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For obvious reasons, the Hall of Insects is considered to be one of the least popular halls in the Pantheon (unless you’re fascinated by bugs, obviously). That's not to say that it's all that bad, it is just that there are many gods who would never come anywhere near it. There are arguments whether Queen Sectonia would be head of the hall since she is the Goddess of Insect Queens. Of course, whether she's head or not, she does have a seat here, as you can see below.

Ragnaros the Firelord is not welcome in this hall, because of his tendency to set things on fire and because many of the gods don't find it funny he uses "INSECT" as a derogatory term.

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Greater Gods

Mothra, Divine Avatar of the Butterfly of Death and Rebirth (The Thing, Guardian of Peace, Giant Moth, Supersonic Giant Moth, God of the Sea, Moth Monster, Houtua's God, Butterfly, Queen of the Monsters, Titanus Mosura)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A sihouette of herself
  • Theme Music: Mothra's Song (shared with Mothra Leo) (alt. version) or Evergreen
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Good, Gentle Giant, Action Girl, Pretty Butterflies, Physical Goddess
  • Domains: Butterflies, Legacy
  • Heralds: Shobijin, Miana & Maina, the Houtua, Dr. Ilene Chen
  • Allies: Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra Leo, Baragon, Agitha, Sig, Nausicaä, Korra, Aang, Captain Planet, San, The Monsters (Monsters vs. Aliens), Jean Grey
  • Enemies: King Ghidorah, The Firebird, SpaceGodzilla, Destoroyah, Gigan, Hedorah, Ragnaros, Brand, The Radiance
  • Difficult Relations: Battra, Viridi
  • Source of Interest for: Albert Wesker, William Birkin
  • Mothra is among the most significant kaiju that Godzilla has encountered and while the two have gotten into conflict multiple times, they are also capable of working together under the right circumstances. Mothra's presence can easily be determined via the arrival of a mysterious egg and a pair of small fairies known as the Shobjin are affiliated with Mothra. A Mothra larvae hatches after some time, which is then followed by a large cocoon appearing in some area. After enough time has passed, an adult Mothra emerges from the cocoon and engages in battle against an enemy. Although these battles end with the threat defeated, the adult Mothra perishes during that conflict. In the aftermath of all this, another egg is discovered, proving that even if one Mothra dies, another will eventually carry on the legacy of its parents.
  • A group of explorers managed to find a giant egg during one of their expeditions, prompting some questions as to where it came from. They decided to leave the egg alone for the time being so that they can get someone to explain what's going on, but by the time they returned, the egg hatched and a larvae emerged. The group was also introduced to a couple of diminutive fairies who stated that they were associated with the egg and creature, known as Mothra. During that time, some giant malevolent creatures attacked the area where the larvae was at and after a nasty battle, the creature wrapped itself in silk, presumably to rest. The explorers left the area again, suspecting that something will emerge from that cocoon at some point. Their suspicions were later proven true when those same monsters attacked a large city, with Godzilla trying to fend off those threats. Just as things started to get dire with Godzilla taking significant damage, the fully-grown Mothra swooped onto the scene and attacked Godzilla's enemies. The battle grew more intense and while Mothra put up a good fight, it was finished off by one of the monsters, but that threat was weakened enough for Godzilla to land the finishing attack on it. A few days following the incident, reports of an egg identical to the one the explorers found previously surfaced, leading many to surmise that it wouldn't be the last of Mothra.
  • Despite the whole Death Is Cheap principle that's prevalent across the Pantheon, Mothra isn't a deity that really falls into that rule. Given how there's a new Mothra egg that shows up whenever the previous Mothra dies, the House of Life and Vitality did mention that not only have they've never seen a Mothra resurface at that house, but that they've never seen any additional eggs show up there. It's mostly been reported that any additional Mothra eggs that have appeared tend to be in more nature-based settings.
  • While it is the giant butterfly that's prevalent in the world of Godzilla, it's not the only one that's flying around making sure threats are in check. Mothra Leo, who is the son of a previous Mothra and has access to a wide selection of powers, learned about the arrival of regular Mothra and set out to meet her. Although it's safe to say that the Mothra in the Pantheon isn't the same as the one that gave birth to him, Mothra Leo was more than willing to team up with her whenever there's something threatening the world.
    • Things are a lot more contentious between the Mothra lineage and Battra, who is a darker counterpart of Mothra that is much more extreme in trying to keep nature in balance. A previous Mothra was able to reason with Battra and defeat Godzilla at one point, though if Battra were to work with the Mothra line again, it's likely only to happen if there's something dangerous that both can't ignore (which may or may not include Godzilla on one of his bad days).
  • Given their interest in insects, Sig and Agitha were among those who wanted to meet up with Mothra in earnest. It came as a bit of a surprise to them that Mothra was worshipped as a goddess of sorts back in its homeworld. While they don't have a lot of time in their hands to get involved with Mothra's actions, Sig and Agitha are more than willing to provide Mothra their support no matter how small that support might be and are grateful for what Mothra does.
    • Nausicaä was another deity fond of bugs that took an interest in in Mothra, though that ended up being to a much greater degree than Sig and Agitha after learning about Mothra's role as being a protector of Earth. Having been used to industrial problems that threatened nature's serenity, Nausicaä is more than willing to go along with Mothra whenever the butterfly is busy fighting against monsters that threaten the harmony of nature. Mothra has also become protective of Nausicaä given her devotion and resolve.
  • Although a guardian of Earth, it soon became clear that Mothra wasn't the only one that had that duty in the Pantheon. There were a multitude of Earth protectors in the Pantheon that wanted to meet Mothra and gain a powerful ally to help out with their goals. Captain Planet was able to secure an alliance with Mothra for many of the same reasons that he was able to become friends with Mothra Leo.
    • Despite sharing similar goals when it comes to Earth's protection, the methods of some deities in making sure nature is thriving has proven questionable in Mothra's view. Viridi, who has gotten along with Battra, was among those that Mothra is mixed about and their encounter ended up being rather tense. San, who has been making an effort to try and get Battra to limit his attacks on those that truly threatened the environment, was with Viridi during the latter's meeting with Mothra. San explained to Mothra about herself and Viridi and although the butterfly was much more understanding about San's plight and how she got better thanks to Ashitaka, Mothra is still wary about Viridi in the long run.
  • One of the missions that Susan Murphy and her monster friends took part in involved helping out Mothra Leo fend off some dangerous monsters that the butterfly was struggling with. As much as Susan and friends put in the effort to help out, it wasn't enough to fend off the threats. The team was surprised to see another giant butterfly show up and help them out when they and Mothra Leo were in danger. After the monsters were taken care of, Insectosaurus took a lot of interest in the regular Mothra and the team learned a lot about it, especially Mothra's role in protecting Earth. Susan and co. are more than thankful to have someone like Mothra to help out in addition to Mothra Leo.
  • The Mothra lineage has long been used to fighting an assortment of giant monsters that threatened the planet in more ways than one. Not only does the Pantheon house such threats, but Mothra also has to go against an assortment of others that are willing to destroy Earth out of malice. Villainous pyromancers such as Ragnaros and The Firebird (with the latter being a major source of fear for Mothra) have proven exceptionally problematic as not only is their capacity to spread destructive fire great, but their powers can potentially take care of Mothra at a much quicker rate than normal.
  • Albert Wesker has been someone who has been looking at the DNA of various creatures so that he can improve his various experiments and try and take over the world. Hearing about Mothra's strength motivated him greatly to pursue methods in trying to extract DNA from the creature, especially after learning about how Mothra's DNA is apparently valuable. Given how powerful the kaiju is and how resistant it will be against anyone trying to target it, Wesker is more than willing to bide his time to make sure his plan of getting his hands on Mothra's DNA works out. Wesker has also told Birkin about this, with the latter having apparently stored a poisonous moth in his lab back then and Birkin is considering looking further into Mothra's capabilities with Wesker's help.
  • Learning about The Radiance, a moth-like creature that uses mind-control on its victims and is capable of unleashing a plague that can kill a large number of beings and bring about environmental ruin, was something that upset Mothra significantly. What caused Mothra to become enraged was learning that The Radiance tried to take control of Mothra Leo and Battra at one point just to try and get some powerful beings on her side. Mothra opted to fight back against The Radiance for what it did, with the latter being prepared to brainwash Mothra and have it join The Radiance's Hive Mind. However, Mothra Leo, Battra, and Zeratul arrived just in time to make sure that Mothra didn't fall victim to The Radiance and the four were able to defeat The Radiance. The Radiance is one of the handful of enemies that Mothra, Mothra Leo, and Battra are willing to fight against together given how dangerous The Radiance is to the Pantheon and themselves.
  • It can also be found in Singular Symbolism, though the Shobjin or Mothra's other heralds that are associated with the butterfly are usually at that place instead of the butterfly having that as a resting spot.

    Mothra Leo 
Mothra Leo, Divine Patron of Magnificent Butterflies (Mosura Leo, Mothraleo, Leo, Mothra Reo, New Mothra, Exceled Mothra, Rainbow Mothra, Aqua Mothra, Light Speed Mothra, Armor Mothra, Eternal Mothra, Prince of the Monsters)
Armor Mothra Leo
Eternal Mothra Leo
  • Greater God (Overdeity as Eternal Mothra)
  • Symbol: His silhouette
  • Theme Songs: Mothra Leo, Fight in Order to Protect, Mothra's Song (shared with Mothra), Mothra Metal (when he needs to get serious)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Kaiju, Willing to Sacrifice Oneself, Gaining New Powers at the Right Moment, Swiss-Army Hero, Getting the Power Jackpot
  • Domain: Power, Nature, Heroes
  • Heralds: Fairy, The Elias
  • High Priest: Venomoth
  • Allies: Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus, Korra, Baragon, Aang, Amaterasu, Captain Planet, Mogo, Naruto Uzumaki, Fluttershy, Ichigo Kurosaki, Usagi Tsukino, Superman, HappinessCharge Pretty Cure, Tinker Bell, Agitha, Volcarona, Guthix, many of the children deities
  • Enemies: King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Gigan, Hedorah, Hexxus, Lich King, Gohma Vlitra, Ragnaros The Firelord, SpaceGodzilla
  • Opposed by: Spongebob and Patrick
  • Good Counterpart to: Battra, Ganondorf (kind of)
  • Odd Friendship with: Nathan Summers/Cable
  • It was pretty much a normal day in the pantheon, well, as normal it can get, when millions of tiny sparkling butterflies filled the area. Before anybody could process what was going on, they gathered in one place, combining together until what was left was a giant insect kaiju. Mothra has arrived.
  • The Mothra that is part of the pantheon is very different compare to others. For one, it's male while past others were female. Another is that he takes a much more active role in protecting the Earth. He is also refer to as Leo most of the time.
    • There's also a theory that Leo might actually be immortal. This is a large contrast to the other Mothras before it who were known to die, with their children taking their place.
  • Leo is well known to gain new powers out of nowhere. He also have many different forms of himself. It's because of this that he made allies with certain Shonen heroes like Naruto and Ichigo as they too are known to gain new powers over time.
    • Mothra has also been seen with the HappinessCharge Pretty Cures as they are the goddesses of the New Powers as the Plot Demands. The girls enjoy the company of Leo, his Shobojins and Fairy.
  • As the guardian of the Earth, Leo natural oppose those who do it harm. While there is the evil Kaijus of King Ghidorah and Hedorah. There's also Hexxus, Lich King, and Gohma Vlitra who also harm the world and the people in it.
    • He did found allies in protecting the planet with Captain Planet. He also made friends with another Earth guardian in Usagi Tsukino who sometimes have a butterfly motif.
  • While Leo never teamed up with Godzilla in the mortal realm, he has made allies with the one in the pantheon. Both have a very import role for the Earth; Mothra defends it while Godzilla keeps it in check.
    • Because of Leo's immense power, people are looking to him to act as a sort of countermeasure against Godzilla if he were to ever go out of control.
  • Both Spongebob and Patrick are very afraid of Mothra. It's because they are reminded of the monster that ate their friend wormy. Yeah, they weren't told that wormy, a caterpillar, was the monster.
  • Like Godzilla, Leo has ventured in the Spirit World. In there, he made friends with both Aang and Korra, the Avatars. He also seems fond of one of their giant spirit trees as it reminds him of the tree that helped him before.
  • To say that Agitha was overjoyed at Mothra's ascension would be an understatement. When the Princess of Bugs saw the mighty kaiju, she couldn't help but squee over him. She hoping to one day take a ride on his back
  • Despite his name, Mothra does not eat clothes. So there is no fear of it eating Senketsu.
  • Leo once mistook Volcorana as another Mothra since she looks similar to one. While it turn out to be false, he still became friends with her.
  • Mothra once heard the ordeals of a deity called Ragnaros the Firelord who wants to burn and consume the world. Naturally, as an Earth Protector, Leo made him an enemy.

    The Radiance 
The Radiance, Goddess of Moths & Macabre Moth Motifs (The light, forgotten, The Plague, The Infection, The Madness That Haunts the Corpses of Hallownest, The Light That Screams Out from the Eyes of This Dead Kingdom)
  • Greater Goddess (Overdeity as the Absolute Radiance)
  • Symbol: A Sun with Wings
  • Theme Song: Radiance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Macabre Moth Motifs, Having Created a Civilization only to Destroy said Civilization for Rejecting Her, Plagues, Hive Minds, Body Horror, Dream Walkers, Unholy Luminescence, Resemblances to Abrahamic Deities, Erased from History, True Final Bosses, Absolute Immorality
  • Domain: Moths, Light, Plagues, Hatred
  • Herald: The Seer
  • Followers: Rosine, Doragory, Morph Moth, Hawk Moth
  • Allies: Lumine, Nurgle, Typhus, the Light of Destruction, Antasma, Freddy Krueger
  • Rivals: Galeem, Zamasu
  • Intrigues: Albert Wesker, Ruvik
  • Enemies: The Knight, the Hall of Insects, Agitha, Shino Aburame, Sig, Volcarona, Zeratul, Ysera, Princess Luna, Haruto Tsukishiro, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Battra, the Slayer of Demons, the Chosen Undead, the Bearer of the Curse, the Ashen One, The Nameless God
  • A primordial goddess of light, the Radiance had gifted bugkind with the unity of mind but at the cost of their individuality. Along came the Pale King, who, in addition to freeing bugkind from the Radiance's control, went out of his way to ensure that the Radiance was forgotten by her former subjects. The Radiance, angered by this turn of events, responded by unleashing a plague upon the denizens of Hallownest that left them as mindless husks as punishment for turning their backs on her. In an attempt to protect Hallownest from the plague, the Pale King created Vessels made entirely out of void, and successfully sealed her in one of said Vessels. Now, however, the Pale King and the Vessels are no longer around to stop her. Now, the light will no longer be forgotten.
  • Before she was revealed to the Pantheon, the Hall of Insects had gone dark, and all communications between the hall and the rest of the pantheon had came to an abrupt end. Nobody knew why communications ceased completely nor did they know what exactly happened to the hall. When a scout team consisting of Agitha, Shino Aburame and Sig was sent to investigate, they found the entire hall in ruins, bug deities driven into a hateful frenzy, and large orange boils that have overtaken sizeable chunks of the hall. At the center of it all was Volcarona, its normally peaceful blue eyes now colored an orange hue and its white fur covered in cysts. While he denies it to this day, Agitha and Sig assert that the sight of the heavily-infected Volcarona had left Shino screaming in horror.
    • Wanting to understand what kind of tragedy had befallen the hall, the team had Volcarona transported to the House of Health and Diseases in hopes of finding out what kind of plague was causing such devastation. Several diagnostics later, it was revealed that at the center of Volcarona's mind was a few platforms adrift in a sunlit sky. Before anything could be done, the sun, having grown wings, immediately teleported out of Volcarona's mind and back into the Hall of Insects, revealing itself as the Radiance in the process.
    • Realizing that they wouldn't be able to rid the Pantheon of the Radiance, the scout team, having recruited Zeratul after learning of the Radiance's weakness to the Void, began taking measures to limit the Radiance's influence by trapping her in a nearby, void-enshrouded temple and having the Dream Weavers of the Pantheon heal Volcarona and any other insects that the Radiance had infected. While the Radiance was here to stay, at least she would not be able to terrify the Pantheon's resident insects as easily as she could before.
  • Having created an infection that effectively toppled the Kingdom of Hallownest via invading it's inhabitants dreams, the Radiance managed to pique the interest of many a disease-ridden deity within the Pantheon. This summarily resulted in an unspoken arms race over who can subdue and contain her first between the likes of Albert Wesker, who wishes to obtain a sample of the infection in order to strengthen the Uroboros virus, and Ruvik, who believes that the Radiance's Dream Walker abilities could enhance his control over the STEM system by tenfold.
    • Nurgle and his followers, for the most part, consider her a welcome addition to the Pantheon, but have found themselves confused over the Radiance's desire to punish her former subjects with her infection. After all, why would she bless said subjects with such a wonderful plague if she was so intent on punishing them for their disobedience?
    • Many a good Dream Weaver within the Pantheon are repulsed by the Radiance. Ysera is reminded far too much of how she herself was corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare whenever she thinks of the Radiance, Haruto Tsukishiro finds the Radiance's dream-induced infections to be beyond the pale, Princess Luna fears that the Radiance may not be content with controlling the minds of bugs and may try to move onto ponies next. In stark contrast, Dream Weavers such as Freddy Krueger and Antasma love having the Radiance around, and believe that her presence can help expand their influence across the Pantheon's dreams.
  • Many had predicted that she would naturally gravitate towards Galeem, given that they are both horrifyingly evil deities of light. Which made it all the more surprising when the Radiance became engaged in a bitter mutual rivalry with Galeem, with the Radiance under the assumption that something like Galeem will cause people to forget about her and Galeem finding the Radiance's infection too disorderly for his liking. The only reason the Radiance hasn't thrown her lot in with Dharkon yes is that he keeps attacking her under the mistaken belief that she is one of Galeem's allies.
    • Unsurprisingly, this rivalry extends to Galeem's ally, Zamasu. Unlike Galeem, however, the rivalry between the Radiance and Zamasu is more one-sided on the Radiance's part, instead mirroring her utter personal disdain for the solemn creature of dominion known as the Nameless God. In both cases, after discovering that the Radiance was only able to have her vengeance on her former subjects because of a lone statue that a few unfortunate miners had dug up, they each consider her to be just as weak as the deities Zamasu had slain and the Nameless God had imprisoned and starved to death in their own universes.
    • In spite of all this, however, the Radiance had found a kindred spirit in Lumine, who is also a light-associated villain who sought to enslave/destroy his subjects. The fact that the Radiance greatly resembles Lumine's final form helps. The Radiance also managed to gain an ally in the Light of Destruction, especially since the Light also drives mortals to death and destruction with its very presence. That said, the Light and the Radiance have come to blows with one another whenever the Light of Destruction showcases his dub-added desire to be worshiped by those it corrupts.
  • Wanting to ensnare powerful deities into her Hive Mind, the Radiance once tried to infect the likes of Mothra Leo and Battra. While she was successful for a brief moment, the two moths were thankfully broken from their waking comas by a nearby Zeratul. From that point onward, the two moths would find themselves teaming up to combat the Radiance whenever possible not only to avenge their previous infection, but also to prevent the Radiance's plague from devastating the environment like it did with the Infected Crossroads.
  • Being from a Dark Souls-inspired Metroidvania, it was only natural that the Radiance made enemies with the Chosen Undead, the Bearer of the Curse, and the Ashen One. Still, the three Dark Souls protagonists have admitted that they love having the Radiance around, as having a light-associated deity around that they can beat up without rendering their efforts All for Nothing has proven to be extremely cathartic for them.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Philosophy, within the Hall of Singular Symbolism.

