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    Eliphas (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Eliphas, God of Knight Templars (The Radiant)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: New Orders 13: Etherical Amon
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil -> Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wanting to Rank Up the chosen of the Astral World Methods be damned (Until his defeat... somewhat), Deconstructed Purity, The will of the Astral World, Order not being Good but still Somewhat Morally better than Chaos, Shining Draw whenever he feels like it, Angelic Transformations, Heroic Sacrifices, Egyptian Motifs
  • Domains: Law, Order, Light, Decay (formerly), Space, Ranks, Purity, Extremism
  • Heralds: The Yliaster
  • Followers: Yomotsu Hirasaka, Danzo, The Forever Knights, Jet
  • Allies: Astral, Dartz, Eiki Shiki, Saiou "Sartorius" Takuma, Madoka Kaname, Oriko Mikuni, Two-Face (good side only), Hotaru
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yuma, Tsukumo, Rei Shingetsu, Shark
  • Enemies: YHVH, Metatron, Lucifer, Homura Akemi and practically anyone from the Grand United Alliance of Chaos (except maybe Asura), Sora Shiun'in, Judai "Jaden" Yuki, Sho Marufuji, Yusei Fudo, Yubel, Aichi Sendou, Shobu Kirifuda, Koichi Kimura, the Trollkaiger, Light Yagami, The OTHER Eliphas, Lucemon, Havik
  • Opposes: Chaos (naturally and obviously)
  • Conflicting Opinions: The Incubators
  • He was ascended to replace Altena under the request of Yuma Tsukumo and Eiki Shiki to be able to reform the GUAL. They actually had a good case for this, with Eliphas being from the Astral World, under threat from the attacks of the Barians. The Astral World and the Barian World were once one realm, but its inhabitants separated the two in an attempt to remove chaos from their world so that they could achieve Rank-Up. However, removing chaos has only led the Astral World to stagnate and decay, with its citizens falling prey to diseases and despair. In the aim of saving Astral World he was willing to allow the Human World to be destroyed, and would have Mind Raped his own herald Astral in further service of that goal if Yuma hadn't kicked his butt.
  • After his ascension, he tried to ally himself with YHVH and the GUAL due to sharing the same wish for a perfect world. Many feared he would go back to do similar stuff in the Pantheon as he did in the Astral World but Eliphas has started to work with Eiki Shiki to turn back the GUAL into its former Pure Law glory instead of the corrupted variant they both found. Also, because hey, he does owe Yuma for saving the Astral World.
    • Though he blames Lucifer and believes he was somehow responsible for this because in his mind, corruption=chaos and chaos=evil. Eiki had to metaphorically (and some say that even literally) pull his ear and scold him for this ridiculous leap in logic.
  • He rarely exits neither the Astral World nor his temple unless it's a very extraordinary situation. He prefers sending his herald Astral if something needs to be done. Eiki Shiki thinks that this is for the better, as Eliphas' Lawful Evil/Neutral and Astral's Lawful Good balance each other and this is what the Yamaxanadu was what she was planning to do with YHVH.
    • This has made Astral and Metatron acquaintances but Astral does think that he and his Master could be a lot less extreme. He gets along a little bit better with Mastema, but the Angel of Hostility can be an asshole half of the time.
  • Has started to oppose the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. While he agrees that they are not as abominable as the Barian World influenced by Don Thousand, he still thinks that a pure world can only be attained by eliminating chaos. Lucifer replied to him that his wish of evolution is a Chaotic one in nature, and as nasty as Don Thousand was, Eliphas was/is deluding himself if he believed no one would complain at his tyranny. Or for that manner, that change could be achieved without the intervention of chaos.
    • Though he doesn't seem like opposing Asura. Possibly because Yuma asked not to, or simply because he is smart enough to not even bother.
  • He also respects a little the Hope Bringers in the Pantheon, especially Madoka Kaname for ascending and attempting to work with the Incubators (as much as that backfired) and Kouta Kazuraba for more-or-less and his devotion to ideals. (Then again, being beaten by an untransformed Hope Bringer would make anyone respect them...)
    • However, Eliphas is deathly afraid of Flynn and avoids him like the plague after hearing what he did to Ancient of Days.
  • Absolutely hates the Trollkaigers, as not only it was one like them that temporarily corrupted his herald, they have started to annoy him due to that defeat he had and since the one who defeated him is considered a moron, they say he's a moron by proxy. He has a No Trolls Allowed! poster outside his temple ever since and is planning to make the order on the House of Commerce the standard for the rest of the Pantheon. It's not hard for most of the deities to agree on this one.
  • Does not know what to make of the Incubators. He thinks he would have employed them back in the bad days of his world so that they could have that decay and despair that was unnecessary for the Astral World, but now that his world was rewritten, he has no need for that. He does think that the Pantheon and Homura have been a bit too harsh on them as they were doing what they were doing for a good cause.
  • Does not like Light Yagami. Eliphas thinks he could have been such a prospective chosen one for rank up and the cause of purity, but he has been too consumed by his ego to be that. Shame, as he said.
  • Has been trying to snap Sartorius out of his brainwashing as the first step towards a perfect GUAL. It would be better if he was conscious while he preaches about the Light, as he believes it to be.
    • He earned the ire of one Judai Yuki by doing this because he wanted to help his friend to be outside the influence of the Great Will. The feeling is mutual since he feels that the humanoid duelist's ability to have lucky draws that aren't a Shining Draw must be somehow related to the Chaos Barian Draws he despises so much.
    • Yusei Fudo also hates him for being similar to Paradox, Yliaster/Aporia and Z-ONE. He simply shrugged this time.
  • May YHVH have mercy on thy soul, because Eliphas will not have any if thou even suggest he could ever be... Chaotic! - Eliphas 13:13
    • . ..Not that it helps since most of the Chaos Marines like to annoy him by quoting lines from the Chaos Lord Eliphas the Inheritor in front of him the few times he is around the Pantheon. To which he always responds by zapping those Chaotic fouls.
      • Then they started to delegate this to Astral. Eliphas almost smote his herald before Yuma stopped him. He has ever since banned him from going anywhere near them anymore. Which technically speaking, he already banned him to... He simply was more lenient with him about that.
  • While he hates Lucifer for being Chaos Incarnate, there's someone else he hates even more: Homura Akemi. Hates, hates, hates, hates, hates her. Hates her guts. Hates how "damned" (aka selfish and driven by desire) she is. Hates how she cheated her way into "rank up" by stealing the powers of a worthy ascended one.
  • Doesn't like the Lord of Nightmares, however, nothing has really come out of it since he's not stupid enough to provoke her.

Greater Gods

Bizarro, God of Oddball Doppelgangers (B-0, Kent Clark, Not-Bizarro)

    Reinforce Eins 
Reinforce Eins, The Goddess Who Wasn't Really Evil (Eins, The Will of the Book of Darkness, Kurohane, The Tome of the Night Sky)

Tezcatlipoca, God of Bad People Showing Kindness (Smoking Mirror, The Mocker, Titlacauannote , The Young Man, Necoc Yaotlnote , Tloque Nahuaquepnote , Ipalnemoaninote , Yohualli Èhecatlnote , Ome Acatlnote , Ilhuicahua Tlalticpaquenote , Grand Assassin, Berserker, Assassin, Ruler, Grand Berserker, Dinosaur King, Izcalli)

Intermediate Gods

Kuvira, Goddess of Villains With Valid Arguments (The Great Uniter)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Earth Empire insignia
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, maybe Lawful Neutral now
  • Portfolio: Exceptional Earth- and Metalbender, Iron Lady of War, Utopia Justifies the Means, Ambiguously Evil and Virtuous Anti-Villain, The Generalissimo, Sees Teammates as Tools But is Otherwise Polite So Long as She is Not Questioned, The Chessmaster, Combat Pragmatist, Consummate Liar and Professional, Crazy-Prepared Control Freak, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Forgot Her Original Goal Only to Remember in the End, Drunk with Power, Proud and Temperamental, Long-Range Fighter, Travels On a Maglev, Will Chain Dissenters to Railways, Skilled in Metal Strangle, Sour Outside, Sad Inside, Parental Abandonment, Break the Haughty, Life Owed to Korra, Surrenders After Defeat
  • Domains: Earth, Metal, Order
  • Allies: Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Enemies: Zaheer, Amon, the House of Plants, Hero Killer Stain (former holder), High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman, Ahtal-Ka, Hilda
  • Respects: Avatar Korra
  • Opposed by: Asami Sato, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Bolin, Mako, Varrick, Toph Beifong, Katara, Zuko, Greed, Olivier Armstrong, Maes Hughes, Princess Zelda, most in the Hall of Nature Preservers and the House of Plants
  • Opposes: Ozai, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Coming from the wake of losing the Earth Queen to the Red Lotus, the chaos that ensued in the Earth Kingdom required order to return. With the Avatar in recovery and later missing, someone had to pick up the slack. However, the replacement king-to-be was unfit to rule given his privileged life (and even he realized that), and Suyin Beifong, the only leader in a position to fix this chaos, had refused to provide any aid, not even supplies. That's where Kuvira came in. Dejected at Suyin's refusal to help, and resolved to not let the feeling of abandonment affect the Earth Kingdom as it did her, she left Suyin's city of Zaofu behind, picked up the slack, and became the Kingdom's temporary leader, only to then reform and unite it as a militaristic force of authoritarian purity known as the Earth Empire.
    • After a harrowing fight against bandits, dissidents within her ranks, the resistance of Zaofu as well as Republic City, and finally against the Avatar herself and her friends, Kuvira and her forces were eventually defeated, and Korra managed to convince her to surrender.
    • As for how she was ascended to the Pantheon, someone in the Grand United Alliance of Law decided they could use someone like her and hope to turn her to their side once more, so they set a course for her to ride in on her really cool maglev. Fortunately, Eiki Shiki managed to get to the former commander as soon as she could and brought her into the Magistrate Judges. She also sent word to Korra about Kuvira's arrival.
    • Upon meeting with the Avatar again, as well as being told of what goes on in the Pantheon, Kuvira asserts that she still plans on atoning for the crimes she's done and hopes to do that by helping Eiki Shiki's faction; YHVH's agenda definitely does not have the interests of the masses in mind, which was why she became the Great Uniter in the first place.
  • One of the few allies she's genuinely made in the Pantheon was Satsuki Kiryuin, who also was a military-style dictator who did try to save the world but in the wrong way. That said, Satsuki did hold to some morals despite that, unlike Kuvira who lost sight of what was right. Kuvira has pledged to assist Satsuki in keeping Ragyo from having her way in the Pantheon.
  • Knows full well that not everyone else would be as forgiving of her being here as Korra, especially Lin (for betraying Suyin; Greed and Olivier both agree on this part), Asami (for killing her father), and Varrick (for forcing him to make that spirit vine cannon). She'd also rather not face Toph, especially since she's her younger self here (but still with the experiences of her 'present' self).
  • Is a pariah in the Houses of Nature and Plants, due to her use of spirit vines to power her heavy weaponry. Most of the more extremist members of the house (such as Battra) actively marked her as an enemy and vowed to bring her down.
  • The metal in her uniform isn't just fashionable, she also uses them as binders, anti-dissenter tools, and even wristblades. She is a Metalbender, after all, and very good at it. If there's metal on your uniform, she will use it against you in ways such as tossing you around like a ragdoll or tying you down in dangerous situations. If you don't have any, she'll take strips of her own metal, latch it onto you, and do the same thing anyway.
  • Has drawn the interest of many mecha pilots, as while hers isn't impressive compared to theirs, the fact that she managed to create one at all in her setting is a commendable feat in and of itself. It's also made of platinum to prevent metalbenders from affecting it, though other metal manipulators like Magneto and Pyrrha aren't subject to that workaround as their powers exclusively affect metal.
    • Speaking of mechas, Kuvira's bending would serve as a hard counter for Ahtal-Ka's mech. It's gigantic and capable of fighting entire armies, sure, but is ultimately made out of stone and metal. As such, she's one of the people out there trying to keep it from causing trouble.
  • Re-education camps are a sore reminder of what she had once been, and has denounced those means.
  • Other villains (such as Giovanni) have approached Kuvira with the intent of bringing her to their side, but she turned them down, not wanting to go down the path of darkness once more.
  • Hilda might be well-liked by her subordinates just like her, but she doesn't have the best intentions in mind, and this makes her feel dedicated to stop her both to redeem herself and so that Hilda won't have her way.
  • When Kuvira embarks on a project, she will have both a best-laid plan and a contingency safeguard for that best-laid plan. Case and point, that 25-story-tall platinum mecha? Was the backup plan to carry and fire shots from a giant spirit energy cannon in case she needed the cannon in place sooner than she planned to get it there by railway. Her proficiency in combat and authoritative presence are one thing. That she's able to plan on top of her plans makes her even scarier. As a good man who's served armies he had to discover were led by evil manipulators in two different lifetimes, Maes Hughes is keenly watching out for anything out of the ordinary with her to make sure it doesn't lead to another empire march.
  • Like her, Ozai tried to conquer the world in the name of his own cause. Unlike her, Ozai's cause was simply "the strong should rule the world and the head of the Fire Nation is the strongest of all" and he's still an unrepentant believer in this idea even following his defeat. Furthermore, Ozai was cruel and repressive even to his own family, mirroring a far worse variant of what she and her husband had perceived the latter's situation to be. Even prior to her repentance she would despise such a ruler.

