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    Q (Star Trek
Q, Divine Wielder of the Badass Finger Snap
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A finger that is snapping
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Above Good and Evil, Jerkass God, Trickster Mentor to Picard, No Sense of Personal Space, Reality Warper, Deadpan Snarker, A God I Am
  • Domains: Void, Trickery, Knowledge, Travel
  • Allies: Picard, Discord, Samantha Carter
  • Enemies: The Combine, The Spectre
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Doctor, Alarak, God Emperor of Mankind
  • Annoys: The Impractical Jokers
  • Annoyed by: Mr. Mxyzptlk
  • Respects: Captain Kirk
  • As it always has been with him, Q's first appearance came rather suddenly, and right when Picard was sleeping. He informed the captain that he stated his case for entering the Pantheon and was accepted. Now he gets to spend time with his favorite human again. Picard sounded plesantly surprised to see him, but there was no doubt he did his signature Face Palm once Q left the room. Q has arrived, whether he liked it or not.
  • The vast majority of Aliens were displeased with his ascension, mainly because Q thinks much less of their species compared to humans. When when many other aliens showed how more advanced they were, Q merely pointed out that their species have reached the peak of their potential. To him, he finds humans to be far more interesting to him.
    • For those who want nothing more than to conquer earth, Q may well be their most greatest threat yet. The Combine has discussed what they can do against such a powerful foe. They best hope is to make sure Q remains neutral, making sure that it's the humans who manage to get out of their own messes.
    • There may no no other alien who praises humanity as much as the Doctor, and even he can't stand Q's belittling of him. And yet he can't stop Q from helping him out whenever an alien invasion threatens Earth. Naturally, Q has befriended his companions, asking them how they faired against the Doctor. In that regard, Q has chided the Time Lord for the fate of his more recent companions.
  • Many deities wondered how he would react to the presence of the legendary Captain Kirk. His own reaction? Indifference. He hasn't even bothered to visit the original Enterprise crew. He found them to be boring compared to Picard. Funnily enough, when asked what he thought about Q, Kirk stated all the other alien races that he has visited... and surmised that for all of their abilities, they haven't done much to show for it. Q's response was shock... followed by sly smile. It appeared that he underestimated Kirk, and both hold a bit of respect towards each other.
  • It's not like Alarak has many allies to begin with. He wouldn't have it any other way, as he has long held a disdain for other races. With that said, he has had a falling out with Amon and the Combine. He now strives to bring down the entire organization. That peaked Q's interest. The Physical God offered some help. Alarak naturally refused, but he just couldn't shake off Q. At that point, Alarak accepted Q as a companion, though he won't go as far as to agree with his opinion on humans. All he wants is assistance in killing Amon.
  • Is one of the few deities to have entered Discord's temple on his own terms... and not lose his bearings on the World of Chaos. Once an evil Reality Warper, Discord has tried his best to clean up his image. He accepted Q's invitation and has dedicated himself to reform Q. By which that meant hanging out with lesser deities against their will and trying to help out with insane results. Cosmos is wary of the pairing, but Princess Celestia has convinced her to let things be. The two coincidentally share the same voice, something that they liked even more. That makes pretending to be other other character to Picard and Twilight Sparkle even easier.
  • The God Emperor is usually wary of any teamups with other aliens as that would discredit his moniker for looking out for humanity above all else. But a partnership with one of the most powerful beings in the Pantheon was too good to pass up. It turned into one of the most annoying negotiations possible. He now only refers to Q at most dire moments.
  • Q manages to blur the line between good and evil and he has refrained from taking any sides in that matter. With that said, Picard has been trying to steer him towards the side of good. But one deity won't accept that decision. The Spectre holds immense power and seeks to deliver revenge on those who deserve it. The being has set its eyes on Q and vows to remove him from the Pantheon. Such a battle could wreck havoc on multiple locations, so Q has refrained from meeting the Spectre, even in his human form.
  • He may feel cocky at times, but even he can't stand Mr. Mxyzptlk and his antics. The imp knows this and constantly pulls pranks on Q. Which often blow up into a prank war capable of leveling galaxies.
  • One of the most fun he's had was impersonating Q... from the Impractical Jokers. Afterwards, he bet that he could go through the most embarrassing thing possible... go to bed with Slaanesh. The other jokers folded quickly, while Q managed to go through with a bit of his abilities. As the three losers, they all had to endure a cello performance from Spongebob Squarepants. It did not end well. By that time, the other Q managed to escape imprisonment and exposed the imposter. The Jokers have cautiously planned on their revenge.
    • He also impersonated Q from Street Fighter III. Unsuspecting fighters would go against him, only to be perfected. It took a while before it was noted that that Q has yet to enter the Pantheon.
  • There is reason to believe that Q likes to disguise himself as an NID agent. Samantha Carter has taken notice, not sure what to make of these developments.
  • Is not impressed by Thanos' antics, considering "merely" snapping half the universe out of existence to be "amateur hour".

Greater Gods

    Gildarts Clive 
Gildarts Clive, God of Ignoring Doors (Ace of Fairy Tail, That Old Guy, Gildarts of the West, The Fifth Master of Fairy Tail)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His cloak behind the Fairy Tail mark
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Person of Mass Destruction, Crashing Through Walls, Spaciness, Handicapped Badass, artificial arm and leg after losing his originals to Acnologia, Chivalrous Pervert, Friend to All Children, Lightning Bruiser and Mighty Glacier, Touch of Death, the Strongerst Man in Earthland
  • Domains: Destruction, Power, Magic, Doting Parent
  • High Priest: The Fourth Raikage
  • Followers: several military men (for good reasons), the Kool-Aid Man ("OH YEAH!"), Shampoo, Rebecca Reeds, Medusa, Balrog, Baman, Ignignokt and Err, Underdog
  • Allies: The entire Fairy Tail Guild (in particular is Cana Alberona, his daughter), Johnny Cage, Saitama
  • Fellow Door-bypassers: Kal-El/Superman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Ben Grimm/The Thing, most superheroes, Sousuke Sagara, Skulduggery Pleasant, Harry Dresden, Colette Brunel, Rainbow Dash, the Powerpuff Girls, Darkwing Duck, Perry the Platypus
  • Enemies: Lucifer, YHVH, Acnologia, Zeref, Mard Geer, Shinnok, Vanilla Ice
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ornstein and Smough
  • Opposed by: The House of Craft (since they have to fix his damages)
  • Gildartz's magic, "Crash", allows him to break anything he touches and No-Sell any spell thrown his way by disintegrating it. Combined with his spaciness, this makes him very prone to ignoring doors, walls, and whatever else might be in his way. This is how he was chosen and ascended to the Pantheon.
    • However, he had been incorrectly assigned to the House of Magic, and they were unable to get him to leave for a while. Thankfully, after he was corrected, he and his temple were moved to the new House of Quirks, which hadn't existed when he first ascended.
    • On a less serious note, when used on the human body, his Crush Magic can cause people to split apart into tiny blocks. At best, however, it would just turn them into bite-sized duplicates of themselves that can eventually form back together and reassemble the victim.
  • How bad is is spaceiness? His hometown has a special protocol in place that rearranges all the buildings to ensure that he doesn't destroy any buildings in his direct path to the guild. For the House he's in, teleporters have been set up and he's been instructed to just step into the designated spots to get to/from his temple without much trouble, and specialized spinner platforms have been set to turn him around (since obstacles would just get disintegrated).
  • Comes from an entire guild whose hat is collateral damage. He also hopes that he'll able to see his daughter Cana Alberona ascended one day.
    • And when she did ascend, the Pantheon was treated to a comical sight of watching him burst into tears and immediately glomping her while proudly declaring his parentage of her.
  • He placed Ornstein and Smough in his shit list, given the fact they often attack the other members of the Fairy Tail Guild due to their nature as dragonslayers. Even after it's been revealed by Ornstein (and his Lord, Gwyn) that it's a case of I Need You Stronger in the fight against dragons (such as Acnologia, whom they've tried fighting and failed), Gildartz still doesn't trust them for their actions.
  • He also knows his way around the House of Love and was seen multiple times with various goddesses.
  • After some re-evalution of his skills, he was promoted to a Greater God after the revelation that he broke a black hole. Also, Acnologia actually put effort into defeating him.
  • Has a Porn Stash in his satchel, though trying to snatch it is most definitely a bad idea. Have you not seen his achievements?
  • His ultimate technique, Haja Kenseinote , is capable of sending even the heaviest of Mighty Glaciers flying. There are those wondering if that punch can compare to Saitama. Gildartz has heard of the guy, and thinks he's swell, but has no reason right now to spar against him.
  • Opposes Vanilla Ice, who also ignores doors, but serves a man who has no good intentions in mind. The worst part is that Ice is very loyal to that man and his powers prove a challenge for Gildartz.

