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The Zombies sub-house is one of the least visited houses in the pantheon, at least by living, organic beings. A stinking abandoned graveyard with tombstones and caskets dishevelled and broken, it is home to all who are considered zombies. Naturally, they're of limited mentality and more concerned with eating flesh, brains or causing general havoc. However, some zombies like Sylvanas retain their intellect, and don't like being in this house as they feel they're Surrounded by Idiots.


Other undead creatures aren't targeted as for whatever reason zombies don't like eating undead flesh. Machine gods don't seem to be bothered either because they don't have any meat. Needless to say, the entire house is a major bio-hazard, almost as toxic as the House of Toxicity itself.

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Intermediate Gods

    Sylvanas Windrunner 
Sylvanas Windrunner, Goddess of Revenant Zombies (The Banshee Queen, Dark Lady, former Ranger General, Warchief)
  • Theme Song: Lament of the Highborne
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Icon of the Forsaken.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though questionable.
  • Portfolio: Skill in archery, a cold persona, familiarity in combat, sanity held through undeath, the least moral of the Horde, dispising her state but later accepting it, Surprisingly Sexy Undead
  • Domains: Undeath, Leadership, Necromancy
  • Followers: The Forsaken, Sid Barret, Slashers, The Returners, the Iorn, the Unsent
  • Allies: Thrall, Vol'jin, Baine Bloodhoof, Jason
  • Rivals: Traxex and Lyralei, Kael'thas Sunstrider
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, M. Bison, Alexander Anderson, Artix Von Krieger, Tallahassee, Filia, Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream
  • Conflicting Opinion: Alleria Windrunner (her sister), Charlie Nash
  • Pitied by: Squigly
  • Allegiance: Grand United Alliance of Good
  • To her horror and eternal rage, once Sylvanas had ascended, she learned that the Lich King too was a part of the Pantheon. She has sworn to once again kill the man who killed her, and ensure nothing is left to piece back together.
  • Has also formed poor relations with Tallahasee and Lee Everett (this was prior to Clementine's ascension), for they began attacking her followers on reflex. Although she and Everett came to an understanding (The Revenants avoid him, he avoids them, and the same goes for Clem), Tallahassee shows no remorse and continues his zombie killing. The Banshee Queen has considered raising him as Forsaken to teach him a lesson.
  • Because of Arthas' involvement, Sylvanas has refused all invitations to the GUAE and remains a neutral party. Thrall and Vol'jin continue to try and convince her to side with the GUAG. She finds more home in the GUAG Token Evil Teammates section.
  • Sylvanas has drawn a lot of ire for bringing her Val'kyr followers into her shrine, which is her method for raising others as undead. Several have confronted her about the use, but Windrunner has yet to yield their services.
  • Regardless of how many people are still wary with her less-than-savory methods, several people has warmed up with her further when Sylvanas shows how much she's fed up with Garrosh Hellscream and participated in taking him down.
    • Still, many keep a close eye on her regardless, as her actions may eventually send her down a similar path as Arthas. Filia and Squigly both fear that she might be tempted to use the power of the Skull Heart to achieve the strength she desires...
    • That said, she's not pleased with Garrosh's return, citing that the Horde has been kind of uncomfortable with him at helm. Of course, like the case with Arthas, if other people feared she would end up like Arthas, she might end up like Garrosh instead. But no one ever dared to say that in front of her, lest they get an arrow to the forehead, brainwashed to say "Long live the Dark Lady" for weeks like a Broken Record.
  • She was shocked on the news of the rise of both Traxex and Lyralei, recognizing that they used to be a part of her before she became the full time unsavory Banshee Queen. Part of her wanted to feel nostalgic, but after the incident with her sister Vereesa, Sylvanas has learned not to make the mistake of loving again. So the first thing that came to her mind was to confront Lyralei and then berate her for daring to take form of her sister Alleria once.
  • Even after his rise, Sylvanas likes to take jabs on Kael'thas and his fall due to 'working' with Kil'jaeden, in which Kael jabs back with her Val'kyr business.
  • The return of Alleria brought a shock to Sylvanas' mind as she did not know what to do about her. She certainly hasn't discarded the locket she got from Alleria in her absence, but again, the incident with Vereesa made her very bitter even at rekindling familial relationship. She stayed away from her sister ever since.
