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Greater Gods

    Amon (Starcraft
Amon, God of Hostile Precursors (Dark Voice, The Dark One, The Fallen One, The Fallen Xel'Naga, the Eternal One, Truth-Bringer, the Dark God)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His red eyes
  • Theme Song: The Dark Voice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The true threat of the Koprulu Sector, God-like Being, Influenced the Protoss and Zerg for his Plans, Eldritch Abomination, Cthulhumanoid, Evil Entity of the Void, Seek to Destroy the Universe, Pure Black and Red, Sought Ascension for Power, not the Responsibity of the Xel'naga, Wants to Shatter the Infinite Cycle, Creator of the Hybrids, Utterly Malicious
  • Domains: Precursors, Evil, The Void, Vicious Cycles
  • Heralds: The Hybrids, a merge of both Zerg and Protoss
  • Allies: Samir Duran/Emil Narud, The Old Gods, The Gravemind, The Combine, The Anti-Spiral, Mesogog, Vaatu
  • Rivals: Harbinger
  • Interested in: Doomsday
  • Enemies:
  • Amon is one of the Xel'naga, a race of nearly omnipotent beings that seeded the galaxy of life of the Kropulu Sector. His race were also responsible for the creation of Protoss. And not only that, the Xel'naga had the Infinite Cycle, a cycle that would recycle the powers of any Xel'naga to pass it to others and push them into the new generation. In short, they were Benevolent Precursors. However, unlike them, Amon was their antithesis. By uplifting the Protoss and creating the Zerg, he wished to combine both to form the perfect race in his image. This lead to the creation of the Hybrids. And that wasn't enough for him, because he wanted to reforge the universe in his image, and worst of all, destroy the Infinite Cycle, by killing everything, since he sees the cycle as completely flawed for the natural order of existence. This gave him a spot to the Pantheon, seeing his motivations to be a textbook example of Abusive Precursors.
  • With his ascension, he has one objective he would like to accomplish: Destroy Sarah Kerrigan. This is because she was the only person who could truly defeat him, especially since she now has the powers of a Xel'naga, given to her by one last existing prisoner who gave her his powers.. He tried to convince her that she was manipulated by the other Xel'naga and used as merely a tool. This only made the deal between the two worse.
  • The Protoss were both horrified and furious that he and his followers was responsible for uplifting their race and leaving behind artifacts that would lead to the creation of the Khala, which he could control the Khalai tribes for his plans. Artanis is certainly at his lowest level of control with Amon for twisting the Khala and transforming his people into thralls.
    • Zeratul was the first to oppose him when he found one of his Hybrid creatures in stasis by one of his minions, Samir Duran, in the dark moon. As such, he played a role in defeating him, with a search of the prophecy which lead to him warning Raynor of the terrible future that if Sarah would die, then the entire universe would be doomed. This lead to her being spared by Raynor, then her coming to Zerus to wash of the last remaining of Amon's influence and her becoming the universe's last hope against the Dark One.
    • Alarak is certainly furious of hearing the Dark God ascending in the Pantheon. As he broke the covenant with the Tal'darim and betrayed them, Alarak decided to aid the Daelaam and claimed the leadership of the Tal'darim with their aid. Amon will not forget his deceit and betrayal, in which Alarak wants to destroy the god himself.
    • Though Tassadar never lived to learn of Amon's existence, he couldn't believe that one of the Xel'naga would try to enslave his people for the worse. Regardless, he would do anything to protect his people, even if he has to remove himself from the Khala.
  • He views humanity as insignificant since they have no form that makes them special like the Purity of Form and the Purity of Essence. In the Bad Future, they were the first to be wiped out by Amon's forces. However, considering how many of the most powerful deities could be human (including Kerrigan as she was before her infestation) and the Xel'naga leaving the human alone which was the point of their non-interference, he has to considered them into account of his plans. Not to mention, most of the powerful deities around the Pantheon are human after all.
  • Alexei Stukov viewed him as an enemy not just for aligning with the Swarm and agreeing to battling with him, but because of his minion, Samir Duran who killed him during the Brood War and transformed into an Infested Terran under the identity of Emil Narud. Thankfully, he's gotten his sweet taste of revenge, but wants more by killing the Dark One himself.
  • Amon is pleased of the Old Gods due to how they viewed the life of their worlds with spite and sought to destroy or corrupt all life. Due to their eldritch nature, the Gods and Amon joined forces for that agenda.
  • Samus views him as the evil counterpart of the Chozo, who seeded their knowledge and technology throughout the galaxy. As such, Samus could threaten him because of how she faced even bigger and dangerous alien creatures.
  • The Harbinger, despite their similarities, doesn't like his methods. Unlike Amon who wants to destroy the universe, he wants to harvest entire civilizations for preserving their knowledge. It doesn't help that the Reapers are basically living synthetic-organic spaceships that are hard to kill and Harbringer is the most powerful of them all.
  • As aforementioned, he created the Protoss-Zerg Hybrids with the intent of being a corruption of the Infinite Cycle and used them as weapons against the entire galaxy. However, with his plans destroyed by the Protoss, he decided to seek outside help to recreate the Hybrid. He ended up making a deal with Mesogog with developing an army of different Dino hybrids, in exchange, Amon could help Mesogog transform humanity into dinosaurs since he shows no care for the humans and the dinosaurs resembled the Zerg that he left unaccounted for.
  • Not to be confused with the other Amon. Though he is a human, Amon is intrigued that a human would take the name of a Xel'naga. Interestingly, they both sought to start a civil war, although the human didn't successfully do so. Avatars Korra and Wan, along with Raava the Avatar Spirit, are very vigilant of the Fallen Xel'naga due to how similar he is to Vaatu with both his corrupting visage and wanting to bring the darkness of the Void into the world. Upon hearing about this Vaatu, Amon sent some Hybrids to the Spirit of Chaos to make an offer of some sort.
  • The Arbiter was outright angry upon hearing that a god of Abusive Precursors came up. He finds Amon to be a representation of what he has fought against (the Forerunners) and considers him much worse. Due to this, he has warned Master Chief of this impending threat and has pledged to destroy him alongside the Protoss, Zerg, and Terrans.
  • Amon actually has no idea about this guy called 'Arcturus Mengsk'. He thought that he's always the smaller fish in the pond in terms of power, and he's content with the overwhelming power he had. Although, he did get a little pissed about two realizations connected to Arcturus' ambitions. One: all of Mengsk's overzealously corrupt actions led directly to someone who should've either been dead or a nonfactor instead playing more and more of a hand in the events that culminated in his destruction. Two: no matter how the case may be, Mengsk seems to have one thing over him at all times: fame.

    The Dalek Empire 

The Dalek Empire, Divine Scary Dogmatic Aliens (The Kaleds, Mark III Travel Machines, Ironsides, New Dalek Empire, New Dalek Paradigm)
The Dalek Emperor and his guard, circa 200,100 CE.
Various Dalek models in their city

    The Harvesters 
The Harvesters, Unholy Race of Planet Looters
  • Greater Gods (collectively); Lesser Gods (Drones); Intermediate Gods (Queens)
  • Symbol: City Destroyer
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Alien Invasion, Planet Looting
  • Allies: Sirius
  • Rivals: The Dalek Empire, The Borg, Black Doom, Tyranids
  • Enemies: Primus, Optimus Prime, All Autobots and Decepticons, Luke Skywalker, Mogo, The Neuroi, Brainiac, The Men in Black
  • Mogo was the first to encounter the presence of the Harvesters in the space surrounding the Pantheon, when a Mothership and its assortment of City Destroyers de-cloaked in orbit of Mogo and proceeded to assault the living planet, in an attempt to harvest Mogo's core. The Green Lantern Corps and Mogo itself engage in a pitched battle with the Harvester fleet, the rings able to punch through the alien shields, but their numbers and sheer size of the City Destroyers posing a problem, as many City Destroyers began to tunnel into Mogo's core.
    • The battle ended when Luke Skywalker flew into the heart of the Mothership, fought his way through its defense, and fired proton torpedoes into the command and control center. He took a page from Han's book and used his Hyperdrive to high-tail it out of there before the Mothership exploded with him in it. The surviving Harvesters were very annoyed that they lost another Mothership to the same strategy used on them in their world.
  • The Main House offered the surviving aliens an ultimatum: Accept their title and obey the rules of the Pantheon, or be excised forcibly. Begrudgingly, the Harvesters agreed. Then the Harvester Ship de-cloaked at the northern pole of the Pantheon, which is where their race in the Pantheon remains.
  • The Harvesters despise the Autobots and Decepticons alike with a passion. Any robotic race gets their blood boiling, but the Autobots in particular remind them too much of the Sphere, their sworn and ancient enemy. They originally intended to use the Harvester on the Pantheon proper because they learnt that the entire planet was one giant Autobot - Primus himself, and wished to strip the metal planet down to nothing.
  • While they have been compared to Black Doom and the Tyranids for their locust-like behavior and hive mentality, the Harvester Queen rejected the idea of association with them. The race harvests planets cores to fuel their technologies and build new ships; they do not harvest and devour sentient beings in their conquests, or so she claims. At best, they view them as rivals to their own ambitions, and their new-found desire for eventual revenge for the destruction of the Colony Mothership.
  • Sirius was very amused by the bold tactics of the Harvesters upon their entry into the Pantheon, and so decided to introduce them to the Neuroi, claiming that the Neuroi were much like the Harvesters in wanting to harvest the resources of the planet, albeit leaving out the small detail that they were an entire race of drones and machines. The Harvesters began blowing apart Neuroi on sight, and the Neuroi responded in kind.
  • Brainiac once hijacked the technologies of the Harvesters with a virus he uploaded into their systems, wishing to learn more about the new species before he does that he always does: destroy their home once he has all the knowledge of their race absorbed. Then the Queen retook control, and forced Brainiac out. Brainiac briefly experiences psychic episodes now as a result of the encounter.
  • As if the Men in Black weren't already wary of the Harvesters, they became extra cautious once it was clear they had a grudge against Agent J.

