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    Mr. Mxyzptlk 
Mister Mxyzptlk, The Unpronounceable God (Mxyztplk, Mxy)

Greater Gods

Beetlejuice, God of Those Who Shall Not Be Named (Betelgeuse, The Ghost with the Most)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A gravestone that reads “Here lies Betelgeuse”.
  • Theme Song: Beetlejuice Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Black Comedy, Dirty Old Man, Faux Affably Evil, I Gave My Word, Jerkass, Lack of Empathy, Large Ham, Laughably Evil, Nightmare Face, Psycho for Hire, being summoned by saying his name three times, forcing Lydia to marry him so he can escape to the world of the living
  • Domains: Neitherworld, Nightmares, the Dead
  • Allies: Yuyuko Saigyouji, Spooky, Koume Shirasaka, Erma
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Danny Phantom
  • Enemies: The Ghostbusters, Courage, Dark Danny
  • Opposes: Leto Atreides
  • Opposed By: Casper
  • Annoys: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jo March
  • Commonality Connection with: Voldemort, Hastur
  • Complicated Relationship with: Lydia Deetz (his would-be bride)
  • Beetlejuice is a freelance poltergeist who specializes in the art of “Bio-exorcism”, the act of scaring living opponents out of their own house. If his employers hire him, he can be instantly summoned by reciting his name three times in a row.
  • Originally, Beetlejuice resided in the House of Ghosts as the God of the Neitherworld. However, it was revealed that the title he held wasn't a proper title. The Court of God threatenened to remove him from the Pantheon unless he got a proper title. Beetlejuice ended up taking the title of God of Those Who Shall Not Be Named.
  • Betelgeuse is actually the true way to spell his name, but after years of being called "Bettle Guys", he settled for "Beetlejuice", because of course, he wants people to say his name.
  • He can be seen hanging out with other ghosts in the Pantheon. Yuyuko Saigyouji and Spooky are among those that he get along with. On the other hand, most good-aligned ghosts like Casper tend to avoid him.
    • He's also impressed with some of Erma's scares/pranks, and can't help but smile in stride at her enjoyment for his rides. Due to this, they help out Jack Skellington from time to time on his yearly Halloween parades.
  • He opposes Leto Atreides. In his words, "Sand Worms. You know I hate 'em."
  • Lydia’s relationship with the ghost is a bit uneasy. Although she once summoned him to save the Maitlands from exorcism, she didn’t forget how he once tried to marry her so he can escape to the world of the living.
  • He couldn’t help but compare himself to Batman given their similarities. The Dark Knight himself wasn’t pleased with this.
  • After finding out about another woman who looks like Lydia, Beetlejuice went to her temple to pay her visit. Needless to say, Jo was annoyed with his antics and has ousted him out of her temple.
  • At one point, he faced off against the Ghostbusters. He possessed them into singing various pop songs until they managed to break free of his control and capture him.
  • Has been a subject of comparison towards Voldemort due to both of them being summoned whenever their names are being called on, especially considering that the latter is also known as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”. People dread the day the two cause havoc at the same time.
    • Others have pointed out that his title is a bit similar to Hastur’s, given that he would often appear whenever his name is summoned out loud.
  • Many have wondered what Beetlejuice’s “scary face” actually looks like given that it was only seen from the back. Needless to say, however, Courage is one of several gods frightened by that face.
  • Koume Shirasaka is one of a few human deities who managed to befriend Beetlejuice. Perhaps because she’s interested in ghost and zombies and she finds him to be cute.
  • Like with most other ghosts, even he has a dislike for Dark Danny. As such, he sometimes teams up with Danny Phantom, though Danny was a bit reluctant to help him.
  • ”It’s showtime!”

Hastur, He Who Must Not Be Named (The Unspeakable One, The King in Yellow, Patron of Decadence, Nihilism and Shepherds, The Feaster From Afar, Deity of Wind, Old Entity Hastorr, Fenric)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: The Yellow Sign
  • Theme Music: The King in Yellow and The Yellow Sign (both composed by Graham Plowman)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination Commonly in Human Form, Prefers to Dress in a Yellow Cloak, White Mask of Doom (Actually, that is his face), Deity of Wind, He Who Must Not Be Named Or He Comes, Creator of The King in Yellow
  • Domains: Abominations, Colour, Decadence, Nihilism, Shepherds, Wind
  • Heralds: The Byakhee, The Rapine Storm
  • Superior: H.P. Lovecraft (more like adoptive superior)
  • Allies: Maya Amano
  • Rivals: Cthulhu (his half-brother)
  • Enemies: Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Old Man Henderson, Luhy Distone, ICEY
  • Relatives: Ithaqua (son)
  • Beloved "Son": Hasta
  • It is hard to say how Hastur managed to find his way into the Pantheon. Some say some madman decided to actually read The King in Yellow out loud, thus summoning him. Some say that some madman tried to make the Unspeakable Oath, thus summoning him. And some say that some idiot decided to call out his name out loud, thus summoning him. It is hard to say.
  • For a while, Hastur used to appear whenever his name was spoken out loud. However, over time, some gods started to call out his name just to screw with him, which started to irritate him. Eventually, he decided to say screw it and if someone tries to call out his name, he will send a pack of Byakhee to kill the fool. If they somehow manage to kill them, then, and only then, will he appear to slaughter them.