  • After one fateful day in regards of a certain 'Broken Shore', Genn Greymane, long after her assault on Gilneas using the Val'kyr, wrecked her collection of Val'kyr. Sylvanas in turn appeased to the Pantheon to restore her collection, but instead was met with rebuke that her antics has gone too far unnoticed and as a punishment, she is to be denied of her Val'kyr forever until she starts learning to stop turning people into undead against her will and respect the living. When she rebuked that she has 'permission' from 'Warchief Vol'jin' and how no normal people will accept her existence, it was overruled and the Pantheon decreed that they will find a way to continue the existence of her Forsaken without Val'kyr, but they will not tolerate selfish bids of power, and she's practically put on something similar to house arrest. Naturally, Sylvanas is really bitter about it, but there's nothing she can do but to bide her time for whatever, considering she can't play the same cards and get away with it in the Pantheon like she did in Azeroth.
  • Although her relation with the members of the Alliance in the Pantheon was tenious at best, they have taken a turn for the worse after Teldrassil was burnt to ashes and the Undercity was laid to siege, with war reigniting between the Alliance and the Horde in Azeroth. While the leaders and members of the Alliance were quick to blame her as the aggresor in this conflict, citing Anduin's willingness to participate in the siege for Lordaeron; the Horde-aligned members of the Pantheon rose to defend her from the accusations as they claim that Sylvanas would never dwell in the same kind of warmongering that Garrosh once did. Sylvanas herself remains silent on the topic, though bitterness can be seen etched on her face.
  • Another undead avenger, Charlie Nash, came to the Pantheon, his feelings on M. Bison very much mirroring her hatred towards Arthas. She has yet to approach him for an alliance, though, as she envies the fact that he actually succeeded in his mission in the mortal world as well as retained the humanity beyond his hatred.
  • "I have no time for games!" ... But she always finds herself in one.

Lesser Gods

    The Boomer 
The Boomer, God of Offensive Zombie Vomit (Puker, Fat Guy, Fat Thing, Barf Bag, Exploding Guy, Roly Poly, Goiter Man, Big Guy, Aunt Bea)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A splotch of his puke, or a jar containing his bile
  • Theme Song: Boomer's Bacteria and Pukricide
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Zombie Puke Attack, Action Bomb, zombie-attracting bile, Gass Hole, Glass Cannon, Made of Explodium
  • Domain(s): Puke, Obesity, Explosion, Infected
  • Herald: Boomettes, Spitters
  • Followers: A horde of Boomers, Maju Garzett, Hidiacs, Plague Spewers, Bloated Butchers, Defilers, Oozers, Floaters, Gas Zombies, Weepers, Wretched Mothers, Putrid Lamassu, Barrow-Wights, Retchers
  • Allies: The Tank, The Hunter (Sort of), Albert Wesker, Stitches,
  • Enemies: The Green Flu Survivors and many other survivors from a Zombie Apocalypse
  • Boomers are a special type of Green Flu Special Infected whose mutation allows him to store immense quantities of bile inside his body. This bile can come out through his mouth, or violently everywhere out of his body should he be killed, leaving the victim thoroughly covered in bile for a couple of seconds before it mysteriously evaporated. In between, the bile combined with the victim's natural pheromones (prior to ascension, this has only been proved in the case of humans) produces a scent that is strong enough to attract a large horde of Green Flu Infected out of seemingly nowhere.
    • It is unknown as of yet if the bile is capable of driving other types zombies under a similar frenzy, or if the bile reacting to natural pheromones of other aliens will also attract a horde (in regards to synthetic beings, contact with organics can leave their pheromones on them from interaction). Albert Wesker has taken an interest in the Boomer as he had the Hunter and the Tank (and like them, the Boomer shows no hostility to Wesker), and might be attempting to gets a sample of its biology or the Green Flu.
  • Scientists have managed to extract some of CEDA's research data to produce a Bile bomb that can replicate the effects of a Boomer's bile, much to his irritation. His bile's interaction on human skin still takes precedence over this synthetic knockoff though when both stenches are emitted in the same area.
    • The Boomer's own bile has no effect on its own kin (the Hunter and the Tank), but the synthetic bile does. Tests are being done on other zombie test subjects.
  • It is not known if the Boomer was obese prior to infection, or if the chemicals within his body cause him to look so bloated. It may also explain how he can still climb stairs and ladders; the bile or air inside him makes him lighter than he looks.
