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Greater Gods

    Jean Grey/Phoenix 
Jean Grey-Summers, Goddess of Mutant Telekinesis (The Phoenix, Jeannie, Marvel Girl, Black Queen, White Phoenix of the Crown, Redd, Dark Phoenix)
The Phoenix 
Dark Phoenix 

    J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter 
J'onn J'onzz, God of Telepathy (The Martian Manhunter, John Jones, Bloodwynd, Fernus)

Kars, God of Otherworldly Power (The Ultimate Lifeform, The Perfect Being, The Aztec God of Fitness)
Click here  to see him without his headdress.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja.
  • Theme Song: "Light Mode", "Awake" (shared with the other The Pillar Men), Avalon (as the Ultimate Lifeform)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: His beginning power, Cares about Animal and Plant Life, Most preferred transformation after becoming the Ultimate Lifeform, Can turn parts of his body into animals by manipulating his DNA, What he has become with the use of The Stone Mask and the Red Stone of Aja, his ambition to overcome his weaknesses caused most events in the saga
  • Domains: Sun, Creation, Animals, Life, Perfection
  • Allies: Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana, Gill, Algol, Ogre, Vampires, Ra's Al Ghul, Poison Ivy, Melkor, Orochi, Albert Wesker, Zeref
  • Rivals: Shadow the Hedgehog and Cell
  • Enemies: Joseph Joestar, Rudolph von Stroheim, Caesar A. Zeppeli, Lisa Lisa, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Nazis, Red Skull, Millennium
  • Ascended to Godhood after using the Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja during a sunrise to become The Perfect Lifeform, though he did not realize that would do him little good in space. After vainly trying to escape, he eventually realized he was trapped, and sent his mind into a shutdown so he wouldn't be conscious. He was plucked out of space by Melkor. It took a while for the GUAE to bring his mind back from the shutdown mode he had put it into, but now, he is here, watching the other gods and planning to help his fellow Pillar Men and other Vampires into other perfect lifeforms.
  • After recovering from his exile in space, Kars started working on Stone Masks to utilize on the other Pillar Men to turn them into Ultimate Lifeforms. However, Kars did not have the Red Stone of Aja, and when he attempted to get it from Joseph, Joseph simply told him the stone was not with him, but with Lisa Lisa instead, who destroyed it after Kars' death. Kars was furious, but he preferred to not to fight Joseph, as he recently had come back from space, and did not want to experience that again, and went to try and find other means to turn his fellow Pillar Men into Ultimate Lifeforms. Kars hopefully hasn't figured out the stone was lost in the sea after his battle with Joseph.
  • With the power of being the Ultimate Lifeform Kars gained complete immortality, regeneration on a cellular level, adaptability to pretty much all attacks used against him and cells containing the genetic data, abilities, powers and evolution process of all living beings in the Jojoverse born in the past 900 million years, which means he now can turn parts of his body into animals. This includes things like turning his hand into a murderous squirrel and launching feather-arrows that turn into armadillo scales, piranhas, and giant cephalopods. He is also able to use Hamon that is almost as powerful as The Sun itself. He cannot use it around the other Pillar Men but he has attempted to use this to fight Undead Beings that have attempted to stop him.
  • Kars's powers could theoretically make him the strongest being in the entire Pantheon if he were to be able to assimilate the abilities of its residents. In the alternate universe of the novel Jorge Joestar, Kars was able to achieve the powers of all Stands simply by copying them and using Pucci and Dio's 14 words to achieve the strongest Stand of all: Made In Heaven Requiem, which was used to amplify Kars' powers to infinity and grant him all of the Stands. Kars was massively interested in such power, as it could allow him to go back in time and prevent Joseph from defeating him and destroying the Red Stone Of Aja (which Kars still doesn't know is simply lost).
    • However, because he was sent to space before he could have the cells of a Stand user in his genetic code, Kars is unable to use his powers to obtain Stands. He is planning on fixing this by becoming the Ultimate Lifeform again, this time to obtain the genetic data of the beings in the Pantheon. Since Kars has basically no weaknesses at this point, immense care is being taken to prevent Kars from ever finding the Red Stone Of Aja or completing his research.
  • Kars often goes to the House of Beasts to take care of the animals there. From the largest beasts to the littlest of ponies he has attempted to pet each one and treat them nicely, but this does not extend to the humans there.
    • He also tries to be friendly to the other vampires of the Pantheon.
  • He is proud of the work of Dio Brando and what he has done with the power of the stone mask; After all, Kars was the one to invent the stone mask and is happy to see his craftsmanship at work. Despite this, they meet outside of Dio's house, as Kars has developed a fear of outer space.
    • Kars sees the potential in an alliance with him, however, he knows Dio is not one who can be trusted. Dio, on the other hand, lost interest on Kars once he discovered that he no longer has the Red Stone Of Aja.
  • He is often perplexed at Shadow The Hedgehog and Cell with their claims of being the Ultimate Lifeform and wishes to test their powers to see if they can truly claim their title.
  • Opposes the House of Love, since he no longer needs to procreate.
  • Usually likes to work with any other gods or goddesses that wish to wipe out humanity. Because of this, he's often seen working with Albert Wesker, as he wants to see what Uroboros will do to humanity.
  • Has shown a dislike for Nazis due to the actions of Rudolph von Stroheim. He also dislikes Guile for similar reasons.
  • Recently greatly angered the Emperor of Mankind after it was revealed that he persuaded some of the Adeptus Custodes to dress differently in honor of The Emperor.

    The Maiden in Black 
The Maiden in Black, Goddess of Soul Power
  • Humanoid Abomination approximate to Greater Goddess, or perhaps even Overdeity
  • Symbol: Her Staff
  • Theme Song: "Maiden In Black"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Super Empowering, Soul Manipulation, Dark Is Not Evil, Shoelessness, Eye Scream, Undefinable Accents, The Woobie, Ye Olde Butchered English
  • Domains: Souls, Demons
  • Allies: Madoka Kaname, Philemon, Cosmos, Artix von Krieger, Gwyn, Artorias, The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, The Hunter, The Plain Doll, Ajani Goldmane
  • Enemies: Allant, Nyarlathotep, M. Bison, Shang Tsung, Mundus
  • High Priestess: The Emerald Herald
  • Washed up unconscious on the shores of the Pantheon, surrounded by deadwood and leaves. Upon awakening, she seemed surprised, confused and disappointed that she was still alive.
  • Though she is hardly an imposing figure and in fact has a very soothing presence, many find the Maiden’s wax-caked eyes REALLY unsettling. When they are brought up, the Maiden simply bows her head and apologizes.
  • Belying her demure appearance and personality, the Maiden is in fact THE single strongest thing in her native universe, capable of lulling a godlike Eldritch Abomination back to slumber with ease.
  • Her ability to manipulate Souls to awaken new powers is unparalleled: using Grief Seeds, for example, she can elevate the power of Puella Magi to truly astounding heights. Considering where the Seeds come from, however, Madoka has asked her to respect the memory of her Puella Magi. The Maiden complied, and now declines requests from any power-seeking Puella Magi offering Grief Seeds. She is currently courting the Dovahkiin, offering to refine the souls of the dragons he slays so that he may use them to their fullest potential: he hasn’t made a decision yet.
    • As Personas are pieces of the soul, The Maiden may be able to refine them. She is in talks with Philemon for permission to offer her services.
  • She is friends with The Hunter, her former herald The Plain Doll having introduced him.
  • Was amazed at Artix's powers over Spirit Orbs (souls of the undead that he has slain) and is wishing to help provide a more powerful attack than the Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Spirit Orbs. Artix thanked her for the offer, seeing that despite her dark appearance, she's on the side of good.
  • Avatar Korra at one point was given a seat in the House of Nature that was later decommissioned because it turned out to be a replicated title for The Maiden's seat. She was visited by Korra at the same time as she was fending off a large horde of demons that had been sent by Mundus to attack her. Awed at both the Maiden's power, seeing her lull every last demon to sleep, and at how comfortably they got along in the ensuing conversation, Korra would leave the Maiden's temple oddly satisfied.