    • Also, don't try to call him. The pile of dead telemarketers should be enough proof why that's a bad idea.
    • However, he doesn't seem to mind if you try to call him out as a way to screw with someone. When Maya did that to a fortune teller, he actually granted her the ability to use him as a Persona. Even he has a sense of humour.
    • And one last note is that there are some who are safe to say his name when they want and not suffer from it.
  • Old Man Henderson was furious when he heard that Hastur is now in the Pantheon, and this one being the real deal. The reaction is mutual, but Hastur is making sure that Henderson never finds his way to him this time (one reason why he wants to send Byakhee out when his name is called), and if he does find him, he will regret the day when he first saw him.
  • If there are two things what Hastur has any real compassion for, they are shepherds, who he is really friendly to if they worship him and he will protect them with no drawbacks, and the alien boy called Hasta, who he calls his "son". Hasta is... bit mixed on the matter, but he does bring a sort of human side from Hastur, which border to Papa Wolf if he is in danger. Surprisingly, he is rather fine with his attraction forwards Mahiro, though it might be due of sick sense of humour.
    • However, he has made it clear that he does not approve of Luhy's attraction forwards Hasta, and will personally end her if she gets any weird ideas with him. Though if the feelings are mutual, it might be a different tale.
    • Also, assuming he really can be called Hasta's dad, he also runs an intergalactic videogame company called Carcosa Computer Entertainment.
    • However, he is sure to remind people that Annie is not of his heritage, whatever it might be. He has no idea why she has the surname she has.
  • He is a bit disappointed how the only shepherd in the Pantheon is Moses.
  • While there are man ways that Hastur can end your existence, with one of the grosser being sucking your brains out with tentacles, there is one rather cruel way he can end you which he is willing to teach to those who can bear to face him: The "Song of Hastur", a wail what can cause the blood of those who hear it boil, which is not a pleasant experience.
  • He actually decided one day to create a comprehensive version of The King in Yellow book, albeit one what he calls incredibly abridged and saying that the parts that actually do drive people mad or suicidal are the best parts. Still, it hasn't driven anyone mad yet.
  • He is rather irritated that the one they call Yogg-Saron tries to use the same moniker as he. However, he considers Voldemort as an insignificant mage, one not worth his attention.

    Rex Dangervest 
Radical Emmet X-Treme Machete Dangervest, God of Alternative Self Name Changes (Rex Dangervest for short, also known as Ninja Star Dangervest, Master Breaker, Alpha Wolf Bro-Dog, Real Jerk, Dark Emmet and Hufflepuff. Original name: Emmet Joseph Brickowski)

    The Morrigan 
The Morrigan, Goddess of Being Spelled With A "The" (Morrigu, Great/Phantom Queen, Anu, Macha and Badb)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her crow form
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight and War Goddess, Spell My Name with a "The", The High Queen, Crow Association, The Chessmaster at Breaking The Haughty (or those who don't really deserve it), Rewards Those Who Past Her Test, Really Gets Around, Cryptic Conversation, Anti-Heroic Dark Gods, Triple Goddess
  • Domains: War, Fertility, Fate, Crows
  • Respects: Asura
  • Fond of: Yousoke Otoha aka Karas
  • Allies: Boudica, Ares, Khorne, Bellona, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Beerus, The Murkrow horde
  • On good terms with: The House of Plants as a whole
  • Rivals: Bandos, other war gods (including allies)
  • Enemies: YHVH, Athena, Hexxus, rapists, anyone unfortunate enough to piss her off
  • Complicated Relationship with: Cú Chulainn
  • Of the various Celtic deities, one of the most notorious is The Morrigan. A triple goddess, she is mainly associated with war and fate. A shadowy deity who encourages warriors to do brave deeds and able to bring victory against one's opponent, she is also associated with fertility and blood. The Morrigan does this through her wits, and is guaranteed to ruin your life if you truly offend her.
  • Associated with several related beings, such as Nemain (a spirit-women representing the frenzy of war), Macha (a goddess or one of The Fair Folk), and warrior goddess Badb. Some have associated her with Morgan le Fay, but there isn't a connection. King Arthur found this to be a relief. She(at least the ascended version of The Morrigan) isn't connected to the Dagda of the Amala Network either. She's rather stay clear of that multiverse' squabbles, and finds that version of the Dagda weird compared to the one she's familiar with.
  • She was happy to see that Boudica was already in the pantheon, as there aren't many in the pantheon who were Celtic mortals in life. That, and Boudica she has the kind of warrior spirit and vengeance that she respects. Roman deities she cares less for, but that's more of a concern for mortals. She doesn't get why there are two Neros though.
  • Demands to be referred to as The Morrigan, not Morrigan. Yes, it causes some confusion, but not like she cares. It is a way of distinguishing herself from Morrigan Aensland, who the Morrigan seems to be fond of. There's general respect, but the Morrigan's lasciviousness was a trait that got her to like anti-heroic succubi for.
  • Her ascension to the pantheon is not the first time she has met gods from other pantheons. The Battleground of the Gods was primed for her to manipulate. She was put off by Bellona's bloodlust, though people were quick to point her out as being hypocritical as an unashamed manipulator who revels in chaos and war. Asides from that, the Morrigan and Bellona get along just fine because of their similar personalities and fields in their respective mythologies.
