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Greater Gods

    The Author 
The Author, God of Creator Characters and Convoluted Plot Twists (David "Dave" Anez, The Shadowy Author)

Intermediate Gods

Aurum, The God Who Broke the Pedestal (Super Hero Aurum, Evil God Aurum, Geoffrey)
Evil God Aurum 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Evil God Aurum)
  • Symbol: The Superhero Sword, stabbed onto a construct made out of demon parts
  • Theme Song: CosmicRays and Last World
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, used to be Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hero who Fell Out of Grace, Standing on a Broken Pedestal Before Breaking It, Just Wanting to Die, Not Understanding the Power of Love and Friendship, Purposefully Provoking Create Your Own Villain, Needing Villains to Stay as a Hero, Used as an Guinea Pig
  • Domains: Fallen Heroes, Manipulation, Butlers, Final Bosses
  • High Priest: Ernesto De La Cruz
  • Allies: Lordgenome, General Grievous
  • Enemies: Mao, Almaz, Raspberyl, Sapphire, Mr. Champloo, Teddie
  • Begrudging Understanding between: Saitama
  • There are those who have a Broken Pedestal. And then there is Super Hero Aurum, whose pedestal started cracking when he started to get tired of being the hero and just wanted to die in the blaze of glory, resulting him going after Mao's father, which broke Mao's pedestal for him. Then he utterly broke it by trying to turn Mao into the strongest and most heartless Overlord for 200 years as the butler Geoffrey so that he can either die against him, or defeat him and grow stronger. And due to Mao intentionally locking away his memories, not only did he more or less re-break the pedestal for Mao, but broke the pedestal for Almaz. Needless to say, even the demons were against him for this (Disgaea demons, but that's beside the point).
  • He was considered to be thrown into the Fallen, but judgement was postponed for a long time, due to Mao keeping him as his own personal guinea pig. However, he lost control of him after he used him as a power source for his Getter Mao, which fell into the hands of Valvatorez. He eventually got free (possibly due to Fenrich scrapping the machine), but was captured and brought to justice, where he was thrown into the Fallen.
    • However, after some revaluation, gods considered that Aurum did not deserve to be in the Fallen as he pulled off Broken Pedestal rather greatly, and was moved out.
  • Even today, Mao still tries to turn Aurum back to a guinea pig. Unfortunately for him, Aurum is making sure that he isn't going to be experimented (or brainwashed) again.
  • When needed, Aurum turns back to his Geoffrey disguise to act as a butler. Due to how prepared he is, especially with portals, he does a really good job at it.
  • Teddie really doesn't like him due to them sounding the same and due to how he thinks that friendship is meaningless. Though Aurum himself is annoyed by Kefka for sounding like someone trying to mock him and swears to kill that clown like many Overlords he has slain before.
  • Lordgenome, being a Fallen Hero himself, does sympathize with Aurum a little bit, and has tried to teach him how he could repair his pedestal. Aurum does appreciate it as he does feel a little bit bad for everything he has done.
  • Due to his twisted sense of what it means to be a hero, he is not part of GUAG, but refuses to join GUAE or GUAC. Even GUAL is out of question, not wanting to be dragged by them endlessly.
  • He seems to share an understanding with Saitama, as both of them grew into the point where neither of them were satisfied with victory.

    Axel (Disgaea
Axel, God of Butt Monkeys (Dark Hero, Dark Detective, Warden Axel, Axfool, President Axel)
  • Themes: White Tiger, Let's Dance at the Final Battle, Pandora Ignition
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A statue of himself, pointing toward the sky
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral usually, Chaotic Evil on stage, Neutral Good at heart
  • Portfolio: Believing Their Own Lies by virtue of being a Master Actor, Resilience, Good Old Fisticuffs, Noble Demon, Friend to All Children, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, Mean Character, Nice Actor, playing "White Tiger" in the background for his ultimate attack
  • Domains: Misfortune, Comic Relief, Jacket Collars, Celebrities
  • Allies: Valvatorez, Artina, Asagi, Wreck-It Ralph, Hercule
  • Opposed By: Fenrich, Laharl, Etna, Rozalin, Shinjiro Aragaki
  • Unknown Rival to: Adell
  • Axel found his way into the Pantheon, looking to perform as the Dark Hero. Gods told him over and over again that this wasn't the case, but he didn't seem to listen and stayed anyway. He later claimed that he knew all along, and it was part of his plan to become a god, though no one's sure if he's really making it up or not.
  • While he was given the title of God of High Collars, the Court of Gods also gave him Meiling's old position as God of Butt Monkeys, just to screw with him, since Axel annoyed them. Though later when they were reviewing his history, it turned out that this suited Axel well.
    • Since ascending, Axel has allowed his family and Evil Ranger Pink to stay in his temple while he travels around the Pantheon, doing who-knows-what.
  • The Dark Hero is an underhanded, cowardly "hero" meant to spread demon values to the youth (and his brother is a big fan). But that is just his role. Offstage, Axel is rather thoughtful and holds his family dear to his heart.
  • Axel's had a rocky relationship with just about every other Disgaea god in the Pantheon. He considers himself a rival to Adell, while everyone else finds him annoying. Valvatorez and Artina are the nicest to him, and even they think he's an idiot, despite putting up with his presence.
    • He has found a friend in Asagi Asagiri, as they've both traveled different worlds and met many different characters, thereby finding common ground.
  • Shinjiro Aragaki does not appreciate it when others mention that his voice and Axel's sound similar. He's met Axel and finds the demon incredibly annoying.
  • In spite of his idiocy, Axel is actually a talented musician and has made a good impression with the House of Music. Listen to his themes for yourself.
  • Axel is a Friend to All Children, even if children are not all friends to him. In fact, putting any child in danger (especially his siblings) is one of Axel's biggest Berserk Buttons. He sometimes helps Wreck-It Ralph babysit. The two later realized similarities in their jobs and personalities and became friends. Though Ralph admits that Axel gets annoying at times.
    • Axel has also found some similarities between himself and Hercule, and the two started hanging out.
  • The GUAE has pondered the viability of replicating the A-Virus since Axel's ascension, though the presence of Artina, who used her blood to cure this virus in the Netherworld, has put these plans on hold.
  • Not to be confused with another Axel. Though the other Axel feels that this is a good opportunity to get other people to call him "Lea" instead, as he's been trying to do.
  • With his tendency to get under the skin of most protagonists, many wonder what would happen if he and Excalibur were to meet. This eventually did happen, but the entire time, Axel thought Excalibur was merely doing an impression of the Prinny Instructor, Valvatorez.

    Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon 
Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Goddess of Living MacGuffins (Ciri, Lion Cub of Cintra ,The Unexpected Child, Child of Elder Blood, Zireael, The Swallow, Little Swallow, Ugly Duckling, My Ugly One, Death, Falka, Lady of The Lake, Lady of The World, Lady of Time and Space, Poland's Waifu)
  • Theme Song: Ciri, Me Luned
  • Rank: Intermediate God, Greater God when she focuses her powers. May possibly be an Overdeity.
  • Symbol: A Swallow and a Rose Tattoo On Her Inner Left Thigh
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral(Books), Chaotic Good(Game)
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Deuteragonist, The Chosen One, Unskilled, but Strong, Mystical White Hair, Waif-Fu, Happily Adopted, Tangled Family Tree, Character Development from Took a Level in Jerkass and Ax-Crazy(Books) to Took a Level in Kindness(Game), Bi the Way
  • Domains: Combat, Family, Destiny, Love
  • High Priestess: Helen of Troy
  • Allies: Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold of Maribor, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Hawke, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, The Hunter, the Monster Hunters, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, Lady Amalthea, Oberyn Martell, Team RWBY, Team JNPR, The Doctor, Tracer
  • Enemies: Eredin Bréacc Glas, Arthas Menethil, Manus, Corypheus, Lord Tywin Lannister, Every evil elf, Jadis.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after stopping the White Frost in order to save the multiverse and overjoyed to reunited with Geralt, Yennefer and Triss.
    • However, reports vary on Ciri’s ultimate fate; some say that she died stopping the White Frost, others suggest she survived and became a Witcher or even an Empress.
  • Hates Arthas mostly because of how much he reminds her of Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt.
  • Allied with The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse in their campaign against Manus, as she see it as threat similar to the White Frost.
  • While wandering the Pantheon one day, she bumped into the female incarnation of Hawke and both were surprised to hear that they had the same voice. After a friendly chat the two became good friends.
  • Ciri's meeting with Oberyn Martell was by chance. Oberyn had heard if Ciri's skill with the blade while Ciri knows of his skill with the Spear...and his habit of poisoning his weapons. The match ended in a standoff (She didn't use her powers to make it fair), but it left the Red Viper impressed with the well as setting a fire in his loins. He now seeks to bed Ciri...if Geralt, Triss and Yennefer don't try to kill him first.
  • Whet they compare her with her younger, crazier self they question her sanity. Ciri said that she was angry, tired, confused and just wanted the drama to end in her world. It took her many years in more Black and White Morality worlds and some help with a knight called Galahad to calm her down and help her see the bright sight of life.
  • When she met the unicorn called Lady Amalthea, she taught that she's from Ihuarraquax's herd. It turns out she is far from it. For one thing she can't go jumping through universes at will, she's much more familiar with human customs and most importantly she doesn't truly hate anyone. Unlike Ihuarraquax's herd where they hate elves in general because they almost wiped out the unicorn race.
  • There is a bit of misconceptions about her love life and especially with her friend Mistle. No, Ciri doesn't love her. She was basically raped by Mistle and she didn't resist because of her emotional trauma of being alone again, despite feeling horrified and revolted afterwards. And Ciri has no problem sleeping with men - it's just that she doesn't do so often, due to the fact that far too many men in the North are nothing more than murderous bandits, rapists or bullying drunkards she has to fight outside alehouses. Presumably the men in Touissant or other worlds treat women considerably better.
    • Infact she has no problems having sex with an 60 year old dying man. but he died from blood loss in the middle of undressing her.
    • Though this "misconception" grew even further, with Ciri reportedly saying she prefers women in a bathhouse. Geralt himself believes the same, thinking he ran into one of her girlfriends, an innkeeper on his travels. Ciri herself has openly stated, she is in fact, Bisexual, and doesn't mind any like-minded goddesses company in the Pantheon.
  • When she heard stories about Tywin Lannister, she thought that he sounded and acted like her father Emhyr var Emreis. Which means Ciri wants nothing to do with him, and if he hurts her surrogate family - Geralt and Yennefer - or her friends, she will kill him regardless of the repercussions.
  • Is enemies with Jadis, as the White Witch could possibly be behind the White Frost. Subsequently she's a frequent visitor to Narnia, and good friends with all the Pevensies. She and Edmund particularly enjoy snarking at each other.

    Gordon Freeman 
Gordon Freeman, God of Being the Right Man in the Wrong Place and Crowbars (Mr. Freeman, The Freeman, The One Freeman, Anticitizen One, Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes, Gertrude "Gertie" Fremont)

    Gorilla Grodd 
Gorilla Grodd, God of Period Piece Characters (Grodd, Drew Dowden, William Dawson)