Intermediate Gods

    Shang Tsung 
Shang Tsung, God of Shapeshifting and Soul Absorptions (The Sorcerous Vanguard of Doom)
Shang Tsung as an old man 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Green Orb of Soul
  • Theme Music: MK3 Soul Chamber Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Shapeshifters, Playing with Fire, Flaming Skulls, Cursed With Awesomeness, Fighting Sorcerers, Evil Beards, Betrayal, Soul-Sucking and Regenerating From It.
  • Domains: Shape, Kombat, Soul, Magic, Evil
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Shao Kahn (his boss and mentor), Quan Chi, and by extension Shinnok; Envy
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: King Togwaggle
  • Shang Tsung is a sorcerer and the first Big Bad of the Mortal Kombat Tournament. Originally from Earthrealm, Shang Tsung was taken to Outworld after Shao Kahn saw potential in him and taught him Soul Magic, making the sorcerer one of Outworld's strongest champions until his defeat at the hands of the Great Kung Lao. Several years later he returned once more, now with the help of the Shokan Prince Goro, Shang Tsung managed to defeat Kung Lao and dominating the first nine Mortal Kombat tournaments until that streak was broken by Liu Kang. Since then Shang Tsung has been involved in several plots regarding Earthrealm's invasion to the murder of Shao Kahn and Liu Kang, but he has long set his eyes on the pantheon.
  • As an avid practitioner of Soul Magic and shapeshifting powers, he quickly took the spot of Soul Stealing, being one of the most notable candidates for the title given that it's the reason he lived for so long. Now as a deity, Shang Tsung has set eyes on some particular powerful deities that would make powerful additions to his arsenal of powers and his island.
    • His machinations and chessmaster nature also allowed him to get the position of Shapeshifting, considering that he can take the form of any person he can take the soul of which has made several people paranoid of Shang Tsung whenever he is near.
  • In his home world, he betrayed Earthrealm to join underneath Shao Kahn's konquest of the realms. As such, he's disliked more in Earthrealm than he is in Outworld, especially by the likes of the White Lotus monks Kung Lao and especially Liu Kang, Champion of Mortal Kombat and the one to defeat him when he was close to the 10th win required to invade Earthrealm. The other Earthrrealm warriors also have a bone to pick with the sorcerer which Shang Tsung reciprocates, except towards Sonya Blade who he is somewhat attracted to (Of course, Sonya DOES NOT return his feelings and Shang Tsung likes that)
    • He's an opportunist of the highest degree in his home universe. Despite sharing some animosity towards Quan Chi and his master Shinnok, they teamed up and formed the Deadly Alliance, killing off Liu Kang and dealing a nasty blow to the Konquerer. It got worse for the sorcerer in the new timeline, as his soul is taken out to activate Sindel early, whereas Quan Chi and Shinnok were able to make their move onto Earthrealm earlier than they did it in the older timeline.
    • When he escaped from Ermac, he stayed over on his island during the events of Mortal Kombat 11. That being said, hearing about Kronika and her powers over time, he's intrigued in her powers. As such, while he's comfortable enough being an ally of her's, he'll try to backstab her and take the power of the Hourglass for himself.
  • He would prefer to stay away from Shao Kahn if he can help it. Not only was their master plan foiled by him and Goro's defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, but in one timeline, he betrayed his master while in another, his own soul was used as a battery for Sindel. Thankfully that was mostly undone by Kronika's arrival but Shang Tsung still isn't in the best of terms with his mentor, mostly because he is tired of the failures of the sorcerer. Because of these embarrassments, he's secluded himself on his island, biding his time for the perfect moment to strike. Only then, will the Pantheon be on their knees, begging for mercy while looking up to their new overlord: Shang Tsung.
    • This animosity also extends to all of Shao Kahn's underlings but they have to put aside this differences in order to work for Kronika. However, he is still is fond of Mileena, citing her as one of his greatest creations, and still very close allies with Goro, since he was his champion for several hundred years and even mourned his death after the former's demise.
    • Outside of Kronika's group, he is the one responsible of Erron Black's lifespan, considering he does come from the Wild West period. The gunslinger has severed ties with the sorcerer after he became one of Kotal Kahn's enforcers and Tsung is not happy at all with that.
  • Upon hearing about Shang Tsung's fatality being based off his own fatality, the Joker went over to the Island and became one of his few allies. As he puts it: "Any guy who gets my jokes is an alright guy in my book!"
  • He gets along quite well with Starscream, as they both scheme to take out their overlords while guising as their second-in-command. It's rumored that they plan to form an alligence where they'll take out key Pantheon players and use their powers to usurp the Grand Alliances and rule for themselves.
  • He and Akuma came to blows after the former took interest in the dark essence of the Satsui no Hadou but Akuma proved to be the better fighter and his "Shun Goku Satsu" ended up dealing the decisive blow. While he lost and the two aren't exactly on the best terms, Shang Tsung did end up getting a piece of Akuma's soul and he can replicate his powers, which lead him to investigate more by approaching Kagenaru Mono, the living embodiment of Ryu's Satsui no Hadou. Shang Tsung decided to propose Kage an offer of finding him a similar host like Ryu where he could once and for all prove to Ryu who is the superior fighter. The offer of cloning Ryu really enticed Kage and he accepted, which only earned the ire of both Ryu and Akuma.
  • Anyone can access his temple, which is a recreation of his island. Adventurers can explore and take any treasure they want, whithin reason. And he is surprisingly helpful to potential adventurers, even if that ends up just giving them a false sense of security and he would easily get rid of them in the blink of an eye.
    • Considering that Shang Tsung's island is basically a huge dungeon, Ceri saw an opportunity to explore another world and visited the sorcerer's temple. She is aware of Shang Tsung's infamous reputation as a trickster and backstabber and so proceeded carefully and not even a few minutes in she ended up tricked into falling into the Pits where she was narrowly saved by Yomi who happened to be nearby. Ever since the incident coupled with Shang Tsung shady's nature makes the two oppose the sorcerer but Ceri still returns to the island from time to time.
    • The new influx of adventurers made him earn the unlikely opposition of King Togwaggle, mostly because the Kobold King doesn't like that the sorcerer is getting the attention of the adventurers. He is also a bit jealous that Shang Tsung's island may have more treasure that his own domain so he organized his allies to try and steal his gold.
  • Some people noticed a passing resemblance to Heihachi Mishima and the Sorcerer took notice of the Mishima's shaky family history. The two agreed to an alliance given their status as fighting game Final Bosses and Shang Tsung also became curious of the devil gene that unfortunately was not present in Heihachi's blood. To that end, he wants to steal the soul of one of Heihachi's descendants and upon hearing that, Kazumi decided to ambush the sorceror to avoid him getting ahold of it. Big mistake since it only gave him access to Kazumi's own devil gene but thankfully her old comrade Akuma came to the rescue and drove both Shang Tsung and Heihachi away.
  • Considering stealing the soul of other powerful sorcerers, setting his sight on the main guardians of the House of Magic, particularly taking interest in Stephen Strange. This interest also extended to the mutant Illyana Rasputin, whose dark powers could make her an excellent acolyte of his.
  • His soul magic is an interesting art for those interested in immortality, considering Shang Tsung has lived for centuries. Considering how he can age and de-age at will, Mother Gothel took interest on how his magic worked and pleaded to Shang Tsung to be taught how to use it. He agreed to do so, provided she would tell her the secrets of the flower that kept her young for years.
    • Speaking of Soul Magic and Shapeshifting, he developed somewhat of a one-sided rivalry with Envy the Jealous. The Homunculus is also a shapeshifter and is tired that the sorcerer always hogs all the souls that could be used for the Philosopher's Stone for himself. Shang Tsung instead of being overtly hostile he decided to play along and get closer to the Homunculi in order to gain access to said stone but Envy still doesn't like him one bit.
  • One thing of note is that Shang Tsung has managed to keep the powers of every single ninja of his series, being able to use attacks from them at will. Some believe it has to do with him draining Ermac's souls and getting enough power to keep certain soul properties from past victims, which could also explain how he can summon a clone of Kintaro at will.
  • "Your soul is mine!"
  • Can also be found in Shapeshifters.