  • Capable of crafting pretty nasty fates for those who piss her off. It's thought that she was behind the death of Cu Chulainn for scorning her. You usually have to directly anger her to incur her wrath, and the Morrigan does graciously reward those who pass her tests. This personality might be why she and Beerus have a cordial relationship; they love the fight, can be jerks but have a lot of good attributes, and everyone knows not to mess with them.
  • The Morrigan tends to get along with other war deities, or at least is their rival. Often a mix of both. The big fact exception to this is Athena, who is the goddess of necessary warfare along with knowledge. She doesn't like how the Morrigan uses her wits to cause and fuel wars for as bloody a reason as her brother Ares. Probably why her and Ares get along, though not whenever he's acting like a Dirty Coward.
  • On other war gods, she was attracted to Khorne for being the embodiment of rage, war and bloodshed. He was at first put off by her lustful nature given his contempt for Slaanesh, however the Morrigan, violent as she may be, does have a code, and Khorne does have standards of his own so the lustfulness isn't something he's concerned by. Bandos was too contemptible to even fit into the Friendly Rivalry category, but enough dedicated to the art of war and fighting he managed to be a rival and not straight-up enemy of The Morrigan.
  • While Asura appears neutral on her, The Morrigan does respect him for his fighting prowess, iron will and determination. By contrast, she hates YHVH for His obsession with suppressing and eliminating all other pantheons to assert supremacy and His desire to be the only god. The Morrigan doesn't like rapists either, though pretty much any who'd try to rape her is a Darwin Award winner.
  • As mentioned, she's a fertility goddess. She's the kind of deity who Really Gets Around, having no trouble trading sex for things like glory and prosperity. However she represents a more traditional type of fertility in plants. The phrase "Garden of Morrigan" refers to how battlegrounds tend to be overgrown with plant life due to the fertilizer of human remains and blood left behind. As such, she has a fondness for the House of Plants, and a contempt towards Hexxus due to being a dire threat to greenery.
  • Holds a role in the House of Prophecy because of her important role of foretelling doom. However she's far more seen in the House of War, where she often takes the form of a crow. She seems to be fond of Yousoke Otoha due to his heavy association with crows, along with the actual corvids of the Murkrow flock. Otoha would rather not attract her attention, what with the Morrigan being a dreaded Blood Knight goddess and all.

Intermediate Gods

    Asuna Karino/Poppy Pipopapo/Kamen Rider Poppy 
Poppy Pipopapo, Goddess of Alliterative Naming (Asuna Karino, Kamen Rider Poppy, Poppy Level X, DoReMiFa Beat, Toki Meki Crisis, Super High-School Level Caregiver, Super High-School Level Net Idol)
Left: Asuna Karino, Right: Poppy Pipopapo
Kamen Rider Poppy 
  • Intermediate Goddess, borderline Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The DoReMiFa Beat logo, the Kamen Rider Poppy symbol, and her Toki Meki Crisis Gashat
  • Theme Song: PEOPLE GAME, Real Heart
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, formerly Neutral Evil when brainwashed
  • Portfolio: Serious and Perky on a Dime, Badass Adorable, Badass Pacifist, Benevolent A.I., Girl Friday, Refusing hurt anyone just because she's a Bugster, Reverting to talking like Poppy when in "Asuna Mode", The Mom of the Doctor Riders, Love Themed Heroine, Peppering her speech with a number of "p-" syllables
  • Domains: Doctors, Nurses, Rhythm Games, Dating Sims, Computer Viruses, Pink, Mascots, Costumes, Singing, Slapstick, Love, Pacifism, Motherhood
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Emu Hojo, Hiiro Kagami, Taiga Hanaya, and Kiriya Kujo)
  • Enemies: Masamune Dan, SHOCKER, Nobuyuki Sugou, Junko Enoshima, Sark, CLU 2, Nurgle, Typhus, Master Control Program, Turbo/King Candy, Arfoire
  • Good Counterpart to: .GIFfany
  • Special Relationship: Kuroto Dan (her "son")
  • One day in the House of Gaming, one of its tenants noticed an rhythm game that wasn't present before and cautiously (because NOTHING was ever as it seems in the Pantheon) turned it on...which resulted in the videogame appearing and jumping out of the arcade and excitedly looking around her new surroundings. After the brief misunderstanding ended, the video game character was brought before the Courts where she had to introduce herself. The name given? Poppy Pipopapo. Taking a moment to take in so many "p"s, the Courts realized that this was the perfect opportunity to fill in an position that hasn't been really in their minds as of late, but now has the perfect candidate for it. After an certain amount of processing, Poppy was inducted into the Pantheon.
  • Poppy Pipopapo a.k.a. Asuna Karino is an official personnel from the Ministry of Health and the mascot character of the DoReMiFa Beat rhythm game and its Bugster. She serves as a navigator for the Riders in their battles against the Bugsters. She was originally planted in CR by Kuroto Dan as a means of gathering data on the Riders, but Parado gave Kuroto misinformation about how perfect Bugsters functioned meant he was also able to keep her there as the Bugster for DoReMiFa Beat, ensuring Kuroto could never complete Kamen Rider Chronicle on his own. After breaking the conditioning, Poppy continued to fight with her friends against the Bugster Virus claiming anymore victims.
  • Like from her home world, she is capable of switching between being her Poppy and Asuna personas at will whenever the situation calls for it - depending on which House she's in at the point and time.
