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Et tu, Pantheon?

The House of Betrayal and Treachery was informally established as an underground coven for the most treacherous and deceitful deities that resided in the Pantheon. Initially a hidden complex only visible to those who sought to provide themselves company there, it eventually forsook it's elusive nature and morphed itself into a House itself, and given the deities who reside there, as well as constantly making plans and preparations to betray whatever they have as allies or associates as well as making sure their own agendas and goals are what's kept most important, it was deemed that this new House be the Pantheon's main cornerstone for establishing betrayal, treachery, deceit, and selling out.

This is one of the smaller Houses in the Pantheon, considering that its initial community prior to its expansion was rather niche and chose to keep to themselves and plan discreetly, so as to not arouse too much suspicion and attention towards others at the risk of getting their plans foiled. The House is composed of a collection of small forts that serve as residential areas as well as where to make plans privately. There is also a large castle at the center, however, unlike most major landmarks in the Pantheon, the castle is mostly derelict, dilapidated, and not much care and attention has been put into it. However, underneath the castle grounds lies a massive cavern which has several separate routes that somehow leads to routes towards the established forts. Although all the buildings are connected, each of these directions are very narrow and filled with traps and hazardous obstacles, in addition to housing some vicious critters who territorially patrol the area and would attack anyone under their vicinity. As a result, hardly anyone uses the tunnel networks.

Due to the nature of most of its inhabitants, this is one of the less popular and well-regarded Houses in the Pantheon, seeing as many in the House of Villainy like to take up visitation times there, as well as many infamous villains from any House. There are residing benevolent deities there who simply prefer to not take much action in the House out of the risk of getting immediately noticed and hounded and instead choose to spend their free time outside the House. The castle has become a hubspot for villains to visit, making plans and preparations for their invasions, attacks, and massacres, though just as many are also willing to go back to their forts and immediately plot a surprise attack towards their collaborators in an effort to take all the credit for themselves.

"The Treacherous Three" is about the closest thing the House has to House Guardians, and even then, neither of them either seem to be fond of one another, or want to make plans to work together due to several differing priorities and intent that they have, and are more likely to have in-fighting amongst one another to either assert dominance, or to prove themselves the ultimate backstabber, though no one really cares about these squabbles. Of course, it should be noted that the House of Betrayal and Treachery is a spiritual inverse to the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, considering the latter is naturally opposed to the former as they represent ideals and actions that serve to be the antithesis for what friendship stands for. That said, there is the irony of False Friends also residing in both Houses, much to the amusement and dismay of many.

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The Treacherous Three

    Arthas Menethil 

Warriors of the frozen wastes... rise!

King Arthas Menethil, God of Embracing One's Inner Darkness (Crown Prince of Lordaeron, King of the fallen Lordaeron, Slaughterer/Butcher, First of the Lich King's Death Knights, Champion of The Scourge, The Lich King)
Arthas as a Paladin 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Crest of the Scourge
  • Theme Song: Arthas, My Son (O, Thanagor) and Invincible
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Chaotic Good
  • Weapon of Choice: Frostmourne
  • Portfolios: From The Wise Prince To Evil Overlord, Cool Sword, Evil Ice, Thinking That "Light Is For Fools", Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, One-Man Army, Values his soldiers even after his descent into evil, Death Knight
  • Domains: Evil, Undead, Villainy.
  • Followers: Dagoth Ur, Fiona Fox
  • Allies: Kel'thuzad, Anub'arak (albeit unwillingly for the latter), Diablo, Sindragosa, Adria, Arcturus Mengsk, Luca Blight, Nagash, Dio Brando, Dracula, Lucifer the Doom, Deathwing, Ostarion, Napoleon, Zhaitan, Sektor, Esdeath, Kaldr and a good amount of the Undead-oriented Gods of the Pantheon, Sauron
  • Enemies:
  • Interested in: The Wendigo
  • Evil Counterpart to: Zuko
  • Once the prince and future King of the Human Kingdom of Lordaeron, Prince Arthas Menethil was a Paladin who wanted to avenge his people, to the point of doing whatever it took to protect them. This proved to be Arthas's downfall, because after taking his troops to Northrend to enact vengeance on the Dreadlord known as Mal'ganis, and on the way claiming the cursed sword Frostmourne, Arthas unwillingly ended up becoming the very thing he was fighting against.