    Tyrande Whisperwind 
Tyrande Whisperwind, Goddess of Lunar Powers ( High Priestess of Elune, Co-ruler of the Night Elves, Leader of the Kaldorei, Night Elven Princess, Chosen of the Moon, Priestess of the Moon)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Sentinel Owl
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Night Elves, Archery And Calmness, Drawing Power From The Moon, Nature Protectors, Happily Married, Being Drawn To Good Morality Than Bad Boys, Summoning All-Knowing Owls, Badass Priestess, Nightsaber Mount
  • Domains: Moon, Nature, Elves, War
  • High Priestess: Luna (Moonfang) the Moon Rider
  • Allies: Malfurion Stormrage (her husband), Alexstrasza, Ysera, Nozdormu, Brightwing, Varian Wrynn, Harth Stonebrew, Jaina Proudmoore, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Mirana, Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight, Tassadar, Jonathan Joestar, Princess Luna, Amaterasu, The Nephalems, Artemis, Sapphire Rhodonite, Ventari
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Illidan Stormrage, Thrall, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Jim Raynor, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Saitama
  • Rivals: Diana
  • Enemies: Deathwing, Grommash Hellscream, Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Diablo, Arthas Menethil, Sylvanas Windrunner, Dio Brando, Majora, Mr. Burns, Shadow Moon, Terrorblade
  • Respected by: Fenrich
  • Tyrande is Malfurion's ever-faithful wife and took care of the Night Elf Sentinels at Azeroth in his absence, be it the Emerald Dream, or getting ascended to the Pantheon. That is, until a certain star fell right onto her head and the next thing she realized, she already ascended to the Pantheon. Turns out, the lost Moon powers of Amaterasu recognized Tyrande as its new mistress due to her massive dedication to the Moon and caused her to ascend. She's not very sure if she's allowed to lead in the stead of Elune, but she promised to do her best.
  • Everything that is about the moon, Tyrande can handle it well. Keep you safe under its light veil? Yes she can. Send out creatures of the night to illuminate your path? That's what her owls do. Make the moon summon stars that fall on you? If you need some punishment, she'll do that all right...
  • The first thing she does is to relocate her husband Malfurion and then a most joyful reunion commenced. Though she does her best to avoid the subject of his brother Illidan. It's complicated.
  • While she's aligned with the Alliance and has respects on Varian Wrynn, it's best that you avoid mentioning 'A Little Patience' within her earshot, if you don't want Tyrande to rain down moon blasts or arrows at you. She noticed that with her husband's absence, she became a bit too hotheaded and not using her brain, something that she really really regrets. This is why when she enters the Nexus Battlefield with her husband, she makes sure she keeps her wits and calm with her and never going too tempestuous. She did that during Mt. Hyjal, she can do that again.
    • That being said, her wary of the Horde stays, because regardless of how you look at it, they still violate the forests. This is why she kept her eyes at Thrall, and still continued the antagonism between her and some Horde orcs like the Hellscreams. While she would also consider the good of some people in the Korprulu Sector such as Jim Raynor, Tyrande is also rather wary about how they might not have respects on nature, though her allies dismissed it as just having a culture shock.
  • Apparently before her ascension, someone brought a TV to her quarters and after watching a certain 'Sailor Moon', Tyrande quickly became a fan and tends to emulate her during lighthearted times.
  • She used to have a fellow Priestess named Mirana who would end up becoming her own Princess after years of service with Elune. Tyrande still kept contact with her, and for the moment, did her best to keep her rival Luna in line as her follower.
  • She also didn't take fellow moon worshipper Diana, considering her too 'savage' in her crusades. Tyrande herself chose not to get involved with the whole 'Sun vs Moon' rivalry, though she did give her a warning: Regardless of how severe one's persecution is, one must always have a line they shouldn't cross, or they'll be no better than what they fought against, as it happened to a certain Warden she was familiar with.
  • Tyrande was once considered for the chosen Priest Hero by the Inkeeper, but at the time she wasn't able to attend and was replaced by Anduin Wrynn. However, she later joined the crew as the second Priestess and reunited with her husband who also frequented the Tavern. Other cringe on how sometimes both Malfurion and Tyrande behave like Sickeningly Sweethearts, even when they are battling each other.
  • Many people had poked fun of her "stylish" choice for hair. When she asked why her hair was so funny, she was told she had leaves all over it which promped a hilarious reaction from her:
    "What the…? How long have these leaves been in my hair? Why does no one tell me these things?"
  • She developed a good friendship with fellow archer and Goddess of the Hunt Artemis for her care and protection for the wild. Their bond got stronger when she learned that she also had connections with the moon.
    • She also gets along really well with Sapphire Rhodonite, another woman who chose her husband for his nice personality. She also occassionally delves into archery too and has taken classes from tyrande a few times. Once in particularly, she used Sapphire as a test dummy.
    "Here, hold this apple for a moment...All right, now put it on your head. Perfect... It’s been quite a while since I used this bow."
  • When it comes to tastes about men, Tyrande made it clear that the kindness of heart and virtuous values are big plus points, moreso than raw strength, this is why she chose Malfurion over Illidan. This is also why she's quite fond on Jonathan Joestar for exemplifying such qualities in men and says that anyone who becomes his wife is absolutely blessed and lucky to find such man. And that's another reason she stands opposed to Dio Brando, not just on his poor treatment to women, but also on how she abhors how he thinks that he can get away with doing everything as long as he has power. Something 'similar Illidan, but without any of the sympathetic things that made him a tortured soul.'
  • Even though she is one of the most faithful women in the entire pantheon, she has stated that she misses having a millennia or two of girl time, which raised a few eyebrows in the House of Love.
  • As you would have imagined, she holds the moon in High reward since that is the source of her powers and is also Elune's creation. As such any evil people that has tried to use them in evil ways has earned her ire, such as Majora, Mr. Burns and Shadow Moon (just for using the moon as a namesake)
    • She also isn't very fond of Master Roshi and Piccolo because they destroyed they homeworld's moon on separate occasions, which she considers an insult to Elune. Altough she later was told that they had to destroy it or else a Giant Monkey would've gone on a rampage, which later relieved her. She still hasn't forgived them entirely.
    • She also learned that the hero known as Saitama left a terrible mess on his moon, which almost left her really angry. Thankfully, she has slowly started to forgive him after hearing why he was there in the first place.
    • She has also earned the respect of Fenrich, especially because the moon is a really important thing for him and he is glad there is someone capable of taking care of it.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Time and Space.