    Hot Rod 
Hot Rod, God of Replacement Scrappies (Rodimus Prime, Rodimus, Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Major, Rodimus of Nyon)
  • Intermediate God (Greater as Rodimus Prime)
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia with flames on both sides, alternately The Matrix of Leadership
  • Theme: Dare, (The Touch when he becomes Rodimus Prime)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Lawful Good as Rodimus Prime and Chaotic Evil in his Shattered Glass form)
  • Portfolio: Replacement Scrappy of Optimus Prime, Chosen by The Matrix, Captain of the Lost Light, A young leader, Unlikely Hero, The Charmer, Hot-Blooded, Glory Hound, Brilliant, but Lazy, Wields an Energy Bow, Friend to All Children, Partially responsible for Optimus's death and wishes to atone for it, The Alcoholic
  • Domains: Robotics, Successors, Atonement, Insecurity, Adventure, Replacements
  • Herald: Kup and Drift
  • High Priest: Nightscream
  • Followers: The Stingers, The Spinosaurus, Carlie Cooper
  • Allies: Autobots: Optimus Prime (his predecessor), Bumblebee, Grimlock, Primus
  • Odd Friendship: Son Gohan
  • Head Butting Heroes: Tenzin, Lin Beifong
  • Enemies; Decepticons/Predacons: Starscream, Soundwave, Rumble and Frenzy, Blitzwing, Tidal Wave, Beast Wars Megatron
  • Wary of: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Cyrus, Misato Katsuragi, Kuvira, AM
  • Pitied by: Scrappy Doo, Jar Jar Binks
  • Complicated Relationship: Megatron/Galvatron
  • Hot Rod, sometimes referred to Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Prime or simply Rodimus, ascended as part of an Autobot/Maximal strike force created by Ultra Magnus. At the time, Optimus Prime realized the resident Decepticons severely outnumbered the Autobots stationed in The Pantheon, and sent a distress signal to Cybertron, asking for reinforcements. The call was answered, and just before Megatron could deliver the final blow, Hot Rod leapt into action and knocked the tyrant to the ground. The battle was won soon after, and in reward for their valiant actions several of these new Transformers, Hot Rod included, were given positions and temples in The Pantheon.
    • Not many were happy with Hot Rod coming to the Pantheon, especially since he was originally created to replace Optimus Prime as leader... and was partially responsible for the latter’s death in the first place. To the surprise of those detractors, Optimus holds no Ill will towards him, and is actually proud of all his successor has accomplish. The only thing he asked of Hot Rod was to stay out of the way of situations involving Prime and Megatron. Some things it seems have never changed.
  • Serving as his Heralds are Kup, an old veteran of the Cybertronian war and the young Autobot’s mentor, and Drift, his second in command aboard the Lost Light. The three are sometimes seen together, with Kup and Drift giving Hot Rod crap for his reckless behaviour and Hot Rod in return brushing off his senior’s words. But when push comes to shove, they all care for each other, with Rodimus Prime often turning to his heralds for expert advice on how to be a leader.
  • Hot Rod gets along well with the other ascended Autobots, most notably with the mighty Grimlock. The Dinobot leader accompanied him and Kup during the final battle against Unicron in 2005, and as much as Grimlock denies it, he and his Dinobots are often the first to jump in whenever Hot Rod goes on a dangerous mission. That, and they also enjoy Kup’s war stories.
  • Was not happy to learn that Unicron was alive, and is planning currently out for revenge. But Hot Rod isn’t worried at all; so long as he has access to the Matrix, the Chaos-Bringer has much to fear. The same applies to Galactus, the Pantheon’s other resident planet eater. If either of them threatens to devour Cybertron then Hot Rod will unleash the full power of the Matrix.
  • Many in the Pantheon notice a shift in personality in the Young Autobot. As Hot Rod, he is more brash and headstrong, willing to go headlong into dire situations. However as Rodimus Prime, he becomes more hesitant, insecure about his abilities as leader and remorseful for being involved in Optimus’s death. He tends to bounce back and forth between these personas but it’s very evident when it happens.
  • In an alternate universe where the Autobots made contact with the Avatar world, Hot Rod ended up becoming close friends with Korra. Even without this knowledge though, the pair are still incredibly close, almost akin to siblings. Oftentimes, they’re seen either training together, sharing tales of their adventures, or simply just racing each other, trading friendly banter along the way. It was through Korra that Hot Rod befriended Asami, Mako and Bolin and became the honorary fifth member of the new Team Avatar.
    • Tenzin Lin Beifong, and Greed are still a little hesitant towards him, with his hot-blooded nature bringing back memories of a younger Korra, but all three are thankful Republic City has one more guardian to keep it safe from threats like Amon, Zaheer, and King Bradley's High Command.
  • Like many of his fellow Transformers, Hot Rod will occasionally change his appearance to take advantage of particular situations. He can become a Powerlinx combiner, a speedy but fragile energy archer, a sleek Lamborghini Centenario, or he can just stick to his signature form to cover all ends. Whatever form he appears in he retains his energetic personality and willingness to overcome dire situations.
  • He'll also use the Matrix on the Makuta too if he has to, and has allied himself with the Toa to help them against the Master of Shadows. Of the Toa and Turaga, he sympathizes with Turaga Vakama due to having to deal with the struggles of leadership, and Takanuva for being a young newcomer to their respective teams.
  • Turns out Hot Rod is great around kids, owing it to his previous friendship with Daniel Witwicky. As such, he and his fellow Autobots will occasionally makes visits to the Sub-House of Children to perform and give the kids a good time, sometimes even racing fellow speedsters Sonic the Hedgehog and Barry Allen.
  • Hot Rod spends a good deal of time socializing with Shinji Ikari, trying to help the Eva pilot overcome his introverted nature. He's also called out both Gendo and Misato after having seen what the boy has gone through and hopes to make life better for him. Still hasn't met with the other Eva pilots but from what he has heard... Hot Rod is in for one bumpy ride.
  • Formed a Odd Friendship with Son Gohan after noticing several noteworthy similarities between each other. For one, both characters were notorious for being made to replace well established predecessors (Optimus and Goku respectively), only for things to remain the same and the predecessors returning to life. In fact, Hot Rod wasn't too happy to learn of the Pantheon calling Gohan an utterly wasted character that slowly faded into the background, and has since dedicated more time to hang out with the young Saiyan, even bringing Korra and Sixth Ranger Tommy Oliver along for sparring matches.
  • He’s good friends with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and General Leia, as all three remind Hot Rod of himself, Springer and Arcee respectively. Ofttimes, he's been seen interacting with the three, testing out and comparing new rebel technology and meeting the new soldiers for the Alliance. The recruits are often taken back by the giant robot standing before them, which always leave a smile on Hot Rod's face but he's always happy to help out, especially with threats like Darth Sidious and Grand Admrial Thrawn on the loose. That said, Leia does give Hot Rod crap for destroying an entire planet to prevent the Decepticons taking it over and then callously stating Cybertron is better. It's fair enough; if you met someone who lost her entire world before her eyes, then you'd be a bit more cautious.
  • Hot Rod, Jar Jar Binks, and Scrappy Doo have been seen conversing together from time to time. It may seem odd at first, but all three share a similarity; they all were introduced to change up the Status Quo only to end up being reviled by their fanbases. For that, they share a form of camaraderie between each other.
  • Hot Rod's relationship with Megatron, and by extension Galvatron, is incredibly complicated. More often than not, they're bitter enemies and are always at each other's throats. However, the one exception to the rule occurs when Megatron, very rarely becomes an Autobot. When this happens, Hot Rod shows a great deal of respect for the old tyrant and will traverse through the cosmos aboard the Lost Light. This only happens on occasion though, and the rest of the time the two are just trying to kill each other.
  • One time, Hot Rod had his mind transferred into a synthetic human body by Old Snake in 2006 note . As a result, he and other Autobots are incredibly cautious when fighting the Cobra Commander in the Pantheon and his followers. This also extends to other mad scientists such as Dr. Wily and Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.
  • Also found in the House of Fan Reaction.
"Now... light our darkest hour"

    Moby Dick 
Moby-Dick, Divine Animal Nemesis (The White Whale)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white fin with spears in it
  • Theme Song: The Attack
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sea Monster, Ambiguously Evil, Shrouded in Myth
  • Domains: Whales, Legend
  • Rival: Monstro
  • Enemies: Captain Ahab, The Kraken, Bruce, Ika Musume
  • Opposed by: Wailord
  • Source of Interest for: Tidehunter
  • Irritated at: Aquaman
  • Avoided by: Pinocchio
  • Moby Dick is a fearsome whale that attacks anyone that dare cross its path. Captain Ahab, a former whaler, once encountered it and in the ensuing fight, lost a leg to the whale. Ever since that meeting, Ahab sought nothing more than to kill the whale no matter what. The whale itself is very powerful and has been described by many as something of a legend.
    • Contrary to what Ahab may say, Moby Dick might not actually be something that actively pursues others for the sake of it, but rather, a whale that will potentially attack others regardless of provocation. Even taking into account it's aggression, it still sees Ahab as nothing more than a recurring nuisance.
  • It was one of the stormier days in the Pantheon as a group of deities set out for a sea voyage in search of something potentially useful. As the storms raged on, some of the members encountered what appeared to be a white whale in the distance. As the crew members were attempting to make sense of what was happening, the ship they were on got attacked by the whale. Some backup had to arrive ensure the crew's safety and even then, the whale proved to be a lot of trouble for everyone involved. Eventually all the chaos had subsided with plenty of damage done to the ships and the whale having apparently gotten away. The whale had been identified as Moby Dick and there is plenty of apprehension by others about encountering it in the Pantheonic seas given what had happened.
  • Even though it is quite a dangerous threat for seafarers, even Moby Dick has had to fight other sea monsters in the Pantheon. Fights between it and the Kraken have happened quite a bit and anyone who has witnessed a battle between them has more often than not got their ship heavily damaged in the process. This isn't even getting into the fact that there are a sea monster or two that's potentially even more dangerous than even Moby Dick or the Kraken.
    • Of the various other sea creatures in the Pantheon, few confrontations get as deadly as that of Moby Dick and Monstro, both whales and the latter of which is said to be similar to the former in a way or two. There's also Wailord, but it really doesn't get involved in these fights given that it's more benign compared to the aforementioned two. Moby Dick doesn't care much about Wailord on it's end.
  • Pinocchio, having had a very bad run-in with Monstro, really doesn't want anything to do with another whale, especially if Moby Dick is every bit as aggressive as Monstro. While the puppet hasn't really went through the sea since Monstro, he isn't taking any chances on encountering another whale at the worst possible time.
  • A few have pondered whether or not it's possible for someone to have a consistent alliance with Moby Dick given it's aggression and power. From there, Aquaman stepped in given his experience with getting sea animals on his side, including a time where he was in temporary control of the equally aggressive Monstro. After a bit of a struggle, Aquaman was able to control Moby Dick for a period of time. Some of these subsequent meetings had Moby Dick attack Aquaman before he could gain control of the whale, effectively meaning that an alliance between the two isn't really stable.
  • Tidehunter has taken some interest in Moby Dick given that the whale is aggressive towards other sea creatures. Tidehunter has also been involved with another conflict with a different sea captain, and while he is aware that Moby Dick is just a wild animal in comparison, he's optimistic about the whale being a true threat of the seas.
  • It being a powerful and almost mythical sea creature has led some to trying to go after it. Many of these attempts to hunt down Moby Dick are nowhere near as close to what Ahab was able to do. A few are stubborn enough to do repeat attempts, but the Pantheon having a decent amount of dangerous sea monsters means that trying to reach Moby Dick would be hard...or worse yet, it'd be too late for some to realize that a fearsome white whale is swimming under their boat during their exploration.
  • While it is largely accepted that Moby Dick is an aggressive white whale, there are a few who believe that it is something much more than that. One of the most common guesses going around about Moby Dick is that it's actually the personification of something, be it either nature, fate, or even Satan. Some of these guesses haven't been taken into serious consideration, though its reputation as a myth or legend of some kind does make a few even more wary about not wanting to get into trouble should they encounter Moby Dick.

    Shield Knight 
Shield Knight, Goddess Of Powerful Beings Who Need Rescuing
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her shield
  • Theme Song: The Requiem Of Shield Knight outside of battle. In battle, Go No Further!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Battle Couple with Shovel Knight, Determinator, Action Girl that needs to be rescued, tried to fight Donovan to stop him from taking the amulet, being quite efficent with her shield, having long blonde hair,
  • Domains: Shields, Knights, Adventuring
  • Allies: Shovel Knight (Her lover), Zhang, Reinhardt, Orisa, Captain America, Link, The Investigation Team, Rapunzel, Mario
  • On Good Terms With: Plague Knight, Mona
  • Opposed by: Specter Knight
  • Opposes: The Enchantress
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, King Boo
  • Shovel Knight wasn't the only person adventuring before his game happened; he had a partner to traverse the lands in search of treasure and glory with by the name of Shield Knight. They loved hunting for treasure, the loved adventure, but most of all, they loved each other. This only led to tragedy when Shield Knight tried to stop Donovan from stealing an amulet she believed was dangerous and powerful. She failed and this incident led to her becoming the Enchantress, who in turn enslaved Donovan and turned him into Specter Knight, with the order of finding 8 knights to serve her.
    • While she did find those knights, Shovel Knight also found her and freed her from the Enchantress's curse, and 10 seconds after freeing her, she was up and ready to fight alongside Shovel Knight to stop the Enchantress's final form. This tale of wonder and awe was what made the Court Of Gods decide to ascend her.
  • Her ascension was actually thanks to Plague Knight and Mona of all people. They were on their way to the house of Explosives one day when they overheard Shovel Knight training with Travis Touchdown, when they started talking with each other and heard of Shield Knight's tale when Travis asked him if he had to save and damsels or ladies. Even though Plague Knight felt like Shovel Knight did him a service of ascending his girlfriend by accident after he accidentally gave Chester the relics Shovel Knight needed to use, he (and Mona) took pity on Shovel Knight and went to the Court Of Gods to petition for her proper ascension. While surprised that they would help Shovel Knight out like this, they still approved the request.
    • Shovel Knight became aware of her ascension after waking up and finding her sleeping on his lap. While a bit confused as to why she was here in the Pantheon with him and not with Zhang, whom she was supposed to be her high priestess for, he was shown the official papers legalizing her ascension, including a testimony from Plague Knight and Mona. While surprised by this, he did ended up thanking them and became more tolerant of Plague Knight as a result, even asking him if he needs any help that doesn't involve causing mayhem. Plague Knight responded with asking for help with how to keep being a good boyfriend for Mona, to which Shovel Knight obliged to help give him tips from time to time.
      • As for Shield Knight herself, she does remember when Plague Knight was underneath her service and was more than okay with him storming her fort to steal the Enchantress's essence, believing that had he not done that Shovel Knight would have had a rougher time with her. As of now, even if he gets a bit too giddy with explosives for her tastes, she does have some respect and thanks him for attacking her Enchantress state and roughing her up for Shovel Knight.
  • Had a much less pleasant time when trying to apologize to Specter Knight, who tried to attack her again, still feeling like what happened was her fault (including the death of his friend Luan), even when she became the Enchantress, a person who he was already not happy with working under. Fortunately, Shovel Knight was also there and quickly joined the dual on Shield Knight's side to fight Specter Knight to a standstill. Shield Knight has since kept her distance from the former servant of her while Shovel Knight has begun trying to talk Specter Knight down from continuing his revenge.
  • As a proud shield user, she spends some time with Zhang, the goddess she was serving under as a high priestress, practicing on using their shield for defense and combat purposes. Zhang also informed Shield Knight of Captain America and how good he is with a shield, leading her to befriend the proud American.
  • Upon hearing of a being called the Enchantress is in the Pantheon, she quickly thought it was the same Enchantress that tried to possess her and began to rush out to fight her. She only stopped thanks to Shovel Knight, who already made the mistake, explaining her. Not that it makes her hate the Enchantress any less, given the things she has done to the Beast/Princa Adam's castle servants.
  • For a while, Shield Knight kept getting nightmares about the Enchantress once more possessing her and forcing her to fight and kill Shovel Knight. She went to talk with the house of Dreams if any members there had anything to do with this, to which they replied that not even their more evil members there had anything to do with it. Plague Knight eventually heard of this news through word of mouth and proposed to Shield Knight that there could be that due to a Shadow manifesting herself thanks to her time being the Enchantress, even giving out a hypothesis that the Enchantress IS her Shadow. When questioned by her, Shovel Knight and Mona how he knew about Shadows and Personas, he talked about his own trip there. Mona was amused that Plague Knight managed to do that, based off the fight he had back at the Tower Of Fate, while Shield and Shovel Knight were completely floored, but were convinced by his words and actions.
    • After arranging a trip to the TV World with the Investigation Team, Shield Knight , Plague Knight, and Shovel Knight (the latter who demanded to come along despite the risk of running into his Shadow, as had happened with Chie in the mortal realm) ventured into the TV World. Shield Knight's dungeon was based off the Tower Of Fate, with the party having to climb all the way up to the top floor where The Enchantress was awaiting them. She began trying to coax Shield Knight into letting her possess her again and Shovel Knight into serving her. Neither of the two accepted and quickly charged at her, despite concerns about them fighting her by themselves. Soon, battle was joined as the Team and Plague Knight caught up with them, and the heroes soon prevailed.
    • When all was said and done, after coming to terms with her actions and insecurities, Shield Knight finally awakened her Persona, which she called "The Protector". She now spends time with the Investigation Team some more to practice using her powers, and even became a sort-of mentor for Kanji Tatsumi, who uses shields just like her (when he's not using a folded-up chair). And since then, she's had no more sleepless nights, knowing she is now in control of the Enchantress.
  • One wouldn't recognize it just by looking at her in her helmet, but she actually has very long blonde hair. As such, she has been talking with Rapunzel with her being impressed with how Shield Knight can keep all that hair inside her helmet and armor. Meanwhile, Shield Knight amused with the various ways Rapunzel made use of her hair as well as the fact that even though she has long hair Rapunzel never had to worry about washing it or traction alopecia removing it.
  • As her role of "Powerful Beings Who Need Rescuing", she has shown pity toward those that are normally powerful that are beaten or kidnapped, saying that it's just human and life doesn't play favorites. She has forged a friendship up with Mario who has been trapped by King Boo twice, as well as showing hatred towards the ghost as well.