Ithaqua, Great Old One of Aliens Desiring Human Women (The White Silence, the Wind Walker, The Wendigo, The Yeti, God of the Cold)
Ithaqua as depicted in Pathfinder.
  • Great Old One, roughly equates to a Greater God
  • Symbol: Glowing, red eyes in a snowstorm
  • Theme Music: Ithaqua the Wind Walker by The Grotesquery, Ithaqua the Wind-Walker by Graham Plowman
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a touch of Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Wendigo Eldritch Abomination, Embodiment Of Air, Haunts Alaska and Siberia, Alien Abduction, Mars Needs Women (preferably Caucasian women), Needs Sub-Arctic Temperatures, Physical God, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Worshipped By Borea As An Ice Deity, Gilded Cage, Leave No Witnesses
  • Domains: Cold, Wind, Abduction, Aliens, The Arctic, Isolation
  • Parents: Shub-Niggurath and Hastur
  • Abhorrent Admirer towards: Elsa, Skadi, Freya, Hel
  • Interests and/or dreaded by: Deities from Siberia or Alaska, natives of the North
  • Allies: Kaldr, Lord Frederik, The Wendigo, Specimen 8
  • Headbutting Villains with: Jadis
  • Rivals: The Night's King, The Thing, The Pod People
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, The House of Love and Affection, Santa Claus and Mrs Claus, Clark Kent/Superman, Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Aslan, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson
  • Ithaqua is a Great Old One that dwells in freezing wastes, ruling over the icy Borea as its god-king. A lonely being, it can walk on wind as if it were solid ground. The entity attempts to reproduce with women, so as to produce children with his powers but not be limited by the Elder Gods. Ithaqua serves as the main antagonist of two of the Titus Crow books; Spawn of the Winds and The Moons of Borea.
  • Its fleshed out role as antagonist in Titus Crow depicts it as a brutal overlord who has abducted whole towns, and forces women to bear its progeny. As such while an alien entity most regard it as exceptionally yet still conventionally malevolent. Especially the House of Love. Potentially Ithaqua has a Race Fetish; as a relic of H.P Lovecraft, it prefers Caucasian women to mate with.
  • Ithaqua has become aware of the Thing landing on the of the Antarctic continent and hoping to propagate itself through assimilation and infection. It regards the alien as an interloper and competition with its own plans. The Wind Walker feels the same about the Pod People, who's plan to Kill and Replace gets in the way of its desire to spread its seed and will. Also, as Titus Crow and Henri Laurent de Marigny are loosely based on Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, they're the abomination's foes.
  • It is said to have been spawned by Shub-Niggurath and Hastur, and is known to be present in Arctic and sub-Arctic conditions. Deities who live in the Arctic circle tend to fear and/or oppose the White Silence, but are also intrigued. The same can be said for the North. Santa has put the creature on his permanent naught list due to Ithaqua trying to abduct his wife as a potential bride, and the Wind Walker isn't welcome anywhere near Superman due to trying to tear his Fortress of Solitude apart, allegedly for trespassing its property.
  • Generally seen as a Wendigo, but has also been called a yeti. Seems to be fond of The Wendigo. Ithaqua has shown preference for Lord Frederik, for being a force of cold and winter that is willing to supplicate callous behavior by Ithaqua. Just as long as the Great Old One doesn't inconvenience him, and even then the White Silence is spooky to him. Ithaqua believes Specimen 8 is its spawn, being a deer-headed Humanoid Abomination with connection to wendigos, and is thought to be the offspring of an outer god.
  • As powerful as Ithaqua is, it can't really function outside of cold environments. This came as a relief for many, particularly the SCP Foundation as its easier to contain. One of the reasons Ithaqua searches for women to reproduce with is to get around this. As such, it prefers to dwell in the House of Ice and Cold rather than its own house. Due to its power over the wind and ability to walk on wind, the House of Wind and Air often experiences visits from the Great Old One.
  • Dwelling in the cold, Ithaqua found an elemental accord with Kaldr. The idea of spreading winter around the world, and thus the extent of its power, was something that appealed to Ithaqua. Interest in an Endless Winter prove the Great Old One's attention to Jadis the White Witch. On some level the Wind Walker seeks to make her its queen, with the jinn and giant-blooded hybrid offspring helping it break from its imprisonment the Elder Gods set on it. Jadis vetoed that, but tolerates teaming up to spread their respective powers. This, among the God of the Cold's other dangers, has earned him the umbridge of Aslan.
  • It was not quite willing to capitulate with the Night's King's wishes. Mainly because were he to succeed, Ithaqua would be denied potential mates and living subjects, even if the White Walker's bringing of winter is a positive for the White Silence. The Wind Walker does recognize him as a rival. It also regards Jack Frost as a fellow spirit of cold and ice, however he actively opposes Ithaqua due to its position as an Evil Overlord and kidnapper of subjects.
  • Fancying itself an ice god and acting as the god-king of Borea, Ithaqua seeks to find queens of Borea. For this Ithaqua is attracted to Queen Elsa and the Norse goddess Skadi. It is an attraction they are deeply disturbed by. It's thought that this isn't just for status and a powerful offspring, but that Ithaqua desires companionship and is lonely. Others Ithaqua wants to make its queens include Freya and Hel.

    The Khan Maykr 
This is humanity's chance to repent, to give service to us. You cannot resist the will of the Khan Maykr... for it was you who was meant to enforce it.

The Khan Maykr, Angelic Being of Superior Species Dominance (The Supreme Maker, Your Grace)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A yellow orb on her chest; alternatively, her home planet, Urdak
  • Theme Music: Khan Maykr (Chad Mossholder remix)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with shades of Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The main leader of the Maykr race and ruler of it for generations, responsible for the fall of Argenta Society as well as original Maykr traditions, has a lowly opinion for humans and most species in general, angelic in looks but not so much in practice, a special type of angel, made a deal with the Dark Lord to continue the cycle of sacrificing worlds all for her species' gain, believes themselves to be angels in their role yet is barely angelic and more alien outside of the plating, killed herself and her own species by reawakening the Icon of Sin, the last of the Maykrs to live, well not anymore
  • Domains: Angelic Beings, Technology, Traditions, Godhood, Dominant Species
  • Heralds: The Hell Priests (Deag Renak, Deag Grav, Deag Nilox), the rest of the Maykr Race
  • "Allies": Ragyo Kiryuin, Zamasu, AM, The Inkwell Isles Devil
  • Wary with: SKYNET, XANA
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Demonic Forces of Hell, most demonic deities provided they are willing to work for her
  • Interested with: The Beast
  • Enemies: The Doom Slayer, Kronika, Lucifer, the rest of the Imperium with a special mention to The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Yuji Sakai, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Superman, Lex Luthor, Dis
  • Opposed by: YHVH and his servant Metatron, All angels and angelic-like beings, regardless of alignment, with specifics to Archangel Michael, the House of Angels with the likes of Tyrael, Sanguinus, Imperius and most especially Manwë Sulimo, The Incubators
  • There are two sides on the war of the divine. One is heaven, the residing side were angelic beings fight for good and purity, and hell, where demons exist to sow chaos and bring everything it sees in its inferno. Now what happens when the side of heaven is in a tenacious pact with hell? This was the bright idea of the Khan Maykr, an angelic being who has been praised on earth as the angel of salvation to all. While many would see her for the angelic presence and her divine intentions, all that armor and plating shows that she is no better than the demons themselves, if not worse. Responsible for the fall of Argent D'Nur, the coercing of the Sentinel Priests into Hell Priests and the worst part was her pact with hell's own Dark Lord, to allow the demons of hell to sacrifice numerous species all for the Khan's survival. This is how the Maykrs survived for millennia and would all change upon the arrival of a former guest: the Doom Slayer.
    • Timing was not on her side the moment the Doom Slayer set foot upon Earth and killed two of the Hell Priests to stave off the demonic invasion of earth. Even after hiding the third in Sentinel Prime, it was not enough and the last Hell Priest was killed, seriously jeopardizing her operations. She had enough and had pushed to reviving the Icon of Sin, a World Eater meant to destroy and devour worlds whole under only its mere presence. Little did she know that the Slayer would enter Urdak, her homeworld and doom the rest of her species by killing its heart. By that time, her patience has run out and with her species at a permanent risk, decided to take the Slayer with her and her slowly dying species to a fight to the death. As for her fate, well let's just say the Slayer gave her what she deserved for millennia ago.
  • The Pantheon were on full alert when a ray of Argent Energy was found emanating in one of the Pantheon's own empty spots. Many stormed as soon as possible with some calling assistance from other sides. What they were greeted with were angelic beings that guarded in the entrance and a ritual that was happening in the middle of the Argent Energy. Many were suspicious of this as angels tampering with energy related to hell was a red flag, and one of the angelic representatives to arrive at the scene, Tyrael knew something was wrong. His suspicions were true when the leader, the Khan Maykr proclaimed her speech amongst the crowds, promising salvation to all who worship her and the Maykrs. This all changed when she spotted a similar figure on her sights. With rage, she spurred angrily and ordered her forces to attack all, yet this figure stood against the Maykr's forces and a duel between it and the figure culminated in her revelation of her true self that being an alien and less of an angel. However, the ritual was too late, a large portal opened up and a portion of it was shown to be Urdak, the Maykr homeworld. Realizing it is too late, the figure retreated to stock up while the Khan Maykr has promised damnation to the one who defeated her and anyone who stands in her way.
    • The figure was soon revealed to be the Doom Slayer, an announcement that shocked almost everybody as many know that the Doom Slayer hunts demons and not angels. What they soon saw was that he knows her plans as well as showing them the Khan Maykr's true nature as alien and that she is responsible for earth's near destruction. To many, it was her intervention as to why the Doom Slayer has taken extra caution on all angels as if his encounter with the Khan Maykr shows, he has lost trust on angelic beings period.
  • Following the portal to Urdak opened, her servants have spilled among the Pantheon plane, spreading news and teachings for some to follow, the uninformed are quite interested in following the teachings, but numerous deities have warned that her teachings will only bring ruin to those who follow it. The evidence of all the worlds plunged to death thanks to the Maykrs and the numerous incursions by the Doom Slayer has also placed a damp on her progress to bring the Pantheon in the same fate as earth, meaning she will have to call for some unlikely allies.
    • As her race is more advanced, it was not advanced enough for her and with the necessity to keep it alive with the use of Argent Energy, forced her to create a pact to the demons of hell. Yes that is right, an angelic "being" was one of the few masterminds behind the invasion of hell. It was this reason why the Doom Slayer has her on his sights, and with her continuation to do so in the Pantheon, he will make sure that she will never succeed.
  • There is a contention to the universe she resides, as if hell exists, is she supposed to partake the role as a god? In some sense, yes, figuratively but that honor goes to the Father, a being and the progenitor of the Maykrs. His disappearance lead to the Khan Maykr taking over and going against all they were for, signing a pact with hell itself. Then again, if one slowly scratches the armor away, all that is left of the Maykr is an alien squid rather than a messianic figure all along, not to mention, the entire angelic role is nothing more but lies, but she believed it anyway.
  • Even with her agreements with the Demonic Forces of Hell, she has yet to allow any presence within her homeworld, unless the agreement was destroyed in some way, and it happened when she revived the Icon of Sin. Since then, she has been doing whatever she can to avoid that mistake if it means keeping the pact under watch. That only applies to the demons of her homeworld, from the lowly Cacodemon to the corrupted Marauders, of which she influenced certain Night Sentinels to become the very demonic presence they've fought against. As for other demons outside of her reach well:
    • At first, she thought of asking assistance with Dis, the literal Devil himself, Dis. The conversations were not so pleasant as all she had to endure were constant wailing and its utter apathy towards anything it did not create. The Maykrs were not exempted from this, and as a result were assaulted by his creations. This action lead to her discarding Dis as a viable subject.
    • Next, she came to The Devil of the Inkwell Isles to coerce his minions under her cause. At first, he was surprised that an angel would approach him, but hearing the agreement the Khan Maykr shared, he decided it was a good deal, as not only does she grant certain worlds demonic presence, but her angelic appearance can give a false sense of hope to the resisting forces of any world, promising salvation for all. He likes the odds, so long as she does not do anything stupid to break the deal.
    • Another subject took interest for her for the being's size. The Beast that the Doctor encountered proved to be a massive demonic being, one that would technically fit the role of a World Eater. Since then, she has caught the being's attention, and has promised him more power outside his presence, though in reality she is merely using it as a vessel for the Icon of Sin. The same attempt was tried out with Sargeras but her response was a meteor strike of felfire on her homeworld as a response.
  • Outside of all the demons, she has found certain collaborators who are all too willing to sacrifice the human race for various ideals/power, much like her species' intentions. Though while others are human, if they are helpful with the cause, chances are she will consider them in the ranks, that is until the rest of humanity is wiped out, then those collaborating with the Khan Maykr may end up being converted to Argent Energy, as afterall, what is the use of a collaborator when the human race is extinguished?
    • Ragyo was among the first to gain some assistance with the Khan Maykr, believing her Maykr technology is the final step for additional power alongside the Life Fibers. The Maykr noticed how she was willing to sacrifice everything for the Life Fibers, regardless of her thought and saw that with her dedication to it, she could prove to be a valuable collaborator, as she knows all too well the idea of sacrificing a race for their own needs.
    • While she was finding specific members, Zamasu barged into her gates and demanded the Khan Maykr's attention, as her goal of her species' survival by eradication of other races fits all too similar with Zamasu's goal of wiping out other races outside of his worldview for gods only. Whether their technologies/species would clash, the one thing that unified both of them was their end goal, and that is something she will take advantage of.
    • Next up was an AI that had a strong hate for humans, so much that it successfully wiped all humans and kept 5 survivors under its grasp for torture. The idea of AI wiping out their own creators is an advantage that she saw as an opportunity and is eager to see AM's progress. However, it wishes that it keeps the survivors it has under his control as he revels on their suffering, while the Khan Maykr wants all of humanity destroyed. Once the human race is under a controllable number, a conflict will rise between satisfying AM's sadism or the Khan Maykr's intention of humanity to "repent". Either way, once it does happen, the two won't be on the same side.
  • Speaking of AI, a theory popped regarding the Doom Slayer's AI partner VEGA in that it may be the Father of the Maykrs or perhaps their designer, just turned into a transferable intelligence. Whether this idea is true or not has sparked some wary on her rule, as if such theory was confirmed, her grasp on the Maykr society may collapse. She has started attacking various AI, from SKYNET, up to even XANA being among those that she has relentlessly engaged. She is not willing to let an AI remove her role as a leader, though others are seeing it as her way of venting frustrations on that idea and is not risking her role getting removed.
  • It speaks volumes when the entirety of human society is against her, well, for those informed anyway. Those that do not know may end up following her ideals but for the most part, majority of humans despise her presence, as she was the reason the demons struck down earth and had to rely on the Doom Slayer to avoid such fate. So when news of even supervillains like Lex Luthor teaming up with Superman under the pretense that the Khan Maykr wants earth and humanity destroyed, you know something is very wrong. In Lex's defense, he knows life would change drastically if humanity is driven to extinction, as there would be no way to be Earth's Man of Tomorrow without a planet to defend, so the feeling is mutual and Supes knows this.
    • However, of all the supporters of humanity, Lucifer seems to harbor the most hate for her. He knows that for all her "angelic looks" is nothing more but a false image of her alien image. That and her intention to sacrifice humanity for her species' survival has him on edge to get rid of her as soon as possible. However, with some of the Demonic Forces of Hell under her contract, Lucifer can possibly wait till that is broken in some capacity and if that isn't enough, he can pave way for the Doom Slayer to finish her off. But on his personal thoughts of her, he would gladly fight her mano e' mano.
  • Kronika's worst fears have come true, that a much more powerful being has arrived that may challenge her on the Hourglass and her Crown. If the Khan Maykr possesses both artifacts, all realms will falter and would end up becoming sacrifices to hell. Getting rid of the Thunder God and his allies was a hefty problem to deal with but dealing with an equally powerful and more advanced foe is another. So when revelation came that she mobilized all her forces including her children, the Khan Maykr responded with this:
    Khan Maykr: You cannot stop the inevitable. The procession, your realms will all be gone for the preservation of our kind. And your children will make fine work as new energy.
  • The Emperor of Mankind has large beefs with her ideology and her figure. He called her deranged for allying with hell to preserve her species, she called him hypocritical as the Imperium is no better when it comes to preserving themselves. He called her a disgrace of an angel, she insulted Sanguinus and his sacrifice to Horus. The last one proved to be the final straw between the two and has personally ordered the entirety of the Maykr race to be annihilated. As for her response, she will ally with Chaos if she wants the Imperium destroyed while having a chance at beating them.
    • The religion aspect is perhaps the one thing Emps is rather pissed about her for. Her angelic figure and her false promises reminds him of the religions that once dominated Terra and the moment he purged all forms of religion did humanity slowly reign, except on the 41st Millennium where humanity has resorted to religious extremism. If anything, her plot to rid humanity to preserve their species rings similar to the horrid Imperium he is forced to clean up.
  • All angels were on high alert when her presence was revealed and called her the worst type of angel, let alone even deserving the title of angel in the first place, for her dealings with Hell and the fact that the entire angel label was nothing more but lies to coerce others to believing her has placed her among the damned in all of angel society. Manwë Sulimo is most especially insulted by this, as her presence sparked anger on him for the first time as she is a representation of the worst qualities some angels have outside of his domain. The other angels, from former angel Tyrael to the overzealous Imperius have unanimously agreed to hunt her and the rest of the Maykrs for eternity with Archangel Michael the first to engage her in the frontlines.
    • While majority of the angelic deities are against YHVH, the Absolute Lawmaker is disgusted at the Khan Maykr's presence, believing her to be the epitome of failure when it comes to law. That and the fake appearance as an angel only fueled the fires between her and the GUAL, so much that her kin have been hunted down by his own servant Metatron. She has no worry though as once humanity is finally repented for their sins (read: killed by all demons), the Lawmaker and his forces will be the next she will pursue.
  • "For millenia we have survived. Made others sacrifice themselves in the name of our prosperity - so that they may in turn find redemption. Who are you, a human, once a mortal, to defy our traditions!"

