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Greater Gods

Frost, God of Engineered Heroism (Emperor of Universe 6)
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  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A propaganda photo of him smiling with kids he "saved".
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with a Neutral Good facade (less so in the manga)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, The Sociopath, Engineered Heroism, Being a Villain The Entire Time, Bad, But Not as Bad as Frieza, Sanity Has Advantages, Smug Snake, Being More Practical, Knows How to Get PR by Being a Fake Ultimate Hero, Poison Is Evil, Erased by Zen'o For Breaking His Rules, Combat Pragmatist.
  • Domains: Heroism, Generosity, Kindness (false persona), Crime, War, PR, Deceit, Greed (actual personality).
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, Felix, Carol/Mom, The Corpus, Sundowner, Griffith, Syndrome
  • On speaking terms with: Wario, Cooler, Peter Pettigrew
  • Enemies: Team Universe 7, especially Vegeta and Frieza for humiliating him, Merged Zamasu, The Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Mongul, Chakravartin, Iroque, Smaug, Rango, The Powerpuff Girls, Michael Jon Carter and Ted Kord
  • Evil Counterpart to: Mr. Satan (of all people)
  • Respects: Tywin Lannister, Sheev Palpatine, those who practice Pragmatic Villainy.
  • One of Champa's five fighters in his and Beerus's tournament, Frost was presented as the heroic Emperor of Universe 6. A stark contrast to Frieza, he helped save people from devastating wars and fought off evil. However, this was all a facade. In truth, Frost started those wars and hired the villains, so he could come off as the hero. He is just as sociopathic as Frieza, though lacking his insanity and rules through PR instead of terror.
    • In the manga, his persona is genuine, though he's still a cheater. This profile factors in his main incarnation, however. This ended up being a moot point either way, however, as by the time the Tournament of Power started, he had become just as bad as both Frieza and his anime counterpart, which makes Piccolo's predictions about him to be true.
  • His persona was convincing enough he would've been given a decent position in the GUAG, but since his ruse was exposed, he is permanently banned even if he is trying to recover his reputation; which is why he avoids the Grand United Alliance of Evil as well. Most regard him as Frieza's pragmatic counterpart instead. Frost despises any comparisons with Frieza since the latter tricked and humiliated him in the Tournament of Power, despite thinking they had a Villainous Friendship and inadvertently getting him erased. Despite being more open about his villainy, Cooler can relate to hating being compared to his brother.
  • As a rule, he tends not to openly associate himself with known villains, but some have enough charisma or skill he's OK with it. Though not an ally, he admires Palpatine due to how he was able to orchestrate the Clone Wars to make himself Emperor, all while successfully demonizing the Jedi and scapegoating. He's somewhat upset that he chose to remain Obviously Evil after the PR, but it did pay off. He seemed impressed by Tywin Lannister's magnificent bastardry and how he managed to balance ruthlessness with courtesy. Tywin isn't impressed, given he was tricked by Frieza.
  • Seems impressed by Peter Pettigrew's low cunning and more importantly how he was able to come off as a martyr while betraying his friends, however, isn't going to hang out with him due to his reputation in being a Dirty Coward Slimeball. He is more open to working with Griffith and Mom due to their great PR. And Lex Luthor, except for those times when only one of them is interested in being a genuine hero.
  • Spends time in the House of War learning how he can more covertly start wars to solve them and make a fine profit, making sure to do so in a way that makes it harder to incriminate him. Sundowner respects him for how good he was at it, fooling a God of Destruction and only being found out because of Jaco of all people. Frost sees Sundowner as a good business partner, though comes off as more level-headed and doesn't like war for its own sake.
  • Has tried to make a profit off Smaug by acting as the gallant knight to take his treasure. To say this enraged Smaug was an understatement, who directly aimed for the people he was "saving" to make his point clear. He was unable to poison the dragon due to his hide. For now, he's using Wario as a contract to get riches for him.
  • The Powerpuff Girls have no respect for Frost since he reminds them a lot of Major Man who also pretended to play hero when he set up the problems. Didn't like the comparison, though only because he saw Major Man as an idiot. As he put it, "Major Man could've easily been a genuine hero if all he wanted was fame. I don't "save" the day for glory alone, I also get more money being the problem and the solution. I'm not stupid."
  • Iroque believes that he has much more potential as a genuine hero, and wants to induct him into the Indigo Tribe. Frost freaked out at this and tried to blast her. Booster Gold has a lot of contempt towards Frost because he represented a far darker and unrepentant take on his own Engineered Heroics that he's grown past.
  • While evil, he will fight for Universe 6's survival if only to save his own neck given he participated in the Tournament of Power. This experience has given him hatred towards blood sports and as such dislikes Mongul. Given what really persuaded him over was Champa's promise of deleting his criminal record, there is likely some sort of PR campaign in there somewhere.
  • Despite the contempt the GUAG has for him, he's allowed to work with them when facing off with the GUAD. To Frost's credit, he showed no intentions of betraying his team and showed good team-work with Magetta in the Tournament of Power. He doesn't want to face the idea of universal destruction again. He dislikes Chakravartin's attitude towards his creation, as it reminds him of the Omni-King's dissonant attitude towards erasing entire universes in said Tournament.

