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Greater Gods

    Samantha Maxis 
Samantha Maxis, Goddess of Power-Up Drops (Sam, The Demonic Announcer)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A Teddy Bear
  • Theme Songs: 115 and Moon
  • Alingment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The one in control of the zombies, A really creepy girl even before getting traped in the M.P.D., Trying to kill everyone because of being trapped, Apocalypse Maiden, Knows how to use a gun without previous training, Existing outside of the flow of time
  • Domains: Power-ups, Toys, Undead
  • Allies: Ludvig Maxis (Her father), The School Life Club, Lieselotte Achenbach, Hansel and Gretel, Reisuke Houjou, The Toy Story Cast, Winnie Pooh, Cerberus, Chuck, Naughty Bear, Erma, SCP-1048
  • Enemies: Edward Richtofen, Albert Wesker, Kel'thuzad, Nekron, Zhaitan, Nagash the Undying, Undying
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The rest of the Ultimis Team (Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki), Mandy
  • Opposed by: Anyone who comes from a Zombie Apocalypse
  • On Good terms with: Alma Wade
  • Under the watch of: Clockwork and Nozdormu
  • There was one particular day that shaked up the entire pantheon, catching everyone off-guard. At first it seemed that the power in every house went off, followed by the screams of a demonic entity saying "EDDIE! I HAVE RETURNED". After that, a huge endless horde of zombies attacked everyone on sight. Thanks to the Survivor crew (Who at this point are pretty used to deal with a situation) it was revealed that Samantha Maxis was behind theattack and the court of gods immediately acted by taking her out of the M.P.D. (A device that is only found on the moon, a whole ordeal to find by itself) and restraining her.
    • However, they couldn't depower her entirely, but she was glad that she wasn't trapped in that horrible device anymore. Just to keep her in check, it was decided to give her a place in the House of Gaming given her control over various power-ups. But most importantly, they wanted her to be entertained by something else.
  • As stated before, she has the ability to drop a Power-Up after on her undead minions is killed, granting anyone that pick it ups a special ability. It's unknown if she is able to control any other Power-Up outside of her homeverse ones but she is interested in trying out "new ways to play". Those power-up can consist of the following abilities:
  • Besides the usual Zombie army, she also has the ability to summon Hellhounds anywhere (Which in reality are zombified dogs who are ocasionally on fire). The reason for this is related to her lost pet Fluffy, which after a teleport accident, she became the first Hellhound.
    • It is unknown if she can control Cerberus but people claimed that they have seen the creature be on good terms with Samantha, to the point of playin with her like it was a normal dog. If you hear "FETCH ME THEIR SOULS!", it's very likely that you may be visited by these lovely puppies
    • On the other hand, she doesn't have supreme control over Chuck for some reason, mainly because she doesn't have any interest in summoning him, due to reasons. However, she has felt pity for him as is interested in helping him out and attempting to open his zipper to release the Hellhound.
  • She is usually seen hanging around children who have similar tendencies like her. That's why she befriended people like Lieselotte Achenbach, Hansel and Gretel or Reisuke Houjou. She also orders her zombies to avoid harming her friends.
    • She however isn't fond of Mandy, given her bossy attitude. Plus, her sociopathic nature reminds her too much of Richtofen.
  • She is rather fond of toys, that's why she is always seen with a teddy bear. She also likes to play with the Cast of Toy Story from time to time (Even though they find her a little unnerving).
  • She really loves teddy bears and whenever she sees one, it's pretty hard for her to let it go. That's why she likes to hang around Winnie Pooh, since he is basically a life-sized teddy bear. Surprisingly, Pooh doesn't mind Sam's presence and considers her a friend.
    • Has grown very sympathetic of Naughty Bear, due to not only being a torn up teddy bear, but because of just how neglected and abused he was on Perfection Island. She also greatly approves of his plans of revenge against those that plan on mocking or hunting him down, and has offered to lend him some of her Hellhounds in return for making sure that she isn't taken advantage of.
  • Weirdly enough, she is a very good friend of The School life club (particularly their leader Yuki) even though she is pretty much involved with the undead. They don't mind that aspect of her and welcome her to hang with them whenever she wants, which Sam is grateful for. As a result, her zombies also avoids attacking them.
  • There was one time where she decided to pay a visit to the woman known as Alma Wade, who she heard was a very dangerous person. To the surprise of everyone, Alma didn't harm Samantha when the latter approached her. It's possible that Alma was moved by hearing about how Samantha was trapped in the aether or that they are actually Not that different, but not clear explanation was given. Sam is one of the few people that Alma won't try to harm and considers her one of her own children (even though Samantha is possibly Older than Alma)
  • Hates Albert Wesker after hearing that he plans to take the powers of the Aether for himself. It got worse when he allied himself with Richtofen, sending Samantha into a fit of rage so big that left the House of Mentalism overrun by zombies for about three days.
  • Powerful necromancers have taken interest in the young Samantha, being very impressed on how flawless is her control on the element 115 infected. However, Sam doesn't reciprocate this feeling and has made it clear that she won't tolerate anyone taking advantage of her.
    • So far, she has set eyes in powerful foes like Zhaitan or Kel'thuzad, given their control on different types of infected. Even the GUAD leader, Nekron, has taken an interest in making Sam join him, with no success so far.
  • She has been subject of investigation in the house of Time and Space. Given her situation of being trapped in the M.P.D., it was discovered that she basically lives out of the flow of time, explaining why she regained control of the undead when the timeline jumped back to 1914. This case has been so difficult to understand that both Clockwork and Nozdormu, two of the most powerful Time Masters in the pantheon, had to be involved. Neither the Ghost of time nor the Bronze Dragon have been able to properly fix it, but according to Samantha, there may be someone or something more powerful than Samantha than is keeping her trapped.
    • However, both Clockwork and Nozdormu have been keeping an eye on the alternate versions of the Survivor Crew, who are enacting a plan to save samantha from her terrible fate. They've been considering assisting the alternate Richtofen in his plan to assassinate the other selves but they both chose to not interfere for now
  • She also has the control over a box which she personally calls "the mystery Box". If you are kind to pay the box 950 points it will grant you a random weapon for you to use. Because the Box is able to spawn any weapon imaginable, it quickly became a popular tool for getting weapons.
    • However, because Samantha was feeling like trolling someone, she can change the location of the box whenever she pleases, often forcing people to search in different houses just to find the Box. If you happen to roll out a Teddy Bear, you can kiss goodbye to the Mystery Box, followed by a taunting Samantha.
  • Samantha's control over the element 115 infected is incredibly dangerous, and that's why the GUAG has labeled her as one of the most dangerous threats around. However, she cares little for anyone that's not her friends and would simply ignore you. But, should you ever consider befriending or aiding Richtofen on his plans, She. Will. End. You
  • " you hear the voices?"

Ultraman, God of Annoying Critical Indicators (Original Ultraman, Shin Hayata, Ultraman Dark, Bemular, Maa, Bemlar/Bemular-BirdMan, WoO, Redman, Ripia)
Shin Hayata 
Ultraman Dark 
Click here  to see him as Bemular
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His color timer within The Science Special Search Party emblem
  • Theme Song: Ultraman no Uta
  • Alignment: Lawful Good; Chaotic Neutral actually Chaotic Good as Bemular; Chaotic Evil as Ultraman Dark
  • Portfolio: The Japanese equivalent of The Hero, Trope Maker and Trope Codifier for Tokusatsu Tropes, Body and Host, Symbiotic Possession, Superpowered Alter Ego, Creepy Monotone (only in his first appearance), Energy Weapon, Memetic Hand Gesture, Ultra Timer, Hand Blast
  • Domains: Protection, Giants, Heroes, Limits
  • Herald: Shuheei Aragaki, The Original Science Patrol Japanese Branch, Shinjiro Hayata/Ultraman II
  • Allies: All ascended Ultras, The Duck Hunt Dog, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Clark Kent/Superman, Mothra Leo, Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1, The Iron Giant, Viewtiful Joe, Peter Parker/Spider-man, Anguirus, Baragon, good-aligned deities from the House of Light and Brightness, Amaterasu
  • Rivals: Godzilla, Sun Wukong, King Kong
  • Enemies: The Alien Baltans, Ultraman Belial, Yapool, King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Dark Specter, The Dalek Empire, Melkor, Mechagodzilla, Gigan, Hedorah, Destroyah, SpaceGodzilla, Ghatanothoa, Crime Syndicate of America, Light of Destruction, evil-aligned deities of the House of Darkness and Shadow
  • The Hero of Japan, Ultraman was once an average Ultra Soldier who was in pursuit of a monster known as Bemular towards Earth. In his chase, a pilot named Shin Hayata from the Science Patrol was killed in the pursuit and Ultraman feeling remorse, fused himself with Hayata to save his life. As one being, they fought against the threats of Earth, starting the wave of Ultras coming to defend the planet and its people.
  • It would obvious he would ascend to the Pantheon with much prestige and respect from his fellow heroes. Though Ultraman wishes that he would be not given a place because of his Color Timer being especially obnoxious. Not that he demands that he would be given another title, grateful that his feats are more remembered than these flaws. Though he feels a bit like a Black Sheep in the House of Gaming for not really being a related to gaming (aside from his licensed games).
  • Humorously, Duck Hunt had expressed similar frustrations with a timer mocking you, so Ultraman had not only befriended the ducks and the hunter, but also the annoying dog that everyone wants to shoot.
  • Shin Hayata was summoned along with him, both being separate entities from one another. Hayata can summon Ultraman and fuse with him once more to do battle against evil. This might be a rather redundant move on the Court of the Gods’ side of things but Ultraman’s timer is basically null and void without a host, so in order to keep his place, his first host has to be here. Not that both mind as Ultraman is able to keep human allies through the human.
  • Is pointed out to be a bit rusty on the side of things thanks to being rather simplistic in terms of fighting ability and the fact he does not have have anything special to offer. Though that is mitgated by the fact Ultraman is so good at what he does, he does not need to anything fancy to prove he is an experienced warrior.
  • His ultimate rival is Godzilla by far. The God of Kaiju isn't inherently evil, but often has to battle with Ultraman over the city. Expect massive brawls with collateral damage whenever they met, followed by a team up against a more powerful threat. These fights make Ultraman recall fighting a monster remarkably similar to the King of the Monsters.
    • Perhaps not surprisingly, Ultraman has a lot more in common with Mothra Leo in terms of a sense of duty to protect the planet. Mothra Leo told Ultraman not to destroy Godzilla, as Godzilla is willing to be allies if it suits him. Ultraman heeded to this advice.
    • The fact that he sees Baragon as an ally has raised a few eyebrows among some of the Japanese deities, as a few recall him fighting three monsters very similar to the tunneling god. Perhaps Ultraman does not think of Baragon in the same light as them.
    • Fought many of Godzilla’s enemies, ambushed by them multiple times. Only by teaming up with Godzilla and/or Mothra that Ultraman can face something like King Ghidorah or Destroyah without serious collatoral happening.
  • One can add King Kong to that list of rivals, especially his much larger counterpart. Though this one is to a lesser extent. King Kong is more benevolent than Godzilla, fortunately. Regardless, Ultraman stands ready to drag him out of Tokyo if the gorilla ends up there.
  • Thankfully he is nowhere near short on allies in the Pantheon. He has been intrigued with the duo of Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, impressed with ginourmous Jaeger and strategy. Ultraman is willing to help them defend humanity if they call for him.
  • As stated before, he is one of the most righteous beings in the his native Japan. The likes of Superman see him as their Japanese equivalent and treat him as such. Just don't confuse him with Superman's evil counterpart from Earth 3. Both heroes were not happy when the Crime Syndicate did arrive and are teaming up to take care of not just there Ultraman but all of the members.
  • Is good friends with those from the Kamen Rider universe. He has actually met Takeshi Hongo in a crossover. With those two combined, the kaiju that fought them stood no chance when Takeshi became the same size as Ultraman. Humorously, this makes Takeshi not too dissimilar to Kamen Rider J.
  • Ultraman respects that not every giant being wants to fight. As such, he was proud of Iron Giant's actions. The approval pleased the Iron Giant greatly, seeing as Ultraman has the clout of Superman in Japan. Though Ultraman is sure that his Specium Ray can blow up a nuke in orbit without needing to crash into it.
  • As a fan of tokusatsu in general, Viewtiful Joe was elated to see a venerable member of that group in the Pantheon. He quickly asked to do that famous pose sign, complied Ultraman complied. Finding foes that both of them can fight has proved difficult, given the immense size difference.
  • Extremely hated by the Baltans as Ultraman killed around seven billion of them when they first invaded Earth. The Baltans accused of Ultraman for what was tentamount to genocide but Ultraman tells them that they were planning to enslave Earth when they could have lived somewhere else at least outside of the solar system. Is willing to try peace but the Baltans have been too burned by the Ultras to forgive them.
  • Fought against Sun Wukong under the Hanuman monikor alongside other Ultra Brothers. Hanuman turned to be a rather formidable foe for them. Though unlike the other rivals, they get on the more heated side of things since a ginormous legal mess came out of said fight.
  • Generally sees the Daleks as worst than many of the foes he fights against, as they want nothing but to commit genocide on everything but themselves. Ultraman once faced one of their legions by himself and managed to take out most out and sent the others packing. The Dalek had labelled Ultraman as a top priority threat as a result.
  • Allies with those who hold the Light Is Good schtick, as that is what the Ultras embody. Though is generally quite disgusted over the Light of Destruction for perverting the idea of light into something to be feared. Ultraman wonders if his Specium Ray could even harm Light of Destruction at all.
  • Seeing how Deathwing is a Person of Mass Destruction, Ultraman once had to stop Deathwing when the dragon went on another one of his rampages. It got to a point that all of the other Ultras had to help out in driving Deathwing away. Both are not happy to see each other in the slightest whenever they pass each other.
  • Does not want to be reminded of the time that he was corrupted by Dark Lugiel to be used for nefarious purposes. As a result, those he is quite against villains of the dark because he thinks they draw a good portion of their power from the Dark Plasma Spark.
    • Speaking of Plasma Sparks, he befriended Amaterasu in the hopes that he can come closer to being attuned to the Land of Lights’ Plasma Spark to awaken even greater understanding of it. Amaterasu does not see that will change his power, as he already quite attuned to it than most of his bretheren but enjoys his company nonetheless.
  • In an Alternate Universe, the Land of Light was obliterated by the Plasma Spark going supernova and destroying countless other planets in its nebula in the process. Thus the Star Cluster Alliance was made in the Ultras’ place in keeping the peace throughout the universe (though they also have their fair share of politics). After Ultraman left, Shin Hayata lost his memories but carried the genes of Ultraman, which were then passed to his son as well. It’s a timeline that Ultraman is quite disturbed of, knowing almost all his people and Ultra Brothers are dead.
    • In that timeline, he gained another host and became the Rogue Agent of the Star Cluster Alliance, Bemular. However at the same time, many those threatening Earth came to be after Bemular, so he was made to be an associate of these threats by default of being the first enemy. Ultraman himself in the Pantheon does not have those memories... mostly. Its like horrendous memory flashes that really traumatize him.
    • OR SO THEY SAY! Turns out the Star Cluster Alliance manufactured the lie of the Land of Light being destroyed because they are at war with the Ultras themselves. To the point they framed Bemular for blowing up a plane that their Psycho for Hire caused it. Ultraman was pissed to say the least, more pissed than anything after finding that out but doesn’t want to act on that universe yet, not knowing the full story behind it all.
  • Will appear in the Marvel Universe, aiding the Marvel superheroes in his own battles against evil. He will eventually help out Peter Parker at some point, likely to connect the fact that Spider-man had been in a toku. Teaming up with Spider-man sounds like a better experience to Ultraman than teaming up with Dragon Force (Sega). We never talk about that incident.


Intermediate Gods

    Arle Nadja 
Arle Nadja, The Patron Saint of Falling Blocks (Silvana)