Lesser Gods

    Almaz Von Almandine Adamant 
Almaz von Almandine Adamant, God of "Respectable" Chew Toys (Fake Hero (formerly), Hero)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His coat, slightly roughened up
  • Theme Music: Unlucky Hero
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chew Toy, Classical Anti-Hero, Heroic Wannabe (formerly), Nice Guy, Only Sane Man, The Heart, Man in White, Scarf Of Asskicking, Preferring Swords the Most, Deuteragonist with Mao, Marrying Princess Sapphire
  • Domains: Guards, Heroes, Comedic Abuse
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Super Hero Aurum
  • Pities: Meg Griffin
  • He seemingly just popped into the Pantheon one day. As he started wondering what was going on, Princess Sapphire dashed toward him and congratulated him from ascending. At first he was glad, but then he realized what position he got and that Mao was also in the Pantheon, making him fear that he is going to make him his slave again.
  • The reason why he is "Respectable" Chew Toy is because Meg Griffin is the Fallen as a negative example of this. What makes Almaz different from Meg is that after everything he had to endure through, he did get the bone (getting to marry Princess Sapphire), while having the chance of having his chain getting yanked (being turned into the Overlord, causing every one to turn on him) and even the chance of showing how miserable things can get (getting killed off and not reviving, causing things to snowball forwards the destruction of the universe). Plus, the people who chew on him are not really that evil and do care for him (even Mao).
    • He does feel pity for Meg, all things considered. Even if Meg has shown some "interesting" reactions because of it.
  • Even though he is The Chew Toy, don't think that he will just take everything thrown at him. Titles ultimately don't mean anything, it's actions that matter, as Almaz is quite capable of fighting back. Besides, do you want to evoke the wrath of Sapphire?
  • Looks up to Yu Narukami as a example of a true hero. Does help that they sound the same. Doesn't share this sentiment forwards Adachi, not just for the voice, but not liking when the "good guy" turns out to be a scumbag (just ask Super Hero Aurum).
  • Almaz is trying to protect the Princess from the Yandere Quartet, while she is trying to protect him from them. They work like that.
    • One reason why he wants to defeat the Yandere Quartet was because he completely missed out on the Vienna Burning event, of which Sapphire told him about. He feels bad that he wasn't around at the time to protect the Princess, and wants some payback for that. Though he does admit that he is glad that he wasn't kidnapped by them, with results he doesn't want to imagine.
    • He was relieved when he heard that Yandere Quartet was no more, but then bit scared when he heard of the formation of Yandere Squad, even if Yuno tries to ensure that she tries to keep everyone in check.
  • The pantheon has placed a restriction on how much love banter he and his wife can engage in, saying that anything that goes beyond a single exchange between the two of them and involves hearts and stars MUST be done within the confines of the House of Love.
  • Gets along with Mahiro. Where Mahiro finds pities Almaz for all the stuff he has gone through, Almaz also feels sorry due to how many times he has come across villain motives what are just stupid.

    Arno Dorian 
Arno Victor Dorian, God of Those Who Are Not In It For The Revolution (The Knight of Thélème, Pisspot, The Prodigal Assassin)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Assassin Insignia, specifically the Parisian Brotherhood Insignia
  • Theme Song: Unity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Not In It For The Revolution, Awesomeness by Analysis, Classy Cravat, Cultured Badass, Very charismatic, Romantically involved with the Templar Élise de la Serre, Fragile Speedster, Glass Cannon, Guile Hero, Stealth Expert, Aura Vision, Can allow others to see what he sees within a limited range, Can glimpse the memories of his targets as they die
  • Domain(s): Revolutions, Death, Romance, Stealth, Combat
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Templar Order, Shay Cormac, Kano, Cersei Lannister, Gregor Clegane, YHVH, anyone who opposes free will.
  • Pities: Charles-Henri Sanson
  • Pitied by: Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • Arno was born into a noble household in Versailles, France, as the only child of Charles and Marie Dorian. His mother abandoned the family after discovering her husband's allegiance to the Assassin Brotherhood. In December 1776, Arno's father was killed while the two were at the Palace of Versailles. Afterwards, Arno was adopted by François de la Serre (who, unbeknownst to Arno, was the Grand Master of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order), and was raised alongside François' daughter Élise, who became his closest friend and, eventually, his lover. In May 1789, François de la Serre was murdered at the Palace of Versailles as part of a coup within the Parisian Templar Rite, and Arno was framed for the murder. While imprisoned at the Bastille, he met Master Assassin Pierre Bellec, who told Arno of his Assassin heritage. Wracked with guilt over his past failures, Arno joined the Assassin Brotherhood in the hopes of avenging his father and adoptive father, while also working to uncover the true instigators of the revolution.
  • Arno was yet another of Ezio Auditore's many followers that drew the attention of Il Mentore. Surprised by the fact that Arno's initial reason for joining Assassin Brotherhood had nothing to do with the French Revolution or even the Assassin cause, Ezio made a recommendation for Arno's ascension. Subsequently, Arno successfully ascended as God of Those Who Are Not In It For The Revolution.
  • Due to Shay being the one who killed Arno's father, Arno is particularly dedicated towards eliminating him. Upon learning that Arno was raised by a Templar Grand Master and had previously tried to form an alliance between the factions, Shay tried to convince Arno, if not join, then at least try to cooperate with the Templars. However, although Arno indeed wishes to honor Élise's last will to reduce the gap between the Templars and Assassins, he also vehemently refuses to work together with the same group that has his father's killer as a member.
  • Arno was pleasantly surprised to run into several contemporaries from the French Revolution within the pantheon. His interactions with Chevalier d'Eon are quite pleasant, as the two had helped each other out during the revolution, and they occasionally engage in friendly sword duels. Similarly, Arno is on friendly terms with Charles-Henri Sanson, having once helped him to recover the components to the guillotine after they had been stolen. However, Arno also strongly sympathises with Sanson over the guilt he feels for having executed so many people as well as the bad reputation he acquired for doing so.
  • Arno felt thoroughly honored to meet Jeanne d'Arc, who, aside from her battles against the English, was also an ally of the Assassins during her lifetime. Jeanne was saddened to learn of the turmoil that befell France in the centuries after her death, but Arno assured her that he and the Brotherhood will do everything they can to create a better future, which cheered her up. Jeanne was also surprised to discover that Arno has her Sword of Eden in his possession, although it has since lost its advanced abilities to having been damaged in battle. Arno offered to give the sword back to her, but she allowed him to keep it, remarking that the sword will be safer in the hands of the Assassin Brotherhood.
  • He's on friendly terms with Rose Bukater, who sympathises with him due to having similarly lost a lover. The two had an amicable discussion about how to move on and eventually find love again, which they both found to be quite enjoyable.
  • Arno's impressive stealth skills caught the attention of Batman, who provided him with some advice on how to improve his skills even more. The two quickly bonded over their similar pasts of losing parents and entering romantic relationships with their foes. Upon hearing of Arno's story, Catwoman approached Arno and offered her condolences for his loss of Élise.
  • Arno has a rather conflicting opinion of Lelouch. While he supports Lelouch's goal of overthrowing evil empires, Arno finds his means of doing so far too extreme and has remarked that he sees a lot of similarities between Lelouch and Napoleon Bonaparte. In turn, Lelouch has expressed irritation at the fact that Arno wasn't particularly interested in the French Revolution or the cause of the Assassin Brotherhood, remarking that Arno should have been more committed. However, the two have found some degree of common ground due to the fact that they were both motivated by revenge and had lost loved ones in their pursuit of it.
  • Arno befriended Han Solo after learning that the latter was originally intended to gain his title. Han was glad to learn that, similar to himself, Arno eventually became truly dedicated to the Assassin Brotherhood's cause, rather than being motivated purely by personal reasons.
  • Due to his possession of Jeanne d'Arc's Sword of Eden, Arno has frequently been targeted by enemies who wish to take it from him. Aside from Shay Cormac, attempts have been made by Kano (who wishes to sell it) and Gregor Clegane (on the orders of Cercei Lannister). Fortunately, Arno has thus far been successful in fending them off.

    Charlotte the Dessert Witch 
Charlotte the Dessert Witch, Herald of Darkening Narrative ( Bebe, Nagisa Momoe)
  • Theme Song: "Wo Ist Die Käse?" ("Where is the Cheese?"), Venari Strigas
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A slice of cake next to a block of cheese.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Two Neutral Good avatars were created post "Great Upheaval", named Bebe and Nagisa
  • Portfolio: Worms Of Unusual Size, clown-themed abominations, looking cute only at first sight, monstrous true forms, conjuring desserts (even though her favorite food is cheese), eating humans, decapitation, bringing about despair and fear into a seemingly light show, Ascended Fanon brough about by popularity disproportionate to screen time.
  • Allies: Mami Tomoe, Nagisa Momoe (her magical girl form), Syzoth/Reptile.
  • Followers: Sheila the Tank, Herb Kazzaz, Mechakara, Zabuza, Baron Praxis
  • Enemies: Anyone she chooses to make her next dinner, including by default anyone who threatens Mami
  • Together with Mami Tomoe, they form the duumvirate of Early Death: Mami as the Victim, Charlotte as the Bringer.
  • Upon ascension, Mami has managed to gain Charlotte's affections with tons of cheese, and the two are now inseparable.
  • For one reason or another, Madoka Kaname permits Charlotte's existence. Rumour has it that the reason for this is the knowledge of Charlotte's past life before becoming a witch.
  • Never comes anywhere close to Homura, still remembering all too well her death by high explosives.
  • Many have learned at their expense that beyond Charlotte's seemingly innocuous, weak outer body lurks a grotesque, fearsome monstrosity, with a massive mouth full of razor sharp teeth and a big appetite.
  • Commonly visits the House of Food and absolutely razes everything cheese-based they prepare. Nobody calls her out on it, because nobody wants to in turn end up in Charlotte's belly. Things have only gotten worse since her avatars made their debut, which share that same love of cheese. The House of Food counts itself lucky that Nagisa is limited by her human-sized appetite, though left unchecked she sometimes eats enough to make herself sick.
  • Has an uncharacteristically huge legion of followers which insists she is actually really nice, has a very sad backstory (then again, what witch doesn't?) and overall is pretty Moe. To everyone's shock, these followers appear to be absolutely right, at least after the "Great Upheaval".
  • Since Mami hangs around with Litchi a lot, Charlotte ends up playing with Litchi's other friend, Reptile, a lot. They like having eating contests, fight for food, but none could headchomp the other.
  • It is not known who would survive if Charlotte would face against the Witch known as Candeloro. And word to the wise, NEVER mention this name before Charlotte if you want to keep your head.
  • Took a visit to the Shivering Isles at one point due to an intriguing rumor she heard about its celebratory rituals. Upon learning that the rumor was unfounded, stemming from the ruler's eccentricities, she devoured six residents and half the royal guard and then left in a huff.
  • As a member of the Puellaverse, Charlotte was affected by the "Great Upheaval", just as the other members were: most notably, two avatars of herself were created: her original self, the Magical Girl Nagisa Momoe, was restored to life and separated from her identity as Charlotte. A Neutral Good version of the Witch herself was also spawned, known as Bebe. Charlotte herself retains her identity within the Pantheon, her concept as the Bringer of Early Deaths having maintained enough self to resist being overwritten entirely. Nagisa has applied for godhood herself, seeking the title of "Goddess of Ascended Extras" considering she started as a Monster of the Week and gained a relatively large role in the Upheaval. Should that fail, Nagisa will settle for "Goddess of Cheese". To her joy, she was accepted by the House of Narrative as Goddess of Ascended Extras.
  • She and El Diablo may seem like a very odd couple, but he actually admires her for being able to control her massive powers, as well her handling being the vessel for a powerful creature.