Intermediate Gods

Beelzebub, Demon Prince and Lord of the Flies note  (The Right Hand of Darkness, Wicked King, Fly of the Dead, Prince of Lies, Gozutennou, Baal, Baal Zebul, Belzaboul, Takajo Zett, Zebul, Beelzebu, Bellzof)
Beelzebub's typical form.
Baal Zebul
Baal, his true form
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Baal)
  • Symbol: His staff with his wings coming out of it
  • Theme Music: Beelzebub
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (as Beelzebub/Baal/Baal Zebub), Chaotic Good (as Zebul/Takajo Zett), Lawful Evil (as Beelzebu)
  • Portfolio: Demonic Lord of the Flies, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Shock and Awe, Dark Is Evil, The Worm That Walks, Demonized Old God, Once Being a Sexy Dominatrix, Sinister Angel as Beelzebu, Dark Skinned Human and Deity Forms
  • Domains: Insects, Darkness, Filth, Gluttony, Godhood, Lightning
  • Interested in: Shino Aburame, Agitha, Midora, the Deviljho and Gluttony
  • Allies: Lucifer, the other Beelzebub, the other Beelzebub, Kazuya Minegishi and Hibiki Kuze, Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi, Yu Narukami, Ren Amamiya, Dracula, Gul'dan, Fraudrin, Nurgle, Typhus, Beelzemon, Beetlejuice, Stratos
  • Enemies: YHVH, Misty, Ragnaros the Firelord, Flynn, Spawn, spider deities, The Radiance, the Hall of Angels, Malthael
  • Weirded out by: Ren Hoek
  • Next to the Devil himself, Beelzebub is the most well-known demon. The demonized form of a Philistine god worshiped in Ekron, often referred to as Baal Zabul in his true form, he is seen as a demon associated with flies. Usually seen either as one of the devil's alias, his right hand man or the demon who rules over the sin of gluttony. Whatever the form, this Beelzebub serves as The Dragon to the bringer of chaos, Lucifer.
  • Ascended soon after the creation of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos by urging of his master. Out of all of the Forces of Chaos, he is the closest Lucifer can call a 'right-hand fly'; Beelzebub is fiercely loyal to the Morning Star. Though his true loyalties lie with Lucifer, Beelzebub is willing to work with those who either A) defeat him in combat and thus prove they deserve to command him, or B) show a sufficient dedication to the ways of Chaos. As such, he fought alongside Dracula himself on a whim on one occasion.
  • Was one of the demons present for the creation of the Demi-Fiend; he will be the first one to praise Naoki's power, as he witnessed it firsthand during their match together. Beelzebub later tried to convince Set to join the cause of chaos, pointing out they are both demonized deities. Set turned it down, saying that while he relates to his fate he isn't interested in the factions of law and chaos. Yes he's a chaotic deity, but not consummately so.
  • Not the only Beelzebub, however he states to be the original. Here are some interactions with other Lords of the Flies.
    • Not technically Beelzebub, but heavily based on him is Beelzemon. Already an ally of Lucifer, he is pleasantly surprised to learn that Beelzemon is willing to work with him. He found they share gluttony, but for the biker it's not hunger for food but hunger for power, something he is fine with.
    • A cuter female Beelzebub is the Token Good Teammate of the Seven Mortal Sins, driven by Horror Hunger and lacks the excess of the fly. Gets along less with him, but he's fond of the girl in his own way. There's another cute female Beelzebub that he's fond of as well
    • Baby Beel shows promise for Beelzebub, however this is a family name of the Sin Lords of Gluttony. This might mean he is a descendant, but the Lord of the Flies is silent on his ultimate ambition for the child.
    • Not explicit, but in addition to being a Satanic Archetype Betelguese takes many traits of the Lord of the Flies; similar name, is filthy and associated with bugs. Beelzebub likes his style. And though not a Beelzebub, Kazuya's position of King of Bel has made him an ally of the Lord of the Flies, and by extension he is an ally of Hibiki Kuze.
  • People assumed Stratos of the Sumeragi Swordsmen was him in human form, based on gluttony when it comes to his team's Seven Deadly Sins due to being experimented upon by Sumeragi. This comes with a strong fly motif, his powers and personality: Stratos can transform into swarms of fly-like particles that can break down any and all matter, and as a guy with a truly insatiable hunger he uses it to devour anything in sight of him. He was even called the "Lord of the Flies". Though they aren't one in the same, the sheer amount of similarities led the true Lord of the Flies to be instantly fond of the guy and Stratos is one of his favorites in the pantheon.
  • Most dissapointed by the lack of fly deities in the Hall of Insects. He really doesn't like the Radiance, partly for reminding him of YHVH but also because of the spanner in the works her plagues would cause due to their impact on insect life. And she would welcome subjugating one of Lucifer's top generals to her own cause. He was pleasantly surprised elsewhere to learn the bug fascination of Agitha and the power over bugs by Shino Aburame, however they aren't interested in whatever he might try to sell.
  • Misty has refused to go anywhere near the House of Beasts ever since Beelzebub's ascension, by virtue of him being a fly the size of a tank with a penchant for electric spells and rapid maggot infestation. Beelzebub stays out of the Hall of Fire and Heat upon Rangaros' ascension, due to his desire to burn INSECTS!
  • Has an interest in the House of Food, due to his role as a demon of gluttony. Pac-Man would rather be left alone, but Midora, Gluttony and the Deviljho are alright with him showing up. Pennywise is amused by the fear Beelzebub could bring and his demonic nature, but otherwise ignores what Lucifer's faction is doing because he's content being a sadistic Child Eater For the Evulz.
  • A god of filth as much as gluttony, Beelzebub is a good friend of Papa Nurgle. He sides with the forces of chaos, though Nurgle isn't ideologically interested in the fly's cause. Lucifer is trying to get his right hand fly to stop seeing the Chaos God as the fact he represents stagnation and decay makes him diametrically opposed to Lucifer's vision of a dynamic changing world.
  • Welcome in the Hall of Diseases. Obviously not liked in the rest of the House of Health and Diseases, given his power over plagues. Anton Arcane often associates with flies, so he'd like to get Beelzebub's favor. However his interests don't give him any favor from the Lord of the Flies.
  • Despite Makoto, Kotone, and Yu's lack of affiliation to Chaos, he is willing to serve them… under certain circumstances. One of these requirements include assuming they are strong enough to be worthy of summoning him, capable of summoning his human form and various devils for fusions, and submitting to the "devilish" nature of a single individual. Both Makoto and Kotone know of the shady businessman by the name of Tanaka, and Yu knows of a lustful nurse in a part-time job at the Inaba Municipal Hospital, which pleases Beelzebub enough to be called at their will.
    • With Ren, who is more chaotic than the former three, Beelzebub is much more pleased about serving him. Still, he required making a pact with an "devilish" individual, in the Thief's case a paparazzi.
  • Though Beelzebub's traditional appearance is that of a giant fly, he has shown a series of other forms;
    • There's Baal Zebul, a blue humanoid who sometimes becomes even more grotesque as a gigantic, hideous rotting corpse riddled with maggots. This form is how he was first introduced to Dracula, as he believes his opposition to God and connection to Chaos makes him a valuable asset to the GUAC.
    • Then there's Beelzebu, a Fallen Angel like the Goetia (who also fit the "demonized gods" role). Though his goals are already antithetical to the GUAC, Malthael is a figure of fear in this state as he could coaxed him into a full angel against his will by the power of Order. Beelzebu consumes demon souls for power, which will help Malthael bring law and order to the world. In turn Pazuzu fears this form for consuming his soul for power.
    • On one occasion he was a woman in dominatrix gear, and likes watching people try to figure that one out. In this form, she wishes to merge the demon and human world into one, and gives magical powers to men she fancies on a whim, or manipulate Lucifer's kin without his knowledge. The "sexy fly dominatrix" is only a form he shows in the pantheon within the House of Love and Affection.
    • Probably his strangest incarnation is a white penguin with fly wings wearing a tuxedo. Nobody gets that one. Absolutely nobody. But his true form is in fact Baal, a high-ranking Caananite deity.
  • Being a big-ass fly, even if he is a demon, Beelzebub comes off a delectable treat for any spider deity. As such, he stays the hell away from the Hall of Arthropods. He is straight up terrified of Ungoliant. Melkor didn't know how to feel about this; amusement at one of Lucifer's top dogs cowed by a former ally, or rather not wanting to get involved given Ungoliant was the only force of evil he feared and tried to eat him.
  • No one has dared ask him if he has a devil put aside for Freddie Mercury. Or how he responds to Ren, under Space Madness, threatening to lick a fly. That was too weird even for Beelzebub, and he initially thought that Ren Hoek was some sort of malformed mosquito.

HerakleKabuterimon, God of Lightning-Wielding Beetles (Bubbmon, Mochimon, Tentomon, Kabuterimon, Mega/AtlurKabuterimon, HerculesKabuterimon)
  • Intermediate God (weaker individuals). Greater Deities (stronger individuals).
  • Symbol: Its horns being struck by lightning
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Non-Binary
  • Portfolio: Strong, sturdy and fast (though in some continuities it's a Stone Wall), Eyeless Face, Giant Flyer, golden final form, has characteristics of both Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon and lightning powers to match, heroic mon despite off-putting appearance
  • Domains: Insects, Lightning, Data, Mons
  • Followers: Scarawatt and Scaravolt
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities, Mothra Leo, good members of the Halls of Insects and Electricity, Nancy Archer, GUAG White Hats, Souji Tendou and Arata Kagami, Herculious and Kuwagust Anchus, Gunvolt
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities, Enter, Xenomorphs, Zonda and the Seven (esp. Teseo), Team Rocket, Fafnir, Anub'arak
  • Opposed by: Seltas and Seltas Queen
  • Feared by: Misty
  • Hunted by: The Monster Hunters
  • HerakleKabuterimon is a Mega level Digimon who takes the form of a really, really big golden beetle. Despite the name, it's based on the Atlas beetle rather than the Hercules beetle (note the very different horns). HerakleKabuterimon combines the data of both the Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon lines to compensate for the weaknesses of both; this is evident by how its three horns resemble Kabuterimon's single horn and Kuwagamon's pair of antlers combined. It also wields some of the mightiest lightning attacks in the Digital World and despite its size is an extremely fast flyer.
  • Sig and Ken Ichijouji were just hanging out at the Hall of Insects, when Mothra Leo all of a sudden started going berserk and destroying everything in its path. Ken and Stingmon did their best to try to stop Mothra, but Stingmon alone was no match for the Greater God. While Sig was lamenting that he couldn't do anything to protect his favorite Hall, he also thought of all the bug Digimon Ken had showed him and got the idea to ask them for help. Sig used a computer to send an SOS to the Digital World, and his heartfelt pleas reached HerakleKabuterimon, who rushed to provide help. HerakleKabuterimon burst into the scene and held back Mothra long enough for Ken's friends to arrive and decisively defeat the rampaging moth. The Main House rewarded HerakleKabuterimon with godhood over Thunder Beetle at Sig's vehement insistence. Sig himself became the partner to HerakleKabuterimon, as he received the Digivice as soon as the Digimon was made a god.
    • Given HerakleKabuterimon's Child form (which it'll often be in to save energy) is Tentomon, a ladybug, it is especially appropriate for Sig to be its partner, as he's always had a ladybug trailing after him. But Sig is a true bug fanatic, so he really loves all of HerakleKabuterimon's forms.
    • By the way, it was discovered that the reason Mothra Leo went berserk was due to Enter using Millenniumon's Dark Spores to corrupt it. Neither Sig nor HerakleKabuterimon will forgive Enter for this. Mothra Leo, on the other hand, is thankful to the two for their intervention and became one of HerakleKabuterimon's first friends in the Pantheon.
  • Although it looks creepy on account of its lack of eyes and its gaping maws, HerakleKabuterimon is of the Vaccine attribute, which gives it a disposition to fight for justice and protect the weak. That's why it didn't hesitate to come and help out against Mothra when asked. It's also generally friendly and polite to anyone who isn't an enemy, and it often laments how its looks and size scare other deities away. Its will to fight for good also means it won't disappoint the White Hats should they ever call upon it to help fight the villains who use the digital world as their main platform and assorted digital hazards. Sig is less happy at this new responsibility, but he'll help his partner however he can.
  • Some deities think HerakleKabuterimon looks just like the Xenomorphs, alien creatures who are also eyeless and have a mean set of jaws, which adds to HerakleKabuterimon's creepy factor as Xenomorphs are very aggressive and... messy when they deal with their victims. This comparison makes HerakleKabuterimon pretty sad, but it's declared war on them to show those deities just how different it is from the aliens. Turns out HerakleKabuterimon is quite the bane to Xenomorphs, who can't really handle it even with all their natural weapons.
  • Nancy Archer was one of the deities that was indeed scared of HerakleKabuterimon at first, which is ironic because with her size she could probably hold her own against it. Her fear of him had more to do with his lightning element than anything else though, due to how she died from electrocution. However her fear ebbed away thanks to its well-mannered ways and assurances that it'd never do anything to hurt her and only wanted a fellow big being to talk to on the same level. Now Nancy thinks of HerakleKabuterimon as a true gentleman(-mon).
  • HerakleKabuterimon unfortunately didn't have the same luck with Misty, who remains steadfast in her fear of insects even with someone like HerakleKabuterimon, who's more articulate and human-like (in terms of personality) than most of its hall-mates.
  • Its personality and its deed of saving Mothra Leo from corruption made it popular with its hall-mates in the Hall of Insects. Even less moral ones like Beelzebub and Swarm have loads of respect for its power and won't engage it in combat lightly. Sometimes when HerakleKabuterimon is resting at the Hall of Insects, the smaller deities can be seen crawling or resting themselves on it.
  • Wanted to make friends with Seltas and Seltas Queen owing to their similar beetle species. Unfortunately HerakleKabuterimon discovered that monsters from the Monster Hunter universe aren't really up for socializing. The Seltas saw HerakleKabuterimon primarily as competition and they also fear its lightning powers, due to being weak to that element (which is rather ironic). As a result, the two Seltas are hostile to HerakleKabuterimon, who's sorry for that and stays out of their vicinity to avoid unnecessary conflict in response.
  • One beetle it's really on bad terms with is the king of the Nerubians, Anub'arak (even though Nerubians are spiders, their kings are closer to beetles for some reason). Anub'arak's title of Traitor King and loyalty to someone as evil as Arthas really sets HerakleKabuterimon's jaws on edge.
  • Has a good relationship with Gunvolt given they share the same electrical powers and are firmly on the side of good. And although GV's appearance isn't exactly the stuff of nightmares, Adepts do have that reputation since many did help devastate the world with their powers. And terrorist groups like Eden doesn't exactly mend that infamy either. In particular, Teseo from Zonda and the Seven is someone HerakleKabuterimon watches out for, given the internet troll has already established himself as a nemesis for several Digidestined. HerakleKabuterimon and GV agree to fight together whenever Teseo decides to raise hell in the digital world.
  • HerakleKabuterimon's body shines like glittering gold and is very hardy, leading to certain deities trying to hunt it be it because they think its body parts would fetch a high price. Such is the motivation of the Monster Hunters. HerakleKabuterimon usually just flies away when it sees members of that organization, though if they were ever able to prevent its escape, the beetle would probably be compelled to fight for its life. Some more delusional deities think HerakleKabuterimon is literally made of gold; this is the case with Fafnir, who's obsessed with said metal. Unlike the Monster Hunters, HerakleKabuterimon sees no need to hold back against the evil dragon.
  • Also present in the House of Otherness, in the Hall of Demons.