    The Laughing Salesman 
"My name is Moguro Fukuzou. People call me 'The Laughing Salesman'. However, I'm no ordinary salesman, because I'm in the soul business. Human souls, that is."


Moguro Fukuzou, the God of Dramatic Finger Pointing (The Laughing Salesman)


Intermediate Gods

Dhalsim, God of the Lotus Position (Mystic Yogi, Flame That Lights The Way)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Skulls of Three Children in his collar.
  • Theme Song: Dhalsim Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wearing Three Childrens' Skulls as a Memento, Awesome Bald People, The Skinny Husband to his Cute Wife Sari as a Result of May–December Romance, Action Fathers, Martial Pacifists, Confusion Fu, Combo Platter Powers (Consisting of Fire Breath, Teleport and Streching).
  • Domains: Combat, Yoga, Tragedy, India.
  • Heralds: Sari (his wife) and Datta (his son).
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Respects: Johnny Bravo
  • Special Relationship: Symmetra
  • Dhalsim, the yoga loving Rubber Man of Street Fighter fame, has had a hard time entering the Pantheon. Despite his fame, there was little interest in his ascension. Though that can be due to his competitors being too busy being the best. Eventually, Honda and Zangief remembered their friend and collaborated to get him into the Pantheon.
  • He has three skulls that belonged to children who died to the famine in his home country of India, still wearing them as a necklace to this day. While an important part of his life, he decided against ascending for it.
  • Guile has been around as long as he has and was glad to have Dhalsim make the transition. It's a little known fact that his son and Guile's daughter are penpals. Neither would talk whether they expect the two to be romantically involved when they grow up.
  • He had hoped that Rufus would realize what he truly is by now. Unfortunately, the Acrofatic master had completely forgotten about him and made the exact same remark. When he tried to move out of the way, Rufus stepped in the way to challenge him once more. Dhalsim sighed, then proceeded to remind him in the ways of combat why he's not one to mess with.
    Dhalsim: I am not an alien.
  • There was one time when he considered abandoning his pacifist ways. His first trip to a fighting game tournament was to kill M. Bison. He had to cut the run short, but did help one person escape his mind control. Cammy White became friends ever since while both remaining stalwart enemies of Shadaloo.
  • In terms of philosophy, he and Sagat couldn't be any more different. While Dhalsim prefers a passive style and avoids conflict, Sagat is a Social Darwinist through and through. With that said, the two became especially amiable friends after Sagat's Heel–Face Turn, even once teaming up to seek Pandora's Box.
  • Johnny Bravo is popular with Dari. It's difficult for Dhalsim to understand, but he can at least thank the man for the entertainment.
  • The Pantheon is filled to the brim with characters from his home country. Of course his relationship to them are varied:
    • One of the most complicated relationships is with Symmetra. She was among the first to visit his temple and wanted a private conversation with him. While she is a firm believer of the good that Vishkar has done to the world, she was worried that the company's shady dealings are affecting its purpose. Dhalsim's status as a yoga master and experience with evil corporations made him the perfect person to ask. After a few seconds on contemplation, Dhalsim stated that she should believe that when it comes, she would do the right thing. He also invited her to perform some yoga poses to relax her. It was a proposition she eagerly accepted. He continues to keep in touch with her all while hoping that Vishkar doesn't end up like Shadaloo. Dhalsim is at least convinced it won't be under her watch.
    • It also puts him in a spot when it comes to handling Lúcio. He's insisted that the company is shady and should not be allowed to remake entire neighborhoods. Dhalsim has carefully worded his response, telling Lúcio to be patient of reforms.
    • People could see both he and Zenyatta float by in perfect Flotus Positions. Zenyatta was the frontrunner for the position before settling for his religious beliefs. Neither would call it a contest; both just acknowledged that they have achieved the highest level of zen.
  • Claims to have received the power of fire breathing from Agni, the Hindu God of Fire. He's also quick to point out that for this reason people shouldn't think that yoga could give you fire breathing powers. Dhalsim has been working to ascend him along with more gods from India.
    • The current one in the Pantheon is Ganesha, who was at the ceremony. The Elephant God was pleased with Dhalsim's work.
  • There was a bit of an argument over whether Dhalsim should take over the role of Rubber Man over the pirate Luffy. In the end, the yoga master gave the Straw Hat Pirate his blessing. Besides, for being pirates, it doesn't appear that the group does much in terms of looting and plundering, mainly just looking for treasure.
  • He is also on friendly terms with Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Reed turns to him whenever it feels like his inventions can't seem to help the world.
  • Most of the Mortal Kombat deities are considered to be too violent for his tastes, but there are those who surprise him. Kenshi turned out to be a rather humble fellow despite his amazing fighting ability. The two even have meditating sessions with each other.
  • One can see his family interact with Rikuo's in the subhouse of Fantastic Races. Dhalsim was grateful that the fish man was able to find his son.
  • Among the evil aligned fighting game deities, he is especially not fond of Relius for being a terrible father to his son, Shinnok for what he did to Raiden and the Kombatants, and Terumi for being an asshole to everyone in general.
  • As a Badass Pacifist, he gets along well with other pacifists in the Pantheon, especially those who who are actually able to walk that path, a goal he wishes he could do one day.
    • On a particular note, he was intrigued with the Air Nomads who have a bit of similarities with his own culture. Aang even stated he met what Dhalsim would call a guru in India.
  • "I am not very fond of conflict."

    Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru 
Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru, Dual Gods of the Primal Stance (Kiba: Dog Ninja)
Click here to see their pre-Timeskip appearance 
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Click here to see Akamaru in the Epilogue 

    Liu Kang 
Liu Kang, God of the Kiai (The Champion of Mortal Kombat, Turkey Boy, The Emperor of Netherrealm, Fire God Liu Kang)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God, potentially Overdeity as Fire God Liu Kang)
  • Symbol: The Mortal Kombat Dragon Logo.
  • Theme Song: "Liu Kang's Theme" by Congorock, "You're Next" by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Bassjackers as Fire God Liu Kang.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (eventually becomes Lawful Evil after the 25 Year Prophecy, before returning to NeutralGood/Lawful Good as the Fire God)
  • Portfolio: Kiai, Martial Pacifists, Warrior Monks, Flying Bycicle Kick, Screaming Warriors, Messiahs, Modeled After Bruce Lee, Bare Fisted Monks, Amazon Chasers, Series Mascots, Fire Powers, Dragon Chomp, Dead Heroes, Battle Couple With Kitana, Having Three Variations (Dragon's Fire, Flame Fist, Dualist)
  • Domains: Kombat, Good (Switched to Evil at one point), Fire, Faith
  • Superior: Bruce Lee
  • Former Allies (All during his time as a revenant and later Emperor of Netherrealm):
  • Ally: Kitana (his love interest)
  • Odd Friendship with: Makoto Nanaya
  • Rivals: Syzoth/Reptile, Ric Flair, Gouken
  • Former Enemy: Arthas Menethil (Emperor Liu Kang only)
  • Enemies:
  • Originally, he wanted to become the third herald of Bruce Lee. But since the temple doesn't have the enough space to oocupy, he opted for the Kiai title, as he shouts very loud each time he unleashes an attack.
  • A reset event indicates that he starts to disown Raiden after seeing the disaster he made in first place. Time will tell if they ever will become enemies. Or perhaps not. He still fears him.
  • Really hates Shang Tsung for killing him once. Before the reset.
  • After severing his ties with Raiden, he has managed to find a new mentor in the form of Rachel Alucard. However, Rachel was also aware that there was a possibility where Liu Kang became Drunk with Power and became a tyrannical God, even causing his mortal master, Bo Rai Cho, to train Shang Tsung to oppose him. Learning from Raiden's 'mistakes' and what recently happened to Ragna, Rachel decided to just be up front and reveal everything to Liu Kang, who ended up in shock that he swore not to let himself go out of control like that.
  • Has no resent for Sindel, even with the whole massacre that ended with Kitana's life. With his deitification, he already checked that the queen was under mind control, thus discarding Sindel's guilt.
  • It's said that he recently took notes from Jin Kazama, especially for appearing in an alternate universe where he plays the role of a Fallen Hero.
  • Is very delighted to see both his best friend Kung Lao and his disciple Kai joining to the Pantheon, he especially thanked Nozomi Yumehara for training Kai.
  • Had an impromptu Woo-off with The Nature Boy during his stroll at the House of Sports. He lost.
  • Made the near-fatal mistake of insulting both Cassandra Cage and her parents: "Pathethic child of idiot parents!" Liu had dodged a bullet (or in his case, two clips worth of bullets) when Johnny and Sonya restrained Cassie from unloading her pistols into the former monk. He wisely decides to keep his distance from Cassie.
  • During the 25 Year Prophecy, he was Quan Chi's most powerful revenant, fueled by bad memories and disgust against Raiden for his ineptitude. However, he somehow returned to normal and reunited with his also living friend Kung Lao. Kung Jin, Lao's distant cousin, also looks to play a huge role in the Prophecy.
    • Turns out that Liu Kang is from an Alternate Timeline. At the end of the 25 years, he became the Emperor of Netherrealm after besting every demon he encountered, with Kitana as his Empress. However, Raiden, more aggressive and wearing darker clothing, warned them that if they threaten Earthrealm, they will suffer the consequences, like Shinnok, whose head is still moving.
    • It is later revealed that Liu Kang became that way, EVEN after being kept in line by Rachel, because Arthas Menethil approached him first and managed to rise up his darker desires and making him realize that Rachel MIGHT not be better than Raiden. This results Liu Kang first breaking away from Rachel, and then embraces his Emperor of Netherrealm persona fully, not even getting choked by Jason on his own gut would stop him. He also encouraged many formerly corrupted Kombatants to follow him and leaving Rachel without any 'new apprentices'. As a result, a lot of people have stated on how much they missed the old Liu Kang...
    • It is still unclear whether the Liu Kang on this throne was the remnant of the good old Liu Kang or this brand new evil Liu Kang. Superman would hope it's the first, as it's the same case between him and High Councillor Kal-El.
      • Ultmately, due to time-travelling circumstances, he still wound up disappearing from existence and was replaced by what is essentially the good old Liu Kang, only now with Raiden's powers.
    • Recent events transpired so that he and other Kombatants encountered their past selves, who are summoned in an attempt to prevent their current future. After stealing the soul of his own past self in order to face Raiden's, this ended up becoming a double-edged sword as the past Raiden transferred his powers to both versions, resulting in his evil self being erased and replaced by his past self, now known as Fire God Liu Kang. Retaining his former future self's knowledge, he was able to defeat Kronika, the Goddess ofTime, and with the help of Raiden and/or Kitana, is in the process of fixing his timeline, and maybe most of his other relationships in the Pantheon while he's at it.

