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In the field of slaughter, blood and gore, there are some that don't fit anywhere. The House of Obscene Actions is seen as a Wretched Hive of scum and villainy, where some of the most taboo and disturbing violent activities are welcome. While you don't have to be sick and twisted to work here, it certainly helps.

Currently located in a run down and abandoned video store. Lionel Starkweather insisted on this so it's easier for him to film what goes on. Souvenirs are forbidden, for fairly obvious reasons.


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Khorne, the Violent Red God (Blood God, Lord of Skulls, Brass Lord of Battles, Kharneth, Arkhar, the Axefather, the Wolf-Father, the Bloodwolf, the Hunter of Souls, the Paraplegic Sociopath)


Intermediate Gods

SFX: Rumble of scientific triumph

Bondrewd, God of Human Resources and Remembering Ones Victims (Lord of Dawn, Bondrewd the Novel, Bonedaddy, Bonerdude, BEST DAD)

    The Infested 
The Technocyte Infestation, Unholy Harbingers of Overgrown Biomass (The Infested, Great Plague)
  • Intermediate Gods overall
  • Symbol: The Orokin symbol wrapped in Infested Biomass
  • Theme Song: Our Disease, Consume Us
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ever evolving force, Capable of thought and coordination, The Virus, Organic Technology, Relies on numbers, Originally dormant since the Old War, All devouring nano-technology, Mooks weak to fire and gas, Horrifically deforms it's hosts, Generally attack up close but can branch out, Seeks to consume everything, The Great Plague
  • Domains: Nanotechnology, Bio-weaponry, Infestation, Swarms, Horrific Transformation
  • Followers: SIVA
  • Allies: The Zerg and their ascended higher ups, Alex Mercer (for now)
  • Rivals: The Flood
  • Target of interest from: Evilutionary Biologists, the GUAE, the GUAD, Nurgle, Typhus
  • Interested in: Various specimens within the Pantheon
  • Enemies: Anything that gets in their way. The Grineer, The Tenno, Ordis, The Corpus, many good aligned healers and physicians, SCP-049, the GUAG Medical Division, the House of Technology and robotic deities (such as Liberion Arcadia and the Grand United Alliance of Machines), Oryx, Isaac Clarke, Master Chief
  • High Priest: The Crimson Biome
  • The Sentients, semi-organic machines once meant to terraform the Tau system, had turned on their Orokin masters. Their ability to adapt to whatever is throne at them, subvert technology, and self-replicate was too much and their creators were desperate. And in their desperation they utilized the Tenno to combat these renegade machines, but they were not the only options the Orokin used. Enter the Technocyte Plague, an organic and technological plague that twists and shapes whatever living thing it gets a hold of. Shortsightedly, it also went rogue thanks to Sentients' intervention where it started consuming whatever it could, also becoming a problem for the Orokin. It soon contributed to the destruction of the once great empire and had since became hidden until Dr. Tengus thought it was a good idea to release it. Went as well as you would expect. Newly awakened, they would soon begin their goal of assimilating everything into their animalistic yet very much organized Hive Mind.
    Revoke the frailities of flesh. Let us in.
    • While they both function the same way, there are two types of the Technocyte. First is the more common one that Dr. Tengus released identifiable by it's red and black coloring with it's more tumor-like growths, actively fusing itself to whatever material is near it and is considerably more uncontrollable. The second is more plant like and natural, akin to material like that of a tree and is slightly more subdued and just twists the material around it. The former is commonly seen throughout the Pantheon, although the latter is starting to pop up every now and then under certain conditions thanks to an incident down below.