Khepri, God of Scarab Power (Khepera, Kheper, Khepra, Chepri, The Dawn Bringer)
How he's typically portrayed.
Khepri portrayed in Smite.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A scarab moving an orange ball
  • Theme Music: His Smite theme, the Egyptian theme of Smite (shared with other Egyptian folkloric figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Scarab God Of The Sun, Light Is Good, Embodies The Dawn, Depicted With Its Animal For Its Head (most of the time), Gentle Giant
  • Domains: Scarabs, The Sun, The Dawn
  • Interests: Settra
  • Allies: Ra, other solar deities (Helios, Amaterasu), Shino Aburame, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Volcarona, HerakleKabuterimon, Eru Illuvatar, The Entity, Rosalina, The Lumas, Aurelion Sol, Solrock, Robert Capa
  • On speaking terms with: Black Arachnia
  • Enemies: Apophis and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Nurgle, Ragnaros the Firelord, Anub'arak, Ungoliant, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon, The Radiance, Beelzebub, YHVH, Darth Plagueis, The C'tan, Pinbacker, Nagash
  • Opposed by: Misty
  • Scarabs. Be it their strength, their busy movement of dung balls, their colors, a number of cultures saw something magical about them. In Ancient Egypt, the rolling of that ball of dung and how it fed their offspring was seen as alike to the movement of the sun. As such, Khepri, a scarab god, served to represent the rising or morning sun. He is seen as an aspect or subordinate to Ra, depending on who you ask.
  • Khepri doesn't have any cult, and is instead more of a servant to Ra. The Egyptian Top God was glad to see that Khepri had ascended, introducing him to other solar deities. He's seen getting along with both Helios and Amaterasu, though admits Helios can be a dick sometimes. He was intrigued by both Solrock and the Lumas, what with being a meteorite modeled after the sun and the Lumas being living stars. The Dawn Bringer thinks the latter are totally adorable. Rather friendly with Rosalina, due to her role as a goddess of the stars and being a caretaker of the Lumas.
  • Tends to take the appearance of a man with a full scarab for a head. However he is more often seen as a giant scarab due to The Battleground of the Gods bringing him to people's attention. He's said to resemble Anub'arak in this form by some, however Khepri doesn't like him all that much for his villainy and ice powers.
    • Misty had a hard time deciding which form creeped her out less, but picked the full scarab because of the uncanniness of a human with a scarab for a head.
  • Due to his close association with Ra, Khepri is active in opposing the GUAD and especially Apophis. He is also a bane for malevolent darkness gods, mainly Chernabog and Nightmare Moon. The latter is on Khepri's end, as an eternal night would among other things prevent a dawn and put Khepri out of the job. The former is on Chernabog's end because he is forced to retreat with the coming sun, which Khepri personifies.
  • Khepri is also an enemy of Ungoliant, the C'Tan and Pinbacker. Ungoliant and the C'Tan took note of the brilliant light that was the sun he was moving around and wish to devour it, and for obvious reasons the scarab god can't have that happen. Pinbacker is convinced that Khepri is one of Satan's demons trying to prevent God's supposed holy mission to shut down the sun and bring the end times, rambling that he is motivated by fearing the Day of Judgement and Lake of Fire. Khepri called him delusional and was happy to see someone sane like Robert Capa was pursuing him, not to mention Robert ended up saving his version of the sun.
  • Generally, Khepri is chill with other beetles in his house. Of course, that's because they tend to be generally benevolent. When it comes to general insects and other bugs, he is rather fond of Volcarona as she is able to act as a substitute sun at times when things like volcanic ash block it. Also, while generally good-aligned Khepri isn't too concerned with Black Arachnia. Despite her evil alignment, she is deeply concerned with her swarm of offspring, which reminds the scarab of the expansive family that scarabs can have.
  • Hates the Radiance for her oppressive actions towards bug-kind, and her malevolent divinity. Being light-themed is just insulting for Khepri. She hopes to dominate him as part of a larger take-over scheme, and Khepri is having none of that. He doesn't care much for Beelzebub, who relating to his fly nature was intrigued by the connection between the dung ball and movement of the sun.
  • Though an enemy to the Lord of the Flies, he's ambivalent to Lucifer since Beelzebub has a life outside of him and Lucifer isn't involved in their feud. However they do share an enemy in YHVH, though that's because YHVH is an enemy of just about every religious pantheon. Unrelated is the fact that like just about every insect Khepri is angered by Ragnaros' desire to burn INSECTS!
  • Associated with creation and renewal, due to how scarabs emerge fully grown from the dung ball their parent moves around. This connection with creation is why Khepri is interested in the Life Entity and Eru Illuvatar, alongside their light. Being more and a lot more powerful than the scarab god is why he considers himself more of a student to them than a peer. Darth Plagueis was intrigued in this renewal as it might help his immortality experiments, and is willing to experiment on Khepri to achieve his goals.
  • Gets annoyed whenever people make Toilet Humor at his expense, due to how scarabs use dung. Nurgle was grotesquely intrigued by it, what with being the Great Unclean One and how Khepri is connected with renewal. Settra treated him with more respect, due to being heavily associated with scarabs himself; when he dies his body dissolves into scarabs that retreat to his old tomb so he can be resurrection. Khepri was intrigued by the Tomb Kings because of how similar they are to Ancient Egyptians, and like Settra loathes Nagash for his omnicidal ambitions and unremitting depravity.

Megaguirus, Goddess of Monstrous Dragonflies (Megagilas, Megagirasu)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A silhouette of herself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Glass Cannon, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Razor Wings, Fragile Speedster
  • Domains: Dragonflies, Agility
  • High Priestess: Yanmega
  • Rivals: Queen Sectonia, Them!
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Rodan, Spyro, Sparx, The Monster Hunters, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Opposes: Agitha, Sig, Shino Aburame
  • Megaguirus is the queen of the Meganulons, a species of ancient giant dragonflies. An egg laid by one of the Meganulons that was discovered in modern-day Japan hatched into multiple larvae, later growing into a larger adult, and eventually into the queen of Meganulons. Megaguirus is very agile and can drain the life energy of her opponents along with using any energy attack that the foe may have, but it doesn't take too much effort to defeat her once a solid hit connects and fire can make very quick work of her.
  • An egg was found somewhere in the House of Nature one day, its origins apparently unknown. Someone took the egg for themselves, but they had no idea where they should throw it away, so they simply decided to toss it into the sewers, not knowing what would happen later. A few days later, a swarm of dragonflies arrived in the Pantheon, siphoning off different energy sources and transferring it over to a gestating member of their kind. Not long afterwards, that gestating member was unleashed, identified as Megaguirus, and she began to wreak havoc around the Pantheon, forcing its denizens to assemble a team in order to stop it. It took a while to land some direct hits and once she was weakened, the team unleashed a lot of fire-based weapons to finish off the queen. While Megaguirus' threat has subsided for the time being, it wouldn't be the last time the Pantheon would have to fight her, especially if Godzilla gets involved.
  • Having another giant murderous insect to deal with already made the Pantheon's slightly recurring insect problem even worse. Megaguirus' speed combined with her ability to effective use her Meganulon troops and suck out energy sources to use for her own have placed her decently high on that list. Given that the giant ants known as Them! are already an issue on their own and that them getting different mutations generally makes them worse, it's a troubling thought as to whether or not Megaguirus can gain similar power-ups as such. The idea of Megaguirus and the Meganulon fighting against Them! is already a possibility that many are trying to avoid, even if the animosity between both races of insects are already there.
  • While the Meganulons are creatures that shouldn't be taken too lightly, they happen to be a snack of sorts for Rodan. Some of the Meganulons that were trying to get energy sources one day were unlucky to cross paths with Rodan and got eaten by him. Megaguirus was nearby and after seeing what is happening to her soldiers, she became enraged (moreso than before given her perpetually scary face) and attacked Rodan and what followed was a fight between a dragonfly and a pterodactyl that caused a lot of collateral damage. Rodan got a bit of help in driving out Megaguirus, who has since developed a strong hatred towards him and wouldn't hesitate to retaliate against him once more.
  • Sparx received a tip that there was another dragonfly in the Pantheon waiting for him. He was more than eager to meet another of his kind, though Spyro decided to tag-along with him in case something went horribly wrong. Some time during that walk, Sparx got separated from Spyro, prompting the latter to call out his name to see where he was at. Spyro ended up hearing a loud scream, followed by witnessing a very scared Sparx fleeing from Megaguirus. Spyro ended up in a brief fight against her and despite the obvious size difference, he was able to stop Megagurius from killing him and Sparx. Sparx was more than disappointed that the dragonfly he encountered had no intention of being useful to them, with Spyro agreeing to help stop any additional rampages that Megaguirus may cause.
  • A handful of deities have taken to hunting down Megaguirus and her Meganulon troops, hoping to get a decent reward out of them. The Monster Hunters are among those who have taken part of various quests to hunt down Megaguirus, with some of the hunters comparing Megaguirus to a handful of insect-like monsters that the team has encountered in the past. Hunter J had the same reaction to Megaguirus as that of other unusual creatures: an interesting creature that can be captured for money. Hunter J has already set up some plans to get the Meganulons away from her main target so that she can put more effort into trapping Megaguirus.
  • Plenty of deities thought that Queen Sectonia would take an interest in the Meganulons and Megaguirus given how the latter serves as a ruthless insect queen to her subordinates. While Sectonia is indeed aware of Megaguirus, the assumption that the two would at least work together was disproven rather swiftly. Sectonia took one look at Megaguirus and decried it as hideous, prompting Megaguirus to not only attack Sectonia, but resulted in a skirmish between their respectives armies. Once the fight ended, Sectonia made it clear that she'll eliminate Megaguirus and the rest of the Meganulons from her sight, seeing them as an obstacle towards her goals of conquest.
  • One attempt to try and lessen Megaguirus' threat was to send Agitha, Sig, and Shino Aburame to her hideout. Even though some had questioned the task given that a similar attempt to approach Them! with these insect-lovers had failed, others were confident that this attempt wouldn't be nearly as disastrous despite the kaiju's capabilities. The trio's journey to find Megaguirus and reach out to her didn't start off terribly, they got attacked by some Meganulons and some of those insects were already helping give Megaguirus more energy. By the time the team almost reached her hideout, Megaguirus had already sighted them and began attacking them. The team members got injured defending themselves against the creature, prompting a retreat and the outcome being another failed mission to calm down an angry giant insect.
  • What makes her and her brood a significant-enough concern is how they're able to siphon off energy sources as a means to power themselves up. Being able to absorb Godzilla's energy was already bad enough on its own and since the Pantheon is home to a lot of different energy sources (some potentially even more dangerous than that of Godzilla's), many have set up measures to prevent Megaguirus and the Meganulons from absorbing them. The sheer number of Meganulons have made implementing these defenses easier said than done, though.
    • One source of energy that other deities are worried about comes from The Guardians, who are sometimes called upon to fend of Megaguirus' attacks. The Guardians' light-based abilities are unique in that they allow them to defeat foes bigger and stronger than they are. Since Megaguirus has been exposed to this particular source as a result, many are worried about what would happen if she and her Meganulons not only get ahold of Arc, Solar, and Void powers, but even The Guardians' Resurrective Immortality, which could result in a Meganulon swarm that won't go away.
  • Even though she doesn't have much in the way of allies outside of her Meganulons, there have been a few villainous deities that have tried to get on good terms with her. Among them is the GUAD and even if Megaguirus isn't what one would call a world-destroyer compared to a lot of the GUAD's other allies, the group does see potential, especially regarding her abilities to siphon off energy.
  • Although not explicitly classified as a dragon, some have noticed that this dragonfly's appearance has some elements of a dragon, especially when it comes to her size. In a way, she can be considered a dragon-fly. That said, it's not recommended to say it directly to her face unless one wants to get stabbed by a gargantuan bug and drained of their energy (or get assaulted by a bunch of Meganulons).

    Scyther and Lurantis 
Scyther and Lurantis, God and Goddess of Mantids (Scyther: The Mantis Pokémon, Strike, Lurantis: The Bloom Sickle Pokémon, Lalantes)
Top to bottom-Scyther, Lurantis.

    Queen Sectonia 
Queen Sectonia, Goddess of Insect Queens (Soul of Sectonia)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess if fused with the Dreamstalk)
  • Symbol: Her upper body and wands, imprinted into a red flag
  • Theme Music: Sullied Grace, Moonstruck Blossom, Soul of Sectonia
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Evil Insect Queens, Showing the Evil of Beauty and Light, Fighting Ruler, Magic and Melee Fighter, Dual Wielding Wands and Rapiers, Not Giving Up, Was Once A Good Queen Until She Got Corrupted And Driven To Madness
  • Domains: Rulers, Insects, Beauty
  • Followers: Queen Diva
  • Allies: Zero, Vega, The Evil Queen, Kuja, Trakeena
  • Rivals: Q-Bee, The Shadow Queen
  • Enemies: Kirby, King Dedede, Sho Minamimoto, Nicolas Cage, Crow, Banjo and Kazooie
  • A wasp-like queen who leads an army of insect-like creatures called Sectras and who were tyrannizing the citizens of Floralia. Ascended into the Pantheon after fusing herself with the Dreamstalk which was sent to help Kirby to take her down, almost destroying Dreamland, almost killing Kirby if it wasn't for King Dedede and her, now good, servant Taranza and only going down after being defeated by Kirby five times.
  • She, Vega, The Evil Queen and Kuja have formed a group known as "The Rule of Beauty". Where they would argue who of them is the prettiest of all, they are willing to ally together to kill anyone who thinks they are better than them.
    • At one point, Sho Minamimoto once appeared before their group, shouting into a bullhorn that he has more beauty than all of them, using his unique standards of beauty. This led to a fight between the group and Minamimoto, but it was cut short when Minamimoto decided he had better things to do. But now he's on the Rule of Beauty's blacklist.
  • Refuses to be with anyone who she considers ugly. Queen Slug-for-a-Butt tried to be one of her followers, but just hearing her full name caused Sectoria to zap her with lightning and drove her away.
  • Those who know better know that she wasn't always like this. In the past, she was a kind ruler, but her obsession with beauty eventually corrupted her to turn evil. Further research into her past suggests that the Dimension Mirror and Dark Meta Knight were the things that ultimately caused her corruption.
  • Is unknown if her position makes her the ruler of the Hall of Insects in the House of Beasts and Fauna.
  • Is rather wary of the Evil Queen due to her plan to usurp Maleficent as the top Disney Villain, fearing that she would become The Starscream. She is looking for a potential member to replace her if needed.
  • Was more amused than anything else of the news that Q-Bee managed to ascend. Though this lead to an eternal rivalry between Sectas and Soul Bees. Sectas are winning so far.
    • However, the tide seemingly turned once Crow found out about Sectonia, making a snide comment about how she looks like Princess Apodia, another fellow bee of royalty if she was uglier with an outfit too flashy for his taste. She didn't take too kindly to it, and has Crow up on her hit-list since, with it growing even bigger now that Crow decided to side with the kinder bee queen, Q-Bee.

