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This place is actually a dungeon consisting of a series of rooms, with each deity from this House governing their own. In each room, there's a puzzle personally designed by the ruling deity, which must be solved in order to continue further. This challenge hasn't been cleared yet due to some of the puzzles being utter nonsense, so no one really knows what's at the end of the course (although everybody agrees that there's some sort of reward, as that would be a logical assumption to make)

The record holder is Professor Hershel Layton, with 10 rooms cleared.

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Once again, Jyggalag walks!

Jyggalag, Daedric Prince of Extreme Logic-Driven Figures (Lord of Order, Gray Prince of Order, formerly Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The emblem for his forces
  • Alignment: Pure Law
  • Portfolio: God of Order, Control Freak, Knight Templar, The Dreaded, Becoming Sheogorath, Creative Sterility, Light Is Not Good, Tin Tyrant, Evil Sounds Deep, Looking Into Past, Present, and Future
  • Domains: Order, Power, Knowledge, Foresight, Logic, Madness
  • High Priestess: Tuvok
  • Heralds: His Daedra, the Knights of Order, Dyrus of Mytheria
  • Allies: YHVH, Ashera, Satan (SMT), Nerose Satanael, Sibyl System, IT (A Wrinkle in Time), Darkseid, the rest of the Grand United Alliance of Law, Big Brother, Sauron, Father Elijah, Yamato Hotsuin, Cyrus, Loptr, Xemnas, The Spectre, Admins, The Librarian, Histoire
  • Enemies: Every other Daedric Prince, The Four Chaos Gods, Barbatos, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, The Sleeper, Melkor, Nekron, Alduin, Goetia, Tiamat (Nasuverse), Hajun, Kronika, Lucifer, Homura Akemi, The Shadow Monster, The Lich, GOLB, The Eldrazi, The Old Gods, Event Horizon, Manus, The Heartless, Dis, Azathoth, Sargeras, The Beast, The Godhand, The Idea of Evil, Lord Chaos, Lord English, The Joker, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Zamasu, Queen Sheba, Naoki Kashima, Naoya, The Radiance, Asura, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Bayonetta
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shekinah, Jubileus
  • Special Relationship: Sheogorath
  • Annoyed by: Discord
  • Interested in: Paul Atreidas
  • Respects: Madoka Kaname, Spock, The Master of Chaldea
  • Pitied by: Destruction of the Endless
  • Pities: Delirium of the Endless
  • Opposed by: Mithra (Shinza Bansho), Mercurius, Zanza, Chakravaritan, The Divine Powers, Tin Man
  • Opposes: Lain Iwakura
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kazuya Minegashi and Hibiki Kuze, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Cosmos, Alcor
  • There was once a Daedric Prince named Jyggalag, who stood above the other Daedric Princes in terms of sheer power. Jyggalag started to become quite feared by his other contemporaries, so they all decided to band together to take Jyggalag down to nullify his threat (a move unprecedented up until now). They succeeded and managed to transform Jyggalag into the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogoroth, who did not intrude upon their businesses and posed no threat. In spite of this, there is a caveat of an Eternal Recurrence for the converted Daedric Prince: he would revert back into Jyggalag at the end of every era in an event known as the Greymarch and destroy Sheogorath’s domains, only to go back to being the Mad God he once was before by the end of it and redoing it all over again. However, the Champion of Cyrodiil came and ended the cycle, thus Jyggalag permanently returned as the Champion took his place as Sheogoroth. It was inevitable that Jyggalag would show up in the Pantheon, after spending countless time trying to bring order to the Planes of the Daedra. One could see the horror of the other Daedric Princes once they heard the news.
  • Was actually aware of the Pantheon for the longest time, but did not bother with the place until YHVH himself paid a visit to him in person. YHVH told Jyggalag of the Pantheon and that an extremely powerful being like him would be a massive boon in the war against Chaos. Jyggalag was initially quite skeptical over the prospect, but after hearing the other Daedric Princes and similar beings of chaos were there, Jyggalag went in to assume a position in the Pantheon, likely to see if the Pantheon’s situation was that dire. To his rather pleasant surprise, the Pantheon was not a chaotic hellscape, being more like a reasonably ordered mortal plane, albeit one mixed with a divine domain. He was going to turn down YHVH’s invitation after seeing there was nothing that required HIS power, but upon recognizing that YHVH was right on the money about beings Jyggalag would detest being present here, he joined up with the GUAL as he did promise YHVH he would join if there was a substantial reason.
  • All of the Daedric Princes that were currently in the Pantheon immediately freaked out upon sensing Jyggalag’s presence. They gathered to discuss the situation, with the new plan being to force Jyggalag into becoming a new and unimposing Daedric Prince yet again with help from Overdeity-level allies to make up for the unascended Daedric Princes. Then Jyggalag arrived, sword swinging, having predicted their eventual discussion and even the location of the meeting. Everybody at the scene ditched as fast as they could, except ironically Sheogorath, the one Jyggalag imposed his madness onto. Sheogorath laughed and merely offered some cheese to Jyggalag for old times' sake. Jyggalag, knowing Sheogorath was harmless, accepted the snack. It felt surprisingly nostalgic.
    • To elaborate further on Jyggalag’s relationship with Sheogorath, Jyggalag knows that by all accounts he should despise Sheogorath for representing the suffering and illogical behavior he faced during his time as him, but does not hold any hard feelings towards him, as it is just Sheogorath’s nature. It may have to do that Jyggalag has nothing but respect for the one who freed him, which goes both ways. Jyggalag knows eventually he will have to oppose Sheogorath at some point if he wants the orderly existence he seeks to truly come about, but at the moment, he finds solace in their Odd Friendship.
    • Jyggalag does not wish to pursue the Daedric Princes who sealed him, as such time and energy could be spent on bringing the rest of Oblivion to order. Though he is less hostile towards Peyrite and Asura for serving as order-contributing Daedric Princes in his place despite their goals being self-beneficial only and you know, helping him turn into Sheogorath. Every other one though can be sent to the depths of annihilation though. Speaking of Meridia, it is turns out she may have not been a Daedric Prince yet by the time of his banishment, so Jyggalag harbors no particular ill will towards her.
  • As Jyggalag is the Daedric Prince of Order, he believes that individuality is a mere allusion and everything be much like how a puzzle is: fit with no misplaced pieces. He gets along with much of the higher command the GUAL as a result. Although Jyggalag is sure the GUAL’s unity is not so fragile as it may think if everybody continues to only have YHVH’s worship as its core ideal instead of order in general. Jyggalag has some opinions on his various allies:
    • While Jyggalag and YHVH share the same goals, Jyggalag believes that YHVH needs some readjusting if he wants to be more popular with the population. His incessant obsession with gaining followers actually harms his image, and Jyggalag suggests that YHVH try promoting a kind image of himself like that one time to actually gain a following amongst mortals and even deities as a benevolent figure. Jyggalag isn’t holding his breath, wondering if he’ll take that advice.
    • Ashera holds Jyggalag’s belief for order even if she go much more extreme than what Jyggalag does. Jyggalag focuses on only Oblivion at the moment and her treatment on controlling the mortal masses do not bother him one bit. Though Jyggalag does wish she tone her personality down.
    • Satan and Jyggalag get along pretty well. Helps that Satan is likely the least reactionary person in the GUAL and actually thinks things out. Satan respects Jyggalag’s withholdings, instead opting to ask military advice from the Daedric Prince if he is too busy than force him to redo his schedule.
    • Shekinah and Jyggalag do not get along in the slightest. Shekinah does not have faith in Jyggalag’s role in the GUAL command, criticizing him for not using his power to outright destroy their opponents, a move that Jyggalag does not approve of due to how it will be harmful to the GUAL‘s already pretty low popularity because of members like Shekinah. At least they find common ground when it comes to Mem Aleph and the Three Wise Men are much better to talk to for the Daedric Prince.
    • Nerose Satanael and IT’s methods of erasing individualism caught Jyggalag’s attention, as they manage to create systems where individualism is outright nonexistent. Jyggalag studies their methods to see if he can replicate them in his conquest in Oblivion.
    • Has more or less indifferent feelings on Big Brother and the Sybil System. Despite having some degree of praise for them for keeping the world ordered, he feels like they don’t do enough when it comes to controlling the entire population.
  • What is Jyggalag’s role in the GUAL? The reason of his most of the time absence is because Jyggalag is focusing on the aforementioned Oblivion, as the realm that is a whole new level of chaos to an average mortal. The Daedric Prince also thinks the Nirn and the Pantheon is already as orderly as they are, with The Empire running Tamriel and the Court of the Gods keeping the Pantheon in check. While YHVH would normally not allow such insubordination, this is Jyggalag and YHVH does not want to risk losing him.
    • Jyggalag has also considered turning his attention towards the Warp at some point to deal with the equally chaotic Chaos Gods whose entire existence repulses Jyggalag (finding them illogic incarnated). While not hostile towards the Imperium of Mankind, Jyggalag feels their ruler is a coward for not taking action against the Warp’s forces directly, even when at the brink of death.
    • Is not fond of the Dark World Barbatos and the Shadow Monster rule either. Jyggalag sees no hope for those worlds and finds it better to put it all out of their misery.
  • How did Jyggalag learn of the Pantheon anyhow? Because apparently, he was assigned to be listed as Father Elijah’s High Priest at some point. It was quite odd to see that a Daedric Prince being called what is essentially a follower of a mortal. There were no hard feelings when they did finally meet, finding much in common between themselves. Jyggalag thanked Elijah for allowing him to learn of the Pantheon, as Jyggalag would not have bothered coming if YHVH had poorly explained it to him.
