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    The Titans (Warcraft) 

The Titan Pantheonnote , Holy Avatars of Prominent Background Paragons (Aman'Thul: The Highfather, Highfather of the Pantheon | Eonar: The Life-Binder | Aggramar: The Avenger, Lieutenant of the Great Sargeras, Champion of the Pantheon | Norgannon: The Dreamweaver, Keeper of Celestial Magics and Lore | Khaz'Goroth: The Shaper, Shaper and Forger of Worlds | Golganneth: The Thunderer, Lord of the Skies and the Roaring Oceans | Argus: The Unmaker, The Emerald Star | Azeroth: The Final Titan)
The Titans from left to right: Aggramar, Sargeras, Khaz'goroth, Norgannon, Eonar, Golganneth and Aman'Thul. Not pictured: Argus and Azeroth
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  • Overdeities
  • Symbol: The Seat of the Pantheon
  • Theme Song: Forged in Blood, and Seat of the Pantheon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Aggramar and Argus had a brief stint of enforced Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Important Background Lore Figures, The Ultimate Force for Good in the Warcraft Universe, Huge beings called Titans, Heroic forerunners of the mortal races of Azeroth, Literal living Planets, Living embodiments of Arcane Magic, Regarded as Gods and rightly so, Extremely advanced Technology and Magic, Seemingly missing from the Universe after being almost killed by Sargeras and losing their bodies as a result, Ultimately restored before sealing away Sargeras
  • Heralds: The Titanic Keepers and the rest of the Titan-forged, Amitus the Peacekeeper, Algalon the Observer, Speaker Magni Bronzebeard, All mortal defenders of Azeroth (Azeroth only)
  • Subordinates: The Dragon Aspects of Azeroth
  • Allies: Every Hero of Azeroth, The Nephalem, The Endless, Cosmos, The Monitor, Gan, Gaea, The Green Lantern Corps (especially Mogo), Rosalina and the Lumas, The Doom Slayer, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Living Tribunal, The Valar, Arceus, Madoka Kaname, Samurai Jack, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Igor, Heroic Keyblade Wielders, The Heroes of Luxendarc, The Sailor Guardians and any deity who helps to protect their world from Eldritch and Demonic threats.
  • Arch-Enemies: SARGERAS AND THE BURNING LEGION (Their villainous sibling and his demonic forces) THE OLD GODS AND THEIR MINIONS (Their enemies since time immemorial)
  • Enemies: The Scourge, The Prime Evils, Zamasu, Cronus, All villainous Eldritch Horrors, and Demons especially The Eldrazi, The Nothing, The Devourer, and The Dark Matter Horde, Unicron, The Zerg, The Four Chaos Gods, The Flood, The Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, The Icon of Sin, The Khan Makyr, The Harvesters, The Beast, The Lich, Bill Cipher, The Sleeper, The Borg, The Combine, Kefka Palazzo
  • Rivals: The Celestials, Most of the Protogenoi and The Titans of Myth, Aurelion Sol, The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Feared by:
  • Annoyed by: Timmy Turner and his Fairies (Norgannon)
  • Good Counterpart to: Cetrion (Eonar)
  • Interested in: Kirby, Void Termina
  • Wary of: Phazon, Darth Nihilus
  • Opposes: Galactus, Galacta Knight, Beerus, The Great Diamond Authority
  • Within the World of Warcraft, there are numerous ruins and bases left behind by a race called the Titans. Unless otherwise noted, the Titans were the ones who helped to kickstart every good thing seen in the Warcraft Universe. Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Orcs can all trace their ancestry back to soldiers of the Titans created to combat the forces of evil. Every other species within the Alliance and the Horde can thank the Titans for having a world to live on in the first place, as without the Titans, the Black Empire of The Old Gods would have never ended. The Titans were the ones who bestowed incredible power and immortality upon Alexstrasza, Ysera, Malygos, Nozdormu, and Neltharion before tasking the newly christened Dragon Aspects with defending the mortal world. Despite all of these noble deeds, the Titans themselves were unseen for almost the entirety of all conflicts involving mortals on Azeroth, and beyond. Nevertheless, the Titans's presence is impossible to escape within Azeroth, not the least of which because all of its or rather, her, natives are currently standing on one.
  • It was a peaceful day within the Pantheon when it happened. Having grown impatient with the extremely long term plans of Keel Lorenz, The White decided that they had waited long enough and used Keel as a sacrifice for their latest plot to destroy existence, namely by attempting to harness the power of a so called "Emerald Star" Keel had helped them to steal from Sargeras. The White attempted to unleash the Star's full power on the closest planetary domain as a test. That planet just so happened to be Azeroth. Much to the White's surprise when they poured magic into the Star it turned into a furious blue giant who quickly attacked them. Before much damage could be done, the blue giant was abruptly suppressed by six other giants who introduced themselves as the Titans. In their haste, the White had accidentally revived their sibling Argus who's revival in turn drew the rest of the Titans to him. The Court of the Gods quickly approached the Titans with a proposal: They could stay as long as they liked so long as the filled the seat recently vacated by Keel, to which the Titans agreed, bringing with them their tormented brother Argus, and unborn sister Azeroth for the latter's protection.
  • The Dragon Aspects sans Deathwing were all thrilled to see their masters enter the Pantheon. Even Malygos was happy to see them which came as a pleasant surprise to his siblings and Kalecgos. The Titans are likewise quite happy to see their old and faithful stewards in the Pantheon, and hope to bring Malygos back to the side of good. Virtually every single heroic deity from Azeroth was likewise delighted to finally have the Titans themselves to actively fight back against threats like the Old Gods and the Legion, at least after they got over their initial awe at seeing the Titans themselves, and surprise upon learning that the very planet they had been standing on was in fact, the strongest Titan of them all. As a result of how well the heroes of Azeroth have kept her safe from said threats as well as helping the other Titans escape Sargeras's grip, the sentiment is very much mutual.
    • As a result of how important Mortal Heroes are to protecting Azeroth until she can awaken due to the Titan's own absence, the Pantheon has taken a very strong liking to mortal heroes who face off against incredible odds and still come out on top. In particular, the Nephalem are close allies of the Pantheon due to how similar they are to the noble adventurers of the Army of the Light who ventured into the depths of Antorus, The Burning Throne to save the Pantheon themselves from Sargeras's grasp amongst many, many other good deeds. For their part, the Nephalem are more than happy that such powerful beings are both benevolent and actively want to help them stop the Prime Evils in any way they can. The Sailor Senshi also took a strong liking to the Pantheon due to both their association with planetary bodies in addition to their continued experience combating extremly powerful cosmic threats.
    • The Phantom Thieves and their benefactor Igor are close allies of the Titans. Not only do the Thieves help the Pantheon battle eldritch foes with Igor providing backing in a manner much like the Pantheon themselves, but they have even shown an ability to use the Metaverse to steal the hearts of those who have been forcefully corrupted by Void or Fel energy, as long as the Thieves make sure not to succumb to it themselves. They are even the reason that Argus doesn't go mad and slaughter everyone in existence as they were able to help calm his tortured rage, even if they weren't able to completely free him from Sargeras's grip. Azeroth hopes that they can some day fully liberate her brother and to that end, Norgannon and Eonar are working with Makoto, Futaba, Ren and Igor to see if they can heal Argus's damaged mind permenantly.
    • Unsurprisingly, Madoka Kaname is one of the Pantheon's closest mortal friends outside the Nephalem and the Heroes of Azeroth. The Titans have nothing but total respect for Madoka's self sacrifice for the sake of everyone with Azeroth in particular seeing her as a major role model. Khaz'Goroth wonders if he could in some way help Madoka get her godly powers back through extensive Titanforging, and while she appreciates the offer, Madoka turned it down. The Guardians of the Galaxy appreciated the help the Titans lended them in opposing the Celestials, and have even considered using one of the Titan facilities on Azeroth as a base should Knowhere be lost. Samurai Jack is also viewed very highly, thanks to his defeat of Aku. The sentiment is mutual, as he sees them as being just like the coalition of Gods who originally forged the sword he wielded against Aku and is more than happy to unleash its wrath upon the Burning Legion and the Old Gods.
    • The Heroes of Luxendarc and Heroic Keyblade wielders are in some ways considered to be unofficial warriors of the Pantheon. While they aren't Titanforged, they are almost as highly regarded by the Titans as the heroes who defended Azeroth, saved the Pantheon, and put Argus out of his misery. The Heroes of Luxendarc greatly appreciate the assistance of the Titans in battling their foremost enemy, Ouroboros and preventing him from spreading his dark influence across all worlds. The good hearted Keyblade Wielders are amazed at how much easier the Titanforged make their job of culling the Heartless, assistance which is happily provided by the Titanforged and their masters. Sora in particular hopes that the Ulduar Keepers could help keep his Disney enemies in check. The Doom Slayer is also happy to call himself an ally of the Pantheon. Although skeptical of the Titans at first, he grew to appreciate their own struggles with the Legion and the Old Gods and happily lends his weapons to stopping both.
  • Of course when the Titans learned that both Sargeras and the Old Gods were in the Pantheon long before them, and surrounded by similar entities, all air of happiness ceased as the Pantheon swiftly moved to try and suppress their biggest foes. The reason the Sargeras fell from grace and betrayed the Titans is actually due to the Old Gods, or rather their masters the Void Lords. The Void Lords cannot enter reality, so instead they created the Old Gods to send across the Universe until they landed on a planet, hoping that planet had a Titan World Soul inside. Fully grown Titans are far too powerful to be corrupted, but if the Old Gods could taint a Titan in their infancy, they would have an unstoppable weapon to destroy reality. Sargeras came to believe that because of this all the unborn Titans were a lost cause after he was driven to kill one in danger of succumbing to void corruption. The rest of the Pantheon objected, citing how they had saved Azeroth from a similar fate. Ultimately they came to blows and Sargeras exploited the Titans weakness to Fel Energy from another Titan to nearly slay his siblings, though because of Norgannon, they merely lost their bodies, which in turn caused them to disappear.
  • Naturally, The Titans took a shine to fellow guardian deities. They see Cosmos as the kind of hero that Azeroth could some day become, especially with how Cosmos herself has many champions, just like the Titans having their armies, as well as the mortal heroes of Azeroth. The Endless got along with the Titans swimingly, due to the Titans all seeing each other as each other's sibling, in addition to being fellow protectors of existence, each of whom represent a specific aspect of it. Similarly The Monitor gets along with the Titans well due to his own shared experience with trying to combat his extremely destructive sibling, The Anti-Monitor, paralleling the Titan Pantheon's own struggle with Sargeras, right down to all of the Titans sans Argus and Azeroth being "killed" by him.
    • This sense of kinship is most definitely not shared with the Celestials. At first, the Titans thought they could be allies, until they saw the Celestials in action and quickly deemed them far to dubious to be remotely friendly with, especially with how the Celestials toy with mortals purely for their own benefit, whereas the Titans care for mortals. They had much better relations with The Valar due to just how similar the two collectives are, from being extremely powerful guardian figures to the mortals of their world, to having familial dynamics with each other, to being unable to directly interfer in mortal affairs because of how powerful they are. For their part, The Titans are more than happy to accept the Valar's help in fighting the Old Gods and the Legion.
    • Make no mistake, the Titans have absolutely nothing to do with the Titans of Myth, nor are they related to the Titan's progenitors, the Protogenoi. Aside from Gaea, the Pantheon has a very poor relationship with the beings from Classical Myth, due in no small part to how dubious the morality and actions of the Titans of Myth and the Protogenoi. Cronus is outright despised for devouring his own children which the Pantheon obviously sees as unacceptably atrocious. The Pantheon also has a rivalry with Aurelion Sol, whom much like the Celestials have a very low opinion of mortals, whom the Pantheon holds in tremendous regard. For his part, Sol is puzzled why the Titans are so determined to defend mortals at no benefit to themselves and openly voices such. The God-Emperor of Mankind has earned their disapproval as a result for how much he is willing to compromise for the sake of protecting the Imperium, especially given how the Imperium has turned Terra into a poluted wasteland much to the Titan's disgust.
    • Rosalina is quite happy to call the Titans her friends. As a fellow protector of the Cosmos who cares for the Lumas like children, she struck quite the chord with the Titans and can be frequently seen alongside them as they battle villainous eldritch horrors. The Living Tribunal is also held in high regards by the Titans as a result of his nature as a dispenser of justice to any being that attempts to disrupt the cosmic order. The Titans also have nothing but the utmost respect for Arceus, a fellow forger of the Cosmos who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty against those that would endanger the universe they created. Gan appreciates the Titan Pantheon offering to help him deal with especially dangerous threats in his own domain if need be.
    • Out of all the other divine entities within the pantheon, the Titans hate Zamasu the absolute most, perhaps only exceeded by their hatred of the Burning Legion and the Old Gods. In their eyes, Zamasu is even worse than Sargeras could ever be. Unlike Sargeras, who betrayed the Pantheon out of the belief that they weren't doing enough to save the Universe by not destroying it and recreating it, Zamasu betrayed the Kais and other Gods to slaughter mortals simply out of hatred for mortals because they are imperfect. For his part, Zamasu is equally disgusted at the Pantheon for protecting mortals and refusing to kill the inhabitants of Azeroth after they were hit with the Curse of Flesh by the Old Gods, completely oblivious to how the vast majority of mortals fight against the Old Gods, and the Titan empowered and immortal Deathwing fell to the Old Gods and became one of the biggest threats to Azeroth.
  • Technically speaking, Argus and Azeroth are not actually a part of the Titan Pantheon. This is due to both Titans having been peacefully sleeping World-Souls at the time when Sargeras betrayed the Pantheon and formed the Burning Legion. To a Titan, the planet they first form in is akin to an egg or a shell that is discarded upon the Titan being fully born. As such, they have made quick friends with deities such as Gaea due to the Protogenoi being the physical manifestation of Planet Earth. As a result of Azeroth still being inside her planetary shell, and Argus having been weakened and driven mad due to being tortured as a dormant World-Soul by Legion corruption, the Titans frequently appreciate the assistance of the Green Lantern Corps in keeping the young ones safe from things that would do them harm. Mogo is particularly well liked, due to himself being a living planet.
    • Due to the vulnerable nature of Titan World-Souls, the Pantheon has been keeping a watchful eye on any groups that may want to use Argus or Azeroth for their own purposes. The Zerg and the Flood are seen as possible threats to the young Titans, given their infectious natures. Darkseid is high on the list of deities to watch out for due to his desired possession of the ultra corrupting Anti-Life Equation. The Borg are also a threat due to their ability to assimilate any organic being they come across, even if the chnaces of them assimilating a Titan are slim. The Titans are especially worried by Phazon corruption due to it being quite similar to the Void corruption of the Old Gods. Aggramar in particular is keeping an eye on Planet Phaaze and will cleave it in half should they attempt to taint Azeroth or Argus.
    • It goes without saying that Planet Eaters are not the Titan Pantheon's favorite deities at all, with Galactus and Unicron in particular having very poor relationships with the Titan Pantheon. While the Titans can definitiely understand the need for Galactus to consume worlds to keep the Cosmic order in balance, especially since he eats planets seeded by the Celestials whom the Titans will not be sad for, they can't support his killing of countless innocents, nor the threat he poses to Azeroth. Unicron is outright despised by the Titans, in particular Azeroth herself for his desire to eat planets being for no other reason than his own sadism. Unicron's nature and behavior reminds the Titans too much of the Void Lords and they make sure to give Unicron somone of his own size to deal with whenever he feels hungry.
    • Wanton Planet Killers are also held in low regards by the Titans, and they feel no shame in listing their opinions. While they recognize that long ago Galacta Knight was a noble hero who was sealed away simply because he was too powerful, that raw power is why the Titans dislike him. Thanks to being almost single mindedly devoted to the destruction of the environment around him up to and including Planets and even space itself, there was little chance they would view him overly fondly. Beerus is disliked in a similar manner for being an exceptionally lazy deity who is happy to allow monsters like Majin Buu ravage the Universe as long as he personally isn't bothered by said beings. The Titans also disliked how Beerus wantonly blows up Planets who fail to meet his standards or what he was expecting. For his part, Beerus doesn't particularly care. He will do his job how he wants and if that upsets the Titans then it upsets the Titans.
    • The Harvesters are loathed by the Titans for being needlessly cruel Planet Looters, not unlike the Burning Legion, especially in regards to how the Harvesters typically destroy the planet they sack. The Lich is loathed by the Titans for being a cosmic bringer of ruin and suffering who came from space and inhibited life on the unlucky planet he landed on in a manner eerily reminiscent of the Old Gods themselves. The Sleeper is extremely high on the Pantheon's list of Eldritch Abominations in the most need of a swift killing. It's nature as the pantheonic incarnation of Disastrous Comets would already make them hate it, but even moreso, the manner in which the Sleeper infests which ever world it lands on is the exact same manner that the Old Gods planted themselves onto Azeroth, just as with the Lich. The Combine also represent a destructive extreterrestrial threat, just like the Legion. The Titan Pantheon, especially Azeroth, are all also highly distrustful of the Great Diamond Authority, due to how many planets they ravaged for the sake of preserving their own empire, combined with their rather dubious change of heart.
  • Naturally the Pantheon's hatred of the Burning Legion, the Old Gods, and the Void Lords translated into disgust for all of the like natured deities the Pantheon suddenly found themselves amongst. The Prime Evils of the Burning Hells are near the top of this list due to how closely they are allied with the Burning Legion, in addition to how Diablo and Mephisto seek to corrupt Azeroth to their side. When the Pantheon discovered the Prime Evil's plans, they sent their armies to put them in specialized prisons similar to Ulduar. The Eldrazi are loathed almost as intensely as the Prime Evils due to how the Eldrazi are effectively even more destructive versions of the Old Gods, made more notable given how the three Eldrazi Titans mirror the three living Old Godsnote  and they are able to infect any world across the Blind Eternities. The Devourer is loathed just as furiously. In the Pantheon's eyes, the Devourer is a Void Lord who managed to enter a universe and mold it in his own image. The hatred is mutual as the Titans swiftly attacked the Devourer and nearly destroyed him due to their own ability to resist his deletion ability. While not destroyed, the Devourer has not forgotten this and is looking at Azeroth as a possible pathway to his revenge. The Nothing is especially reviled by the Titans. In their eyes, the Nothing is simply the Void Lords verbatim, and Azeroth in particular is hoping to stop it forever.
    • The Dark Matter Horde is also high on the Pantheon's list of adversaries. While not necessarily as physically powerful as the Old Gods, Dark Matter is even more corruptive given its ability to possess any living being the encounter. Furthermore, Dark Matter is more than capable of infecting an entire planet as seen by their corruption of Ripple Star. Because of this, the Pantheon has taken a great deal of interest in Dark Matter's nemesis Kirby, as well as their progenitor Void Termina. The primary reason that Kirby and Void intrigue the Pantheon is due to the Pantheon seeing them as being a purely heroic Void Lord, and a morally neutral Void Lord, with them wondering if Kirby and Void's relationship to Dark Matter could be the key to stopping the Void Lords for good. They have dispatched their agents lead by the AI known as MOTHER to see if the research newly purified facility of Uldir could help them to unlock the secrets of Void. Kirby for his part doesn't mind being examined by the Watchers, as he gets along quite well with Azeroth, and voiced his desire to play games with her once she fully awakens.
    • While studying Kirby, MOTHER discovered another being the caught the Pantheon's interest, only this time that interest turned to alarm. This being was Darth Nihilus. As an embodiement of the Void, the Sith Lord is essentially a small scale version of a fully corrupted Void Titan, made even more clear by his ability to consume almost anything and everything. The Pantheon has sent the their servant Ra-Den to establish a relationship with Nihilus's nemesis and walking Achilles heel Meetra Surik to keep Nihilus in check, with Aman'Thul steeling himself for having to repeat his destruction of Y'Shaaraj on the Sith Lord. While not as frightening as Nihilus, the Four Chaos Gods are also high on the Pantheon's to kill list. The Pantheon sees the Chaos Gods as being rough equivalents to what they themselves would have become if Sargeras had succeeded in corrupting them into his Dark Pantheon. Aggramar and Argus who were broken are naturally especially hostile to the Chaos Gods and they made sure to make that clear by wiping out about 2/3's of their army in one attack.
    • The Burning Legion and the Burning Hells aren't the only sources of monstrous, corruptive Demons who seek to exploit Azeroth and to a lesser extent, Argus. Some stand out examples include the Icon of Sin who claims that once he spends a long enough time unsealed, he will become stronger than any Titan can stop. The Pantehon isn't interested in finding out if this is true and if need be, they will sic their personal Avatars at the Icon alongside their close asssociate the Doom Slayer to stop him. When Bill Cipher learned that not one but two heroic dream manipulators on his level had just ascended and were now directly opposed to him alongside their 6 equally powerful siblings, he was less than happy and vowed to make Weirdmageddon last for Eternity, thereby allowing his power to grow unchecked. Azeroth is the one Bill dislikes the most due to her potential to become just as strong as him even at the peak of his power.
  • Specific to Aman'Thul:
    • Aman'Thul is the leader of the Titan Pantheon. As the strongest (outside of Azeroth) and wisest Titan around, he quickly developed a kinship with similar deities. The Zeus of Disney sees Aman'Thul as something of a brother in arms, and enjoys celebrating with the Titan. Odin initially disliked Aman'Thul's title of Highfather, seeing it as infrninging upon his own title of All-Father. However, after getting to know the Titan, he has changed his tune, especially when Aman'Thul helped to blunt an invasion of Asgard by the Burning Legion. Ra and Amaterasu view him positively as well thanks to the role he plays in defending his universe from danger mirroring their own status as benevolent guardians of their patron mortals. Unlike the Zeus from Disney however, Aman'Thul absolutely does not get along with the Zeus from Classical Mythology. The Highfather sees the King of the Gods as a petulant and spiteful manchild who needs to be knocked down a few pegs and develop empathy,
    • Aman'Thul is the only Titan to look remotely his age as a result of his massive beard and long white hair. As a result he has developed a rapport with similarly appearing deities like Eru Iluvatar, God, and Highfather. Eru sees a great deal of himself within Aman'Thul and the Highfather is always open to the advise of the even more ancient Creator God. The Titan has a lot of sympathy for God as he understands all too well how much it hurts to be unable to properly assist his creations. Highfather has offered for Aman'Thul to join the Quintessence, seeing his wisdom and power as being excellent qualities for the council. Though Aman'Thul turned Highfather down, he is more than happy to have the assistance of the New Gods in combating the Old Gods. One similar deity who absolutely loathed the Highfather is none other than YHVH. YHVH sees Aman'Thul as yet another distraction from himself and sees the Titans as a whole as being a threat. For his part, Aman'Thul desires to see the tyrannical YHVH deposed.
    • The Highfather serves as the Titanic master of time and granted this ability to the bronze dragon Nozdormu. Naturally, Aman'Thul enjoyed the company of fellow deities devoted to protecting the time stream such as Chronoa, who happily employs the Bronze Dragonflight in protecting the time stream. Due to Aman'Thul granting power over time to Nozdormu, Lucina believes that he is also the being who gave Naga her status as a Divine Dragon. While Aman'Thul insists that isn't the case, he does applaud Lucina's use of time travel to save as many people from the demonic Grima as she could. He views the Creation Trio in a similar light to their master Arceus, especially Dialga. The Legendary Pokemon has been seen around the Seat of the Pantheon seemingly conversing with the Highfather, leading to speculation that Dialga may be interested in some form of partnership with him.
    • Those who break time in the Warcraft universe are inextricably tied to the Infinite Dragonflight, an Old God corrupted version of the Bronze Dragonflight. Thus, Aman'Thul has nothing but contempt for time breakers such as Dark Danny, and especially Kronika, who so thoroughly enraged the Highfather that he personally engaged her in battle to teach her a lesson, with Kronika ultimately being forced to retreat. Aman'Thul had less success punishing the horribly overpowered Lord English for his own shenanigans with Time and ultimately had to request the aid of his siblings to really put English and his lieutenant Doc Scratch in their place. Due to Aman'Thul's closeness to Dialga, he naturally wasn't happy with Cyrus attempting to take control of the Pokemon to enforce his ideal world on reality, with the Titan making sure to educate Cyrus on what would happen if he tried this again. Kang the Conqueror is an especially annoying enemy for the Highfather. Not only does Kang have his untold centuries of experience to draw upon unlike most mortals, Kang also once held the power of a Celestial, a threat that Aman'Thul takes extremely seriously.
  • Specific to Eonar:
    • Eonar is the Titan of Life. Her title of the Life-Binder is even more prominent than it is for her patron Dragon Alexstrasza and her sister Ysera, right down to Eonar being able to fully resurrect the dead at any time. Unsurprisingly, Eonar has developed a kinship with deities such as Captain Planet and Viridi. That said she has notable disapproval of Viridi attempting to wipe out Humanity instead of educating them on how they can be better. The Spring Sprite greatly approves of Eonar and her abilities and wishes to learn more about healing from the Titan, lessons that Eonar is happy to provide. Swamp Thing sees Eonar as being the physical embodiment of the Green and promptly declared his undying devotion to her. Eonar is flattered if a little offput by his fanaticism.