Lesser Gods

Beheeyem, God of Telepathic Spacemen (The Cerebral Pokemon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The lights on its hands
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Telepathy
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Miracle Eye, Psychic, Simple Beam, Wonder Room
    • Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Aliens, Big-Headed, Psychic Aliens, Roswell Allusions, Longcoats, Acronyms, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Psychics, Aliens, Mind Games
  • Followers: Saturn Girl, The Andalites, The Furons
  • Allies: Volcarona, Deoxys, Ash Ketchum, Slowking, Tate and Liza, Anakaris, Astral, E.T, Iroque, The Men in Black, Hoopa, Gaara, Notrom the Silencer
    • Partner: J'onn J'onnz
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger Smith, Bender
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Cyrus, Chernabog, Dark Link, Tzeentch, King Boo, Rotom, Crixalis the Sand King, Dune, Queen Sectonia, Atropos
  • Avoids: The House of Insects and Ghosts
  • Opposed by: The Imperium of Mankind
  • In the world of Pokemon, there are many species believed to be not of this world. Some like the Cleffa line are mere speculation, but a few are confirmed extra-terrestrials. One such is Elgyem, and its evolution of Beheeyem. The Cerebral Pokemon heavily resembles The Greys with a spiffy longcoat, intrigued with the Earth of Pokemon. Their greatest skill is their incredible psychic abilities, as demonstrated by their massive brain. A Beeheyem was chosen to represent his race, as the God of Telepathic Spacemen.
    • Beheeyem almost immediately requested to be the Martian Manhunter's partner; it only made sense for the two psychic aliens to be close to one another.
    • Coming from outer space, it is unclear whether they're descended from Mew or not. If they are, it'd open a number of questions about where Mew came from.
  • Though an alien, Beheeyem retains a very human trait; a desire to understand strange new cultures. His kind took up shop in the Celestial Tower gravesite, curious about human customs involving life and death. Unfortunately a number of Litwick ended up in the area, whom they regard as "parasites". Beheeyem will usually visit the Houses of Philosophy and Personality as part of his research.
    • Good friends with fellow aliens Astral and E.T. With the former, it comes out of their shared interest in human culture and society. With the latter, it's due to being very friendly. There's a lot of aggressive aliens in his house, so it's good to know nice aliens are there to help. Beheeyem's also formed an alliance of convenience with alien Pokemon Deoxys for much of the same reason.
    • Tate and Liza were excited to discover an alien Pokemon and quickly showed him to the Mossdeep Space Center. This Beheeyem has warned them he's not to be trained, but rather would be happy to help out with astrophysics. His spaceship broke down, so with their help he might be able to visit his home and Earth more freely.
  • It's said in the mid-20th century there was an alien incident in Roswell...around the same time Elgyem and Beheeyem were first discovered in the desert. Though Beheeyem claims he's behind it, Roger Smith says otherwise stating that he's the Roswell alien. Further research revealed both of them were, and Beheeyem states that Roger's species is a "cousin" of his. They were apparently "Roswell buddies" during their time locked up.
    • Bender has also staked claim to being the titular Roswell spaceship, but after a few drinks all three ended up being Vitriolic Best Buds. They formed their own group, "The Roswell Crew", for those behind famous New Mexico alien incursions.
    • Many Elgyem and Beheeyem still live in desert regions, with the Beheeyem in the pantheon reminiscing fondly of his time there. He feels rather comfortable in the House of Earth and Metal, however is constantly frustrated by the likes of Crixalis and Dune. Exploration in the deserts eventually led him to discover Anakaris, whom reminded him of Cofagrigus. Beheeyem sees him as a guide and a fascinating subject.
  • Beheeyem has a number of psychic abilities, but more unique to his kind is the ability to modify memories and the brain. For example, his Simple Beam can change one's ability to Simple. With his ability to alter the minds of others, the Men in Black have sought out Beheeyem to keep the peace. Beheeyem has accepted this task, and is also working with
    • Not one to argue with the likes of Iroque for her "behavior modification", whom he hopes to use in order to neutralize Ghetsis and Cyrus' evil ways while sparing their intellect. In general Beheeyem is fascinated with the lantern rings due to the effect they have on the user's psyche.
    • Beheeyem was glad to find a fellow researcher Pokemon in the form of Shamouti Island's Slowking.
  • Beheeyem's psychic typing makes him vulnerable to ghosts and bugs, which leads him to avoid the Ghost or Insect houses. It has also led him to be concerned over aggressive darkness users or those who find his massive psychic power an attractive Mind Rape target(particularly Atropos due to being in the same house).
    • Despite lacking wings and not being a Flying type, Beheeyem can learn Steel Wing of all moves. Most attribute this to having a UFO, or it being TM 51.
    • Beheeyem considers the trickster Rotom incredibly frustrating due to possessing technology and wrecking havoc on his equipment.
  • Though concerned over bugs, Beheeyem has nothing bad to say about Volcarona. She's trying to keep order over Unova, and is helping to fight the evil Ghetsis off.
    • Avoids visiting the Imperium of Mankind. The fact he's both an alien and psychic causes them to go berserk at him.