    The Rogues 
The Roguesnote , Divine Collective of Villains Upholding Moral Codes (Leonard: Captain Cold, King Cold, Lenny, Robber of ATMs | Lisa: Golden Glider | Mick: Heat Wave, Chronos, The Heat, Micky, Bobba Fett, Drunk Uncle | Digger: Captain Boomerang, Boomer, Boomerbutt, George Green | Evan: Mirror Master | Mark: Weather Wizard | Roscoe: The Top | Axel: The Trickster, Trixster | Roy: Rainbow Raider)
Captain Cold
Clockwise from Center: Golden Glider, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, and Weather Wizard
Left to Right: The Trickster, the Top, and Rainbow Raider
  • Intermediate Gods as a Team (Lesser Gods Individually)
  • Symbol: An Assortment of their Weaponry with an Icicle at the Center
  • Theme Song: Rogues Suite from The CW Series (Captain Cold, Going Rogue)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, Chaotic Neutral on a Good Day (Captain Cold had a brief stint of being Chaotic Good, and Heat Wave can be Chaotic Good if one iteration is taken into account. Some individual members can be either Neutral or Chaotic Evil when acting independently)
  • Portfolio: Villains who Hold Up to Moral Standards, Evil Is One Big, Happy Family, Come from Dysfunctional Backgrounds, More Dangerous than their Getup and Name Implies, Act Under Strict Pragmatism, Will Always Stick Up for One Another
  • Domains: Villainy, Teams, Standards, Companionship, Loyalty, Robbery
  • Heralds: Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang's son)
  • Allies: Harley Quinn, Floyd Lawton/Deadshot, Waylon Jones/Killer Croc, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze, William Baker/Sandman, Tony, Jo, Mario, César, Neil McCauley, The PAYDAY Gang, Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Crow
  • Friendly Rivally: Carmen Sandiego, Cassim
  • Enemies: Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, The Crime Syndicate of America, Nekron, Gorilla Grodd, August Heart/Godspeed, Frank Castle/The Punisher, General Zod, Himiko Toga, Genos, "Hero Killer" Stain, Brian Irons, C.R.A.S.H., The Masters of Spinjitzu
  • Friendly Enemiesnote : The Flash Family (Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West), The Justice League, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, The UA Academy Students (especially Shoto Todoroki), Saitama, Satoru/Mumen Rider, Fubuki, Queen Elsa, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Opposes: Zatanna Zatara (The Top)
  • Opposed By: House of Law and Justice, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero
  • Respected By: Lord Recluse
  • Pities: Scott Shelby (Captain Cold)
  • Pitied By: House of Craft (Rainbow Raider)
  • Headbutting Villains: Abra Kadabra, Lonnie Machin/Anarky, Lester/Bullseye
  • Employed By: Nagato
  • Every superhero tends to have a singular supervillain as their greatest enemy or their darkest alternative. Certainly, one hero, The Flash, generally has that with the Reverse-Flash, but in second place comes a more diverse choice, a group of criminals banded together to perform a series of felonies, robberies, and all sorts of mischief that the police tend to deal with. Led by the cunning and dedicated Leonard Snart, better known as Captain Cold, this is The Rogues, filled with a colorful cast of criminals with their own issues, quirks, abilities, and powers. Despite their outlandish attire and villain persona as well as their mundane objectives, they are far more effective and dangerous as they appear to be, to the point where Captain Cold himself is just behind Reverse-Flash and Gorilla Grodd for the contender of The Flash's biggest for, and have even contended against other heroes. All this made The Rogues one of the most recognized villain teams known, and they are more than welcome to show how they earned their reputation.
  • Captain Cold was already a member of the Pantheon, with the other members of The Rogues being his heralds. Later on, Snart figured that he would have to get his fellow team members more properly recognized when the increasing number of unscrupulous and tactfully uncultured villains became more commonplace in the deified realms. Planning a grand heist at a renowned back in the House of Commerce, Snart spent weeks laying out a plan with members of The Rogues being used as scouts, decoys, and distractions in the grand plan. When the day came, the robbery was infamous in just a few minutes, which led to retaliation, courtesy of heroes from the UA Academy, consisting of Ochaco Uraraka, Tenya Iida, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki. After a fierce between an experienced criminal group and a team of skilled teen superheroes, The Rogues were able to make a hasty getaway without the moneynote , and while the UA heroes were celebrated for their victory, a greater win was held by Snart's group as their heist proved so newsworthy that the group was quickly highlighted as a formidable group by several, which highlighted their ascension. Turns out, this is what Snart wanted all along; start a big-enough incident without the need to kill anyone and then have a showdown against a group of heroes and secure some sort of victory so that The Rogues can finally become acknowledged enough to inspire some sort of influence towards the Pantheon's crime populace. That, and Snart ended up developing a measure of respect towards the UA heroes for their courage and commitment, something that was also shown with the Flashes.
  • The Rogues might seem like a rather odd group of misfits, all of whom have their issues and even butt heads against each other either due to differing priorities. However, there are several things about them that make them very distinctive compared to other criminal groups and even supervillains. Despite their comparatively mundane goals, they have extremely powerful when they're all together, though them being independent at times makes them no less dangerous as each of them has an assortment of powers, equipment, and skills, on top of the experience that makes them incredibly wild and varied. Another factor that makes them stand out is an incredibly strict set of codes and ethics that they adhere to. For one, they try to cause as less damage as they can, including collateral damage and casualties. They (especially Captain Cold) don't want victims and blood on their hands and they don't want to get involved in bigger villain activities as that would compromise their rules. They also extend this to not take any drugs whatsoever and keep each other on top of shape as much as they can. That, and despite their vitriolic nature with each other, they do hold a strong sense of camaraderie and attention with each other, especially Captain Cold and Golden Glider, who just so happen to be siblings. On another note, while they avoid killing others, they will make an exception to those who really piss them off, as in unprovoked attacking or killing off a member.
  • While well-known and pretty notorious within the criminal underworld and supervillain community, The Rogues pretty much keep things to themselves, with Captain Cold stating that everything is business for them and that bigger matters and events in the Pantheon, as well as big plans like taking over the world or destroying everything, doesn't really concern them as, in Cold's thoughts, it's best to be as professional and committed to their craft as they can. As a result, they are quite selective on which Houses to plot an invasion in as well as making sure they don't either pit innocents in harm's way or attract the attention of more unscrupulous villains. Sure, a few members like Boomer, The Top, and The Trickster might have some screws loose, but even they follow along with those conduct. As a result, they're not regarded as too high a priority to deal with regarding threats. The Flashes have addressed them as formidable enemies who are not to be taken lightly, but also know that for the most part, The Rogues aren't the sort of group that wants to indulge in being as evil as possible. After all, Cold seeks to avert that direction.
  • While very conservative about their villain activities, The Rogues are open to the idea of making friends with other villains and generally hanging out with each other, with Harley Quinn and Deadshot being one of those who enjoy their company and even enroll in their activities. In Harley's case, it's a fun activity, plus getting to be with new playmates, even when she develops a consciousness. In Floyd Lawton's case, it's just business and while an assassin, Snart can respect the fact that he's excellent in his field of work and maintains a high degree of professionalism, so Snart is open to providing Floyd with a good sum of stolen cash that the latter can use for his daughter, Zoe. That said, Boomer isn't really happy to learn that Amanda Waller is also in the Pantheon as that would mean she still operates the Suicide Squad in the deified realms, and given his extensive criminal history, he's going to be spending a lot of time going out on life-or-death missions. That, and he doesn't want to remember the time General Zod seemingly killed him.
    • While The Rogues are mainly in the business of your everyday crime activity, they do not appreciate nor accept planetary-universal destruction + extinction under any circumstances nor do they like the idea of the world getting dominated by a great evil either. The fact that Nekron once revived members of The Rogues who once died really ticks them off in several ways and the invasion of the Crime Syndicate was what propelled Captain Cold into becoming a hero on one occasion (and even admitting to enjoying his acts of heroism). While they don't have the highest opinion of Nagato, the former Akatsuki leader has given them an invitation to serve as private mercenaries with good pay on the occasion the Pantheon goes under grave danger. Despite their differing priorities, Snart accepted the offer, but only so long as the task, Nagato tasks them does involves saving the Pantheon from total devastation. Of course, it's not the first time Nagato has recruited villains and Snart's sense of honor and respect can help to get along with other villains, even if this relationship is professional.
  • Given their occupation and their criminal record, it's obvious that The Rogues are at odds with the House of Law and Justice and with several heroes and upholders of justice. That said, Snart has more personal reasons to be rather dismissive of the law. He and Lisa had a father who was a police officer, and he turned out to be an unlawful one as much as he was an abusive parent to his two children. Considering the abusive childhood they endured, Snart and Lisa have a harder time dealing with cops and they don't really trust the Law all that much. Some police officers are willing to pity the circumstances of their upbringing, though Snart laughs off any notion that this influenced his career as Captain Cold; he made the conscious decision to be one of the world's most dangerous thieves and he's content with such. That said, his sister is someone he's overprotective of and he gets antsy over the idea of her being in a relationship, much to Lisa's chagrin. Then again, she was killed by a boyfriend at one point, which prompted Snart to kill him unflinchingly once he found out about it.
    • While Captain Cold and Golden Glider hate cops in general, they place a special enmity on those who are legitimately corrupt, like their father. Learning of Brian Irons and Frank Tenpenny, Snart forgoes any sort of diplomacy and declares these two (and Eddie Pulaski) to be killable upon his instructions. While Irons and Tenpenny called on Snart for being an unashamed criminal who doesn't learn his lesson, he had none of it and shot back at calling them "pathetic lowlifes who act tough when they shatter easily upon being met a real threat". That, and Snart called them worse criminals than himself as, at the very least, Snart didn't betray his group and left to be killed or target specific people for their background. Of course, neither Irons nor Tenpenny got the note, which furthered Cold's willingness to kill them should the two cops ever cross paths with The Rogues. There is some pity to be had towards Scott Shelby as an abusive drunken father playing responsibility for the death of his brother was what led to him becoming the Origami Figure, though Scott believes has a justification for what he does, which doesn't impress Snart in any way.
  • Despite being the most fantastical robbers one can think of, The Rogues are pretty open to holding a relationship with, or even working alongside other robbers so long as they don't compromise each others' working ability. Heck, Snart is even willing to teach them a few pointers and provide them with advanced resources if they impress him enough. For one, there was a quartet consisting of Tony, Jo, Mario, and César who were involved in a successful bank heist thems lives, albeit with consequences. While outwardly unimpressive, Snart states that The Rogues started off in the same way, so he would like to get along and help make them more formidable as a heist group, something that the quartet was pleased to hear about. The Rogues also appreciate the PAYDAY Gang for their tenacity and determination, seeing them as their most worthy rival in the Pantheon, despite the PAYDAY Gang's relatively mundane aesthetic outlook. In spite of this, both groups have collaborated on occasion, much to a lot of banks' dismay, though they have had a moment of heroism or two, usually regarding a world-ending threat.
    • Their reputation as robbers caught the attraction of Carmen Sandiego and Cassim, both of who were also famed thieves in their own right, and Cold personally saw himself being impressed by their feats and aesthetic qualities. Amusingly, Carmen's ascension into the Pantheon, via finding a way to break into the Main House involved The Rogues as fellow conspirators via Carmen contacting and setting up a months-long plan to get the operation going. This made both Carmen and The Rogues more infamous in a way, but not without a couple of rewards and both Snart and Carmen have regarded each other as worthy professionals who would spend as much time competing as they would working together. That said, Carmen has never killed anyone directly and while Snart advocates his group to avoid casualties, they can become lethal to others if they're sufficiently pissed off. As for Cassim, his rivalry against The Rogues are also on more amicable terms and some members would like to take some notes from him. Cassim is unwilling to, if mainly because he gave up his ways of thieving, but Snart can respect his decision as well as his making up for it by looking after his son, Aladdin, which Cold saw as commendable as Cassim was at least trying to be good dad, something that Snart and Lisa's never did.
