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Lesser Gods

    Gleeman Vox 
Gleeman Vox, God of Immoral Reality Shows (Vox, Mr. Vox)

    Lucy and Ricky Ricardo 
Lucille McGillicuddy and Enrique Alberto Fernando Ricardo y de Acha III , Divine Couple of Sitcoms (Lucy and Rick Ricardo)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The 'I Love Lucy' logo
  • Theme Song: the show's theme song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Lucy), Neutral Good (Ricky)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Good, Laughter, Trickery
  • Followers: Many participants of sitcoms
  • Heralds: Ethel and Fred Mertz (their neighbors and best friends), Ricky Ricardo, Jr. (their infant son)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Rivals: Barney Stinson
  • Feared by: All celebrity deities (Lucy only)
  • To the surprise of many in the Pantheon, there has yet to be a single god of Sitcoms, even though many of their ranks have been deified. Thus the ascended members of the Pantheon were asked to pick one who would represent them all. After constant bickering and hijacks, a person was chosen, a redheaded troublemaker named Lucy. Initially she refused, not wanting to leave her husband Ricky behind. After a bit of discussion, it was decided that the two can share the title together.
  • The couple are now tasked with selecting a few mortals among their followers to become deities themselves, filling a much-needed gap in the Pantheon. Time will tell who they will choose.
  • It's safe to say that they are adored by virtually all of the sitcom gods. They are willing to defend the couple against anyone who is foolish enough to tarnish their temple.
    • Since their ascension, the two have received a massive assortment of gifts from both deities and their followers. The couple sure have their work cut out for them.
  • Often gets a lot of help on planning dates with Aphrodite. Although the Most Beautiful Goddess' intentions are sincere, Lucy can't help but feel she's trying to draw her husband away from her.
  • The two thought that they had met Superman before on an earlier time. Turns out they only met one of his avatars. The real Man of Steel dropped by to meet them. Although he slightly chided Lucy for lying to kids about his appearance, the two groups left in good terms. Ricky in particular appreciates that he has a reliable set of eyes and ears to keep Lucy in check.
    • In fact, the couple were one of the first gods to seek out crossovers with other mortals, among them included Susie MacNamara of Private Secretary and Danny Williams of the Danny Thomas show. Though not as popular as in their heyday, they received a renaissance of support when CBS started to air episodes of their adventures.
  • Probably the only sitcom deity not to adore her, Barney remains nonplussed about them. Perhaps the biggest opponent to their ascension, he preferred someone from a more current show to take the mantle. It took the pleading of Ted's wife to convince the two not to bar any more mortals from her world from ascending.
  • Various gods have advised the couple to stay far away from Ato-ko. The Destroyer of Couples has taken an interest in Ricky Ricardo, hoping to snatch him away from her if only temporarily. One theorized that she planned to break the two up for only one of them to take the title. The subsequent fight over said title will surely be devastating for many in the Pantheon.
    • She may have already succeeded in one aspect. Ato-ko gleefully pointed out how their real life actors broke up shortly after they finished production of the show. The couple were quick to point out that the actors had nothing to do with their lives. Still, the new info but a significant dent in their relationship.
  • Exclusive to Lucy:
    • It is not uncommon seeing Lucy dressed up as a man at times, usually to pull off some of her schemes to make some money. When she found out there was a god for that, she immediately bolted to her temple for a blessing. Mulan herself accepted it, though she does not always approve her deceit.
    • Many gods see similarities between her and Kushina. It was no surprise that the two mothers shared a bond between the two. She's even one for the two gods in the Pantheon that goes along with her in her ZanySchemes.
    • Also pays lip service to Fiery Redhead Asuka, especially when she prepares for the wrath of her husband when arguing.
    • It was a massive surprise to Ed, Edd and Eddy when Lucy turned aside in one of their schemes for jawbreakers. It was an even greater surprise when she joined in on one of their hijicks. The boys are too similar to her to scold them too harshly.
    • Sees Erza as an inspiration, given how she manages to own a huge assortment of clothing while managing to kick ass. She's taken up lessons from her as well... with poor results so far.
    • When Lucy discovered that various current and past celebrities resided in the Pantheon, there was much rejoicing from her. Not so much with the celebrities, as they often have to take the brunt of the antics she put them through. She's become especially fond with relics of her time such as Albert Einstein, John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart.
    • She's sworn never to go anywhere near an assembly line as she's one of the first deities to discover the horror of managing one.
  • Exclusive to Ricky:
    • When Lucy does something particularly grating, Ricky tends to go off in Spanish at speeds that even some Spanish speaking gods in the Pantheon fail to hear. However, it should be noted that he does NOT said "Lucky, you've got some 'splaining to do." He has yet to track down the perpetrator of that meme to this day.
    • Sees Al Bundy as an inspiration that all other American fathers should strive to be, much to the surprise of the God of Failure. The ego boost does help ease the pain, and the two became close friends in no time.
    • He can be seen in the House of Music, showing off his Broadway skills to the crowd. Still wishes that more people from Broadway could ascend.

    Rick Deckard 
Rick Deckard, God of Characters who Age With Their Actor (Mr. Nighttime, The Boogeyman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The LAPD badge (or an origami unicorn)
  • Theme Song: Blade Runner (Main Titles) by Vangelis
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Could be human or a replicant, The Alcoholic, Defective Detective, Prone to Receiving Asskickings, Perma-Stubble, The Hermit, Still loves ramen noodles
  • Domains: Law, Knowledge, Luck, Artifice (?)
  • Herald: KD6-3.7 ("Joe")
  • Allies: Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Ellen Ripley, Maximus, Roy Greenhilt, Barney Gumble, Moe Szyslak, Solid Snake, Laurie Strode
  • Enemies: Miko Miyazaki, most in the House of Crime
  • Here lies the domain of one of the most ambiguous people in the Pantheon. His very being has been the subject of discussion from the beginning, from his motivation for his job to whether he is even human. With an ambiguous end, it appeared unlikely that his story would ever be resolved. That is until a recent entry revealed not only he is alive, but also has aged along with his actor Of course that hasn't answered the question on whether he is human or not, but it was enough to finally give him proper footing in the Pantheon.
  • Because of how morally ambiguous he is, Rick was never able to truly belong to any one temple as a follower. God Emperor of Mankind rejected him on the possibility that he could be a replicant. Other clones were unsure to associate with a man who could be human after all. Even his stint as a police officer was short-lived on what was supposed to be his last job. Nowadays, he prefers to live in isolation.
  • His Avatar is a highly sought after commodity among the gods. And as with most of them, he is on good terms with all of them. Han Solo taught him not to be so uptight about the rules all the time. Many wondered if Han's influence was what caused him to leave the LAPD. At the same time, Han envies how Rick re-encountered his daughter without being killed.
    • As he shifted over to reading books, he grew interested in archeology thanks in part to Indiana Jones. As much as a Punch-Clock Hero that he was, he does think that Indy's methods hold some merit. He even managed to learn how to use traps. Rick also appears have inherited his luck in certain situations, along with the tendency to get punched a lot.
  • His series is among the most revered Science Fiction movies of all time. Made by one of the best directors around (adapting from a revered writer), he shares that notion with Ellen Ripley, another sci-fi legend. Ripley pities Rick for his current predicament, but recommended him to follow his instincts, advice that has gotten her far against the Xenomorphs.
    • Shares the same situation with Maximus. Someone who was screwed over by his own soldiers, Maximus encourages Rick to stick it to those who put him in this situation.
  • Most prominent among his conflicts is his struggle to balance his job as a police officer and his conscience telling him to do the right thing. It's what ultimately drew him away from the police academy. While this is a struggle many in the House of Justice deal with, it has been met with disdain from others. There is one god who has had his back: Roy Greenhilt. The adventurer has often sought to do good rather than follow the law and told Rick that he has done the right thing.
    • He may still work in the House of Justice, but is considered a runaway in his own world. Some within the house want to incarcerate him for his betrayal. Miko has led the charge for those who want to put him behind bars.
  • Despite his rough relationship with the law, he is unwelcome in most in the House of Crime. They would rather torture him for his time as a police officer.
  • It may not be well known, but Rick is one of the most prolific drinkers around. It is understandable in his case, given his current plight. In that he has found solace with fellow alcoholic Barney Gumble. And he would do the same with bartender Moe dishing out the alcohol for them.
  • Solid Snake paid a visit, which was a surprise to Rick. He didn't think that the God of Stealth had anything to do with whatever his business is. Yet Snake insisted that Rick's work may have had a hand in the creation of Snatchers, artificial humanoids who were first created on an island. Snake has also dealt with their descendants on his world.
  • One of the biggest debates regarding him is his status as to whether or not he's actually a Replicant due to the significance of him dreaming a unicorn and an origami unicorn he found in his apartment. The director said that he is one, his actor said he isn't and no one knows for sure what's happened. Hell, nobody knows what the unicorn actually symbolizes.