Intermediate Gods

    Morgl the Oracle 
Morgl the Oracle, God of Unexpected Additions (Morgl, The Great Oracle, The Shaman (and variants of that name))
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His staff, with small fishes inside
  • Theme Song: His theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Murloc, Making a Splash, Mentioned once in a flavour text of a minor card, Reward after recruiting a friend, The Unintelligible
  • Domains: Murlocs, Elements, Shamans, Friendship
  • Allies: Murky, Thrall, Harth Stonebrew, Wii Fit Trainer, Aang, Korra, Aquaman, Ariel, Rikuo, Meron, Tidehunter, Nightwolf, Sakura Kinomoto, Iowa, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star
  • Rivals: Anyone who frequents the Tavern
  • Enemies: Lady Vashj, The Kraken, Bruce, Davy Jones
  • Special Relationship: Al'Akir, The Old Gods
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ragnaros
  • There have been legends of a powerful shaman that thanks to his dedication towards the elements was able to master them all and surpassed the powers of the average Shaman. Hearing these words from Thrall himself made the court of Gods believe that this powerful shaman would be from an important group from the Azeroth. But to their eventual surprise, they weren't expecting to see a small frog creature appear at them, barely understanding what was it saying. Morgl certainly wasn't expected by anyone, not even the court saw that coming.
    • Even after taking her position, Wii Fit Trainer holds no ill will towards Morgl. In fact they became good friends, even if she can hardly understand what he says anyway.
  • While Morgl has been known among the Murloc kind, he only got known after he decided to take the mantle of the Shaman in a particular tavern. Thrall himself actually got him there, alongside the aid of another murloc who is able to speak english. It seems that Morgl is quite reclusive for a murloc.
  • Don't let his appearance fool you, Morgl is a quite powerful shaman himself, legends telling that he was able to calm a storm and a tsunami all by himself, saving a fellow murloc village in the process. Even after hearing this, some deities still like to joke about Morgl, usually angering the murloc and ending terrible for those that dared to that make fun of him.
  • To his surprise he wasn't the only murloc around. He considers Murky to be an exceptional murloc even at his age and is trying to convince the youngster to follow the shamanistic path. Though it's no easy task, as the young murloc is very consumed by vengeance and Morgl is trying his best to put him in the right mind.
    • Though a mutual hatred that both murloc share is against the Naga, who have enslaved their people countless times. It's no surprise that the Oracle wouldn't feel fine with the presence of Lady Vashj, and Vashj herself is surprised that a murloc that can match her magic prowess can even exist.
  • His control over the elements is said to be outstanding, being heralded as being the equal of Thrall himself. That's why he acts as sort of "Mentor figure" towards Aang and Korra, even though the latter are practically more powerful than him, they actually lack the wisdom that he acquired through the years of mastering the control of the elements. They actually find him to be very wise, if a bit silly sometimes due to his language.
    • He also can control powerful elementals like Al'Akir and Ragnaros. Though the latter isn't that cooperative with the murloc, often prefering to get the job done by burning everything.
  • In his quest to find more people able to wield the elements, he came accross a young girl by the name of Sakura Kinomoto, who was capable of doing such thing. When he got ahold to seeing one of her various elementals cards, Morgl was bewildered and even expressed surprise at how powerful those cards were.
    Morgl: Wrrrrrrrrgmgmgrrrrrg! Translation 
  • It's said that Morgl has made a secret deal with The Old Gods themeselves, where he would act as an agent of them in the murloc communities while the old ones would allow him to command a few faceless whenever he pleases. Nobody is sure about that since the old gods aren't very talkative and Morgl quite hard to understand.
  • He regularly visits Aquaman after Murky reccomended him and he is glad there is someone who can understand Nerglish even though he doesn't really speak it. Morgl being quite impressed by Aquaman's control over the sea, has decided to form a partnership with him if he ever needs help.
  • Given his manerism and how he isn't that different in attitude from other murlocs, people tend to think that he is a young one. This often pisses him off, as he has been around for a long time, according to those that can understand him. Then again, we reccomend not calling him young, or else you will incumb his wrath.
    Morgl: Mrrrrgl!? Mrrg Mrrglgggl! Translation 
  • Often visits the house of Prophecy in his spare time. After all, he is an oracle, or rather the Great Murloc Oracle as his fellow murlocs call him.
  • "Mrrrrrrrrgrrgl!" Translation 