  • They generally get along with Doctor Octopus, who similarly came to respect The Rogues for their ability to perform grand heists as well as being a capable match against their opponents to the point where he was willing to enlist the group as partners. The fact that Octopus tends to be the leader of the Sinister Six means that he has a good deal of knowledge about how to work as a team. On a more personal note, Doc Ock ended up being one of Snart's closest allies not just because of their shared sense of honor and capability to handle things well, but also because of similarly shared backgrounds via having abusive fathers that shaped their outlook on life. That said, Snart states that his father proved little influence on him becoming a criminal whereas Otto's father is one of the main reasons why he became a supervillain. When Snart learned that an Otto Octavius from an alternate universe became Spider-Man due to his father having died earlier than expected, Cold snickered at the irony but entertains the fact that the alternate Doc Ock would make a Worthy Opponent if they ever met. The Earth-616 Doc Ock doesn't pay too much attention to the matter though. They also saw a friendship in William Baker, the Sandman, though he only allies with The Rogues if it means getting enough money to help himself and his family, otherwise, he tends to see The Rogues as decent friends to hang out with. It helps that Snart upholds his promise to look after Baker's needs and family at times as a way to maintain their partnership.
    • The supervillain leader, Lord Recluse, took notice of The Rogues and was rather impressed by their dedication to their craft as well as their criminal work and being a foe to several superheroes, especially The Flash, though Lord Recluse personally thinks that they would be a lot better had they set up their ambitions to a greater standard. That said, Snart's statement of wanting to keep things professional and cautious was seen by the Arachnos leader as a good argument as this is one of the reasons why The Rogues are able to keep together as well as be relatively reasonable and controlled compared to other villains. Cold is quite lax about Lord Recluse's compliments and even though Arachnos would make a good organization to work on. However, he prefers to decline, stating that he's not into competition with other villains nor does he really have any interest in Lord Recluse's desires for world conquest, in addition to preferring Doc Ock for a working relationship as they prefer to work on a smaller scale regarding ambition. Lord Recluse personally doesn't mind being declined.
    • Crow, a villain who prides in doing standard villain actions like kidnapping princesses, creating robotic armies, and trying to take over the world, became a fan of The Rogues after hearing about how, despite the collective assortment of their powers, stick to doing your average crime, only in a more fantastical way. In reciprocation, Snart was accepting of the compliments and saw that Crow really likes to enjoy his time around those who have a code of honor, although he does have some issues regarding a few members, namely Boomer, Trickster, and Mirror Master. Heck, Crow went as far as to collaborate with Cold and his cohorts in a few crime activities and enjoys it, though he always makes a point to never take things too far, even if Snart and the others become willing to kill if they ever feel slighted, insulted, and disrespected.
  • The group has had some thoughts on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, with The Rogues finding it amusing how despite being a group of thieves and being hounded by a "famed" politician that even The Rogues saw as a vile piece of work, they're celebrated heroes by those who know about them personally. In contrast, the Phantom Thieves plainly see The Rogues as adversaries, though Ren Amamiya and Makoto Nijima sometimes pity and try to appeal to some of The Rogues, thinking they are capable of doing good if reasoned enough. Snart personally respects their commitment to striking on the truly heinous regarding their actions but finds heavy amusement in Makoto wanting to join the police force. She is aware of the irony and, as a response, tells Snart that maybe he could think about doing some good to others whilst telling him that whatever he went through regarding his father, the police aren't inherently bad. Snart concedes but plainly told Makoto that he can't abandon his criminal ways. While opponents, both groups don't really hold much animosity, and anytime they do fight, The Rogues and the Phantom Thieves are more likely to quip with one another mid-battle than show off any animosity. Though it's best not to make jokes on Snart himself.
  • Being notable villains, they would inevitably end up clashing against several heroes, though to Captain Cold, it's just business for him. That said, he came to like Spider-Man to some extent, citing him as a good challenge, and would like to take down the web-slinger. Spider-Man returns the sentiment and while always cautious fighting against them, Spidey will usually quip back at them. He likes to make a lot of fun out of Boomer and Rainbow Raider for them being overtly stereotypical as an Australian and seemingly lame and bizarre power respectively. Of course, Spidey uses several tricks to best The Rogues and tick off many of its members, but Snart still maintains a level of civility to him. It helps that Spidey personally wants to communicate and help them out if he can and even thinks they can be a force of good if they try, but Snart denies any sort of opportunity to be a hero, believing that it's robbery and assault where he's best in. Spider personally denies this, and is quick to mention his contribution in fighting against the Crime Syndicate as a reason for why at least he can be a hero, to which Snart doesn't really have a counterargument.
    • They've also dealt with the Hero Association, and at least Snart is one of the few to be aware of just how absurdly powerful Saitama is, much to his dismay. That said, he's surprised to learn how lax Saitama is regarding heroism and that it's really his apprentice, Genos, who takes them more seriously. Snart can at least respect Saitama for being committed to his goal of finding a strong opponent and kind of wants Snart to be a powerful villain for his own satisfaction whereas, in his perspective, Genos's goal of vengeance is something he's heard a hundred times over from other heroes and couldn't take it seriously. Snart also finds Fubuki rather respectable in that she wants to ensure the lower-ranked heroes are managed effectively, so alongside her having ice powers, he sees her as a foil in some regard. Still, business is business, so Snart has to fight Fubuki whenever they meet. That, and he likes to taunt the heroine into making her men tougher as a way to push their enmity to a more respectful and educative way.
    • They also made enemies with the Spinjitzu Masters, though the latter's reasons are a lot more trivial much to Cold's annoyance, although their experience in fighting robbers and supervillains would make them a challenge. For one, they take issue with The Top, for whom they see his powers as a mockery of their own skills and seek to "discipline"note  him with what they can do, though The Top doesn't really care about them personally, whereas Kai, being overly enthusiastic with his pyrokinetic powers, would like to fight Heat Wave to see who can be a better fire combatant, something that Mick would be entertained by. On the other hand, The Punisher sees every member of The Rogues as criminals and has no scruples about gunning them down if they cross paths. Snart is a lot warier about Frank due to his reputation as a Villain Killer and takes him more seriously than most other heroes for that reason, even telling his compatriots that it's best to avoid him than risk a fight. That said, Snart has admitted that he would kill Frank if he ever does kill a member as, after all, The Rogues are a family in a way.
  • While generally amicable to other like-minded criminals, there have been some exceptions. One of the most glaring examples was Bullseye, and despite his incredible dexterity and impeccable aim, Captain Cold made it very certain that he has no place in being added by him, let alone be a potential recruit. Bullseye being a bloodthirsty maniac who loves with the urge to kill and revel in his acts was a massive red flag and Snart states that this would completely compromise The Rogues' code of honor and standards in their work. Bullseye simply expressed disappointment, thinking that Snart was making things boring if killing isn't an option. They reached a tipping point when Bullseye mused that he would be willing to kill a Rogue, which pissed off Cold to the point where he growled that he would be gunning for Bullseye's head if he ever harms a Rogue, especially his sister. From there on out, Bullseye treats his relationship with Snart and The Rogues as a professional rivalry whereas Snart himself sees him with a degree of contempt and tries to make sure that Bullseye isn't impeding his heists in any way possible.
    • On the other hand, Heat Wave sees himself competing against Garfield Lynns, better known as Firefly for who gets to be the one who inspires the most awe and fear regarding their pyromania. To the uninitiated, both are destructive nutjobs, but Mick Rory has some restraint thanks to his partnership with Snart and has genuine camaraderie with his teammates whereas Garfield only wants to incinerate what he sees and will even toast his own allies if they get in his way. Curiously, Mick personally enjoys his rivalry against Firefly, but even then would stay away from any alliance, thinking that not only would they cause too much destruction and Cold would not be happy with Heat Wave having a hand in casualties, even if they were collateral. This turned out to be the case when Firefly did fight against Heat Wave once in the Pantheon and the resulting battle resulted in a firestorm that took a few days to clear out via a large crowd of firefighters and a few heroes. In the aftermath, precautions were taken to rectify the damage as well as ensure such an incident doesn't take place. Mick seeks to avert something similar and keep his pyromania in check whereas Firefly would gladly do it again.
  • Among those who control and manipulate ice, Snart can count loosely if his cold gun is to be believed, though he did possess genuine cryokinetic powers once. Kuai Liang, better known as Sub-Zero, is not fond of Snart's villainous career, to say the least, though his beliefs on him might be based on more embittered version of Snart that he had once met before. Snart personally doesn't care much for Sub-Zero, though he's aware that he's far better and stronger with ice than he himself is, so he tries to avoid confrontation with the Lin Kuei grandmaster as much as he can. On the other hand, while Queen Elsa sees Snart and The Rogues as dangerous criminals, she does feel sympathetic about his upbringing and would like to help him out if possible, something that Snart vehemently refuses. Still, Snart does appreciate Elsa's craft in her cryomancy and generally doesn't antagonize her due to Elsa's kindness. Though that may be out of pragmatism as he's aware of what the Queen of Arendelle is capable of if she lets loose.
  • It's said that Heat Wave has seen himself getting involved in a series of adventures through time and space and proving himself to be someone capable of doing great heroic deeds once he puts his mind to it, although he never lets go of his paranoid. Hearing of the tales of a heroic version who travels through time made Mick rather interested. He's since made friends with Ray Palmer over this matter and even got to have some praise from the Pantheonic Time Police, even if his recording of screwing over others, unwittingly or not, can cause some raised eyebrows. While Mick admits that he would love to go around different timelines, it's not out of being a hero, but mainly for the fun of it, with heroism being an extra bonus though he denies being one. That, and he would be delighted to come across ninjas.
  • Captain Boomerang may as well be among the most unpopular Australian in the Pantheon and among the least disliked member of The Rogues mainly because he likes to act as ethnically stereotypical as he can and because, to simply put it, he's a massive asshole to anybody, though he does have a sense of affection for his son, Owen Mercer, whom he bought along as a herald. Most Australians, up to and including Steve Irwin would rather not talk about him, especially when Boomer tried to reenact Steve's stints as a crocodile hunter, much to everyone's dismay. It's so bad that the Australian government decided to list Boomer as an American pretending to be an Australian. Not that Digger minds it that much, in fact, he enjoys it.
    • One interesting relationship that came about with Digger was with the Black Dragon leader, Kano, who leads his criminal regime through treachery, illegal arms dealing, assassinations, and backstabbings. Turns out both Kano and Digger are unpopular, at it seems as if neither like the other either. Digger might be a backstabbing coward on some occasions, but at least he sticks with the job until it's done and he thinks Kano's backstabbings and his crass and disgusting habits are a bit much for him whereas Kano himself has little patience for Digger's dickery and doesn't like him messing around with his boomerangs and being an over-the-top Australian during a job, in spite of Boomer's genuine talents as a mercenary. As it stands, neither like the other, albeit not as enemies, to everyone's surprise.
  • Despite generally being a joke to most people, Rainbow Raider does have a few things going for him; with the right training and knowledge, his seemingly lame powers of controlling the color spectrum can actually be formidable, but because he's never really given a thought on that, his reputation manages to remain the same. On a more sympathetic note, he's actually a talented painter but is born colorblind, which has caused him emotional frustration, and takes it out by stealing famous paintings. While not giving up, there is some level of pity shown to him, particularly by the House of Craft who think that he should be given some form of help and understanding from him. Though nothing has come out of this as of now.
"No. No, that's it. I learned a long time ago. When life hits you hard, you gotta shrug it off... and move on to the next job. Sure, you were a part of my life once. But that part is dead and gone."
Captain Cold