  • Not only does he preside over the domain order, Jyggalag presides over the domain of logic as well. This may sound like just another sector of his ideology, but in actuality, the logic part is just as important if not more than order itself. With the Sword of Jyggalag, he can calculate every conceivable outcome through logic alone. Yes, that even includes Oblivion as well, a very illogical place to say the least. He basically holds the power of the Akashic Records, making him likely to know what future the Pantheon is heading. With his sword, can even peer into the past and the potential outcomes that came from there, so he knows of timelines where Homura was influenced by solely Lucifer to take Madoka’s power or where Xehanort guised himself as Lord Praxis. You can see why the Daedric Princes feared him. The only weakness of this ability that outcomes have to be deduced by logic and Jyggalag needs time to make said deductions. If he actually cared, Jyggalag could likely conquer the Pantheon by himself with no issue. The only other person with similar abilities are the Admins, whose own powers are questionable thanks to the presence of Alcor.
  • Respects those who wish to make worlds of order as well. Willing or unwillingly. Yamato Hotsuin, Xemnas, Loptr, and even Cyrus have managed to hit it off with Jyggalag for their goals. However, they all pale in comparison to the respect Jyggalag has for Darkseid. They both find kinship with each other, the difference in their ideals being where they target their efforts at. Jyggalag is one of the few people to ever visit Darkseid on his home turf outside of space-time. Surprised that Darkseid has a recliner chair lying around there for guests. Will not join the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers, as Jyggalag has other things in mind and their goals do not align with his.
  • The Spectre also seems to hold Jyggalag highly despite all accounts having to fight him at some point. The Spectre does not believe the Daedric Prince has committed any crimes warranting opposition and agrees that perhaps that bringing justice to the demons of Oblivion is the best course of action. Let it known though if Jyggalag oversteps his boundaries, the Spectre will do battle with him if necessary.
  • One of the few friends Jyggalag had was his loyal servant Dyus, who watched over his library that housed all the calculations Jyggalag had made. So it was to no surprise that Jyggalag is very much on board with learning as much as he can to gain an advantage. Does not go to the House of Knowledge much thanks to Mora making sure that Jyggalag has a harder time getting there, but in the short time he was there, he managed to strike a friendship with the other leading librarians, Histoire and... the orangutan librarian. They are interested in the insight of Jyggalag and treat him more as a research subject than an actual person to socialize with, which is alright by the Daedric Prince as he too is studying them vice-versa secretly.
  • Does not actual hold any real hatred towards Lucifer, shockingly enough. Jyggalag has no interest in crusading against the GUAC, as it turns out Jyggalag considers the Social Darwinism society they promote is a form of order. In truth, the Daedric Prince has more beef with destructive entities, particularly from the GUAD that want nothing more than to revert existence back to the Primordial Chaos it once was. Jyggalag is very much opposed against all of those beings, willing to stop his conquest to face said enemies.
    Jyggalag: Whether you are the Fallen Ainur, the Black Lantern, the Beasts of Humanity, the Dark Knight of the Dark Multiverse, the Destructive Child of Akatosh, the Moth of Radiance, even the hordes of the senseless Heartless, I swear upon my duty that all of you shall be deposed of to quell your chaotic and illogical natures by the hands of my blade.
  • Does not get particularly well with demons either, despite Jyggalag and by technicality all Daedric Princes are seen as the equivalent of demons. Jyggalag views most of the Legions of Hell inherently destructive and chaotic, which is pretty much the go to how most Daedra operate (aside from his own forces, of course).
  • Views Jubileus and Queen Sheba’s quarrels as time-wasters, thinking of them as children even though Jubileus is technically on his side. Does not think highly of their defeater, Bayonetta for beating up his forces when they tried going after some demons though Jyggalag is impressed on her combat versatility.
  • There is actually some belief that Jyggalag is actually just as much of a Mad God as his previous self Sheogorath, in the spectrum of being obsessed with order and that his transformation just changed what he stood for from orderly madness to chaotic madness. Jyggalag has nothing to say on this theory, not even being offended by it. Being considered insane is a subjective term brought down by others who do not fit with societal norms, so to Jyggalag, the only thing that matters is the fact what he does, not what others define him for.
  • Does not hold much resentment towards the GUAG, or Cosmos for that matter. If they somehow win the Forever War in the Pantheon, Jyggalag does not care unless it directly interferes with his business. Cosmos, for her part, is concerned over the Daedric Prince’s association with the GUAL, believing him to be a massive boost to their force’s performance.
  • Mortals do not normally bother Jyggalag, however all he sees inside the minds of Junko Enoshima and the Joker are pure unbridled chaos. In fact, the Daedric Prince would go as far as to say that their madness rivals that of several Overdeities. They take it as a compliment.
  • Praised Madoka for managing to override the system in her universe to make it her own. No, we are not joking. As...heretical it sounds to the GUAL, it does not matter to Jyggalag whose order wins out; as long as you are the victor and you have successfully brought order to your universe, you have Jyggalag’s respect. However, that respect does not extend to Homura Akemi, who what the Daedric Prince considers used deceit to create a chaotic world that makes no sense at the slightest, even worse than what Madoka has accomplished.
  • Zamasu has managed to become quite loathed in Jyggalag’s eyes, hearing his preaching about being a bringer of order to existence and doing the opposite of that. There are few that are more annoying than a full-blown hypocrite. Then there is the issue of Infinite Zamasu, which may be an even more concerning threat than Oblivion itself if it could invade timelines.
    • Similarly, Hajun also represents a dire threat everyone should be concerned of. If Hajun’s Law were to be unleashed, Jyggalag would not even be sure his own forces would be immune to such madness. Has made eliminating Hajun a massive priority as a result.
  • Several gods (particularly the ones outside of the Abrahamic religions) oppose Jyggalag due to how much of a threat he represents. They however, are wise enough to know not to directly become enemies with him just yet and are biding the time when it is a perfect chance to strike. Not that Jyggalag minds as he is used to having so many despise him.
  • Really hates Kronika. Her actions of repeating cycles of death and rebirth brings bad memories of himself being Sheogorath, being in constant pain as Jyggalag broke out, then doing the same process over and over again. As it was pretty much like death to him, Jyggalag wants to ensure Kronika does not let this unnatural ability be constantly used as if it were a toy.
  • Reminding him of Sheogorath, Delirium feels like she was just another facet of Sheogorath’s existence, even if by all accounts Delirium is reportedly stronger. Jyggalag could only pity her existence, unable to be sane at all as it her role. Knows that curing her is an impossibility, as someone else would just take her place if that were to happen. Avoids her for reminding him of a lot of terrible things.
  • One of the few weaknesses Jyggalag has is his lack of creativity, so he is fairly limited to what to do despite being well-organized making up for that. Destruction tried once to have Jyggalag learn how to do woodwork for a start only for both of them read online instructions. Destruction only felt sad after seeing Jyggalag’s exact chair, as there is no soul poured into it at all. All in contrast to the chair he made, which was blown up.
  • Feels that Kazuya Minegashi and Hibiki Kuze are have rather good potential as lawkeepers but waste them to ensure neutrality (Alcor splits on whoever Hibiki’s siding with). Naoki Kashima is also capable of this but like Kagatsuchi, Naoki faced Jyggalag directly to see if his ideals overcame his. A draw was made after but Naoki still holds on to defeat Jyggalag and put a stop to whatever plans he has.
  • Seems to hold the Vulcans as a mortal race that should strive for order. Spock would agree but then concur that if free will were to not exist, then they would be no better than the Borg. Jyggalag would like to see that to be honest.
  • Asura is generally not pleased with an idea someone this powerful wants to conquest places because they do not fit to his liking. The Phantom Thieves as well think Jyggalag is going to go too far with what he’ll do and want to put a stop to him. Jyggalag only sees them as harbingers of chaos, fighting for their own selfish reasons.
  • Looks a lot like Sauron except being made of tin. The Tin Man was horrified a conqueror looks similar to him and avoids Jyggalag like The Plague as a result.
  • Views The Internet as a lost cause to keep order, as it is basically a collective forum of voices that with no accountability, just say the dumbest things and argue over issues that they would never lift a finger for. Does not fault Lain for this but wants her to know it is a lost cause to try to keep it all in check.
  • Discord tries provoking Jyggalag to see how he will react. The Daedric Prince does not do anything however, taking the nonsense that Discord brings and only reacting when he needs to do something and Discord won’t let him go. Maybe he is trying to bring out the potential Sheogorath inside him? Who can say?
  • Paul Atreidas and Jyggalag share many traits the Daedric Prince finds interesting. They both could see across time and space, both are just rulers, and both have conspired against by fellow forces out out of fear for their power. The difference is Paul has the humanity to regret everything that has happened while Jyggalag treats it all with mostly indifference.
  • Regards the Master of Chaldea’s actions on correcting timelines highly, as if Jyggalag were to ever encounter a Singularity, he would send his forces there to take care of it. Knowing the threat of said “help”, the Master of Chaldea declined out of fear.
    Jyggalag: So, you do not wish for the aid of my knights? Do you fear my power? The emergence of their inevitable crusade? Or is it perhaps you do not wish to be out of a job, as they say?
    Master of Chaldea: Yes. Yes it is.
This ends as it always does. Order shall reign!