Waspinator, God of Wasps (Wasp, Thrust, Thrustinator, Waspscream)
Autobot Wasp
Animated Waspinator
Timelines Trustinator
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A half in half Predacon/Vehicon insignia.
  • Theme: "Phat Planet by Leftfield."
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Lawful Evil as Thrust and Chaotic Evil in his Animated state.)
  • Portfolio: Transforms into a wasp, Least evil of the Predacons, Punch-Clock Villain, A surprisingly good shot, Friendly Sniper, Cosmic Plaything, Rival to Bumblebee, Possesses electric stingers, Once possessed by Starscream, Nigh-Invulnerability
  • Domains: Robots, Insects, Rebels, Fate, Scrapmetal
  • High Priest: Hornet Man
  • Followers: Janice Starlin, Shathra
  • Allies: Herculious Anchus and Kuwagust Anchus, The White Hats, Kenny McCormick, The Three Stooges, Charlie Brown, Loana
  • Rivals: Windowmaker, Mr. Mundy/The Sniper
  • Enemies: Dinobot, Bumblebee (he is on neutral terms with the other Autobots), Katniss Everdeen, Trakeena
  • Opposes: The Terraformars, Swarm, Toph Beifong, AM
  • Feared by: Misty, Annie,
  • Complicated Relationship: BW!Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Queen Sectonia
  • Pities: Wile E. Coyote, The Five Survivors
  • Waspinator; member of a Predacon rebel cell lead by the rogue Megatron, aerial combat and recon specialist... and the universe's designated bitch. All throughout the Beast Wars, whenever something bad occurred, it usually happened to Waspinator. He has been blasted, crushed, torn apart, pulverized, possessed, shredded, smashed, bashed, noogied, canned in the nuts and bolts, and broken down to his most basic components by either the Maximals, his own comrades, the natural environment of prehistoric Earth, or on one occasion, a young hominid. Eventually, he grew sick of being blown to scrap and decided to quit the Predacons altogether.note  But Waspinator did get a happy ending; worshipped by the Protohumans as the Maximals returned to Cybertron... but some things never last forever. Waspinator was driven out by the Protohumans and through unknown means, made it back to his home planet, only to have his spark extracted by Megatron and placed into a lifeless Vehicon body. With his new motorcycle alternate mode and command over the mindless cycle-drones, Waspinator - known as Thrust - served as a loyal general and proved to be a dangerous adversary for the Maximal resistance. He was perfectly happy with his change, however, when Optimus Primal sacrificed his life to reformat Cybertron into a technorganic world, Waspinator was reduced to a tiny wasp body with Thrust's head. At the end of the day, Waspinator never gets what Waspinator wants.
  • Not long after the Reformatting, Waspinator was wandering about the new Cybertron when an anomaly suddenly appeared before him, sucking the poor stooge inside it. He found himself in a strange realm, a cold, mechanical lair filled similar to Megatron's old lair. And sure enough, the Predacon rogue/Vehicon leader was there, looming over the robotic insect in his Transmetal 2 dragon form. Megs had summoned his former subordinate to make him an offer; He would restore Waspinator's Vehicon body, in exchange for his Undying Loyalty. Now, Waspinator considered it, but ultimately he was tired of working for the losing side. He refused, so Megatron destroyed his body, leaving behind his spark. The mad dragon was ready to consume his former lackey but was stopped by the White Hat Hackers, who managed to secure the spark before fleeing back to their HQ. With the technical skills of Bentley the Turtle, Waspinator was given a new body - one closely resembling the form he had during the Beast Wars. The other White Hats, Otacon in particular, even helped the wasp secure a temple and title in the Pantheon. Waspinator was most happy for the assistance and often helps the White Hats with whatever they need.
    • Many in the Pantheon have questioned why Waspinator was given the title of Wicked Wasps, despite being a Cybertronian robot with a wasp alternate mode. There are two possible reasons for it. The first reason, the High Gods figured it was a good enough title for him. The second, more accepted reason? He's the least threatening wasp around.
  • His temple in the Hall of Insects leads back to Prehistoric Earth, not far from the protohuman settlement that once worshipped him. He doesn't like to go back there, due to the "fleshy-bots" not wanting him around anymore. That said, his temple once malfunctioned, accidentally transported the Cybertronian into the world of the Shell and Rock tribes. A member of the Shell Tribe, a cavewoman named Loana, approached Waspinator and offered to help him find his home, despite the protests of her tribe members. Waspinator accepted, and even defended the tribe from a rampaging dinosaur - while getting chomped in the process. Once back in the Pantheon, Waspinator thanked Loana for her help and has made periodic return visits to her homeworld, where he's treated with respect for his actions.
  • Waspinator is not fond of his insectoid neighbours. Queen Sectonia attempted to rope the robotic wasp into her plans to take over Floralia. It initially worked... and then Kirby whooped his ass. After that, Waspinator rarely works with Sectonia, fearing what might happen if he's sent back to her world. Meanwhile, he opposes the Nazi super-villain Swarm, who wanted to experiment on the Predacon, as well as the humanoid cockroaches known as the Terraformars. They tore him to scrap metal when he first came across them while scouting Mars. He was saved by the beetle brothers, Herculious and Kuwagust Anchus, who offered to help Wasp with his combat skills to better defend himself.
    • Similar to Sectonia, Waspinator stays the hell away from Trakeena, who sees him as a poor excuse of a Stingwinger and promptly zapped him with her staff. Doesn't help that seeing a robotic insect reminded her of how she and Deviot merged into a monstrous insectoid form.
  • Unfortunately, there are quite a few people in the Pantheon who fear Waspinator due to his preference in beast modes, more than anything else about him. Cerulean City's gym leader, Misty, and the young world-traveller Annie Smith. The latter keeps as far away from Waspy as possible, her brother Jack used as a shield, but Misty will use her Gyarados' Flamethrower if the Predacon is too close. As it turned out, the sea serpent's fire-breath proved to be super-effective.
    • On the flipside, Poor Waspy is himself afraid of Toph Beifong, despite towering over the tiny, blind girl. The reason for it? When Waspinator first met her, Toph demonstrated her skills... by turning him into a compacted cube. One trip to the CR Chamber later and the Predacon keeps out of Toph's reach.
  • Despite his unfortunate luck and numerous mishaps, Waspinator has surprisingly good aim with his blaster, capable of taking his foes by surprise. It's gotten him into trouble with the Pantheon's other snipers. Amélie Lacroix, codenamed Widowmaker, thinks very little of the Predacon in his default state, preferring to work with him as he's the more competent Thrust. Mr. Mundy meanwhile, views Waspy as mere target practice. When he does make a good shot the two will compliment him briefly, but usually, that doesn't long.
  • Waspinator has found himself being sniped at by Katniss Everdeen, her arrows usually hitting their mark more often than not. At first, the Predacon was confused as to why the "fleshy-bot" acted so aggressively towards him. But her reasons became clear enough. Katniss distrusts Waspinator not only for his alternate mode resembling the Tracker Jacker wasps of her world but for serving Megatron, who is just as much of a totalitarian tyrant as President Snow was. Waspinator tries to keep out of reach, taking potshots at her whenever he can, but as soon as The Girl On Fire spots him, it's game over.
  • Like many Transformers, Waspinator has had several incarnations spanning the multiverse, with different appearances and backstories to accompany them. Perhaps the most infamous examples hails from the Animated timeline, where he started off as an Autobot cadet known as Wasp, only to be wrongfully incarcerated thanks to fellow cadet member, Bumblebee. After attempting to get revenge on Bee, Wasp fell in with Blackarachnia, who mutated him into a technorganic monstrosity, more powerful and violent than his original self. Sometimes, Waspinator will take on this form to get even with the yellow Autobot, as well as taking on his former Predacon comrade Dinobot, and when he does, everyone takes cover. Even Widowmaker, Mr. Mundy and Katniss are wary when confronting Waspinator in this form. Optimus Prime and his Autobots have trouble wrangling the feral beast.
    • His alternate selves take on even more varied forms. In one timeline, Waspinator was affected by the quantum surge and was turned into a Transmetal, complete with an additional jet mode. In others, he was transformed into the hybrid "Thrustinator", either by Virulina's magic or through exposure to the Vehicon Apocalypse.
  • Waspinator hasn't forgotten about the time his body was possessed by the indestructible spark of Starscream, and has found himself being taken over by the Decepticon seeker whenever his body is destroyed. When this happens, Starscream takes full control, but as much as the two personalities argue with each other, Waspinator secretly enjoys the perks and benefits that the Screamer brings to aerial combat. Still needs to work on the treachery game though.
  • The Allied Mastercomupter was quick to take notice of Waspinator's Nigh-Invulnerability, thanks to Decepticon scientist Shockwave bringing it up, and decided to make the robotic insect his latest "subject", taking great delight in torturing and distorting the poor bug. Waspinator managed to escape AM's lair after a few experiments but dares not return. It was during this experience he met AM's original five subjects and took pity on them, knowing full well that humans are made of less stern stuff than Cybertronians.
  • Being the luckless buffoon that he is, Waspinator became friends with the Pantheon's other "losers", mostly through their shared blunders and troubles. Kenny McCormick was the first person besides the White Hats to approach the giant insect, sympathizing with his cosmically bad luck and offered to show Waspinator around the Pantheon, alongside the equally unlucky Charlie Brown, who also befriended the insect. From there, he found himself tagging along with the Three Stooges who, despite their initial fear of the giant bug, accepted him and tried to help get him used to the Pantheon... which was easier said than done given their misfortune.
    • Speaking of misfortune, Waspinator couldn't help but pity Wile E. Coyote and his eternal struggle to catch the Road Runner. That's right, even Waspinator feels Wile E. is wasting his time and should focus on better things... Like hunting that rabbit, for example.
  • The High Gods took the time to gather further information on Waspinator for others to view and enjoy. It only served to rub salt on Waspinator's ever-present wounds.
  • Inferno blow up, Waszzpinator must salvage. Waszzpinator blow up, nobody salvage! Why universe hate Waszzpinator?

Lesser Gods

    Atom Ant 
Atom Ant, God of Strong Ants
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The letter A superimposed on some weights
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Flying Brick, Animal Superhero, Four-Legged Insect, A Name that Sounds like “Adamant”
  • Domains: Ants, Strength, Heroism
  • Allies: Hank Pym, Superman, Flik & Z, Sig, Agitha, Shino Aburame
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Queen Sectonia, Terraformars, Megaguirus, The Radiance
  • Opposes: corrupt law enforcers
  • Keeping an Eye on: Them!
  • Crime is running rampant in a city and despite the police trying to make an effort to stop it, they are ultimately powerless to do anything to these criminals. In order to put these criminals behind bars, they turn to Atom Ant, an ant with the ability to fly and possess strength far stronger than the average human (and ant for that matter). With Atom’s help, plans such as a mad scientist’s faulty inventions and a dastardly flea with strength close to that of Atom’s have been thwarted. If he isn’t being summoned for help, he’ll be at his home, just relaxing and lifting weights (which are apparently needed for him to maintain his strength).
  • Another crime wave struck the Pantheon, many of the more competent officers were hung up on the crimes that they specialized in, and a lot of powerful superheroes that could handle most of the other crimes the rest of law enforcement was left to handle were unavailable. A distress signal was sent out in the hopes that somebody would pick up and help stop the criminals that were still out there. It took a few minutes, but they were able to get ahold of a superhero that offered to round up any remaining criminals that were causing chaos. They had a hard time believing that an ant would be able to do it all, but they placed their faith in Atom after being demonstrated his strength via catching a criminal that underestimated Atom. After a while, the crime wave came to an end and Atom settled down in the Pantheon, ready to spring into action whenever necessary.
  • Hank Pym learned about the superpowered ant that contributed to stopping the aforementioned crime wave and was curious to learn more about Atom. A meeting between Hank and Atom was arranged by the former and the latter was eager to meet up with a superhero that understands ants really well. Atom arrived at Hank’s place, the latter having shrunken himself to about Atom’s size to have their talk. Atom then noticed a multitude of ants nearby, looking very different compared to himself, with Hank stating that he is able to communicate with ants like those and have helped him quite a bit. Atom was eager to work with Hank, offering to help him out whenever Hank is having trouble with certain criminals.
    • It was through his meetings with Hank that Atom learned about a group of giants ants known only as Them!. These giant ants have threatened the Pantheon from time to time and Hank has made a number of attempts to control some of their numbers so that they can be used for heroic endeavors, but such a task has proven easier said than done. Atom has offered to oversee Hank’s efforts in controlling Them! and making sure that they don’t cause extensive damage to the Pantheon.
  • One of Atom’s adventures involved Superguy, or more accurately, the actor playing the latter character and in more ways than one, Superguy can be considered similar to Superman in terms of build and abilities. Atom found out about Superman via watching a bit of TV in his downtime and quickly admired the Man of Steel’s adherence to justice and protecting the weak. It helps that unlike “Superguy”, Superman isn’t merely a regular actor (though he does have to use a disguise to blend in with normal people) and that Superman is able to take on threats that are too much for Atom to handle.
  • Flik and Z were both eager to meet with another ant that can help them solve their respective problems. They didn’t really expect a superpowered ant, but they found that benefit Atom had to be more than welcome. Atom himself sometimes invites Flik and Z over to his anthill home on occasion and has offered them his aid for their regular work whenever he isn’t busy tackling dangers that are too much for the two.
  • Sig, Agitha, and Shino Aburame were taking a break from their adventures one day and decided to rest at a nearby tree, which happened to have a mailbox belonging to Atom nearby as well as his anthill. Atom wasn’t there when the three first arrived and only noticed then by the time he was returning to his home. The three were curious to learn more about him and Atom was willing to have a conversation with them. He was happy to learn that they were all fond of bugs, with Shino and Agitha also able to use insects as a means for combat. Sig (who has HerakleKabuterimon as an insect partner that will help him on dangerous missions), Agitha, and Shino are all able to fend for themselves and they’re all willing to help Atom out whenever he’s in trouble.
  • A recurring foe that Atom fought previously was Ferocious Flea, a criminal insect with abilities similar to what Atom has. He rightfully suspected that the Pantheon would have its share of villainous insects, but it became clear that they would dangers that are much more severe than what Atom was used to. Getting caught in a fight with Megaguirus proved to be fairly challenging for Atom given the former’s speed and ability to drain energy, especially since Godzilla was caught up in a different conflict at the time. Atom has also been repulsed by Queen Sectonia’s vain attitude and desire to take over the Pantheon, to say nothing of the Terraformar’s bloodthirsty behavior and large numbers giving Atom more challenges to his crime-fighting spree.
    • Even with all these dangerous insects running around, they were nothing compared to what threat that The Radiance posed not just to Atom, but the rest of the Pantheon. The Radiance has the power to brainwash insects to put them under her command and if she was able to do it to other insects in the Pantheon (including someone powerful such as Mothra Leo, to which Atom was thankful that a butterfly as powerful as Mothra Leo is fighting to protect others), and given the strengths that Atom possessed, she is more than willing to try and brainwash him to do her bidding. For Atom, fighting The Radiance would be too risky for him and he doesn’t want to get brainwashed and forced to turn against his allies.
  • Mad scientists have posed a problem back in Atom’s homeworld, even if some of the problems were the result of faulty inventions instead of genuine malice. The mad scientist problem carried over to the Pantheon when it came to foes that Atom would have to fight against, and unlike what he was used to, much of these scientists such as Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily had clear-cut plans to conquer the Pantheon and their creations had far less problems compared to Atom’s earlier enemies. This isn’t even getting to the fact that there are other scientists in the Pantheon that are much more dangerous compared to the aforementioned two.
  • The police officers that Atom helped out ended up being very incompetent and insufficiently supplied to handle the jobs that Atom would end up resolving. Most of the law enforcement officials in the Pantheon were more than capable of handling a lot of the criminal activities that befall the Pantheon, with Atom being summoned when things end up being too much to handle. While Atom is cordial with most of the police officers in the Pantheon and respects them for doing a good job with their work, he was dismayed to learn that there were some corrupt law enforcers running around abusing their positions to get what they want. Atom finds those types of individuals to be unworthy of handing out justice and wants nothing more than to see them behind bars.

