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    Angra Mainyu 
Angra Mainyu, God of Villains Doomed To Fail (Aŋra Mainiiu, Ahriman, Destructive Spirit, Evil Mind)
Ahriman, as depicted in the Prince of Persia franchise.

Greater Gods

    The Fraternity 
The Fraternity, Unholy Organization Of Villain-Dominated Worlds
The original Council of Five. Left(top to bottom)-The Emperor, Adam One, The Future. Right(top to bottom): Mr Rictus, The Professor
Wesley Gibson, the current head of the Fraternity
  • Symbol: This
  • Greater Deity-level organization
  • Theme: The Little Things
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil for the organization as a whole; its members and leadership can be of any evil alignment
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Villains, Victory, Domination, Conspiracies, Secret Groups
  • Interested in: Bizarro (The Professor)
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Evil (the organization, though its members vary), The Godhand and the Idea of Evil , Nemesis (Icon Comics), Prime Minister Honest, the Roarks, Diavolo, The Slavers, Molag Bal, Dr Albert W Wily, Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Ganondorf, Sheev Palpatine
  • On good terms with: King Piccolo, Big Brother
  • Headbutting Villains with: Hal Stewart (Wesley), Dr Eggman, Shredder (as a group)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Melkor, Angra Mainyu, The Brave Companions, Johann Schmidt/the Red Skull
  • Rivals: The Crime Syndicate of America, Aku, HIM, Junko Enoshima, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, King Sombra, Dimentio
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Good, superheroes of the DC and Marvel multiverses (though they would prefer an armistice), Ahura Mazda, the House of Heroism in general, non-corrupt members of the House of Justice (especially the Officers), Fused Zamasu, Felonius Gru, Aztar/the Spectre, Night Raid, Frank Castle and Misa Amane (especially Wesley), Superman Substitutes (mainly The Professor), Light Yagami, John Doe, Bucciarati's Gang, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Anti-Monitor, The Boys, Discord
  • Opposes: The Joker, Stupid Evil deities
  • Opposed by: Crow (Nefarious)
  • Fears: The Living Tribunal, Nemesis (Classical Mythology)
  • The setting of the Wanted comic book was once like many superhero comics. But on 1986, the supervillains teamed up together and finally achieved dominance. But destroying all the superheroes of the world was not enough; they altered reality so that no-one would remember superheroes or supervillains existed outside of comic books, while the latter secretly ruled the world. To be a member of the Fraternity is to be a cold-blooded supervillain above the law, capable of killing police officers and assaulting celebrities with no repercussion. And to be a member of the Fraternity is to be free of punishment unless you anger another supervillain.
  • The Fraternity's ascension was because of Melkor and Angra Mainyu wanting to show off a universe where evil has won and continues to win, however they consider their ascension to be negative; the reason the Fraternity doesn't rule openly is because otherwise all the superheroes in the multiverse would be on their asses. However the GUAG flat out doesn't care that they limit themselves to one reality and believe whatever the universe, the power systems of evil must be dismantled. The Council of Five was forced to invest in the help of Melkor and other evil entities to maintain their status quo, and in return their world will serve as an asylum for the GUAE. This arrangement has become more agreeable as some of the saner members of the GUAE are fine towing the rules the Fraternity has.
  • Ahura Mazda regards the existence of the Fraternity to be an affront to all that is good, and plans to prove to them that the Karma Houdini trope, in his own words, "does not exist so long as I draw breath". Resisting the God of Good has further put the Fraternity under Melkor and Angra Mainyu's debt; enough that some have speculated Melkor had saw that this would happen and ascended them because he knew he could exploit it. Others don't think they were clever enough to put that idea together but instead of thinking it was a fortunate coincidence for the gods of evil claim it was a tactic orchestrated by King Piccolo; his may be a more Anarcho-Tyranny fashion of evil ruling, but he was still jubilant at the Fraternity and their Villain World ascending.
  • Among the heroic and anti-heroic deities looking to "clean house" are Felonius Gru and the Boys. The latter are absolutely justified in hating the supes of the Fraternity. The former is part of the Anti-Villain League, and even when he was a bad guy he was never comparable to the Fraternity's depravity. Among the villainous deities wanting to eradicate the Fraternity are Light Yagami, Misa Amane, John Doe, and Zamasu. Misa holds a special repulsion for Wesley as he once raped a celebrity and got away with it, while Light and John see the Fraternity in reality close to how corrupt they see the world in their own minds. Zamasu wishes to exterminate a world that would allow evil to prosper, though of course that includes the human population as he considers them little better than the Fraternity. While everybody could point out Zamasu's hypocrisy at this point, nobody would mourn him destroying the Fraternity.
  • The asylum the Fraternity gives to supervillains, so long as they aren't too reckless, has been a boon to Roarks Senior and Junior. They feel a lot more safe in their world than in the Trope Pantheon as a whole, though they would prefer it if their home city would ascend one day. Diavolo found it a good place to be a recluse, which caught the attention of Bucciarati's gang. As they use organized crime to help people, the gang was appalled by the Fraternity basically being a global organized crime unit so its members can do whatever cruelties they want without repercussion. Finally for villains seeking asylum there were the Slavers, who were promised with the backing of the Fraternity they can continue their sex trafficking ring without consequences.
  • The Fraternity is currently being led by Eminem-looking Wesley Gibson. (something that Deadpool won't let go, always calling his phone to play Slim Shady songs - along with asking if Wesley will ever make good of the threat he made in the final page, Wade's very up to it!) He's the son of the Killer, one of the greatest supervillains to live. He was set up to inherit his job and managed to work his way up to the top. He used to be a total loser who's girlfriend was cheating on him, and while he thinks of himself as a badass he's really just a smug prick who thinks he can do what he wants as a supervillain. He's similar to Hal Stewart except smarter and(in some ways) tougher. While they are able to work together for their own goals, and have similar self-entitlement issues, Hal thinks some of the stuff he's done is fucked up. Given Wesley raped a celebrity and got away with it, and killed a nice old man just for being somewhat annoying, Hal is justified in questioning him.
  • Naturally Wesley is hated by rape victims like Casca and protectors of women, many of whom could kick his ass and point out how much of a degenerate little prick he is. He's smart enough to not stay away from him and ignore their goading by saying he's a coward on top of things. Besides them Wesley is also on Catwoman's shitlist. He hit on her as his love/lust interest the Fox is similar to her, though a full villain rather than an Anti-Hero. Selina knows what he's done, finds him repulsive for other reasons as well, and hopes to never meet the Fox. And then she decided to get under his skin.
    Selina Kyle: "You bemoaned your ex-girlfriend blatantly cheating on you, but after having met you it's obvious why she did so".
  • Wesley is extremely talented in markmanship, being able to shoot the flies off wings. Sometimes you can find him in the firing range portion of the Hall of Firearms along with other villains. Some snarkier villains asked "I'm surprised you didn't get live target practice", causing him to reply "just because I'm a supervillain doesn't mean I have to be evil 100% of the time". Soon afterwards he had to quickly dodge out of the way of Frank Castle, who while a killer regards him as criminal scum. The shoot-out that ensued led him to crash into Patrick Bateman's department. After they got off the Punisher's tail the two bonded in their similarities; psychotic, venal asshats who think their status lets them do whatever they want while simultaneously bemoaning any slights. The Punisher merely responded to this newfound friendship with "those slights should be bullets".
  • The picture of the Council of Five, the Fraternity's ruling group, is out of date but it's the only picture they currently have. Each member rules over a continent. The Professor ruled over both American continents, and for an implied pederast who engineered the superhero genocide he's a surprisingly friendly fellow. He seems to be the Lex Luthor of the group, and had his own Bizarro equivalent; he's interested in the original. He and Lex Luthor sometimes work together. Other still-aligned members of the Council are Adam One, a Vandal Savage-type immortal supervillain who rules Africa, and The Emperor, a Chinese supervillain who rules Asia.
  • Though heroes in general hate the Fraternity, the DC and Marvel superheroes hold a particular loathing for it as many of their members remind them of their own supervillains. The fact that the DC and Marvel multiverses existed came as a shock to the Fraternity, as they could swear they were instead based off the real superheroes that used to exist for them. Some of the more bored members of the Fraternity snuck over to their universes for combat, but this has been heavily discouraged as their ascension into the pantheon has put a lot of pressure into maintaining their Karma Houdini status.
  • Prime Minister Honest considers the world of the Fraternity to be his personal utopia, where he can bask in the inherent corruption forever. And it's for that very same reason Night Raid wishes to exterminate the villains. The Spectre's reaction to a world of karma houdinis was far more hostile; he lost his shit completely and not only inflicted Cruel and Unusual Death on the villains, but completely destroyed the world they live in as he saw it as completely corrupt. The Presence had to yank the Spectre away for punishment of been blinded in the red mist, and push the Reset Button. However every villain remembers the rampage upon their resurrection and have been deeply shaken. Melkor made sure to capitalize on it by him and Angra Mainyu working to prevent something like that from happening again.
  • The Godhand support the Fraternity and their status quo as it follows the "do as thou wilt" and spreading evil/despair that they and the Idea of Evil enjoy. Molag Bal supports them as well since he admires their domination of their world and general cruelty. Unlike Melkor or Angra Mainyu the Fraternity doesn't mind the Daedra since he is good help against the likes of Nemesis; they're terrified of her shutting their organization down given she always makes it her duty to ensure there is no such thing as a Karma Houdini.
  • The organization doesn't really have standards, which some villainous deities in the pantheon disagree with. Crow, for instance, is all about villainous victories but he considers the Fraternity's cruelties "not worth it". However they are about practicality. They refuse to let the Joker join as he reminds them of the disgraced Council of Five member Mr Rictus, who wanted to rule openly and didn't give a damn about this getting the attention of heroes across the multiverse. Basically if you're Stupid Evil, they don't want you. They tolerate the antics of the Brave Companions to an extent, but only because they can easily be blamed as a scapegoat and are willing to tow the line if they get their requisite fill of brutality.
  • They are somewhat hesitant working with Nazis, mainly for how The Future defected with Mr Rictus because he was tired of waiting to establish a second Holocaust. The Red Skull considers many of them degenerate unternmensch, however he tolerates working with them because he needs the help to establish his Nazi empire within his own universe; they have less standards than most Marvel supervillains so the Skull takes the help he can get. Schwarze Sonne would rather take over the Fraternity's world, but they would also accept "merely" ruling their moon.
  • Some have noticed that the year of their takeover, 1986, was when the last issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and wonder if there's any correlation. They refuse to bring it up, and like just about everyone dread the idea of facing the Anti-Monitor. The Fraternity are also opponents of the GUAD; they may be nihilistic super-villains, but they prefer being alive and see no profit in being an Omnicidal Maniac. In attempt to defend themselves from the GUAD and encourage the GUAG to get off their back, they've reluctantly aided them in fighting against the GUAD and given some technology to help them...but only against the GUAD. None of the Council of Five were all that happy about it.
  • It's been rumored the Fraternity was in fact the organization that was funding Nemesis' thrill seeking as a supervillain. Given the extremes he went to, including kidnapping the president, if they were funding him it was probably at the behest of Mr Rictus. There's also the fact they share an author. Nemesis isn't in the mood to reveal anything about himself, but he was happy to be an official member of the Fraternity.
  • The Crime Syndicate was rather impressed by the Fraternity's iron-clad rule over their world, especially since unlike their Mirror Universe the deck was initially stacked against them. They're still going to try and take it over though, as they would really love to pull whatever trick allowed the Fraternity's Cosmic Retcon of the heroes to get rid of the Justice League of America. Aku meanwhile feels their world run by evil is "boring", preferring that they run it as an Anarcho-Tyranny like himself. They refuse as that would end up biting them in the ass, and rightfully believe Aku just wants to take them over. Aku's response was "not if you play your cards right!" As the future that is Aku was undone in part because of Aku's needless dickery (ie: wasting his time figuring how to execute him and awakening Ashi's powers by controlling her, including time travel) the Fraternity have a point.
  • Junko Enoshima has also called the Fraternity boring, and so has HIM. HIM actually succeeded in conquering the world in a Bad Future and was an openly cruel tyrant, however the Fraternity retorted that this was because his main obstacles were gone; they still have to worry about getting attention from superheroes from other universes. They have also made it clear to Junko they want a sustainable despotism; they spread despair through making the world cynical and accepting of the status quo they covertly established, not through fetishizing itnote  on a global scale. Big Brother approved of this as a more sustainable method of tyranny, but wishes the Fraternity could focus more on enforcing despair.
  • Unlike most who think their world was "boring", Apocalypse actually has a reason beyond sadism; it doesn't promote strength and allows them to grow weak. The Fraternity simply responded with "we don't care". Dimentio considers their world boring less because he's a psycho (though he's also that), but doesn't think it fits his idea of "a perfect world". No-one's sure what this would be besides a general To Create a Playground for Evil, and while the Fraternity have their own take on the trope the fact he was willing to destroy everything if he couldn't live to rule everything makes him too unstable to be a potential partner. Dimentio thinks they're hypocrites as he can absolutely imagine a group with no belief or value system than pragmatism having no compunctions with destroying the world if they've completely lost.
  • There are villains out there who created their own world that were willing to work with in full. They vetoed joining with Zim despite his victory in a Bad Future because regardless of the timeline he's an idiot, and the two Megatron as while they've taken over Cybertron in some universes they have at best a disdain for organic life. However Palpatine and Ganondorf, who are both intelligent and have held power in their setting for years, were considered perfectly acceptable business partners. They have also promised to make the Bad Future of many villains where they won the future. Of note:
    • Dr Wily had a universe where thanks to his main obstacles being sent 30 years into the future, he took over. He still had resistance however, and this future was undone when said obstacles returned to the present. Though most incarnations think that Wily's a madman for the whole "pull the moon out of the orbit" he is accepting of the Fraternity's support to make this a reality; he wants time travel to complete Zero much earlier and not have to digitize himself into the virus.
    • Dr Eggman has done Wily one better and conquered the world without the Reset Button being pulled in a number of continuities, eventually succeeding in the main one within the events of Sonic Forces. He still lost control, but points for trying. For the most part the Fraternity and Eggman can work with one another, but they are hesitant on his more crazy incarnations who would threaten the world itself, or outright destroy it if they cannot rule. They have a less severe dynamic with the Shredder, who managed to take over the world in a Bad Future; he's usually fine working with them, but sometimes he's not that interested in their lofty ambitions and with the Utrom incarnation they consider him too unstable. Trying to destroy the TMNT multiverse because you can't accept your nemesis will exist across it is tactidly insane as far as the Fraternity is concerned.
    • Many MLP villains were informed that thanks to time travel there were timelines where they won. They jumped on joining the Fraternity to make these timelines mainstream reality, with the exception of King Sombra; his ego means he refuses to work with anyone. Discord went incognito in hopes of ruining their plans.
  • They are aware of the movie Wanted, but disregard it since beyond the broad strokes it doesn't have a lot in common with their world. The Fraternity there are a bunch of assassins, not supervillains. At most, they accepted the movie's theme song, which the Fraternity admits helps set the mood before a day's work.
  • Also present in the House of Locations.

