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Greater Gods

Malygos, God of Destructive Woobies (The Spellweaver (or Spell-weaver), Lord of Magic, Steward of Magic, The Blue, Dragon Aspect of Magic, Lord of the Blue Dragonflight, The essence of magic)
His human form 

Intermediate Gods

Azula, Goddess of Villainous Breakdowns (Princess Azula)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Fire Nation Insignia
  • Theme Song: Azula's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Siblings Who Hate Each Other, Sociopathy, Master Strategist, Extreme Villain Competence, Villains Who Lose Their Cool, The Dragon, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Playing with Fire and Lightning, Dark Action Girl, Evil Teenagers, Sadist, Dragon Lady.
  • Domains: Evil, Fire, Madness.
  • Followers: Jasper, Clementine, Joseph Seed, every non-ascended Ace Attorney villain
  • Superiors: Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Uncle Iroh, Mai, Ty Lee, Samurai Jack, Ashi, Mandy, Revolver Ocelot, Li-Ming of the Nephalems, Rin Okumura, Queen Elsa, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Asura, and all good siblings (regardless of gender)
  • Rivals: Mele, Larxene
  • Special Relationship: Zuko (her brother), Ozai (her father)
  • Respects: Lady Macbeth
  • Opposed by: Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Opposes: Vergil
  • Fears: Alucard
  • The daughter, youngest child, and "born lucky" Tyke Bomb of Fire Lord Ozai, Princess Azula served as a lieutenant to Ozai's rule over the Fire Nation. Her calculated brilliance and psychotic tenacity produced key victories for her people in the Hundred Year War. First installed in the Pantheon as the Goddess of Villainous Breakdowns following her tragic downfall which culminated at the end of the War, she was last heard sobbing miserably and shrieking incoherent revenge on her brother, her friends, the entire Water Tribe, and Revolver Ocelot.
    • After much therapy and soul-searching, she ascended back into the Pantheon as the Goddess of Evil Sisters. Now that she is back, she will now act on her vengeance, starting with her brother and Katara.
  • When Azula came back for her new position, Blackfire... actually became friends with her. They bonded over their experience with their siblings, and Azula took the position without a fight. Blackfire then settled for High Priestess, a dynamic which lasted a long while until Azula was thrust back into her former seat, forcing Blackfire out of her temple.
  • Even though Mandy and Azula share the same house, they wish not to be allies. Why? Because they sound the same, and both of them think the other is too extreme in her methods.
    • She also harbors extreme dislike towards Li-Ming, as she considered her everything she would have aspired to be, being ambitious, prideful, powerful, but then tainted with silly notions like altruism, and even worse, she mostly succeeded where Azula failed. And having the same voice to boot. Plus she's friends with Zuko. Needless to say, she's VERY envious of Li-Ming.
  • Shishio Makoto believes that despite her occasional bouts of paranoia, her ruthlessness and use of strength and fear have interested him in the idea that she should join him, possibly for The Ten Swords.
  • Was challenged to a game of Go by Cao Cao, and impressed him with the fact that in most of the games she wins nearly half of the time. He has decided to try and have her under the banner of The Wei Forces.
  • Apparently Frieza has aligned with Azula in the interest of some version of Earth having a "proper ruler". Whatever purpose is behind this, most agree that it can't be good.
  • In Azula's eyes, Rin Okumura, son of Satan, fellow wielder and God of the Blue Flame, really should've followed his father's will and taken over the Earth together, and his refusal to do so is "a sign of pathetic weakness on his part". Azula made sure to let him know that when they met. Predictably, they don't get along too well.
  • Much overlooked in Azula's story is the fact that she does genuinely love her family and friends at least to some extent... but The Social Darwinist philosophy taught to her by her father and his military system has contorted that love into all kinds of twisted knots. For example, the revelation that her gameplan for "revenge" against Zuko has nothing to do with destroying him or causing his downfall, but rather corrupting him into becoming the same type of leader as herself and Ozai, one who leads by strength through fear, so as to make herself the power behind his throne, came as a shock to many deities in the Pantheon despite making total sense as something she would do. It also caused some concern, given Zuko's attempts to rehabilitate his sister and get her to join the side of the altruists; now, many see it as not a matter of if the fire siblings will overcome their differences, but when and for what side.
    • Subhousemate Byakuya Kuchiki, among others, hopes Zuko wins the Fire siblings' moral tug-of-war. She is not happy about this.
  • Found herself confronted by Führer King Bradley of Amestris, who engaged her in combat, testing her blue flame and lightning against his Ultimate Eye and superhuman reflexes. He was able to dodge just about everything she threw at him, while she used her firebending to protect herself from his onslaught. Impressed, Bradley inquired as to her plans for Zuko, and offered to give her allies to help her fulfill said plans…in the form of his siblings, the Homunculi, and a new High Command team he was setting up to aid his Father. While tentative about trusting Bradley and company, she agreed to be a part of said team. The team's other lead commander, Esdeath, took something of a shine to her.
    • Vergil, a power-seeking half-demon who she found somewhat intriguing, was initially member to this team but turned traitor after an incident. Azula still hopes to have a fascinating conversation with the blue devil... even if she has to shoot him with lightning to say hello or goodbye.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Draco Malfoy, possibly due to how their fans treat both of them. However, Draco feels uneasy around Azula since she has done things even he personally finds disgusting. There are many who suspect her 'friendship' is actually a ploy to get her more power. Only time will tell if this is true, but one thing is certain- whatever happens, it won't be good.
  • Because of Mai and Ty Lee's betrayal as well as being overthrown by Revolver Ocelot, Nerissa, David Xanatos and Bugs Bunny, one of Azula's first goals when she re-ascended was to acquire some followers... er, 'allies'. While she had amassed the help of Frieza, Esdeath, Cinder Fall, Shego, the New High Command and Homunculi, she also had succeeded in gaining some enemies:
    • Samurai Jack and Ashi both detest Azula due to her having the same personality and voice of Ashi's mother. While neither an encounter nor a fight has happened between them yet, it is safe to assume the feelings are mutual.
    • Queen Elsa despite her kindness and nice disposition also isn't too fond of Azula, due to using her elemental powers to hurt others and being an evil sister. Azula being, well Azula hates Elsa with a burning passion due to her being a Queen (while Azula is still a Princess), having a nice family and (adding insult to injury) befriending her brother Zuko. Because of this Azula has vowed to melt or zap the Ice Queen one day. For now, though, all of the other Gods and Goddesses have managed to make sure this hasn't happened.
    • Had the misfortune of making an enemy of Alucard as well. When she met the No Life King, in her typical arrogance she declared herself superior and that killing Alucard would be easy for her fire- and lightningbending, while calling him a 'dog' as an insult. Since she reminded him of the Millenium Nazis (or he was just feeling bored), Alucard gladly accepted a battle. Obviously, things didn't go well for her... It's unknown how exactly the "battle" between them went, but according to rumors the words "dog food", "dog shit" and something about a "hug" were heard. For weeks after this event, Alucard was searching for Azula itching for amusement and a rematch, while she was nowhere to be seen. After she eventually came out, the Fire Nation Princess refused to remember this event and ever speak about it (as well as burning off the tongue of everyone who asks her about it). Ever since, Azula has learned that not all gods can be killed even with her fire and lightning, so she is avoiding the Nosferatu like the plague. Needless to say, Alucard is one of the few beings that makes Azula absolutely terrified.
    • She decided to hurt Mithra, due to her annoying the Fire Princess with her silly preachings about good, love, peace and altruism. Bad idea. As soon as Asura caught wind of this, he put Azula on his shit list and promised that if she ever so much as made his daughter cry, he would squash her like a puny bug. It also didn't help that he had made friends with Avatar Aang. When Azula found out that Asura is a much more powerful foe (not to mention he has killed far more powerful beings than she has ever faced), she decided to avoid him and Durga as well. Like Mandy, she may be evil and cunning, but even she knows when she is outclassed.
    • Once decided it would be fun to try and burn some plants when she was in a particular mood. Unfortunately, those plants were in Poison Ivy's gardens. Poison Ivy, who is immensely protective of the plants in her garden. Also in Poison Ivy's gardens are a set of mutated man-eating plants. Luckily for the Princess, Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn were on hand to slowly try to (A) talk Ivy's rage down, and (B) pry Azula out of the plant. Even so, she narrowly escaped with her life. Predictably, she is not grateful.
  • "Well what choice do I have? Trust is for fools! Fear is the only reliable way. Even you [mother] fear me."
  • Also present in Villainous Attitude.

    Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man II and Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider IV 
Benjamin "Ben" Reilly and Kaine Parker, Gods of Cloning Blues (Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man II, Red Spider-Man, Spider-Man in a Hoodie, Jackal II, Canadian Spider-Man(?) | Kaine: Scarlet Spider IV, Kaine, Araña Escarlata, Candy Cane, Houston's Spider-Man, Tarantula, Parker 3.0, The Other)
Ben Reilly
As the Second Spider-Man
Original Costume 
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A Stylized Spider
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Ben), Chaotic Good (Kaine)
  • Portfolio: Cloning Blues, Clones Are People, Too, Deadpan Snarker, Spider-Sense, Wall Crawling, Web Swinging, All Webbed Up, Arachnid Appearance and Attire, Artificial Family Member, The Atoner, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
  • Domains: Clones, Spiders, Misery, Responsibility
  • Heralds
    • Ben: Elizabeth Tyne / Janine Godbe
    • Kaine: Maria Aracely Penalba / Hummingbird
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: J. Jonah Jameson, Otto Octavius/Doc Ock/Superior Spider-Man, Eddie Brock/Venom, The Venom Symbiote, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Enemies:
  • It's not easy being a clone. Some wonder if they can be considered actual people, if their lives have any value. Sometimes those are the least of their problems. It also isn't easy being a Spider-Man, it's hard to stay close to others, heroism is never easy on them, people tend to hate you and seemingly even life itself hates you. Now imagine if you were both of those things. Imagine if you were Ben Reilly and Kaine, the clones of the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker.
  • As mentioned before, life sucks for both Ben and Kaine. As in it really sucks. Ben fought with Peter on who was the original and who was the clone. Kaine had to deal with being, what he considered, a complete freak of nature. And those were just the tip of the iceberg. Having missed his brothers and wishing to help in any way he could, Peter sought out a way to bring them into Pantheon. It was actually a lot easier than he thought. He knew that being Spider-Man wasn't easy, and neither was being a clone, so Cloning Blues was the obvious choice. With that, the two clone brothers were brought into Pantheon.
  • Their initial reaction to Pantheon was normal for newcomers. They were confused, shocked, and slightly annoyed about their title, Kaine especially. It didn't take long for them to find their grounding and to get used to the new world. Things are easier on them now that they don't have to hide who, or what, they are, and are now being supported by others. It has to be made clear that the Ben Reilly in Pantheon is NOT the same Ben Reilly post The Clone Conspiracy, his personality and memories are the every end of the The Clone Saga. This is because at the end of Spider-Geddon, Octavius brought him back to "factory settings". Meaning he specifically doesn't have the memories that lead to him becoming the second Jackal.