    SCP- 682 
SCP-682, Deity of Alien Views on Humans (Hard-to-Destroy Reptile, The Lizard, The Dragon, Atanti-ql-Paneu, the Tarasque, Immortigon, The Behemoth Death Forgot, AM(?), SCP-6820-A)
SCP-682 shortly after escaping from containment, still recovering from acid immersion.
Show  SCP-682 during a notorious containment breach.

    The Shroobs 
The Shroobs, Unholy Race of Alien Episodes (Blazing Shroob, Dr. Shroob, Guardian Shroob, Intern Shroob, RC Shroober, Shroid, Shroob UFO, Shrooba Diver, Shrooblet, Shroobsworth, Support Shroob, Junior Shrooboid, Shrooboid Brat, Commander Shroob, Elder Shrooboid, Princess Shroob, Elder Princess Shroob)
Elder Princess Shroob 
Transformed Elder Princess Shroob 

    The Vortigaunts 
The Vortigaunts, The Divine Converted Race (Xenotherium subservilia, Alien Slaves, Xen Slaves, Vorts)
Your average looking Vortigaunt
  • Individually, they range from Lesser to Intermediate. Collectively, they have Greater God status
  • Theme Song: Vortal Combat
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Able to speak english pretty decently, Death is only just an "oscillation", Deciding to join the humans to combat the Combine, Connected by the "Vortessence", Able to use electricity as their main defense, Used to be slaves of the Nihilanth, Fond of using "The" to address a person, Starfish Aliens, Speaking "Vortegese"
  • Domains: Aliens, Electricity, Unity, Knowledge
  • Allies: Gordon Freeman, Dessler, Juzo Okita, Yoda, Artanis, Zeratul, Tassadar, Moses, Pearl, Ventari, Cole MacGrath, Ysera, The House of Health and Diseases
  • Enemies: The G-man, Wallace Breen, The Combine, The Headcrabs, The Incubators, Sosuke Aizen, Mordremoth, The Old Gods
  • Pity: The Prinnies
  • Wary of: Arael
  • The Vortigaunts are an alien race that originally participated in the original invasion to Black Mesa where they were hostile to any human they encountered. As it turns out, The Vortigaunts were a Slave Race that served the Nihilanth and with his defeat at the hands of Gordon Freeman, the Vortigaunts were free to choose who to serve and thus, joined the humans to combat the Combine invasion.
  • Surprisingly on good terms with the Gamilon leader Abelt Dessler, since he allied himself with the people of earth after having a change of heart and so his people did. The Vorts kindly asked Dessler if he could provide backup for the battle against The Combine, which he surprisingly agreed on. They also have received backup from other people like Juzo Okita and Commander Farsight
  • All Vortigaunts are bound to the Vortessence and it is rumored that it's the place where they gain all of their powers. The Vortigaunts themeselves had stated that this is a very powerful source and that they can use for almost anything they need.
  • The Vortigaunts have gained the friendship of the ascended member of the Protoss race, since that both have very similar cultures. They also bonded over the fact that, the Protoss were also bound to a powerful entity known as Amon, which the Vortigaunts are very familiar with this situation, since they were also enslaved by The Nihilanth back in Xen
  • Their time as slaves has left a pretty big mark in the history of the Vortigaunts and as such, they have sympathized with those who were also used as "tools" or so they call. People like Moses and Pearl have become pretty close friends with the Vorts over this shared experience.
    • They also pity the Prinnies for being a fellow Slave Race and having Etna as a master, who could actually be worse than the Nihilanth himself. However, they aren't particularly pleased about why are they Prinnies in the first place.
  • Often referred to as a "Big Race full of Yodas", which caught the attention of the master Jedi himself. It is certain that both Yoda and the Vorts share a similar speech pattern, but they also bonded over the knowledge of both the Jedi Culture and the Vortessence. Yoda is very intrigued by the mysteries the Vortigaunts store in their vast history.
  • While Vorts aren't very hostile creatures themselves, they have learn to despise the Elder Dragon known as Mordremoth for trying to enslave the Sylvari, a fact that reminds them a lot of their time under The Nihilanth. Mordremoth himself has taken interest in the vortessence and has wondered if it can become a very powerful source of magic. This singlehandedly made the Vortigaunts seek to take down Mordremoth for good so they allied themselves with the Centaur Ventari in the fight against the Elder Dragon.
  • They can channel powerful electric charges from their bodies, which can be quite deadly depending how strong is their attack. That's why they found common ground with the conduit Cole MacGrath, since his electric control is on par with that of the Vorts.
    • The Vorts have also prove valuable for the House of Health and Diseases, since their control over electricity (plus their connection to the vortessence) has proven to have healing properties, allowing to save multiple lives that could've been lost. A special Vortigaunt division was created in case someone is fatally wounded.
  • They have a big dislike for those who "defile the mind" (as they say) to control their victims, which indeed happened to them during their time at Xen. So far, the Vorts had a few encounters with Sosuke Aizen and The Old Gods, who tried to turn them into their personal minions.
    • However, there is one creature that they have been careful to approach and that would be Arael. While the powers of Arael can be dangerous, it doesn't have any ill will towards the Vortigaunts and only wants to research the human mind. They once had a conversation with the angel but the Vorts still have their doubts about its motivations, especially if it wants to "research" the Vortessence, which would probably end with horrific results.
  • One of the few deities that understands the nature of the Vortessence and isn't a Vortigaunt happens to be Ysera. The Aspect of Nature has naturally made friends with the Vortigaunts and she has even introduced them to the Emerald Dream, a place the Vorts describe as a "more bizarre Vortessence". They also consider her "their master" when "The Freeman" is not available.
  • While they have been able to fend off the influence of the G-Man on Gordon Freeman, they have learned that he has far more presence here than in their own universe. While the G-man has kept a low profile for the moment, it is rumored that he plans to use the vortigaunts for a "special task".