    Hao Asakura 
Hao Asakura, God of Invincible Villains (Asaha Douji/Dōji, Mappa Douji/Dōji, Demon Child, Son of the Fox, Guardian of Kyoto, Onmyōji Hao, Patch Hao, Princess Hao, Zeke Asakura, Shaman King)
Click here to see Hao without his poncho cloak  
Click here to see Onmyōji Hao (his first life) 
Click here to see Patch Hao (his second life) 
Click here to see Hao as Shaman King 
  • Greater God (Overdeity as Shaman King)
  • Symbol: Asakura family symbol (specifically, the Five Point Star)
  • Theme Song: Hao's Theme and Hao/O.S. Yoh's Theme (shared with Yoh)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, formerly Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain(s): Invincibility, Spirituality, Souls, Reincarnation, Elements
  • High Priest: NEO
  • Followers: Arthur Petrelli, Glory, Daemon
  • Allies: Naoki Kashima, Yamato Hotsuin, Doctor Doom, Aang, Captain Planet, Arthur Pendragon
  • Odd Friendship: Q, The Outsider
  • Enemies: Amon, most of the House of Commerce
  • Complicated Relationship: Yoh Asakura, Anna Kyōyama
  • Fascinated by: Cosmos, Melkor, Lucifer, YHVH, Nyarlathotep, Philemon, Izanami, Yaldaboath, Galeem and Dharkon, the House of Ambiguity
  • Hao was born as Asaha Douji in Japan during the Heian era. His mother, Asanoha Douji, was mistakenly believed to have been a disguised fox spirit by the local villagers due to her ability to see ghosts. As a result, the villagers killed her by burning down the hut she and her son lived in, leaving Asaha alone and vengeful towards all humankind. Asaha saw the world as a grim and dark place until he met a small demon named Ohachiyo, who taught him all the positive aspects of life. However, after an accident involving Asaha's first Over Soul, Ohachiyo became a permanent part of Asaha and cursed him with the dangerous ability of Reishi, the ability to read the hearts of others. Though it was a quite useful ability, Asaha was unable to control this ability and was constantly inundated with the thoughts of those surrounding him. In his teen years, having witnessed the corruption and greed in the capital, Asaha was aloof to those around him, but as he grew into an adult, he became a relatively peaceful man who sought to help the people around him. With the experience of his childhood, Asaha became a talented Onmyōji. Asaha also met Matamune, a stray cat, who became his faithful companion and a real friend. When Matamune died, Asaha gave him some of his spiritual energy so that Matamune could stay with him forever. Asaha's skills had him named the guardian of Kyoto and, inspired by his office, he was given the name Hao Asakura. Later on, he also founded the Asakura family in Kyoto. Nevertheless, the curse implanted on Hao by Ohachiyo was permanent and eventually drove him completely crazy. The internal confusion and disorder that was created eventually led to his desire of creating a Shaman Kingdom on Earth and drove him to become the Shaman King in order to reach his main goal of eliminating all non-shamans. Upon learning of his plans to destroy all of humanity, the Asakuras ousted him and he was eventually killed by one of his own relatives during the Shaman Fights.
  • Following his death, Hao ended up in Hell. However, his Yin-Yang Jutsu, the mastery of the five elements, prevented his permanent death. Fighting his way past the seventy-five Lords of Hell, Hao reached Taizan Fukun, the god of the dead, and negotiated the terms of his reincarnations, making a contract which gave him the ability to resurrect the dead and reincarnate himself at will. In his second life, Hao chose to be reincarnated as a Patch Tribe member, the ones that organized the Shaman King Tournament. During his time as a Patch, he was married and had a wife and a child. He once again projected his idea of a Shaman-only world but, although he managed to gain a group of followers, was ultimately rejected by the shamans he was trying to promote. He was ultimately killed once again during the Shaman Fights by Yohken Asakura and Matamune. Despite the fact that he had died before becoming Shaman King, he achieved his goal of capturing the legendary Spirit of Fire in order to use it as his guardian ghost in his next life.
  • In his third life, Hao chose to be reborn into his original bloodline to become stronger. Wishing to prevent Hao from being reborn and fulfilling his goal, the family agreed to kill him shortly after his birth. However, Hao was born alongside a twin brother, Yoh. Unable to determine which of the twins was Hao, their grandfather, Yohmei, reluctantly decided to kill both infants to be sure. However, Yohmei's brief moment of hesitation allowed the newborn Hao to summon the Spirit of Fire and escape, which, by extension, also resulted in Yoh's life being spared. Hao spent the following years gathering followers in preparation for the Shaman Fights. Ultimately, Hao became Shaman King, but eventually managed to finally let go of his hatred after a battle against Yoh and his friends and a reunion with his mother's spirit. Although he still disliked humanity, Hao was convinced to spare them for the time being, giving them a chance to improve themselves before he passed his judgment upon them.
  • Hao arrived into the Pantheon by appearing seemingly out of nowhere. After briefly looking at his surroundings, he simply stated "so small" before entering his temple, which had similarly appeared out of nowhere. The GUAE was strongly interested in recruiting him to their cause due to the massive power he possesses. However, Hao has made it clear that he's not interested in joining any side, preferring to remain an uninvolved observer.
  • When given the option of appointing a high priest, Hao was rather hesitant, as he didn't want to deal with someone he didn't like. He ultimately settled on NEO, whom he felt a connection to due to tha fact that NEO had similarly abandoned his plans after the heroes talked him into a Heel Realization.
  • Hao frequently visits the Houses of Ambiguity and Philosophy in order to study and observe the various aspects of morality. As such, he took an interest in Cosmos, Melkor, YHVH and Lucifer, as they each represent the Four Cardinal Moral Alignments that form the cores of all philosophies.
    • Cosmos adviced him to spare humanity, appealing to the goodness within Hao and reminding him of the time that he resurrected Yoh, Anna and Hana after they had been killed. Hao merely replied that, although he had let go of his hatred, he still wasn't entirely convinced that ordinary humans would be able to improve themselves in time and remarked that he had only resurrected his family because Anna had blackmailed him.
    • Melkor told him to proceed with his original goal and then rule over the surviving shamans, stating that Hao had been right in judging ordinary humans as being unworthy of continued survival. Although he admittedly still dislikes humans, Hao replied that his original plan was based on what was basically a petty grudge and that he refuses to return to his old ways.
    • YHVH stated that the only way to achieve true stability and order is to subject everyone to his will. Hao outright rejected the idea, as he has no intention of eliminating free will and prefers convincing people to join him willingly.
    • Lucifer explained his desire to create a world with absolute freedom where all sentient beings would be free to do as they pleased. While Hao agrees that free will should be preserved, he does not agree with Lucifer's extremeness, as he believes that order should be preserved as well.
  • He once had a rather interesting encounter with both Nyarlathotep and Philemon, the living embodiments of all the evil and goodness of humanity. He didn't particularly like either one, as Nyarlathotep kept trying to tempt him into returning to his evil ways and Philemon annoyed him with his God's Hands Are Tied policy and his general disaffection with his champions.
  • Other deities that have drawn his interest include Ryoji Mochizuki, Izanami and Yaldabaoth. Ryoji's status of being the Nyx Avatar and the Anti Anti Christ is something that Hao finds rather intriguing, given that Ryoji doesn't remember being the Nyx Avatar and doesn't want to use his abilities to end the world, which contrasts with Hao's previous goal of deliberately trying to wipe out ordinary humans. Izanami's inhuman morality similarly fascinates him due to the fact that she almost wiped out humanity through an Assimilation Plot due to a misunderstanding of what humans desire. It gives him an appreciation for his human origin, preventing him from making a similar mistake as Shaman King. Yaldabaoth's desire to subjugate humanity under his "guidance" and his status as the Treasure of Mementos, representing humanity's desire for a savior who would guide them to utopia, is something that Hao ultimately finds undesirable, as he still wants people to change for the better by their own free will, rather than having it be forced upon them.
  • Hao is also fascinated by Galeem and Dharkon, the dueling manifestations of order and chaos. He found it interesting that the two not only fought each other but were willing to capture and force others to fight for them as well. The fact that neither of the two is benevolent or seemingly interested in the welfare of other beings reminded Hao of the hatred that he used to feel towards humanity and he remarked that Galeem and Dharkon are both consumed by a similar hatred towards each other.
  • His reunion with Yoh and Anna was rather awkward, given their history and the fact that he had previously resurrected them after Anna blackmailed him. After Yoh gave a friendly greeting and Anna aloofly acknowledged his presence, Hao remarked that, in spite of their past together, he was genuinely happy to see them and wouldn't mind visiting them from time to time.
  • Hao managed to strike up something of a friendship with Naoki Kashima and Yamato Hotsuin. Naoki's contemplative nature and their respective accomplishments provide a good source for conversation and the two are occasionally seen playing puzzle games or even having friendly sparring matches. Similarly, Yamato's goal to create a fair world where everyone gets exactly what they deserve appealed to Hao and resulted in the two getting along pretty well.
  • He's on good terms with Doctor Doom, who similarly wishes to create a better world. Hao was curious as to whether or not Doom would try to obtain his power, as Doom has a history of stealing power from cosmic beings for himself. However, Doom assured him that he has no intention of doing so now that he's undergone a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Hao gets along quite well with Avatar Aang and Captain Planet, as they share his desire to protect nature. Neither is particularly comfortable with Hao's former villainy, but are happy that he's willing to give humanity a chance to improve themselves. Hao is rather impressed by their respective mastery over the elements, which is similar to his own. He was also surprised to learn about Aang's ability to reincarnate, although Aang can't directly remember his past lives and neither can he directly pass on his own memories to his successor, Korra.
  • Hao managed to befriend King Arthur Pendragon after hearing about how Arthur intended to wish on the Holy Grail in order to create a utopia where everything would be peaceful and there would be no suffering. However, Arthur eventually abandoned this ideal in the First Holy Grail War after a conversation with a young Ayaka Sajyou made him understand that he didn't need to spend his days mourning his Britain and trying to undo the past. Hao was rather surprised by how similar their experiences were and the two spent an afternoon having a pleasant conversation. They have remained on good terms ever since.
  • Surprisingly, Hao managed to befriend Q and the Outsider due to the fact that all three have a shared interest in observing humans and their morality. Q tends to be rather critical of how Hao's hatred nearly resulted in him wiping out all ordinary people, which Hao has acknowledged as a valid criticism. The Outsider views Hao as a kindred spirit, as they had both suffered cruelty at the hands of humans at a young age, which resulted in both of them developing a dislike for humanity. The three of them are occasionally seen together in various locations throughout the pantheon, which tends to make people worry that they might be up to something.
  • Due to his past as a Super Supremacist, Amon and the equalists strongly oppose Hao and view him as one of their biggest enemies. Hao is rather amused by their attempts to attack him, which haven't really amounted to anything.
  • Hao strongly dislikes the House of Commerce, as he views money as the primary reason behind the corruption in society. He refuses to use it and had his group follow the philosophy of being completely self-sufficient, even if it meant stealing something to obtain it. However, Hao's disdain is primarily focused on those that use their money for evil purposes. As such, good and neutral deities within the house generally manage to stay on his good side.
  • Hao was rather surprised to learn of an alternate universe in which he was noticeably more villainous. He was particularly impressed by the fact that the Yoh of that universe actually managed to kill him by somehow gathering the necessary power. Although regarded as a victory, Hao pointed out that, if that had actually happened to him, he would have simply reincarnated again 500 years later and would have been even stronger, making his victory inevitable.
  • Upon learning of the Throne of Heroes, a place existing outside of both the World and the time axis where Heroic Spirits reside, he compared it to the inside of the Great Spirit, where he and previous Shaman Kings reside and where only people Hao wishes to enter may come. Hao was also surprised by how much the Holy Grail Wars resemble the Shaman Fights, as they're also intense battle royales between proficient magi meeting in battle in order to claim the Holy Grail, an artifact purportedly capable of granting any wish to whoever acquires it. Overall, Hao is quite fascinated by the Holy Grail Wars but is also rather irritated by the fact that the winning pair has to be very specific with their wording when wishing upon the grail in order to for their wish to be granted, whereas the Shaman Fights don't feature such inconvenience.
  • Hao was amused to discover his Japanese voice sounds like those of Pai Chan, Axl and Kiki. However, aside from this, Hao isn't particularly interested in interacting with any of them.