  • Immediately after ascending, Poppy went to look and see if the other four Doctor Riders from her series have also ascended and was beyond pleased to find this was the case. Now they can actually find the time to play DoReMiFa Beat with her!
    • Her reaction to Kuroto Dan being in the Pantheon also was met with her chasing him with a Buggle driver. When explained many gods were unsure of their relationship as Poppy's original host was Kuroto's mother who succumbed to the Bugster virus giving Poppy her complete Bugster status, but as DoReMiFa Beat and by extension Poppy was created by Kuroto no one is 100% sure who between them is the parent and who is the child causing confusion.
  • Due to her nature as an benevolent computer virus, Poppy is clearly at odds with the Master Control Program, especially when he learned that she was originally programmed to be an enemy of humanity. MCP views her a malfunctioning being who needs to be reeducated at her true nature. Poppy, who has already defied that fate, swears she will use all of her power to resist him and his beliefs.
  • Since she IS officially an licensed caregiver, Asuna spends alot of her time at the House of Health and Diseases, helping where ever she can there.
  • As another video game brought into the real world itself, Poppy has found alot of kinship with Meteora, despite being so...peppy compared to the latter. And since Mereora has decided to stay in the real world, Asuna has been helping her get integrated properly and has been teaching her to live and thrive in modern day society.
  • Was VERY VERY enthusiastic to learn of and meet up with other good-natured video game characters from an arcade and was more than excited to get to know them in the Pantheon. Frequently, one can find Poppy playing inside of Fix-It Felix Jr, Sugar Rush, and Hero's Duty, and is very happy to allow Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun to join her in DoReMiFa Beat.
    • Unfortunately, Poppy's association with the four has lead to the ire Turbo/King Candy, whom she sees as a total jerk, in addition to acting too much like Kuroto.
  • Once in a while, Chiaki Nanami can be seen playing DoReMiFa Beat in the arcade, more often than not, with Poppy herself mirroring the controls being pressed in the game itself.
  • Being a nurse, Asuna naturally takes HIGH OFFENSE to Nurgle's very existence and way of life.
  • In an odd way of expressing and maintaining a friendship, Asuna and Karen Kohiruimaki hang out and do normal stuff together in the most average way possible while Poppy and LLENN get up in the most ridiculous of shenanigans possible. Sometimes, with Nico Saiba roping herself in!
  • Poppy Pipopapo is widely considered to be the good mirror to .GIFfany. Both are pink, bright, and colorful A.I.s with dating sim motifs, but with those similarities there, the differences are all the more glaring: .GIFfany has no benevolent intentions towards anyone; only wanting the player to herself, while Poppy honestly wants to spread her love for gaming and play DoReMiFa Beat with everyone. Normally, it would troublesome since .GIFfany usually doesn't have a body, making it difficult to physically fight her and catch up to her when she travels by jumping electronic to electronic, however, Poppy has shown the ability to travel between games and different gaming systems without trouble. So, when the day came for the two to encounter each other, .GIFfany took the time taunt Poppy about her uselessness and being just a pathetic set of codes pretending to be a nurse after malfunctioning and failing her purpose, Poppy simply went inside the hardware .GIFfany was in, Henshining before laying the smackdown.
    Poppy: Your po-pa-pi-pu-penality is deletion.
  • Has been helping out Compa with improving her nursing skills as who someone who, you know, didn't flunk out of school and has her license.
  • "Costume Change!"

    Kou Tokisaka 
Kou Tokisaka, God of Addressing People by First Names (Kou-kun)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Master Core symbol of his Soul Device.
  • Theme Song: Seize the Day, X.R.C., Beyond the Day-to-Day.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Celibate Hero, Chick Magnet, Deadpan Snarker, Expy of Rean Schwarzer, First-Name Basis, The Leader, Magic Knight, Ordinary High-School Student, Playing with Fire, Snark Knight, Stock Light-Novel Hero, The Stoic, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Whip Sword, Has Multiple Part-Time Jobs.
  • Domains: Average High-School Student, Good at Multi-Tasking, Amateur Soul Device Wielder, Fire, Greed Hunting.
  • Heralds: All non-ascended members of the X.R.C., Towa Kokonoe, Yukino.
  • Allies: Shiori Kurashiki, Asuka Hiiragi, Mitsuki Hokuto, Rion Kugayama, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, Asuna Yuuki, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (especially Joker), Kazuma Kiryu, Guts
  • Enemies: Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott
  • Wary of: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Mana Ouma.
  • Kou Tokisaka is a seemingly-average high school student who attends Morimiya Academy and has various part-time jobs to make ends meet while his parents are working overseas. His life changed when he saw his classmate Asuka Hiiragi being harassed by delinquents, who then gets suddenly drawn into a mysterious realm called the Eclipse where monsters called Greeds roam. He obtains his Soul Device; Raging Gear, from a mysterious light, which is a gauntlet equipped with an extendable Whip Sword. His Soul Device's default element is Fire, but it can control all the other elements (Spirit, Wind, Steel, and Shadow) if different Master Cores are equipped.
    • He also likes to address all people, regardless of affiliation, status, or relationship, with first names. Contradictory to belief, this was not how ascended into the Pantheon. Rather, he found a rather strange gate that looked unfamiliar from his home realm, and after entering it, ended up into the Pantheon. While reacting with confusion at first, he later managed to reunite with the ascended members of the X.R.C.