Greater Gods

Malos, God of Circular Reasoning (Metsu, The Endbringer/The Eraser, Logos)

Intermediate Gods

    Professor Membrane 
Professor Membrane, God of Arbitrary Skepticism

    The Legendary Titans 
Regice, Registeel and Regirock, Triumvirate Deities of Necessary Guides and Absurdly Obtuse Puzzles (Legendary Titans, Legendary Giants, Legendary Golems, The Regi Trio | Regice: The Iceberg Pokémon | Registeel: The Iron Pokémon | Regirock: The Rock Peak Pokémon)

    Master Eraqus 

Master Eraqus, God of Strawmen Making Valid Arguments (Master, Sly Fox, Boy in White, Tardy Fleetfoot)
Click here to see the Armor of the Master 
Click here to see the Boy in White 

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Keyblade, the Master Defender
  • Theme Song: Master, Tell Me the Truth
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, though can veer into Lawful Neutral when the Darkness is involved
  • Domains: Light, Law, Good, Masters, Teachers, Absolutism
  • Keyblade: Master Defender
  • Portfolio: Light Is Good, Mentor Archetype, Cool Old Guy, Thinking In Absolutes, Aged More Gracefully Than The Evil Xehanort, Keyblade Master, Used To Represent An Extreme Viewpoint That Holds More Water Than The Writer Intended, Blames Himself For His Pupils' Fates, Properly Paranoid, Knight Templar, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Dies For His Trouble Only To Live On In Terra's Heart, Convincing Xehanort To Stop His Schemes
  • Allies: All heroic Kingdom Hearts deities, but especially Terra, Ventus, Aqua & Xehanort, Ezalor, Danielle Baptiste, Satsuki Kiryuin, Stephen Colbert
  • Enemies: The Light of Destruction, the Child Abuse Supporters, Vanitas
  • Pities: Shinn Asuka
  • Pitied by: Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Opposes: The Hall of Darkness and Shadow, the rest of Xehanort's incarnations, particularly Terra-Xehanort and Xemnas, Sheev Palpatine, the Heartless
  • Conflicting Opinion On: Kylo Ren, Kuvira, Riku, Judai Yuki, The Ones, The Venom Symbiote
  • A Keyblade Master is one of the highest titles one can be bestowed with in the world of Kingdom Hearts. It establishes that the one bearing the title has passed the Mark of Mastery exam and achieved true mastery over the Keyblade. Eraqus is one such master, and unlike his colleague, Xehanort, who uses his skills for evil, Eraqus passes his knowledge onto his pupils, who he has always loved like his own children.
  • His swordplay is matched only by his hatred for the Darkness, which he sees as the root of all evil. It was this, combined with Xehanort's manipulations, that led him into conflict with his oldest pupil, Terra. While extreme in his views, many see him as having had a point, since in the Kingdom Hearts universe, darkness is usually evil, while light is usually good, with Eraqus himself ironically coming closest to being an exception for the latter. Terra used the darkness in their final duel and Xehanort himself primarily uses the darkness, with good Darkness users like Riku being the exception rather than the norm.
  • Eraqus' ascension to the Pantheon came about at some point after the third game in his series, after he managed to help Xehanort come to terms with his defeat and redeem himself, the two of them departing for the afterlife. By this time, Xehanort was already in the Pantheon, so his first act was to make sure his old friend wasn't up to anything evil, which he thankfully was not.
  • While he is on amicable terms with the main Xehanort, when he learned of his other incarnations, proceedings were less than friendly. Between Ansem's rambling on about darkness, which struck a bit of a nerve in him, and Young Xehanort's generally smug nature, he found himself more than a little annoyed with those two. But when he learned of Terra-Xehanort and Xemnas, he was furious, first thinking they had done something horrible to Terra to be the way they are. Which...yeah, they did, but he was able to be calmed down upon learning that they currently exist separately from the real Terra, who is safe and sound. Nowadays, he is still wary around them, as their very existence unsettles him.
  • Learning of his surrogate son's safety, he made it a point to check up on Terra, Ven and Aqua, and found them hanging out at the House of Friendship and Camaraderie. Seeing them so happy after all that they had gone through was nearly enough to move the otherwise-dignified Keyblade Master to tears, and as he revealed himself, he once again reiterated his apology to them for everything they had gone through because of him. Though they forgave him easily and happily, they could not deny that his views on darkness, extreme as they were, were not unfounded, as his trope shows - their experiences with Xehanort taught them that rather handily, but he now has faith that they are strong enough to overcome it.
  • As for the other ascended members of his story, he is generally on good terms with the heroes and bad terms with the villains. In particular, he isn't fond of the Heartless. While in his era, he had to deal with the Unversed, he finds the Heartless to be much more potentially dangerous, as they stem from the darkness within people's hearts, and he knows how volatile darkness can be in the wrong hands. But some of them are friendly, which makes him feel a little uneasy, but he has decided to trust them for now. Among the evil Kingdom Hearts deities, however, none are quite so frightening to him as Vanitas. In addition to being pure darkness and loving every second of it, Vanitas may have been one of the original thirteen Darknesses of old. The very idea of such an ancient evil still being around makes Eraqus worried for the future of the Pantheon itself.
  • Even knowing that Terra and Aqua managed to overcome the darkness, Eraqus is still a little wary around darkness-users, and as such steers clear of the Hall of Darkness and Shadow. Dark Is Evil is a very real and very common trope, something Eraqus is aware of. Even if he now recognises through Terra that Dark Is Not Evil can exist, that most of the the Hall's residents are evil is not helping. Most of all, he opposes Chernabog, the resident God of Malevolent Darkness, who he never met in life, but knows exists in his world. Knowing he can rely on fellow Keyblade warriors like Sora to stop him should he rise puts his mind at ease.
  • Naturally, he is much more comfortable and at home in the Hall of Light and Brightness, where he gets along with many of the deities there. Among them, he is impressed with the endeavours of Danielle Baptiste and Satsuki Kiryuin, taking pity on the former for her responsibilities as the Angelus and the latter for her suffering at the hands of her own mother, and wishes to be a figure of respect and support for the two of them. He also looks up to Ezalor as a heroic opposite to Chernabog. However, the Light of Destruction, and all it represents, deeply unnerves him, and he wishes not to associate with it.
    • This has also led to an interesting relationship with Judai Yuki, who wields the Gentle Darkness to counteract the Light of Destruction. Judai's experiences has taught him that darkness can be dangerous, as with it, he became the villainous Supreme King and hurt his friends, but also that it isn't inherently evil. Eraqus believes there is a lot to learn from Judai's story, and gladly takes its lessons to heart.
  • Often, Eraqus will spend time in the Hall of Legacy and Influence, finding a strange kinship with the more heroically-aligned deities there due to seeing Terra, Ven and Aqua as his own legacy. Among them, however, he spends the most time with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who he has found to be quite similar to himself. Kenobi, however, takes pity on Eraqus, knowing how tragically his tale ended, and gives him his condolences. It goes both ways, too, as Eraqus recognises that Terra stayed a good kid at heart the entire time, which is more than can be said for Anakin.
    • While he looks upon Anakin/Vader with pity, watching the revolving door that is Kylo Ren makes him feel more conflicted than anything. As the avatar of repeating history, Eraqus sees him as someone who must be monitored, lest he fall back into the Dark Side, but he has agreed to let things play out for now, as knowing his track record, involving himself in that story may only make things worse.
  • In general, Eraqus has mixed feelings on the Jedi and the Sith Order. While his past self would have instantly jumped onto the "Jedi good, Sith bad" train that many are prone to do, Eraqus now has reflected on himself, recognising it's not just black and white. The saying that "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" in particular has been incredibly thought-provoking to Eraqus, who dealed in absolutes right up until his final living moments. For this reason, he isn't sure what to make of The Ones, who embody each side of the Force, its balance included. The Son is someone to be wary around, and his killing of his sister reminds Eraqus of his own death at Xehanort's hands, but the Daughter and Father seem amicable enough, with the former even asking him not to hate her brother. In the end, he wonders if the Dark Side truly can find balance with the Light Side, and what that says about the Darkness and Light in his own world.
  • While not a villain by any definition, Eraqus still finds himself drawn to the Hall of Anti-Villains, feeling that they understand his struggles, and vice versa, better than their heroic counterparts. In particular, and in no small part due to the similarity in their tropes, Kuvira has become something of a point of curiosity for him. Both of them find kindred spirits in one another, being antagonistic individuals who are deemed to have quite a good point, but are made out as extremists regardless, which, while they are willing to accept the error of their ways now, they were still in vehement belief that they were right at the time. Eraqus isn't sure what to make of Kuvira's more amoral actions, such as almost killing Bataar Jr. or becoming a tyrant, but he knows what it is like to put a goal ahead of one's loved ones, and recognises that she is truly sorry, so he has chosen not to judge her too harshly for it.
  • In spite of all this, Eraqus was not initially sure what was meant by a "strawman", feeling mild confusion as he noted he was made from flesh and blood like any normal man. Asking around led him in the direction of Stephen Colbert, the God of Straw Characters, who, though initially annoyed at the implication that he didn't have a point, was able to explain it to him. Eraqus now occasionally finds himself spending time with the news reporter, finding him peculiar but somewhat interested in his ramblings about this "America" he speaks of.
  • He has nothing but pity for Shinn Asuka, seeing in him a younger, more messed-up version of himself. From his unhealthy belief in absolutes leading to his insanity, to his painful decision of having to choose between being lawful and being good, he recognises that rather than being seen as simply mad, he needed someone to be there for him, and wonders how differently things would have been if he'd had a good mentor to guide his way. Seeing what Asuka has gone through also made Eraqus take a good look at himself, wondering just how badly he screwed up with the Wayfinder Trio, and how he could have ended up if things had been different - for better or for worse.
  • During his time in training to be a Keyblade Master, Eraqus and Xehanort had an encounter with the Magic Mirror. Fascinated by the talking artefact, Eraqus would ask it all manner of questions, some insightful, some less so, only to be interrupted by Xehanort, who reminded him that they were still on a mission. Seeing it again in the Pantheon was quite unexpected, to say the least, and he simply had to ask some more questions, just for old time's sake.
  • Upon learning about the Venom Symbiote and its nature, Eraqus was left feeling a mix of confusion and plain uncertainty. The Klyntar were made to devour gods and destroy "the Light", which would have made Eraqus instantly declare them in need of eradication. What interests him, however, is that once they were freed from their Hive Mind, they instantly betrayed their creator and attempted to protect the Light instead. Being both a form of corruption and highly corruptible themselves, Eraqus figures they most likely mean well, but need to be guided away from those who would use them for evil.
  • Can also be found in Character Roles.

