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    Q (Star Trek
Q, Divine Wielder of the Badass Finger Snap (God of Lies)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A finger that is snapping
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Above Good and Evil, Jerkass God, Trickster Mentor to Picard, No Sense of Personal Space, Reality Warper, Deadpan Snarker, A God Am I
  • Domains: Void, Trickery, Knowledge, Travel
  • Allies: Picard, Discord, Samantha Carter
  • Enemies: The Combine, The Spectre
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Doctor, Alarak, The Emperor of Mankind
  • Annoys: The Impractical Jokers
  • Annoyed by: Mr. Mxyzptlk
  • Respects: Captain Kirk
  • As it always has been with him, Q's first appearance came rather suddenly, and right when Picard was sleeping. He informed the captain that he stated his case for entering the Pantheon and was accepted. Now he gets to spend time with his favorite human again. Picard sounded pleasantly surprised to see him, but there was no doubt he did his signature Face Palm once Q left the room. Q has arrived, whether he liked it or not.
  • The vast majority of Aliens were displeased with his ascension, mainly because Q thinks much less of their species compared to humans. When many other aliens showed how more advanced they were, Q merely pointed out that their species have reached the peak of their potential. To him, he finds humans to be far more interesting to him.
    • For those who want nothing more than to conquer earth, Q may well be their greatest threat yet. The Combine has discussed what they can do against such a powerful foe. Their best hope is to make sure Q remains neutral, making sure that it's the humans who manage to get out of their own messes.
    • There may be no other alien who praises humanity as much as the Doctor, and even he can't stand Q's belittling of him. And yet he can't stop Q from helping him out whenever an alien invasion threatens Earth. Naturally, Q has befriended his companions, asking them how they faired against the Doctor. In that regard, Q has chided the Time Lord for the fate of his more companions.
  • Many deities wondered how he would react to the presence of the legendary Captain Kirk. His own reaction? Indifference. He hasn't even bothered to visit the original Enterprise crew. He found them to be boring compared to Picard. Funnily enough, when asked what he thought about Q, Kirk stated all the other alien races that he has visited... and surmised that for all of their abilities, they haven't done much to show for it. Q's response was shock... followed by a sly smile. It appeared that he underestimated Kirk, and both hold a bit of respect towards each other.
  • It's not like Alarak has many allies to begin with. He wouldn't have it any other way, as he has long held a disdain for other races. With that said, he has had a falling out with Amon and the Combine. He now strives to bring down the entire organization. That peaked Q's interest. The Physical God offered some help. Alarak naturally refused, but he just couldn't shake off Q. At that point, Alarak accepted Q as a companion, though he won't go as far as to agree with his opinion on humans. All he wants is assistance in killing Amon.
  • Is one of the few deities to have entered Discord's temple on his own terms... and not lose his bearings on the World of Chaos. Once an evil Reality Warper, Discord has tried his best to clean up his image. He accepted Q's invitation and has dedicated himself to reform Q. By which that meant hanging out with lesser deities against their will and trying to help out with insane results. Cosmos is wary of the pairing, but Princess Celestia has convinced her to let things be. The two coincidentally share the same voice, something that they liked even more. That makes pretending to be other other character to Picard and Twilight Sparkle even easier.
  • The God-Emperor is usually wary of any team-ups with other aliens as that would discredit his moniker for looking out for humanity above all else. But a partnership with one of the most powerful beings in the Pantheon was too good to pass up. It turned into one of the most annoying negotiations possible. He now only refers to Q at most dire moments.
  • Q manages to blur the line between good and evil and he has refrained from taking any sides in that matter. With that said, Picard has been trying to steer him towards the side of good. But one deity won't accept that decision. The Spectre holds immense power and seeks to deliver revenge on those who deserve it. The being has set its eyes on Q and vows to remove him from the Pantheon. Such a battle could wreck havoc on multiple locations, so Q has refrained from meeting the Spectre, even in his human form.
  • He may feel cocky at times, but even he can't stand Mr. Mxyzptlk and his antics. The imp knows this and constantly pulls pranks on Q. Which often blow up into a prank war capable of leveling galaxies.
  • One of the most fun he's had was impersonating Q... from the Impractical Jokers. Afterwards, he bet that he could go through the most embarrassing thing possible... go to bed with Slaanesh. The other jokers folded quickly, while Q managed to go through with a bit of his abilities. As the three losers, they all had to endure a cello performance from Spongebob Squarepants. It did not end well. By that time, the other Q managed to escape imprisonment and exposed the imposter. The Jokers have cautiously planned on their revenge.
    • He also impersonated Q from Street Fighter III. Unsuspecting fighters would go against him, only to be perfected. It took a while before it was noted that that Q has yet to enter the Pantheon.
  • There is reason to believe that Q likes to disguise himself as an NID agent. Samantha Carter has taken notice, not sure what to make of these developments.
  • Is not impressed by Thanos' antics, considering "merely" snapping half the universe out of existence to be "amateur hour".

Greater Gods

    Gildarts Clive 
Gildarts Clive, God of Ignoring Doors (Ace of Fairy Tail, That Old Guy, Gildarts of the West, The Fifth Master of Fairy Tail)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His cloak behind the Fairy Tail mark
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Person of Mass Destruction, Crashing Through Walls, Spaciness, Handicapped Badass, artificial arm and leg after losing his originals to Acnologia, Chivalrous Pervert, Friend to All Children, Lightning Bruiser and Mighty Glacier, Touch of Death,
  • Domains: Destruction, Power, Magic, Doting Parent
  • High Priest: The Fourth Raikage
  • Followers: several military men (for good reasons), the Kool-Aid Man ("OH YEAH!"), Shampoo, Rebecca Reeds, Balrog, Baman, Underdog
  • Allies: The entire Fairy Tail Guild (in particular is Cana Alberona, his daughter), Johnny Cage, Saitama
  • Fellow Door-bypassers: Kal-El/Superman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Ben Grimm/The Thing, most superheroes, Sousuke Sagara, Skulduggery Pleasant, Colette Brunel, Rainbow Dash, the Powerpuff Girls, Darkwing Duck, Perry the Platypus
  • Enemies: Lucifer, YHVH, Acnologia, Zeref, Mard Geer, Shinnok, Vanilla Ice
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ornstein and Smough
  • Opposed by: The House of Craft (since they have to fix his damages)
  • Gildartz's magic, "Crash", allows him to break anything he touches and No-Sell any spell thrown his way by disintegrating it. Combined with his spaciness, this makes him very prone to ignoring doors, walls, and whatever else might be in his way. This is how he was chosen and ascended to the Pantheon.
    • However, he had been incorrectly assigned to the House of Magic, and they were unable to get him to leave for a while. Thankfully, after he was corrected, he and his temple were moved to the new House of Quirks, which hadn't existed when he first ascended.
    • On a less serious note, when used on the human body, his Crush Magic can cause people to split apart into tiny blocks. At best, however, it would just turn them into bite-sized duplicates of themselves that can eventually form back together and reassemble the victim.
  • How bad is his spaciness? His hometown has a special protocol in place that rearranges all the buildings to ensure that he doesn't destroy any buildings in his direct path to the guild. For the House he's in, teleporters have been set up and he's been instructed to just step into the designated spots to get to/from his temple without much trouble, and specialized spinner platforms have been set to turn him around (since obstacles would just get disintegrated).
  • Comes from an entire guild whose hat is collateral damage. He also hopes that he'll able to see his daughter Cana Alberona ascended one day.
    • And when she did ascend, the Pantheon was treated to a comical sight of watching him burst into tears and immediately glomping her while proudly declaring his parentage of her.
  • He placed Ornstein and Smough in his shit list, given the fact they often attack the other members of the Fairy Tail Guild due to their nature as dragonslayers. Even after it's been revealed by Ornstein (and his Lord, Gwyn) that it's a case of I Need You Stronger in the fight against dragons (such as Acnologia, whom they've tried fighting and failed), Gildartz still doesn't trust them for their actions.
  • He also knows his way around the House of Love and was seen multiple times with various goddesses.
  • After some re-evaluation of his skills, he was promoted to a Greater God after the revelation that he broke a black hole. Also, Acnologia actually put effort into defeating him.
  • Has a Porn Stash in his satchel, though trying to snatch it is most definitely a bad idea. Have you not seen his achievements?
  • His ultimate technique, Haja Kenseinote , is capable of sending even the heaviest of Mighty Glaciers flying. There are those wondering if that punch can compare to Saitama. Gildartz has heard of the guy, and thinks he's swell, but has no reason right now to spar against him.
  • Opposes Vanilla Ice, who also ignores doors, but serves a man who has no good intentions in mind. The worst part is that Ice is very loyal to that man and his powers prove a challenge for Gildartz.

Intermediate Gods

Chameleos, Dragon God of the Silly Walk (Oonazuchi, Elder Dragon of Mist, The Formless One, Invisible Thief)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter's Guild icon
  • Theme Song: Deep Forest Illusion
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hollywood Chameleon with the walk to boot, Martial Pacifist, Lightning Bruiser, Invisibility, Trap Master, Afflicting Poison and sometimes Defense Down and Fatigue, Overly-Long Tongue used to steal items, Smoke Out and Wind from Beneath My Wings, Tail Slap, Methodical Troll
  • Domains: Poison, Mist, Stealing, Chameleons, Dragons
  • Size: 1395.2 cm - 2633.4 cm
  • Allies: Salazzle, H'aanit
  • Indifferent to: Rango, The Chaotix
  • Rivals: Vaal Hazak, Indominus Rex, The Goliath
  • Enemies: Nergigante, Fatalis, The Invisible Man/Griffin, Cruella de Vil, Hunter J, The Kaernk
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters, The House of Fire and Heat and Electricity
  • Avoids: Coco, Killua
  • Ever walked into a forest one day and sensed something was quite off? Ever felt a presence even in the wide-open fields of grass and great blue skies? Ever had the inkling that you are indeed being watched out there? Chances are it was probably a Chameleos, the Elder Dragon of Mist. A creature based around chameleons (if the name didn't make that clear already) and uroplatus, it's elusive nature has actually made it difficult to study in some aspects. Not just in rarity, that comes natural with monsters of its class, but also in the sheer care it takes to stay away from others. Despite this, its existence is quite well known throughout various communities.
  • As usual for the Chameleos it had entered the Pantheon without anyone really noticing until much later in its stay. It got found out when it a group of campers got way to close to its territory. Threatened by their presence, Chameleos drove them off and kicked it out of its forest though none of them were particularly gravely harmed save for a few were afflicted with some poison. As more of these cases have sprung up the Monster Hunters took it upon themselves into investigating these incidents with quite the inkling of their culprit on their minds. Sure enough, they were correct in their assumption and made a case to the Court of Gods about its existence in the Pantheon. After studying its mannerisms from various reports provided by the Hunter's Guild it was determined there that the Chameleos should represent Silly Walk for its tic of moving is quite like its namesake.
  • Though an Elder Dragon, its classification as such is more-so because it doesn't fit into any other reported category. In fact, it's usually quite non-confrontational and picks its fight with care, only turning to such ends if there's no other choice. Still, don't underestimate it. The most apparent ability to camouflage its entire body at will with barely an Invisibility Flicker to its name. And in some cases with surprising agility that shouldn't logically be possible being less so invisibility and more-so actual teleportation. In addition it can also spray a blinding mist to either hide away or to open up its enemies for surprise attacks. As far as offensive goes it can not only spray poison in liquid and gaseous forms but also substances that hamper one's defenses and drains one's stamina. But by far its most infamous biological attribute is its tongue. Like a chameleon's its long, sticky, and elastic and the Chameleos puts it to good use in stealing the items right off of its foes. All in all, its arsenal is infuriating to go up against, which is the point. Chameleos relies on such strategies in hopes that its opponents like the Monster Hunters will give up in fighting it.
  • Flavor Text was stolen.
  • Prefers its humid climates and has made its home hunting in the Pantheon's various jungles, forests, and swamps. Thus, it's been in quite a number of places in the House of Plants. Anything outside of them is a no go. And its weaknesses to fire and thunder means it especially isn't going to be anywhere near the Houses of Fire and Heat and Electricity. It also holds a good amount of caution regarding the residents of said houses along with anyone capable of exploiting its weaknesses. Sure, it isn't everything, but it'd prefer fights that are heavily stacked toward its favor rather than ones of closer calls.
  • Like all Elder Dragons (and all monsters, really) it likes neither Nergigante or Fatalis. Nergi exclusively hunts Elder Dragons. As Chameleos lies on the weaker end of the scale when it comes to Elders it will obviously not fare all that well facing against the Extinction Dragon. Luckily for it, Nergi seems to preoccupy itself with the various other Elders which may be attributed to their more rich bioenergy. Either way, its to Chameleos' favor. Fatalis, meanwhile, practically hates anything and everything that isn't it and is overall a malicious and destructive force. Enough said about that, really.
  • Flavor Text was stolen.
  • Effectively the go-to Elder Dragon associated with poison, much like how Kushala Daora is the usual go-to for wind. In Monster Hunter: World Chameleos is absent and in its place is the Corpse Coat Dragon and ruler of the Rotten Vale, Vaal Hazak. Apparently there is some vitriol between the two for that very reason, though due to the differing environments neither party has really act upon this rivalry. But while on the topic of poisons the Chameleos has done quite a lot to not lag behind its fellow monsters. To date, it's been adjusting its own diet to experiment with the difference in applied poisons. It's even taken to observing some of the gods in the House of Toxicity as a reference point, most of its attention going towards Salazzle and her ability to poison just about anything.
    • Though straying from pointless fights is its general rule of living, it especially avoids those who can negate either its advantage of invisibility or debilitating poison. Truthfully, the former is a bit harder to pinpoint as there's no immediate tell if a deity can do so. The latter is more easier to remember as it and the two biggest examples that come to mind are Coco and Killua and thus the Chameleos avoids inciting conflict with them.
  • Not the only chameleon based creature in the Pantheon. It had the chance of blundering in with Rango, Espio and the rest of the Chaotix after they went on to investigate a string of stolen items piling up by the number and the investigations led to the Elder Dragon. Some stuff happened, and reports tend to vary wildly from source to source, but it's generally agreed upon that the group ended up hightailing it out of there with a number of bruises while the Chameleos emerged out of the woods with a very irritable mood. Despite the encounter it doesn't hold either of the two in any malicious or hateful regard. Just, at the very worst, mild annoyance.
  • Flavor Text was stolen.
  • Despite its emphasis on keeping a low profile compared to other monsters some deities were still drawn to it anyways. Dr Griffin, known more by his alias as The Invisible Man, was interested in the extent of invisibility Chameleos has displayed and has tried to study it for himself. Unfortunately for The Sociopath, Chameleos quickly learned the game he was playing and doused his position with poison. Cruella de Vil, curious by the comments regarding the curious hide of the Chameleos, hired Hunter J to bring the Elder Dragon to her doorstep. To its favor, H'aanit along with her fellow travelers were made aware of the plot and drove off the infamous poacher before it got a chance to target it. After informing the Elder Dragon it is genuinely grateful for what she did both in defending it and giving a heads up.
    • It wasn't just humans that wanted a piece of the Mist Dragon. Both Indominus Rex and The Goliath were noted to have a special interest in Chameleos after a chance encounter with the Elder Dragon from within the wilderness, mainly for their intelligence and stealth capabilities while still being able to hold their own in the end. I. Rex in particular has shown an interest in Chameleos' ability to turn invisible though the difference being her's is more of an unconscious action rather than something that can be activated by will or command.
  • Finds The Kaernk to be a threat for its perpetual invisibility, though not an insurmountable in comparison to the various other monsters it knows. One day, while the Chameleos was taking time to drink from a lake it noticed a trail of splashes snaking right towards it. It of course took its mouth out of the water and backed off from the waves but found there to be nothing soon after. Still, it played it safe and observed the lake for a bit longer, quietly observing this newfound potential enemy. By incident, the Elder Dragon's body had knocked some branches and before long they were dragged down into the murky depths. Having figured out its tricks the Chameleos hid away and took advantage of another beast taking the time to drink from the same lake. As The Kaernk lunged at its prey, the Chameleos surprised them both by slamming down its tail onto their bodies.
  • Supposedly, the Chameleos is the reason as to why the Shrouded Nerscylla swings on thin air. It just happens to pass by while the giant spider gains some ground. This can be neither confirmed nor denied though the scholars that help catalog the Monster Hunters find this theory honestly ridiculous.
  • Flavor Text was stolen.