    • This was cemented when he "succeeded" his father, and after slaughtering countless victims in his path, Arthas ended up becoming the Lich King. The world of Azeroth may have Bolvar Fordragon as the Lich King right now, but in the Pantheon, that seat belongs to Arthas, and he is far less benevolent than Bolvar is.
    • How nice Arthas was before becoming the Lich King is debatable, but some sources state that he wasn't the All-Loving Hero he pretended to be (nor is it looking like he is going to be anytime soon).
  • Though he is not a member of the Houses of Death and Postmortem or Undead and Phasmata, he has a massive amount of undead creatures at his disposal, making him one of the few gods in the Pantheon with his own personal army, better known as The Scourge.
  • Insists that the being that was seen crying like a baby in the tortures of the underworld by Sylvanas Windrunner was not him. To enforce that insistence, he registered himself in the battlefield of the Blizzard heroes, as the dark, evil glory of the Lich King. Side by side with him is a fellow demonic ally, The Lord of Terror Diablo.
    • However, the organizers had only one condition for Arthas. He had to be the sparring partner of every new hero that entered the nexus. While it sounded good on paper, Arthas later found out that the job was much more painful than that.
    • To his surprise, his old love Jaina has ascended and will be participating in said battle. However, Arthas brushed off any attempts to rekindle the old flame, claiming that he will still crush her without mercy.
  • Elsa despises him for his evil use of ice, and for reminding her too much of Prince Hans.
  • Nobody actually expected that Arthas would instead make his move to influence the Mortal Kombat universe in Timeline X. He approached Liu Kang and managed to convince him to embrace his inner demons. He convinced him that deep down, he's tired of having to play up the goody two-shoes Mortal Kombat Champion persona, and he truly is fitting for conquest and rule...and that he shouldn't be bogged down by any "mentors", be it Raiden or Rachel, he should "make his own destiny", just like how Arthas broke away from the light. In this endeavor... Arthas succeeded, Liu Kang started to embrace his lust for power as the new ruler of the Netherrealm, and broke away even from Rachel, and in one fell swoop, not only had Arthas made it clear what he does best, he also started a chain reaction smearing Rachel's reputation as the 'new, better Kombatant mentor' to dirt, if she couldn't even keep the main Kombatants in line.
  • Arthas's story heavily mirrors that of the fabled King Arthur, except that Arthas took a darker path in contrast to Arthur, and the latter hates him for daring to betray the people that he so desperately tried to protect. Arthas dismisses the King and is only interested in making Arthur his greatest champion. The fact that both Excalibur and Frostmourne might be evenly matched could potentially make for a fantastic battle if they ever decide to trade blows...
  • He helped Diablo to ascend Arcturus Mengsk, proving himself as an example that death is not the end of everything. With that, along with Sarah Kerrigan's swing towards Anti-Heroism, the 'Blizzard Big 3 Evils' are reunited (Amon still needs time to establish himself). However, Arthas usually gets annoyed whenever Mengsk compares him with his 'pretty boy son' Valerian.
  • He was not happy to hear that his old rival, Illidan Stormrage, ascended along with his ally Kael'thas Sunstrider. This was made even worse when Sylvanas Windrunner also ascended. Because of his presence, all three of them decided to join the GUAG Token Evil Teammates with one goal: destroy the Lich King permanently.
  • Clashed with the paladin Yrel upon her ascension; while he won the fight, the good Blizzard deities stopped him before he could kill her. For the moment, Arthas was glad he kept himself in shape by fighting in the Nexus, and gladly challenged Yrel, telling her she was welcome to go apply herself there. "Next time," he claimed, "I'll turn you into one of my many Death Knights. Draenei Death Knights sound like a good experiment..."
  • He was bemused when he learned that in an alternate timeline, he was known as Count Arthas du Menethíl, a vampire who was one of the potential suitors of Sarah Von Kerrigan.
  • Once was confronted by Ashley Williams, given that the latter was killing a lot of his Undead Scourge. Ash barely escaped his encounter with the Lich King, and since that day, Arthas likes to taunt him for his failure.