  • If it wasn't already clear, Peter sees both Ben and Kaine as brothers, the two the closest things he's ever had to a sibling and like with any other family member, hurting them is an easy way to piss him off. Not that they need his help or protection, Kaine especially. The three have been through a lot together, so they try to keep close, even when they're far away.
    • Peter wasn't the only Spider-Man who was happy to see them. In their initial ascension Both Peter, Miles Morales, Jessica Drew, Earth-65 Gwen Stacy, Peni Parker, and Spider-Ham held a welcome party for them. While they were glad to see them, there was one other Spider-Man they weren't happy to see. The Superior Spider-Man, Dr. Otto Octavius. The clones and Otto have a strained relationship. They'll willingly join forces to stop a common threat, but there's a lot of bad blood between them. Kaine had killed Otto at one point and Otto (temporarily) destroyed Kaine's trust in Peter back when he possessed his body. Ben Reilly forced Otto to help him during the Clone Conspiracy, something he still resented till Spider-Geddon. But despite what happened, it was Otto who helped redeem Ben by heroically sacrificing him to the Inheritors. And then bringing him back to life in the state he was in before he went insane.
  • After the welcome party, Peter bought the two to visit a special certain family, their family. For the first time in their lives, both Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker were alloyed to meet not only their Aunt May and Uncle Ben, but also their heralds, their parents Richard and Mary Parker.
  • Their arrival wasn’t exactly widely celebrated among heroes, primarily because not many are as well associated with the clones as they are with the original Spider-Man, but they were warmly welcomed non the less. The Superman family was especially welcoming. Both Clark and Lois had previously met and worked with Ben at the Daily Planted when their worlds were colliding and threatening to destroy each other. They both found Ben to be pleasant, and while she didn't know at the time, Lois enjoyed seeing Ben in his costume, much to her son’s Jonathan embarrassment. Fellow clone Conner Kent, Superboy, was excited to see the second Spider-Man again, primarily because he wanted a rematch after their last fight. Ben has so far avoided said rematch, knowing that he won't be able to take him down like he did before.
    • Seeing another Super Hero ascend naturally didn't go well with most of the villains and crime lords in Pantheon, with the sole exception of Norman Osborn and The Joker. Osborn was ecstatic at the idea of killing another Spider, knowing full well how it’ll affect Peter, plus he’ll get the chance to say he killed the same hero twice. Joker has a strange fondness for Spider-Men, either because they themselves like to joke around, their easier targets to freak out with his list of atrocities, or maybe it’s because he genuinely likes spiders more than bats like he told Ben when they first met. When it comes to what the Joker thinks, nothing is certain.
    • Luthor has expressed some interest in the second clone. Ben Reilly is and has been the only successful and pure clone amongst a long list of failures. Luthor wants to know the secret to why, but more importantly, how he can benefit from it. He was genuinely disappointed that Ben had no memories of his time as the second Jackal, meaning any breakthroughs he may have found as the CEO of New U Technologies are now gone after its destruction.
  • It wasn’t hard for the twin spiders (or more accurately Ben) to befriend the various heroes from another world. It’s not the first time he’s done this. Meeting the students of U.A. High School was considered refreshing for Ben, especially in meeting All Might, someone who he, in his own words, felt “safe” being with. The two brothers also found a near instant ally among the four Ninja Turtles (as well as an enemy in The Shredder). Ben was able to instantly relate to both Michelangelo and Donatello. Being both a genius and a fun loving goofball at the same time. Kaine found kinship with Raphael, the two have their own personal issues, both within themselves and with their family at times. But despite their own problems they love their family dearly and will ‘’personally’’ bring down pain to those that harm them.
  • Despite what one may think, neither Ben nor Kaine have ever met the other famous Superhero clone Laura Kinney/X-23. Despite this there’s an unspoken understanding between all of them, of the struggles of being a clone, and the trials of trying to find their place in the world. Unfortunately the same can’t be said with the likes of The Grineer, and Rau Le Creuset. The two do their best to avoid any contact and association with the degenerating Clone Army, seeing them as the worst among clones that they’ve ever seen. Fortunately said army hasn’t attempted to make any contact, which is fine by them. Again the same cannot be said about Rau Le Creuset. Believing that they “stole” his title and infuriated for how they willingly go out of their way to protect humanity, Rau Le Creuset has made numerous attempts to end them and take back what he believes to be his. Fortunately they’re not completely inexperienced with fighting mech like machinery, thanks to Peter’s previous experience with the Spider-Slayers. Rau Le Creuset's mech were brought down and the clone pilot was left All Webbed Up in both humiliation and defeat.
  • Ben and Kaine prefer to keep business on the streets. Meaning that they fight bank robbers, gangsters, the occasional killer robot, and weekly supervillain. So when things go cosmic, interdimensional, magical, or divine, it's usually because they've been dragged into it against their will. Which is exactly what happened when they were forced to deal with Lolth. Having recently discovered about the Web of Life and Destiny, and how a mortal known as The Queen used it to empower herself to godhood. Lolth concluded that as a true queen of spiders and an actual goddess, the right to take control and rule over the Web of Life and Destiny was hers. But to access the web she knew that she needed someone deeply connected to it, but due to her lack of knowledge all she had to go with was that Kaine once possessed a Spider Totem known as "The Othe". Believing that her own understanding of divinity would be enough to fill in whatever gaps needed, she attacked and tried to enslave the clone. Thankfully Kaine regained his ruined Spider-Sense upon ascension, and was able to avoid her attacks and escape. The discovery of his powers only fuels her desire and ambition, and her actions drew the attention of Ungoliant, Shelob and Arachne.
  • Since life has always been a struggle for the two brothers, and so has their death and revival. This would draw the intention of the Thunder God Raiden. Knowing the original Spider-Man to be a hero of great virtue and nobility, Raiden grew to fear for their well being and soul. Fortunately things have improved, Ben is taking therapy and Kaine isn’t acting like a ruthless murderer (yes that's an improvment for him). The God of Thunder has offered his assistance should something go wrong in their next revival, should their souls somehow be tainted, he’s offered to help cleanse it through the Jinsei. Kaine was annoyed with how someone had literally offered to cleanse his soul, Ben immediately took up the offer. Saying that he'll take any chance to avoid becoming the evil clone again.
    • While Raiden's visit was nothing but well intended, his actions had the unintended side effect of attracting Shao Kahn and his family’s interest, or more specifically their ire. Not liking the idea of the Thunder God obtaining more allies, Shao Kahn sought out to eliminate them before they could become a problem. Fortunately Peter was with them at the time of the attack, so not only were they able to hold their own, they were able to take him down. Shao Kahn has not forgiven them for the insult of defeat, or their insults during the battle, and has recruited his "family" to join him and destroy them. Fortunately Liu Kang, Kitana and Kung Lao have offered their aid for the next time Shao Kahn attacks.t*** But because of how personal Kaine takes it when someone attacks his brothers, he decided to be more forward with going to the Conqueror of Outworld. Kaine did this by going and brutalizing Shao Kahn’s army, leaving only one survivor, and that was so Shao Kahn would know who did it. Kaine's actions drew the attention of both Hanzo Hasashi and Kuai Liang, impressed with his abilities and willingness to end the fight, they offered an alliance to take down Shao Kahn and other threats to Earthrealm, an alliance Kaine accepted.
  • Like their brother Peter, both Ben and Kaine have a strong and healthy relationship with the Toku heroes. They remind Kaine of boteh Takuya Yamashiro and Yu Komor, Spider-Men who fought alongside them in the battle against The Inheritors.
  • Both Ben and Kaine were surprised to be greeted by the ancient Autobots and their leader, Optimus Prime. Evidently their brother had a brief, yet influential meeting with both the Autobots and Decepticons. Yet despite having most of Peter’s memories, they have no recollection of said meeting, or their existence. Which would have been useful, because then they'd know about how and why Megatron wanted them captured and experimented on. Peter had to inform them that their blood (and Wolverines) can be used to create a special energon that can supercharge a cybertronian to the point that a single soldier can match the strength of a Prime. With their background as clones, Megatron more than likely wants to mass produce them for a near endless supply of specialized energon, making both him and his army invincible.
  • It wasn't hard for the twin spiders (or more accurately Ben) to befriend the various heroes from other worlds. It’s not the first time he's done this. Meeting the students of U.A. High School was considered refreshing for Ben, especially when meeting All Might, someone who he, in his own words, felt "safe" being around. The two brothers also found a near instant ally among the four Ninja Turtles (as well as an enemy in The Shredder). Ben was able to instantly relate to both Michelangelo and Donatello. Being both a genius and a fun loving goofball at the same time. Kaine found kinship with Raphael, the two have their own personal issues, both within themselves and with their family at times. But despite their own problems they love their family dearly and will personally bring down pain to those that harm them
  • Applies to Ben Reilly
    • Ben Reilly was the first, and so far only, perfect clone of Peter Parker. As mentioned above, both he and his brother had fought each other on who was the original and who was the clone. They don’t like talking about it. What's worse is that after Ben was killed, he was soon brought back by Miles Warren, The Jackal, only to be immediately killed again. Warren repeated this for about 25 times, each death being purposely long, painful and traumatizing. This lead to Ben snapping, giving Warren a taste of his own medicine and Ben becoming the second Jackal. Thankfully everything got better later.
    • Thanks to Ben's repeated death and resurrections, the Houses of Death and Postmortem and Life and Vitality have taken notice of him, and not all of the residents have his best interest in mind. Dhuum has always hated how people can just wait a while before coming back to life, both in and out of Pantheon. While Ben's situation wasn't his fault or in his control, Dhuum isn't hearing any of it and has repeatedly gone out of his way to put a permanent end to the Scarlet Spider. And as bad as it was being a target of Dhuum, it was even worse when it was revealed that Death (Final Destination) was also after Ben's life. Ben knew that his luck was bad, but the numerous ways he nearly died was extreme even for him. Thankfully his Spider-Sense has kept him safe, eventually, he's gotten so used to them trying to kill him that his senses kick in before they even try anything.
      • Thankfully not all death entities want Ben dead, some have even been a bit supportive and even friendly to him. Namely Death of the Endless, Discworld, Grim, and The Maiden in Black. Neither Death (Discworld) nor Grim were thrilled to hear about Ben repeatedly coming back to life after dying, but they were more concerned about the state of Ben's soul than his violation of the circle of life and death.
  • Applies to Kaine
    • Kaine is the first clone of Peter Parker, hence the name Kaine. He was initially the "evil twin" to both Ben and Peter. But like everything in The Clone Saga, things were more complicated than it seemed. In Kaine's point of view, he was helping Peter, killing Doc Ock (didn't stick), framing Ben for murder (accidentally framed Peter instead). All because he wanted his fellow clone Peter, to live a better life. Even after his Heel–Face Turn, when Kaine learned the meaning of both power and responsibility, he would repeatedly act as an enemy to Peter. Mostly because he was working for someone who promised to fix his clone degeneration and absolutely all of them lied about it. It wasn't until the end of Spider-Island where he finally stayed at the side of good and when his degeneration was (temporarily) fixed.