    Pyramid Head 
Pyramid Head, God of Sinister Scraping Sounds (The Bogeyman, Red Pyramid Thing)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A rusted Pyramid Helmet, along side a large knife and spear.
  • Theme Music: Betrayal
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Implacable Creatures, Memetic Serial Rapists, Things That Creep Out Just About Anyone, Giant Knife Carriers, The Dreaded, Series Mascot, Blade on a Stick, Dual Boss, Judge, Jury, and Executioner
  • Domains: Fear, Evil, Law, Guilt, Madness
  • Domain: Silent Hill
  • Mental Creation of: James Sunderland
  • Allies: Jason Voorhes, Freddy Kruger, Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)
  • Enemies: Chris Redfield, Cloud Strife
  • Feared by: Luigi
  • Once lingered his way into the Pantheon as the God of Implacable Creatures. Just about nothing would deter the being from calling off pursuit. It has also caused much misery for James Sunderland, the unwitting source of its manifestation. Tired of being chased around, James sought help from Leon Kennedy as well as Chris and Chaire Redfield. Together, they set a trap for the monster, setting Pyramid Head up to a satellite strike. It worked just as intended. The tale of Pyramid head appeared to have ended.
    • Unfortunately, the demise led to some unforeseen consequences. The role was filled rather quickly, eventually landing on Chris Walker, who wasted no time going after desirables. To make matters worse, James couldn't get the sound of scraping metal off his head. To him, the Pyramid Head never left. And it turned out to be true; while revisiting Silent Hill, he was confronted with the same being with a giant sword. He went to the Court of the Gods to demand an explanation. As it turns out, the dominion was able to revive the monster, who moved to a different hose to reside. Like it or not, Pyramid Head was here to stay.
  • Pyramid Head will chase after just about anyone, and when he gets started, almost nothing can stop him. He even chased after Lu Bu, despite Yuan Shao's protests. They fought to a standstill (as near as one with Pyramid Head can even be called such, anyway).
  • Freddy took an interest in the being. Since it was a filament of Sunderland's mind, Pyramid was well within the realm for Freddy to control. As such, Pyramid head has become one of the dream monster's deadliest allies. The prospect of a nigh unstoppable killing machine unnerved many, not to mention the sound of both their weapons clawing a wall can make many mortals insane.
    • Unfortunately for him, he can't seem to get Pyramid Head to attack Jason. It happens that the two have an odd respect for each other. Freddy was forced to decline from using Pyramid Head on Jason lest he loses control.
  • Though there are many debates on what it is, A demon created to torture guilty men, or a monster of the town of Silent Hill out to kill everyone.
  • Good thing is that Pyramid Head usually only resides in Silent Hill after it became one of Pantheon's domains. The bad thing is that he still appears outside of Silent Hill, making his sudden appearances even more unpredictable. Especially when he appears in such things as kart racing and sport events.
  • Might have an infernal version of himself called Gravedigger. Gabriel Belmont cannot state anything on the subject.
  • Where he usually carries around a giant knife, he is also seen carrying a spear when he needs to go faster. Oh, and sometimes there are two Pyramid Heads around. They can even turn any one who they think fits their brutal methods of punishment into a Pyramid Head.
  • James has worked an agreement with Chris Redfield to deal with the monster. They maybe rivals at sales, but the two factions are willing to set their differences aside with a common threat.
  • While the entity has no interest in in the title of [[BFG Giant Swords]], Cloud has lost quite a few prospective followers to the being. He as will most other good aligned deities have agreed with Sunderland to take it down.
  • Once a follower, Nemesis now hunts down victims on his own in the Pantheon. It may be hard to tell, but it seemed that the flesh monster was relieved to see its sponsor return to the Pantheon. Both seemed poised to kill member of S.T.A.R.S. as the group members were already hunting them down.
  • Luigi had a rather unfortunate encounter with Pyramid during his mansion years. One look of that giant sword was all it took for him to book it out of the room it was in. The plumber has a suspicion that Pyramid Head followers him around to this day. While no one else has been able to prove that, the sounds from his temple as well as the skid marks nearby says he may not be hallucinating.

    T-00 Tyrant/Mr. X 

Alright, who is next?

(A series of loud footsteps is heard)