    The Care Bears 
The Care Bears, Divine Wielders of the Care-Bear Stare
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A heart with the letters 'Care Bears'
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Can lean between Lawful and Chaotic Good depending on the iteration)
  • Portfolios: The Embodiment of Cute Worlds and The Power of Love, Barefoot Cartoon Animals, Can create constructs based on emotions
  • Domains: Good, Charm, Air
  • Allies: The Emotions, Pollyanna, Alice, The Mane Six
  • Rivals: Nostalgic Critic
  • Enemies: YHVH, Melkor, Nekron
  • Grumpy has always been dour during his time in the Pantheon, but he had a particularly rough week. Grouchy Smurf set off to investigate, making a startling discovery. For all of Grumpy's sourness over Care-A-Lot, he truly does wish that his friends could make it into the Pantheon. So he got help with other deities to work out a deal. Soon enough, Grumpy caught wind and demanded to know what Grouchy was up to. To his surprise, he found out that his friends have arrived at the Pantheon. That warranted a move to a new temple. While their presence annoys him, he is secretly glad to be with friends again.
  • The Care-Bear Stare is one of the most powerful World Healing Waves in the Pantheon. It is able to not only defeat nearly all kinds of evil foes, but also heal people of any physical and emotional damage done by them. Having that sort of power in the GUAG's position has forced Melkor to set the bears as primary targets for his forces. Some people prefer to use the term 'Taste the Motherfucking Rainbow", but don't expect any of the bears to use it.
  • Their meeting with the Emotions was a huge fanfare. The bears were the first to point out that no emotions are inherently bad, even the negative ones. Grumpy and Anger have always been friends, but nowadays they have all the other bears to contend with. Joy quickly fell in love with all the other bears. The others have a more neutral stance on the bears.
    • The bears are also in good terms with The Emotional Spectrum, though many have preferences. Grumpy hangs out with the more negative emotions, but the other bears fell in love with The Pollyanna from the start. Cheer and Funshine Bear especially love to hang out with the young girl.
  • It has been revealed that the vast majority of their villains have been employed not by Melkor, but YHVH. The Absolute Lawmaker has been experimenting with various ways to remove irrational emotions from his subjects. He has already succeeded in the Land Without Feelings and hopes to expand to other worlds. The Care Bears remain committed to prevent this from happening.
    • It's not like they haven't taken on evil forces. Melkor isn't too fond of them as well. At first glance, he thought he could rid of them with a few minions. All it took was one Care-Bear Stare to convert them into the bears' allies. The God of Evil is looking for an evil equivalent to counter the bears.
  • When the bears heard that their friend Alice was also in the Pantheon, they didn't hesitant to visit her. They were surprised to see that this version of Alice had black hair. Grumpy stopped from from unleashing the Care-Bear Stare, explaining that this Alice has many forms, some completely different from others. Regardless, this Alice remembered her adventures with them and was quick to make friends with them.
  • Grumpy gets some unwanted attention at times. That's due to the fact that one of his voices sounds like one of the most prolific voice actors of all time.
  • Do not remind the Nostalgia Critic that he watched The Care Bears Movie. He refuses to give the franchise credit no matter how popular the series is. The bears do give the critic credit for popularizing the phrase: "TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHERFUCKERS!" To his horror, the phrase only encouraged even more people to watch the movie.
  • There was a time when the Care Bears and ponies would see each other as rivals. It seemed that it would be even more the case when the new show made the series far more popular than the game. And yet, the two have made amends with each other as both series have become more loved. Grumpy has grown more appreciative of the Mane Six for helping him bring his friends over.

    Haruto Tsukishiro 
Haruto Tsukishiro, God of Dream Walkers and Patron Saint of Anti-Escapism Aesops (Adam)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God inside the dreamscape)
  • Symbol: His red headphones
  • Theme Song: "Enter the Red Doors"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Exploring Dreams, Blue Is Heroic, Pragmatic Hero, Nice Guy, Unfazed Everyman, Chick Magnet, Not Showing Mercy to Villains, Affecting the Real World using Dreams, Dying And Going to Heaven
  • Domains: Dreams, Kindness, Heroism, Coma
  • Allies: Shido Itsuka, Ysera, Inception Crew, Soldier #25954, Kirby, Sheryl Nome, Meteora Osterreich, Honoka Kousaka, Princess Luna, Corrin, Souji Mitsuka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Inception crew
  • Enemies: Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, Vaermina, the Joker, murderers in general
  • Haruto was just a boy who explored the dreamscape after he was left in a coma. Through his journeys, he encountered 11 eleven girls capable of shaping the dreamscape to their whims called Witches. These Witches suffered from "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome", a condition that puts them to sleep and they cannot wake up unless they get help from someone inside the dream. By helping them solve problems inside the dreamscape, Haruto helped them wake up and earned their loyalty and love.
  • Haruto's story in the mortal plane came to an end when he and the Witches convinced Eve, the first woman and creator of the dreamscape, not to destroy the world just to get back at God. Instead, Eve decided to return to Heaven and see God again, asking Haruto to come with him. Even though going to Heaven would mean his death in the mortal plane, he agreed. This led to Haruto's ascension.
  • In the waking world (or at least what is normally perceived as the waking world), Haruto is no more impressive than a regular teenager. Within the dreamscape, he can create Humongous Mecha to fight in space, engage in swordfights, survive underwater with no aid, and even transform his penis into a genie to escape a hostage situation. No, really, that actually happened.
    Haruto: *laughs* "Yep, that was a fun Friday."
  • Thanks to his experience with dreams, he has become friends with other dream explorers in the Pantheon, like Ysera, the Inception crew and Soldier #25954. Ysera has nothing but good things to say about Haruto, praising him for his kindness towards the Witches and has tasked him with protect deities in the dreamscape. In turn, Haruto has earned a mentor in Ysera, seeing much of Lily in her.
    • His alliance with the Inception crew is a bit more complicated. Although he recognizes they are not inherently evil, he knows that they are capable of doing evil for the right price. They only work together if circumstances force them to.
    • Befriended Soldier #25954, as they reminded him of Kayo Sugisaki, albeit their circumstances were harsher and crueler than hers. He told them about what happened to Kayo and they praised him for giving her love and peace in her final moments.
    • Upon hearing Yuko Sakurabe's voice, he believed she had ascended as well and went to the House of Music to find her. Instead, he came across Sheryl Nome, whose exuberant personality was similar to Yuko's, at least when she was the Witch of Thunder. After he told her what happened to Yuko, they became friends. His visit to the House of Music also earned him the friendship of Honoka Kousaka, whose voice was similar to Misaki's. He is glad that Honoka, much like Misaki, reaffirmed her passion for music and hopes she continues her path to success.
    • Enjoys going to lunch with Kirby. He is surprised by how much food the little guy can pack, remembering his time with Airi Kojima.
    • Went to Meteora Osterreich's temple after initially confusing her voice with Nene Higashiyama's. He even told Meteora that Nene's dream took the form of a fairytale, something Meteora found not too different from her own origin as an NPC from a videogame. Either way, Meteora agreed to help Haruto in his journey across the dreamscape.
  • His story is an interesting exploration of using dreams as a form of escape one's problem. At first, he wakes several people up by telling them the dreamscape doesn't compare to confronting your problems head-on in reality, like with Airi Kojima using the world to binge or Mirei Saegusa living the college life she never got to have. Despite this, he's perfectly fine with others using it to escape, as he learned to see Jane Doe's lucid dreaming as just another lifestyle, helped Mana Hayashida kill off her parents' murderers in her dream, and gave Kayo Sugisaki the last week she always wanted. In the end, the Witches, having learned from Haruto's experiences, convince Eve not to destroy the world because she can live the life she always wanted in the dreamscape. Just goes to show that dreams can motivate people to better themselves in the real world, even if they sometimes need to get away from it all.
  • Became friends with Shido Itsuka, Corrin and Souji Mitsuka thanks to having the same voice, moreso with Shido, as their stories are surprisingly similar.
  • The GUAG Relationship Enchancers aren't sure whether Haruto can qualify as a harem protagonist. While some of the Witches do develop feelings for him, his series focuses more on fantasy than romance. Either way, Haruto promises to help them in any way he can.
  • Anyone who uses dreams to terrorize people will be put on his hitlist; such as Freddy Krueger and Pitch Black. He's not fond of the Joker either for being an unrepentant murderer. Remembering Mana Hayashida's traumatic ordeal, he has resolved not to let such tragedy happen again. He has been working with Princess Luna to save any deities from nightmares.
  • Also present in Mind Games and Specialized Narratives.