"Darkness is our enemy. Would that we could be rid of it. Push the darkness down. Give it no quarter in your heart."

    Turbo/King Candy 
Turbo, God of Hypocrites With a Valid Argument (King Candy)
Turbo in his King Candy disguise (left),
true form (center) and Cybug form (right)

Lesser Gods

    Charles Victor Szasz/The Question 
Charles Victor Szasz, God of Conspiracy Nutters (The Question, Vic Sage, "Nutjob", "That Kook")
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Question Mark.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (or possibly Good. He wouldn't fill out Their questionnaire)
  • Portfolio: The Crazy-Prepared, Conspiracy Theorists, Crazy Survivalists, The Awesomely Insane, Ancient Conspiracy, Government Conspiracy, The Milkman Conspiracy — Oh, To Hell With It: All Conspiracies.
  • Domains: Illusion, Trickery, Shadow.
  • Subscribers to His Newsletter: Bosco, Dale Gribble, R-Truth, Ronaldo Fryman.
  • Allies: Renée Montoya/The Question II (his successor and former Herald), Bruce Wayne/Batman, Agent Fox Mulder
  • Rivals: Spock
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary
  • Enemies: Edward Nigma/The Riddler, Joss Whedon
  • Opposed by: Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
  • Whenever there are people who sprout theories out of nowhere, chances are they come from a man named Charles Victor Szasz. Of course that could be a theory in of itself. He is one of the few in the Pantheon not to dismiss any sort of intel given to him. Every day, he would post approved theories in his newsletter as well as within his temple walls for all to see.
    • Fought for the position with Rorschach, until they realized they were essentially the same person, resulting in their fusion into a single, impossibly crazy sane super(or at least Badass Normal)-being. Rorschach went on to become a deity himself in a different house.
    • There's another reason Rorschach likes him so much. It is rumored that it was the Question who sent his journal that could unravel Ozymandias' entire plan for world peace. Adrian has spent his entire existence in the Pantheon to make sure that the Question doesn't get the word out in his world. It's only a matter of time before the Question is confronted with that man.
    • It's not known what Question's views on Roschach are, though the Question is not a fan of the latter's misogyny or hinted homophobia. After all, his successor, Renee, is a lesbian.
  • Is on a never-ending quest to prove the validity of all of Luna Lovegood's bizarre theories. He insists that he's proven at least half of them, but nobody can make heads or tails of his evidence.
    • Along the way he became the only man to know what the Council of Shadows is planning. Few believe him.
  • Is permanently banned from the House of Life and Death for all eternity after getting caught several times trying to unplug the God-Emperor of Mankind from the Golden Throne. He keeps insisting that it is a hoax to maintain that world's xenophobia towards alien races.
  • Not to be confused with Victor Zsasz, who is a more evil brand of crazy. Note the placement of the first 'Z' and the first 'S' in each of their surnames. The Question is more intrigued than anything, willing to test out if humans are truly nothing more than zombies.
  • Is on bad terms with both the Green Arrow and Black Canary given they've tussled a couple times. Ollie's merely annoyed that his antics give people questioning corporations a bad name. He's at least good enough in a fight to team up should their interests align.
  • Batman was quick not to dismiss him entirely. For all of his ramblings, his most urgent conspiracies turn out to be true after all. Bruce openly admits to subscribing to his newsletter if only to see what the Question has posted.
  • Much of his extraterrestrial theories have originated from Fox Mulder. It's safe to say that he sides with the believer at all times. Scully can only roll her eyes so much with how many times Mulder points to Victor's newsletter as valid evidence of his theories.
  • Considers The Riddler to be an unworthy holder of his title. Those riddles are child's play next to the questions he asks himself his whole life. Many wonder if the Riddler would challenge the Question for the ultimate game of wits, but he has yet to answer. A few gods think Edward didn't want to be embarrassed a second time.
  • There was a time when he had another take up the moniker of the Question. Renee Montoya, a police officer of Gotham PD, took over from him for a time. She has since given back the title, but is willing to take over the temple whenever he leaves.
  • The ascension of Joss Whedon brought tension between the two's followers. Many of the Question's theories on fandoms have been shot down by Joss's official ruling on the term. Some have resorted to creating their own worlds where their theories are true.
  • Most of his theories have been put under scrutiny by the God of Logic. Some of them may be sound, but the Vulcan may reject others for being completely illogical. To his dismay, a large number in the subhouse of Logic think otherwise, with the Question enjoying the support.

    Luna Lovegood 
Luna Lovegood, Goddess of Zany Theories (Loony Luna)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Crumple-Horned Snorkack horn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Epileptic Trees, Head in the Clouds, Appalling Honesty, Vacant Staring.
  • Domains: Intelligence, Magic.
  • Allies: Osaka, Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Princess Luna, Luna (Sailor Moon), Abed Nadir, Amélie Poulain, Dipper and Mabel Pines
  • Enemies: Dolores Umbridge, Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Peter Pettigrew
  • Odd Friendship: Ralph Wiggum
  • Some would call her a nutjob, a loony bird and sometimes both. Harry Potter would call her one of his most reliable allies. Luna Lovegood is always ready to believe whatever the God of Functional Magic says, even if it seems unbelievable. Even Ron eventually admired her behavior, even if he still somewhat teases her about it.
    • Claims to have seen Neville Longbottom's potential from the start. It became more evident when they reformed Dumbledore's Army in Harry's absence. He has since thanked her for giving him more confidence in his skills than most would.
  • She and her closest deity friend Osaka are constantly one-upping each other to see who can tell the weirdest story.
  • Occasionally, characters who feel that they have been wronged by their canon portrayal will make a pilgrimage to Cloudcuckooland to seek an audience with Luna. If she sympathizes with their tale of woe (and she almost always does), she will plant an Epileptic Tree on their behalf. As a result, many characters who would otherwise be followers of the Alliance of Evil have a soft spot for her. (A GREAT many. Just look at the Wild Mass Guessing section.)
    • It was she who originally came up with the theory that Madoka was in on Homura's plan on taking her powers to being with, so that she could take some well-deserved me-time and search for the Flying Gorfalorf, which had been mentioned in a back issue of the Quibbler, so that she could make steak out of it. Hermione blasted a huge hole in it by pointing out for that theory to hold water, Madoka would have to be an absolute tosser of a person; there are much better ways to take a vacation than convoluted schemes that end with her dearest friend a pariah amongst the Sisterhood and the Sisterhood itself tied in horrible knots. Besides, if it was for the sake of some steak that didn't exist, all Madoka would have to do is say the word and the Sisterhood would trip over itself trying to get her some. Luna responded indignantly that Gorfalorf steak DID exist; she had eaten some the Thursday prior.
  • Is often visited by The Question who was eager to hear each of her Epileptic Trees. He is in the process of finding the origins of her behavior as well as she has divination magic. Unfortunately, not even Luna believed in that last one though she encouraged him to prove her wrong.
  • Few in the Pantheon admires Ralph's non sequiturs more than Luna. She has grown a fascination of the boy, wondering how he gets his ideas.
  • Most lesser deities would balk at standing anywhere near Princess Luna even on a good day. Lovegood checks on her every single day. The wizard could care less; she likes the company of her namesake, especially one with such a complicated history.
  • Unlike Harry, she was never revealed to have had a pet. Yet she believed she would have gotten a cat. She got that idea from meeting Luna, Sailor Moon's mentor cat. The cat was surprised at how well the girl disarmed her snark. She even said she liked Luna more than Usagi, though it's likely to be a joke.
  • Luna had always wondered why narrators spoke in such a way to only include important parts of the story. She was relieved to find someone who wanted to add the little things in life. Amélie Poulain prefers to add Narrative Filigree to add more realism to stories. Many may balk at the thought of filler, but Luna theories that even those details can reveal an author's personality. The two enjoy the company either way.
  • Claimed to have visited the Shire itself. The hobbits were baffled how that was even possible. The Question chalked it up as another mystery to investigate.
  • When the Pines twins entered the Pantheon, both were excited to see her. Dipper in particular was excited to meet someone who would actually believe his evidence about Gravity Falls. Instead, she connected more with Mabel as her attitude intrigued her more. While disappointed, Dipper continues to ask her for advice.