    • But it was Ash who had the last laugh; he directed Arthas to his good friend and undead-slaying partner, Artix von Krieger. Arthas thought Artix was a weakling—until he saw how Artix's special ability to collect the souls of every undead he slays to empower him, his axe being so shiny gold because he slayed so many undead, the fact that getting rid of the axe does not weaken Artix because Artix's power comes from souls, the fact that Artix has a shadow of a giant darkness dragon —, oh and Artix is the Champion of Darkness — his world's equivalent to a god, and Arthas immediately found himself utterly decimated. Arthas thought he had the last laugh after he tricked Artix with "Your shoe's untied"note ... and then got mauled by Artix's undead-slaying Pomeranian, Daimyo. Arthas avoids him like the plague.
  • He is tired of people mispronouncing his title as "The Lick King". The two are very different jobs, you know?
  • Was once enemies with Esdeath, but he eventually got on her good side by convincing her to give in to her inner demons. Esdeath admits that he was right all along.
  • He is interested in recruiting The Wendigo to The Scourge, but the creature would prefer not serving under the Lich King. Arthas himself is not afraid of it or even the spirit that possesses it, as Frostmourne can make short work of that nuisance.
  • Even though they share similar titles, he has nothing to do with The Lich.
  • As if Arthas's days couldn't get any worse, when he heard of Uther's ascension, he lost his shit. He personally went to meet Uther and taunt him about his failure back in Lordaeron, and tell him that he won't hesitate to kill him again. Uther isn't afraid of Arthas, but instead of feeling utter hatred for his old protégé Uther felt disappointed in himself
    • It got worse when his old combat instructor and formerly very close friend, Muradin Bronzebeard, managed to also get in. Reports say that Arthas was throwing a temper tantrum so high that no one in his house could calm him down.
    • Even more so, with the return of Turalyon and Alleria, the two has been vowing vengeance for his betrayal and ravaging of both Quel'Thalas and his own home, Lordaeron, as well as the fates of both Uther and Sylvanas. In response, Arthas just sighed on his throne. "It's not easy being the Lich King. I still like it, though."
  • Arthas once lent his Frostmourne to Abaddon. However, as time went on, Abaddon started to gain some nobility as he felt more content about supporting and protecting his allies. Before Frostmourne could claim him, he returned it right at Arthas' gates and adopted his own 'Curse of Avernus' to make up for that. Arthas just sighed, "Some people just don't appreciate power when they are offered a chance." Though he swore that one day, he might stage an assault on Avernus and show him the extent of what his Frostmourne can do.
  • If you ever wanted a quick summary for Arthas' fall into darkness, don't worry, Ben Brode has you covered (as long as you don't mind rap, that is).
  • "Frostmourne Hungers"

    Ragyo Kiryuin 
Ragyo Kiryuin, Goddess of Those who Forsook Her Own Humanity (Disco Milf (call her that at your own peril), Mama Bad Touch, Rainbow McFeelYouUp, World's Greatest Mom)

Starscream, God of Big Bad Betrayal (Ulchtar, Screamer, The Silver Snake, Mazinscream, Nightscream, Lord Starscream, Emperor of Destruction, Stiletto-Heeled Freak, Megascream, Angelscream)
G1 Starscream
His alt-mode 
Unicron Trilogy Starscream 
Movie Starscream 
Animated Starscream 
Prime Starscream 
Cyberverse Starscream 
  • Intermediate God, bordering on Greater God (Intermediate God in authority)
  • Symbol: A crowned figure with a knife in its back, or the Decepticon insignia (either G1 or G2)
  • Theme Song: "Instruments of Destruction" (shared by most of his fellow Decepticons), "Transformers: Devastation - Starscream", "Prelude to Energon - Starscream"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil; Unicron Trilogy incarnation initially shows traits of Lawful Neutral; Lawful Evil as his Prime incarnation; Chaotic Evil as his Cyberverse incarnation
  • Portfolio: Always seeks to usurp his leader (and a Trope Namer to boot), Trained Backstabber, Self-Aggrandization, Narcissism, Smug Snake, Butt-Monkey, Jerkass Woobie (sometimes), Inexplicably Popular Bad Guy, Evil Overlords' Biggest Distraction, Seekers, Transforming into Cool Planes, Sometimes known to come back to live, either as a ghost with indestructible spark or through Resurrective Immortality, Managed to outwit Unicron, Varying characterization in different media: Nicer and nobler as Unicron Trilogy incarnation (at first) and craves approval of Megatron, and MUCH viler as his Cyberverse incarnation, trying to destroy Cybertron and the universe for crimes against him
  • Domains: Destruction, Plotting, Hissy Fits, Cannon Fodder, Unpredictable Treachery/Obedience, Attention Seeking
  • Heralds: The Seekersnote , Swindle (his Mini-Con partner), his Beast Wars II counterpart
  • Followers: Starscream refuses any priests or followers that don't have the exact same body structure as himself.