  • Does not like the Joker at all, since he eerily reminds him of Niander Wallace for some particular reason.
  • Has gotten closer to Laurie Strode, who also aged a lot after decades in isolation that ended by being dragged back into a new story.

    "Rowdy" Roddy Piper 
Roderick George Toombs, God of Talk Show with Fists (Rowdy, Hot Rod, George Roderick Toombs)


    Danny & Sawyer 
Danny and Sawyer, Deities of Animated Musicals
Sawyer on the left, Danny on the right
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Mammoth Studios' logo
  • Theme Song: "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Animated Musical about making musicals in Hollywood, living in a world of humans and civilized animals, but the animals are marginalized, allegory for discrimination of minorities in Hollywood, became some of the first leading animal actors in Hollywood
  • Domains: Musicals, Showbiz, Actors, Animals, Prejudice
  • Heralds: Their colleaguesnote 
  • Allies: The Muppets, Roger Rabbit, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Polar Bear Café, Hubie and Rocko, Mumble, Bojack Horseman
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, Dawn Bellwether, Cruella de Vil, Ghetsis Harmonia, Eve Harrington
  • Oppose: Koba, Shere Khan, Claudandus, Norma Desmond
  • Small-town cat Danny arrived in Hollywood with dreams of making it big. However, he discovered things were not easy for animals like him, being relegated to stereotypical bit parts that didn't allow them a chance to show what they're capable of. Danny met many other animals in the business who no longer expected anything, including snarky and jaded fellow cat Sawyer. Still, Danny was undeterred and proposed to his colleagues that they put on their own act and prove to the humans that they have something to offer. They ran into some problems as popular child actress Darla Dimple was determined to keep the animals down, but with some improvisation and determination, Danny, Sawyer and their friends managed to show their talent to Hollywood and they were finally taken seriously as actors.
  • The House of Theatre and Spectacle took note of these animals' achievements and arranged for them to put on a performance in the Muppet Show, with Kermit and co. being glad to accommodate them. They faced some opposition, as some deities scoffed at the idea of animal actors being on the same level as human ones, and also there was Trollkaiger trying to sabotage them just because. However Danny and Sawyer kept the show going with the same perseverance they showed back in their world. Plus it helped to have the Muppets on their side. After the event, Danny and Sawyer were invited to ascend in order to bring more of their entertainment in, which they took as a great honor and accepted.
  • Through their work, they quickly became friends with a fellow animal in the business, Roger Rabbit. Although Danny and Sawyer work in more serious, feature-length productions and Roger Rabbit only shows up in shorts, they could relate to each other in how they all had to contend with being discriminated against in some way or another. Danny and Sawyer were surprised to learn that the prejudice Roger faced didn't stem from him being an animal, but from being a toon, which the rabbit promptly informed them they qualified as. He also warned them to stay away from a certain Judge Doom, who hates toons with a murderous passion despite being one himself. On the other hand, his good pal Eddie Valiant is alright, and Danny and Sawyer hold him in high regard for being a human who could overcome his prejudices.
  • There are occasions when Danny and Sawyer are tasked with obtaining a permit to film in some place in the Pantheon, and because of that they have become well-acquainted with the police duo of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. In their conversations they have become aware that they have a fair bit in common, given Judy and Nick's world is one where there are daily struggles with bigotry, in this case between carnivores and herbivores. Danny and Sawyer find it lamentable that there are even realities where animals have turned against each other, but find hope in the fact that Judy, who was herself unconsciously prejudiced against carnivores like Nick, managed to become a better person and become inseparable partners with Nick. Judy herself loves Danny's pluck and that he never gave up and managed to achieve his dreams, kind of like her. Sawyer and Nick also relate to each other as former cynics who became better thanks to their bright-eyed partners.
    • Sadly, Judy and Nick's archnemesis Dawn Bellwether is also around and she holds on to her belief that carnivores oppress herbivores and thus need to be kept down. Danny and Sawyer are cats, which are carnivores, so Dawn doesn't think highly of them to start with, and the fact that they are good friends with Judy and Nick is just rubbing salt on the wound. With that said, the cats are still just actors, so it's not that much of a priority for her to get rid of them.
  • They are fairly frequent customers of the Polar Bear Café, with them enjoying the simple and relaxed atmosphere of the place. The cats are interested in Polar Bear and co. coming from a world where animals and humans co-exist, and that their society seems to be far more harmonious and devoid of prejudice. Polar Bear's puns also make Danny roll in the aisles, despite making Sawyer (and most everybody else) exasperated. Danny has even suggested that Polar Bear become a stand-up comedian and work towards movies from there, but Polar Bear just chuckles good-heartedly at such ideas.
    • They have met other animals at the Café, most notably Hubie, Rocko and Mumble, three penguins with a knack for song and dance. Well, not so much on the singing department for Mumble, as Danny and Sawyer found out the hard way. But Danny and Sawyer think the three penguins could do really well in the movies with their talents. Also, one of Danny and Sawyer's Heralds Pudge, who's a penguin, has taken to the three penguins and hopes to make some of their talents his own by the time he grows up. Meanwhile, Penguin (as in Polar Bear's friend) was a bit miffed that he wasn't being considered, so he decided to put on a rakugo session to try to impress Danny and Sawyer, but because of the cultural differences, they didn't really get it, to Penguin's dismay.
  • Evidently they don't like any humans who take their lack of care for animals to new extremes, such as Cruella de Vil and her obsession with making fashionable clothes out of animal hides. Ghetsis Harmonia is pretty bad too with his goals to make all Pokemon his slaves; Pokemon are a new concept to Danny and Sawyer, but after meeting some they could tell they were very intelligent creatures even if most couldn't speak clearly, so they find the idea of enslaving them revolting.
  • The notorious human-hating animal trio consisting of Koba, Shere Khan and Claudandus take Danny and Sawyer's struggles as another example of why animals should not bother associating with humans and should work towards killing them all instead; they've even invited Danny and Sawyer to join forces with them. Now Danny and Sawyer may have had some difficulties because of human prejudice, but the idea of committing genocide on humans is one they would never entertain for a second and is just plain horrifying to them; they consider the trio to be monstrous for seriously advocating it. Said trio just mockingly lament that the two cats seem to have been totally domesticated, but otherwise leave them, mere actors, alone. For now at least.
  • Danny feels pity for Bojack Horseman and thinks it might be nice to help him by giving him parts in his and Sawyer's movies. In Bojack's case, there's no real instances of racism to blame for his fall from glory, only himself, which was rather sobering for Danny to realize, though he still wants to help the horse. Sawyer is more skeptical, especially after hearing about Bojack's behavior towards his friends. To his credit, Bojack has realized that he's been a jackass and is trying to change, and he has expressed gratitude to Danny for giving him a chance. What their collaborations will result in remains to be seen.
  • More examples of Hollywood's uglier sides are present in the forms of Norma Desmond and Eve Harrington. While Danny and Sawyer find Norma more pitiful than despicable, since she's clearly not well mentally, Eve is totally reprehensible with how she orchestrated her supposed idol's fall from grace and rose to glory herself (granted, Margo wasn't a nice person either). Eve strongly reminds the cats of Darla and her deviousness masked behind a sugary façade, yet at the same time they worry about their archnemesis ending up bitter and obsessed with past glory like Norma if she doesn't get her act together. While Eve sees the cats, particularly Sawyer, as rivals to get out of the way, the not-all-there Norma is more likely to grab one of them to snuggle with and go on about her glory days.

    King Gator 
King Gator, God of WTF Moments (The Big-Lipped Alligator)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A yellow oval with the writing "Big Lipped Alligator Moment", flanked on either side by His glorious smiling face.
  • Theme Song: "Let's Make Music Together"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Randomness, Crossdressing, Talking and Singing Animals, Random Events Plot moment, actually plot-relevant
  • Domains: Animal, Chaos, Trickery
  • Followers: Grimbo, The Goanna
  • Allies: Charlie Barkin, Baloo
  • Enemies: King K. Rool
  • Ascended in a massive, freaky, suggestive all-singing-all-dancing show that nobody has ever talked about since. 'Cept Deadpool, but he's weird like that.
  • Rumors still abound, however, that he still shows up and tries to convince various deities to do a dance number with him. These rumors remain unconfirmed, mostly because very few ever actually talk about them afterwards.
  • Very few realize this, but he's not actually representative of his position as many believe. While his appearance in his film certainly cames out of nowhere and is strange even in-context, it actually set up a couple important plot elements: Anne Marie gets sick as a result of being in the water for too long, and Charlie's musical-sounding howl that makes King Gator fond of him (and kicks off the musical number) ends up coming back in the ending, his pained howl summoning back the alligator at the end to save Charlie and kill Carface.
    • As stated by Don Bluth in an interview, he used this song as an example of his principle that "No song could be just stuck in without a purpose. Every one had to advance the plot or enlighten the audience in some way".