    • Having killed the nigh-immortal assassins guild leader, a number of assassination organizations have sought him out to employ his services. The dead messengers made his answer clear, but it also marked him for death for actions, the fact that someone did make an order for his death didn't help either. Now Kaine has to deal with multiple different assassinations groups instead of just one. Fortunately, he had an easier time dealing with the Brotherhood, they offered to help keep the others off his back, as long he can help protect some of their allies when needed. Figuring that this was the best deal he'd get Kaine accepted, he was satisfied knowing that as long as he scratched their back, they wouldn't stab his. Plus he didn't mind having an excuse to kill someone and not have to worry about someone making him feel bad about it.
  • They also have seat in the Hall of Clones and Counterparts.

    Fate Testarossa-Harlaown 
Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Goddess of Saddened Magical Girls (Ace of the Navy, Golden Flash)

    King of Sorrow 
King of Sorrow, God of Accepting Sadness (King, KoS)
Massive Spoiler 
  • Intermediate God, bordering on Greater God
  • Symbol: Nemo Moo
  • Theme Song: King of Sorrow's Theme. King of Sorrow, when in "Sphere Mode". Dubmix version when in "Shell Mode".
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Formerly Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Wanted people to stop suppressing their sorrow, Anti-Villain, Royals Who Actually Do Something, An extremely sympathetic person driven to villainy from being rejected and forgotten, Unsettling red eyes, Only known by his title, Sorrowful reflection of Klonoa's Phantomilian appearance, Only wanted to save his ruined kingdom and to bring sorrow back to Lunatea regardless of potential harm, Fluent in Lunatean, Manipulated Klonoa, Lolo, and Popka to complete his goals under the guise of "Baguji the Wise", Died in Klonoa's arms into a trail of light, Redeemed on death
  • Domains: Sorrow, Tears, Royalty, Tragedy, Acceptance
  • Heralds: Leorina and Tat
  • Allies: Klonoa, Sadness, Joy, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, Merlina, Agatha Penderghast, Count Bleck, Scarlet Witch, Hiro Hamada and Baymax (and the rest of Big Hero 6), Yesod, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Spongebob Squarepants, Charlie the Unicorn, Eeyore, Avatar Korra, and The House of Despondency as a whole (minus the particularly evil ones)
  • Enemies: Joka, Nightmare, Saya, Stan Smith, Crow, Evil deities who suppress or try to forget their sorrows
  • Opposes: Good and Neutral deities who suppress or try to forget their sorrow (with certain exceptions, like Dr. Zalost)
  • Pities: Malygos, Odio/Oersted, Generally tragic/woobie villains who have not reformed in life or in death
  • In the world of Lunatea, there were five kingdoms that each embody a state of the mind: La-Lakoosha, the Kingdom of Tranquility. Joilant, the Kingdom of Joy. Volk, the Kingdom of Discord. Mira-Mira, the Kingdom of Indecision. And Hyuponia, the Kingdom of Sorrow. However, while people could embrace if not desire tranquility, joy, discord, and indifference... Those who encounter sorrow would do their best to forget it, to pretend sorrow never existed. And ultimately, the Lunateans would do exactly that with Hyuponia; putting a veil over their eyes to ignore the Kingdom of Sorrow and then forgetting there was ever a fifth kingdom at all. This total rejection of sorrow would cause Hyuponia to be cut off from the rest of Lunatea, hidden away beneath the Sea of Tears, and the Kingdom of Sorrow's inhabitants would die out or abandon it with one strict exception: the King of Sorrow himself. King of Sorrow sought to have the people of Lunatea remember sorrow once more, to remember his kingdom and himself, and for them to accept himself and his kingdom back into the world. But years of being ignored and forgotten, isolated within the ruins of his kingdom, made King of Sorrow lose faith in Lunatea and decide to reject the world in return; devising a plan to bring the Kingdom of Sorrow back to Lunatea by force and then drowning the world with sorrow, which would have catastrophic consequences. And to set that plan into motion, King of Sorrow summoned the Dream Traveler, Klonoa, to Lunatea with a sincere plea for help, but Klonoa would not allow for Lunatea to be consumed by sorrow and ultimately he and King would battle each other in King's palace, with the Dream Traveler emerging the victor. But before King could succumb to his wounds, the sympathetic Klonoa rang the Bell of Sorrow, allowing for the Kingdom of Sorrow to return to Lunatea, and then promised the dying King that people won't run away from their sadness anymore: they will remember and accept sorrow.
  • Although the King of Sorrow was reborn as an infant in a newly harmonious Lunatea, he appeared in the Pantheon, within the House of Despondency, one day: exactly the same as he was before death. Confused as to where he was, how he got there, and why, King of Sorrow wandered around the House of Despondency until he was encountered by Korra, one of the Mediators of Grief, who noticed how lost King looked and not recognizing him as part of the Pantheon. After King of Sorrow told her that the last thing he remembered was dying, Korra realized what had happened and escorted King to the Court of the Gods, explaining along the way that he was in the Pantheon and most likely his spirit traveled to the realm in search of an afterlife and the Pantheon's properties restored King's body and memories. King of Sorrow was amazed that he got a second chance at life, in a very vast and diverse world, but became anxious when he and Korra arrived to the Court of the Gods and they tried to find a place for the Hyuponian. Fortunately, the newly ascended Klonoa arrived to the Court to take care of some paperwork and recognized the King of Sorrow. With the two being familiar with each other, the Court decided that King of Sorrow would act as Klonoa's Herald, which King did not oppose as he remembered Klonoa and how the Dream Traveler allowed Hyuponia to be remembered and accepted by Lunatea; which King of Sorrow is eternally grateful for.
    • Overtime, however, the King would end up feeling "useless" as Klonoa's Herald, not really accomplishing anything nor being able to provide Klonoa as much companionship as his past friends could. And once Klonoa decided to include said past friends: Huepow, Lolo, Popka, and Guntz as his Heralds, King of Sorrow felt like he would become an overlooked fifth wheel and fell into a depression. Feeling bad for King of Sorrow and not wanting him to feel ignored and forgotten again, Klonoa reached out to the Court of the Gods and asked about ascending King as a deity so they could be godly allies. To that end, the Court of the Gods examined the King of Sorrow's story, officially named "Lunatea's Veil", and took note of how the event is one big allegory for the repression of sadness: as Lunatea's rejection and forgetting of sorrow not only led to the destruction of Hyuponia and its inhabitants, and the King of Sorrow losing his sanity into a hateful lump of sorrow, but caused the other kingdoms of Lunatea to become increasingly isolated from one another; with Volk becoming a battleground for a neverending civil war and Mira-Mira rejecting all outsiders, both things that ceased once sorrow was returned to Lunatea. The confrontation with King of Sorrow also made Klonoa come to terms with his bittersweet role as the Dream Traveler, embracing the sadness of his duty and maturing as a person. With this, the King of Sorrow was deemed a good representative for the trope "It's Okay to Cry", albeit under the name "Accepting Sadness", which was what King of Sorrow wanted Lunatea to do. Once more, the King of Sorrow is eternally grateful to Klonoa as he was ascended to godhood.
  • King of Sorrow's temple is a replica of the Kingdom of Sorrow, with the King residing in a replica of his palace, the Terminus of Tears (sans the Bell of Sorrow, as the "kingdom bells" are only significant in Lunatea). A peculiar trait of this Hyuponia copy is that, in addition to its normal background music, deities will hear the music of their most emotional or nostalgic moments mixed in, just as Klonoa experienced during his journey through the ruins of the real Hyuponia. And indeed, King of Sorrow's temple often gets visitors as it became a recommended place for deities who seriously need to cry.
    • Even though he could have his temple essentially be the Kingdom of Sorrow before its ruination, King of Sorrow had the temple Hyuponia appear as the kingdom's ruins. When asked about it, King of Sorrow explained that as nice as it would be to essentially live in Hyuponia in its prime, he'd just be pointlessly dwelling in the past, and reflecting on memories is the Kingdom of Indecision's thing, not Sorrow's. King ultimately doesn't care how his temple looks so long he's not alone nor ostracized and the real Kingdom of Sorrow is faring well, which Lunatea is making sure of with the kingdom's reconstruction and with King of Sorrow's reborn-infant-self poised to become its leader. King also admits that the whole "kingdom ruins" aesthetic, combined with the music, is more appropriate for sorrow and certainly helps with getting the tears flowing for deities who need it.
  • Adding to the above decision, King of Sorrow feels that the House of Despondency as a whole is already like the Kingdom of Sorrow before its ruin, with its sad atmosphere but without the wrecked buildings and actually being populated. And since the House of Despondency was the place he arrived to the Pantheon in, King of Sorrow has a strong attachment to the place and its Sub-Houses and considers all but the most malicious and hostile deities in Despondency an ally.
    • Thanks to this strong attachment to the House of Despondency combined with his title, some deities believe King of Sorrow to be, well, king of the House of Despondency. Something which flatters King but he tries to discourage such misconceptions, not wanting to be seen as stepping on the toes of the Melancholia Matrons and the Mediators of Grief. Especially Korra, as King was thankful for her kindness and help when he first appeared in the Pantheon. Though King of Sorrow does try to provide kingly support to the inhabitants of the house, like any good royal should.
      • Ever since King of Sorrow's ascension, Nemo Moos have been appearing around the House of Despondency. According to King, they are a special type of Moo (a species of dream creatures from Klonoa's universe) that are an incredibly rare sight, rumored by Lunateans to appear when "sadness, despondency, and misery arises", so naturally the Nemo Moos are drawn to the House of Despondency. The Nemo Moos, despite being just as much enemies as all other types of Moos, are effectively harmless as they prefer to just float about minding their own business. Though they are volatile to touch, so caution is still advised around them. Only King of Sorrow is able to touch them without worry, having a level of command over them.
  • When it came to choosing a Herald, King of Sorrow was initially at a loss as he had been alone for so long. But Lolo (now one of Klonoa's heralds) recommended Leorina and her sidekick, Tat, for King as both sought to revive the Kingdom of Sorrow (albeit for the sake of power) and are now leading the reconstruction for the Kingdom of Sorrow back in Lunatea. Though King of Sorrow had his doubts Leorina would want to see him again since he more-or-less used Leorina as a pawn for his own goals, and King hasn't forgotten Leorina's calling him out over his self-pity and rejection of Lunatea, thinking that she still resents him for that. But with no other option, King went along with Lolo's suggestion anyway: expecting rejection from the Sky Pirate and Tat. Much to his surprise, Leorina and Tat immediately accepted becoming King's heralds and regard him as a friend, with Tat explaining on both their behalf that they knew King of Sorrow was not in a good mental state at the time and want to give him a second chance, just as they've been given a second chance by Klonoa, Lolo, and Popka. The two also wouldn't pass up the opportunity to experience a place like the Pantheon, with Leorina adding that somebody has to keep King of Sorrow in check. A small smile could be seen on King of Sorrow after their acceptance.
    • Though Leorina had reformed from being a power-hungry villainess, she's still a proud Sky Pirate and likes to go around stealing things alongside Tat when they aren't with King of Sorrow, preferring to rob those who deserve it. Unfortunately for her, there's no other Sky Pirate in the Pantheon except for Crow, who is too villainous for Leorina to tolerate even with his standards. Crow also reminds Leorina of her greedy, power-hungry self and has sworn to knock some sense into him, which King of Sorrow has promised to help out with, not taking kindly to Crow's villainy himself.