    Kaede Honjou/Maple 
Kaede Honjou, Goddess of Raising Only The Dominant Stat (Maple, The Walking Fortress, The Flying Fortress, Irrational Incarnate, The Symbol of Death, The Embodiment of Madness, Shield Loli, Mash Alter)
Loving Sacrifice Form 
Atrocity Form 
Machine God Form 
  • Intermediate Goddess in-game, Quasideity IRL, at higher-end Intermediate Goddess levels with her new forms
  • Symbol: Her great shield, Mirror of the Dark Night
  • Theme Songs: Kyuukyoku Unbalance normally, Good Night when she's doing somethig crazy
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Achievements in Ignorance, Badass on Paper, Beware the Silly Ones, Born Lucky, Combat Pragmatist, Fearless Fool, Glacier Waif, Nice Girl, Red And Black Armor But Still A Nice Person, Shield Bash, Light-Hearted Take On Stock Light-Novel Hero, That One Player
  • Domain(s): MMORPGs, Defense, Poison
  • Heralds: The Maple Tree Guild
  • High Priest: Huntsman!Izuku Midoriya
  • Followers: Min-Maxers
  • Allies: All heroic Sword Art Online deities, Shizuka Hanekura/Akatsuki, Kei Shirogane/Shiroe, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Brigitte Lindholm, Naofumi and his party, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Shield Knight, Zhang Xingcai, Kanji Tatsumi, Goofy, Steven Universe, Coco, Akame, Toxie, Magellan, Alfyn Greengrass of the Eight Travelers, Venusaur, Mash Kyrielight
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon, Quinella, Sundowner, Gregor Clegane, the Sea King, Typhus, all Chaos Space Marines
  • Dislikes: Akihiko Kayaba
  • Fears: All who can bring her HP to 1 (either by abilities or sheer power) or Instant Kill her
  • Opposes: Hexxus, the Lich, SCP-106, Nurgle
  • Opposed by: Abridged Kirito and Asuna
  • In a video game with a stat point system, balance is vital to allow players to play according to their own styles, or build their party members on differing specialties. Because when a certain stat becomes vital to a lot of things, that stat will become the "God Stat" most everybody's (who aren't casuals or explicitly not abusing it as a challenge) gonna base their builds on.
    • Enter Kaede Honjou, an average girl who's never played a video game until her friend Risa Shiramine recommended her the VRMMO NewWorld Online, where she took the Great Knight class and the avatar name Maple. Because she dislikes being in pain, and since she's not conditioned by video games to balance her stat build, she dumped all of her points into VIT. Of course, this meant having a pitiful STR for attack, AGI and DEX for speed, and INT for magic. But through sheer luck and ingenuity, Maple quickly gained skills and loot that offset her downsides, eventually rose through the ranks (without meaning to), and became infamous both by the Dev Team and the playerbase (though it's thankfully not toxic enough to socially harass her).
  • As for how she made it to the Pantheon, that's a unique story. One day after school, Kaede found a very special software in her VR device called "Pantheon Goddess". Not aware on how to watch out for malware, she gave it a try, and the next thing she knew, she was in the Maple Tree Guild. Except it was empty, she was not in her Maple avatar, and the surrounding area outside was completely different. As it turns out, this is how she made it to the Pantheon, though it's not known who sent that program.
    • And then an impromptu assassin came in to try and kill her for reasons she would never know. But in response to her spiked panic, she immediately changed to Maple and their knife shortly failed to puncture her skin. And because her shield was on hand, the assassin was shortly Devoured. An envoy from the Court of the Gods arrived shortly after and escorted her in order to get an explanation. As fellow gamers with VR game avatars they can switch in and out of (which means Shiroe, Akatsuki, and Ainz Ooal Gown are out), the SAO heroes were called in as well to assist.
    • Upon facing the Court of the Gods (and the PPC), she was briefed in on what the Pantheon is, how she can come and go without having to worry about the time passing by outside, and why she was "summoned" here in the first place, namely her VIT-only focus and how she was able to break the game because of her achievements. They also told her that while Death Is Cheap here, it's taken as seriously as one in real life, so she should be careful with her actions to avoid making enemies out of who could otherwise be friends. Once they were sure that she completely understood everything she needed to know, she was led back to her temple by the SAO heroes.
  • Here are some important things needed to know about Maple.
    • She's gained quite the comprehensive list of Skills over the course of her playthrough so far. Her VIT is obscenely multiplied, she has plenty of skills that further reduce her damage taken, has poison skills to compensate for her low ATK (and even has a 20% chance to Instant Kill even a poison-immune enemy), she's immune to poison and paralysis, can meditate to recover HP, can draw aggro, takes half damage from explosions, can endure one fatal blow per day, teleport to allies, float monsters with Psychokinesisnote , null pierce effects received with her shield, and more.
    • She's also capable of Eating the Enemy for HP Drain. Of course, given all the skills she has, she's highly unlikely to resort to this in battles here, but she will if it that's what it takes. The limit of that effect is unknown, given that she was able to munch on a Poison Dragon and a Devil (from the inside) that swallowed her up (it died before she could burst out, though), but it's likely that it's limited to what she can plausibly bite into, and she can't "eat" terrain.
    • As for equipment, her defaults are the Mirror of the Dark Night (great shield)note , Armor of the Black Rose (armor)note , Crescent Moon (short sword)note , Toughness Ring, and the Bridge of Bonds (ring)note . The first three equipments also have a special property called Destruction Growth, which will restore them when they break, making them even stronger in the process.
      • She also has a few other tricks up her sleeve. First up is the Loving Sacrifice form, which grants the following benefits. One skill renders all allies in an area of 10-meter diameter around herself under the effects of Cover. Another is a very potent healing spell. Yet another is a dome of light surrounds Maple and her allies, making all attacks ineffective against them for 10 seconds. In addition, while in this state, her hair turns blond, and gains a halo and wings like an angel.
      • Second is the Atrocity form from the Seeping Chaos skillset that she acquired from using HP Drain on the Devil (read: eating it from the inside after it swallowed her). Besides gaining the ability to summon "predator devils" to fight alongside her (and add Hex, which reduce target's abilities for 2 minutes by 5% per stack), summoning a tentacle-like demon from her shadow to whip like a prehensile muscle, and summoning "tentacles" from her hand that can spike out, Atrocity grants her a demon form that has a secondary HP bar, and has +50 to STR and AGI, but loses all effects of her equipment. Better yet, even if this form's HP turns to zero, these changes are merely reverted and she returns to the state she left. While she gets a Voice of the Legion, her voice is still cute enough to detract from the scare factor of her demon form.
      • Third is the Machine God form after clearing a hidden quest in the 3rd layer. It's a power that destroys her equipment and gives birth to (futuristic) weapons that don't rely on her STR for damage. Sacrificed items of higher quality grants better bonuses. It also has limited uses, though the specifics aren't made clear. Besides those weaponry, she can also perform Break Core, where a hole opens where her heart is and a red glowing spherical sphere shoots out 2-meters away. After 5 seconds, it nullifies all attacks in a set range and self-destructs. Everyone in range, Maple included, suffers immense damage from this. However, because Maple's main equipment has an autorepair function that makes it stronger every time it breaks, the "drawback" of requiring strong armor each time is negated and turned into an asset, guaranteeing that Machine God form gets stronger and stronger each time she decides to use it.
      • Better yet, she can mix these forms as well.
  • Maple's temple takes the form of her guild's base, and is also where she spawns upon login or revival.
  • Like every character who has a gaming avatar, her IRL appearance is her default, and she can change to Maple whenever she likes. Becuase she doesn't like getting hurt, she sticks to her NewWorld Online avatar for most of the day, reverting to Kaede automatically when she goes to sleep (not usually in bedtime since she "logs out" anyway), or manually when she needs to get somewhere fast (since her non-existent AGI means she's unable to run, but she can still be carried) and the area is mostly safe. She can also use Cover Move in the heat of battle to get around when friends are in sight.
    • Speaking of mobility, she's also once used Venom Capsulenote  to descend a cliff by encasing herself in one for safety. That said, given what it is, she doesn't recommend asking her to do the same to others unless they're also Poison-immune like her.
  • Has a pet turtle named Syrup that serves as her animal companion. Besides biting, he can Megamorph to giant size (with double HP) enough for Maple and a few others to ride on, Cover an adjacent party member from attacks (and get a +10% in VIT while doing so, fire a Spirit Cannon from his mouth, call upon the earth, vines, and trees to attack and defend with Mother Nature, and use Rampart to create breakable walls around a selected position for up to 30 seconds. When traveling long distances, Maple uses him as an airborne ride via his Megamorph and her Psychokinesis.
  • As stated among her equipment, Devour allows her to… well, devour an enemy and turn it to MP (and into a magic crystal on her shield if Maple's MP is full), though it's limited to 10 uses a day. This means any hostile entity, although the bigger it is, the smaller the portion of self it loses. For the record, Devour can consume an entire human-sized entity in one go (possible above), so that should tell you how big one should be to survive the ability.
  • While she is obscenely overpowered (though still plausibly beatable) in her game world, the Pantheon is a far more "balanced" world with a lot more varied abilities, and so there are ways to get around her extreme VIT.
    • While her defense also comes with good anchoring, meaning knocking her back is really difficult with regular attacks, because of her low constitution (read: small body size), it's not impossible (though very strong attacks are required), and the anchoring doesn't apply for the ground she's on.
    • Ensnaring traps can also work, at least to buy time as even without allies, she can summon Predator devils to free herself. Quicksand can be just as effective
    • Since her gear is mostly metallic, ferrokinetics can easily lift and toss her around, though her high VIT still means she can take plenty of a beating. Crushing her with her own armor could work, but that would take a long while.
      • Heck, telekinetics can toss her around as well (as long as it's not magic, as her shield can Devour that should she choose).
    • Because her game doesn't have such things, she has no resistance to status effects on the mind (like Berserk, Charm, and Mind Control). And she's still susceptible to being rendered unconscious, especially from getting knocked around. As for stuns, that depends on how forceful the blow is to her head.
    • HP to 1 abilities would also suffice to take her down, though one should also remember that her other forms can offset them, such as Loving Sacrifice and Atrocity. In fact, the only ones that she's afraid of in terms of combat are those who can two-hit kill her either by their skills or their sheer power. Instant Kill abilities would work, too, as long as it isn't poison-based (given she's immune to it).
    • Additionally, most of her offense is focused around skills, so the only way to render her a sitting duck is to exhaust all of her trump cards, and have a way to to get around her absurd defense stat. And she has to be a priority target, since her Cover Move can instantly get her to anybody she wishes to defend.
  • Having escorted her all the way back to her temple after the hearing with the Court of the Gods, Maple instantly made friends with Kirito and company as they talked about their respective games. Besides noting that both NWO and SAO have Final Fantasy II-esque progression systems (which are unbalanced and unfair), as well as their respective experiences and adventures, Maple was amazed that their games allowed for digital avatars different from their real body shapes, such as the tall and busty Leafa actually being the slightly shorter (yet still busty) Suguha, and the short speedy gunner LLENN being the really tall Karen.
    • As for the other reps of their series that she didn't see, despite being a very friendly person overall, she made her very first enemy with Nobuyuki Sugou; besides his plots for mass mind control and his rape of Asuna, his use of the pain limiters to torment Kirito was absolutely terrifying, especially given her aversion to getting hurt. And don't forget about Quinella, who is actually interested in Maple and her obscene defense and skillset to make her an Integrity Knight.
    • As for Akihiko Kayaba, she doesn't like that he had made his game with real permadeath, no matter his reasoning. Had she been playing SAO, that would've either removed her from combat altogether out of fear of death no matter how much HP and DEF she would've buildt up, or simply rendered her not a frontliner depending on how far she's leveled up before getting stuck.
    • Abridged Kirito and Asuna are pissed beyond belief with just how obscene her build is, and that she managed it without any prior gaming knowhow to boot, not considering that that was precisely how she got to where she is now. That said, after having been Devoured by her shield the last time they tried (which Maple was regretful for), they mostly avoid her and settle with making derisive remarks from a distance.
    • Eventually, she got acquainted with the Elder Tale players Shiroe and Akatsuki, and learned of how they essentially got stuck in their game world (permanently, unlike Asuna and Kirito) and had to learn to live new lives in it. She is closer with the latter for her AGI-based build just like her friend Risa/Sally, though her aloof attitude to anyone other than Shiroe makes things a little difficult.
  • As a primary shield user, she's drawn attention from other such users. And she's been recommended to not just rely on the skills she's acquired and actually pick up real tricks from them, just like how Sally incorporates real life experiences into her playstyle (though she's told that what she learns here won't be carried over when she logs out for safety reasons).
    • First up was Reinhardt, even though his shield is temporary and energy based. She's amazed with just how wide of an area he can protect with some regularity while she can only exceed that range with Loving Sacrifice, and a little envious on his independent movement speed on a Charge whereas her mobility is dependent on her allies' positioning. Brigitte shares similar sentiments and hopes to find the secret to Maple's armor (while the VIT is attributed to Maple herself, her equipment still adds to them, and every bit helps).
    • Second is Naofumi, who like her is a Light Novel protagonist with a defensive build. At first, he was envious of her due to how lucky she's had it getting to where she is now even if he's long since surpassed all of her forms in terms of power, though doesn't really hold it against her due to their different settings. He even heard of an alternate tale where she took his place as the Shield Hero with him being the Gauntlet Hero instead with her build still intact. Thanks to Raphtalia and Filo, Maple was able to see Naofumi for the nice fellow he really is. And once he was able to get permission to copy Maple's Mirror of the Dark Night, he's become that much more dangerous.
    • Third was Captain America, who can tell that while she doesn't yet have the attitude of a paragon, she has the potential. He's also aware of her lack of physical mobility and was mildly momentarily triggered when she invoked her Hydra skill in one battle to wash down the opposition with poison, given HYDRA and her use of such deplorable methods (then again, it was her only viable means of offense given her VIT-only build, and knows that poison isn't inherently evil in and of itself).
    • Others include Shield Knight, Zhang Xingcai, Kanji Tatsumi, Goofy, and Steven Universe, and (after getting past the fact that she uses poison in battle) she was able to befriend them all.
    • While not a Shielder, Usalia is another tanky character, though her methods were different. While she does have innately high defense, her focus is more on Damage Reduction via her evility that grants her and people nearby bonus Damage Reduction based on how many allies are near her. Which means even if it's just the two of them, this would make Maple much more unkillable. Usalia also support evility that disables all instant kills, so that's another significant plus.
    • Uther Lightbringer was initially wary of Maple due to her black-and-red armor, but her Seeping Chaos skillset (Predator devils/tendrils and Atrocity form) didn't help her case either. However, her earnest amiability eventually won him over. She also stated that she has an alternate armor set just for her Loving Sacrifice form should it be deemed necessary for appearances (though she won't use her Machine God form for it since that set isn't regenerative).
    • Darkness is also a Stone Wall for her party just like Maple, but there is a major difference between them; the latter's stat build was precisely because she didn't want to get hurt (or at least too much once she had to get used to piercing attacks that were patched in), while the former takes immense pleasure in getting hurt. The young gamer often avoids that particular topic whenever possible.
  • When the Master of Chaldea saw Maple, they thought for a moment that it was Mash Kyrielight in an Alter Form. But after confirming that it wasn't the case, they still decided being allies was a good idea, and Maple was all too willing to make a new friend.
    • Both Mash and Maple get along very well, considering how they mainly focus on defense. Maple shows admiration for Mash's determination and how it powers her shield, while Mash admires Maple's expertise with her defense as well as the skills she uses with them.
  • As a humble gamer, she doesn't feel obligated to join the war effort, but ends up tangled in them anyway due to her reputation in her game and how it's reflected in the Pantheon, because it was natural that Maple would earn her fair share of enemies (besides Sugou and Quinella) who feel the need to challenge the Walking Fortress and "put her impenetrable defense to the test" or "bring her down a few pegs".
    • First off was Sundowner, who contronted her one day, boasted that he was "FUCKING INVINCIBLE!" (stemming from his use of explosive armor), that she has no right to "lay claim to his territory", and challenged her to a battle. With assistance from his Desparado Enforcement soldiers, of course. With her Hydra skill and Predator devils, she made short work of the mercenaries while she weathered the choppers' guns and missiles (while occasionally shooting them down with poison or shutting them down with Paralyze Shout), and the explosives were naturally nothing against her. When the fight started going airborne, she followed suit on Syrup and let's just say the fight got pretty stupid crazy. It ended in Maple's victory, though, and she didn't even need to break out her Machine God form.
    • Up next that she would remember is Gregor Clegane, and he had seen her as just another girl to do as he wanted with. Getting Devoured by her shield after she Paralyzed him didn't do much to change his mind. Neither did her Predators getting him off of her. And neither did getting drenched and dissolved in her Hydra poison. It took several more of those attempts, and each of his advances scared Maple despite how easily she's stopped him. Now, he just wants her in retaliation for being so damn untouchable by him.
    • Others would come, but so far none of them of much notice for her to think too much on.
  • While her equipment does get auto-repaired even as it gets broken, it's still somewhat of an annoyance as some of her skills are "attached" to them. And given some have means of doing it way faster than anyone in NewWorld Online, she has to watch out for them more. Speficially, if she loses her armor, she would be locked out of her Seeping Chaos skillset (which includes her Atrocity form, which won't be a problem if she decides to use that form soon before her armor breaks). If she loses her shield, she would not be able to restore MP as reliably and cannot Devour any attacks/adversaries. And if she ever loses her sword (which is barely used as a weapon anyway), she would be unable to use much of her Hydra poison skills.
    • As such, this means Chaos Space Marines are a marginally bigger threat to her than any other Mook. And anybody whose weapons are designed for breaking armor are priorities for her to take down in a fight such as Khârn the Betrayer's Gore Child, and Sith lightsabers (as well as the Dark Side of the Force, but she doesn't have much to worry from Jedi).
    • Psykers are another threat, especially those under Magnus the Red even if he's recently returned to the Imperium's side.
  • As a Poison-immune person, as well as a Poison-user herself, she has zero problems visiting the House of Toxicity.
    • While there, she's made a couple of new friends, such as Coco (the first Good-aligned poison-user of the Pantheon), Akame (even if Maple is unnerved with the fact that she's an assassin), Toxie, and even Magellan (as long as she isn't trying to break anybody out of Impel Down, he has no reason to make her an enemy, though he's concerned with her power if she ever sets her mind to that).
    • The rest (of the benign or evil ones) do find her poison immunity annoying, except the ones who can bypass it, such as Medicine Melancholy (since Maple's immunity only applies to the body), Salazzle (though her obscene VIT would still make the Pokémon's Corrosion survivable, getting Poisoned again after so long was a nasty surprise the first time she accidentally provoked the Pokémon), and SCP-106 (decomposition is different from poison). And you can forget about her even thinking of contending with the Phazon or the Lich. And Hexxus' pollution is also different from poison, leaving Maple in a coughing fit if she ends up too close to him.
    • Other benevolent poison-users include Alfyn Greengrass of the Eight Travelers (and she takes the time to order potions from him) and Venusaur (who makes her think of a grown-up Syrup for some reason).
    • Other malevolent poison-users who find her annoying are Nurgle and Typhus (and their Plague Marines prove to be a significant threat).
  • After hearing of how she defeated the Sea King boss in her game to get through its regen, Cyan Garamonde made Maple take an oath to never use widespread water poisoning to defeat an enemy unless the situation is dire enough to necessitate it. It brings up too many bad memories of the loss of his kingdom Doma, and his recounting of it brought Maple to streaming tears enough to accept the oath.
    • The ascended Sea King heard of this and decided to teach her her place by the usual villain way, and did it during one rainy day. It wasn't a slogfest of attrition given that his strength was able to make significant dents in Maple's HP, but her Hydra moveset, as well as her Loving Sacrifice, Atrocity, and Machine God forms, helped her keep up (as well as the fact that she wasn't fighting alone, since there were several gods who have beef with the Sea King)note . And her Cover Move was able to keep innocent bystanders and her allies out of too much danger before Aquaman enthralled him enough for everyone to kill the Sea King for today.
  • Even when she has Cover Move (as well as her Atrocity and Machine God forms) to make up for her abysmal AGI, Maple's open to getting thrown or shot or catapulted to wherever she needs to be, and to amp up the craziness, she sometimes uses Venom Capsule mid-flight (or pre-flight if possible) for better aerodynamics and for additional poisoning since the venom would still be on her even after the capsule pops. The launch can still render her dizzy for a while however, depending on her final velocity.
  • Has weakness for special prizes, and will often participate in any event that showcases such rewards.
    • One of these events eventually led her to trying out Mystery Food Omega. Not taking chances, she did this as Maple, counting on her poison immunity to spare her from most of its effects. To everyone's surprise, she finished the dish without passing out, although she reports that it tasted absolutely terrible, and has no intention of ever eating it again if at all possible.
  • Is advised against provoking the Cuccos, because while they're incapable of harming Maple, they'll certainly be an annoyance to everyone else around her if she runs, they'll use up all of her Shield's Devour uses just trying to attack her (though she thankfully has other shields to use), and they'll likely never stop even if she decides to laze off until someone else provokes them. And even if she does doze off, which would revert her from her game avatar, the resulting vulnerability would just wake her up from the pain and provoke a change into Maple again, putting the Cuccos' progress back to where they started. And that kind of impasse would be boring and tedious.
  • It's not known what a Fixed Damage Attack such as a Cactuar's Thousand Needles would do against Maple. Either it would instantly bring her HP to 1 (unless Stout Defense already took effect today, in which case it would be an Instant Kill), or it would do absolutely no damage given her obscene VIT.
  • One day, while on a walk in the House of Faith, she found herself teleported several hundred feet in the air and falling down fast. Fortunately for her, she still had her three alternate forms available for today (and even if she hadn't, Stout Defense would save her, though her surroundings might not survive her impact), so she wasn't too worried, but given she didn't want to use them until absolutely necessary, she went to quickly thinking of a way to get out of this situation without too much damage. She then saw Saint Walker flying a distance away and used Cover Move to approach him. She still ended up falling past, but the Blue Lantern was alerted to her plight and was quick to slow her fall until they reached solid ground.
    • Right after landing, she and Walker found Sheogorath facing them, greeting them amiably before teleporting the Lantern somewhere far away, and Maple up in the air once more and falling again. And this time, she was in the thick of an aerial dogfight at the House of War. Amidst the aircraft vulcan fire, missiles, SAMs, lasers, Glaive Wurms, and energy spheres, she eventually made it to the ground, sending out Syrup, Megamorphing him, and using Psychokinesis to slow down their fall as soon as she figured she was out of most of the weaponry's range. This drew attention of the ground troops as several of them converged on Maple's location. As soon as she was identified, the baddies immediately retreated given they know their small arms are nothing to her, while the GUAG troops successfully extracted her, and she employed the use of her Loving Sacrifice form to protect as many as she can during this retreat.
    • A long time after that whole mess, she hadn't really thought of that until she had another chance meeting with Sheogorath, but thankfully he didn't do anything to her this time. She was eventually filled in on who exactly he is and what he does.
  • As time has passed since her own ascension, Maple seems to have lost some of her energy and enthusiasm, the seriousness of the overarching conflicts and the burdens of being a hero were taking its toll on her psyche, given that before it all, her time as Maple was just for fun and adventures. Seeing the need for a therapist, and having needed one himself after everything he's been through, Steven took notice and introduced her to Dr. Frasier Crane.
    • For their sessions, the shrink and the patient would talk it out like any adult and child would talk it out slowly. He got her to calm down and encouraged her to not lose herself while getting used to how things are there, and that at her age, she still has much to live for. She thanked him for the session and felt much better, though she would always come back to him whenever she's feeling down again. Crane is fine with that, and told her she isn't weak for it, before going to a little rant as to how fiction is ruining the reputation of his line of work by ignoring them.