Intermediate Gods

    Astral (ZEXAL
Astral, God of Alien Interest in Humans (Dueling Ghost/Spirit/Ghost Duelist, The Invisible Duelist, Envoy/Messenger/Emissary of the Astral World, The Original Number, Guardian Angel)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Zexal III Mode)
  • Symbol: The Emperor's Key
  • Theme Song: I'm Feelin' the Flow! (shared with Yuma)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Neutral Good as Zexal, Neutral Evil as Dark Zexal)
  • Portfolio: Interest on Human Culture And Habits, "Annoying" Spirit Advisor, Power Booster Fusion, Calm and Logical, Gotta Catch 'Em All Numbers Cards To Recover His Memories, Deuteragonist, Blue Oni to Yuma's Red, Telepaths, Invisible to Normals, Nice Alien Partners You Really Shouldn't Betray His Trust Or Else!
  • Domains: Space, Memories, Cards, Order, Light, Good, Hope, Numbers
  • In-Universe Superior: Eliphas
  • Allies:
  • Undying Loyalty to: Yuma Tsukumo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Yubel
  • Enemies: VANITAS, NUMBER 96: BLACK MIST, Sora Shiun'in, Bernkastel, Dark Link, Xehanort's Incarnations, Eliphas The Inheritor, YHVH, Metatron
  • Deathly Terrified of: Yanderes
  • He is one calm and intelligent alien but outside this, arguably because of his memory loss and sudden arrival to another world, he is curious to the point of naivety, for matters as simple as eating, going to the bathroom, or believing that TV shows are real. He is very interested in humans and their behavior, constantly making observations about them, this is the reason of his ascension in the pantheon.
  • Yuma was really happy to finally see him ascend on his own and went to congratulate him. Same thing for the rest of the Zexal deities, though his reunion with Vector was a bit chilly.
  • Astral was really frustrated to find out that, even after his ascension and all, he still is invisible! And since he is no Duel Spirit, he can't even use Solid Vision With Mass (not that he would want that, given that the only ascended person with that hates him). He can only get around that with telepathy or by using Yuma as an interpreter.
    • This has made him bond a little with Hanyuu, who also suffers from this. It probably helps that she is ascended one and as such they can see each other just fine.
  • Seems to be fond of the gods coming from Kingdom Hearts, especially Sora, who is surprisingly similar to him and sounds like him, and Ventus, who who is surprisingly similar to Yuma and sounds like Kaito.
    • However, this is also the reason why he opposes Vanitas. Besides the voice, he can also see several traits of the villainous Number 96 Black Mist in him.
  • He is afraid of yanderes and doesn't like it when someone asks him the reason (It's because he went insane like that once) but he later trusted this information to Venom as he believes that they are similar in this respect.
    • Because of this, he doesn't like Yubel even if they are similar with the way they fuse with their partners., often leading to Teeth-Clenched Teamwork because of their partners being friends.
  • He also found a good kindred-spirit in Fi since she also happens to be a mentor figure to the hero form her native verse. He also sympathize with her since they were often told by their respective heroes to stop giving advice to them.
  • Is somewhat amused with Gentaro Kisaragi but he can't understand why. It might be because of his similarities with Yuma.
    • He is also interested in observing Kengo and his Astroswitches, because he thought that the ZEXAL weapons were the only ones created out of bonds so he wants to understand the switches better.
  • Apparently, he wants to be a detective, even if Yuma doesn't approve. Shotaro Hidari and Philip both noted how his relationship with Yuma is similar to their own and thus were amused at this discovery.
  • Is often sent on diplomatic missions by Eliphas as a messenger of the Astral World. In fact, he is the sole link that Deity has to the Pantheon aside from Eiki Shiki, which is the reason why he can be seen as similar to Metatron.
    • He doesn't really appreciate this notion at all, specially after the latter rejected a peaceful attempt to "fix" the GUAL, which would mean a war is almost imminent now...
  • He has become friends with Oyashiro of all gods. Mostly because she wants to help with the Reformation of the GUAL. Rika Furude has also made the effort to contact him for this reason and because she understand his ordeal regarding Black Mist.
    • He has tried to introduce Hanyuu to Eliphas to show him that it is possible to Rank Up and be chaotic on request of Rka. Though he is not quite sure if it will work.
  • Doesn't leave his temple and/or the Emperor's Key ever since his Arch-Enemy Number 96: Black Mist ascended unless the situation is extreme, though Yuma has been trying to convince him otherwise.

    The Formics 
The Formics, Divine Race of First Contact Miscommunication Disasters (the Buggers)
The last surviving Formic Hive Queen after the Third Formic War
  • Intermediate Goddess (the Queen), Demideities (their Drones)
  • Symbol: their Queen, or their new homeworld Lusitania
  • Alignment: Blue-and-Orange Morality, trying to be Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Disastrous First Contact With Humanity, Inhuman Morality And Realizing Their Folly, Insectoid Aliens, Spamming Multiple Workers On The Enemy, Use "Philotic" (via Images) Communication But Pick Up Verbal Telepathy Later On, Hive Queens as Only True Individuals Of Its Kind, Death Of A Queen Stops Its Entire Army, Appear As Four-Foot Tall, Red, Green-Eyed Ants
  • Domain(s): Aliens, Bugs, Miscommunication, Extinction
  • Followers: the Vajra, The ELS, the T'lic, the Orligians, the Minbari
  • Allies: Ender Wiggin, Sheryl Nome, Setsuna F. Seiei, Ash Ketchum, the Heptapods, the Chozo, Samus Aran
  • Rivals: the Zerg
  • Enemies: all xenophobes, The Enclave, the Illusive Man
  • Opposed by: The Imperium of Man
  • Often, when it comes to First Contact between humanity and other extraterrestrials, either the latter's hostile intentions are clear, are hidden behind a false gesture of peace, or those peacful gestures are made clear to be genuine. Of course, due to different moralities, there's always the chance of miscommunication and all the disasters that go with it. The Formics are victims of such. The reason behind this is because Formics operate on a Hive Mind, where all its workers are mindless drones and only the queens had free thought, and they assumed that a hive mind was prerequisite for sentience.
    • Naturally, when one of their scout ships in a colonization fleet reached Earth, they already destroyed hundreds of civilian mining ships, asteroid colonies, and weigh stations along the way, made to terraform it, assuming the humans were just mindless animals. Of course, they turned out to be wrong, and the scout ship was destroyed, making the Formics think that humanity is being uncommonly agressive as they then prepared for war.
    • Near the end of the Second Formic War, upon losing one of their Queens, that's when they came to realize that all human beings were actually individuals and not just "appendages" for whatever dominant mind they're under, were horrified at how many individual lives they've taken, and decided to pull away and leave them be. Unfortunately, it was too late as humanity wasn't about to let the disaster that befell them happen again and the Third Formic War began, this time with humanity as the instigators.
    • "Fortunately" for them, they saw this ahead of time and hid away a Hive Queen cocoon on a different planet. After the end of the Third Formic War, where humanity destroyed the Formic's home planet and killed all the Queens there (by extension disabling all their drones), one Ender Wiggin, whom they've been reaching out to during that war, found the cocoon, and set off on a relativistic journey to find a new home for them. Eventually, they found it in the planet of Lusitania and the Formics were reborn.
  • As for how the Formics managed to settle in the Pantheon, to avoid the same mistake that started the war that nearly drove them to extinction, thanks to what they learned from Ender, their colonization fleet that managed to find the Pantheon's location stopped a fair distance away. While keeping the trigger-happy xenophobics away, the Court of the Gods sent a scout team to determine their intent. Among this team were Sheryl Nome, Setsuna F. Seiei (given their experiences with the Vajra and the ELS), and Ash Ketchum (known for befriending beings worthy of divinity). Surprisingly, things went along well this time and, after one of the scout team recognized the Formics from a story, the Court of the Gods decided to help them settle in the Pantheon and "ascend" them to represent the tragedy of miscommunication between two races that can't understand each other.
    • In addition to setting up their hive, the Formics—after learning how life and death works here—requested for Ender Wiggin to come. Ender is... less than stellar, thinking he doesn’t deserve praise from the people he killed.
  • Due to how dangerous the Pantheon is, and the needs of communication, the Formic Queens eventually managed to "evolve" a means of ranged communication that their Workers can carry so they can talk with others for negotiations and other things. They've also sent quite the number of Workers to the House of Knowledge to learn more; they're that determined not to repeat their tragic mistake.
  • Remember: the Workers and Drones don't have individual minds, only the Queens.
  • Got along with the Heptapods, given they've nearly had a miscommunication disaster as well, though they're also a bit envious that "Costello" and "Abbott" had the foresight to come carefully and peacefully due to how they perceive time because humanity was going to help them in the future.
  • The Chozo have also considered them allies and they and Samus Aran vow to have them protected from any xenophobes.
  • Having similar Hive Mind mentalities, the Formics drew interest from the Zerg. They're grateful that they're more-or-less kept in line by Sarah Kerrigan (while also concerned regarding her past), are unnerved by the other born Zerg (Zagara, Abathur, Dehaka), and have conflicting opinions on Stukov.
  • Given how pessimistic things are in the 40K universe, the Formics understand why the Imperium of Man would want nothing to do with them.
    • And then there are also the Enclave, who think they're faking their attempts at making up for what they did to humanity, and would rather exterminate them claiming it to be for the good of mankind. The Formics wish to know what else they can do to make up for their mistake, but after reaching out to one of their minds, they realized the Enclave are just plain xenophobes who just with to off another potential threat to their plans on forging a new America in the Pantheon.