  • On account of being isolated in the ruins of his kingdom for so long, King of Sorrow isn't naturally inclined to wander through the Pantheon: residing mainly in his temple and going out as far as the edge of the House of Despondency. Though Leorina, Tat, Klonoa, and his heralds have been convincing King to explore the rest of the Pantheon and got him to check out the House of Emotion and related Sub-Houses. Given the nature of Lunatea, King of Sorrow couldn't help but equate certain Halls in Emotion with the other four kingdoms of Lunatea: viewing Happiness as like Joilant but without the "amusement park theme" (and he can't decide if Happiness should have an amusement park or not), Anger being most similar to Volk that thankfully hasn't become a warzone (yet), and Calmness being like Mira-Mira with the focus on stoicism. Though King could not find an equivalent to La-Lakoosha, which disappointed him a bit as he has some memories from his reborn-infant-self being cared for by the High Priestess of that kingdom.
    • Having been rejected for representing a "bad emotion", and reminded of the value of other emotions by Klonoa and Leorina during their fight, King of Sorrow gives equal value to all emotions and doesn't malign or reject any of them, even if he harbors preference for sorrow. Though try as he might, King of Sorrow can't help but feel great discomfort when looking at the House of Hatred and Rancor, as the emotion of hatred engulfed him to the point of attempting to destroy his own world. King has been trying to sort out this feeling of his, though the Good-aligned members of that house have told King not to worry as they're not nearly as affected by "emotion rejection" as Lunatea.
  • Pitiable as he may look, King of Sorrow is not a deity to be underestimated as he wields the Element of Sorrow, a power so potent that it overwhelmed the power-crazed Leorina, transforming her into a monster, and threatened to destroy Lunatea as a whole. And he has two methods of fighting: "Shell Mode", in which King of Sorrow transforms into a monstrous entity that can conjure the aforementioned Nemo Moos to toss at foes, done within an alternate tunnel-shaped dimension of King's creation, complete with spiky crystals. And "Sphere Mode", in which King is surrounded by a force field with two spiked balls he controls and green orbs that rotate around and fire lasers.
  • A detail of King of Sorrow that unnerves some deities is how red his eyes are, coupled with his tiny pupils. While King is silent on the subject, Klonoa and others speculate that his eyes appear that way due to excessive crying from being rejected and forgotten for so long. Spongebob Squarepants winced when he heard that theory, recalling the time his own eyes turned red when he poured bubble water on them to entertain a group of kids. King of Sorrow was disturbed to hear that people, children no less, would find amusement in pain like that and offered Spongebob sympathy for that experience.
    • In appreciation for that sympathy, and overall feeling bad for King of Sorrow, Spongebob befriended King and tries to show the Hyuponian a fun time around the Pantheon, usually with a custom-made Krabby Patty for the King of Sorrow. While finding Spongebob's cheeriness and excitement a bit much at times, King greatly appreciates Spongebob's kindness.
  • Many deities have noticed King of Sorrow's resemblance to Klonoa's Phantomilian appearance, down to wearing a scarf that evokes Klonoa's old collar, and speculates that King isn't just an embodiment of sorrow in general but the embodiment of Klonoa's sorrow. Specifically the immense sadness Klonoa experienced when he was pulled out of Phantomile, a world he viewed as his home that he saved from ultimate destruction, only to be cast out and forgotten. Adding to this theory was how the Kingdom of Sorrow, Hyuponia, sounds a little too similar to Huepow, Klonoa's dear friend from Phantomile whom he could never see again (at least before ascending into the Pantheon). King of Sorrow and Klonoa were very intrigued by this speculation and became even closer friends than before. This also prompted King to start visiting the House of Derivatives, feeling a new sense of belonging in there.
  • King of Sorrow didn't think he'd make many friends of his own within the Pantheon, on account of his villainous actions in the past and embodying an emotion that people still generally avoid. But to his pleasant surprise, King would be befriended by plenty of deities. The first and best of these friends being Princess Luna of Equestria, who sympathized all too well with being royalty who represents something that people rejected, becoming resentful from said rejection, and then attempting to force that something onto the whole world in a destructive manner. Though Luna believes King got it even worse since the rejection of his represented aspect destroyed his whole kingdom and its people, and pledged to help with the rebuilding of Hyuponia in Lunatea; which the dark alicorn can actually be of huge help with since Lunatea is a dream world and she has influence over dreams. King of Sorrow is beyond grateful for Princess Luna's support and gets together regularly with her to discuss their kingdom's respective cultures, as well as help each other atone for each other's villainous actions in the past.
    • Through Princess Luna, King of Sorrow became acquainted with her sister, Princess Celestia, who reminds him a lot of the High Priestess of La-Lakoosha: being benevolent and wise leaders of tranquil kingdoms. King would end up getting along great with Celestia as she values sadness as an important emotion, stating that without sorrow there can be no love or friendship, which all of Lunatea can attest to. Celestia also found King of Sorrow to be an interesting individual, being royalty for sadness itself, and was sympathetic for the ostracization he endured due to that.
  • Indeed, many of King of Sorrow's allies are tragic, sympathetic villains who had since reformed, and offered their friendship to King of Sorrow to assure him that he is not alone in committing evil out of hate and/or desperation.
    • Agatha Penderghast could relate to being rejected by people for something inherent to her and then being hidden away (or rather, killed and then buried in an isolated area). And while Agatha wasn't forgotten by the people of her town, their memory of her would get distorted in the worst way, and so she became a hate-filled ghost witch who wanted to make everyone suffer until Norman Babcock gave her some much-needed empathy. King of Sorrow was horrified that a girl as young as her was outright killed by the people of her town over an ability as benign as seeing and talking with the dead, and goes out of his way to comfort the girl however and whenever he can.
    • While Merlina was not rejected by her world of Camelot, nor did she feel any hatred for it, the girl wizard could relate to becoming desperate to save her kingdom from eventual destruction and resorting to dark, unholy powers to accomplish that, regardless of the harm done to everyone. Merlina also noticed that both she and King of Sorrow summoned a hero to help them with their goal only for said hero to defeat them in a climactic battle: Sonic for Merlina and Klonoa for King. But whereas Merlina wanted to make her world eternal, King of Sorrow became fully willing to destroy Lunatea when it appeared that his kingdom was completely unwelcome by the world. Merlina doesn't hold that against him, though, acknowledging that King of Sorrow's situation would drive anyone to want to destroy their world, much as she doesn't agree with it. Merlina was very glad for King of Sorrow that his kingdom is being rebuilt from ruin and that he himself had changed for the better. King in turn fully sympathizes with Merlina over Camelot's inevitable demise and expressed hope that the kingdom could be rebuilt just as Hyuponia is, offering to lend support to Merlina if he's able to be of help.
    • Count Bleck was hesitant at first to even look at King of Sorrow, seeing how King embodies the emotion that engulfed him and fueled his desire to destroy all existence. But Tippi was able to convince her lover to at least try and get to know King of Sorrow before deciding he was to be avoided, and Count Bleck then learned that King of Sorrow is a person not unlike himself; someone who suffered a tremendous tragedy that drove them to bring about great destruction, only to reform upon learning how pointless that destruction was for their goals and now seek to atone. Though King feels Bleck should've at least tried to determine if Timpani was actually killed before deciding to destroy all of existence, but overall sympathizes with the Count over his unfortunate past and is simply glad that he is able to live with his beloved. Count Bleck in turn has offered the support of himself, Tippi, and their heralds in rebuilding the Kingdom of Sorrow.
    • While a hero, Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch suffered many tragedies that drove her to immoral actions if not outright villainy: losing the love of her life, her children with him, and her twin brother... King of Sorrow is able to feel the witch's sorrow radiating from her and has given Wanda immense condolences for all the losses she endured. Wanda appreciated King's sympathy and shared her own sympathy for his own tragedy. The Scarlet Witch had since become one of King of Sorrow's more frequent visitors to his temple, in order to express her sadness and tears before they could drive her to more immoral actions.
  • Much to King of Sorrow's dismay, there are plenty of tragic and sympathetic deities who remain on the side of evil with little to no chance of redemption. King feels a strong sense of pity and sympathy for such deities but nonetheless had made clear that he will attack them with lethal force if they start to harm people or destroy things.
    • The first of such deities that come to mind for King is the one who shares the same House with him, Malygos. As the leader of a kingdom whose people have died out thanks to the selfish actions of his world, King empathizes all too much with Malygos over the near extinction his Dragonflight experienced thanks to a corrupted friend. However, while the people of Lunatea were genuinely at fault for the destruction of Hyuponia and its people, King was quick to note that the magic users of Azeroth had nothing to do with the decimation of the Blue Dragonflight, and thus Malygos' tragedy-fueled malevolence is much less excusable. Especially as King would learn from Malygos' former associates that the Blue Dragonflight recovered a great deal from their near extinction when Malygos started the "Nexus War", which would only undo a lot of that recovery. Though with all that noted, King of Sorrow still pities Malygos for how poorly his fate turned out and makes an effort as a neighbor to clear the former Aspect of Magic of his madness and be redeemed. Unfortunately, King's attempts have only gotten him ridicule and boastful threats from Malygos, and one encounter forced King of Sorrow to outright fight the giant blue dragon to defend himself. But the Hyuponian ruler holds out hope that Malygos can be reasoned with.
    • The second deity of this nature that King of Sorrow pities is Odio, or more specifically Odio's original persona: Oersted. King feels sympathy for Oersted over getting tricked into killing his king and then branded a demon by mankind for it, pushing him into becoming the embodiment of hatred itself in his world. While their situations are not at all similar, King of Sorrow understands what it's like to be rejected by the world, become engulfed with hatred, and then spread harm and destruction to his world in response. But King was made to realize from Klonoa that hatred and violence are not the answer; that people could be made to remember and accept sorrow. And so King feels that the same can be done for Oersted if he can just let go of his hatred and be the champion of mankind again. But sadly, even if Oersted himself is willing to turn over a new leaf, Odio cannot be easily abandoned nor eliminated and thinks the King of Sorrow to be a naive fool who will be rejected and forgotten by people once more.
  • As it would happen, King would find companionship in two other equine deities: Charlie the Unicorn and Eeyore (whom King mistook for one of the Momett Dolls when he first saw the toy donkey), who had become the most frequent visitors to King of Sorrow's temple. King initially left the unicorn and plush donkey alone, figuring they did not want company, but eventually became curious as to why they came to his temple so often and decided to ask them. For Charlie, the unicorn found King's temple to be a welcoming place for him: being a quiet, non-adventurous area where he isn't bothered by troublesome nuisances nor do people pointlessly try to improve his mood. And for Eeyore, King of Sorrow's temple is a nice break from the Hundred Acre Wood for him, the place being much more in line with his glum outlook, and certainly helps that much less trouble happens to him. King of Sorrow was perplexed by their answers, having not expected to come across anyone who prefer being sad and negative, but was glad to meet individuals who were so accepting of sorrow, as this meant he himself would always be welcomed by Charlie and Eeyore. Eeyore in turn thanked King of Sorrow for noticing him, and since then King added special areas for Charlie and Eeyore in his temple, which the two appreciated.