    Mondo Zappa 
Mondo Zappa, God of Gaining Strength Through Seduction
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Musselback behind a pair of glasses
  • Theme Song: "Access Violation"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: His robotic left hand possesses 99 secret functions, Badass in a Nice Suit, Tends to run his left arm through his hair, Houseboat Hero, Gekkou, Mondo's "beloved katana", "Looks like I'm the new character to this part of the site"
  • Domains: Seduction, Killing, Love, Execution
  • Allies: Travis Touchdown, Jack Cayman, Mika Takekawa, Usagi Tsukino, Gaius
  • Enemies: David (His Brother), Nightmare Moon, Kun Lan, Angus Bumby
  • He is usually seen around the House when he is not doing his job as an "Executioner", he usually works as a Gigolo off duty and offers a more sensual service to the women of the pantheon and this in return usually gains him weapons and rewards to battle against corrupted beings called "Wires".
  • He has also extended his services as an executioner to execute evil beings and monsters, sometimes it will have to be paid in cash for the boss he works for and other times if the woman asking is something special he will do so for a kiss.
    • Has offered to help Cosmos fight The Warriors of Chaos in exchange for a kiss and is waiting for her answer.
  • He claims that unbeknownst to some of the other members of the pantheon, when they kill their enemies the dark matter that come from their bodies can corrupt others and turn them into Wires, thus he warns others to be careful or the Dark Matter will turn them into monsters.
  • He is often trying to drain blood from his enemies so that his cybernetic left arm "Mussleback" can use it for the many functions that it has.
  • Members of the House of Prophecy are worried that if his enemy David ever ascends to the Pantheon they only see two outcomes, David uses the fight to further add Dark Matter from The Moon to flood the earth turning everyone into to monsters or Mondo will win and cause all The Moon's Dark Matter to go to him and turn him into something worse then David.
  • Is often seen going to the Food House so that he can eat his favorite food Soft Boiled Eggs, he usually lets his assistant Mika cook it as she cooks it as well as his mother.
  • Is prone to better handle the more hyperactive members of the Pantheon as his working with Mika has helped him gain a way to deal with them.
  • Seems to always be stoic to events around him, even to the more beautiful goddesses of this house, the only thing that can shatter his stoic behavior is David as it is the one subject that causes him to go into rage.
  • Recently hired to kill David in The House of Nature, Many are preparing against what may happen if after the battle Dark Matter starts to flood the Pantheon and if Mondo may become evil.
  • Often when he starts and finishes a mission, he likes to claim...
  • Can also be found in Lustful Acts.
    "The job...Killer Is Dead."

    SCP-076- 2 
SCP-076-2, God of Respawn Points (Able, Habil, Ab-Leshal, Hevel Ben Adam, The Great Betrayer, The Soldier, Breaker of the Bronze God, First Sword of Daevon, Butcher of the West)
Fan depiction of SCP-076-2 by artist ScarletDesires.

    Spore Player Race 
The Spore Player Race, Divine Representation of the Creature-Breeding Mechanic

Lesser Gods

    Bartz Klauser 
Bartz Klauser, God of the Job System (Butz, Warrior of Light, Mimic)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A chocobo feather next to an adamantite crystal
  • Theme Song: Four Hearts
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Many talents, wandering, Fun Personified, Older Than They Look, vocal mimicking, foolishness, Ditto Fighter, knowing when to get serious
  • Domains: Technique, Copying, Wandering, Fun
  • Heralds: Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, Galuf, Faris Scherwiz, Krile Mayer Baldesion
  • Allies: Cosmos, Cloud, Firion, Squall, Terra, Cecil, Kain, Sora, Kino
  • Enemies: Exdeath, Chaos, Garland, Mateus, Sephiroth, Kefka
  • Rival(Arguably): Gilgamesh
  • Many have wondered about the empty shrine to the god of the Job System. It seemed to just be vacant for years, with no one being named its lord. But then its god discovered, as Bartz was found one day casually strolling through the House of Nature. Many are shocked to discover he had been in the Disgraces, the Fallen, and Purgatory before arriving to the Pantheon proper. He was never an official resident to those feared locations, but simply wandering around and exploring.
  • As god to the Job System, Bartz can become just about any warrior type a person could think of. Though his two favorites seem to be the Mime and Dancer jobs.
  • Declared, "Sweet Cosmos, it's a talking duck!" When he first met Sora's ally Donald. Though he did add that he could "partly" talk, having a hard time understanding him.
    • It took a few tries, but Bartz figured out how to perfectly match Donald's voice, which was indeed a surprise.
  • It didn't take long for Gilgamesh to catch wind that his chosen rival had at last found the Pantheon, and rushed as quickly as he could to meet up with Bartz. The meeting was a little awkward, but the wandering man did like the idea of some friendly sparring. The two have met up regularly here and there.
  • Has also become one of the GUAG's instructors alongside Firion. While Firion teaches beginner weapon combat, Bartz introduces new recruits to various styles of combat ranging from healing to martial arts.
  • Also serves as the Manager in the House of Profession.

Bullet, Goddess of Crosshairs (Butt Girl, Butt Floss)

Ciel, Goddess of Ominous Save Prompts (Dr. Ciel, Shieru)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Ciel System
  • Theme Songs: Labo (System-a-Ciel), Holy Land, Freesia
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Big Good Rebel Leader, The Dr. Light/Alia Of Her Era, 14-Year-Old Genius, Ominous Save Prompt, Gadgeteer Genius, Created Copy X, True Pacifism, Motherly Scientist, Ship Tease, Product of Genetic Engineering, A Mother to Her Men, Token Human, Fling a Light into the Future
  • Domains: Resistance, Cyber-Elves, Intelligence, Programming, Energy Sources
  • Herald: Prairie/Alouette (her Spiritual Successor/sister)
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Kosmo and Nova, Bender of all people, the Nature Preservers
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Pandora and Prometheus
  • Enemies: Dr. Weil, Copy X, Omega, Sigma, Mr. Burns (somewhat), SKYNET (really, any viral, malignant AI), Gate (also pities), the Grox, Hexxus, the Corpus, Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Sombra, the Infested
  • Ciel is a product of Neo Arcadia's technological prowess, using genetic engineering to make enhanced human children. Descendant of the creator of the Mother Elf and thus the Cyber-Elves, she helped create a replacement for Mega Man X when he was forced to seal the corrupted Dark Elf away. However the naive copy would engage in ruthless persecution of Reploids to solve an energy crisis, forcing her to flee. She would found the Resistance in order to protect Reploids, and one day solve the crisis.
  • Responsible for awakening Zero from his century-long slumber, eventually bringing an end to the conflict. In the Darker and Edgier Mega Man Zero era, she serves to be a beacon of hope. As the master scientist of her era, she's an equivalent to Dr. Light, who is very proud of what she's accomplished and wishes to help. As mission control she's similar to Alia as well, who's happy to see that the work of curing the Maverick Virus eventually pays off with the Cyber-Elves. Because of this, she was Alia's high priestess before gaining her own temple.
  • Appears to have feelings for Zero, but has yet to confess them to him even in the pantheon. She was overjoyed to see him again. Kosmo and Nova support her love for Zero, and hope to help her confess her love. That said, she did have to learn about Zero's troubled love history, especially about Iris, which made her gain second thoughts about confessing, not because she feels unworthy, but she just finds it to be really awkward to ask Zero about it afterwards.
  • Her specialty are Cyber-Elves, digital beings capable of enhancing the power of Reploids. They were also key in finally purging the Maverick Virus from the world, and completely destroying Sigma's essence. Naturally, he is angry at what her great-grandmother did and her wielding them. Malignant computer viruses have much to have worry towards her, such as SKYNET. Good-aligned robots benefit from them though, and she's often helping them in the House of Technology.
  • Doctor Weil was incredibly frustrated to learn that Ciel had ascended, who has more than most reason to despise him. Interestingly Prometheus and Pandora of all gods were interested in a temporary alliance with her, mainly because of their hatred towards Weil due to what he as Biometal W did to him. Copy X was equally upset to see that his creator has ascended.
  • Though human and from a society which treats Reploids as second-class, she formed an all-Reploid resistance in order to end their persecution. She supports good-aligned robots and opposes dictatorships. Bastion approves of this, and oddly enough Bender does as well since he often bemoans when robots are treated less important than humans. Granted he's partial to Kill All Humans and is too lazy/dickish to be a proper ally. Baymax is happy to work as a doctor for the Resistance.
  • Elpizo was rather sheepish about seeing her again, given what happened, however Ciel is happy he realized he went too far. She ended up meeting Gate, who she saw much of Elpizo in him. Unlike Elpizo he remains relatively unrepentant, but she still sympathizes with his plight. The two will form a temporary alliance if it means the overall good of robots.
  • An Actual Pacifist, she is more focused on a peaceful solution and is trying to develop a new energy source to solve Neo Arcadia's energy crisis. Mr. Burns has troubled her as he wants to monopolize on resources, but she doesn't seem too concerned with his Cartoonish Supervillainy. She is interested in Cael Cynder and Nibbler's energy sources, though obviously with their consent. Jake Sully is interested in her research so as to make sure humans don't have the need to invade Pandora again.
    • Though understanding of her reasons, Cael Cynder can not just let her use his Zeenium since extracting it from him may kill him. He will allow her to use any Zeenium she can find through other means though or if she can find a way to extract it without killing him.
  • Working hard to try and fix the environment, which the Nature Preservers and Captain Planet wholeheartedly approve. This has made her an enemy of Hexxus and Grox, particularly the latter due to their alliance with Dr. Weil. She gets along with Alexstraza due to being a Hope Bringer that also wants to protect nature.
  • Epsilon approached her with an offer to research force metal for a possible solution to the energy crisis in Neo Arcadia in exchange for helping his pro-Reploid movement. He also explained what had happened in Giga City to her so that there would be no misunderstandings between the two of them. The exact events are unknown, but Ciel did accept his offer.
  • With a rise in Maverick attacks by machine villains came a faster-than-intended transition to the group becoming a true resistance against tyranny involving robots, with focus on robots in general rather than just Reploids. While X and Zero stood opposite Sigma and Ultron in a massive clash involving the merging of Marvel and Capcom, she, along with Epsilon, Harpuia, and their partner Green Biker Dude worked to set up the infrastructure to retool their organization.
    • By the time both Ultron-Sigma's merger of the Infinite world and their attempted mechanical outbreak in the Pantheon were both stopped, Ciel and company had gained the allegiance of Harpuia's brothers Phantom and Fefnir, as well as the group's first non-Reploids, Labrys and Lambda-11, all of whom had been approved by allies including X, Zero, and Aigis. The eight of them stepped before the House of Justice and announced the birth of the faction Liberion Arcadia.
    • Following this, they continued building their base in said house, including its teleport terminals connecting to each individual member's temples, as well as providing Sigma Virus antibodies that were promised to Labrys and Lambda. Others who were made aware of their developments in hopes of gaining support included Proto Man, Repliforce, Grimlock, and even Bass; however, all of them stayed at a distance.
    • The first new member after the announcement turned out to be someone aside from all these invites, likely because she hadn't been known at the time. 2B, the YoRHa unit designed to eradicate machines that had invaded her Earth, came to them claiming that Liberion Arcadia's existence strangely fit just the idea for a group she'd already had in mind. After showing her skills and making her case, she gained the approval of Ciel and the others. Later on, Labrys ended up taking ICEY to a team meeting, while Epsilon would invite Quote and Curly Brace to join, following their ascensions; all three were soon considered backups to the group while new roles were being prepared.
    • 9S became a more primary member of the team following his ascension, and has been key to helping out against enemies such as The Corpus, the ascended members of Desperado, and even the hacking of Sombra. Ciel, meanwhile, is constantly working to develop new safeguards for the increasing number of both evil hackers and viral threats in the Pantheon; for example, she and Epsilon are closely aligned with the GUAG Medical Division on its efforts to produce an accessible cure to the Technocyte Infestation.
    • Leviathan, the lone female of the Guardians, finally joined the team when 9S hacked the case files of the Court of the Gods to push her petition forward. Since then, Leviathan, who likes nicknaming her teammates, has a habit of calling Ciel "light bulb". They're also seen as rivals over Zero, as Leviathan has made it no secret she has a crush on him, but Ciel isn't worried about that; she's just glad to be working alongside all Four Guardians again for the first time since before Copy X put the blame on Reploids for Neo Arcadia's energy crisis. This also allowed Harpuia to calibrate exclusive roles for everyone on the team, officially "promoting" the auxiliary units to full-on members in the process.

    Conker the Squirrel 
Conker the Squirrel, God of Context Sensitive Buttons
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A stack of money with googly eyes and smoking a small cigar
  • Theme Song: Windy and Co. (Live & Reloaded ver.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Violence, Alcohol, Vulgarity, Squirrels
  • Portfolio: Alcoholism, Materialism, Hero in Name Only, Ass-Kicking Squirrel, Urinary Comedy, Context Sensitive Buttons, R-Rated Kiddy Character.
  • Heralds: His royal entourage (Marvin the Mouse, Franky the Pitchfork, Ron and Reg, Private Rodent, etc.)note 
  • Allies: Banjo and Kazooie, Diddy Kong, Moe Szyslak, Krusty The Clown, Bender, Cana Alberona, Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, Neo, Master Chief, Eric Cartman, at least one of the Pantheon's Grim Reapers.
  • Enemies: The Tediz, The Great Mighty Poo, Naughty Bear, the Xenomorph Drone, The Facehuggers, the Toon Patrol, all the Terminators in the Pantheon, Dracula, SCP-1048
  • Interested in: Deities with money, Sandy Cheeks, Screwy Squirrel.
  • Opposes: Eugene Gallardo, the Subhouse of Canines.
  • Opposed by: The House of Royalty, all protagonists of family-friendly media.
  • After a rowdy night of drinking at his favorite bar, Conker drunkenly stumbled through the stormy night trying to get home. When he woke up in the morning with a massive hangover, he had found himself within the Pantheon, having been turned into a god to boot. He still has no idea of how that happened.
    • Conker doesn't show much interest in staying, as he is still trying to find his way home. However, his luck means that he keeps crossing paths with the Pantheon's less pleasant deities, who exploit him to perform deadly, pointless tasks for some quick cash at best.
  • Conker occasionally go karts with longtime pals Diddy Kong and Banjo to relive older, more innocent days, albeit he has crashed several times due to drunk driving.
  • Spends whole nights drowning his sorrows at Moe's Tavern, no doubt due to still being depressed over the death of his girlfriend, Berri.
    • Bender has been trying to become closer to Conker as a drinking buddy, although it's obvious that the robot is just interested in the squirrel's riches and king status (unaware that Conker has already spent most of his treasure on parties and hookers).
    • After those nights, Conker tends to wake up in random parts of the Pantheon, usually with a massive hangover and no recollection of how he got there in the first place. There was that time where he found himself at the Subhouse of Canines. He honestly preferred being stuck in a war again.
  • Conker has been trying to start a new love life in order to get over Berri. He took an interest in Sandy Cheeks, but the female squirrel finds him really gross, what with all the drinking, pissing and cursing. At least SpongeBob and Patrick kept it family-friendly... most of the time.
  • Apparently, Conker can't stand the sight of Naughty Bear. It seems his horrifying experiences in the war against the Tediz caused him to develop a strong PTSD, which the teddy bear ends up triggering. The first time they crossed paths, Conker wiped out a pair of uzis against Naughty, who also retaliated with submachine guns of his own. Thankfully, members of the GUAL were able to stop the conflict before it escalated, and Conker was given another reason to want to leave the Pantheon.
  • Conker is hunting for mafioso Don Weaso, the motherf%&$#?@ weasel who killed Berri. Conker believes the Toon Patrol might be involved with his organization, and he's ready to drag out some info, the easy or hard way (both ways involve a baseball bat being used recklessly).
  • Sometimes, Conker gets called by Squirrel Girl to save the world from some interestellar menace. Conker doesn't mind facing Doctor Doom, Galactus or whatever, although he doesn't like when Doreen repays him with acorns instead of actual dough.
  • Conker wishes he was more like the Screwy Squirrel, screwing people left and right without a care in the world. Instead, he feels like he's the one getting screwed by others.