  • Superior: Megatron (usually; he nearly always seeks to usurp him when given the chance)
  • "Allies": Shang Tsung, Cobra Commander, Revolver Ocelot, Gul'dan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Fellow Decepticons and Predacons (Soundwave, Shockwave, Blitzwing, Sixshot, Tidal Wave).
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Beast Megatron
  • Complicated Relationship: Waspinator
  • Fears: Gozer
  • The infamous Decepticons' second-in-command, Starscream's most well-known trait is that he's never content with playing a second banana to Megatron, his superior, and always seeks to betray him and take over his position as the leader of the Decepticons, and will resort to drastic measures to do so. Of course, it's easier said than done, because Megatron is very hard to defeat, and even harder to dethrone, with his extreme strength and a strong loyalty he inspires in his troops. Despite that, Starscream still hasn't given up and continues holding on to hope that one day, he will be the one who'll give out orders to the Decepticons.
  • He had ascended long time ago with all other Decepticons back in the Pantheon's earliest days, serving under Megatron as always. However, due to his constant treachery attempts, Megatron and his Decepticons finally has had it enough with Starscream's slag, and, seeing the poor condition of his temple, tried to use it as an excuse to remove the treacherous second-in-command from the Pantheon. Overhearing this conversation, Starscream panicked, as he didn't want to leave, and in panic he tried to find a way to convince Court of the Gods to get him to stay. Watching memories through many lives he lived in many different timelines and universes, he noticed that his primary defining characteristic was always his constant desire to usurp Megatron in majority of his appearances, finally giving him material to prevent his removal. His panic now replaced with the joy, he immediately went to the Court to make a bid to renew his title.
    • He arrived just in time when Shockwave, on Megatron's behalf, went on Court and tried to convince the Judges to remove Starscream from the Pantheon, proposing to claim the title for himself, listing his own treacherous behavior in the name of logic and the Decepticon cause. Starscream immediately attacked Shockwave, almost leading to a heated battle, forcing the Court to set their foot. Once the conflict cooled down, they tried to kick the Seeker out of the room for starting the fight, prompting the Screamer to explain his true reason for arrival to Judges: to renew his title. Using the aforementioned reasoning he noted on during his panic, he pleaded on his knees for Judges to not remove him from the Pantheon. The Judges just sighed and rolled their eyes; though they accepted his reasoning and renewed his title, they told Starscream that, as the one who named the phenomenon in the first place, along with being one of the most infamous examples, the chances of him being removed from the Pantheon were minimal, rendering the whole mess with the Decepticons trying to remove him completely pointless. Upon hearing this, Starscream proceeded to gloat about it for a week to all other Decepticons (and anyone else who wanted him to leave) until Megatron ran out of patience and landed a fist into his face.
  • Has several forms he takes depending on the situation, with one thing remaining consistent is that they all transform into jet planes, whether Cybertronian or Earth-made. His default form is Generation One Starscream, known to possess indestructible spark that allows him to manifest himself as a ghost that can possess other Cybertronians, and speaking in a screechy voice. His Unicron Trilogy incarnation possesses three different forms, each of which possesses its own powered-up form, taken from different time periods. In all three forms, he's known to be adept sword-wielder, but personalities and abilities of these forms differ; the first one is noble (to the point of befriending the Autobots' human children allies) and simply craves Megatron's approval, second one is a brainwashed mindless slave with teleportation powers, and the final one is his old treacherous self with extra competence and lack of his usual cowardice. His movie incarnation is surprisingly not as proactive in his treachery, though he's still motivated by it and does have his moments, though he gets mocked for his "Dorito-shaped body". His Animated version has pink coloration, long chin, and a shard of Allspark in his head that gives him Resurrective Immortality, allowing him to come back to life after death. His Prime incarnation is much more agile, intelligent, and even got to lead the Decepticons for a while. And lastly, his Cyberverse incarnation already started out as a completely selfish jerk and only became worse after his Near-Death Experience, trying to eradicate all Autobots and Decepticons, and then, after becoming a Quintesson, he tried to destroy Cybertron and the entire universe, forcing the Autobots and the Decepticons to team up and destroy him. Starscream rarely takes that last form because even he is repulsed by the sheer heinousness of this particular incarnation; while he undoubtedly wants to rule the Decepticons by any means possible, he's drawing a line at destruction of Cybertron and the universe.