  • As the embodiment of sorrow in Lunatea, King of Sorrow views Sadness as fellow kin of sorts, seeing that she embodies sorrow for the whole Pantheon. Sadness reciprocates the feelings of kinship with King of Sorrow and was empathetic to him upon learning what he went through; Sadness often being considered a "useless emotion" in many minds, with the former situation of Riley Andersen's Sadness being the most well-known example. Though she didn't approve of King of Sorrow's destructive methods to bring sorrow back to Lunatea, stating how unbecoming of their emotion that was, but Sadness understood that he was desperate and lost complete faith in Lunatea at the time, and the emotion is simply glad that King got the help he needed. King of Sorrow promised Sadness that he'll never stoop to those levels again and will teach people the merits of sadness so she would no longer be considered "useless".
    • On learning that the Sadness of Riley's mind was actively rejected by Riley's Joy, who even went as far as to try and dispose of a sad Core Memory, King of Sorrow confronted Joy on the assumption that she was the same way to Sadness. King was relieved to see that was not the case, with Joy being a good friend to Sadness, and was then informed by her that Riley's Joy completely changed her attitude towards Riley's Sadness and learning firsthand that It's Okay to Cry. Which surprised King a great deal, as the Emotions are much more directly tied to what they embody than even himself and the other Lunateans, yet Joy could shed tears of sorrow. Nonetheless, Joy apologized to King of Sorrow on behalf of Riley's Joy and all other Joys who have suppressed their Sadnesses: explaining that when you embody someone's happiness, and they and others like the happiness, it's hard not to feel important over the other emotions and want that someone to be happy all the time. King of Sorrow understood the explanation and accepted Joy's apology, then as an apology of his own for the confrontation offered to take Joy to Joilant in Lunatea, knowing she'd love the place.
  • Given that it led his kingdom to be cut off from Lunatea and fall into ruin, decimating his people until only he remained, and both his kingdom and himself to be forgotten... King of Sorrow does not tolerate people who suppress and try to forget their sorrows. As per his trope and his promise to Sadness, King makes an effort to teach deities who suppress their sorrow the damage they're ultimately doing to themselves and that there's no shame in crying. But for Good and Neutral aligned deities who are particularly stubborn about ignoring their sadness, King of Sorrow harbors great disdain for them and ignores them in turn. And for Evil deities who suppress and forget their sorrow, especially in a manner that harms others, King declared them outright enemies whom he'd gladly fight should circumstances come to that. True to her word, Leorina keeps special tabs on King of Sorrow regarding such deities, making sure he doesn't relapse to his extreme ways.
    • Of course, King of Sorrow does try to be mindful of individual context and gives special leeway to deities who avoid their sorrow for very valid reasons. Such as Dr. Zalost, who had experienced such extreme sorrow that he was in total misery and set out to spread that to everyone else. Even the King of Sorrow can understand that Zalost would not want to risk relapsing to that behavior and prefer to keep his desperately sought happiness. King of Sorrow also doesn't hold any ire for most stoic deities since they suppress all their emotions, not just sorrow.
  • With the above in mind, King is nothing short of appreciative to deities who have learned that It's Okay to Cry, if not already embraced sadness. Chief among them being Yesod and Hiro Hamada, who both experienced intense grief from the death of a loved one but repressed their sadness; which resulted in Yesod becoming obsessed with security and clawing at himself, and Hiro closing himself off from others, regressing back to bad habits, and then trying to kill the man responsible for his brother's death. But ultimately Yesod and Hiro learned to come to terms with their sorrows after a meltdown and Tough Love questioning from Baymax respectively, which vastly improved their mental states and becoming better people overall. King of Sorrow couldn't be more proud and thankful for the two boys.
    • When King of Sorrow first met with Baymax, the healthcare companion was immediately compelled to offer his services to the Hyuponian, his sensors detecting high levels of sadness from him. Hiro, having learned about King of Sorrow's nature beforehand, laughed a bit and assured his robot friend that sadness is inherent to King, being an embodiment of sorrow in his native world, and thus nothing to heal. Nonetheless, Baymax was insistent on providing therapy to King of Sorrow and the Hyuponian admitted that he still has mental scars from being rejected and forgotten. With that, it was arranged for Baymax and King to get together every week to help him heal from that trauma. Hiro and other members of Big Hero 6 would sometimes join in these sessions and gift King some of Aunt Cass' food, which the Hyuponian finds delicious.
  • Being such close friends with Klonoa, King of Sorrow harbors the illest will towards the Dream Traveler's enemies and has sworn to subject them to the worst sort of sorrow should any of them harm Klonoa. The top of King's shitlist in this regard being Joka, for dealing a devastating emotional blow to Klonoa by murdering his grandpa and overall being an active menace to him.
    • For being the reason Joka got into the Pantheon to begin with, and one of Klonoa's more vile enemies in the Pantheon, King of Sorrow declared that he will join any fight against Nightmare and make him suffer as much as the victims of his nightmares. Nightmare scoffed at King of Sorrow's threat, claiming that he lacks the ability to feel any sorrow. This only prompted King of Sorrow to start honing his power to test Nightmare's claim.
  • Being an enemy of Klonoa and ally of Joka is enough for King of Sorrow to dislike Saya, but learning of her goal to merge all worlds to create unbridled chaos makes him detest the werefox as it reminds King of his use of chaos to force Lunatea to remember sorrow. The chaos King unleashed caused massive damage to Lunatea, if not threatened to destroy it outright, and he only committed it out of desperation and insanity-induced hatred for Lunatea, which he now feels shame for. That Saya would merge all worlds in order to inflict such a thing unto them, for what can only appear to be for shits and giggles fills the King of Sorrow with great rage.
  • The closest King of Sorrow came to relapsing to his villainous behavior was when he first met Stan Smith, having heard about the CIA agent previously learning that crying is a good thing, and to not bottle up his emotions overall, and the Hyuponian wanted to thank the man for his acceptance of sorrow. But Stan ended up responding with complete disbelief that he of all men would ever be okay with crying, much to King's confusion. The CIA agent then immediately followed that up with a tangent about how sadness is something to be buried and forgotten like all other "useless emotions", wishing that sorrow as a concept never existed. Needless to say, King of Sorrow felt tricked in the worst way and was so hurt by Stan's words about sorrow that he immediately entered Shell Mode and attempted to kill the man until Leorina, Tat, Klonoa, his Heralds, and a few nearby deities intervened. King of Sorrow was then informed that Stan always forgets whatever lesson he learned previously, as per his assigned trope, and hence would not have remembered that time he learned the necessity of crying. King calmed down from his rage and came to pity the CIA agent for being incapable of improving as a person. Though his dislike for Stan heavily outweighs the pity and King of Sorrow won't forgive the man for what he said about sorrow, especially since Stan is unapologetic about it.
  • Sonic and Tails did a Double Take on first seeing King of Sorrow as he strongly resembles Kitsunami "Kit" the Fennec from their IDW universe, and thought at that moment the blue fox had ascended without Surge somehow. King of Sorrow also initially thought Tails to be related to Klonoa on account of their similar faces. After clearing up this confusion and getting to properly know each other, Sonic and Tails offered their friendship to King of Sorrow, feeling sympathy for his lonely past and deciding he could use more friends. King accepted their offer, of course, and the hedgehog and fox make an effort to have King of Sorrow come along with them in any adventures across the Pantheon so he'd not just stand in his temple all the time.
    • There was a brief moment of tension between King and Sonic when the former learned that "tears" are among Sonic's dislikes, leading King of Sorrow to believe that Sonic rejects sorrow. Thankfully, before this could damage their friendship, Sonic explained that he has no issue with sadness or crying, bringing up how he even wished for a mountain of handkerchiefs for his sad genie friend, Shahra, so she could cry as much as she needed. Sonic then clarified that his dislike of tears isn't for the tears themselves but rather the reason for the tears; someone being subjected to pain or otherwise suffering injustice, which the hedgehog cannot stand. King apologized for his misunderstanding and agreed wholeheartedly with Sonic's viewpoint, recalling the bullying Lolo endured from the other priestesses before the events of Lunatea's Veil.
  • King of Sorrow took up an interest in baseball after Klonoa invited him to a game in the House of Sports one day. Deities who observed King out on the field found him to be adorable in his baseball outfit, even with the unsettling red eyes. King can only respond to such comments with a bashful blush.
  • "Why... Why do you... Hate sorrow? Can't you... Can't you accept sorrow at all...? Is there no place for me, in this world?!"

Yan Vismok, God of Resignation (Messenger Yan, The City's Messenger, 얀샋ㄷ요무, enlxmfflsdis, ,D@;Q7N, rnfmabj, Typewriter)
  • Lesser God originally, Intermediate God after becoming a Distortion.
  • Symbol: The Index's Icon. His own unique icon as a Distortion.
  • Theme Song: Children of the City
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with good intentions. True Neutral after Distorting though acts Lawful Evil under the nature of the Prescripts.
  • Portfolio: Punch-Clock Villain, Affably Evil, Viewer Gender Confusion, Eyes Always Closed, BFS, Dismemberment Is Cheap, Ensign Newbie, Forging Prescripts to spite them, Crossing the Despair Event Horizon from his rebellion being predestined, Go Mad from the Revelation, Submitting to the Will of the City and Distorting, Associated with forget-me-nots
  • Domains: Messengers, Forgeries, Fate, Agency, Despair
  • Associates: Keiki Haniyasushin, Enrico Pucci (not really)
  • Rivals: Diavolo and his Passione cohorts
  • Enemies: The Defiers of Fate, Luke fon Fabre, Shulk, Seto Kaiba, DiMeo Crime Family, Bucciarati's Gang, Los Illuminados, O'Brien
  • Pitied by: Stanley (The Stanley Parable), ICEY, Winston and Julia
  • Opposed by/Opposes: the Hårga
  • The City’s Backstreets see no shortage are pretty much an entirely different world from the Nests they surround as they have no shortage of Syndicates skulking its grounds and borders. Of the various gangs and bands of lowlifes that pop up by the day and are prone to disappear just as quickly, there exist five Syndicates who stand at the apex of the Backstreets. The Five Fingers, otherwise known as the Hand, are the ruling powers of the Backstreets and have grown so powerful that not even the Wings or even the Head can easily interfere with their business. One of the Fingers, the Index, is essentially a cult that follows bizarre orders known as Prescripts, a phenomenon that has long cemented itself as a Star of the City type of threat. No one knows where they came from, and no Prescript is similar to one another, but whatever orders permitted must be carried out with faith no matter how odd or brutal they may be. Failure to follow them results in a visit by a Proxy to punish the rulebreaker.