  • He gets along well with Kirito due to the fact that both share similar personalities and motivations. He also gets along well with Kirito's girlfriend Asuna who reminds him a lot of Asuka in a way. He even admits that he has mistaken Asuna for Asuka a couple of times because of their similar looks.
  • He has some mixed opinions about Mana Ouma. While he does sympathize with her due to the fact that she shares a similar tragic backstory and circumstance as his Childhood Friend Shiori, he's also thrown off by the fact that she exhibits some very disturbing obsessions towards her brother Shu, and is aware that she harbours the dangerous Apocalypse Virus. He's very cautious about approaching her.
  • He's on good terms with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts because both them and the Xanadu Research Club specialize in going into eldritch labyrinths to defeat monsters corrupting people inside. He's been getting along with their leader Joker, who's excellent skill sets and Persona make him a worthy ally to call upon whenever Greeds start invading the pantheon.
  • He can also be seen around the Pantheon taking multiple jobs, because during his time in his home realm, he worked for a temp job service to cope with the fact that Shiori was Dead All Along until her resurrection. Nowadays, he mostly does it whenever he's not busy with anything at the moment.
  • Gets along very well with Kazuma Kiryu, likely because he resembled a similar Yakuza thug named Eiji Gotou, who also happened to be a reasonable figure. That said, he did feel sorry for him upon learning that he faked his own death in order to not just prevent his family from being hurt, but also to protect the Secret of Onomichi from being leaked. That said, he's also helping him whenever he gets involved in affairs.
  • Alongside his friend Asuka and Mitsuki, Kou also considers Sir Isaac Westcott a major threat, since his goal of obtaining powers from Spirits will cause a disaster bigger than the equivalent of the Eclipse itself. Notably, this was one of the few cases where he actually takes this seriously; While he did face great threats such as the Twilight Apostle, he did laugh it off due to it not having a will and acting just like a mindless monster. Issac, on the other hand? The fact that he has an downright god complex has actually startled him. It became worse when he found out that he somehow stole Mio's powers to become a Spirit of Origin. Needless to say, he was certainly relieved but still terrified that he finally was killed off in the mortal realm... but with a smile.
  • Due to certain similarities such as the Eclipse and the Apostles, Kou has found some kinship with Guts, who also went through the Eclipse and has also fought Apostles in his life, though they were very different unlike the Apostles from Kou's world.
  • "...Jeez, and I just got done with work, too." - Kou, after learning that he has to deal with an unspecified situation again

    Yen Sid 
Yen Sid, God of Backwards Naming (Master Yen Sid, Sorcerer, Merlin the Magnificent, Yensid, Balthazar Blake)

Lesser Gods

    Min Min 
Min Min, Goddess of Repetitive Names (The Ramen Bomber)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A stylized "麺", the traditional Chinese character for noodles
  • Theme Music: Ramen Bowl
  • Alignment: Between True Neutral and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Chef of Iron, Anime Chinese Girl
  • Domains: Ramen, Combat
  • High Priest: Humbert Humbert
  • Allies: Chun-Li, Naruto Uzumaki, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Kafuu Chino, Maya Fey, Ryuji Sakamoto, Rin Hoshizora
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Chin
  • Min Min is the poster girl for Mintendo Noodle House, which is owned by her family and of which she is a chef for. She is also one of a handful of individuals who has the ability to utilize ARMS, which can stretch out someone’s arms to a greater-than-normal length and in this case, her arms are made of noodles. Of the ARMS she can use, they are Dragon (which can fire lasers and get stronger under certain conditions), Megawatt (a heavy and electric weapon), and Ramram (a ring that can curve its trajectory; of note is after putting Ramram and Min Min together, the end result sounds like Ram-Min Ram-Min).
  • As Min Min was getting ready to close up shop for a night, she noticed a letter on a table and upon opening it, noticed that there was free space available to open up a shop at a place far away from where she was. After resting up, Min Min decided to head out to where this “free space” was and after a couple days of travel, she arrived where the “free space” was and discovered that there was a brawl between some thugs over who gets ownership of it. Just as things started to get violent and the contest was at risk of getting canceled, Min Min’s ARMS abilities were put to use and the goons were taken out of the picture. As gratitude for getting things under control, Min Min was allowed that “free space” for the building, which ended up being a secondary Mintendo Noodle House and Min Min has spent some time in this Pantheon following it.
  • Following the establishment of a Mintendo Noodle House in the Pantheon, it ended up being a popular hang-out for those looking to have some ramen. Someone who regularly visits the place is Naruto Uzumaki, who has a very strong liking towards ramen. The two have had a few friendly sparring matches to hone their respective skills and while Min Min did fight against Ninjara, another ARMS user a few times, she finds Naruto to be a lot more adept in terms of combat capabilities. Of course, the two have worked together a few times whenever they’re ambushed during said sparring matches or if a nasty fight is about to break out at Mintendo Noodle House that could cause significant damage if left unchecked.