    Liu Kang 
Liu Kang, God of the Kiai (The Immortal Champion of Mortal Kombat, Turkey Boy, The Emperor of Netherrealm, Mild-Mannered Monk, Chosen Dude, Kicky Longstockings, Fire God Liu Kang)
Fire God Liu Kang
  • Intermediate God (Overdeity as Fire God Liu Kang or with Kronika's crown)
  • Symbol: The Mortal Kombat Dragon Logo.
  • Theme Song: Born in China, Liu Kang's Theme by Congorock, You're Next, Fire God Ascension as Fire God Liu Kang
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Kombat, Good (Switched to Evil at one point), Fire, Faith, Lightning, Wisdom, Godhood
  • Superior: Bruce Lee
  • Alliesnote :
  • Rivals: Syzoth/Reptile, Gouken
  • Enemies:
  • Under watch of: The Dahaka
  • One of the best warriors of Earthrealm in the Mortal Kombat universe is the Shaolin monk known as Liu Kang, who has beaten many powerful foes to prove his valor. Throughout the years, Liu Kang has consistently appeared as the main hero of Earthrealm and his universe as a whole, becoming known as "The Immortal Champion of Mortal Kombat" after winning the first tournament. Aside from Raiden, he is considered the primary threat to the sorcerer Shang Tsung, who orchestrated the murder of many of his fellow Shaolin monks and then later went on to kill him, the emperor Shao Kahn, who ran Outworld with an iron fist, enslaved the family of the princess who would become his love interest and later targeted him for extermination after being beaten by him in the second tournament, and the fallen Elder God Shinnok, who once seized Kitana's home realm of Edenia in his bid to usurp control of the universe from the Elder Gods.
    • Liu Kang has definitely gone through a lot after Raiden decided to sent a message back in time which ended up changing the timeline significantly. These series of events ended up with Liu Kang's death and he subsequently became a revenant that served Shinnok, though once his master died he took over the Netherrealm with the mission to enact revenge on his former mentor. And then it turns out that Kronika had manipulated the events of almost any timeline so Raiden and Liu Kang would fight, as she feared the power the two would posses should they oppose her but she ultimately allowed that to happen after she set her plan to create the new era into motion, bringing the uncorrupted Liu Kang back and then this Liu Kang and Raiden ended up fusing into the powerful Fire God Liu Kang, who would later overthrow Kronika and become the new Keeper of Time.
  • So you may be wondering, what title does Liu Kang hold? Well, given his tendency to scream his attacks, almost to a goofy degree, Liu Kang was easily one of the best candidates for it and he didn't mind taking it over, embracing it even. Originally, he wanted to become the third herald of Bruce Lee but understandably there was not enough room and since then has relocated in another temple
  • Liu Kang and Raiden for a while have been at odds with each other, understandable considering the Thunder God had a hand in his death. But a remorseful Raiden saw the error of his ways and mended his relationship with Liu Kang, culminating in the creation of the Fire God Liu Kang. Given his new role, now Liu Kang acts as a fellow force of good and balance, but was glad to learn that Raiden is still around in the Pantheon, thanking for his guidance and offering to help him however he can.
  • During the time he severed his ties with Raiden, he has managed to find a new mentor in the form of Rachel Alucard. However, Rachel was also aware that there was a timeline where Liu Kang became Drunk with Power and became a tyrannical God, even causing his mortal master, Bo Rai Cho, to train Shang Tsung to oppose him. Learning from Raiden's 'mistakes' and what happened to Ragna, Rachel decided to just be upfront and reveal everything to Liu Kang, who was very aware of that version of him after the whole Kronika business and swore to avoid that fate at all costs.
    • That was also why he's been seen consulting with Superman, who also had a vision of an alternate self similar to that. Superman kindly listens, considering that they once fought side by side. And speaking of which, Liu Kang was certainly not thrilled to see Darkseid again, though this time separate from Shao Kahn and given the both tyrants are still on good terms with one another. And when Liu Kang merged with Raiden, he started to consider the chosen one to be a potential liability in the future.
  • His relationship with Kung Lao has always been a good one, though most think it's mostly one-sided since many have noticed that Kung Lao doesn't like playing second fiddle much but nonetheless the two are brothers in arms till the end even outside any jealousy. Even after Liu Kang started achieving heights beyond Kung Lao's reach, the two still respect one another. In fact, Liu Kang in the new timeline personally chose Kung Lao (or rather the Great Kung Lao) as his champion just like Raiden did with him, so maybe their friendship might have influence Liu in many ways-
  • Had an impromptu Woo-off with The Nature Boy during his stroll at the House of Sports. He lost.
  • During his tenure as a revenant, he represented the Pantheon and alongside Kitana would command the Netherrealm forces in the name of Shinnok, which made a lot get confused given that most of their allies managed to reform and return to life but not these two, EVEN after being kept in line by Rachel. It was later revealed because Arthas Menethil, the Lich King and another infamous Fallen Hero, approached him first and managed to rise up his darker desires, convincing him that Rachel MIGHT not be better than Raiden. This resulted in Liu Kang first breaking away from Rachel, and then embracing his Emperor of Netherrealm persona fully, to where not even getting choked by Jason on his own gut would stop him. He also encouraged many formerly corrupted Kombatants to follow him, leaving Rachel without any 'new apprentices'. As a result, a lot of people have stated how much they missed the old Liu Kang... until Kronika revealed herself and brought back the old Liu Kang, who then merged with Emperor Liu Kang and Raiden, then took over once he defeated Kronika and became the new Time Keeper. Needless to say, Liu Kang has a bone to pick with the Lich King and not even the might of the Scourge will deter him.
  • Understandably, many forget that Liu Kang is now the ultimate authority of time in his home universe. He still has his share of challengers for his claim to the Hourglass, Kronika and Shang Tsung chief among them as. Kronika is still upset at her defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, whereas Shang Tsung is aware of alternate timelines where he defeated the Titan instead. Then, as usual for most the time related beings, the Dahaka made his presence known to Liu Kang, but he was unusually docile and warned that as he was a figure tasked with overseeing time, he was safe from his wrath and would receive his aid against Kronika IF he did his job correctly. Their relationship is on mostly good terms but the fact that the Dahaka still guns for Raiden does put a dent in that at times. Also, many evil time-related deities are wary of Liu Kang, since his godlike powers include an immunity to time powers and the traditional rules of time.
  • He is empathetic of Madoka's plight concerning the betrayal of Homura and her fall from grace. During that time the two weren't exactly on the best of terms given that Liu Kang was still a revenant in service of the Netherrealm, but once the good Liu Kang reclaimed his place, he wanted to first make amends with Madoka after finally understanding her situation. Madoka doesn't hold any strong feelings against the monk and can understand becoming a Physical God during a desperate situation, and having a fellow Hope Bringer is always welcome.
  • To the surprise of no one, becoming a deity immediately put him on Zamasu's neverending list of enemies, scoffing at the idea of a mortal, his future self and a god fusing into a more powerful being, which Liu Kang found ironic considering that Zamasu did that exact same thing. On another front, Sheogorath was interested in a fellow deity that was mortal before ascension, even if Liu found him rather unconventional.

    T-00 Tyrant/Mr. X 
Alright, who is next?

(A series of loud footsteps is heard)