    • Enter Yan Vismok, a young man whose life was ruined by the Prescripts as he was forced to put down his friends and family thanks to them, but the last straw finally came when he received a Prescript that followed the aforementioned deed. He expected that it would have ordered him to take his own life but instead Yan was left with the orders to join the Index as a Messenger tasked with delivering those same instructions that brought so much pain. After staring blankly at the paper in his hands, Yan resolved to use his position to forge them as he pleased, expressing his free will and showcasing they aren’t as absolute as everyone thinks... That was the plan, anyway. Later on, he would find that this, too, was willed by these mysterious messages he sought to deviate from as they ordered his peers to follow his counterfeit commands, even if it meant imminent death by heading into the Library. As the Prescripts command. Yan himself would be handed a Prescript that would take him to where they are “born” and though the Prescripts are physically transcribed from the City's "heartbeat" through a seismograph-like device, and the papers themselves were born from the City folk’s collective pleas and wishes. The Prescripts, and really the City itself, is like that because humans themselves are and have always been cruel. The revelation proves too much to bear, crushing his will as he accepts the futility of fighting and succumbs to the Distortion Phenomenon. He would later head into the Library and turn into a book but following Angela's decision to spread the Light once more, Yan was freed.
  • To .... Search for a painting of a lighthouse and remove it to find a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and walk 400 meters to the right until you reach the exit.
  • Under the guidance of the Prescripts, Yan made his way to the Pantheon as they instructed and found that taking his title was a straightforward process. The Index Messenger easily took his place God of Resignation as that was his reaction upon discovering the true nature of the Prescripts before his very eyes. In any case, his presence heralded the encroaching influence of the Index as a whole as Prescripts began to pop up around the Pantheon every now and then. Some deities and roaming mortals decided to play along, but when others refused (either due to the ridiculousness or just brushing off the Prescripts themselves), that was when the Proxies came along to punish such insubordination. In the past, Yan would hide his growing grief and disgust at having to deliver such things but following his Distortion, he soon came to accept them. As he had learned prior, the Prescripts brutality is ultimately the fault of no one and though they bring pain it does serve as a compass to an aimless existence. And that is enough for him.
  • To .... Purchase the largest stuffed bear at the store nearest to your home. The species does not matter.
  • When Yan fell to the Distortion Phenomenon, he became a mechanical monstrosity known as 얀샋ㄷ요무. No, that was not a mistake, his form is actually named that way. By itself, it doesn't actually mean anything but if entered on an English keyboard it simply spells out Yan or Distorted Yan. The same is true for his other names such as enlxmfflsdis, ,D@;Q7N, and rnfmabjnote . For sanity's sake, this form will simply be called "Distorted Yan". Going back to the Distortion himself, upon entering such as state he sought nothing more than to obey the will of the Prescripts and, by extension, the Will of the City itself. Unique to the Pantheon itself is how Yan can seemingly swap between both his human and Distorted form seemingly at will though no matter the state he remains broken and continues to act in favor of the Prescripts. While his human form is by all accounts no slouch to anyone seeking to shoot the messenger, it's generally accepted that Distorted Yan is the more dangerous of the two. Distortions themselves have demonstrated strange, almost magic-like powers and Distorted Yan is no different. Of his moveset, his most dangerous ability is to bring down a colossal sword upon his foes. And that's setting aside the giant hands that can crush human beings to mushy red paste.
  • To .... Go to a roundabout in the Hall of Non-Vehicular Travel and walk 10 laps.
  • As Yan would find out the Prescripts may seem nonsensical, but the demands inscribed on them are not at all random. Underneath its seemingly pointless cruelty, the Prescripts are seemingly omniscient which is perhaps owed to its nature as a sort of Tulpa created by the City folk, and its commands are said to benefit the Index in the long run. One could say that trying to cut his strings Yan still found himself to but their proxy he ultimately lost against fate itself. Others in the Pantheon have gone against such oppressive flows though unlike him they've come out to be more successful in their battles. The Defiers of Fate were saddled with the fates of becoming I'Cie and opted to take a third option and forge their own destinies. Luke fon Fabre and fought against the Score which dictated the fates of everyone living within his world. He himself was exempt from it due to being a Replica. Shulk, meanwhile, can glimpse into the future after taking hold of the Monado granting him the ability to avoid it. And Seto Kaiba outright does not believe in fate or destiny at all. Despite this, he holds no malice towards them as his last moments of lucidity were that someone could have better luck fighting such a thing. Seeing them bear fruit from their labor is... moving. On the other side of the coin they are all disgusted by the Index while many of them do pity Yan's situation they also can't stand for the Syndicate enforcing the Prescripts' will either which has led to them fighting their agents, Yan included.
  • To .... Gather a bouquet of spider lilies and propose to the 3rd teal-haired person you come across.
  • Enrico Pucci is all too familiar with fate being a cruel mistress and has experienced his fair of tragedy thanks to it. With help from his closest ally DIO, Pucci came to the conclusion that for people to be happy, rather than try and fight it, they must know about the fate that lies ahead of them in full. To do that, he must attain Heaven. Pucci believes there's enough of an overlap between his ideals and the Index to work together and has reached out to Yan, their representative in the Pantheon. Due to the fickle and shambolic nature of the Prescripts, however, he's also made sure to keep his distance. In any case, he's keen on using the Syndicate to his advantage against his enemies.
  • To .... Make 4 paper stars. On the next day after receiving the Prescript, deliver them to an editor and a mechanic in the House of Profession.
  • He is sometimes seen moving through the House of Prophecy. Though this has worried several passersby so far the Prescripts handed to some of the residing gods have been "tame" in the sense they're relatively straightforward and aren't as gruesome. It is theorized that somewhere underground there exists a bunker that produces the Pantheon's Prescripts. Some rumors have even gone to say it's but one of many.
  • To .... For 2 days, do not use your left hand.
  • Both Stanley and ICEY were all too familiar with a narrator railroading them into the story they wanted to tell. While it's not quite fate, their agency being put into question is quite like Yan's in the end. Neither of them is quite fond of the Prescripts for this very reason and the latter has also been keen on watching out for the Prescripts.
  • To .... At night, go to a lake where moonlight is reflected and drink at least 1 once of water directly from it.
  • Brutal as the Index is in executing Prescripts, they're otherwise generally reasonable as there are various laws set by the Syndicate that forbids pointless violence and Yan himself is not exempt from this even after he was broken into becoming a Distortion. They only seek to carry out Prescripts as they come. Of course, other crime organizations view Yan with caution, especially so as the Index quickly made a name for themselves in the House of Crime and Transgressions. One of Yan's false Prescripts forced the Proxies to declare war on the Thumb, a rival Finger and mafia-like Syndicate, and it ended with the remaining personnel in the L Corp's Nest being dismembered and skewered on pikes. Diavolo regards the Index as rivals, while the DiMeo Crime Family and Bucciarati's Gang as utterly insane and the latter has worked to oppose the cruelty of the Prescripts.
  • To .... Find a person named Dakota and talk with them. Two days after talking with them, sneak into their house and put fire ants on their bed.
  • A peaceful, nature-loving cult known as the Hårga, having encountered Distorted Yan more often than not, view him as a monster and has done all sorts of things to drive him away though Yan himself has not acted against them beyond observing at a distance. Yan himself doesn't have any opinion on the Hårga, not even disgust as groups like them exist just about anywhere in the City. As one Proxy claims, everyone within the City is fundamentally the same and it's only the methodology that divides them. Overall, while the Hårga is suspicious the truth is violence between them hardly occurs. The same cannot be said for Los Illuminados as conflicts between them happen much more often. Yan himself has delivered Prescripts that ordered acts of violence against the Apocalypse Cult and even has personally killed some of them himself under those orders.
  • To .... Shove the hand of the 5th person who mugged you onto a table saw. If the person has a blue butterfly hairclip in their possession, do the same with their other hand.
  • Winston and Julia met Yan one day when he suddenly appeared for the purpose of delivering paper stars to each of them while they were at work in the House of Profession as part of a Prescript before swiftly departing. The two were left confused but after looking into the stranger they were left horrified by Yan's situation having lived under Oceania's totalitarian rule. As if living under the Head and the Wings wasn't bad enough, the state of the Backstreets is appalling with all the Fixers and Syndicates running around. The two were also left saddened after hearing of Yan's own attempts at rebellion before being left utterly broken that he willingly serves the Prescripts instead.
  • ''To .... spend 4 hours in the Hall of Logic’s gauntlet of puzzle rooms after eating lunch.
  • Keiki Haniyasushin is the goddess of haniwa, coming into existence as a result of the influx of prayers by the human spirits in the Animal Realm, wanting someone to lead them no matter what. Yan himself has had to deal with the problems of blindly following the Prescripts and what resulted in them, but unlike them, Keiki is a tangible & visible force that he can associate himself with. So when he learned that she and Chimata Tenkyuu would visit the Library, the Prescripts were quick, asking Yan to ally himself with Keiki. While the market goddess was busy, Yan would go ahead and converse with the haniwa goddess, pleading with her until she agreed to have him under her umbrella.
  • To .... Grind the bodies of the 57th, 58th, 59th, 60th, and 61st people you meet today into mush and form their remains into slabs (must be done neatly).
  • O'Brien finds a criminal organization that can match the authorities of the world he hails from to be concerned and has tried to work towards eliminating the Index. Keyword being tried as while O'Brien is a rightfully-feared agent and doesn't believe in the Prescripts to be anything more than nonsense, phasing the Finger and its agents proved to be difficult. Distorted Yan at one point compressed several Thought Police, who were sent to intercept him and confiscate his Prescripts, into neatly-folded slabs before disappearing. That's also not getting into the problem of how to psychologically phase someone like Yan, though O'Brien is confident in finding a way to instill the ideals of Big Brother onto him.

    "I’m just a tiny part of the world, I can never change the wishes of all people... There’s no way I can defy this flow. What I did was part of the City... The will of the City. Forging Prescripts out of spite and delivering them could be traced to the City’s volition, not my free will. But that equates to my volition in the end. The City and I... and every person in the City were one and the same."

Lesser Gods

Marona, Goddess of Iron Woobies (Chroma Chartreuse, The Possessed, The Phantom Brave)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A bottlemail
  • Theme Song: Angel Breath
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Powers via Possession, Iron Woobies, Loners, Heroines with Bad Publicity, Child Heroines, Friends of Lost Spirits, Healing Magic, Bad Powers, Good People
  • Domain: Good, Undeath, Magic, Hope
  • Herald: Ash, Castile
  • Allies: Chiyo Mihama, Midna, Alucard (Castlevania), Ramza Beoluve, most Good-aligned Bleach characters, Mithra, Mao, Raspberyl, The Sword Warriors (Sayo Samonji, Kashuu Kiyomitsu), Ren Amamiya, Naruto Uzumaki, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Noel Vermillion, Koneko Toujou, Aika Tsube, Danny Fenton, Casper, Reimi Sugimoto, Sayo Aisaka, Sicily, Valvatorez, Almaz, Princess Sapphire, Oliver, Queen Cassiopeia and Shadar, Norman Babcock and Agatha Prenderghast, Nate Adams, Miku Hinasaki, Mio and Mayu Amakura, The Ghostbusters, Luigi, Jack and Maddie Fenton, Quasimodo, Artina, Mia, Maya, and Pearl Fey, Ginko
  • Enemies: The Dark Star, The Shadow Queen, Dimentio, King Boo, Dark Danny, Majin Buu
  • Complicated Relationships: Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Usalia
  • Marona is a Chroma, someone capable of summoning the spirits of the dead and give them temporary forms by having them possess objects. When she was a little girl, her parents and their employee, Ash, were killed by demons. Marona's parents used the last of their magic and a prayer to god to turn Ash into a Phantom, a type of ghost caught between life and death, so he can watch over their daughter. Marona, despite being one of the kindest people alive, is feared and hated by the people of her world for her powers, being called the Possessed One. Still, Marona is optimistic that people will eventually accept her, and over time, is proven right when she finally starts to make friends and find people who respect her.