    False Knight 
False Knight, God of Maggots (Failed Champion, Angry God of the Downtrodden, Baleful God of Regrets)
True appearance
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The helmet of his armor
  • Theme Song: False Knight
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral on his own, Chaotic Evil when infected
  • Portfolio: Messy Maggot Who Got Fed Up with Abuse, Warm-Up Boss, Is a Threat Because of his Suit of Armor, Wields a Mace With a Living Bug on Its End, Collapsing Ceiling Boss, Shockwave Stomp, Is Called "False Knight" Because He Wears Stolen Armor, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Only Wanted to Protect His Family from Harm
  • Domains: Bosses, Maggots, Strength, Protection
  • Heralds: His two maggot siblings
  • Allies: Beelzebub, Agitha
  • Enemies: The Knight, Soldier, Sergeant Hartman, Litchi Faye-Ling, Isaac
  • Uneasy With: Oogie Boogie, Corey Taylor, Nurgle
  • Complicated Relationship: The Radiance
  • Monitored By: Smokey Bear
  • In the kingdom of Hallownest, inhabited by bugs of all kinds, maggots were known as the weakest and the most harmless creatures of all Hallownest. They were always looked down upon and forced to do menial labor, and some even consumed them as food, ignoring their pleas for mercy. One lone maggot was fed up with such cruel treatment of himself and his siblings. Fortunately for him, he stumbled upon the Mighty Hegemol, one of the Five Great Knights of Hallownest, resting in his armor. Hoping to use his armor's strength to protect his siblings, the maggot managed to (somehow) steal the armor and, now christened the False Knight, put it to use to protect his family. Alas, such power came at the cost of his sanity, and he succumbed to the Mystical Plague that ravaged Hallownest, becoming a raging berserker who smashed anyone on sight. In spite of the infection, he stayed true to his wish and protected his siblings to this very day...until he had a run-in with a mysterious stranger who proved itself to be a formidable foe and managed to defeat the False Knight and put an end to his life.
    • When his siblings heard of his demise, they brought his corpse to a secluded place, mourning his death and desperately hoping that their brother would wake up and rise to their defense once more. Their pleas were moot, as the Knight, their brother's killer, managed to track them down and, to fill the Hunter's Journal to prove itself worthy of being called true Hunter, vanquished them both with ease, as they were completely unable to defend themselves. Sooner after that, it used the Dream Nail to travel into the deceased False Knight's dreams, encountering him in his stronger form, now called the Failed Champion. Proving himself to be an unbelieavably formidable foe, he continuously crushed his killer in his dreams, until the Knight managed to defeat him once more. Accepting the defeat, the maggot then confessed to the Knight of his true desire behind stealing the armor, as it wasn't the madness that drove him to it; he just wanted strength to protect his family. Afterwards, his spirit shattered into the essence and allowed the Knight to absorb it into its Dream Nail, finally putting his soul to rest...until he found the new life in the Pantheon.
  • One day, without any warning, a new temple had appeared in the House of Insects out of nowhere. Eyebrows were raised, so a group of adventurers was sent into the temple to investigate it. However, just as they ventured too far inside, the gates closed, leaving them trapped, and a giant, hulking, armored brute with a mace fell from the ceiling, ready to crush them into a pulp. Once adventurers managed to gain the upper hand and made the brute stumble, his mask was opened, revealing a maggot head underneath. As they struck it, the brute got up once more and lost his initially-stoic composure, swinging his mace around like a madman and desperately trying his best to crush them. Eventually, once they staggered him for the third time, his violent mace-swinging resulted in him destroying the floor of his own temple and subsequently falling down on the ground, now completely immobilized, allowing the group to finally take him out for good.
    • Several hours after his defeat, they noticed that his body just went missing, and investigations revealed that his corpse was in the secret room at the top of his temple, where his maggot siblings pleaded for him to wake up and protect them from the threats assumingly posed by the Pantheon deities. Such revelation made the group feel guilty for what they have done to him, and they went to the House of Life and Vitality to bring him back. Thanks to Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, the brute came out finer than ever. Further investigations also revealed that his violent nature was attributed to the Radiance's infection, and that he comes from the same world she and the Knight came from as well. Now that his death undid her influence, the brute became more peaceful and cooperative, and once the group cleared the misunderstanding and both parties apologized for the conflict, the False Knight was reunited with his siblings and was officially ascended and given the title of the God of Maggots.
  • Has been known to take more powerful form known as the Failed Champion. This form is visually completely identical to his usual self, but ability-wise, he's extremely fast, especially from someone his size, and much stronger than his default form, with a swing of his mace or his body slam becoming very devastating. Back in his home world, he took this form only in his posthumous dream, but in the Pantheon, he managed to learn to take this form whenever he accesses dreamscapes in his sleep. Recently, he learned to take this form in the real world, but he can gain access to it only when he's really pissed (usually when the safety of his maggot siblings is involved).
  • As the False Knight was infected by her Mystical Plague once, the Radiance acknowledges his existence and often tries to make sure he stays infected, and is known to frequently attempt to reinfect him, with varying degrees of success. Even though the infection does not impede the False Knight's goal of protecting his siblings, he himself would rather prefer to not be infected, as his violent behavior when he's infected puts him at odds with everyone and gives him and his family many unwanted enemies.
  • Even at times when he is uninfected, he still dislikes the Knight, given that it made a conscious decision to murder his siblings even when it had a choice not to do so, just for the sake of filling the journal of the cruel hunter, one of the aforementioned bugs who were known to eat maggots and ignore their pleas for mercy. Being an Empty Shell with no emotions, the Knight doesn't care, though at times when the False Knight is infected, the Knight would fight and kill him again without mercy. And the Pantheon's Death Is Cheap nature ensured that such fights would be a very recurring sight. The Knight is also known to regularly access his dreams through the Dream Nail and challenge his Failed Champion form, and the False Knight himself normally doesn't turn such challenges down, if only out of the desire to vent his frustrations on the one who murdered him and his siblings back in his homeworld.
  • When it comes to maggots, everybody thinks "gross, disgusting, pale-white worm-like pest that is usually an infantile stage of a fly". Maggots of Hallownest were also regarded as such, though they weren't known to be infantile stage of any creature. After ascending, the False Knight has grown awareness on how hated the maggots are, no matter what universe, and vehemently opposes such views and stereotypes. He especially hates it when people use the word "maggot" itself as a derogatory term, and tries his best to make sure people would stop using it. To first-time offenders he simply issues a strict warning and reveals himself as a maggot to reinforce why he hates the term being used this way. Those who ignore the warning get smashed with a mace.
    • Due to above, he has grown to hate the Soldier and Sgt. Hartman because of how much they favor the word "maggot" as an insult. He's also not too fond of Litchi Faye-Ling, as she was also known to use the term "maggot" derogatively. While Litchi did comply with his request to minimalize the use of term to avoid angering him (which was fairly easy, given that she uses it only in specific situations), and Hartman was very easy to turn into a bloody pulp and became more cautious around him in all subsequent encounters, Soldier proved himself to be much more formidable, and, whether the Soldier successfully blows up an "iron-clad maggot" or False Knight crushes him with his mace, one thing that stays consistent is that the conflict between the two will not die down for a very long time.
    • During his travel across the Pantheon, he discovered that Corey Taylor's fans call themselves "maggots". To him, this ended up being a huge source of confusion, as he had no idea whether they use the term in derogative manner of Self-Deprecation or in the proud manner as Appropriated Appellation, and didn't know how to feel about it: should he feel mad or be proud that they use the term in a kinda positive way. He spent hours thinking about it, but instead of figuring out the answer all he managed to achieve was giving himself a headache. Eventually, he chose not to think too hard about it and preferred to leave Corey and his fans alone for the time being.
    • Even though the maggots of Hallownest are unlikely to be infant flies, this didn't stop Beelzebub from sensing the kinship within the False Knight and his siblings, and he welcomed them with open arms and swore to protect them from all potential threats that would come. While the False Knight and his siblings were initially wary of him, the Lord of Flies proved his good intentions by killing the Soldier who once again tried to settle scores with "tin can maggot" by going after his siblings while the False Knight was dealing with another threat at the time. From that point on, False Knight and his maggot siblings became much more appreciative of the Lord of Flies, with the False Knight occasionally coming to his aid, while Beelzebub in turn provides protection to his maggot siblings whenever their brother is unavailable to protect them.
    • False Knight and his siblings also get along well with Agitha, as she is one of the few who doesn't regard them as hideous and has shown care to them, even expressing sympathy when she discovered what kind of treatment they received back in the Hallownest. "In my kingdom, all bugs are equal. No bug is worse than another", she says. Nurgle also expressed interest in False Knight and his siblings, given the maggots' primary association with diseases and pestilence, but they all find him just straight-up repulsive and don't want to do anything with him, especially given what kind of "blessings" he gives to his followers, which they see as the worse version of the Radiance's infection.
  • He is creeped out by Oogie Boogie, given that the latter is a sentient cluster of maggots, worms and other bugs, all sharing one single consciousness. He compares it to the Radiance's infection, except there is not even a single trace of individuality left behind, as all these bugs end up being reduced to a level of nothing more than appendages. In spite of his fear, he still mustered up enough courage to tell Oogie Boogie to stay away from his siblings and not add them to his Hive Mind, lest his entire body gets smashed into a pulp. Oogie himself had argued that he's most likely unable to add more bugs to his body, but complied with his request anyway, as he's aware that a single swing from False Knight's mace may grievously injure him, if not outright kill.
  • The False Knight dislikes Isaac, given that maggots were some of many things he had fought and killed in his adventure. And no, the fact that these maggot killings were not real, as his adventure was merely a Dying Dream, does not make him soften up to the boy, as he believes that the mere fact that he managed to dream up the slaying of maggots says a lot about his opinion on the False Knight's kin. The reasons why he didn't crush the boy were due to the basic sense of decency and also because he doesn't want GUAG to come after his blood. He loses such restraints when the Radiance infects him, however.
  • The False Knight himself is generally apathetic to the affairs of other deities and their groups in the Pantheon and would rather prefer to be left alone with his family, though that doesn't prevent him from serving as GUAC's Aloof Ally thanks to his affiliation with Beelzebub. Threatening his siblings is generally considered a bad idea, unless you enjoy getting smashed with a mace. The mace itself is actually a living and extremely durable bug on a pole. It's not happy with its predicament and would gladly escape every time it's given the chance of freedom. Unfortunately, the False Knight always manages to track it down and reattach it to his pole, as he still needs to use his mace in case his siblings would need protection, much to its dismay.
    • Several external sources have claimed that the bug on the mace is actually a pyromaniacal arsonist, but such statements still remain unconfirmed to this day. That being said, False Knight had noted that in two cases when he came to reclaim the bug, it did stand near the burning buildings and forests suffering from forest fires. However, none of the witnesses were aware of the bug's presence before the fires started, and they weren't sure of how the bug was related to the fire. Regardless, Smokey Bear still decided to keep an eye on the False Knight and the bug on his mace... especially the bug on his mace.
  • Many deities raised a lot of questions regarding his armor; namely, how in the world he managed to steal it from a sleeping knight wearing said armor, and how he can perfectly control it from the inside, since his limbs are too small and short to fit in there. False Knight refused to give any answers to these questions, and the general consensus that the deities had agreed upon is that it's best just not to think too hard about it.

    Fritz Von Meyer/Swarm 
Fritz von Meyer, God of BEES (Swarm)

    Herculious Anchus and Kuwagust Anchus 
Herculious Anchus and Kuwagust Anchus, Gods of Brotherly Japanese Beetles (Herculious: The Lightning Beetle, Herculious Anchortus | Kuwagust: The Wind God of Pincher Attacks)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Three red horns and a pair of blue mandibles
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Japanese Beetle Brothers, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Dual Bosses, Dash Attacks, Shock and Awe, Multiarmed And Dangerous, Blow You Away, Grapple Move (last two only for Kuwagust)
  • Domains: Beetles, Robots, Brothers, Guardians, Electricity
  • Heralds: Boomer Kuwanger and Gravity Beetle
  • Allies: Sage Harpuia and the Four Guardians, various Kamen Riders (on-and-off relation)
  • On speaking terms with: Copy X
  • Enemies: Elpizo, Dr. Weil, Omega
  • Former Enemy: Zero
  • A pair of Mutos Reploids based on a Hercules beetle and stag beetle respectively, they are respectful members of Harpuia's personal army. The two are considered to be brothers, and get along as such, due to being built with the same technology. Unfortunately, Neo Arcadia being what it was at the time, the brothers were deployed as enemies to Zero and the Resistance he fought for. Herculious would attempt to obstruct Zero's path to Copy X in both the official shrine and core headquarters of Neo Arcadia, only to be defeated both times, while Kuwagust, partly motivated by revenge for his brother's downfall, would later be sent to commandeer an armed airship on course for the Resistance base, attacking Zero as well and also falling to the crimson reploid.
  • Resurrected within the Pantheon as followers to their former commander before being ascended with their own temple, the two of them are still loyal to Harpuia and his fellow Four Guardians. Also, while they've been put up to speed on how Copy X fell off the rails, they still can't bring themselves to hate the master they once served. However, neither of them have any allegiance to Dr. Weil, a fact which they are both thankful for. They were destroyed fighting Zero together in the tower sanctum Yggdrasil after being brainwashed by Elpizo, which all took place before Weil's return.
  • On that note, do not bring up how they technically died by ramming into each other. They thought it was worth the shot to defeat Zero.
  • They were probably not brought back to life by Mechanikles, though he does admire the handiwork of the two.
  • Have an on-and-off relation with the Kamen Riders. While their rather Lawful Neutral approach might turn them away from the more heroic Riders, the two brothers are trying to get better under Harpuia's guidance.
  • The two are oddities in Hall of Insects as neither of them are organic bugs. Fortunately that's to their advantage, as both are able to avoid the weakness to fire what most of the inhabitants share. Ice on the other hand...
  • Megatron seem to have mistaken the two for his Insecticons. They don't like the comparison.
  • With the advent of Liberion Arcadia and the Herald seats in Harpuia's temple being opened up to two of their comrades, the Anchus brothers are patiently waiting for their commander to bring them onto the team. Knowing him, they believe he may be biding his time for the perfect opportunity to have them aid in a specific mission.