”You cannot run forever. Leave, immediately.”

Sage, Goddess of Having Sympathy for the Hero (My Daughter, Ghost Girl, A Pain, My Girl, Sonic Amateur Games Expo)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess when Piloting Titan SUPREME.
  • Symbol: The red glitches on her body
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Sympathy for the Hero, Red and Black and Evil All Over, White and Red and Eerie All Over, Color-Coded Emotions, Undying Loyalty and Artificial Family Member to Doctor Eggman, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Affably Evil, Anti-Hero AND Anti-Villain, Creepy Child, Creepy Monotone, Eggman’s Little Villain, Defrosting Ice Queen, Sacrifices Herself To Protect Eggman From THE END Which Doesn’t Stick, Deflector Shields, Deuteragonist, Females Are More Innocent, Friendly Enemy with Sonic, Grew Beyond Their Programming, Hyper-Competent Sidekick to Eggman, Believing It To Be Her Fault for not telling Sonic why she was trying to keep him from saving his friends until THE END escapes its prison, Knight of Cerebus, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter, Morality Pet to Eggman, Mystical White Hair, My Master, Right or Wrong, Noble Demon, Not So Stoic, Ominous Visual Glitch, Never Harmed a Koco, Poor Communication Kills, Radio Voice, Rei Ayanami Expy, Ridiculously Human Robot, The Unfought, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Artifical Intelligences, Loyalty, Love, Programming, Good, Evil, Family
  • Superior and Father: Doctor Eggman (His Game Self)
  • Allies: Bowser Junior, Bowser, Dr. Wily, Bass, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Nina Cortex, Neo Cortex, Lea, The Doki Doki Literature Club, Most Good-Aligned Digimon Deities, Zuko.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dr. Fetus
  • Enemies: Solaris, Metallix, Shortfuse The Cybernik, Johan Liebert, Viridi, Zamasu, The Venjix Virus, Sigma, Ultron, The D-Reaper, Brainiac, Sirius, Ra Moon, Doctor Weil, Shou Tucker, Professor Hojo, Ragyo Kiryuin, Fire Lord Ozai, Ghetsis, White Face, BEN, The Flood, The Dark Matter Horde, Raven Beak, The Shadow Queen, Light Yagami, XANA, Cortana, Night Raid and Akame.
  • Fears: Phazon, Dark Samus, The Heartless, Xehanort.
  • Friendly Enemy with: Sonic and his friends, Mario and his friends as well, Rei Ayanami, Mega Man (All Versions), Thomas Light, Proto Man, Astroboy, Jenny Wakeman, Robotboy, Meat Boy, Isaac, Kirby, Perry The Platypus.
  • Sage is a mysterious artifical intelligence and a female resembling a human girl. She is a creation of Doctor Eggman who created her to harness the technology and creations of the Ancients of the Starfall Islands. However, upon seeing what had been trapped by the Ancients, she gained sentience and placed Eggman in Cyberspace to protect him while she tried to deal with the threat. Eventually, though, Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles arrived at the Starfall Islands, the latter three ending up trapped in Cyberspace. Sonic and Sage end up at odds with each other throughout the adventure at the Starfall Islands, but his kindness to both others and herself caused her to propose an alliance with Sonic to Eggman in order to better get him out of Cyberspace. Eggman refuses, but once THE END breaks free and Sonic’s friends cure him of his Cyber-Corruption, she suggests that they may be able to defeat THE END together. Again, he refuses, but then reluctantly agrees this time. Sage and Sonic eventually end up fighting THE END in an Enemy Mine, with the former pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to stop its Taking You with Me attempt from destroying Sonic, The Earth and Eggman. Eggman is distraught by this, but he manages to recover Sage’s data and brings her back.
  • After Eggman resurrected her with the coding he managed to salvage after she sacrificed herself to stop THE END, she would later be used by Eggman as a Nicole-esque AI in the Pantheon while he worked on building her a new digital form. One day, he vanished from his temple completely, left with only Metal Sonic to watch over her. Eggman ended up returning, particularly pleased with himself. Sage asked him what had occurred, and he couldn’t hide the smile on his face, explaining exactly where he had been. He had decided to not only build her a new body, but also surprise her by ascending her to the Pantheon as a proper deity. He tried to go for The Unfought, and Viridi was disgusted that someone who destroys nature would try to kick her out of the Pantheon. She launched a Reset Bomb at his Temple, but Eggman saw this coming, and used the Ultimate Annihilator belonging to one of his Archie Counterparts and obliterated it from existence before it even came close. Before this could escalate into full-blown war between the two, Dr. Wily arrived in his saucer and proposed an alternative trope: Sympathy for the Hero, citing her development towards Sonic and his friends throughout the events at the Starfall Islands, and her desire to be loved by Eggman and seeing the genuine friendship between the Blue Blur and his friends as beautiful to be major reasons why. This succeeded, cutting off Eggman’s retaliation, though Viridi hasn’t forgotten the incident. Not that he cares.
  • Sage happens to have power over nearly any electronic she chooses. While near limitless when it comes to controlling them, she was unable to control the Titans and could only direct their aggression, so there are those that are beyond her abilities. She’s a major reason why Ultron has stopped being able to hijack Eggman’s machines at times, causing him to get highly frustrated and vow to go after her, pissing her creator off in the process. She’s outright scared of Sigma, as she fears what the Sigma Virus can do to her, yet won’t hesitate to go against him to protect her creator, especially after she learned that an alternate version of him was once enslaved by the Maverick, albeit temporarily. To satisfy his twisted curiosity, Brainiac wants information on the Ancients’ technology and if it is different from anything he encountered, and views her as a test subject as she interfaced with it, becoming partially made up of said technology as a result.
  • As Eggman’s Game Incarnation sees her as a surrogate daughter, she has come into contact with Bowser, who had congratulated the Mad Scientist on multiple occasions ever since the fiasco on the Starfall Islands, having learned that he had salvaged her code after she sacrificed herself against THE END. Bowser, who has children himself, though only one being legitimately of his blood, can sympathize with and feel proud for him. After she obtained her new body, she ended up meeting him. Bowser, being protective of his own kids and minions, fully understood the lengths Eggman was willing to go to in order to bring her back and while she isn’t nearly as Boisterous as the Koopa King, the two still happen to get along fairly well. Sometimes, she will be see hanging out with Bowser Junior, as well as the rest of the Koopalings. Much like with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, Sage is pretty affable towards the Mario Brothers, as well as Yoshi and Princess Peach, despite being enemies with them.
  • Viewed by The Game Incarnation of Doctor Eggman to be his greatest creation to date, Sage has also interacted with Dr. Wily, Bass, Treble and Zero. She is somewhat grateful to Albert Wily for making sure an all-out war with Viridi didn’t begin over bringing her to the Pantheon, something that he waved off. He laughed. Despite everything and his villainy, as he furiously declared to Ra Moon, an enemy she shares with him, Wily does love his robots and can, in ways, see why Eggman went to said lengths in bringing back Sage and ascending her. She does not like Bass’ tendencies to sometimes attack his creator Wily. He actually smirked at this, saying that in the end, he is his own master, causing Wily to roll his eyes. And while having their moral differences, she notes that Wily and Zero have no ill will towards each other due to the former actually being decent and respectful of the latter’s decisions, and technically being related. That being said…
    • There are a few beings from the universe Wily, Bass, Treble and Zero hail from that Sage absolutely despises, opinions that the four share with her. The aforementioned Sigma, Sirius, Ra Moon and most of all, Doctor Weil. Sirius is a megalomaniacal being that sees EVERYTHING around him as playthings, much to the chagrin of her and most who know him, though admits the fact that things can be stored in said black holes he creates can be useful if another situation like THE END occurs. Ra Moon is even worse. The Malevolent AI reminds Sage of THE END due to its intelligence, Omnicidal Mania and being An Ancient Evil. However, the worst among them, in her opinion, is Doctor Weil, who reminds her of THE END as well, but as human, and WORSE. Weil views her as Just a Machine, and how did she respond to his threats towards Eggman and herself? Taking control of Weil’s Machines directly, and completely wrecking any progress he’s made on his latest plot, throwing him back to square one.