T-00 Tyrant, God of Walking Menacingly (T-103 Tyrant, Trenchy, Neo Tyrant, Mr. X, The Librarian, Floppyfeet's Anxiety)
Super Tyrant
  • Intermediate God with his Power Limiter in place; gains a serious power boost when removed or damaged
  • Symbols: His Iconic Green Trenchcoat and a fedora.
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil normally. Chaotic Evil as the Super Tyrant.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Umbrella Corporation, Bio-Organic Weapons, Tyrant Series
  • Allies: None, it's prime directive is to eliminate anyone that is a witness to the Raccoon City outbreak and that includes everyone that isn't part of Umbrella. That said, he and The Nemesis T-Type are fine working for the same cause.
  • Rivals: The T-800 (both of them), General RAAM
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The House of Explosives
  • Worthy Opponents: Pyramid Head
  • The T-103 Tyrant is an Umbrella Corporation developed B.O.W. and the successor of the original Tyrant T-002 model, mass-produced after successful experimentations and deployed during the Raccoon City incident to eliminate all survivors. This particular model is T-00, also known as Mr. X, deployed in the Raccoon City police department where he came across several survivors. The creature's mission was clear and he was not going to give up until all witnesses were dead, even going as far as to chase Leon S. Kennedy all the way to the NEST. There, having received heavy damaged, mutated out of the control and was ultimately put down by the rookie police officer before he could do more damage. While there are several versions of the T-103 model, this particular Tyrant proved to be good enough to achieve godhood, but not by his own accord.
  • A helicopter bearing the insignia of the Umbrella Corporation was seen hovering overhead in the skies of the Pantheon. Said helicopter had attached to it a single, metallic tube, of which detached from the chopper, revealing it to be a T-103 Tyrant. While the source of whoever brought the Tyrant into the pantheon is unknown, some believe the GUAE is behind this, most pointing to Albert Wesker being the main suspect party. Still having its old programming, Mr. X proceed to hunt down and kill anyone not affiliated with Umbrella Corporation, meaning he was a walking menace that needed to be stopped but thankfully, members of the B.S.A.A. led by Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy were able to subjugate the Tyrant, Leon having revived the old memories of being stalked by the Tyrant back in Raccoon City.
  • One of the key ingredients in making a Tyrant is β Hetero Nonserotonin, a hormone secreted from the human pituitary gland during the later stages of puberty, and can only be harvested during cases of extreme panic. In other words, the Umbrella employees on Sheena Island where the T-103s were mass-produced harvested the hormones from the kids without any anesthesia for maximum effectiveness. The hormone's properties make it a prime candidate for use in increasing the B.O.W.'s combat effectiveness by directly stimulating its level of brutality and ferocity.
  • That green trenchcoat he usually wears is not a fashion statement. Like Nemesis, it serves as his Power Limiter. Once Mr. X takes enough damage, the trenchcoat comes off and he transforms into the Tyrant - an 8-foot-tall monstrosity with wicked bone claws on both hands. Though the mutations can vary depending on the damage taken, as falling into molten metal completely mutated his body while another time he only suffered burns on a side of his body, mutating his arm into a claw and exposing his heart.
  • Mr. X will usually target humans and not-undead humanoids, but he will prioritize those that have entered Raccoon City or might even have survived the incident back in 1998. However, this particular grudge towards Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Sherry Birkin. While in some versions Mr. X was after Sherry for her locket containing a sample of G-Virus, in other timelines he just went after both Claire and Sherry since they qualified as witnesses. But with Leon he is a lot more aggressive, having proved to be a huge pain in the ass to kill and having chased him throughout all the RCPD and Sewer system, it's believed that Leon might have actually pissed him off enough to forego all his directive and kill him. Thankfully, Ada's timely intervention allowed Leon to put down T-00 for good.
    • U.S.S. Agent HUNK has also had the unfortunate opportunity of encountering another T-103, although this one is possibly unrelated to the one sent to RCPD. Even in the pantheon, for some reason, Mr. X continues to target the masked man, possibly since Umbrella never really reprogramed him to avoid killing their own personnel.
  • His cause of death may vary depending on the timeline but his most common one was at the hands of an Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher. It's commonly believed that Leon was the one that dealt the killing blow but other times it could have been Claire or both. Nevertheless, the Tyrant has an unusual habit of avoiding the House of Explosives, since he prefers his top half not being blown up.
    • There is also the theory that the one that Claire encountered was an unrelated T-103. This version ended up being impaled by a G-Virus mutated William Birkin, having saved both Claire and his daughter from the Tyrant, probably out of the remaining humanity he had or because he too was after Sherry. Nevertheless, Dr. Birkin is another of the Tyrant's potential targets, but Birkin is perfectly capable of defeating the Tyrant by himself, prompting the B.O.W. to either mutate or ignore him entirely.
  • Upon hearing of Mr. X's ascension into the Pantheon, Axel, Adam, and Blaze - thinking that their longtime nemesis has arrived - stormed Mr. X's temple...and came running out of it minutes later, pursued by Mr. X in his Super Tyrant form.
  • Despite being the same class of Tyrants, Mr. X and the Nemesis are rivals. During the Raccoon Outbreak, these two behemoths had clashed. However, outside interference from the undead and later, Hunters had made the fight into a draw and nowadays both have surprisingly come to an agreement in cooperating in taking down at least the former S.T.A.R.S. members, particularly Jill Valentine.
  • Jill Valentine had seen the end result of the T-103s attack on Raccoon when she came across several of them before her final battle with Nemmy. Leon Kennedy can attest to the fact that they are very tough. His best friend, Ark Thompson, had to shoot his way through a whole army of them
  • Shortly after his temple was redesigned as more of a containment zone (which failed spectacularly since they failed to account the walls not being strong enough), some deities have seen him sport a fedora. He likes to keep it on him at all times and it's advisable to not shoot it, unless you want Mr. X to give it to ya.
    • This new look also made the Lone Survivor confuse Mr. X with Nick Valentine, something that almost proved to be a fatal mistake since not only is the Tyrant look like a jacked-up version of said character, but also far more resilient to most of the weaponry the survivor was carrying at the time. Thankfully he was able to escape the Tyrant's clutches.
  • His temple is not that far away from Pyramid Head's, which screamed bad news for their neighbours. However, both creatures have clashed and even if they are both Implacable Men, Pyramid Head was able to gain the upper hand and momentarily kill the Tyrant. Mr. X did return afterwards anyway.
    • Speaking of relentless pursuers, Mr. X and the terminators have a rivalry of sorts, mostly thanks to their similar purposes. Although the machines are more sentient, Mr. X is no slouch in that regard and machine or not, they still fall under the directive of people that have to be silenced.
  • Many heroes have taken up the challenge of putting down this Tyrant since he is a very persistent threat to lower-level deities. Samus and the Doomslayer once teamed up to take him down after Spencer sent him to gather some important GUAG intel and the B.O.W. was promptly ripped apart by both space soldiers. He also, on one occasion, decided to target Atreus, which quickly incurred the wrath of Kratos. Guess what happened next? Of course, he continues to be a persistent predator even after being continuously being put down, you can thank the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon for that.
  • Some of the more eccentric members of the Pantheon swear that they can hear a DMX track blaring in their ears whenever they hear him stomping around. It doesn't make him any less intimidating, but some say it does make him crack a slight smile.
  • There's also seems to be another Mr. X running around the pantheon, apparently he seems to be a librarian and will hunt you down to the ends of the Earth if he has to... If you neglected to return the overdue book that you borrowed from the library. Some of the bookworm gods in the Pantheon have mixed opinions on him.
    • This Mr. X also seems to lack object permanence which has been taken advantage of by some of the Pantheon members whom had overdue library books.

Lesser Gods

    Dexter Douglas/Freakazoid 
Dexter Douglas, God of Airplane Arms (Freakazoid, Kid, Mr. F, Freak, The Blue Guy, Red Underwear Man)
Dexter Douglas
  • Lesser God as Freakazoid; Quasideity as Dexter Douglas
  • Symbol: F! inside of an oval
  • Theme Music: Freakazoid!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Personality, Internet, Comedy
  • Heralds: Roddy Macstew, Sgt. Mike Cosgrove, Steff, Professor Jones
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Warner Siblings, Pinky & The Brain, Danny Fenton, Astro Boy, Pinkie Pie, Carl Fredricksen
  • Enemies: Sark, Master Control Program, Love Machine, Ex-, Agent Smith, Nobuyuki Sugou, Khan Noonien Singh, Cthulu
  • Dexter Douglas was originally a nerd with not much of life aside from an interest in computers. After getting his hands on a faulty computer chip, he got zapped into cyberspace via a random code that his cat inputted by accident, acquired of lot of knowledge from the internetnote , and became Freakazoid, a superhero that's highly insane. One of his powers is to go fast, but he tends to put his arms above his head and make a whoosh noise while running at average speed. He finds it more amusing that way.
    • It should be noted that Freakazoid got his knowledge from the internet before it grew larger and housed a lot of graphic content. Based on the conversations from other deities, it's safe to assume that Freakazoid would be a lot more insane than he is if he all got the information from the internet at a much later point in time than he did initially.
  • Most of the time, he tends to be seen in his Freakazoid identity, with Dexter Douglas usually appearing if there isn't anything substantial happening within the Pantheon. Strangely enough, Freakazoid is in Dexter's head via the Freak-a-zone despite apparently having a Freak-a-lair (which is completely separate from the Freak-a-zone).
  • Although he gets along fine with The Warners and Pinky & The Brain, there have been a few arguments between them as to which show they were from was the best. Whenever they try to bring the argument to other deities, the response that they often get is the listener not knowing who they are or what they're talking about.
  • To an extent, he can be seen as a counterpart to Captain Underpants since their civilian identities serve as an extreme contrast to their comedic superhero personas. Besides their civilian personalities, the difference between them is that Dexter can transform into Freakazoid and back via separate phrases (though there have been rare instances where the transformation was uncontrollable for certain reasons) while Benjamin Krupp needs external circumstances (intentional or not) for his transformations to occur.
  • Compared to a lot of other superheroes (or just heroes in general), Freakazoid seems to have a rather Friendly Enemy kind of relation towards most of his enemies back in his universe, though that may be because of their own attitude. In the Pantheon, a lot of his potential foes are usually more ruthless than what he had been used to, but there will be some verbal jabs that happen occasionally between him and some of these enemies.
  • Dexter gets along very well with Danny Fenton, given that they sound alike, at least in civilian form. When Danny transforms, he keeps the voice, but when Dexter transforms into Freakazoid, everything including the voice changes, and Freakazoid has taken note of it.
  • Freakazoid decided to head into cyberspace given how he came to be, even though he isn't considered to be a virtual entity compared to someone like Tron. He was very much surprised when he found out it has gotten a lot bigger than it had before, but he has a guide or two to make sure he's navigating the place properly whenever he drops by.
    • During one such visit, he described the MCP and Sark as sounding like The Lobe, only a lot meaner and less friendly than that arch-rival.
  • On an infrequent basis, Freakazoid makes visits to the House of Musicality to do some "Musical Interludes". These interludes consist of him playing some sort of tune on the piano.
    • Other times, he'll be at some other location, teaching others a foreign language such as French or Norwegian. He has thought about speaking additional languages such as Japanese every so often.
  • Freakazoid had an encounter with Astro Boy once thinking that he was Hero Boy, the main character from Freakazoid's favorite show. Astro cleared up the confusion and sometime after that (a battle against some low-level villains took place in the interim), the two get along rather well, even if Astro finds Freakazoid to be much more quirkier than what Astro has been used to. Astro is mildly annoyed about Hero Boy's "abilities", though.
  • If there is one person that Freakazoid doesn't like in the Pantheon entirely, that would be Nobuyuki Sugou. Not only is the latter completely unpleasant, but trying to use cyberspace to make others miserable and gain more power for one's self is something that even Freakazoid can't joke about.
  • Don't ask him if he wants to see something strange and mystical. It will lead to him yelling at the asker for several minutes until they leave his sight. Trollkaiger did plan to do something to him, but as soon as someone from that group asked him that question, that plan came to an end. Then again, considering the nature of that group, the plan may have been simply to ask him that instead of something much more elaborate.
  • Whenever he is in Dexter Douglas form, don't confuse him for a boy genius or a killer detective who share the same first name. Ironically, as Dexter Douglas, the other two Dexters are a bit weirder than him, but as Freakazoid, he becomes a lot weirder than them.
  • He isn't seen much alongside the DC Comics deities, though he harbors some sort of jealousy towards Superman for being more popular than him. The Joker has actually been keeping an eye on Freakazoid since, according to the clown, something about that freak's attitude is reminiscent of The Creeper, of whom The Joker is presumably frightened of.
  • Bugs Bunny, having quickly understood Freakazoid's brand of amusement, decided to show him the Lolranger, of whom Bugs is already a member of. The wabbit offered Freakazoid work as a Guest-Star Party Member of that group and Freak accepted without question.
  • Made a visit to the House of Craft to see if Norm Abram was around. Although that wasn't the case much to his mild disappointment, he does consider the Villager to be the next best thing in interior decoration.
  • Cthulu really has it out against Freakazoid due to the latter going up against and beating someone similar to him named Vorn the Unspeakable once. Cthulu is planning to get back at Freak much later, but one has to wonder who'll drive the other insane first when that day comes (partially since Freakazoid is already crazy to start with).
  • Freakazoid going fast is actually his only consistent power. He had telekinesis one instance (and that took him some time to master it), but it hasn't been mentioned since then; plus the possibility of him having other powers is uncertain and the House of Power and Abilities has been quiet on that matter.
  • Thought he heard his old friend Sgt. Cosgrove in the House of Travel who travelled via a house tied with balloons and raced there. Turns out that was Carl Fredricksen. Carl was at first surprised by the energetic superhero, but he took it all in stride. Freakazoid just loves hearing about Carl's adventures.