    The Mantis 
The Mantis, Sacred Race of Insectoid Aliens
Left to right, up to down: Mantis Scout/Interceptor, Mantis Fighter/Assault, Mantis Bomber/Aggressor, Mantis Cruiser Type A "The Gila Monster"
Click here for the Mantis themselves
  • Lesser deities.
  • Symbol: Their ships.
  • Theme Song: Mantis (Explore), Mantis (Battle)
  • Alignment: Natural leniency to Neutral Evil. True Neutral in the best of cases with some going Lawful Neutral when under the Federation.
  • Portfolio: Insectoid Aliens resembling Giant praying mantes, Strength in numbers, Boarding Parties, Proud Warrior Race seeking the thrill of the hunt, Lightning Bruiser, Once attempted to invade Earth, Alien Blood
  • Domains: Insects, Boarding, Violence, Warriors, Hunting
  • Allies: Zorak, Atriox
  • Rivals: The Sontarans, The VUX, Queen Sectonia, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Scarface (Predator)
  • Enemies: The Engi, The Slugs, Star Fox, Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9, AAHW, The Imperium of Man, The Knight, The Radiance, Wikus van der Merwe & Christopher Johnson, Scyther and Lurantis, Master Mantis, The HECU, XCOM, ADVENT, The Unbidden
  • Respected by: Hircine
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Humanity
  • The Mantis' disregard for individual lives led to their evolution as a vicious, warrior race.
  • Of the races native in their universe, few are as universally ruthless and violent as the Mantis. Remorse is hardly ever a word in their vocabulary for they are a race bred for war, and war alone and it shows in their fast speed, incredibly sharp claws, and acidic spit. While not above deception and subterfuge, their preference for physical confrontation is not to be trifled with and it has aided them well in their pursuits of personal gain. If ever you find yourself in Mantis-controlled space you best make your visit a brief one.
  • To many, the passing tales of a place called “the Pantheon” is mere canard — unfounded nonsense. Indeed, it can be quite hard to comprehend the existence of such a place and no amount of explanation or elaboration could convince outsiders. For a place like it, only seeing is believing, and this is what happened when a Mantis Fighter tracking down a Slug Scout discovered a new sector thought to be unknown to the rest of the galaxy. After much data was accumulated by their scouts, the many clans and warbands wasted little time expanding their claims. no doubt bewitched by the possibility of new territory. The Pantheon was quick to respond to the mantids’’ rapid expansion, however, and Star Fox was one of the deities sent to the scene to repel their ships. While they tried tricking the mercenary team by faking the scenario of fleeing ships though they were quick on the up-take and were successful in taking down the waves on their end. While the Mantis did manage to gain a foothold in the Pantheon with various colonies it’s not nearly as strong as they had anticipated.
  • Their vicious mentality has led to them being largely seen as unpopular by the other races. Their fierce nature has led to them forming warbands and taking up hunting other races across the galaxy in the name of glory. Spaces outside their territories tend to get designated as sacred hunting grounds for their various clans. Not even nebulae are except for this, despite the shared frustration in traveling them, and are quite popular to hunt in them due to the challenge present in weeding out the Slugs lurking in them.
    • Of all the races in their home universe, they especially have it out for humans and The Engi. In times past, they once waged war against the Federation and the resulting conflict has left them a bitter taste against mankind with some even itching for a rematch. While the Federation is primarily preoccupied with the Rebellion they’ve stuck to taking out their anger against various human colonies. The enmity goes both ways as stories of their blood-red ships invading Earth have never truly faded. As for the Engi Mantis have been resort to slavery, primarily taking Engi captives to make up for their ineptitude at repairing. Thanks to the Rebellion bringing the Federation to their knees, they’ve exploited the resulting chaos in the galaxy to actively attack their homeworlds. While the Pantheon does have a massive war going on, the Engi are largely unaffected by it due to their neutrality and can allocate their resources to defending their sectors from the insectoid aliens. Them being backed up by the allies they made in the Pantheon certainly helped, something the Mantis are irritated by.
  • A Proud Warrior Race through and through, professions such as merchantry are not respected in their numbers. Few take up such occupations as a result of this perception but you would be surprised by the many Mantis merchants for how little they make up the rest of their kind. Many are holed up in the House of Commerce and they saw the chance to more efficiently do business in such a House and took it while their more violent brethren made a scene. The House of Crime and Transgressions were hit with a similar wave of Mantis dealing in more illegal trade.
    • Their focus on war as a species has earned them some comparisons towards the Sontarans for they see the act of taking care of the wounded and/or sick utterly humiliating since it takes them away from directly combating their opponents. The comparisons resulted in the building of a rivalry that has left much destruction in their wake. At the very least, the Sontarans seem to genuinely enjoy such confrontations between them and the Mantis due to how straightforward they are. After all, a warrior doesn’t talk: He acts.
  • These warriors pride themselves on hunting, and their quarry is all too often made up of sapient lifeforms. Only the finest may do for their clans and personal tallies, and there’s some among them who even take to specializing against specific species right down to adorning themselves with their spoils. The Pantheon has no shortage of great prey to claim from, though some stand out among the rest. The Xenomorph Drone, for instance, is well regarded for its nature as a universally feared predator. Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, despite their origins as artificially created animals from humans, have warranted similar levels of respect. Hircine, hearing of prowess and culture, silently watches over their hunts as he is interested in what will come of their hunts.
  • Jenny Wakeman finds herself fighting off many of the Mantis’ kind quite often after an incident involving a band of thieves being bold enough to conduct raids on the House of Machinery and Technology. It’s sort of reminiscent of her battles with the Cluster, an alien race of bug-like robots that have frequently tried to invade and conquer Earth and have fought against their ruler, Queen Vexus, many different times. When Jenny finally found herself on their homeworld, Cluster Prime, she ended up kickstarting a revolution that overthrew Vexus and her cronies. One has to wonder if there’s something similar happening with the Mantis behind the scenes while the rest of the galaxy is preoccupied with the Rebels and the ensuing chaos. Even if they’re not mechanical, they're persistent enough of a threat to remain that way.
  • Further separating them from the mantes of Earth is that they’re hinted to be a matriarchal society if an off comment on only particularly vicious females gaining high positions is anything to go off of. Whatever their leadership is, Queen Sectonia seeks to conquer the Mantis not unlike what she planned with Planet Popstar and its inhabitants. As far as she’s concerned, her divine beauty gives her the right to do so for it equals in power as well. The Mantis, however, are not interested in such superficial concepts like “beauty” and seek instead to crush her in return.
  • And speaking of things such as beauty, despite sharing the same opposition towards mankind the VUX find the Mantis ugly and interior like pretty much every other species they’ve encountered. Many of the Mantis say the same with them, seeing no difference between them and the Slugs they know from their home universe. Some warbands have been gathering sizable stockpiles of weapons, most prominently the Anti-Bio Beams created by the Slugs and Anti-Ship batteries, specifically for the purpose of eviscerating them and their ships.
  • Few can admit to achieving the level of barbarity the moronic but homicidal space-faring Orks do. And among the brutal and belligerent greenskin horde, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka is the biggest and meanest of them all and is rightfully feared and hated by his enemies. The Mantis originally didn't think much of him or the Orks in general, but after proving himself against a Mantis-infested fortress (originally controlled by the AAHW until the Mantis decided otherwise), they were quick to remedy that opinion through the hard war and have taken him and the Orks much more seriously.
  • Their preference for warping aboard boarding parties isn’t anything to scoff at, and can quickly overrun a space vessel if given the chance and take it for themselves. They can still be held off and those out traveling across space have grown wise to these tactics. The Mantis, not wanting to be outdone, have naturally begun to evolve in such tactics to fit with the Pantheon. Thanks to the ease of access to technology one favored tactic involves warping aboard large stacks of explosives with them, with far numerous in both magnitude and variety than back home. Usually, they utilize a ship’s Bomb-type weapons in conjunction with this. Expect them to fall back to this if their plan A doesn’t hit the mark, such as against the Imperium of Man’s Space Marines. When it became clear they’re far too well-equipped to fall to their crew, the Mantis aboard jumped ship and detonated the stockpile they warped to cover their escape, along with being assisted by Breaching Bombs to further hinder their foes.
  • During the Knight’s adventures in what remained of the once-great kingdom of Hallownest they encountered the Mantis Tribe who managed to hold out against the infection that swept the land. Proud and fierce, they were initially hostile to the warrior until they bested the Mantis Lords in combat. After which, they came to respect them and allowed the Knight passage into Deepnest. While these Mantises have a similar culture, they’re far more dominated by their brutality though many of their kind prefer not to cross with the Knight unless deemed necessary despite his prowess with the Nail, viewing him as something disgusting. Taking into account his origins, they’re not wrong to think that. Some deities may rationalize that such feelings can be seen as a different kind of respect though most aren’t so sure about that.
    • While they’re wary of the Knight, the Mantis are no friends with the Radiance either. The natural reaction to her existence was for every last one of them to declare her as an enemy, rather. As she is the source of the very same infection that ravaged the entire land, mutating its victims into hate-filled zombies meant to serve and worship her after she was forgotten, this is to be expected.
  • Though Wikus and Christopher Johnson are both Insectoid Aliens themselves (well, one was transformed through mutation in the case of Wikus), the two reserve no sympathy for the Mantis even if they have a not-so-nice history with mankind. Considering the Mantis’ nature, it’s pretty likely they were the ones who sparked their feud in the first place. On the Mantis’ end they think of the “Prawn” as weak for letting humanity push them around so easily. Other mantids in the Pantheon are not receptive to their behavior either. Scyther and Lurantis really can’t stomach their penchant for hunting the greatest of game and Master Mantis, while Hot-Blooded himself, declares the man-sized insects are pretty much dominated by their aggressiveness.
    • The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah, contrasting the mantis-like aliens, are instead based on Hawaiian caterpillars. Were this the animal kingdom of Earth a mantis would usually make short of the larval butterflies. However, both Ur-Quan were used to fighting creatures far larger and tougher than them to even hope to form a civilization back when they were still a singular species. In addition, their technology is still far more advanced than theirs even after accounting for the Mantis adapting to the Pantheon’s climate, the Kzer-Za’s fighters and Kohr-Ah’s ring of fire being more than a match for their forces.The former sees an opportunity in making the Mantis their Battle Thralls since they’re quite like Yehat, pterdactyl-like aliens who are also a Proud Warrior Race.
    • Out of the many different aliens in the Pantheon, insect or not, Zorak was one of the first who managed to have a somewhat good relationship with. It would help that he was once a feared warlord before being reduced to Space Ghost’s bandleader for his talk show. Not exactly a glamorous position, something many Mantis really like to remind him of, though to be fair his archnemesis isn’t that well off either and they mock him just as much. Through the former conqueror, a member of the Mantis was invited to Space Ghost’s talk show. Despite making their disdain for humanity pretty clear, the Mantis was well-spoken in English and was a surprisingly cooperative guest. The episode ended up going off-script anyways due to Space Ghost and Zorak being at each other’s throats, however.
  • As far as ruthless warriors go, they greatly respect the mercenary leader Atriox. Dissenters in the Covenant don’t last long, but Atriox has proven himself to be the exception to that very rule and has formed a strong following known as the Banished. In addition to his strength and mindset he has also the charisma to match, and it helped in attracting many Mantis in his newfound war in the Pantheon.
  • Their reputation as a cold-blooded race of war-like murderers exists for a reason, but not everyone falls under that umbrella. Besides the aforementioned traders, it was at one point reported that a Mantis going by the name of Robert Smith lived in a colony consisting of humans. Robert is a rather confused Mantis as he believes he is one of them, but is otherwise loved by his human family. He dreamt of joining the Federation like his older adoptive brother but otherwise was unable to, though some stories about him say he managed to fulfill that dream, as a part of the crew that defeated the Rebellion no less. Contrasting this humble Mantis is the Legendary thief KazaaakplethKilik, a feared Mantis criminal who made a name for himself across the many sectors. After his defeat and reconstitution by a Federation ship and her crew he decided to devote his loyalty and resources to their cause. The list goes on with other such individual Mantises with mercenaries, wanted fugitives, and even former commandos choosing to throw their lot with outsiders. Mind you, it’s rarer with the latter two but it can and has indeed happened.
    • If ever you find yourself with a Mantis as an ally then expect most of their to come from violence. Not that they’re completely inept in other fields (except perhaps repairs), but it’s their go-to. For example, two mercenary Mantis employed by one god were dealing with a sudden hostage situation in a small store off in the middle of nowhere between two Houses. When an allied Slug divined that the thugs were out of their minds and were going to kill the hostages anyway, deal or not, the two mantids took it upon themselves to help clear them out. While they managed to get some shots in, the assailants were ultimately sliced to ribbons before anyone was seriously harmed, their blood becoming the store’s new accent color.
  • An illegal mining operation conducted by a Mantis clan was interrupted by an XCOM squadron sent to investigate the disappearances of several HECU members (who got too close to their territory). Going by limited sightings by locals the team initially thought it to be the work of Chryssalids, though the inconsistencies prevented them from fully assuming it was them. Sure enough, they were correct in their skepticism as it erupted into a long battle that eventually resulted in XCOM killing every last one of the Mantis, though many of the men sent were hospitalized from their wounds. Following this encounter, the Mantis have started gunning for XCOM even if it meant intercepting battles involving ADVENT, or some other hostile extraterrestrial. In some cases, the Mantis go through them just to get to XCOM. While ADVENT tried to appeal to the Mantis’ hatred for humanity the insectoids declined any offer of alliances, being more interested in hunting their various units as well. Both XCOM’s higher-ups and the Elders observing the battles outside believe the Mantis was what could have happened to the Chryssalids if their uplifting did indeed gifted them sentience.