  • It began with but a single seedbed of Technocyte, unattended and hidden within the House of Slaughter where it thrived on all forms of corpses and severed body parts. It quickly grew to absurd proportions, eventually overtaking much of the House in its tumors to form the bulk of its forces, eventually manifesting a Phorid to do the heavy lifting with it's abilities. While the residents various other deities are sent to deal with the spreading corruption, another spread is reported within the House of Travel possibly as a result from a overtaken ship appearing from seemingly nowhere. Long and hard fought, they were eventually contained in the House of Slaughter itself, but before they were to be eradicated a proposition was made by a prominent member of the Hive mind itself spoke dirrctly through a vessel. It appealed to the Court of Gods that it represents candidate for Unholy Harbingers of Overgrown Biomass, citing that the whole incident was to demonstrate their abilities and capabilities to favor them as opposed to other candidates like the Zerg. To the misfortune for everyone, their appeal made it through. The Grineer were understandably pissed upon hearing of the Infested's ascension, having to deal with them ever since the aforementioned incident with Dr. Tengus (who blamed it on the Tenno so that the Twin Queens wouldn't off him). The Tenno didn't take it well either, since they had fought them a lot when the Orokin were still around.
    • While various lesser Infested still plague the Pantheon, and are unlikely to go away should they play their cards right and not grab the attention of higher powers that can truly purge them, their primary home is where the first of the Infestation started in the Pantheon. Akin to a ship graveyard, with much of it being covered and surrounded in its signature Meat Moss. It's no surprise how sickly it looks, constantly feeding on the remains within it's respective House and the inside isn't any better. With spore swarms flying from each malignancy and as claustrophobic as you can get, not helped by the roaming Infested or the live specimens embedded within the aforementioned Meat Moss. And it goes down far according to some accounts certainly not helped by the labyrinth-like structures that become more and more Infested to the point where it might as well be a Womb Level. Although many extermination parties go around and keep existing growths around the Pantheon from growing, their temple is cited as a lost cause.
      We are countless. Consume us. Be reborn.
  • The Infested have reached out to the Zerg upon first ascending, seeing them as kindred spirits of sorts after catching word of them before their grand entrance in the Pantheon. They have shown interest in the fact that they can pick out favorable traits from other species and have partnered up, obviously to the dismay of onlookers. The same would have been for the Flood, but despite a staggering amount of similarities they share their relationship come off as more competitive than amicable.
    • Some have pointed out the similarities the Technocyte and the Blacklight Virus share, considering how infectious they both are. Collectively, they decided to form a alliance with Alex Mercer, appealing to the potential of they both can have a hand in. He accepted, but like his other allies he plans to transform or consume them once he exhausted their usefulness. Knowing the Infested, they are aware of his possible treachery and would try and do the same. Various measures are taken as to not let either side do this.
  • Universally despised by medical professionals everywhere due to its nature as a virus, never mind the horror of its transformation. Often, when people get Infested it's advised to use blades capable of very clean cuts lest it spreads any further. There is a cure, but it's very hard to come by and many doctors within the Pantheon have gone to work to make a mass producible version. The Infested foresaw this, and have actively attacked whatever facility is making progress on it but with the intervention of the Medical Division a accessible cure may not be so impossible.
    We embrace you. Why do you defile us?
