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"Of course! Don't you know anything about science?"

Each scientist that is housed here is given their own private lab to do their experiments and research.

Notoriously known for the hundreds and hundreds of glass beakers that contain colorful liquids that are scattered all around. Nobody knows what they are, but they make the house look more science-y.

Storm clouds have often appeared around the house to be used as an alternate energy source for any of the experiments that are conducted.

Has close ties to the House of Machinery and Technology as some members are part of that house and they sometimes collaborate with one another. The same also applies to House of Knowledge for research purposes.

Is the opposite spectrum of the House of Magic and Sorcery. Some members tend to rub the others the wrong way thanks to the "magic vs. science" fiasco. Of course, there are also those that use these hand in hand, and reactions from both Houses are mixed on this.

Forbidden to ever clone Hitler. Or create a robot Hitler. Or clone Hitler and then turn him into a robot with a jetpack. You'd be surprised how often this happens.

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Philanthropists of Benevolent Science

Dexter, God of Boy Geniuses (Dorkster, Dex-Star Boy of Wonder)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Glasses
  • Theme Songs: Dexter's Laboratory Theme and Outro
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with some moments of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Smart and Badass, Smart In Science But Not In Everyday Stuff, Expressive Eyewear, Science Hero, Unknown Accent, Short Smarty, Everything In The Name Of SCIENCE!, Science Ace
  • Domains: Science, Technology, Genetics
  • Allies: The Ghost Planet Staff, Twilight Sparkle, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Victor Stone/Cyborg, KND, Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, Krim Steinbelt, Blossom, ICEY
  • Rivals: Mandark, Tabane Shinonono
  • Enemies: FUSE, Brainiac, GLaDOS, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Ultron, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Hero Worship: Superman, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson
  • Annoyed With: Pinkie Pie, Taokaka
  • Family: Dee Dee
  • Even though nearly everybody knows about his "secret lab", he still remodeled his temple after his old room with hidden passages that leads to his underground lab.
  • Many in the House of Technology are astonish that someone as young as Dexter could build so many robots, machines, and other experiments. Both Tony Stark and Reed Richards have been thinking of making him their protégée.
  • Has begun construction on his own power armored suit after witnessing the amazement of Tony's own Mark suit. He was amazed he was able to build his Mark I with nothing but scraps.
  • Has been disturbed at the number of evil robots and machines like Brainiac, Ultron and GLaDOS running around the Pantheon. Interesting enough, the last one has even cause his own Computer to express the unknown emotion of hate
  • Has started a rivalry with eccentric IS builder Tabane Shinonono. His reason for the rivalry is because someone that flaky can't be a genius builder. Amusing enough, any matches between the two are just comical in nature. Like when the two played chess, with robots, IN SPACE.
  • When he first encounter the Mane Six, he thought they were the same crazy ponies that attacked his sister. The misunderstanding was quickly cleared up and Dexter has even befriended Twilight Sparkle because of her scientific approach with magic. He has even try incorporating magic energy as an alternate fuel for his machines.
  • Even though he has no hostility towards Mane Six, he still finds Pinkie Pie annoying with her high energy personality. Though, he does find her homemade cupcakes delicious.
    • He also finds Taokaka just as annoying. With her constantly finding ways to enter his laboratory and asking his questions on what he is doing. Thankfully for his lab, she doesn't destroy everything on sight like Dee Dee.
  • Had a "fan-gasm" when he first met Dungeon & Dragons creators Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. The same goes to many of the superheroes like Superman, Captain America, The Hulk, and Thor who resemble The Justice Friends.
  • Dexter is unfortunately in Santa's permanent Naughty List after he attacked Santa Claus and beat up his reindeer.
  • Of all of the people that ascended, it was his sister Dee Dee and the first thing she did was enter his laboratory without his permission. Dee Dee is glad to be with her baby brother but Dexter is not very amused about it. Despite that, he shows some relief that Dee Dee is finally here.
  • He often hangs out with Blossom, bonding over their interests in superheroes and academics. Needless to say, many deities think they're absolutely adorable together. These comments always make the two of them blush.
  • Nearly had a mental breakdown when he found an alternate universe in which his sister Dee Dee was killed in a crossfire between Mandark and himself. It got worst when he saw ANOTHER universe in which he himself has turned evil with the implication he killed Dee Dee.
  • Also present in the House of School.