    Duke Togo/Golgo 13 
Duke Togo, God of Dramatic Ellipsis (Golgo 13, Duke Togo, Tadashi Togo, Togo Rodriguez)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Skeleton Wearing a Crown of Thorns
  • Theme Song: Take The Wave; So Far Away
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Awesome by Analysis, Crazy-Prepared, Genius Bruiser, Badass in a Nice Suit, Hates Being Double-Crossed, Cold Sniper, Consummate Professional, Dull Surprise, Improbable Aiming Skills, Multiple-Choice Past, Non-Idle Rich, Can Speak 13 Languages, Including French, Spanish, Tagalog, And Japanese, Perpetual Frowner, Professional Killer
  • Domains: Assassination, Snipers
  • Mutual Respect towards: Agent 47
  • Rivals: Widowmaker, Anton Chigurh, Mr. Mundy the Sniper, John Wick
  • Foil to: James Bond, Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Refuses to Work With: Backstabbers (notably Dimitri Rascalov)
  • The world is full of different people ranging from relatively decent to downright monstrous in terms of attitude. Many people want to eliminate their rivals and this is where a man known mainly as Golgo 13 comes in. A man of very few words, he gets straight to the point that he’s here to get the job done and performs them with the help of his trusted M16 rifle. Golgo is known for being very smart and determined in finishing his assigned task, has had plenty of encounters with different ladies, and has no tolerance whatsoever to any client that’s deceitful to him.
  • Some shady events revolving around corruption and money being funneled to evil entities resulted in a few Pantheon denizens trying to find someone that can put an end to this particular event. Elsewhere, a man has received a call to meet up in an abandoned cemetery to learn more about the assignment he was about to receive. Knowing about the high standards set in place by Golgo 13, the client explained to him not only the task to assassinate whoever was responsible for the money-laundering scheme, but the Pantheon as a whole and how things are different from what he’d expect. With that in mind and the reward money set, Golgo accepted the job and after some violent encounters with criminals who didn’t want a hitman to interfere with their task, Golgo was able to assassinate the perpetrator responsible for that corruption, especially after some crafty planning on Golgo’s end.
  • As mentioned, the Pantheon is completely different from the more grounded reality that Golgo was used to. Death is mostly considered to be a nuisance more than a danger given how the denizens can come back to life, there are a lot of notable names in the Pantheon that Golgo is aware of (or “gods” as the Pantheon designates them) and will potentially cross paths with multiple times, and several fantastical elements within certain areas. Even so, Golgo took the time he needed to get used to the more unorthodox world he was in and ensure that his tasks still end in success. Many of the targets he was given to go after in the Pantheon tend to be ordinary people that have very close ties to many of the aforementioned prominent figures.
  • The fact that the Pantheon contained a multitude of assassins and hitmen was something that Golgo was more than prepared for not just in terms of numbers, but in terms of varying methods in how they take out their targets. From those such as Ezio and other Assassins who take out their targets directly to an assortment of gunmen who handle things from afar, the field of assassination was much more varied in the Pantheon and Golgo is more than prepared to be the one to take out a specific target first if he is in competition with someone else for such. He is aware of their strengths and flaws, with some particular hitmen and assassins gaining particular notice from him given their methods and mindsets.
    • One prominent hitman that Golgo was quick to learn about was someone known only as Agent 47. In a number of ways, Agent 47 is quite similar to Golgo, mainly regarding their stoic-by-default attitude and their unwavering determination in making sure they’re the ones who assassinate their target (with those targets often being worse than the assassins). There’s also the fact that they like to keep the number of people in close contact with them to a very small number to ensure that their line of work doesn’t get derailed for personal reasons. Although they’re pretty much rivals in the same field so to say, the two do have a quiet, mutual respect for each other given their expertise.
    • There were a few other hitmen and assassins who Golgo took notice of, though the level of respect Golgo has for them isn’t to the level as that of Agent 47. Anton Chigurh was one hitman who saw Golgo as a rival, much like how he saw the other hitmen in the Pantheon. One major issue that Golgo took with Anton was the coin-flipping gimmick the latter uses to determine the fate of whoever is with Anton at the moment. In Golgo’s view, that felt too much like a waste of time when it comes to dealing with targets and unlike Agent 47 who is at least willing to work with Anton under very specific circumstances, Golgo has opted not to get involved with him much, if at all. It’s not to say that fights between Golgo and Anton have happened from time to time.
    • John Wick was another hitman with a notable reputation of being a dangerous force to reckon with that Golgo took notes of. One thing that got Golgo’s attention was that John was very good at his job, yet his attempt at trying to settle down and have a normal life didn’t work out and he used his skills to go after his enemies. In a way, Golgo figured that it was one reason why he never made an attempt to try and move away from the field of assassination, beyond simply just being good at what he does. There hasn’t been any direct hostility from either party yet, but both are already preparing for the possibility that they’ll have to fight each other, be it via certain parties or some other circumstance.
  • His preferred method for taking out his targets is through his customized M16 rifle. Beyond the fact that there are numerous other assassins in the Pantheon, there are some other snipers who Golgo has taken notice of during his time there. Some of the notable snipers in the Pantheon seem to have a similarly cold demeanor as he does, by unlike him, those other snipers seem to take some enjoyment in killing their targets. Among them are Widowmaker, a woman who was turned into a dangerous weapon by an evil organization, and someone known only as The Sniper, who despite his seemingly straight-laced demeanor, has a rather crass personality especially towards his adversaries. The two have good things to say about Golgo’s skill and are eager to confront him if they have to, but Golgo has noticed some flaws in their methods, something that he’ll exploit should said confrontations with either sniper happen.
  • While Golgo has a few things that sets him off with someone standing behind him as one such example, he has a prominent hatred of anyone that betrays him, especially if that person is someone who hired him to begin with. Besides the various minor denizens who Golgo came to distrust after some jobs went wrong, there are a number of actual Pantheon deities who are notable for backstabbing others, often for selfish reasons. Given how wide and fast information travels in the Pantheon along with him making adjustments if he has an assignment there, Golgo opted to not work with any notable untrustworthy deity present (with Dimitri Rascalov among those he won’t accept any offer from despite the latter having made some failed attempts to hire Golgo to get rid of some personal enemies of his), not only because he’ll end up with the short end of a deal when he’s out of their sight, but that someone will ask him to target them for specific reasons anyways.
  • One frequent aspect of his missions involve women, and those particular women often end up having sex with him and more often than not, said women are related to his current assignment in some way. Golgo’s prowess with women (and his expertise in the action field) has been compared to that of James Bond, a secret agent who has encountered and had sex with women that have had importance to a mission he’s on. The main difference is that 007 has a more clearly defined moral goal with his assignments whereas Golgo has a wider variety of clients with varying goals, but still has standards to ensure his mission is successful. From what 007 has heard of Golgo, he finds him to be rather enigmatic and dangerous and if there is a possibility that Golgo will be hired to assassinate 007, James Bond will be more than ready to counter whatever Golgo may attempt on him.
  • Even taking into account Golgo’s preference for practicality in handling his missions, the Pantheon contains a lot of unusual elements that could both help and hinder him in varying ways. One hitman who has been used to the unusual and has ways of handling it was Kiritsugu Emiya. He has experience in going after deadly magical entities and has a cold demeanor on the battlefield almost akin to a fantastical version of Golgo, but some facets of Kiritsugu that makes him stand out from Golgo (aside from the setting) is that he has a human side thanks to his wife Irisviel von Einzbern bringing out his better traits. In Golgo’s opinion, Kiritsugu having some semblance of emotion led to his eventual downfall (on top of additional problems he had to face) and Kiritsugu seems to believe that Golgo is what he could end like if he didn’t have any emotional support and his cynical mindset of the world reached a breaking point.
  • Regardless of all of the quirks the Pantheon has compared to a more normal setting, there are some who are willing to request Golgo take out a major corrupt Pantheon figure and not just those close to said targets. Not so much as to permanently take them down, but to add a more drastic point that the kind of corruption those figures act on will not be tolerated even if said point has already been made prior. Among the targets that have been highly requested that Golgo go after include Frank Underwood, Ethan Roark Sr., and the duo of Frank Tenpenny & Eddie Pulaski. Those particular deities, among others, are more than aware that they’ll be targeted and have done what they can to throw off their enemies, but Golgo has been carefully planning his moves and observing their actions should he be requested to take down such notable names.

    Hildegard von Krone 
Hildegard von Krone, Goddess of Feminine Curtsying (Hilde, Defender of the Kingdom, Princess of Wolfkrone)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Wolfkrone Banner
  • Theme Song: Resolute Vanguard
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Leader of Wolfkrone Leading her Armies against the Forces of Soul Edge, Jeanne d'Archétype, The High Queen, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Was a Teenager by the time she took Leadership, Fights using a Short Sword and a Lance, Conservatively Dressed among the Female Cast, Flower Motifs, Looks older than her Actual Age, Is a lot Wiser than Expected, Curtsying before Battling
  • Domains: Princesses, Royalty, Warriors, Formality, Rulers, Curtsying
  • Allies: Siegfried Schtauffen, Grøh, Sophitia, Cassandra, The Heroic Protectors of Family, King Arthur Pendragon, Zelda, Artoria Pendragon, Link, Jeanne d'Arc, Gaara, Kitana, Dante Sparda, Erza Scarlet, Ky Kiske
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Tira, Cervantes, Embryo, Esdeath, Wyald, Emperor Ganishka, Regime Superman, Black Adam, Molag Bal, Sauron, Ganondorf, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi
  • Friendly Enemies: Bowser, Vlad von Carstein
  • Respected/Pitied By: The House of Family and Relatives
  • Opposes: Always Chaotic Evil Races
  • The Princess of Wolfkrone, Hilde lived a comfortable royal life, until her mother and older brother died. To make matters worse, once Soul Edge began to take precedence in its invasion, several people from around the world were corrupted into Malfested, courtesy of the Cursed Sword. As Hilde's father and King, Georg was among the corrupted, Hilde was forced to take over Wolfkrone's leadership in taking on the armies of Soul Edge. Armed with a short sword and lance, Hilde led her armies in battle and would come to an encounter with Grøh, who also had a tragic experience with Soul Edge. They've come into an alliance with one another as they share a similar goal in vanquishing Soul Edge, not to mention Grøh was the one who discovered King Georg when he was Malfested.
  • Hilde's presence in the Pantheon occurred not too long after Grøh's given that they were attracted into the new land due to the presence of Nightmare and Soul Edge. She received news about the Pantheon shortly after Grøh's ascension and quickly made arrangements to make a way in it. Following a set of instructions and a guide made by Grøh, Hilde made her way into the Pantheon, shortly meeting up with her collaborator to discuss their plans in dealing with Nightmare in this new world.
  • Alongside fighting Nightmare and Soul Edge, Hilde wanted to make sure she explored the Pantheon and what cultures and inhabitants occupied it. She soon picked up on the Pantheonic Forever War, which Nightmare was taking a part in, attempting to corrupt more indivudals into Malfested for his gain. Quickly realizing that she needs allies to combat the Azure Knight's new allegiances, Hilde joined the Grand United Alliance of Good and had her Wolfkrone army provide military assets and equipment for their combat stance.
  • Took note of the fact that she made a strong alliance with Siegfried in an earlier timeline. She initially found it difficult to communicate with her timeline's version, though after Siegfried found out about what Hilde was going through, they've since been fighting together ever since. Also helping the fact is that Hilde was willing to pardon and accept Siegfried's path of redemption whilst also acknowledging his earlier crimes. She has made ties with Sophitia and Cassandra as well with all of them being dedicated to combating Soul Edge, with Sophitia even willing to cure King Georg once the time comes.
  • Has been compared to Joan of Arc, given that she is explicitly based on her. Hilde has taken the comparison with pride, seeing as its befitting of her leading and determined personality. Because of this, she quickly became friends with Jeanne D'Arc and the two of them work around with their leadership skills to hopefully inspire more people in pursuing heroics.
    • She similarly gets along with Saber, though because Saber is more concerned with many of her own turmoils, they don't really get to interact with one another. That said, Saber's identity as a gender-bent King Arthur did catch Hilde's attention, given that Arthur himself set up the foundations of the Aval Organization whose main aim was to combat against the Malfested. Saber has since been taking arms to prepare herself against Nightmare and has since become a staunch ally with Hilde.
  • She openly opposes malicious monarchs and knights, though some of the more notable examples include Ganondorf, Sauron and Shao Kahn. Not helping matters is how the three of them command an army of diabolical creatures who are more than ready to plunder and kill anyone in their way. She expressed disappointment and apathy on Regime Superman's way of trying instill and maintain order, despite his path to darkness, stating that while she's lost a lot of people, she still fights for whom she loves and chides the fallen Man of Steel for not getting over the tragedy that turned him into a villain.
    • Bowser and Vlad von Carstein are somewhat softer by comparison. While Hilde is understandably uncomfortable with them, she does respect Bowser's love for his son and his troops genuinely earned loyalty towards the Koopa King, not to mention how Bowser feels bad about the state Hilde is going through regarding her family. While Vlad is a bloodthirsty vampire alongside much of his army, he does express sympathy for Hilde in the same fashion as Bowser does and genuinely treats her with genuine politeness and class, even offering her an alliance without the need to become an Undead. She declined, though unlike with most of her foes, Vlad decided to resign back, feeling that he may need her for another occasion.
  • Her newly gained enemies did do her some favors in establishing new allies as well. Link, being no stranger to Soul Edge itself was willing to ally himself with the Wolfkrone princess in battling Soul Edge and Ganon. Hilde also became close allies with Zelda after she sensed the treat Nightmare posed and had a brief altercation against him at some point. Similarly, Hilde has taken to working with Dante for a demon-hunting course, though in her case, said demons are beginning to work with the Malfested and Nightmare, so she feels that her alliance with Dante is justified.
  • She reunited with Grøh in the pretense of collaborating with one another in the defense against the Malfested. They've negotiated with Sophitia to find a way to bring King Georg back to his senses and are often seen fighting against each other, mainly because Grøh is wishing to better and improve Hilde's combat prowess.
    • Outside of the Malfested, they've taken to also looking into inherently evil races and taking a hard militant approach on them, especially considering that unlike the Malfested, they usually cannot be redeemed in any way.
  • As a ruler (albeit unwillingly, given the unfortunate circumstances that led to it) Hilde is on good terms with Gaara and Kitana, the three of them often trying to import goods towards each other for mutual benefit and maintaining good relations with one another. Similarly, the three of them can relate with unfortunate family problems that have since gone on to define some of their characteristics.
  • Said family issues have made her pitied by the House of Family and Relatives. That said, they were more than willing to allow Hilde for company and the Heroic Protectors quickly struck an alliance with her. Hilde is pleased with such gesture, though she does worry that much in that House are very susceptible to the suffering that she went through, especially considering Soul Edge's presence in the Pantheon.
  • She has gotten to learn of the old timeline steadily and realizing how much strife and suffering had occurred in that setting, Hilde has become more adamant in preventing the same befall to her timeline. She's been meaning to approach some of the deities that have went against expectations, but she's facing difficulty on said matter.
I swear on my name... I will prevail!