    • The Life-Binder isn't just restricted to guarding flora, as fauna fall under her domain as well. Deities such as Fluttershy and N have earned the Life-Binder's approval for how much they respect the native creatures of their worlds, and she hopes that they will continue to inspire others to show more respect for the beasts around them. Fecto Forgo utterly disgusts the Life-Binder. Not only does its behavior ring uncomfortably similar to that of an Old God, but it also executes horrific Mind Rape on native animals to the Planet it invades in order to further its agenda and hunt for its missing half Elfilin. The Titan made sure to educate Forgo on just who it had pissed off when she dropped a planet on it. She also despises the Radiance for her monstrous actions in kickstarting what effectively amounted to her world's version of The Scourge. While Eonar doesn't see the Radiance as being an Old God, she still looks upon the moth with total contempt.
    • Sargeras sought to corrupt Eonar into becoming one who abuses Life in the service of the Burning Legion, a thought that chills Eonar to her core. Naturally, when she learned of Life warders who do similar things completely of their own volition she was utterly appalled. Zanza is near the top of her list of hate for being a fellow Titan who purposely crafted the Life of Bionis in his own image just to feed on them. Mordremoth, Exdeath, and Durarathor have earned similar disgust from Eonar for how they pervert nature to suit their own needs without any thought of how it might harm innocent people unlucky enough to be in their way. If Zanza is Eonar's near opposite, then Cetrion is her full on Evil Counterpart with the Elder Goddess twisting nature in such a way as to service her mother Kronika. Eonar made an avatar of herself to do battle with the Elder Goddess in Mortal Kombat with her forcing Cetrion to go all out in order to fight back against the Life-Binder.
    • Eonar also empowered Keeper Freya with the magic she needed to weave the Emerald Dream into existence, and later empowered Ysera to act as its guardian while Freya watched over Yogg-Saron. The Titan herself is already a close ally of Dream of the Endless and this news resulted in many dream related heroes flocking to the Life-Binder's patronage, hoping that her Titanforged would help them battle against things seeking to corrupt dreams, assistance which Eonar happily provided. NiGHTS, and Princess Luna are especially greatful for Eonar's assitance in combating entities like Vaermina, whom they couldn't hope to stop on their own, and especially like how threatened Nightmare Moon is by Eonar's very existence. Speaking of Vaermina, she and Freddy Kreuger are near the top of Eonar's "to kill" list for their close allegiance with N'Zoth and their continued attempts to warp the Emerald Dream in their own image. The Deadra was deeply annoyed that someone on her level had just taken the stage and made sure to single out any servants of Eonar as targets to be killed out of spite.
  • Specific to Aggramar:
    • Aggramar is the Champion of the Pantheon, and their greatest warrior aside from Sargeras. His title of the Avenger naturally drew the Avengers of Marvel's attention. Steve Rogers especially admires the Titan for how hard he battled against demons threatening various worlds. Aggramar admires Rogers because of how much of a righteous warrior he is, and has even offered him to wield his Aegis should Roger's shield ever break. Wonder Woman and Hercules are viewed in a similar by the Avenger, though moreso Diana due to her purely good nature when compared to Hercules possessing some rather dubious qualities. Nevertheless both Greek heroes have been deemed worthy to wield Aggramar's blade Taeshalach should Aggramar himself be indisposed while the forces of evil are at large.
    • Aggramar was the first Titan who was struck down by Sargeras, and the first one to fall into his clutches. He was the only member of the Pantheon who got corrupted by his traitorous brother. As a result, Aggramar has immense sympathy for any heroic defender who was forced into evil by an outside force. Sailor Galaxia earned Aggramar's utmost respect for her sacrifice to seal away Chaos within herself, even at the risk of her own corruption. Aggramar wishes her nothing but the best after she was freed and Galaxia has tremendous respect for the Avenger for how he battled the Legion. Father Balder is seen in a similar light by Aggramar, especially given how he sealed the monstrously evil Loptyr inside himself to save his daughter Cereza aka Bayonetta. The Avenger has vowed that for their crimes, if he ever meets Sailor Chaos or a Loptyr controlled Aesir, they will immediately find themselves on the business end of Taeshalach's edge. The Plutonian utterly disgusts Aggramar, as he willingly threw away his heroism just to hurt people. Similarly, Yuuki Terumi is loathed for how he cruelly uses his power as Susanno to enact horrible torment on mortals. Terumi dislikes Aggramar because the Avenger is more than capable of stopping him.
    • Due to his experience with combating Demons across the universe, it was inevitable that Aggramar would eventually learn of the Mind Flayer. Upon hearing of its evil, the Avenger set off with the Hawkins Party into the Upside Down. The Shadow Beast was waiting for them and was about to attack the Hawkins Party when Aggramar made himself known. The "battle" that followed was brief, violent and ended with Aggramar literally squashing the Shadow Monster under his Titanic fist wreathed in Arcane Fire. The only reason the Mind Flayer survived is because Nekron intervened and provided an opponent who was actually worth the Avenger's time. Since then, the Mind Flayer has been utterly terrified of the Titan. This sentiment is shared by the The Seven Mortal Sins, who took one look at the Titan's policy regarding Demons who attempt to corrupt innocents, and promptly took off screaming in the opposite direction.
    • Due to his position of protecting the worlds, Galactic Conquerors are frequently the targets of Aggramar's wrath. Lord Dominator attempted to use her dreadnought's planetary drill on the Titan and was met with a continent sized Shield Bash for her troubles. Lord Boros, Frieza, and Horde Prime all earned the Avenger's ire for their despicably monstrous behavior in regards to the innocent people that they harm and the planets they ravage. Frieza especially hates the Avenger as he sees him as being what Beerus would be like if Beerus took the time to put a stop to Frieza's plans. He hopes to develop his Black Frieza form to combat the Titan. Horde Prime hopes to absorb the power of Azeroth to become unstoppable, a plan that Aggramar made clear will never get off the ground. Lord Vyce respects Aggramar for his oposition to the Old Gods, but he feels like Aggramar doesn't go far enough. The Avenger dislikes Vyce for how needlessly drastic he is, mirroring Sargeras's attitude towards dealing with the Void Lords.
  • Specific to Norgannon:
    • Norgannon is the keeper of Magic and Knowledge within the Titan Pantheon, powers he bestowed to Malygos, which was later transfered to Kalecgos. Naturally, many a heroic mage views the Dreamweaver extremely positively and are eager to learn of his incredible knowledge of Arcane Magic. Stephen Strange quite enjoys peering through the vast libraries of Magic archived by Norgannon and happily accepts the Dreamweaver's help in stopping dangerous foes. Harry Potter greatly admire the Titan's magical knowhow and welcome his offer to teach him more advanced Arcane Spells to deal with some of the bigger threats of the pantheon. Merlin sees a kindred spirit in the Dreamweaver as elderly appearing spellweavers who are completely unparalleled in their magical ability. Twilight Sparkle is something of a fangirl of Norgannon's. As a fan of both books and magic herself, she greatly admires the Dreamweaver and even offered to help Norgannon catalogue the vast amounts of knowledge he owns.
    • Another part of Norgannon's role as the keeper of Pantheon's lore, he also keeps all the records of history and similar topics. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in Norgannon finding a great deal of kinship with Histoire, a fellow archiver of knowledge from across the universe. Grimore Weiss also likes Norgannon due to how deeply the Titan respects the importance of knowledge. Weiss likes the Dreamweaver and his followers for how they fight against those who would distort all forms of record keeping and knowledge. Villains who specialize in smarts quickly rose to the top of Norgannon's hate list because of their desire to plunder his library. Lord Recluse wonders of he could use the powers of Tartarus to corrupt Azeroth and is making plans to hold Norgannon at bay long enough for him to try it. Alice is basically the physical manifestation of knowledge used to harm innocents and naturally drew the Dreamweaver's loathing.
    • Speaking of record keeping, Norgannon is deeply annoyed by the continued wishes of one Timmy Turner. Timmy frequently makes wishes that mess with history so he can try and prove himself right to others, in addition to his rejection of actually learning and simply wishing to be smarter. Cosmo is also not the Titan's favorite person because of his own role in causing numerous calamitous events in his own world that deeply change the course of history because he's just that dumb. Wanda isn't viewed too fondly either as she doesn't take the time to explain just exactly what Timmy's wishes will cause. The Titan has attempted to act as Timmy's tutor (and Cosmo's) to limited success, which in turn causes Timmy to distort more knowledge to get ahead, to the Titan's frustration.
    • People who attempt to hide or distort knowledge are even more hated by the Titan than the likes of Lord Recluse. IT and Big Brother utterly enraged the Titan with their violent efforts to quash any and all knowledge amongst the public due to feeling threatened by it. The Illuminati do their best to manipulate the public and hide any and all knowledge to maintain their grip on power, just like IT and Big Brother. Brainiac is despised by Norgannon for his planetary collection policy intended to give him a total monopoly on all knowledge in existence, in addition to Norgannon seeing the practice as being a sick parody of the Pantheon's goals. Krona is a hairs breadth away from being Norgannon's Evil Counterpart by nature of being an incredibly powerful keeper of knowledge who attempts to understand things not meant to be understood, in addition to him using his pursuit of knowledge as an excuse to try and dominate. Norgannon got into a furious magical duel with Krona with neither coming out on top.
  • Specific to Khaz'Goroth:
    • Khaz'Goroth is the Pantheon's forgemaster, the Ultimate Blacksmith of the Warcraft Universe, and the one who imbued Neltharion with power to shape the earth. Many deities assumed that Khaz'Goroth was simply an alias of the World Forger due to their incredibly similar natures, though this is not the case. Nevertheless, Khaz'Goroth gets along extremely well with fellow forgemasters Hephaestus and Dyntos. Hephaestus admires Khaz'Goroth's ability to shape galaxies worth of planets into form, and hopes to learn a thing or two from the older Titan. Dyntos managed to impress Khaz'Goroth with his sheer skill in crafting beings in the form of anything he desires as well as his penchant for crafting ultimate weapons. Dyntos is equally impressed with Khaz'Goroth as even Dyntos, mighty though he is can't make superior copies to the Titan Keepers or the Weapons forged by Khaz'Goroth.
    • It was Khaz'Goroth who forged the mighty Titan Keepers and the Titanforged to combat the Old Gods. Mata Nui has tremendous respect for Khaz'Goroth for the love and care he put into crafting his creations. Khaz'Goroth likewise is tremendously impressed with Mata Nui's creations of the Toa Mata/Toa Nuva. The Titan and the Bionicle hope that their respective creations can team up to combat forces for destruction in the pantheon, with Keeper Mimiron serving as a General. Dr. Light is mortal who Khaz'Goroth sees in a similar light to Mata Nui. Light created the powerful Mega Man heroes but also made sure to give his creations free will and desires of their own, much like how Khaz'Goroth forged the Keepers in a manner to make them truly alive and not just automotons. Because of this, Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9 views Khaz'Goroth as being something of a god to her more than others do. The Titan is rather charmed with the teenage robot and has offered to give her some upgrades if she so desires.
    • Of course, not all beings who create are heroic. The Celestial Toymaker sees Khaz'Goroth as his ultimate rival due to the Titan being the only one in the pantheon aside from Dyntos who can craft beings that the Toymaker deems to be a worthy adversary of his own creations. The Shaper is utterly disgusted with the Factory and its destructive creations. In Khaz'Goroth's mind, the Factory is the ultimate conclusion of the forge in which new Titanforged are constructed being perverted by the Old Gods, and he has vowed to shutter it for good. The Maker is viewed in a similar light due to Khaz'Goroth holding his continual creation purely for his own ego as profaining the sacred art of craftsmanship, especially since the Maker spat upon the Titanforged as if they were mindless drones. Rex Dangervest isn't seen much better as a result of how he abuses his status as a Master Builder to get what he wants regardless of who he hurts. Khaz'Goroth decided to task Mimiron with teaching Dangervest a lesson should they meet. While not as loathed by the Titan as the others, the Shaper finds Autochthon to be a bit too hands off and a bit too cozy with the Grand United Alliance of Machines for his comfort and frequently butts heads with it.
    • Emmet Brickowski and Sackboy consider Khaz'Goroth to be the absolute coolest deity ever. The Titan is more than happy to contribute to the two's shaping of the world and has even taken up something of a challenge from the two to craft the most splendid world that he can possibly imagine. Khaz'Goroth happily took up the duo's challenge and set out to forge his most splendid planet yet with the most impressive set of Titan structures that he can come up with. Another duo of builders that the Shaper has grown quite fond of is surprisingly enough, Phineas and Ferb. The two mortal children managed to genuinely impress the Shaper with the grandiose nature of their creations made in so little time with so little resources, and has all but offered them a job as designers for the Pantheon. Upon discovering Khaz'Goroth, the brother's sister Candace deemed the Shaper to be the being who always makes Phineas and Ferb's creations disappear before she can bust them. Khaz'Goroth has given no thoughts on this, though he did let out a warm chuckle upon hearing Candace acuse him of doing so.
  • Specific to Golganneth:
    • Golganneth is the master of the Sea and the Sky within the universe of Warcraft. As earth is his brother Khaz'Goroth's domain, Golganneth rules over everything other element that exists on a habitable world sans fire. Unsurprisingly, the Thunderer struck an immediate accord with Thor. The God of Thunder sees the Titan as being a far more worthy idol than the highly dubious Zeus, especially with the amount of care that Golganneth demonstrates to mortals. For his part, the Thunderer was a little surprised at just how similar Thor was to his servant Thorim and pleasantly so, with the Thunderer offering to teach Thor a thing or two about all the other skies out there. Aquaman also was regarded highly by Golganneth. The King of Atlantis does an admirable job keeping it safe from terrible threats, and the Titan deeply respects Arthur's ability to bring eldritch horrors such as the minions of the Old Gods to heel when they are native to his domain. Plankton once managed to mind control King Neptune and loudly declared that he was going to do the same to the Thunderer. Naturally, this was seen as laughable by the Titans, though Golganneth humored him and added him to his list of foes. Not because the Thunderer was in any way threatened by him, he just thought it was funny.
    • The Thunderer is virtually unrivaled in terms of power held by those whose primary domain are the elements of air and sky and so he has drawn the ire of many villainous exploiters of such domains. Ouranous was almost seething with rage upon meeting Golganneth, seeing the Titan as being roughly equivalent to what Ouranous had lost when his son Cronus cut him to ribbons. The Thunderer's status as a Titan even if not a Titan of Myth only furthered Ouranous's hatred, a sentiment that is quite mutual as Golganneth despises how Ouranous treats mortals and his family. Kracko was almost indescribably envious of the power of the Thunderer. He has spent his entire getting stronger to combat his nemesis Kirby and yet Golganneth refuses to offer him any additional power. The Thunderer sees Kracko as being a stronger than normal servant of Al'Akir the Windlord and is in absolutely no hurry to toss some of his Titantic blessings in Kracko's direction any time soon. The Thunderer gets along much better with Rayquaza, who does an admirable job of defending the skies of its world from extraterrestrial threats such as asteroids carrying invaders
    • The Thunderer is also a master of the Water, and just as with his power in the realm of the sky, Golganneth is all but unmatched in power of the Seas. Poseidon was almost as envious as Kracko of Golganneth due to seeing him as being a needlessly overpowered showoff. For his part, Golganneth has very little love lost for Poseidon given the Olympian's capricious behavior and his tendency to abuse his power over the oceans. King Triton gets along much better with the Titan and appreciates the Thunderer cowing Ursula into submission by the mere threat of his interference. Heroic deities who sail across the water have found themselves to be pleading for a safe passage from a much more reliably benevolent deity in the Thunderer. Monkey D. Luffy in particular enjoys sailing in the waters under the dominion of the Thunderer and has even asked the Titan to crank up the intensity of the waves in order to put his ship through its paces and better prepare for rough sea based battles. His enemy Blackbeard naturally is much less impressed with the Titan, especially when he found his ship had been picked up off the sea by a tidal wave and then struck by lightning. When Blackbeard sarcastically asked if the Heavens would strike him too, the Thunderer happily obliged.
    • Those who infest and abuse water and air are some of Golganneth's most hated foes. The Thunderer took one look at the likes of Cthulhu and immediately declared him to be an Old God intruding upon his territory. While not as powerful as an Old God, Cthulhu still poses a significant threat, especially if the stars are just right, a threat Golganneth intends to silence. The Kraeken are hated for similar reasons by the Titan and he has tasked Keeper Thorim and Highkeeper Ra with shutting them down, and hopefully locking them away in a Titan facility for study on how to combat them. While the Keepers were doing so, they came across the Flood faced by the Doctor. The Thunderer was deeply alarmed to discover the infection that was spreading through the water and immediately assumed it to be an echo of the time when Garrosh Hellscream had dipped the Heart of Y'Shaaraj into the waters of Pandaria and infected them with Old God corruption. Needless to say, the Thunderer wants the Flood destroyed.
  • Specific to Argus:
    • Argus is quite different from his more stable siblings. The Titan of Death did not have a peaceful awakening and was instead brutally tortured for eons by the Burning Legion and used as a power source for their eternal reincarnation, even in places where they should have been Killed Off for Real. After Argus was mostly freed from Sargeras's grip, he immediately drifted to similarly natural Death Entites with the pantheon for his own protection lest other outside sources seek to exploit him. La Meurte was more than happy to try offering the tormented Titan comfort and help him to heal, with even Xibalba voicing sympathy for how much the Unmaker suffered at the hands of the Legion and Sargeras. Izanami-no-Mikoto knows all too well the pain that Argus had to endure as an unwilling power source for the Legion, herself having been brutally killed in childbirth by her son Hi-no-Kagutsuchi. Much to the surprise of the deities who knew him, the Wolf also offered his sympathy to the Unmaker, voicing his disgust at how Argus's powers over death were perverted to give eternal life to the Burning Legion. For his part, Argus greatly appreciates the comfort offered by them on his more sane days.
    • It is impossible to overstate the amount of suffering that Argus endured at the hands of the Legion. The surface of his planet form was utterly ravaged by Fel Energy and strip mined to such a degree that his surface went from being similar to his sister Azeroth, to this. The fact that he eventually went insane from his suffering is no surprise. In the pantheon, this translates into Argus forming something of a kinship with other deities who underwent no small amount of suffering be it physical or mental that caused them to turn against the world. Angra Mainyu/Avenger earns the Unmakers trust for understanding exactly what it felt like for Argus to be seemingly forsaken by absolutely everyone, and developed similar tendencies as a result. Amara feels awful for what Argus had to go through and has been working to help the Titan heal from his experience by gently leading him down the same path that she took to reach the state she is in now. Kerrigan felt awful for Argus, having herself suffered horribly at the hands of the Zerg before being made into their pawn before she took over and developed from there. The newly minted Xel'Naga wonders if she can use her power to help calm Argus's pain and fully intends to try, even if she may not succeed.
    • The Unmaker has found more kinship in the likes of the Ultra Beast Necrozma. Like Argus, Necrozma was once a completely benevolent deity driven made after the greed and cruelty of others shattered its form and left it in endless pain and torment. They both even sought to bring about the end of creation as a result, Argus due to having succumbed to Sargeras, and Necrozma due to devouring all light to try and sustain itself. Wreck-it-Ralph feels awful for the Unmaker and knows all too well how much it sucks to be forced into the villainous role that people associate with their nature, though Ralph chose to be "evil" as opposed to Argus being completely forced into evil. The Burning Legion remind Ralph of the Cybugs, and he has vowed to put himself at risk to protect Argus from the Legion forevermore. Osiris sympathized greatly with Argus's physical suffering, having been put through absolute hell himself before he was finally allowed to die and became the King of the afterlife. He intends to show the Titan some ways to try and ease the pain that he is feeling. The Hades of Classical Mythology also felt bad for Argus and what he went through, especially with how Argus was forced to revive the forces of the Legion endlessly.
    • Argus hates Corruptors with a passion as intense as the Fel Fire that burns on his broken surface. While in the depths of Antorus, The Burning Throne, Argus was subjected to the tender mercies of the Coven of Shivara who subjected him to horrific mental conditioning programs in addition to the full on torture that the inflicted upon him. Johan Liebert is seen as being almost as despicable as the Coven by the Unmaker for his skill at mentally breaking otherwise good people. Argus's torment also caused him to despise Death Phantom as the God of Mind Rape is just like Argus's legion tormentors. Maleficent and Fire Lord Ozai are loathed by the Unmaker for similar reasons, as they corrupted Riku and Azula respectively by subjecting them to mental abuse and conditioning, just as Argus was. Both Maleficent and Ozai are very much intimidated by the prospect of ever meeting the Titan in person. They aren't the only ones. The entire House of Gaming also fears Argus. When he was still Sargeras's Slave, Argus was capable of using not one but two attacks that would automatically kill the raid of adventurers fighting him. The first was scripted. The second kills them, the other Titans, along with the entire rest of the universe in one fell swoop. Needless to say, no one from that house ever wants there to be a situation wherein Argus is able to cast End of All Things.
  • Specific to Azeroth:
    • Azeroth is the very last unborn Titan within the Universe, and she will become the strongest Titan of them all once she does awaken. Until such time, Azeroth is still stuck in her Planetary Cocoon and she is vulnerable to outside forces that seek to taint her. She is still a child by all measures, and she has the mentality and innocence of one as well. As such, Azeroth has taken quite a liking to deities like Yune, SCP-239, and Franklin Richards. She understands Yune's fear of the Four Chaos Gods all too well, with Azeroth herself worrying about the Old Gods, so the Goddess and the Titan rest much better at night when they know the other is or will be watching out for them. SCP-239 likes Azeroth for being a child of similar power to her, if not even greater once she truly awakens. Azeroth for her part quite likes spending time with the SCP and uses the Emerald Dream as a medium to play with her. Franklin Richards is adored by Azeroth for much the same reason, in addition to how he himself desires to become a great hero just like his parents, and in a possible future even turned Galactus into his herald, a feat of strength that Azeroth looks forwards to one day being able to replicate so she won't have to worry about the Old Gods tainting her any longer. While definitely not on the same level of power, Dipper and Mabel Pines do have experience in combatting the Old God like Bill Cipher, and are more than happy to share their experiences with Azeroth as it helps her rest easy, knowing that the Old Gods can and will be beaten.
    • Azeroth's vulnerability to malevolent invaders like the Legion and the Old Gods has caused her to grow close to people like Superman. Clark is more than happy to defend the Titan from those who would do her harm, not just because she will someday be able to return the favor and then some, but because it's just the right thing to do. Rose Quartz is another hero from another world whom helps to defend Azeroth alongside Clark, and the Titan has nothing but the utmost respect for her as a result, even when taking into account her checkered past. Jim Raynor and the marines like him were already the allies of Azeroth's champions. While they were more than a little shocked to hear that Azeroth herself was very much alive and greatful for their actions within the Nexus, after they got over the initial shock, they found themselves enjoying her optimistic presence, and are more than prepared to defend her from threats like the Zerg or the Xel'Naga. Azeroth also likes the Life Entity. While she wishes it was more active in stopping threats like Nekron, she doesn't argue when the Entity does come into action and swiftly defeats the villains at large. The Last Titan hopes that the Entity will grant some White Lantern Rings to notable heroes of hers to help protect her from threats like the Void Lords and the Legion.
    • Because Azeroth needs to rely on brave mortals willing to defender her, she inevitably found herself drawn to the Heroes of the World of Balance. Azeroth adores all of them, but none moreso than Terra herself due to Terra reminding Azeroth the most of her Titanic Watcher stewards. While she does like Terra the most, that doesn't mean she has a negative opinion of any of her party. Quite the opposite in fact, especially after Azeroth witnessed Terra's group defending her from Kefka and some of his allies. The Titan also took a strong shining to the Warrior of Light. As the Champion of Cosmos, the Warrior of Light represents the absolute best of mortals, and just so happens to be an excellent stand in for Azeroth's own mortal defenders. Conversly, just as Azeroth is drawn to small heroes facing impossible odds, she is repulsed by big villains seeking to bring others suffering especially Eldritch Abominations. Shuma-Gorath has attempted to destroy Azeroth outright as he dares not allow her to reach adulthood to be able to fight and defeat him head on. The Ebon Dragon and Amatsu Mikaboshi attempted similar stunts and while they were repelled, Azeroth is still fearful of them until such time as she can actually fight back. It doesn't help that the Ebon Dragon reminds her of Deathwing, who nearly destroyed her, and Amatsu Mikaboshi reminds her of the Void Lords who seek to taint her.
    • While Azeroth looks forwards to the day she can fight back against all the Eldritch Horrors trying to do her harm, she looks forwards to punishing the ones that specifically target children the most, as she is herself a child, such as SCP-993, and Pennywise. SCP-993 deliberately targets children to subject them to his depravity and normalize it within their minds and thereby corrupt them into being just like him. Pennywise is infamous for being the God of Eating Children, and he has enjoyed teaming up with N'Zoth to terrorize Azeroth in her sleep. Of course, for IT at least, this swiftly ended once he realized who's dreams he was making unpleasant, with IT letting out a screech of pure terror before cowering behind the Old God. Melkor shares IT's sentiment towards Azeroth, and the thought of her awakening at full power keeps him awake at night. Pitch Black is also deeply intimidated by Azeroth as while the Emerald Dream offers him an opportunity to make his Nightmare Beasts even more powerful, the fact that he puts himself directly in the line of fire for a child as powerful as Azeroth by doing so given him very cold feet. As a result of this, Matilda Wormwood has taken a strong liking to Azeroth, and has encouraged others to pitch in to her defense.