    Mr Shadow/The Evil 
Mr Shadow, God of Villains Who Only Need One Victory To Be Supreme (The Evil, The Great Evil, Anti-Life, Anti-Lifeforce)

    Tenjuro Banno 
Tenjuro Banno, God of Exerting His Superiority over Other Villains (Professor Banno, iDad - call him that at your own peril, Banno Driver, Gold Drive)
Banno (in Tablet form) 
Banno Driver 
Gold Drive 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The iPad tablet carrying his Consciousness. Actually, the Banno Driver itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Created the Roidmudes for Evil Purposes and Being a Far Worse Villain Than Them, Morally Bankrupt Scientist, Hate Sink, Control Freaks, Sociopathic Narcissists, Abusive Parents, God Complexes, Evil Knockoffs, Evil Former Friend to Krim, Excessively Cruel to Everyone, Lack of Empathy, Petty Villains, Being Hated by both Humanity and the Roidmudes like Heart, Brain, and Medic, Being as evil as the Devil, Archnemesis Dad to Go, Dying an Ironic Death, Asshole Victims
  • Domains: Science, Hatred, Insanity, Evil, Godhood
  • Herald: Roidmude 004
  • High Priest: Kiyoto Maki
  • Follower: Ginias Sahalin
  • Allies: All ascended Toku Villains (especially Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Mesogog, and Shocker), Darkseid, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Relius Clover, Dr. Weil, Ragyo Kiryuin, Embryo, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Dr. Wily, Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King
  • Enemies: All ascended Toku Heroes (especially Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach (his son), Heart Roidmude, Brain Roidmude, and Medic Roidmude), All Ascended Pretty Cures, Akane Tsunemori, the Sailor Guardians, Hank Pym, Ultron, The Terminator, Mega Man, X, Proto Man, Zero, Ichigo Kurosaki, Tidus, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ange, Tusk, Barry Allen/The Flash, Yuno Gasai, Zuko, Jin Kazama, The Parrs, Nanoha Takamichi, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Naruto Uzumaki, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, Kirito and Asuna, Yui, Night Raid, Monaca Towa
  • Opposed By: Krim Steinbelt
  • A former follower of Ryoma Sengoku who had managed to ascend in the pantheon due to his accomplishments of creating the Roidmudes for his evil schemes, as well as his overall actions were proven to be more evil than his creations. His other reason of ascending in the pantheon is to re-enact his master plan again, called the "Pantheonic Global Freeze" so he can conquer the whole pantheon.
  • His plans would consider him a threat to many Toku Heroes, such as the Kamen Riders, and Magical Girls, such as the Pretty Cures and the Sailor Warriors, because of the nature of the said plan where every surrounding would stop completely and he can digitized them into data through his Sigma Circular device. Because of this, the Toku Heroes and the Magical Girls stands up in a attempt to foil his plans.
    • Inspector Akane Tsunemori also hates his guts since his evil actions considers him a latent criminal and she will dare to stop his plans.
    • The Night Raid also considered him a threat and he was condemned to be assassinate by them since his stint as a Mad Scientist reminding them too much of their enemy Dr. Stylish.
    • On the other hand, the Trollkaigers, along with Dr. Weil, Monokuma and his Mastermind, were very supportive of him carrying his master plan as they wanted to spread anarchy and despair to any who oppose them.
  • Upon entering the pantheon, he also brought Roidmude 006's lifeless body with him while he also gained the means to assumed the form of his human guise.
  • He also brought 004 as his loyal herald as a means of helping him in his evil inventions due to 004 managed to copy a dying Krim Steinbelt back in the past.
  • Has managed to recruit Kiyoto Maki as his High Priest because he is amused of Maki's actions of being worse than any of the Greeeds much like how his action are far worse than any of the Roidmudes in general.
  • Has became enemies with Hank Pym because Hank describes his actions of creating the Roidmudes for his evil plans is far worse than him for creating Ultron because, unlike Banno, Hank intends to use Ultron for its benevolent use.
  • He also meets another robot in the form of Ultron, most likely due to his similar backgrounds with the Roidmudes, Banno was also surprised that his followers were his creations itself and Ultron was very cautious of him due to his reputation of controlling the Roidmudes for his petty plans.
    • Due to his reputation creating his creations for his own agenda, he became a public enemy number 1 in the eyes of many robotic deities like Mega Man, Proto Man, X, Zero, and The Terminator, since they were cautious of his act of corrupting every robots via implanting the control chip that could turn them into his destructive robot puppets for his evil plans.
  • He is close allies with Relius Clover because the latter was proud of Banno having the same path as he does. Relius was delight of his stint as he will assist Banno in conquering the pantheon through his master plan.
  • Has made in ally in the form of Embryo, despite the latter's dislike for chaos. He was quite impressed Embryo's manipulative and charismatic abilities and feels that he could learn a thing or two from him. Embryo is more than happy to lend his assistance... provided that Banno can grant him an audience the "lovely" Angel Roidmude.
    • His involvement with Embryo also made him enemies with Ange and Tusk because he became aware of them being allies with Shinnosuke.
  • Has also made an alliance with Ragyo Kiryuin as he is amused of her act of distributing clothes that contains an hostile Life Fibers on it, and Dr. Wily because thy both shared the same ambition of turning their robots into evil beings. The trio formed a pact and they worked together to create hybrid forms consisting of the Roidmudes imbued with the powers of the Life Fibers.
  • He quickly became enemies with the likes of Ichigo Kurosaki and Tidus after he notice that they sounds similar to his own while the two hates his guts for being an Control Freak he is. Go also sympathizes with them over how his father is making deities like them (even Claire Stanfield) look bad.
  • Due to him being the evil knockoff to the Drive System, he also made enemies with The Flash as the latter pointed out Gold Drive's color schemes are the same as his Arch-Enemy the Reverse Flash.
  • Due to him being an Abusive Parent, he drew an ire on many Good-aligned Families and Doting Parents such as the The Parrs, the Uzumaki, Nanoha, Fate, Kirito, and Asuna, even then likes of Jin Kazama, Yui, Hotaru Tomoe, Zuko, Ryuko Matoi, and Satsuki Kiryuin, hates his guts and they all described him as nothing but a "devil" who will do anything just for the sake of his own plans.
  • He was irritated that his opposition Krim and the Special Investigation Unit's Kamen Riders are ascending alongside him. He was very cautious towards his son Go, after all, his son was the one who ended his existence back then.
    • This gets worse that he, along with Ryoma Sengoku, got banned in the House of Technology because of their respective crimes they commit in their respective verses. That is until both him and Ryoma joined Shocker as a means to continue his diabolical plans of creating evil Roidmudes that were fully obedient under him.

Intermediate Gods

    Crow (Nefarious
"Stop me if you've heard this one before: Bad guy crashes party, kidnaps princess, makes dramatic exit. Plucky, handsome hero gives chase. Epic quest ensues. But, funny story..."
"Yeah, I'M the bad guy."