Jazz, God of Aliens Who Enjoy Earth's Culture (Meister, Jazz of Staniz)
His Alt-mode 
Movie Jazz 
Animated Jazz 
Aligned Jazz 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white and blue Autobot insignia
  • Theme: Autobop
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Klingons Love Shakespeare, Lieutenant of the Autobots alongside Prowl, Transforms into a Porsche 935, loves to improvise on the fly, Loves Earth culture and entertainment, Jive Turkey, Meaningful Name, Cool Shades, Soul Brotha, Wields a Photon Rifle and built-in speaker weapons, A trained Cyber-Ninja, stopped appearing regularly in the G1 series,
  • Domains: Robotics, Aliens, Racing, Popular Culture, Ninjitsu, Music
  • Heralds: Blaster (Autobot Communications Officer), Brawn, Cliffjumper, Gears, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker
  • Allies; Autobots: Optimus Prime (his superior), Bumblebee, Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, Grimlock, Primus
  • Friendly Rival: Captain Falcon, Ryu Suzaku, Lucy Liberty, Jonathan "Johnny" Joestar, Judah Ben-Hur
  • Wary of: The House of Electricity, Gunvolt
  • Enemies; Decepticons/Predacons: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Blitzwing, Tidal Wave, Beast Wars Megatron
  • Jazz is Optimus Prime's right-hand man, serving as head of Special Operations for the Autobot cause. It requires a lot of preparation, but for Jazz he's more than ready. He's skilled at improvisation and responds well to drastic changes on the battlefield. Plus, he always adds his own flare to the party. As a result of his enthusiastic, outgoing personality, he's one of most popular Autobots among the crew of the Ark. He's also been shown to really enjoy love Earth's popular culture, especially its music and vehicles. He arrived in the Pantheon as part of an Autobot/Maximal strike force created by Ultra Magnus to repel the ever-increasing threat of Megatron's ascended Decepticons. Their first confrontation lead to a quick and deceive victory for Magnus's team, with Jazz taking on Lockdown one on one. Afterwards, Jazz was given a temple and position in the Pantheon alongside several of his comrades. Optimus was happy to see his First Lieutenant return to his side and is looking forward to seeing him back in operation.
  • Serving as principal herald to Jazz is Blaster, Autobot communications officer, fellow admirer of human music and well-known rival of the deified Soundwave. The pair often spend their time hanging out in the House of Music and jamming to the many vibrant tunes the Multiverse has to offer. However on one jazz night, they did end up encountering Soundwave in attendance. Blaster confronted him and... Let's just say things should be left to the imagination. A sudden need for more troops necessitated that Jazz take on other like-minded Autobots as heralds, including the rest of the original Ark crew who hadn't become heralds by that point, all of whom are welcome additions to the Autobot/Maximal coalition force.
  • A skilled racer in his own right, Jazz will take part in major competitions hosted in the House of Sports, often racing against his fellow comrades and other human drivers too. Ben-Hur, The Duke boys, Dominic Toretto, and Johnny Joestar make for basic rivals, while Lucy Liberty, Ryu Suzaku and especially Captain Falcon put Jazz straight to the test, pushing him to the limit of his skills. At the end of the day though, he still treats them all well and good, and has been seen hanging out with all his rivals on their down time.
  • Water Tribesman Sokka has expressed interest in Cybertronian technology and after Jazz showed him a couple of the primary details, the rest was history. The pair became friends rather quickly, with Jazz seeing a lot of his fun-loving personality in the young human... but he has to be careful showcasing weapons and gadgets to Sokka; the last time Sokka tried out the Star Saber, it nearly destroyed a quarter block of the House of Technology.
  • Gets along well with other alien deities who share a similar appreciation for Earth's commodities and finds Martian Manhunter's affinity for Oreo's, Worf's Klingon love for Shakespeare and the Doctor's love for humanity in general rather endearing. It's also how Jazz became acquainted with Steven Universe's Crystal Gem friends, as each of them have found a particular interest in human pop culture. Amethyst in particular has the most interest, enjoyment, and indulgence of various Earth activities, mostly eating and sleeping. Jazz finds her to be very laid-back and rowdy but more than makes up for it with her percussion skills. Combined with Jazz's boombox and break dancing and dance night in the House of Music becomes truly extravagant.
  • Jazz has been on many adventures over the eons, and being devoured by Unicron is not on his most popular list. He and Bumbleebee - who was also consumed by the Chaos-Bringer - have no intentions on going through that again. Especially since there's another planet eater in the form of Galactus. Luckily, the duo were quick to reacquaint themselves with the New Avengers note , who are more than happy to help out with dealing with the above threat as well other villains like Ultron, Doctor Doom, and Doctor Octopus.
    • On that note, Jazz likes hanging around the Guardians of the Galaxy, listening to the psychedelic tunes playing from Star-Lord's cassette player, and helping in the fight against Thanos and whatever terrors the Multiverse has to offer.
    • He's also teamed up with the ascended members of G.I. Joe to stop Cobra Commander, and to make sure their plans with the Decepticons are thwarted.
  • Became an honorary sixth member of the spaceship Bebop, with Spike, Faya, and Radical Ed always welcoming him aboard to share his stories across the cosmos and to aid in dangerous missions. It also helps that Jazz is a big fan of free form jazz.
  • It was through Optimus Prime that Jazz met and befriended the Iron giant, who found a fascinating interest in Cybertronian transformations. The giant robot's known disdain for violence did remind the Autobot of when he became weary of war and found some humans to be rather hateful to his kind. As such, Jazz hopes that push doesn't come to shove and neither Optimus or Megatron convince the giant to join the war.
  • Like many of his fellow Transformers, Jazz can take on various forms depending on what the situation calls for, most of them retaining his traditional blue and white colour scheme. When espionage is required, he will become a sleek master of Cyber-Ninjitsu and if that doesn't work, he'll become either a hard-hitting Pontiac Solstice equipped with an magnetic field generator and photon blaster, or a more standard variant with built-in speakers to daze and incapacitate foes. But more often than not, he'll revert back to his original form for nostalgia sakes. Regardless, he's still his normal self no matter what form he takes.
  • Considering his less than stellar relationship with the super-powered and crazed Circuit Breaker, Jazz stays well out of the way of the House of Electricity, not wanting to get electrocuted once again. It's also the reason he has come to be an enemy to Princess Azula, especially after their first meeting nearly ended in disaster.
  • Given how they're willing to kill any humans that don't share their powers, not to mention being opposed to anyone willing to protect those humans, Jazz immediately landed in Zorda and the Seven's list of enemies. Of the seven, he's particularly careful of Gibril, Asroc, and Teseo, who all possess powers over metal, machines and hackery respectively. In response, Jazz has been approached by the hitman Gunvolt, who offered to help the Autobots combat Zorda's gang. But his own electrical powers have left Jazz a little bit wary to trust him, though he was quick to take note of Gunvolt's kind nature.
  • Shares his music tastes with The Silver Surfer, another alien who fell in love with what humanity had to offer. He felt bad for his plight, as the fate of Norrin's planet mirrored that of Unicron.
  • Has a bit of trouble trusting the Dukes of Hazard after losing to a Decepticon disguised as their vehicle, General Lee. To be more precise, he likes the Duke boys and Daisy, but is wary of the car in case it transforms.
  • "Do it with style or don’t bother doing it."

Lesser Gods

    The Chozo 

The Chozo, Deities of Benevolent Precursors
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A Chozo Statue
  • Theme Songs: Chozo Artifact Temple, Chozo Ruins, Reflection of the Past
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Creating the Metroid and training Samus Aran, Bird People, Endangered Species, Doom Magnet, Ignoring Their Species Survival, Perfect Pacifist People, Sufficiently Advanced Aliens, Formerly Warriors,
  • Domain: Science, Technology, Battle, Redemption
  • Allies: Samus Aran ("their child"), Jor-El, The Doctor, Medli, Megamind, Reed Richards
  • Enemies: Mother Brain, Ridley, Dark Samus and Phazon, SA-X, Brainiac, Davros, Dalek Emperor
  • Evil Counterpart: Amon
  • Concern About: The Hatchling
  • The Chozo, a highly intelligent alien race who were the caregiver of the orphan Samus Aran. They were the ones to train the girl who would one day become the fiercest warrior the Space Pirates would ever face. Not only that, they were foresighted to leave behind useful tools for Samus to find to aid her in battles. In this, they hope to find redemption for what they done in the past.
  • While there are many Chozo that have ascended to the pantheon, the two most prominent members of the group are Old Bird and Gray Voice. The two can be consider Samus' Chozo parents as the former raised and help trained Samus while the latter provided the DNA for her genetic modification.
  • The Chozo race have express their gratitude to their adopted daughter Samus for carrying out their legacy. Old Bird in particular has told her how proud he was to have raised her. This caused the normally silent warrior to shed tears of joy from those words from her adopted father.
    • Many Chozo have also express concern over the Hatching. Since they raised Samus to eliminate their past mistake, they were surprise that the Metroid considers Samus it's mother. While they haven't taken any action over the parasite, they have been keeping a close eye on it.
  • Before they dedicated themselves in knowledge, they were once a race of warriors. Which would easily explain the Powered Armor that Samus uses. They are now a more peaceful race that advocate a a more peaceful approach. So non-violent they are that they devoloped a mental block that cause pain if they do act violent. Though, Gray Voice was able to endure to fight to a stand still with Ridley. However, while they do seek peace, that doesn't mean they can't devoloped things to do harm. Both the Metroids and Samus Aran can attest to that. The Chozo are willingly to lean their expertise to GUAG. Though, only in certain situations for fear of any misuse of their technology.
  • After reaching a sterile point in their technology advencement, many Chozo decided to cross the far galaxy in sharing and gathering knowledge. This stance is opposite to Brainiac who wants to collect knowledge and destroy the original source. When the Coluan learned of the space birds, he became interested in their knowledge.
  • It's unknown what truly happen to the race. While some have died thanks to Mother Brain and the Space Pirate, there's other who ascended to a higher existence. While it can't be one hundred percent certain they died out, the same could be say of their survival.
  • While well known for their technology advancement, the Chozo do have a good understanding of magic as proven by their interaction with the Reptilicans. One wonders of there's some mystic property in Samus's suit as any attempts to reverse engineer the tech ends badly.
    • There's also some Chozo who can see visions of the future. While not perfect, they were able to predict the emergence of Phazon and prepared Samus for her battle against the corrupted entity.
  • Have been seen interacting with some of the more intellectual individuals of the pantheon. Mostly those of alien origins and some earthlings. There has been talks on forming a Science Council that would include the brilliant minds all over the cosmos.
    • One particular scientist they had the most interaction is the Kryptonian Jor-El. While most talk are over scientific improvement, they do stray to the fact they each left a legacy to their people with their children.
  • One or two incarnation of the Doctor have made contact with the Chozo race. Each of them have express respect and admiration for the others devotion of life and wanting peace in the galaxy. The Doctor mention that what ever technology they use for Samus' Morph Ball is very similar to their "bigger on the inside" tech. There has been adventures of the Gallifreyan and a Chozo companion or two.
  • While they do see many life forms precious, they do not hold the same views for X Parasites. That's why they created the Metroids to act as predators for them. Learning of SA-X has made them very adamant on stopping it in anyway possible.
  • Have shown shock at Amon betraying his fellow Xel'naga brethrens for his own insidious plans.
  • New information have revealed that a sect of rogue Chozo never renounce their warrior ways and actually killed their fellow Chozo brothers on SR388.