Intermediate Gods

    Axel (Disgaea
Axel, God of Butt Monkeys (Dark Hero, Dark Detective, Warden Axel, Axfool, President Axel)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A statue of himself, pointing toward the sky
  • Themes: White Tiger, Let's Dance at the Final Battle, Pandora Ignition
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral usually, Chaotic Evil on stage, Neutral Good at heart
  • Portfolio: Believing Their Own Lies by virtue of being a Master Actor, Resilience, Good Old Fisticuffs, Noble Demon, Friend to All Children, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, Mean Character, Nice Actor, playing "White Tiger" in the background for his ultimate attack
  • Domains: Misfortune, Comic Relief, Jacket Collars, Celebrities
  • Allies: Valvatorez, Artina, Asagi, Wreck-It Ralph, Hercule
  • Opposed By: Fenrich, Laharl, Etna, Rozalin, Shinjiro Aragaki
  • Unknown Rival to: Adell
  • Axel found his way into the Pantheon, looking to perform as the Dark Hero. Gods told him over and over again that this wasn't the case, but he didn't seem to listen and stayed anyway. He later claimed that he knew all along, and it was part of his plan to become a god, though no one's sure if he's really making it up or not.
  • While he was given the title of God of High Collars, the Court of Gods also gave him Meiling's old position as God of Butt Monkeys, just to screw with him, since Axel annoyed them. Though later when they were reviewing his history, it turned out that this suited Axel well.
    • Since ascending, Axel has allowed his family and Evil Ranger Pink to stay in his temple while he travels around the Pantheon, doing who-knows-what.
  • The Dark Hero is an underhanded, cowardly "hero" meant to spread demon values to the youth (and his brother is a big fan). But that is just his role. Offstage, Axel is rather thoughtful and holds his family dear to his heart.
  • Axel's had a rocky relationship with just about every other Disgaea god in the Pantheon. He considers himself a rival to Adell, while everyone else finds him annoying. Valvatorez and Artina are the nicest to him, and even they think he's an idiot, despite putting up with his presence.
    • He has found a friend in Asagi Asagiri, as they've both traveled different worlds and met many different characters, thereby finding common ground.
  • Shinjiro Aragaki does not appreciate it when others mention that his voice and Axel's sound similar. He's met Axel and finds the demon incredibly annoying.
  • In spite of his idiocy, Axel is actually a talented musician and has made a good impression with the House of Music. Listen to his themes for yourself.
  • Axel is a Friend to All Children, even if children are not all friends to him. In fact, putting any child in danger (especially his siblings) is one of Axel's biggest Berserk Buttons. He sometimes helps Wreck-It Ralph babysit. The two later realized similarities in their jobs and personalities and became friends. Though Ralph admits that Axel gets annoying at times.
    • Axel has also found some similarities between himself and Hercule, and the two started hanging out.
  • The GUAE has pondered the viability of replicating the A-Virus since Axel's ascension, though the presence of Artina, who used her blood to cure this virus in the Netherworld, has put these plans on hold.
  • Not to be confused with another Axel. Though the other Axel feels that this is a good opportunity to get other people to call him "Lea" instead, as he's been trying to do.
  • With his tendency to get under the skin of most protagonists, many wonder what would happen if he and Excalibur were to meet. This eventually did happen, but the entire time, Axel thought Excalibur was merely doing an impression of the Prinny Instructor, Valvatorez.

    Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon 
Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Goddess of Living MacGuffins (Ciri, Lion Cub of Cintra, The Unexpected Child, Child of Elder Blood, Zireael, The Swallow, Little Swallow, Ugly Duckling, My Ugly One, Death, Falka, Lady of The Lake, Lady of The World, Lady of Time and Space, Poland's Waifu)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess when she focuses her powers; may possibly be an Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Swallow and a Rose Tattoo On Her Inner Left Thigh
  • Theme Song: Ciri, Me Luned
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral(Books), Chaotic Good(Game)
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Deuteragonist, The Chosen One, Unskilled, but Strong, Mystical White Hair, Waif-Fu, Happily Adopted, Tangled Family Tree, Character Development from Took a Level in Jerkass and Ax-Crazy(Books) to Took a Level in Kindness(Game)
  • Domains: Combat, Family, Destiny, Love
  • High Priestess: Helen of Troy
  • Allies: Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold of Maribor, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Hawke, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, The Hunter, the Monster Hunters, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, Lady Amalthea, Oberyn Martell, Team RWBY, Team JNPR, The Doctor, Tracer, Saria
  • Enemies: Eredin Bréacc Glas, Arthas Menethil, Manus, Corypheus, Lord Tywin Lannister, Every evil elf, Jadis
  • An unassuming girl with notable royal nerve, yet even more notable political and dynastic claims, this Cintran princess is actually the last descendant of a unique legacy, with particularly poignant titles including the Unexpected Child and Child of Elder Blood among others. Ciri first appeared in the life story of Geralt of Rivia as a child whose importance was at first contained to short side stories, but very quickly became an adopted daughter to Geralt and his prime love interests Triss and Yennefer, being seen as a co-protagonist in the Witcher Saga as its events forced her to grow up fast.
    • Reports vary on Ciri's ultimate fate after stopping the White Frost in order to save the multiverse. Some say she died in the battle, or at least disappeared, others suggest she survived and became a Witcher or even an Empress. Either way, whatever road she took ultimately led her to ascending to the Pantheon, where she was overjoyed to reunite with Geralt, Yennefer and Triss.
  • Hates Arthas mostly because of how much he reminds her of Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt.
  • Allied with The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse in their campaign against Manus, as she see it as threat similar to the White Frost.
  • While wandering the Pantheon one day, she bumped into the female incarnation of Hawke and both were surprised to hear that they had the same voice. After a friendly chat the two became good friends.
  • Ciri's meeting with Oberyn Martell was by chance. Oberyn had heard if Ciri's skill with the blade while Ciri knows of his skill with the Spear...and his habit of poisoning his weapons. The match ended in a standoff (She didn't use her powers to make it fair), but it left the Red Viper impressed with the well as setting a fire in his loins. He now seeks to bed Ciri...if Geralt, Triss and Yennefer don't try to kill him first.
  • Whet they compare her with her younger, crazier self they question her sanity. Ciri said that she was angry, tired, confused and just wanted the drama to end in her world. It took her many years in more Black-and-White Morality worlds and some help with a knight called Galahad to calm her down and help her see the bright sight of life.
  • When she met the unicorn called Lady Amalthea, she taught that she's from Ihuarraquax's herd. It turns out she is far from it. For one thing she can't go jumping through universes at will, she's much more familiar with human customs and most importantly she doesn't truly hate anyone. Unlike Ihuarraquax's herd where they hate elves in general because they almost wiped out the unicorn race.
  • There is a bit of misconceptions about her love life, especially with her friend Mistle. No, Ciri doesn't love her. She was basically raped by Mistle and she didn't resist because of her emotional trauma of being alone again, despite feeling horrified and revolted afterward. And Ciri has no problem sleeping with men - it's just that she doesn't do so often, due to the fact that far too many men in the North are nothing more than murderous bandits, rapists or bullying drunkards she has to fight outside alehouses. The men in Touissant or other worlds treat women considerably better.
    • In fact, she has no problems having sex with a 60-year-old man, but he died from blood loss in the middle of undressing her.
    • Though this "misconception" grew even further, with Ciri reportedly saying she prefers women in a bathhouse. Geralt himself believes the same, thinking he ran into one of her girlfriends, an innkeeper on his travels. Ciri herself has openly stated, she is in fact, Bisexual, and doesn't mind any like-minded goddesses company in the Pantheon.
  • When she heard stories about Tywin Lannister, she thought that he sounded and acted like her father Emhyr var Emreis. Which means Ciri wants nothing to do with him, and if he hurts her surrogate family - Geralt and Yennefer - or her friends, she will kill him regardless of the repercussions.
  • Is enemies with Jadis, as the White Witch could possibly be behind the White Frost. Subsequently she's a frequent visitor to Narnia, and good friends with all the Pevensies. She and Edmund particularly enjoy snarking at each other.
  • Is glad for one of her followers Saria for successfully ascending into the Pantheon. The green-haired girl was a prime candidate for the temple, but she passed on in the hope of getting in another way.

Emilia, Goddess of Mystical Waifs (Witch of Frost, Emily, Lia, Mili, EMT (Emilia Mega Angel), The Half-Elf, Satella, Witch of Envy)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her necklace
  • Theme Song: Stay Alive
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mystical Waif, Action Girl, Adorkable, The Atoner, Badass Adorable, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Dark and Troubled Past, Girly Bruiser, Good Is Not Soft, Heroic Self-Deprecation, Frequently subject of prejudice, Due to being a Half-Elf and looking like Satella, Subaru's Main Love Interest, Doesn't have a grasp of how love works, Fights mainly with ice magic, Can use Healing Arts, Mystical White Hair, Nice Girl but can be ruthless, Is 115 years old, Can conjure up any weapon she desires out of ice
  • Domain(s): Half-Elves, Magic, Ice, Spirits, Royalty
  • Allies: Subaru Natsuki (her Knight), Puck (her familiar), Stella Vermillion, Shizuku Kurogane, Lisesharte Atismata, Krulcifer Einfolk, Celestia Ralgris, Rias Gremory, Asia Argento, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, Kirin Toudou, Killia, Naruto Uzumaki, Azir, Patchouli Knowledge, Artoria Pendragon, Queen Elsa, Jeanne d'Arc, The Dimensional Counterparts
  • Enemies: Dormammu, Zobek, Pazuzu
  • Pities: Shinji Ikari
  • Odd Friendship with: Takagi
  • Emilia was born to an Elven father and a Human mother. She was raised by her paternal aunt Fortuna in Elior Forest and, because she was considered a rather special child, spent most of her days isolated from the other villagers in a place called the "Princess Room" with only Fortuna, her doll and spirits whom she could not understand yet for company. She also had a father figure in Petelgeuse, who was known back then as Geuse. However, one day, the village was attacked by Pandora and Regulus Corneas, which culminated in Geuse being tricked into killing Fortuna, driving him insane. Upon seeing Fortuna's corpse, Emilia became enraged and froze the entire forest, including all its inhabitants. After being freed by Puck, Emilia started seeking atonement by trying to find a way to restore the forest. Eventually, she and Puck encountered Roswaal, the first human who didn't react negatively to her appearance. He then invited her to the Royal Selection after being chosen by the Dragon by giving her a way to save the citizens of Elior Forest, by using the Dragon's Blood. Having experienced the harsh state that she and other demi-humans have gone through, she also hoped to become a ruler that could mend relations between them and humans that the Witch of Envy destroyed with her reign of terror long ago.
  • Emilia originally entered the pantheon as Puck's Herald, as she is his entire reason for existinence and her absence would cause him to go on a rampage by destroying everything and everyone in his path. After Subaru ascended, he quickly dedicated himself towards ascending Emilia as well. Eventually, he managed to convince the gods to ascend under the title of Goddess of Mystical Waifs, which she accepted.
  • Being Subaru's girlfriend (well, his main love interest anyway), she quickly got to know several other women who've fallen in love with men similar to Subaru. Her friendship with Stella Vermillion was seen as rather surprising, given that their respective elements oppose each other, but the two bonded over their respective hardships and respect each others' strength and kindness. Emilia also gets along well with Shizuku Kurogane, who similarly uses ice magic and is in love with an underdog.
  • Due to her desire to become the 42nd King of Lugnica, Emilia struck up a friendship with Lisesharte Atismata, who similarly wishes to be a proper and excellent queen to her people. She was also surprised to learn of Krulcifer's ability to freeze parts of enemies from a distance with her Sniper Rifle and the two have occasionally teamed up together. Emilia particularly gets along with Celestia, as the two quickly bonded over how they both unintentionally caused large-scale harm and seek to atone for it.
  • Emilia gets along with Rias Gremory and Asia Argento. She admires Rias' benevolent leadership of the Occult Research Club and her ability to keep them in line. She also sympathises with Asia about how she was persecuted as a heretic by the Church, which reminded Emilia of her own past persecution by humans.
  • Emilia also managed to strike up a friendship with both Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld and Kirin Toudou. She quickly bonded with Julis over their shared desire to protect children and the two have occasionally been seen discussing how to best improve their respective kingdoms. Emilia developed a liking for Kirin after learning of how she eventually stood up for herself against her uncle, the two frequently engage in sparring matches, as Emilia wishes to improve her ability to fight without using her magic.
  • Emilia is also on friendly terms with Killia and Naruto Uzumaki. Although both her and Killia deny being heroes, they both saw the obvious good in one another and frequently provide each other with moral support. When Naruto learned of her past, he quickly befriended her and cheered her up by having her try a bowl of ramen. The two have remained on good terms ever since.
  • Due to her desire to be a competent and benevolent ruler, she frequently visits rulers such as Azir, Artoria Pendragon and Elsa in order to ask them for advice and guidance. Azir sees potential in her and is impressed by her skill with Ice Magic. Artoria, already being a female King, quickly grew to like Emilia and advised her on making sure to make allies that she could trust. Elsa in particular managed to bond with Emilia over their similar past experiences of isolation and lack of control, and was happy to learn that Emilia also had friends who supported and encouraged her.
  • Emilia gets along with Patchouli Knowledge, who reminds her of Beatrice. Patchouli, in turn, likes Emilia due to her being polite and quiet while visiting her library. She's also on good terms with Jeanne d'Arc, whom she admires for being an inspirational and well-liked female leader.
  • A large part of Emilia's past misfortune came from the fact that she looks like Satella, the Witch of Envy, who is regarded as her universe's equivalent of the Devil. As a result, she ended up befriending the Dimensional Counterparts, who have similarly been mistaken for each other despite despite being visually distinct.
  • Unsurprisingly, Emilia opposes any evil sorcerers or malicious magical beings. This has resulted in her becoming enemies with Dormammu, Zobek and Pazuzu. She particularly dislikes Pazuzu, as his ability to possess people reminds her of the time that she was targeted by the Witch Cult, who intended to revive Satella, the Witch of Envy, by having her possess Emilia's body.
  • Emelia strongly sympathises with Shinji Ikari, who reminds her of Subaru with all of the trauma that he had endured throughout his life. She occasionally hangs out with him in order to provide moral support.
  • Is quite fond of an 11 year old elven girl named Kokkoro.

    Master Eraqus 

Master Eraqus, God of Strawmen Making Valid Arguments (Master, Sly Fox, Boy in White, Tardy Fleetfoot)
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  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Keyblade, the Master Defender
  • Theme Song: Master, Tell Me the Truth
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, though can veer into Lawful Neutral when the Darkness is involved
  • Domains: Light, Law, Good, Masters, Teachers, Absolutism
  • Keyblade: Master Defender
  • Portfolio: Light Is Good, Mentor Archetype, Cool Old Guy, Thinking In Absolutes, Aged More Gracefully Than The Evil Xehanort, Keyblade Master, Used To Represent An Extreme Viewpoint That Holds More Water Than The Writer Intended, Blames Himself For His Pupils' Fates, Properly Paranoid, Knight Templar, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Dies For His Trouble Only To Live On In Terra's Heart, Convincing Xehanort To Stop His Schemes
  • Allies: All heroic Kingdom Hearts deities, but especially Terra, Ventus, Aqua & Xehanort, Ezalor, Danielle Baptiste, Satsuki Kiryuin, Stephen Colbert
  • Enemies: The Light of Destruction, the Child Abuse Supporters, Vanitas
  • Pities: Shinn Asuka
  • Pitied by: Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Opposes: The Hall of Darkness and Shadow, the rest of Xehanort's incarnations, particularly Terra-Xehanort and Xemnas, Sheev Palpatine, the Heartless
  • Conflicting Opinion On: Kylo Ren, Kuvira, Riku, Judai Yuki, The Ones, The Venom Symbiote
  • A Keyblade Master is one of the highest titles one can be bestowed with in the world of Kingdom Hearts. It establishes that the one bearing the title has passed the Mark of Mastery exam and achieved true mastery over the Keyblade. Eraqus is one such master, and unlike his colleague, Xehanort, who uses his skills for evil, Eraqus passes his knowledge onto his pupils, who he has always loved like his own children.
  • His swordplay is matched only by his hatred for the Darkness, which he sees as the root of all evil. It was this, combined with Xehanort's manipulations, that led him into conflict with his oldest pupil, Terra. While extreme in his views, many see him as having had a point, since in the Kingdom Hearts universe, darkness is usually evil, while light is usually good, with Eraqus himself ironically coming closest to being an exception for the latter. Terra used the darkness in their final duel and Xehanort himself primarily uses the darkness, with good Darkness users like Riku being the exception rather than the norm.
  • Eraqus' ascension to the Pantheon came about at some point after the third game in his series, after he managed to help Xehanort come to terms with his defeat and redeem himself, the two of them departing for the afterlife. By this time, Xehanort was already in the Pantheon, so his first act was to make sure his old friend wasn't up to anything evil, which he thankfully was not.
  • While he is on amicable terms with the main Xehanort, when he learned of his other incarnations, proceedings were less than friendly. Between Ansem's rambling on about darkness, which struck a bit of a nerve in him, and Young Xehanort's generally smug nature, he found himself more than a little annoyed with those two. But when he learned of Terra-Xehanort and Xemnas, he was furious, first thinking they had done something horrible to Terra to be the way they are. Which... yeah, they did, but he was able to be calmed down upon learning that they currently exist separately from the real Terra, who is safe and sound. Nowadays, he is still wary around them, as their very existence unsettles him.
  • Learning of his surrogate son's safety, he made it a point to check up on Terra, Ven and Aqua, and found them hanging out at the House of Friendship and Camaraderie. Seeing them so happy after all that they had gone through was nearly enough to move the otherwise-dignified Keyblade Master to tears, and as he revealed himself, he once again reiterated his apology to them for everything they had gone through because of him. Though they forgave him easily and happily, they could not deny that his views on darkness, extreme as they were, were not unfounded, as his trope shows - their experiences with Xehanort taught them that rather handily, but he now has faith that they are strong enough to overcome it.
  • As for the other ascended members of his story, he is generally on good terms with the heroes and bad terms with the villains. In particular, he isn't fond of the Heartless. While in his era, he had to deal with the Unversed, he finds the Heartless to be much more potentially dangerous, as they stem from the darkness within people's hearts, and he knows how volatile darkness can be in the wrong hands. But some of them are friendly, which makes him feel a little uneasy, but he has decided to trust them for now. Among the evil Kingdom Hearts deities, however, none are quite so frightening to him as Vanitas. In addition to being pure darkness and loving every second of it, Vanitas may have been one of the original thirteen Darknesses of old. The very idea of such an ancient evil still being around makes Eraqus worried for the future of the Pantheon itself.
  • Even knowing that Terra and Aqua managed to overcome the darkness, Eraqus is still a little wary around darkness-users, and as such steers clear of the Hall of Darkness and Shadow. Dark Is Evil is a very real and very common trope, something Eraqus is aware of. Even if he now recognises through Terra that Dark Is Not Evil can exist, that most of the the Hall's residents are evil is not helping. Most of all, he opposes Chernabog, the resident God of Malevolent Darkness, who he never met in life, but knows exists in his world. Knowing he can rely on fellow Keyblade warriors like Sora to stop him should he rise puts his mind at ease.
  • Naturally, he is much more comfortable and at home in the Hall of Light and Brightness, where he gets along with many of the deities there. Among them, he is impressed with the endeavours of Danielle Baptiste and Satsuki Kiryuin, taking pity on the former for her responsibilities as the Angelus and the latter for her suffering at the hands of her own mother, and wishes to be a figure of respect and support for the two of them. He also looks up to Ezalor as a heroic opposite to Chernabog. However, the Light of Destruction, and all it represents, deeply unnerves him, and he wishes not to associate with it.
    • This has also led to an interesting relationship with Judai Yuki, who wields the Gentle Darkness to counteract the Light of Destruction. Judai's experiences has taught him that darkness can be dangerous, as with it, he became the villainous Supreme King and hurt his friends, but also that it isn't inherently evil. Eraqus believes there is a lot to learn from Judai's story, and gladly takes its lessons to heart.
  • Often, Eraqus will spend time in the Hall of Legacy and Influence, finding a strange kinship with the more heroically-aligned deities there due to seeing Terra, Ven and Aqua as his own legacy. Among them, however, he spends the most time with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who he has found to be quite similar to himself. Kenobi, however, takes pity on Eraqus, knowing how tragically his tale ended, and gives him his condolences. It goes both ways, too, as Eraqus recognises that Terra stayed a good kid at heart the entire time, which is more than can be said for Anakin.
    • While he looks upon Anakin/Vader with pity, watching the revolving door that is Kylo Ren makes him feel more conflicted than anything. As the avatar of repeating history, Eraqus sees him as someone who must be monitored, lest he fall back into the Dark Side, but he has agreed to let things play out for now, as knowing his track record, involving himself in that story may only make things worse.
  • In general, Eraqus has mixed feelings on the Jedi and the Sith Order. While his past self would have instantly jumped onto the "Jedi good, Sith bad" train that many are prone to do, Eraqus now has reflected on himself, recognising it's not just black and white. The saying that "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" in particular has been incredibly thought-provoking to Eraqus, who dealed in absolutes right up until his final living moments. For this reason, he isn't sure what to make of The Ones, who embody each side of the Force, its balance included. The Son is someone to be wary around, and his killing of his sister reminds Eraqus of his own death at Xehanort's hands, but the Daughter and Father seem amicable enough, with the former even asking him not to hate her brother. In the end, he wonders if the Dark Side truly can find balance with the Light Side, and what that says about the Darkness and Light in his own world.
  • While not a villain by any definition, Eraqus still finds himself drawn to the Hall of Anti-Villains, feeling that they understand his struggles, and vice versa, better than their heroic counterparts. In particular, and in no small part due to the similarity in their tropes, Kuvira has become something of a point of curiosity for him. Both of them find kindred spirits in one another, being antagonistic individuals who are deemed to have quite a good point, but are made out as extremists regardless, which, while they are willing to accept the error of their ways now, they were still in vehement belief that they were right at the time. Eraqus isn't sure what to make of Kuvira's more amoral actions, such as almost killing Bataar Jr. or becoming a tyrant, but he knows what it is like to put a goal ahead of one's loved ones, and recognises that she is truly sorry, so he has chosen not to judge her too harshly for it.
  • In spite of all this, Eraqus was not initially sure what was meant by a "strawman", feeling mild confusion as he noted he was made from flesh and blood like any normal man. Asking around led him in the direction of Stephen Colbert, the God of Straw Characters, who, though initially annoyed at the implication that he didn't have a point, was able to explain it to him. Eraqus now occasionally finds himself spending time with the news reporter, finding him peculiar but somewhat interested in his ramblings about this "America" he speaks of.
  • He has nothing but pity for Shinn Asuka, seeing in him a younger, more messed-up version of himself. From his unhealthy belief in absolutes leading to his insanity, to his painful decision of having to choose between being lawful and being good, he recognises that rather than being seen as simply mad, he needed someone to be there for him, and wonders how differently things would have been if he'd had a good mentor to guide his way. Seeing what Asuka has gone through also made Eraqus take a good look at himself, wondering just how badly he screwed up with the Wayfinder Trio, and how he could have ended up if things had been different - for better or for worse.
  • During his time in training to be a Keyblade Master, Eraqus and Xehanort had an encounter with the Magic Mirror. Fascinated by the talking artefact, Eraqus would ask it all manner of questions, some insightful, some less so, only to be interrupted by Xehanort, who reminded him that they were still on a mission. Seeing it again in the Pantheon was quite unexpected, to say the least, and he simply had to ask some more questions, just for old time's sake.
  • Upon learning about the Venom Symbiote and its nature, Eraqus was left feeling a mix of confusion and plain uncertainty. The Klyntar were made to devour gods and destroy "the Light", which would have made Eraqus instantly declare them in need of eradication. What interests him, however, is that once they were freed from their Hive Mind, they instantly betrayed their creator and attempted to protect the Light instead. Being both a form of corruption and highly corruptible themselves, Eraqus figures they most likely mean well, but need to be guided away from those who would use them for evil.
  • Can also be found in Logic.

"Darkness is our enemy. Would that we could be rid of it. Push the darkness down. Give it no quarter in your heart."