  • As what she wanted most other than to protect Eggman was to have a have a father-daughter relationship with him, she does not like any Abusive Parents in the Pantheon at all. She finds Ragyo Kiryuin to be completely and utterly abominable for very obvious reasons, and even Doctor Eggman admits that he finds her actions towards her daughters and decision to sell out humanity to the Life Fibers and perform Transhuman Treachery absolutely disgusting, and it certainly didn’t help that it reminded him of his Grandfather’s arrangement with Black Doom. Fire Lord Ozai’s treatment of Zuko and Azula also earned her scorn. Ozai, confident, dared her to try fighting him, only to find that his bending couldn’t harm her due to her being an Intangible Woman, and quickly found himself on the losing side of a Curb-Stomp Battle because of it, to the point where he had to retreat. And Ghetsis Harmonia Gropius wisely decided to stay away from her after hearing about that. Regarding the topic of Ghetsis, Sage finds his emotional abuse towards N to be awful. As a result, she pities N and dislikes Ghetsis.
    • Despite this, she finds Shou Tucker and Professor Hojo just as bad as Ragyo Kiryuin on the Abusive Parents front, a feat that Sage didn’t think possible, once she learned what the two did to their families. The idea of someone caring so little for family, to the point of turning them into near-mindless abominable Chimera that are always in pain to be absolutely horrifying. Shou Tucker cannot fathom why she feels this way, causing her to let out a frustrated groan. Professor Hojo, on the other hand, has proved to be even more of an asshole by stating to Sage that he didn’t truly care for them in the first place, resulting in her blowing up the lab he was in, though he narrowly managed to escape. Even some of Professor Hojo’s Allies were unable to say that he didn’t deserve that, while most of his enemies, along with many people, believe that she should’ve done worse to him. FAR worse to him.
  • Like the majority of the Pantheon and those who reside in it, she despises Zamasu, a sentiment she shares with her father. Zamasu’s hypocrisy and Omnicidal Maniac Knight Templar intentions reminds her of THE END, who claimed that the destruction it wrought was to bring order and neutrality. Zamasu’s hypocrisy is something she tends to ignore, and an incident where he tries to kill her almost ended with Eggman obliterating him with the Final Egg Blaster, a weapon he once used to destroy Star Clusters. It is only due to the fact that this would’ve likely caused Infinite Zamasu to emerge that he refrained from doing so. But not before sticking it to him, by asking him a barrage of questions, unusually tranquil and without his extremely usual Large Ham, much to the shock of everybody who knows this incarnation of the Mad Doctor, to the point where Sonic was genuinely wondering if his Arch-Enemy had finally gone completely off of the deep end. Dr. Eggman had delivered this barrage of questions to him by speaking through one of his robots as he’s well aware he would most likely be attacked by the Mad God. These questions drove Zamasu to a brief Villainous Breakdown, leaving Dr. Eggman feeling very smug, and not a single person felt sorry for the Mad God.
  • Sage is outright afraid of Phazon and The Heartless and is enemies with The Flood. As Phazon and The Heartless can both infest electronics, computers, programs, machines and technology in general, this fear is valid. She’s also scared of Dark Samus too, because unlike Phazon, she is NOT a Sealed Evil in a Can in the Pantheon and is a cruel, cold and competent schemer who has a very impressive track record when it comes to success. The Flood were more manageable. While they too are also a Sealed Evil in a Can that can infect technology, she has nothing to fear from them due to the Flood not being in their Gravemind state and regularly aids in keeping them sealed. She briefly considered consulting Cortana for information about them, but after hearing of her Face–Heel Turn and the atrocities she committed, decided against this idea altogether. She’s quite grateful that Xehanort and his Incarnations, save for Young Xehanort, who has no interest in her whatsoever, aren’t really doing much with The Heartless anymore ever since certain events. She’s grateful for this because with their guidance, The Heartless would almost certainly succeed in infesting her, and the idea of that happening, whether it be from them, The Flood or Dark Samus and The Phazon, terrifies her completely.
  • When it comes to beings from the World she hails from, while she hates THE END, who hasn’t ascended, Sage has found herself coming to utterly despise Mephiles The Dark and Iblis, the two split components of the Mad God Solaris, who is an Omnicidal Maniac who would love to cause and see the end of everything everywhere. Time, Space, All Life, Reality and Existence itself. Mephiles The Dark, the Mind of Solaris, greatly enjoys the thought of this occurring, much to her disgust. And it only got worse when she learned of his Complexity Addiction plot to fuel his own sadism, his murder of Sonic and successful re-merging with Iblis into Solaris. She is very thankful this didn’t carry into the Pantheon after their ascension. Iblis doesn’t have anything to say about this, being the brutal raw power of Solaris, and thus having no mind to control him. That being said, she does not delude herself into thinking she can take Mephiles The Dark or Iblis, let alone the Mad God Solaris himself. As a result, Sage prefers to oppose Solaris and his components from a distance. Eggman himself loathes Solaris and his components as well, and the two are more than willing to pull an Enemy Mine with Sonic and his Allies against them. On a more personal note, she does not like Shortfuse The Cybernik, who has made it his mission to kill Eggman, at all. As she sees Eggman as a father and her purpose and function is to protect him, she is very angry about what Shortfuse plans to do to him. As a result, she sees him as a threat to her creator’s life and wants get rid of the Cybernik to defend him.
  • In an alternate universe, Metal Sonic went completely insane and fused with three failed Eggman Robots, which were previous duplicates of the Blue Blur, becoming Metallix and attempting to take his creator’s life. As a result, she has grown to be uneasy around Metal Sonic for quite a while, especially due to what the Alternate Universe version did. However, Eggman has assured her that Metal would not go down that path, and even played clips of him facing down Metallix for proof, stifling her worries. She has since helped Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Sonic, Shadow, Eggman, Bowser and Bowser Junior go against Metallix on multiple occasions, and he simply regards Sage as another worthless thing to crush, though he is a bit frustrated that he has yet another foe. She knows that it is very vital that Metallix does not get his hands on all seven Chaos Emeralds, as that could spell disaster for everyone. However, little does Sage know, Metallix has been seeking out other powerful artifacts to help him acquire the Chaos Emeralds and possibly even the Master Emerald.
  • Another AI she sees as an enemy happens to be White Face, a…something that is capable of extremely dangerous Fourth Wall Breaking, and can harm and even kill her through her intangibility. Not to mention being creepy as hell. She has also gone against XANA, and the Lyoko Warriors are very distrusting of her: Something that she completely respects and understands given what they’ve been through regarding their Arch-Enemy. She is also bewildered by BEN. She nor Eggman have any clue as to what exactly BEN is, but given his nature, Sage finds it risky to try to get answers from him as she is unaware if his powers have any limits, and if he could drive her insane much like he did to the Copy of Majora’s Mask that he inhabits. She has also been seen in the Digital World that Digimon inhabit, visiting from time to time and getting along with the locals. It did take her some time to convince most of them that her entering wasn’t part of an Eggman plot, but she frequents that world regularly, yet opposes Lucemon as well as Omnicidal Maniac Digimon.
    • Three weeks after she ascended into the Pantheon, Eggman detected something strange in the Digital World and sent Sage to investigate. She entered the digital world, learning that some Digimon noticed the same thing Eggman did. Sage explored for a while with a few less powerful Digimon backing her up, and located a secluded area in the Digital World. It was devoid of life despite there being clear evidence that it did exist there, and she flew into the sky only to get shot down by a massive red beam that carved through the ground. Many of the Digimon referred to the creature that fired the attack at Sage to have the appearance of a Purple Moon. While she refuses to elaborate on what she saw, she knew immediately before even seeing what shot her down what they were dealing with. All from the words of the Digimon accompanying her and what she learned regarding the adventures of the Starfall Islands and how the creature that had been sealed in Cyberspace there had Appearance Is in the Eye of the Beholder powers. She managed to escape the Digital Realm, but not all of the accompanying Digimon were able to get away. She immediately decided that she had to inform Dr. Eggman, Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles about what had transpired as soon as possible. Because THE END is returning.
  • ”Such a beautiful friendship. A family born of love and not genetics. Everything I want... I wish I'd never seen this. It was so much easier accepting the future when they were simply enemies."

    Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu (Shin) 
Takatora Kureshima, God of Token Good Teammates (Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Armored Rider Zangetsu, New Generation Rider Zangetsu Shin, The White Armored Rider, Kamen Rider Gridon II)
Kamen Rider Zangetsu 
Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin 
Kachidoki Arms 

    Taylor Hebert 
Taylor Hebert, Goddess of Those Forced Into Villainous Roles (Skitter, Weaver, Khepri)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess as Khepri
  • Symbol: A spider with a crown; the name of this symbol is a secret except to the highest levels of her church. It's the Queen Administrator, a representation of her "passenger", the source of her powers.
  • Alignment: Wants desperately to be Chaotic Good, but circumstances and her pragmatism usually cause her to fluctuate between that alignment and Lawful Evil. Chaotic Neutral as Khepri, as her passenger doesn't realize there is such a thing as "other lifeforms that aren't threats if I don't control them".
  • Portfolio: Terrible fortunes and necessity forcing amoral actions, Trying to act merciful and heroic despite nature of power more easily used as a weapon, simultaneously controlling multiple insect swarms, Consistently more competent than people assume due to cleverness with powers, Sheer refusal to give up, Horrible bug-related deaths, Chronic depression due to horrible peers
  • Domains: Animal (insect), Cunning, Intellect, Self-Sacrifice
  • Heralds: The New Undersiders, much of Earth Bet
  • Followers: a whole gaggle of Benevolent Boss Anti Villains
  • Allies: The less evil members of the House of Villainy, Magneto, Eren Yaeger, Mr. Freeze, Guts, Beerus, Leverage Consulting and Associates, Kirigutsu Emiya (initially an enemy, but Contessa stepped in and showed him the history of Earth Bet as well as Taylor's own. He now regards her as something of an apprentice)
  • Rivals: Odio, most of the House of Heroism, who recognize both her virtues and less-than-admirable tactics. Cosmos is trying to get her to hang up her constant war footing, but unfortunately she's been burned by supposed Big Good females in the past. Also happy to punch Nazis with Captain America together, due to bad experience with the Empire Eighty-Eight and its descendant gangs; she has a standing deal of a two-minute head start when the situation ends.
  • Enemies: Shinn Asuka, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, (they remind her of everything she despises about authority figures. Technically, this would put her in Lucifer's camp, but she's ambivalent about his anarchy). She's also not a fan of the Joker, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, or the White either, and the feeling is mutual due to an... incident.
  • Complicated Relationship with: Amy Dallon; they've moved on from their mutual loathing and into realizing they're not so different. This is also why they avoid each other.
  • Odd friendship with: Izuku Midoriya
  • Resigned to: The influence of Tzeentch and the Council of Shadows in her life
  • Ascended on behalf of representatives of the House of Mentalism when they realized through data obtained from the G-Man's follower Contessa that she beat a planet-destroying Eldritch Abomination through psychological warfare. Was initially believed to be dead, hence why her ascension took so long as they kept looking in the afterlife (largely thanks to Contessa lying about having killed her). Upon being informed of what the pantheon is and her title, she is reported to have had no reaction, apart from "Okay. I'm used to it." Nobody's quite sure if she's happy she's able to be important again or upset that she's been forced back into a role she hates.
  • Cursed so that invariably, the first responders to whatever action she takes are morons who naturally frame what she does in the worst possible moral light. The rest of the Pantheon knowing many of those same morons means that they have an official policy of listening to the second responders when figuring out what she's planning, but sadly, her pragmatism means the first responders aren't all that wrong.
  • It doesn't help that, no matter where she goes, she ends up being caught up in the machinations of The Conspiracy and finds herself an extremely versatile playing piece as both scapegoat and agent. This one seems to be an echo of the Cauldron organization that kept on becoming involved with her when she was mortal.
  • Was once made a target of the Joker, Junko Enoshima, and the White for driving into nihilistic rage towards existence, mistaking her bitter acceptance of her role and pragmatism for suppressed homicidal rage. While they did manage to reawaken Khepri by pretending to kill her father Danny, they also discovered the hard way that Taylor doesn't blame other people for the misery in her life, and were entirely the focus of her vengeful fury and Mind Control powers. It took the White months to reconstitute, Junko was blinded and unable to enjoy it as Taylor ensured she would be in too much pain to really experience despair, and Joker got a face full of his own gas, though he managed to be brought back by Harley before brain death. Initially, it appeared they won anyway as Taylor's passenger began to eat her brain again, but as a deity Taylor's mind has enough existence away from her meat brain that hearing Danny calling to her was able to be mentally registered and she forced it back. To add insult to injury, as far as anyone can tell the Queen Administrator still doesn't affect Taylor's mind any more than it normally does - quite humiliating for all the conspirators.
  • Was initially assigned to Motivations for Evil, but eventually, and after the above incident involving co-workers, was accepted fully into Ambiguity. Several members of the House of Villains promptly signed a petition requesting she be sorted back, as they didn't see the problem, but as it turns out that was just the reason Odio gave for ensuring the perpetual tug-of-war over followers given their similarities was at least not constant.
  • It is believed the words "Meh, I can take her", or some other version in reference to her, even thought, makes that person fated to be utterly defeated by her.
  • Regularly visits her mom on an alternate earth,saying it’s the only thing she wants to do while at the pantheon.
  • Taylor eventually checked out the House of Religion and Faith out of curiosity, and met Chuck Shurley, Beerus and God note  They asked what the trope was that she ascended under, note  and she told them it was “Forced into villainy” and tells them all the times she was “forced to be a villain” (the time she had to find out information on The Undersider’s boss, the time she had to become a warlord to save Dinah, the time she had to torture Triumph to get the mayor to protect Brockton bay, etc.”) The gods (except for Beerus) disagreed with her position (with Chuck Shurley being a little rude about it), and they said that all of her actions were her own choices, not anyone one else’s (She chose to stay with The Undersiders to get information instead of letting higher-ups handle it, she chose to become a warlord to help Dinah instead of becoming a hero to assist her, she chose to torture Triumph instead of helping him and letting the mayor make his own decisions.) She denied this, and said she had to do it for the greater good. This sparked a heated argument, and Taylor quickly left in a huff back to her temple. When she arrived, she was visited by Beerus, who gave her some instant noodles and a apology. When Taylor asked what for, he said that he understood how a path taken wasn’t always a bright one. When Taylor asked him to elaborate, Beerus had this to say...
    Beerus: I’m saying I know what it’s like to oversee the nasty but necessary.
  • "All of the above? None of the above? Does it matter? Some of us wear the villain label with pride, because they want to rebel against the norms, because it's a harder, more rewarding road to travel, or because being a 'hero' often means so very little. But few people really want to see themselves as being bad or evil, whatever label they wear. I've done things I regret, I've done things I'm proud of, and I've walked the roads in between. The sliding scale is a fantasy. There are no simple answers."

    Vayne Carudas Solidor 
Vayne Carudas Solidor, God of Evil Virtues (The Emperor of the Archadian Empire, The Dynast King, Vayne Novus, The Undying)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as The Undying)
  • Symbol: His Sky Fortress, "The Bahamut"
  • Theme Songs: Theme of the Empire, Battle for Freedom
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Anti-Villain, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Bare-Fisted Monk, The Chessmaster, The Conqueror, Cultured Badass, His Sephira swords, Kung-Fu Wizard, Nay-Theist, Utopia Justifies the Means
  • Domains: Virtues, Conquering, Speeches, Fighting, Freedom, Kingship
  • Allies: Funny Valentine, Corypheus, Nikolai Bulygin, The Illusive Man, Golbez, Victor Von Doom, Mateus Palamecia, CLU, Solidus Snake, Cao Cao
  • Rivals: Shao Kahn, Alexander The Great, Garland
  • Enemies: Ashe Dalmasca, Squall Leonhart, Artorias, Lightning, Hawke, Odin, YHVH, Sora, Gilgamesh, Arturia Pendragon, Ashe
  • Seeks to overthrow the Main House and give himself the Title of "Dynast King". At first it seemed to be a purely villainous goal and he has not denied it. But he has upheld his own virtues of Honor, Love and Determination to be able to do what he believes to be the right thing to do to free the Pantheon from "The Tyranny of The Gods".
  • Tried to win people over to his side with a speech similar to this one. So far it seems that his Enemies had to go out of their way to convince others that he was villainous.
  • He has shown a large distaste for YHVH, his angels, and anyone similar to him, because his goal is, in his words:
    "The Pantheon will know a new Dynast King, and Man will keep his own history! The tyranny of the Gods is ended! We shall be their puppets no more! The freedom for which we have longed is at hand!”
  • Though on the same token he does not wish to join any of the other alliances as to him "Good" is limiting, "Evil" just for the sake of it is worthless and "Chaos" is not what he is after.
  • He has allied with Valentine and Bulygin though he has tried to convince them to break away from The Great Will, time will tell what becomes of it.
  • Has shown hatred for those that opposed him in his Realm and has since plotted for their destruction.
    “Your lives are forfeit, and your insurgence along with them. This Pantheon will again know order. For good and all, I shall put your futile attempts at rebellion to an end.”
  • While he and Gilgamesh have similar goals in mind, he believes that the so-called King of Heroes has failed to serve his people well and sees him as a petulant child throwing his toys around when he has a tantrum.
  • Has allied with The Illusive Man and Solidus Snake as he agrees that only Humanity should be in charge of its own Freedom and Destiny.
  • His temple has been relocated at his Sky Fortress and with the help of his allies he can now become "The Undying" at Will there. It provides him with the power to destroy those that would dare to invade.
  • Despite his hatred for most Gods, he has treated those that honestly want to help humanity with Respect after his dealing with Venat. Though it will not stop his attempt to conquer their realms, he attempts to have them come to his side first rather than be flat out hostile.
  • Due to both sharing the same name and he not seeing her as able to do what is necessary he has shown dislike for Ashe.
    "Such a woman is not fit to bear the burden of Rule. Weep for Freljord if you defy my Reign, for She will be lost."
  • Shares similar sentiments for Arturia Pendragon. He often questions her ability to deal with Her Subjects, if she dealt with them as he would then her tragedies would not have befallen her. When questioned on this he gave one response.
    "What am I to do with those who would oppose me...but show them death?"
  • Vayne has been seen in the cross-dimension created by Shinryu. He's a bit behind on the struggle between Cosmos and Chaos, as well as Materia and Spiritus, but he will make good use of his time there.