    • One other ramen-lover who frequents the place was Maya Fey, who considers the place to be one of her favorite restaurants to stop by in addition to burgers. Given how much Maya likes to eat in general (especially in regards to the aforementioned food), she’s hopeful that Mintendo Noodle House will add ramen burgers to their menu even if it’s very unlikely. Ryuji Sakamoto of the Phantom Thieves of Heart has also made a number of stops to the place and told Sojiro Sakura, who owns Cafe Leblanc, about it, prompting the latter to learn a bit about it. As far as potential competition is concerned, Sojiro isn’t too worried at that prospect given that he and Min Min have different types of restaurants (along with not holding anything against her as a person). The idea of selling curry ramen is something that’s likely to cross the mind of both Sojiro and Min Min at some point.
  • Min Min wasn’t the only deity who operated a business run by her own family. While Kafuu Chino was getting ready to open up Rabbit House for a day, she was getting a bit miffed that Hoto Cocoa wandered off again and as she looked for Cocoa, Chino found her inside Mintendo Noodle House. Chino then met Min Min and learned that not only was Min Min the face of that noodle house, but that said restaurant was family-owned. Following that meeting (and a few words towards Cocoa on not going around aimlessly again), Chino befriended Min Min given their dedication on keeping a family business afloat. Cocoa has even considered suggesting a cute Chinese animal as a supplementary mascot for the noodle house much like how Tippy, Chino’s pet Angora rabbit, is the face of Rabbit House, but that idea was quickly shot down by Chino.
  • As someone who has Chinese heritage, it didn’t take all that long for Min Min to find other Chinese deities in the Pantheon. One particularly good friend from China that he managed to make was Chun-Li, who was very combat-capable especially in regards to her kicks. While Min Min’s primary means of fighting comes from her ability to use ARMS, she is adept at kicking, even if it isn’t to the same extent as Chun-Li. Chun-Li has given Min Min a few tips on how to make her kicks more effective for the possibility that her ARMS aren’t enough for Min Min to defeat someone.
    • Unfortunately, Min Min ended up being a target of Chin solely because she is Chinese and he wants to make sure that everyone and everything related to China is annihilated. His crusade led him to Mintendo Noodle House where he proceeded to wreck the place until Min Min and a few combat-capable patrons drove him out. Min Min finds Chin to be too dangerous to be around and as a result of that incident, made him one of very few entities in the Pantheon to be banned from going anywhere near that noodle house. Of course, if Chin does attempt to cause a ruckus there again, then Min Min and anyone in the restaurant that can find won’t hesitate to kick him out again.
  • Even if Mintendo Noodle House can be considered a successful business, Min Min does harbor some resentment towards Ribbon Girl, an Idol Singer who was able to achieve success fairly quickly. It’s not really considered to be a crippling grudge by any means, though Min Min still doesn’t like it whenever she finds someone who achieves success very fast, especially if it’s through unsavory methods (methods that, as far as anyone is aware of, Ribbon Girl never tried to use), nor if someone is willing to use jealousy as an excuse to put others in danger. Having heard of others who have harbored resentment towards someone over success but have since put it to rest (as was the case with Hazel’s relation with Saffron), Min Min has given some thought on putting her resentment of Ribbon Girl behind, even if there’s uncertainty of if that will come to pass.
    • On the subject of idols, there’s a good number of them in the Pantheon and the majority of them have proven to be successful. Provided that those idols aren’t actively antagonistic, Min Min doesn’t really hold anything against them even if she’s a bit annoyed that there’s a lot of people trying to follow Ribbon Girl’s career path. One idol who took a liking towards Min Min was Rin Hoshizora after the latter visited the restaurant while on tour with the rest of μ's. Ramen is pretty much Rin’s favorite food and she was impressed with what Min Min makes and has been a regular customer since then.
  • She ended up being one of several characters (along with a few other ARMS users) to get caught in the crossfire of Galeem’s attack, rendering her a Spirit. Well after that incident ended, she ended up being a proper participant of the Smash tournament and her strongest attack has her summoning other ARMS users to attack other combatants before she finishes them off. While she is still annoyed about the whole incident related to Galeem and Dharkon (though she is more than willing to work with other Smash participants in stopping another rampage instigated by the abominations to get some payback on the two), Min Min was able to get some additional customers for the noodle house, with Kirby and Captain Falcon being some of them.
  • With her participating in a sport that amounts to long-range fantasized boxing, Min Min ended up finding out about the more normal variant of the sport thanks to watching some Pantheonic boxing matches that had Little Mac on TV in her restaurant. It came as a bit of a surprise at first for the WVBA boxers that Little Mac has fought against (and a few other boxers not associated with WVBA) to learn of a long-range boxing event, and even after getting accustomed to that idea, they still find it weird that such a thing exists. While long-range boxing events haven’t been fully set in stone in the Pantheon thus far, variants of basketball and volleyball have been established in the House of Sports, of which Min Min has sometimes participated in.