    Team Snakemouth 
Team SnakemouthMembers, Divine Trio of Insect-Themed Media (All: the Bug Rangers | Vi: Violet, Vi the Bee, Bee | Kabbu: Kabbu the Beetle, "Green Ranger", Beetle, Uncle Iron Seed | Leif: Leif the Moth, Moth, Zommoth prototype)
From left to right: Leif, Vi, and Kabbu.
  • Lesser God (Leif), Demigods (Vi and Kabbu)
  • Symbol: An autumn leaf. Alternately, an explorer permit or images of their faces.
  • Theme Songs: Outskirts will suffice, and "FIGHT!" for battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Vi); Lawful Good (Kabbu); Neutral Good (Leif)
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable trio of insects, Fire-Forged Friendship, True Companions, Big, Thin, Short Trio, Nice Mean And In Between, Fighter, Mage, Thief, Can use combination attacks, Knighted by their Queen in the end of the game
  • Domains:
    • As a whole: Insects, Explorers, Adventures, Teamwork
    • Vi: Bees, Boomerangs, Greed, Fame-seeking
    • Kabbu: Beetles, Horns, Samurai, Kindness
    • Leif: Moths, Ice, Magic, Time Misplacement, Tranquility, Fungi, Cordyceps, Zombies
  • Herald: Chompy
  • Allies: Mario and his friends, The Knight, Flik and Z, Atom Ant, Hank Pym, Charlotte, Agitha, Sig, Shino Aburame, Welkin Gunther, Scyther, Master Mantis
  • Enemies: the Wasp King, Bowser and the rest of Koopa Troop (a bit more on the friendly side), especially Piranha Plants, Shadow Queen, Dimentio, Hopper, Them!, Ragnaros the Firelord, Queen Sectonia, the Mantis
  • Evil Counterpart (for Leif): Alex Mercer
  • Fears: The Radiance, Queen Vanessa
  • Opposes: Carmelita Fox
  • Respects: Scrooge McDuck (for Vi)
  • Pities: Count Bleck and Tippi (not so much with Leif in case of the former)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sekiro
  • Annoys: Lex the Bookworm (for Vi)
  • Uneasy with: Shantae (for Vi and Leif)
  • Avoids: House of Arthropods (mostly for Leif)
  • Once upon a time, in the land known as Bugaria, insects of all kinds wanted to join the Explorers' Association of the Ant Kingdom to find the Everlasting Sapling, a plant of legend told to grant unending youth to anyone who'd eat even one of its leaves, under promises of unimaginable fame and riches by the Ant Queen herself. And our team is no exception...well, mostly. Vi, a worker bee who left the Bee Kingdom to become an explorer for fame and riches, and Kabbu, a rainbow scarab beetle from the north who came to Bugaria to fulfill a promise he made to his friends, joined by a mysterious ice magic-wielding moth named Leif who just decided to tag along after being saved from the spider's clutches, worked together to find the artifact of Snakemouth Den, known to be the graveyard to countless explorers. Defeating the spider that attacked them, they managed to bring the artifact to the Ant Queen. And together, christened Team Snakemouth after their first successful mission, they set out on an adventure to find all the artifacts that would lead them to the Sapling, while also having to deal with the Wasp King and his troops, who also craved the plant for its powers to fulfill his selfish goals. Developing an unbreakable bond, they were eventually successful in finding all the artifacts, but the Wasp King snatched them all away and headed for the Sapling. As the team caught up with him, they overcame all odds and managed to defeat the King, freeing the wasps from the tyrant and putting an end to the chapter of the Everlasting Sapling.
  • Similarly to how Sonic managed to bring Lilac into the Pantheon, it was Mario who decided to ascend the insect trio. Once he heard of their adventures, finding them to be quite similar to some of his own adventures in more than one way, he thought of them as worthy successors and went to the Court of Gods to bring them in. Eventually, they were brought in as Gods of Insect-Themed Media, and, once Mario (who shrank himself with Mini Mushroom to prevent the panic among them) had explained them the basics on the Pantheon, the bug trio was quite pleased to know there's a whole new world for them to explore, and immediately set off for a new adventure that awaited them (though Vi at first had to be informed to not brag about her new divine status).
    • Right before they were brought into the Pantheon, Leif didn't waste the opportunity to bring along their Team Pet, a baby Chomper called Chompy. Upon learning of this, the Court of Gods simply rolled their eyes and allowed them to keep Chompy as their herald, much to the joy of Team Snakemouth (especially Leif).
  • Shortly after their ascension, they've heard of the incident related to the out-of-control fire started in the House of Plants, and immediately rushed off to investigate. Though the fire was extinguished by the time they've arrived, the culprit was still not found, so the team decided to take the matter into their own hands. Eventually, after thorough searching, they saw the one who started the fire, and were horrified to learn that the culprit was their nemesis, the Wasp King. Getting over their initial shock, they immediately engaged the King in combat, and even though he now possessed an ability to turn into The Everlasting King at will, Team Snakemouth still prevailed, resulting in him turning into an inanimate tree once more. Once they explained the situation to the onlookers, they were informed that the Wasp King is now a full-fledged deity, which means that their conflict is not going to end for a very long time.
  • As Mario was the one who helped the bug trio ascend in the first place, and also due to the fact that their game of origin was inspired by some of his, Team Snakemouth gets along with him and his friends very well (though they had to accustom to the fact that they are much larger than themselves at first). However, it also meant that they would inevitably run into Bowser and his Koopa Troop. While it's hard for them to do much against them, given the size difference, Team Snakemouth still tend to act as spies or saboteurs when it comes to fighting them. Of course, they also admire how Bowser can be decent when it comes to parenting or having a good time with his nemeses.
    • Piranha Plants are some of Bowser's mooks that Team Snakemouth dislikes the most, due to the fact that they tend to remind them of Chompers, another aggressive carnivorous plants from their home universe. Once someone asked them to explain Chompy then, they replied that she's a special case due to being hatched from a seed that didn't hatch immediately, and didn't try to bite them on sight unlike the others, and even imprinted on them. The Spinies also expressed their distaste of Kabbu, given that his horn attack flips them upside-down, nullifying their primary strength and making them vulnerable to Goomba Stomp.
    • And of course, they would inevitably have a run-in with Paper Mario deities. Understandably, they see Shadow Queen as an enemy, given how she wants to spread chaos and drown the world in the darkness. They also greatly empathize with Count Bleck and Tippi, acknowledging that they went through a lot because of their forbidden love. That being said, Leif is very critical of Count Bleck, given the fact that he tried to destroy the multiverse just because he lost his wife, claiming it doesn't excuse his actions at all, citing that he also outlived his wife (though in her case, it was due to an old age), but didn't go to such extremities, and as such, he found it to be very hard to forgive him, as he believes that crimes should be forgiven only if they are light enough to forgive. Bleck doesn't blame him, believing that Leif is right in disliking him. What they all can agree on, however, is that Dimentio is a horrible monster, and, should it be possible, Team Snakemouth would ensure that he would no longer bring any harm to any world or universe.
  • As the knights of the Ant Kingdom, they became allies with most heroic ants or ant-related deities in the Pantheon. They successfully managed to befriend Flik and Z (though they are closer to Flik, as he befriended variety of bugs while Z is used to a company of ants), who expressed curiosity at seeing the Ant Kingdom of their world, the one that accepts bugs of all kinds, and were even more interested once they learned that Team Snakemouth was knighted by their Queen as her personal Royal Blades. Another heroic ant Team Snakemouth met was Atom Ant, another fellow deity from the Hall of Insects. They were positively pleased to know that he is more than capable of facing threats much larger than himself, and frequently enlist his help when they face threats that are too large for them to handle. And while Hank Pym is not an actual ant, they are still pleased to meet another ant-themed superhero. Plus, it's easy to get along with someone who can shrink down your size.
    • Of course, they are well-aware of the more aggressive ants, known only as THEM!, rampaging in the Pantheon. They are very displeased at seeing ants being such brutal feral beasts in a way akin to "lesser bugs" from their universe, and if they could, they would've gladly provided their assistance against THEM! And through Flik, they also learned of the existence of Hopper, a leader of the grasshopper swarm that terrorized and oppressed ants of Flik's world on regular basis. Seeing him as no better than the Wasp King, they immediately agreed to provide their assistance in defeating him.
  • Due to the fact that both come from insect-themed works (furthered by the fact that their fandoms are friendly to each other), Team Snakemouth ended up becoming close allies with the Knight, and they are often seen working together against a common foe. That being said, they are still slightly unnerved by its true nature and circumstances of its birth, but they know better than to judge a bug by their cover. Also, having heard of what the Knight's nemesis, the Radiance, did to Hallownest, they try to avoid her at all costs and greatly fear the possibility of becoming mindless hate-filled zombified husks.
  • They initially tended to stay away from Shantae, given she reminded them of an unfortunate incident from their homeworld when Kabbu was put under thrall by pheromones of a belly-dancing silkmoth seamstress called Kali, who forced him to fight Vi and Leif against his own will all because Vi broke her vase on accident by sneezing from her previous set of healing pheromones. When Shantae finally learned why a trio of insects avoids her (some time after she became aware of their existence), she assured them that they have nothing to fear, as she's not that short-tempered, and even criticized Kali's actions. Eventually, her kind-hearted and friendly nature allowed her to win Kabbu's trust, though Vi and Leif still feel very uneasy around her.
  • While they're at odds with most arachnids in the Pantheon (and as such, tend to stay away from a House of Arthropods), they still managed to become good friends with Charlotte. Even back in Bugaria, there were two relatively friendly spiders they had peaceful interactions with (one was a grumpy hermit wizard, and the other was a semi-sapient jumping spider who gave them lots of money when given items), so meeting a spider who was not only friendly, but also with a very pleasant motherly personality was a nice change of pace. Kabbu even offered to help her with babysitting her daughters, an idea that was appreciated by her (resulting in Vi getting reprimanded once she tried to claim a price for babysitting). Of course, they were very saddened to learn of her fate in her home realm, with Leif personally finding it to be relatable, given the fact that he himself had died, with a cordyceps inheriting the memories and personality of the original Leif after possessing his dead body. Of course, the team decided to keep her in dark about Leif's true state.
  • Given that they are insects, Team Snakemouth inevitably ended up catching the attention of Agitha, Sig and Shino Aburame, a group of people who are greatly fascinated by bugs. Though the trio was initially disturbed during the first encounter, but after spending some time with them they came to appreciate the bug-lovers, finding them to be a pleasant company. Agitha is the one they get along with the most, but Sig's stoic personality resonated perfectly well with Leif. Though Shino's ruthless pragmatism in battle did raise some concerns, they understand that he means well. Welkin Gunther of the Squad 7 had also expressed interest in studying the trio, namely, he's particularly curious about how they became sapient, or how they "awakened", as how their history books put it, and Team Snakemouth generally doesn't oppose him studying them.
  • Much like everyone in the House of Insects, Team Snakemouth is not appreciative of Ragnaros the Firelord and his desire to burn INSECTS!, a derogative term they are not amused by at all. Ragnaros is as displeased with them as with any other INSECT!, but what really infuriates the Firelord is the fact that they are in a possession of the Flame Brooch, an artifact entrusted to them by the Vanessa II, queen of the Wasp Kingdom, that allows them to survive the flame attacks. He seeks to find a way to rid them of the Brooch and burn them down.
  • When it comes to their neighbors, they are not too fond of Queen Sectonia, given that, as a tyrannical wasp royalty, she reminds them too much of the Wasp King, and they vehemently oppose her. In turn, she decries them as ugly pests undeserving of living under her rule, something that didn't bode well with any of the members of Team Snakemouth. That being said, when they learned of her tragic backstory of how she used to be a benevolent queen until she was corrupted into what she is now, Kabbu ends up feeling very sad for her, and hopes to bring her back to light one day.
  • When they heard of the name "Queen Vanessa", they initially thought it was their ally, Queen Vanessa of the Wasp Kingdom, who had ascended into the Pantheon. Though they were told it wasn't her, they still decided to visit, hoping she would be as friendly as "their" Vanessa was. They were wrong. Seeing her and hearing her threats, they immediately went for a hide, not wishing to find out what she would do if she spots them. Given that it's not the first time they had to deal with a (relatively) giant stalking entity inside the abandoned house (finding it all too similar to their experience with the Dead Lander Omega), and their insect sizes were very helpful when it came to hiding, they were able to successfully evade Vanessa and leave her mansion unharmed. From that point on, they dread to imagine what would've happened had she caught them, and Leif was particularly unamused when he learned that she freezes her victims into ice statues, though Kabbu came to pity her once he learned of her history and how she ended up turning into what she is now.
  • Team Snakemouth* doesn't know what to think of Sekiro. At one hand, they can respect his devotion to his master and his willingness to do the right thing. On the other hand, his anti-social nature, many dirty tactics he employs in battle, and pleasure he takes from killing his enemies does put them both off-guard, especially the fact that he may potentially turn into shura, a demon that enriches through killing, should he go too far. Having heard of his story from his herald, Lord Kuro, they were horrified to learn of the centipedes that infest his land and turn people immortal at the cost of potentially turning them undead. To Kabbu, centipedes themselves bring back his memories of the Beast, a giant centipede that ate his old team alive, and shudders to imagine how powerful the Beast would be if it possessed their powers, and Leif, having heard of the monks who were deliberately kidnapping children and infecting them with centipedes in an amoral bid for immortality, much like how the roach scientists were infusing innocent bugs they kidnapped with cordyceps in search for immortality, could only comment that no one would miss them after Sekiro dealt with them.
  • Due to their experience with a skilled mantis warrior named Maki back in their homeworld, Team Snakemouth managed to ally themselves with Scyther and Master Mantis, who help them with facing larger threats in the Pantheon by sharing their personal experiences with them and occasional friendly sparrings. The insect trio admires their abilities and the fact that Master Mantis is capable of facing threats much larger than himself. As of Lurantis, besides their passing note that they find her a bit similar to Artis, an orchid mantis accountant from their homeworld, they don't interact much. However, they are most definitely not fond of the bloodthirsty race of alien Mantis with whom they are neighbors in the Hall of Insects. While they won't advocate for their genocide, they'd really prefer that the Mantis would change their ways, even if it would mean opposing them on the battlefield.
  • Vi-only:
    • Initially, Vi found Barry B. Benson to be a huge oddity, given the strange reputation of his movie and the fact that he's a male worker bee, as most of the worker bees in her world, herself included, are female. However, after some time they spent together, Vi and Barry did feel the commonality with each other, especially given how both of them were bored with everyday jobs and wanted to explore the world. In fact, Vi criticized how in Barry's world, the bees are stuck with the same job for their entire life without being given the chance to change it, as she believes that people must choose their own destiny. In the end, they get along with each other surprisingly well, and can be frequently seen talking about their respective feats and achievements.
      • As of other bees in the Pantheon, she's definitely not fond of Fritz von Meyer/Swarm and Q-Bee, seeing them both as horrible abominations. For the former, she's disturbed by the fact that he's a living Hive Mind of bees and can assimilate even more bees into his structure, and could only pity the poor bees that became part of his body composition. Plus, she finds his Nazi ideology disgusting. As of Q-Bee, she sees the humanoid bee-person as nothing more but a murderous monster who thinks only with stomach, and would never tolerate being within her presence.
    • As Vi is one of the few unambiguously heroic bees (though not without her vices), Beatrix, who herself is known to bear quite a lot of bee motifs, was quite pleased to meet her. Vi herself respects Bea for her dedication for the job and the risks she takes to continue supplying the world with plorts, and is quite flattered by how she finds her cute, and she's also satisfied that her automated bee-like drones are not as aggressive as Bee-Boops from her homeworld. Occasionally, she decides to visit her in the Far, Far Range, interested in making a profit from the Lucky Slimes and Gold Slimes with their plorts, much to Beatrix's confusion, as she thought that, as a bee, she would be more interested in the Honey Slimes and their plorts. Vi had explained that she is more interested in becoming rich, but did take the honey plorts as a second priority, finding it to be one of the few things that can exceed the honey of Bugaria in sweetness (and also because Leif would've pestered her non-stop if she won't bring it). Though when it comes to Honey Slimes themselves, she prefers to avoid them, as they remind her a bit of Abomihoneys from her homeworld, even though they are not as aggressive.
    • Initially, she wasn't fond of Scrooge McDuck, seeing him as nothing more but another wealthy jerk, but when she learned that he earned his money fair and square, never resorts to underhanded tactics, is also an adventurer (and a very capable one at that), and actually cares for his family, her opinion on the waterfowl rose greatly, and she ends up holding him in high regard, aspiring to reach his levels of success one day. Of course, she respects him in private, as she doesn't want to feel embarassed by Kabbu and Leif taking notice of her respect to him.
    • Hearing about the stories of McDuck's feats also led to her learning about Flintheart Glomgold, who embodies the worst of the greed, and what really irritates her is the fact that, despite the fact he's already mad rich, he always tries to become richer than McDuck by any means necessary, including the amoral ones. She finds him a bit similar to Mothiva in that regard, except replace "fame" with "money", and the idea is still similar. Another greedy man she dislikes is Wario, who is also more than willing to exploit underhanded tactics to get what he wants, not to mention she finds him gross for his habits.
    • Sees quite a lot of herself in Nami, who is also greedy and craves riches, yet is still capable of compassion and care for her friends. Sometimes they can be seen together sharing their personal experiences with their respective teams. Similarly, she relates a lot to Team Chaotix, who also prefer to get paid for their heroism. She is especially fond of Charmy, another fellow bee who also craves riches. Having heard of how Vector's soft nature and willingness to help out without pay resulted in their Perpetual Poverty, she quickly went on to brag to Kabbu listing Vector as an example of what happens should they consistently stick to his "helping others is its own reward" ideology...only to stop when Leif asked her would she be willing to ignore the fate of the world and allow the Wasp King to take over just because she won't get a reward. She stopped bringing up this issue ever since.
    • Sometimes, she is known to play the game called "Whack-a-Worm", in which she must whack as many worms with her "beemerang" as possible in span of a minute, and uses this as a betting material, winning prize money when she reaches her goal. This didn't bode well with Lex the Bookworm, who doesn't feel comfortable with the idea of whacking worms, not to mention that one time he himself once got whacked on accident when he popped up in the field; though the team had apologized and they both agreed on maintaining the peaceful "live-and-let-live" relationship, he's still sore of Vi, as besides the aforementioned reasons, she also has pretty low opinion on the books, seeing them as worthless garbage ("Why else do you think libraries give them out for free?"), which only furthered his disliking of the bee.
      • However, she's got a much more aggressive relationship with the Worms, who are really displeased with seeing her hitting their kin with her boomerang, and once even tried to declare war on her. Vi's response? Invent the game of "Whack-a-Worm Extreme", with the Worms as primary targets. The rules are mostly the same, but she can walk regardless of whether it's their turn or not, all while avoiding their attacks and gunfire, and she earns much more prize money from her victories. Worms are really displeased by this turn of events.
    • "I'm worth like four bees, okay!?"
  • Kabbu-only:
    • From interactions with the Knight, Kabbu ended up learning of another dung beetle residing in the Pantheon, known as Dung Defender. Being a type of dung beetle himself (rainbow scarab beetle, to be specific), Kabbu doesn't mind his "heroic odor", and even finds the smell to be quite pleasant (as horrified as he is to admit that). The two beetles are frequently seen hanging out with each other a lot, with them admiring each other's dedication to their respective kingdoms. Several deities have suggested that it maybe has something to do with their horn shapes. They have admitted that it's not a case, but find the resembrance amusing. Vi and Leif are not too pleased with their bond, considering that Kabbu frequently ends up "inheriting" the Defender's odor, always prompting him to wash off the smell.
    • Kind-hearted and very willing to help for the sake of it, complete with the belief that "helping others is already its own reward", Kabbu managed to strike a friendship with the swordsman-in-training Shirou Emiya, and greatly sympathizes with his desire to become the Hero of Justice, the one who will selflessly help and save others. He wasn't content with learning about how many people scoffed at his ideals, encouraging to not allow anyone to let him abandon his ideals and continuing to strive for what he truly believes is right, something that Shirou greatly appreciated. Through him, Kabbu also learned of many other paragons of virtue and justice such as Ultraman, Superman, Captain America, and Optimus Prime, all of whom he holds in high regard.
    • A huge fan of Bug Rangers, fictional multicolored superhero trio who serve as inspiration for many bugs of his home realm (who coincidentally resemble Team Snakemouth in appearance, complete with some bugs mistaking them for Bug Rangers), Kabbu was quite surprised to learn of the existence of Power Rangers, also a group of multi-colored heroes, though they appear in groups of five or six, as opposed to the three. Despite this, Kabbu still ended up admiring them for their heroism and dedication to protecting innocents. He shares this sentiment with Super Sentai teams, their Japanese counterparts.
    • Once during his travels inside the Bandit Hideout of his world, Kabbu disallowed his team from stealing bandits' food, as his sentiment is that "a thief stealing from thieves is still a thief". Unfortunately, this didn't bode well with him learning of the existence of more heroic criminals who prefer to steal from the wicked, from those who won't miss it, or from other criminals and feel no moral repercussions from that, such as Robin Hood and Sly Cooper with his Cooper Gang. While he still believes that what they do is not right, but at the same time it's impossible for him to outright hate or recent them, as he's just too kind-hearted and empathetic, and can actually understand why they may see it as right or what brought them on such path. So far he decided just to leave them alone, though he did try to advice Sly to at the very least consider donating to recovering suffering victims of thefts, with only time being able to tell whether he'll take the beetle's words to heart or not. Even then, he still disagrees with Carmelita Fox on her belief that criminals of all alignments must be put behind the prison bars forever or outright executed, and Vi and Leif support him on his opposition. To say the debates they have with her tend to be very heated would be an understatement.
    • "I have a promise to fulfill. And so, I wish to explore."
  • Leif-only:
    • Given the fact that he was trapped in the spider's web for decades and was actually eaten by its owner, and also had a Near-Death Experience with the Dune Scorpion stinging him in the back, he ends up being wary of most arachnids in the Pantheon. As such, he tends to stay away from the House of Arthropods. While most gods of the House are feral at best or outright evil at worst, and more than happy to express their desire to eat him, either genuinely finding him to be a decent snack or just For the Evulz, Drapion, on the other hand, is sympathetic to Leif's plight, and tends to leave him alone. Charlotte is still a fair game, though. However, Leif's relationship is much more hostile with the Scorpion and the Tarantula, as both try to kill him (and, by extention, the rest of Team Snakemouth) for food. Of course, given that Team Snakemouth is used to fighting predatory spiders and scorpions, they are more than capable of fighting two arachnids off.
    • Given his experiences with Elizant II, a queen who masked her emotions in hopes of trying to be a perfect ruler to her people, but ending up being disliked and feared by nearly everyone and alienating some of her allies, Leif feels very sympathetic to Artoria Pendragon and her predicament regarding being the king, who also went through similar experiences. While still a bit judgemental of her rules (almost to the point of insensitivity), he's still compassionate and even offered her an advice to be more open-hearted to others, especially her close allies, citing how it actually helped his queen, Elizant II, to rebuild the relationships with the people she pushed away. Artoria took his words to heart, and the two can be frequently seen talking about various subjects, with Leif even bringing up that, should Elizant ascend, the two may make great friends. Another thing that they bonded over was their mutual huge appetite and food obsession. Having participated in the Eating Contest back in his homeworld, Leif talked about the possibility to organize another one between them two, an idea Artoria did decide to put into consideration.
    • Relates a lot to Philip J. Fry, as they both went through similar experiences of being trapped in a secluded place for many years (or centuries in Fry's case) only to wake up in the future, finding themselves difficult to adapt to the world that underwent countless changes during their absence. They both even got to meet their distant relatives, though Leif doesn't have any good things to say about Fry's many-greats-grandnephew, Professor Farnsworth, given his low opinion on amoral scientists (see below, but watch out for spoilers).
    • While he tries to hide the fact that he's actually a cordyceps fungus inhabiting the long-dead Leif's body from everyone, and does a pretty good job at that, but the information does end up getting leaked, though fortunately, very few find out the truth. The first who found out of Leif's condition were Joel and Ellie, who dealt with a plenty of cordyceps zombies in their life. Hearing that another cordyceps zombie had arrived into the Pantheon in the Hall of Insects, they braced themselves for the worst. However, they both calmed down when they learned that the zombie in question was just a tiny moth, who was not only non-hostile, but sapient and perfectly healthy as far as victims of cordyceps infestation go, and quite friendly at that. Another one who learned of Leif's secret was Foo Fighters, who is also an organism that possesses a dead body, just like Leif. However, unlike Leif, Foo Fighters does not share the same memories, name and personality with her host Atroe, and does not identify as her. Even then, they all still remain sympathetic to Leif's plight and are supportive of his decision to continue upholding the original Leif's legacy by living on under his identity.
    • However, Leif feels no sympathy to Alex Mercer in spite of strong similarities between them, to the point that Mercer may be considered Leif's complete counter: both are creations of Mad Scientists who weren't initially aware of their true nature and ended up assimilating another person's memories and core personality to the point of starting identifying as them, though while Leif assimilated a long-dead innocent person and continued being one, Alex's original self was a scientist who created The Virus that would become the present Alex in the first place, and he was absolutely vile, and even after the virus became the new Alex, it barely tried to improve on his original behavior and only became far worse in his plan to replace humanity with "Evolved". In fact, Leif believes Alex Mercer to be an example of what would the sociopathic roach scientists who created him would become had they succeeded in their goals, which only furthers his disgust towards the virus-person. Even then, Leif has heard of what Mercer is capable of, so he never tries to directly confront him.
    • He is absolutely disgusted by amoral Mad Scientists who experiment on others against their own will and/or those who seek immortality through immoral means, which stems from him seeing all sorts of atrocities committed by sociopathic roach scientists in the name of immortality, and himself being one of their rejected science experiments meant to achieve their goals. As such, he's repulsed by Professor Hojo and Shou Tucker for experimenting on their own families (with the latter even having the gall to believe that he must be rewarded for that), Fabius Bile for horribly experimenting on everyone he meets, the Gold-Toothed Doctor for kidnapping and experimenting on children and turning them into horrible monsters, Tenebrae for sacrificing all life on his homeworld to make himself immortal and then trying to repeat the same with the entire galaxy, Alex Wesker for hijacking the body of an innocent child in pursuit of immortal life, Voldemort for trying to make himself immortal via Horcruxes (which require murder to make). And the list can go on for very long.
      • Being created by sociopathic roaches left him with a strong distaste for evil cockroaches, and as such, he has nothing good to say about the Terraformars, cruel mutant roaches who indiscriminately murder people. The fact that some of them have assimilated traits of moths only insulted him further.
    • "We don't need your annoying buzzing in our ears. You won't be able to call for backup while frozen! We'll make sure to send you flying back to your King, trapped inside an ice cube!"