    Shield Knight 
Shield Knight, Goddess of Powerful Beings Who Need Rescuing
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her shield
  • Theme Songs: "The Requiem Of Shield Knight" outside of battle; in battle, "Go No Further!"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Battle Couple with Shovel Knight, Determinator, Action Girl that needs to be rescued, tried to fight Donovan to stop him from taking the amulet, being quite efficient with her shield
  • Domains: Shields, Knights, Adventuring
  • Allies: Shovel Knight (Her lover), Zhang, Reinhardt, Orisa, Captain America, Link, The Investigation Team, Rapunzel, Mario
  • On Good Terms With: Plague Knight, Mona
  • Opposed by: Specter Knight
  • Opposes: The Enchantress
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, King Boo
  • Shovel Knight wasn't the only person adventuring before his game happened; he had a partner to traverse the lands in search of treasure and glory with by the name of Shield Knight. They loved hunting for treasure, the loved adventure, but most of all, they loved each other. This only led to tragedy when Shield Knight tried to stop Donovan from stealing an amulet she believed was dangerous and powerful. She failed and this incident led to her becoming the Enchantress, who in turn enslaved Donovan and turned him into Specter Knight, with the order of finding 8 knights to serve her.
    • While she did find those knights, Shovel Knight also found her and freed her from the Enchantress's curse, and 10 seconds after freeing her, she was up and ready to fight alongside Shovel Knight to stop the Enchantress's final form. This tale of wonder and awe was what made the Court Of Gods decide to ascend her.
  • Her ascension was actually thanks to Plague Knight and Mona of all people. They were on their way to the Hall of Explosives one day when they overheard Shovel Knight training with Travis Touchdown, when they started talking with each other and heard of Shield Knight's tale when Travis asked him if he had to save and damsels or ladies. Even though Plague Knight felt like Shovel Knight did him a service of ascending his girlfriend by accident after he accidentally gave Chester the relics Shovel Knight needed to use, he (and Mona) took pity on Shovel Knight and went to the Court Of Gods to petition for her proper ascension. While surprised that they would help Shovel Knight out like this, they still approved the request.
    • Shovel Knight became aware of her ascension after waking up and finding her sleeping on his lap. While a bit confused as to why she was here in the Pantheon with him and not with Zhang, whom she was supposed to be her high priestess for, he was shown the official papers legalizing her ascension, including a testimony from Plague Knight and Mona. While surprised by this, he did ended up thanking them and became more tolerant of Plague Knight as a result, even asking him if he needs any help that doesn't involve causing mayhem. Plague Knight responded with asking for help with how to keep being a good boyfriend for Mona, to which Shovel Knight obliged to help give him tips from time to time.
      • As for Shield Knight herself, she does remember when Plague Knight was underneath her service and was more than okay with him storming her fort to steal the Enchantress's essence, believing that had he not done that Shovel Knight would have had a rougher time with her. Sure, he did also steal Shovel Knight’s essence, but considering how the potion was used to destroy the tower and bury the enchantress, even if she and Shovel Knight got caught up in it without him knowing, she’s willing to call it even. As of now, even if he gets a bit too giddy with explosives for her tastes, she does have some respect and thanks him for attacking her Enchantress state and roughing her up for Shovel Knight.
  • Had a much less pleasant time when trying to apologize to Specter Knight, who tried to attack her again, still feeling like what happened was her fault (including the death of his friend Luan), even when she became the Enchantress, a person who he was already not happy with working under. Fortunately, Shovel Knight was also there and quickly joined the dual on Shield Knight's side to fight Specter Knight to a standstill. Shield Knight has since kept her distance from the former servant of her while Shovel Knight has begun trying to talk Specter Knight down from continuing his revenge.
  • As a proud shield user, she spends some time with Zhang, the goddess she was serving under as a high priestess, practicing on using their shield for defense and combat purposes. Zhang also informed Shield Knight of Captain America and how good he is with a shield, leading her to befriend the proud American.
  • Upon hearing of a being called the Enchantress is in the Pantheon, she quickly thought it was the same Enchantress that tried to possess her and began to rush out to fight her. She only stopped thanks to Shovel Knight, who already made the mistake, explaining her. Not that it makes her hate the Enchantress any less, given the things she has done to the Beast/Prince Adam's castle servants.
  • One wouldn't recognize it just by looking at her in her helmet, but she actually has very long blonde hair. As such, she has been talking with Rapunzel with her being impressed with how Shield Knight can keep all that hair inside her helmet and armor. Meanwhile, Shield Knight amused with the various ways Rapunzel made use of her hair as well as the fact that even though she has long hair Rapunzel never had to worry about washing it or traction alopecia removing it.
  • As her role of "Powerful Beings Who Need Rescuing", she has shown pity toward those that are normally powerful that are beaten or kidnapped, saying that it's just human and life doesn't play favorites. She has forged a friendship up with Mario who has been trapped by King Boo twice, as well as showing hatred towards the ghost as well.

Lesser Gods

    Almaz Von Almandine Adamant 
Almaz von Almandine Adamant, God of Chew Toys (Fake Hero [formerly], Hero)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His coat, slightly roughened up
  • Theme Music: Unlucky Hero
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chew Toy, Classical Anti-Hero, Heroic Wannabe (formerly), Nice Guy, Only Sane Man, The Heart, Scarf of Asskicking, Preferring Swords the Most, Deuteragonist with Mao, Marrying Princess Sapphire
  • Domains: Guards, Heroes, Comedic Abuse
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Aurum
  • Almaz was originally just a guardsman who looked up to real heroes and one day decided to try to impress Princess Sapphire by becoming a hero by going into the Netherworld and defeat the Overlord. Then he got knocked out cold by Mao, got his "Hero Wannabe" title stolen from him and turned into a demon servant for Mao. And thus began a long journey of being dragged around by Mao with him trying to be some kind voice of reason alongside bunch of weirdos. He did eventually get the bone (getting to marry Princess Sapphire), but he also has a chance of having his chain getting yanked (being turned into the Overlord, causing every one to turn on him) and even the showing how miserable things can get (getting killed off and not reviving, causing things to snowball towards the destruction of the universe).
  • He seemingly just popped into the Pantheon one day. As he started wondering what was going on, Princess Sapphire dashed toward him and congratulated him from ascending. At first he was glad, but then he realized what position he got and that Mao was also in the Pantheon, making him fear that he is going to make him his slave again.
  • Even though he is The Chew Toy, don't think that he will just take everything thrown at him. Titles ultimately don't mean anything, it's actions that matter, as Almaz is quite capable of fighting back. Besides, do you want to evoke the wrath of Sapphire?
  • Looks up to Yu Narukami as a example of a true hero. Does help that they sound the same. Doesn't share this sentiment forwards Adachi, not just for the voice, but not liking when the "good guy" turns out to be a scumbag (just ask Super Hero Aurum).
  • Almaz is trying to protect the Princess from the Yandere Quartet, while she is trying to protect him from them. They work like that.
    • He was relieved when he heard that Yandere Quartet was no more, but then bit scared when he heard of the formation of Yandere Squad, even if Yuno tries to ensure that she tries to keep everyone in check.
  • The pantheon has placed a restriction on how much love banter he and his wife can engage in, saying that anything that goes beyond a single exchange between the two of them and involves hearts and stars MUST be done within the confines of the House of Love. There are some bets on if the two of them will actually do anything with their marriage.
    • Of course their relation isn't absolutely perfect. They have some arguments about stuff. Like what kind of peanut butter is better for sandwiches. And they don't necessarily consider their surroundings if their arguments get physical.
  • Gets along with Mahiro. Where Mahiro finds pities Almaz for all the stuff he has gone through, Almaz also feels sorry due to how many times he has come across villain motives that are just stupid.
  • Has understanding with gods such as Shirou, Jaune and Midoriya due of his own desire to be a hero, even if he didn't have the skills to become one.

    Coco Bandicoot 
Coco Bandicoot, Goddess of Iconic Sequel Characters (Kickass Coco, Perameles Coco)

    Crunch Bandicoot 
Crunch Bandicoot, God of Constantly Being Captured
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His metal arm
  • Theme Songs: Inferno Island (Nitro Fueled Remix), Team Bandicoot (Nitro Fueled Remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Introduced as a dark contrast to Crash, Heel–Face Turn, Big Brother Instinct, The Big Guy, Loyal to Crash and Coco thanks to their kindness, Gentle Giant, Good Is Dumb, Large Ham, Top-Heavy Guy, Variable Size
  • Domains: Loyalty, Size, Good, Friends, Brainwashing, Victims
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Akihiko Sanada
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship: King Dedede
  • Opposes: The Hall of Mind Control
  • Crunch Bandicoot was one of several creations of Dr. Cortex and he had a very particular mission, to destroy Crash Bandicoot. Harnessing the power of the elemental masks, Crunch proved to be a fearsome foe for Crash and Coco but they ended up overcoming him and Dr. Cortex, breaking Crunch free from the evil doctor's control and earning an important friend on the way. Since then, Crunch has been living with the bandicoots but following adventures always found a way to get him out of commission, said tendency is what ultimately awarded Crunch with the ascension to the pantheon, even if he isn't exactly proud of it.
  • While not exactly thrilled with his title, he didn't care as long as gets time to spend with his friends in the pantheon. Naturally, Crash, Coco and Aku Aku gave Crunch a warm welcome and in return, he gave them a Bear Hug, almost asphyxiating them in the process. Of course, the happy reunion ended after he was informed that Dr. Cortex and several of his cohorts were around as well and while at first he wasn't terribly upset, he does have a bone to pick with Cortex and Uka Uka.
  • Crunch is a bit of a health nut, always lifting weights and doing exercise whenever he can. He briefly even considered becoming a wrestler in the Hall of Combat Wrestling but his cybernetic arm technically disqualifies him from being a competitor. He doesn't mind though, as long as he can training somewhere else.
    • This also led Crunch to develop a Friendly Rivalry with Akihiko Sanada, fellow health nut who always brings up stuff about health every time he gets the chance. The two like to spar in their free time, this way Akihiko believes Crunch will stop getting taken out by the bad guys less often.
  • Naturally opposed to any evil deity that does Mind Control, since he has been the victim of brainwashing several times, hell that's how Dr. Cortex managed to control him in the first place after creating him. It didn't help that he caught the eye of several of the more nefarious members of the Hall of Mind Control given his status as the Divine Designated Victim.
    • Crunch ended up receiving an unlikely ally in the form of King Dedede, who also has been possessed and brainwashed several times. At first he didn't exactly like him, considering his rather Jerkass nature and how he treats the people of popstar, particularly Kirby, but then he ended up warming up to the guy after learning that he is a good guy deep down and they are contrasting personality and appearance certainly cements their Odd Friendship.
  • Of course, he doesn't take kindly to Mad Scientists and whenever he sees one, things can get ugly pretty quickly. In one of those occasions, he learned of Dr. Eggman and immediately wanted to teach him a lesson, which lead Crunch to meet Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna. He is a lot closer to the later since they are pretty similar all things considered, although Crunch prefers to hang out with the buffer version of Knuckles to see who is the physically strongest of the two.
    • Even if he is not a scientist, Crunch has nothing but utter contempt for Ghetsis Harmonia for only caring about taking over the Unova region and mistreating anyone he came across, making Cortex look like a fool in comparison. He also took pity on N, who reminded him of what Crunch used to be before Crash and Coco came along and became his friends.
  • Ironically, many found Crunch to be quite the unexpected choice for his trope, expecting a Damsel in Distress over a Distressed Dude. This made him and Princess Peach make quite an unlikely friendship over how many times they been kidnapped, although Peach is a lot more used to it. She later introduced him to Mario, who was also kind enough to befriend Crunch and they all decided to go kart-racing afterwards after the Bandicoot suggested a competition to see who was the fastest.
  • He cares a lot for Crash and Coco, acting as a big brother figure for them even if he technically is younger and is not a good idea to harm any of them in his presence. One day while strolling around the House of Family with his fellow bandicoots, he found Yu Narukami and thought his temple looked pretty cool, both bonding over how they both care deeply about their friends. Yu became interested in Crunch after learning of the doubts and fears he has over being a mutant creature created originally created to destroy Crash and wanted to investigate more into later but so far he doesn't think Crunch can manifest a Persona like him.
  • Even if he has a cybernetic arm, he rarely elaborates on how he got in the first place. He tends to try and get it upgraded in the House of Technology but rarely is successful in changing for a much cooler Arm Cannon like he wants to.
  • Likes flexing a lot, probably because he is very proud of his physique. Alex Armstrong after witnessing Crunch doing this, decided to challenge him to a flexing match. After an intense 40 minutes, the two became best friends.
  • Considering how he harnessed the power of the elemental masks in his debut, he caught the curiosity of both Avatar and Korra. Crunch explained that at the time, he was under the control of Cortex and Uka Uka and the masks were all evil and that he himself have no control over them, even if he transformed into a powerful elemental creature when each mask aided him. Hearing about Aang's fight against the invasion of the Fire Nation, he believes that Py-Ro would have gotten along really well with Fire Lord Ozai, especially considering he sounds like a more subdued version of the fire mask.

    Jar Jar Binks 
Jar Jar Binks, God of Plucky Comic Relief

    Madison Paige 
Madison Paige, Goddess of Badass Damsels (Mad, Madison Page)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her notebook and camera
  • Theme Song: Madison Paige Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Damsel Who Rescues Herself, Action Girl, Badass Biker, Beautiful and Good, Beware the Nice Ones, Boyish Short Hair, Brainy Brunette, Combat Pragmatist, Deadpan Snarker, Determinator, Regularly gets in trouble (usually involving serial killers), Fell in love with Ethan Mars, While tending to his injuries, Heroic Seductress, The Insomniac, Intrepid Reporter, Who goes for Big Scoops, Ms. Fanservice, Nice Girl
  • Domain(s): Journalism, Photography, Survival
  • Allies: Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden, Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti, Tyler Miles, Jodie Holmes, Lois Lane, Frank West, Jade, Jimmy Olsen, Carly Nagisa, Spider Jerusalem, J. Jonah Jameson, Princess Peach, Aya Drevis
  • Enemies: Scott Shelby, Louis Bloom, Chris Walker, Richard Trager, Fabius Bile, Cioccolata, Thomas Elliot/Hush, Ash, The Evilutionists of Mad Science, Jack the Ripper, John Doe, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Hannibal Lecter, Patrick Bateman, The Jigsaw Killer, The Joker, Victor Zsasz, The Sorceress, Pennywise, 456 Ambassador, The Child Abuse Supporters, Bowser, Alfred Drevis
  • Madison Paige was born on May 3, 1984 to Robert and Linda Paige in Columbus, Ohio. Little is known about Madison's life, though she herself has stated that she grew up with several brothers and would always be the one to tend to their injuries whenever they got into trouble. She has also implied that she had a bad relationship with at least one of her parents. As an adult, she became a journalist and photographer and started working for The American Tribune. However, Madison also started suffering from crippling insomnia and nightmares, only able to relax and sleep in local motels. There have been reports stating that her insomnia was caused by the horrors she experienced while working as a reporter during the Iraq War, but no explicit evidence has come forth proving this. In November 2009, Madison investigated former taxidermist Leland White, a man suspected of being the Origami Killer, and discovered that he was a psychopath who brutally murdered women and stuffed their bodies to keep as trophies. In October 2011, Madison met Ethan Mars after checking into the Cross Road Motel and tended to his wounds. Upon learning about how the Origami Killer was forcing Ethan to do a series of trials for his son's sake, she began her own investigation into the killer.
  • Madison originally entered the Pantheon as a follower of Lois Lane, but managed to ascend in her own right after Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden, and Lois herself argued on her behalf in the Main House. After sharing a happy reunion together, Madison was escorted to her temple by Ethan and Norman. Her temple is based on her apartment from her own world, and Madison has a similar problem with sleeping there, prompting her to instead spend most of her time traveling throughout the Pantheon, usually stopping by to rest at Ethan's temple. She also regularly visits the House of Knowledge, both to collect information on whatever she is investigating as well as signing copies of Heavy Rain, her book about her investigation of the Origami Killer. However, she was rather disturbed to learn that Scott Shelby was also present in the Pantheon, and thus routinely keeps an eye on him to prevent him from committing any crimes.
  • Madison is on good terms with Lucas Kane, Carla Valenti, Tyler Miles, and Jodie Holmes, as they might be residents from her world. She respects and sympathizes with Lucas due to how much his experiences resemble those of Ethan. She occasionally accompanies Carla and Tyler when they go out on duty, hoping to report on whatever exciting things they might encounter. She bonded with Jodie over their respective traumatic experiences, and it's been suggested that they shared stories about their respective involvements in war-torn countries.
  • Aside from Lois Lane, Madison also regularly teams up with other reporters such as Frank West, Jade, Jimmy Olsen, Carly Nagisa, and Spider Jerusalem, although she also occasionally competes with them to get to the big scoop first. She occasionally does freelance work for J. Jonah Jameson, and despite disliking his obsession with getting pictures of Spider-Man as well as his overall hardass demeanor, the two nonetheless share a mutual respect for one another, as Madison can tell that he's a good person deep down and Jameson strongly approves of her integrity and good character. The only journalist that she actively dislikes is Louis Bloom, as he uses immoral means to get his shots and footage and will gladly jeopardize others if it means he can obtain what he wants.
  • Madison has had occasional run-ins with Chris Walker, who has a distaste towards reporters. Although she sympathizes with him due to his tragic background, Madison is nonetheless understandably terrified of him. She's similarly disturbed by "Dr." Richard Trager, as he reminds her of Adrian Baker. Fortunately, she has proven quite adept at avoiding and outrunning both of them whenever she encounters them.
  • Her experiences with Dr. Adrian Baker, whom she calls "Doctor Death", has resulted in Madison having a strong dislike of unethical and murderous doctors, such as Fabius Bile, Cioccolata, Thomas Elliot/Hush, Ash, and the Evilutionists of Mad Science.
  • Madison unsurprisingly opposes all of the serial killers in the Pantheon and regularly investigates their activities to keep them from running amok and to keep people informed. She has had run-ins with the likes of Jack the Ripper, John Doe, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Hannibal Lecter, Patrick Bateman, the Jigsaw Killer, the Joker, and Victor Zsasz. Out of all of them, Madison has stated that Krueger frightens her the most, as her encounters with him tend to worsen her insomnia.
  • Because she strongly abhors those who harm children, Madison quickly became enemies with the Sorceress, Pennywise, the 456 Ambassador, and the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • When Madison initially encountered Princess Peach, she was critical of her habit for getting kidnapped on a many occasions. However, the two came to respect each other when Peach demonstrated that she was considerably more capable than Madison had assumed. The two have occasionally dealt with Bowser together, with Madison in particular demonstrating her remarkable talent at escaping from his traps.
  • Having previously dealt with a murderous former taxidermist, Madison quickly developed a dislike of Alfred Drevis and became protective of his daughter Aya when she learned that Alfred had previously tried to turn her into a doll. Whenever Alfred and Aya spend time together, Madison is usually among those monitoring him in order to prevent him from acting on his old habits.
  • "Lieutenant, my name is Madison Paige, I'm a journalist. I have proof that Ethan Mars is innocent. He's not the Origami Killer."