    The Original Robot Masters 
The Original Robot Masters, Sextet Gods of Trait And Gender Naming (Cut Man: DLN-003, Kung-Fu Cut Man, Cutsman, Chauncey, Kattoman, Guts Man: DLN-004, Gattsuman, Ice Man: DLN-005, Cadet And Officer, Aisuman, Bomb Man: DLN-006, Bomber Man, Fire Man: DLN-007, "Flame of Justice", Faiyaman, Elec Man: DLN-008, Erikiman)
Left to right: Cut Man, Guts Man (top row), Ice Man, Bomb Man (middle row), Fire Man, Elec Man (bottom row)

Yoshiko, Goddess of Disliking One's Birthname (Phonon [Always call her this], Chemeti)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her whip/pet, Meuniel
  • Theme Song: Sounds of Night Wind♪
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Jerkass Chuunibyou, Deconstructed Character Archetype, I Just Want to Be Special, EXS of Resonance: Baroque Noise, The Stoic until she isn't (which happens a lot), Prefers to be called Phonon, Empathic Weapon, Insufferable Overconfidence, Sadistic Dominatrix Wannabe
  • Domains: Sound, Whips, Chuunibyous, Fantasies, Selfishness
  • Herald: Nanase
  • Allies: Ranko Kanzaki, Rintarou Okabe, Jurai Andou, Megumin
  • Respects: Morrigan Aensland, Akasha the Queen of Pain, Ann Takamaki
  • Enemies: Hilda, Merkava, Carmine Prime, Amon, Copen
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Hyde Kido, The Xanadu Research Club (Kou Tokisaka and Asuka Hiiragi especially)
  • Imagination and fantasy isn't at all a bad thing, especially at a young age, but like all good things too much of it can quickly turn into a negative. More so if it doesn't subside when one gets older. Yosh-, er, um, Phonon is a young girl longing to be special and escaping from her perceived normal and uneventful life. After hearing rumors of living shadows and cases of people suddenly falling unconscious from encounters with them, she blindly jumps onto the idea of an opportunity to exit said life. This lead to her first encounter with a Void, one she barely escaped with her life, and ended up passing out from the sheer stress of it all. Not too long after that fateful night she gets scouted out by the Existence Force Guardians, a group comprised of another school's student council, who wish to help out their fellow students who have turned in In-Births themselves. Phonon agreed to join, but only did so for her own gain as to learn more about her new powers and the phenomenon of the Hollow Night itself, and after a month she ditched the EFG to become an unaffiliated In-Birth.
  • Phonon managed to ascend after getting into a fight with the Inspector regarding her name. She intended to be another follower to some god but the insistence that she present her real name set her off. Once the Court of Gods caught wind of this, they decided to invite her for that very reason as it connects to her disassociation with reality and her desire to live out her fantasies where she, like her curiosity with the Hollow Night, jumped right along with. Calling her "Yoshiko" is practically her Berserk Button. In fact she saw the Pantheon as something not too different from the Night in the end: "A special dimension that only the chosen can enter". Phonon would of liked that her reason for entry as a goddess to be cooler than that but she'll take what she can get. Godhood is godhood.
  • Her power is the EXS of Resonance: Baroque Noise. With it, she's able manipulate soundwaves which she uses in conjunction with her whip to either create projectiles or enhance her physical attacks, allowing Phonon to even break the sound barrier. Likely to make sure she doesn't get harmed by her own powers, Phonon wears headphones to protect her ears. This may or may not be also be representative of her loner nature. Combined with her whip, Meuniel, and she's basically a Long-Range Fighter. It's a weaponized fragment of a void, taking its form from Phonon's personality, and doubles as a cute talking snake that moos like a cow when it is not in use.
  • A Jerkass with a habit of wise-cracking she naturally didn't have that much friends back home and it is a mystery as to how Nanase is even good friends with Phonon given their conflicting personalities (Nanase herself is a brick-headed Tsundere, you see). She even attacked her in a fit of rage in one possible instance of the Hollow Knight at some point! Though that seems to be an isolated incident stemming from her Berserk Button as in other instances she's willing to have her tag along and mentor her given her role as her sempai. Setting aside she's as just as much of a newbie to the Night as Nanase. Not helping things is Nanase not wanting to shatter the fantasies the chuunibyou makes for herself, even going along with it after the instance when she attacked her just to make her sempai happy.
  • Phonon wasn't glad to meet Hyde again in the Pantheon, finding him an annoying idiotic dork after killing the cool atmosphere she put tried up when they first encountered each other. A bit of a disappointment considering his personality is a sharp contrast to his appearance. Hyde returns said feelings, and its not hard to see why. While we're here it would be worthwhile to note how they are Foils to each other. While Phonon wanted to be an In-Birth and her disposition is that of an edgelord and wants to distance herself from her normal life as much as possible, Hyde wasn't so happy with becoming who he is. As much as he's willing to help people out he in the end just wants to return to being a normal kid.
    • She also wasn't pleased to hear that Hilda was in the Pantheon, whom she originally sought out in order to help with her image before realizing that's a bad idea despite having meet with a former associate of Hilda's who specifically told her not to in the first place. While the Amnesia leader was pretty off her rocker by default, calling her an old lady right in front of her face to keep up her facade had only worsened things. Hilda still remembers that comment, by the way, and still wants to pay Phonon back for that. In spite of that, Phonon still thinks she's cool and someone worth looking up to. Considering how they're not so different in the end it may come as no surprise. The Chemeti displays similar distaste towards the likes of Merkava and Carmine like so many other denizens of the Night before her.
  • Despite her haughtiness, Phonon has actually been genuinely friendly towards the idol Ranko Kanzaki despite being a lot nicer person than the In-Birth. Chuuni stick together is our guess, and she's apparently more forgiving towards her Adorkableness in comparison to Hyde. Though the time where she along with many idols got transported to Sky World and actually gained powers might have helped things. That wonderful thrill of finally being able to live out ones "true self" as Phonon puts it? She gets that, not a lot of people do.