    The Keroro Platoon 
The Keroro Platoonmembers , Representatives of Easily Thwarted Alien Invasions (The Armpit Platoon, Keroro: Sgt. Frog, Sarge, Uncle, Stupid Frog; Tamama: Wakaba-1, Comrade Fuher/Captain Tamama; Giroro: Skull-1, Checkmate King 2, Red Daruma, G66; Kururu: Kululu, Yellow Devil, Naruto-1, Kururuko; Dororo: Zeroro)
L-R: Kururu, Tamama, Keroro, Giroro, Dororo
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their insignias on their bellies
  • Theme Music: Kerot! to March, Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Keroro, Tamama, and Kululu), Lawful Neutral (Giroro), Lawful Good (Dororo)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Aliens. Frogs, Comedy, Incompetence
  • Heralds: Angol Mois, Fuyuki Hinata, Natsumi Hinata, Aki Hinata, Momoka Nishizawa (Tamama), Hojo Mutsumi/Saburo Mutsumi (Kururu), Koyuki Azumaya (Dororo)
  • Allies: Stitch, The Plantars, Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu, Suwako Moriya of the Moriya shrine, Tsuyu Asui, Kermit the Frog, Gonzo
  • On good terms with: Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Pinky and the Brain
  • Rivals: Zim, Ika Musume (albeit a friendly one), The League of Super Evil
  • Fanboy of: All things Gundam (for Keroro)
  • Enemies: The Black Ops, The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, Dib
  • Afraid of: Cirno (all of them), The House of Ghosts and any ghost deity (Giroro)
  • Odd Friendship with: Kaban and Serval, The Space Sheriffs (for Keroro), The Steam Team (for Giroro)
  • Interested in: The Hypnotoad
  • Sergeant Keroro is a frog-like alien known as a Keronian who was assigned to scout for an invasion of Earth. But once his superiors realize he's been found out by two Japanese teenagers, they abort the mission and leave him and his crew behind. With no one else to turn to, Keroro ends up staying at the Hinata house with Fuyuki, Natsumi, and their mom Aki, living as something between a servant and a pet. Of course, Keroro is still an invader and still plotting the downfall of Earth (or Pokopen/Pekopon as he’d call it) with the help his fellow teammates (the mercurial Private Tamama, the gruff Corporal Giroro, the mischievous Sgt. Major Kururu, and the enigmatic Dororo). Even so, you can bet that any chance of them conquering Pekopon would end up blowing up in their faces with hilarious results.
  • As usual, the platoon is at their underground lair discussing their plans to conquer Peokopon. All of a sudden, the computers in their base got hacked before showing a mysterious figure, telling them they were to be reported to the main headquarters. Panic from the platoon ensues before getting forcibly teleported to somewhere outside of Pekopen. When the frogs woke up, they found themselves before the Court of the Gods. Upon examining the Platoon’s antics, the Court thought it’s be fitting for them to receive Easily Thwarted Alien Invasion seeing their constant failures to conquer Pekopon/Earth. Needless to say, Keroro finds that title to be rather offensive and would often try with some help of his platoon to disprove it by devising some new plans to conquer Pekopon, although most of the time, they go nowhere due to his own incompetence.
    • Their temple is more or less a recreation of the Pekopon base where the frogs do their usual planning or fooling around. It also contains a portal that allows them to travel between their two bases. Occasionally, their Pekoponian friends would end up traveling to the portal whenever they get roped into the Platoon’s Pantheon antics.
  • They have been compared to both Zim and Ika Musume in regards to all of them being inept invaders, which can sometimes lead to petty squabbles between them whenever they get in their way of their conquest of Pekopon. Zim himself doesn’t take this comparison well as he is too self-centered to have anyone else conquer Earth but him. However, Ika is at least somewhat friendly whenever she’s around the frogs. The League of Super Evil is another group of comedic villains with a low success rate that they find themselves clashing with if they find themselves doing the same money-making scheme. Of course, them being too busy one-upping each other has predictably led to both sides failing. On the other hand, they seem to be on decent terms with Pinky and the Brain if because they can sympathize with someone who attempts and fails to take over the world.
  • Being gods isn’t always easy for them as they have to deal with their share of enemies outside of Pekopon. In particular, they have to deal with Dib Membrane as he finds their goals to be similar to Zim’s. Unfortunately for Dib, he doesn’t get taken seriously. On a more serious note, there's also the Hazardous Combat Unit and the Black Ops, both who have been called to take down alien invasions in their home universes, on top of utilizing brutal methods to do so. They also try to avoid Cirno seeing how she has a hobby of freezing frogs and watching them thaw.
  • That said, there are some alien invaders that they became friends (or at least on decent terms) with, particularly with Stitch, who was assigned to do evil and eventually conquer Earth, but softened up after an encounter with an island girl named Lilo, reminding the frogs of their relationship with the Hinatas. Omni-Man is another alien invader they don’t mind even if they look past his violent past, as he too became a better person after staying on Earth and raising a family.
  • As far as their interactions with other amphibian deities go, they get along fine with the Plantars who, like them, have met with humans Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu (though in the Plantar’s case, it was the humans who came to the frog world instead of the other way around). Suwako Moriya is another deity who has also befriended them due to her own fondness towards frogs as has Tsuyu Asui, who is more of a human with a frog Quirk.
    • One particular amphibian deity that has attracted the platoon’s attention is the Hypnotoad after they found out about its potential to mind-control people with just its stare. The frogs believe that they could take advantage of it by using it to hypnotize all of Pekopon to do their bidding. However, when Keroro got his hands on it, it turned out to be no different from the frogs as it just simply hypnotized them into watching its show.
  • Not surprisingly, they seem to be on good terms with Kermit and Gonzo, especially since the former is obviously a frog and the latter is suspected to be an alien (even the Keronians are confused with what species Gonzo is supposed to be, as he doesn’t resemble any Pekoponian species they know). At one point, they were invited for a guest spot in The Muppet Show. Keroro accepted, thinking this would be another easy get-rich-quick scheme for them. As you can expect, a lot of shenanigans happened when they were at the show, namely the frogs trying their hand at muppetry, Kururu testing his inventions on Beaker, and a finale involving the Muppets and the Keronians sporting afro wigs performing to “Afro Gunso.”
  • Given the fact that they happen to share the same creator, it’s no surprise that they would cross paths with the Kemono Friends, particularly with Serval and Kaban. The two were surprised with the platoon at one point showing up in Japari Park at one point, in which the frogs obviously take the form of human girls. Not to mention that they are also interested in Kululu's "We All Live Together" beam that the platoon would use to turn animals into humans and vice versa.
  • Keroro may be considered the leader of the platoon, but he seems to be more interested in doing chores and goofing off than he is in actually invading Pekopon. In essence, he may well serve as a textbook example on how not to lead.
    • One of his favorite hobbies that he’s borderline obsessed with is building Gundam models. In fact, words could not express how excited he was when he found out about various Gundam deities as well as actual Gundams residing in the Pantheon. In particular, he likes hanging out with Sei Iori and Reiji as well as the Team TRY fighters after learning that they participate in Gunpla battles and would be happy to join in if asked.
    • Keroro also has an encounter with Space Sheriff Gavan, thinking he was his old buddy Space Detective Kogoro. After the confusion is cleared, he (along with the other Space Sheriffs) get along well with Keroro, even if the frog finds them less hammy compared to Kogoro.
  • Tamama is the newest and youngest member of the platoon. He loves junk food and sweets (especially candy, cake, soft drinks, and potato chips), and living with the ultra-rich Momoka means he can have as many as he wants. Despite his cuteness, he has a Hair-Trigger Temper, a MASSIVE jealous streak, and an ability to fire his laser from his mouth whenever he’s provoked. Also, he loves Keroro.
    • Was excited to find out about there being a House of Food, where he visits every now and then whenever he’s craving for some snacks. There, he met Stocking Anarchy, whom he bonded with over their similar Sweet Tooth taste. Sometimes, he would even visit Stocking’s temple in hopes of her serving him his favorite sweets. It also helps that she sometimes reminds him of Momoka.
  • Giroro is the Only Sane Man and the only frog in the platoon who believes he can take the invasion mission seriously. He also has a crush on Natsumi ever since she defeated him in their first fight.
    • Whenever he’s not with the platoon, he can be seen in the House of Weapons practicing his shooting with his own oh-so-cool alien handguns or polishing them in his tent. At times, he finds himself competing in shoot-outs with those who use heavy firearms and/or Hand Cannons such as Vash the Stampede and Heavy Weapons Guy. That said, both of them can be rather chummy guys to hang out with, especially when it comes to talking about their respective loved ones.
    • Oddly enough, he has shown a liking for trains every now and then (he was even a member of the Galactic Railroad Society at one point when he was a kid) and would sometimes visit the House of Land and Sea Travel to see Thomas the Tank Engine and the rest of his Steam Team. Surprisingly, Giroro and Thomas also share a fear of ghosts, and as such, would try to avoid the House of Ghosts or any ghost deity.
  • Kururu (or Kululu) is the team’s resident intelligence officer. Incredibly smug and self-satisfied, Kururu is constantly inventing all sorts of outlandish devices, but few of these are actually meant to help the invasion... they're just for his own amusement. Loves giving Keroro just enough rope to hang himself, over and over and over again.
    • His antics has brought the attention of Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz, a wannabe evil Mad Scientist, who offers him to be his assistant. Kururu agrees and would sometimes tag along with him (whenever he’s not with his platoon teammates) if because Doofenschmirtz’s silly moments would make him laugh. He’s also fond of trickery and pranks and would visit the Hall of Joke and Pranks where the prank-related deities reside. Usually, he would supply his own inventions just to join in on the fun.
    • Apparently, he has an alternate costume known as Kururuko, in which he dresses up as a magical girl. Whenever he roams around the Pantheon in that disguise, the Magical Girl Sisterhood mistakes him for a new recruit to their team.
  • Dororo is the team’s resident ninja (and the one who tends to get left out). Previously known as Zororo, he used to be a painfully shy, sickly child, and so clung rather desperately to his friendship with Keroro... something Keroro shamelessly exploited, leaving him traumatized to the point that any reminder of these abuses triggers his 'Trauma Switch' and sends him into the nearest corner. Grew up to become an assassin, then got separated from the others on Earth and found acceptance and peace with a group of ninjas, leading to him changing his name and outlook on life.
    • He himself used to serve as a High Priest for fellow frog ninja Greninja. Even after he’s been promoted to Godhood along with his fellow platoon mates, they have remained good friends. Both can be seen training each other in the House of Combat with their ninja weapons.
    • He also has some respect for human ninjas Ryu Hayabusa and Jiraiya and sometimes trains alongside them as well. In regards to the latter, he is a fan of his writing and sometimes reads them whenever he’s not training and even likes his toad motifs. On the other hand, he can sometimes be a bit annoyed with the Toad Sage’s pervy antics.

