jill likely had it. Then came middle school where, teens being teens, she was relentlessly teased for her love of the series. It should be noted, however, that she doesn't necessarily hate Model Warrior Julianne as it's one of the things she'll gush about in detail other than her boss, Dana, whom she has a crush on. Good luck getting her to open up about her continued secret love for the series, though. Or said crush directly.
  • On her days off Jill sometimes goes to Cafe Leblanc, run by Sojiro Sakura. While she doesn't like coffee, she does like curry and couldn't put a pass on him after hearing how amazing it is from her peers. Makes that time where she spilled drinks thanks to a "ghost" pranking her thus setting back her budget ever so distant. Back to a more sincere note, Jill also likes the atmosphere it gives off.
  • In an Alternate Universe where the world of Girls' Frontline coincides with her own, after the disbanding of the White Knights for their copious amount of corruption Glitch City has decided to hire Griffon and Kryuger to act as their security force for a little while. This of course meant that Jill would serve G&K's Tactical Dolls and as she found out they are just as odd as her regular customers. G36 was one of her clients, and the T-Doll maid swung by after having heard Jill taking up shop once more. After they both decided to catch up with Jill herself asking about how is the toaster and vacuum cleaner, G36 told her she is happy to assist in her shifts whenever she is available. Some of Thunder's team members have visited the bar to meet up with some of Jill's friends, Stella and Sei. Apparently, Thunder's team share those two's love for the Lilim idol, *Kira* Miki, and in one of their concerts they played a cover of the Limim's songs.
    Thunder: Did *Kira* Miki really come during your shifts one day? And wrote her signature on one of the glasses here? That's... amazing. I'm honestly jealous bartender—
    G36: Miss Thunder, please refrain from firing your gun in the bar. Paying for damages would be the least of your concerns.
    Thunder: Ah. Sorry. I lost myself there. I find it hard to contain myself when she's mentioned.
    Jill: (Gun safety is practiced quite well in Griffon, I see.) ...While I am thankful you didn't blow a whole through the roof, you shouldn't beat yourself up over your excitement. Your friends quite enthusiastic over her too. In any case, here's your Moonblast.
    • During one of the Dolls visits Jill was reminded another alternate universe involving a place called Griffon City, one that is considerably more wacky. This came from (and we're not kidding here) the combination of the memories coming from a lightweight T-Doll getting so shitfaced along with the form of a nanomachine cloud. However, the world was in imminent danger of being obliterated when said doll wakes from her two-day coma so in desperation many of its inhabitants, which include those versions of Jill and her friends, had their data extrated and put into T-Dolls of their respective likenesses. We would like to reiterate that we were not kidding here. But back on topic at some point Jill bit the bullet and asked the two dolls how her other self and her friends were doing, to which they replied they're doing quite fine.
  • Before heading off to work she usually checks out the news where she had generally filtered out stuff about the Pantheon's "lovely citizens and inhabitants" so as to not sour her day. Jill also frequents some Imageboards, usually stuff like Danger/u/. Imagine her surprise when during her day off she saw the likes of Doge and Walter walking around. Considering one of the part-timers at VA-11 Hall-A was a talking shiba inu she genuinely wondered if Doge was in any way associated with the Canine Independent Rescue Association Rad Shiba and Nacho were apart of.
  • On her breaks she always goes outsides to smoke and she has no intention of giving up this habit. It's more so her alone time but in the event Jill is accompanied with someone she'll usually offer them a cigarette, though they always turn her down. They always let her do her thing, however, not minding themselves.
  • In high school she developed an Absurd Phobia for space aliens, of all things. But she managed to get over this fear by understanding that it is useless to be afraid. Such emotions will neither shield nor comfort her when the Nevulai Crabs finally invade and kill her along with everyone else, only the happy times... So, no, she did not actually get over this fear, and she stays as far away from the House of Extraterrestrials as possible along with any alien races outside of said house. Considering the consistent track record with some of them, it's not totally unfair conclusion to draw, to be frank.
  • While there is no doubting her skills has a bartender, from mixing simple and sweet Sugar Rushes to the burning and spicy Mars Blast, there is one particular quirk many of her patrons have noted: If a drink's recipe calls for optional Karmotrine in its instructions Jill supposedly will instead interpret it as "dumping-as-much-as-you-possibly-could-into-that-sucker. As Karmotrine is the alcoholic component in these drinks it inevitably leads to her clients getting very smashed very quickly. Is it a B.T.C. thing with their training? Who knows.
  • "Time to mix drinks and change lives."