Zaheer, God of Enlightened Antagonists
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Guru Laghima's locket
  • Theme Song: Theme of the Red Lotus
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, but can lean towards Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Empowered Badass Normal, Ascended Acolyte, Warrior Poet, Villainous Friendship, Enlightened Antagonist, Airbending, Unholy Matrimony, The Unfettered, Flight, Advocator of Anarchy, Highly Competent, Charismatic and Principled
  • Domains: Air, Flight, Chaos, Freedom, Void
  • Heralds: Ghazan, Ming Hua, his beloved P'Li, and the rest of the Red Lotus
  • Allies: Lucifer, Xenagos
  • Enemies: Kuvira, Korra, Aang, Asami Sato, Mako, Bolin, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Toph, The Joker, Rei Shingetsu, most of the House of Royalty, all authority figures, The Grand United Alliance of Evil, The Grand United Alliance of Law, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Respects: Lucifer
  • Uncertain Relationship with: V
  • Avoids: Asura, Mithra, Vegeta
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Grand United Alliance of Good (when needed against the GUAE or the GUAL)
  • The Order of the White Lotus is an ancient philosophical society in the World of Avatar, consisting of world-traveled masters seeking beauty and truth beyond the boundaries set by the four nations. Originally its existence was generally shrouded in secrecy; however, following the end of the Hundred Year War, they began to act out in the open as supporters of Avatar Aang's efforts to broker peace between the war-torn nations. This ran afoul of certain members, who felt that the organization had been subverted into acting as the Avatar's enforcers, leading to the creation of the antigovernment absolutist splinter faction known as the Red Lotus Society.
    • Zaheer became a member of the Red Lotus, eventually creating a powerful terror cell within the organization who would carry out its goals of either converting or killing Avatar Korra, with hopes of destabilizing the world's governmental structures, ushering in anarchy, and opening the links between the physical realm and the Spirit World. Their first attempt saw them all get arrested and locked away in separate prisons designed to disable their abilities so they had no hope to escape. However, thanks to the Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG, Zaheer gained Airbending powers; this enabled him to escape, free his comrades, and try again. Still, as deadly a threat as they posed, Zaheer would be caught and incarcerated, and his teammates all killed; however, his group did terrible damage in the process which culminated in creating the exact opposite of the conditions the Red Lotus hoped to achieve.
  • After being ascended to the Pantheon and meeting Lucifer, Zaheer signed the entire Red Lotus up with the GUAC. None of them protested.
  • Avoids Asura, due to the multi-armed god finding similarities between Zaheer's attempt to kidnap Korra, and what the Seven Deities did to his daughter Mithra. He also avoids Mithra herself, for that matter, taking no chances of incurring Asura's wrath.
  • Has an odd relationship with V, due to their differing beliefs on anarchy, with Zaheer wanting to completely tear down order and leaders forever, and V simply wishing to destroy and replace the established order with something better.
  • Informed upon his ascension by Katara that she would shove his poison down his throat if he ever tried to go after Korra again, or especially Aang for that matter.
  • The chaos caused by his group's murder of the Earth Queen saw one woman from Zaofu resolve to restore order and save her kingdom no matter what the cost, and his poisoning of Korra during their battle rendered her unable to do anything to stop or temper Kuvira's ambitions. The two share a hall and are both antagonists of Korra's team, but they are in no way fond of each other. Zaheer has been deeply ashamed of his role in bringing about the rise of the dictator of the Earth Empire, and Kuvira despises him for putting her country into the tailspin which she had to act to solve and ultimately driving her down the road to darkness.
  • While Aang was originally delighted that another Airbender ascended to the Pantheon, upon being informed of his actions by Korra, he now has a heavy dislike of Zaheer due to his trying to kill Korra, disgracing the culture and beliefs of the Air Nomads, and threatening the reborn Air Nation and his family.
  • Upon meeting the Joker, he was disgusted by his claims to be an "agent of chaos," and has been attempting ever since to remove him from the Pantheon.
  • Is aware that his path to understanding and realizing the teachings of Guru Laghima, and in particular the conclusion of abandoning all attachments to the point of chaos being his only principle, have earned him the disgust of Prince Vegeta IV. This is another would-be enemy Zaheer knows he can't take and has instructed his Red Lotus heralds to avoid like the plague.

Lesser Gods

Merlina the Wizard, Goddess of Comparatively Innocent Villainesses (The Dark Queen, Queen of The Underworld)
As the Dark Queen 
The Dark Queen's battle form 
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess as The Dark Queen)
  • Symbol: A picked flower
  • Theme Song: With Me
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, used to be Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Villainess that's less evil than male villains, Cast herself as Sonic's ally at first, Had good intentions behind her actions, Once saw no value in mortal life, Sought to make the kingdom eternal at all cost, Saw the error of her way after her defeat, Always remain calm
  • Domains: Villainy, Intentions, Desperation, Magic
  • High Priestess: Aversa
  • Special Relationship: Merlin (Her grandfather)
  • Allies: Merlin (Seven Deadly Sins), Sonic The Hedgehog, and other heroic deities from his world, King Arthur Pendragon, Artoria Pendragon, Lancelot du Lac, Gawain, Galahad, Mash Kyrielight, Casshern, Tony Stark
  • Enemies: All villainous Sonic deities, especially Erazor Djinn, Morgan Le Fay, Both Mordreds, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Yhwach, The Heartless, Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird, Vlad III, Victor von Doom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Artoria Pendragon Alter
  • Pities: Davoth, Luna
  • Annoyed By: Excalibur
  • There are many variations of the Arthurian Legend. In one odd variation, King Arthur was but a construct created by Merlin for the sake of ruling the kingdom, and one who ended up being corrupted by the scabbard of Excalibur into a tyrant terrorizing his people with demonic creatures. But perhaps an even bigger divergence was the fact that Merlin had a grandaughter named Merlina, who inherited the position of court mage. When said girl learned that the kingdom was part of a story destined to end by its fall, she fell into despair. And so she sought to steal the Scabbard and extend its power of immortality over the whole land to make it eternal at the cost of casting it into eternal darkness. To do so, she summoned Sonic the Hedgehog from another world to defeat King Arthur. What she didn't count was the heroic speedster turning on her and stopping her plan. But after beating her, Sonic made her realize that everything will end someday, but that you should enjoy those days to the fullest.
  • The Merlin of the Pantheon, who is a composite of all of his incarnations in the multiverse couldn't help but feel sorry that his granddaughter had fallen into such sorrow and was glad to see that she understood the error in her ways. Yet as he watched over Sonic's adventures, he noticed that not only was she one main antagonist of the heroic hedgehog's tales who was female, but that unlike a great majority of them, she had genuinely good intentions instead of a base lust for power. And so, he proposed to the Court that she be brought in as the representative of Comparatively Innocent Villainesses, which was accepted.
    • Merlina was surprised to see Sonic coming back to her world to lead her to a place called the 'Pantheon'. Upon arriving there, she was even more shocked to see her grandfather and promptly began to deeply apologize for her actions. But instead of berating or punishing her, the Enchanter gave her a reassuring pat on the back as he told her he knew she only wanted to save the kingdom. After which, she accepted her new title as a reminder of her misdeeds, and swore to atone for them by working alongside her grandfather. Tough some wondered if she had inherited her grandfather's condition, she was quick to answer she just had some prophetic abilities.
    • Much to her surprise, she also soon met another, female version of Merlin, who is part of the outlaw group known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Despite that initial shock, she quickly began to form a similar familiar bond with the older magician, especially upon hearing that the latter's people got completely destroyed through punishment from a demon and a goddess. Tough Merlin quickly told the younger woman to never even think of calling her grandmother.
  • Sonic himself was quite happy to work with her again in the Pantheon despite her previous manipulations, as he's not the type to hold grudges and it helps that she previously helped him and his friends. She was rather surprised to learn that several of his friends were similar to her version of the Knights of the Table Round and Lady Nimue, but this hasn't put a damper on her relationships with them. Though she can't help but be surprised by the differences between counterparts, especially with Amy Rose's flightiness compared to the lady of the lake.
    • Naturally, this bond led to her making enemies with many of Sonic's foes. But the one case where this really goes personal is with Erazor Djinn, another inhabitant of a story who sought the power to rule it, though unlike her he did it for purely selfish reasons. And so, she has sworn that she would stand in the way of his plans to control all stories.
  • She was more than shocked to learn that there were not one, but two 'real' versions of King Arthur in the Pantheon, especially since one of them, Artoria, is a woman. Upon meeting both in person, she once again bowed to apologize for her actions towards the kingdom of Britain. However, they quickly forgave her, as they realized she wanted to save her homeland just as they sacrificed everything to protect it. Especially since Artoria herself went off the deep end trying to make Camelot eternal in an alternate timeline. As such, they more than glad to welcome her in their services. By contrast, she highly disturbed by Saber Alter, as her Artoria's corrupted self remind her of the tyrant her grandfather's creation became, though she has been much less evil ever since joining Chaldea. For her part, she doesn't appreciate being judged by "a foolish girl who nearly cast Camelot into darkness".
    • Naturally, returning under Arthur's service means she has been working with Knights of the Round Table, who don't hold her past against her. At first, she was deeply uncomfortable with Lancelot, as she knew that his affair with the queen was the first step to Britain's ruin. However, he soon approached her that she was entirely right to admonish him for his mistake, but that he was working to atone for them just like she was. Ever since then, they have been working better together.
    • By contrast, she despises either versions of Mordred and Morgan le Fay for being the direct cause of the fall of Camelot, and having it done quite deliberately. Naturally, she has sworn that she wouldn't allow them to continue their wickedness in the Pantheon. This extended to the Heartless when she heard from Merlin that they (temporarily) destroyed the version of Camelot from their own reality. Morgan just scoffed at her, saying that she had no room to lecture her after she tried to usurp control of Britain for herself. While the comparison disturbed Merlina, she holds that unlike her, Morgan only ever thought of herself.
    • She was surprised to learn that one version of Galahad inhabited the body of a young girl named Mash Kyrielight who works for Chaldea, an organization that protect humanity. The mage has proposed to help with that mission, though she was very disturbed to hear about a Camelot in an alternate timeline which indeed stood eternal, but at the cost of Artoria becoming a tyrannical goddess far worse than even the Black Knight.
    • The talking and walking Excalibur local to the Pantheon grew absolutely outraged when he heard that she used 'his' scabbard for her nefarious plan. Naturally, he quickly rushed to Merlina to give her a lecture. At first, teh wizard wasn't too bothered, as her world's version of Excalibur was also sentient and rather annoying. She quickly changed her tune after listening to the legendary weapon's rambling, grating and inconsistent monologue for what seemed like hours. After he was finally satisfied and left, she promptly decided to never have anything to do with him, no matter how mythical of an artifact he is.
    • Her dedication to Camelot's safety also caused her to develop a wariness of Vlad III and Doctor Doom, of all. Each of them (or at least an alternate version of the first) went through a venture when they were send backwards through time to Camelot and worked to bring it down, with the vampiric version of the Impaler actually succeeding at it. While the Pantheon's 'main' version of Vlad rejects his reputation of a vampire and thus has little chances of being a treat to Arthur's Britain, it's a whole another story for the ambitious and megalomaniacal Doctor Doom. On the flipside, she is thankful to Tony Stark for having stopped Doom's plans, tough she was very surprise to learn of an alternate timeline where he was stranded in Camelot, became King Arthur's successor and brought about a millenia-spanning golden age. The knowledge that her dream of an eternal kingdom was achieved without any ill deeds in another universe has filled her with much mixed feeling, but she still appreciated the good he's done for the kingdom, and so she occasionaly calls on the multibillionaire when there's trouble.
  • While she has developped beyond her obsession of making her kingdom eternal, she still vehemently oppose anyone who would try to hasten demise of people and worlds. So naturally, she despise the Grand Alliance led by Nekron, and amongst them, Dhuum is hellbent on punishing her for having once tried to get rid of the concept of death. Tough she can't help but be uneasy towards even more benevolent embodiment of death such as Death of the Endless.
  • She was surprised to learn of other people who sought to make their worlds eternal, such as the fallen god Davoth, who sought to bring immortality to his creations out of a fear of being alone. Though she heavily sympathizes with his motivation, especially his dark powers along with his army of demonic monsters reminds her of when she was just as misguided. He himself is disapointed that she gave up on such a laudable goal, though he's also interested in potentially claiming the Scabbard of Excalibur for his own goals.
    • Another being she holds in a similar view is the mysterious woman known as Luna, who had become disgusted with the concept of death and sought to get rid of it, even if it was at the cost of people's humanity. She too wishes Luna could see the error in her actions, while the latter is disapointed that the mage no longer has the mindset to help her on her quest to make an eternal world. She also has met with the android Casshern, who had also learned the importance of things ending someday. He has been doing his best to help Merlina cope with the inevitable end of her home.
    • On the other hand, she has nothing but disgust for Yhwach. While he too want to remove the concept of death by fusing the mortal world and the afterlife, the way he treats the lives of both his enemies and his subordinates make it clear he only thinks of himself, and his motivation is the fear of losing his life. She is hellbent that the Scabbard should never end in the hands of a tyrant like him.
  • She was very disturbed to hear the tale of the Punishing Bird, the Judgement Bird and the Big Bird, who took to extreme measures to protect their home forest after hearing the prophecy that a great monster would destroy it, only to become that very monster and cause every inhabitants to flee it. She cannot help but be disturbed that they may very well be what she could have become: an insane monster 'protecting' a kingdom empty of joy. But still, she takes it as her responsability to stop them from doing any more damage.