  • Due to how frail the Boomer is in battle, the ones seem to roam around the Pantheon are actually his followers, though other "pukers" exist in his "temple".
  • Atros noticed that, aside from their lantern powers, the Red Lanterns can vomit "corrosive plasma", and just barely pass on the undead stipulation, since they die if they take their rings off (not him, though). He's taken a slight interest in the Boomer.
  • It's always advisory to keep the Boomer at a distance when you're blowing him up; anything near will be stumbled from the impact, friend or foe. It's also a rule of thumb to get rid of the Boomer first, even before a Tank; overall health aside, having a horde of Infected swarm on your position would make dealing with the Tank that much harder.
    • On occasion, the Boomer may kamikaze from high areas to explode his puke all over an unsuspecting party.

Springtrap, God of Artificially-Living Zombies (Spring Bonnie, Scraptrap, Salvage, Not Freddy, The Murderer, Purple Guy, Vincent, Dave Miller, William Afton)
  • Lesser God, formerly Quasideity
  • Symbol: His head, with a mummified head with still-attached eyes beneath it
  • Theme Song: "It's Time to Die" by DAGames, "I'm The Purple Guy" by DAGames, this, this, or Salvaged by NateWantsToBattle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (William most likely used to be Neutral Evil, and Spring Bonnie was True Neutral before William was trapped inside)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Undead, Rabbits, Animatronics, Murder, Cruel Deaths
  • Allies: Freddy Krueger, Jack the Ripper
  • Enemies: Mike Schmidt, The Fazbear Gang, The Puppet, Balloon Boy, Yu Narukami, Bryan Mills, Terra Branford, Batman, Bloody Marie, Squigly, and many others who are protective of children, Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo, SCP-524, and his son, Michael Afton
  • Opposed by: Every child deity, and deities related to rabbits.
  • Upon his ascension, he greeted all of the Fazbear animatronics, especially the Puppet, with his trademark grin and told them something with his garbled voicebox. Analyzed recordings show that he was actually saying:
  • Springtrap is really distant from the rest of the Fazbear's animatronics, even from the Puppet. Being the last one still active might be one factor, but there's also the fact that he doesn't have an endoskeleton; he has a corpse inside him which allows him to move around.
    • Further research into the matter reveals a rather grim truth; it isn't just any random corpse, it is the corpse of William Afton, the murderer who killed all of those children who haunt the other animatronics. He died when he dismantled them, releasing the souls from them, and was chased into Springtrap, which ended up crushing him inside. This factor is why gods wanted him to ascend to make sure that he is unable to harm anything ever again.
  • Is the single factor why Mike, Freddy and The Puppet would work together, being the one more or less behind everything that had happened to this point.
  • Due to the true identity of the corpse inside Springtrap, which might be the reason why he acts the way he is, he is forbidden from getting near any child deities.
  • He is also opposed by every deity related to bunnies in the Pantheon. Yes, this even includes The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. He is that horrifying.
  • While keeping track of him might seem easy due to being the only thing inside his temple, his temple has a terrible ventilation system that tends to short out, which might cause hallucinations. And if you spot him staring at you? We have no idea what he might do to you, though you will find out for sure.
  • It should be noted that his decades of imprisonment within the sealed room of Freddy Fazbear's, coupled with his brutal but well-deserved death, have left him somewhat... unhinged. While this usually makes him more frightening, there are times that he just acts... weird yet funny.
  • Sometimes, even Springtrap joins in on the legendary night of debauchery in his temple, but he does it alone from the other animatronics for good reason. That doesn't stop Cranky Kong from noticing him like the others though.
  • Freddy's latest gala is taking place at a kid's house. Some accused Springtrap of somehow influencing Freddy and his friends, but the only response Springtrap gave was a low, raspy chuckle. That is because he already knew that the so-called "gala" involved the brain-damaged child, something that Afton had no part of and Spring Bonnie was just a witness when Fredbear chomped the head of the child. Spring-Bonnie did thank Freddy for clearing Fredbear's name and that he is sorry for what Purple Guy did while inside and controlling him. That said, some have reported seeing a tiny, not-as-damaged Springtrap lookalike at this gala all the same...
  • With new information being revealed about a new "FNaF World", some have begun questioning whether Springtrap (or at least, Spring Bonnie) is a boy or a girl. When asked directly about this, Springtrap replied "Yes".