  • Marona was rewarded with godhood for her Earthly work as a spirit medium despite rarely ever getting paid for it. She's just happy to finally be part of a crowd who isn't afraid of her because of her abilities. She quickly got along with other deities who were outcasts in her world, such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeernote  and Narutonote .
    • Marona would soon come across fellow Nippon Ichi deities in the Pantheon, some of them she crossed paths with before. In short order:
      • Laharl, Flonne, and Etna once met Marona and Ash in their world. Laharl wanted to conquer their world and decided to make them vassals, only to be defeated by them. Flonne and Etna challenged them to battle after learning they defeated Laharl (Etna wanted to become the strongest demon by defeating the ones who beat Laharl, while Flonne is bribed to fight alongside her). Marona was uneasy with the three when they first met. Another time, Marona was hired by one of Etna's Prinnies to take out Etna in the Netherworld in retribution for their mistreatment, but once she was defeated, she became Etna's vassal. Marona seems to mostly be on good terms with them, even if she does feel a little uneasy, but she gets along the most with Sicily due to her kind heart and childhood innocence.
      • Valvatorez got along quickly with Marona since they both like to eat sardines, even the innards. Marona is a little flabbergasted by Valvatorez's "sardine power", but nevertheless enjoys working with him due to him being a nice vampire and a Benevolent Boss, as well as allowing Ash to accompany her.
      • Artina was Punished for Sympathy, something that horrifies and saddens Marona when she heard of what happened. Artina reassures her that she still held onto her idealism even after all this, and has friends who stand by her side. She even managed to save the man she sympathized with from being erased. Marona shows admiration for Artina's idealism and hopes to become more like her.
      • Marona met Almaz and his friends during a time her "innocent heart" got stolen, treating them obnoxiously and gagging at Almaz and Sapphire's relationship. Now that she's her kinder self again, she feels bad about the way she acted and apologizes to them, with the two accepting her apology and becoming good friends with her.
      • Marona once met Adell and Rozalin when the former's little sister, Hanako, summoned her from her game, leading to a clash between them when Hanako made the mistake saying she cooked Ash and Castile (despite not knowing the answer). Marona doesn't begrude Adell and Rozalin for Hanako's mistake, though she does wonder what made her attempt to clash with Ash when the two started accusing each other of being an imposter.
      • Deities were worried that Usalia would be hostile toward Marona for being a necromancer. However, while she does feel awkward around Marona, this proved to not be the case. Usalia had already been told about Marona's backstory, so she instead shows sympathy and kindness towards the Chroma, knowing that treating her with hostility would make her no better than the people who antagonized her back in her world. Marona in turn sympathizes with Usalia after hearing about her parents were enslaved, killed, and reanimated, showing horror at Majorita's cruelty. Usalia has come to see Marona as a Good Counterpart to Majorita and is taking steps to befriend her, admitting she's more comfortable around her.
  • As a Chroma, Marona can summon Phantoms, so she tends to visit the House of Ghosts to search for allies. There she befriends Casper, Sayo, and Reimi, all of whom are friendly spirits who quickly agreed to become her allies when she needed help. She is surprised to learn that Danny Fenton is half-ghost, never once having thought that to be possible, but nevertheless becomes good allies with him as well.
    • That said, she also crossed paths with evil spirits such as the likes of King Boo and Dark Danny, showing horror at just how evil and destructive they are. She's also learned to fear the likes of Kayako Saeki and Sadako Yamamura after seeing their wrath up close, though she also feels pity for the two after learning how they became so malevolent.
  • Ramza had also been a victim of suffering backlash from his good deeds, no different from how Marona was treated despite all the good she's done as a Chroma. This allowed them to become really good friends with each other, with the two admiring how the other managed to endure their pain and continue doing good no matter what. Marona is saddened that Ramza became a Doomed Moral Victor because of this, while Ramza is at least happy that Marona found happiness and friends.
  • Chiyo and Marona became fast friends after meeting in the Pantheon. Marona is happy that Chiyo accepts her as a friend instead of showing fear towards her, and Chiyo invites Marona to hang out with her group sometime later in the future. Marona couldn't have been further delighted.
  • Marona is in awe at Ichigo's abilities, while the latter shows surprise at Marona's power to call upon the souls of the dead. Despite their powers being complete opposites, these two are on good terms, since Ichigo is gentle with children and Marona can see the kind person Ichigo is, even if she is a bit afraid of his Hollow powers. Ichigo is actually surprised that Marona's Phantoms don't actually become Hollows, and while he would prefer the dead pass on, he's at least glad there is no danger of them threatening people and is respectful of their wish to stay by Marona's side.
    • Marona is saddened by Coyote Starrk's lonliness, reminding her of treatment as an outcast. She hopes that she can be friends with Starrk and Lilynette, giving them the right companionship after hearing of his backstory serving Aizen. While Starrk refuses to change sides, he's very appreciative of Marona's kindness and is willing to speak with her if she ever wants to hang out.
    • Marona's idealism and perseverance serve as a source of confusion for Ulquiorra, leading him to ask if she is afraid of him. Marona says she isn't, as she has friends to help her now and she's going to live and keep working hard to protect them. Ulquiorra, being the Straw Nihilist he is, shows doubt in her words, but leaves without saying anything further when Marona's kindness reminds him of Orihime.
  • Having fought Sulphur, a being of malevolence, Marona is understandably not happy to learn of other evil beings in the Pantheon. In particular, she fears the Dark Star, the Shadow Queen, Dimentio, and Kid Buu after seeing the threat they pose up close, promising to help her new friends in the Pantheon put a stop to them if necessary.
  • There was one time when her "innocent heart" was stolen, making her act like bit of a jerk. Some gods thought that Marisa stole it, but it turned out that she was bit bitter, and recovered from it on her own. That said, Marona does apologize for the way she acted and admits she didn't know what came over her, since she's not usually like this.
    • Unfortunately in the Pantheon, Marona does end up losing her "innocent heart" through magical means, becoming one of the brokenhearted in the Pantheon as a result of a trickster's rampage. Losing her kindness turned her into a spoiled brat and an outright Jerkass, even treating her friends in the Pantheon rudely. Oliver and Shadar were able to find the kindness needed to restore her personality, with Marona grateful to the two. Marona tends to spend her days in the Pantheon apologizing again to the people she antagonized, with everyone pointing out it wasn't her fault.
  • Do not point out her petite figure. That is one of very few things where she will drop her happy attitude. Because of this, she gets along with the likes Noel, Koneko, Phi, Mikoto, and Aika, causing her to join the League of Flat Chests and being one of the few times she is willing to tolerate Etna and Flonne. A lot of deities note just how out-of-character this is for her, especially when she starts swearing.
  • For some reason, she ended up becoming the "Saniwa" of the Sword Warriors, as her powers remind them of their powers (namely the power to life inanimate objects). Marona enjoyed her time with the Sword Warriors, who gladly welcomed her as an honorary member and promised to get in touch with her whenever they need her.
  • Became friends with the leader of the Phantom Thieves after being introduced to him by Ramza. They both appreciated each other's good-natured personalities even beyond all three's similar-but-different circumstances involving being heroes feared as villains. While she is comflicted about his power to change people's hearts, she still acknowledges the good intentions behind them and is glad he at least found friends.
  • Became quick friends with Norman and Agatha, children who were feared for their ability to see the dead just like her. Marona sympathizes with Norman for being feared and hated by other people for their powers, and even recognizes Agatha as someone she could've turned out like if she ever let a desire for revenge consume her, reminding her of Carona. Marona notes that Norman interaction with Agatha is similar to her meeting with Carona.
  • Nate could see, befriend, and summon mischievous spirits called Yo-Kai with the Yo-Kai Watch, making him similar to a Chroma. Nate is saddened to hear of what Marona had to go through in her world, but is also fascinated by her ability to summon Phantoms and have them possess objects. Marona is interested in Yo-Kai and wonders if Nate can lend her a Yo-Kai Watch sometime in the future.
  • Marona would cross paths with deities who fought against ghosts, especially those capable of capturing them. In short order:
    • She has an amicable relationship with Luigi, who fears ghosts, but is brave enough to face them when his loved ones are endangered. Luigi has learned that not all ghosts are evil, and even has a Polterpup. Marona found the ghost dog rather cute and enjoys playing with him whenever Luigi takes the Polterpup into the Pantheon for a visit.
    • The Ghostbusters showed interest in Marona's power to summon souls of the departed as well as having a phantom look after her. They were horrified to learn of how Marona was feared and hated in her world for her powers despite being a child, but after seeing how she was able to bounce back, begin to see her as a little sister figure.
    • Miku, Mio, and Mayu were able to defend themselves from ghosts by using the Camera Obscura to exorcise and pacify them. Marona formed a kinship with Miku due to their ability to see ghosts isolating them from other people, losing their parents, and having only an older brother (a brother figure in Marona's case) take care of them. Marona feels sympathy for Miku after suffering so much tragedy, even if she doesn't approve of the latter's incestuous relationship. Marona also feels sorry for Mio and Mayu after hearing of their tale and how there was no happy for them.
    • Jack and Maddie Fenton, despite being Ghost Hunters who believed all ghosts were evil, did show themselves to be good and understanding parents, especially to Danny after learning he is half-ghost. They showed themselves to be caring adults towards Marona after learning of her backstory, and seeing her relationship with Ash has caused them to make him one of the few ghosts they will not hunt.
  • Marona and Quasimodo became instant friends due to how they were treated as outcasts (Quasi for his appearance, Marona for her powers). Both of them felt sympathy for each other over how they had to endure the people's contempt and fear, but eventually were able to find people who cared for them and liked them for the people they are. Marona tends to visit Quasi's temple after expressing interest in the bells he rings, while Quasi carved a wooden Marona figure for her.
  • Maya and Pearl Fey are spirit mediums who can channel the dead, while Mia is occasionally channeled by her sister or cousin to aid Phoenix on occasion. Maya and Pearl instantly became friends with Marona after learning how she can call upon Phantoms for aid, admitting that they wish that were possible in their world so they can talk to Mia without having to channel her. Marona would be happy to assist them in cases where her powers are necessary, mainly by summoning the victim to provide testimony.
  • Ginko quickly became Marona's friend as soon as she entered the House of Despondency, having alreadly learned of her treatment as an outcast and helping to settle into the Pantheon. Ginko reminds Marona of her big brother figure Ash, showing appreciation for his kindness and enjoying his company. She also tends work alongside to deal with mushi related problems, being one of the few who listens to him.