    Tychus Findlay 
Tychus Findlay, God Of Having Been Trapped in Villainy (Convict 626, Scoundrel, Notorious Outlaw)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Marine armor and chain gun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tattooed Crook, Criminal with A Job, Boisterous Bruiser, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Wields Chain Gun, Forcedly Encased in his Armor, Secretly Worked for Mengsk, Pilot the Odin
  • Domains: Forced, Villainy
  • Allies: Jim Raynor, Heavy, Serious Sam
  • Enemies: Arcturus Mengsk, Amanda Waller
  • He was an old partner-in-crime with Jim Raynor, until he was eventually arrested. He was pleased to be released later, free to drink with his buddy again and help him make money off the artifacts. However, it was a ploy; when he was allowed to be free by Arcturus Mengsk, the condition was that he had to assassinate Sarah Kerrigan, or else Mengsk would shut down his major organs via his suit. Thus, Raynor had to shoot him after de-infesting her in Char, knowing about Zeratul's warning of the prophecy which requires her survival.
    • He ascended from the afterlife due to his forced villainy, both figuratively and literally. However, because his kill-switch is no longer active in the Pantheon, Tychus turned against Mengsk and rejoined his buddy.
  • He is sometimes seen drinking with the Heavy Weapons Guy due to their fascination with big guns.
  • He has an interesting relationship with Sarah Kerrigan; on the one hand, he was ordered by Mengsk to assassinate her in exchange for his freedom. On the other hand, Kerrigan wished that he went through with it; she believes she deserves no less. Admittedly, he had second thoughts about carrying the mission out and tried to persuade Jimmy out of a mission to Char, and even stated that he would rather have died by the hand of someone like Jim than to be killed by his controller.
  • Despite no longer working for Mengsk, he is still unable to remove his armor, as it is welded shut. So far, little progress have been made in freeing him from his suit. Fortunately, he has a bathroom system in his suit.
  • He once heard that Raynor partnered with someone named Serious Sam since he reminds him of Tychus himself. When Tychus met Sam, he found he couldn't agree more. With their love of guns, they will both help fight the Zerg infestation.
  • In one universe, Tychus died and was left behind on Char, where he was later resurrected and infested by the Zerg. Unlike Stukov, he was assimilated by the Swarm with memories of him being shot by Raynor. This memory was always lasting, and he ended up losing himself to the influence of the Hive Mind.
    Tychus: I sure hope she was worth it... Jimmy...
    • On the other hand, one universe showed him to have escaped from New Folsom, likely avoiding the deal with Mengsk.
  • Tychus is known to be a smoker; more specifically of cigars. However, when he is sent to fight in the Nexus, he can't have his cigar on the battlefield. Fortunately, he's good at smuggling the smokes, although it can go horribly wrong easily; for example, it might fall into his armor and he'll start freaking out and cursing a blue streak.
  • He loves big war machines, due to having to pilot the Odin, though in his opinion, some of the Mechas available to the Pantheon pale in comparison to the Odin, with its heavy cannons, missile launchers (which always launch missiles in a barrage), and a dedicated nuke cannon.
  • Though he is technically a criminal sent to fight in his armor, he admits to not like the idea of working with Amanda Waller. For example, her having a remote bomb on the Suicide Squad if they don't obey her is similar to Mengsk having had a trigger to shut down his major organs if he didn't kill Kerrigan.
  • While he's not the type to be very sentimental, he sympathizes with Sophitia Alexandra due to her being forced by Nightmare and Tira to do their bidding or else they would harm her daughter.
  • He was very annoyed when Lucio reminded him of all the times he broke Raynor's jukebox. "Look, it's just one damn jukebox, kid; if ya like it, buy another one. Should be plenty of 'em in the Pantheon. And that money ya got from DJing should do the job..."
  • "Hell, it's about time!"


    Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris 
Melvin Harris, God of Sympathetic Villain Deaths (Big Smoke, El Grando Smokio)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Dipped into Neutral Evil when he sided with C.R.A.S.H.)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Big Eater, Big Fun, Face–Heel Turn, Fat Bastard, Flunky Boss, Unwitting Pawn, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Loyalty, Betrayal, Drugs, Fame, Money, Food
  • Allies: Tommy Vercetti, Those who fell into ambition
  • Enemies: The House of Law and Justice, Franklin Clinton, Trevor Phillips, Niko Bellic, Dimitri Rascalov
  • On good terms: The House of Religion and Faith
  • Complicated Relationships: Carl Johnson
  • Melvin Harris, also known as Big Smoke, was once the right hand man of Sweet Johnson and a loyal member of the Grove Street Families. However, Smoke later was corrupted by the ambition of being powerful and famous and decided to side with the corrupt cops of C.R.A.S.H. and organized the death of the mother of his best friends. However, even after he got what he wanted, he was struck down by CJ and realized that everything he did was become he became addicted to power and died saying that everyone was going to remember his name. His friend CJ regrets killing him but it was something that had to be done.
  • The House of Justice has kept a close eye on Big Smoke after his rise of power in the crack empire. However, since his mortal his influence has died down overtime and he might not even try to regain his power back.
  • CJ was confused when he saw his old buddy Smoke around the pantheon and actually confronted him. He hasn't forgotten that he was the one that betrayed him but Smoke actually regrets his actions. However, they decided to cut ties and never speak again.
  • Big Smoke ascension didn't sit well with a few other deities from his home franchise. Franklin found Smoke having too many similarities with Stretch, the man who constantly set up his friend Lamar and Trevor doesn't like him because of how he betrayed his friends (He doesn't take betrayal lightly). Niko Bellic is also another one who doesn't like Smoke, given his backstabbing actions reminds him a lot of Dimitri Rascalov.
    • On the other hand, Tommy Vercetti is open to make negotiations with Smoke, provided he becomes one of his henchmen in the drug business. Smoke is considering the offer, but doesn't want to fall into the same trap as before.
  • He is not welcome in the House of Friendship and Camaraderie given his betrayal. Big Smoke agrees this is a fair punishment.
  • He doesn't have the best relationships with the Russian Mafiya, mostly because he had a few run-ins with the Los Santos Russian mafia and even tasked his friends CJ in getting rid of a few members for him. Dimitri Rascalov, notorious russian snake, has had Big Smoke in his sights for a while.
  • Smoke can be often found in the House of Food, not surprising given his love for eating. He often makes a particular order every time he goes.
  • It is adviced to never enter his temple without his permission. He has become very paranoid ever since his mortal death and since he no longer has the Ballas protection, you'll be surprised at what he is going to do to you.
  • People have asked him about following the damn train. He still blames CJ for those countless failures.
    • It's not unlikely to see Smoke in the House of Travel chasing trains.
  • Apparently, he is a devout Christian, so he sometimes visits the House of Religion and Faith. That said, he can believe that he became a god after death, so he figured that he must be right that people would remember his name.
  • "Respect has to be earned, Sweet. Just like money."
  • Can also be found in the House of Death and Postmortem, in the Hall of Death Archetypes.


    Amoeba Boys 
The Amoeba Boys, Godly Trio of Villainous Misdemeanors (Bossman, Junior and Slim, The Most Pathetic Criminals Ever to Walk Townsville)
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The Professor, God of Pitiful Villains (Professor Nutmeg, Professor Besserwisser)