  • Much like all other Transformers, he has his own set of dedicated heralds. His most preferred ones are Seekers of all kinds, who are known to mostly share his chassis. The ones who are seen by his side the most are Skywarp, a black-and-purple Dumb Muscle with teleportation powers and love for messing with other Decepticons, and Thundercracker, a blue Decepticon jet capable of creating sonic booms and known to dislike anyone who can't fly, but has doubts regarding the rightfulness of the Decepticon cause. Other groups include: Coneheads, named such for their nosecone-shaped heads, consisting of fearful-in-every-meaning-of-the-word Dirge, headstrong Ramjet who refuses to share the sky with anyone, and braggart Thrust; Rainmakers, capable of creating acid rain, consisting of Acid Storm, Ion Storm and Nova Storm, possessing powers of acid, EMP and extreme heat resistance, respectively; the Welcoming Comittee, consisting of deathly radioactively blazing Sunstorm, and also Bitstream, Hotlink, and Nacelle; Slipstream, who is his sometimes Opposite-Sex Clone, and sometimes a regular Seeker, and many others. In his Unicron Trilogy body, he's also accompanied by Swindle, his personal Mini-Con who's always in it for himself, but still gets along well with his partner Starscream. While he lacks a strength of character to be a good guy, he has too much bouts of conscience to be considered a bad guy, and as such, he prefers to come only when Screamer takes his Unicron Trilogy body from his more noble days.
  • His relationship with his superior Megatron is quite a big headscratcher among other deities. While it's true that he wants Megatron's position, the reasons why he wants it tend to be different; usually, he's motivated by a simple ego and displeasure of playing the role of second banana, but some sources claim that it's because he genuinely admired Megatron in the past, but grew disillusioned by his constant failures as a leader, while others state that it's all due to constant centuries of abuse he endured (and sometimes he actually wanted to gain Megatron's approval all along), or sometimes because he's genuinely a more competent leader who wants to keep the Decepticons in check for the sake of all Cybertronians. Regardless of the reason, there is no denying that he's not getting Megs' position any time soon. There are also those who question why Megatron bothers to keep him around in spite of his treachery, a question even he would like to ask himself.
    Megatron: Why? That's what they all asked me. Why him... why Starscream? Why, of all Decepticons, did I decide to revitalize the one whose record of deceit and betrayal is legend? Because I'm an idiot, that's why!
    • As of other Decepticons? Well, Soundwave, as Megatron's most loyal servant, dislikes Starscream for his treachery and went on a record to state that if Starscream ever successfully destroys Megatron and usurps him, Soundwave would be the one to rebuild and reinstate him as a leader. Starscream's relationship with Shockwave, on the other hand, is more complicated: sometimes, Starscream sees him as a challenge to his position of authority, and at other times, they are actually willing to cooperate as long as it helps their own individual agendas. Blitzwing, for his part, is mostly Megatron's loyalist, thus earning Starscream's ire, and even back when he did slip into treachery, he double-crossed both Megatron and Starscream, prompting the two to reluctantly team up against the treacherous triple-changer. And lastly, Sixshot and Tidal Wave are both very loyal to Megatron, and as such, won't stand Starscream ruling over them. In spite of all of that, Starscream is still confident that one day, they all would not have any other choice than to answer to him.
    • The Autobots are obviously not too pleased with seeing Starscream around, his sneaky and unpredictable nature, as well as his speed and null rays making him a very formidable opponent. Besides his desire to vanquish Optimus Prime (especially as a revenge for that one time when Prime tore off his arm and started smacking him with it), he also has an enmity with Bumblebee for INTERRUPTING HIS SPEEEEEECH!!!, and Arcee due to the fact that he killed her partner Cliffjumper in one timeline. Starscream, for his part, sees them as nothing more but another 'bots to vanquish, and would gladly mock and taunt them over his own achievement of killing Cliffjumper, which only infuriates them further.