T-00 Tyrant, God of Walking Menacingly (T-103 Tyrant, Trenchy, Neo Tyrant, Mr. X)
Super Tyrant 
  • Intermediate God with his Power Limiter in place; gains a serious power boost when removed or damaged
  • Symbols: The Iconic Green Trenchcoat and a fedora.
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil normally. Chaotic Evil as the Super Tyrant.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Umbrella Corporation, Bio-Organic Weapons, Tyrant Series
  • Allies: None, it's prime directive is to eliminate anyone that is a witness to the Raccoon City outbreak and that includes everyone that isn't part of Umbrella. That said, he and The Nemesis T-Type are fine working for the same cause.
  • Rivals: The T-800 (both of them), General RAAM
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The House of Explosives
  • Worthy Opponents: Pyramid Head
  • The T-103 Tyrant is an Umbrella Corporation developed B.O.W. and the successor of the original Tyrant T-002 model, mass produced after succesful experimentations and deployed during the Raccoon City incident to eliminate all survivors. This particular model is T-00, also known as Mr. X, deployed in the Raccoon City police department where he came across several survivors. The creature mission was clear and he was not going to give up until all witnesses were dead, even going as far as to chase Leon S. Kennedy all the way to the NEST. There, having received heavy damaged, mutated out of the control and was ultimately put down by the rookie police officer before he could do more damage. While there are several version's of the T-103 model, this particular Tyrant proved to be good enough to achieve godhood, but not by his own accord.
  • A helicopter bearing the insignia of the Umbrella Corporation was seen hovering overhead in the skies of the Pantheon. Said helicopter had attached to it a single, metallic tube, of which detached from the chopper, revealing it to be a T-103 Tyrant. While the source of whoever brought the Tyrant into the pantheon is unknown, some believe the GUAE is behind this, most pointing to Albert Wesker being the main suspect party. Still having its old programming, Mr. X proceed to hunt down and kill anyone not affiliated with Umbrella Corporation, meaning he was a walking menace that needed to be stopped but thankfully, members of the B.S.A.A. led by Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy were able to subjugate the Tyrant, Leon having revived the old memories of being stalked by the Tyrant back in Raccoon city.
  • One of the key ingredients in making a Tyrant is β Hetero Nonserotonin, a hormone secreted from the human pituitary gland during the later stages of puberty, and can only be harvested during cases of extreme panic. In other words, the Umbrella employees on Sheena Island where the T-103s were mass-produced harvested the hormones from the kids without any anesthesia for maximum effectiveness. The hormone's properties makes it a prime candidate for use in increasing the B.O.W.'s combat effectiveness by directly stimulating its level of brutality and ferocity.
  • That green trenchcoat he usually wears is not a fashion statement. Like Nemesis, it serves as his Power Limiter. Once Mr. X takes enough damage, the trenchcoat comes off and he transforms into the Tyrant - an 8-foot-tall monstrosity with wicked bone claws on both hands. Though the mutations can vary depending of the damage taken, as falling into molten metal completely mutated his body while another time he only suffered burns on a side of his body, mutating his arm into a claw and exposing his heart.
  • Mr. X will usually targets humans and not-undead humanoids, but he will prioritize those that have entered to Raccoon City or might even have survived the incident back in 1998. However, this particular grudge towards Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Sherry Birkin. While in some versions Mr. X was after Sherry for her locket containing a sample of G-Virus, in other timelines he just went after both Claire and Sherry since they qualified as witnesses. But with Leon he is a lot more aggresive, having proved to be a huge pain in the ass to kill and having chased him throught all the RCPD and Sewer system, it's believed that Leon might actually pissed him off enough to forego all his directive and kill him. Thankfully, Ada's timely intervention allowed Leon to put down T-00 for good.
    • U.S.S. Agent HUNK has also had the unfortunate opportunity of encountering another T-103, although this one is possibly unrelated to the one sent to RCPD. Even in the pantheon, for some reason, Mr. X continues to target the masked man, possibly since Umbrella never really reprogramed him to avoid killing their own personnel.
  • His cause of death may vary depending on the timeline but his most common one was at the hands of an Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher. It's commonly believed that Leon was the one that dealt the killing blow but other times it could have been Claire or both. Nevertheless, the Tyrant has an unusual habit of avoiding the House of Explosives, since he prefers his top half not being blown up.
    • There is also the theory that the one that Claire encountered was an unrelated T-103. This version ended up being impaled by a G-Virus mutated William Birkin, having saved both Claire and his daughter from the Tyrant, probably out of the remaining humanity he had or because he too was after Sherry. Nevertheless, Dr. Birkin is another of the Tyrant's potential targets, but Birkin is perfectly capable of defeating the Tyrant by himself, prompting the B.O.W. to either mutate or ignore him entirely.
  • Upon hearing of Mr. X's ascension into the Pantheon, Axel, Adam, and Blaze - thinking that their longtime nemesis has arrived - stormed Mr. X's temple...and came running out of it minutes later, pursued by Mr. X in his Super Tyrant form.
  • Despite being the same class of Tyrants, Mr. X and the Nemesis are rivals. During the Raccoon Outbreak, these two behemoths had clashed. However, outside interference from the undead and later, Hunters had made the fight into a draw and nowadays both have surprisingly come to an agreement in cooperating in taking down at least the former S.T.A.R.S. members, particularly Jill Valentine.
  • Jill Valentine had seen the end result of the T-103s attack on Raccoon when she came across several of them before her final battle with Nemmy. Leon Kennedy can attest to the fact that they are very tough. His best friend, Ark Thompson, had to shoot his way through a whole army of them
  • Shortly after his temple was redesigned as more of a containtment zone (which failed spectacularly since they failed to account the walls not being strong enough), some deities have seen him sport a fedora. He likes to keep it on him at all times and it's advisable to not shoot it, unless you want to piss him off.
    • This new look also made the Lone Survivor confuse Mr. X with Nick Valentine, something that almost proved to be a fatal mistake since not only is the Tyrant look like a jacked up version of said character, but also far more resilient to most of weaponry the suvivor was carrying at the time. Thankfully he was able to escape the Tyrant's clutches.
  • His temple is not that far away from Pyramid Head's, which screamed bad news for their neighbours. However, both creatures have clashed and even if they are both Implacable Men, Pyramid Head was able to gain the upper hand and momentarily kill the Tyrant. Mr. X did return afterwards anyway.
    • Speaking of unrelentless pursuers, Mr. X and the terminators have a rivalry of sorts, mostly thanks to their similar purposes. Although the machines are more sentient, Mr. X is no slouch in that regard and machine or not, they still fall under the directive of people that have to be silenced.
  • Many heroes have taken up the challenge of putting down this Tyrant, since he is a very persistant threat to lower level deities. Samus and the Doomslayer once teamed up to take him down after Spencer sent him to gather some important GUAG intel and the B.O.W. was promptly ripped apart by both space soldiers. He also, on one ocassion, decided to target Atreus, which quickly incurred the wrath of Kratos and he instantly took down the Tyrant. Of course, he continues to be a persistant predator even after being continously being put down, you can thank the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon for that.
  • Some of the more eccentric members of the Pantheon swear that they can hear a DMX track blaring in their ears whenever they hear him stomping around. It doesn't make him any less intimidating.

    Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz 
Takumi Inui, God of Memetic Hand Gestures (Kamen Rider Faiz, Nekojita, Wolf Orphnoch)
Kamen Rider Faiz 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Blaster Form)
  • Symbol: The Phi Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Justiphi's", "Double Standard"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, although he sees himself as Heroic Neutral at first. Neutral Good post-Character Development
  • Portfolio: Brought to You by the Letter Phi, Badass Biker, Character Tics, Blood Knights, Loners, Being Sarcastic, Defrosted Ice Kings, Jerkass Façade, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, The Kirk, Tsundere, Flicking his Right Wrist in Battle, Being Depreciative Towards Everything, Even Himself, Being the Wolf Orphnoch
  • Domains: Combat, Heroism, Technology, Hand Gestures, Cyberpunk
  • Heralds: Mari Sonoda and Keitaro Kikuchi
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship With/Pities: Inuyasha.
  • Headbutting Heroes With: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa.
  • Enemies: The entire Demonic Legion, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Vector, Battleship Re-Class, the Trollkaiger, Sora Shiun'in, Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Ascended from the Toku Base, Takumi Inui is a young loner who initially doesn't have any desires in life until the fateful day he crossed paths with Mari Sonoda, who originally holds the mysterious Faiz Gear in one journey where she is attacked by the Orphnoch, monsters who were who suddenly resurrects after their unfortunate deaths, due to her unable to use the Faiz Gear, she provide Takumi the gear that allows him to become Faiz to protect the humans from the rampaging Orphnochs. Later on he is revealed to be the Wolf Orphnoch since the Faiz Gear can only be worn by the Orphnochs. In battle, Takumi tends to flicks his right wrist whenever he fights as Faiz.
  • The other reason of how he ascended in the pantheon is due to his habit of flicking his wrist during battles. His other tics, kneeling before a Diving Kick, as well as only using Flying Side Kicks, landed him here as well.
  • Became friends with Hajime Hinata since both of them had experience of getting confused of who they are since Takumi revealed himself as the Wolf Orphnoch and Hajime revealed that he has another presonality in the form of Izuru Kamukura until both of them gets better with their sheer resolve of moving on despite of who they are.
    • Also became close allies with Ryoga Kamishiro and Inori Yuzuhira since both of them also protecting their respective love ones despite their true natures (Ryoga being a Barian and Inori being a clone), much like Takumi's true nature as an Orphnoch.
  • Amusingly, his temple is in the shape of the dry cleaner shop that he took residence in for the series which he says is more associated with his herald Keitaro than him. This has led to no end bickering amongst Takumi and his two heralds. In fact, Takumi threatened to bring the matter to the Court, but the matter was obviously too trivial for them to accept. Takumi thus rarely spends time in his own temple. Keitaro, though, runs the dry cleaning service as per normal, though he washes clothes for Gods now.
  • Became friends with Kagome Higurashi since the Rider reminds her a bit of Mari while at the same time, Kagome reminds Takumi of her husband Inuyasha probably due to them had similarities associated with the enemies they fought.
    • He also forms a rather odd friendship with Inuyasha since both of them have their names associated with the Japanese word for "dogs", while at the same time Takumi pities him since he resides in the Fallen as both him and Kagome tries to work to bring Inuyasha out of the Fallen as possible.
  • Has become friends with Rosette Christopher since both of them happens to be harsh to their love ones until they grow nicer to them. Also, Rosette remind him a bit of her friend/lover Chrono due to Takumi being an Orphnoch and Chrono being a Demon who had rebelled and fought their own kind.
  • He has somewhat gets along with the Teen Titans, especially Dick Grayson since both of them are street-level heroes clad in black and rides a motorcycle in battle and both of them had a serious issues with their respective rivals, Victor Stone as both of them uses technology in battle (Takumi being the main user of the Faiz Gear and Cyborg being a reconstructed human), and Rachel Roth since both of them started out as somewhat harsh to their friends until they grows nicer and became open to them.
  • Also became friends with Makoto Kenzaki as both of them started out as loners who were later became close to their respective friends after spending with them for a long time in their respective stories.
  • Became close friends with the players of Sword Art Online, especially with Kirito since both of them happens to be a heroic Blood Knights, and Asuna since some of her traits (being a Tsundere and a Dude Magnet) reminding him a bit of Mari.
  • He also gets along with Mami Tomoe since both of them had a similar death experience in their respective lives as well as both happened to resent themselves for failing to save a lives of their love ones.
  • Became close allies with Jin Kazama and Shu Ouma as both of them at some point they pretend to be jerks to isolate themselves with their respective friends.
  • He became very close to Ryuko Matoi since both of them battling villains while their traits had connection with the villains that they fought. Takumi is also surprised that Ryuko's Life Fiber Synchronized Form also glows red lines in her fighting form which is kinda similar to his Rider Form's light-up features.
  • Also became close friends with Ange as he feels sympathy for her after learning her backstory as a former princess of the Misurugi Empire before she fell from grace due her nature as a Norma before she was sent to fight the DRAGONs and became an aloof person since Ange and her fellow Normas were being discriminated for being "monsters" in her own universe. Upon learning this, Takumi swears to her if they treat her like a "monster", he will fight back against them.
  • Loathes Ryoma Sengoku for two reasons, for being involved with the Yggdrasill Corporation by creating Rider Belts for their own research and his own agenda of grabbing the Forbidden Fruit by any means. Also gaining his hatred towards the Trollkaigers since the group consists of the most villainous individuals, which he sees them as no different from the Lucky Clover.
  • He was very furious of Monokuma after learning of his actions of being the one who initiates the "High School of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy, his utter rage towards Monokuma makes the bear for being no different to the likes of Kyoji Murakami.
  • While making a lot of allies in the pantheon, he also made enemies too, this includes Vector and Re-Class since both of them uses their own Memetic Hand Gestures through saluting while both of them being jerks and evil respectively. Also gets annoyed at the likes of Sora Shuin'in since he reminds him too much of Kusaka.
  • Sympathizes with his predecessor Shinji Kido, as Shinji only found the resolve to kill at his death. Thus, while he would've made different decisions, he doesn't consider him a bad person either way.
  • Years later, he aids his successors Drive and Zeronos in resolving Stable Time Loop problems caused, shockingly, by him by accident. He died at the end of his battle against the Orphenochs, but Shocker used him as a catalyst to create the loops. He decided to end them, dying happy.

Victini, God of V Signs (Victory Pokémon)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A basket full of Macarons.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Victory Star
  • Moves: Flame Charge, Psychic, Searing Shot, V-create
  • Portfolios: Psychic-type, Fire-type, Letter Motif, V-Sign, Mythical Pokémon, Secret Character in the Unova Dex, Badass Adorable, Cute Little Fangs, Being over 1,000 years old, Successor of Mew
  • Domains: Victory, Food, Legendary Pokémon
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Sora, Good-Aligned deities of the House of Sports, the Avatars of Friendship (Elena, Bayley, Pinkie Pie and Steven Universe
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Reuniclus
  • Special Relationship: Reshiram and Zekrom
  • Victini was born and raised in the Kingdom of the Vale, where it was good friends with the King and his twin sons, the Heroes of Truth and Ideals, who were both given a dragon that would later become Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem. The conflicting opinions between the sons lead to a fierce war that resulted in the King moving the Sword of the Vale to a nearby mountain with Victini's help to stop the Dragon force from destroying Unova. However, he died before he could set the Victory Pokémon free from the pillars of protection, leaving Victini trapped in the newly formed Eindoak Town for 1,000 years.
    • A descendant of the People of the Vale, Damon, tried to use Victini to return the Sword back to the Vale, but since moving said castle could result in its death, Ash and his friends had to put a stop to this. But when the Dragon force got out of control and took the castle into space, which nearly caused Ash to die, Victini saved him with V-create, destroying the corrupted pillars of protection and freeing itself in the process.
  • After it's freedom, Victini spent a lot of time travelling the world and fulfilling many wishes it had while trapped in Eindoak Town. But it's ability to give unlimited power through touch has caused many poachers to go after it, which resulted in Victini requesting godhood in the pantheon to ensure that only those it can trust will gain the unlimited power. At least it now has unlimited access to the macarons in the House of Food.
  • It's said that Victini will bring victory to any trainer who befriends it, often by powering up their Pokémon. However, this is not always the case.
  • Victini has shown to get along with Sora and Gentaro very well, due to their own cheerful personalities, especially towards their (many) friends. And when he met Elena, he fell in love with her and honestly wants Elena and Gentaro to get together. When the Kamen Rider Club were first introduced to Victini, there was a three-way struggle between Yuki, Miu and Tomoko as to who would be the one to feed him macarons.
    • Any friend of Gentaro's is a friend of Victini, so Victini has been introduced to the Avatars of Friendship and travels with them whenever they go out to befriend others.
  • Does not know what to make of Reshiram and Zekrom, since one was used by Damon, and the other by Ash, and who was with who has had contradicting evidence.
  • Was present during the event known as Tarot Crusaders and helped to figure out why the Friendship Asylum was causing trouble. Wasn't happy over the fact that Gentaro and Elena were siding with the asylum (they were forced into it)
  • While he's fond of good gods in the House of Sports, he's creeped out by Paul London who thinks that Victini is "The White Rabbit" that leads the Rabbit Tribe. Victini's response was to get Brian Kendrick to put Paul London into the BURNING HAMMER to shut him up. Paul's still determined though.