    • And speaking of, Isaac Clarke notes that the Infested are like the Necromorphs from his world that gave him immense trouble with. Granted, they're not influenced by a Artifact of Doom and just a really powerful bio-weapon from Precursors, but they're monstrosities all the same. Monstrosities in which he'll destroy no matter what.
      Unburden yourself from this mortal coil, Isaac. Join Us.
  • Don't think just because you're not organic means you are not capable of becoming a host. Ever since Alad V got himself infested by meddling with the Plague, he had a hand in their newly awakened ability to take over machinery as evidenced by Coprus Proxies becoming apart of them alongside some Warframes too. This is taken further by the corruption of Cephalon Jordas when the Corpus frigate was overrun and formed into the J3-Golem, a massive monstrosity born from all the crew members combined with parts of the ship itself, though thankfully it was killed before it could get any worse. That said, the Cephalon endured nightmarish realities just like their organic victims which explains their connection to the Sub-House of Fear. They are considered to be The Dreaded to many machine deities upon learning this and the House of Technology takes drastic but necessary measures to ensure existing seedbeds do not grow any further. Even the entirety of the GUAM collectively marked the Infested as their enemy, understanding the danger they pose to machine life as a whole.
    • After 2B and 9S’ encounter and near takeover by Technocyte, Liberion Arcadia has also invested their resources into finding a more accessible cure to the Technocyte Plague and are working closely with the GUAG Medical Division to see through this. LA hasn’t slouched on defending the Pantheon from the Infested, however.
  • Absolutely not recommended to weaponize it, regardless of circumstance. It never. Ever. Ends well. Unfortunately this has not dissuaded people from doing it anyways despite past results. Their existence alone stirred Evilutionary Biologist who jumped at the opportunity to run experiments with them. The GUAE and the GUAD periodically try to utilize it for their purposes with limited success. They have the tendency to break out and make with whatever augmentation they are given (one incident involved them becoming a horrific amalgamate of Technocyte and B.O.W.s with the creature having no confirmation of its elimination). That being said, making weapons out of Infested or integrating them into weaponry is alright so long as the one in question is benign. The Tenno have utilized them before, and there are some from the House of Weapons who want to do the same as them. There's also the fact that the Tenno's Warframes are made of a benign form of Technocyte.
    • Oryx's attention was drawn to the Infested after a few of them overran a certain cavern that ran through the House of Slaughter where the Technocyte seeped into. Hearing the trouble they gave to his allies in the GUAD, he decided to try his hand and tame them. worked. Oryx's ability to Take actually worked since the Infested were still very much organic, even extending to Infested Corpus Proxies. Wanting to see their newfound strength, he ordered them to wreck havoc on the House of Nature. After provoking the House by corrupting the Water and Ice Sub-House along with whatever else they touch, the Taken King was impressed by their prowess and is planning to utilize them more in the future. Not wanting to be consumed, they took to flooding the passages and assimilating whatever Hive they could get their hands on, creating units capable of some degree of Hive Arcana.
      • They were soon rigorously hunted down before they could do any damage, but they have already remembered that form should the need arise. The Infested grew an interest in infesting various species within the Pantheon, having already done many different forms of humanoid and robotic entities. It was time that they expand their horizons, should they manage to get hold of another one. With the Patheonic Wars raging on, it shouldn't be that difficult to, say, snatch a few combatants for themselves...