    Mako Mankanshoku 
Mako Mankanshoku, The Goddess Who Wins Through Illogical Points
Fight Club President Uniform 

    Pinky and the Brain 
Pinky and the Brain, the Pondering Gods
  • Theme Music: Pinky and the Brain theme
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their cage
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Pinky); True Neutral (The Brain, though he'll insist that he's Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Big Guy, Little Guy, Iron Butt Monkeys
  • Domains: Mice, Pondering, Schemes
  • Allies: The Warner Siblings, Freakazoid, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Chou Chou
  • Enemies: the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Odd Friendship: Billy Kane
  • Opposes: Smokers
  • One of them is a genius, the other's insane. The two (the Brain mostly) come up with schemes to Take Over the World, but usually aren't successful. In the planning stages, the Brain goes on a tangent on what the plan entails and Pinky's thought process during these not really on the same wavelength as the Brain most of the time.
  • The two originally had their own titles and temples, but many noticed that them being separate made no sense whatsoever, so the Court of the Gods came in and decided to rectify the problem.
  • One of few gods who really take the Brain seriously is Kira Daidouji. Where she has not accepted responsibly to look after him, she seems to visit him in order to hatch new plans for world domination.
  • Pinky alternates his time between going along with the Brain's schemes to take over the Pantheon proper, and hanging out with the Prinnies. The Brain keeps trying to warn him that "narf, dood!" will never catch on as a Catchphrase.
  • Surprisingly enough (at least, as far as the Brain is concerned, since Pinky is scared of that particular alliance), opposition towards the Great United Alliance of Destruction is present. It's because if that particular alliance destroys the world, there wouldn't be anything for the Brain to take over after that.
  • On a really bad day, the Brain will get tired of Pinky's shit.
  • Lately, the Brain has been frustrated since these happen more often than not:
    Pinky: "Gee Brain, what do you wanna do tonight?"
    Brain: "The same thing we do every night, Pinky — try to take over the world!"
    • The Brain is trying to figure out a way so that M. Bison doesn't teleport in on them during the planning stages of a particular scheme.
  • They have a relatively complicated relationship with many of the deities hailing from the Mouse World. Most of the deities from such have a bit of an issue with the Brain trying to set himself up as evil. For their part though, they can rest easy knowing that the Brain is not really as evil as he makes himself out to be.
  • One time, the Brain got involved with promoting tobacco until he realized that children were smoking the product and turned against the tobacco industry as a result. Both mice are actually supportive of Billy Kane's anti-smoking ideals and are helping him promote such.
  • In case you're wondering, no. They don't remember anything about a third member of their group, nor are they interested in hiring one.
  • The Brain actually intends on taking over the world so that it can be a better place for everyone. Some still aren't entirely sure what his ideas of making it better are, but they do know that, via the House of Time and Temporality, that it's very likely something positive will come of it.
    • Apparently, he found out that fellow villain Crow intends to do just that as well, although with added golden statues of himself, a couple holidays named after him and the acknowledgement that he's the leader the world deserves. While Brain is a bit cautious of what Crow means by this himself, he can certainly see where Crow is coming from with his idea, and thus, for now at least, is comfortable working with him.
  • Every now and then, the Brain hangs out with Mojo Jojo, likely given their world-takeover interest. The monkey doesn't know about the fact that the Brain wants to take over the world for the better for now.
  • They decided to meet up with the holder of one of Brain's former titles out of interest. Although they didn't expect a little girl to hold that title at first, the mice were impressed with Chou Chou's world-takeover track record and started to hang out with her. The two admit that Chou Chou's split-personality thing will take some getting used to and tend to hang around with her Ego form the most (though Pinky is already a fan of her hyper and ditz personalities).
  • It's hard to say which one is the genius and which one is insane. For all the Brain's intellectual attitude, Pinky is keenly observant and there have been instances where a plan that Pinky puts into action have been closer to success than those of the Brain. Neither are willing to say which one is the genius and which one is insane, and it's likely that this particular question won't get answered for a long time.
  • To get further financing for his schemes, Brain has accepted to do impersonations of Charles Foster Kane, no matter if at times he deems those voiceovers as being below his capacity.
  • Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

    Seija Kijin 
Seija Kijin, Goddess of Contradiction (Counterattacking Amanojaku)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess when using all of her items)
  • Theme Music: Reverse Ideology
  • Symbol: A circle made out of black, white and red arrows
  • Alignment: The Opposite of You. Though to give her one alignment, Chaotic Neutral with emphasis on Chaotic.
  • Portfolio: Amanojaku, Acting Opposite of Others, Messing with the Screen, Messing With People, Weakling Who Uses Everything She Has, Manipulated Sukuna to Carry Out Her Plan
  • Domains: Youkai, Mentality, Reversion
  • Herald: Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The rest of the Itazura Griefers, Most other Touhou Project deities, especially the Scarlet Devil Mansion group (Remilia & Flandre Scarlet, Sakuya Izayoi, Patchouli Knowledge)
  • Opposes: Everyone else! But in particular, The Trollkaiger
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi
  • Admires: Raspberyl, Oberon Vortigern
  • Seija is an amanojaku, a type of youkai who thrives on conflict. She likes things other people hate, hates when she makes other people happy and doesn't want to give anything in return, even if she profits off something. She is hardly liked, but that is exactly what she likes, since, after all, that’s what she should be. It is for these reasons as to why she managed to ascend…alongside defying the odds and being able to No-Sell much of Gensokyo when a bounty was placed on her head.
  • She was the reason for the Miracle Mallet incident, having been the one who got Sukuna to use the Miracle Mallet to hopefully reverse the power dynamic of Gensokyo to have the weak rule the strong. Though really, she didn't really care about that specifically. All she wanted to do was to reverse the status quo just because she can.
    • She is notable as unlike many others who have caused incidents, she was not really forgiven on what she did and had caused others to want to hunt her down. However, utilizing items that still had some of the Miracle Mallet's magic in them, Seija was able to ward off the many people who tried to attack her, even when they were using spellcards which would normally be impossible to survive. This has earned her the status of being one of Gensokyo’s true Karma Houdinis, a status very few share with her.
  • Seija has the power of "turning anything over". The specifics are not known, but she has shown being able to flip buildings upside-down, mess with the screen and turn danmaku lethal. What else she can do is up to the imagination.
    • She has called out Enrico Pucci one time, claiming that he is ripping her off because of one of his Stand’s forms known as C-Moon, which can invert gravity and turn people inside-out, being similar to her own power of turning over and inverting things. Of course, Jolyne Cujoh didn’t take the declaration well, believing that Seija’s powers to be a much more dangerous and versatile form of C-Moon. Keep in mind that Stone Ocean released in 2011, whereas Double Dealing Character released in 2014, making Seija a sort-of ripoff of C-Moon.
  • Aside of her natural powers, she still has her various "cheat" items to help her out, though she can only carry two at a time. These include the Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb, Tengu's Toy Camera, Gap Folding Umbrella, A Miracle Mallet Replica, Substitute Jizo, Cursed Decoy Doll, Four-Foot Magic Bomb, Ghastly Send-Off Lantern and Nimble Fabric. Many of these objects are likely possessions of other deities from Gensokyo, such as the Gap Folding Umbrella being a lookalike of the parasol Yukari Yakumo carries.
  • If it wasn't clear already, Seija opposes just about everyone; not in the sense of "being the ultimate evil" like Anti-Monitor or Grima, nor an Omnicidal Maniac Knight Templar like Zamasu, but more like "a Troll who wants everyone to hate her". That is the true nature of amanojaku, after all, and it is a feeling that happens to be one resonant with Oberon Vortigern, a fellow opposer of all who wants nothing more to incite conflict. At some point well prior to her second condlict with Terumi (read below), she once gave Oberon the idea to fuck up Chaldea’s summer vacation for shits and giggles, an idea that has remained in the fae’s head for quite a while, wanting to be seen through.
    • Because of this, Trollkaiger has gained interest in her, and want her to join their ranks. Where Seija does not like to amuse anyone with her actions, she thinks that being in a group who would oppose almost everyone in the Pantheon would be a great idea. She has no plans on officially joining them, however, and the alliance with them did not last.
  • She knows the visual similarities she shares with Ryuko Matoi. She has gone as far as to wear a fake Senketsu and carry a fake Scissor Blade to intentionally piss her off. However, she has made a deal that she can mess with Nui Harime, if Ryuko can suggest good enough of a plan.
  • To the surprise of many, she actually helped Sakuya and the rest of the Scarlet Devil Mansion crew to save Remilia and make her a goddess. Apparently she just wanted to show that she is not really on GUAE's side by attacking Dracula and Dio Brando, and to piss off Terumi by having another "shitty vampire" ascend. Since then, the SDM’s group has owed the amanojaku a favor for her assistance, but it is not known of when that would be needed.
  • Surprisingly she and Sukuna are still seen together even after the whole Miracle Mallet incident. It seems to be because Sukuna is able to press the right buttons to get Seija to do stuff for her. She definitely doesn't really trust Seija, and Seija knows it. And yet, according to Sumireko Usami, their relationship has actually gotten better, citing a time where they crashed a danmaku-firework festival and began causing some more chaos.
  • Upon the formation of Itazura Griefers, she was assigned to be their leader. Why is she the leader? Because that position is where she's least likely to screw with the others. Why did she accept it? Because to her, a neutral group between LOL Rangers and Trollkaigers would mean that she can mess with anyone she wishes and not be weighted down by her "alliance". Though she thinks that the group is starting to get too big for her liking.
    • Note that her leadership is really hands-off. And by that, we mean that she really doesn't care what the other members are doing unless they try to drag her into helping them. Or they barge in and help her instead, such as being on-the-fly therapists for her since her fight with Yuuki.
  • Was one of few people who knew that Hazama was in the Pantheon before he fully ascended. She kept it a secret for everyone else since she thought that it would be more fun that way, and Terumi and Hazama wanted to believe that she wouldn't spill the beans.
  • Had a pretty nasty fight with Yuuki Terumi that left her actually dead for once. The preface was simple- she was off to visit Kosuzu Motoori’s temple to just pester her, but instead of finding the bookworm, she instead found Trollkaiger’s leader snooping around. At first, neither seemed to mind the other, but then Terumi lightly urged Seija to reconvert back into the group and leave her place as the leader of the Itazura Griefers. This somehow set her off, doubly going back on her opposition-towards-everyone mentality, and began arguing with Terumi over her allegiances, such as him mentioning her morality and thought process but is countered by the events surrounding Remilia’s ascension. After some more arguing, Terumi finally tested those allegiances of hers. Very, very harshly. Since then, any mention of Terumi around Seija would completely shut off her normal contrarian attitude and replace it with one of fear and anger- fear of not wanting to be killed again, and anger at Terumi for trying to push her over the edge and humiliating her in battle. Even her fellow Itazura Griefers found this to be very upsetting, so they banded together to help her recover from this ordeal, employing the aid of therapists from the House of Health and Diseases.
  • "The way you reject is the way that I choose, since I know it’ll drive you insane..."