    • Doesn't make the scene any less weirder, though.
  • King Gator was over the moon when he learned his good friend with the amazing voice had ascended. He's looking forward to making lots of music together. Charlie still finds his very being incredibly confusing and overwhelming, but the huge and powerful gator is handy to have around in a pinch, so Charlie humors him.

    Kumiko, Chozen, Yukie and Sato 
Kumiko, Chozen Toguchi, Yukie and Sato Toguchi, Divine Heralds of Sequel Escalation
The quartet in the 80s (Top, L to R: Yukie and Kumiko. Bottom, L to R: Sato and Chozen)
Kumiko and Chozen in the present
  • Demigods (Chozen and Sato). Borderline Demigoddess (Kumiko). Quasideity (Yukie)
  • Symbol: The Miyagi dojo logo.
  • Theme Song: Glory of Love (shared with Daniel LaRusso)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Chozen and Sato used to be Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Sequel Escalation, Generation Xerox.
  • Domains: Karate, Tradition, Honor
  • Allies: Daniel LaRusso, Nariyoshi Miyagi, Rocky Balboa, Prince Zuko, Iroh, Madame Foster, Anakin Skywalker, Scrooge McDuck, Rodney Copperbottom, Hamato Yoshi/Splinter, Beatrice.
  • Enemies: John Kreese, Fire Lord Ozai, The Shredder
  • Respect: Johnny Lawrence
  • Before Nariyoshi Myagi became a respected Sensei of Karate in the United States, he was living in Tomi Village, Okinawa where he spent most of his childhood with his best friend, Sato Toguchi and his love interest, Yukie. Sato and Nariyoshi's relationship was strained when both started pining after Yukie and Sato was set to marry her, only for Miyagi to declare his feelings publicly and enraging Sato by dishonoring him. Sato tried to goad Miyagi into a fight to the death for Yukie, only for Miyagi to instead leave Japan so as to not fight and possibly kill his old friend. For years, Sato embittered himself evermore as a result of Miyagi leaving him high and dry and Yukie refusing to marry him even with Miyagi out of the picture. When Miyagi returned to Okinawa to visit his dying father, and teacher of both Miyagi and Sato, Sato initially let Miyagi wait for their death match out of respect while also making sure to threaten the inhabitants of Tomi Village with his business' activities so as to force Miyagi to fight when the time came. But when a massive storm happened and Miyagi saved his life, Sato came to thank Miyagi and asked for forgiveness and reconciled with his old friends at the same time.
    • Chozen was Sato's nephew and thanks to his uncle's training, inherited all the worst traits of him, especially when Miyagi's student, Daniel LaRusso started getting romantically involved with a girl that he liked, Kumiko. Eventually Chozen would end disgraced as Daniel exposed his cheating ways, proved better than him at many challenges and then managed to defeat Chozen in a forced and brutal death match without actually killing him. However, this event helped set Chozen in a path of redemption and growth with his uncle's guidance eventually turning into the sensei of a Miyagi Dojo. Chozen would eventually become friends with Kumiko after his development and even befriended Daniel when he met LaRusso again, helping Daniel learn a new technique and fully putting their past behind.
    • Kumiko was a friendly girl from Okinawa and Yukie's niece, she was initially crushed on by Chozen, who violently kept any other possible boyfriends away. But she never reciprocated the violent man's affections and instead fell for Daniel when the young boy visited Okinawa while accompanying Miyagi in his return. Kumiko and Daniel eventually ended up splitting after Daniel left Okinawa so she would be able to pursue her dream career of being a dancer. Years later, Kumiko met up with Daniel again after the latter had fallen on hard times following a disaster involving his dojo students and the Cobra Kai students, Kumiko set him up to meet Chozen and reconcile with his former foe as well as to listen to Miyagi's last letter written to Yukie, so as to help Daniel cheer up and finally meet a girl he'd saved back on his first visit to Okinawa which helped him save his car dealership before Daniel departed back to the USA.
  • The group was ascended following Daniel meeting back up with Chozen and Kumiko in Okinawa, they were quite surprised to find themselves in the place that was the Pantheon as it was quite the change of scenery from their previous lives. While they aren't active agents in the place, they do still find themselves exploring some places from time to time. As for their scope of exploration, they usually only associate with Daniel's allies and acquaintances since they have a point of commonality to talk about.
  • They had quite some interesting meetings with some of Daniel's acquaintances he'd met in his life. The first of these was Johnny Lawrence, Daniel's original rival who was still at odds with him even after years following the All-Valley where Daniel bested Johnny, this was quite the shame for Chozen to hear as he'd noticed Daniel looked shaken when the topic came up during their latest meeting, Kumiko, Yukie and Sato were all equally sad to hear that the two still feuded for a long time but were glad to hear that the threat of John Kreese brought them together at last not just as allies but legitimate friends.
    • On that same boat, they have little positive things to say about John Kreese, who they learned from both Daniel, Johnny and Mr. Miyagi, was the one true cause of their grudge and had recently came back to be a thorn on their side once more after he got Johnny to trust him again and swiped Cobra Kai from him to return it to its roots as a Thug Dojo and on top of that also went as far as corrupting Johnny's son, Robby, into embracing his ideology and turning against his former allies. Sato in particular feels the most disdain out of everyone towards Kreese, viewing him as just as bad if not worse than he himself was in the past. Chozen feels shame that Kreese still continues on the path of violence he's been in and has lamented that he could be much more than a resentful old man.
  • Exclusive to Kumiko:
    • Kumiko's dream was to become a dancer, she succeeded at this dream once she became an adult, even succesfully opening a school in the renewed and modernized Tomi Village. As such she got an ally in Rodney Copperbottom, who while dedicated to a different career, still was in a similar situation to her as he grew up to fulfill his childhood dream of being an inventor and even became the successor to his world's greatest inventor yet, Bigweld. Rodney liked to hear about how Kumiko had achieved her own life dreams.
    • Kumiko picked up a few tricks from her aunt in the present, as well as some from Miyagi allowing her to become a Trickster Mentor of sorts, particularly when she set up Daniel and Chozen to become friends by setting them up to a friendly sparring session. She got some praise from Beatrice the Witch, who has made a name for herself with her trolling ways and Trickster Mentor tendencies. She particularly found it funny how she made Daniel think Chozen had come back for vengeance so the two could truly talk things out and find out how much things truly changed.
  • Exclusive to Chozen:
    • Chozen was once a violent and aggressive jerk who would go as far as forcing Daniel into a duel to the death to restore his honor after Daniel exposed his cheating ways. He feels nothing but shame and disdain for how he was once and for it he earned an ally in Rose Quartz formerly Pink Diamond, who once was part of the imperialistic Gem Empire until she had a change of heart about how her actions were hurting people following her developing sympathy for many organic creatures on Earth, including humans and tried her hardest to make amends for the many things both herself and other Diamonds did. Chozen was rather sad to hear that her son and friends had suffered a lot for how she acted before she got better and even after, and wished for things in her and others life to get better soon.
    • Another martial artist who once set on a destructive path before turning to good was Sasuke who started out as a good guy before turning to a downwards spiral into villainy up until Naruto talked him back into the side of good. Sasuke and Chozen related their anger issues to each other as well as how they almost crossed the point of no return out of anger and resentment before a close person to them talked them out of their path. Sasuke didn't really have much to criticize about Chozen's past given his own story of rather reprehensible deeds himself, which helped both get along well.
    • Chozen turned almost suicidal out of shame and regret for his actions in trying to murder Daniel, but his uncle's guidance and kindness allowed him to walk out of despair and led to his turn to good in full force. For this, Zuko of the Fire Nation sympathized with him, remembering his borderline suicidal desire to capture the Avatar out of feeling shame for dishonoring his father only for his kind uncle to slowly guide him to redemption. Zuko found it interesting how well-adjusted Chozen had become after all that time between his fight with Daniel and reencounter, considering Daniel himself has lingering issues of his own.
  • Exclusive to Sato:
    • He was once a greedy and corrupt businessman who wanted revenge on Miyagi for dishonoring him in Okinawa decades ago, even going as far as screwing over the villagers of their home to get Miyagi to fight him. However following his redemption he became quite the opposite out of regret. As such Sato has little positive things to say about any and all Corrupt Corporate Executives and Bad Bosses in the Pantheon, particularly those willing to destroy land such as Mr. Burns, infamous for his many cruel deeds. Burns himself is wary of Sato as he is an old man with no physical capabilities at all which means that any encounter upfront with Sato is not ending well for him.
    • Sato was also one to grow quite hateful of the dishonorable and ambitious Oroku Saki better known as the Shredder, as he learned from many deities about the Shredder's cruel actions and horrible crimes throughout his many incarnations, most which are composite in the Pantheon. He particularly abhors how Shredder in some worlds saw Hamato Yoshi/Splinter as a brother figure yet still tried (and sometimes succeeded at) to kill him out of petty spite for Yoshi gaining the things Shredder wanted, given that it bitterly reminds him of how his close and heartfelt friendship with Miyagi was soured thanks to his petty hatred.