Eryi, Goddess of Meaningless Video Game Lives
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her melon
  • Theme Song: Main Menu BGM
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Genki Girl, Our Fairies Are Different, Unfaltering Resolve, Screwed Over Many Times In-Game By Just About Everything, Dying Over And Over Again To Negative Life Counts, One-Hit-Point Wonder Even In RPG Mode, Goomba Stomp, Holds No Grudge Against Farta
  • Domain(s): Difficulty, Kazio, Defeat (Repeatedly), Persistence
  • Herald: Farta (her girlfriend and tormentor)
  • High Priest: "Cat Mario"
  • Allies: The Kid, Diogenes, the Human Child, Kirby
  • Opposed by: The GUAE Trollkaiger
  • When it comes to Video-Game Lives, they're meant to represent chances for the player to go through a stage of the game before being marked a Game Over or restarting the stage. And in the case of arcades, it's a way to siphon more money from its customers as they insert more coins to buy more lives). And then some games make it all meaningless, whether that's from giving too many of them, or because the counter doesn't matter. Either way, they're made pointless to count, unless perhaps as a form of "score".
    • Eryi's Action is a game where Eryi has to go through numerous stages filled with Kaizo Traps set up by the fairy-ish troll Farta to get back her melon she was about to eat. And unless the player knows where all the traps are beforehand and how to avoid them, her life count will go down all the way to negative numbers very quickly, not that it actually makes a difference.
  • As for how Eyri got here, it was as simple as an invitation sent by the Court, which she immediately accepted, and she made her way in. Getting there however was just as deadly as her regular adventures for some reason. Still, she eventually passed the gauntlet, was rewarded papers of some importance, reached the Janus Checkpoints, passed her papers to the Inspector, and she was through; she's become a goddess.
  • Her temple takes the form of her house, and even there she's careful, since she risks getting conked by a washtub. It always kills her if it hits, while it's usually merely concussive/an inconvenience for anybody else her size or bigger who visit.
  • Speaking of, due to her fragility, and her title, she shares the same revival privileges as Viridian, Born, and Zee Tee; coming back to life in a few moments at the entrance of the sub-House she dies in.
    • As for her interactions with those three, the first accidentally killed her when he landed on her head from the ceiling (which he still apologizes for), she saw the third explode in blood while at a violent portion of the Pantheon, and she once followed the second around as he courteously left his paint long enough for her to catch up with him, wherever he was going.
  • As someone who's endured a ridiculous Platform Hell, Eryi gets a lot of respect from the Kid who (once) wanted to be The Guy. That said, neither he nor anyone else can see what Eyri sees in Farta.
  • Because of what she goes through, whenever she travels, she always moves erratically as if expecting a trap around every corner (which it often was in her game), only treading safely by tailing someone else since they're almost guaranteed to walk a path that's safe. This especially applies to people who are Walking Disaster Areas if they're sure to survive it, such as Nathan Drake, as exemplified that one time the two were in a sudden warzone between the Infested and the Corpus.
  • Has determination that reaches nigh-masochistic levels, that even when the Trollkaiger do what they can to reset her progress through an area, she always persists, and they tend to give up after a while, just like with their attempts on Diogenes.
    • Because of that, she managed to befriend not only that cauldron-wearing guy, but the Human Child as well for their similar never-give-up attitudes, even if Frisk has more things to live for.
    • Some who know Kirby also drew parallels between her adventure and the pink blob's quest to get back his stolen cake. As for when they met, it's usually spent eating together, and cooperating if someone has the "bright" idea of stealing food from them.
    • Also because of that, there are those who worry that she might even think of crossing the gauntlet through the Yamato Perpetual Reactor (and consider the timer to go through it before Flynn or the Demi-Fiend catches up to her as a challenge) if given a really, really, really, really good enough reason. Given she went through several brutal levels just to retrive a melon she was about to eat, people are concerned that the Trollkaiger or the GUAD might actually consider using her for this purpose, even if just to waste Flynn's and Naoki's time. Of course, she has to have a reason to bypass Maximum Security first, though, which has its own slew of traps.

    Ignis Scientia 
Ignis Scientia, God of Video Game Cooking (Iggy, Specs, The Royal Chef, The Blazing Tactician)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A cookbook with the sigil of Lucis on the cover
  • Theme: "Theme of Episode Ignis". "Ashes to Ashes" when he fights.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Team Chef and Team Mom, Battle-ready Chefs, Food Porn, enhanced abilities through eating, Male Chefs, coffee (particularly the Ebony brand), Badass Scholars and Butlers, Spellblade combat with battle strategies, intelligent English gentleman, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Handicapped Badasses and Blind Weaponmasters
  • Domains: Chefs, butlers and servants, high-class dining, handicaps (particularly blindness)
  • Herald: Quina Quen
  • High Priest: Cooking Mama
  • Allies: Noctis Lucis Caelum, most good-aligned Final Fantasy deities, Toriko and Komatsu, Sanji, Mr. Champloo, Princess Tiana and Chiyoko Shiraishi, Soma Yukihira, Shido Itsuka, Ichika Orimura, Mario and Luigi, Tohka Yatogami, Hayate Ayasaki, Mr. Champloo, Princess Tiana Chiyoko Shiraishi
  • Followers: Tayce T., Zess T., Saffron and Dyllis
  • Enemies: Ardyn Izunia, Shiro Tagachi, Midora, Starjun
  • Dislikes: Bob Belcher, SpongeBob SquarePants, Homer Simpson
  • Ascended upon cooking Noctis his final meal with a quality worthy of royalty, and did so while blind. The Trinity of Food gods were so impressed with his skill under the circumstances and the multitude of recipehs he knew that they appointed him to his position and restored his sight.
  • Ignis visits Noctis every day to prepare him three properly nutiritious and healthy meals. He's encouraging the Prince to clean up after himself, he is a God now, but doesn't mind tidying up while he's there. Still no luck on getting him to eat his vegetables, though.
  • Upon seeing Ignis in the Pantheon, Ardyn turned up his nose at him and immediately made several snarky remarks about his cooking skills being the reason he was named a God. Ignis calmly told Ardyn he had received a glimpse of an Alternate Timeline where he used the Ring of the Lucii to put Ardyn in his place, and if Ardyn did not remove himself immediately, Ignis would give him a first-hand demonstration of what he saw. Remembering what Ignis pulled off in the main timeline when he briefly had the Ring, Ardyn took his threat at face value and left without another word.
    • When he discovered what Ignis had done in said Alternate Timeline, Noctis expressly forbid Ignis from trying anything like that in the main timeline, unwilling to let his friend perform a Heroic Sacrifice for his sake. Ignis has agreed to comply with Noctis' wishes, but maintains he will do anything to see his Prince comes to no harm.
  • Has applied to be a sous chef in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen. While Ramsay is awaiting proof of Ignis' ability to operate in such an environment, Ignis has already informed him he's spent a full decade of his life replicating Noctis' favorite dessert dish, unsatisfied until he got it exactly right, so if nothing else he's as perfectionist as Ramsay himself and tenacious enough to keep trying until he pleases him.
  • Looks down upon Bob Belcher and SpongeBob due to his distaste of fast food chains, seeing such product as fattening, unhealthy, and overpriced.
  • Has admitted to Mario and Luigi he's not as proficient with pizza recipehs as he is more traditional high-class foods. The Mario Brothers have assured Ignis they'll open his eyes to the possibilities of the dish.
  • Is constantly exploring the other worlds connected to the Pantheon collecting exotic new ingredients and concocting new recipehs. His chambers already host a full bookshelf of notebooks full of meal ideas he's working on. Tohka Yatogami often accompanies him on Shida's suggestions, so Ignis can explain to her which things they encounter are meant to be eaten and which are not.
  • Keeps a very healthy supply of Ebony coffee in his quarters.
  • Despite his best efforts, he couldn't produce enough food to satisfy Homer Simpson, and has strongly asked Homer not to ask him to cook for him again. A disappointed Homer agreed after learning Ignis had no recipes for donuts and had no interest in creating any.
  • Takes the existence of Mystery Food X as a personal affront and refuses to discuss it in civil company.
  • Can also be found in Chefs and Establishments.

    Kirie Sakurame 
Kirie Sakurame, Goddess of Save Points (UQ Holder #9)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A small mound with a candle on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Death Is Cheap, The Ojou, Fiction 500, Shy Around Others But a Bit of a Jerk, Tsundere, Gets Together with Touta, Their Kisses Can Freeze Time
  • Domains: Death, Save Points
  • Allies: Touta Konoe, Evangeline A.K. McDowell/Yukihime, Karin Yuuki, Kuroumaru Tokisaka, Winry Rockbell, Tenzin, Alphonse Elric, Lin Beifong
  • Enemies: Hoyt Volker, Medusa, Quan Chi, Zobek, Shinnok, Tsukuyomi
  • Good Counterpart to: Flowey
  • Supports: Avatar Korra, Asami Sato
  • The largest financier and ninth-ranked Number of Yukihime's UQ Holder organization, Kirie has the ability to make a Save Point so when she dies, she would automatically be summoned there. It comes in handy when she encounters strong opponents. After finding out that incompetent had ascended, she immediately tried to ascend for herself, somehow creating a Save Point powerful enough to enter the Pantheon's dimension.
  • As a result of her immortality she has been sought out by many evil gods in order to find the secret of her gift.
  • When most gods met her she was demure and quiet. Though many were surprised to find out that she had a nasty personality.
  • Don't insinuate that she likes that incompetent BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T!! Though some tend to snark behind her back and call her a tsundere under their breath.
  • It turns out that she's really rich and some would like to know who's the richest in the Pantheon, specifically the House of Crime. So some of the gods are trying to get the accountants and mathematicians to find out. Further delving indicates that her riches come from stock trading. She apparently uses her power to keep a firm hold on her riches.
  • Flowey is interested in harvesting her soul in order to both become God once again and to gain even more powerful SAVE powers. As he uses his powers to hurt others, Kirie understandably doesn't like the evil flower.
  • She is trying to help Kuromaru get together with Touta. Though the latter gave up much to her annoyance.
    • Funnily enough, Kirie herself ended up being the one to get together with Touta instead.
  • She really hopes she never ends up in a situation that causes a unavoidable "Groundhog Day" Loop. Since she'll keep reviving it would be a Fate Worse than Death… despite dying endlessly. And that would suck.
  • She once asked Mordin Solus for help in giving Touta The Talk. As one would expect, it did not pan out as she had hoped.
  • Kirie and the rest of the UQ Holder team accompanied Touta to a celebration party for Avatar Korra, who moved out of the seat she shared with Touta and into her own temple. She caught the tail end of a conversation between Korra, Asami, and Kuroumaru and was pleased to hear that they were encouraging Kuroumaru to make the best decision according to his/her heart as it relates to Touta. Later, she realized that between the fact that Touta's seat was now his own as well, plus Tenzin, one of Korra's mentors at the party, and Winry Rockbell, Edward Elric's mechanic, the three of them should also be celebrated. The notion was supported by all involved, with Ed's brother Alphonse using his alchemy to create a banner congratulating them as well.

Lip, Goddess of Match-Three Games (Furil)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Lip's Stick (a flower)
  • Theme Music: heard here (Smash Bros. Remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Cutie, Puzzle Game
  • Domains: Puzzles, Fairies
  • Heralds: Watabou the Fluffy, Furil and Pupuri
  • High Priests: Felis the Cat and Corvus the Crow
  • Followers: Tic-Tac-Toe, Rivel Arday, Klax players, The Zuma frog statue, the Luxor paddle, the land of Minutia
  • Allies: Yoshi, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Villager, Arle Nadja (and her acquantainces by extension), Heartcatch Precures, Cosmo & Wanda
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Bowser, Team Rocket, Airy, The Fairy Godmother, villains that are capable of brainwashing others
  • Mixed Relations: Koyuki Himekawa
  • There exists a fantastical land inhabited by fairies that is about to be overrun by monsters. One such denizen there, Lip, is the only one immune to a spell that's causing infighting amongst other fairies thanks to a magical stick, prompting her to set things back to normal. As she found out at the end, the whole thing was an elaborate test set up by her mother to see if Lip was ready to become the next queen of fairies. The playing field involves a gradually rising field of blocks that Lip and/or someone else she might be up against has to clear out. Clearing out three or more identical blocks in a row will mitigate the gradually rising blocks and send "garbage" blocks over to a rival if possible.
  • Once Lip settled down in the Pantheon, she learned about what it had to offer and that it is a much bigger world than what she was used to. Since she dealt with illusions as a means to better prepare herself for potential future problems, Lip saw the Pantheon as an opportunity to better herself especially with what that place goes through on a regular basis. Even if she's confronted illusions of a phoenix, a dragon, and even a demon lord in the past, the Pantheon is going house much more dangerous equivalents of them. Lip is going to need all the time she can afford in order to better herself as a fairy.
  • Lip managed to quickly find a great friend in Arle Nadja, another girl with magical powers that solves various problems via puzzle games, even if what she has is very different compared to Lip's. Both took the time to talk to each other about their own adventures (with Arle having gone through a lot more than Lip) and Arle even offered to let Lip meet up with some of her acquaintances. Lip was assured that although the people that Arle knows about is a bit of a handful at times, they don't mean any harm for the most part. The meeting didn't go too bad, other than a brief mishap involving Schezo chasing after Lip's companion Watabou.
  • Although she has never had any direct involvement with the Smash Bros. tournaments, her stick has been used as an item by the tournament participants. It functions as a bludgeon that forces a flower to grow on someone's head while they are taking additional damage for a period of time. It wasn't until a later tournament that Lip had a bit more involvement than before, but even then it was simply being turned into a Spirit as a result of Galeem's attack and the war between it and Dharkon that followed. Like many other Spirit victims, Lip isn't happy about what had transpired.
  • She found out that she and her fairy friends from her world weren't the only ones that used the puzzle gameplay to confront problems. Lip found out that there were some deities (and by coincidence, a couple of them were participants of the Smash tournament and likely has used her Stick in it) who had understanding of her gameplay thanks to some adventures that they have taken in the past.
    • Lip crossed paths with Yoshi, who once had to go on an adventure of his own in order to stop Bowser from threatening Yoshi's Island with a curse. Lip later learned that Yoshi has had some additional experience when it comes to solving puzzles, including trying to work out various solutions for cookies. Yoshi also mentioned that Bowser has been involved in a lot of recreational activities with Mario and co in his spare-time. Lip likes to hang out with Yoshi from time-to-time and has kept an eye on Bowser in case he threatens the Pantheon and Mario and his friends aren't there to stop him.
    • Ash Ketchum and Pikachu were also familiar with Lip's puzzle game thanks to having gone to a special Puzzle League Tournament. Ash explained to Lip about what happened there, including a few altercations with Team Rocket and eventually finding himself and Pikachu in a difficult challenge against Mewtwo. Although Mewtwo isn't one who would engage in puzzle challenges that often, Lip was curious about Mewtwo and she had maintained a good friendship with Ash and Pikachu. The latter two sometimes make visits to Lip in case another Puzzle League Tournament is underway and they get invited to it.
    • While it wasn't readily apparent at first, the Villager was another Nintendo character that was familiar with how Lip's puzzle game worked and has played it in order to get some rare items. Lip was very surprised to learn that some of the items that Villager got from playing such was clothing inspired by herself, though she didn't have any serious issues with it overall.
  • As a fairy, Lip became curious to see others like her in the Pantheon, partially to see whether or not they have a bit of similarity to the ones that she was familiar with from her homeworld. Given what the Pantheon has in store for her, she found a selection of fairies much more diverse than what she has normally seen.
    • Lip ended up encountering Cosmo & Wanda while the latter two were in the midst of more shenanigans with Timmy Turner. After they resolved whatever problem Timmy was going through (which was caused by them), the pair decided to meet up with Lip, initially thinking that she was just a child. While they weren't wrong about the "child" part, Lip explained that she was a fairy and that she went through a test to determine if she had the skills to lead over other fairies. She made it clear that she had good intentions, even if she didn't fully understand the concept of wishes at first. After being told what they are, she has decided to check in with Cosmo & Wanda in regards to how they're handling things and has tried to give them advice, though given who the pair is dealing with, any real progress isn't going to happen anytime soon.
    • She wasn't happy to learn that there were fairies that were malicious and had goals in mind that benefited themselves and not others. The Fairy Godmother that Shrek and his friends had to go against is a fairy that Lip has no respect towards at all. It's one thing to work on magic as a business of sorts, but her being completely selfish and hating beings that don't live up to her standards of beauty is enough for Lip to not see The Fairy Godmother as a true fairy. It didn't come as any surprise that Dama Fortuna didn't take the criticism well, and her firing back at Lip claiming that fighting a bunch of illusions doesn't mean anything for fairy who looks inexperienced made things worse between them.
    • Her hatred of Dama Fortuna is nothing compared to the open terror and contempt Lip has towards Airy. Airy having manipulated a group of adventurers by pretending to be on their side in order to fulfill a dangerous goal for her superior is something that Lip cannot accept no matter what. Airy simply went on to unleash a prolonged insult against Lip, stating that Lip was only able to even survive her own adventure because of a bunch of illusions and even then, Airy doesn't see any worth in meeting Lip again.
  • Given her appearance, having access to fantastical powers and a cute creature companion in order to stop villainous threats coupled with the whole thing being a test to determine her worth, many see Lip as a Magical Girl. This led her to encounter others that fit the label and found out that there were many different magical girls, alongside some that went through scenarios much darker than her own.
    • Of these magical girls, she gets along with the Heartcatch Precures the best, given how their theme and powerset wouldn't be out of place with what the fairies in Lip's world has (especially regarding Cure Blossom and Lip's powers). Hearing about the Heartcatch's adventures and how they had to save their world from getting turned into a desolate wasteland as a result of villains wanting to destroy a World Tree. Given how experienced the Cures were overall, Lip was willing to work with them in order to improve her skills, even if she had undergone an extensive test in the past. The Cures are more than willing to strike a friendship with Lip and both parties have visited each other regularly since then.
    • Lip has heard of various stories of magical girls being put through adventures much more darker and bleak than what a magical girl would normally go through. One story that made Lip shake in fright was when Koyuki Himekawa explained her ordeal about not only how she admired magical girls and learned that not all of them were as pure and heroic as she originally thought, but how all this occurred in a death game where she lost her friends to some morally reprehensible magical girls. It got to a point where Koyuki had to go out and kill other vile magical girls once that game ended. Although Koyuki isn't a bad person to be around, Lip was scarred for a bit since knew that what Koyuki was talking about wasn't an illusion of any kind. Most of their later meetings don't happen often since Lip isn't sure if those rogue magical girls that Koyuki is talking about have any chance of being reasoned with, coupled with Lip and Koyuki having their own work to deal with.
  • Having been prepared for the possibility of others getting brainwashed by villainous forces thanks to her test, Lip is none to pleased to learn that not only are there multiple villains that specialize in brainwashing present in the Pantheon, but that there are multiple methods of brainwashing, including using an item to allow such on its victims. This meant that she was potentially going to have to put more effort into her magic to break anyone out of their brainwashed state, especially if it's something much stronger than what she's been used to.
  • To make one thing clear about Lip's Stick, it's not meant to be used as a literal lipstick in any way whatsoever. It hasn't prevented a few ideas going around involving making and selling a lipstick that has a similar flowery essence as that of Lip's Stick and calling it "Lip's Stick lipstick", but that idea hasn't made any real progress aside from it being joked about from some.