Lesser Gods

    Gleeman Vox 
Gleeman Vox, God of Immoral Reality Shows (Vox, Mr. Vox)

    Kyoshiro Senryo 
Kyoshiro Senryo, God of Kabuki

    Lucy and Ricky Ricardo 
Lucille McGillicuddy and Enrique Alberto Fernando Ricardo y de Acha III , Divine Couple of Sitcoms (Lucy and Rick Ricardo)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The 'I Love Lucy' logo
  • Theme Song: the show's theme song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Lucy), Neutral Good (Ricky)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Good, Laughter, Trickery
  • Followers: Many participants of sitcoms
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Rivals: Barney Stinson
  • Feared by: All celebrity deities (Lucy only)
  • To the surprise of many in the Pantheon, there has yet to be a single god of Sitcoms, even though many of their ranks have been deified. Thus the ascended members of the Pantheon were asked to pick one who would represent them all. After constant bickering and hijacks, a person was chosen, a redheaded troublemaker named Lucy. Initially she refused, not wanting to leave her husband Ricky behind. After a bit of discussion, it was decided that the two can share the title together.
  • The couple are now tasked with selecting a few mortals among their followers to become deities themselves, filling a much-needed gap in the Pantheon. Time will tell who they will choose.
  • It's safe to say that they are adored by virtually all of the sitcom gods. They are willing to defend the couple against anyone who is foolish enough to tarnish their temple.
    • Since their ascension, the two have received a massive assortment of gifts from both deities and their followers. The couple sure have their work cut out for them.
  • Often gets a lot of help on planning dates with Aphrodite. Although the Most Beautiful Goddess' intentions are sincere, Lucy can't help but feel she's trying to draw her husband away from her.
  • The two thought that they had met Superman before on an earlier time. Turns out they only met one of his avatars. The real Man of Steel dropped by to meet them. Although he slightly chided Lucy for lying to kids about his appearance, the two groups left in good terms. Ricky in particular appreciates that he has a reliable set of eyes and ears to keep Lucy in check.
    • In fact, the couple were one of the first gods to seek out crossovers with other mortals, among them included Susie MacNamara of Private Secretary and Danny Williams of the Danny Thomas show. Though not as popular as in their heyday, they received a renaissance of support when CBS started to air episodes of their adventures.
  • Probably the only sitcom deity not to adore her, Barney remains nonplussed about them. Perhaps the biggest opponent to their ascension, he preferred someone from a more current show to take the mantle. It took the pleading of Ted's wife to convince the two not to bar any more mortals from her world from ascending.
  • Various gods have advised the couple to stay far away from Ato-ko. The Destroyer of Couples has taken an interest in Ricky Ricardo, hoping to snatch him away from her if only temporarily. One theorized that she planned to break the two up for only one of them to take the title. The subsequent fight over said title will surely be devastating for many in the Pantheon.
    • She may have already succeeded in one aspect. Ato-ko gleefully pointed out how their real life actors broke up shortly after they finished production of the show. The couple were quick to point out that the actors had nothing to do with their lives. Still, the new info but a significant dent in their relationship.
  • Exclusive to Lucy:
    • It is not uncommon seeing Lucy dressed up as a man at times, usually to pull off some of her schemes to make some money. When she found out there was a god for that, she immediately bolted to her temple for a blessing. Mulan herself accepted it, though she does not always approve her deceit.
    • Many gods see similarities between her and Kushina. It was no surprise that the two mothers shared a bond between the two. She's even one for the two gods in the Pantheon that goes along with her in her ZanySchemes.
    • Also pays lip service to Fiery Redhead Asuka, especially when she prepares for the wrath of her husband when arguing.
    • It was a massive surprise to Ed, Edd and Eddy when Lucy turned aside in one of their schemes for jawbreakers. It was an even greater surprise when she joined in on one of their hijicks. The boys are too similar to her to scold them too harshly.
    • Sees Erza as an inspiration, given how she manages to own a huge assortment of clothing while managing to kick ass. She's taken up lessons from her as well... with poor results so far.
    • When Lucy discovered that various current and past celebrities resided in the Pantheon, there was much rejoicing from her. Not so much with the celebrities, as they often have to take the brunt of the antics she put them through. She's become especially fond with relics of her time such as Albert Einstein, John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart.
    • She's sworn never to go anywhere near an assembly line as she's one of the first deities to discover the horror of managing one.
  • Exclusive to Ricky:
    • When Lucy does something particularly grating, Ricky tends to go off in Spanish at speeds that even some Spanish speaking gods in the Pantheon fail to hear. However, it should be noted that he does NOT said "Lucky, you've got some 'splaining to do." He has yet to track down the perpetrator of that meme to this day.
    • Sees Al Bundy as an inspiration that all other American fathers should strive to be, much to the surprise of the God of Failure. The ego boost does help ease the pain, and the two became close friends in no time.
    • He can be seen in the House of Music, showing off his Broadway skills to the crowd. Still wishes that more people from Broadway could ascend.