    • Sato is not some unskilled showoff, he is just as strong as he advertised himself as in his youth, in addition to only really being outdone by Miyagi himself in the overall wisdom and technique department, as such he's made some allies in old martial artist masters who can prove their worth despite their age, such as Master Roshi. Roshi respects that Sato put himself on the right path after spending years being morally bankrupt and resentful, as well as turning to legitimately doing good for others.
    • Sato found another wise old man who was once evil and throughly despicable before a wake-up call event made him change: Iroh. Iroh was happy to hear of how Sato left his evil ways behind, especially as he was quite saddened to hear that he'd turned downright murderous to his best friend and brother figure over a grudge regarding a woman they loved and how his anger and issues shaped Chozen into a cruel person up until Daniel defeated the latter. Regardless of all that Sato has done, Iroh says that the most important thing is that Sato's changed and that's all that really matters now.
  • Exclusive to Yukie:
    • Many wondered if Yukie and Miyagi remained together, answer seems to be yes if Miyagi's last letter to her before his death is anything to go by. Many were happy to hear that after so long ,they've seemingly not only gotten back together but even remained a couple up until their deaths. Scrooge McDuck had an understanding with Yukie over that, given his relationship with Goldie O' Gilt has more or less developed the same way as Miyagi's and Yukie's, complete with several years separating them after a fallout, though under different circumstances.
    • Yukie isn't too talkative but does find herself with a friend in Madame Foster, an old woman who's in charge of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends where she takes care of the imaginary friends of children that are outgrown/left by their origins and thus in need of a new home, she also recounted a funny story where she fell in love with an old man that used to be her enemy but then they started fighting again. Most of their talks have been about their life experiences and the things they've learned throughout the years. Similarly, Olenna Tyrell found an amicable connection with Yukie over their status as cool old ladies.

    Robert "Rocky" Balboa 
Rocky Balboa, God of Training Montages (The Italian Stallion, The Pride of Philadelphia, Rocco)
Rocky In the Rocky Films
Rocky in the Creed Films/Present Day 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His robe, with the back reading "Itallian Stallion"
  • Theme: "Gonna Fly Now" and "Eye of the Tiger"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Used to be True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Goes through a training montage usually before a fight, From Nobody to Nightmare, Has a iron jaw and takes a beating in every fight mostly without complications, Champion in the Inside, Defeats his opponents who would outmatch him normally, Nice Guy, Determinator, Charles Atlas Superpower, The "Italian Stallion'', Body broken down after fighting Drago, Unsucessfully mentored Tommy, but successful to Adonis, A Hero to His Hometown, Legendary in the Sequel, Regrets not throwing the towel to Apollo
  • Domains: Sports, Fighting, Training, Motivation
  • Avatar: Sylvester Stallone
  • Heralds: Adrian Balboa (his wife), Robert Balboa Jr. (his son), Paulie Pennino (his close friend and brother in law), Mickey Goldmill (his boxing trainer and mentor), Adonis Creed (his successor)
  • Allies: Apollo Creed (friend and mentor), Little Mac, Dudley, Glass Joe, Saitama, Daniel LaRusso, Mr. Miyagi, Ryuji Sakamoto, Ultraseven, Iroh, Splinter, Hoppy, The Roger Family
  • Respects: Johnny Lawrence, TJ Combo
  • Rival: Ippo Makunouchi
  • Enemies: Balrog, John Kreese, The Shredder
  • Robert Balboa, or referred usually as Rocky, is a heavyweight boxer and two time Heavyweight champion. He was once a debt collector and a small time boxer but after winning a fight against Spider Rico he is selected by current Heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, since other replacements were unavailable. It's him finally getting a chance for fame to become a full time boxer, of course he had to work all the way to become the Heavyweight champion by beating the man who challenged him in the first place and he got in a relationship with Adrian which blossomed into them being married with a son. While his fame is increasing to the point he's considered one of the greatest boxers it wasn't always sweet as he got in situations with other boxers like Lang rising to the top or him facing Russia with Drago. The former causing him realize that he got his opponents handpicked out of concern. The latter causing Apollo's death with Rocky not throwing the towel out of respect for the man's pride, causing him to regret it for decades and he got brain damaged during their fight. Rocky is forced to retire from boxing and while he did mentor a potential student named Tommy Gunn it strained his relationship with his family especially with his son and said student got manipulated by a corrupt promoter which caused him to fight him but he managed to win in the street fight and not let the promoter get his chance of a sanctioned fight.
    • Many years later, Rocky runs a restaurant named after his now late wife, now living more comfortably. But as he outlives Adrian and has once again a strained relationship with his son and Rocky is alone with a few others by his side. Rocky did return to boxing if only for a brief time to solve his issues. As of now in recent times, Rocky fully retired from boxing and still working on his restaurant. One day before closing off his restaurant, a certain man named Adonis Creed, the illegitimate son of the late Apollo came and asked him to mentor him which Rocky reluctantly agreed, reluctant because he is still unsure that he would return to the boxing world considering the arduous events he endured.
    • During the mentoring of Adonis, Rocky is revealed to have cancer and he refuses chemotherapy due to not just Adrian's experience but his own mortality seeing that most of his friends from his youth died in the meantime during the 16 years. Rocky gets encouraged by Adonis in a pact so they would overcome their struggles which both of them agree on. Rocky decides to actually mentor Donnie and accompanies him throughout his career as a boxer until one day, Ivan returns seeking revenge. Ivan's threat to Rocky that his son that Viktor would beat Adonis, would fear him enough to warn Adonis but unfortunately he refused out of spite and does the match with Rocky watching on. Rocky witnessed the match and was horrified enough after the fight to visit and manages to reconcile with Adonis. Rocky would train Adonis to prepare for the rematch and stay with him during the rematch. The result was Adonis winning the rematch against Viktor, which Rocky decides to pass on the torch to Adonis.
  • Rocky would find his way to the Pantheon, at some point after the match. While Rocky would be confused by the overall setting of the new area he decides to stay low and run his restaurant. A costumer would tell him about the House of Sports and Rocky would visit there. Rocky would soon decide that the Pantheon would be an interesting place to be in. He was also very surprised that his reputation spread throughout the Pantheon. He was then taken to the Court of the Gods who bestowed him the title of God of Training Montages which Rocky would accept considering that he was fond of the times he underwent training. Rocky while deciding to run his restaurant most of the time, would take some time off and be a boxer, inevitably getting accumulated in the Pantheon.
    • During his first days in the Pantheon before being properly introduced, he would be astonished by the amount of creatures and inhabitants there. He is most flabbergasted when he found out that there are animals capable of boxing which he encountered with the Roger Family, a family of genetically engineered kangaroos that knows how to do combat sports mainly boxing and Hoppy, a Hopparoo that does boxing with them being one of the first creatures he spotted that does boxing. He gets along with them well and they tend to compare their skills to each other even though it's actually still extraordinary weird for Rocky. With Hoppy, it's the same thing though the experience is still bewildering for him but he adjusts to it.
  • Rocky soon would found out that Apollo ascended to the Pantheon and decided to wait for him. One day, Apollo decided to visit Rocky's place and after looking an image of Rocky and Adonis, Rocky would come near him and told Apollo the events that happened after his death. While Apollo is bewildered by the aged Rocky, with Rocky saying that things haven't gone well ever since he defeated Drago. Rocky would tell him about his son Adonis, which shocked Apollo note  but he is otherwise glad that Adonis is living out his life and starting his own legacy. Both men would keep in contact with each other with them waiting for the chance for Adonis to ascend himself.
  • Being a determined person himself, Rocky would attract manners of people that are very determined in their goals whether they succeed or not. Nonetheless while despite he does have undergone his ups and downs throughout his life he still remains a determined man and keeps his head high. Overall, it's not his career that makes him what he is but it's him being determined to win and push himself to fight for what's right. Rocky would meet a manner of people who are so determined they will simply not give up or acquired something that would be insurmountably difficult for the norm to achieve. His affiliates are well aware of his determination, especially his allies respect the man for that.
    • One of the first people who he has met in this area who has determination is a certain boxer named Glass Joe who despite his medical condition and record still kept on with his boxing career. Rocky is also very puzzled that he even attempted to mentor someone despite his lack of overall abilities in that field, but expected that would go wrong. While Rocky is contemplating on training him considering his needs he decides to simply mentor him but decides to go lightly until he is ready for the actual stuff. With this taking a while of course but Rocky is patient that he will improve sincerely and visibly rather than being beaten all the time.