Crow, God of Villains Who Triumph (Broomstick, Pencil Man, Crowley, Crow Beans, Purple Pipsqueak, Purple Friend)
  • Intermediate God by himself, Greater God with his machines
  • Symbol: His Cool Helmet. Alternatively, his X or Crow Insigma.
  • Theme Song: Crow's Theme outside his temple and The Sovereign if inside his temple. Alternatively, The Bad Guy's Gonna Win
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil or at least that's what he's willing to claim; more like Chaotic Neutral, especially if things go too far
  • Portfolio: Having a family name history revolving around birds, having a Power Fist be his Weapon of Choice alongside bombs, a Classic Villain whom is proud to be a Super Villain, Cool Airship, Big Bad who triumphs over the heroes, treating his captives/minions well enough that he attends races and tennis matches held by those he kidnapped and caring enough for his captives to give up his plans because he secretly cares about them too much
  • Domains: Villainy, Geniuses, Inventors, Princess Kidnapping
  • Herald: Becky, his secretary/crush
  • High Priest: Megabyte
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman, Hades, Dr. Wily, The Pinky And The Brain, Lord Hater And Commander Peepers, Q-Bee, Wario, Other Villains
  • Not So Different: Laharl, Mao, Etna, Zetta
  • Rivals: Queen Sectonia, Junkrat and Roadhog, Jinx, Ganondorf, The Soldier and Demoman (Friendly with the last 2)
  • Enemies: The House of Heroism, Princess Zelda, The MLP pony deities, Discord, Rosalina, Sonic, Mario, Mega Man, Link, Kirby, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, The Power Rangers, Meta Knight, Morgana
  • Friendly Enemies: Plague Knight, Mona, Princess Peach and Daisy, Kefka (at least until Kefka goes too far), Mr. Burns, Bowser
  • Admires: The House of Dragons and Explosives
  • Applauded by: The House of Villainy
  • Pities: The Professor (Felix The Cat)
  • Disgusted by: The House of Anti-Heroes, The House of Friendship, any deity who tries to befriend him, most noticeably Wander and The Blorg
  • For a good chunk of villains, they often do not succeed in their end goal and are often defeated by the heroes before they can even take over a single kingdom. However, there is always a couple of villains who slip through this standard and sometimes flat out win against the heroes. Meet Crow, a Sky Pirate who hails from a long line of other villains who taught him everything he knew (save for a Great-Grandfather who became an Anti-Hero, a title that Crow finds disgusting). His goal is to kidnap all the princesses of the world to power up a doomsday device to Take Over the World, starting with his hometown princess, Mayapple and defeating the hero, Mack. Thanks to a Moment of Weakness with Mack considering Crow as a Harmless Villain, Crow was able to finally win, and over the course of his journey his came across other heroes and managed to best each one of them, no matter who they were, getting ever so closer to his goal. Such a feat was considered so impressive that the House of Villains quickly warmed up to him and invited him into the Pantheon, which he accepted, with various other villains praising him for his success.
    • Although it isn't all good for him, as the House of Time and Space picked up two timelines which occurred once he had all the princesses inside his Doom Howitzer. From here, he could truly win, defeating the hero one last time as Hyper Mack, and tosses aside all of the friends he formed throughout his journey. The other ending has him give it all up, getting infected by The Power of Friendship and even helping Mayapple take down Becky by telling Mayapple what she needs to do. Unfortunately, it was his former timeline self and not the latter that ascended, and while some villains shook their head in shame, other villains still treat him with respect as they still see him win over heroes with ease.
  • Crow has commissioned for the House of Villainy a villains museum to be opened up within said house, having it exist as a trophy case of the sorts for other villains to place souvenirs, relics and other memorable items about their own personal triumphs. Crow has an entire wing dedicated to his accomplishments.
    • Crow once sung about how the bad guy, more specifically, himself, will win. The House Of Villains has taken a liking to this and uses it as a rallying cry to motivate their members, placing it alongside the likes of Voltaire's "When You're Evil". While Crow was initially happy to see such a positive reaction, he was repulsed to find out that Darth Vader performed a Heel–Face Turn upon death, seeing how he referenced him as a villain within his song. He is on a more positive relationship with Mr. Burns and Kefka however, although he is thinking of potentially betraying Kefka should he grow too evil for his liking.
      • To Crow's dismay, Mettaton found out about a game show he once starred on, "Would You Date A Supervillain?" Even more embarrassing to Crow, Mettaton had it approved for the pantheon, allowing the show's original owner, Manfred Frowney, to come up to shoot the episodes with him, sometimes dragging Crow along to star as a bachelor.
    Crow: This is a absolute waste of my time...
  • Crow actually once held a fundraiser to help get his first adventure off the ground. What makes his story more unique than others is that he actually managed to secure the last of his funds within the last hour of said fundraiser. It's because of this that other Kickstarter based heroes, like Shovel Knight and Shantae at least admire the story, even if he's something they both would go after if he's causing trouble.
    • Speaking of Shovel Knight, he seems to have some respect for Plague Knight, given that he was also a Villain Protagonist of his own side story to Shovel Knight's adventure alongside all of his explosive bombs, which also helps makes Plague Knight favorable in Crow's eyes. Even if Plague Knight becomes something of an Anti-Hero near the end of his adventure to the point he admits he really didn't want to Take Over the World, Crow can't really blame him as his dedication for his assistant, Mona, was what kicked his quest off to prove his love to her. Even though he often has to excuse himself to go gag in the bathroom after hearing of Plague Knight's love story, Crow and Plague Knight still remain vastly impressed by each other, though Plague Knight's new title has him fighting against Crow whenever he tries to kidnap princesses, not that they mind.
      • He also is very interested in Junkrat, Roadhog and Jinx due to a shared love of explosives, but the problem is that Crow builds too much machines for their liking, and add in the fact that they would rather just blow up things, this causes any attempt with Crow negotiating with them to end with him retreating and hoping they just blow themselves up.
  • He crafted his own airship and inventions, ranging from death rays to giant robots. As such, he has gained the appreciation and awe of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, to the point that he gets invited to their poker games, joining them alongside the likes of Mr. Burns. Also helps that as they were some of his inspiration for his weapons and machine's designs, he's willing to help them out with their threats of Sonic and Megaman for a discount fee. In return, Sonic and Mega Man detest Crow and are some of the first responders to any scene that has Crow stirring up trouble with either of them. Mega Man was especially unnerved by how similar Crow looks like a robot master.
  • Due to how opposite his title is with the Professor's title from "Felix the Cat", he has tried to take the Professor underneath his wing, outright pitying him for not even scoring a single win over Felix, no matter how meaningless it may be. At least Dr. Eggman once won a carpet after tricking Sonic. So far, no progress what so ever has been achieved, mainly due to how new and powerful the Pantheon is to both geniuses.
  • It's not just princesses he would capture, princes work just as well, though mostly if the princess in question is difficult to reign in. He once tried to kidnap the princesses from the My Little Pony universe, only to get ran out by being blasted with magic by Celestia and Luna, and he's not willing to divulge into the damages that him trying to kidnap Princess Twilight caused.
    • He once tried to kidnap Zelda, only to get fought back by not only Zelda herself, but also Link, all of their allies within the Pantheon, and even Ganondorf himself. Crow has since decided it would be best to bring a whole army next time he decides to kidnap her.
  • Apparently has a fondness for dragons, saying that they are cool, and thus, the House of Dragons is one of the few places Crow has no real plan for invading or conquering. Also helps that Bowser's temple is in here, having this place be an optimal location for him to invite other villains to play poker with.
    Crow: Who doesn't like dragons? Crazy people!
  • He also especially likes the House of Explosives, and frequently challenges The Soldier and Demoman to an explosive jumping contest. The trio sees each other as rivals and are constantly attempting to jump the highest with their explosives. Doesn't stop them from going out and drinking once it's all done.
    • On the other hand, he views the House of Anti-Heroes to be disgusting, reminding him of his great grandfather who was an Anti-Hero, considering him the black sheep of the family. Likewise, he isn't against waging a fight or two against the house. And of course, he's straight up banned from the House of Heroism, but not that it stops him from bursting open a hole to invade them and to take a screenshot with him and his wanted poster within the house, and if he has enough time, scare Morgana (who is afraid of crows) with his presence and crow emblem he has.
  • Similarly, he is confused as with why so many nice deities want to befriend him. He has since grown annoyed with the House of Friendship and Happiness especially for going out of their way to befriend him so many times. Upon hearing of a new ascension, the Blorg commonality decided to attempt to befriend him and him troops. Needless to say, Crow and his army were forced back into his temple where they held a last stand against the Blorgs, only managing to win the war thanks to Crow's inventions. As such, Crow tends to avoid the House of Aliens whenever it is possible.
    • He has, however, found an ally in Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, with the former reminding Crow a bit of himself, and with Peepers giving Crow a vibe of how his own assistant, Becky, is. Helps that they also are hounded by Wander and his quest to befriend them, especially after Wander caught wind of how Crow helped saved his world after he realized that he was going too far, like how Lord Hater saved his own universe from Lord Dominator after she was one planet away from total destruction. Crow outright feels sick whenever Wander considers him or Lord Hater a "hero".
    Crow: You are a pint-sized pain in my purple patoot.
  • He's on less friendly terms with Ganondorf and Queen Sectonia, as he views the former as a creep who doesn't know how to enjoy himself (even if he is impressed by the title Ganon ascended under), and the latter as an ugly, overly exaggerated version of Princess Apodia, a bee princess that he got to know during the time he kidnapped her, angering Queen Sectonia to the point she has declared Crow an enemy to him and her kingdom. In all actuality, he's just flat out disgusted by their end goals and views them as a greater evil than him. While Crow has yet to step out onto the line to fight against Ganon, because of his new hatred for Queen Sectonia, Crow has started aiding Q-Bee in her fight against the evil queen, finding her to be much more comfortable to hang around with than their mutual enemy. He also wonders if this Bee would also be interested in treasure hunting.
    • On the topic of treasure hunting, he did form an alliance with Wario, teaming up with him to go treasure hunting from time to time around the Pantheon. That said, he does need to keep an eye on him to see if he tries to steal some of Crow's treasure. As of now, their gains from hunting for money are split 50/50, though time will tell if Wario will desire more.
  • Despite all of his insistence that he's a villain, he does claim that he has a vision of a better world in mind. It's just that he believes that the best way of accomplishing this is by having the world acknowledge him as their leader, build golden statues of him and name a couple holidays after him. Brain and Pinky can certainly see where he's coming from right down to the both of them giving up their chance to take over the world just to please their friends, even if Crow insists he isn't friends with the princesses he kidnaps, and are currently trying to strike a deal with him to help him Take Over the World. So far, they are negotiating between how they should split the world. Right now, they are at 25%/75%, with the 25% being all the land the Brain will control while Crow controls all of the oceans in the world. Crow's hoping to reach a better deal along the lines of favoring him with a 70%/30% deal.
  • He once tried to kidnap one of Kirby's friends, mistaking her for a princess. Meta Knight and Kirby quickly put an end to it, even if Kirby accidentally gained Crow's powers and desire to kidnap.
    • While Kirby and Meta Knight don't like him because of this incident, Meta Knight has especially grew a dislike for him, especially as how powerful he can become should he truly act evil, let alone his airship that can prove damaging with Orbital Strikes. He's relieved for now to see that Crow lost his airship after it was shot down by Tephora, but is still watching Crow to ensure he doesn't do too much damage, stepping in when needed.
      • On the other hand, Crow doesn't view the Power Rangers as anything serious, considering how he met a similar group called The Treble Rangers, right down to the color coordination. Unfortunately for Crow, this group is noticeably more powerful than the Treble Rangers, and Crow since started having various machines on standby to even stand a chance against them.
  • Several members of the Pantheon have pointed out how similar Crow was to Mao, Zetta, Laharl and Etna. In order from most favorable to least favorable...
    • He admires at how villainous Zetta is and secretly admires how protective he is of her future daughter and anyone who reminds him of her (who in turn reminds Crow a bit of Princess Farrah Day), to the point of helping him out at times to the point he sometimes has to babysit her...
    • Crow finds Laharl to be another fellow evil-doer to the point he insists that they both really are evil...
    • He wants to help Mao research this "Power Of The Cosmos" to harness the full power of them...
    • And finally, wishes to keep as far away from Etna as possible after a snide comment about cup size.
  • Crow was selected to be the final boss of a tournament featuring other indie game characters. Those who get to the final round must face him on the deck of his airship. Anyone that did face him said he was actually quite tough, despite what one might think.

SCP-2006, The God Who's More Dangerous Than He Seems (Too Spooky)
SCP-2006 in the form of Ro-Man.
  • Intermediate God, Keter by SCP standards
  • Symbol: Its default form of a sphere 50 cm in diameter
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Shapeshifter, Affably Evil, Scaring For The Heck Of It, Comical Keter Class, In-Universe Nightmare Retardant, Harmless Villain...Only Because He's Not Aware What's REALLY Scary, Implacable Man, B-Movie, May Just Be Humoring The Foundation
  • Domains: Narm, Shapeshifting, Anomalies, Scares
  • Followers: Etemon, The Top, Onimi, Clownpiece
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Banned from: The Houses of Dread and Valor, Knowledge, Otherness and Military and Warfare
  • Allies: SCP-3166, Spooky, Ed Wood, Erma
  • Interests: Thaal Sinestro, Pitch Black
  • Enemies: The Men in Black, Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Billy, Finn the Human, Hal Jordan
  • Disappoints: Pennywise, H.P Lovecraft
  • SCP-2006, also known as Too Spooky, is a strange choice for a Keter-class SCP. It wishes to scare people for the fun of it, and can shapeshift into people's fears. However it takes the form of "scary" movie figures considered So Bad, It's Good and Nightmare Retardant. It seems Safe if anything. But this is only because SCP-2006 is tricked into thinking they're scary. It can still transform into just about anything, it just needs the knowledge to do so.
  • One of the most restricted gods in the Pantheon, due to its shapeshifting powers having no limits. No-one wants this thing to learn true terror like the horror of war, nuclear annihilation or worse. If information does get out, the Men in Black try to use neuralizers to suppress that information. The Grand United Alliance of Evil is working to break out SCP-2006 and show it how to really be scary, which the Grand United Alliance of Good considers high priority to stop and keep it ignorant.
  • Of the houses it is banned, the House of Dread and Valor does their best to keep it from entering. While it can't go into that house, members of that house can still visit him. Spooky has become one of its few allies, as she feels bad that like herself SCP-2006 has difficulty scaring people despite really wanting to. Also they have "Spooky" in their names. Thankfully it didn't get the memo of its forms being Nightmare Retardant, but appreciated a fellow scarer.
  • Erma has been seen being friendly with SCP-2006. The authorities have warned her to PLEASE not show it how to be scary and instead try and mimic her.
  • Both Sinestro and Pitch Black see enormous potential despite the SCP Foundation trying to cover it, Sinestro in particular wishes to harness that potential as a member of the Sinestro Corps. He's managed to get as far as giving SCP-2006 a test ring, though for now it states it prefers to show off what it can do naturally.
  • Pennywise seems at best annoyed and at worst disgusted with SCP-2006. It has the potential to be just as dangerous, if not more than itself, but is blinded to think otherwise. It considers it's Affably Evil nature a limiting factor as well. H.P Lovecraft finds Too Spooky rather disappointing given it comes from a series known for horrifying Lovecraftian monsters.
  • Kept out of the House of Knowledge to make sure it doesn't catch on, or Otherness so it doesn't think to mimic the different monsters there. Mike and Sulley believe it has the potential to supply both laughs and fears, however, they're staying far away from it since it can't be trusted or expected to be a Punch-Clock Villain and simply frighten/humor children.
  • Sees B-Movie horror schlock as effect scares. It came to Ed Wood and congratulated the human on being truly terrifying, believing him to be a great horror director. The other horror directors wisely avoided it, and Ed Wood feigned gratitude. The two have formed an Odd Friendship, coming to enjoy each other's company in B-movie night. This has become a hobby of it. The MST3K crew try their best not to riff these movies in his presence.
  • One of the few beings frightened by SCP-2006 despite its narmy forms is Billy. Giant spiders are often seen in B-movies, and despite transforming into a bad rubber spider prop it was enough to trigger his arachnophobia and smash with chairs. The SCP Foundation has considered using Billy as part of the containment procedure.
  • Its true nature is unknown, but Remus Lupin speculates it to be an incredibly powerful boggart. He made the mistake of encountering SCP-2006, who turned into his greatest fear of the Moon. As in, the actual "over a quarter the diameter of Earth" Moon. A Colony Drop was only narrowly avoided by the combined efforts of the House of Time and Space, and Gru's shrink ray being borrowed. It decided to return to "normal" when informed that if it crushed everyone as the Moon, there'd be no people to scare.
  • Finn sought to stop it, having managed to overcome his fears by slaying the Fear Feaster. SCP-2006's response was to transform into the Lich. Finn barely managed to beat it in this form, and had to be convinced that the Lich was very funny instead of the freaking Lich to re-contain it. The actual Lich hasn't dignified this with a response, only remarking he finds the SCP "pathetic".
  • Naturally it is opposed by Hal Jordan due to being an entity who seeks to frighten people. However, his constructs have yet to put SCP-2006 down, nor anything the SCP Foundation has used. There's no known way to damage this monster.
  • There's a good chance that enough information has been leaked for SCP-2006 to realize what is truly scary, and he's just humoring people. He may have been aware of this from the start, and is playing the SCP Foundation.

    Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja 
Takeshi Asakura, God of Big Bad Wannabes (Kamen Rider Ouja)
Takeshi Asakura as he appears during the events of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
Kamen Rider Ouja 
Ouja Survive 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Ouja Survive)
  • Symbol: The Ouja Advent Deck
  • Theme Song: "Spinnin' Around"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad Wannabes, Blood Knights, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, Knight of Cerebus, Purple Is Powerful, Unite Vent, Stylish Villains, Evil Is Bigger, Crazy-Prepared, Petty Villains, Hate Sink, Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, Complete Monster.
  • Domains: Combat, Chaos, Depravity, Crime, Mirrors, Cobras, Death Games, Tragedy
  • Heralds: Venosnaker, Metalgelas, and Evildiver (his Contract Monsters, can combine into Genocider)
  • High Priests: Kitazaki/Dragon Orphnoch
  • Followers: Divine/Sayer, Long Feng, The Duke of Weselton, Garland
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Villains, The Kurgan, Ali Al-Saachez, Gleeman Vox, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia and Yuuki Terumi)
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight, Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, and Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu (Shin)), Masashi Sudo/Kamen Rider Scissors, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Sora Shiun'in, Judai Yuki, Yukiteru Amano, Yuno Gasai, Reisuke Houjou, Shino Asada/Sinon
  • He made his way into the pantheon after he proved himself to be one of most despicable evil Rider ever exists due to him being entirely evil by committing every misdeed during the war of the 13 Riders. His ways had inspired many of his successors like Ryoma Sengoku and Katsumi Daido, since they do follow his footsteps of being an evil rider much to his amusement.
    • Shinji and Ren were not happy of his ascension in the pantheon since they had faced him during the Rider Battle back in the Mirror World, as the two Riders must prepare themselves once Asakura will make the same moves again.
  • Asakura somewhat became allies with The Kurgan after he notice of his bloodthirsty methods had impressed the Rider. No wonder that the two of them will work together so they can cause a lot of killings in the pantheon.
  • He also had the same reactions with Ali Al-Saachez after he is impressed with his destructive actions back in his own universe. They also look forward to work together with their schemes to wreck havoc in the future.
  • Also formed an alliance with Gleeman Vox as Asakura was impressed with his DreadZone show. Gleeman also has plans for him to be a part of his game as Asakura doesn't mind about it as long as he gets to kill anyone in that cruel game show.
  • He was also being close allies with the Trollkaiger, mostly due to his close ties with another Toku Villain in Basco, also Terumi was rather impressed with Asakura's Rider form and his contract monster (which is a cobra), and it also reminds Terumi of his own Snake Motifs, which draws closer to Asakura's Cobra motif.
  • He was not very impressed with Takatora Kureshima because he thought he was his Armored/New Generation Rider equivalent but it turns out that the younger Kureshima, Mitsuzane, was following his footsteps until Asakura became disappointed with Micchy who had redeemed himself in the end. The Kureshima brothers also hate his guts because his depravity reminding them of both Sengoku and Sid (and also in Micchy's case, himself at that time).
  • He is not also impressed with Minene Uryu because he thought she is doing his footsteps after she switched sides on helping Yukiteru Amano. Speaking of Yukiteru, he, along with Yuno and Reisuke, hates his guts because of his criminal status reminding them much closer to Takao Hiyama.
  • He had an intense hatred towards Masato Kusaka after he heard his opinion on him being a "low life criminal" that even he knows better than to hang out with. This gets worse when Sora Shiun'in came along as the young duelist perceived him as an evil being probably due to how Kusaka teach his ways to Shiun'in. Upon knowing this, he swears to them that he will kill them someday.
    • Judai also hates him for stealing the Contract Monsters of the Riders he killed and fusing them, seeing Genocider as twisted form of his beloved fusion summon. It should be noted that this is also a reason why Sora Shiun'in hates him but Asakura only laughs at that and points out that his use of Frightfur Chimera makes them not so different.
    • To put it simply, almost everyone will usually agree that he, along with Sengoku and Banno, were actually worse than people like Kusaka.
  • Was very angered that his Arch-Enemy Shuichi Kitaoka had managed to ascend into the pantheon, after all they have a bad blood ever since he became a Rider during the conflict between the 13 Riders. As of now, he can finally settle the score with him when the right time comes.

Lesser Gods

Scourge, God of New Threats that Upstage Old Ones (Tiny)
Scourge (pictured at the top)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His dog tooth-studded collar
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Final Boss, Small But Dangerous, The Dreaded, Was Once A Cute Kitten, Spikes of Villainy, The Cain to Firestar's Abel, Social Darwinist, All Too Happy to Betray Tigerstar, Complete Monster, Psycho for Hire, Popular Enough To Get His Own Spinoff, Debuts In The Last Book of the First Arc, Dragon Ascendant, Becoming the Mask, Leader and Founder of BloodClan, Bad Boss, Revenge
  • Domains: Betrayal, Vengeance, Rises to Power
  • Heralds: Bone, Snake, Ice
  • Followers: BloodClan, King Mondo, Smithy, Phibrizo
  • Allies: Scar, Gus Fring, Starscream, Tony Montana, Lord Voldemort, Walder Frey, Charles Zi Britannia, Emperor Palpatine, Makuta Teridax
  • Enemies: Firestar (his half-brother), Bluestar, Jayfeather, Bastet, Simba, Mufasa, Azula, Emperor Calus, the House of Religion and Faith, all Older Sibling Bullies in the Pantheon
  • Before he became the bloodthirsty and psychotic maniacal leader of BloodClan, Scourge was a kitten named "Tiny" who dreamed of adventuring in the forest, and was on the receiving end of bullying by his siblings. Eventually, one day he ran away from owner into the forest, only to be viciously attacked by a young Tigerstar, then known as Tigerpaw. Tiny then escaped to the city, where he slowly but surely started gaining followers whilst adopting a "survival of the fittest" mentality, eventually forming BloodClan and taking up the name "Scourge".
  • Eventually, one day he reunited with Tigerstar, then leader of ShadowClan. While Scourge recognized Tigerstar, the latter didn't recognize Scourge as the kit he once attacked long ago, though Scourge didn't give any indication of this. He accepted Tigerstar's offer to join the newly formed TigerClan, but had no intention of fulfilling it. Eventually, shortly after learning of Tigerstar's crimes, Scourge took the opportunity to turn on him and seize power for himself, killing all of Tigerstar's nine lives in one blow. However, several days later, he fought Firestar in battle, and while he managed to take one of Firestar's lives in battle, the latter killed Scourge upon revival, bringing an end to BloodClan and Scourge's reign of terror.
  • Upon his ascension, Scourge went from house to house recruiting followers and allies in hopes of rebuilding BloodClan, and has gained allies in deities such as Scar, though it doesn't do him much good that most of the deities in the Pantheon aren't cats. He was also surprised to learn that he and Firestar were parenteral half-brothers, and tried to use this opportunity to recruit Firestar to his cause. Obviously, Firestar knew better than to trust Scourge, and the two have remained enemies ever since.
    • He has also gained an enemy in Bluestar, as for her, he tried to destroy the Clans, while he simultaneously blames her for not doing more in trying to stop Tigerpaw from attacking him back when he was a kitten, for which she was present for, but didn't approve of.
  • Some of the more kinder-hearted deities of the Pantheon took pity upon him for his less-than-stellar childhood and a few of them even tried to convince him to give up his evil ways, only to witness for themselves how unrepentantly evil Scourge is, and how he has taken up permanent residence beyond the Moral Event Horizon. From that point on, any deity on the side of good with a shred of intelligence has had the foresight to avoid convincing Scourge to make a Heel–Face Turn, and that just because he had a troubled past doesn't mean any of the actions he committed are justified in any way, and that beneath that malevolent yet calm exterior lies an equally rotten and psychotic cat.
  • He won over deities like Starscream and Teridax for his subjugation and subsequent murder of Tigerstar, with the latter actually being fascinated by how brutal the act of murder itself was, and the former for doing it successfully and actually winning for a brief period of time. Of course, whatever alliances they all formed between each other have little to no chance of lasting, given all of their reputations. They're all well aware of this, too, so whoever succeeds in their schemes will have to be Crazy-Prepared to the point of insanity.
  • Despite being a blood-thirsty despot, he despises any sibling in the Pantheon who bullies their own siblings, since he was the victim of his own siblings' bullying when he was a kit. That being said, there have been multiple instances of him turning a blind eye towards siblings in BloodClan bullying each other, and in some cases even encouraged it, due to the Social Darwinist culture found within BloodClan. He has been called out on this behavior by numerous deities, though like always, he cares very little for their opinion on his actions.
  • He and Gus Fring have a mutual respect for each other, and share many traits in common, such as their Tranquil Fury, ruthlessness, and desire for Revenge. However, even Gus thinks that Scourge is too nasty and too psychotic at times, with his bloodlust putting Fring off on numerous occasions.
  • Emperor Calus despises him for wanting to turn the world into another Darwinist wasteland, whereas as Calus wants to create a hedonistic paradise. Scourge also reminds Calus of his previous protégée Ghaul, who like Scourge, was once an innocent youth who gave in to evil and darkness.
  • His lack of faith in StarClan, his universe's equivalent of Heaven, puts him at odds with a number of deities in the House of Faith.
  • He believes that blood is everything. Except it isn't in the way you might think, and it only further demonstrates how monstrous he is inside.
    "Oh, yes. Blood is everything. But the only blood I'm interested in flows from my enemies. Look around you! These cats are bathed in blood. It soaks their fur and laps at their paws. We are BloodClan!"