    • The Predacons of the Decepticon/Predacon alliance don't like him much, given how he once tried to take them over and usurp their Megatron during a brief tenure when his time-displaced immortal spark possessed Waspinator's body. Starscream only scoffed and replied that once he takes over the Decepticon leadership, Predacons would be forced to serve him as well, and told them to shut it and get used to him. Speaking of Waspinator, he himself hasn't forgotten about how Starscream possessed him, and when Starscream's physical body gets destroyed, his disembodied spark more often than not possesses Waspinator, taking full control over his body. While they may bicker, Waspinator secretly enjoys the perks Starscream's spark gives to his body.
    • It would not be forgotten for a very long time that he once managed to successfully con Unicron himself into giving him the physical body during his brief tenure as a ghost, only to back off from his end of the deal by refusing to plug his body into Cybertron (which he tried to assimilate into his body) despite his earlier promises, allowing the Autobots and Decepticons to launch him away. Unicron never forgot this, nor he had forgiven the Seeker. Despite this, when desperate, he's still willing to make Starscream his Herald, known as Megascream, greatly increasing his power and giving him an ability to combine, at the cost of Unicron having total control over the Seeker, something Starscream really doesn't appreciate.
    • As if his victory over one Transformer god is not enough, it was later found out that he once managed to steal the energy of Primus, growing to skyscraper size, and then, after stealing more of his energy, growing to a size of a planet, and being able to go nose-to-nose with the Cybertronian creator-god himself. Starscream really wants to taste such power once again, but unfortunately, Primus' inactivity prevents him from harnessing it once more, much to his dismay.
  • Few in the Pantheon trust him, as he is a well-known traitor. They figure that one day, he'll try to proclaim himself God of Existence, and they'll have to backhand him back down, but due to his physical weakness compared to some of the other gods, most aren't that concerned about him. His treacherous nature earned him quite a number of allies, specifically those who themselves were known to be treacherous right hands. Shang Tsung is the closest one can consider to be Starscream's true ally, as they are known to get along very well due to the strong commonalities with each other, being second-in-commands who are trying to usurp their respective overlords. It's even rumored that they plan to form an alliance where they'll take out key players of the Pantheon to rule the Grand United Alliances for themselves. Other schemers he ended up allying himself with were Revolver Ocelot and Gul'dan, who were also known to be very treacherous underlings. Of course, knowing Starscream, some deities made their bets that their alliance would not last long before they try to betray each other.
    • He also attempted to form an alliance with Malekith, having heard about how he encourages backstabbing and treachery among his own underlings. However, the Witch-King turned down his offer, having heard of Starscream's pathetically low success rate when it comes to taking over the position as a leader of his own faction, even going as far as to claim that Starscream cannot even lead a parade, much to the Screamer's irritation.
  • Surprisingly gets along well with Cobra Commander, as the two are often seen scheming together and have a very stable working relationship. Of course, while it's true that Starscream might abandon or betray the Commander when given the chance or just to save his own hide, but as it still hasn't happened in the Pantheon (yet), Starscream enjoys the cooperation and sees Cobra Commander as one of the few humans he likes. Some have theorized that it has something to do with their similarly sounding screechy voices, but they refused to state anything on that matter.
    • He's also VERY unhappy to learn that Snake-Eyes was in the Pantheon, and the Ninja reciprocates. The reason behind this is due to their personal relationship in one continuity; Starscream, and all other Cybertronians, were once retrieved by Cobra when they were in stasis, and were brainwashed to be used as weapons of mass destruction, their attack resulting in the death of Snake-Eyes' family. Starscream was one of the many brainwashed pawns, and he was directly responsible for the ninja's face disfigurement and the loss of voice, a fact he was more than happy to rub this fact into his face during their second meeting. Unfortunately for the Seeker, said meeting resulted in him getting his eye sliced and have grenade shoved into it. The two still hold a grudge against each other and will be more than happy to put an end to each other.