    Maud Pie 
Maudalina Daisy "Maud" Pie, The Comically Serious Goddess
Click here to see her with her cutie mark exposed 
  • Lesser Goddess (with chances of going higher if Pinkie Pie is in danger)
  • Symbol: Her cutie mark, a diamond-shaped rock
  • Theme Song: Quite the reverse; it is an absence of any music that heralds her
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (True Neutral for those who don't know her)
  • Portfolio: Those that don't show lots of emotion, those protective of their younger siblings, incredible feats of strength like jackhammer-speed punching, barely fazed by anything, honest but being blunt about it, having sweet smiles at the right moments, cold and sweet personalities, knowing a lot about rocks and having a rocktorate, can turn up anywhere just like Pinkie
  • Domains: Stoicism, Rocks, Strength
  • Herald: Boulder (her pet rock) and Mudbriar (her coltfriend)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All who would hurt her sister, and therefore all enemies of Pinkie
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima
  • Maud meandered along with an invitation in hoof, crossing the Janus Checkpoints with the proper documents, and being waived through by the Inspector. When she arrived at her destination, she looked at the rocks around her and slowly blinked her eyes as Haruhi announced she would be in the House of Narrative (she would eventually move to the new House of Characterization along with several other deities, but that was much later). Pinkie Pie personally appeared in the temple with a party and a myriad of rock candy necklaces. Maud… smiled.
  • As for who the hay she is, Maud is the eldest sister in the Pie Family, the same family Pinkie is from. On the surface, she's an extremely stoic mare, and has a thing for rocks (and minerals and plate tectonics), down to studying them to the point where she's getting a "rocktorate". Beneath that however, she cherishes her sister a lot, can write poems, can skate, and can reduce rocks to rubble with her bare hooves.
    • Speaking of poems, she sometimes goes to the House of Theatre and Spectacle to perform there. Beware, though: She has 1,000 poems—and they're all about rocks. She's also trying to get into stand-up comedy.
    • When Christmas rolls around, Maud can be found in the House of Music reciting Hearth's Warming carols. Her singing voice is no different from poetry reading voice… which is no different from her speaking voice. Also, her carols are all about rocks.
    • She's also been seen ice-skating at rinks or frozen lakes whenever she finds time or feels like skating, usually at the House of Nature.
  • Trollkaiger, after having little to no luck annoying many gods in this House, wanted to rile her up by trolling Pinkie. Next thing they knew, Maud was hurling rocks at their temples. Rocks the size of monster trucks.
  • People find it hard to lie to her, whether by emotional pressure or her being able to see through it.
  • Sometimes hangs out in the House of Nature, mostly to collect the different types of rocks that can be found. She has encountered Toph (as best as she can since Toph is blind), and is amazed at Toph's Earthbending abilities, hoping that one day she will be capable of doing something as grand like that.
  • Just like Pinkie has her Pinkie Sense, Maud has her own Maud Sense. So far, she's only used it to track down the stallion Pinkie traded her party cannon to once. In the Pantheon, this has become the ability to track folks who have made transactions with her or friends of hers.
  • Was once asked to babysit some of the child gods. She entertained them by making them play "Camoflage" with her pet rock. "It's like hide-and-seek but WAY more intense." Unfortunately, the gods got a little enthusiastic finding her pet rock that they nearly destroyed the House of Family until Maud relented and revealed where her pet rock was. "He was hiding in my pocket."
  • Sometimes visits Brock's temple in the House of Love because she's interested in him training Rock-type Pokémon. She's hoping to befriend other Rock-type Pokémon and fight with them.
    • Such examples include Tyranitar, Rampardos, and Regirock, and they reciprocate her like for them due to their impression on the earth pony's immense strength.
    • Speaking of Regirock, another golem she's gotten acquainted with is Tiny the Stone Giant, who was similarly impressed with how strong she was.
    • Besides Brock, Olivia is another Rock-type specialist Maud gets along with. Sometimes, the eldest Pie sister helps out in gleaning out the best-looking stones.
    • Another rock-themed individual she's had the pleasure of meeting was Ben Grimm a.k.a. The Thing, and held some intrigue on him being a former human who turned into a rock-like creature. Of course, she's also aware of the social ramifications he's suffered from this before he and his family turned things around.
  • To the shock of most of Equestria's denizens, she was the cause for Starlight Glimmer's "Our Town" incident, meaning she would've inadvertently led Starlight to almost bring Equestria into a Bad Future all because she told the unicorn of a rock that could seal Cutie Mark Magic away. Pinkie has made her sister "Pinkie Promise" to never bring up the incident again. Maud's response:
    Maud: It's not like she's been enslaving anyone… for a while at least.
    • Speaking of rocks, she states that if one found the right rock to seal magic, they could rule all of the Pantheon. Many gods think she's joking. All she asks, in her stoic tone, is "Am I?"
  • After an investigation in the House of Nature, she has now asked that her discovery, a beautiful cave filled with lush wildlife and a pool of sparkling water, become her new temple. It was also when it was being constructed that she explained that her love of rocks came because "They don't judge you for being… different."
  • Due to the way they speak in their stoic tone, has made an ally with Ichiro, namely acting like The Comically Serious version of Statler and Waldorf.
  • Got a boyfriend named Mudbriar. Many gods are wondering What Does She See in Him? (including her sister), but they do note that Maud seems much happier whenever they are together. Pinkie, for her part, is doing her best to tolerate Mudbriar.
  • Despite having a sister who throws parties, Maud actually dislikes birthday parties and only tolerates them because of her love for Pinkie.

    The Mysterious Stranger 
The Mysterious Stranger, God of Mysterious Individuals (The Stranger)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A .44 Magnum Revolver
  • Theme Music: Not much of a theme, but he has a signature guitar riff when he appears
  • Alignment: True Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Strangers, and Protectors, Big Damn Heroes, Inexplicably Awesome, Badass Longcoat, Fedora of Asskicking, One-Hit Kill Magnum Revolver
  • Domains: Strangers, Protectors, Revolvers
  • Followers: The "Man in Black"
  • Allies(?): The Courier, The Sole Survivor, Mamoru Chiba, Vash, The Merchant
  • Enemies: Anyone who happened to be on the wrong end of his gun
  • Coveted by: The House of Luck and Fortune
  • It is hard to say when the Mysterious Stranger even ascended. One day the Courier was just ambushed by bunch of GUAE goons, resulting in a gunfight. When it was just down to one, he had the misfortune on missing his shot with the last round, even while using V.A.T.S. to aim... only for another bullet to come in and pierce the poor sap's head, killing them instantly. Those who saw them noticed a weird figure in a trench coat and a revolver near the scene, who vanished instantly. On the following day, the Court of the Gods noticed that the trope Mysterious Stranger was taken.
  • No one in the Pantheon knows who the Mysterious Stranger really is. Is he a mercenary? A crazed gunman? Herald of Lady Luck who goes around helping the fortunate? Is he even a human? Is he among the supernatural? Is it a collective identity? He is an enigma amongst the enigmas. Even when you get a good look at him, his race is said to vary. Some say he is Asian while others say he is Caucasian.
    • There are some evidence that he might be Lonesome Drifter's father. And that's about it. And then there are questions about who the Lonesome Drifter is.
    • Of course, just because no one knows who he is, doesn't mean they aren't trying to uncover his mysteries. Shotaro and Philip especially. Mainly because as he is, he could easily become a wild card depending on who he decides to assist at just the right time. Currently, the trends of his assistance only point to the House of Luck and Fortune for good and for ill.
  • He can lend his assistance no matter where you are in the Pantheon. In the mortal realm, it didn't stop him from suddenly appearing within a simulation. And it gets more ridiculous from here on out. Deep in the House of Nature's forests? The House of Emotion's Swirly Energy Thingy? SCP-106's Pocket Dimension? There's a chance a stray bullet will lend you a hand, guitar riff and all, and a once living target.
  • Even if some gods were to find him on his own, he seems to just disappear if someone were to find him. He does seem to leave behind some caps if someone does find him, though. A little gift, if you will, for your troubles.
  • Thought to have been connected to the entity known as Q, another enigmatic figure with a trench coat and fedora ensemble. They aren't, apparently, though a rivalry between the two was nevertheless formed after a one-in-a-million encounter one day. Rumors persist that the Mysterious Stranger himself keeps tabs on Q, driven by some interest in unmasking that mystery and securing his riddle-ridden spot.
  • If there were few gods aside from Courier and those with noticeable luck he seems to appear near, they are the Tuxedo Man, another Mysterious Protector, and Vash, another fellow revolver user.
  • He seems to have a female counterpart who sometimes takes his place called Miss Fortune. No, not Ms. Nadia Fortune. Mysterious as he is, he's definitely no cat person, much less one who was on the wrong end of a mafia's wrath for theft. If the Medicis tried to pull something like that on him they'd have a real mess on their hands — dozens of dead bodies, all riddled with .44 bullet holes. He is also not connected with Miss Sarah Fortune.
  • Nick Valentine, one of the Sole Survivor's Heralds, is perhaps one of the few who know of him and is attempting to discover his identity. The Hall of Investigative Work trade notes with him on whatever they could find and have documented every individual that died from the Stranger's bullet. Despite such efforts, nothing new came up, but it hasn't stopped them all from trying.

N, God of True Believers Within False Groups (The Hero of Ideals/Truth, N Harmonia, Natural Harmonia Gropius)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The old Team Plasma symbol
  • Theme Songs: sayonara -refrain-, his battle themes
  • Alignment: Formerly misguided Chaotic Good under a Lawful belief, currently Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sole Believer of Old Team Plasma's False Rhetoric, Anti-Villain, Hero Antagonist, Curiosity Unravels Ghetsis's Scheme, Stands At 5'11", Used To See Things in Black and White, Having One of the Worst Parents Ever, Long-Haired Pretty Boy, Motor Mouth, Manchild, Friend To All Pokémon and Eventually Humankind, originally growing up with Pokémon and learning to communicate with them, from Wild Child to Sheltered Aristocrat, Benevolent Trainer, Likes Math Formulas, from Puppet King to Rebel Leader, Is At The Forefront Either Way
  • Domains: Family, Anti-Villains, Ideals, Truth
  • Heralds: Plasma Sage Rood, old Team Plasma members who follow N's ideals or otherwise wish to atone
  • Party Pokémonnote :
    • Champion battle (sans legendaries): Carracosta, Vanilluxe, Archeops, Zoroark, Klinklang
    • Spring: Politoed, Lanturn, Tentacruel, Omastar, Kabutops, Starmie
    • Summer: Ninetales, Arcanine, Rapidash, Shiftry, Ninjask, Leafeon
    • Autumn: Hippowdon, Gastrodon, Cradily, Armaldo, Scizor, Rhyperior
    • Winter: Abomasnow, Cloyster, Mamoswine, Froslass, Glaceon (Vanilluxe is also in this team)
    • Masters (sans legendaries): Sigilyph
  • Allies: Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, Jin Kazama, Mr. Freeze, Cinderella, Spyro, Grey, Mordred, Lilo & Stitch, Hareta, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (particularly Yusuke Kitagawa and Haru Okumura)
  • Enemies: Any and all evil parents and family members, especially his "father" Ghetsis, and Lady Tremaine; also, anyone who outright abuses Pokémon or exploits them for nefarious purposes
  • After being beaten by Hilbert/Hilda, Ghetsis revealed his true colors to the world, deifying both of themselves.
  • N was raised from the day of his birth by Ghetsis to think all Pokémon trainers were horrible, abusive bastards and raised him with only abused Pokémon to make sure he had no knowledge of any good trainers. He also apparently wasn't even his real father.
    • As a result, N was requested to move to a new House and find a new trope. He picked The Only Believer, given that the old Team Plasma's declared goal to liberate Pokémon from humans was just a sham perpetrated by Ghetsis, and N was raised to genuinely believe in that rhetoric. Naturally, part of that trope comes with a poor reaction to the truth, and turning against them after the fact, which is certainly what happened to N.
  • Is often seen hanging around the other good deities and his good looks and charming personality have gained him a lot of fans from both genders. Fate and Nanoha seem to especially adore him.
  • His farewell from the Unova region (before he came back in the sequel) was so tearjerking even Andrew Stanton cried for him, as did all the other good deities of the Pantheon.
  • Apparently gave away Zekrom to Oda Nobunaga for unknown reasons. Nobunaga later returned Zekrom after having captured a shiny Rayquaza for himself, but N later decided to give Zekrom to Nate/Rosa.
  • Other gods can't help but think of making jokes whenever they mention L.
  • Has been invited by the likes of Jin Kazama to protect against parental abuse. N immediately joined in.
  • Often spends time around the House of Nature and the various ascended Pokémon. He's quite in tune with them, even being able to understand Pokemon speech, due to being raised among them. The nostalgic feeling N gets in the House of Nature is bittersweet, knowing why his childhood was set there.
  • Is often seen in the House of Beasts from time to time, and had discussions with Ash and Pikachu about the latter two's relationship. He is also hoping to have a one-on-one with Mewtwo. He's still weirded out by Meowth giving up Pokémon Speak for talking like a human.
    • Is thoroughly impressed with how devoted and how deep of a connection Hareta has with his Pokémon, to the point he can communicate deeply with them. Hareta in return is happy and proud seeing how much N loves Pokémon as well, and—just like anyone else with a moral compass—grew to despise Ghetsis in return.
  • Met up with a strange boy named GYMC once, who helped fight off against his father. Later met up with a girl named CLY who also helped end Ghestis' rage.
  • Spyro initially thought N used his legendary dragon to commit evil acts as the leader of Team Plasma, but he later came to admire N for fighting in what he believed in. He apologized to N for judging him harshly, and his ire has since been transferred to Ghetsis, the true ruler of Team Plasma and N’s emotionally abusive father.
  • Despite everything he was put through, N still pities Ghetsis and wishes to at least understand how that man became the one who raised him. To that end, he's thinking of requesting to accompany the Phantom Thieves of Hearts so he can achieve that (and change his heart). Additionally, admittedly partly inspired by Hareta's bond and capability to fight alongside his Pokémon, he hopes he could get some fighting experience so that he won't be too much of a burden to his Pokémon friends given the threats in the Pantheon. Having had less-than-appreciative childhoods themselves, Yusuke and Haru in particular sympathize with him.
    • He had asked the artist in teaming up for a heist previously, but at the time he asked, the ascended Phantoms comprised of only Yusuke, Morgana, and Futaba. And the cat wasn't willing to go after such a tough target with only them against someone who's more corrupt than even Masayoshi Shido, and would be much more difficult to steal his heart, especially since their leader Ren had yet to ascend. The heist was forced to be put on hold until a later time, but Yusuke promised N that he'll notify him as soon as they have time.
    • Once that the entire crew ascended, as soon as he could, N arrived at Ren's temple to request for it again. They hadn't done so for a while since the status quo would revert Ghetsis after the Heist; at least they can still influence him in the present, and it so happens that he was planning something big for the GUAE, so a change of heart can mess that up and make it fail. N volunteered to come with them both to earn fighting experience.
    • During that Heist, upon a run-in with Shadow Harmonia, N had been forced to accept that despite his hopes to the contrary, (at least for the foreseeable future) there was no redeeming his "father". And that's when something surprising happened.
    ???: Are you prepared to journey down this road?
    N: (eerily calm) Yes. I'm ready.
    ???: Very well, then. Let the initiation commence.
    And then it started; a searing pain emanated from N's head as he clutched his head. It felt like it was tearing him apart. Zoroark immediately went to his trainer's side and tried to keep him steady while feeling unable to do anything else. The rest of the Phantoms were on standby in case Shadow Harmonia tried anything.
    ???: A detestable man. He who cares not about man or beast has lost his way. You wish to help him see that his path will only bring him ruin. But deep in your heart, you know that this is impossible. [...] There must be a reason your creator allowed his kind and humanity to coexist. Please, do not allow this to continue. I am thou, thou art I. (N’s “mask” appears on his face) There are yet others you can still save. Turn your attention to them. Protect them from men like your father.
  • The circumstances are still being reflected on, but at that moment, N's appearance changed into a Crusader themed around Team Plasma, and even came with a sword, buckler, and crossbownote , though to the Thieves' surprise, no Persona manifested. After the battle that ensued, and after leaving the Palace, it was also discovered that N only had this power in the Metaverse.
    • When the time came for the Calling Card, the Phantoms weren't prepared enough for the consequences of doing so given that the entire Pantheon knows who they are. And so when the next day came, N found his temple under siege by Team Plasma, with the former members who have sided with him defending the place. Knowing the Heist needed to be concluded now, after guaranteeing his followers' safety, he swiftly rejoined the Phantoms to finish the Heist and stop Ghetsis.
    • The operation ended in success, with the crew defeating Shadow Harmonia, N discovering his "father"'s Freudian Excuse for his actions, stealing his Treasure (Ghetsis' staff for controlling Kyruem), and leaving before the Palace collapses. N has kept the Treasure (which took the form of a Master Ball outside the Metaverse, to reflect Ghetsis' desire for absolute control) in his temple as a memento of his adventure. He's also since become an honorary member for any future Heists, and still on occasion has joined them to help train his Metaverse powers and his Pokémon.