    • He also met Saitama who randomly bumped into him one day in the afternoon. While they started a conversation, he noticed a corpse of a Mysterious Being splat to pieces. He questioned Saitama if he did this and Saitama nodded causing Rocky to be a little flabbergasted by the latter's absurd strength with him asking Saitama how he obtained that ridiculous amount of strength with the latter saying he simply trained so hard and consistently that he gained his strength but with the loss of his hair. Rocky would be understandably flabbergasted by that statement but knew that the conclusion was logically sound considering it was so ridiculous.
  • Being a mentor who failed at the first time but succeeded the second time he can relate with other mentors but the one he notably meets is from the Karate Kid universe. He gets along with Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso though he might think that Daniel is too set on his beliefs to be like his mentor. With Johnny that is a complicated matter while he is genuinely impressed with Johnny's change in heart and turning teens to become better mentally and physically, he won't condone his actions as a bully though he is sympathetic as his actions are taught and pressured by Kreese. With Kreese, Rocky unsurprisingly is spiteful of him, considering his overall actions and the fact he intentionally corrupts his students to becoming ruthless fighters. Rocky even got pressured by the latter to fight him thinking he's just a former heavyweight boxer who hasn't been in an actual fight, Rocky proves him wrong with Kreese beaten but not too badly which caused him to declare he would start a vendetta against him.
  • With him being one of the greatest boxers in his hometown or world, even by the Pantheon standards he still has an astounding reputation compared to other boxers and many of them want to meet him or spar with him. He gets along with Dudley and Little Mac considering both of them are respectable boxers and aren't malicious. While he is somewhat disappointed with TJ's usage of cybernetic enhancements he changes his opinion when we sees that TJ is willing to fight to claim back his title and fight against Ultratech. With Balrog, he despises even more so than Drago and doesn't think he's a true boxer, with his reasoning is not him, being just dirty but overall is evil, being a member of Shadaloo and focusing on greed. That said while Rocky himself can't fight Balrog considering he would literally be killed if they fight he can rely on Dudley to help him with the latter accepting.
    • He has a rivalry with Ippo Makunouchi, both of them were once underdogs who become top boxers but ultimately their careers ended via a form of injury like Rocky suffering brain damage and Ippo soaking up so much damage that he possibly could have punch-drunk syndrome. The differences between them is that Rocky is a heavyweight and primarily a Stone Wall and Ippo is a featherweight Lightning Bruiser with abysmal defensive skills. While Rocky is a little bit saddened that Ippo's career ended at a ripe young age, both of them decided to help mentor other boxers through Rocky is more experienced with this than Ippo due to once mentoring a certain talented young man but failed before successfully training Adonis. Before that Rocky did challenge Ippo for the position of God of Boxing only to prove who's better with no malicious intent, with them being equal before Ippo retains the title with Rocky settling on with his trope.
  • With him being injured to the point of retirement after his fight against Ivan Drago, Rocky can relate to the others of the topic of injuries that end careers. But he knows that he has to carry on from his former career or otherwise he will indirectly hurt others just as he did with Robert. It's why even in the Pantheon that he prefers working at his restaurant noting to himself that he is lucky that he even survived the fight against Drago and he only does boxing occasionally and just for showing off rather than serious things. Rocky decides to relate to others on the topic of that and help them throughout their struggles via offering support.
    • He once met Ryuji Sakamoto, a Phantom Thief but also once a track star who got crippled by Kamoshida. The two are on pretty great terms with each other. While, the two could relate with their stories with Rocky being disgusted by Kamoshida and Ryuji being astonished but sympathetic once learning the circumstances of Rocky's abrupt end of his career. While Ryuji doesn't tell Rocky of his other identity as a Phantom Thief for clearly obvious reasons, he does frequently ask for advice and a little bit of boxing lessons. Still Ryuji occasionally visits Rocky in his restaurant for starting conversations and getting advice.
    • He encountered Ultraseven who's in his Dan Moroboshi form, one day while walking around in a certain area. Both of them decide to find a place to discuss about their stories and eventually to the point of discussing their struggles. While Rocky is amazed at Ultraseven's exploits he cautions him that going further means he will inevitably succumb which he doesn't want to see once again. Ultraseven admits to Rocky that he can't stop doing his job to protect Earth and his homeworld, just because of his injuries considering the threats around but does listen to Rocky. Rocky instead persuades him to not be reckless doing what he does in his job. Ultraseven is understandably not willing to stop but concedes to Rocky that lives are at stake and if he stops his job then it would be disastrous for them but considers it. All in all, both of them are actually quite cordial with each other and talk sometimes.

"Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that."



    Ahiru/Princess Tutu 
Ahiru, Goddess of Ballet (Princess Tutu, "Duck")

    Chris Tarrant 
Christopher John "Chris" Tarrant, Divine Presenter of Lifelines and Quiz Games about Winning Millions
  • Quasideity (has Lesser God authority when presenting WWTBAM)
  • Symbol: The WWTBAM symbol (British version)
  • Theme Song: Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Is that your Final Answer, High-Stakes Quiz Games to win Millions, The Originator and Icon of Lifelines, Commercial Break Cliffhanger, Confetti Drops, Ask the Audience, Heartbeat Soundtrack
  • Domains: Quizzes, Prizes, Presenters, Commentators, Assurance
  • Heralds: The hosts of the various international versions of WWTBAM
  • Allies: Bruce Wayne, Thomas Wayne, King, Gary Gygax, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Stan Pines, Thomas the Tank Engine, Teddie
  • List of Pantheonic Contestants in WWTBAM: Peter Parker, David Tennant, Michael John Carter, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Phoney Bone, Kazuma Kiryu, Joseph Joestar, Umi Sonoda, Maki Nishikino, Hermione Granger, Sheldon Cooper, Charlie Chaplin, Ryuji Sakamoto/Skull
  • Odd Friendship: Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Respected By: Houses of Childhood and Adolescence and Travel
  • Uneasy Relationship: Philip Price
  • Opposes: Cheaters
  • Christopher John Tarrant is a British radio broadcaster and television broadcaster. While not many know about the guy too much personally, he is well known for being the presenter of two shows; one of them was Tiswas, a Saturday children's show in The '70s and The '80s. However, Tarrant would end up finding greater success more than a decade later when he started up a quiz show; Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, where he would be responsible for a resurgence of the Game Show genre after spending years dormant. The aim of the game? To answer around 15 trivial questions in an effort to win a million pounds (currency is dependant on different localized versions). However, despite the premise, it's actually much harder than it sounds, despite the game starting off fairly easily before the questions become progressively harder to answer.
  • Tarrant hosted the show from 1998 to 2014, and within that year, only five contestants managed to win the million jackpot. Despite retiring from the show, his Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was immensely popular, even having word of mouth coming from the Pantheon. There was a debate on who would get to represent the game in that realm, with some siding with Tarrant, given that he was the first presenter of the franchise's history whereas others favoured Regis Philbin as many felt that while he may not have been the first, he was definitely the most memorable. Even others called for the heraldhood of Gerry Scotti, the presenter of the Italian edition and also the host with the longest continuous tenure out of all the versions of WWTBAM. When the time came to decide, Chris Tarrant was ultimately chosen to ascend into the Pantheon, representing the franchise that he hosted for 16 years. As compensation, he decided to appoint not just Regis, but also all hosts, most notably his direct successor, Jeremy Clarkson, as his heralds out of respectable formality. And with his ascension, a version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for the Pantheon was planned and designated for operation.
  • The Pantheonic version of WWTBAM follows the same format as the original English version, with a ladder of 15 increasingly more difficult questions with two safe havens on respectively the fifth and tenth questions, and three lifelines: 50:50 (removes two wrong answers), Phone-A-Friend (Exactly What It Says on the Tin, the contestant is given 30 seconds to ask help from a friend at home), and Ask the Audience (the audience votes for the right answer). However, at one point another format was introduced as a seasonal one-off: the Hot Seat format (inspired by the Italian and Australian versions) involves six contestants taking turns at answering 15 questions with a time limit (15 seconds for the first five, 30 for the second batch of five, 45 for the last five) and no lifelines other than the ability to pass the question to the next in line; not only that, each wrong answer removes one step from the ladder, therefore making the quest to win the million even more difficult than before.
    • During his time in the Pantheon, Tarrant did take the time to immerse and learn about the new world in which he became another inhabitant of. Like anybody from the ordinary world, he grew to be fascinated by how wondrous the Pantheon was, but quickly took notice of superintelligent beings and mind-readers. He took them pretty seriously, if mainly because of how their participation in WWTBAM would be considered controversial for pretty clear reasons. This prompted him to propose new ideas to add in new rules and regulations.
      • That said, Tarrant has stressed out on a number of occasions that he bears no ill will to those with mind powers and superhuman intelligence, he simply thinks that their presence in the game would just not make it seem as challenging or engaging as how a regular participant would go through. Tarrant has allowed mind-readers to participate as contestants under the rule that they do not use their powers as that would mean cheating and disqualification, which they've understood, given the nature of a quiz game show like WWTBAM.