    Coco Bandicoot 
Coco Bandicoot, Goddess of Iconic Sequel Characters

    James Potter 
James Potter, God of Flawed But Vindicated Idols (Chaster, Head Boy, Prongs)

    Jar Jar Binks 
Jar Jar Binks God of Plucky Comic Relief

    Maud Pie 
Maud Pie, Goddess of The Comically Serious (Maudalina Daisy Pie)
  • Theme Song: Quite the reverse. It is an absence of any music that heralds her.
  • Lesser Goddess (with chances of going higher if Pinkie Pie is in danger)
  • Symbol: Her cutie mark, a rock.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (True Neutral for those who don't know her)
  • Portfolio: those that don't show lots of emotion, those protective of their younger siblings, incredible feats of strength, barely phased by anything, honest but being blunt about it, having sweet smiles at the right moments, cold and sweet personalities, knowing a lot about rocks and having a rocktorate
  • Domains: Stoicism, Rocks, Strength
  • Herald: Her pet rock, Boulder and her boyfriend, Mudbriar
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All who would hurt her sister.
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima
  • Maud meandered along, slowly climbing the stairs to the Pantheon. When she arrived, she looked at the rocks around her and slowly blinked her eyes as Haruhi announced she would be in the House of Narrative. Pinkie Pie personally appeared in the temple with a party and a myriad of rock candy necklaces. Maud...smiled.
  • Sometimes goes to the House of Theater to perform her poems. Beware though: She has 1,000 poems—they're all about rocks. She's also trying to get into stand-up comedy.
    • When Christmas rolls around, Maud can be found in the House of Music reciting Hearth's Warming carols. Her singing voice is no different from poetry reading voice...which is no different from her speaking voice. Also, her carols are all about rocks.
  • Trollkaiger, after having annoyance with many gods in this house that they can't troll, wanted to rile her up by trolling Pinkie Pie. Next thing they knew, Maud Pie was hurling rocks at their temples—Rocks the size of monster trucks.
  • Not even a few hours into trying to get some silence, "Project: Alternate Gentaro" emerged. While Maud didn't show any reaction to it (she states that she doesn't show enthusiasm or shock like her sister does), when Pinkie Pie told her that she was planning an assault on the Asylum (explaining that Gentaro was one of Pinkie Pie's closest friends), Maud narrowed her eyes and prepared a myriad of rocks. She's going to be there for her sister, and no one will stop her.
    • And when Maud learned just who broke the straw on the camel's back for Gentaro, she knocked on Mitsuzane's door and hurled a rock to his face all while saying in her deadpan tone, "You deserve it." After Mitsuzane redeemed himself, Maud personally went to his temple and hugged him, stating, "You deserve it." Mitsuzane was also given a rock candy necklace with the candies shaped like grapes as a token of friendship.
  • Sometimes hangs out in the House of Nature, mostly to collect the different types of rocks that can be found. She has encountered Toph (As best as she can since Toph is blind), and is amazed at Toph's Earthbending abilities, hoping that one day she will be capable of doing something as grand like that.
  • Was once asked to babysit some of the child gods. She entertained them by making them play "Camoflage" with her pet rock. "It's like hide-and-seek but WAY more intense." Unfortunately, the gods got a little enthusiastic finding her pet rock that they nearly destroyed the House of Family until Maud relented and revealed where her pet rock was. "He was hiding in my pocket."
  • Sometimes visits Brock's temple in the House of Love because she's interested in him training Rock-type Pokémon. She's hoping to befriend other Rock-type Pokémon and fight with them.
  • After the debacle of the Friendship Asylum, Maud finally got to meet up with Pinkie Pie's friends of Gentaro Kisaragi and Elena. She notes that that it was nice for Pinkie Pie to have more friends in the Pantheon and also honestly stated that Gentaro and Elena should get together. As the two gods blushed at the comment, Maud smiled to herself.
  • Aside from rocks, Maud is into minerals, plate tectonics and stand-up comedy. She's also an excellent ice-skater, sometimes going to the House of Nature to show off her moves.
  • To the Equestrian Gods' shock, she was the cause for Starlight Glimmer's "Our Town" incident, meaning she would've inadvertently lead Starlight Glimmer to bring Equestria into a Bad Future all because she told Starlight of a rock that could seal Cutie Mark Magic away. Pinkie Pie has made her sister "Pinkie Pie Promise" to never bring up the incident again. Maud's response:
    Maud: It's not like she's been enslaving anyone...recently.
    • Speaking of rocks, she states that if one found the right rock to seal magic, they could rule all of the Pantheon. Many gods think she's joking. All she asks, in her stoic tone, is "Am I?"
  • After an investigation in the House of Nature, she has now asked that her discovery, a beautiful cave filled with lush wildlife and a pool of sparkling water, become her new temple. It was also when it was being constructed that she explained that her love of rocks came because "They don't judge you for being...different."
  • Due to the way they speak in their stoic tone, has made an ally with Ichiro, namely acting like The Comically Serious version of Statler and Waldorf.
  • Recently got a boyfriend named Mudbriar. Many gods are wondering What Does She See in Him? (including her sister), but they do note that Maud seems much happier whenever they are together. Pinkie, for her part, is doing her best to tolerate Mudbriar.
  • Despite having a sister who throws parties, Maud actually dislikes birthday parties and only tolerates them because of her love for Pinkie Pie.

    Mayuri (Date A Live
Mayuri, Goddess of Arc Heroes and Non-Serial Movies
Click to see her Astral Dress 
  • Theme Song: "Resolution"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: Her wings, alternatively, her earrings
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Portfolio: Arc Hero of a Standalone Movie, Created with Energy from Other Spirits, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Stalking Shido on His Dates, Canon Foreigner, The Stoic, Our Angels Are Different, Invisible To Everyone Except Shido, Bare Your Midriff Losing Control of Her Angel, Dying to Protect Shido
  • Domain: Love, Protection, Observation, Sacrifice
  • Followers: Champions of Hyrule, Fireteam Osiris, Koyuki Kazehana, Shion, Éclair
  • Allies: Shido Itsuka, Tohka Yatogami, Origami Tobiichi, Kotori Itsuka, Yoshino, Mana Takamiya, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Samurai Jack, Ashi, Fuuka Akitsuki, Fi, Midna, Navi, good-aligned deities in the House of Love
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Voldemort, Harbinger, evil-aligned deities in the House of Love, anyone who threatens Shido
  • When an anime series becomes popular enough, it warrants a movie. However, a movie might be made while the series is still ongoing. The solution? Make the movie a standalone story with no strict continuity to the original series. That's where Mayuri comes in. She was the focal character of the Date A Live movie, which ended in her noble sacrifice to protect Shido and all of Tenguu City from Kerubiel, her own rampaging Angel. Out of compassion and admiration, the Court of the Gods granted her in the Pantheon.
  • Upon hearing of her ascension, Shido quickly ran to her temple where they shared a tearful and poignant reunion, celebrated by many. They went on a beautiful date to the House of Theater, where they watched a marathon of their favorite movies. Fortunately, Kotori and the Ratatoskr team had reserved an entire room just for them.
  • As happy as Mayuri's ascension was to Shido and his friends, it brought about a distrubing question: what happened to Kerubiel? Since Mayuri lived, it would mean Kerubiel would have manifested as well. Perhaps it was left causing trouble in the mortal realm or it had ascended without anyone noticing; and without Mayuri to control it, the damage would be catastrophic. The Grand United Alliance of Good has mobilized several teams to find it and contain it.
    • Since most of her magical power is contained within Kerubiel, Mayuri actually has no combat prowess. Still, she makes herself useful to the GUAG in missions involving espionage, infiltration and rescue.
  • Spider-Man sees much of Gwen in Mayuri and has confided in her his regrets of not being able to save Gwen, as he is still affected by it, even if he has used her death as a motivation to do better. Mayuri, understanding how much her death affected Shido, tells Peter not to be so harsh on himself, as Gwen would have been proud of all the good he has done.
  • On Shido and Link's suggesttion, she met Fi, Midna and Navi, who had fulfilled roles similar to hers in their series. They became friends fairly quickly.
  • Befriended Ashi and Fuuka Akitsuki, who shared the tragic similarity of dying before their hero could save them. Fuuka does point out that she survived in the anime adaptation, something that makes Mayuri and Ashi a bit jealous. Nevertheless, they remain good friends.
  • Warned by Shido to stay away from Isaac Westcott, the Big Bad of their series. While Mayuri never met Wescott, she trusts his word that he must never be allowed to fulfill his ambitions. She also opposes Voldemort, who is just as ambitious and depraved as Westcott Harbinger either, as the Reaper has the same destructive power as Kerubiel.
  • Also present in Heroic Roles and Theatric Production.

    The Mysterious Stranger 
The Mysterious Stranger, God of Mysterious Individuals (The Stranger)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A .44 Magnum Revolver
  • Theme Music: Not much of a theme, but he has a signature guitar riff when he appears
  • Alignment: True Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Strangers, and Protectors, Big Damn Heroes, Inexplicably Awesome, Badass Longcoat, Fedora of Asskicking, One-Hit Kill Magnum Revolver
  • Domains: Strangers, Protectors, Revolvers
  • Followers: The "Man in Black"
  • Allies(?): The Courier, The Sole Survivor, Mamoru Chiba, Vash, The Merchant
  • It is hard to say when the Mysterious Stranger even ascended. One day the Courier was just ambushed by bunch of GUAE goons, resulting in a gunfight. When it was just down to one, he had the misfortune on missing his shot, even while using V.A.T.S. to aim... only for a bullet suddenly piercing through the poor sap's head, killing them instantly. Those who saw them noticed a weird figure in a trenchcoat and a revolver near the scene, who vanished instantly. On the following day, the Court of the Gods noticed that the trope Mysterious Stranger was taken.
  • No one in the Pantheon knows who the Mysterious Stranger really is. Is he a mercenary? A crazed gunman? Herald of Lady Luck who goes around helping the fortunate? Is he even a human? Is he among the supernatural? He is an enigma amongst the enigmas. Even when you get a good look at him, some say he is Asian, and some say he is Caucasian.
    • There are some evidence that he might be Lonesome Drifter's father. And that's about it. And then there are questions about who Lonesome Drifter is.
    • Of course, just because no one knows who he is, doesn't mean they aren't trying to uncover his mysteries. Shotaro and Philip especially. Mainly because as he is, he could easily become a wild card.
  • He can lend his assistance no matter where you are in the Pantheon. In the mortal realm, it didn't stop him from suddenly appearing within a simulation. And it gets more ridiculous from here on out. Deep in the House of Nature's forests? The House of Emotion's Swirly Energy Thingy? SCP-106's Pocket Dimension? There's a chance a stray bullet will lend you a hand, guitar riff and all, and a once living target.
  • Even if some gods were to find him on his own, he seems to just disappear if someone were to find him. He does seem to leave behind some caps if someone does find him, though.
  • If there was few gods aside of Courier and those with noticeable luck he seems to appear near, they are the Tuxedo Man, another Mysterious Protector, and Vash, another fellow revolver user.
  • He seems to have a female counterpart who sometimes takes him place called Miss Fortune. No, not THAT Miss Fortune. Or that one.
  • Nick Valentine, one of the Sole Survivor's Heralds, is perhaps one of the few who know of him and is attempting to discover his identity. The House of Investigative Work trade notes with him on whatever they could find and have documented every individual that died from the Stranger's bullet. Despite such efforts, nothing new came up, but it hasn't stopped them all from trying.

N, God of True Believers Within False Groups (The Hero of Ideals/Truth, N Harmonia, Natural Harmonia Gropius)

    Nagisa Momoe 
Nagisa Momoe, Goddess of Ascended Extras

    Paul Phoenix 
Paul Phoenix, God of Unknown Rivals (Hot-Blooded Martial Artist, Toughest Man in the Universe)
  • Theme Song: "Paul's Miracle Deathfist", "Theme of Paul".
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Phoenix Dojo, with the sign "Bring it on, ya' Aliens!" included.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Self-Proclaimed Rival to Kazuya Mishima and the Actual Arch-Enemy of the Kumas, The Phoenix Smasher, Idiot Heroes, Gravity Defying Hair, Wearing his Iconic Red Gi, Goldhearted Arrogant Fighters, Cool Beards, Boisterous Bruisers
  • Domains: Combat, Glory, Pride, Boasting, Comedy
  • Superior: Chuck Norris
  • Herald: Marshall Law (his best friend).
  • Allies:
  • Actual Rival: Viral
  • Unknown Rival to: Kazuya Mishima (also an one-sided enemy from Paul's own part), Kotal Kahn (due to the fact that the Osh-Tekk resembles Ogre), Rufus (according to him, Paul is compared to Ken Masters).
  • Enemies: Heihachi Mishima, Ogre, Bryan Fury, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Evil Bears in the Pantheon.
  • During the First Iron Fist Tournament, Paul Phoenix was eager to seek a challenge against Kazuya Mishima and his match with Heihachi's son ended in draw. One year later, he wanted a rematch, only for him had to fought against Heihachi's first pet: Kuma I. Years later, he wasn't aware of Kazuya's resurrection in the Fourth Iron Fist Tournament, as he's currently feuding with Kuma II in the Mortal Realm. It was then when Lord Varys provided information regarding Kazuya, so much that he decided to ascend in the Pantheon.
  • Due to his bad experience with bears, Paul swears to not step himself to the House of Beasts or meeting with Monokuma, as his enmity with Kuma II gives Paul a sour taste in the mouth.
    • His determination to fight against the Kumas is what earned him the support of Stephen Colbert.
  • Don't let his appearance fool you, he was one of the ordinary fighters who fought hand-to-hand with his bare hands against Ogre (to be fair, he technically won the Third Iron Fist Tournament after beating Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, as well as Ogre, but Jin Kazama took his credit in the end note ), and is rumored to bring a challenge against aliens! His superior Chuck Norris approves.
  • Has travelled along with Law in the quest to search the Pandora Box. In the end, both got trapped inside the box.
  • He thinks he saw that Ogre got a new duplicate, but in reality, Ogre is responsible for Kotal Kahn's ascension. In spite of that, Paul swears to fight the new Outworld Emperor, even though either Kotal hasn't heard of him before or thinks that Paul must be joking.
  • Most of the WWE Superstars often compared him as Triple H. Granted, both have the same initial name in Paul and even they look similar. Also, his haircut resembles Polnareff, a friend of the Joestar Family, and to a lesser extent, Benimaru Nikaido, Kyo Kusanagi's teammate.
  • Is wary around 765 Production because of the time they put him in one of those idol dresses.
  • "No pain, no gain!"

Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell, The Unholy Butt of Jokes (Satania, Satanya, Baka Chuuni)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Alignment: Attempts to be Neutral Evil
  • Symbol: A bat on fire
  • Portfolio: Designated Monkey, The Devil Is a Loser, The Ditz, Shared Family Quirks, Ensemble Dark Horse, Chuunibyou, Super Gullible, Harmless Villain, Evil Is Petty, Book Dumb
  • Domains: Comedy, Demons, Evil
  • High Priest: Miton
  • Allies: Ika Musume, Ranko Kanzaki, South Park's and Puyo Puyo's Satan, Jurai Andou, The ascended Nippon Ichi demons
  • The future queen of Hell (Or so she claims), Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell has ascended to the Pantheon with the intention to rule over it and make the ascended deities her servants. She going to have a fun time of achieving her goals when she never does anything more devious than littering or pulling somebody's chair as they're about to sit.
  • Despite Satania's lofty goals no one really takes her seriously and can often be seen getting retribution from other deities after performing her brand of "evil" on them. More often than not though, Satania won't have to do anything for other deities to bully her.
    • Much to Satania's surprise many of the ascended Nippon Ichi demons are very proud of Satania as many of them have the same standards of evil acts as Satania.
  • Several deities who've seen Satania holding a bag of melon bread have noticed her being especially shifty around the House of Canines. When asked why, Satania stated that she's expecting "him" to appear and steal it.
    • What Satania didn't tell them is that "him" is actually living in her temple and frequently appears out of nowhere to steal her melon bread.
  • Even though she came from Hell and plans to take over the world, no one rally takes Satania seriously because of her lighthearted ideas about what constitutes as a villainous act, because of this, she became good friends with Ika Musume who has similar ideas about villainy as Satania.
  • Because she frequently makes speeches about how evil she is yet wouldn't actually hurt someone, Satania has become good friends with fellow Chuunibyou Deities Ranko Kanzaki and Jurai Andou.
  • Despite being a female version of the devil, nobody really takes Satania seriously. Because of this lack of respect, Satania developed a friendship with the Satan from South Park and Puyo Puyo.
  • Satania's not to be confused for a certain lolita vampire despite them both sharing the McDowell name.

Serge, God of Unwitting Pawns
  • Theme: Fields of Time
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Weapon of Choice, the Swallow
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though his actions are unwillingly often Chaotic Good or Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Unwitting Pawn To Worsening The Plot (Usually By Giving the Bad Guys What they Want), Being Dead in Another World, Paradox Person, Accidentally Becoming The Chosen One, Heroic Mime, Jack-of-All-Stats, White Innate, Chick Magnet, You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • Domains: Heroes, Manipulation, Patsies
  • Allies: Crono, Frog, Magus, Ayla, Marle, Ann Takamaki, Zidane Tribal, Sora, Link, Azwraith, Jack Sparrow, the Merfolk deities (specially Ariel), Mushu, Spyro, George Bailey
  • Enemies: Lavos, SHODAN, Ganondorf, villainous manipulative deities
  • Uneasy around: Eugene Gallardo, Harley Quinn, most of the House of Dragons
  • Ascended in recognition of his heroic journey that ended up saving the world. Even if his title wound up highlighting how all of Serge's actions were the result of never-ending, often subconscious, manipulation by a wide array of parties. The complexity of the manipulation, which accidentally made him The Chosen One, makes him quite the pitied person in the House of Prophecy.
  • The start of Serge's journey was when he fell into another dimension where he had been dead for years. This naturally made him get along with George Bailey, who saw a world where he was never born at all.
    • The two worlds were part of the biggest manipulation Serge unwilling got into (one that the House of Planning was downright impressed at how difficult yet successful it was), planned by the powerful wizard Belthasar to save a princess from the monstruous Lavos, before he used her powers to destroy the whole universe. Serge was appalled to learn Lavos is still present in the Pantheon, even if not in the Eldritch Abomination forms he fought in his game. Serge is at least relieved everything is ready to prevent any evolution into the Time Devourer.
  • Easily got along with Frog and Magus, who were part of the first crew to defeat Lavos. Helps the duo reminds Serge of two former mates, the swordsman Glenn and the wizard Guile. Once Crono ascended, Serge didn't know if he should introduce himself, as Crono was one of the Ghost Children who chewed him out for messing with time and negating the efforts to defeat Lavos. But they're in good terms given Serge eventually fixed the timeline. Another of the Ghost Children, Marle, has also ascended and gotten closer to Serge. One more woman from Crono's team, the cavewoman Ayla, was surprised to learn that the personal connection Serge has with her is having fought with her mother, Leah. While Leah was still a child!
  • Ann Tamataki, who like Kid is a seductive blonde thief dressed in red, has become Serge's biggest companion in whatever adventures the Pantheon requires him to face.
  • An experienced fisherman, he likes to catch some in his downtime along with Azwraith. The House of Sports also takes advantage of the unusual nature of his weapon, the Swallow (basically an oar-blade), to invite Serge for both canoeing and fencing competitions.
  • The Pantheonic Time Police made him a valuable ally for Serge's experiences hopping between alternate timelines.
  • All the manipulative villains in the pantheon have learned about Serge being gullible and want to take advantage of him, making him extra weary of accepting missions - or at times, even talking with suspicious-looking people. One of those bad guys, Ganondorf, has one extra thing against him: Serge got along with Link, as both are time\dimension travelling Heroic Mimes, who accidentally furthered a villain's plan (Ganon himself in Link's case when he opened the Door of Time).
  • While Serge harbors a deep respect for the Final Fantasy heroes, the fear of getting roped into other complex and dangerous journeys makes him a bit unwilling to actually known them better. The only one who has won him over so far is Zidane, whose game came out around the same time as Chrono Cross and who Serge finds a fun person.
  • Already an honorary Light & Brightness member for its White innate, he has gotten along with the God of Light Sora, a fellow Square(-Enix) protagonist who just lived in an island before unknowingly being wrapped up in a complex story. Serge has since been trying to teach him his Techs, with Sora most interested in the Luminaire.
  • Gives Jack Sparrow a pass for having once fought with the pirate Fargo. Serge also gets along well with merfolk due to his experience with Irenes, specially Ariel, who looks like childhood friend\girlfriend Leena.
  • His abilities to attract women have already manifested in the pantheon. One of the most unpleasant moments was with Harley Quinn, as the similarly-looking Harle already caused Serge enough of a headache.
  • Is terrified of Eugene Gallardo for reminding him of Lynx. SHODAN, who looks like FATE and is probably even more evil, also got his instant dislike.
  • Dragons are a mixed bag for Serge: while he got along with Mushu and Spyro for reminding him of Draggy, he is not much favorable to the bigger ones, having experience fighting the Dragon God and its parts.