Lockdown, God of Creepy Souvenirs.
Animated version
Click here  to see the film version

    Xenomorph Drone 
The Xenomorph Drone, Deity of Chest Bursters (Xenomorph XX121, The Alien, Kane's son, Perfect Lifeform)

Lesser Gods

    Alfred Drevis 
Dr. Alfred Drevis, God of Creepy Taxidermy (Mad Father)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Chainsaw
  • Theme Song: Drevis Residence
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil normally. Chaotic Evil in his more insane moments.
  • Portfolio: Abused and killed animals as a child, Chainsaw Good, Actually cares about his daughter in his own twisted way, Evil Laugh, Herr Doctor, Living Doll Collector, Mad Artist, Scary Shiny Glasses, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Experimentation, Murder, Kidnapping, Insanity, Evil, Family, Love
  • Followers: Curtis Blackburn
  • Special Relationship: Aya Drevis (His Daughter)
  • Allies: "Dr." Richard Trager, Piggsy, Leatherface, The Other Mother, Kun Lan, The Medic
  • Enemies: The House of Beast, Jack Cayman, Juliet Starling, Dollface (Black), Dr. Mobius, Suigintou, Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, Medicine Melancholy, Plain Doll, Alice Margatroid, Dr. Angus Bumby
  • Complicated Relationships: Monika Drevis (His wife)
  • In a remote area located in Germany lived a family of three, peacefully and without too much contact with the outside world. However, the awful truth was that the head of the family, Dr. Drevis, had a certain horrifying hobbie. He would, with the help of his housemaid Maria and the compliance of his wife and child kidnap people and experiment of them, after all the house was big enough and far away from civilization that no one would suspect and the good doctor would always turn his victims into dolls. The creepy doctor showed up one day in a hidden part of the House of Science, the place was all messy and the only thing other pantheon authorities found was a perfectly clean doll standing in a corner. Dr. Drevis was caught but some mysterious entity managed to keep him in and the Court of Gods decided to give him a temple of his own. Two in fact, where he alternates between "experimenting" and snatching people to "make them more beautiful".
  • Alfred Drevis, believe or not, it's not a Complete Monster. He had a family once, and he really really loved his daughter. However, having realized that his daughter was walking a path not too different from his, Alfred was desperate to now allow that and decided that the best way to preserve her innocence is to turn her into a doll. His wife wasn't going to allow that and cursed him to make her daughter realize the situation and ultimately, Dr. Drevis was unsuccesful in his plan to preserve Aya as a doll. What happened to him afterwards is that supposedly he died, or not, the details are fussy but days after ascending as a deity, he found out that his daughter, still the sweet innocent girl he knew (even after witnessing untold horrors), was also among the pantheon ranks and was eager to see her again. Deities and other pantheon authorities have tried to keep him away from Aya considering what happened the last time but the doctor didn't intend to carry on with his plan, the Pantheon rules more or less allowed his daughter to remain like how he wanted and decided to try bargaining for a chance to see her without others interfering. He was allowed to spend time with Aya, but he would heavilly monitored in case he decides to act on his old instincts.
  • As his job can get a little messy sometimes, he spends most of his time in the Slaughterhouse where no one judges what he does (Well, except his victims but that's besides the point). This time he has no one to help him and often times than not whenever he is seen in any other place he could very well scouting the area for anyone he would deem perfect for his "work". He did receive some aid from neighbouring deities, Richard Trager, another "certified doctor", took an interest in how he experiments on people but finds the process a bit boring sometimes. He recommened Dr. Drevis the method of "First the Fingers, then the balls, then the tongue" but that's mostly works for Trager's twisted sense of humor.
  • In the other temple he has, which is smaller, he stores most of his creations there. Mostly dolls, who in reality are just corpses of the people he murdered but perfectly preserved, even looking exactly the same as when they were alive. Though these can vary depending on what does the doctor feel like including, sometimes he just makes small dolls and gave them to his daughter so she could play with them (Unaware of how they were made in the first place) or even add animal body part to a human and made anthropomorphic animal doll.
    • The Doctor also became infamous after many people (a few of his victims to be exact) were horrified to learn that those deities that met their end at his hands were preserved as a doll, even though the nature of death in the pantheon prevents them from really dying, the thought of seeing your lifely remains displayed as a lifelike toy left a good chunk of deities traumatized.