Reina, Goddess of Card-Based Combat
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her crimson knife and maid headband.
  • Theme Song: Main menu
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ninja Maid, Favoring knives as her weapon of choice, Reverse Grip, Fight Like a Card Player, Roguelike Deckbuilding Game, Story Breadcrumbs
  • Domains: Maids, Knives, Magic
  • Allies: G36, Fiona Mayfield, Rem & Ram, Hayate Ayasaki, Sakuya Izayoi, Alfred Pennyworth, Karin Kanzuki, Bartender Bob, Dante, Nero, Samuro
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Amelia Bedelia
  • Cautious Of: Sebastian Michaelis, time gods
  • Enemies: Various demonic and demon-like entities such as The Demons of Inferno, The Kraeken, The Magician, Cacodemons, The Revenants, Archviles, Gul’dan, Chucky, Laetitia (one-sided on Reina’s end)
  • Long ago, a deity named Nox tempted humanity with the prospect of immortality but was sealed away by the holy guardian goddess Valora at the cost of sacrificing/banishing many other gods. So the story as told by the church goes, anyway. Regardless, Nox’s Curse haunts humanity even in the present as it continues to eventually turn people into demon-like entities called Phantoms. Even Lady Lucia, daughter of the Great Witch Lady Charlotte, was not spared from its reach. To save her daughter, Charlotte began conducting experiments of her own behind the Church’s back. After confiding to a woman named Orphea, she responds by sending a maid named Reina as an aide to assist in Charlotte’s experiments but is quick to remind that Reina is, first and foremost, her loyal blade.
    • Reina not only cooperated with the witch’s secretive scientific ventures but also got along with the rest of the staff as well. In particular, she got close with Lucia as she served as her personal maid. Time passed and Lucia’s condition got worse and her mother grew increasingly desperate. Charlotte decided to take extreme measures by instead turning to have her daughter achieve apotheosis similar to that of Valora as a Crown Phantom. Reina tried to stop her, but the Great Witch speared her through the chest and left her corpse to grow cold underneath a statue. What would have been the end of her story doesn’t come to pass as a dapper goddess known as Time turns back the hourglass for the maid for reasons unknown to all but Time herself. Alive once more, Reina delves into the nightmare that is Charlotte’s once-proud manse now infested by Phantoms.
  • Reina arrived in the Pantheon sometime following her story after taking care of the manse’s corruption either through the demise of Lady Lucia or Time. Though the details are there, what transpired is overall quite fuzzy. In any case, she wasn’t a god at first, though Reina had already made a name for herself working a number of different jobs in and around the place. Her good service eventually led to one of the deities forwarding to the Court of Gods a recommendation for her to ascend. After going over the facts, they settled with her taking Fight Like a Card Player which Reina graciously accepted.
  • Considering the situation she was thrust in, the ability to defend herself is a given. Her sole weapon of choice is a knife, usually in crimson to match her eyes, yet Reina has demonstrated skillful usage of it. The maid’s magic isn’t lacking either and is just as versatile. Sometimes on her offtime, she visits the Houses of Fighting and Combat and Magic and Sorcery to touch upon both. She’ll also go to the House of Craft to touch upon some smithery as she had tried her hand in it while traversing the manse to gain an edge over the Phantoms.
  • Having undertaken a number of different jobs before she became a proper god Reina is familiar with many of the Pantheon’s maids and butlers. Much like how she seamlessly integrated herself among Charlotte’s Maid Corps, she got along well with others thanks to her charisma and aptitude as a quick learner. Alfred Pennyworth, for example, has complimented her skills when she was present at a social gathering involving Wayne Enterprises. G36, Fiona Mayfield, Hayate Ayasaki, Rem, and Ram have also taken note of her as well. On Reina’s end, she thinks of them highly as well. Sakuya Izayoi deserves a particular mention given her position as the head maid of the Scarlet Manor (and admittedly doing most of the work) earned her respect even as Reina was initially on her guard around her for personal reasons.
    • Amelia Bedelia is a bit of an exception to that, however, while skilled she’s also Literal-Minded and that has resulted in misinterpreting statements that leave room for ambiguity. Still, the intent is there, and she’s an amazing cook. Things are icier regarding Sebastian Michaelis, a demon contractually obligated to be Ciel Phantomhive’s servant to aid in avenging his twin brother. The clause is that he gets to devour Ciel’s soul one day, but until then he’s intent on helping Ciel, and acts of murder or manipulation to achieve that aren’t off the table. Reina keeps her distance whenever possible, though Sebastian himself has no such wariness around her.
  • Of all the different gods who have called for Reina’s services, the head of the Kazuki Zaibatsu, Karin Kanzuki, has employed Reina the most, and the former head maid of Charlotte’s manse has helped with a number of parties and events Karin has organized. Interestingly enough, she was actually the one to recommend Reina to the Court of Gods in the first place and a couple days after she was officially ascended Karin invited Reina to the Kanzuki Estate. The maid couldn’t help but feel awed at the sheer scale of the place, and the feeling remained even during future visits. The two managed to hit it off though Reina was a bit confused at her request to test her fighting skills during her first visit.
  • It is observed in one of Lady Charlotte’s experiments that the eyes of a Whispernote  turn red under the light of a mana crystal. When it comes to Phantoms themselves, however, not all of them have crimson eyes, and such a trait is common even in otherwise normal humans. People take care to hide theirs in fear of social stigma but Reina proves to be the exception to this as she’s instead quite proud of hers. Nox’s Curse has no presence in this place, though Reina keeps a lookout regardless.
  • Strangely, Reina has an insistence of wearing cat ears headbands when the opportunity presents itself. When asked, Reina matter-of-factly states “it may boost morale” or some variation of that line. She doesn’t ask other people to do the same but it’s appreciated if they do. It’s an odd quirk from an otherwise dignified person like herself.
  • Plenty of demons have already made their home in the Pantheon, both within and outside a Hall dedicated to housing them. Reina doesn’t go out of her way to slay them, though every once in a while she ends up having to fight some of them anyways. Lesser Demons of Inferno and the Kraeken immediately come to mind. Luckily for her, she’s not always alone this time around.
    • With the existence of demons comes those who are skilled in combating them on a daily basis. She has crossed paths with the likes of Dante Sparda, Nero, and Samuro for this very reason and is appreciative of that. Reina doesn’t mind that Dante and Nero are part-demon as she is familiar with Verona, a patient of Charlotte who soon became one of her maids (albeit a very clumsy one) and retains her humanity in spite of her condition. The most she does is ask Reina to help look for her cat, Ashe. Meanwhile Samuro was initially suspicious of her involvement with Charlotte’s experiments but soon became understanding when she had nothing to do with it beyond being a subject and observer. It going awry was Charlotte’s doing, which Reina fought to clean-up, and while the witch went down the path of playing god her initial goal was to save her daughter from Nox’s Curse. She certainly had more benevolent intentions than Gul’dan, who was simply a power-hungry schemer from beginning to end.
  • The Magician is a product of the mad geneticist, Dr. Curien, and it is his most powerful creation. While a mutant and not an actual demon, his appearance and power over fire fits the bill enough and the fact that Dr. Curien himself sought to cure his ill son reminded Reina all too well of the situation surrounding Lady Charlotte and her ill daughter, Lucia. It’s because of this that Reina has more personal feelings than most barring the Magician’s own enemies from its world.
  • Every once in a while she goes and helps Bartender Bob with running things, and she’s been a huge help in the times when she does. One has to wonder what business a maid working for an important figure in her country and former assistant to a famed witch has with a bartender. There’s also how she was roped into helping him in the first place though many attribute it to his overall friendly personality.
  • Living dolls and puppets such as Erises, Marionettes (and their Elite variants), Lady Eunices, Vampiric Dolls, and Dukes are among the many Phantoms that Reina encountered while fighting through Charlotte’s mansion. It seems encounters with them continue to happen during her stay in the Pantheon. While there are those who mean well, Reina frequently crosses paths with the more dangerous ones. Chucky, a serial killer who on death’s door used voodoo to inhabit a Good Guy Doll, is one who frequently encounters her every so often. He holds a bit of a grudge against Reina after their first encounter. The doll did get the drop on her and inflicted a nasty hit but after getting her bearings straight she froze him before cutting him apart with her knife. Chucky is sure to account for her magic in the event they meet again.
    • While tending to a party, the event was quickly thrown into chaos due to the appearance of spider-like monsters. As it turned out, some of the gifts turned out to be from Laetitia, a doll-like entity whose “gifts” contain pranks. Said pranks, of course, is one of her friends bursting from within the person in possession of it as some of the attendees had unfortunately found out. Assisted by an L Corp Agent, the monsters from Laetitia’s pranks were quickly suppressed. Reina’s began to be more cautious around such strange heart-shaped gifts in the future lest someone else falls prey to the Abnormality’s pranks. Laetitia, from word of mouth, simply seeks to cheer the maid up in return. From what she’s heard, Reina has a wonderful smile so she has to work extra-super-duper-hard for her gift.
  • Nox’s Curse is an infectious one, almost comparable to a plague or other such epidemics. Such things are hardly unique to only the world she knows. Yharnam has been afflicted with a Scourge that turns its denizens into feral beasts and monsters which can all be traced back to the blood of the Great Ones. Dead Water is a monstrous and predatory entity composed of water which could turn humans into violent sea creatures and those with negative thoughts and emotions are most vulnerable to it. And, of course, there are the many gods who have fought through worlds ravaged by some manner of a zombie apocalypse. Whatever disaster presents itself in the future, Reina is sure to cut her way through it.
  • Even though Time was responsible for Reina's revival, the two clashed when Reina didn’t react well to the mysterious goddess deciding to kill Lucia in one outcome of her adventure. The point of her journey would lead to putting down an old friend, yet Time getting in the way of that seemed to have touched a nerve. In any case, Reina doesn’t seem intent on meeting any more divinity associated with time.

Regina, Goddess of Backtracking
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Handgun, or a bloody claw mark etched onto a wall
  • Theme Songs: Set You at Ease, Regina's Challenge (NxC Remix) when in combat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, A Member of S.O.R.T, Carrying a Large Assortment of Weapons, Cynical and Sarcastic, Ms. Fanservice, Statuesque Stunner, Has to go through a Horrid Event involving Dinosaurs, Does Most of the Team's Mission, Reacts to Urgent Events rather Nonchalantly, Ambiguously Asian, Regina is a Codename, Her Name in latin is the Female Equivalent to rex, Going Around a Deserted Research Facility
  • Domains: Intelligence Personnel, Spies, Military, Dinosaurs, Time Displacement
  • Heralds: Rick, Gail, Dylan Morton
  • Allies: Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Jake Mueller, Sherry Birkin, The Monster Hunters, Dante Sparda, Ryu, The Gang of Seven, Dino and Hoppy, Speckles, Batman, Mario, Yoshi, The Pantheonic Time Police, Dialga, Palkia, Samus Aran, Bulma
  • Odd Friendship: Daniel LaRusso
  • Wary Of/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rexie, The Raptor Pack, Grimlock, Rick Sanchez
  • Enemies: The Sharptooth, Albert Wesker, William Birkin, Riptor, Spinosaurus, Dag, Sabor, Professor Hojo, Deviljho, Glavenus, Mesogog, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Indominus rex, Reverse-Flash, Ridley, Nemesis T-Type, The Hunter Series, Tyrant Model T-002, Mr. X
  • Controlling Negotiation Pact With: The House of Beast, The House of Time & Space
  • Respected By: The Killzone Squad
  • Complicated Relationship: Peppa Pig
  • Nothing much is known about the S.O.R.T. agent known as Regina. In 2009, she was deployed, alongside fellow agents Gail, Rick and Cooper, to carry out a mission to recapture rouge scientist Dr. Edward Kirk, who was presumed dead. However, the mission turned out to be far more unusual and bloody as Ibis Island, the island where Kirk was hiding and conducting Third Energy research, was infested with carnivorous dinosaurs that killed off all of the other residing scientists and occupants. Cooper never responded after being deployed (He was devoured by a Tyrannosaurus rex and the team never knew about it). Ultimately, the team were able to capture Kirk, although Third Energy research would later be conducted under a greater level and resources.
    • A year later, Edward City, where Third Energy research continued, was mysteriously transported to a different time, one where dinosaurs ruled the Earth. A military team, TRAT was sent to retrieve data on Third Energy and to rescue as many survivors as possible, with Regina joining in due to her experience in battling dinosaurs. Unfortunately, most of the TRAT forces were killed by raptors, after which Regina and a surviving TRAT member, Dylan Morton worked independently and together to continue with their objective. Sadly, by the time they reached Edward City, all of the remaining survivors had died and that data surrounding Third Energy was all that was left. The two plotted with another TRAT survivor, David Falk to escape the timeline they were stuck in, but David was killed before they were able to open up a new Timegate. Unfortunately, Dylan and Regina would find opposition against a trio of helmeted teens (One of them being Dylan's daughter Paula from the future), later discovered to be children who were put in hibernation as a last resort from an initiative known as the Noah's Ark Plan to keep them safe and protected, though this made them protective of the dinosaurs and removed their ability to interact with humans. Just when they were about to escape to their own time, Paula was suddenly pinned down by a supercomputer, prompting Dylan to stay behind. Regina promised she would return once the Timegate was completed, but nothing has been heard from ever since...
  • The Court of the Gods invited the Pantheonic Time Police to talk about the breakout of a newly discovered Third Energy that was being recently investigated. Regina was called upon to talk about it, given her experiences in Ibis Island and Edward City. She stated that while Dr. Kirk was absent, other beings like Albert Wesker, Mesogog, Ryoma Sengoku or another evil scientist may have had something to do with the new epidemic of portals formed by Third Energy. Furthermore, the portals unleashed hostile dinosaurs around the Pantheon which she felt would have lethal consequences. She also explained that dinosaurs weren't the only creatures that would emerge from the portals and that past events may break into the present if not given any surveillance.
    • From the review from the trial, Regina was ascended into the Pantheon. However, because she spent much of her time in Ibis Island going around from one place to another constantly either due to puzzles, battling raptors and other dinosaurs and chasing after Kirk, she was to represent Backtracking. Regina snarked at her anointment, stating her representing trope is a bit embarrassing on her part.
  • Comes off as cynical and somewhat sarcastic. This works to her advantage as she is easily able to keep her cool even during extreme situations. Just ask the dinosaurs she had to kill during her two endeavors. As a result, she is one of the more recognized spies in the Pantheon, in addition to possessing an overwhelming pack of weapons, including a handgun, flame launcher, machine guns and a missile pod. Naturally, this has earned her the respect of the Killzone Squad who would have invited her to their team had it not been for Regina's busy schedule revolving around the Houses of Time and Space and Beast.
    • Batman has become a good acquaintance, often opening himself up to Regina should she need help from him. Batman has even offered to improve Regina's weaponry and better her skills in breaking locks and solving puzzles.
  • There's apparently rumors of her being a sociopath. The believers state that Regina at one point mentions that she is part of a rescue team towards a dying lab worker when she was really sent to capture Dr. Kirk. That, and immediately focusing on collecting Third Energy data after failing to save anyone in Edward City. Regina hasn't made a comment about it as of now.
    • Speaking of which, she met Daniel LaRusso, whom also received accusations of sociopathy, except on his case, its a lot worse. The two have formed a rather surprising friendship with one another because of this. On particular note, LaRusso is impressed by how Regina knocked out Kirk with a swift attack when the latter tried to escape.
  • Because of her experience, Regina was tasked by the Pantheonic Time Police to be their leading guide in the investigation and research of Third Energy. While she accepted, knowing that there are more malicious figures than Dr. Kirk also wanting to learn about it, Regina has been stern and cautious about the researching aspect, stating that in no way should Third Energy be weaponized by anyone regardless of their morality. The Time Police have accepted the terms without argument.
    • Future Trunks has done his best to funnel as much Third Energy data as he could to Bulma, knowing that she would find a way to preserve it and use it without being a weapon in any way. He has been thankful of Regina for being a good confidant and intelligence personnel.
  • Learning that Wesker would indeed try to get his hands onto Third Energy, Regina was quick to make alliances with Wesker's greatest enemies. This also made Regina clash against many of Umbrella's many creations from the Hunter Series to the relentless Mr. X and Nemesis. While her battles have been tough, Regina was able to easily get along with her new teammates. She's currently learning under Jill Valentine on how to break locks more effectively, considering the hassle Regina had to go through regarding locks and puzzles in Ibis Island.
    • To make matters more complicated, Wesker was able to capture a few dinosaurs to experiment on with the T-Virus, resulting in hideous saurian zombies that Regina had to fight through. After going through hordes of zombified raptors, a few other dinosaur genus's and a tyrannosaur, she managed to catch up to Wesker with the help of Wesker's enemies. Though he had managed to escape with a sample of Third Energy, Regina has sworn to defeat and capture Wesker at some point.
  • She was given a job to monitor the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House and ensure that it maintains its ecological state without trouble. Things seemed to be going out well for her... until Regina met Sharptooth who attempted to devour her. Regina was quickly able to fend the tyrannosaur off and drove it away after a few shots from her missile pod. She later realized that Sharptooth was attempting a killing spree, after which she resumed her battle to protect the sub-house.
    • While aware that Rexie and the Raptor Pack are nowhere near as vindictive or persistent as the dinosaurs she dealt with, she still keeps her distance from them as their species aren't exactly a fond memory to look back on. That said, she has no ill will on them and is accepting of the fact that Rexie does defend her home and that the Raptor Pack are amicable under their alpha Owen. She does however find great company under Yoshi, whom she thinks is someone who can definitely be counted on in times of need. Alongside this, she praises Mario for being a good friend to the green dinosaur.
    • Regina may be Sharptooth's worst enemy that is not a dinosaur. During a spy mission to investigate and capture Wesker who was researching Third Energy, Sharptooth suddenly arrived, determined to kill Regina. She noted how his persistence was similar to that of Chompy Boi, except that Sharptooth is more vindictive about his hunting and general behavior. Another tough battle later, Regina had to deal with Riptor and Gwangi, themselves being Sharptooth's comrades. Luckily, support from the Gang of Seven and the Monster Hunters were able to keep the three subdued enough for the council to drive them away.
    • Gets more hectic when the Indominus Rex and Deviljho get involved in one of Regina's missions. The two of them have proven themselves to be far more resilient than Sharptooth and just as malicious. Luckily, support from the Monster Hunters is always there, so Regina is able to provide covering assistance and manage to accomplish her tasks. That said, the Indominus is one of the few instances where Regina would begrudgingly align herself with Rexie and the Raptor Pack and unless she has company, she actively avoids Deviljho considering its overtly ravenous nature.
      • Regina has since been keeping close relations to the Gang of Seven and have become rather good friends, much to Sharptooth's frustration. Further hammering this is Regina being able to befriend Speckles and trying to provide for him and his family in times of trouble. While the whole commotion has been incredibly busy, its been positively social for Regina, who's since been more determined to provide for the Pantheon.
  • Has become good friends with Samus Aran for their intense experience in dealing with unprecedented events and for the two of them being effective in their work field. This has gotten Regina the ire of Ridley whom she actively avoids, knowing how strong and deranged Ridley is. However, she will ally herself with Samus against him if the need arises.
  • Regina was involved in an event that had multiple characters from different worlds involved with events revolving around Reiji and Xiaomu. From there, Regina has made allies with several of the individuals from different settings from Ryu to Dante.
  • Has made enemies with a particular Spinosaurus, considering the animal killed someone named Cooper. This reminded Regina of one of her teammates, who was also named Cooper, that she was never able to contact with. She has since learned that her world's Cooper was killed by a T. rex, so her enmity with the Spinosaurus is somewhat personal.
  • Once encountered Peppa Pig while in the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House. Peppa found it difficult to hang around with Regina, given she was on patrol orders and that she's a professional about it. That said, Regina does her best to ensure Peppa's safety, especially seeing as her brother George frequently visits the sub-house due to his love for dinosaurs. Fortunately, Peppa is understanding of Regina's work and has planned to visit her once Regina takes a time off.
End of the line for you, handsome... You're extinct!