  • Starscream has several degrees and specialties despite his compulsion to shoot authority figures, a feat best explained by his hypnotizing capacity to zero in on suckers. So far, he has conned McCoy into giving him Federation mapping grids, talked Heero Yuy out of several "outdated" humongous mecha, plus he used the Decepticon Space Bridge for unauthorized visits to Cybertron with the promise of bringing back energon. Our sources are not sure who Starscream wishes to usurp this time, but they recommend that Starfleet captains of all timelines be on guard for their first encounter with Humongous Mecha.
  • During that one time when the Decepticons attempted to form an alliance with Klingons against USS Enterprice, he was one of their most vocal critics until they revealed the existence of cloaking devices. Using it to sneak away and absorb huge amounts of dilithium, he attempted to invade Klingon homeworld and establish himself as their new leader, only to fail when the Decepticons decided to follow him and punish the Seeker for his treachery. This tenure had permanently earned them the enmity from USS Enterprice-A/B Senior Crew (who directly faced him and other Decepticons during that time) and Worf, who wasn't all too happy to learn that the Screamer tried to take over his homeworld.
  • He once had an unfortunate encounter with a certain pony and will probably never recover from such humiliation. Because he never died from the attack, he had to wait for his Spark to leave Rainbow Dash's body. He was later welcomed with overwhelming laughter. Following this "indignation", Starcream saw Rainbow Dash as enemy ever since and would be very eager to have a rematch with her. In fact, he even struck a deal with Michael Bay to put her in one of his projects and get her killed, most likely in an explosion. He lost it when it turned out that he just used a doll of her.
    • The humiliation didn't stop when, in the official crossover between their franchises, he faced an embarrassing defeat from the hands of Arcee and Rarity. For context, he and his Seekers, Skywarp and Thundercracker, once enslaved her and her employees in Manehattan, forcing them to polish his image, complete with remaking his infamous "coronation" outfit. However, before they could finish, Arcee landed a swift kick into the Screamer's face, and then a Fembot teamed up with a pony, resulting in them working together to defeat the Seekers, with Rarity entangling them in Starscream's own discarded cape. Now with two ponies hurting his pride, he wishes to have his revenge on them by trying to carpet-bomb their temples, with fairly low success rate.
  • He's still mad at Ghostbusters for capturing him twice back when he was reduced to a ghostly state. Of them all, he holds a particular hatred for Peter Venkman, as he was the one who was messing with Screamer the most, and now that the Seeker has a corporeal body, he's more than happy to know that he is now able to enact his revenge on the human that humiliated him. Of course, Venkman had anticipated this and called Optimus to deal with him, who in turn brought in the other Autobots, resulting in the Screamer fleeing from the sight of being vastly outnumbered. The fact that the Autobots are now ensuring that Starscream would not be able to take his revenge on the Ghostbusters pisses him off to no end.
  • Jeremiah Gottwald, renowned for his extreme Undying Loyalty to his empress, Marianne, which carried over to her son Lelouch, feels only disgust and resentment towards Starscream and his lack of loyalty to anything except himself. Starscream in turn mocks him, claiming that a "flesh creature" just wastes his time on supporting a dead person, stating that nobody cares about dead people. This only irritated the Britannian soldier further, fueling his desire to put an end to the Screamer's selfish ambitions.
  • The Vivid Team is as repulsed by Starscream and his treacherous tendencies as they are extremely wary of him. Given their experience with their former enemy, Rei, who was falsely promised by the Crow to have her family revived, only for him to consume her and absorb her power the moment she outlived her usefulness, they prefer to avoid his negotiation attempts, having heard about how he scammed Unicron out of his deal, and how his Cyberverse incarnation made a false promise of an era of peace on Cybertron that he intended to extracting all of Cybertronian sparks, starting with his fellow Seekers the moment they were no longer useful to him. Starscream, for his part, sees them as just yet another obstacle on his part for world domination.
  • Having faced him in the past, Kouji Kabuto was not happy to see Starscream again in the Pantheon, given that, back then, the Seeker had managed to absorb spare Mazinger parts with Photonic Energy, turning into Mazinscream, an unstable fusion possessing immense power, but incapable of controlling it. Back then, it required a combined effort of Kouji, Optimus and Megatron to destroy him, sending the Cybertronians back into their homeworld. Upon learning of Kouji's presence in the Pantheon, Starscream resumed his efforts to absorb his Photonic Energy, which also landed him into Tetsuya's bad graces as well.