  • The show has been a smash hit in Pantheonic television since the first season, and many gods have taken part in the game to test their knowledge. However, only a handful of gods managed to walk away with a million dollars in their pockets:note 
    • Ren Amamiya was the first top prize winner of the Pantheon version. He was inspired in taking part in the show after seeing his close friend and associate Ryuji Sakamoto attempt to win the million: he walked away with only $1,000 after getting the ninth question wrong. Ren used all of his lifelines before the final question, so he took a couple of minutes for brainstorming before eventually picking the right answer.
    What weather term was coined in a 1939 dissertation by Antarctic explorer Paul Siple?
    A: Sea breeze
    B: Wind chill
    C: Flash flood
    D: Dew point
    • Marvin the Paranoid Android was the second top prize winner. He was spurned into participating by his friend Arthur Dent, who thought it might put his astronomically large mind at good work. His journey to the million was extremely smooth, and he got to the final question without using any lifelines. Even the final question was a formality, as he only took 15 seconds to choose the correct answer. Upon being asked about his victory, though, he said he didn't find the game particularly difficult and he still feels depressed despite sitting on a cool million dollars.
    By definition, an ecdysiast has what unusual job?
    A: Sewer cleaner
    B: Embalmer
    C: Train pusher
    D: Stripper
    • Alphys was the third top prize winner. She at first participated to gain more data in order to help Mettaton become a better game show host, but she ended up liking the game so much she decided to go all the way for the million. She arrived at the last question with only the Phone-A-Friend lifeline in hand, but she didn't need it as she remembered the right answer from an anime she watched.
    A popular pastime the world over, "karaoke" is a Japanese word which roughly translates to what?
    A: Sing-along
    B: Vocal training
    C: Empty orchestra
    D: Computed lyrics
    • Mikoto Misaka was the fourth millionaire, and so far the Pantheon's only top prize winner in the Hot Seat format. She entered the game after mistakingly interpreting a remark by Touma Kamijou as a challenge. The million-dollar question left her completely flabbergasted at first, and could neither pass the question as she already used her pass lifeline nor walk away due to the format's rules: as such, she went by pure instinct.
    The melody for the wedding song known as "Here Comes The Bride" is from what Wagner opera?
    A: Lohengrin
    B: Die Feen
    C: Parsifal
    D: Rienzi
    • Hinagiku Katsura participated out of the thought that winning the million dollars might help Hayate Ayasaki get rid of at least part of his debt. Of course, being a straight-A student, her climb towards the million dollars was relatively smooth, and she arrived at the final question having used only the Ask the Audience lifeline. She had to use the 50:50 on the final question, though. However, upon winning the top prize, Hayate told Hinagiku that she can keep the million because he thinks she earned it by herself and also because he successfully paid off his debt anyways.
    Considered the fastest men in history, the Apollo 10 astronauts returning from the moon in 1969 reached what top speed?
    A: Almost 4000 kph (removed by the 50:50)
    B: 39 thousand kph
    C: 390 thousand kph (removed by the 50:50)
    D: 3 million kph
    • The latest top prize winner is Otacon: much like Marvin before him, he was spurred into participating by Solid Snake, who thought his knowledge of various trivia (especially about anime) might help him win a million dollars. He arrived at the final question with only the Ask the Audience lifeline intact. He didn't use the lifeline, though, as he thought most of the audience would vote for a wrong answer. However, much like Alphys, his knowledge of Japanese folklore through anime led him to the right answer.
    The symbol for a popular Japanese beer, the kirin closely resembles what mythical creature?
    A: Dragon
    B: Hydra
    C: Unicorn
    D: Basilisk
  • Of course, during his show's run in the Pantheon, Tarrant has had multiple citizens enter his competition to win the million, and numerous Pentheonic deities themselves have taken it upon themselves to test their general knowledge and see if they know enough to win the top prize. While more times than not, they fail, most are willing to at least walk away with the current prize money that they earned and in a few uncommon moments, they ended up flopping early and leaving with nothing. Of note...
    • The Ed's decided that they would like to enter to see if they can earn enough money to buy themselves what they referred as a "mountain of jawbreakers". Double D decided to enter first and did well enough to secure a checkpoint of a thousand sums, but began to get nervous when he reached the ninth question. He decided to opt for walking away with a prize equivalent of £8,000. It was still enough money for him to buy a cart worth of jawbreakers for his gang to pile upon.
    • Michael John Carter, better known to the superhero community as Booster Gold also expressed a desire to win the game, alongside having Ted Kord as his go-to for the Phone-a-Friend lifeline, just so he can invest it on making new gadgets for his equipment and make himself look cool. While prideful and boisterous, he did refrain from using his time-travelling abilities during his run. Surprisingly, he and Tarrant engaged in some witty banter in-between questions. He gave out a wrong answer on the eleventh question, scoring up a prize equivalent of £32,000. He's since been strongly intending whether he should go back in time to knock his past self out and win the game there but decided to relent regardless.
    • Phoney Bone figures that he would have to read a lot before playing WWTBAM, though he felt that the game would be a pretty good way to earn a lot of money for himself. He was able to do pretty well, though began to get stressed out by the time he was reaching the latter questions and used up all his lifelines upon answering the tenth question. By chance, managed to get up to the thirteenth question, but then ended up giving off the wrong answer, ending up with an equivalent of £32,000. While he did earn a good amount of money, Phoney wasn't too satisfied and is intending to enter a second time at some point, determined to win a million.
    • To prove himself as a capable genius, Sheldon Cooper went to enlist himself as a challenger, confident that he could win the top prize money. Unfortunately for him, despite his praiseworthy intellect, Sheldon got the third question wrong, leaving the show with nothing, a fact that he did not take very kindly to. While his knowledge and understanding of pop culture and science are undoubtedly vast, it's a double-edged sword when it comes to a quiz show where the questions are trivial and totally random. Since then, Sheldon has been aiming to get back to the game whilst reading and learning a lot more about subjects outside of his interests.
    • Umi Sonoda and Maki Nishikino of μ's fame were selected to play the quiz in a tag-team pair after their band got into an argument on who should be the ones to play WWTBAM, which Umi and Maki ended up winning as they were the most academically educated and were likely to know more common knowledge than their band members, though they chose to have either Kotori Minami and Eli Ayase as their go-to friend should they use the Phone-a-Friend lifeline. During their playing session, Tarrant asked some questions regarding μ's success and how did they overcome their challenges. Eli was able to provide the two with the answer to the 10th question, though the twelfth question proved to be too difficult and stressful for Umi and Maki to play through, eventually opting to walk away with an equivalent of £64,000. Given their fame as part of a Idol band, Umi and Maki decided it would be best if they donated their money to charity, which Tarrant appreciated.
    • Joseph Joestar was giddy about playing WWTBAM and eagerly entered the game, greeting and bantering with Tarrant as he went through the questions smoothly, thanks to his in-depth knowledge and interest in general pop culture. He was able to make it to the final question, but he had no idea of what to answer it with a d decided to depart with a prize cheque equivalent to around £500,000, which he would give off to the Speedwagon Foundation, as Joseph was already rich enough and only wanted to play simply because he was a fan of WWTBAM. He and Tarrant managed to remain in contact after the corner's session.
  • Due to his earlier history of being a host for Tiswas Tarrant has a likeable reputation in the House of Childhood and Adolescence and, is generally welcomed to the place if he expresses a desire to visit it. Given how popular WWTBAM is, kids and teens are actually more fond of that than Tiswas and sometimes role-play the game in their own style, though some of the older deities and residents outside the House remember that show fondly.
    • Another reason for why he is respected by the House is also to do with the fact that Tarrant has done charity work for organizations whose aim was to provide funds and resources for impoverished and/or challenged children. The one he gets the most focus on (in the Pantheon at least) is the Swings & Smiles charity which focused on kids with special needs. His association was praised by those who looked after children, including King, who manages an orphanage and is a prominent contributor to the House of Childhood and Adolescence. The two were eager to help each other out at some point and King himself has expressed a desire to enter the WWTBAM quiz one day.
  • While he isn't a businessman by profession, he is more than happy to make himself acquainted with people of those kinds. He found himself getting along really well with Bruce Wayne and his father, Thomas in part due to their nature of being concerned and well-meaning businesspeople. While Thomas has some interest in entering WWTBAM, Bruce doesn't stress about it too much either. Still, given who he is, he'd probably win the game if he wanted to. Still, Tarrant and Thomas were considering the idea of the former being a patron for Wayne Enterprises, or more accurately, its funds and work for the Wayne Foundation.