    Tethu, Tethi, and Esna 
Tethu, Tethi, and Esna, Divine Trio of Space Management Games
Left: Tethu; Right: Tethi
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Great Tree; alternatively, the gate to their oasis
  • Theme Song: Ever Oasis Main Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Possibly the last Seedling able to create an oasis meeting the last water spirit, Super-Deformed
  • Domains: Settlements, Booths, Festivals, Union, Bonds; Wind, Crafting (Tethu and Tethi); Water Spirits, Sacrifices, Rain (Esna)
  • Heralds: The entire residence of their Oasis, Nour (Tethu and Tethi’s older brother)
  • Allies: The Smurfs, Link, Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog), Moana, Maui, Te Fiti, The T-Dolls, Pinkie Pie, The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba, Chance the Gardener, Captain Planet, Takuto and Shiki
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Chaos (Sailor Moon), Dark Gaia, Killer BOB, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Opposes: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • In a world filled with desserts, dungeons, and settlements for three different races, a long time ago, an evil entity known as Chaos arises to corrupt different species and fill the entire dessert with his presence. It ultimately backfires because a mysterious Seedling bonded with a Water Spirit and create an oasis together to power his influence. Seedlings who have the ability to bond with a water spirit to create oases are called the Children of the Great Tree and use the Great Tree’s influence and it’s rainbow’s protection to combat against Chaos’s evil. The story begins when Tethu/Tethi’s older brother Nour faces against Chaos (who already conquered almost the entire dessert), when he combatted to destroy his oasis. Sacrificing his own life to save their brother/sister, Tethu/Tethi were sent to the last water spirit in existence named Esna and they bond together to create an oasis to stop Chaos’s influence once and for all. Having recruiter different people from different races (most specifically Seedlings) to combat against Chaos to upgrade their oasis, the Great Tree, and it’s rainbow protection, finding out Tethu/Tethi’s brother was possessed by Sheut, also known as Chaos, his trio and using the Lumites to upgrade the oasis’s power against Chaos until the latter corrupted them into one gem known as the Dark Lumite. In their final battle with Shuet, Esna sacrificed her own life by turning herself into rain to purify him and bring peace into the oasis. Tethu/Tethi’s story ends with them seeing their brother’s spirit and believing that Esna is actually alive, only to find out she’s an hallucination and going outside to their oasis to find that the entire dessert is back to it’s original state, which now looks like a beautiful environment.
  • Tethu and Tethi found themselves in the Pantheon one day and were suprised to see each other, though they managed to become civil with one another and instantly became friends. They were summoned by the Court of Gods and found out that they are simply an alternate version of themselves in a different gender and ascended because the Pantheon is impressed by their story of fighting against Chaos. Having summoned the entire oasis as their temple, they are surprised to see Esna (who has memories of her friendship and adventures with both of them as she sacrificed herself and have an emotional reunion with her. Together, the trio summoned their residence and Tethu and Tethi’s older brother to manage the oasis in the Pantheon and open it’s door to new people they have never seen before.
  • As said before, the oasis are created by a Seedling who is a Child of the Great Tree and a water spirit through their bond. Seedlings who aren’t a Child of the Great Tree create Bloom Booths that serves as the oasis’s economy. With how much variety each Bloom Booth has, the festivals it hosted for the different Bloom Booths, the happy atmosphere the oasis generates, all of it’s beautiful design because of how it upgraded since then, the rainbow that surrounds the Great Tree, and the genuine friendliness that each resident has, the oasis became one of the most common places to visit for travelers and visitors who seek to visit a happy place.
  • Esna couldn’t be seen by others as only the Children of the Great Tree could see her and while the residence of the oasis knows who Esna is, they never actually met her. This goes the same to the people in the Pantheon, but their meetings with Tethu and Tethi and their bug Khepri, who serves as Esna’s way of communication as she is always bounded to the spring of the Great Tree due to being a Water Spirit, gave them an impression on who Esna is as a person and love her as a result, which gave the rest of the Pantheon more of a reason why they wanted to meet her. Esna is happy to see the response she is getting, as she is always lonely with Tethu and Tethi as the only people she could communicate and wants to interact with other people than them.
  • One of the first visitors of their oasis are The Smurfs, who were excited at the prosperity of seeing the various Bloom Booths. The trio easily get along with The Smurfs upon their first meeting being that they are both races who have plant-like settlements, their people sharing some similarities with some of The Smurfs themselves, and prioritizing peace and happiness. Out of all of them, Tethu and Tethi get along with Papa Smurf the most being that they are both the chiefs of their village who care and look out of their people.
  • When Tethu and Tethi are exploring dungeons to get materials for stocks for the Bloom Booths, they met Link and Zelda who were doing the same job as them. The duo instantly befriended the trio seeing that their situation back in their world reminds them of a lot of their own in their various incarnations. The duo occasionally help Tethu and Tethi whenever they explore the dungeons and Link helps them how to cook as they mostly rely on the items they created through the Great Tree for healing and erasing ailments. Their friendship also results in them becoming enemies with Ganondorf, whose presence and some abilities remind them of Chaos and being a much more ambitious villain than their arch-enemy.
  • While exploring the Pantheon to become familiarized with it, Tethu and Tethi met Sonic the Hedgehog who was conversing with Chaos. Sonic took a liking to the duo as long as Esna, admiring them for their bravery to step up against their own Chaos and finding their oasis as a way for him to take a break from his adventuring thanks to its relaxing, happy nature. The trio meanwhile, pity the other Chaos because his tribe’s destructing ways, being instantly reminded by the Drauk’s former nature and decided to befriend him to give him a sense of peace. Chaos instantly likes them for that and promised to protect them if they need it. Their friendship with Sonic caused the latter to remind them of Dark Gaia, whom they instantly hate due to being a much more monstrous, worse version of Chaos and became afraid of him at first glance upon seeing what he looks like, but they managed to step out of their fear and devote themselves to defeat him if they have to.
  • Tethu and Tethi are amazed upon seeing the ocean and wish that Esna was here. From there, they met Moana and Maui who were about to explore with their boat and the aid of the ocean. Upon meeting the Seedlings and hearing their stories, they befriend each other and Moana and Maui decide to take the two chiefs to Te Fiti, whose situation is worse than their own, being in constant anguish over losing her heart and transforming into an darker version of herself that erased life in the living. The duo, of course, pitied Te Fiti and promised to her that they would protect her in case someone wants to steal her heart, which comforted the sentient island.
  • Having constantly travelled to collect things back to the base, the T-Dolls were drawn to the festivals and the products that the Bloom Booths provided. Since then, they have become one of the most common visitors of the oasis if they ever want to take a break from their job and want to get something, causing them to befriend the trio and getting to know them more and more with each visit. G36 is the one T-Doll that mostly visits the oasis the most because of how relaxing it is to visit there as she is vulnerable to overheating.
  • Hearing about the varieties that the Bloom Booths have and the festivals dedicated to each one of them, Pinkie Pie was excited at the prosperity of visiting of the oasis and got the chance to do so when the oasis was hosting a Gourmet Festival. It became one of the most fulfilling visits she ever had and began suggesting different kinds of Bloom Booths and festivals to the chiefs. While they are open-minded at her ideas, they saddened her that the only way for it to happen is if they ever had a new Seedling resident, each one having different interests of what Bloom Booth they should have, and that it is unlikely for them to get a new one very soon. While she is disappointed at the circumstances, it doesn’t stop her from befriending them and wanting to visit the oasis once in a while.
  • While waking up and about to start their day, the trio found that all of the residents of the oasis disappeared. This prompted them to explore the entire Pantheon landscape to find their dear friends until they found The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask. They managed to found the source of the problem and that their Chaos captured them. Despite the stakes they faced towards this Chaos, they managed to free the oasis residents and the trio befriended The Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask for helping them. After hearing that their Chaos is a source of evil who corrupts evil and gets revived in the future as long as evil exists, they became enemies with the entity since then.
  • Exploring multiple gardens at once and harvesting them to see if they could work as replacement materials for stocks, Tethu and Tethi met Chance the Gardener who was doing his usual gardening day. Chance is excited at meeting them after seeing their garden and that their Bloom Booths look like plants. He offered his services of wanting to help their garden whenever the Seedling residents are busy at their Bloom Booths, fascinated at the different plants and crops that existed in their world. Despite his naivety and having a hard grasp of their nature, the trio find him to be excellent company and want him to hang around more often.
  • While doing her usual villainy, Poison Ivy was intrigued upon seeing the gate of the oasis because it looked like vines. While visiting the oasis, she became astounded at the appearance of the Bloom Booths and the scenery of the oasis. It was there she met Tethu and Tethi and was fascinated of how they are able to create oases thanks to their nature, not to mention that they are somewhat based on actual seeds. She praised them of doing an amazing job of taking care of their oasis and hopes that they’ll continue their efforts. While they beamed at her praise, they have since opposed her as while they understand her reasons of doing ecoterrorism, it doesn’t mean that what’s she doing is good. Poison Ivy while heartbroken, offered her alliance to them in case they ever need help and promised to protect them.
  • During Tethu and Tethi’s strolling, they met Captain Planet when he was flying in the sky. Captain Planet was happy at the prospect of meeting them and considered them, along with Esna, as heroes for defeating an influential evil entity such as Chaos and how their actions managed to get them to unite their oasis and bringing back the dessert to it’s original state of being a green-filled environment, not to mention how beautiful the oasis is and doing an amazing job taking care of it. Of course, they are thankful of Captain Planet’s praise and extend the same gesture to him and wanted to help him if he wants help.
  • One day, hearing about a city that needs resources for expansion, even if the methods between it and their oasis are completely different, they decided to visit Floatia and were fascinated at it’s structure, prompting them to meet it’s builders, Takuto and Shiki. The two duos instantly befriend each other and have help each other on exploring whenever they are collecting resources for their settlements. Tethu and Tethi also instantly took a liking to their Digimon, being also fascinated by the Digivolution system and their various powers and have tried to teach Takuto and Shiki on using different weapons if ever their Digimon needs extra help.
  • One of their friends warned them about Killer BOB, a mysterious enigma who has the ability to corrupt people while possessing them and using it to cause his murder spree. This caused the trio to be instantly reminded of the various people possessed by Chaos, specifically their older brother, Nour, and hoping that it will never happen again with how overpopulated the Pantheon is, have promised themselves to beat him if he ever caused trouble. This caused BOB to become annoyed at their presence for standing at his way.
  • Tethu and Esna are one of the many people who became Spirits thanks to a war spurged by Galeem and Dharkon on taking over the multiverse. Hearing that they ascended, the duo were mad seeing them and told Tethi on how they have opposed him, not to mention of how dangerous their war is with each other and their ability to possess various people remind them of Chaos’s influence. Since then, they have help their various allies they met to combat against Galeem and Dharkon to stop their plans of succeeding.
  • Hearing about Angra Mainyu and how he could corrupt people when fused with the Holy Grail, they have opposed him and were about to fight him. Hearing about why he was like this made them pity him and acknowledge that it wasn’t his fault of being like this. However, his actions of the Holy Grail Wars, not to mention he’s still willing to do the things he did made them enemies with each other. However, since Angra Mainyu decided to relax in Chaldea and retires there, they weren’t at odds with each other that much since then, though they are still enemies.