  • Very fond of chainsaws, usually his favourite tool to finish off anyone that dares escape him. That eventually drew the attention of Leatherface, who Alfred eventually decided to keep him as an enforcer and then infamous snuff director Lionel Starkweather, who was very interested in Drevis' work with the dolls.
    • Starkweather also found it convenient that the doctor's temple was his old household, which was big enough to contain Piggsy in one of the dungeons and keep him there. That said, Trager developed an habit of releasing the pigman to just witness how he slaughters most of Drevis' prisoners. It amuses him which has made Alfred kick him out from the dungeons since it interferes with his experiments.
    • Speaking of chainsaws, there were other more heroic deities who use chainsaws that weren't fond of the doctor's practices, namely Juliet Starling and Jack Cayman. Jack was even more apalled to what Alfred intended to do with Aya, since he lost his child a long time ago and that alone hit too close for him to ignore.
  • Kun Lan approached him, interested in what Drevis does and offered to partner with him, which many believe to be just because Alfred reminds him of his subordinate Curtis. He even managed to keep the latter around as a follower but Drevis has been very stingy about their partership, often times just relegating Blackburn as a helper.
  • His first victims were actually animals, he had an habit of killing small birds and critters as a little kid, and that continued to humans later on. The House of Beast has banned Dr. Drevis from setting foot there, not to mention that he still performs depraved experiments with animals and sometimes even mixes them with human beings.
  • To his delight, there were other living dolls around the pantheon and unlike what happened in his world they weren't alive thanks to a curse, which meant to him that his preservation of Aya as a doll could allow him to transform her and she be still alive afterwards but those plans were put to a stop after the pantheon authorities prevent him from going any further. The dolls herself, particularly Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, Suigintou and Medicine were not fond of the doctor and other doll collectors like Alice Margatroid found his practices disgusting.
    • Although there was one who appreciated his craft, and that was the Other Mother. She is a Living Doll Collector after all, and she has been mostly interested in the child-like dolls. However, in a rare display of standards, the Doctor doesn't consider her an ally since he fears he could go after Aya and so tries to limit their encounters if possible.
    • Then there was Dr. Bumby, who does a similar thing like Dr. Drevis but his work is more figurative than literally and he saw an interesting potential with the good doctor Drevis. They seemed to be on good terms, but Drevis refused to partner with him since he robs people of the only thing that makes them beautiful Alfred said and if he would try to do that with Aya, he would not hesitate to chop him in half.
  • He is from german origin of the Mad Scientist brand. He wasn't the only one, having heard stories about a german medic with a rather unethical way of healing people, the same lies that Dr. Drevis has used to deceive people into coming to his Castle. They seem to have a rather amicable relation, even as far as call each other allies, but the Medic knows well enough about Dr. Drevis being a dangerous lunatic to not involve himself too much with him. He does however, ask for a few body parts to Alfred if he has to spare and sometimes he does.
  • When his wife is concerned, sometimes people wonder how did he even managed to find one in the first place. Turns out how they met wasn't exactly romantic Alfred almost murdered her but rarely enough, decided to spare her. This made the woman fall in love with him since the fear of death attracted her a lot and gave him the castle that would be eventually their home where they conceived Aya. Of course, he eventually murderer her after she found out what he was going to do with her daughter and it spiralled out into the event of the curse in the Drevis Household. Alfred's wife name is Monika by the way, which made the doctor be worried when he heard of another infamous Monika but he wasn't that impressed when he found out she was just a lovestruck and lonely teenager and not his vengeful wife.
  • He was asked what he felt after finding out about what happened to his daughter after the Curse. Drevis felt dissapointed that Aya may very well be his successor and her innocence was forever tainted by the madness that flowed in his blood, though he secretly hopes that maybe Aya didn't turn out as bad as he thinks. Nowadays he is working under the mysterious salesman, also known as Onigawara, where he was last seen murdering a pink haired teenager in a lab. He also may or not may have cloned his daughter and kept her as Onigawara's assistant.
  • Also present in the House of Craft. This temple is more used as a storage than anything else.