  • A conversation was heard from inside the temple, with the two voices sounding so similar it was hard to tell who was who. Apparently, the Murderer has a son called Michael who also died and came back, and is now coming to find his father. Some of the other gods have theorized that Michael actually is Springtrap, though why he would have acted like the Murderer raises more questions. Springtrap himself could not be questioned, due to him going missing almost immediately afterword. Regardless, Michael, Freddy, and the Puppet are all considering him as the murderer until conclusive evidence proves otherwise.
    • Eventually his creator revealed that the voice was a bit of a misunderstanding, which points to William as the murderer again. That said, Springtrap is still nowhere to be found, and when questioned Scott wouldn't reply with a straight answer.
      • He was eventually found in the back alley of a pizzeria. Which burned down. The consequences of this were much more profound than originally believed, as it was actually a harbinger that his presence in the mortal world was defeated and destroyed permanently, in no small part thanks to the Marionette. The murderer inside Springtrap is furious at his defeat and seeks to take his anger out on the child gods of the Pantheon. Unfortunately for him, however, the Marionette and Mike Schmidt have dropped their enmity and increased cooperation to prevent this very circumstance from happening, as both have foreseen this exact possibility and are investing all of their effort to prevent it.
  • Also serves under Cybernetics & Enhancements.

Stitches, God of Undead Fatties and Flesh Golems (The Terror of Darkshire, Abomination, Pudgy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A meat cleaver and a Chain-Hook
  • Theme Song: Duskwood
  • Alingment: Chaotic Evil (More like Chaotic Stupid in general)
  • Portfolio: An Axe to Grind, Body Horror, Can eat people with his belly, Fartillery, Uses a hook as his main weapon Which he usus to grab people, A very all-rounded tank but slow on speed, Psychopathic Manchild
  • Domains: Undead, Hooks, Body Horror
  • Allies: Arthas Menethil, Kel'thuzad, Diablo, Pudge, Leatherface, Jason Vorhees, The Butcher, Spooky, Lesale Deathbringer, Hedorah, Undying
  • Rivals: Roadhog
  • Enemies: Brightwing, Li Li Stormstout, Sylvanas Windrunner, Uther Lightbringer, Usalia, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Artix von Krieger, the Hall of Ghosts
  • There was a time when a giant box labeled "A gift for your majesty" that misteriously appeared in the Pantheon and nobody dared to open it. The box remained untouched until Arthas arrived to receive his gift. Arthas was surprisingly giddy while opening it, with Kel'thuzad describing it as "almost a little dance, like a child getting a gift from Greatfather Winter". To his delight, it contained the Abomination known as Stitches and he proceed to unleash him to "Play with his friends". You Can Panic Now.
  • It is heavily adviced not to "Play" with Stitches. It's very likely that you would end up Swallowed Whole if he happens to find you.
    • According to Li Li and Brightwing, he smells really bad. That's why they recommend avoiding Stitches if you happen to stumble upon him.
  • He gets along surprisingly well with Pudge, as the two seem to be onto the same things and even have similar fighting styles. Things usually get Bloody when they start discussing the latter but the two always make up afterwards.
  • He likes to visit the house of Food from time to time, often putting on his chef outfit to help in the kitchen. He keeps getting kicked out because of his smell scaring out potential costumers but he insist in trying to help.
  • Stitches is notable among other Abominations because of his bile being incredible toxic, and worse because even the slightlest damage done can spurt out the bile off him. The Venomancer is fascinated by how incredibly deadly Stitches' bile can be and often convinces him to hang out in his temple in order to stract some of it and use for personal experimentation.
    • From the same house, he found a "playmate" in the form of Hedorah. The two are very similar since they are made of toxic waste (Well, stitches is made of bodies but he has plenty toxicity in himself)
  • He once stumbled upon Jason Vorhees and immediately found him to be a "funny friend". Stitches often likes to follow Jason whenever he goes to "Play with his friends" and often likes to dress like him
  • Stitches has an habit of Hooking anyone during combat, making him an unlikely threat even from a safe distance. Even then, Scorpion isn't really fond of the abomination, given that he isn't exactly thrilled to be around undead people again.
    • On another note, Roadhog finds Stitches to be a Worthy Opponent for his mighty Hooking abilities (as he calls them). They aren't full time friends because Roadhog already has enough trouble with Junkrat to consider hanging out with another airhead.