    Jodie Holmes and Aiden 
Jodie Holmes and Aiden, Goddess and God of Psychic Links (Jodie: Elizabeth North, Jodie Gray | Aiden: The Entity)
The closest possible interpretation of Aiden
  • Carrie White empathizes with them given how much crap Jodie's experienced. What's baffling however is when some idiots continued offending Jodie despite being fully aware of Aiden's existence, his powers, and his general attitude. Jodie however had difficulty returning the sentiment, given Carrie had gone on a full rampage and killer. Regarding the bullies at the birthday party, she most likely would've gotten vengeance, but she wouldn't have wanted them dead, even if Aiden might've.
  • Has disdain for organizations like the CIA due to the measures they resorted to in her world for the sake of their interests. Chuck resents that idea, but understands the feeling, given he's been forced to work for them, and how many times he's had to get himself in danger to take down various terrorists due to his INTERSECT. Besides, he's freelance now. Well, technically, he's in the GUAG and so is she, and they're more understanding overall.
    • Speaking of them, any who desire to control the afterlife, or any dimension filled with uncountable entities that can barely be contained let alone combated, will draw a lot of enmity from them, given that's what the CIA in their world tried to do, all for the sake of science. This resulted in an Odd Friendship with Doomguy, who's had similar issues with the UAC. That said, there is discomfort, mostly from Aiden, due to his lack of respect for authority or personal space, not to mention his experience with the supernatural and his track record with demons.
    • Merging two different worlds is also another reprehensible act in their eyes, especially if those two worlds are but one plane of existence away from each other.
    • Speaking of afterlife, there's also any deliberate means to keep someone from going there by way of forced coma. That's what their world's CIA did with their birth mother, and planned on doing the same to Jodie.
  • Many are baffled by the actions of Jodie's bullies when they locked her in a closet under a staircase for gifting an Edgar Allan Poe book. If nothing else, it was probably at least worth a lot of money due to its rarity. And an offhand or insincere "thank you" would've sufficed.
  • Having been handed over to the government by her adoptive parents at the age of 8, she has issues with those who ditch their children and those who "acquire" children for their own purposes this way.
  • Having possessed a doll of him in her childhood, Jodie got a pleasant surprise when she saw Totoro in the flesh one rainy night (Aiden alerted her to his presence, given he's usually Invisible to Adults) by a bus stop. Wanting some comfort before returning to her temple, she shuffled to his side and snuggled against his fur, which Totoro was okay with, and so was Aiden. They stayed together even as their transport arrived, until they eventually had to part ways at their respective Houses.
  • Having seen a newspaper of the Origami Killer during her travels, and now knowing who he is thanks to his identity being common knowledge in the Pantheon, she's come to despise Scott Shelby for his crimes.
  • If she's ever given a mission that involves taking down a target, it's best that she is not lied to to about the target's intentions and goals if they prove contrary to the truth. She doesn't like to have a repeat incident of her mission in the Republic of Kazirstan. Especially if it turns out to be a peacekeeper being "portrayed" as a warlord.
  • Due to having gone through similar hardships, not to mention something unexplainable between them, Jodie has formed a friendship with Ellie. Although she's is wary of Joel, she appreciates that he genuinely cares about Ellie. As for that rescue that probably cost humanity a chance to cure the Cordyceps virus in their world, given her own experiences with being experimented on, she doesn't know what to say in response to that.

    Nortrom the Silencer 
Alright, so who's nex-


Nortrom, God of Knowledge Devourment (Silencer, Dragon Knight)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Last Word icon.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Intelligence Steal, Curse of the Silent, "Glaives" of Wisdom, Last Word, Global Silence, Spell Nullification, The Chosen One, Un-Sorcerer, The Stoic and Quiet, Mage Killer, Purple Attire
  • Domains: Silence, Anti-Magic, Combat
  • Allies: Anti-Mage, Purist Thunderwrath, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Lor'themar Theon, Valeera Sanguinar, Raven, Brightwing, Sakura Kinomoto, Harry Potter, Malfurion Stormrage
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, Li-Ming
  • Enemies: GUAE Malum Magia
  • Opposed by: House of Music
  • The living proof that anyone can gain power through lack of magic, the Silencer is known for his ability to shut down any spellcaster with his abilities. If he manages to kill them or be present for their death, he will even steal some of their intelligence. If allowed to, Silencer can steal their intelligence to the point that they will basically be permanently silenced.
    • Also known for being a part of the "Fuck Magic" trio, together with Anti-Mage and the Omniknight.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Good has viewed Nortrom with interest for his ability to silence mages, and believes he could be useful in the battles against the Malum Magia. There are indeed rumors that they have been wanting to start the much-rumored "Magus Killers" project...
  • When Silencer enters a battle, the enemy are said to have an un-fun time. In fact, there's rumors that certain "fucking" owls worships the Silencer.
  • The Trollkaiger decided to troll him one day while he was sleeping by painting his armor red. After he woke up, Nortrom was still drowsy and did not realize the changes on his armor when he wore it. Needless to say, he was confused and baffled when deities confused him for Dragon Knight simply because of the color. When he realized that his armor has been tampered with, Silencer had to resist the urge to carry a bag full of phoenix downs and ambush the members of the Trollkaiger.
  • Word has it that Nortrom used to be a Blood Elf back in the days. While he don't have any memory of that, he do remember fighting alongside (and against) Kael'thas back when he was the Invoker. Nortrom felt some pity when he heard what happened to the Blood Elf prince, and has agreed to help him kick off the addiction as much as he can. He also ended up befriending Lor'themar and Valeera, both being blood elves.
  • With his preference for quiet over sound, the House of Calmness is one of Nortrom's favorite spots in the Pantheon. As a result, he can often be seen there.
  • Was introduced to Brightwing by Anti-Mage, who Silencer noted is quite similar to a certain faerie dragon from his home universe known as Puck. The dragon's anti-magic affinity reminds him in particular of Puck's ability to spread silence-inducing dust, which he consider to be one of the few positive aspects of him (or her).
  • Approves of Sakura Kinomoto and Harry Potter for using silence spells to great effect.
  • Because Global Silence blocks all sound, the House of Music is quite opposed against Nortrom for the times he had ruined concerts by using his power even when he was elsewhere.
  • Gets along with Malfurion Stormrage for his wide array of silence spells (it helps that Malfurion used to be the Prophet), though he was incredibly confused when he was informed the Malfurion apparently used to be Anti-Mage's father. Nortrom decided to not press on the issue, feeling that delving into the whole idea of two universes that are so different and yet so similar just gives him a headache.
  • Nortrom has lately seen himself rivaling with the Nephalem Li-Ming, apparently after a Noodle Incident when he's testing new boundaries of his Global Silence, it affected her across the realms and she's a bit pissy about it. Nortrom just sees that her vast knowledge might make her a tasty target for his Glaives of Wisdom to devour.
  • For all his stoicism, even Nortrom has his rare moments of being Not So Stoic. Usually for joyous celebrations such as winning a battle.
    Silencer: Victory!
  • "Silence is golden."

...-ah! Now I can talk!