    The Terraformars 
The Terraformars, Unholy Collective of Creepy Cockroaches (Johj)
A generic Terraformar
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A red silhouette of a cockroach
  • Theme Song: Planet/The Hell
  • Allignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evolution Power-Up, Knight of Cerebus, Genius Bruiser, Starfish Language, Unskilled, but Strong, Ax-Crazy, Lots of Soldiers to be Replaced in Case of Death
  • Domain: Cockroaches, Adaptation
  • Heralds: The Invoker (their leader), We Are The Cosmos (their human collaborators)
  • High Priest: Cockroach Devil
  • Followers: Kurourushi
  • Rival: Queen Sectonia
  • Enemies: Every human member of the Pantheon (special mention goes to Shokichi Komachi, Agitha, Sig, Sailor Mars, Kamen Riders 1 and 2), Martian Manhunter, Toa Nuva, The Ultra Beasts (especially Pheromosa)
  • Source of Interest for: SHOCKER, Trakeena, Megatron, AM
  • On poor terms with: Marvin the Martian
  • Feared by: Misty, Dorothy Albright, Simon Laurent, Tulip Olsen
  • Earth has been suffering from overpopulation and to solve that problem, plans have been set in motion to terraform Mars and colonize it. A set of genetically engineered cockroaches were made to try and make the planet habitable for humans, but that would lead to something far more dangerous and unexpected for a crew capable of using abilities based on animals sent to scour the planet. Known as Terraformars, these cockroaches would prove to be just one of many problems a later team sent to Mars would encounter. Besides being powerful in their own right, they are able to understand each other via a strange language, possess intelligence on par with a human, and can even copy the animal-based abilities that the crew sent to eliminate them have.
  • Yet another war has broken out in the Pantheon, with soldiers from the GUAG and the GUAE engaged in yet another battle against each other. This skirmish would end up getting a lot bloodier when what appeared to be a swarm of insects showed up in the skies as reported by some GUAG soldiers. A few members of that swarms landed in the middle of the battlefield, and some members from GUAG and GUAE were surprised to see humanoid cockroaches show up. Not too long afterwards, the cockroaches began to brutally murder some of the GUAG's soldiers, prompting some to fight back and while some of the GUAE's forces opted to retreat, a few of their soldiers was willing to help out in warding off the humanoid cockroaches before the number of casualties escalated. While some of the Terraformars got destroyed, whatever was left of the swarm retreated off to a separate section of the Pantheon, prompting many other deities to prepare plans in case the cockroaches decide to attack again.
    • Before things could truly settle down for the time being, some members of that Terraformar swarm broke off and headed in another direction to a place where a number of deities dedicated to preserving nature were at. This ended up taking the preservers by surprise and required the intervention of some stronger deities to get rid of the roaches that were present there. Some also noticed the swarm that these roaches were at headed somewhere, but they were unable to track them down.
  • With how aggressive the Terraformars are as a whole combined with their strength, the GUAG has considered them to be a potent threat to watch out for, especially since they could show up without warning. Some deities have been given warnings if a group of Terraformars were to attack and to avoid them if said deities don't have the combat skills necessary to fight back. The warning also extended to bug-lovers such as Sig and Agitha, both of whom were surprised to learn about the Terraformars and their origins. Given how they are knowledgeable about different bugs, they sometimes tell the GUAG about what kind of abilities some Terraformars have so that the group can be better prepared against those cockroaches.
  • The Terraformars are able to communicate with each other via a very strange language that's noted to simply consist of "Johj" (or something that sounds like that) of varying inflections. It's hard to understand specifically what they're saying beyond that word (and by extension, what their goal is beyond just killing humans) and attempts to try and work on a specialized translator to understand the Terraformars' speech has been slow.
  • Misty is someone noted for her fear of bugs big and small. The mere fact that there are humanoid cockroaches with human-like intelligence willing to kill humans indiscriminately made her skin crawl a bit. While she does have some strong Pokemon to defend herself from a small number of these Terraformars, she prefers to avoid these cockroaches as much as possible, though it hasn't prevent some from seeking her at just to see her scared and defenseless.
  • Both Sailor Mars and Martian Manhunter weren't thrilled to hear about another hostile lifeform from Mars attack the Pantheon. It was especially troubling given that the Terraformars are very smart and have proven that can give Earth trouble in addition to putting up a strong fight against people sent to Mars. The two often get involved whenever another Terraformar infestation occurs and whenever trouble occurs in Mars and the Terraformars are involved, the two are willing to help out and stop the cockroaches from making things worse.
    • On the other hand, Marvin the Martian saw the Terraformars to be unusual creatures and given how they are dangerous threats both on Mars and on Earth, he considered for a bit trying to recruit them in his quest to destroy Earth. Although it worked for a little bit, they ended up getting unruly and didn't listen to some of Marvin's commands. It culminated in some of the roaches rebelling against Marvin, causing the Martian to go back on his plans to use them to destroy Earth and instead rely on what he normally has. It didn't help that Duck Dodgers was given an assignment to track down some Terraformars one time and came across them just as their rebellion against Marvin was taking place.
  • Trakeena saw the Terraformars' strength as something of use to her goals of destruction and made an attempt to try and get them on her side. The initial encounter went a lot worse than she thought thanks to her having the appearance of a human with insectoid traits, making the Terraformars think she wasn't much different from someone who used animal-based powers to fight them. Mesogog had to intervene and take Trakeena away from the cockroaches before she turned into a bloody beat-up mess. She is still bitter over what happened, especially since creatures like the Terraformars would be enough to give the teams of Power Rangers (and Sentai teams by extension) plenty of trouble. Even if she is able to get a swarm of them to attack the Power Rangers and Sentai teams (and have done a good job at giving these heroes enough trouble to force them to use their strongest moves), the roaches still prefer to attack on their own terms and have even fought against Trakeena again a few times.
  • Queen Sectonia, hoping to find more insects to work with her, was a bit curious about the Terraformars and the power that they had. The meeting didn't go over that well, with Sectonia quickly deriding the cockroaches as ugly and attempting to attack them. Some of the stronger Terraformars retaliated and a nasty fight resulted between both parties. Sectonia was able to fend them off, but it's possible that a later rematch might bring her face-to-face with a Terraformar with abilities on par with her own.
  • A group of Terraformars was terrorizing a group of innocents with one of those humans being murdered in the midst of all this. A diving kick came from above and what appeared to be two humanoid grasshoppers appeared to fight off the Terraformars. Although Kamen Riders 1 and 2 aren't humanoid grasshoppers and are simply superheroes themed after such, the pair still drove off the Terraformars, swearing that regardless that if they resemble creations from SHOCKER or not, no innocent human deserves a brutal end and that they will keep fighting against those roaches if they strike again.
    • Speaking of SHOCKER, the organization has taken notes of the roaches' behavior and abilities to determine how useful it will be in their plans. Leading the research is Ryoma Sengoku, who finds it interesting that creatures like them are able to possess human-like intelligence and have differing abilities amongst their kind. While trying to get the roaches to work for SHOCKER is not going to happen any time soon, the organization has taken their notes and applied to some of their plans and see if they can create monsters with attributes similar to that of the Terraformars.
  • The Toa Nuva are more than willing to help out in the fight against the Terraformars, seeing the roaches as not that different from the Bohrok Swarm that threatened to destroy everything back in their homeworld. The Toa Nuva find the Terraformars to be just as troubling as the Bohrok for both similar and different reasons.
  • Pheromosa ended up getting itself involved in an attack by the Terraformars at one point and the latter group ended up being very confused by her at first. While Pheromosa can be described as a cockroach-like Pokémon, it looks a lot more distinct and beautiful than that of the traditionally creepy and off-putting Terraformars. The Terraformars' killing intent managed to get through and while Pheromosa was able to get rid of a few, the Pokémon ended up in deep trouble until the rest of the Ultra Beasts showed up and took care of additional Terraformars alongside Pheromosa. The Ultra Beasts are highly alien beings, but are nowhere near as horrifying as the Terraformars are and both of these particular creatures have since found themselves in subsequent violent rematches. While the Ultra Beasts all don't think of the Terraformars highly, Pheromosa in particular has a lot of contempt for these cockroaches.
  • AM took notice of the roaches' unrelenting hatred of humans and saw them as potentially useful in trying to torment his victims further. Of course, AM isn't really going to go through the trouble of trying to get the Terraformars close to him and they don't care too much about him overall, but any kind of creature that will give humans more misery than before (especially those who are stuck in AM's unending psychological torture chambers and have to deal with many of their worst fears endlessly) is good enough according to AM.
  • While looking for deities who could function as replacements for the Insecticons, Megatron witnessed the Terraformars attack some humans from a distance. Their power combined with how they have no qualms in going after humans made the leader of the Decepticons take note and consider the Terraformars as replacements for the Insecticons for some of Megatron's schemes.
  • The Aparoids once caught wind of the Terraformars and their ability to copy animal-related abilities and decided to infect the cockroaches in an attempt to take over the Pantheon. What happened during the next couple of days was a swarm of Terraformars that looked far more frightening than before, along with slightly increased power to go with what they normally have. Although the threat was taken care of thanks to Star Fox's intervention, it was clear that it wouldn't be the last time that a dangerous force would get involved in making the Terraformars potentially more dangerous than they already are. It didn't help that the cockroaches are fairly smart as they are and are probably interested in looking for additional ways to kill any humans in their way.
  • In an effort to better understand the Terraformars overall, the House of Science has spent some of their time studying their traits and how they evolved in terms of intelligence and power. Some of these roaches are far more intelligent than others of their kind, acting as leader figures of sorts. The House of Science has wondered if this also includes power than other Terraformars. They have also expressed concerns that with the number of other unusual creatures running around the Pantheon, it might be possible for a Terraformar to copy the powers of some of those creatures, making them even more deadly than what a Terraformar can normally do, even with the powers of already existing animals.
  • Simon Laurent and Tulip Olsen hate each other but if there's one thing they can agree upon, it's that they hate these guys. The two were chased by similar cockroach creatures called Ghoms which are capable of sucking the lifeforce out of anyone who gets their attention, with Simon having died to one of them. Naturally, dealing with them is the the only thing that makes the two work together.