    Lemeza and Lumisa Kosugi 
Lemeza and Lumisa Kosugi, Co-Deities of Full Restoration Upon Maxing Out EXP (Lemeza: Mr. Explorer) (Lumisa: Miss Explorer)
  • Demideities at the start, Lesser Deities bordering on Intermediate by the end with all their gear
  • Symbol: Their hats, or the temple of La-Mulana
  • Theme Songs: Mr. Explorer (Lemeza), Lumisa's Theme or Miss Explorer (Lumisa)
  • Alignment: Possibly Chaotic Good or Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adventurer Archaeologist, Fedora of Asskicking, Heroic Mime, Hyperspace Arsenal, Walking Armory, Ninjas In Their Family Tree, Surname Means "Small Cedar", Multi-Melee Master, Whip It Good, Third- And Fourth-Generation Japanese
  • Domain(s): Exploration, Adventure, Saving Humanity, Challenge
  • Heralds: Shorn/Shawn Kosugi (Lemeza's dad and Lumisa's grand-dad (or possibly also dad)), Mulbruk
  • Allies: Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, Captain Toad, the League of Explorers, Daring Do, Simon Belmont, Firion, Shovel Knight, Hershel Layton, Pit
  • Odd Friendship with: Vic Viper (Lemeza only)
  • Enemies: Abusive Precursors and other malevolent creators including: YHVH, Amon, Zamasu, The Divine Powers, as well as Rafaam
  • Annoyed by: Klefki
  • Respected by: The good-aligned deities of the Hall of Fairies, as well as Titania, Ghaleon
  • Opposes: Mem Aleph, Antasma, Golbat and Zubat, Rouge the Bat, Medusa Heads
  • Opposed by: The Regi Trio
  • Conflicting Opinion (Lumisa only): Burgerpants, Flowey
  • Lemeza Kosugi is a professor of archaeology, who received a letter from his father Shorn (whom he has a competitive relationship with), who claimed he has discovered the ruins of La-Mulana, supposedly the birthplace of all civilizations and carried the secret treasure of life itself. Following his father's trail, Lemeza came to the ruins to decode its secrets himself. Upon conquering La-Mulana and obtaining its treasure, another similar site known as Eg-Lana, deep within La-Mulana, would become relevant later. He would try to go for its treasure, but ultimately it would be claimed by his daughter, Lemisa Kosugi, who originally went in to explore its dangerous lands in order to learn of the secrets that it held, going similar trials, puzzles, and death traps.
  • In their extremely vast, extremely deadly, and extremely mind-boggling explorations of ancient ruins, getting through all of the secrets required getting through many monsters and Guardians that had often left them hanging at the brink of death. Due to the scarcity of healing methods within the ruins they delve into, they often find themselves relying on the health refills that result from leveling up, even to the point of exploiting it in more dangerous situations, it being required for Lemeza in particular in one case. For these reasons, the explorers were given the trope of Level-Up Fill-Up.
    • The secret to their insane durability through this trope is the Sacred Orbs from La-Mulana that they've collected. With certain privileges in the Pantheon, they don't need to carry them around anymore to reap the benefits (not that it was ever a problem anyway).
  • YHVH found the Kosugis' destruction of both La-Mulana and Eg-Lana apprehensible, due to the fact that in their universe, the ruins of La-Mulana and Eg-Lana are considered as sacred world heritage sides, on top of the fact they killed many entities that could be considered deities, including The Mother, the creator of humanity and all sapient life on their planet. Their actions were brought forward to the Court of the Gods to see to it that they could be punished, but Lucifer and even Cosmos argued against YHVH's outcries, noting that The Mother would destroy every race that failed to bring her into space, and would have eventually destroyed humanity. The Court judged that the two explorers were just in destroying La-Mulana and Eg-Lana, stating that their actions were for the greater good overall. In spite of this failure, YHVH and his GUAL do not ever intend to welcome the two archaeologists.
  • In terms of gear, it's not known how much of (if any of) Lemeza's gear still has between the end of his adventure and when Lumisa finds him and Shorn after they went missing, but he now has them all back for future adventures. As for Lumisa, she still has hers just at the end of her adventure.
  • Their temple takes the form of their home. There's also a Flame Statue from La-Mulana and Eg-Lana that they can use to refuel their Lamps of Time (which stops time for a couple of seconds before its flame extinguishes). The fact that they have such an artifact is a concern to some members of the House of Time and Space, even if it is effectively a one-use thing most of the time.
  • With little surprise, they look up to other famous explorers like Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, and the League of Explorers for their interests in adventuring within dangerous archaelogy sites. And of course, Indiana Jones as well, but with Lemeza especially since he's an Expy of Indiana Jones. Often you'll see them compete for treasures whenever they're in the same dangerous temple or ruins. Additionally, Captain Toad and Daring Do spectate the Kosugis' adventures to learn from their skills and methods for dealing with ancient puzzles and riddles.
  • Lemeza always carries around his thin, lightweight, Japan-made Mobile Super X2 laptop, which is made specially for archeological exploration. It contains ROMs/software that can do more than just operate stuff in it but influence his surroundings as well, including an Auto-Revive (but It Only Works Once per "save"). It also has a pair of cases that make it usable even while underwater or under lava. As for Lumisa, she has a "Mobile Super X3+" tablet PC that serves the same purpose as Lemeza's laptop, with applications that can run functions similar to Lemeza's programs, including the same Auto-Revive as her father's.
    • Speaking of lava/magma, with the Ice Cape/Cloak, Lemeza/Lumisa's also extremely resistant. As for water, which is poisonous in La-Mulana and Eg-Lana, they both have a Scalesphere to protect from such effects, though freezing water is still a problem (luckily for Lumisa, she has something else for that).
  • The Kosugis apparently have a long line of ninjutsu in the family tree, and both used Ninja infiltration techniques for navigating around the death traps of La-Mulana as well as surviving great falls. They're also adept at using the Grapple Claw to scale walls.
  • Besides their signature (flail) whips, both Kosugis each possess a knife, axe, katana, flare gun, pistol, and Angel Shield. As for their other "sub-weapons", they'll have to make do with what's available in the Pantheon, though they prefer shurikens (standard and "rolling" kinds), javelins, "potato masher" grenades, (throwable) chakrams, and caltrops. For their diverse array of weaponry, the two deities have earned the respect of Firion for their common interest in utilizing a variety of weaponry.
    • After watching Shovel Knight explore a dungeon with his trusty shovel blade, they have realized the effectiveness of a battle-ready shovel for their future expeditions, which Shovel Knight is more than glad to here. The Kosugis figured that at some point, digging may become a more important skill in other adventures within the Pantheon.
  • Due to how many puzzles and the paramount difficulty of said puzzles that they've completed, Layton sometimes goes on adventures with them, due to high respect for their skills in both combat and puzzle-solving. As far as he knows, the two have proven their worth as explorers that can match his logic in equal.
  • From what they knew in La-Mulana and Eg-Lana, the deities of the various religions of their world were actually from predecessor races. Those Lemeza has met include Pazuzu, the Nuckelavee, Anubis, and Beelzebub. Those Lumisa has met include Ammit, Sekhmet, Angra Mainyu (though as a giant frog), Cerberus, the Hydra (though the one she fought doesn't even look draconic), the Sphinx, Arachne, Scylla, Fenrir (though it was a manned mecha), Daji, Ratatoskr (who was actually Hraesvelgr), Ra, and Surtr. Their counterparts in the Pantheon have reactions ranging from indifference to a little contempt. Ra had minor worries concerning that the counterpart of him Lumisa fought was more antagonistic and even absorbed the Horus of their world into himself by force.
  • Like with YHVH, neither deity is fond of Amon for his desire to destroy everything and recreate the universe to his liking, all for selfish purposes. Nor do they intend to let the Divine Powers turn humanity into their servants. And Zamasu's desire to eliminate mortals just hits far too close to home when it comes to deities similar to The Mother that they've fought against. They also find Mem Aleph to be far too similar to The Mother for their liking. Mem Aleph is displeased with them given their penchant for dealing with mythical figures and demons and the fact that even she knows better than to cause genocide on her own children for much less meaningful failures than the destruction of nature. That said, they do understand each others' opposition against YHVH, at the very least.
  • Having had to contend with so many Goddamned Bats in La-Mulana/Eg-Lana, the Kosugis despise all forms of Ledge Bats. On the other hand, they have a recipe for bat curry. This has made Golbat and Zubat stay far away from them, and Antasma has been offended by the notion, but knowing their experience with actual deities, he also keeps away from them. Rouge still wants to try to get in on their adventures to steal some of the loot they find, though with much hesitation. Obviously they dislike the potential annoyance that the Medusa Heads can become, which Simon Belmont is in much agreement with.
  • The two of them looted the temple of the Regi Trio after finding the entrance to their temple rather easy to break in, given their experience with much harder puzzles. The Regi Trio were not very happy to see them take whatever they felt like getting their hands on, but were mostly helpless to stop them given their agility.
  • Obviously, going through so many of them already, they despise those who use death traps in general, but Lemeza has a special hatred for them given that he's been given four achievements for dying to death traps. His rancor extends to the Jigsaw Killer for his interest in creating them. Kramer sometimes worries that if he gets Lemeza caught up in one of his traps that he may personally come for him, and given his determination and experience with death traps, the Jigsaw Killer has all the right to be concerned.
  • Being able to interact with fairies with Isis' Pendant, they're friendly with plenty of the non-evil deities from the Hall of Fairies, and they've given similar respect to Titania as they did with the Fairy Queen of their world. As such, sometimes a member of that Hall will give them a blessing whenever they're in the mood. Ghaleon also has high respect for them not only for their overall nice treatment towards fairies but them reminding him of a hero from his world named Hiro who also had an interest in exploring ruins like they did.
    • Klefki's one of the members that effectively antagonizes them by robbing them of keys they find when exploring, and from their initial encounters with the Pokemon, watch their inventory more sternly than before. As if they weren't already after getting robbed of some of the treasures they found in other adventures by Rafaam.
  • They both love to rest in hot springs to recover, with or without their normal clothing on. The two of them along with Pit like to describe themselves as "Hot Spring Connoisseurs".
  • Exclusive to Lemeza:
    • As a curry addict, Lemeza is a regular customer at Café Leblanc, and whenever he isn't exploring ruins, temples, or dungeons, he's very likely lounging there. Sojiro's thankful that in the Pantheon, running out of stock isn't too much of a concern for him, though making curry for Lemeza can be tedious at times. And when it comes to other people who love eating curry, he's made a friend out of Rock Lee due to their shared like of curry and becoming interested in each other's ninja techniques, as well as Usalia due to always having a friendly curry-eating contest whenever they visit at the same time, much to Sojiro's dread.
    • Having struggled and survived through the dangerous traps and trials of the horrible Hell Temple, he has nothing but respect for Quote and Curly Brace for overcoming the hell they've survived through themselves, and the feeling is mutual. On the other hand, what they earned from conquering said challenges is a different story...
    • On one dreaded day, Lemeza suddenly was walking around in some skimpy looking attire that the Pantheon calls the Provocative Bathing Suit, an artifact he obtained after completing his journey through the Hell Temple, and went to the House of Music just to dance with it on, for everyone to see. Many deities watching at the time were traumatized, to put it simply, and ran away in fear. Even the deities who normally didn't mind men like him wearing bikinis and other feminine clothing couldn't help but feel uncomfortable about it. Very rare footage of the event is also used by members of the House of Torture and Mutilation use it to mentally torture some of the more stoic victims they get their hands on. A VUX individual, known for finding humans horribly ugly, instantly died upon accidentally looking at it. Nowadays, if Lemeza is seen with that thing on, he's straight up banned from the House of Music and many heavily public areas. Lumisa holds no comment on the suit, nor does she have any inclination to wear it herself.
    • Lemeza and especially his grandfather Xelpud are known admirers of MSX games including some obscure titles, but Lemeza is also familiar with Parodius, so he's actually friends with the oddly sapient Vic Viper in the House of Gaming.
    • Is not fond of fathers that exploit their childrens' work, considering that his father, Shorn, stole the treasure of La-Mulana after finishing his quest. However, everyone else, Lumisa included, properly called him out when he and Shorn decided to steal the Treasure of Eg-Lana from Lumisa who earned it herself and rescued them earlier as well. Lumisa did get it back in the end. Lemeza hasn't tried or thought about repeating this anyway, secretly respecting his daughter for managing to take it back.
  • Exclusive to Lumisa:
    • Given their ages, it's not known what her family situation is. Was she the daughter of Lemeza's wife before she married Lemeza? Is she actually an illegitimate child of Shorn? Did Lemeza father her when he was only 15? Is she even born a Kosugi? Nobody knows, and neither of them are answering.
    • Among her inventory is the Mjolnir, which she can use to absorb lighting, especially the supernatural kind, and then cast it herself. That said, it can only hold so much and will discharge if she takes more than it can handle if she doesn't do it manually. With the Power Band accessory she also obtained separately, she can direct it at foes.
      • When she was first seen with it, Thor was quick to notice her skills with it, and requested a friendly duel to demonstrate each other's skills with their respective Mjolnir. Lumisa accepted and soon the Hall of Electricity ended up needing much repairs. While Thor obviously had more expertise with it, he was still impressed by Lumisa's usage of her own Mjolnir. Additionally, Thor's also interested in her potential to oppose some of Thor's enemies, particularly Surtr and Hel, both of which greatly dislike Lumisa for her victory against their counterparts in her world. Fenrir and Jorumgand were just machines there so they don't care too much.
    • Is suspicious of Saitama due to somehow recognizing him, but as a different person known as Hydlit, a merchant she's dealt with whose face and baldness match Saitama very similarly. Later on, she learned of Lea, who despite her communication issues, managed to get across her own suspicions about Saitama, which Lumisa believes to have been another person deceived by Saitama, unaware that Lea encountered a Santa Claus who looked like Saitama. While their efforts in exposing Saitama's secret identities have failed repeatedly, they still respect each other for their abilities to explore and deal with puzzles.
    • She also has the Gale Fibula, which are reminiscent of Link's Pegasus Boots in that when worn she can sprint really fast in a certain direction, but cannot stop until she bumps into something.
    • While pitying Burgerpants for his unfortunate occupation, having met him in her own trek within Eg-Lana, the gestures he made towards her had genuinely creeped her out. (They were not any romantic advances of any kind, just really odd in general) She's aware that he's somewhat of a decent guy regardless. She also recognizes Flowey and is confused about his reputation since Flowey hasn't harmed or tormented anyone in her own adventure, though she knows he can make a foul grin. Flowey also continues to act nice and innocent near her, even though Lumisa's unaware that Flowey's a good guy pretending to be evil, as The Mole for the GUAG.
    • Despises those who orchestrate a war, and then plant someone else as The Scapegoat for it, as had happened with the Giant Sakit when she met him (the one Lemeza met was a false one), which not even Lemeza knew about before his trip into Eg-Lana. For this reason she has a special enmity for Hades (the one opposing Pit), infamous for the Wish Seed incident in his world where he got humans and Pit to attack a phoenix, only to use its death to trigger a greater war within humanity for the false existence of the Wish Seed.
    • At first, some deities mistook Lumisa for another deity named Ann Takamaki due to her Japanese-American heritage, her use of whips, and because of having "seen" her previously in some Halloween event where the Phantom Thieves had dressed up as various archaeologists that weren't deified back then, including Ann dressing as Lumisa herself. When the two eventually met, it ended off with a laugh-filled discussion, and their similarities ended up making each good friends. Who else was who? 

Probius, God of Worker Units (Curious Probe, Hero Probe)

    Ryo Hazuki 
Ryo Hazuki, God of Quick Time Events

    Sonja and Lin 
Sonja and First Lieutenant Lin, Co-Goddesses of Reduced Visibility Gameplay and Negating It (Sonja: Asuka, Queen of Strategy)
Sonja (Left) and Lin (Right)
  • Demigoddesses (Sonja being borderline Lesser Goddess)
  • Symbol: the Yellow Comet and Brenner's Wolves symbols together
  • Theme Songs: Sonja's Theme (Sonja), Supreme Logician (Lin)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Defog of War, The Smart Girl, The Strategist, Hypercompetent Sidekicks (to her Lord Error-Prone father for Sonja, and to her optimistic superior(s) for Lin)
  • Domain(s): Warfare, Strategy, Fog of War
  • Allies: Will, Brenner, Isabella, Andy, Colin, Grit, Max, Olaf, Spock
  • Enemies: Red Skull, HYDRA, SHOCKER, Millennium, any instigators of apocalypses, evil scavengers like Immortan Joe, Mori Motonari, Doomfist, the Corpus, the Elksini
  • Respects: the Tactician, Robin, Corrin
  • Fog of War is a big nuisance in warfare. Seeing through it is diffucult without the right units, and sometimes your opponent isn't likewise handicapped. And then there are those who have means of countering or at least lessening these issues. Among these are Sonja of the Yellow Comet Army and Lin of the 12th Independent Legion (a.k.a. Brenner's Wolves).
  • Sonja cordially greeted her fellow Wars World deities, though it can be seen that she was happy to see them all. Lin on the other hand…isn't as uncomfortable with them as some expected her to be, given how war is taken more seriously in her world. Still, when she heard that the rest of Brenner's Wolves were arriving as well, she awaits the day. Thankfully, that day was today.
  • When Sonja was asked why she didn't settle for Lin as a herald and brought her up as a co-goddess instead, her reply was that while the Pantheon isn't as disbelieving in having a kid in command (given that Andy is here and all), 1) she would feel more secure with a more experienced partner, and 2) it's a favor for the rest of Brenner's Wolves.
  • Applies to both:
    • Both are impressed with the Tactician's brilliant mind as well as his/her capability to come out of every mission they undertake with zero casualties. The same goes for Robin and Corrin, though whether or not the former and the Tactician are the same person is yet to be determined.
  • Exclusive to Sonja:
    • When Sonja is in command, opponent commanders report getting fuzzy readings in the numbers of her troops, not being able to tell if there's just one unit or an entire platoon of it at any spot. And in fog of war, her units have a moderately greater vision range, and can be further improved when she uses her regular/Super CO Powers (Enhanced Vision and Counter Break, which not only negate any chances of hiding troops from her, but with her Super on, either one can never get the first attack on her or their defensive benefits are reduced). The downside however is that she has a case of bad luck, which also makes her not that suitable in areas without Fog of War. That said, fuzzy readings as well as stronger attack power when retaliating still makes her worthwhile.
    • Has no time for the Toy Ship teasing between her and Andy just because they're the youngest COs in their world (aside from Colin). The only thing she has for him is respect as a CO, when she tested him (as well as Max and her rival Sami) during the battle in Cosmo Land.
    • Always makes sure that she's well guarded, having had the unfortunate luck of being a hostage once before, though that was admittedly her own fault when she went investigating. No one knows how that one even worked.
  • Exclusive to Lin:
    • Just like the rest of Brenner's Wolves, Lin's powers as a CO manifest when she's in the field, though it's small compared to theirs. Her power affects all ground units and gives an extra attack and defense boost. Her CO Power, Scout, allows her ground units to see further, and spot enemy troops in hiding places.
    • Given the post-apoc conditions in her world, among other things she's picked up are…cooking rat stew, and other kinds made with frogs, snakes, roaches, boots…some aren't sure if this is her brand of humor.
    • Having had to engage in battle on top of a giant plane, Lin's not looking forward to flying again anytime soon.
    • Despite being an all-tactical lieutenant, Lin has a minor interest in fashion, as well as "color theory" for appropriate clothing to wear in combat.

    Stanley (The Stanley Parable
"This is the story about a man named Stanley"

Stanley, Avatar of Action Commands (Employee Number 427)
Stanley in his office
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A button
  • Theme Song: Exploring Stanley
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heroic Mime, The Aloner, "Groundhog Day" Loop, Featureless Protagonist
  • Domains: Player Characters, Choices, Buttons, Freedom
  • Allies: The Storyteller, ICEY, Old Man Henderson, Red, Lemony Snicket, Naughty Bear
  • Enemies: The Mob
  • Complicated Relationships: The Narrator
  • Odd Friendship: Dee Dee, The Defenders of the Ancient
  • Pitied by: The Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Stanley is a man who spends all his time working. His job consists of pushing a button as commanded by his boss, but one day everybody in his work place seemingly vanished. Stanley then set out to investigate what caused this strange event and set out to find the truth. Well, that depends if he listens to the narrator.
  • His relationship with the Narrator is a complicated one. Sometimes they get along depending if Stanley's follows the story or not, other times when Stanley has rebelled, they can't really stand each other. The Narrator has even killed Stanley a few times.
  • He at first was hesitant to talk or approach any Narrator, probably because he is very tired of being continously be told what to do. He gets along with the Storyteller rather well, considering he doesn't want to tell a story at the expense of others.
  • Stanley in a way, is not fond of people that control others for pure entertainment. The Mob for example is a case where there is a controlling entity that may be arguably worse than the Narrator and doesn't know what to do half the time. He sympathezises with Red because of that.
  • Lemony Snickey is another person that seems to pity the poor Stanley, probably because he doesn't get along with the Narrator in the first place. But Stanley feels that Snicket's style of narration could be more harmful for him considering the Baudeliares story so he kindly asked him to not retell any of his stories.
  • You may ask, why is Stanley located in the House of Gaming? Did he accidentally wander into the world of Minecraft and so got a spot in said house as a result? Well according to Pantheon classifications, pressing buttons doesn't have a real house to be located to so instead the Court of Gods send him there. At least this shiny new temple is more interesting than his old office.
  • Stanley is not the only deity stalked by a Narrator, he also learned that Naughty Bear has that same situation as well. While Stanley does have an amicable relationship with Naughty, he does distrust his narrator, mostly because he seems to be the force that pushes Naughty into slaughtering his foes, not to mention he also is a seemingly Evil Brit.
  • Because Stanley's whole purpose was to push buttons, he is very happy when he does have the opportunity to do so. In fact, his ascension was heralded like this.
    • Stanley is also friendly with Dee Dee since she also has a tendency to push buttons. She often visits his temple since she is amazed about the amount of buttons Stanley has in his temple.
  • Old Man Henderson has encouraged Stanley to do whatever he wants and that he should refuse listening to the Narrator. Stanley has faint memories about doing exactly what Henderson told him, which various degress of success.
  • Apparently the Defenders of the Ancient also had to deal with the Narrator constantly pestering them with his narration, so they do understand how Stanley might feel when having to deal with him.
  • The House of Time and Space seems to be in awe about Stanley situation. He and the Narrator are bound to endlessly repeat their story over and over again with no clear reason why. The Narrator does have some faint memories about some of the events and endings, but doesn't quite exactly recall the events. In fact, this very profile might be reset after it's completion
  • The Narrator implores to not tell Stanley about the Broom Closet. The last time he stood there for about 10 hours for some unexplained reason.
  • All the flavour texts detailed above may or may not be true. It all depends on if Stanley follows the Narration or not.