    Roger Hayden/Psycho-Pirate 
Roger Hayden, God of Emotion Control (The Psycho-Pirate)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Medusa Mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Legacy Character (predecessor only appeared for six issues), Emotion Control, Being An Emotion Vampire, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Becoming Aware Of The Fourth Wall And Hating The Writers, Sanity Slippage Because He Remembers The Crisis
  • Domains: Emotions, Mental Manipulation, Supervillainy, Masks (in general), Crises and Retcons, Metafiction (for a time)
  • Interests: The House of Mind Control (especially Zelenin), Nerose Satanel
  • Allies: No Face, Dr Griffin, Bane
  • Headbutting Villains with: White Face
  • Enemies: The DC Superheroes in general, The Anti-Monitor, The Auditors Of Reality, The Dementors, The Phantom Thieves Of Heart, the Care Bares, Kyubey
  • Avoids: Either Medusa, SCP-035
  • Drinking buddies with: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Nefarian
  • One of the short-lived foes of the Justice Society of America was Charles Halsted, a disgruntled linotyper who used Emotion Control to commit crimes. In jail, he found a successor in the young and troubled Roger Hayden. Taking his mantle as the Psycho-Pirate, Hayden was an emotional vampire that forces emotion onto others. Fear, happiness, sadness, whatever he wants will do. And he's good at it.
  • Though he has to take it off to use it, the Medusa Mask is what lets him control emotions. The House of Emotion considers it a very powerful artifact, though don't feel Hayden is all that dangerous compared to some of the other gods there. Well, exception the Auditors of Reality, who are utterly antithetical to the chaotic nature of emotions and Hayden can take them out with a Puff of Logic. The Dementors find him both competition and bane because he can act as a living Patronus by making people happy.
  • Capable of changing the emotions of those with little or no emotion like Rei Ayanami or the Incubators, however it requires a lot more effort and he gets exhausted doing so. Kyubey was more offended by it because Hayden decided to use him as a guinea pig and force emotions like sadness, fear and simple joy, an experience he found as being driven utterly insane. Of course most critics of the Incubators thought he had it coming.
  • While it also lets him commit crimes, the Psycho-Pirate seems to enjoy manipulating emotions for the heck of it as he feeds off emotion. As such, he tends to associate himself with No Face, being masked figures who are emotion eaters. He seems to get along with the Invisible Man as they're both people who's powers let them commit crimes, and made them a bit loopy. Within the DC Universe he's recently sided with Bane so he can use his powers over emotion to help him drop his addiction to the Venom drug.
  • Likes to compare masks with the House of Headwear, though he's not a mask enthusiast and just thinks some of them are cool. He is sure as hell not putting on SCP-035 as stylish as it is. Just in case anyone's asking, the Medusa Mask doesn't have anything to do with the other Medusa besides maybe the dangers of looking at his face. He stays away from as he can't use his Medusa Mask on them without looking them in the eye and turned to stone.
  • The Anti-Monitor browbeat the Psycho-Pirate into serving him during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. As a consequence, he was virtually the only person who's memories weren't affected by the Cosmic Retcon, and it led to him becoming aware of his fictional status. And he swore not to forget, but retcons and different writers led him to anyway(also Black Adam crushing his skull). In the Trope Pantheon, he has become aware of it and the retcons once more, believing this is a result of the inherent metafictional nature of the pantheon.
  • When made aware of the fourth wall during Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man, he came to loathe the writers and managed to briefly revive Pre-Crisis characters to get back at them. Since he's fictional, he had no hope of attacking the real world and the writers were still in complete control. Malal, having become the god of Canon Discontinuity, has convinced Hayden to make a Faustian pact to try and restore these abilities and get revenge on the authors, all so the Retconnian can break out. Of course, the Psycho-Pirate is wary of being his agent considering how serving a higher power worked out for him the first time.
  • Sometimes he drinks to take the stress of his Medium Awareness away, and he ends up meeting Deadpool. Much more adjusted to having No Fourth Wall, his comical behavior was actually a relief to the Psycho-Pirate when a bit sloshed. He seems to like drinking with Nefarian as well, since his trolling nature mixed with how he leans on the fourth wall is somewhat cathartic for the Psycho-Pirate. On a more serious note, he considers White Face's ability to threaten those beyond the fourth wall appealing for his own ambitions, though is wary working with him due to how dangerous he can be.
  • According to Batman: The Brave and the Bold, good feelings and thoughts can be used to repel the Psycho-Pirate's influence. Hilariously, the Care Bares were able to push off his influence, and the Psycho-Pirate has hated them ever since because of the humiliation that brought. The Phantom Thieves have tried to fight off his influence due to using Emotion Control for crimes and other nefarious business. Hayden was quick to argue that they're hypocrites for doing so since they control peoples' emotions in a way by changing their heart to something they're not. Granted their targets are mostly loathsome and above justice by regular means, but he argues they're Not So Different anyway.
  • The potential for brainwashing people through emotions is something that Zelenin wants from Psycho-Pirate, forcing the emotions of fervor, fanaticism and such for the forces of Law. Nerose Satanel wants the Psycho-Pirate in order to make everyone happy regardless of their free will. The Psycho-Pirate would rather keep his distance from them.