    Tai Lung 
Tai Lung, God of Meaningless Villainous Success (The Real Dragon Warrior, Chi Stopper Tai Lung, Chorh-Gom Cuffs Tai Lung)
  • Lesser God.
  • Symbol: The blank Dragon Scroll
  • Theme Song: Tai Lung's Suite
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil in actions. Views himself as Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: The Chosen Wannabe, Cats Are Mean, Hero's Evil Predecessor, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, One-Man Army, Fallen Hero, "Well Done, Son!" Guy, Sealed Evil in a Can, Easily Broke Himself Out With a Feather, Pride, Has a Special Nerve Technique, Redemption Rejection, The Dreaded, Easily Defeats Almost Everyone Who Fought Him, Deconstruction of the Wuxia Hero and Determinator Archetypes.
  • Domains: Pride, Victories, Losses
  • Heralds: The Lang Shadow Army, The Wu Sisters.
  • Allies: The Shredder, Azula, Jagi, Loki, Frost.
  • Rivals: Adon, Ryuji Yamakazi, Thouzer, Shan-Yu.
  • Enemies: The Kung Fu Panda Deities (especially Po and The Furious Five), Bruce Lee, The Chosen One, Ip Man, Kim Kaphwan, Sagat, Wong Fei Hung, Ryu, Robert Richards, Aang, Katara, Ty Lee, Korra, Hinata Hyuga, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Neo, Harry Potter, Wyldstyle, Dan Hibiki, Nagato, Ozai, Archaon, Malekith, Mulan.
  • Pitied by: Zuko, Shoto Todoroki, Anakin Skywalker, Amethyst, Professor Venomous.
  • Orphaned through unknown means and left at the doorstep of the Jade Palace, Tai Lung was taken in by Shifu and trained under him at a young age after showing a natural affinity for Kung Fu. Wishing to please his father, he wanted the Dragon Scroll, and was denied by Master Oogway because of his growing arrogance and darkness. Outraged, he ravaged the Valley and tried to take it by force, only to be defeated and immobilized by Oogway when Shifu hesitated to fight his son. He was then imprisoned in Chorh-Gom Prison for twenty years, restrained with a special chi-blocking suit until he escaped using the feather of a goose messenger sent by Shifu to his prison, after his escape Oogway would then ascend into the Spirit Realm, leaving Shifu alone to train Po to defeat Tai Lung and to find inner peace, though the Furious Five tried to stop him and were unsuccessful. Once he reached the Jade Temple, Tai Lung confronted Shifu, furious at not only being denied the Scroll but the feeling that Shifu abandoned him after he was sent to jail. Shifu almost got Tai Lung to relent from his evil ways by apologizing for everything, but Tai Lung decided to keep going on his quest for the Scroll and after almost killing Shifu was confronted by a now trained Po which he fought against, eventually getting the scroll he desired. However, the scroll's true meaning of believing in one-self was lost to Tai Lung, who then went on to be defeated by the Dragon Warrior and then finished off with the Wuxi Finger Hold.
  • After he was defeated by Po through the Wuxi Finger Hold, nobody knew what happened to him with many sources giving conflicting reports, some stating that he was merely beaten into submission and sent back to jail only to break out, gain an army of soldiers and try to enact revenge, others said he was outright killed and others merely had him defeated but escaping and swearing to return. However, after the attack of Kai the Collector in his home universe happened, it was finally found out that he was ultimately sent to the Spirit Realm by the Wuxi Finger Hold, as proven by him being one of Kai's many Chi amulets. Once Kai was defeated in the mortal realm, Tai Lung returned to the Pantheon, with a bruised ego and even more resentment against Po for being the one to defeat the Spirit Warrior.
    • Accompanying Tai Lung's ascension was a large army of crocodile, gorilla, ox and wolf bandits that Tai Lung had gathered in alternate universes to serve him, this army known as the Lang Shadow Army are very loyal to Tai Lung and though they rarely are required for Lung to do his business, they will no doubt jump into helping their boss in battles where he's outnumbered or apparently outmatched. Serving as his Co-Dragons are the Wu Sisters, infamous criminals in the main Kung Fu Panda universe who serve as his lieutenants in alternate ones.
  • Many wondered how Tai Lung lost to Po, especially considering that Po was nowhere near as skilled or strong as either of the Furious Five or Shifu who Tai Lung defeated. Eventually it was seen that Tai Lung's loss was a result of many factors working against him and most of them being acts of his own doing that wore him down to a point that Po was able to defeat him in their short final brawl. Tai Lung has awaited a rematch with Po, eager to prove himself the superior warrior, though Po's mastery of Chi and increasing skill and strength have forced Tai Lung to seek out any powerful technique he can use to overcome Po.
    • He also isn't on good terms with any of the Jade Palace masters, the Furious Five still won't forget his attacks against the Valley of Peace and his defeat of them in their battle at the bridge. As for Oogway, Tai Lung still heavily resents him for denying him the Dragon Scroll and the praise he felt he deserved; the reveal of the Scroll's nature as a blank object did little to reduce Tai Lung's hatred for the turtle, as he perceives the entire fiasco as a mockery of Oogway's. Oogway himself feels ashamed that Tai Lung still has not understood what the Dragon Scroll really means, and won't oppose about repeating his immobilizing strikes should he be forced to.
    • Other Kung Fu Panda villains weren't high on opinions with him. He detests Lord Shen for his attempts at destroying Kung Fu and conquering China with his army, as while he's an aggressive warrior who cares little about other people, he does not want Kung Fu destroyed and also does not want anyone taking over China, as he wants to eventually prove his worth to the Emperor and become the hero he feels he's always deserved of being, though Shen himself is not on Tai Lung's league of skill, his cannons do make him a formidable threat to the snow leopard. There's also the little possibility that Shen might've hunted his kind down as snow leopards were also black-and-white like pandas. As for Kai, that Tai Lung was one of his many victims did not sit well with him and has branded Kai as possibly his most hated enemy outside of the Jade Palace occupants, wanting to get revenge on the spirit warrior for defeating and enslaving him.
  • His nerve strike techniques is a bane for martial artists and benders, especially the latter as it blocks their chi which prevents them from bending and moving. That Tai Lung has physical strength far beyond almost anyone of that Universe in addition to decades of training makes him quite a deadly foe even with a lack of powers beyond his strength achieved through training, this also earned him enmity from Ty Lee who is able to employ a similar technique but isn't a bad guy herself. For this reason he also made an enemy of another chi-blocker, Hinata Hyuga, whose clan specialize on striking pressure points but while Hinata is benevolent and kind, Tai Lung is cruel and arrogant, leading to her disliking the snow leopard warrior.
  • There are some accounts of villains who accomplished their goals only to gain little to no value. For example, Eggman hosted a World Grand Prix and he achieved getting a rare treasure, but he only found a flying carpet which is worthless when compared to the modern Gears, this earned him some sympathy from Tai Lung, even if the snow leopard found himself confused by the concepts from a more advanced age he only recently began to know about.
    • Another deity with a similar fate was Ganondorf who tricked Link and Zelda into leading him into the Sacred Realm and the Triforce. However, when he touched it and he was not perfectly balanced in virtue, he only possesses the Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom were given to Link and Zelda, respectively eventually leading to his defeat. Ganondorf has at times offered an alliance to Tai Lung, but since the snow leopard views himself as the hero of his own story, refusing to acknowledge his selfishness, he declined.
  • Tai Lung's rejection from being The Chosen One has caused him to greatly resents those who are chosen, especially (but not limited to) Po. Other Chosen Wannabes in the Pantheon weren't sympathetic to him despite having had similar goals: Wyldstyle who desired to be Virtruvius' Chosen One learned a valuable lesson that Tai Lung didn't: That she could be a "Chosen One" by being herself and saving the day through her merits rather than through some legend of greatness; similarly Kai of the Elemental Masters of Ninjago once desired to be the Green Ninja even nearly performing reckless actions to be it but relented once he found out that Lloyd Garmadon was the one who would become that; Tai Lung also formed an enmity with the other Elemental Masters as one of their former enemies, Morro, was also a chosen wannabe who went off the deep end after being denied his "destiny" as The Green Ninja.
  • His struggles with self-loathing, seeking approval from his father and having his entire self-esteem and life ruined by Shifu's blunders at parenting and teaching earned him sympathy in comparison to many other Arrogant Kung Fu Guys, many deities have made a point that while Tai Lung was indeed an arrogant warrior who rejected redemption, he nonetheless wasn't wrong about his gripes with Shifu and the Dragon Warrior title that his adoptive father made him think he would get no matter what and then from his point of view abandoned him in shame of his failures leaving him to rot for 20 years in jail without even visiting him or trying to make amends. Among these deities was Zuko, who himself suffered from his father straight-up abusing him and making his life hell which caused the young prince to look for any way to earn his approval, despite Tai Lung being a bit of an opposite in his development as a person.
    • Shoto Todoroki also sympathetized with Tai Lung over this as his father, Endeavor, forced his dreams of becoming the Number 1 Superhero since he developed his Quirk and made his life hell as a result, causing Todoroki to greatly resent his father and refuse to associate with him (though they've been making amends lately). Todoroki was very disgusted to hear about Shifu not visiting Tai Lung in the 20 years that he was imprisoned in Chorm-Gom, even rationalizing that Tai Lung could have turned back to good if Shifu hadn't just tried to burrow his past out of shame for what he made his son into.
    • Loki is the adopted son of Odin and has suffered time and time again for his true heritage and became a villain as a result of ambition stemmed from a belief that he'll never get to rule Asgard and resenting his brother Thor. Loki sympathized with Tai Lung's plight and entire motivation, even sadly noting how not so different they are in regards to how their fathers (no matter how much they truly loved them both) treated them in regards to expectations and once both went rogue and turned to evil.
    • Just like her brother, Azula suffered deeply because of the perception that her mother didn't love her and that she had to do everything she could to earn the favor her father, Ozai. She was quite saddened to hear about how Shifu all but abandoned Tai Lung when the latter was sent to prison, remembering how her own mother ran off and made a new identity and life for herself (though it was to get away from Ozai) without considering hers and Zuko's feelings and leaving her burdened with self-loathing and craving outside validation.
  • Frost was another student who felt disappointed and betrayed by her master. Many didn't expect them to become allies due to their outward egos, however, their understanding over feeling let down by their masters and denied a title they believed rightfully belonged to them allowed them to get along. Both have plotted to help the other in enacting their personal revenge and have even began trading a few of their secret techniques so as to grow stronger and deadlier.
  • Jagi is another skilled martial artist who found himself shunned by his master and then were driven to a jealous rage. Jagi and Tai lung become allies over their perception of life being unfair to them and what they considered should've been theirs being denied despite their hard work. Jagi has even tried to help Tai Lung master the Hokuto Shinken, telling him that the special martial arts form can help him in achieving his personal revenge not just on Shifu but also on Po for defeating him.
  • He's found his fair share of rivals in the Pantheon, one of the first was Thouzer, a deadly martial artist who like him had a traumatic past shape his eventual decision in the future to become evil and corrupted far from his promising start as a hero, however Thouzer was fond of his master before his death and did get to gain what he desired from his training, unlike the snow leopard. The two fought with Thouzer emerging victorious thanks to his deadly Nanto Ho-Oh Ken and further prompting Tai Lung to train more to become stronger.
    • Ryuji Yamakazi and Adon also became his rivals, to a much lesser extent. While he does take Ryuji more seriously due to his aggressive and pragmatic fighting style making the demented fighter a rather harder fight for Tai Lung than most others. As for Adon, his arrogance and vanity really struck a nerve with Tai Lung who did not tolerate anyone boasting of being stronger than him and repeatedly claiming it, though Adon was ultimately defeated by Tai Lung, the arrogant Adon has not stopped in trying to continue their rivalry and Tai Lung is eager to continue it himself.
  • Due to his status as a ruthless martial artist with a massive ego, he made enemies with the more honorable martial artists in the Pantheon. Among his first enemies was practically the entire House of Martial Arts, as Tai Lung is utterly disrespectful and ignorant of the true meaning of martial arts besides the physical strength part. Other enemies included Ryu, a honorable warrior and master of many arts who found the way Tai Lung went about things to be wrong and especially that his rage and ego made him a disgrace to martial artists in general, even if he feels pity for how his own obsession with the Dragon Scroll and Shifu's approval shaped him into the villain he is nowadays.
  • His obsession with being The Chosen One and attaining power to make up for his insecurities is ultimately what brought Tai Lung's entire reputation as a hero and eventually his life as a whole down. This got him pity from Anakin Skywalker and Professor Venomous, who both nearly lost everything in their selfish pursuit of power and prestige which they felt they never had. Anakin even said that he could understand Tai Lung's frustration in regards to being denied something that he felt he deserved after a lifetime of training, as Anakin himself was enraged when the Jedi Council denied him the title of Jedi Master in spite of his many accomplishments and becoming a member of the Council.
  • Shredder/Oroku Saki was also a power-hungry warrior who was denied something he desired and went off the deep end because of it, in one world Shredder lost the position of head of the ancient Foot Clan to Hamato Yoshi, ultimately driving Shredder to try and kill Yoshi and eventually succeed at becoming the Foot Clan's leader and starting a criminal empire with it. The two martial artists enjoy an amicable alliance over their personalities and have even began training with one another and making their armies cooperate to try and defeat their mortal enemies.
  • Another enemy that he envied was Malekith. As the deformed warrior was once after the position of the King of the High Elves and as underestimated, ignored and manipulated into giving in to his jealously and hatred to try and take the title by force which failed and got him singed and deformed for it. However, Malekith later on turned out to be the rightful King all along and now enjoys his position. Tai Lung really hates that Malekith got to ultimately get and enjoy what he sought for so long while he bit the dust for his troubles instead.
  • In the mortal realm he has a nephew named Peng, who went looking for him some time after his defeat. Tai Lung was surprised to hear this as he had never known his biological family himself, but was frustrated to hear that when Peng attempted to avenge his death, Po managed to talk him down and eventually keep his nephew interested in Kung Fu while not following in his footsteps. Though he hasn't had time to see his nephew, currently serving as one of Po's heralds, he nonetheless plans to do so one day, hoping to find out more about his biological family and where he came from. Some deities have even pointed out that this particular scenario makes him not so different from Po, whose biological family he only met later in his own life but Tai Lung does not appreciate the comparisons.