Jabberjaw, God of Tailfin Walking (Blubberhead)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Neptunes’ band logo
  • Theme Music: Jabberjaw (Pain version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Band Toon, Terrestrial Sea Life, Butt-Monkey
  • Domains: Sharks, Music, Investigation
  • Heralds: The Neptunesmembers
  • Allies: Mystery Inc., Aquaman, Hakase, Nemo, Marlin, Dory
  • Enemies: Bruce the Shark, Joe, Flintheart Glomgold
  • Avoids: The Meg, Duke Fishron, The Orca, Lagiacrus & Ceadeus
  • Awkward Relations: Fin Shepard
  • In the future, the oceans of Earth have been colonized, allowing various forms of civilization underwater through the use of domes. In roughly that same time period, there is a band called The Neptunes consisting of guitarist Biff, bassist Clamhead, keyboardist Bubbles, tambourinist Shelly, and drummer Jabberjaw, that tours across the ocean making music for others to listen to. If they’re not performing, then they’re doing some sort of investigation in one of the many domed underwater civilizations to stop some kind of criminal from trying to take over the aquatic world. Despite Jabberjaw’s chummy attitude, he often gets no respect, often due to a combination of Shelly rejecting his advances or shark ejectors that are found throughout the many places The Neptunes visit.
  • The Neptunes ended up receiving an invite to go to a gig at a faraway location that happened to be underwater. The trip to that destination lasted a while and the band had to stay at a handful of rest stops to break up the long journey, which was peppered by music performances, impromptu investigations, and shark ejectors along the way. The band eventually arrived at their destination, which was an underwater civilization much more elaborate than what they were used to, inhabited by an assortment of exotic creatures The Neptunes had never seen before. Before long, they managed to reach dry land, which had an equally extravagant setting and they then learned that they were invited to the Pantheon, a sprawling world filled with many things and following their first scheduled performance at that world, The Neptunes decided to continue touring the place, looking for places to perform and mysteries to solve.
  • Jabberjaw and The Neptunes came across Mystery Inc. one day while the former was investigating a crook that was trying to threaten sea life and the latter mystery-solving team was quick to notice another team of young investigators with an animal (or at the very least, another anthropomorphic partner) on their side. As it turned out, Mystery Inc. was in the process of looking into “the Pacific Man-Shark” and the Neptunes had just encountered that creature beforehand, prompting the two mystery-solving teams to work together in catching that monster. With the help of Scooby-Doo and the others, Jabberjaw found out that “the Pacific Man-Shark” was nothing more than a random criminal trying to take over the undersea world for himself via trying to set up a myth about an unusual aquatic creature. Having had experience in encounters with another helpful band known as The Hex Girls, Mystery Inc. has helped out Jabberjaw and the others for a number of undersea investigations in addition to attending their concerts.
  • Aquaman was someone who Jabberjaw was familiar with in the past and it was through that meeting that Aquaman learned of the concept of aquatic creatures being able to talk on their own without him needing to use his powers to communicate to them. Their initial teamup involved killer sharks getting sent from Jabberjaw’s dimension to where Aquaman resided, prompting the friendly shark (who happened to be a fan of Aquaman) to get the help of the King of Atlantis to set things right. As Aquaman learned, the strife between sea life and human life in Jabberjaw’s world wasn’t all that different from what Aquaman was used to and before returning to his home dimension, Aquaman gave the Neptunes some inspiration for their music. For how odd of a creature Jabberjaw is, Aquaman still considers him a good friend since that adventure.
  • Having been used to being disrespected for being a shark despite being friendly, Jabberjaw ended up learning of others like him who were much more dangerous overall. He simply doesn’t have anything good to say about Bruce the Shark due to the latter’s voracious hunger and aggressive demeanor towards anything it deems as potential prey. Some of the investigations Jabberjaw and The Neptunes take part in involve underwater areas getting attacked by Bruce and having to fix the damage caused by that shark, with Jabberjaw sometimes still the subject of scrutiny despite not doing anything wrong. Speaking of dangerous sharks, Jabberjaw would find out about something referred to as The Meg, a megalodon (or as Jabberjaw would refer to such a thing, “an even bigger shark”) who, despite being a bit less aggressive than Bruce, had the capacity to cause an even bigger rampage if she’s having a bad day. While Bruce was roughly the size of Jabberjaw, if not slightly bigger, The Meg was so large that all Jabberjaw could do is avoid her at all costs, even if she is content to ignore him during her better days.
  • Marlin and Dory have encountered a group of sharks during their quest to find Nemo, Marlin’s son. Those sharks, led by Bruce (who is unrelated to the Pantheonic shark that was nicknamed “Jaws”), are much friendlier than they appear to the point of trying to avoid eating other fish, though Bruce is prone to becoming berserk if he senses blood. Marlin and Dory had a meeting with Jabberjaw at one point, with his friendliness being something that quickly got the attention of the two. Marlin wasn’t sure if Jabberjaw would end up suffering the same problem that Bruce did despite Bruce’s efforts to be friendly, but after spending some time with him, not only was Jabberjaw harmless, he actually solved plenty of undersea problems along the way. What also ended up getting the attention of Marlin and Dory was that Jabberjaw traveled with a group of humans as part of a band and that those humans are generally friendly to him (though Shelly has a bit of a mean streak towards him). Seeing aquatic life like him interact with humans no problem in addition to taking on some of their basic actions such as walking was quite a bit for Marlin and Dory to take in, but otherwise, they’re willing to get along with Jabberjaw (Dory moreso given her demeanor).
  • As Jabberjaw later found out, there were a handful of fish that proved to be a problem for plenty and Joe was among them. Having gained his intellect via drinking a potion, Joe intended to overthrow humanity via having fish become the dominant species and trying to create more of that potion. Joe once had a shark working with him, but fired him due to being too dumb and saw Jabberjaw as what could happen if that stupid former partner of Joe’s had enough of a brain to oppose him earlier. As Jabberjaw and The Neptunes are a team of investigators, Joe knew that they would thwart his plans of fish supremacy and has used Bruce (aka “Jaws”) to try and throw Jabberjaw and his friends off Joe’s trail. As much as Jabberjaw is annoyed at how other people are quick to assume that he’ll become a problem due to being a shark, he knows that fish supremacy is a major obstacle towards coexistence between aquatic life and humans that needs to be stopped no matter what.
  • Not only are there typical kinds of aquatic life in the Pantheon such as The Orca (who Jabberjaw would prefer to stay away from given that she’s prone to violence if angered and that she’ll eat sharks like him), but so are a plethora of exotic ones that surprised Jabberjaw and The Neptunes. One of those strange creatures was Duke Fishron, a bizarre fish-pig-dragon hybrid that can fly and can summon sharknados and cthulhunados, among other abilities. It’s another creature that Jabberjaw would rather not get close to as he and the rest of The Neptunes aren’t equipped to deal with something as strange and powerful as Duke Fishron. Two other unusual sea monsters that Jabberjaw learned about were Lagiacrus and Ceadeus, alongside the variants that these two monsters have. As is the case with Duke Fishron, Jabberjaw and The Neptunes opted to keep their distance from those monsters as they’ll end up being a huge problem if provoked.
  • Fin Shepard has had experience dealing with sharks via tornadoes carrying them, though after one incident related to such was taken care of in the Pantheon, Fin found himself in a rather awkward scenario when he saw Jabberjaw walking around a city and attempted to go after him. Not only was Jabberjaw capable of walking and talking like a human, but he was friendly, if a bit goofy, a far cry from the often threatening sharks Fin was used to fighting against. Sharks being able to act like humans was something Fin was worried would happen during his time in the Pantheon, but the idea of sharknados was something Jabberjaw found ridiculous, even for a talking, musical, investigative shark like himself. While Fin did at least make a point not to kill someone as affable as Jabberjaw, he isn’t sure if he should consider Jabberjaw an exception to this whole shark-killing business or if there are other friendly sharks out there, partially since seeing a shark act like a human added something for Fin to worry about in the future if those sharks aren’t anything like Jabberjaw in terms of personality.
  • Since sharks are her favorite animal, Professor Shinonome (or Hakase as she is sometimes referred to) was more than eager to meet Jabberjaw and it was a handful of his quirks that made Hakase happy in more ways than one. Not only was Jabberjaw friendly, but he is able to walk on land without any problems, thus allowing Hakase to meet up with him without much problems. Him being part of a mystery-solving team meant that Hakase was willing to make a bunch of inventions for the team to use in busting criminals and since The Neptunes are also a band, Hakase has sometimes went to their performances whenever she isn’t busy with her work, often repeatedly asking Jabberjaw for an autograph after making music. Jabberjaw does appreciate Hakase’s sentiment, though sometimes his poor luck results in random shark ejectors appearing before him whenever he gets caught up in Hakase’s typically surreal hijinx with her main acquaintances.
  • While Jabberjaw was happy to know that there was at least one person who is a fan of sharks through Hakase, he was nowhere near as thrilled after learning that Flintheart Glomgold had a fondness for them, especially following an investigation that resulted in the two crossing paths with each other. Glomgold was attempting to set up an undersea business so he can surpass Scrooge Mcduck as the richest duck in the world and after seeing a shark walk and talk, Glomgold dragged Jabberjaw into his plans, forcing the rest of The Neptunes to look for him while trying to dismantle Glomgold’s plans. Jabberjaw then discovered some papers that happened to be some sort of blueprints for summoning sharks to land, all of which was needlessly complicated, followed by an undersea cavern that was home to an assortment of treasures. Just as Glomgold was about to get richer, the rest of The Neptunes showed up, rescued Jabberjaw, and busted Glomgold, resulting in his arrest and cursing Mcduck (despite the fact that Scrooge and his friends had nothing to do with this and that they would only discover that same undersea cavern a few days after that incident). Jabberjaw wasn’t happy that he was being used as a tool for someone’s crooked scheme and Glomgold was furious that he discovered a shark that would betray him and vowed to get revenge on Jabberjaw by trying to summon “Jaws” against them (which amounted to nothing but more setbacks given who Glomgold is).
  • Music is something that Jabberjaw and The Neptunes are very used to given their profession, but given how unusual the Pantheon is, they would discover that others are capable of weaponizing music. They certainly found the idea interesting as it would give them some form of combat capability to better adapt to the strange world they’re in, especially after learning that some Pantheonic denizens such as I-No use their music to harm others. Fortunately, there are others such as the Symphogear users who weaponize music to fight off threats that endanger the Pantheon in addition to performing music when things are calm. Although it is clear that a potential means for The Neptunes to weaponize music to better adapt to the Pantheon will nowhere be near as advanced as something like what the Symphogear users have at hand, it’s an idea that interests Jabberjaw and his bandmates, even if such a thing isn’t likely to happen any time soon, if at all.