    Dana Scully and Fox Mulder 
Doctor Dana Katherine Scully and Fox William Mulder, Divine Skeptic and Believer Duo (Agent Scully/Agent Mulder, Dr. Scully/"Spooky" Mulder)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: (Scully) Old-school laptop for writing reports. (Mulder) Blurry UFO image
  • Theme Music: "The X-Files" Theme Song
  • Alignment: (Scully) Lawful Good (Mulder) Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Both: Occult Detectives, UST
  • Domains: Both: Investigation, Law, Science (Scully), Knowledge (Mulder)
  • Allies: Sam and Dean Winchester, The Doctor, Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth, Dib, Ellen Ripley, Spock (Scully), Charles Victor Szasz/The Question (Mulder)
  • Enemies: The Combine
  • Observes: The Simpsons, Mr. Burns
  • Headbutting Heroes: Agent J and Agent K
  • Odd Friendship: Vastra (Scully)
  • Pities: Sarah Kerrigan (Mulder)
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Ithaqua
  • Special Relationship: The House of Extraterrestrials
  • Here is the story of two FBI agents with vastly different beliefs and yet managed to co-exist. Fox Mulder has been a believer of the supernatural for as long as he could remember, even before he discovered the Pantheon. Dana Scully was the eternal skeptic who strived to find logical explanations to unusual occurrences. One would think that these two could never be friends, yet various ordeals only made their bond grow stronger. The two even decided to be a couple in the end.
    • Yes, it was Mulder who discovered the existence of the Pantheon before either of them even ascended. He sees this as proof that the supernatural is real. Scully countered that the very nature of the Pantheon is nothing but a figment of the imagination of other people. Their followers debate the ethics of the Pantheon to to this day. Until then, they continued to explore this new world and explain all sorts of phenomenon.
  • Their temple in split neatly in two between Mulder's optimistic believers and Scully's pessimistic skeptics. The two groups manage to keep things civil for the most part, but there are certain arguments that almost tear apart the temple, such as whether Dominic escaped the dream world or now.
  • Shares a rather unique dynamic between the two. While the two share traits of both, Mulder is traditionally the Action Hero while Scully is seen as the Science Hero... yet few peole would deduce this at first glance. Scully may focus on field work, but isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in a fight. Meanwhile, Mulder is actually highly skilled with a gun even if he drops it frequently. Later on when Booth and Bones ascended for such interactions, they were amused enough to pay the two a visit. It was highly productive, with Bones offering her forensics skills for the team.
  • The House of Extraterrestrials have widely different methods of taking care of these agents. E.T. was glad for Mulder for vouching for his group of Innocent Aliens to be free. Scully was more hesitant, but after finding out what the government of that world would do to him she decided that letting him go was for the best.
    • Zim made his presence to the two, claiming that he would reveal the secrets of the universe if they took him to their temple. Mulder was eager to do so, but Scully wanted to make a call first. That person ended up being Dib, and he immediately warned them not to take him there. The duo had no problems brushing him off afterwards.
    • They have also been visited by the likes of Astral and Jazz. The two have always been interested in humanity and commended their efforts to prove the existence of alien life. Mulder remains heartbroken that they can bring those aliens into their world, but Scully would state there's always a chance to prove her wrong in their own world.
  • Their work often involves the work of The Doctor and there is no alien who loves humanity as much as they do. Scully question how an alien could look so human. The same could be said for a number of their alien companions such as Adric and Nyssa. Still, she is thankful for the Time Lord's work in saving humanity time and again. Meanwhile, Mulder tried his best to learn every inch of the TARDIS... and quickly discovered that it was an impossible task. Still, he enjoys the company of the Time Lord and hopes that he can help give the alien more recognition back in their home planet.
  • One would think that the two would get along with The Men in Black, but they can't stay allies for along against the secret organization. At first Mulder was amazed that such a group could stay hidden for so long. But when he wanted to reveal the group to the world to prove the existence of aliens, they wiped his memories of the location. Mulder now strives to relearn the location of the organization. That goes the same for Scully, who believes someone has to hold them accountable. Not to mention the odd creatures they have working with them. Regardless, the two groups help each other more often than not; they just have to duck away from the flashing lights afterwards.
  • As proving their existence could be detrimental to several of their followers' plans, The Combine have made it their mission to eradicate the two agents. Scully decided that the Combine does not have Earth's interest at heart, even if she was right that they weren't alien. Mulder took a different approach, hoping that he can convince the organization that humans mean no harm to them and that the two species can co-exist.
  • While at a crime scene, there were two brothers who claimed to be FBI agents as well. As Scully has long since memorized every agent in the Pantheon, she saw through the ruse almost immediately. However, the two proved to be well-versed in what they were after. Sam and Dean were after the Yellow-Eyed Demon who killed their mother. While the lead ended up being a dead-end, the two grew to depend on each other. Dean took a liking to Scully as he does with most women, and while she appreciated the flirting, she eventually chose her partner instead. Likewise, Sam and Mulder enjoyed sharing stories of the various creatures they encountered.
  • When it comes to particularly dangerous aliens, they defer to survivalist Ellen Ripley to help them out. Ripely isn't particularly a fan of trying to learn alien life, but has learned not to be too hasty in deeming unfamiliar beings a threat. She felt amused more than anything over the arguments the FBI agents have over the time. All she cares about is making sure no one else dies in the hands of evil aliens.
  • They were surprised to find the Simpsons in the Pantheon, thinking they were merely an ordinary family. The duo visited the family when Homer claimed to have spotted an alien, only to remain unconvinced at his evidence. Yet they were not all too happy at the fact that they may have missed out in come key evidence. At first, they thought that they were right about their assumptions when the 'alien' Homer saw was actually Mr. Burns. However, Mulder believes there is truly a green alien with tentacles that occasionally wanders around Springfield. He has recruited Bart in his quest while Mulder chatted with Lisa about her work.
  • Exclusive to Mulder
    • Mulder was the first Pantheon member (after the Question and Batman, who knew all along) who picked up the existence of GUAE, though he didn't have proof to convince other gods until it was up and running. The period before their discovery was a harrowing tale of near-death experiences for Mulder before enough evidence came out to prove the GUAE's existence.
    • Unknown to her partner, Mulder has been visiting Sarah Kerrigan's temple for some time now. This pleas particularly dangerous when she was strictly working with the GUAE. She allowed him to live at the time merely to let him amuse her. Nowadays, she thanks him for helping her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Exclusive to Scully
    • Scully's flock has been closely associated with the Vulcan Spock, an ironic twist given her skepticism towards aliens. Regardless, his adherence to logic has been welcoming for her in times of need. Spock decided his time would be best spend befriending her instead of convincing her of the existence of the Pantheon. It would be at least be better than arguing with his resident doctor.
    • Another alien popped by on her later on. A Reptilian named Vastra brought along her girlfriend Jenny to discuss her beliefs, specifically if a group of humanoids who lived far before humans did would be considered aliens. Scully stated her piece, and the couple visited more often. It turns out the two had a lot more in common than they thought. It helped that the agent sympathized with the plight of the Silurians.
    • A name that makes her grit her teeth is Ithaqua. The alien has put her in a list of desirable women to procreate with and as such has to be on her guard with an Eldritch Abomination at all times. She hopes to find a way to get rid of that creature once and for all.