Leatherface, The God of Wearing Human Skin (Bubba Sawyer, Thomas Brown Hewitt, Jedidiah Sawyer, The Cannibal)

Piggsy, God of Feeding Pigs with Human Remains
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Red Chainsaw and his Pig Mask.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Insane
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, One of the most dangerous killers under Starkweather's control, Being a fat Psychopath, Always being naked, Feeding of human remains Thrown at him, Able to shrug off a lot of punishment, Being kept in the attic, Wearing a Pig Mask made of a real pig, Childlike Psychopathic Attitude, Puzzle Boss, Falling to his death after getting his hands cut by his chainsaw
  • Domains: Snuff Films, Cannibalism, Insanity, Pigs
  • Followers: Mason Verger, Brick Top
  • "Allies": Lionel Starkweather, Hannibal Lecter, Pudge, Leatherface, The Butcher, Stitches, SCP-953.
  • Rivals: Roadhog, The Wendigo
  • Enemies: Babe, Jack Cayman, Juliet Starling, Fuminori Sakisaka, Quasimodo, Carl Johnson
  • Odd Friendship: Hansel and Gretel
  • Piggsy was known as one of Lionel Starkweather's most deadliest "actors" of his films, having starring in movies like "Piggsy's Greatest Hits" and "Piggsy's Bloopers". The mad man himself was found wandering the pantheon with a chainsaw on hand, with alarmed quite a few people since he is very aggresive and "Hungry". There was an effort to contain him in a temple and feed him with any "meat" available that might calm his hunger.
  • He believes himself to be a Pig, which would explain his Pig Mask and why he acts like one. However, his insanity and him being a deranged serial killer has made him turn off quite a lot of people. His appearance doesn't help either, since he is covered in blood from his victims and is practically naked all the time.
  • Despite being a little goofier than other serial killers, don't understimate Piggsy. Once he broke out of his room and actually was able to murder an entire platoon of cerberus soldiers.
  • Others have noticed that Piggsy is a more twisted version of his title given that he is the one that likes to eat humans, while also being one. This is in turn has made Piggsy sort of the "Team Pet" of seriel killers, who often will try to feed him with their freshest victims.
  • Piggsy became friends with Leatherface over their shared similarities of being psychotic killers who use skin based of real dead creatures (Or it Piggsy's case, a dead pig mask) and how they both like chainsaws. If you happen to see them together, you should run for your life.
    • On the other hand, Stitches finds Piggsy to be a great "playmate", often going on a killing spree together. The reason why Piggsy is not hostile towards him is because he doesn't like rotten meat.
  • He is never seen without carrying his chainsaw whenever he goes just in case he gets "Hungry" and has to go fetch his meal by himself. This why he made enemies with other who wield chainsaws like Jack Cayman or Juliet Starling.
  • Most pig related gods don't seem to be fond of Piggsy, and Babe is utterly terrified of him. On the other hand, he considers Roadhog as a rival, given he is another large man who wears a pig mask (Though in this case, it's a gas mask). There is also an ongoing rumor that Roadhog actually eats people too but nothing has been confirmed.
  • The Wendigo is another cannibalistic creature that Piggsy managed to stumble upon. She has no animosity towards the Pig Mask-wearing psychopath and has tried to kill him numerous times whenever he gets close. Most of the time, she gets surprised by how resiliant Piggsy can be and actually being able to be a threat to her with his chainsaw.
  • Hansel and Gretel seem to pity the pigman by how he is used as a Snuff Film "star", something that they were also part of (and the reason why they are partially messed up). In a weird turn of events, they have adopted Piggsy like if he was their mascot, and in turn he is not hostile towards then, provided they do feed him from time to time (which they happily oblige to).
  • Quasimodo originally pitied Piggsy because he was also kept in the dark by another man, but has no animosity towards how insane and deranged Piggsy really is.
  • According to CJ, Piggsy is rumored to roam the woods during the foggy nights. This has been disproven overtime, but he never believed that he would actually encounter the real deal in the pantheon.
  • Also present in the House of Consumption.

    Rico Rodriguez 
Rico Rodriguez, God of Ruined Landscapes (Scorpio, Dictator Removal Specialist)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Red Scorpion
  • Alignment: Lawful/Chaotic Neutral (his mission is Lawful, his methods are VERY Chaotic)
  • Portfolio: Stuff Blowing Up, Government Agencies of Fiction, Secret Agents, Destructive Saviors, Grappling Hooks, One-Man Armies, Making Ruined Landscapes
  • Domains: Destruction, Combat, Espionage
  • Allies: James Bond, Nathan Spencer, Michael Bay, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake
  • Enemies: Raul Menendez, Colonel Mael Radec, Vaas Montenegro, Kano
  • Rico’s ascension came after he singlehandedly blew up an entire military base several evil members of the House of War had finished building. They haven’t really forgiven Rico for ruining the base.
  • Why is he in the House of Shape? Because the landscape is NEVER the same after he's gone through it.
    • He got relocated to the House of Slaughter. However, the meaning of the word for him is basically getting his enemies slaughtered through his ability to explode things.
  • Most Deities give him a wide berth, since he has the uncanny ability to wreck all their stuff beyond repair when he's pissed.
  • The other Deities think he actually might have mystical powers, since he has an incredible talent at blowing things up, even things that are not SUPPOSED to blow up. The man could probably blow the Pentagon up by rubbing two matchsticks together.
  • Gets along swimmingly with James Bond, sharing both a profession and a predilection for blowing things up nicely. Nathan Spencer quickly became friends with him because of Rico's trusty grappling hook. Likewise, due to his tendency to blow things up, he gets along really well with Michael Bay.
  • The belief that he is actually magic has been reinforced by Yahtzee, who has referred to him as an "immortal physics-defying wizard", "warlock master of time and space", and alternatively "the legendary son of Zeus and a Hispanic window cleaner". Zeus denies any biological connection with Rico, but does respect his abilities.