    • Upon learning of Getter Rays from Ryoma Nagare's home universe, Starscream made it his goal to absorb them together with Photonic Energy to achieve god-like powers, thus earning him Ryoma's ire as well. However, the fact that Getter is actually a manifestation of an Eldritch Abomination that would destroy everything with its power brought fear into the treacherous schemer's spark, as he'd really prefer to stay alive, though that doesn't deter him from his goal. He rationalizes that "it's okay as long as Getter Emperor hasn't manifested", plus he's confident that with the godlike power he'll get, he will destroy the Emperor with ease.
  • Having met Starscream before, Misato Katsuragi is absolutely unhappy with seeing him once again in the Pantheon, given that the last time they met, Starscream (as a ghost) possessed an Angel, turning himself into "Angelscream", and tried to destroy Tokyo-3. Evangelion pilots share her sentiment and had agreed to work together with the Autobots if Starscream ever tries to pull the same trick again. Starscream, for his part, sees them as yet another obstacles on his goal of world domination.
  • Many deities would never let him live down the incident when Starscream got unexpectedly attacked and gnawed on by Ramon, a giant sewer alligator, with him repeatedly trying to get the attacker off his body to no avail, and it took him an hour to get Ramon to leave him alone. When gods learned that this wasn't the first time when Starscream had troubles with giant alligators, it only made them laugh even further at Starscream's misfortune.
    Starscream, during the incident: AAAAAAGH! GET THIS THING OFF ME!!!
  • One time when Starscream's disembodied spark possessed Waspinator's body after his own body's destruction ended up coinciding with the time when the Wasp King tried to brainwash the wasp Predacon. When the king noticed how odd Waspinator started acting, he demanded him to explain himself, prompting Starscream to reveal his possession of the Predacon. The Seeker decided to pledge loyalty to him (of course, he was planning to backstab him anyway), but the Wasp King, having heard of Starscream's reputation, claimed that he accepts his loyalty...and proceeded to brainwash him into Blind Obedience as an "insurance" for Starscream's loyalty claims. After getting blown to scrap and having his spark expelled from Waspinator's body, Starscream proclaimed that he would have his revenge on an insect for daring to control him.
  • Having heard of how Skales managed to successfully usurp his master and become the new king of the Serpentine, Starscream seeked him out to form an alliance, hoping to get yet another schemer on his side. But much to his disappointment, he learned that not only Skales renounced his evil ways thanks to his wife and the son, but also led the Serpentine to an era of peace with humanity. In fury, he tried to put an end to the Serpentine king, but was stopped by the Autobots, who followed his trail, suspecting him to do something nasty, and tracked him down just in time.
  • Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, in their opposition of the Decepticons, considers Starscream a high-priority threat, given that F-16 Falcon altmode of his Prime incarnation is known to blend in with their own aircrafts of the same model, confusing pilots and troopers alike, much to his own pleasure. To prevent this issue, HECU command had requested to install special radars on each fighter jet that sends out an encrypted signal that would hopefully be able to mark HECU fighter jets apart from Starscream.
  • To the surprise of the many, even Starscream would cross the line at being willing to work with Mannfred von Carstein, finding Mortarch of Night to be too despicable even to his own tastes. To such revelation, Mannfred only laughed and called Screamer a hypocrite, claiming that Starscream himself is as much of a treacherous snake as he is. The Seeker responded that at least he'd rather keep the universe and its people (mostly) intact so that they would devote themselves to him, while Mannfred has no such excuse. Starscream even went as far to declare that he won't even object to forming a temporary alliance with his other enemies as long as that means he'll get the chance to permanently put an end to the vampire lord.
  • Having formed an alliance with Dr. Arkeville once back in his home universe only to doublecross him and exploit his inventions for his own goals, Starscream seeked out to ally himself with Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, hoping to exploit them as well. However, Dr. Eggman, having heard of Starscream's reputation and himself having dealt with one treacherous underling, his own nephew Snively (at least on bad days), declined the alliance, and even warned Dr. Wily to stay away from him, much to the Seeker's frustration.
  • "Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies."

Alternative Title(s): Betrayal