    02 Digidestined 
The 2002 DigidestinedMembers , Holy Team of Successor Protagonists (Daisuke: Davis; Ken: Digimon Kaiser/Emperor; Miyako: Yolei; Iori: Cody)
L-R: Ken, Daisuke, Miyako, Iori (top row); Wormmon, V-mon, Hawkmon, Armadimon (bottom row)
  • Demideities (their Digimon can go up to Greater rank)
  • Symbol: The Digimentals
  • Theme Song: "Target~Akai Shougeki~"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Ken is formerly Neutral Evil; Iori is more Lawful)
  • Portfolio: Leading a normal life while saving both worlds, Fusion Dance, Lighter and Softer
  • Domains: Good, Sequels, Mons, Data, Fusion
    • Daisuke: Courage, Friendship, Miracles, Leadership, Dragons
    • Ken: Kindness, Redemption, Insects
    • Miyako: Love, Purity, Computers, Intelligence, Birds
    • Iori: Knowledge, Sincerity, Honor, Morality, Mammals
  • Heralds: V-mon, Wormmon, Hawkmon, Armadimon
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities, GUAG White Hats, The Mane Cast, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sora, Santa Claus
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities, Enter, Master Control Program, Sark, Love Machine, Team Rocket, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokemon Hunter J, Zonda and the Seven (esp. Teseo)
  • Truce with: Sombra
  • Rival: Nao Midorikawa (Daisuke)
  • Three years after the eight Digidestined went on their adventure, a new crisis arised in the Digital World; a boy calling himself the Digimon Kaiser was going around enslaving Digimon and building Dark Towers that prevented evolution. Three new Digivices were granted to hotheaded soccer player Daisuke, energetic, tech-savvy Miyako and the young but mature Iori, who met their fated Digimon partners capable of an ancient evolution known as Armor Evolution that could counter the Dark Towers' power and fight the Kaiser. Thus the original Digidestined, with the exception of Takeru and Hikari, had to step aside to let the new generation save the Digital World. Taichi even passed his goggles on to Daisuke, in addition to the Crests passing on to the new team members in the form of the Digimentals, the catalysts of Armor Evolution.
    • The Digimon Kaiser turned out to also be a Digidestined: Ken Ichijouji, a brilliant but misanthropic boy who treated the Digital World as a game where he could do anything he wanted, not understanding that it was all real. Eventually the heroes stopped him, and after learning some lessons as a result of his partner Wormmon dying in the process, he decided to atone and eventually became part of the team.
  • Three years after their adventures, Daisuke and co. discovered a new plot threatening the two worlds, but were beaten nearly to the point of death by Alphamon. At that point, Enter took advantage of the fact that Ken was a High Priest by kidnapping and corrupting him into becoming the Digimon Kaiser again. Omegamon summoned the other three to save their friend. It was a difficult enterprise due to their confidence falling to rock bottom after their defeat and the fact that they didn't have their friends to Jogress with, but with the help of Omegamon and many other sympathetic deities, plus some creative use of Armor Evolution, they managed to rescue Ken and defeat Enter. The Main House then decided it was as good a time as any to make them proper deities.
  • Given that Milleniumon was the first Digimon Ken opposed (his first digital adventure ended with him helping Ryo defeat it) and one of the reasons why he became the Kaiser, due to it implanting a Dark Seed in Ken, it goes without saying that he was not happy to hear that the Digimon was already in the Pantheon. The fact that Millenniumon was born out of the Kimeramon that Ken created as the Kaiser was a deep shock to him, and made him regret his past actions even more, thinking that it's the punishment he deserves. Daisuke, Miyako and Iori followed suit in opposing it, for being the cause of their comrade's distress and wanting to destroy everything... Or at least, they would have if it hadn't turn out that Milleniumon had found a partner for itself in the Pantheon, in the form of a peppy Playful Hacker known as Radical Ed. None of the kids could believe their eyes, but Ed assured them that Milleniumon was her friend and asked them not to delete it as long as it was under her control. While the Digidestined don't trust Milleniumon one bit and told it they'd take it down if it tried anything funny, they've decided to trust Ed after hearing of her reputation. In fact, they hang out with her pretty often at Miyako's insistence as she's fascinated with her abilities with computers.
  • While they have a truce with Millenniumon, the foursome are as determined as ever to stop any threats in the Digital World, be they homicidal viruses or megalomaniac computers, and work together with fellow Tamers and the White Hats in putting a stop to them.
  • In their temple there are replicas of all their bedrooms (Takeru and Hikari also have theirs for whenever they feel like staying) and the Odaiba Elementary School's computer lab that serves as their usual entry to the Digital World. Other Digimon and the White Hats can easily communicate with them through it.
  • Daisuke defeated Ken and then insisted more than anyone else in becoming closer to him after he proved he was reforming. Nanoha and Fate have noticed certain similarities to themselves, as Nanoha also needed to defeat Fate before the latter turned to her side. Also, Fate can relate to Ken's struggle to replace his dead older sibling.
  • They dedicate some of their free time to club activities at the Academy. Daisuke and Ken are in the soccer club (Daisuke being all raring to go since Taichi-senpai is the captain there), Iori joined the kendo club and Miyako is in the computer club.
    • Daisuke has developed a rivalry with the girls' team headed by Nao and Rin. It all started when the teams' schedules for using the field clashed and Daisuke wanted to decide it through a game. The girls won and Daisuke has been annoyed at that ever since, antagonizing Rin whenever they see each other, while Nao tries to pacify them. Ken thinks it doesn't really matter and is far friendlier with the girls.
  • They have become friends with Ash Ketchum in spite of their followers being rivals, though it doesn't stop them from competing in a light-hearted manner at times.
    • One time they got ambushed by Team Rocket, who tried to steal V-mon for their boss. He was eventually freed, evolved to XV-mon and sent the team blasting off again with his X-Laser but Daisuke and co. weren't exactly happy about the whole thing, and they wonder if they'll have to worry about criminals wanting to steal their Digimon. Also they find Jessie and James a bit too similar to Arukenimon and Mummymon.
    • Their fear was confirmed by the presence of the likes of Ghetsis and Pokemon Hunter J. They find it unforgivable that they'd use mons as tools to achieve their selfish goals, be it world domination or wealth. Ghetsis and J, however, have looked into Digimon and find that they may be more difficult to handle than Pokemon, so they'll remain focused on the former for now.
  • Given their actions during the Digimon world crisis, they have not only the support of a lot of deities from the countries they protected, but they have a permanent spot in Santa Claus' nice list given the whole thing took place during Christmastime, and if it weren't for their intervention Christmas might have been ruined in many parts of the world.
  • Although their adult lives have been controversial for seemingly random career paths that don't appear to match with their characters, the Cutie Mark Crusaders admire and support them for successfully pursuing their dream jobs. The Digidestined also became friends with the Mane Cast by association, with each member having their own best friend within that group.
  • Daisuke:
    • Daisuke has been made aware that he used to be the one who the title Hopeless Suitor referred to after his ascension. He prefers his current position with his friends and doesn't like it when people remind him how he didn't get Hikari to like him. Though that doesn't stop Miyako from taunting him about it sometimes.
    • Determined to become stronger so he won't disappoint Taichi again, he gained the sympathy of Arokh and Rynn, who decided to become mentors to him and V-mon, and hope they'll improve their dragon-and-rider dynamic for future battles.
    • Daisuke sometimes spends time at the House of Food learning to be the best ramen cook, since that's his dream job. Naruto, a fan of ramen, thinks that's a great dream and has offered to taste-test Daisuke's cooking, so the two have a business partnership of sorts.
    • Out of the Mane Cast Daisuke gets along best with Rainbow Dash, as they're both unwaveringly loyal to their friends and yet competitive and boisterous. They might butt heads sometimes due to that second quality (like one time Daisuke argued Lighdramon was faster than Rainbow Dash), but in they end they respect each other's abilities.
    • He was in charge of New York during the Digimon world crisis, which got him the gratitude and friendship of the personification of America himself. Given they're both excitable and kinda dim leaders, they get along quite well. The Avengers are also kicking themselves wondering what the hell they were doing while the Digimon invasion was happening, but they're glad Daisuke was around.
  • Ken:
    • Originally Ken was to ascend for And You Thought It Was a Game, but plans changed and he ascended with his friends instead. His trope was handed over to David Lightman, a teen hacker who thought he was playing computer games and instead nearly started a nuclear world war, which he managed to avert. In his brief stint as his High Priest, Ken became acquainted with David's regrets over the event and determination to help to avoid similar situations in the Pantheon. Ken fully relates to his feelings and respects him.
    • Ken's brilliant older brother Osamu died in a car accident, which Ken believes is his fault because he wished for it out of jealousy. So he strove to be like Osamu to please his parents. As it happens, Switch of the Sket-Dan has an almost identical backstory. Eventually both were able to overcome these issues with the support of their friends. Obviously they have a lot to talk about.
    • Ken and Judai have become very good friends since both of them ended up becoming Evil Overlords through some bad decisions. It was a rather unfortunate coincidence but it has helped them bond together. Other people who regret their actions (everyone at the Ministry of Atonement, for example) have also given Ken their support.
      • In addition, Koichi Kimura is probably the Digidestined Ken has most in common with as Koichi also had a stint at being evil before atoning. Koichi would like it if the darkness-fearing Ken could learn that not all that's dark is evil.
    • With Ken's Crest being that of Kindness, he attracted the attention of another representative of that virtue: Fluttershy. One troll (confirmed to be an Itazura Griefer) told her of the time he literally kicked a puppy, so his first encounter with her… wasn't pretty. But after explaining, the pegasus also showed her very forgiving nature, sympathized with Ken's long and painful path to kindness, and knows that he's certainly learned his lesson.
    • He protected ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico during the world crisis, and Speedy Gonzalez is thus grateful to him for protecting his country's heritage. Surprisingly, so is the notorious hacker Sombra, who cuts the Digidestined some slack as a sort of thanks.
    • Wants to be a police inspector, presumably out of a desire to do justice by others after spending so much time being evil as the Kaiser. He spends time at the House of Justice learning about it and has taken a particular shine to Ryotaro Dojima, who returns the sentiment even if he fears that Ken's desire to atone might make him too obsessive about certain cases like Ryotaro was. He'll do his best to make the boy aware of the risks.
    • Whenever Ken and Wormmon train at the House of Insects they tend to run into Sig, who likes to follow them around to observe Wormmon or Stingmon battling against other insects, which always makes him go fanboy mode in his stoic way. Ken was weirded out by the boy at first, though he was never rude and eventually got used to Sig, even developing an odd kind of friendship.
  • Miyako:
    • Created a peculiar friendship with the Angry Birds when they confused Hawkmon for one of their own and drafted him into helping protect their eggs. Despite everything, Miyako and Hawkmon roll with it and think of it as practice for future battles. They've also garnered the interest of Anivia, who serves as something of a mentor to them.
    • She helped out in Russia during the world crisis, for which she's earned the friendship of Zangief and Zarya, who thought it was amusing yet clever how she dealt with the language barrier by using Russian food names as signals. Since Miyako was denied real Russian food when she went there, the two Russians were happy to throw on a feast for her and her friends, much to her delight.
    • Miyako's hyper personality means she gets along well with the similarly-tempered Pinkie Pie. With her skill at using music programs, Miyako's always finding new ways of livening up Pinkie's parties.
    • Despite her tech-savvy, Miyako's real dream is to be a Yamato Nadeshiko and a housewife. The White Hats are trying to encourage her to still apply her talent by working from home, as they really don't want to lose her abilities. Miyako thinks that wouldn't be a bad idea, but in the meanwhile she's looking up to Hinata Hyuuga as her role model after hearing of how devoted to her family she is. Hinata thinks it best to advise Miyako not to become something she's not.
    • Gets along well with Fuuka and Ami due to being the computer experts in their respective teams. It's a bit ironic as Fuuka and Ami are shy while Miyako is the very opposite, but the two blue-haired girls always feel energized when they're around the Digidestined.
  • Iori:
    • He appreciates the company of Mr. Miyagi, as the old karate teacher reminds him of his grandfather. Sure, grandpa was goofier, but he and Miyagi have the same penchant for proverbial wisdom. In his visits to Miyagi, Iori's also become friends with his pupil Daniel, and the two may be seen training together sometimes.
    • Iori relates the most to Applejack out of the Mane Cast, as both of them have a strong sense of honor and will not budge on their beliefs easily. On the other hand, both of them have also had to learn that it's necessary to be flexible at times for the greater good. They've decided to tell each other the lessons they learn on that front to see if they can learn anything new from each other.
    • During the world crisis he went to the Land Downunder to stop some water-dwelling Digimon from rampaging. As the Great Coral Reef was at risk during the battle and Iori did his best to preserve it, Steve Irwin is forever grateful that he protected such an important habitat for Australian sea life.
    • Iori wants to be a defense attorney, which likely has some relation to how his father was a police officer killed in the line of duty. After learning of the boy's history, Sae Niijima has expressed interest in mentoring him, as she herself is a defense attorney whose father died in the same circumstances, which had been a sore spot for her for a long time.
    • As a practitioner of Kendo, he eventually found a sparring partner in Suguha.

    Connie Maheswaran 
Connie Maheswaran, Goddess of Normal Members in Super Teams (Miss Knight, Swashbuckling Swashbuckler)
Stevonnie (fusion with Steven) 
  • Enemies: Enemies of the Crystal Gems
  • Opposes: The Dursleys (well, mostly Vernon, slightly less from Petunia, while neutral for Dudley)
  • In a team of differently powered individuals, there's a rare occasion in which someone who has no special powers is a member of such a team. In the face of Steven Universe's pleas to the Court of the Gods, and a trope chosen by Pearl, the chosen candidate for The Team Normal was their ally Connie.
  • Connie is very intelligent for her age, knowing a lot about boats, reading a variety of books (she enjoys reading fantasy novels like The Spirit Morph Saga and A Wrinkle in Time, but also non-fiction books for fact), having proficiency in tennis, violin playing, and sword fighting (the latter of which even Pearl, a master swordswoman, was impressed with how quickly she picked it up), having an extensive vocabulary, and even managing to find loopholes in her parents' many rules. She's even prepared and intelligent when it comes to surviving in the wilderness, thanks to reading a book about the subject.
    • Speaking of The Spirit Morph Saga, she's been spreading awareness of it in the House of Knowledge, which she also frequents for new books to read. Those who finished the series she's recommended would agree that while overall great, the last book is lackluster (unless they had their Shipping Goggles on, like Steven had).
  • Used to take tennis practice in her early days before meeting Steven (again), and has noticed the lack of a deity representing it in the House of Sports. Not that looking for a candidate is a priority, though she'd support that.
  • She's also a proficient violinist and can sing well while playing, which takes quite a bit of practice to get right.
  • Is pretty good at lying under pressure, mostly because her parents were too strict to be honest with before she eventually confided her involvement with the Crystal Gems.
  • Was apparently a spectator in the events of Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, as were the Pines twins. Given she had a brief "break up" with Steven after his reckless sacrifice to save his friends from Aquamarine, and had taken Lion with her, it is commonly assumed that she visited that place between her leaving and her return appearance at Kevin's party. She's not saying what else she did there, though.
  • He-Man has noted that her new sword looks just like his own. He (as Prince Adam) even offered to spar with her one of these days.
  • In a friendly sparring session with the other juniors in the Pantheon, Connie and Kairi were selected as partners for the day. It was a very close match (while briefly surprised by magic attacks, Connie was quick to adapt to the situation), though that left Kairi in a bit of a slump, given her... lackluster performance in the battle against Xehanort despite her training; if a by-all-accounts-normal girl was able to keep up with her despite not having any magic (besides being able to fuse with Steven, though that's more from him than from her), what does that say about her skills?
    Connie: Well, my first fight against the Diamonds ended with me losing my first sword. Well, Steven's mom's sword. Forged by Bismuth specifically to poof any gem in a single swing. And Blue Diamond just snapped it between her fingers.
    Kairi: At least that's all you lost. Master Xehanort kidnapped me, and then killed me in front of Sora to provoke him. It took him using the Power of Waking to bring me back, but he faded away after that. He's gone here too, and nobody knows where he is now.
    Connie: Oh... That's... I... That must really suck.
    Kairi: Yeah...
    • As such, she's offered to have Kairi join in sword lessons from Pearl, who has at least a few thousand years of experience. Funnily enough, in an alternate universe, it is Connie who tutors the islander in swordplay.
    • Eventually, she befriended Sora as well, and she found his optimism very much like Steven's. If he were here, that is.
      • Speaking of Pearl as her mentor, she's by extension turned down apprenticeship offers from all the other swordmasters in the Pantheon; she's probably not above endorsing Pearl, however.
      • Other mentors she's had the privilege of meeting were Chiron (a really great teacher and a kind one at that) and Scathach (a strict teacher who trains her students rigorously).
  • Sometime after that duel, she soon made friends with other young sword users such as Sokka (fellow dark-skinned non-powered person with an intellectual mind) and Finn (whose special trait of being human extends to all of Ooo (his mother and her colony live in islands outside it)).
  • Has no patience for "overgrown kids" during any important missions. Anyone who's old enough should be able to act the part.
  • Don't underestimate her skills or leave her out of missions to stay behind; emotional support is just as important. And she doesn't take it very well.
  • Encountered Lisa Simpson one day during one of her environmentalist speeches and was among those who have listened intently and even bounce off ideas. They managed to become amicable friends after that.
  • Having nearly been indoctrinated to a certain dangerous mindset when Pearl first tutored her in swordplay, Connie has dim opinions on any dynamic between two people that goes by way of master and (expendable) servant if the master was a formidable combatant as well; Pearl at least had the excuse of being able to regenerate and keeping Rose's real identity as Pink Diamond a secret. The only exception is between the Prinnies and Etna, especially after hearing what the former used to be in life, but even then she still feels a little conflicted.
  • While browsing the internet, she came across a video of a team of weaponsmiths replicating Rose Quartz's sword as close as they could. It has piqued her interest and plans to show it to Bismuth as soon as a trope to ascend her for is found.
  • One day, after a spar with Sokka (and she asked him not to hold back his boomerang), they went to the House of Food for lunch. That was when she met one of his friends Xander Harris, The Team Normal for Buffy's Scooby Gang. After meeting all of Steven's other friends, she's been getting an inkling of insecurity and uselessness, which motivated her to practice harder. Having heard of this through the rumor mill in the House of Love, he knows of someone who's had the same issues, and recommended Connie to... look around the House his temple is in; it's not like he knows everything about his neighbors.
    • During her visit to that House the next day, she was called over by Tomoyo, who heard of Connie through Sakura through Steven. The two talked about their experiences over cakes and tea, and the rich girl admired the half-Indian for her dedication to be of active help to her magical friend and having means to do so (i.e. Pearl) rather than just remain as emotional support and occasional idea supplier. A better part of an hour later, among other things, Connie ended up learning about Personas, that there's a "service" for awakening one, and their limits. She also decided to schedule herself a duel with Yu Narukami.
    • A few days later, she would get that duel, even if the Investigation Team leader held back, summoning only Izanagi (she wanted to do more than just sword-to-sword with Yu) for his Persona in battle. It was definitely a learning experience for her.