  • Often found breaking havoc in the house of Ghosts, saying that "Stitches is afraid of no Ghost!". Even though he is technically banned, he keeps breaking in from time to time, prompting the resident to take drastic measures to fend off the abomination.
  • After hearing about how he terrorized a whole village by himself, Spooky decided to make a stitches one of his subjects in her mansion. Stitches accepted because tha place looks like a "big playground" according to him.
  • At first Undying confused Stitches with Pudge then he noticed that he was an actual undead. Sometimes he is reminded of his Flesh Golem form when he sees the abomination
  • Artix often is seen chasing after Stitches, given his habits of smiting undead. However, he has a hard time trying to take the abomination out and often finds himself gorged by Stitches. The latter has no problem when Artix tries to hunt him down, after all nobody likes to play with him that much.
    Stitches: Paladins are funny people.
  • Stitches one day felt like going to the beach and decided to dress accordingly. The amount of Brain Bleach that some people had to take to forget about what they saw was said to not be enough.
  • He really likes to celebrate Winter Veil by dressing up for the occasion, even if other kinda wish he wouldn't.
  • "Stitches wants to play!"

    The Tank 
The Tank, The Divine Elite Zombie (That Thing, Super-Assed Zombie, Big Freaking Zombie, Big Ass Zombie, That (Big) Mother, Giant thing, A Problem, Zombie Hulk)
His appearance in Left 4 Dead 2 
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Song: His theme. Alternatively One bad Tank and Midnight Tank.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Juggernaut, Really hard to kill, Mighty Glacier, Smashes everything he sees, Incredible Toughness and Strength, Tiny-Headed Behemoth, ALWAYS ANGRY.
  • Domains: Infected, Rage, Undead, Giant Mooks.
  • Allies (Mostly one-sided): Stitches, Spooky, Koume Shirasaka, Dr. Zomboss
  • Rivals: Goliath
  • Enemies: The Green Flu Survivors and many other Zombie Apocalypse survivors, Anyone able to manipulate fire (special mention to Firefly and The Pyro), Gnar
  • Pitied by: Bruce Banner
  • Source of interest for: Edward Richtofen, Albert Wesker and Abathur
  • The tank is a special kind of Green Flu infected. Those who become a tank become a hulking creature with incredible strength and resiliance, enough to scare other infected as well. When the creature first entered the pantheon it was not an easy task to subdue him but thankfully the Green Flu Survivors were able to deal with him no problem.
  • While the tank was relocated to the House of Undead after his containment, he isn't exactly an undead himself. The Green Flu doesn't kill the victim but outright mutates them to the point that they look like decaying corpses. The only thing the tank shares with most undead is his disdain towards humans, who he is openly hostile.
  • It's recommended for any normal deity to never visit the Tank's temple, as he will probably attack you on sight. And Tanks are very known to be very easy to anger. The temple of the tank is already under heavy surveillance but the system has been called to be very inneffective at responding whenever the Tank breaks out and goes in a rampage.
  • According to the Green Flu Survivors, fire is one the key weaknesses of tanks, as it heavily slows them down and will definitely kill them after a while. As such, the ascended Tank has a huge aversion towards fire, making him avoid the House of Fire & Heat like the plague. And whenever the Tank goes on a rampage, the Court of Gods have commisioned The Pyro and Firefly to burn the creature down in retalation, which infuriates the tank to no end.
  • It is said that the Tank mutation heavily resembles that of The Hulk. Banner himself pities the poor soul that was unlucky enough to become what we know as the Tank and has even try to find a cure, but so far he has been unsuccesful.
  • Stitches considers the Tank to be the perfect playmate as the creature doesn't attack him on sight like he does with others (provided that he doesn't get in the way). His favourite game is hooking someone only for the Tank to punch them away, which amuses the abomination.
  • Given the biology of how the virus works on the Tank, both Wesker and Richtofen are planning on investigating how to weaponize a serum in order to transform anybody into a Tank. Obviously this was met with a lot of opposition, especially by the Green Flu Survivors.
    • On the other hand, Abathur has taken a liking to the Tank, seeing the creature as a potential target for evolution. God knows what would happen if the Tank got infested by the Zerg.
  • In one ocassion the Tank stumbled upon the young Gnar, who was standing before the Tank looking to pick a fight. But when he transformer into Mega Gnar the fight quickly turned into a huge mess that destroyed the place that they were. Court of gods are taking extra measures in case these two encounter one another again.