  • While he is flexible in conversing and talking with businessmen, Tarrant has a harder time with Phillip Price. While the latter is very polite and cultured, his past actions as the CEO of E Corp and his regret for having been a pawn for Whiterose has weighed heavily on him. Understandably, Tarrant is uncomfortable about knowing Price's (unknowingly) past actions in contributing to the suffering of millions despite his redemption but does sympathize with him given that his daughter, Angela, had to be killed off, and Tarrant being a father of four himself was unnerved by it. While they do remain in contact with one another, Tarrant does personally feel that Price still has a long way to go regarding redemption.
  • His game show has a strict policy regarding the playing rules and doing its damn best to avert any sort of cheating during gameplay. After the incident regarding one real-life player, Charles Ingram, who managed to win the million through an unorthodox way of cheating via coughing from Ingram's wife and brother-in-law, it was pretty understandable. As a result, players are not expected to use underhanded tactics to get their answer (this includes the aforementioned mind-readers using their abilities towards the audience to get the answer nor a Phone-a-Friend recipient using the internet to search for an answer among other factors). Speaking of Charles Ingram, the infamy of his playthrough was enough to spawn books, documentaries and a retelling of the events through Ingram's viewpoint. Some have sympathised with Ingram about the latter, which Tarrant has not commented about. And according to most, it's best not to remind him about Ingram.
  • Clearly, he has done more than just WWTBAM, though most would best remember him for that. That said, many would be surprised that Tarrant has taken a more explorative approach, namely to look for trains and travel in the harshest terrains where train tracks have been placed on, which meant that Tarrant would have had to travel around the world, looking for different trains around different countries. The Pantheon was a place where Tarrant felt that there could be a potential for new and fascinating trains and decided to venture to the House of Travel to find out. There, he discovered that various trains were specifically designed to travel through the various environmental hazards seen in the House of Nature. Tarrant took a few trips, though he admitted that while he expected the Hall of Fire and Heat to be the deadliest, it instead turned out to be the Hall of Ice and Cold instead, given just how haphazard and unpredictable the weather was. Regardless, while he did feel a bit panicky, especially when he passed through The Meg who often frequents the Water and Moisture Hall, Tarrant enjoyed the ride.
    • Of course, after learning that Thomas the Tank Engine also had a place in the Pantheon, Tarrant wasted no time in paying him a visit as a fellow British icon. They very quickly became friends, mainly due to Tarrant's interest and experience in trains and how Thomas is eager to learn of the former's experience in traversing through dangerous areas while on the ride. Thomas sometimes wonders how it would feel to be a different train, though Tarrant has affirmed that he should be proud of who he is. To his surprise, Tarrant also befriended Heinz Doofenshmirtz during his usual visits there. It turns out that Doofenshmirtz himself is a Rail Enthusiast, though he wasn't allowed to play with toy trains even if his father bought them. Tarrant has bought him a custom toy train model for Doofenshmirtz to cheer him up and has invited him for the usual train tours that he partakes in, which the doctor was oddly happy with, seeing as someone acknowledged his interests.

    Joe Bonham 
Joe Bonham, God of Intentional Monochromatic Narratives
Joe's Vegetative State after the War 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A "V for Victory" Sign
  • Theme Song: One by Metallica
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Body was Horribly Mutilated by an Artillery Shell which Took Away his Ability to See, Touch, Hear, Speak or Eat and Feels He is in Absolute Agony from It, Fate Worse than Death, The Blank, Inspired by a Soldier in Real Life who Underwent a Similar Situation as Him, Is Able to Understand and Use Morse Code, Begs to be Killed, Often Gets Lost in his Thoughts and Loses Track of Time in General, Sanity Slippage, "S.O.S. Help Me", The Woobie, War Is Hell
  • Domains: Soldiers, World War I, Reminisce, Suffering, Death, Hopelessness
  • Allies: The Five Survivors, Suzu Houjou, Nausicaä, Violet Evergarden, John Stewart, Niko Bellic, John Rambo, The Hero Club
  • On Good Terms With: Medical Conditions Hall, Metallica
  • Conflicted On: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Commonality Connection: Robert Scranton
  • Opposes: House of Military and Warfare (for the most part, as he is sympathized by the more benevolet members there), AM, The Corpus, Sundowner
  • The Great War is an event that will most certainly go down in history as one of the most brutal, vitriolic and influential in the world. This is, in no way, a compliment, for those who did battle came out horribly traumatized by their experiences of bloodshed, bombings and watching comrades and enemies die gruesomely and, sometimes, senselessly. However, one such soldier who ended up unlucky was Joe Bonham, an American who decided to enlist going into battle. A blast from an artillery shell caught him. He survived, but what followed was any soldier's worst nightmare; Joe lost his limbs, ears, eyes, mouth and nose and was admitted into hospital care, leaving him a helpless prisoner in his own body. He did everything he could to commit suicide and convince his military superiors and medical staff to euthanize him, even using Morse code for communication, only for all of his attempts to fall on deaf ears. Abandoned and with no one either being able to or willing to help him, Joe slowly drifted into madness, murmuring "S.O.S Help Me" as he was to spend the rest of his life in a state of "living death".
  • Joe's tale has often been seen as of the most tragic and nightmarish examples of suffering that anybody, let alone a soldier would have gone through and as a result, many have taken it upon themselves to never let an event happen again to anybody. What was even worse was that help and aid was refused at all times when all he wanted was to die. And of course, the very thought of becoming a living vegetable who can think, but not do anything that a normal person could do is one that nobody ever wants to think about.
  • It is confirmed that Joe Bonham died, though when exactly is left unclear, so nobody except the omniscient, knows about it, and they're keeping quiet about it. The Pantheon would have been seen as a paradise-esque afterlife for Joe; the day he finally ascended, he burst into tears upon learning that his limbs, and facial features were restored. He emerged from the House of Health and Diseases where his regeneration took place. Once of the first things he did was to thank God for allowing him a second chance and to live a good life for once.
  • Due to the circumstances he went through after his turmoil, it would be no surprise that had he come back America, Joe would have either been a Shell-Shocked soldier or someone who would advocate for the horrors of war and the physical, mental and psychological damage it causes to one. He was genuinely surprised to see that many not only took to greatly sympathising with him, but also have them inspired to speak out against the bloody conflicts which Joe took part in. As a result, he sees the Pantheonic Forever War in complete disgust and prefers to just sit things out.
    • However, Joe expressed his unease and shock when he realized that a Second Great War occured 11 years after the first one. And to his utmost terror, this second war caused more deaths, mayhem, chaos and tragedy among all nations who chose to participate and he quickly came to despise the Nazi regime for their engineering of the Holocaust and America for creating the Nuclear Bomb. Even if they won the war, the aftereffects caused by Nuclear Bombs showed just how disastrous such a weapon can inflict and Joe personally swears that while he may fight for what is good, he doesn't like the fact that something that would harm and torment innocents in the thousands and millions is something he cannot stomach.
  • As he was healed in the House of Health and Diseases, Joe sometimes visits the place as condolences. There, he frequents the Hall of Medical Conditions where he tends to visit and befirend those who underwent terrifying situations regarding their physical bodies.
    • While not a resident of the House itself, Darth Vader is also a visitor. Like Joe, Vader himself underwent horrific mutilation regarding his physical body after being defeated by Obi-Wan Kenobi whilst his corruption to the Dark Side rendered him deranged and delusional. The only reason he was able to physically function was that he was grafted in a cybernetic suit to allow him to perform everyday movement and interaction. While it was outdated in Vader's universe, something like that would have helped Joe out, had it not been for the fact that the suit was deliberately designed to harm Vader physically and mentally, courtesy of Palatine. The two don't really have much to say to each other, though Joe figured that Vader himself was heavily damaged by the horrors of war like he was and feels pity for the fallen Sith Lord.
    • However, Joe seems to to get along more easily with the Hero Club. Unlike Joe, however, each member tends to lose a limb whenever they use a power-up and ended up winning their battles. Hearing about Joe's circumstances made them wince and shudder at the very thought of lostling the ability to do everyday actions. Joe himself likes the club's actions for keeping up to their title.
  • Joe story would prove to be a major influence for Metallica, namely their song "One", whose lyrics allude to Joe's hopeless situation and the music video interspersing Joe's vision with the band's performance. Like what Joe wanted to cry out regarding the horrors of War, Metallica were able to fulfil his wish in their own way, creating what many consider one of the best anti-war/anti-draft songs of all time and them simply buying the rights to Joe's story in film to avoid royalty fees. He's been very kind and thankful for the Thrash Metal band in that regard and Metallica personally got to visit him every now and then to cheer him up. That said, Joe doesn't listen to "One" due to the lyrics talking about his situation, which Metallica understood.
  • He found a sense of kinship with five survivors of a possible apocalypse carried out by a malevolent and deranged artificial intelligence built for warfare. The survivors, especially Ted, can relate to Joe's situation when he was admitted into the hospital and being desperate for help when he couldn't express it in any conventional way. It was similar to how AM decided to warp Ted into an immovable blob that was unable to vocalise or make gestures in any way as a form of eternal torture.