    Paul Phoenix 
Paul Phoenix, God of Unknown Rivals (Hot-Blooded Martial Artist, Toughest Man in the Universe, Hot-Blooded Destroyer)
Paul's classic design
Paul in Tekken 7 
Paul in Tekken 8 

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Phoenix Dojo, with the sign "Bring it on, ya' Aliens!" included
  • Theme Songs: Dashing Fighter (Paul's Miracle Deathfist), Punk Alley, Waiting For the Big One, Paul Stage (OOHRAAAH), Death Fight on the Neon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Self-Proclaimed Rival to Kazuya Mishima and the Actual Arch-Enemy of the Kumas, The Phoenix Smasher, Idiot Heroes, Gravity Defying Hair, Wearing his Iconic Red Gi, Goldhearted Arrogant Fighters, Boisterous Bruisers
  • Domains: Combat, Glory, Pride, Boasting, Comedy
  • Herald: Marshall Law (his best friend)
  • Superior: Chuck Norris
  • Allies:
  • Actual Rival: Viral
  • Unknown Rival to: Kazuya Mishima (also an one-sided enemy from Paul's own part), Kotal Kahn (due to the fact that the Osh-Tekk resembles Ogre), Rufus (according to him, Paul is compared to Ken Masters)
  • Enemies: Heihachi Mishima, Ogre, Bryan Fury, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Evil Bears in the Pantheon
  • During the First Iron Fist Tournament, Paul Phoenix was eager to seek a challenge against Kazuya Mishima and his match with Heihachi's son ended in draw. One year later, he wanted a rematch, only for him had to fought against Heihachi's first pet: Kuma I. Years later, he wasn't aware of Kazuya's resurrection in the Fourth Iron Fist Tournament, as he has a feud with Kuma II in the Mortal Realm. It was then when Lord Varys provided information regarding Kazuya, so much that he decided to ascend in the Pantheon.
  • Due to his bad experience with bears, Paul swears to not step himself to the House of Beasts or meeting with Monokuma, as his enmity with Kuma II gives Paul a sour taste in the mouth.
    • His determination to fight against the Kumas is what earned him the support of Stephen Colbert.
  • Don't let his appearance fool you, he was one of the ordinary fighters who fought hand-to-hand with his bare hands against Ogre (to be fair, he technically won the Third Iron Fist Tournament after beating Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, as well as Ogre, but Jin Kazama took his credit in the end note ), and is rumored to bring a challenge against aliens! His superior Chuck Norris approves.
  • Has travelled along with Law in the quest to search the Pandora Box. In the end, both got trapped inside the box.
  • He thinks he saw that Ogre got a new duplicate, but in reality, Ogre is responsible for Kotal Kahn's ascension. In spite of that, Paul swears to fight the new Outworld Emperor, even though either Kotal hasn't heard of him before or thinks that Paul must be joking.
  • Most of the WWE Superstars often compared him as Triple H. Granted, both have the same initial name in Paul and even they look similar. Also, his haircut resembles Polnareff, a friend of the Joestar Family, and to a lesser extent, Benimaru Nikaido, Kyo Kusanagi's teammate.
  • Is wary around 765 Production because of the time they put him in one of those idol dresses.
  • "No pain, no gain!"

Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell, The Unholy Butt of Jokes (Satania, Satanya, Baka Chuuni)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A bat on fire
  • Alignment: attempts to be Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Designated Monkey, The Devil Is a Loser, The Ditz, Shared Family Quirks, Ensemble Dark Horse, Chuunibyou, Super Gullible, Harmless Villain, Evil Is Petty, Book Dumb
  • Domains: Comedy, Demons, Evil
  • High Priest: Miton
  • Allies: Ika Musume, Ranko Kanzaki, South Park's and Puyo Puyo's Satan, Jurai Andou, The ascended Nippon Ichi demons
  • The future queen of Hell (Or so she claims), Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell has ascended to the Pantheon with the intention to rule over it and make the ascended deities her servants. She going to have a fun time of achieving her goals when she never does anything more devious than littering or pulling somebody's chair as they're about to sit.
  • Despite Satania's lofty goals no one really takes her seriously and can often be seen getting retribution from other deities after performing her brand of "evil" on them. More often than not though, Satania won't have to do anything for other deities to bully her.
    • Much to Satania's surprise many of the ascended Nippon Ichi demons are very proud of Satania as many of them have the same standards of evil acts as Satania.
  • Several deities who've seen Satania holding a bag of melon bread have noticed her being especially shifty around the Hall of Canines. When asked why, Satania stated that she's expecting "him" to appear and steal it.
    • What Satania didn't tell them is that "him" is actually living in her temple and frequently appears out of nowhere to steal her melon bread.
  • Even though she came from Hell and plans to take over the world, no one rally takes Satania seriously because of her lighthearted ideas about what constitutes as a villainous act, because of this, she became good friends with Ika Musume who has similar ideas about villainy as Satania.
  • Because she frequently makes speeches about how evil she is yet wouldn't actually hurt someone, Satania has become good friends with fellow Chuunibyou Deities Ranko Kanzaki and Jurai Andou.
  • Despite being a female version of the devil, nobody really takes Satania seriously. Because of this lack of respect, Satania developed a friendship with the Satan from South Park and Puyo Puyo.
  • Satania's not to be confused for a certain lolita vampire despite them both sharing the McDowell name.


    Bulk and Skull 
Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch, Those Two Gods (Farkas: Bulk, Uncle Bulk, Purple Ranger | Eugene: Skull, Orange Ranger)
Bulk on the left, Skull on the right

    Connie Maheswaran 
Connie Maheswaran, Goddess of Normal Members in Super Teams (Miss Knight, Swashbuckling Swashbuckler)
  • Enemies: Enemies of the Crystal Gems
  • Opposes: The Dursleys (well, mostly Vernon, slightly less from Petunia, while neutral for Dudley)
  • In a team of differently powered individuals, there's a rare occasion in which someone who has no special powers is a member of such a team. In the face of Steven Universe's pleas to the Court of the Gods, and a trope chosen by Pearl, the chosen candidate for The Team Normal was their ally Connie.
  • Connie is very intelligent for her age, knowing a lot about boats, reading a variety of books (she enjoys reading fantasy novels like The Spirit Morph Saga and A Wrinkle in Time, but also non-fiction books for fact), having proficiency in tennis, violin playing, and sword fighting (the latter of which even Pearl, a master swordswoman, was impressed with how quickly she picked it up), having an extensive vocabulary, and even managing to find loopholes in her parents' many rules. She's even prepared and intelligent when it comes to surviving in the wilderness, thanks to reading a book about the subject.
    • Speaking of The Spirit Morph Saga, she's been spreading awareness of it in the House of Knowledge, which she also frequents for new books to read. Those who finished the series she's recommended would agree that while overall great, the last book is lackluster (unless they had their Shipping Goggles on, like Steven had).
  • Used to take tennis practice in her early days before meeting Steven (again), and has noticed the lack of a deity representing it in the House of Sports. Not that looking for a candidate is a priority, though she'd support that.
  • She's also a proficient violinist and can sing well while playing, which takes quite a bit of practice to get right.
  • Is pretty good at lying under pressure, mostly because her parents were too strict to be honest with before she eventually confided her involvement with the Crystal Gems.
  • Was apparently a spectator in the events of Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, as were the Pines twins. Given she had a brief "break up" with Steven after his reckless sacrifice to save his friends from Aquamarine, and had taken Lion with her, it is commonly assumed that she visited that place between her leaving and her return appearance at Kevin's party. She's not saying what else she did there, though.
  • He-Man has noted that her new sword looks just like his own. He (as Prince Adam) even offered to spar with her one of these days.
  • In a friendly sparring session with the other juniors in the Pantheon, Connie and Kairi were selected as partners for the day. It was a very close match (it sort of 'helped' that Kairi had a handicap to not use spells), and intense as well. While Kairi ultimately managed to get the upper hand, she had to admit how quick Connie was able to adapt to the situation. When her mind wandered to Sora, Connie noticed her sadness and they had a chat, which eventually led to their first forays against their stories' Big Bads.
    Connie: Well, my first fight against the Diamonds ended with me losing my first sword. Well, Steven's mom's sword. Forged by Bismuth specifically to poof any gem in a single swing. And Blue Diamond just snapped it between her fingers.
    Kairi: At least that's all you lost. Master Xehanort kidnapped me, and then killed me in front of Sora to provoke him. It took him using the Power of Waking to bring me back, but he faded away after that. He's gone here too, and nobody knows where he is now.
    Connie: Oh... That's... I... That must really suck.
    Kairi: Yeah...
    • That said, a few witnesses of their sparring match who also became familiar with Connie hope to see Kairi duel against Pearl one day and see how far her Keyblade training has gotten her to be able to momentarily break Xemnas' Ethereal Blades, attack relentlessly enough for him to need to dodge them and lock her in place just to stop her, and be a reliable partner for Sora when fighting against freaking Xehanort himself.
    • Eventually, she befriended Sora as well, and she found his optimism very much like Steven's. If he were even here, that is.
      • Speaking of Pearl as her mentor, she's by extension turned down apprenticeship offers from all the other swordmasters in the Pantheon; she's probably not above endorsing Pearl, however.
      • Other mentors she's had the privilege of meeting were Chiron (a really great teacher and a kind one at that) and Scathach (a strict teacher who trains her students rigorously).
  • Sometime after that duel, she soon made friends with other young sword users such as Sokka (fellow dark-skinned non-powered person with an intellectual mind) and Finn (whose special trait of being human extends to all of Ooo (his mother and her colony live in islands outside it)).
  • Has no patience for "overgrown kids" during any important missions. Anyone who's old enough should be able to act the part.
  • Don't underestimate her skills or leave her out of missions to stay behind; emotional support is just as important. And she doesn't take it very well.
  • Encountered Lisa Simpson one day during one of her environmentalist speeches and was among those who have listened intently and even bounce off ideas. They managed to become amicable friends after that.
  • Having nearly been indoctrinated to a certain dangerous mindset when Pearl first tutored her in swordplay, Connie has dim opinions on any dynamic between two people that goes by way of master and (expendable) servant if the master was a formidable combatant as well; Pearl at least had the excuse of being able to regenerate and keeping Rose's real identity as Pink Diamond a secret. The only exception is between the Prinnies and Etna, especially after hearing what the former used to be in life, but even then she still feels a little conflicted.
  • While browsing the internet, she came across a video of a team of weaponsmiths replicating Rose Quartz's sword as close as they could. It has piqued her interest and plans to show it to Bismuth as soon as a trope to ascend her for is found.
  • One day, after a spar with Sokka (and she asked him not to hold back his boomerang), they went to the House of Food for lunch. That was when she met one of his friends Xander Harris, The Team Normal for Buffy's Scooby Gang. After meeting all of Steven's other friends, she's been getting an inkling of insecurity and uselessness, which motivated her to practice harder. Having heard of this through the rumor mill in the House of Love, he knows of someone who's had the same issues, and recommended Connie to...look around the House his temple is in; it's not like he knows everything about his neighbors.
    • During her visit to that House the next day, she was called over by Tomoyo, who heard of Connie through Sakura through Steven. The two talked about their experiences over cakes and tea, and the rich girl admired the half-Indian for her dedication to be of active help to her magical friend and having means to do so (i.e. Pearl) rather than just remain as emotional support and occasional idea supplier. A better part of an hour later, among other things, Connie ended up learning about Personas, that there's a "service" for awakening one, and their limits. She also decided to schedule herself a duel with Yu Narukami.
    • A few days later, she would get that duel, even if the Investigation Team leader held back, summoning only Izanagi (she wanted to do more than just sword-to-sword with Yu) for his Persona in battle. It was definitely a learning experience for her.

    Mai Takatsukasa 
Mai Takatsukasa, MacGuffin Goddess (The Mysterious Girl, Woman of the Beginning, Overlord Mai, the Priestess of Fate)
Click here  to see her as the Woman of the Beginning
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate Goddess as Overlord Mai)
  • Symbol: The Team Gaim Logo
  • Theme Song: Lights of my Wish
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Heroine, Belligerent Sexual Tension with Kouta, Being a Fan of Oren Pierre Alfonzo, Broken Masquerade, Determinator, Being the Voice of Reason, What Her Name Implies She Enjoys Doing, The Leader of Team Gaim due to Yuya's disappearance, Being a Shrine Priestess, Being a Forgiving Person, Stepfordism, Damsel in Distress, Being the one who holds the Forbidden Fruit before Roshou's Death, Unwitting Pawn, Being Unwittingly Responsible for the Fates of Kouta, Mitsuzane, and Kaito, Left to another planet with Kouta
  • Domains: Dancing, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Godhood
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Love Interest: Kouta Kazuraba
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ryoma Sengoku, Redyue, Kogane, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Bernkastel), Johan Liebert, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Yuu
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Known as the Acting Leader of the Beat Riders dance group Team Gaim and Love Interest/Childhood Friend of Kouta Kazuraba, Mai Takatskasa was a originally a shrine priestess who is a professional dancer in the city of Zawame until the arrival of Yggdrasill Corporation that changes everything, in spite of this, she joins Team Gaim she practices with her teammates to improve their dancing skills to become the best Beat Riders in the city. However due to the appearance of various Armored Riders that leads up to the tragic conclusion of the Helheim Invasion, she became the Woman of the Beginning after The Overlord King Roshuo entrusts the Forbidden Fruit to her before she is reunited with Kouta after his victory against Kaito Kumon, as both Kouta and Mai became Godly beings, they left Earth to terraform a dying planet into a beautiful world with the Inves and Helheim transferred into that world to live peacefully.
  • Upon her ascension, many of her Armored Rider friends was very happy to see her again, especially with Kouta as he expressed his joy over her ascension as they finally reunited once more in this pantheon.
    • She also befriended Yuki Jojima of the Kamen Rider Club, as Jojima notices her identity as the Woman of the Beginning, she also dream of getting a detour to the Planet Helheim with her fellow Kamen Rider Club Members, which Mai kindly approves.
    • She was also reunited with Mio and Kagura of the ToQgers after their last encounter back in Zawame, as of now they can now finish their unfinished business of visiting Oren's store so Kagura can buy Oren's cakes in the House of Food.
  • True to her name, Mai enjoys dancing which is one of her motivations in her life, as such she is often practices in her daily basis. This said motivation had made her friends with the Fresh Pretty Cures as well, especially with Love Momozono, after Mai is impressed with their dancing skills. Since then, they were often seen practicing dancing as well as teaching children with their dance moves to the pantheon.
    • Her connections with the Fresh Cures had made her friends with the ascended Pretty Cures as well, especially with Tsubomi Hanasaki while she shed into tears after Tsubomi learned of Mai's predicament including the tragedies that happened back in her world, and Yayoi Kise who also wants to sign an autograph of Mai due to her connections with the heroic Armored Riders of Zawame as Yayoi also pointed out that her brethren Pretty Cures might join Mai in their dance practices.
  • She is very close friends with Madoka Kaname due to their similar personalities as well as both became Godly figures while she is also saddened at the same time after learning of her status due to Homura Akemi's actions of usurping her powers for her own agenda, this makes her have a conflict with Homura Akemi as well after what she had done to her former friend Madoka while she pleaded her to return to her old self with Homura replies to Mai was "I won't rely on anyone anymore".
  • Like Kouta before, she also made friends with Kirito and Asuna after she finds the world of Alfheim Online a fascinating place while she was impressed with their high level skills. She also became friends with Yui as the adopted AI child wanted to learn about her dance moves too.
  • Also befriending Enju Aihara while she was saddened too after learning Enju's situation of being girl who carries a disease that slowly turning her into a monstrous Gastrea that would eventually kill her. Upon learning this, Mai will do whatever it takes to make sure that Enju will get cure from her sickness.
  • While roaming in the House of Travel, Mai saw a strange box, as Mai opened it, Gracia came out of the box and she surprised her. After that she quickly befriended Mai due to her connections with Kouta as Gracia wanted to join Team Gaim as an honorary member so she can spend time practicing dances with her, which Mai was glad that she found another member since back in the early days of the Inves Games.
  • She also befriended Mai Tokiha not only because of them having the same given names, but both admired each other due to their gentle nature and their compassion towards the people they care about.
  • She also get along well with a fellow Shrine Priestess named Rika Furude while she also had a sympathy for her after she heard countless stories of her attempt to change the fate of her friends, which reminds her of her own attempt of changing the fates of Kouta, Kaito, and Micchy.
  • She is also close friends with Yuma Tsukumo due to his friendly and naïve nature which he reminding her of how Kouta used to be. On top of that he wants to give her an interest on playing Duel Monsters game but Mai wants to think about it for the time being.
  • She also became friends with Miku Kohinata as she deeply admired her nice attitude to her friends and Miku also admired Mai's efforts of unifying every good-aligned Beat Riders into a super dance group, which Mai was glad to here such remarks from Miku.
  • She also meet an Idol Singer named Sayaka Maizono as Mai was feeling sorry for her after she notice her stepfordism due to her experience back in Hope's Peak Academy, however Mai also tells her own story of bringing joy to her audience through dancing despite being a Stepford Smiler due to the constant changes in Zawame City. Upon hearing this, Sayaka shed into tears as she found a real friend as both gets along since then.
  • Also became friends with Komaru Naegi as well as both never give in to despair despite the troubles that happened in their respective worlds and both shared their hate towards Monokuma and Junko Enoshima due to their reputation of of being the mastermind of the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy.
  • She also became friends with Illya as the homunculus notice that her being the holder of the Forbidden Fruit reminding her of her mother who was the Holy Grail itself.
  • She hates Ryoma Sengoku's guts after he attempts to kill her by dissecting the Forbidden Fruit out of her. Also gained an ire towards Kogane for corrupting Kouta into his chaotic self back in the Soccer World.
  • Due to her connections with Kouta, she was being seen as a threat by Yuu and his Da'ath organization due to her being the Woman of the Beginning which creates an interference on their own plot to recreate the world.
  • While making many friends in the pantheon, she made enemies as well, this includes with Bernkastel and Basco of the Trollkaigers as the former being a cruel witch who commit evil deeds and the latter is a backstabbing troll who harms children for his own amusement. She also dislikes Johan Liebert due to his diabolical nature and his tendency to mind rape every single of his victims.