    Dick Dastardly & Muttley 
Dick Dastardly & Muttley, Gods of Defeat by Unnecessary Acts of Wrongdoing
Dastardly (left) & Muttley (right) trying to stop a pigeon
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Mean Machine or the Vulture Squadron insignia
  • Theme Music: Stop the Pigeon
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Harmless Villains, Villain Protagonists
  • Domains: Scheming, Cheating, Failing
  • Heralds: Klunk, Zilly
  • Allies: Snidely Whiplash, Wario, Waluigi, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Nitros Oxide, Emperor Velo XXVII
  • One-Sided Rivalry against: Captain Falcon, Dominic Toretto
  • Enemies: Launchpad McQuack, Herbie
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Duck Hunt Team (mostly for Muttley)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Dudley Do-Right
  • Dick Dastardly and Muttley are two goons who are very unlikely to succeed at a race...or anything else for that matter. The two participate in a series of wacky races and for some reason, Dastardly wants to make sure that he and Muttley maintain first place by any means necessary. Unfortunately for him, those means end up backfiring on him, costing him and Muttley their races. Sometimes when they aren't on the track, they take to the air trying to stop a carrier pigeon. Those attempts are about as successful as Dastardly's attempts to cheat his way to the top in a race.
  • A quick Pantheonic kart-racing contest was underway with the winner receiving some money. Most of the participants were deities already experienced with kart-racing such as Mario and Sonic, but there were a few such as Dastardly and Muttley who weren't already deities at the time of that race. It would encompass a few houses in the Pantheon (Personality, Nature, Food, and Travel) and would take roughly an hour to finish. Dastardly and Muttley participated thinking it would lead them to something greater. Once the race was underway, Dastardly and Muttley were reasonably far ahead, but Dastardly decided it wasn't enough and came up with a scheme to block off the other racers. It backfired predictably, costing him his victory and annoying some of the audience (and even a couple racers) who claimed he should have just kept going to the finish line given his racing skills. The only reason he was allowed to stay in the Pantheon afterwards was because of his dedication to being underhanded even when it wasn't necessary.
  • Not long after the race had ended, the two were approached by Waluigi and Wario, two other meanies with a penchant for trying to cheat at major competitions if given the chance. For some reason, both Wario and Waluigi are able to do reasonably well if they're actually playing the game and not trying to tamper things behind the scenes. Dastardly told Wario and Waluigi that he felt compelled to cheat just to ensure his win against skill. Despite that flaw, Wario and Waluigi became friends with Dastardly and Muttley over their tendencies and have even told them to use skill as much as possible before the obsession to cheat takes over.
  • As the two have spent some time in the past trying to intercept messages delivered by a pigeon, they have tried to intercept some messages sent to the GUAG. That said, delivery via carrier pigeon isn't that common within the Pantheon and there's few other ways that messages can be delivered physically. Regardless of if Dastardly & Muttley is trying to stop a carrier pigeon or a mail truck from delivering messages, they end in failure like always and the GUAE doesn't take him seriously.
  • Some of the duo's attempts at airborne mischief involved going after Launchpad McQuack. The two were under the impression that he'd be an easy target due to his record of crashing things with wings. What the two didn't expect was that Launchpad is very good for a pilot despite the crashing that occurs afterwards. Dastardly & Muttley are very annoyed that they end up crashing in their attempts to stop Launchpad before the latter crashes his own plane. After Launchpad told him of his various encounters with the two persistent goons, Scrooge McDuck felt that the duo were comparable to the Beagle Boys if there were less of them, wanted to steal something well above the ground, and somehow even dumber than normal.
  • Used to share a temple with Snidely Whiplash over the title Mustache-Twirling Villains. Yet it was determined that their antics were too great for two villains to handle, so they determined who would stay oer a game of Monopoly. The game was tense (and there was a lot of cheating involved), but Snidely was victorious. Dick holds no grudge over the loss, stating he couldn't have given it to a worse guy. The two continue to work together in schemes.
    • Collaboration between the two became even more frequent when Dudley Do-Right ascended. As the Evil Counterpart to the ranger, Dick Dastardly saw it his sworn duty to mess up Dudley's heroics in every way he can. He... has not had much success so far.
  • Herbie is someone who Dastardly despises to no end. It's one thing that it constantly beats Dastardly & Muttley at racing, but it being alive is something that Dastardly just can't get over. Whenever Herbie is resting in its garage, Dastardly often sneaks in to try and tamper with the machinery in the hopes that it'll slow down Herbie. Unsurprisingly, those attempts have always ended in failure, mainly since Dastardly will get humilated by Herbie before he even tries to open Herbie's hood.
  • Muttley is known to have a number of daydreams where he is doing some sort of adventure or job. One of the only other dogs who has had various daydreams was Snoopy, who imagined himself as a pilot fighting against "the Red Baron". Both have very different daydreams from each other and have different circumstances for them happening. While Snoopy does have other bouts of imagining himself as something, his aviator dreams involve him fighting against one specific enemy and Muttley is a part-time aviator with dreams of going on other adventures or doing other jobs. While Muttley was off-duty one time, he ended up walking past Snoopy's doghouse. The beagle took a quick listen to Muttley's wheezing laughter and was under the impression that Muttley might be thinking of something. Snoopy then wondered if Muttley's potential daydreams involve flying and fighting a feared foe.
  • One time when he was taking a break from helping out Dastardly, Muttley came across a dog with a duck on his back. The dog let out a laugh that sound a bit similar to Muttley's own while watching someone else fail at target practice. Muttley and the Duck Hunt dog sometimes hang out with each other to laugh at other's misfortune, though the friendship isn't entirely perfect. More than once while Dastardly and Muttley are trying to stop someone and fail at it, the Duck Hunt dog shows up to watch the various mishaps and laugh at the duo once everything falls apart, with the duck having a look on it's face disapproving of the two. Muttley is a bit annoyed when the Duck Hunt dog is laughing at him and Dastardly sometimes throws something in frustration at the Duck Hunt team to get them to scram.
  • Wile E. Coyote frequently sympathizes with Dastardly over their shared inability to capture a feathered creature (the Road Runner for the Coyote and a pigeon for Dastardly). The Coyote is aware of Muttley being in the same situation as well, but Muttley's laughter sounding like mocking someone for their failure is something the Coyote has a hard time accepting, especially since Muttley (alongside the Duck Hunt dog) sometimes laugh at the Coyote's mishaps. Dastardly does wonder if Acme products could be of use to help him succeed, but he prefers to use his own tricks, not knowing that the various Acme products tend to contribute to the Coyote's frequent failures (the Coyote only told Dastardly that it was just rotten luck that the Coyote couldn't catch the Road Runner even if he came close).
  • The duo's repeated failures irritated Dastardly to the point where he wanted to try and prove to others that he and Muttley are really good at racing. This ended up going really badly for him, with Dominic Toretto in particular not taking Dastardly seriously at all following a racing duel that featured Dom easily getting past whatever scheme Dastardly planned for that duel and Dastardly getting humiliated really badly after Dom got ahead.
    • Regular racing wasn't the only type of racing that Dastardly & Muttley found out; they learned about futuristic high-speed racing while going through the House of Travel. Dastardly also found out about Captain Falcon, who was really skilled at high-speed racing, and wanted to try and challenge him despite how badly the race with Dom went. Given that the Mean Machine isn't capable of going as fast as the Blue Falcon, Dastardly tried to make a device that would allow the Mean Machine to hypothetically reach incredibly high speeds. Come the actual race, it began with Falcon far ahead and Dastardly's device exploding before the Mean Machine even moved, resulting in a swift win for Falcon and Dastardly being even more of a laughingstock than he was after the duel with Dom.
  • They managed to become good friends with Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd, two other cartoon villains who have spent a lot of time trying to catch someone and failing at it. Dastardly is able to hold conversations with the two for a while, with his first chat with them involving bemoaning about his own failures at racing and chasing. Sam and Elmer understand where Dastardly is coming from since the two are often outwitted as well. After hearing about how Sam and Elmer participated in two separate kart-racing ventures with Bugs Bunny and others, Dastardly wanted to know how to at the very least, avoid something as humiliating as what happened with his racing duels in the Pantheon beforehand (and how to handle space vehicles). Sam and Elmer do try to cheer Dastardly on whenever he's trying to race, even if he's destined to lose.
  • Despite their appearances, they actually didn't participate in a series of sports competitions whilst trying to cheat their way to victory. It was actually two other characters who resembled them, Mumbly and Dread Baron (the latter apparently being Dastardly's twin brother). If possible, Dastardly & Muttley would be willing to participate in similar competitions that are held in the Pantheon alongside some of their allies despite the odds of them winning via his trademark underhanded methods being very low, if not outright nonexistent.

    General Tarquin 
General Tarquin, God of Unpreventable Initial Villain Triumph (Tarquin)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: He in his helmet and armor, raising his finger as a teacher pointing something out, above a box containing one of his "Tarquin's Tips"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Great knowledge in the story structure, but not his place in it, wearing scary armor, being Evil Counterpart to several people at once, Evil Overlord, Dragon-in-Chief, Evil Genius, The Bluebeard, The Chessmaster, Crazy-Prepared, very cool and pragmatic, hot despite his age, self-centered, Villain Of Another Story
  • Domain: Evil, Knowledge, Theater, War
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, David Xanatos, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Draco Malfoy, The Narrator
  • Enemies: Elan, Abed Nadir, Light Yagami, The Joker, Lelouch, The Question
  • Rumored to have created the Evil Overlord List. Even if he didn't, he is clearly trying to standardize it. Many other gods are trying to stop him, because the last thing the world needs is for every villain to become as savvy as him.
  • Often seen visiting houses of Knowledge and Theatre.
  • Lelouch wants to defeat him to destroy his evil reign and Light wants to dispatch him as a part of some scheme. Knowing he has no chance against their combined skills and knowledge, Tarquin does everything he can to fuel the flames of their rivalry, so they'll keep fighting each other.
  • Joker wants to kill him for turning down his offer for Villain Team-Up. While his explanation that he "doesn't work with loose cannons" was considered a compliment, Joker has a reputation to maintain.
  • Rather fond of Yuno Gasai and had used several of her methods to "win over" his soon-to-be wives. However, he still won't work with her - again, he doesn't work with loose cannons, especially after her change of heart.
  • There were rumors he has a plan to get Azula back into sanity, have her reclaim the position of Goddess of Manipulative Bastards and then torture her until she breaks again and agrees to marry him. This is supposed to trigger a large variety of reactions from both mortals and other gods that he will harvest and use to steal both Draco Malfoy's and Griffith's positions at the same time. Tarquin denied it, saying that such a plan, while possible, would be way too risky and there are much easier and safer ways to obtain more power. Most of the other gods were convinced. The Question just added another conspiracy to unfold to his list.
  • Is very self-centered, when finding about anything suspicious going on, he is likely to assume it concerns him personally in some way.
  • His biggest weakness is an inability to recognize when he's not the Big Bad of a particular story. When this goes into full swing, his Genre Savvy can backfire, rather spectacularly.
  • Although previously judged a Greater God, in reality, Tarquin's power level is much lower. After the incident where His son Elan threw him off an airship for killing his brother Nale, Tarquin was realized to be misjudged and his power level lowered. Tarquin is still angry about this.
  • THEN it was decided his original trope was redundant with Genre Savvy, losing his title and position to a relative nobody like Abed Nadir, on top of anything else, utterly broke him. Deemed to valuable to let loose, the Grand United Alliance of Evil stepped in to give him a new title, the one he had built his life around, that narrative logic dictates that evil is guaranteed to succeed until the finale of the story. This new title has also granted him a seat in the House of Narrative, where he is expected to twist fiction to serve their designs, but mostly his own, but this serves them well enough that this is tolerable, for now.
    • His new position has found him a new ally in the Narrator. They share the desire to create stories for themselves only to have the heroes to completely throw them away. While the Narrator is ecstatic to have someone willing to go along with his story, Tarquin expects to finally be given his due and be made legendary, he's still unable to accept his place in the narrative.
  • Also present in Narrative Actions.