    Joe (Help! I'm a Fish

Joe, God of Being Done In by Logic (Boss, Sir, Dumb Fish, Snapefish, The King of the Coral, The Lord of the Krill, The Prince of the Whale, The One with the Brain)
His human form 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The sticker of the fish antidote.
  • Theme Song: Intelligence
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Dies To Logic Shortly After Realizing It, Uplifted Animal, Slasher Smile, Jerkass, Faux Affably Evil, Bad Boss, Villain Song, It's All About Me, Clipped-Wing Angel
  • Domains: Fish, Death, Transformation, Uplifting, Intelligence, Becoming Human
  • Herald: His uplifted fish followers (Save for Shark and Crab).
  • High Priest: The Gnome
  • Followers:Harry
  • Allies: Koba, Doctor Zaius, Napoleon, Anago, Scar, Plankton, Brain, The Kraken, Bruce, Leviathan the Tidehunter, Lotso, Ika Musume, Grogar, Mojo Jojo, Ursula
  • Enemies: Caesar, Padak, The Master, Marlin, Dory, The Orca, Ecco, Ramon, Bugs Bunny, Aquaman, Ariel, King Triton, Melody, The Good-Aligned Spongebob Squarepants Deities, Octodad, Seval, Cherna Mouse and Tepsekemei, Severus Snape.
  • Wary of: The Joker, Beetlejuice and Ryuk
  • Once upon a time in the Danish seas, lived a pilot fish, he was just one of many fish that lived in the waters of the country, but a fateful incident made him come in contact with a "fish antidote", a special potion that was capable of increasing the intellect of fish and other sea creatures. Shortly after gaining sapience the fish plotted to Take Over the World by uplifting more fish and creating an army of followers to evolve further and overthrow humanity, though the interference of the human trio of siblings Fly and Stella and their cousin, Chuck soon put a wrench in his plans, and eventually was completely stopped when Fly tricked Joe into drinking too much antidote underwater causing him to drown in his new human form and for his carcass to drift away into the ocean's depths never to be seen again.
  • When brought back for his ascension, he was quite surprised to find himself back in his uplifted fish form, but once he was able to catch up with the meaning of his resurrection he made a place for himself in the Pantheon by seeking out allies and potential help in his quest to rule over humanity. Similarly, he made sure that the Pantheon Handlers put everyone of his uplifted fish followers except for Crab and Shark, due to their betrayal of him, as his heralds,. He's been given the ability to alternate between his human and fish forms at will, allowing him to better handle himself around in the Pantheon and prevent himself from drowning accidentally again.
  • Among his first allies was the uplifted bonobo, Koba. Koba shared Joe's distaste for humanity and desire to overthrow them. While negotiating an alliance, both were able to reach a treaty after giving each other a different place of Earth to rule each once humanity is done away with. Likewise Dr. Zaius, who views humans as self-destructive creatures incapable of good at large, was pleased to find another creature who wished to be rid of humanity, though he fears Joe might go down the same path if he tries emulating humans too much this time. And finally there's Napoleon, as the pig who took on more and more human-like traits finds Joe to be a kindred soul, as well as in their methods of hoarding all actual benefits of their plans and rule to themselves, the two scumbags enjoy each other's company and are close business partners. Finally there was Mojo Jojo, as the uplifted ape also has plans of world domination and found Joe a most pleasant partner against humanity.
  • Other ally was Bruce "Jaws", the white shark, who he found to be a more pleasant presence than his dumb partner, Shark. As Bruce is far smarter, deadlier and bigger, since he's a pilot fish, Bruce won't attack him and even appreciated Joe giving him higher capacity for thoughts after giving him some of the fish antidote to boost his intellect. As such the two have formed a brand-new partnership with Joe being careful not to aggravate his new companion following some advice of his allies to avoid Bad Boss tendencies.
  • Ascended fish in the Pantheon have varying opinions on him, however those that do loathe him include Padak, The Master, Dory and Marlin. Padak has refused Joe's offers to join her and turn the tables on humanity, as she can see that despite his seemingly benevolent intentions, Joe is a tyrant who's out for himself and using those that become his followers as pawns for his plans, this also made the Master Flatfish averse to actually joining his cause, as he was quite disgusted to hear that Joe would feed loyal minion fish to either Shark (before) or Bruce (now), as he himself was once equally cruel and ruthless. Marlin and Dory are also wary of the pilot fish's plots and schemes and are ready to prevent any attempts from him to obtain more power or overthrow humanity in any capacity they can, Marlin will go as far as even team up with the aforementioned Padak and The Master, viewing Joe as a far bigger concern than the other two.
    • On the other hand of this, stand a few fish who do follow him out of curiosity, namely Anago, as the eel is curious about the fish antidote's effect of turning fish and sea-life into humans/land creatures. As such he plans on getting close and seeing what Joe has to offer for him or if he can get benefits of protection from some of his own enemies. Joe has been quick to accept the eel into his allies list and has promised him a position of power once he overthrows all of humanity.
  • As a fellow evil scientist from the sea, he made good allies with Plankton, as the diminutive villain was pleased to find someone alike in the Pantheon, he also got interested in his fish antidote, as Plankton saw value in uplifting big creatures for him to use as followers/assistants in order to steal the Krabby Patty Formula and defeat Mr. Krabs once and for all.
    • Similarly, Brain was impressed by Joe's ambition after being uplifted, and has become a supporter of his, particularly as he views potential in the powers of the antidote when it comes to speeding up evolution and has begun to wonder if there is any way he can utilize it for his own purposes or modify it so it can be used on more than just fish. Pinky himself has warned Brain not to team up with Joe, viewing the fish as legitimately more evil than he and Brain could hope to be.
    • On the other hand, the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom that are enemies/rivals with Plankton heavily oppose Joe and his plans. Particularly due to his cruel behavior not being too dissimilar from various villains they've faced and how Joe's plan will involve humanity itself being either enslaved or eliminated, neither of which they support, especially with him being allied with Plankton. That said, on occasion Patrick has taken an interest on the fish antidote to see if it can make him smarter for reasons that he himself doesn't remembers anymore.
  • Tyrants like Lotso and Grogar viewed his methods as admirable and found him a kindred soul in exercising power, likewise his plans of turning the tables on evolution itself and imposing himself and other fish at the top of the world, overthrowing humanity, has made interested in what he could accomplish and as such remain close allies with him. Similarly, the cruel lion Scar has seen value, in an otherwise insignificant creature to him, thanks to the potential of Joe's fish antidote and knowledge of the seas.
  • Ika Musume was a curious ally of Joe, she was moved by Joe's attempt to elevate sea-life to the top of the evolution game (unaware that deep beneath the pretenses, he's out for himself and no one else). Joe has had to keep up appearances to appeal to her, as the last thing he needs is more enemies than he's already got, similarly the evil Kraken has become close allies with Joe after discovering the potential of his fish antidote's effects on it. On the other hand, the cephalopod Octodad has been able to see Joe for what he truly is, a selfish tyrant, and as such is one of his enemies in the Pantheon.
  • His attempts to overthrow humanity and tyranny over his followers made him extremely unpopular with King Triton, Ariel and Melody, mot only for their love of humanity, but also because of Joe's draconian policies being a sharp contrast to how they rule their kingdoms. Their enemy, Ursula is fond of Joe for this very reason, particularly how he can make minions far smarter than they already are, she has sent her eel minions, Flotsam and Jetsam, to his temple in order to increase their intellect and use to her.
  • Due to his death in the mortal world, he hates tricksters of all kinds, but chief among them stands Bugs Bunny. Particularly after an incident where Bugs spent an entire day outwitting and outsmarting him then playing with his ego before getting Joe to accidentally get himself killed through unspecified means. Joe has tried to make sure to keep Bugs as far away from his temple as he can, he's had a lot of "success" at it, if only because Bugs lost interest in him for the time being and will only return to haunt him should Joe try to start an uprising again.
  • With their superior intellect, both Ecco and The Orca hate Joe with every fiber of their being. While the Orca has been angered by humans, it has at least learned that not all of them are bad and many would help him out of selflessness, while Ecco's heroic personality makes him view Joe as a very evil enemy, particularly for his rather selfish goals sugarcoated by flat-out lies of him doing it for the greater good of sea-life.
  • Aquaman was another sea-related Deity who loathes Joe for his slimy, manipulative and cruel behavior, especially with the part of feeding minions at random to Shark. Aquaman once tried pacifying Joe and reasoning with him, but soon found out that Joe's uplifted status eventually granted him a degree of immunity to his influence over sea-life on him as well as his legitimately cruel personality deep down. Arthur is currently making sure that Joe can't gain too much power and is monitoring any attempts of the pilotfish to gain stronger allies.
  • Envies Serval, Cherna Mouse and Tepsekemei for being much more lucky with their transformation into humans than he was. For reasons similar to all his previous enemies, they return the sentiment of antagonism towards Joe and are making sure to remain on guard for anything he may try to do.
  • Has often been called Snapefish, this is due to his familiar voice and dealings with a borderline magic potion (though Joe will take offense to the scientific concoction being called a "potion"). Severus Snape himself has not much to say about the pilotfish beyond being enemies due to Joe's endgoals and ambition. Other comparisons were made between him, The Joker, Beetlejuice and Ryuk thanks to Joe's human form's demented grin and hunched, deranged appearance. Joe himself is wary of those three as he is somewhat disturbed by what they can do and feels they're way out of his league to handle for the time being.