    Lionel Starkweather 
Lionel Starkweather, God of Snuff Films (The Director)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Valiant Video Enterprises logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Fat Bastard, Beard of Evil, Masturbates to violence and cash murdering hunters, Mad Artist, Manipulative Bastard, Sadist, Voice with an Internet Connection
  • Domains: Snuff Films, Illegal content, Crime, Violence, Depravity
  • Allies: Piggsy, Leatherface, Jason Vorhees, Hansel and Gretel, most Sadists in the Pantheon, Ethan Roark Junior, Cioccolatta
  • Enemies: Cassie Cage and Cassie Wayne (And their respective parents), The House of Justice, Jade, Lois Lane, April O'Neil
  • Banned from: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • A depraved individual that runs an underground pornographic and illegal movie studio and has the legal system of Carcer City under his command, Lionel Starkweather has ascended into the pantheon looking for new oportunities for his "business". He is also infamous for forcing a death row inmate to go on a killing spree meanwhile he recorded the whole thing and later backstabbing said inmate. That alone got him and his goons killed, in a rather gruesome way.
  • Formerly a well established director until his later movies started to flop, then he went insane and went into creating his underground studio. He seeks to "hire" anyone who is willing to participate in one his films currently in development (The last one had to be cancelled because of...a few mishaps that got him killed) and has taken interest in a few interesting character. He plans to pit Jason Vorhees and Leatherface in a match to the death while random civilians are thrown in the middle.
  • Completely banned from the House of Theatre and Spectacle due to his immoral profession and bastardization of whatever director he is. Starkweather believes all those people to be idiots, unable to comprehend his unique artistic style
  • While he is reviled for what he does, many were relieved that he has taken his subordinate Piggsy back to his cellar. However, he does indeed plan to use him for his next big project, so beware.
  • He is very intrigued by the twins Hansel and Gretel, who were starlets in a few snuff films themselves. They first met when both came to visit Piggsy, originally creeped out by how the twins seem to treat Piggsy like their own mascot. Starkweather also considered hiring them for a few shoots, but he is not sure when.
  • Seems to gets very exited when he witnesses violence, to the point of masturbating, something that disgusts most people. That's one of the many reasons why he settled his studio in the Slaughter house, since the posibilities there are endless and he can easily make a lot of money.
  • He was interesting in forcing both Cassie Cage and Cassie Wayne to fight to the death for one his upcoming films. Neither were very happy and fell for his tricks. Worse, Cassie Cage's parents and Batman decided to pay a visit to Starkweather and he didn't quite felt well afterwards.
    • To add salt to the injury, he later got sued for copyright infringement. Why? He titled his movie "Death Battle" and Wiz and Boomstick were quick to answer.
  • Ever since his death at the hands of Cash, he is very paranoid. He seeks to recruit anyone who is willing to protect his temple from any attack he may suffer, but no one is trustworthy enough for him. However, he has been allowed to have his Cerberus troops around his temple, so he feels much more secure now.
  • There are lot of deities who question his profession, but he actually feels that his work in much more justifiable with death not being a with deal in the pantheon anyway. He doesn't really care for the "actors" feelings anyway, so he gets a lot backlash for that.
  • He has a low opinion on reporters, especially the intrepid ones since one journalist almost got him in prison. Unfortunately before the police managed to capture him, he got murdered by Cash in his home.
  • Seems to be one of the few people that gets along with Ethan Roark Junior for being as depraved as him. Yellow Bastard has discussed the idea of filming how he treats his victims, something that really intrigues the Director.
  • Somewhat of a kindred spirit with Cioccolatta, given he also films his victims when he kills them. Starkweather has considered partnering with him.


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