    Rick Deckard 
Rick Deckard, God of Characters who Age With Their Actor (Mr. Nighttime, The Boogeyman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The LAPD badge (or an origami unicorn)
  • Theme Song: Blade Runner (Main Titles) by Vangelis
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Could be human or a replicant, The Alcoholic, Defective Detective, Prone to Receiving Asskickings, Perma-Stubble, The Hermit, Badass Grandpa, Still loves ramen noodles
  • Domains: Law, Knowledge, Luck, Artifice (?)
  • Herald: KD6-3.7 ("Joe")
  • Allies: Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Ellen Ripley, Maximus, Roy Greenhilt, Barney Gumble, Moe Szyslak, Solid Snake, Laurie Strode
  • Enemies: Miko Miyazaki, most in the House of Crime
  • Here lies the domain of one of the most ambiguous people in the Pantheon. His very being has been the subject of discussion from the beginning, from his motivation for his job to whether he is even human. With an ambiguous end, it appeared unlikely that his story would ever be resolved. That is until a recent entry revealed not only he is alive, but also has aged along with his actor Of course that hasn't answered the question on whether he is human or not, but it was enough to finally give him proper footing in the Pantheon.
  • Because of how morally ambiguous he is, Rick was never able to truly belong to any one temple as a follower. God Emperor of Mankind rejected him on the possibility that he could be a replicant. Other clones were unsure to associate with a man who could be human after all. Even his stint as a police officer was short-lived on what was supposed to be his last job. Nowadays, he prefers to live in isolation.
  • His Avatar is a highly sought after commodity among the gods. And as with most of them, he is on good terms with all of them. Han Solo taught him not to be so uptight about the rules all the time. Many wondered if Han's influence was what caused him to leave the LAPD. At the same time, Han envies how Rick re-encountered his daughter without being killed.
    • As he shifted over to reading books, he grew interested in archeology thanks in part to Indiana Jones. As much as a Punch-Clock Hero that he was, he does think that Indy's methods hold some merit. He even managed to learn how to use traps. Rick also appears have inherited his luck in certain situations, along with the tendency to get punched a lot.
  • His series is among the most revered Science Fiction movies of all time. Made by one of the best directors around (adapting from a revered writer), he shares that notion with Ellen Ripley, another sci-fi legend. Ripley pities Rick for his current predicament, but recommended him to follow his instincts, advice that has gotten her far against the Xenomorphs.
    • Shares the same situation with Maximus. Someone who was screwed over by his own soldiers, Maximus encourages Rick to stick it to those who put him in this situation.
  • Most prominent among his conflicts is his struggle to balance his job as a police officer and his conscience telling him to do the right thing. It's what ultimately drew him away from the police academy. While this is a struggle many in the House of Justice deal with, it has been met with disdain from others. There is one god who has had his back: Roy Greenhilt. The adventurer has often sought to do good rather than follow the law and told Rick that he has done the right thing.
    • He may still work in the House of Justice, but is considered a runaway in his own world. Some within the house want to incarcerate him for his betrayal. Miko has led the charge for those who want to put him behind bars.
  • Despite his rough relationship with the law, he is unwelcome in most in the House of Crime. They would rather torture him for his time as a police officer.
  • It may not be well known, but Rick is one of the most prolific drinkers around. It is understandable in his case, given his current plight. In that he has found solace with fellow alcoholic Barney Gumble. And he would do the same with bartender Moe dishing out the alcohol for them.
  • Solid Snake paid a visit, which was a surprise to Rick. He didn't think that the God of Stealth had anything to do with whatever his business is. Yet Snake insisted that Rick's work may have had a hand in the creation of Snatchers, artificial humanoids who were first created on an island. Snake has also dealt with their descendants on his world.
  • One of the biggest debates regarding him is his status as to whether or not he's actually a Replicant due to the significance of him dreaming a unicorn and an origami unicorn he found in his apartment. The director said that he is one, his actor said he isn't and no one knows for sure what's happened. Hell, nobody knows what the unicorn actually symbolizes.
  • Does not like the Joker at all, since he eerily reminds him of Niander Wallace for some particular reason.
  • Has gotten closer to Laurie Strode, who also aged a lot after decades in isolation that ended by being dragged back into a new story.