    Megan Williams 
Megan Williams, Goddess of The Odd Human Out
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her heart shaped locket with the Rainbow of Light emerging from it
  • Theme: My Little Pony n’ Friends Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Combat Pragmatist, Team Mom, Mama Bear, Farm Girl, Naïve Everygirl
  • Domains: Farms, Humans, Ponies, Rainbows
  • Heralds: Danny and Molly (her siblings)
  • Followers: Chris Thorndyke, Hiyoko Tosaka, Stephanie, Blythe Baxter
  • Allies: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, Shining Armor, Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer, the Equestria Girls, Discord, Crystal, the Denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood, Legolas, Tyrion and Teclis, Merrill, Tyrande, The Care Bears
  • Enemies: Grogar, Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, The Dazzlings, Napoleon, Sylvanis, Malekith the Witch-King
  • In another version of Equestria known as Ponyland, the ponies routinely come under threat from all sorts of twisted villains who seek to do abhorrent things to them. Luckily, the ponies have a friend they can call upon to help- a human named Megan Williams. Whenever a new threat emerges, someone travels across a rainbow to the human world, finds Megan, and she, along with her younger siblings Danny and Molly, aid the ponies in dealing with the menace.
  • After the merging of the Denizens of the Hundred Acre Woods, the spot of Token Human was left open and many new candidates were considered. However, during the affair, Tirek attempted to attack the delegates, and in a desperate act, Rainbow Dash flew off to find help. She returned with Megan and her siblings, and Megan was able to use the Rainbow of Light to fend Tirek off. The display was enough for the delegates to give Megan the role on the spot with her siblings acting as heralds.
    • For her part, Megan cannot tell if this Tirek is in any way related to the one she faced on her first adventure. Still, she’s not on good terms with him either way since the Tirek she faced was wholly evil. She was also surprised to learn that the Scorpan from Equestria was Tirek’s brother, as the one from her world was a prince who had been cursed into a monster by Tirek’s magic.
  • As you may expect, the deities from Equestria are on the best terms you could imagine with Megan, who, though no longer needing to be a Team Mom due to their maturity, still enjoys helping them in their daily activities.
    • Megan was amazed by Twilight’s knowledge of magic, to the point where she considered it to be on the same power as the Princess Ponies of her world.
    • She also considers Spike’s accomplishments to be amazing, especially being responsible for King Sombra’s original death. She also approved of his affections towards Rarity.
    • Megan found Pinkie Pie very similar to Surprise, another pony from her world. Pinkie was flattered by the comparison, especially after learning Surprise was as funny as she was.
    • Fluttershy reminded Megan of Posey, who owned a garden and even had the same coat as Fluttershy. She also noted that her world also had several woodland creatures who were just as nice as the ones Fluttershy treated.
    • In her first adventure, Megan encountered a version of Applejack who was somewhat silly in comparison to the one from Equestria. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that Applejack isn’t nearly as goofy as her.
    • Rainbow Dash reminded Megan of Firefly, the pony who originally brought her to Ponyland. Rainbow Dash herself thought that Megan was a cool person if she really had defeated all those monsters.
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders, to her, are very similar to the Baby Ponies who Megan often took care of during adventures. The Crusaders themselves idolize Megan, finding her stories to be amazing.
    • Finally, Megan approved heavily of the behavior of the Princesses and pointed out that though she never met Majesty, who was the alleged ruler of the ponies from her world, they were just as fair as she is.
  • Apparently thinking it would be funny to scare Megan, Discord disguised himself as Grogar again after learning Megan had encountered a version of him in her world. After he revealed it to all be a prank, Megan slapped him across the face and told him never to do anything of that caliber again because the Grogar she had faced was a major threat to life. Eventually, they made up, but Megan will likely not forget this incident.
    • Through him, she also encountered the Smooze again, which also shocked her, since the Smooze from her timeline was a monstrosity which covered everyone in its path and made them all grumpy. Learning that this Smooze was actually a pretty chill creature did little to ease her fears...just as long as she never has anything shiny in her hands else he'll devour it on sight.
    • Then, much to Megan’s horror, Grogar actually ascended into the Pantheon. Megan was utterly horrified after having another nightmare about him and seeing Tambelon floating high above, and quickly realized she’d have to try her hardest to ensure Grogar’s plans of conquest do not succeed.
  • Even though Christopher Robin once held this spot, Megan bears no ill will towards him, and enjoys the company of both him and his many friends. Rumors have even circulated that she was his High Priest prior to taking his role, but she can confirm nothing nor deny it.
  • Megan was surprised to find a rip-off pony named Crystal in the pantheon, believing that the ponies she encountered were the only franchise represented. However, Crystal’s journey and battle with a witch reminded her of another of her foes, Hydia, and thus Megan quickly befriended Crystal and vowed to protect her as well.
  • She detests Queen Chrysalis because she knew a race similar to her changelings called Flutter Ponies who were some of her most powerful friends. Though she is pleased the changelings reformed, she believes Chrysalis cannot ever be redeemed.
  • The Dazzlings are also on her list of foes she fights against. They are also similar to yet another of her foes, Erebus, who made a deal with a pop star in exchange for shadows to consume for power. The Dazzlings don’t like her very much because they fear the Rainbow of Light could do something horrible to them.
    • However, rumors have been circulating that someone who looks identical to her has been sighted around Canterlot High. While no one can tell if it really is her or not, Megan finds the Equestria girls and Sunset just as enjoyable to be around as their pony counterparts.
  • Having routinely traveled to a fantasy world, Megan finds other fantasy creatures being in the Pantheon fascinating. She routinely visits the Hall of Dragons despite the fact that the only real dragon she encountered was her world’s version of Spike (on account of the dragon-like Stratodons Tirek made really being birds and butterflies). She also finds several of the elvish deities polite people or hated enemies, based on their alignment.
  • Megan absolutely despises Napoleon for his selfish, greedy nature and the fact that, to her, he is an example of what would have happened if Porcina, another threat to the ponies, continued being manipulated. The moment she learned Napoleon sold off Boxer to a glue factory for profit was the moment she felt he’d gone too far.
  • The Care Bears were impressed by the Rainbow of Light and felt it was as equally as powerful as their Care Bear Stare, quickly befriending Megan. For her part, Megan views them as equally kind and polite as the ponies, though she is still baffled by how the Care Bear Stare works.

Scrat, God of Recurring Extras
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His acorn
  • Theme: "Scrat's Fantasia"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Iron Butt Monkey, The Speechless, Never Keeping That Acorn (But Still Tries Regardless), Breakout Character
  • Domains: Acorns, Failure
  • Allies: Wile E. Coyote, Squirrel Girl, Kronk, The Gang of Seven
  • Sympathized by: Charlie Brown, Quasimodo
  • On neutral terms with: Screwy Squirrel, Ratatoskr (less so the latter)
  • Odd Relations: Conker the Squirrel
  • Source of Interest for: David Attenborough
  • There's only one thing on Scrat's mind and that's keeping his acorn and putting it in a safe spot. Luck is never on his side as Scrat often takes extensive amounts of damage just trying to keep his acorn. No matter how close he is to achieving his goal, fate somehow intervenes and Scrat ends up worse than what he was. He ends up surviving numerous mishaps and is never deterred in keeping that acorn, no matter how many failures he's suffered or just how potentially cataclysmic his actions can be. Scrat's misadventures have almost nothing to do with the stories of Manfred and his friends (and none of them really care about what Scrat's doing), but he's shown up all the time in a supporting role separate from the main action.
  • For a while in the Pantheon, Scrat has been roaming throughout various locales with his acorn with the intent of keeping it somewhere safe and failing all the time. One of his attempts before getting noticed involved putting his acorn in a spot that would conveniently fit it. He didn't realize that it would result in him causing a massive earthquake that spanned most of the Pantheon, and he had to get his acorn back after realizing that he could lose it. After navigating his way through the ongoing earthquake and enduring a long fall in the process once that disaster ended, he found himself in front of a few deities, including those who were fascinated with animals. After noticing how strange Scrat looked for a squirrel, the animal lovers cleared up a few things to get him accepted to the Pantheon and Scrat has since continued to roam the Pantheon with his acorn, hoping to finally achieve his goal.
    • Scrat's introduction in the Pantheon was through Quasimodo's temple, given some deities felt he fit as his follower as an Ugly Cute critter. Whenever he returns there, the hunchback throws some nuts for Scrat to eat in acknowledgment of this first break. He eats them, but hardly stays long enough - that acorn always takes precedence!
  • Despite having his own designated spot in the Pantheon, Scrat is almost never there, instead going around with his acorn in the hopes that he'll be able to secure it somewhere. While some believe that this designated spot is where Scrat would be safe with his acorn, others think that said spot will collapse should he tightly lodge his acorn there and damage other deities' designated spots along with it. Ironically, the few times that Scrat was actually sighted there, he ends up leaving with his acorn, much to the consternation of others.
    • Beforehand, someone tried to explain to Scrat what the Pantheon is and that, despite his goals, the Pantheon doesn't even fit the description of an acorn heaven that's home to the world's largest acorn. Not only did Scrat get disappointed, he flew into a fit of rage and attacked whoever was talking to him before that guy flung Scrat far away. Scrat is more than willing to search for that "acorn heaven" and any other place home to lots of acorns by extension, even if it meant taking more pain than before.
  • In the grand scheme of things, the majority of Pantheonic denizens are apathetic to Scrat and his never-ending quest to find a good place for his acorn. If they somehow do encounter him, they primarily don't acknowledge him in any way and those that do simply see him as a small nuisance. At best, the majority of deities prefer not to get themselves involved with his acorn antics (and are annoyed if they somehow do get dragged into it) and at worst, there are a few mean-spirited deities that decided to act as impromptu roadblocks in Scrat's adventures just to spite him and add to his already large streak of bad luck.
  • After yet another failed attempt at catching the Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote headed back home and after going over some things, he was more than curious about Scrat, who seemed to be in the same situation as him regarding trying to accomplish a hopeless scenario. By sheer happenstance, Scrat somehow ended up in Wile E.'s home looking for an acorn. After a bit of effort, the coyote was able to talk to Scrat and tell him how much he sympathized over Scrat's plight. The prehistoric squirrel was a bit surprised to hear something like that, but Wile E. made it clear that both are determined creatures who will do whatever it takes to get their goals, no matter what circumstances may transpire. While Scrat is far too busy with finding a good place for his acorn, he at least accepts Wile E. as a sort of kindred spirit. Scrat trying to use ACME products as a means to secure his acorn is something that more likely than not produce disastrous results on par with, if not greater than, Wile E.'s efforts.
  • Charlie Brown was another deity who sympathized with Scrat's mishaps, comparing the squirrel's futile attempts at safekeeping his acorn to that of his numerous tries at kicking the football that Lucy van Pelt has. Incidentally, Charlie Brown does have the occassional bout of better-than-expected luck that always run out quickly, compared to Scrat's almost perpetual streak of misfortune. Although Charlie Brown isn't really able to do a whole lot to make Scrat's life better, he actually doesn't see the squirrel as an annoyance compared to other deities.
  • Squirrel Girl took an immediate liking to Scrat, finding him to be adorable and feeling sorry about what he normally goes through. While going through the Pantheon, she encountered him and decided to tag along with him as he had his acorn. She was able to understand him despite Scrat not being able to talk properly and even convince him to work alongside her from time to time. Scrat wasn't used to having things turn out well for him, but was willing to go through it since Doreen would reward him with an acorn or two for working with her. Things do look better overall for Scrat whenever he's with Squirrel Girl, but his "luck" will go back to normal once whatever business he has with Squirrel Girl is wrapped up until further notice.
    • Doreen later decided to let Scrat meet up with Kronk, who is also capable of speaking squirrel. Kronk found Scrat to be slightly odd-looking for a squirrel at first, but still accepted him and has had some "conversations" with Scrat. Like Doreen, Kronk is also sympathetic of his various misadventures and has made numerous efforts to cheer him up.
  • Conker was initially incredulous after hearing about another squirrel (or squirrel-like being) go through a lot of hell just to accomplish something, but was willing to weigh in on it after somehow encountering Scrat. While he didn't really say a whole lot during that meeting, it was Conker's conversations with others where he talked about how he felt about that creature. On one hand, Conker feels that what Scrat goes through just to keep that acorn safe is nothing compared to Conker's misadventures involving vampires, prehistoric settings, wartime trauma, and botched bank heists. On the other hand, Conker does have a bit of resentment at how Scrat comes away unharmed from his mishaps whereas Conker would probably suffer a grisly end by all the obstacles that Scrat went through.
  • Both Screwy Squirrel and Ratatoskr were a bit curious about Scrat after learning that he was another squirrel like them, though a bit different in some ways. Given the pair's penchant for trickery and mayhem, some initially thought that they'd do something crazy to add to Scrat's misfortune, but after learning about what Scrat has to go through, they decided not to directly get too involved with him. Screwy admitted that seeing a squirrel go through a ton of pain wasn't funny to him (partially due to Screwy getting crushed to death once), though Ratatoskr isn't above spreading dumb rumors about Scrat to contribute to the already low level of respect Scrat has.
  • As someone who's highly fond of nature and its wonders, David Attenborough was curious about Scrat being some sort of prehistoric squirrel. What intrigued Attenborough even more was how this creature bore a resemblance to the cronopio, a real-life prehistoric mammal. Unsurprisingly, Scrat is different from his real-life inspiration in terms of behavior and being able to survive, but it hasn't stopped Attenborough from taking notes of Scrat's traits and even chronicling his adventures. Many find it amusing to hear Attenborough's calm narration juxtaposed over the cartoony misadventures of Scrat.
  • It wouldn't take that long for a prehistoric creature like Scrat to come across other animals hailing from prehistoric times. As is the case for the majority of the Pantheon, these giant prehistoric creatures couldn't care less about what Scrat's doing, but if he has the misfortune of putting his acorn at wherever someone like Gwangi or Sharptooth, those dinosaurs are more than likely going to make things much more miserable for him. One very unlucky attempt resulted in Scrat being chased around by the Indominus Rex throughout the Pantheon until the latter got subdued yet again, and by then, Scrat was already caught up in another mishap.
    • Of these prehistoric creatures, the only ones that were willing to be on good terms with Scrat was the Gang of Seven. They ended up encountering him while he was searching for an acorn, with Spike deciding to communicate with him thanks to some experience in befriending other small prehistoric animals. It worked out, with Littlefoot & co. making some visits for their prehistoric friend from time-to-time. To Scrat's credit, they're much more understanding of him compared to Manfred and the rest of the Herd.
  • Even if he's regarded as a very insignificant member of the Pantheon, Scrat's attempts to keep his acorn have ended up causing something drastic to happen as a result of his impulses. In addition to splitting up Pangea inside Earth's core and creating the solar system via an out-of-control spaceship (in his universe at least...somehow), he's also destroyed an acorn-themed equivalent of Atlantis due to carelessness and wiped out all life on Mars as a result of the aforementioned spaceship (which rankled a lot of deities who hold that planet in high regard). Even if Scrat somehow has a hand in causing some major event in the Pantheon, he's not going to be acknowledged in causing it one way or another.


    The Four Bratty Children 
Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde and Mike Teavee, Quartet Deities of Victimized Bystanders (The Four Bratty Children)
The kids with Willy Wonka (background) and Charlie Bucket (in the middle), from the 1971 movie; left to right: Augustus, Violet, Veruca and Mike
Click here  for their 2005 incarnations, plus Charlie; left to right: Augustus, Violet, Mike and Veruca

    John Watson 
Dr. John H. Watson, God of Exposition Requesters (The Scourge of Three Continents, Joan Watson, Dr. Wilson, Yujin Mikotoba)
  • Quasideity, with some moments of Demi
  • Symbol: A mustache, or a bowler hat (the latter only whenever he is in one his Victorian versions)
  • Theme Songs: "One More Miracle" for his BBC Sherlock version, "Partners ~ The Game is Afoot!" for his Ace Attorney counterpart, Dr. Wilson
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Asking for Information, Stoics, Second best to Holmes, Supporting Protagonist,
  • Domains: Exposition, Detectives, Friendship
  • High Priest: Captain Arthur Hastings
  • Allies: Sherlock Holmes, The Doctor, Leonard McCoy, Basil and Dawson, Kyon, every God from the House of Justice and the Hall of Investigative Work, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Naruto Uzumaki, Bilbo Baggin, every and all character ascended from Harry Potter, every Marvel character but especially T'Challa/Black Panther, Tony Stark/Iron Man, and Doctor Strange, Larry Daley, Sarah Connor
  • Enemies: Professor James Moriarty and every single one of his followers and criminals, Vito Corleone, Jack the Ripper, any and all serial killers, Ithaqua
  • Opposes: Gregory House
  • Complicated Relationship with: Othello, Perry Cox, Irene Adler
  • Odd Friendship with: Artoria Pendragon
  • Pities: Winston Zeddmore
  • Upon Watson's ascension, he immediately wanted to meet up with his famous friend. Sherlock Holmes, at this time, was in one of his moods following a dry spell of cases to solve. To cheer him up, Commissioners Gygax and Arneson called him in to see Watson. After a sweet reunion, the two of them went to work far harder than usual.
  • While he is not as skilled as Holmes in deducing stuff, he has been little successful to solve a few mysteries on his own. However, He goes to the House of Knowledge to improve on his deductive skills.
  • Provided that he has a degree in medicine, Watson sometimes visits the GUAG medical division to help treat patients. He also visits the House of Love to reminisce about his first love, Mary Morstan. It's been said that he managed to seduce women from three continents in his home realm. Some naughty beings find this impressive for a guy in his time period. However, Watson keeps his mouth shut in these moments.
  • Was unpleasantly surprised when he learned that Moriarty had begun recruiting criminals throughout the Pantheon to build a new criminal enterprise. He vows to do whatever it takes to help Sherlock bring down the organization.
  • Is not very happy about his well-known portrayal of being a chubby, if not obese, idiot who's been used for sheer comedy. He's been seen having a few drinks with Dick Grayson. The advent of several adaptations portraying him in a better light have served to lessen this embarrassment, but it's still not something he likes having brought up.
  • Has been seen having a drink with Irene Adler over their shared frustration of various adaptation's tendency to Flanderize them. They get along well enough as long as she's not merely Jamie Moriarty in disguise.
  • Has a good relationship with Marvel Universe deities, especially Black Panther, due to his personality, literature importance, the fact that quite a few sidekicks serving similar roles, and likeness to Everett Ross. He and Iron Man can sometimes be seen sharing a drink and jokes about his likeness to the Mandarin. It should come as little surprise that Iron Man and Doctor Strange are the superheroes he gets along with best.
  • Remains uneasy with Othello considering one of his version looks like one Othello's blackface version, couples with the fact that Watson versions still have Victorian values and racial prejudice.
  • Banned everyone from talking about the time that his memory was absolved by a robot.
  • Rumors has it that Watson is a much more capable detective than he let on, which evidenced by some versions even eclipse Holmes himself. Both of them have neither confirm or deny that fact.
  • Has a surprise visit from Artoria Pendragon after she heard one of his version is an Asian woman living in modern day New York city. While surprised by her visit, Watson and Artoria leave in good term because he used one of his more modern versions that treat women better.
  • Had a less than pleasant surprise visit when Larry Daley mistook Watson for one of the artifact in the museum and freaked out. The two of them ended up on good term after Watson calmed him down and had a talk.
  • Doesn't know what to think of Robin Hood because some people though that Sherlock commits some of his crime due to how sometimes Robin looks just like Sherlock. While Holmes usually doesn't mind (and even encourage the suspicions because he can easily prove he did not commit the crime), Watson is really bothered by this fact, even if most of the victims are Asshole Victim.
  • Felt very sorry for one of his former followers Winston when learning about the amount of screen time he was cut from the original film due to a change of actors.
  • Impressed by one of his former followers Sarah Connor and Naruto Uzumaki's Took a Level in Badass during the duration of their story and set her to be an examples for all his followers to improve themselves.
  • Was incredibly disturbed when he learned that he looked similar to famous criminal mastermind Vito Corleone's son and advisor, Tom. He and Sherlock are also trying to work with the House of Investigative Work to get them imprisoned.
  • Has been helping Sherlock in investigating any and all open cases within the Pantheon. Watson is usually the one to ask questions prepared by Sherlock and collaborating directly with the police force because he is the more sociable one.
  • Gets along well with Bilbo for their shared simple outlook on life. The fact that they sometimes looks the same is just a bonus.
  • Watson doesn't share, particularly like, and is sometimes irritated by Perry Cox's negative view on the world and training method, but respects the doctor for his skill and his effort to better the world.
  • A doctor in almost every incarnation, Watson is a frequent visitor in the House of Health and Diseases to trade information and stories of the adventures between the deities that reside there. He generally gets along well with the good-aligned deities, opposes or tolerates the neutral ones and is enemies with the evil-aligned ones. However, he tends to butt head strongly with doctor House because of the latter's personality reminds him of a more obnoxious version of Holmes.