    Kyoko Sakura 
Kyoko Sakura, Goddess of Constantly Chewing on Something (Ophelia)
Click here to see her normal attire
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess as Ophelia)
  • Symbol: An Apple and a Box of Pocky behind her Red Soul Gem.
  • Theme Song: Anima Mala, or Confessio.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral --> Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girls With Certain Issues, Selfishness, Jerks With Noble Hearts, Pocky and Apples, Always Being Shown Eating Something, NEVER Wasting Food, nor Letting Other People do so, The Family Tragedy Brought on by Wrong Wishes, Turning Sour, Sacrificing Herself.
  • Domains: Food, Magic, Sacrifice.
  • Followers: Detective Tyrell Badd, Gaius the thief.
  • Allies: Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, Cu Chulainn, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika, Elizabeth Mably, Yuma Tsukumo, Shark, Milky Holmes, the Gokaigers (especially Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red), Squigly, Filia, Amethyst, Alice, The Hero Club (Especially Karin), Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Fuu Kasumi, Weiss Winterprison
  • Odd Friendship: Undyne
  • Rivals: Homura Akemi, Beerus (A Friendly Rivalry, actually).
  • Enemies: Kefka Palazzo, Yuuki Terumi, the Incubators, YHVH, Count Olaf, Drawcia
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lucifer
  • Ascended after Musashi Tomoe was watching a record of the life of Kyoko. Musashi Tomoe was so impressed by Kyouko's Heroic Sacrifice and Mercy Kill that he had to appeal for Madoka to elevate her in… only for Madoka to say that preparations have already been made.
  • She is always seen chewing something, no exceptions. Usually a stick of pocky. If not that, an apple.
  • She can be an egocentric jerk, Kyouko seems to not care about a lot of things. Underneath the ego, she is quite friendly. If you have befriended her, you have made a lifelong one.
  • The history she has with Sayaka Miki is conflicting, at best. It turns out that she considers Sayaka a close friend. And will do everything to protect Sayaka… even from herself.
  • She and Mami Tomoe used to be old friends and a team. Much has happened, but they have eventually reconciled that friendship. Litchi notes that when the two of them are together... they seem like something more than friends, possibly family... or something even more. Kyouko agrees. And to be honest, she will do a lot to protect Mami... the only family Kyouko has left.
  • Due to Sayaka and Mami being between the both of them, Kyouko and Homura tend to be hostile.
  • Don't ask her to call out her attacks. She'll simply laugh at the concept, a bit of a personal joke that makes Mami pout.
  • The rage Kyoko has for Oktavia is… immense. Kyouko will generally go all out on her. She was every bit as thrilled as Sayaka when the Witch was defeated for good by getting turned into a Persona.
  • Anyone who wastes and throws away good food in her sight will be sternly warned: "Do not waste food, or I'll kill you!" Anyone who does it more than once is liable to find himself/herself on the receiving end of Kyouko's deadly spear. She is not kidding…
  • She seems somewhat fond of Mami's new "big sister" Litchi (Kyouko can't believe Mami got out-big sis'd). Maybe it's the voice.
  • Rumored to have illusion power, but is not known to use them. She instead prefers using her spear all the time. Her spear proficiency is pretty high, given that she also trains under Cu Chulainn/Lancer in spare time, who was actually impressed with her ferocity when she's fighting.
  • Ever since Madoka began bringing Beerus the God of Destruction to Mami's Thursday Afternoon Tea Parties, the two deities have developed a Friendly Rivalry of sorts; both are lazy and immature louts who love their food and Dance Dane Revolution (Which Kyouko still can't beat Beerus at after a year, hence the Rivalry). After hearing about the cataclysmic repair-bill to King Kai's planet after the rotund Lord of Worlds beat Bills at a racing-car game, Poor Mami nervously prays every Thursday that (A) Beerus never takes interest in Kyouko's Apples (B) Kyouko never beats Beerus at Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Became friends with Nagisa Momoe, one of Charlotte the Dessert Witch's avatars, soon after her appearance. Despite first impressions, Kyouko is actually quite good with children. Much to Mami's chagrin, however, Kyouko delights in teaching the little Magical Girl gross songs to sing on the playground: "Gopher Guts" is a personal favorite of Nagisa's, as well as "Incubator", a litany of ways to kill the little weasels sung to the tune of "Drunken Sailor".
  • When she met Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, they immediately butted heads with each other, as Kyoko snuck into his base to steal food the first time they encountered each other. However, after getting to know each other's backstories, and finding that they had a lot in common, they soon began to get along with each other, although Kyoko still tries to steal food from Kaito's base.
  • She became very close friends with Aila Jyrkiäinen after the latter's ascension to the House of Emotion. In addition to both enjoying food and attacking those who waste it, they also relate to each other since both were orphaned and grew up in poverty prior to achieving their ascensions.
  • She hit it off with Squigly after a chance encounter at the buffet, finding quite a bit of similarity in their eating habits and and not being too different in physiology. She also loves to get Squigly's Parasite Leviathan riled up, though she's partially irritated at Mami's teasing that Squigly's basically a more lady-like version of herself with Leviathan as a spear. As such, she was irritated yet touched when Squigly revealed she had a costume based on her made as a sign of their friendship.
    • She later became acquainted with Squigly's rival, Filia, during one of their buffet quests and hit it off with her as well over their love of food. While she's partially amused at the fact Filia sounds just like Madoka, she really hits it off with her Parasite Samson due to their similar personalities.
    • During another of their buffet quests, she and Squigly ended up encountering the 16th Monster Lord Alice, who had already been acquainted with the latter. Kyoko found herself hitting it off with the Echidna, both for their love of food and how they're snarkers in relationships with idealists (i.e. Sayaka and Luka). Of course, even she found herself blushing when Alice offered her...advice in more intimate matters.
  • One of the few Magical Girls to not hate Lucifer's guts, though it can't be said she likes the guy. On the one hand, she fully agrees with Chaotic philosophy: might makes right, the world is shaped by the strong, and the like. On the other hand, he DID kick off the Upheaval by helping to destroy Madoka's power. For the moment she's content to help the Sisterhood fight him: she's not willing to ruin her friendship with Sayaka.
    • Conversely, she makes no secret of her opinion on YHVH: absolute, white-hot loathing. Her entire family died because she wanted to help her father spread His word, and it turns out that "He is the biggest f***stick in the universe", in her words. The notion that YHVH is probably not the actual Christian God hasn't done much to temper her hatred of Him.
  • Was really thrilled to find out that Yuma ascended but then she was told that it wasn't that Yuma. She still seems to like this Yuma because he reminds her of Madoka and Sayaka.
    • She is also on somewhat good terms with Vector due to their surprisingly similar pasts of their fathers killing their families, becoming bitter and cynic over it but then pulling back because of friendship.


    The Boos 
The Boos, The Gods Who Can't Move While Being Watched (Boo Diddlys, Boo Buddies, Teresa)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A picture of their haunted houses
  • Theme Song: Any of the various haunted house themes, including the Boos' Mario Strikers: Charged theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Neutral Evil on-duty)
  • Portfolio: Can't Move While Being Watched, Our Ghosts Are Different, Only Bad As A Job, Being Kind of Cute, Mooks, Bedsheet Ghost, Night of the Living Mooks
  • Domains: Ghosts, Fear, Hauntings, Enemies, Sight
  • Superiors: King Boo, Bowser
  • Allies: The rest of the Koopa Troop, Spooky, Gengar, the Flying Dutchman, Shedinja, Wreck-It Ralph
  • Enemies: Mario and Luigi, Danny Fenton (not that seriously), THE GHOSTBUSTERS, Dark Danny
  • Fears: The Weeping Angels, SCP-173, Lord English, Lord Beerus
  • The Boos are one of the various foes found in the Koopa Troop, serving under King Boo and usually Bowser. These spooky ghosts cannot be damaged by Mario normally, and will chase him when his back is turned. But being shy spirits, they stay still and cover their faces if someone is watching them.
  • Though their boss is evil, Boos are normally only bad because of who's ordering them or when someone intrudes their haunted house. They're pretty passive alone in their temple, which is a haunted house. Sometimes they can be found attending Bad-Anons with Wreck-It Ralph. They like him, maybe because he reminds them of Bowser.
  • Originally called Boo Diddly's or Boo Buddies, but are just called Boos for simplicity's sake. There's some ambiguity on whether they're the ghosts of dead people, or were always ghosts. It's difficult to tell what if any gender they have.
  • Some comparisons have been made to the Weeping Angels and SCP-173, as they don't move when someone's being watched. The Boos don't like these comparisons as they're scared of the Weeping Angels and SCP-173. As the Weeping Angels are monstrous beings who snap people's necks for the fun of and send people back in time, and SCP-173 is a twisted statue that disturbs SCP-682, such fear is completely understandable.
  • This comparison led the Doctor to set up a mirror in front of them, to see if looking at themselves would stop them moving. The Boos didn't care, which the Doctor suspected but just wanted to test. Unlike SCP-173 and the Weeping Angels, they are physically capable of moving while being watched, they're just far too timid to do so. The fact they have this minor advantage over the Weeping Angels and SCP-173 helped a bit with their fear of these beings.
  • The Boos were terrified by the fact that Beerus was just as capable of destroying ghosts as he is the living. To incur his wrath would destroy even the Boos. For this reason, they refuse to pester him if he's anywhere close to them. Their fear for Lord English is greater, as not only does he kill ghosts but he'd kill everything and everyone for little to no reason.
  • They don't like Dark Danny. They're bad, but he's just nuts and is much a danger to ghosts and he is to the living. Dark Danny considers the Boos hypocrites given they still serve King Boo, who became an Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniac just like him. Danny Fenton considers the Boos troublesome, but they aren't really evil so he doesn't have any hard feelings towards their antics.
  • Are most comfortable in the House of Ghosts, to no-one's surprise. Shedinja and Gengar don't mind their antics and like to spook people together. The Flying Dutchman and Spooky want to teach the Boos on how to be scarier.
  • In order to improve their boss' attitude, the Boos decided to pull a Bowsette and give him the Super Crown to wear. This resulted in Boosette, a Cute Ghost Girl implied to be a Yandere for Luigi. It creeped the Mario brothers out, but given King Boo has become an omnicidal depraved monster, trying to improve King Boo's attitude was pretty understandable.
  • Used to believe their greatest foes were Mario and Luigi. Encountering the Ghostbusters have changed their mind on this. They're exactly the same kind of fodder the Ghostbusters can deal with easily.