    Rocky Balboa 
Robert "Rocky" Balboa, God of the Training Montage (The Italian Stallion)
Boxer Rocky
Trainer Rocky
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His robe, with the back reading "Itallian Stallion"
  • Theme: "Gonna Fly Now" and "Eye of the Tiger"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Training Montage with inspirational music even if it's for "lost cause" fights, enduring long fights, Moral Champion, Victory Pose, Bruiser with a Soft Center, Book Dumb, Eventual Trainer of Boxers
  • Domains: Sports, Fighting, Training, Motivation
  • Avatar: Sylvester Stallone
  • Herald: Adonis Creed
  • Allies: Apollo Creed, Mr. Miyagi, Little Mac, Hulk Hogan, Dudley, Stallone & Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, T-800, Hercules, Philoctetes, John Rambo, Edward Elric, Billy Batson
  • Worthy Opponent: Ippo Makunouchi
  • Enemies: Balrog, Soda Popinski, Zangief
  • Odd Friendship: The Ninja Turtles
  • Improvement, toughness, resiliency, and pure grit can all be marked as accurate descriptors of Rocky Balboa. His boxing career was the greatest legend ever told through the face of Sylvester Stallone. Before he even ascended to the Pantheon he was first in line to challenge Ippo Makunouchi for the God of Boxing title when a move was made to affirm the seat, facing him in a match that took place before the Court of the Gods. Ippo barely managed to beat him in the final stretches.
  • Annoyed he wasn't the God of Boxing, he continued training so hard to fight Ippo again that the Pantheon just had to recognize his impressive improvement-through-montage skills. His rematch with Ippo is still to be scheduled.
  • Stallone was happy that his signature creation could finally ascend, and makes sure to hang around with him. He has since grown closer with Stallone's gang, that includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator, Chuck Norris, and Jackie Chan. Stallone's fellow character Rambo, who otherwise is a loner, also likes to spend time with the boxer.
  • Whenever he's training he runs around the Pantheon, climbs staircases, and for old times sake, has even been allowed into the House of Food's cold room to punch meat.
  • A former adversary, Hulk Hogan, was already in the Pantheon, and the two have spent time together.
  • Has a good relationship with Mr. Miyagi, given their shared directors, tragedies, and propension for montages, not to mention mentor qualities.
  • Hercules, whose Disney version has been compared to Rocky, likes the boxer, and has borrowed Phil to guide some of his training.
  • Given he had pet turtles, was impressed to see that species is represented in the Pantheon by four battling reptiles. They have since hung out to box with pizza and cheesesteak afterwards.
  • Even if he's back into fighter form, Rocky has opened a branch of his restaurant Adrian's in the House of Food. Weird Al is a business partner to make up for "Theme from Rocky XIII (The Rye or the Kaiser)".
  • Little Mac, an equally successful supposed underdog, was a long time fan and has since become friends with Rocky. He's using his connections to arrange bouts between Rocky and the rest of the Punch-Out!! deities.
  • Apollo Creed's death still resonates deeply with Rocky, to the point he has found another Black Best Friend in Dudley, and shown antipathy towards Russian brawlers Zangief and Soda Popinski. Once Apollo ascended, it was a very emotional moment as both met again.
  • While polls were being held regarding potential adversaries, for some reason there were suggestions for him to fight the Predator. Rocky is unsure if he should take it seriously.
  • Often teams up with the Fullmetal Alchemist to tell people who've been hurt that they have the ability to keep moving forward.
  • Philadelphia native Billy Batson is a fan of his and Rocky has retributed the appreciation by giving him boxing lessons. After all, Rocky feels the kid should be as strong as Shazam, who also clearly likes the boxer.