    Shido Itsuka 
Shido Itsuka, God of Sudden Volunteering and Harem-Activated Powers (Shin, Shinji Takamiya, Shiori Itsuka)
when disguised as Shiori Itsuka 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God if using Spirit Powers)
  • Symbol: Himself planting Sandalphon into the ground
  • Theme Song: "Calling"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Stock Light-Novel Hero, Blue Hair and Clothes, Ordinary High-School Student, Absolute Benevolence, The Everyman, Good at Cooking and Housekeeping, Getting Volunteered To Save The World, Getting A Harem He Didn't Ask For, Absorbing And Using The Power Of His Haremettes, Crossdressing Every Now And Then, Getting Killed and Resurrected As a Human/Spirit Hybrid
  • Domains: Heroism, Courage, Desire for Normalcy, Humility
  • High Priests: Oliver Wendell Douglas (Got Volunteered aspect), Kojou Akatsuki (Harem-Powered aspect)
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort, the Illusive Man, Harbinger, Lex Luthor, Khan Noonien Singh, The Joker, Altair/Military Uniform Princess, Jonathan Irons, Ganondorf, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Respects: Sheryl Nome
  • Pities: Master Chief, Robb Stark
  • An Ordinary High-School Student tasked by his sister Kotori to save the world from the Spirits… by dating them, thus the premise of his series. Shido wasn't the kind of guy who asked for trouble but never ran when trouble found, so he took the job, despite the trouble it would bring him. To do so, he has to make the Spirits fall in love with him, then he can absorb their magic powers into his body with a kiss, allowing them to have a normal life. He also later found out he could use Spirit powers in a limited range.
    • Previously the High Priest for Keima Katsuragi, Kotori arranged for the Court of the Gods to ascend her brother and provide his own temple, not only for his "volunteering", but for the powers he can get from his harem, much as he's a bit ashamed about it. Despite how weird the situation was for him, Shido took his new position in stride and got to work.
  • His sister Kotori received his brother with a big hug…but then she regained her composure, cleared her throat and simply told Shido she was glad to see him as a deity at last. Everyone present gave her a big smile, knowing she had good intentions, and that she arranged for his ascension in the first place. His reunion with Yoshino was a lot smoother. He simply patted both her and Yoshinon's heads until they got asleep. Shido gently took her to her bed and turned off the lights on his way out.
  • Weeks after he got settled in the Pantheon, he received news that Tohka and Origami had ascended. Unfortunately, they ascended at the same time, fueling their rivalry for Shido's affections. This forced Shido to go on separate dates with them, with Kotori and Ratatoskr providing assistance. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and Shido helped them get acquainted to the Pantheon.
  • The reason for his harem-based powers is this: born Shinji Takamiya, he was the first person to meet Mio Takamiya, the First Spirit; who fell in love with him until he was killed by Isaac Wescott. To save his life, Mio absorbed Shido into her body and carried him in her womb, recreating him as a human/Spirit hybrid. The collective powers of the Spirits were always meant to be Shido's and the First Spirit merely turned regular humans into Spirits as a way to perfect and refine those powers until Shido eventually obtained them. Shido regained his memories from his past life, he understood that, spiritually and emotionally, he and Shinji were completely different people and convinced Mio to let go of her plans and instead move on to the afterlife, where Shinji was waiting for her.
  • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts were on alert upon hearing of a Shido ascending, given that their story's Big Bad (though under Yaldabaoth) has that name, and even heard rumors of Melkor's attempts to do so. They were relieved when it turned out that wasn't the case, given that this Shido has it as his given name. Their leader Akira also feels pity for him, remembering... Valentine's Day, which ended in loads of pain on his part, and he wishes the best for the Spirit harem leader.
  • He spends most of his time cooking and cleaning after his temple, which is a perfect replica of his house, with three portals that take him between the sub-houses of Outlooks on Job, Spiritual & Mental Powers, and Love Other. A lot of gods are amazed by his excellent cooking and have recommended some tutoring from the House of Food. And he did from one Soma Yukihira, who told him to keep experimenting with his recipes and never stop improving himself. While Shido took his lessons to heart, he felt a little intimidated by Soma's bombastic attitude and has mostly kept his cooking to comfort his friends, something that pleases Megumi Tadakoro greatly.
  • Very good friends with fellow light novel protagonists Ayato Amagiri, Lux Arcadia and Touya Mochizuki, often discussing on how to improve their relationships with their harems. Also, despite his Japanese origin, some people think that Shido has more in common with Western heroes like Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter, so it's probably not a surprise that he gets along fine with them. They agree that true power comes not within oneself, but from the love one gives and receives from others, but Luke and Harry do point out that in Shido's case, it's a bit more literal.
  • Shares the same heroic ideals with Link and Ash Ketchum: to always walk the extra mile to help anyone who needs them. Even when he prefers the comforts of a normal life, Shido has has accompanied them in their fantastic adventures across the Pantheon. They also have on certain occassions had to crossdress to infiltrate girl-only areas. Make no mistake: they will do it for the greater good, but don't expect them to be happy about it. The only reason Shido cross-dressed at all in the first place was to seal a Spirit who was, to put it bluntly, not into men like him (though even after finding out, the Spirit in question agrees to go out with him, but only if he's crossdressing).
  • Became surprised that there were other deities in the Pantheon with voices similar to his, such as Kaito Kirishima, Ichiro Sato and Haruto Tsukishiro. Because of their love problems and crazy adventures, a friendship between the four was all too predictable. They enjoy playing video games, eating great food, having adventures in the dreamscape or just talking on how to improve their relationships.
    • There is some awkwardness in his meetings with Corrin and Souji Mitsuka, as Shido finds it weird Corrin has a female form and Souji Mitsuka only has superpowers when he transforms into a twin-tailed girl. Of course, given the weirdness of his own world, he feels like he shouldn't judge.
  • Originally, he was is a memeber of the GUAG Support Staff, cooking their meals and keeping their base clean; until he was reassigned to the GUAG Combat Division for his increase in power and combat prowess, to the point he temporarily killed Isaac Westcott in one timeline. The GUAG Relationship Enchancers insisted on his membership, thanks to his sizeable harem. Shido has politely declined, but keeps his friendship open with them. He can't help but wonder what strange connection he has with Issei Hyodo and Ichika Orimura.
  • Feels glad Samurai Jack eventually reunited with Ashi. Shido can relate to that, particulary after what happened to Rinne and Mayuri. Admiring the boy for his compassion, Jack and Ashi wished him well.
  • Is good friends with Enterprise captains James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, given the moral dilemmas they face are quite similar to his own. Kirk has given some advice in how to atrract more women, while Picard simply facepalms (as usual) at the ridiculous things Shido often does to reach out to the Spirits.
  • Thanks to his idealism and desire to do the right thing, he has earned long-lasting friendships with Superman and Spider-Man. Shido sees both superheroes as mentors and visits them as much as he is able searching for guidance and counsel. He also admires Clark for settling down and starting a family, and tells Peter not to beat himself up over the choices he has made, saying that in time, he will find happiness.
  • Against all odds, Mayuri was allowed to ascend to the Pantheon. Upon hearing the news, Shido quickly ran to her temple where they shared a tearful and poignant reunion, celebrated by many. They went on a beautiful date to the House of Theater, where they watched a marathon of their favorite movies. Fortunately, Kotori and the Ratatoskr team had reserved an entire room just for them.
  • Occassionally gets into philosophical debates with Hachiman Hikigaya about morality and what it means to establish meaningful connections with others. Although he disagrees with Hachiman's cynicism, he certainly appreciates his intelligence. He often tries to get him and Keima to spend some time together, to no avail.
  • Cadance worries about Shido's position; the fact that a lot of lives rely on him dating a lot of girls (specifically potentially dangerous ones, though) and keeping them all happy. Kyu on the other hand, while concerned as well, is ecstatic, now that she can feel justified in doing what she does. She also works with Kotori in this regard so that Shido eventually won't need to be guided on dating every step of the way, though the fact that there are much fewer people she can be invisible to does prove problematic.
  • Feels sorry for the Master Chief for failing to save Cortana even when he fought tooth-and-nail for her. It brings back memories of Rinne and Mayuri. He is also one of the very few people who don't give Robb Stark grief in choosing love over duty and says no man should ever be put in that situation. Shido sincerely hopes both men can find peace one day.
    • Felt glad that Cortana had ascended and reunited with John. Aware of Cortana's actions in the mortal plane and his own experience with Maria Arusu, Shido hopes she can find a way to redeem herself]]. He recommended Maria as Cortana's High Priestess, to which she accepted.
  • Praises Jon Snow for successfully uniting the factions of the North under a common cause, similar to what he is trying to do with the Spirits. Jon at least appreciates Shido's kindness and sees much of himself in the boy; also, his cooking helps keeping his soldiers fed. Jon admits he finds it weird that Shido has been killed and resurrected multiple times, compared to Jon's single serious case of stabbing.
    Jon: That must really hurt.
    Shido: *sigh* You get used to it.
  • Even a good man like Shido can have his limits, especially as seen with Isaac Westcott, the evil mage who wants to become a god and create a world only for mages. Anyone who reminds him of Westcott will earn Shido's enmity:
    • Absolutely hates Lord Voldemort for his cruelty and lack of remorse for his actions, seeing him as no better than Isaac Wescott. The fact that they are both British is merely a coincidence, okay? Don't get any funny ideas.
    • Not fond of Khan Noonien Singh (the Kelvin version, at least) either because he betrayed Kirk when The Good Captain was only trying to help him. He finds his love for his family hypocritical and self-serving, given that he killed Kirk's mentor and threatened to kill Kirk and the Enterprise crew as well when The Good Captain risked his own life to save him. Crashing the Vengeance into San Francisco just to screw over the Federation will not get him any sympathy points with Shido either.
    • Absolutely pissed with Altair/Military Uniform Princess for escaping punishment for the crap she pulled. While he can sympathize with the death of her mother, he says that's not an excuse for her actions and that it's not all about her. He is also horrified by what she did to Mamika and Aliceteria and promised to do whatever he can stop her.
  • Can also be found in Outlooks on Job and Love Other.
  • "If people refuse to accept you, I'll just accept you even more."


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