    • On the topic of those who unwittingly suffered a Fate Worse than Death, there was also Dr. Robert Scranton, who practically underwent a similar situation as Joe himself did when he ended up getting trapped in SCP-3001 for five years, with nothing but his physical body and red blinking lights as his resident company. And like Joe, Dr. Scranton despises AM for revelling in the torturous condition that Joe and Dr. Scranton went through. The two expressed shock at how similar they were, though Dr. Scranton was too fixated on his own job to really pay too much attention to Joe, who is instead open to wanting to talk and hang out with him.
    • And by extension, there is absolutely no way that Joe would ever want to talk about AM. And he doesn't just despise him, he actively fears the omnicidal supercomputer for just how insane, sadistic and depraved it was and for how it was able to to casually render anybody into the situation Joe was in in a matter of seconds if it felt like it. AM itself saw Joe's torment and suffering of becoming a living vegetable as something humorous on it's part and thought that such a situation may work as an effective torture method towards his enemies (as in anybody who isn't an ally). Though he could do nothing about it, Joe does hope to see AM destroyed one day.
  • As if it couldn't be any more obvious, Joe abhors the House of War and would do whatever he could to sat away from it. Just hearing the name "war" or hearing someone talk about their wartime experiences in a positive light is more than enough to trigger Joe into a panic attack. Overtime however, some members of the House, who themselves happened to be loyal and kind-hearted US soldiers themselves felt really sorry for Joe and make an effort to comfort him, which he appreciated. Still, they understand his hatred for the House of War, so they're willing to exit their domain if it means visiting Joe and giving him a good time.
    • While not a resident himself, Sundowner earns Joe's contempt rather immediately, given that the former is a shameless and prideful war profiteer who will gladly kidnap children for the sake of turning them into killing machines, which involves rendering them helpless via harvesting their organs and keeping their brains for a VR simulator to breed their killing instict, effectively sapping away any help or attempts of rescue they could get. Sundowner personally sees Joe as a weak and pathetic man who is not worth his time, though he is beginning to get annoyed by how many, who have come to see Joe's story is proof that War Is Hell, are becoming more vocal in their disdain towards Sundowner for his treatment towards orphans and breeding them for warfare.
  • Outside of the House of War, a few former soldiers, particularly John Rambo, John Stewart and Niko Bellic were able to find a degree of familiarity with Joe, namely that they were all traumatized by the horrors of war in one way or another. Seeing how Joe had it far worse than any of them, the three of them make no pretense on wanting to help him out and to find a way to make him reunite with his loved ones, especially John, as he's a professional hero and wants to ensure he doesn't suffer any longer and give him a good closure. Rambo expresses seething rage for how his superiors left him to be all alone and driven mad from isolation, recalling his own experience in how the military draft forced Rambo into becoming filled with grief and depression. Niko personally understands the importance of family and friends and was able to bond with Joe in telling him how he had a lot of close calls and that he's beginning to see his close ones as something to protect and live for.
  • Violet Evergarden was a traumatized soldier who fought in a similar war as the one Joe did, though their conclusions and turmoil greatly differentiated, namely that Violet had conflicting emotional thoughts whereas Joe underwent insanity through the lack of acknowledgement of being helped. It didn't help that Violet sobbed considerably upon hearing Joe's tragic tale. They quickly became good aquaintences the moment they met up, with Violet deciding to write a letter to Joe's sweetheart, Kareen, processing his love and dedication to her and how they wish to always be together. It reminded Violet if another client of hers, Aiden Field, who wanted Violet to write a letter to his sweetheart, Maria, before dying from wounds he sustained from a gunshot. Upon sending the letter up for delivery, Joe became thankful for Violet's hospitality and for her willingness to help him out emotionally. They bonded over their hardships and Violet feels that she and the CH Postal Company will do whatever they can to help and provide for Joe, a gesture which cheered him up more than most people could.
  • Joe became friends with Suzu Houjou after he heard about the latter's struggles of trying to survive in Japan during World War II. Granted Suzu herself went through the pain of familial loss and seeing her limbs be torn away from her, but Joe's situation was heartbreaking, even for other seasoned soldiers, let alone her, to comprehend. Joe himself was able to tell that Suzu went through a lot, but chooses not to talk to her about her experience during the war for the most, a feeling that Suzu reciprocates. Instead, she just allows Joe to be in her company and to enjoy some company together as friends. She certainly hoped that Joe either got a happy ending or at least be given a merciful death so that he could be with his parents, but it seems as if Joe is content with Suzu's hospitality.

    Rod Serling 
Rod Serling, God of Genre Anthology (John Phillips)
  • Quasideity
  • Theme Music: The Twilight Zone Themel
  • Symbol: A door with a panel
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Narrator, Ambiguously Jewish, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Author Tract, Downer Ending/Bittersweet Ending, Fair for Its Day/Values Resonance, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant
  • Domains: Stories, Knowledge, Travel
  • Followers: Charlie Brooker
  • Allies: The Crypt Keeper, Alfred Hitchcock, Ebenezer Scrooge, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
  • Enemies: Calvin Candie and Stephen
  • Opposes: The House of War, especially Sundowner, Apocalypse, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull and Nazism in general.
  • Pitied by: Hawkeye Pierce
  • "For many years, I have observed various stories throughout the fifth dimension. I have taken viewers through The Twilight Zone, given them a peak at the Night Gallery and has hosted as well as written various other works through my untimely death. And yet death was not the end of me. It has taken me to a new dimension as vast as space, and as timeless as infinity. It serves as a melting pot of various other figures from other worlds. With my return, I now describe my own time with other deities. It is an area which the residents call...the Pantheon."
  • Born in the state of New York, my life changed abruptly while serving in World War II. It is not an experience I would want anyone else to feel, but it has done a great deal in my perception of humanity. By exposing the darkest underbelly of humanity, I hope that viewers can learn to become better people.
    • While I do not condemn those who reside at the House of War, I have often tried my best to dissuade others from either entering the house of setting up a temple there.
    • With that said, there should be a special place in hell for those who fight not for their ideals, but to make a profit. Unfortunately, there is a deity just for those people, and he just happens to love it. Still, though Sundowner's demise did not end his practice, I await the day that he receives karma for encouraging death.
    • Then there is a mutant who believes that war will bring out the strong to rule the land. Yet there is no guarantee that anyone would be alive to witness this vision, nor may there be a land worth living in. Indeed, I believe war should only be fought for a resolution that is best for the planet. En Sabah Nur may depict me as weak, but I see greater strength in those who resist their most primal urges.
    • It has appears that Hawkeye Pierce sympathizes with my disdain for war. A surgeon during the Korean War, his comedic nature belies a fear for the horrors of war... as do I. It is not a subject Hawkeye would actively talk about nor will I force him to do so.
  • There was a time when I had entered the Pantheon as the God of Horror Hosts, but that role ended up at the hands of the Crypt Keeper. Contrary with various reports, I was quite content with the change of power, even serving as a follower. Alas, my stories amassed a fanbase sizable enough to strike out on my own. Though I carved a name out for myself for shows without main characters.
    • There was another of my former followers that eventually made her way to the Pantheon. Elvira was always a fan of my work and it was my pleasure to welcome her into the Pantheon. Despite her urges, I insist that we keep our relationship professional.
  • I have always found it intriguing to see others in the real world transported into the Pantheon. One of my closest counterparts is Alfred Hitchcock. The director of various famous movies, he was even the host of his own anthology series. It predates my series by four years. Some of his followers claim that this basis should reward the title to him, to the chagrin of my own followers. With that said, we prefer to discuss our series over arguing which one is superior.
  • Many have been led to believe that my detest of war means that I believe the war against Nazism was unjustified. This cannot be further from the truth. As a Jew myself, I had a special urgency to reject that philosophy. In fact, some of my best works have been critical of the brand. It is with great regret that there are as many Nazi deities as they are now. I wish to eradicate the brand, and I have no doubt they wish to do the same to me.
    • No, I do not find the Downfall Hitler to be funny at all. Desensitizing the group does the world no favors.
  • I have also rallied against the evil of racism in America. At that time, segregation was widespread throughout the country. While that practice has been outlawed throughout the land, I strive to continue to fight for equality. It had come to my attention that a few have been hampering my efforts, particularly Calvin Candie and Stephen.
  • The Pantheon has provided a unique opportunity to discuss my works with various other characters. For example, I asked Mr. Scrooge on my take on A Christmas Carol. He felt the story to be too preachy. With that said, that was a nice reception than many others who are horrified at the prospect of a unified planet. While I understand the worry, I felt that it was necessary to find a better understanding to prevent further conflict.
    Rod Serling: Up beyond the Pantheon. Beyond the vastness of the multiverse, up there is an entity of writers. Ones who will continue to write and rewrite stories of our journeys, our triumphs and our failures. All while there is still an Earth that exists. Forever rebooting... in The Twilight Zone.