    Exodia the Forbidden One 
Exodia the Forbidden One, God of Instant Win Conditions (Exodia Necross, Exodia, the Legendary Defender, The Legendary Exodia Incarnate, True Exodia)
Click here to see the pieces 
  • Quasideity when sealed, Overdeity when unsealed
  • Symbol: The five cards of Exodia placed together
  • Theme: Exodia's theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral by nature, his Alignment changes depending on who's controlling him
  • Portfolio: Instant-Win Condition Once Assembled, Non Standard Game Over, Chained by Fashion, The Juggernaut, Powerful Cards, Power Equals Rarity, Having Separate Body Parts that can Operate Independently (Including his Head), Godzilla Threshold, Named after the Book of Exodus, Sealed Evil in a Six Pack, DARK-attribute monster, Being Turned into a Zombie-Like Form
  • Domains: Victory, Power, Games
  • Followers: Some Magic: The Gathering Players
  • Allies: Both Yami Yugi and Yugi Muto, Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler, Yubel, Osiris
  • Odd Friendship with: Kuriboh, Stan Marsh
  • Enemies: Gozaburo Kaiba, Nekron, Eric Cartman
  • Opposes: The Houses of Water and Moisture and Insects
  • Opposed by: Seto Kaiba
  • Respected by: the House of Luck and Fortune, especially in Luckiness
  • Feared by: All ascended Yu-Gi-Oh! duelists
  • While visiting Atlantica, Misty's Gyarados found three cards drifting in the water. Upon bringing the three cards to its trainer, Misty was surprised when she reported the discovery and learned that these cards were in fact Exodia cards. A combination of detective work and assistance from the House of Time and Space confirmed that they were indeed three of the five Exodia pieces that were wielded by Yugi Muto, having somehow made their way to the underwater kingdom after they were thrown into the ocean by a rival duelist and thought forever lost. While it may never be known how the cards came to be there, it doesn't change that both the Yugis were delighted to be able reunite them with the two he still possessed. They've been working to incorporate them into a deck with the Egyptian Gods, a combination that would undoubtedly be a daunting force. So far it's proven a challenging task, and in the meantime, Yami uses the Egyptian Gods while Yugi uses Exodia.
    • Katsuya Jonouchi was happy to be the one to deliver the cards to Yugi. When the cards were thrown off the ship, he jumped overboard to try and save them, but only managed to save two cards, so he's glad that his efforts didn't go completely to waste. So long as Yugi has them, there's no chance they'll be used against him like Seeker did in Battle City.
    • Who wasn't happy about seeing their return was Seto Kaiba, for whom the set of cards has become a sore point ever since Yugi first used them to defeat him. He has refused to comment on this, but shouting has been reportedly heard from outside his office ("AAAH! EXODIA!! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!"), though he insists this is just a rumor. This has caused him to put any plans for a duel with Yugi on hold as he prepares his deck (not that Yugi was too keen on another duel, anyway). Gozaburo, who had made use of Exodia in his duel against Seto, was somewhat pleased to hear the cards had been found... until Exodia made it clear that being turned into the zombie-like Exodia Necross is not a pleasant experience. This has lead to a hostility towards Nekron for similar reasons.
  • When Exodia is whole in a player's hands, the seal binding him breaks, and nothing can save their opponent from crushing defeat. Whether against world rending eldritch abominations or almighty gods, the most supreme spells or the most well-placed traps, when Exodia is complete, his player wins instantly. Zorc Necrophades is the only soul known to have directly beat him, although in that case Exodia was limited to drawing his power from the limited energy of a single mortal. In his unsealed, complete form, his power and energy is limitless. Every duelist gets tense at the idea of facing off against the infinite force of Exodia.
  • According to Fi, the chances of drawing all five cards of Exodia in a given player's starting hand (assuming the deck uses the minimum 40 card limit) is precisely 0.000151973%note . The House of Luck and Fortune was left awestruck at these odds, and anyone who manages to legitimately achieve this is automatically awarded with a plaque in Luckiness, and Yugi allows anyone who asks nicely to try for the honor. Among the first to ask was Eric Cartman, who immediately stole Yugi's deck with the Exodia cards when he was (politely) denied, prompting Stan Marsh to be the first in the Pantheon to pull off the accomplishment to beat Eric in a game, winning it back.
  • Outside of obligatory circumstances, Exodia's full power remains sealed, and the cards he's sealed within are kept safe with Yugi. However, as with all card spirits in the Pantheon, pantheonic magic allows his spirit to roam the Pantheon outside his cards, but in a weakened state.
    • As fellow card spirits, he has gotten along with Kuriboh, Dark Magician Girl and Yubel. Kuriboh and Dark Magician Girl are both established cards in Yugi's deck (although the Pantheon is where he first met the latter, as she didn't get added until after Duelist Kingdom), and Yubel has been known to use decks themed around him and his variants. His friendship with Kuriboh is amusing considering that when unsealed he's one of the strongest monsters in all the game, while Kuriboh is among the weakest.
  • Feels a strong kinship with Osiris (The actual Egyptian god, not the Sky Dragon), who, after he was torn to pieces by his brother Set, was reassembled and restored by his wife, Isis. Rarely does Exodia identify with a story well enough for it to move him to tears, but that did it.
  • As his cards had been drifting in the sea for an unknown amount of time, it does not come off as a surprise to many that Exodia is a little unhappy about it. As a result, Exodia isn't exactly fond of water, creating a natural aversion the House of Water and Moisture. As the duelist who threw the cards into the sea is known to use an insect themed deck, the House of Insects has earned some of Exodia's ire.

    Jill Stingray 
Julianne Natalie Stingray, Goddess of Brewing Mechanics (Jill Stingray, Jo, Jules, Shadowmaster69)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The B.T.C. logo along with a shaker. Alternatively there's Fore, her pet cat.
  • Theme Songs: Last Call, Safe Haven
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Bartender, Deadpan Snarker, Unmarried at 27 and very sexually frustrated, Girlish Pigtails, Hates being called Julianne, Surprisingly childish humor, Adorkable, Frequents Danger/u/, Grammar Nazi, Never Gets Drunk for the most part
  • Domains: Bartenders, Cyberpunk, Smoking
  • Allies: Dana Zane, Alma Armas, Dorothy Haze, Sei P. Asagiri and Stella Hoshii, Tapper, G36, Thunder, Sojiro Sakura
  • Regular Clientèle: Drinky Crow, Soda Popinski, Cana Alberona, Captain Haddock, The Think Tank (primarily Dr Klein and Dr Mobius), Rick Deckard, Aqua, Therion
  • Friendly Rivalry: Moe Szyslak
  • Avoids/Fears: House of Extraterrestrials and any alien races
  • Welcome to Glitch City, a Wretched Hive where the economy has gone to hell, foot shortages and violence is not an uncommon sight and the quality of life for the non-powerful decreases with each passing day in the year 207X. Though it a place that has granted autonomy to the human-like Lilim, it has still rightful earned the infamy of being "the guinea pig of the world" in part to the corporations that keeps things going while the puppet Prime Minister, QUINCY, continually makes things worse. In this lovely city-state Julia— sorry, Jill Stingray works as a bartender in the VA-11 building's Hall-A. (VA-11 Hall-A, or Valhalla, for short) to make ends meet. Though nice on a professional level, she's always willing to lend an ear to the stories of her various clients. She would soon come to find out that the bar is threatened to be closed down but in this span of time Jill would not only close off an old chapter of her life involving her ex-girlfriend and a heated fight that drove them apart but also open her eyes to the fact that she is not alone and has formed some genuine companionship with people.
  • When she was brought to the Pantheon it both took a while for Jill to get the swing of things and at the same not all that long when she ascended to the Pantheon, if that makes any sense. The first emotion that came was shock and a reflection on how all her life choices lead to her apparently becoming a deity. This led to her remembering certain incidents like the time she served talking Corgis as apart of a celebration for their toy company's anniversary for three days. By then her situation in the Pantheon comparatively didn't sound that weird, and she was at least granted her co-worker, Gillian, and boss, Dana Zane, as Heralds to help her adjust in addition to a 1:1 recreation of her apartment in this Hall and Valhalla over in the Hall of Alcohol. When she just thought of the whole divinity-thing as more of a title she just treats her time in the Pantheon as not that different from Glitch City. Helping this is that she still gets to get up way later in the day, which is a godsend. Even more of a godsend is her boss managing to secure a Pantheonic title for herself.
  • Though Jill's occupation allows her to hear tons and tons of different information from all kinds of people she has no interest in spreading gossip or becoming a Knowledge Broker. First of all, it will hurt business and that goes without saying. Second of all, she's just a simple bartender and has no ambitions from delving into that kind of world with the latter. And thirdly, she honestly just wants to hear the stories because she finds them interesting what with each and every person having their own tales to tell. Their own ambitions, anxieties, and loved ones. Hence, why she tends to start up conversation with many of her patrons.
    Jill: I like to see myself as a friendly ear rather than someone you need to be weary of.
  • Sometimes assisted by Tapper here and there, coincidentally always on more packed and busier days, even if they don't come all that often. In Glitch City, clients come and go but she has her fair share of regulars and in the Pantheon this is no different. Obviously setting aside Drinky Crow, Soda Popinski, Cana Alberona, and Captain Haddock there are other people outside the House of Alcohol who'd like a taste of what drinks VA-11 Hall-A have to offer, even if they're not actually alcohol due to resource shortages from were she comes from. No one seems to really mind or care.
    • As a fellow god from a cyberpunk setting, Rick Deckard frequently comes and goes to this hole-in-the-wall bar. With that, he also finds himself taking up many of the Strong drinks it has to offer though. Given all the hell he has been through when it comes to dealing with the Replicants, it's not an unreasonable thing to do.
    • One of her past clients was a talking disembodied Brain in a Jar named Taylor. Though she had to admit Taylor wasn't nearly as eccentric and more down to earth than much of the Think Tank's members, and the most frequent of them all are Dr. Klein and Dr. Mobius. Klein is loud (though not by choice) and his time in VA-11 Hall-A is spent complaining by his colleagues incompetency or whatever antics goes around Big Mountain ranging from another lobotomites' "atoms did a happy dance" to a facility becoming lost. Mobius, meanwhile, is pretty much a stoner from all the drugs in his biogel but he's moreso a friendly grandpa than anything else. Every once in a while, though, he slips out to Jill over what the Think Tank were like in the past and how he's far more competent than he looks when it came to containing them back then.
    • Before the Pantheon, Jill never would of imagined actually serving an actual divine being one day, much less meeting one in the flesh. Jill also would of never imagined that one such being would also be an incompetent weirdo, such in the case of Aqua. When that water goddess comes by, Jill's day immediately becomes whole lot more lively and actually has to hold herself back from taking her break early.
    Jill: I've met a camgirl, talking corgis, a textile company owner who thought they were an alpaca. And somehow this 'goddess' here gave them all a run for their money within the first hour.
    • Therion, resident thief of his party, has stopped by VA-11 Hall-A to get information. Yes, Jill isn't a source for info but that doesn't necessarily mean other patrons' lips are that way too. The drink has a way with loosening them, after all, especially if someone underestimates how hard a Fringe Weaver hits. It's either that, or if he needs just needs a freaking drink. Which is quite often.
  • When it comes to her relationships with bartenders other than Tapper she's on good terms with both Moe Szyslak and Wuher of the Mos Eisley Cantina (moreso Moe, more on that latter). While there is a supposed rivalry between her and them really all three of their bars have their own niches.
  • A Deadpan Snarker here and there she may be, overall Jill maintains a cool and professional attitude in her shifts even when faced with more annoying clients. It is not unshakable characteristic, however. Underneath that persona Jill admits she has a surprisingly childish sense of humor. She always has to stifle laughter when a patron orders a Bad Touch, for example. And she became a cackling mess when her boss ordered a giant wiener for a New Years party not helped by one of her friends feeding into said humor. Then there was that one time Jill drunkenly recounted a tale where she broke out in a fit of laughter when she saw her boyfriend's dick for the first time when they were about to have sex.
  • Some members of the House of Love and Affection gave their sympathies to her when passing by, in addition to commending her. While they weren't specific on why, Jill theorizes it has something to do with her relationship with Lenore. Namely, when it came to her finding out she passed away not too long ago three years after their unofficial break up and last meeting ending on a fight. While Jill and her ex's sister, Gaby, blew up at each other when it came to her passing and Jill's absence (something Jill will never forgive herself for by the way), the two ended up reconciling with the bartender telling Gaby to celebrate the life Lenore led and promising she won't run away should they fight again. Jill will be there for her all the way through, and will see to Gaby growing up to a fine person.
  • There are two surefire ways to get on her nerves. The first is making any reference towards her small bust and the second is referring to her by her first name, Julianne (Jules elicits a similar reaction). The Julianne thing comes from the show Model Warrior Julianne, of which she was a die-hard fan growing up. If there was any sort of merch related to it, Jill likely had it. Then came middle school where, teens being teens, she was relentlessly teased for her love of the series. It should be noted, however, that she doesn't necessarily hate Model Warrior Julianne as it's one of the things she'll gush about in detail other than her boss, Dana, whom she has a crush on. Good luck getting her to open up about her continued secret love for the series, though. Or said crush directly.
  • On her days off Jill sometimes goes to Cafe Leblanc, run by Sojiro Sakura. While she doesn't like coffee, she does like curry and couldn't put a pass on him after hearing how amazing it is from her peers. Makes that time where she spilled drinks thanks to a "ghost" pranking her thus setting back her budget ever so distant. Back to a more sincere note, Jill also likes the atmosphere it gives off.
  • In an Alternate Universe where the world of Girls' Frontline coincides with her own, after the disbanding of the White Knights for their copious amount of corruption Glitch City has decided to hire Griffon and Kryuger to act as their security force for a little while. This of course meant that Jill would serve G&K's Tactical Dolls and as she found out they are just as odd as her regular customers. G36 was one of her clients, and the T-Doll maid swung by after having heard Jill taking up shop once more. After they both decided to catch up with Jill herself asking about how is the toaster and vacuum cleaner, G36 told her she is happy to assist in her shifts whenever she is available. Some of Thunder's team members have visited the bar to meet up with some of Jill's friends, Stella and Sei. Apparently, Thunder's team share those two's love for the Lilim idol, *Kira* Miki, and in one of their concerts they played a cover of the Limim's songs.
    Thunder: Did *Kira* Miki really come during your shifts one day? And wrote her signature on one of the glasses here? That's... amazing. I'm honestly jealous bartender—
    G36: Miss Thunder, please refrain from firing your gun in the bar. Paying for damages would be the least of your concerns.
    Thunder: Ah. Sorry. I lost myself there. I find it hard to contain myself when she's mentioned.
    Jill: (Gun safety is practiced quite well in Griffon, I see.) ...While I am thankful you didn't blow a whole through the roof, you shouldn't beat yourself up over your excitement. Your friends quite enthusiastic over her too. In any case, here's your Moonblast.
    • During one of the Dolls visits Jill was reminded another alternate universe involving a place called Griffon City, one that is considerably more wacky. This came from (and we're not kidding here) the combination of the memories coming from a lightweight T-Doll getting so shitfaced along with the form of a nanomachine cloud. However, the world was in imminent danger of being obliterated when said doll wakes from her two-day coma so in desperation many of its inhabitants, which include those versions of Jill and her friends, had their data extrated and put into T-Dolls of their respective likenesses. We would like to reiterate that we were not kidding here. But back on topic at some point Jill bit the bullet and asked the two dolls how her other self and her friends were doing, to which they replied they're doing quite fine.
  • Before heading off to work she usually checks out the news where she had generally filtered out stuff about the Pantheon's "lovely citizens and inhabitants" so as to not sour her day. Jill also frequents some Imageboards, usually stuff like Danger/u/. Imagine her surprise when during her day off she saw the likes of Doge and Walter walking around. Considering one of the part-timers at VA-11 Hall-A was a talking shiba inu she genuinely wondered if Doge was in any way associated with the Canine Independent Rescue Association Rad Shiba and Nacho were apart of.
  • On her breaks she always goes outsides to smoke and she has no intention of giving up this habit. It's more so her alone time but in the event Jill is accompanied with someone she'll usually offer them a cigarette, though they always turn her down. They always let her do her thing, however, not minding themselves.
  • In high school she developed an Absurd Phobia for space aliens, of all things. But she managed to get over this fear by understanding that it is useless to be afraid. Such emotions will neither shield nor comfort her when the Nevulai Crabs finally invade and kill her along with everyone else, only the happy times... So, no, she did not actually get over this fear, and she stays as far away from the House of Extraterrestrials as possible along with any alien races outside of said house. Considering the consistent track record with some of them, it's not totally unfair conclusion to draw, to be frank.
  • While there is no doubting her skills has a bartender, from mixing simple and sweet Sugar Rushes to the burning and spicy Mars Blast, there is one particular quirk many of her patrons have noted: If a drink's recipe calls for optional Karmotrine in its instructions Jill supposedly will instead interpret it as "dumping-as-much-as-you-possibly-could-into-that-sucker. As Karmotrine is the alcoholic component in these drinks it inevitably leads to her clients getting very smashed very quickly. Is it a B.T.C. thing with their training? Who knows.
  • "Time to mix drinks and change lives."

    Unlosing Ranger 
The Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger, Getting-To-Be-God of Progressively Stronger Heroes (Main Character, The Unlosing Ranger (temp))
Click here to see him transformed 
Click here to see the True Unlosing Ranger 
  • Quasideity untransformed, Demigod when transformed, Lesser God as the True Unlosing Ranger, Intermediate, borderline Greater God as the Unlosing Ranger Omega, though his determination means he can endure fights with Greater Gods and even some Overdeities
  • Symbol: The Unlosing Ranger's V-Belt.
  • Theme Song(s): All the variants of the Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger Theme: Normal, Monster, Sexy Witch, 8-Bit, Junk, Mecha, Asian Stereotype, Dark Hero, Animal and Last Boss (when training) Unlosing Hero's Theme (when displaying great heroism)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Took a Level in Badass, All of the Other Reindeer, Level Grinding, Came Back Strong, Heroic Mime, Hello, [Insert Name Here], Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Abusive Parents
  • Domains: Determination, Training, Heroism, Victory
  • Heralds: Pirohiko Ichimonji, Etranger, Reckless Cop Dangerama Demon, General Darkdeath Evilman.
  • Allies: All ascended Toku Heroes, Viewtiful Joe, Zuko, Kamina, Black Jack
  • Friendly Enemies with: All ascended Nipponverse demons
  • Enemies: Mostly every Card-Carrying Villain, Super Hero Aurum, Darkdeath Evilman (formerly)
  • He's essentially only risen to pseudo-divinity via being too stubborn to stay down. It took him a good while of training and a lot of beatdowns, but he did once keep Gohma Vlitra back when everybody else was indisposed with other nonsense.
  • He doesn't talk. Due to this, it's difficult to get a handle on what his personality actually is. Given his expressions and constant usage of the Sweat Drop, he seems to be a Silent Snarker who nevertheless does the right thing.
  • Many of the... Less nice gods tend to look down on him for his wimpy appearance, but his dedication to his duty has swayed a few opinions.
  • Gets along with Toku Heroes in the Pantheon for rather obvious reasons, and Kamina because he reminds him of the former Unlosing Ranger, Pirohiko Ichimonji. He's somewhat friendly with Black Jack due to his overall resemblance to Jean Noire, the skilled surgeon the Ranger saved during his adventures.
    • He's enemies with Super Hero Aurum because Aurum represents the worst a hero can become. The Unlosing Ranger, however, IS intent on helping Aurum to redeem himself as the great hero that everybody loved.
  • Nobody's quite sure what his actual name is. He's sometimes called Main Character by those who know his civilian identity, but there's been so many other things he's been called that some are wondering if he even has a name.
  • Growing up, he got a... Lot of flak from his parents throughout his life as they blamed him for everything that went wrong with the family after the incident wherein he and his sister were kidnapped, because they believed he'd been useless and cowardly during the incident. When his sister later remembered that it was him who stood up to the kidnapper the whole time to keep his sister safe, however, they made efforts to start making it up to him. This sort of childhood led to him having something of a friendship with Zuko, though they agree that Zuko had it worse, and the Ranger feels sad that Zuko never got to peacefully reconcile with his father.
  • He's on-call as the resident Pantheonic Nuke Defense, given his Unlosing Anti-Nuke Typhoon is strong enough to punch an oncoming nuke into the Sun.
    • In relevance to things dealt with via Sun, Phoenix is seen by some as a Foil to the Unlosing Ranger. While both get stronger with defeat, the Ranger pushes himself to train after every defeat while Phoenix merely becomes stronger via being defeated.
  • He, of course, has multiple forms he attained from his gruelling training with the World Hero Society. As the standard Unlosing Ranger, he's only somewhat effective compared to proper heroes. As the True Unlosing Ranger, activated when he taps into his "120% Determination", he's on the level of high-powered heroes. As the Unlosing Ranger Omega, activated only when the people of the world cheer him on, he skyrockets in power, becoming capable of taking on even the toughest of villains.