    Mai Takatsukasa 
Mai Takatsukasa, MacGuffin Goddess (The Mysterious Girl, Woman of the Beginning, Overlord Mai, the Priestess of Fate)
Click here  to see her as "Overlord Mai".
  • Theme Song: "Lights of my Wish"
  • Rank: Demigoddess (Intermediate Goddess as Overlord Mai)
  • Symbol: The Team Gaim Logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Heroine, Belligerent Sexual Tension with Kouta, Being a Fan of Oren Pierre Alfonzo, Broken Masquerade, Determinator, Being the Voice of Reason, What Her Name Implies She Enjoys Doing, The Leader of Team Gaim due to Yuya's disappearance, Being a Shrine Priestess, Being a Forgiving Person, Stepfordism, Damsel in Distress, Being the one who holds the Forbidden Fruit before Roshou's Death, Unwitting Pawn, Being Unwittingly Responsible for the Fates of Kouta, Mitsuzane, and Kaito, Left to another planet with Kouta.
  • Domains: Dancing, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Godhood.
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi.
  • Love Interest: Kouta Kazuraba.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ryoma Sengoku, Redyue, Kogane, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Bernkastel and Basco ta Jolokia), Johan Liebert, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Yuu.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi.
  • Known as the Acting Leader of the Beat Riders dance group Team Gaim and Love Interest/Childhood Friend of Kouta Kazuraba, Mai Takatskasa was a originally a shrine priestess who is a professional dancer in the city of Zawame until the arrival of Yggdrasill Corporation that changes everything, in spite of this, she joins Team Gaim she practices with her teammates to improve their dancing skills to become the best Beat Riders in the city. However due to the appearance of various Armored Riders that leads up to the tragic conclusion of the Helheim Invasion, she became the Woman of the Beginning after The Overlord King Roshuo entrusts the Forbidden Fruit to her before she is reunited with Kouta after his victor against Kaito Kumon, as both Kouta and Mai became Godly beings, they left Earth to terraform a dying planet into a beautiful world with the Inves and Helheim transferred into that world to live peacefully.
  • Upon her ascension, many of her Armored Rider friends was very happy to see her again, especially with Kouta as he expressed his joy over her ascension as they finally reunited once more in this pantheon.
    • She also befriended Yuki Jojima of the Kamen Rider Club, as Jojima notices her identity as the Woman of the Beginning, she also dream of getting a detour to the Planet Helheim with her fellow Kamen Rider Club Members, which Mai kindly approves.
    • She was also reunited with Mio and Kagura of the ToQgers after their last encounter back in Zawame, as of now they can now finish their unfinished business of visiting Oren's store so Kagura can buy Oren's cakes in the House of Food.
  • True to her name, Mai enjoys dancing which is one of her motivations in her life, as such she is often practices in her daily basis. This said motivation had made her friends with the Fresh Pretty Cures as well, especially with Love Momozono, after Mai is impressed with their dancing skills. Since then, they were often seen practicing dancing as well as teaching children with their dance moves to the pantheon.
    • Her connections with the Fresh Cures had made her friends with the ascended Pretty Cures as well, especially with Tsubomi Hanasaki while she shed into tears after Tsubomi learned of Mai's predicament including the tragedies that happened back in her world, and Yayoi Kise who also wants to sign an autograph of Mai due to her connections with the heroic Armored Riders of Zawame as Yayoi also pointed out that her brethren Pretty Cures might join Mai in their dance practices.
  • She is very close friends with Madoka Kaname due to their similar personalities as well as both became Godly figures while she is also saddened at the same time after learning of her current status due to Homura Akemi's actions of usurping her powers for her own agenda, this makes her have a conflict with Homura Akemi as well after what she had done to her former friend Madoka while she pleaded her to return to her old self with Homura replies to Mai was "I won't rely on anyone anymore".
  • Like Kouta before, she also made friends with Kirito and Asuna after she finds the world of Alfheim Online a fascinating place while she was impressed with their high level skills. She also became friends with Yui as the adopted AI child wanted to learn about her dance moves too.
  • Also befriending Enju Aihara while she was saddened too after learning Enju's situation of being girl who carries a disease that slowly turning her into a monstrous Gastrea that would eventually kill her. Upon learning this, Mai will do whatever it takes to make sure that Enju will get cure from her sickness.
  • While roaming in the House of Travel, Mai saw a strange box, as Mai opened it, Gracia came out of the box and she surprised her. After that she quickly befriended Mai due to her connections with Kouta as Gracia wanted to join Team Gaim as an honorary member so she can spend time practicing dances with her, which Mai was glad that she found another member since back in the early days of the Inves Games.
  • She also befriended Mai Tokiha not only because of them having the same given names, but both admired each other due to their gentle nature and their compassion towards the people they care about.
  • She also get along well with a fellow Shrine Priestess named Rika Furude while she also had a sympathy for her after she heard countless stories of her attempt to change the fate of her friends, which reminds her of her own attempt of changing the fates of Kouta, Kaito, and Micchy.
  • She is also close friends with Yuma Tsukumo due to his friendly and naive nature which he reminding her of how Kouta used to be. On top of that he wants to give her an interest on playing Duel Monsters game but Mai wants to think about it for the time being.
  • She also became friends with Miku Kohinata as she deeply admired her nice attitude to her friends and Miku also admired Mai's efforts of unifying every good-aligned Beat Riders into a super dance group, which Mai was glad to here such remarks from Miku.
  • She also meet an Idol Singer named Sayaka Maizono as Mai was feeling sorry for her after she notice her stepfordism due to her experience back in Hope's Peak Academy, however Mai also tells her own story of bringing joy to her audience through dancing despite being a Stepford Smiler due to the constant changes in Zawame City. Upon hearing this, Sayaka shed into tears as she found a real friend as both gets along since then.
  • Also became friends with Komaru Naegi as well as both never give in to despair despite the troubles that happened in their respective worlds and both shared their hate towards Monokuma and Junko Enoshima due to their reputation of of being the mastermind of the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy.
  • She also became friends with Illya as the homunculus notice that her being the holder of the Forbidden Fruit reminding her of her mother who was the Holy Grail itself.
  • She hates Ryoma Sengoku's guts after he attempts to kill her by dissecting the Forbidden Fruit out of her. Also gained an ire towards Kogane for corrupting Kouta into his chaotic self back in the Soccer World.
  • Due to her connections with Kouta, she was being seen as a threat by Yuu and his Da'ath organization due to her being the Woman of the Beginning which creates an interference on their own plot to recreate the world.
  • While making many friends in the pantheon, she made enemies as well, this includes with Bernkastel and Basco of the Trollkaigers as the former being a cruel witch who commit evil deeds and the latter is a backstabbing troll who harms children for his own amusement. She also dislikes Johan Liebert due to his diabolical nature and his tendency to mind rape every single of his victims.

Scrat, God of Recurring Extras
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His acorn
  • Theme: "Scrat's Fantasia"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Iron Butt Monkey, The Speechless, Never Keeping That Acorn (But Still Tries Regardless), Breakout Character
  • Domains: Acorns, Failure
  • Allies: Wile E. Coyote, Squirrel Girl, Kronk, The Gang of Seven
  • Sympathized by: Charlie Brown, Quasimodo
  • On neutral terms with: Screwy Squirrel, Ratatoskr (less so the latter)
  • Odd Relations: Conker the Squirrel
  • Source of Interest for: David Attenborough
  • There's only one thing on Scrat's mind and that's keeping his acorn and putting it in a safe spot. Luck is never on his side as Scrat often takes extensive amounts of damage just trying to keep his acorn. No matter how close he is to achieving his goal, fate somehow intervenes and Scrat ends up worse than what he was. He ends up surviving numerous mishaps and is never deterred in keeping that acorn, no matter how many failures he's suffered or just how potentially cataclysmic his actions can be. Scrat's misadventures have almost nothing to do with the stories of Manfred and his friends (and none of them really care about what Scrat's doing), but he's shown up all the time in a supporting role separate from the main action.
  • For a while in the Pantheon, Scrat has been roaming throughout various locales with his acorn with the intent of keeping it somewhere safe and failing all the time. One of his attempts before getting noticed involved putting his acorn in a spot that would conveniently fit it. He didn't realize that it would result in him causing a massive earthquake that spanned most of the Pantheon, and he had to get his acorn back after realizing that he could lose it. After navigating his way through the ongoing earthquake and enduring a long fall in the process once that disaster ended, he found himself in front of a few deities, including those who were fascinated with animals. After noticing how strange Scrat looked for a squirrel, the animal lovers cleared up a few things to get him accepted to the Pantheon and Scrat has since continued to roam the Pantheon with his acorn, hoping to finally achieve his goal.
    • Scrat's introduction in the Pantheon was through Quasimodo's temple, given some deities felt he fit as his follower as an Ugly Cute critter. Whenever he returns there, the hunchback throws some nuts for Scrat to eat in acknowledgment of this first break. He eats them, but hardly stays long enough - that acorn always takes precedence!
  • Despite having his own designated spot in the Pantheon, Scrat is almost never there, instead going around with his acorn in the hopes that he'll be able to secure it somewhere. While some believe that this designated spot is where Scrat would be safe with his acorn, others think that said spot will collapse should he tightly lodge his acorn there and damage other deities' designated spots along with it. Ironically, the few times that Scrat was actually sighted there, he ends up leaving with his acorn, much to the consternation of others.
    • Beforehand, someone tried to explain to Scrat what the Pantheon is and that, despite his goals, the Pantheon doesn't even fit the description of an acorn heaven that's home to the world's largest acorn. Not only did Scrat get disappointed, he flew into a fit of rage and attacked whoever was talking to him before that guy flung Scrat far away. Scrat is more than willing to search for that "acorn heaven" and any other place home to lots of acorns by extension, even if it meant taking more pain than before.
  • In the grand scheme of things, the majority of Pantheonic denizens are apathetic to Scrat and his never-ending quest to find a good place for his acorn. If they somehow do encounter him, they primarily don't acknowledge him in any way and those that do simply see him as a small nuisance. At best, the majority of deities prefer not to get themselves involved with his acorn antics (and are annoyed if they somehow do get dragged into it) and at worst, there are a few mean-spirited deities that decided to act as impromptu roadblocks in Scrat's adventures just to spite him and add to his already large streak of bad luck.
  • After yet another failed attempt at catching the Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote headed back home and after going over some things, he was more than curious about Scrat, who seemed to be in the same situation as him regarding trying to accomplish a hopeless scenario. By sheer happenstance, Scrat somehow ended up in Wile E.'s home looking for an acorn. After a bit of effort, the coyote was able to talk to Scrat and tell him how much he sympathized over Scrat's plight. The prehistoric squirrel was a bit surprised to hear something like that, but Wile E. made it clear that both are determined creatures who will do whatever it takes to get their goals, no matter what circumstances may transpire. While Scrat is far too busy with finding a good place for his acorn, he at least accepts Wile E. as a sort of kindred spirit. Scrat trying to use ACME products as a means to secure his acorn is something that more likely than not produce disastrous results on par with, if not greater than, Wile E.'s efforts.
  • Charlie Brown was another deity who sympathized with Scrat's mishaps, comparing the squirrel's futile attempts at safekeeping his acorn to that of his numerous tries at kicking the football that Lucy van Pelt has. Incidentally, Charlie Brown does have the occassional bout of better-than-expected luck that always run out quickly, compared to Scrat's almost perpetual streak of misfortune. Although Charlie Brown isn't really able to do a whole lot to make Scrat's life better, he actually doesn't see the squirrel as an annoyance compared to other deities.
  • Squirrel Girl took an immediate liking to Scrat, finding him to be adorable and feeling sorry about what he normally goes through. While going through the Pantheon, she encountered him and decided to tag along with him as he had his acorn. She was able to understand him despite Scrat not being able to talk properly and even convince him to work alongside her from time to time. Scrat wasn't used to having things turn out well for him, but was willing to go through it since Doreen would reward him with an acorn or two for working with her. Things do look better overall for Scrat whenever he's with Squirrel Girl, but his "luck" will go back to normal once whatever business he has with Squirrel Girl is wrapped up until further notice.
    • Doreen later decided to let Scrat meet up with Kronk, who is also capable of speaking squirrel. Kronk found Scrat to be slightly odd-looking for a squirrel at first, but still accepted him and has had some "conversations" with Scrat. Like Doreen, Kronk is also sympathetic of his various misadventures and has made numerous efforts to cheer him up.
  • Conker was initially incredulous after hearing about another squirrel (or squirrel-like being) go through a lot of hell just to accomplish something, but was willing to weigh in on it after somehow encountering Scrat. While he didn't really say a whole lot during that meeting, it was Conker's conversations with others where he talked about how he felt about that creature. On one hand, Conker feels that what Scrat goes through just to keep that acorn safe is nothing compared to Conker's misadventures involving vampires, prehistoric settings, wartime trauma, and botched bank heists. On the other hand, Conker does have a bit of resentment at how Scrat comes away unharmed from his mishaps whereas Conker would probably suffer a grisly end by all the obstacles that Scrat went through.
  • Both Screwy Squirrel and Ratatoskr were a bit curious about Scrat after learning that he was another squirrel like them, though a bit different in some ways. Given the pair's penchant for trickery and mayhem, some initially thought that they'd do something crazy to add to Scrat's misfortune, but after learning about what Scrat has to go through, they decided not to directly get too involved with him. Screwy admitted that seeing a squirrel go through a ton of pain wasn't funny to him (partially due to Screwy getting crushed to death once), though Ratatoskr isn't above spreading dumb rumors about Scrat to contribute to the already low level of respect Scrat has.
  • As someone who's highly fond of nature and its wonders, David Attenborough was curious about Scrat being some sort of prehistoric squirrel. What intrigued Attenborough even more was how this creature bore a resemblance to the cronopio, a real-life prehistoric mammal. Unsurprisingly, Scrat is different from his real-life inspiration in terms of behavior and being able to survive, but it hasn't stopped Attenborough from taking notes of Scrat's traits and even chronicling his adventures. Many find it amusing to hear Attenborough's calm narration juxtaposed over the cartoony calamities of Scrat.
  • It wouldn't take that long for a prehistoric creature like Scrat to come across other animals hailing from prehistoric times. As is the case for the majority of the Pantheon, these giant prehistoric creatures couldn't care less about what Scrat's doing, but if he has the misfortune of putting his acorn at wherever someone like Gwangi or Sharptooth, those dinosaurs are more than likely going to make things much more miserable for him. One very unlucky attempt resulted in Scrat being chased around by the Indominus Rex throughout the Pantheon until the latter got subdued yet again, and by then, Scrat was already caught up in another mishap.
    • Of these prehistoric creatures, the only ones that were willing to be on good terms with Scrat was the Gang of Seven. They ended up encountering him while he was searching for an acorn, with Spike deciding to communicate with him thanks to some experience in befriending other small prehistoric animals. It worked out, with Littlefoot & co. making some visits for their prehistoric friend from time-to-time. To Scrat's credit, they're much more understanding of him compared to Manfred and the rest of the Herd.
  • Even if he's regarded as a very insignificant member of the Pantheon, Scrat's attempts to keep his acorn have ended up causing something drastic to happen as a result of his impulses. In addition to splitting up Pangea inside Earth's core and creating the solar system via an out-of-control spaceship (in his universe at least...somehow), he's also destroyed an acorn-themed equivalent of Atlantis due to carelessness and wiped out all life on Mars as a result of the aforementioned spaceship (which wrankled a lot of deities who hold that planet in high regard). Even if Scrat somehow has a hand in causing some major event in the Pantheon, he's not going to be acknowledged in causing it one way or another.