    Prince John 
Prince John, God of Thumb Sucking (The Phony King of England, P.J., Sire, Poor Prince John, King John I, John Plantagenet)
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: King Richard's crown atop a pile of gold
  • Theme Song: The Phony King of England
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Sucks his Thumb when Upset, The Evil Prince, Superficially friendly when in a good mood, Very Greedy and Cowardly, Acts like a Royal Brat, Still is attached to his mother even tough she favored his brother, Actually is Fairly Dangerous; Easily get angry sometimes to the point of insanity
  • Domains: Tyranny, Childishness, Greed
  • Herald: Sir Hiss
  • Allies: Scar, Shere Khan, Claudandus, Zira, Sabor, King Richard III of England (Only the Shakespeare version), The Heartless, Hans Westergard, Governor Ratcliffe, Flintheart Glomgold
  • Enemies: Reynard the Fox, Mr. Fox, Mufasa, Simba, William Shakespeare, King Arthur, Artoria Pendragon, Hall of Thieves, Aladdin, Rouge the Bat, Scrooge McDuck, Judge Claude Frollo, All good-aligned Westeros deities, Joffrey Baratheon, The Cowardly Lion, The Master
  • Fears: Teostra and Lunastra, Smaug
  • In a medieval England inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, the great king Richard the Lionheart went away to participate in a Crusade, leaving his power-hungry brother John to usurp the throne and oppress the population trough outrageous taxes. He was opposed by a version of Robin Hood, who stole his riches to give them to the poor he taxed. The two engaged in a heated conflict with each other until King Richard came back and arrested John along with his most loyal followers for their tyranny. The prince's main characteristic besides his villainy is his thoroughly childish behavior. Every time something went wrong for him, which is very often, he throws a temper tantrum and/or sulk while sucking his thumb while talking about his mother. This behavior is infamous amongst 'his' subjects, who widely mock the tyrant.
  • Interested in another lion who sook to take the throne from his older, more successful brother and in Prince John's fair amount of cunning despite his bratty behavior, Scar sought for a way to bring him in the pantheon as an ally. Upon hearing the song mentioned earlier, Scar made an appeal before the Court of Gods that John should ascend as the god of Thumb-Sucking while requesting that his contribution remain anonymous. And so, Prince John along with his most loyal servants Sir Hiss and the Sheriff of Nottingham, who would serve as his heralds, were spirited away from their prison cell. The prince was initially pleased to hear he would become a god, but upon hearing what his position would be, he threw a hissy fit which he took out on everything around him (mostly his henchmen) and then moped on the floor while sucking his thumb. He eventually decided that this was way better than prison, but he still gets pissed when people deities talk too much about the trope he represents.
  • Sure enough, immediately after his ascension, he was approached by Scar, who proposed an alliance so that they could both usurp the throne of England and of the Pride Lands respectively. While at first weirded out by the other lion's lack of clothes and quadrupedal body, Prince John greatly empathized with Scar's pledge, and so the two joined forces. This, of course, brought him the ire of Scar's enemies. Prince John greatly despises Mufasa and Simba due to their personality greatly reminding him of his brother.
    • On the flipside, Scar introduced him to other evil feline deities for him to ally with. In particular, the businessmen version of Shere Khan helped him start up his own stock company called "Prince John's Savings and Loan" within the House of Commerce to build his fortune back. He doesn't really have a strong opinion about Claudandus and Zira's agendas of feline and lion supremacy, but gladly help them if it means he would a position of power in such a world. He also formed an alliance of some sort with Sabor, though the fact that she's basically a wild beast limit to basically him guiding her towards target he'd like to see killed.
    • He was intrigued upon meeting the Disney version of Kaa, as his sycophantic attitude towards Shere Khan and his hypnotic gaze strongly reminded him of his adviser Sir Hiss. Still, he gleefully joins the tiger in ordering around and abusing the snake.
    • Another Disney villain he gets along very well with is Hans Westergard, due to the two relating to each other resenting their older siblings for being more successful than them and the perceived lack of attention their parents gave them. He also formed an alliance of sort with Ratcliffe, who believes he can win his position back by putting John back on the throne. However, due to the governor being unimpressive even when compared to the childish tyrant, Prince John mostly treats him as a glorified underling.
  • It should be noted that he is based on the historical King John of England, who is indeed popularly known as one of the worst kings in English history. However, since the Disney interpretation of him is the only one that suck his thumb, his incarnation in the Pantheon doesn't get aspect from other versions of him. Still, Prince John sees the historical King John as at least an alternate universe version of himself. As such, he despises William Shakespeare due to one of his plays presenting him as a weak and selfish ruler who dies due to his own faults and sworn he would have the Bard hung. Many have snidely said that compared to the Pantheon version, Shakespeare's interpretation was downright generous.
    • Another frequently reviled English king exists in the Pantheon in the person of King Richard III of Britain. While John hates the fact the later was named after his brother, he did befriend the Shakespeare version of the king, ironically enough. The more historically correct version wants nothing to do with the lion.
    • Both versions of King Arthur view Prince John as a complete disgrace to Britain. He only scoffed that failures who let their wives be stolen from them and their kingdoms die had no business lecturing anyone on being a king. They didn't appreciate the response one bit.
  • Thanks to the obvious darkness within his heart, he is able to command the Heartless and has been using some of them as the replacement for England's army, which he lost control of after his brother Richard returned. Of course, his weakness of character means that it's very likely the Heartless will eventually convert him into one of their own, something which his herald Sir Hiss tried to warn him about. John just hit the snake for daring to suggest he was weak enough to fall in the first place.
  • Prince John loves money to the point of sleeping with bags and so spend a lot of his time within the Pantheon trying to rebuild his fortune, mainly trough thinly-veiled rackets and extortion. Many have said that this makes him no different from a common bandit, but he likes to say he simply has a very aggressive business method. Scrooge has a similar love of money but utterly despises John for being a "spoiled brat who never made an honest effort in his life". The prince immediately threw a hissy fit when he heard that, and swore he would find to take every last penny of Scrooge's fortune. He allied himself with Scrooge's nemesis Flintheart Glomgold. While they're both greedy, their sympathy for each other being Driven by Envy keeps them from antagonism rising between them.
  • One day, he eagerly opened his latest coffer 'collection fee' only to see it was completely empty. His heralds reported that they were stolen by talking fox. Naturally, he assumed that his old nemesis Robin Hood had ascended to the Pantheon and immediately ordered his Heartless troops to catch the thief. He was shocked to find the culprit they caught was in fact Reynard the Fox, but nevertheless tried to have him executed. It ended with him stark naked except for his crown in the middle of the House of Quirks and Reynard free after having stolen even more of his gold. Needless to say, he hates the cunning fox, and after hearing rumors that an aborted adaptation of Reynard's tale might very well have influenced his nemesis's appearance, his hate only grew stronger. He now seeks to kill Reynard with as much fervor as he loathes Robin Hood.
  • He encountered other thieving foxes in Mr. Fox and Swiper. The prince doesn't hate the first nearly as much as he does other thieves since he doesn't care that much about his food being stolen. He would still like to imprison the fox for his arrogance, of course. And Swiper's so easily thwarted that he's completely ignored.
  • Prince John utterly despises thieves and swore he would find a way to get rid of the house dedicated to them. This hatred is mutual and most of that house's inhabitant delight in humiliating and enraging the petty tyrant. For their part, the Phantom Thieves of Heart are thinking about changing the prince's heart.
    • One deity he particularly hates is Aladdin, even if he's technically not a thief anymore, because a lowborn outlaw managing to marry into royalty reminds the prince very strongly of Robin Hood.
    • One time after he managed to acquire a very beautiful diamond, Prince John was approached by a truly ravishing bat with the most delightful manners. Said woman gave copious compliments about his regal appearance and his attitude. In fact, she seemed so impressed that she asked if he could make her visit his temple, which the lion easily accepted. Once there, the bat asked him to close his eyes for a few minutes so she could give him a surprise. By now completely charmed, he readily agreed. When he opened them back, both the woman and the diamond he acquired earlier were gone. After his usual hissy fit, he learned that it was in fact Rouge the Bat who tricked him and swore he would have her hanged.
  • The entire House of Faith dislikes Prince John due to him trying to hang a priest just to lure Robin Hood into a trap. Unfortunately, the one deity who decided to call him out on it was Judge Frollo (you know, the guy who burned down a church). John just replied that as ruler of England, he was no doubt far more important in the eyes of God than a simple monk and that Frollo was an utterly disgusting person.
  • He's also loathed by nearly all of the deities coming from Westeros due to the fact that despite him being an adult, his Royal Brat behavior remind them way too much of Joffrey for their comforts. For his part, John once met the latter who promptly mocked him for being a maneless and lanky lion. Next thing you know, some Heartless were ripping the younger royal apart. Since this incident, Joffrey did his best to avoid Prince John, which works out for him since he finds the little bastard absolutely repulsive. At least he bothers to be polite.
  • On one of his visits to Sabor in the House of Beasts, he happened to see Teostra and Lunastra. Impressed by the huge lion-like beasts, he tried to coax them into serving him. One glare from them and he began to run for the hills. He since did his best to avoid them.
  • When he heard about a deity called the 'Cowardly Lion', Prince John thought he would be an easy target. So he and a few low-level heartless went over to the Oz native to try to shake him up for money. The latter rather easily defeated all of the heartless, causing John to cower in fear and beg for his life. The Cowardly Lion just left him there, disgusted by the other lion's real cowardice and villainy.
  • One day, Smaug the Magnificent woke up to see the prince running off with a bag full of gold from the dragon's pile, and then disappearing as soon as Smaug tried to catch him. Enraged beyond belief, Smaug barged in the House of Quirks and burned Prince John to a crisp. And then did it again as soon as the prince respawned, and so on. Some of the more inquisitive deities realized that this was too stupid even for Prince John and investigated the matter. The Doctor eventually found out it was a plot of The Master, who had an android impersonate Prince John just like he did with their universe's version of King John because he was bored. The Time Lord returned Smaug's gold to him, but the dragon still tried to kill him. For his part, Prince John is now deadly afraid of Smaug and hates The Master with a passion. The Doctor is just disappointed that this version of King John is just as awful, if not more, than his android impersonator.


Bakarasu, Divine Bird That Cries "Idiot" (Aesop)
  • Quasideity, Demigod when brainwashed
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Calling Out "Baka", Clever Crows, Funny Animal, Plucky Comic Relief, Speech-Impaired Animal, Twisting Boss's Messages
  • Domain(s): Crows, Calling "Idiot"
  • Allies: Boss, The Mazinger Z family (tangentially), the Murkrow Flock,
  • Enemies: The easily annoyed, The Crow
  • Opposes: Brainwashers
  • Bakarasu the myna bird made his debut in Episode 69 of the original series, heckling his future "master" Boss while he and his buddies were cleaning up Boss Borot, and then spent a lot of time harassing the mecha and dodging its attempts to catch him. And in his time at the Photoatomic Research Institute, where he went to escape Boss, he underwent some mischief, including setting off a false emergency alarm, prompting Mazinger Z to sortie when there was no need to. Except during his search, Kouji did indeed find a Robobeast (Goushios Beta 3) and briefly tusssled with it before it retreated. Much later, when that Robobeast arrived at the Institute, Bakarasu actually made significant contribution in the battle against it by warning the heroes (though with little success due to his last prank), and searching for the Robobeast (and getting Boss Borot tangled in the conflict). As an all but sapient animal, he was… certainly out of place for the genre.
    • He would later appear sporadically in the Great Mazinger series and rejoin Boss (who doesn't seem to remember him from last time) as a sort-of pet.
  • As for why he was chosen? Mere virtue of being a named character, since most instances of Idiot Crows are unnamed and exist solely for gags. And he's a surprisingly early example, too.
  • As part of his "duties", Bakarasu is tasked with searching for idiotic moments in the Pantheon, or someone who has done something really stupid, and call them out on it as he flies by. It's a "duty" he quite enjoys doing.
  • While only somewhat loyal to Kouji or any of his pals, Bakarasu may distract whatever foe they're fighting if he thinks he can get away with it. He certainly has the agility and the guts to harass kaiju-sized entities. But he's already been subject to Venus A's Photon Beam, so he's a bit more cautious.
  • Whatever you do, don't count on him to send a message (by mouth, at least); he'll just screw it up for kicks, as Tetsuya and Jun are aware of.
  • Despises brainwashing, having been subject to one scheme himself by Warbeast Bruton of the Mycenae Empire. On the other hand, it made him strong enough to peck through a chair, crash through two windows (one of them reinforced for withstanding underwater pressure, no less), carry a weighted ball meant to chain him down with his wing and fly around with it, still be able to move around even with two such balls, and break out of metal manacles clamping his beak. Or perhaps it just removed his inhibitions if it turns out he's actually capable of this normally, which is a disturbing thought in and of itself.
  • Is hopefully a lot more cautious in who to trust, ever since he was tricked by the enemy once to find out plans for the Great Mazinger.
  • Eventually encountered other crows in the Pantheon, such as Drinky Crow (whom Bakarasu sometimes heckles during his drunken mishaps), the Murkrow Flock (his more favorite companions, though he leaves whenever those in the "Mazinger family" end up being their targets for the week [unless it's Boss, in which case he's usually in for it]), and the Crow (whom he utterly despises for her genocidal agenda).
  • Also has a temple in the Hall of Birds.

    Maika Sakuranomiya 
Maika Sakuranomiya, Goddess of Terrible Smiles (Sadistic Maid)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her uniform
  • Theme Song: Bon Appétit S
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Nice Girl, Cherry Blossom Girl, Very clumsy, Having a menacing look, Foreign Culture Fetish, The Ingenue, Mean Character, Nice Actor, Tsurime Eyes, Yamato Nadeshiko
  • Domains: Smiles, Work, Restaurants, Traditionalism, Politeness, Sadism
  • Heralds: her coworkers at Cafe Stile.
  • Allies: Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo, Chiyoko Shiraishi, Shinobu Oomiya and Alice Cartelet, Eru Chitanda, Misaki Ayuzawa, Hachiman Hikigaya, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, Tooru Amuro
  • Enemies: Actual Sadists who think she is like them
  • Maika Sakuranomiya is a sweet Japanese girl with dreams of studying abroad but has a particular problem, her expression is deemed menacing and scary by others, which has ruined a big number of her job interviews. After a chance encounter with the Italian manager of Cafe Stile, she was hired for that exact trait and play the Sadistic Maid, something that caught her by surprise but nonetheless she accepted it.
  • She was surprised and honored to be chosen to be a deity and went to show her gratitude to the Court of Gods, thinking that maybe she could be recognized by something other than her sadistic looks. Unfortunately, she found out that her smile was the reason for her ascension, which made her feel embarrassed. But, if she can manage to be the "sadist" as part of a character in real life, then she can surely do it here as well.
  • Can be often seen working in the House of Food, particularly alongside Chiyoko Shiraishi who also owns a Cosplay Café similar to Cafe Stile. She is a little bummed out that she insists that Maika should keep playing the "Sadistic Maid" since she does it so well, if albeit unintentionally.
    • She was also not the only one working as a maid since Maika also got to meet Misaki Ayuzawa, who remind her a lot of Mafuyu if she were more mature looking (Even if Misaki is still younger). Misaki has heard about the people Maika usually works with on a regular basis and wonders if they are as actually as nice as Maika's actually describes them.
    • She is also became good friends with Hoto Cocoa and her friends. Besides the fact that both Maika and the girls work in Cafés, the also all come from Manga Time Kirara.
  • Children and Animals tend to avoid her, mostly thanks to her scary looks and unintentionally scary smile. Other wonder why so many people find her even scary, considering how nice and polite she is once you get to know her.
  • Another noticeable trait of Maika is her love for foreign cultures, particularly those from European origin. In fact, the second she got to explore the different parts of the pantheon she immediately went to the House of Cultures to learn more about the world. She also got to meet Shinobu and Alice who like her have a lot of interest in foreign countries and Maika constantly ask Alice about how it feels to live in England.
  • She comes from a very traditional family, which is why she is so naive and sheltered. She wasn't the only one though as she quickly met Eru Chitanda who also comes from a similar background.Eru instantly bombarded Maika with questions about her friends, her workplace, why she people consider her a Sadist, all which quickly overwhelmed the poor Maika.
  • It's common for Maika to be approached people with less than stellar reputation, particularly those who are actual Sadists, trying to convince Maika to be their friends without considering that she is not actually sadistic. That's she sometimes avoids going to certain places in case they do something to her.
  • The shape of Maika's eyes is usually what attributes her infamy as a scary person and because of that she later got to meet the deity who holds said title. At first, she didn't find Kagami that scary but her personality certainly didn't give her a great impression but Maika was polite enough that both ended up becoming friends anyway. Even then, Maika gets along better with her sister Tsukasa who is more of a Nice Girl as she is.
  • One time wandering around, she stumbled upon Hachiman Hikigaya, who she confused him with her friend from work Koyo Akizuki from their similar looks and even personality. She remains good friends with him even after the misunderstanding.
  • Many people have asked what S stands for, referring to the theme song about Maika and her friends. She is completely unaware of the memetic popularity about said song.