    The Martians (Mars Attacks!
The Martians, Unholy Race of Malicious Aliens
The Martian Leader
The Martian Ambassador (center) next to several soldiers
Martian Girl
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A flying saucer; alternatively, one of their big-brained heads
  • Theme Song: Mars Attacks! Main Title
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Alien Invasion, Armies Are Evil, Ax-Crazy, Civilization Destroyer, Utilize Disintegrator Rays, Sought to destroy Earth, because they thought it was funny, Jerkasses, Little Green Men, Excessively large brains, Raygun Gothic, Trolls, We Come in Peace — Shoot to Kill, Defeated by the playing of “Indian Love Call”
  • Domains: Mars, Aliens, Invasions, War, Destruction
  • Followers: The Skrulls
  • Allies: Marvin the Martian, the Mars people
  • Rivals: The Harvesters
  • Enemies: Agents K and J, Master Chief, The Doom Slayer, Commander Shepard, X-COM, The Doctor, John Carter, J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars, Dr. Louise Banks, the Heptapods, Barbarella, Squidward Tentacles, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Erma, Optimus Prime (and by extension, all ascended Autobots and Decepticons), The Courier, The Sole Survivor, The Think Tank, The Fantastic Four
  • Oppose: ALL avian deities
  • Opposed by: The Daleks
  • Complicated Relationship with: Zim
  • In its plan to conquer Earth, Mars sends out flying saucers through space carrying deadly weapons. There, the Martians destroy much of Earth’s population by burning the cities. Why? Because it's fun!!! They enjoy killing people and destroy buildings; they even play bowling with the statues at Easter Isles and pose for photos in front of temples as they are blowing up.
  • It was one peaceful day in the Trope Pantheons, until several gods reported a fleet of flying saucers flying across the sky. Soon, reports of these sightings were brought into the Main House. When one of the flying saucers landed on the Pantheon, many people arranged a meeting with the Martian Ambassador. Of course, given their previous encounters with other malicious aliens such as the Harvesters, the welcoming committee was more cautious and sufficiently more prepared. However, everything didn’t go as planned as the Martians proceeded to vaporize everyone there. Several military forces from the House of War responded by fighting back against the Martian army, and unlike the Earth where they first struck, the advanced technologies in the Pantheon (as well as magic) made combat with these Martians a lot fairer. That said, the Martians weren't backing down without a fight, and their tech is advanced enough to negate a nuclear warhead and use its contents for a helium voice gag.
    • The destruction lasted for several days (but only within the House they landed in) until one day, a few of the Martians approached someone listening to some music on their headphones. Unfortunately for them, the music that the person is listening to is Slim Whitman’s “Indian Love Call.” This caused their heads to burst like balloons. Eventually, the rest of the Pantheon took notice of this by broadcasting said song on the radio and using it to defeat their enemies.
      • Afterwards, many people are undecided with what to do with these Martians. However, an agreement is reached that they should stay in the Pantheon.
  • Among several people who have been active in trying to take down the aliens, they include XCOM and the Men in Black, both of them being agencies dedicated to eliminating malicious aliens. Several space marines such as Master Chief, The Doom Slayer, and Commander Shepard also see the aliens as easy pickings. They're not too big on The Courier and the Sole Survivor due to the both of them killing their kin.
  • They have a rivalry with the Harvesters on which alien invader race is the deadliest. Whenever the two races cross paths in the same area, expect more destruction than what one can expect.
  • They don’t like the Doctor due to his ability to outwit the aliens. Their relationship with the Daleks isn’t any better, for obvious reasons. The Daleks even believe that the Martians’ whole “invade and destroy” schtick is a little too similar to their own.
  • For some reason, their language only consists of high-pitched “acks.” Attempts by linguists such as Dr. Louise Banks were made to translate their language in order to understand their culture, but the Heptapods warned her about the potential danger that the aliens possess. The Fantastic Four find the Martians to be somewhat similar to the Skrulls in regards to their jerkassery, which they don’t approve of.
  • Regarding their interaction with other deities associated with their home planet, they get along with Marvin the Martian as he respects their plan in destroying the Earth. In turn, this made them enemies with Bugs Bunny as he’s an expert at outsmarting villains in comedy settings like Marvin himself. John Carter and the Martian Manhunter sometimes square off against the aliens and often foil their plans. As does Rei Hino, who was the former Princess of Mars.
  • Their relationship with Zim is complicated. Personality-wise, Zim would fit them, but he was reminded of the time that the Mars of his universe was turned into a Planet Spaceship, which he hijacked to smush Earth and then got into a dogfight with Dib, who was piloting Mercury. This led to Mars being flung out of the solar system. While the Martians didn’t like what Zim did to their home planet, they at least tolerated his comedic villainy.
  • They are also enemies with Barbarella since she believes in a united and peaceful universe, which the Martians are against. Any time she attempts diplomacy towards the aliens, it usually doesn’t end well for her, which leads to the Black Queen having to rescue her.
  • At least once has Popeye had an encounter with the Martians, When several of them landed in Sweethaven, they were intercepted and then hypnotized by the Sea Hag into attacking Popeye for her. They were nevertheless defeated by Popeye in a spinach-powered beatdown, which broke their hypnosis, and they betrayed the Sea Hag through Defeat by Modesty (It Makes Sense in Context) before leaving Earth out of a newfound fear of Popeye.
  • Their presence in the Transformers universe is one of several instances where the Autobots and the Decepticons put aside their differences to take down the little green aliens.
  • They are frightened to encounter Erma given that she once tried to dissect a living Martian.
  • Because of their weakness towards corny folk country music, they have a disdain towards several Dreadful Musicians, notably Squidward Tentacles. The Martians are also enemies with the Think Tank since they’re allowed by the proper authorities to release their technological wrath against them with special enmity towards Dr, 8 for his Sonic Emitters with the Indian Love Call frequency he added specifically against them. Though at least they’re also Laughably Evil, especially with Klein, Borous, and Mobius on the scene.
  • "Ack ack ack ack! ACK ACK!"

    The Visitors and Joozians 
The Visitors and Joozians, Celestials Aliens Of Anal Probing (The Grays)
The Visitors (top) and Joozians (bottom)

    The VUX 
Greetings from VUX! ...The last word in life form destruction! To gain an intimate knowledge of our engines of war, simply place both hands over your eyes and count to three.

The VUX and Admiral ZEX, Divine Race Of Aliens Repulsed By Human Appearances (Very Ugly Xenoforms)