    Kilian Experience 
Kilian Experience, God of Insane Troll Logic
Kilian himself.note 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A tricorn hat wearing red panda reading a Spanish book.
  • Theme Song: Rickety Roadster - Purple Planet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Unreliable Narrator, Blatant Lier, The Ageless after beating Death in karaoke, Been There, Shaped History, Dirty Coward, Failing at otherwise simple tasks, Failing at failing
  • Domains: Red Pandas, Absurd Logic, Satire, Reviews, Failure
  • Allies: Miria Akagi, Master Chief
  • Enemies: Manatees, Digital Pirates like Arfoire, Archaon the Everchosen, Crustaceans, Moneybags, Julius Caesar
  • Opposed by: Chefs, and anyone else with a taste for the culinary arts
  • Opposes: Bianca, Steven Universe, J. Jonah Jameson
  • Kilian: "TV Tropes is a website about cataloging various narrative devices throughout various works and media. Not quite useful to plagiarize like Wikipedia. With that in mind, the Trope Pantheons would naturally be fan fiction about real-estate."
  • The Kilian Experience is a Swedish reviewer youtuber notable for his satire, historical in-jokes, Alternative Character Interpretation, and bizarre train of thought. He entered the Pantheon by accident while doing "research" for a Garbage Guide to the Trope Pantheons and ended up facing the Court of Gods when a video of his abridging Warhammer Fantasy was shown to Archaon the Everchosen. Kilian being dragged to the Court happened around when Archaon started melting down considerably. When confronted with the proposition of becoming a god Kilian immediately accepted determined to flex his powers upon the world... then he found out it didn't really amount to much. All he got was a name tag and a new home. Overall, 5/10.
  • Whether they are reviews, recaps, or guides, Kilian takes many a liberty with them. From Waluigi being a bastard son of an abusive alcoholic king and split-personality of Princess Peach, to Crono going back in time in that exact point in history and suffocating in a vacuum before being secretly replaced by a look-alike in the Middle Ages. Usually not many people mind them or care enough to correct them, save for Archaon who promises to mount his head on a pike because the recap involved him dying of constipation before being replaced by a politically correct Badass Pacifist who brought about the End Times that dragged even the Chaos Gods before succumbing to constipation himself. Kilian responded by mailing him garlic bread to help with bowel problems. No, we're not sure if he's being genuine or...
  • Though some appearances may point to Kilian being human he is in truth a red panda aka a video game raccoon, a species (according to Kilian) known for their camouflage, problem solving, and galactic spanning empire. Their greatest rivals were the manatees, a hateful Horde of Alien Locusts born from a prank involving morbidly obese sea lions with the rudeness to waiter times 20,000. They both decimated each other thanks to an alpaca walking up a hill and both crashed races down to Earth where red pandas were too lazy to rebuild and opened up a night club while manatees became entertainment. In the wake of all of this the red pandas grapes fell into Earth's waters and became proto-wine giving humans a hangover and kickstarting their rise to civilization. Now, regardless of the supposed rich history of red pandas, many people like Miria Akagi find him adorable.
  • Kilian: "The Pantheon has many different Houses ranging from "It's not a phase, MOM!" to- wait. There's a House of Travel? What. Did you guys run out of ideas already? At the top of it all is the Main House. Who is the Main House? Well let me tell you... I-I didn't mean right now."
  • On his end he has an interesting relationship with House of Gaming as video games are a primary topic when it comes to reviews despite Kilian himself claiming he doesn't like them and claiming they're just political science videos. This can be traced back to his propositions of saving and maturing the game industry with child labor, acts of asking for the banning of video games, making Rareware Entertainment bankrupt, and defending statements against pre-orders, as they might be good anyone who thinks otherwise is lazy Cannibal Hitler, and Loot Boxes, violently insisting they are not gambling.
    • He does, however, think the original Halo Trilogy is a masterpiece and always has something good to say about them. He'll never forget how much of an emotionally journey the first one was. Naturally he's very fond of Master Chief for this very reason. The Spartan doesn't go out of his way to hand around Kilian all that much, though he doesn't mind him.
  • Even before his ascension Kilian is rather infamous in the House of Food's community. How did he earn such a reputation you may ask? Well, it can all be traced back to when he made a video showcasing how to make the perfect crab. Specifically, it was a video on an old Frankish crab recipe dubbed Crabe al la Pebe Maximum. In English, it goes by the meaningful name CRAB IN PEPSI MAX! Boiling it until he got bored and it smelled like "dying in mud" he also baked a baguette upside down and made French White Wine by combining American Red Wine and Turkish Yogurt. Repulsing crustaceans everywhere, he was asked why he did what he did, instance that Kilian and Chef Kilian are two different people and surprisingly heartfelt speech about art aside. He gave the following:
    Kilian: "I was tired of the sun. Always blinding me while I'm on the computer. I wanted rain and I thought the best way to do that was to make god cry."
    • Comically bad cooking aside, the House denizens are also afraid he'll to go ballistic at the sight of potatoes. Specifically when they're near anything Medieval or anything resembling it because it's completely and utterly historically inaccurate. Potatoes were discovered when Europeans came to Peru, far after those times.
    • As a side note he also claimed to have snagged a candle from Notre-Dame de Paris to go with the dish, if his word is anything to go off of. For this reason he was banned from the House of Religion and Faith for a few months and restricted from many of its areas otherwise. He tried appealing through his history as the Pope of Reindeer religion but that hasn't gone anywhere.
  • Claims to have challenged and beaten Death in karaoke thus resulting in his incredibly long life for a red panda (12 - 14 years, 8 - 10 on average for your information) which puts many of his historical in-jokes into perspective. When he dies again Kilian plans on challenging Death in Guitar Hero "Through The Fire and Flames" on expert. It's not to win or anything like that, he just wants to see him do it.
  • Kilian takes offense at the idea of prisons. They are just a fad created by some ancient hipster made to replace eye for an eye and fall like domino to the combination of cool rebels and Unfolding Plan Montages. Thus, when it came his turn at the helm he first banned those two things and it escalated from there. Turns out he's a pretty horrible warden with many prisoners dying on his first days because he didn't buy any washing machines. Then he amped up security and installed an electric chair (with vending machines and couches) and bragged about tax evasion and how he can't be arrested because a prison warden in prison is against the laws of physics. Didn't work, and he rotted in prison. Well, Killian with two Ls did. Kilian escaped through explaining montages and sacrificing the lives of his friends and many other prisoners.
    • While on the subject of his criminal history he also installed meth labs in his new car brand: The Kilrari, a slightly bigger carnote . Then there was time he was roped into violating the Geneva Convention with Sylvanas along with other shenanigans, all for a measly 58 gold. Though admittedly he didn't know what he was getting into as he was initially tasked with killing some bears and came to conclusion she hired him as a joke. Considering that beforehand he was Demonhunter who lost all his money to a goblin ponzi scheme and spent two years fishing, somehow missing out on the entirety of events involving Sargeras and the Burning Legion's third invasion, it may as well been a joke.
  • Kilian: "The Pantheon, is caught in a Forever War because that's what happens when you invite everyone to become a god because they fit some trope or something. Good job guys. We'll cross another priest of death off of today's list! The orignal focus of this war are the Alignment Incarnations who are apart of the Main House. But what are they exactly? It's comprised of some the Pantheon's most powerful and important figures. You know who else is powerful? The IRS, don't mess with those guys! That mime wasn't joking around."
  • As a Dirty Coward he only acts like a hero when he needs to. If you don't believe us he tried ignoring World War 2 as New Zealand and only fought Nazi Germany after the Soviet Union and United States (sans Delaware) collapsed and when they refused his proposition to join them. With Delaware's help he won by the way. But even he has his standards. Digital piracy, for example, is crossing the line and that people who do so are just sick fucks. And he's dissatisfied with how they are dealt with nowadays. Instead of taking them to the House of Justice he proposes that they just stick a point cannons at their houses like they did in the 18th century. He tried smuggling one in to blow Arfoire to kingdom come but he was stopped at the gate and asked for his pirating license and ended up leaving in defeat when he was unable to give the pirate password they ask of pirates who are from Sweden and are red pandas. He wasn't tricked, he just felt unwelcome.
    • When asked to kill off a blood cult he was repulsed and instead opted to help its members escape from the organization, kindly assuring them it isn't their fault. After that, Kilian was asked to make the surrounding ports safer by murdering a bunch of thugs. Realizing his boss' lack of judicial system he instead left and went on a safari to clear his head but soon came down with malaria.
    • Kilian did little to hide his disdain for Moneybags selling POWs to Spyro, even less so when he's open to the idea of letting his buyers do whatever they want with them. Or eating them himself if payment doesn't come fast enough. The bear has no idea what the living hell he is talking about and is quite frankly disgusted himself from hearing such accusations. And while on topic, Kilian isn't willing to let Bianca off the hook after witnessing her pull off "some serious Mengele shit!" on Buzz. While not willing to deny her past working under the Sorceress, she doesn't want to deal with Kilian either.
  • Kilian: "You know there used to be a Holy Trinity? There was Dream, a wet napkin, and a little girl. Yeah, it wasn't very marketable so that's why the Main House gave them the boot. But who are they? Go fuck yourself, that's what."
  • Once, Kilian tasked himself with capture the fabled Santa Claus. When Kris Kringle's Christmas Joy started to loom ominously over the horizon Kilian took it upon himself to travel back to the past and halt its spread in the present. First he arrested Christopher Colombus. Then he erased the Advent of Electricity, the printing press, and Halo: Combat Evolved. Then he assassinated Julius Caesar to stop Christmas' invention. Eventually he settled on assassinating Santa as a baby but found he emerged from the burning Earth a la Lavos. Santa then gave Kilian uncooked broccoli and succumbed to Christmas Joy. To this day Kilian curses his name. Nicholas Saint North was concerned about letting Kilian off like that pretty easily, but his primary original counterpart assured it is nothing to worry about.
    Kilian: "DAMN YOU SANTA! Damn you to a snowless Christmas!"
    • Since the Christmas incident Kilian became a fanatic lover of Christmas, mainly because it was the day Jesus Christ was born. However, he believes the holiday is ruined because people were actually having fun instead of being excited about Jesus Christ and if you had fun you would go straight to hell. He’s also doesn’t mince words about Christmas substitutes and anyone who celebrates those are filthy heretics. He tried to get the villagers of Animal Crossing to convert but found little success. Kilian got the idea to steal Toy Day but was stopped by Jesus Christ himself. Unfortunately, he would be accused of killing Jingle and stealing the presents by the prosecutor Not Snowman, and would have to defend himself in court. It soon turned out that Not Snowman was the killer all along because Jingles stole the Winter update from him.
  • Has the uncanny ability to lose at what would otherwise be very simple tasks and conversely succeed at things that would otherwise end in burning failure. Beating Superman 64 in his first ever try, being unable to get past Cupheads title screen even with 11 hours of playtime, losing to a level 2 Pichu in becoming the best Super Smash Bros. Melee player, and faking the moon landing but actually landing the set to fake it on the moon are just some examples. Perhaps most egregious was when he tried to conquer Europe as the county of Cornwall and nearly dominating the continent in just 20 minutes before coming to a grinding halt against Duke Steven of Some Place. Eventually Some Place came under his control but Steven passed away and Kilian's Cornwallian Empire collapsed. Frustrated and wondering what could have been he decided to project the feelings towards Steven Universe because he thinks he the Duke's reincarnation.
  • J. Jonah Jameson once reported about Kilian cheering for a terrorist attack, which greatly irritated the youtuber. While preparing to strike back via calling cyberbullying, Kilian was asked the context of the quote. He explained that it came from his political science video on creating the perfect the perfect society and to do that he had to end much of civilization and create a dystopian one out of it and run a Deadly Game. The idea is to create an environment to produce a revolutionary to rise up but they ended up... killing everyone and damning the last vestige of humanity to extinction. Yeah. But in a roundabout way he succeeded: No one is complaining. Therefore, society is perfect.

    And that is the Trope Pantheon Experience. *Cue end music*note