    Patty and Selma Bouvier 
Patricia Maleficent and Selma Bouvier, Twin Goddesses of Uncool Smoking (Patricia: Patty for short, Swisher, Selma: formerly Selma Terwilinger/Hutz/McClure/Discotheque/Simpson/D'Amico)
Left to right; Patty, Selma.

    Umetaro Nozaki and Chiyo Sakura 
"Chiyo Sakura, age 16. I asked out the boy that I like, and he gave me his autograph."

Umetaro Nozaki and Chiyo Sakura, God and Goddess of Bait-and-Switch Sentiments (Nozaki: Sakiko Yumeno)
Nozaki (left) and Chiyo (right).
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A collection of Shojo mangas by Nozaki and some geometric tools, an eraser and pencils
  • Theme Song: Kimi Ja Nakya Dame Mitai by Poppin'Party, Uraomote Fortune by Ari Ozawa
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Subverting Attempts at a Heartfelt Sentiment, Huge Guy, Tiny Girl
  • Domains: Relationships, Opposites, Art, Affection, Manga, High School
  • Heralds: Mikoto "Mikorin" Mikoshiba, Yuzuki Seo, Yuu Kashima, Masayuki Hori, Hirotaka Wakamatsu, Ken Myamae, Yukari Miyako, Mayu Nozaki (Umetaro's younger brother), Ryousuke Seo, Yumeko Nozaki (Umetaro's younger sister), Towa Sakura (Chiyo's younger brother), Rei Kashima
  • Allies: Osamu Tezuka, Moritaka Mashiro, Akito Takagi, Rohan Kishibe, Mio Naganohara, Tohru Honda, Tsukasa Domyouji and Makino Tsukushi, Kagami Hiiragi, Kyon, Kotaro Azumi, Akane Mizuno, The Storyteller
  • Chiyo Sakura is a second-year high school student and a huge fan of Shojo manga. She has a crush on a fellow student, Umetaro Nozaki, and makes it a goal to confess her love and affection for him. And when she does… he gives her his autograph, much to her dismay. She manages to be under his company, still retaining her feelings, and, to her luck, she discovered that Nozaki is a famous Shojo artist himself, going by the pen name of Yumeno Sakiko and being known for his work, Let's Fall in Love, and Chiyo gets filled with the role of being the inker for Nozaki's works. Together, they work to find as many sources of inspiration, details, and ideas as possible to further progress on Nozaki's works, though this ends up proving difficult as Nozaki, despite his talent and sees Chiyo as a good friend and ally, is pretty aloof and dysfunctional in his social interactions as well as having no actual experience with love and romance. What results is a series of zany, wacky, and bizarre experiences and efforts made by the duo to get Nozaki's works up to speed, up to including their friends in the midst of it all, either mixing in with their own troubles or having to work with Nozaki and Chiyo under a specific role.
  • Chiyo and Nozaki had quite a memorable experience in trying to craft a shojo manga as well as having to contend with the hijinks and antics of their friends and family in high school. While their tale isn't done yet and they're still continuing with their primary goals in life, it proved noteworthy to the Pantheon, who sent the two a letter, telling them that they were ascended. Nozaki was the first to receive the said letter, and he felt confused as to what exactly was the Pantheon and what was their deal. Chiyo, despite getting the invitation later, decided to direct Nozaki towards the directions the letter told them, which led the two to what looked like a rather unorthodox building that housed several pieces of information and archives. It's where they encountered a peculiar Storyteller, who congratulated Nozaki and Chiyo for their arrival in the Pantheon and told them that they were in the House of Narrative. The Storyteller stated that because of Nozaki's strong interest in drawing and writing a tale of its own, it felt evident that they should be led there first for a better first impression, though Chiyo was amused over the fact that their domain was set in the House of Quirks. At the very least, Nozaki felt right at home in the House of Narrative, musing about having a spot there, much to Chiyo's annoyance. Eventually, they were led to their Domain, where Chiyo was content with the idea of commuting to Nozaki's House of interest once they become fully accommodated in the Pantheon. It was going to be a pretty fun and zany experience from there on forth...
  • Nozaki is a capable writer and artist, with which he has managed to build a successful career out of. His personality is... complicated. He's not mean, or dismissive, he just has a very blunt and deadpan way of expressing himself and his thoughts on whatever matter is presented. Chiyo is a Nice Girl (well, most of the time) who gets along with most people she comes across but does admit that Nozaki is sometimes pretty difficult to work around, seeing as he interpreted many of Chiyo's declarations of her attraction towards him as platonic, unintentionally missing out on what she really meant. They make a good pair together when it comes to their work, but they're also just as well-known for their experience in high school or just any attempt at hanging out with each other without their work. It's no different in the Pantheon where their newfound place as students in the House of School is largely similar to how it is in their world, though many are pretty amused by Nozaki's bluntness and dull understanding of love and how Chiyo is able to put up with it. Still, things aren't all bad, with Nozaki using his experience in the Pantheon to get new ideas and Chiyo just generally being excited about the idea of being familiarized with a wholly different world.
  • As manga artists, the two of them are very frequent visitors to the House of Media and Connectivity just as much as they do with Narrative. It helps that both places are popular spots for artists to establish a working environment there, with the bonus of an established social group and making acquaintances that would further help artists and writers. While they work on different genres, Nozaki and Chiyo are respectful towards Osamu Tezuka for his influence on the medium, though Tezuka himself was a bit humored by how Nozaki seems to answer whatever questions he's given in a very deadpan expression. A similar situation also came in the form of Muto Ashirogi, a pair of aspiring shonen artists who were able to find success in their work and, oddly enough, have a healthy romantic relationship with someone. Nozaki took this as an opportunity to hang out with the duo, namely Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, much to Chiyo's chagrin, though the four of them quickly got along and discovered that all of them proved interesting enough to inspire some ideas for their works. And even so, Nozaki remains clueless and focused on his hobbies, even when Mashiro and Takagi were able to figure out that Chiyo has a crush on him.
  • They have... complicated feelings when it comes to tanukis. It stems from the fact that Nozaki's former editing supervisor, Mitsuya Maeno, has an obsession with them to the point where he would force his employees to add them in any shots and scenes possible, even if there's no business for a tanuki to be in a Shojo romance story. Nozaki's works did face criticism for why there had to be a tanuki in different panels, to which he responded that it wasn't a creative decision on his part. If anything, even Chiyo hates them as they seem too to be distracting and take away the attention from the main characters. Thankfully, the Pantheon has been kind to what Nozaki wants for his works and Chiyo is happy to help along. Their annoyance doesn't extend to actual tanukis in the Pantheon like Michiru, Tom Nook, and the residents of Tama Hill, though given their work and occupation, Nozaki and Chiyo haven't gotten the time to meet them, though they do wonder how Maeno would react to tanukis existing in the Pantheon.
  • One of their more interesting interactions came about when they met Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno, a middle-school couple who have made the most of their time to spend a happy experience together in the Pantheon. Like Nozaki, Kotaro is also a writer, although he focuses on novels, his relationship with Akane was enough for Nozaki to approach them with the simple offer for them to serve as models for Nozaki's characters in his own story. The experience was… weird to say the least, with Kotaro and Akane being perplexed by how many takes and ideas Nozaki expressed in his efforts to get more ideas for his work. Chiyo being there helped as she was able to tell Kotaro and Azumi about the kind of person Nozaki is and she was able to befriend them just fine, even shopping and attending a few festivals with the couple. Didn't stop Nozaki from tagging along, though in fairness, he does respect Kotaro and Akane and would back off on the occasion they think he's being annoying. At the very least, Kotaro does respect Chiyo's hospitality and willingness to help them out as well as Nozaki's dedication to his work, being one of the few to learn of his occupation as a Shoujo artist under a pen name. Conversely, Kotaro and Akane did quickly catch on that Chiyo has a crush on Nozaki, yet he doesn't recognize that due to his single-minded thoughts about his work as well as being clueless about noticing said attraction, much to their confusion. At the very least, Chiyo is friends with Nozaki, and being his inker at least allows her to spend time with him.
    • Tsukasa Domyouji and Makino Tsukushi were another couple that Nozaki and Chiyo decided to encounter during their visit to the House of Love and Affection regarding notes and ideas. The idea of a gentle girl falling in love with an aggressive boy and their first interaction being a rocky one was not the newest concept for Nozaki and Chiyo and they admit that it's something they've seen a couple of times in the Shojo works they've read through. Though Chiyo was a bit taken aback by Domyouji's bullish appearance and attitude, the two of them were able to hold a civil conversation and Chiyo was thumped at how such a guy went from a big-time jerk to a considerate and dedicated man, though still retaining his coarse demeanor. Still, she does admit that Domyouji was one of the more interesting people she's come across and is a pretty amicable guy to be around once one gets past the jerk part. Meanwhile, Nozaki told Tsukushi about how she's a textbook romance protagonist, prompting her to chastise him for his statement, though Nozaki responded that he meant it as a compliment. His dour expression while saying it wasn't convincing much for Tsukushi. Fortunately, Chiyo would explain how Nozaki is as a person and he's not one to be confrontational. Even then, Tsukishi was willing to give Nozaki a chance regarding being friends, even with his Innocently Insensitive statement, and could tell that he was a well-meaning lad. Still, she and Domyouji, like a lot of people wonder how Chiyo has a crush on Nozaki, despite the latter being oblivious to her affection, but Tsukishi affirms that eventually, he'll realize it, claiming that love takes time.
  • Of all the mangakas that they've met with, Rohan Kishibe happened to be among the more bizarre ones. Seeing a fellow writer and artist like him, Rohan proceeded to use his stand, Heaven's Door, to peer into Nozaki's mind, only to be met with a very dull figure who has a very straightforward perspective on work and a skewed, yet basic thoughts on how love and romance occur, considering Nozaki's occupation as a Shoujo writer. Still, Rohan commented that Nozaki does have artistic talent and a drive of determination for his work and decided to see if he can teach Nozaki some pointers regarding romance. Chiyo herself decided to look into Rohan's works and acknowledge that he's a capable writer himself, with Rohan himself being appreciative of her skills as an inker to the point where he offered Chiyo a role to ink his works from time to time. Of course, Rohan would use his stand on Chiyo to learn that she's a helpful girl with a dry sense of humor that few know about and he's open to letting that out of Chiyo's nice person exterior anytime they hang out. Beyond that, Rohan finds her crush and attraction to Nozaki very amusing, considering how each of her attempts to get his attention falls flat due to Nozaki not being good at recognizing such. Still, Rohan would like to look forward to how Nozaki and Chiyo's relationship would turn out in the future and remarks that the duo has an interesting story to tell for their future.
  • The duo quickly caught on that many of the deified residents of the Pantheon are characters from Shojo stories, and they were very quick with the idea of meeting them, though for differing reasons; Nozaki so that he could find better material for his works and Chiyo who wouldn't mind befriending and hanging out with them. Things were a bit different when it came to Tohru Honda; her tale is certainly romantic and sweet, but the fact that she gets entangled in a vicious family drama by the Sohmas made for a pretty tough subject matter to deal with, not to mention Nozaki and Chiyo don't have any experience in how to directly approach matters like Domestic Abuse and Abusive Parents. Chiyo and Tohru quickly became friends thanks to the former just offering to help out with the latter's chores as well as buying some food to appease her hunger, even if she's living in better conditions since living outside after her mother's death. While Nozaki is interested in Tohru's tale regarding the Sohma's, he's notably a lot more cautious when it comes to asking her questions and suggestions as he's aware that being too intrusive would result in him being exploitative regarding Tohru's tale and the Sohma's tragedy. Fortunately, Tohru doesn't mind Nozaki's presence and is appreciative of his work, though he does remain cautious when being around her while admitting that being with Tohru does seem relaxing and a little therapeutic in spite of all the hardships she's been through.
  • They've involved themselves in a lot of comical situations, be it from their classmates and friends getting involved in a collection of mishaps and Chiyo failing to get Nozaki to notice her attraction towards him to Nozaki being as dense as he could regarding his thoughts on love and asking weird questions that turn out to be either too simple or too odd and bizarre. One such encounter with Mio Naganohara started off with Nozaki simply asking for her manga as well as remarking Mio's short stature as being similar to Chiyo... only to get grabbed in a suplex and knocked down by Mio, who has a short temper, to Chiyo's shock and dismay. It didn't stop the three of them from seeing other again, where Nozaki just bluntly said he should have been more careful and simply asked to check out Mio's manga works after hearing from her friends about her talents. Thankfully, Nozaki and Chiyo don't know about her hidden habit of writing/drawing yaoi manga... yet. After a while, Nozaki would compliment Mao's work and she would give him her due and respect his art style as well. As for Chiyo, Mio threatened her to do some work for her under the pretense of further harming Nozaki, which she complied with very quickly. It was a godsend for Chiyo that she was a good inker and Mio was impressed by her to the point where she apologized for potentially traumatizing her and to hang out anytime. Chiyo has since expressed an interest in meeting with Mio's friends, though Nozaki is being careful about that, thinking that if Mio was chaotic enough, just how much that would be with her classmates and friends involved.