    Zhang Fei 
Zhang Fei (style name: Yidenote ), God of Terrifying Battle Cries
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Snake Lance.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Brotherhood Oath at the Peach Garden, Virtue/Benevolence Before Reason, Bros Before Hoes, Action Dad, Hot-Blooded, Boisterous Bruiser, Screams That Scares Armies Off, Singlehandedly Holding Up Armies To Cross A Bridge, The Alcoholic
  • Domains: Brotherhood, War, Food, Anger
  • Allies: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Zhang Xingcai, Guan Yinping, Honda Tadakatsu, Sun Quan (new drinking-and-study-buddy)
  • Enemies: Lu Bu, many of the evil deities in the Family House (for perverting both family values and benevolence), Cao Cao, Dian Wei
  • Once, there was just Guan Yu in the Pantheon. Feeling that he is incomplete without his brothers, he arranged the ascension of his brothers. Once Liu Bei and Zhang Fei ascended, Guan Yu ensured that they would have a place together despite his one single house. Once that's done, the three once again swore in the Pantheon's peach garden that even if they ascended in different times, they hope to either 'die' or 'turn mortal' in the same time.
    • After Liu Bei took up a spot in the House of Leadership to counter Cao Cao's position in the House of Royalty, Zhang Fei decided to shop around for a seat to call his own as well. After being turned down from the house of food lest he drain their alcohol stores, he finally found this house, where he could fight as many opponents as he wants to train for the inevitable renewed conflict between the deities of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Zhang Fei often visits the House of Food to indulge in his second favorite pastime after battle, drinking. The cleanup fees have been astronomical, but nobody has yet found a way to keep him away from the wine cellar.
    • And now they've found one. His daughter has ascended, and being possibly the only person in any reality that can keep him from the booze, he's probably not going to have an easy time partying these days.
  • He and his sworn brothers were known to have fought Lu Bu to a stand-still, and thus, their combat capabilities are definitely not to be questioned.
  • Just like Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei were known to be fathers in action. While Zhang Fei's children were definitely also combat-capable like Guan Yu's, Liu Bei's son was...lackluster. He tries not to bring up the subject when they're together and mostly just focuses on telling stories about his own children. But still, Zhang Fei would still give a better word for Liu Bei's son. That's his direct son-in-law, if anyone's asking.
    • Every time he sees Guan Yu spending time with his daughter, Yinping, he is reminded of his own daughter and wishes she would ascend. On the other hand, she'd probably just yell at him for drinking too much and keep him from going out to party, so maybe not... but as mentioned before, it may be too late to turn back now.
  • The three brothers, especially Zhang Fei, were surprised that so far there's just Dian Wei amongst the Wei representatives of the Pantheon. Zhang Fei has wondered just until when Cao Cao is going to ascend, only for Liu Bei to stop him mid sentence, because as they say, "Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao appears at the gates." And a week after that, Cao Cao REALLY appears. Thankfully, it wasn't from a toilet when he's taking a shit.
  • Palpatine once tried to have the 501st storm the house of leadership to abduct Liu Bei to use as leverage against Guan Yu and forge an alliance with Cao Cao. However, Zhang Fei happened to be passing by that day and before they could even get to the front gates, he let off a roar which paralyzed the entire legion with fear.
    • Recently, some gods have been taking bets as to who would be more impassable, Zhang Fei or Dian Wei. Most other gods would rather not have to find out.
      • A few merely answered "Lu Bu."
  • Gets along well with Honda Tadakatsu, whom he fought alongside once. Their devotion to their lord, and their protectiveness of their respective daughters, provide ample connection to drink over. Of course, he felt a bit unnerved because apparently Tadakatsu... drinks oil this time around. He breathed easier when all of the sudden, the Tadakatsu he met has ascended.
  • It's rumored that at first... he wanted not to be a brother, but a 'sister'. It took a lot of massive crashes with empty wine tubes on the head to set him straight and acknowledge himself as a brother.
  • There was a debate on how historically he committed one certain crime into his wife, Xiahou Ji. It was a great shame on Zhang Fei's side when learning that, but said wife assured him that she was eventually with him at her own consent (first time, not so much, history-wise anyway) and gave a lot of proofs on how said crime might not have happened at all (therefore, an inconclusive statement), starting from Liu Shan's acceptance of Xiahou Ba due to 'blood relations' and how they didn't have proper history department back in the days. After getting a report of Xingcai being harrassed by people who were convinced that Zhang Fei's negatives were the truth, Zhang Fei decided to teach these group of people a lesson... and heck, even Xiahou Yuan, who was expected to be 'pissed off' about it, gave him support.
    • Or, it could've been that via how Xingcai acts, Xiahou Yuan's niece may have actually ended up making Zhang Fei a bit henpecked behind the scenes if Xingcai did indeed pick it up from her mother....
    • And further solidifying this is an appearance of this 'historical' Zhang Fei in the Midnight Channel...
  • Takes pride in his snake lance, which was said via his novel counterpart to be over 13 feet long. Zhang Fei himself would rather not talk about how absurd it seems in terms of logic, let alone discuss it in more detail since the myth about him defeating a magical snake that soon transformed into it was absurd enough.
    • Also takes pride in a few of his other stronger snake lances, being named as the "Crushing Army", "Crushing Evil" and "Crushing Kingdom" Snake Lances. All of these seem to stem from the very former one being named after one of the other names of the Alkaid star, so some Gods who are well-versed in astrology compare the incarnation of Zhang Fei before them to be not unlike the very northwestern star that brings bad luck and crushing defeat upon all armies, hunters and fighters alike.
    • He does take note of this Wu veteran he met during the Battle of Chibi named Cheng Pu. They said his signature weapon is called 'Serpent Spear', just like his...
  • While often dismissed as a drunk, there are times that Zhang Fei also uses his brain to devise strategies.
    • Sadly, thanks to the big family formed from Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang's marriage, Zhang Fei may have found a new drinking partner in Sun Quan (one of his sworn-brothers in law); thanks to the very latter's historical records, a drunken Zhang Yide + drunken Sun Zhongmou will equal utter disaster.
      • Even worse, one of Cao Cao's sons, Cao Zhi/Cao Zijian, might soon join the two of them since he too is a historically-infamous drunkard....
  • His style name(s) has raised both the eyebrows of Zhang Fei himself and others, for they have two different on'yomi renders in Japanese despite the same Chinese pinyin being shared; his original style name is said as "Ekitoku" (lit. Benefiting Virtue) while the other one that's commonly used is "Yokutoku" (lit. Winged Virtue).

Lesser Gods

    Dexter Douglas/Freakazoid 
Freakazoid!, God of Airplane Arms (Dexter Douglas, Kid, Mr. F, Freak, The Blue Guy, Red Underwear Man)
Dexter Douglas
  • Lesser God as Freakazoid; Quasideity as Dexter Douglas
  • Symbol: F! inside of an oval
  • Theme Music: Freakazoid Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Personality, Internet, Comedy
  • Heralds: Roddy Macstew, Sgt. Mike Cosgrove, Steff, Professor Jones
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Warner Siblings, Pinky & The Brain, Danny Fenton, Astro Boy, Pinkie Pie, Lolranger
  • Enemies: Sark, Master Control Program, Love Machine, Ex, Agent Smith, Nobuyuki Sugou, Khan Noonien Singh, Cthulu, Trollkaiger
  • Dexter Douglas was originally a nerd with not much of a life aside from an interest in computers. After getting his hands on a faulty computer chip, he got zapped into cyberspace via a random code that his cat inputted by accident, acquired of lot of knowledge from the internetnote , and became Freakazoid, a superhero that's highly insane. One of his powers is to go fast, but he tends to put his arms above his head and make a whoosh noise while running at average speed. He finds it more amusing that way.
    • It should be noted that Freakazoid got his knowledge from the internet before it grew larger and housed a lot of graphic content. Based on the conversations from other deities, it's safe to assume that Freakazoid would be a lot more insane than he currently is if he all got the information from the internet at a much later point in time than he did initially.
  • Most of the time, he tends to be seen in his Freakazoid identity, with Dexter Douglas usually appearing if there isn't anything substantial happening within the Pantheon. Strangely enough, Freakazoid is in Dexter's head via the Freak-a-zone despite apparently having a Freak-a-lair (which is completely separate from the Freak-a-zone).
  • Although he gets along fine with The Warners and Pinky & The Brain, there have been a few arguments between them as to which show they were from was the best. Whenever they try to bring the argument to other deities, the response that they often get is the listener not knowing who they are or what they're talking about.
  • To an extent, he can be seen as a counterpart to Captain Underpants since their civilian identities serve as an extreme contrast to their comedic superhero personas. Besides their civilian personalities, the difference between them is that Dexter can transform into Freakazoid and back via separate phrases (though there have been rare instances where the transformation was uncontrollable for certain reasons) while Benjamin Krupp needs external circumstances (intentional or not) for his transformations to occur.
  • Compared to a lot of other superheroes (or just heroes in general), Freakazoid seems to have a rather Friendly Enemy kind of relation towards most of his enemies back in his universe, though that may be because of their own attitude. In the Pantheon, a lot of his potential foes are usually more ruthless than what he had been used to, but there will be some verbal jabs that happen occasionally between him and some of these enemies.
  • Dexter gets along very well with Danny Fenton, given that they sound alike, at least in civilian form. When Danny transforms, he keeps the voice, but when Dexter transforms into Freakazoid, everything including the voice changes, and Freakazoid has taken note of it.
  • Freakazoid decided to head into cyberspace given how he came to be, even though he isn't considered to be a virtual entity compared to someone like Tron. He was very much surprised when he found out it has gotten a lot bigger than it had before, but he has a guide or two to make sure he's navigating the place properly whenever he drops by.
    • During one such visit, he described the MCP and Sark as sounding like The Lobe, only a lot meaner and less friendly than that arch-rival.
  • On an infrequent basis, Freakazoid makes visits to the House of Music to do some "Musical Interludes". These interludes consist of him playing some sort of tune on the piano.
    • Other times, he'll be at some other location, teaching others a foreign language such as French or Norwegian. He has thought about speaking additional languages such as Japanese every so often.
  • Freakazoid had an encounter with Astro Boy once thinking that he was Hero Boy, the main character from Freakazoid's favorite show. Astro cleared up the confusion and some time after that (a battle against some low-level villains took place in the interim), the two get along rather well, even if Astro finds Freakazoid to be much more quirkier than what Astro has been used to. Astro is mildly annoyed about Hero Boy's "abilities", though.
  • If there is one person that Freakazoid doesn't like in the Pantheon entirely, that would be Nobuyuki Sugou. Not only is the latter completely unpleasant, but trying to use cyberspace to make others miserable and gain more power for one's self is something that even Freakazoid can't joke about.
  • Don't ask him if he wants to see something strange and mystical. It will lead to him yelling at the asker for several minutes until they leave his sight. Trollkaiger did plan to do something to him, but as soon as someone from that group asked him that question, that plan came to an end. Then again, considering the nature of that group, the plan may have been simply to ask him that instead of something much more elaborate.
  • Whenever he is in Dexter Douglas form, don't confuse him for a boy genius or a killer detective who share the same first name. Ironically, as Dexter Douglas, the other two Dexters are a bit weirder than him, but as Freakazoid, he becomes a lot weirder than them.
  • He isn't seen much alongside the DC Comics deities, though he harbors some sort of jealously towards Superman for being more popular than him. The Joker has actually been keeping an eye on Freakazoid since, according to the clown, something about that freak's attitude is reminiscent of The Creeper, of whom The Joker is presumably frightened of.
  • Bugs Bunny, having quickly understood Freakazoid's brand of amusement, decided to show him the Lolranger, of whom Bugs is already a member of. The wabbit offered Freakazoid work as a Guest-Star Party Member of that group and Freak accepted without question.
  • Made a visit to the House of Craft to see if Norm Abram was around. Although that wasn't the case much to his mild disappointment, he does consider the Villager to be next best thing in interior decoration.
  • Cthulu really has it out against Freakazoid due to the latter going up against and beating someone similar to him named Vorn the Unspeakable once. Cthulu is planning to get back at Freak much later, but one has to wonder who'll drive the other insane first when that day comes (partially since Freakazoid is already crazy to start with).
  • Freakazoid going fast is actually his only consistent power. He had telekinesis one instance (and that took him some time to master it), but it hasn't been mentioned since then; plus the possibility of him having other powers is uncertain and the House of Power has been quiet on that matter.