    Professor Utonium 
Professor Utonium, God of Fatherly Scientists (Professor, Drake Utonium, Powerprof)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A flask of Chemical X
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Those Eyebrows, Truly Single Father, Literal Fatherly Scientist, Great Parents, Standard '50s Father, Reasonable Leaders, Dislikes Cats, Team Dad, Nice Guy That You Don't Mess With, Scientist In Many Fields
  • Domains: Fathers, Science, Chemicals, Superheroes
  • Allies: The Powerpuff Girls (his daughters), Bunny, The Powerpuff Girls Z, Nibbler, Mary Poppins, Carl and Ada Clover, Son Chichi, Yui, Astro Boy, Samurai Jack, Kotetsu T.Kaburagi, Krim Steinbelt
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Dr Thomas Light, Dexter
  • Good Counterpart to: Relius Clover
  • Enemies: Mojo Jojo, (former lab assistant), HIM, Silico, Princess Morbucks, Lady Tremaine, Raynare, Felix, Gharnef, Dr Wily, Arachne, Ungoliant, Father, Aku, Tenjuro Banno, Ryoma Sengoku
  • Opposes: All ascended cat and spider gods, the House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Opposed by: Homer Simpson
  • Professor Utonium is a brilliant scientist in the once crime-ridden city of Townsville. Hoping to bring some happiness and comfort into his life, he planned to create the perfect little girls using sugar, spice and everything else. An accidental dose of Chemical X resulted in the girls coming alive with superpowers, becoming the Powerpuff Girls. Though artificial creations, the Professor treats them like his biological daughters and loves them dearly. He and the Powerpuff Girls were glad to meet each other in the pantheon.
  • Back in the day, Mojo Jojo used to be a troublesome assistant chimp called Jojo. The two have a rather complicated relationship, and was the one who broke his vial of Chemical X which resulted in both the girls having powers and Mojo Jojo's super-intelligence. Because of this he's also the girls' "father", but it's only brought up to aggravate him.
  • His first name is unknown, so people usually refer to him by the Professor. According to one source his first name is Drake.
  • He is essentially the Good Counterpart to Relius Clover. The two are expert scientists and fathers, however, while the Professor treats his creations as family, Relius sees his own family as tools for experimentation. He's expressed disgust towards the truly single parent Father for his treatment of the Homunculi, and considers the fact they're aspects of himself a sign of immense self-loathing. In general, he isn't a fan of cruel parents or evil scientists. Being in the same house, he's put his focus on Dr. Wily. The most positive thing he can say about the man is that he's got some odd fondness for his creations Bass and Zero, but it doesn't justify his actions or the psychopathic Omega.
  • There isn't a Mrs. Utonium, something of which he often feels lonely about. He once dated Sedusa, who used him to stop the Powerpuff Girls' heroism. This experience has led him to go against gold diggers and horrible girlfriends like Lady Tremaine and Raynare.
  • The Professor is a very passionate and loving father, and is determined to raise his daughters the best he can. However, he can get rather overprotective of them, such as setting up elaborate situations to teach them morals. And the less said about his Dynamo mech, the better. Often spends time conversing with Son Chichi. Like Utonium, she can get a tad obsessive about protecting her incredibly powerful children and trying to raise them. Both are deeply respected by and deeply care for their kids, though. Has been trying to protect artificial kids out of his fatherly instincts, such as Yui and Astro Boy. He does sometimes cause trouble for Astro Boy, however, though this is just because he's worried he might try to date one of his girls.
  • Looks an awful lot like Samurai Jack. He believes that the former is an ancestor of his, and has offered his assistance with the girls to stop Aku. Is a big fan of silent movies, pancakes and golf. He tries to avoid not getting too obsessed over golf anymore, as it led the Powerpuff Girls to steal a perfect set of clubs to help out. He's tried to be a superhero or fighter in his own right, but often needs his kids to save him.
  • Is a brilliant inventor, having developed technology such as time travel, body switching machines and containment fields. However, his greatest inventions were accidental or the result of some mistake, which has given him some angst. The girls have managed to make him feel better by pointing out numerous great inventions like penicillin were accidental in origin. He's making more progress working with fellow kind-hearted scientists and inventors. He has a Friendly Rivalry with both Dr. Light and Dexter. With Dr. Light, they're very similar in attitudes to their creations and kind fathers, but still wish to prove to one another who's the best. With Dexter, he's the other famous Cartoon Network scientist.
  • His experiences with Dick Hardly lead him to dislike people like Felix, and has warned Gharnef to back off after trying to steal his Chemical X. These experiences also lead him to try and protect Kotetsu T Kaburagi so he won't be exploited. Naturally, he's no fan of unscrupulous scientists and inventors like Ryoma Sengoku.
  • Does not like cats. He was mind-controlled by one, and as such cannot trust them or let any near him. It's this distaste that broke his relationship to Ms. Keane. At the very least, it led to him getting along with Nibbler who agrees most cats are shifty, devious creatures. He's terrified of spiders in any form, which leads him to steer clear of the House of Insects(and insists that since they're arachnids, they shouldn't be in that house). He's not sure whom to be more frightened of; Arachne, mother of spiders or Ungoliant, the abominable arachnid. The Powerpuff Girls are doing their best to hide the fact that the Overdeity Chakravartin has his Golden Spider Form.
  • In spite of his arachnophobia, even he thinks Billy's fear of spiders and treatment of his friendly spider son goes too far. Generally, he doesn't like the boy due to his extreme stupidity. He's also accepting of Peter Parker due to being merely spider-themed rather than an actual spider.
  • Given he had the chemical knowledge to create the perfect little girls, one would imagine that he is a decent cook. And they're right... unless it's about chili, which he cannot cook for his life. During the pantheon's chili cook-off, Homer Simpson was on the scene to judge the participants. When he tried the Professors', Homer had to drink way more beer than before and passed out drunk, but not before declaring it "the worst chilli of all time". He's sworn to get back at the Professor for the awful taste. He did manage to make a better chili next time with Chemical X, however the resultant methane it gained a life of its own and became homicidal. It took the Kid to save the day from an exceedingly ignoble end.
  • Tries to insist to the Powerpuff Girls he likes liver and onions, so as to get them to eat it. In truth, he hates the stuff and wants to come off as more adult.
  • Can be seen helping out other good-aligned dads in the House of Fathers.

    Steve Urkel 
Steven Quincy Urkel, the Black and Nerdy God (Steve Urkel, Stephan Urquelle, Bruce Lee)

Evilutionists of Mad Science

Mesogog, God of Villainous Biology (Anton Mercer (formerly))

    Professor Hojo 
Professor Hojo, God of Using Family Members for Experiments

    Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke 
Ryoma Sengoku, God of Morally Bankrupt Scientists (Professor Ryoma, Kamen Rider Duke, Incredible Ryoma, Ryoma-Hakaider, Mecha Ryoma Sengoku)
Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Arms 
Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Energy Arms 
Resurrected as a cyborg