    Team Rocket Trio 
James, Jessie and Meowth, Gods of Long-Awaited Victories for Minor Antagonists (Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyarth)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A stylized "R"
  • Theme Song: "Prepare for Trouble" or "Double Trouble"
  • Alignment: True Neutral (they're not quite successful enough and have too many Enemy Mine moments to be truly Evil, but they're getting there now)
  • Portfolio: Comical "Master Criminals", Talking Animals (Meowth), Ambiguously Gay Guys (James), Short Temper (Jessie) Catch Phrase-Spouting Trios, Blasting Off At The Speed Of Light
  • Domain: Beastmaster, Greed, Pain
  • Party Pokémonnote :
    • Jessie: Wobbuffet, Seviper, Yanmega, Gourgeist
    • James: Mime Jr., Carnivine, Inkay
  • Allies: Excel, Il Palazzo,the Ginyu Force, Jack Spicer, Ika Musume, Lust, Envy and Gluttony.
  • Enemies:
  • Friendly Enemies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Dawn and May, Serena, Lillie
  • They blast off at the speed of light, and kindly ask that their opponents surrender or prepare to fight. The opponents always choose the latter… and win… most of the time.
  • They infiltrate the House of Beast daily to try to steal Pikachu. However, they're always quickly expelled. They swear that someday they'll succeed in their efforts, but nobody takes them seriously.
    • Their blasting off has become less common ever since they caught the attention of a wild Bewear, who would pull off incredible feats to save them whenever they end up in trouble.
  • Have since become surprisingly competent, they lost one of their positions, but due to their newfound power, they flew off on jetpacks, and stole the empty temple and remade it so they would only be gods of the Terrible Trio. Giovanni is much more pleased with them.
  • Like Jack Spicer, they idolize and worship Melkor.
  • Despite being only Quasideities, they also have their sights on taking down Ghetsis Harmonia, since he represents Team Plasma, a rival Pokémon villain team. After all, they figure there can be only one Pokémon villain team represented in the Pantheon, and that's Team Rocket. They're willing to work with Ash and Pikachu in order to do so, just so that no one else besides them can steal Pikachu and partly because deep down they care about the twerp.
    • With the ascension of Team Flare's Lysandre in the House of Hatred, their goal of becoming the only Pokémon villain team has gotten more difficult. However, they know Ghetsis and Lysandre have mutual disgust/hatred for each other, so the trio are plotting a way to get those two to outright fight each other.
  • Whenever the trio come across someone (other than Brock) with the eyes concealed, especially by a blindfold (whether it be Rider, Raiden, or even Mega Absol), James and Meowth would lock into fear, and would do whatever it takes to get the hell away from them, much to Jessie's annoyance. This originated from their total fear of Riku because of how he used a blindfold to suppress the darkness within him, and took on the form of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, whenever he took it off. Oddly enough, they still fear him even after learning that he can no longer suffer the negative effects of darkness.
    • The fear got more intense when Riku and Absol teamed up as per the partnership program, since Absol is one of the few Pokémon they would never go after. However, Jessie is still unfazed, causing James and Meowth to compare her behavior to the time where she tried to steal an Electrike (which evolved into a Manectric almost right away), despite their objections.
    • James and Meowth also gained a fear towards Sora, as the first time the trio ever encountered him awake, he was in his Halloween Town outfit. Meowth described him as even more scarier than Jessie's Mimikyu.
  • On the subject on the self-proclaimed members of Team Rocket Annie and Oakley, the trio speculated that the reason the sisters call themselves Team Rocket members is because they are an inspiration for the two (many believe that their thinking is skewed towards boosting their image in the House). While the three of them are happy that even with their repeated failures they got fans, they do have a distaste for their accidental murder of a Pokémon. Stealing Pokémon is one thing, but they draw the line on killing them.
  • James is glad that Jessebelle, the woman his parents are trying to force him to marry, isn't in the pantheon. Of course, he still fears the day that she'll learn of his godhood and try to ascend herself.
  • Despite talking and walking like a human, Meowth is still a proud Pokémon and as such he has nothing but contempt against the recently ascended pig Napoleon, who is a complete hypocrite about it.
  • Alongside Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock, they are expressly banned from Cyberspace in the wake of a certain incident.
  • They tend to avoid Red when they can, especially since in his timeline, he single-handedly defeated the entirety of Team Rocket and even forced their boss Giovanni to disband it after defeating him.
  • They don't like Butch Cassidy (and to an extent his partner Sundance) for reminding them of their in-corporation rivals Butch and Cassidy.

    Yuri Orlov 
Yuri Orlov, God of Costly Villain Victories (Lord of War)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A bunch of bullets on the ground
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Arms Dealer, Villain Protagonist, Necessarily Evil, Deadpan Snarker, Being Evil Sucks
  • Domains: Dealings, War
  • Avatar: Nicolas Cage
  • Clients: Ali Al-Saachez, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Khaled Al-Asad, Imran Zakhaev, Hoyt Volker, Zoran Lazarevic, The Son
  • On good terms with: Sundowner, The Corpus
  • Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Drebin 893, The Merchant
  • Opposed by: the ascended T-Dolls, law enforcement agents
  • Born to a family of Ukranian refugees, Yuri Orlov takes up being an arms dealer after witnessing a gunfight between a mobster and a couple of would-be assassins. Although he proves to be very skilled at this job, things change for him after accepting a business partnership with a tyrannical despot. Despite his best efforts to try to live clean and even attempt to do his business legally, it became clear that there was no way to get out, especially after getting captured by an Interpol agent. Yuri was able to escape a jail sentence thanks to the fact that his services were useful to the US government, but by then, not only has his parents have disowned him, his brother and uncle have died, and his wife and son left him, but he is aware that the US government will dispose of him once they have no further use for his services.
  • An airplane landed on an airstrip in the Pantheon, with the event being that a successful businessman would be visiting the place to do some business with someone that requested him for weapons. The man who stepped out of the place introduced himself to his client as Yuri Orlov, who proceeded to showcase the guns he had to his prospective client. After carrying out his business to his customer, he was asked to continue selling weapons to others who wanted it by his client. He ended up getting involved with the Pantheon after realizing that there’s a lot of people there that are going to need some firearms and someone that can effectively set up deals involving them.
  • It quickly became clear that the Pantheon was unlike any other war-torn place that Yuri has gone to. While wars come and go, the Pantheon had a war between multiple alliances that seemed to never end no matter how hard some may try. What Yuri was more curious about was that not only were guns involved in the many wars of the Pantheon (including the aforementioned Forever War), but so was a variety of weaponry far more advanced and outlandish than what he was used to, be it guns that he’s never seen before or something else entirely. He was more than aware that he has his work cut out for him, but it hasn’t deterred him from continuing business as usual.
  • Yuri’s meeting with Ali Al-Saachez ended up being significant for him. With Ali being a self-admitted warmonger, it didn’t come as much of a surprise that he wanted some guns for when he isn’t busy tearing things up inside a mecha. It was through him that Yuri had a much better understanding of some of the more fantastical aspects of the wars that pervade the Pantheon, including those who use much more than regular guns to fight. Ali also complimented Yuri's skills as an arms dealer and was willing to become a regular client of his. Although Yuri didn’t exactly share the same mindset of war as Ali did, he knew of the extent of the wars that are going on in the Pantheon and accepted Ali’s offer for continued business with him. While Ali continues to enjoy widespread slaughter on a mecha, he considers Yuri to be an effective partner for when he needs to get some weapons to instigate some bloodshed on the ground.
  • Many of Yuri’s regular clients in the Pantheon are ruthless warmongers and despots looking to gain access to weapons for themselves and their soldiers. Given his experience in being partners with Andre Baptiste Sr, Yuri approached the likes of Imran Zakhaev among others the same way that he did the Baptiste. Yuri is even invited by those particular figures to see how they’re progressing in their goals, with Yuri noticing that they share the same level of bloodlust and ruthlessness that Baptiste had. A similar kind of relationship has occurred with other prominent criminals such as Hoyt Volker and Zoran Lazarevic, who have sought Yuri and his business as one way to increase their influence.
  • While most of his business is done in war-torn regions, Yuri has done some of his sales in more localized and steady, but still criminal, places in the Pantheon. He ended up getting accustomed to it thanks to meeting someone known only as The Son. Knowing how effective of an arms dealer Yuri is, The Son had been hoping for someone that could give him the resources needed to rebuild his mob in the Pantheon and take down his enemies, and the wide variety of guns that Yuri has at hand was what he needed. The deal went through and what followed was Yuri having some grisly hallucinations on the street after taking a drug The Son gave him during the deal. Yuri turned out fine after this, but he couldn’t escape the fact that even if he was in a much more urban place, it could turn into something very similar to the many regions he’s visited prior. It didn’t change his opinion on anything, including The Son, but he knows just how much people will want guns from anyone, be it himself or rival dealers, to help in any war they’re in.
  • The fact that he wasn’t the only arms dealer in the Pantheon was something that wasn’t lost on Yuri. While he could join with those other arms dealers and make a powerful business from it, Yuri opted to work independently from them and considers them to be rivals in the trade. Both The Merchant and Drebin 893 are eccentric in their own way (as admitted by Yuri), but very much know what they’re doing in their job and consider him to be yet another rival in the race of selling arms. Of those rivals, Marcus Kincaid seems to take Yuri personally as in his view, Yuri has a limited selection of clients based on specific points whereas Marcus will sell his guns (including those that Yuri doesn’t have in his inventory) to anyone he sees fit. He’s also not above hiring others to kill Yuri as a means of staying on top, especially after Yuri described Marcus as a “cheapskate” when talking about rival dealers.
  • It was his meeting with Sundowner that Yuri was able to understand more of the advanced warfare that Ali had mentioned as being prevalent throughout the Pantheon. When Yuri told Sundowner that he primarily sells firearms, Sundowner told him that there was much more to war than just standard guns and introduced him to some projects that he was working on. Not only did Yuri see firsthand what Sundowner was planning, but he also learned of The Corpus and Sundowner even offered him a tour of their facilities. While he was impressed with what both Sundowner and The Corpus were planning, Yuri told them that he prefers to work solo and sell standard weaponry. Sundowner was actually OK with Yuri’s decision, especially since as long as Yuri sells anything of use to anyone no matter how basic that weapon may be, then business is booming for wars. Sundowner told Yuri that he is welcome to visit Sundowner and visit the facilities belonging to him and The Corpus at any time to see what’s being prepared.
  • Even with all the advanced warfare present in the Pantheon, the Tactical Dolls came off as very strange to Yuri. It was one thing to have someone named after the kinds of guns that he sells, but it was another thing entirely for them to be female robot soldiers with access to the very weapons they are named for. While he doesn’t hold anything against the T-Dolls, they consider him rather problematic. They have had their time fighting against different criminals and them having to stop an amoral arms dealer that can sell their namesake weapons to far more dangerous individuals is another problem that they’ll have to put up with.
  • Law enforcement officers, more specifically Interpol agents, have been a problem for Yuri during his time as an arms dealer and such a thing has carried over to the Pantheon. Jack Valentine was very much driven in his efforts to get Yuri arrested, but it was all for naught as Yuri ended up being useful to the US government. In the Pantheon, many of these law enforcers share the same drive that Valentine did, but they are also much more determined in making sure Yuri doesn’t get out of prison as easily, if at all, as he did before. Yuri is aware of this and the fact that the Pantheon has just as many resources that would allow him to get away from law enforcement, some of it to a much more violent degree than before.
  • While Yuri doesn’t believe in War Is Hell, he doesn’t seem to fall under the belief that War Is Glorious either. He simply just views his job as a necessity for others that are participating in war, for better and for worse. Some anti-war deities still have a problem with him given how much he gets involved in letting others stir conflict and cause more bloodshed. A few of those specific deities actually understand that Yuri is a tragic man and believe that he can move on from his profession and try to live a normal life. Even if the Pantheon presented him with more opportunities to live normally than what the real world did, the number of warmongers he’s business partners with meant that such chances at normalcy are going to be gone just as quickly as they appear.
    • As for the deities that openly advocate for war (including Ali), they harbor a much better opinion of him overall, but feel that he shouldn’t be too sullen about his profession. At one point, Yuri was asked about higher powers and if they are receptive to seeing an endless war. He responded that if there was a god dedicated to instigating war and bloodshed (he never gave out names during that interview, but Khorne would fit that description), then they’d be smiling down upon him.


    Jack Spicer 
Jack Spicer, God of Recurring, Inept Threats ("Evil Boy Genius")
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Jack Bot of course
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (but only due to his loud whining to be taken seriously)
  • Portfolio: Failure Is the Only Option (most of the time), Mecha-Mooks, Evil Genius, Goggles Do Nothing (most of the time), Villain Decay, Unpopular Popular Character. As of the reboot: Character Rerailment, Took a Level in Badass, Audience Surrogate
  • Domains: Being considered a joke In Universe, Villainous Valor, getting beat down a ton, Robots
  • Followers: None for now
  • Allies: Team Rocket (they sympathize, and point fingers as well), Dr. Evil, Dr. Drakken, Shocker.
  • Enemies: The Xiaolin Warriors
  • Jack Spicer randomly opened a puzzle box sent to his home after moping about those "Xiaolin Losers" beating him again. The box promptly brought him to the pantheon, as Team Rocket declared him their new stand in for most inept villain ever.
  • Jack complained that he did score some handy victories early in his career, but Johnson, god of judgement, quickly pointed out that no villain could fall so far as to have his underwear stolen as a trophy of war, and sent him back to his temple.
  • Spends a surprising amount of time in other houses, looking for things to steal, and ways to upgrade his robots. Optimus has quietly told the houses of weapons and craft to keep an eye on Jack, but to always have a fly swatter on hand, and pudding cups to send him away.
  • He, Dr. Drakken, and Wile E. Coyote have formed a group most of the Pantheon would call The Silly Villain Trio. Unfortunately, they fail thrice as hard. Until Drakken (hesitantly) revealed his Green Thumb. After which, their chances of success have improved, though not by much.
  • Jack is an Ascended Fanboy of Melkor and geeks out whenever he shows up. Though the latter finds his fanboyism more annoying than flattering.
  • Despite his low position, he admits it's not so bad, since he got there without the Xiaolin monks foiling him (and the fact that none of his tormenters both good and evil have ascended yet makes him even happier).
  • After the reordering of his home universe, Jack has managed to slightly step up his evil game. He's learned to secure funding by offering his tech skills as a service and is more capable of preying on opponents' weak points. Despite this he's still unlikely to triumph therefore not in too much danger of losing his position.
    • The House of Commerce was pleased with his surprisingly fair business model for tech problems: $1 for normal questions, $10 for stupid questions. Less so with the funding gong towards harebrained schemes.