    Christopher Robin 
Christopher Robin, God of The Odd Human Out (Christopher Robin Milne)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A red balloon being held by a young boy. Alternitively, A Pooh Corner sign
  • Theme Song: Return To Pooh Corner
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Token Human, Wide-Eyed Idealist, The Everyman, Cheerful Child, Children Are Innocent, All-Loving Hero
  • Domains: Childhood, nostalgia, imagination, All around general niceness
  • High Priests: Megan, Danny, and Molly Williams
  • Allies: He views everyone as his friend, but special mentions belong to Winnie The Pooh, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, Piglet, Tigger, Sora, Mickey Mouse, Hachiko, The Human Child, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Calvin And Hobbes, the good deities from the House of School, Finn The Human
  • Rivals/Enemies: He's a Cheerful Child, what do you think? Although the House Of Gaming constantly challenges him to baseball.
  • Long had Winnie the Pooh patiently waited for the day that Christopher Robin eventually ascended. Truth be told, he was actually being considered on the first day that Pooh ascended; there was just some debate if him seeing the less than morale people here would make him lose happiness. Eventually, some of the kinder Main House members who grew tired of waiting decided to ascend him. Both of them were equally ecstatic upon seeing each other, and his place here was cemented.
    • Eeyore actually grinned softly at this ascension, while Rabbit congratulated him on the ascension, before being cut off by Tigger pouncing onto him and energetically greeting his friend. They all went off to the House of Food celebrated with their favorite foods. They are now working on a bigger party for when all of their friends back from the Hundred Acre Woods ascend.
  • While The Hundred Acre Woods isn't an official part of the Dominions, it's still been named a "safe space" for many deities whom seek refugee and a desire to not be a part of any of the Pantheon's moralic centric fights. Pooh and Robin have their temple doors open 24/7, accepting any and all those who just want a break from all the brawls and hectic actions of the Pantheon. While a majority of people, including a large number of villains, are willing to abide by this rule, there are some members who don't want to obey this rule. As such, anyone who tries to introduce violence there is permanently banned and put on a restraining order, along with being placed high upon many, many, MANY deities shit-lists. Master Xehanort learned this the hard way after trying to make Winnie The Pooh say "goodbye" forever.
    • On that note, trying to tell Christopher Robin what happened is STRICTLY frowned up, and a sure-fire way to be targeted down by some of the more vengeful deities. Sora promises that his lips are sealed, though some fear that he may accidentally say that while hanging out with Christopher Robin, which is something he does often.
      • And speaking of Sora and "things to never talk about", the information about the Asylum incident must NEVER EVER EVER be told to him. The fact that poor Pooh was absolutely crushed and crying over what happened to Sora and what would happen if Christopher Robin learned of that would break many gods' hearts into pieces.
  • Due to his relationship with Winnie mirroring his own master quite a bit, Hachiko can be seen playing with them from time to time. Christopher Robin would be lying if he said the thought of "adopting" him never crossed his mind, but would like it if he could somehow ascend his original owner.
  • He is currently working with Pooh on ascending all the other members of the Hundred Acre Woods. They're thinking of ascending Owl first so he can help with bringing the others up. Their petitions are being written in crayon and with barely legible handwriting. In spite of this, the Court Of Gods still feel like they'll have a hard time saying "No" to them.
  • For some reason, Christopher Robin is a amazing pitcher. The kinds of balls he throws puts the House of Knowledge in a frenzy trying to figure out just how they works. The House of Gaming is among some of the most common to try and best his pitching.
  • Due to how animalistic and overall kind their friends are, the Human Child and Christopher Robin get along swimmingly, along with being just about considered family to the other's friends, with the Human Child to Robin's friends from the Hundred Acre Woods, and the Human Child's Underground friends. Some of the more malevolent deities see this as a problem as this just gives him more defense to help him out should he be caught in need of aid.
  • Deities realize that keeping his eyes shield from how terrible some of the Pantheon's members can is a tall order, but unknown to him, they have set up a schedule that assigns him a hidden bodyguard to keep him safe 24/7. People can sign up to help, but they are put through VERY HIGH background checks to see if they are trustworthy.
    • While he really doesn't have much of a reason to go there in the first place, there are deities ensuring that he never stops into the line of sight of the House of Hatred, and doubly so to have him not meet Dolores Umbridge.
  • As a young kid, his small time whenever he's not with Winnie the Pooh is him attending school within the School and doing his homework. He made quite a good number of friends from over there, and he especially likes Miss Frizzle and even joins her with some class trips she takes. Also helps that she happily would allow him to bring his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods on these magical field trips.
  • Apparently, he was approached by Finn after hearing how he got his old title. Robin thanked him for it and quickly became a friend to him, with Finn promising to give him a tour of the Land of Ooo sometime, and Robin in return offering to let him visit the Hundred Acres Woods whenever he desires.
  • Due to his friendship with Pooh, he's welcomed in the House of Friendship. In fact, the Avatars of Friendhsip helped make the celebration party for him, all while Elena stated how she honestly loves the "rhythm" Christopher Robin shares and Gentaro gave Christopher his signature handshake. Christopher Robin gladly thanked the group for the party and hopes to have more with them in the future.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders once visited him and decided that they would take Christopher Robin to their own special friends...Gangrel and Luna Vachon. Everyone in the House of Vampires knew that this was an absolutely terrible idea and tried their best to make the Crusaders go away. Ultimately, they failed and after some tense moments (with many gods making bets to see how it would end), it ended up pretty well. Christopher Robin admitted that the two wasn't so scary as they made themselves to be and now the Crusaders are requesting even more play dates with two. Everyone else looked in fear.
  • Gods have constantly wondered what would happen if Christopher Robin did grow up? This made gods find a film based on that What If? and made many of them cry in anguish and happiness.
  • "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

    Dr. John Watson 
Dr. John H. Watson, God of Exposition Requesters (The Scourge of Three Continents, Joan Watson)
  • Theme Song: "One More Miracle" for his BBC Sherlock version
  • Symbol: A mustache. Or a bowler hat whenever he is in one his Victorian versions only.
  • Quasideity, with some moments of Demi
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Asking for Information, Stoics, Second best to Holmes, Supporting Protagonist,
  • Domains: Exposition, Detectives, Friendship
  • High Priest: Captain Arthur Hastings
  • Allies: Sherlock Holmes, The Doctor, Leonard McCoy, Basil and Dawson, Kyon, Every God from the House of Justice and Investigative Work, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Naruto Uzumaki, Bilbo Baggin, every and all character ascended from Harry Potter, every Marvel character but especially T'Challa/Black Panther, Tony Stark/Iron Man, and Doctor Strange, Larry Daley, Sarah Connor
  • Enemies: Professor James Moriarty and every single one of his followers and criminals, Vito Corleone, any and all serial killers
  • Opposes: Robin Hood, Gregory House
  • Complicated Relationship with: Othello, Perry Cox, Irene Adler
  • Odd Friendship with: Artoria Pendragon
  • Pities: Winston Zeddmore
  • Upon Watson's ascension, he immediately wanted to meet up with his famous friend. Sherlock Holmes, at this time, was in one of his moods following a dry spell of cases to solve. To cheer him up, Commissioners Gygax and Arneson called him in to see Watson. After a sweet reunion, the two of them went to work far harder than usual.
  • While he is not as skilled as Holmes in deducing stuff, he has been little successful to solve a few mysteries on his own. However, He goes to the House of Knowledge to improve on his deductive skills.
  • Provided that he has a degree in medicine, Watson sometimes visits the GUAG medical division to help treat patients. He also visits the House of Love to reminisce about his first love, Mary Morstan. It's been said that he managed to seduce women from three continents in his home realm. Some naughty beings find this impressive for a guy in his time period. However, Watson keeps his mouth shut in these moments.
  • Was unpleasantly surprised when he learned that Moriarty had begun recruiting criminals throughout the Pantheon to build a new criminal enterprise. He vows to do whatever it takes to help Sherlock bring down the organization.
  • Is not very happy about his well-known portrayal of being a chubby, if not obese, idiot who's been used for sheer comedy. He's been seen having a few drinks with Dick Grayson. The advent of recent adaptations portraying him in a better light have served to lessen this embarrassment, but it's still not something he likes having brought up.
  • Has been seen having a drink with Irene Adler over their shared frustration of various adaptation's tendency to Flanderize them. They get along well enough as long as she's not merely Jamie Moriarty in disguise.
  • Has a good relationship with Marvel Universe deities, especially Black Panther, due to his personality, literature importance, the fact that quite a few sidekicks serving similar roles, and likeness to Everett Ross. He and Iron Man can sometimes be seen sharing a drink and jokes about his likeness to the Mandarin. It should come as little surprise that Iron Man and Doctor Strange are the superheroes he gets along with best.
  • Remains uneasy with Othello considering one of his version looks like one Othello's blackface version, couples with the fact that Watson versions still have Victorian values and racial prejudice.
  • Banned everyone from talking about the time that his memory was absolved by a robot.
  • Rumors has it that Watson is a much more capable detective than he let on, which evidenced by some versions even eclipse Holmes himself. Both of them have neither confirm or deny that fact.
  • Has a surprise visit from Artoria Pendragon after she heard one of his version is an Asian woman living in modern day New York city. While surprised by her visit, Watson and Artoria leave in good term because he used one of his more modern versions that treat women better.
  • Had a less than pleasant surprise visit when Larry Daley mistook Watson for one of the artifact in the museum and freaked out. The two of them ended up on good term after Watson calmed him down and had a talk.
  • Doesn't know what to think of Robin Hood because some people though that Sherlock commits some of his crime due to how sometimes Robin looks just like Sherlock. While Holmes usually doesn't mind (and even encourage the suspicions because he can easily prove he did not commit the crime), Watson is really bothered by this fact, even if most of the victims are Asshole Victim.
  • Felt very sorry for one of his former followers Winston when learning about the amount of screen time he was cut from the original film due to a change of actors.
  • Impressed by one of his former followers Sarah Connor and Naruto Uzumaki's Took a Level in Badass during the duration of their story and set her to be an examples for all his followers to improve themselves.
  • Was incredibly disturbed when he learned that he looked similar to famous criminal mastermind Vito Corleone's son and advisor, Tom. He and Sherlock are also trying to work with the House of Investigative to get them imprisoned.
  • Currently helping Sherlock in investigating any and all open cases within the Pantheon. Watson is usually the one to ask questions prepared by Sherlock and collaborating directly with the police force because he is the more sociable one.
  • Gets along well with Bilbo for their shared simple outlook on life. The fact that they sometimes looks the same is just a bonus.
  • Watson doesn't share, particularly like, and is sometimes irritated by Perry Cox's negative view on the world and training method, but respects the doctor for his skill and his effort to better the world.
  • A doctor in almost every incarnation, Watson is a frequent visitor in the house of Health and Disease to trade information and stories of the adventures between the deities that reside there. He generally gets along well with the good-aligned deities, opposes or tolerates the neutral ones and is enemies with the evil-aligned ones. However, he tends to butt head strongly with doctor House because of the latter's personality reminds him of a more obnoxious version of Holmes.

    Mary the Three-Breasted Prostitute 
Mary, Goddess of Fanservice Extra (Three-Breasted Prostitute)
"We can't show you why everyone remembers her, but let your imagination run wild."
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her three breasts
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Prostitute, Three-Breasted Mutant, Get Shot by Richter In the Back, Memorable Part of the Film
  • Domains: Prostitution, Multiple Breasts, Extra
  • Allies: Douglas Quaid, Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, William Thomas Riker, X-Men
  • Enemies: Jack the Ripper, William Stryker, Mars People, the Martians, Tiamat
  • A mutant from Mars that have developed an abnormally extra breast and works as a prostitute in Last Resort on Venusville, Mars. If that doesn't seem significant, well, she's just fanservice.
  • As a prostitute, she have made several clients through the Pantheon, with her third breast as a fetish for some of them. Her favorite client seems to be Kirk for having many extraterrestrial lovers and found her mutation to be normal compare to the other alien women.
  • As she works as a prostitute, she became cautious of a serial killer known as Jack the Ripper as he is known to target prostitutes.
  • As a denizen of Mars, she is offput by the more alien denizen of Mars rather than other humans or mutants that are found in Venusville. Although she tried to woo Martian Manhunter who has the power of shapeshifting and can look human.
  • She is a mutant as a result of weak radiation shielding in Venusville that caused a generations of humans being mutate. The X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants have found her to be hot and have wondered whether to laugh or envy how her mutation is fairly normal.
    • Her appearance earned her an ire of an anti-Mutant advocate, William Stryker, for her mutation and her profession.
  • Though proud of her breasts as she used them for her work, she's rather bothered that there was a deity named Tiamat beat her to the Multi Boobage department.
  • The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise once mistaken her for one of their crewman, Sonya Gomez, when they stumbled upon her. Her breast aside, she took it as a compliment when they thought of her as one of their officers.


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