  • Surprisingly, he has developed a rivalry with the Goliath, another hulking creature that causes havoc whenever he is around. Both have come to blows from time to time but they have an affinity to hunt down humans, so in a sense, there is respect between the two creatures.
  • When Spooky found out about the existance of this creature, she immediately captured and brought it to her mansion. Of course, the pantheon authorities have to step in when they heard that the Tank was a very effective specimen when it comes to killing the unfortunate visitors of Spooky's mansion. Though Spooky was able to make a deal that she would take care of the tank in the weekends in order to stop his constant rampages if he is put in her home.
  • Another use for the tank that the House of Combat Wrestling found for him is that he is the perfect "sparring partner". There is a challenge amongs their member about who can defeat the tank in a direct fist fight, which is no easy task. The court of gods where hesitant to allow this but they agreed on the consensus that they take care of the creature and assume direct responsability if he breaks out.
  • While the tank is abhorred by almost anyone he comes accross, Koume seems to be the sole deity that finds the creature endearing. Of course those who worry for her well-being try her best to prevent her from approaching the creature, but often she doesn't listen and gets punched for her troubles. She still likes the Tank though.
  • Dr. Zomboss is interested in making the Tank a part of his henchmen given his similarities to the Gargantuar. However, controlling the creature has not been easy for the undead doctor, as the tank cares little about allies and is bound to crush anyone who gets in his way. Though Zomboss is not giving up on it and still tries to find a way to make the tank useful.
  • Apparently, frying pans used to do extra damage on him compared to other standard weapons. Its effectiveness has since been halved, making everyone running up to a Tank and smashing him with four Frying Pans Of Doom very impractical in taking him down.
  • There have been reports that sometimes the Tank behaves like an english gentleman. Whenever this is true or not remains a mystery.


Rottytops, Goddess of Attractive Zombies (Rottytops, Rotty, Fillin the Blank, Ima Goodgirl)
Rottytops as a Human 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Face, The Zombie Caravan
  • Theme Song: Rottytops' theme from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, The Nightmare Woods (whenever she or someone escorting her's being chased)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A free thinking zombie who's constantly moving in place, one of Shantae's most mischievous friends, wants to eat brains, but settles for coffee instead, bears her midriff with pride, the only one out of Shantae's friends to not mind the "space princess" attire, tricked Shantae to carry her bridal style through a concerningly perverted part of a spooky forest, will not tolerate anyone harming Shantae, even if she wants to eat her brains, used to be among the living
  • Domains: Attractive Zombie, Coffee, Different Zombie, Shameless Fanservice
  • Heralds: Sky and Bolo
  • Allies: Shantae, Philip J. Fry, Sans and Payrus, Muffet, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Miles Morale/Spider-Man II, Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, Heather Brown/Spinnerette, Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Enemies: Risky Boots, Albert Wesker, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Opposes: The House of Betrayal
  • Avoids: Zombie Apocalypse Survivors, especially The Green Flu Survivors, Frank West, Chris and Claire Redfield, and Leon Kennedy
  • Out of all the friends Shantae has, Rottytops was one of the most turbulent in the young Half-Genie's life. During Shantae's first adventure, Rotty and she encountered each other at the Zombie Caravan. After a foot race through the forest, the rest is history. On a bad day, she wants coffee and will do anything to get it, including teaming up with Risky Boots and helping Hypno Baron bring upon the end of the worldnote .
    • When Rottytops saw Shantae in the Pantheon, she ran at a dead sprint, crashing into her friend. While she was sore after that, Shantae's reception to her undead friend's arrival in the Pantheon was just as warm.
    • She made it clear to Risky that she'll stay loyal to Shantae, even if it will cost her a head and a leg. The latter simply scoffed and dealt with her business elsewhere.
  • Her temple manifests as the Zombie Caravan. By night, it stays put, allowing Rotty a chance to explore the Pantheon. By day, it rides off, mysteriously untrackable by most gods. The only place where it'll never stop at is the House of Betrayal, as it's still a very sore spot for the undead girl owing to her being blackmailed by Risky Boots to betray Shantae by kidnapping her Uncle Mimic.
  • Of all the people Shantae interacted with in her home world, she's one to love being in fanservice-heavy attires, rivaling the Pirate Queen in flaunting her stuff. Against both Shantae and Risky's wishes, she's brought her "space princess" bikini with her and could be seen on occasion wondering around the Pantheon wearing it.