    Sam and Dean Winchester 
Samuel William "Sam" Winchester and Dean Winchester, Co-Gods of Perpetual Angst (Both: The Hardy Boys, Team Free Will (alongside Castiel) | Dean: El Deano, Dashing El Deano, Ducky Lips, Li'l Stumpy, Not Moose, Michael Sword, Squirrel, Dean-O, Dee-Dawg | Sam: Sasquatch, Moose, Gigantor, Sam the Ginormotron, Puppy, Darling Sammy, Boy With the Demon Blood)
Sam (left), Dean (right)

SCP-191, Goddess of the Troubled Fetal Position (Cyborg Child)
SCP-191 in containment
  • Rank: Safe by SCP Standards, Lesser Goddess by Pantheon standards
  • Symbol: Her bionic eye
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cyborg Flawed Prototype, Lacking Vocal Cords, Pained By Her Conversion, Cybernetics Eat Your Soul, Body Horror, Malformed But Tragic, Can Manipulate Technology, Technopath, Troubled Fetal Position, Electronic Left Eye, Last Experimented Child, Shrinking Violet, Utterly Pitiable
  • Domains: Anomalies, Transformation, Tragedy, Cybernetics, Children, Technology
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: Android 17 and 18, Laura Kinney/X-23, Sonic the Hedgehog, Samus Aran, The Doctor, John Connor, the T2 T-800, Yotsuba Koiwai, BMO, Cyrax, Victor Stone, Freddy Fazbear, Painwheel
  • Enemies: Dr Gero, the Cybermen, Dr Eggman, Ultron, Sigma, SKYNET, XANA
  • Pitied by: Alma Wade, any victim of Unwilling Roboticisation
  • SCP-191, known as the Cyborg Child, is one of the anomalous individuals secured under the SCP Foundation. A cyborg girl under 10 years of age, she was experimented on by Doctor [REDACTED] for surgical experiments, believed to be a prototype for something. Though many SCP items and/or people are there because of how they defy scientific understanding, are a threat or both, she is a tragic case of child experimentation and treated relatively well.
  • She is co-operative and docile to the Foundation, though understandably rather melancholy. She prefers to be in the Troubled Fetal Position, both out of the trauma she went through and because of how her cybernetics and positioned, other positions would be uncomfortable. Most gods feel pity towards her condition, particularly those who went through Unwilling Roboticisation like her. Appears to identify more as a machine than a human.
  • Heavily associated with the House of Technology, given her condition. There she has made friends with Freddy Fazbear as like her he is a human turned mechanical-just through Haunted Technology in his case rather than cybernetic conversion. Victor Stone feels pretty bad towards her as a fellow cyborg, and Cyrax due to also going through Unwilling Roboticisation.
  • Capable of having her bodily systems re-started in case of death, due to her heart, lungs and major arteries being replaced. She's unable to talk since her mouth and larynx have been removed, and her jaw, half her face and half her skull have been replaced. She also has a red electronic eye that glows green in "data reading" mode. However she's still a child, so is comfortable in the House of Childhood and Adolescence and tries to reach out to kids. Yotsuba is trying to cheer her up.
  • She is capable of manipulating various technologies. The SCP Foundation has been testing this, and tests continue in the House of Technology. She also is capable of manipulating certain video games, and as such can be found in Gaming. Part of these experiments involved BMO, who ended up becoming a friend of hers when she played with them. Samus Aran, who already related to 191 due to her enhancements (particularly after being infected with X Parasites), was honored to learn the Cyborg Child played Metroid Prime 3: Corruption in captivity, and has ensured Nintendo games are available in her temple.
  • Because of her Techno Wizard abilities, some more viral deities are interested in her. Ultron, SKYNET and Sigma all wish to bodyjack her to enhance their own technopathic abilities, but to the pantheon's relief the SCP Foundation has made sure they can't reach her. The Cybermen are interested in fully converting them, however the Doctor has stopped that. Seeing her caused him to say "I'm so sorry".
  • She has yet to reveal who experimented on her and why. Doctor Gero was fascinated with the tech in her and hopes to experiment, making her into "Android 22". Given his own fondness for roboticisation, Dr Eggman is interested in her as well. Thankfully Sonic stopped them before they could touch her.
  • Android 17 and 18 are very sympathetic towards SCP-191 as they were abducted by a Mad Scientist and transformed into cyborgs just like her. Laura Kinney especially pities her due to being experimented on as a young girl as a weapon, except under arguably crueler conditions. John Connor often comforts her with the T-800, and hopes to help her use her technopathy to help herself and others out. Painwheel might be the most sympathetic to her as she was horribly experimented on, becoming deformed in a similar manner. She is trying to teach her to be more aggressive against those who did this to her.


    Komaru Naegi 
Komaru Naegi, Goddess of Trauma Survivors (The Ordinary Girl with an Ultimate Big Brother, Omaru, Dekomaru, Donkomaru, Slowpokemaru)

Tailtiu, Goddess of Broken Cheery Girls (Tiltyu, Tailto, Taillte, The Princess of Freege, The Bold Daughter of Thunder, Thunder Noble)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The crest of the Freege house atop of a line of lightning bolt and the Thoron tome
  • Theme Song: The theme of her daughter Teeny
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Thunder Magician Girl, Mage Fighter, Good Girl On A Family Of Megalomaniacs, Cheery And Upbeat Disposition, Horribly Broken To The Point Of Death, Being Spunky To Hide Insecurity, Very Young Looking Mom, Protecting Daughter From Abuses, The Woobie, Wrath, Rebellious Princess
  • Domains: Sadness, War, Emotion, Combat, Magic
  • Allies: Sigurd & Seliph, Marth, Lyndis, Erinys, Caeda, Lucina, Robin, Chrom, Ike, Tharja, The Nohr Siblings, Arthur (not her son), good deities of the Mothers house, Hildegard Schlievogt (Yes, we prefer calling her that in front of Tailto. The name "Hilda" is just something of a 'taboo'), Artina, Fate Testarossa Harlown, Setsuko Ohara, Thor
  • Uneasy Relations: Arvis
  • Enemies: Grima, evil deities of the Family house (Ghetsis seems to take the cake as her most disliked)
  • Lost in the pages of history is a tale of a spunky princess of Freege, living her life without much care about her family politics business, and also combating bad guys that threatens those she loves. She hung around with Sigurd, and when he was branded traitor, her cheery face started to crack, showing insecurity. She tried to get ahold of that, but it shattered completely after the disastrous Battle of Bellhalla, where Sigurd tragically perished. Then she, along with her infant daughter, was separated from her young son, taken back to home by force and withstood abuses from her evil step sister Hilda, some to protect her daughter. In the end, she broke, not a single day she spent without crying, then illness took her, with her dying in depression. That is the tragic tale of Princess Tailtiu. The princess who broke beyond repair in life.
    • It is because of that, a broken cutie that stays like that until the end, yet the tale was considered tragic enough, that she ascended, after years of serving under Setsuko Ohara, because at least Setsuko managed to get over hers. When she ascended, the Pantheon worked their way to cheer her up and making sure that she majorly stayed as the upbeat girl she was early in life. As of now, Tailtiu herself has become a combination of both, someone who does act upbeat and lighthearted, but acknowledges the tragedy that she would meet later in her life.
  • Of course, Sigurd was surprised one of his followers and fellow Granvalians was the first to ascend. Seliph is also surprised to see the mother of his allies Arthur and Tine, and even mistook her as their other sister or something. But once everything is cleared, Seliph went forward and expressed that: "Words cannot express how I feel sorry for all you've been through..."
    • Every other Fire Emblem deities also expressed their sympathies on Tailtiu, but the biggest one has got to be coming from Robin, Chrom and Lucina, who realized that they were just touching the surfaces of the history of Jugdral during Seliph's visit. Even Robin decided to model their robe on Tailtiu's in case they're using the female guise.
    • In return, Tailtiu also learns more about Loptyr and how it ruined everything on her side, as well as its other fellow dragon Grima. To make up for how everyone's being understanding on her, she swore to oppose that dragon too.
    • Though amongst those from Ylisse, Tharja kind of creeped Tailtiu out with her usage of dark magic that is near the levels of Loptyr mages not to mention her creepy stalker personality. However, on learning what Tharja actually did in her own Bad Future, Tailtiu ended up allying with her, it's what she'd do in the same boat after all (minus the abuses on daughter, of course)
  • We have never seen the utterly sad face of Tailtiu that she possessed at the end of her life. Chances are, if anyone sees her, it would attract sadness to see someone so cheery like her break down.
  • Even at her lowest, if there is someone she has to protect, like her daughter, she will gather whatever spunk she still has left to protect her. This act made her something of a famous figure amongst good Mothers out there. In addition, Tailtiu really hates Abusive Parents, regardless of genders.
  • Seems to get along very well with Fate T. Harlown, as she also possesses excellent thunder magic and motherly and nurturing instincts... not to mention having harsh experience with abusive families. Tailtiu has noted that she might end up like her if it wasn't for Nanoha, so she's also thankful on her.
  • She nearly freaked out based on past experience when she noticed that there's a Hilda in the Pantheon. Though now that she mostly recovered, she was just ready to direct her wrath on that bitch... Only that this is a different Hilda, namely a friend of Ange, Hildegard Schlievogt. After sharing their crappy lives together, they decided to become friends.
  • No one can guess who became the husband of Tailtiu where she would bore Arthur and Tine. Most bets that it's one of her childhood friends, the bastard prince of Velthomer, Azelle. Though some thought that it could have been the Silesse Prince Lewyn, seeing her son wielding the deadly Forseti spellbook... until that one rumor was broken by Tailtiu herself that she knew who exactly Lewyn's wife is... the Pegasus Knight Erinys, because it carried over to the events at Thracia Peninsula at Year 776... (And also ascended in the Pantheon)
    • On behalf of that bastard prince (he's still her childhood friend), Tailtiu finally used this chance in the Pantheon to confront his brother Arvis about why would he do that to his own brother. What she got was just 'I'm sorry, it's... a little complicated, let's just leave it at that...', leaving Tailtiu rather furious and cannot completely forgive his actions for that.
  • No, just because of her alternate name spellings, it doesn't mean she's going to tilt you. Even if she actually had her life ended in a complete tilt.
  • Because of her only possessing the minor blood of Tordo, the strongest Thunder tome she could use was just the Thoron, her signature spell. However, luck does smile on Tailtiu, when the Thunder God Thor paid her a visit and declared that of all the people of the Freege house who descended from Tordo, she was actually one of the few worthy of all the benefits for her good heart, when compared to her mostly megalomaniacal family members aside of her children and her niece Ishtar. Because of that, Thor gave her a boon that Tailtiu can temporarily boost her bloodline into Major Tordo, enabling her to use Mjolnir tome for a short moment (and giving a temporary boost to Lesser Goddess when that time, but because it was... an 'unofficial' boon, it's not listed in her main portfolio).
  • Was surprised when she heard there was an 'Arthur' in the realm of Nohr... Though her chances of mother-son reunion was dashed when it turns out it's just not her Arthur, but instead a retainer of Princess Elise. However, Elise's own cheery self also makes her a good friend of Tailtiu and she expressed that maybe one of these days, she'd want to meet this 'justice-fighting' Arthur.
    • She eventually did. At first they were meeting normally, but when Tailtiu slipped into her depressed self, Arthur ended up crying harder than her that it eventually caused a chain reaction that nearly flooded her room. But it was enough to pull her back from her depression (panicking aside), so in a way, Tailtiu was very grateful and her bonds with Arthur strengthened, with her glad she named her son the same.