    Duke Togo/Golgo 13 
Duke Togo, The God Who Speaks In Ellipses (Golgo 13, Duke Togo, Tadashi Togo, Togo Rodriguez)

Hikage, Goddess of Blade Licking and Satisfied Street Rats (The Detached, The Deadpan, And The Demonically Dangerous, Hikka, Giant Heart, DeadpanSnakeEyes)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A cobra which has been gutted with her combat knife
  • Theme Music: Seeking a Heart, Frenzied Soul, Shadow and Light, I'll Sucker Down My Octopus Balls Right Here, The Light that Warms the Shadow, I Began To Feel it in My Heart
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (used to be Neutral Evil in Hebijo Academy)
  • Portfolio: Knife Nut, Constantly Licking Her Knife, Satisfied Street Rat, Emotionless Girl (or so she thinks), Snake Motifs, Hellish Pupils, You Gotta Have Green Hair, Skilful, but Unmotivated, Shinobi
  • Domains: Knives, Shinobi, Emotionless, Orphans
  • Followers: Vamp
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Katsuragi, Imu
  • Enemies: Orochi, the other Orochi, Terumi Yuuki, Schrodinger
  • Former Enemies: Students of Hanzou, Hebijo and Gessen Academies.
  • When she was growing up, Hikage was an emotionless orphan who eventually joined a street gang until she joined the Hebijo Academy of ninjas, becoming one of the top students in the academy thanks to the skills she picked up from the streets. With that, and her seeming obsession forwards her combat knife (for a good reason), she was able to ascend into the Pantheon. Though some say that Haruka had something to do with it.
  • Her emotion problem is an odd one. She claims that she never had emotions, and unable to feel much of anything. However, she can be friendly forwards her allies, and has expressed herself multiple times, with her either not noticing it or not knowing why. For example, she used to not care for Katsuragi, but after fighting against her couple of times, she started to enjoy fighting against her.
  • Is known to sometimes train with both Shiki Nanaya and Sakuya Izayoi. And later on with Ivy Valentine after she turned her combat knife into a whip knife.
  • She has crossed paths with Kaede Nagase and might have been involved in same missions with her. The only thing what Hikage can say that she wonders why she sounds like her.
  • Some gods have compared her to Yuuka Kazami due of their green hairs and both of them being psychos (sort of). Neither of them seem to mind the other, even if Hikage almost got to the receiving end of what is dubbed "The Strongest Bitchslap in the Pantheon" after she pondered out loud on why Yuuka cares so much about her flowers.
  • She once encountered Hinata Hyuuga while minding her own business. All what she said was "You are not her." and walked away.
  • Terumi Yuuki tried to troll her once. First her pretended to be her father and saying that she was abandoned for being such an emotionless bitch. It didn't work. Then Terumi started beating up on Hikage, in which he was mildly successful on, but she didn't care if she was hurt. However, what got Hikage to react was when Terumi claimed that he is going to cut her to ribbons and throw her into a dumpster just like what happened to Hinata, Hikage's old leader and the most important person in her life. This caused Hikage to cry a bit... before she activated Frenzy with the result being that Terumi found himself in the dumpster with severe cuts.
    • Since then, Terumi has had Schrodinger do the trolling antics on her for him, and it's even worse now since both characters sound identical.
  • For whatever reason, Hikage seemed to have been involved in a lot of Noodle Incidents, mostly since several deities sound like her. Hikage for most part doesn't even know what people are talking about.
  • Also holds a spot in House of Crime. Though she much prefers to be here as outside of being a renegade from an arguable evil faction of mercenaries, she isn't involved in criminal activity anymore.
    • Because of this, she is one of few members of House of Crime that Jason Todd doesn't oppose. In fact, Hikage sometimes helps him on dealing with the other inhabitants. Jason is also glad that Hikage has a place to go if he decides to just blow the whole place up.

    Kyoko Sakura 
Kyoko Sakura, Goddess of Constantly Chewing on Something (Ophelia)

Menat, Goddess of the Egyptian Walk (The Eyes of the Future)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Crystal Ball
  • Theme Song: Menat's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Cat Motif, The Apprentice, Badass Adorable, Belly Dancer, Black Magician Girl, Dance Battler, Does Not Like Shoes, Early-Bird Cameo, Forgetful Jones, Magic Missile Storm, Nice Girl, Plucky Girl, Sexy Walk, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Fortune Telling, Soul Power, Destiny, Apprentices
  • Allies: Rose (Her master), Shantae, Madame Xanadu, Futaba Sakura and the rest of the Phantom Thieves, Muhammad Avdol, Many gods from Egyptian Mythology, Anakaris, Madoka Kaname, Hibiki Tachibana
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Eliza, Set, Apophis, Imhotep, Kuphulu
  • A mysterious young fortune teller who travels the world share the future and fortune of anyone she comes across. She came into notoriety when she appeared before a few of the Pantheon gods doing the usual things of telling them about their future, and later she was assigned a temple given the way she moves around. She was surprised that the one that asked for her ascension was none other that her master Rose, a person who Menat idolizes, and she was very excited to be part of the Pantheon.
  • She was curious to know more about the House of Prophecy and what it held inside. There she met many different deities who had different power and perceptions regarding the future and would like to learn more about them. She also ended befriended Madame Xanadu, a fellow fortune teller.
  • Was surprised to not be the only Egyptian fortune teller after she personally met Muhammad Avdol. She considers him to be her older Spear Counterpart and the two seem to have a sibling-like relationship and they aren't rivals when it comes to fortune telling.
  • She often gets confused for a Belly Dancer considering her fighting style and her outfit. That said, she seems to get along well with Shantae because of this.
  • Many initially confused her for Futaba Sakura, as they both sound extremely similar, to the point that the Phantom Thieves thought Menat was the Shadow of Futaba manifesting itself into the Pantheon. After the confusion was cleared, Menat became interested in aiding the Phantom Thieves in one of their future missions.
  • Her journey around the Pantheon led her to meet both Madoka Kaname and Hibiki Tachibana. At first what got them together was that sounded very similar, but after learning that their motivations were very similar, they remained close friends.
  • Doesn't like when people compare her looks to those of Eliza, since Menat finds her to be a disgusting human being. Eliza on her part finds her threats adorable and consider her not worth her time.
  • She was surprised to meet several gods from the Egyptian Pantheon and she even ended up befriending a few of them, most notably Bastet since quite a few of Menat's mannerisms are based on cats. That said, she doesn't think high of Set and believes Apophis should be expelled from the pantheon.
  • Her mummy-esque Battle outfit has caught the attention of many people. That said, she does get along with and respect Anakaris, but has nothing good to say about Kuphulu and Imhotep.
  • Since her primary job is to tell people about their future, she is rather distraught when she learns about many deities' Bad Future. Of course she is used to it now, as it's par of the course when it comes to fortune telling, but she wants to do her best to prevent it.
  • "Have you considered your destiny? Do you believe in fate?"
  • Also present in the House of Cultures.