    "Rowdy" Roddy Piper 
Roddy Piper, God of Talk Show with Fists (Rowdy, Hot Rod, George Roderick Toombs)



    King Gator 
King Gator, God of WTF Moments (The Big-Lipped Alligator)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A yellow oval with the writing "Big Lipped Alligator Moment", flanked on either side by His glorious smiling face.
  • Theme Song: "Let's Make Music Together"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Randomness, Crossdressing, Talking and Singing Animals, Random Events Plot moment, actually plot-relevant
  • Domains: Animal, Chaos, Trickery
  • Followers: Grimbo, The Goanna
  • Allies: Charlie Barkin, Baloo
  • Enemies: King K. Rool
  • Ascended in a massive, freaky, suggestive all-singing-all-dancing show that nobody has ever talked about since. 'Cept Deadpool, but he's weird like that.
  • Rumors still abound, however, that he still shows up and tries to convince various deities to do a dance number with him. These rumors remain unconfirmed, mostly because very few ever actually talk about them afterwards.
  • Very few realize this, but he's not actually representative of his position as many believe. While his appearance in his film certainly cames out of nowhere and is strange even in-context, it actually set up a couple important plot elements: Anne Marie gets sick as a result of being in the water for too long, and Charlie's musical-sounding howl that makes King Gator fond of him (and kicks off the musical number) ends up coming back in the ending, his pained howl summoning back the alligator at the end to save Charlie and kill Carface.
    • As stated by Don Bluth in an interview, he used this song as an example of his principle that "No song could be just stuck in without a purpose. Every one had to advance the plot or enlighten the audience in some way".
    • Doesn't make the scene any less weirder, though.
  • King Gator was over the moon when he learned his good friend with the amazing voice had ascended. He's looking forward to making lots of music together. Charlie still finds his very being incredibly confusing and overwhelming, but the huge and powerful gator is handy to have around in a pinch, so Charlie humors him.


    Ahiru/Princess Tutu 
Ahiru, Goddess of Ballet (Princess Tutu, "Duck")
  • Quasideity. Lesser Goddess in human form, Intermediate Goddess as Princess Tutu
  • Symbol: A little yellow duck
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Love Freaks, Epic Ballet Dresses, The Power of Ballet, Badass Pacifist, Genki, Plucky Girl, Hope Bringer, Idiot Hair
  • Domains: Community, Craft, Hope, Animal
  • Allies: Naegino Sora, Elena, Ryouna, Asuna Kagurazaka, Pearl
  • Enemy: Drosselmeyer
  • Her ascension into the Trope Pantheon was welcomed by Schwarz Bruder and Ryu Hayabusa engaging in an epic battle... using electric guitars. It was an exhibition.
  • Can now shift at will between duck, girl, and superhero ballerina ever since her ascension.
  • She is eternally grateful for those who have preceded her: Anna Pavlova, Margot Fonteyn, Shirley MacLaine, and many others - and offers prayers for them daily before rehearsing.
  • She is rather afraid of Medusa Gorgon due of sounding like her. Though she is completely fine with Asuna.
  • She is bit mixed on Ryouna. She is bit creep out by her, but admires how smoothly she can dance ballet.


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