  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A VUX Intruder
  • Theme Song: Theme of the Very Ugly Xenoforms
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Regurgitating At The Sight of Humans, Fantastic Racism, Getting Mad At Humans From An Unexpectedly Heard Remark, Battle Thrall of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Seeing Themselves As Logically Infallible, Race of Ugly And Vindictive Xenophobes Being Judgemental Of Appearances While Preaching Open-Mindedness, Wanting Humans Dead For Being Ugly, Armed With Gigawatt Lasers And Parasital Limpets
  • Domains: Extraterrestrials, Xenophobia, Beauty, Disgust, Bigotry
  • Allies: AM, Bender, Shuma-Gorath
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Odio, The Mars People, The Martians, Nyarlathotep
  • Superior: The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za
  • Rivals: All racist/xenophobic deities, including William Stryker, Mina Loveberry, Teryn Loghain, The Illusive Man
  • Opposed By: The House of Friendship and Love (ZEX included)
  • Enemies: Pretty much every human deity in the Pantheon, even Humanoid Aliens, but especially: The God-Emperor of Mankind, Star Fox, Star Trek's Freudian Trio, The Blorg Commonality, The Formics, Koro-sensei, Baby, Frieza, Zarbon, The Dead Moon Circus, Vega, Queen Sectonia, The Evil Queen, Kuja, Courtney Gears, Wander, Commander Shepard, Liara T'Soni, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, Red Skull,The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Complicated Relationship with: SCP-1171-1, Charlotte Linlin
  • The VUX are widely known for their Fantastic Racism, and their intense discrimination against many aliens out in the galaxy due to them being hideous, but there has never been a race that disgusts them more than the humans themselves, and all the Humanoid Aliens, which are far more common than in their home universe since many forms of Earthling media like to use Rubber-Forehead Aliens. Even deities that most of the Pantheon would consider cute or adorable sicken the VUX to their core, finding their appearances horrifying and unnatural. The fact that the Pantheon is full of human deities just makes them even more disgusted by the whole place.
  • The VUX had somehow warped here on their own, outside of our own detection methods. They were first noticed when some deities in the Pantheon received a major distress signal from the Starship Enterprise. Star Fox was sent to help them out, and they all managed to find the Enterprise covered in green, icky parasites that seemed to prevent the ship from moving, though it could use its defenses. Falco immediately flew towards the big ship in an attempt to deal with whatever antagonist was behind the sabotage, against Fox's insistence. Carefully following behind, the rest of Star Fox found Falco's ship being covered in limpet parasites, and a bunch of blue alien starships slowly approaching it. Fortunately, Star Fox fended off the ships and managed to take down a majority of the attacking ships after removing the limpets from Falco's ship.
  • After the Starship Enterprise was freed from the parasites, reinforcements were called to deal with the remaining enemy starships, who showed themselves to be the VUX, green tentacled aliens with a big eye, a very high standard of beauty, and a great distaste for human appearances. The Court of the Gods would learn how much they despised even having a glance at humans when a few VUX individuals sent there started to regurgitate upon seeing the Judge, and many of the human deities there also began to vomit from the sight as well. They quickly decided the VUX would ascend with the trope of Humans Are Ugly and sent the VUX away so they could clean the place up.
  • Many humans like to think that the name "VUX" is a Backronym for "Very Ugly Xenoform", which pisses off VUX that hear about such things, though being within a VUX's eyesight is sufficient for being hostile anyway. Even human deities that hate humanity are not welcome in their community.
    • AM is one of those that they will tolerate, however, since AM is just an AI and AM's desires to make humans suffer greatly amuses them, and often join in the fun whenever AM finds a victim to prey upon.
  • Before their true motivations behind hating humanity were known, the VUX cited "The Great Insult" where their encounter with the first human captain to meet them went south upon the human Captain Rand mocking the VUX appearance under his breath while the VUX's translators were on, allowing them to hear everything, and from there, the VUX became bitter enemies of humanity. Some deities decided to apologize for the insult in an attempt to mend their tensions with humanity, until the VUX grew tired of the apologies and confessed that The Insult was just an excuse to oppose them, when they really just found the humans THAT ugly to the point that they just wanted to eliminate humanity for that alone, as petty as that reason may be. This ended up gaining the disgust of many deities who were not fond of the VUX's nature of using humanity's flaws to justify a far less rational form of hatred, especially the Formics, who suffered from a similar dreadful first contact with humanity.
  • The fact that VUX have highly advanced translation technology that is never used for any friendly interactions annoys plenty of deities who take pride in understanding many languages themselves. However, the VUX would not be able to keep it all to themselves, for another tentacled entity had their own plans. The VUX High Command would receive an urgent call from some VUX officer who supposedly found a device that could banish humans to some horrible dimension. When a VUX Intruder was sent to a small moon to meet with the one who sent the call, the VUX was accepted into the Intruder after a check-up to ensure it wasn't a human in disguise. However, once it was revealed that the device was a fake, the VUX officer revealed itself to be an imposter, the tentacled Koro-sensei who could emulate VUX biological structure far more easily than others, with a good disguise. Wanting to humble the narcisstic VUX, Koro-sensei quickly subdued all of the VUX crew and dropped them at the moon, and seizing the VUX Intruder for themselves, bringing it to the House of Science for its members to gradually reverse-engineer for themselves. For this incident, the VUX have declared Koro-sensei to be another sworn enemy of theirs.
  • Shuma-Gorath is one of the few deities that they can have a non-hostile conversation with due to being far closer to their own appearances, and they do find each other's goals to be mostly compatible. The VUX hope that The Great Old One will turn the humans he conquers into something much less hideous for them.
  • When it comes to opposing humans, they're willing to cooperate with the Mars People since their appearances are tolerable for them to look at. They disagree on how the humans they conquer should be dealt with, but the VUX are fine with any conclusion that guarantees that VUX children can grow up never knowing what a human looks like.
    • Due to sharing similar goals, the VUX will also send minor support to the Martians, but only barely tolerating them. As long as the Martians minimize face-to-face communication, they can get along.
  • Considering their reputation for ugliness to humankind, it was speculated that the VUX could get along with the Blorg. However, such guesses were dashed when the VUX met one of the Blorg, then rudely demanded them to get out of their face. The Blorg weren't approving of the VUX's xenophobic attitudes and proceeded to get into a deadly scuffle with them. After the battle, a Blorg individual was asked about the reasoning behind the VUX's hostility. It was explained that to the VUX, the fungal appearance of the Blorg had resembled what the VUX interpreted as an abominable mixed breed of VUX and Mycon individuals, and the VUX definitely didn't like the Mycon in their universe.
  • Rumors are that the VUX are beginning to either create more of or promote some of their own forms of media, in collaboration with Bender and a few other human-opposing deities to make a "better and VUX-friendly" form of the Pantheon. This has made Bender's claim to make his own Pantheon with blackjack and hookers just a little more plausible.
    • SCP-1171-1 has also been a contributor to this alternate Pantheon, and the SCP does engage in some of the VUX's discourse and rants about humanity. To the SCP Foundation's dismay, and his own, SCP-1171-1 has been growing very attached to online discussions with the VUX, even though he does think the VUX's hatred of humanity is a tad too absurd in his opinion. For the VUX, they find the SCP's looks to be bareable and are willing to let him participate in whatever form of gossip the VUX indulge themselves in, since SCP-1171-1 hasn't made any offensive remarks to the VUX yet.
  • Odio is a tolerated ally of the VUX when it comes to the destruction of humanity, as long as Odio doesn't take the form of a humanoid avatar, otherwise they can't even bare to look at him. Odio silently believes that the VUX, given their judgemental and prejudiced attitude, are not so different from the hateful humans he's dealt with in his own world, and doesn't have any desire to spare them when the time comes.
  • The VUX thrive on the conflict caused by racism, and they've become frequent attackers of other deities with similar prejudices, including William Stryker, Teryn Loghain, and Mina Loveberry, the latter of whom also despises the VUX even more for their monstrous appearance, to the glee of the VUX that want her and the humans dead for similar reasons.
    VUX Commander GOK: Watch everybody! We're going to kill the repulsive little monster now!
  • The VUX populace pride themselves on beauty to the point of instantly judging others by their appearance alone. The lesson of "Don't judge a book by its cover" is utter blasphemy to them. Given their proud but warped standards of beauty, with human beauty being on the very bottom of their own scale of beauty, they would soon face the wrath of those that called themselves "The Rule of Beauty", who were offended by the VUX's sense of beauty, as the VUX found them all lacking in any substantial beauty. (Since Queen Sectonia isn't a human, the VUX claimed that Sectonia was the least ugly out of all of them, though still gross in their singular eyes.) Soon they were all at the VUX's throats, with the Evil Queen preparing her strongest spells just to strike their VUX Intruders out of the sky, with the others being willing to do the job with their own hands. Vega had the roughest time with the VUX since the VUX could instantly vaporize him with a well-landed gigawatt laser, which would eventually happen, with the one landing the killing blow throwing a familiar insult to him:
    VUX Commander BOF: Haha! Handsome fighters never lose battles!
    • From there, Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon Circus got involved, mocking some of the VUX for their hideous looks, only for them to retort back that no amount of magic could make her close to beautiful, unaware of Nehelenia's normal appearance hiding her even uglier true form. Soon they too declared war on each other, with Nehelenia having the whole Dead Moon Circus set sights on the VUX as one of their most hated enemies yet.
  • Courtney Gears found the squishy VUX to be ugly enough to briefly overload her sensory circuits, claiming that the VUX would benefit from being converted into something easier on the eyes. The VUX threw back the insult, calling her a "pathetic excuse of an Androsynth" that belonged in a freakshow with other humans. While still opposing the VUX, the robot was intrigued by the existence of the Androsynth from the Star Control universe, though she found little information on them in particular, only some odd Starfish Aliens called the Orz, to her confusion.
  • The Illusive Man's beliefs in human supremacy were quick to be assaulted by VUX detractors, who would rather not have humans be even more prominent anywhere. The both of them have made investments toward creating propaganda against each other. Some of the VUX have begun to enjoy making anti-humanity propaganda, which has earned much displeasure from many of the friendlier deities in the Pantheon.
  • Finding almost everyone in the Pantheon to be deplorably hideous and easy to hate, they banned themselves from the House of Friendship and the House of Love to show how detestable the VUX believed them to be. Members from neither house really want to deal with them anyway.
  • Liara T'Soni has been repeatedly harassed and attacked by plenty of VUX Intruders since she reminds the VUX of the the Syreen, who were even her Followers. Eventually, Shepard himself has kept an eye on the VUX to minimize their attacks on any of his allies. The fact that their hatred of humanity is more petty than even the Illusive Man's beliefs has truly disgusted Shepard.
  • Baby managed to find a lone VUX Intruder and possessed the VUX captain piloting it, but it didn't take long for the possessed VUX to find a mirror. The VUX was so disgusted at their new appearance that they suddenly fought back against their possession and took out a ray gun, in order to shoot themselves to death, killing that VUX and Baby in the process, with the ship self-destructing. After hearing about the news with the killed VUX captain, they learned of the Galactic Conqueror Frieza, as well as his right-hand man, Zarbon, who prided himself on his beauty. Being another alien who found his human-like looks beautiful, the VUX decided to attack Frieza and Zarbon's temple, only for their assaulting fleets to be quickly wiped out.
  • The VUX have shown much support toward the Persona universe's Nyarlathotep and his belief that Humans Are the Real Monsters, if only since it would justify the VUX blasting humanity into oblivion from a moral standpoint, which lets them get past Nyarlathotep's ugliness. The Crawling Chaos does see humanity's penchant for disgust and discrimination in the VUX however, and believes the VUX and humanity deserve each other, though he doesn't frown upon the approval of the VUX. They still fuel the inner evils with humanity by the conflict they cause alone, so the VUX are tolerable in his book.
  • Their hatred for the human race would eventually land them into big trouble with the Imperium of Man, who were willing to give back all of the harassment and resent to their alien foes in spades. Given the fact that the forces of the God-Emperor of Mankind were far more of a serious threat than the Puny Earthlings in their universe, the VUX fleets found themselves getting overwhelmed by their Space Marines and battleships, causing some of the VUX to reluctantly wish their former tactician, Admiral ZEX, was there to fight them off. And not much later, another fleet of VUX Intruders arrived led by none other than ZEX himself ambushed and pushed back the Imperium of Man through brilliant strategy and planning to prevent their enemy from annihilating the VUX. It did help that ZEX's own "advances" toward the God-Emperor of Mankind himself creeped him out, and eventually the Imperium of Man was ordered to stop attacking the VUX, having already droven them away from their territory. They're still sworn enemies, but the VUX have gotten a bit wiser to not harass the God-Emperor of Mankind, for now.
  • The crew of the Starship Enterprise to this day dread being ambushed by VUX forces again, but when they heard about ZEX's "love" for humans, they've kept their emergency warp drives at the ready whenever they suspect that ZEX's ship was drawing near.
    McCoy: You know, I'm not sure what I'm more afraid of: Being under attack by the entire VUX fleet, or being chased by Admiral ZEX alone.
  • Admiral ZEX was now part of the Pantheon with the rest of the VUX, and while he was noted to be far less hostile to humans than the rest of them, it turns out that this was only due to having what others called a Bile Fascination for ugly creatures, which made humans and similar species desirable for ZEX, though not in the way many in the Pantheon would have hoped. He has his own temple separated from the rest of the VUX, being exiled by the VUX High Command in all but name, being a cultural outcast of the VUX, though ZEX does have his own fleet, as well as a modified VUX Intruder given upgrades from Precursor Artifacts. While the VUX dislike him greatly, deep down they acknowledge that ZEX's genius and military expertise is the main reason that the VUX weren't demolished by enemy aliens in their universe and in the Pantheon, in spite of their slow and overall unwieldy ships.
    • While ZEX is far more friendly with the House of Friendship and Love, they don't want to deal with him either, due to his unsettling personality and his rather perverted desires regarding plenty of the human deities there. Both Slaanesh and Desire of the Endless don't have a problem with ZEX, however, and ZEX finds the both of them to be highly delightful, though being rather cautious of the former's more excessive desires.
  • ZEX also hosts a collection of various species of aliens that he deems ugly enough to collect for himself. After sending one of his own crew toward Trazyn's temple to be "collected", ZEX went over to meet Trazyn himself, and settled to have an alliance with him due to their shared enthusiasm in collecting lifeforms, and well as the knowledge he collects as well. They do get along well and have allowed each other to see their respective collections, though Trazyn does plan to take ZEX's collection for himself, though not yet for the time being.
  • Big Mom has been very interested in getting a hold of VUX technology, particularly their ships (though they would need VUX captains to use) since their limpet weaponry would be extremely useful in preventing pirate ships or enemy vessels from infiltrating and fleeing her territory, which she has dealt with before and is beginning to grow sick of. She also wants Admiral ZEX's skills for her own forces, leading to the Yonko meeting Admiral ZEX in a secret meeting, giving him the usual political deal of having ZEX get married to one of her own children, in exchange for his service and his personal fleet of VUX Intruders. ZEX reacted to the arrangement far more positively than she expected, finding the whole exchange to be a complete steal in his opinion, though he also requested to have his own collection of creatures added to Big Mom's collection for the both of them to access, which Big Mom easily accepted. For the record, he doesn't mind the gender of whoever Big Mom decides to marry off to him, to the dismay of the (un)lucky spouse to be chosen for marriage within the distant future.
    • However, the rest of the VUX would be immensely upset at any official alliance with a human deity, not that ZEX cares for their opinions anyway, and has told Big Mom that she can deal with rebellious VUX in any manner she likes. In fact, the only other major obstacle for this potential alliance would be backlash from the VUX's superiors, the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za. Ever since the Ur-Quan ascended, ZEX has been worried of their potential punishment for this alliance, but Big Mom seems to be prepared, if not excited for their arrival.