    The Boos 
The Boos, The Gods Who Can't Move While Being Watched (Boo Diddlys, Boo Buddies, Teresa)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A picture of their haunted houses
  • Theme Song: Any of the various haunted house themes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Neutral Evil on-duty)
  • Portfolio: Can't Move While Being Watched, Our Ghosts Are Different, Only Bad As A Job, Being Kind Of Cute, Mooks, Bedsheet Ghost, Night of the Living Mooks
  • Domains: Ghosts, Fear, Hauntings, Enemies, Sight
  • Superiors: King Boo, Bowser
  • Allies: The rest of the Koopa Troop Spooky, Gengar, the Flying Dutchman, Shedinja, Wreck-it Ralph
  • Enemies: Mario and Luigi, Danny Fenton (not that seriously), THE GHOSTBUSTERS, Dark Danny
  • Fears: The Weeping Angels, SCP-173, Lord English, Lord Beerus
  • The Boos are one of the various foes found in the Koopa Troop, serving under King Boo and usually Bowser. These spooky ghosts cannot be damaged by Mario normally, and will chase him when his back is turned. But being shy spirits, they stay still and cover their faces if someone is watching them.
  • Though their boss is evil, Boos are normally only bad because of who's ordering them or when someone intrudes their haunted house. They're pretty passive alone in their temple, which is a haunted house. Sometimes they can be found attending Bad-Anons with Wreck-It Ralph. They like him, maybe because he reminds them of Bowser.
  • Originally called Boo Diddly's or Boo Buddies, but are just called Boos for simplicity's sake. There's some ambiguity on whether they're the ghosts of dead people, or were always ghosts. It's difficult to tell what if any gender they have.
  • Some comparisons have been made to the Weeping Angels and SCP-173, as they don't move when someone's being watched. The Boos don't like these comparison as they're scared of the Weeping Angels and SCP-173. As the Weeping Angels are monstrous beings who snap people's necks for the fun of and send people back in time, and SCP-173 is a twisted statue that disturbs SCP-682, such fear is completely understandable.
  • This comparison led the Doctor to set up a mirror in front of them, to see if looking at themselves would stop them moving. The Boos didn't care, which the Doctor suspected but just wanted to test. Unlike SCP-173 and the Weeping Angels they are physically capable of moving while being watched, they're just far too timid to do so. The fact they have this minor advantage over the Weeping Angels and SCP-173 helped a bit with their fear of these beings.
  • The Boos were terrified by the fact that Beerus was just as capable of destroying ghosts as he is the living. To incur his wrath would destroy even the Boos. For this reason, they refuse to pester him if he's anywhere close to them. Their fear for Lord English is greater, as not only does he kill ghosts but he'd kill everything and everyone for little to no reason.
  • They don't like Dark Danny. They're bad, but he's just nuts and is much a danger to ghosts and he is to the living. Dark Danny considers the Boos hypocrites given they still serve King Boo, who became an Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniac just like him. Danny Fenton considers the Boos troublesome, but they aren't really evil so he doesn't have any hard feelings towards their antics.
  • Are most comfortable in the House of Ghosts, to no-one's surprise. Shedinja and Gengar don't mind their antics and like to spook people together. The Flying Dutchman and Spooky want to teach the Boos on how to be scarier.
  • In order to improve their boss' attitude, the Boos decided to pull a Bowsette and give him the Super Crown to wear. This resulted in Boosette, a Cute Ghost Girl implied to be a Yandere for Luigi. It creeped the Mario brothers out, but given King Boo has become an omnicidal depraved monster, trying to improve King Boo's attitude was pretty understandable.
  • Used to believe their greatest foes were Mario and Luigi. Encountering the Ghostbusters have changed their mind on this. They're exactly the same kind of fodder the Ghostbusters can deal with easily.

    The Pokémon Rangers 
The Pokémon RangersMembers , Gods of Victory Poses (Lunick: Kazuki | Solana: Hinata | Kellyn: Hajime | Kate: Hitomi | Ben: Natsuya | Summer: Minami)
From top to bottom, left to right: Lunick, Solana, Kellyn, Kate, Ben and Summer

Yuudachi, Goddess of Verbal Tics (Poi, the Nightmare of Solomon, Sudden evening shower, Yuudachi Class Destroyer)
Yuudachi Kai Ni 


    Maika Sakuranomiya 
Maika Sakuranomiya, Goddess of Terrible Smiles (Sadistic Maid)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her uniform
  • Theme Song: Bon Appétit S
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Nice Girl, Cherry Blossom Girl, Very clumsy, Having a menacing look, Foreign Culture Fetish, The Ingenue, Mean Character, Nice Actor, Tsurime Eyes, Yamato Nadeshiko
  • Domains: Smiles, Work, Restaurants, Traditionalism, Politeness, Sadism
  • Allies: Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo, Chiyoko Shiraishi, Shinobu Oomiya and Alice Cartelet, Misaki Ayuzawa, Eru Chitanda, Hachiman Hikigaya, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi
  • Enemies: Actual Sadists who think she is like them
  • Maika Sakuranomiya is a sweet japanese girl with dreams of studying abroad but has a particular problem, her expression is deemed menacing and scary by others, which has ruined a big number of her job interviews. After a chance encounter with the italian manager of Cafe Stile, she was hired for that exact trait and play the Sadistic Maid, something that caught her by surprise but nonetheless she accepted it.
  • She was surprised and honored to be chosen to be a deity and went to show her gratitude to the Court of Gods, thinking that maybe she could be recognized by something other than her sadistic looks. Unfortunately, she found out that her smile was the reason for her ascension, which made her feel embarrassed. But, if she can manage to be the "sadist" as part of a character in real life, then she can surely do it here as well.
  • Can be often seen working in the House of Food, particularly alongside Chiyoko Shiraishi who also owns a Cosplay Café similar to Cafe Stile. She is a little bummed out that she insists that Maika should keep playing the "Sadistic Maid" since she does it so well, if albeit unintentionally.
    • She was also not the only one working as a maid since Maika also got to meet Misaki Ayuzawa, who remind her a lot of Mafuyu if she were more mature looking (Even if Misaki is still younger). Misaki has heard about the people Maika usually works with on a regular basis and wonders if they are as actually as nice as Maika's actually describes them.
    • She is also became good friends with Hoto Cocoa and her friends. Besides the fact that both Maika and the girls work in Cafés, the also all come from Manga Time Kirara.
  • Children and Animals tend to avoid her, mostly thanks to her scary looks and unintentionally scary smile. Other wonder why so many people find her even scary, considering how nice and polite she is once you get to know her.
  • Another noticeable trait of Maika is her love for foreign cultures, particularly those from European origin. In fact, the second she got to explore the different parts of the pantheon she immediately went to the House of Nationalities to learn more about the world. She also got to meet Shinobu and Alice who like her have a lot of interest in foreign countries and Maika constantly ask Alice about how it feels to live in England.
  • She comes from a very traditional family, which is why she is so naive and sheltered. She wasn't the only one though as she quickly met Eru Chitanda who also comes from a similar background.Eru instantly bombarded Maika with questions about her friends, her workplace, why she people consider her a Sadist, all which quickly overwhelmed the poor Maika.
  • It's common for Maika to be approached people with less than stellar reputation, particularly those who are actual Sadists, trying to convince Maika to be their friends without considering that she is not actually sadistic. That's she sometimes avoids going to certain places in case they do something to her.
  • The shape of Maika's eyes is usually what attributes her infamy as a scary person and because of that she later got to meet the deity who holds said title. At first, she didn't find Kagami that scary but her personality certainly didn't give her a great impression but Maika was polite enough that both ended up becoming friends anyway. Even then, Maika gets along better with her sister Tsukasa who is more of a Nice Girl as she is.
  • One time wandering around, she stumbled upon Hachiman Hikigaya, who she confused him with her friend from work Koyo Akizuki from their similar looks and even personality. She remains good friends with him even after the misunderstanding.
  • Many people have asked what S stands for, referring to the theme song about Maika and her friends. She is completely unaware about the memetic popularity about said song.


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