    • Adding onto her love of shameless cosplaying, she brought up yet another costume. That being a half-genie garb during her time as Fillin the Blank or Ima Goodgirl, or whatever Atrocious Alias she comes up with next.
  • In her home realm, zombies come in two flavors: sane and insane. Rottytops is one of the sane zombies who haven't lost their sanity, but to keep her sanity, she needs to drink coffee constantly.
    • That's when she bumped into Philip J. Fry. On her way to get her fill of coffee for the day, she encountered Fry buying coffee. While Fry was curious about why she's green and needs coffee, she talks about how zombies in her world need coffee unless they want to become feral zombies. After teasing about wanting to eat his brain, both of them became coffee drinking buddies.
  • Despite being a zombie, she hates her fellow zombies in the House of the Undead, especially when it comes to hearing horror stories about zombie apocalypses happening in different worlds. To that end, she makes an effort to avoid most zombie apocalypse survivors.
    • The worst story she heard revolved around the Resident Evil world. Hearing about Albert Wesker's exploits in using viruses like the T-Virus to weed out the weak and take out the world, she took it upon herself to declare him an enemy. Wesker looks down upon her, since even in her native world, their zombies are far weaker than what he or the myriad of viruses he has can pull out.
  • The House of Knowledge found out that Rottytops was not always a mischievous zombie. In her home realm, her brothers and she were once human, but due to unknown circumstances, they became the zombie folk we recognize to this day. Rottytops remains silent on that topic, and that's how it'll remain.
  • One figure she was told to never try to fight was Galeem and Dharkon. Upon hearing about how they effectively killed her best friend and used her spirit as a puppet in their world, she became furious and swore to fight them if they dare try to attack her again.
  • One day in the House of Nature, she recieved a friend request over the World Wide Webnote . Upon going out to find whomever sent the request, she stumbled upon Sans the Skeleton, with his own World Wide Web. After a hurricane of bad web and spider puns, the two became fast friends. As for Papyrus, he's curious as to why she's a human, yet not a human whenever he isn't hiding from the duo's bad puns.
  • She has an affinity for most spiders in the Pantheon. That being said, she'd prefer to avoid Shelob and other evil/oblivion spider gods, as she doesn't want another Giant Spider to try to eat her as one tried to in Pirate's Curse.
    • On that note, she met Muffet as a lot of gods have: walking into a thick and sticky web trap laid down by her's truly. Despite the usual reception being less than warm for most other gods, Rotty took it in stride, deciding to play with Muffet and her spiders. As such, Muffet lets her go on her way without much trouble, inviting her to play with her spiders at a later date.
  • Using the World Wide Web, she found out about some spider-themed superheroes. Deciding to try to find the webslingers, she went over to the Sub-House of Unpopularity, hearing this is where Spider-Man resides outside the House of Heroes. To her glee, he was there, though he wasn't alone. Looking down, descends Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man II, Spider-Woman, and Spinnerette. After getting to know them and learn how they got their spider powers, she called them her spider-people friends with enthusiasm.
    • That being said, Peter Parker didn't trust the zombie initially, as she brought back bad memories of an alternative dimension where he, among the World's Greatest in that universe, turned into zombies by an alien virus. Rotty, saddened to hear about that Spider-Man becoming a zombie in an alternative universe, gives Spider-Man a hug of comfort while tears started to form. Taken aback, Peter comforts her by saying that this isn't that universe, and that she's her own hero, regardless if she's a zombie or a human. Even as a zombie, he stated, he made sure to use his powers with great responsibility.
    • Spinnerette's origin story was different, in that she was blasted in a Genetic Infusion Chamber instead of being bit by a radioactive spider. Unfortunately for the six-armed superhero, Rotty had a riot when she learned where she shoots her webs from, though she was quickly corrected that it was her lower back that shoots web, not her butt. They shot it off well otherwise, liking how powerful and kind she was, though showing off her excellent physique is a bonus, too.
  • Also holds a position in the Physical Attractiveness Sub-House.


    The Flood/The Gravemind 
The Flood, The Parasite Zombies (The Parasite, The Infection, The Shapeshifting Sickness, The Great Enemy, Inferi Redivivusnote , The Precursors) (The Gravemind: The Timeless One, Inferi Sententianote , The Primordial, The Captive, The Beast, The Prisoner of Charum Hakkor)
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