    • And speaking of chuunibyou, through Ranko she managed to also befriend the likes of Rintarou Okabe, Jurai Andou, and Megumin. Quite the odd, merry band they have going on. Now they have a "Domineering S&M Queen" in their midst.
  • She was quite the imaginative storywriter in her younger years and even a fan of magical girls, which likely gave rise to her motivations latter down the line. As a person with actual powers now she aims to grow pass them and for that Phonon is looking for cool people to follow. That encounter with Hilda turned out to be a bust, but the Pantheon has so many more individuals to scout for and look up to. For one, there's Morrigan Aensland whom she heard about when a multitude of people have commented on how she reminds them of the succubi due to her color scheme. Aside from her there's also Akasha as well as Ann Takamaki.
    • Having said all that she's too intimidated to confront any of them save for Ann. As far as how her relationship with the Phantom Thief goes while they do choose to idolize the sort of villainous characters, Ann thinks Yosh- ahem, Phonon takes it way too far by going for the genuine article. That, and she tries way too hard on that attempted S&M queen persona. The two have their bickering, but it usually doesn't go any further than that. Not after that one time where they did fight and got stuck on each other's whips and had to be untied by G36 after blundering into her while they were still tied up.
  • While wandering the Pantheon she initially mistook the members of Xanadu Research Club for the EFG catching up with her though was quickly corrected when she initially confronted them. Even so, she had to admit they weren't far off the basic descriptor of a group comprised of students that banded together thanks to some supernatural phenomena. In any case, they're a goodie-two shoes group like them but since none of them have any affiliations with the EFG Phonon has no further interest in them. That, and she didn't want to put up with Kou Tokisaka's First-Name Basis. On the XRC's end they cannot help but be concerned by her notorious overconfidence when it comes to the Hollow Night and wouldn't place it above her to get cocky when it comes to the Greeds they've faced. Of them, Asuka Hiiragi seems to be most bothered by that conclusion as she is somewhat reminded of the situation when it came to them encountering the Grim Greed and she tried taking on it by herself, thinking it's too much for the rest of them, only to pay for it dearly by being captured.
  • The thought of being a normal girl is horrible enough to Phonon that she only discarded it when her life was in danger by the Void from long ago. It's just that bad of a situation to her. When it had turned out she gained powers in that whole debacle she quickly went back to her usual self, completely ignoring any sort of epiphany or lesson that could of been gained by the experience. Thus, when she heard that Amon and Copen Kamizono are capable of disabling people's abilities she was genuinely terrified of them and is working. Though her fears are far from unfounded the two seem be more concerned with more persistent threats. Namely each other, for one.
  • Though she hold the title of hating one's own birth name it would be silly to think she's the only one with that sort of problem. Setsuna F. Seiei and and Celestia Ludenberg are also not at all fond their own names. Having said that Setsuna thinks Phonon's reasons for doing so and violent reactions are much more ridiculous compared to his own. Calling him Soran Ibrahim comes with the not-so great connections to his days as a young terrorist under the will of Ali al-Saachez, but even his reactions are moreso anger or shock rather than full on violence. As for Celestia, she chides Phonon for the lack of elegance on display and should at the very least improve on that front. This is of course ignoring that the Ultimate Gambler herself can get quite nasty in her anger once pressed sufficiently, especially if it pertains to her past as a plain girl. In that sense, she's not too dissimilar from Phonon in that regard. It's just that Phonon is all too eager to use Meuniel should it come to that.
  • "I guess I'm kind of like those heroines who awaken to special powers one day. I'm an In-Birth, or whatever they're called... Might as well use these cool powers for my own benefit."

Rumpelstiltskin, God Of Withholding His True Name
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Golden hay wrapped around in a cone
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Likely a Faerie, Deal with the Devil, Withholds His Name, ultimately beaten by Exact Eavesdropping to Reveal His True Name
  • Domains: Law, Evil, Rage, Language
  • Allies: Beetlejuice
  • Enemies: Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Puss n Boots, Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Opposes: Billy and Mandy
  • Opposed by: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Ruby Rose, The Magic Mirror
  • Neutral Opinion on: The Muppets
  • News of Rumpelstiltskin arrival came from Billy, one of the few people in the Pantheon who didn't know how to deal with him. Mandy and Grimm made short work of that puzzle, and Rumpelstiltskin tried to convince the Court of the Gods to retract his name from the minds of those who knew. His plea was swiftly rejected. Now, he targets people who do not know of him and are too scared to ask for help.
    • His story is one of ulterior motives. He agreed to help a woman to make gold out of straw... for the condition of claiming her first born. It seemed like things would go as planned, but his arrogance convinced him to give her one chance. All she had to do was to say his name... one he had never previously given her. Again, his arrogance did him in when he proclaimed his name in the forest... right when one of the woman's spies were spying on him. Once the gig was up, he went in such a rage that no one can truly say what happened to him in the end. Some say he ripped himself in half. Other said he stomped his way all the way to Hell.
  • Shrek and his friends were on high alert upon his ascension. They knew Rumpelstiltskin still holds a grudge for robbing him of a deal with Fiona's parents. Indeed, the magical being tried to goad Shrek into wishing away his existence. This time, the ogre responded by punting him out of his swamp. One can expect Rumpelstiltskin to wait for an opportunity for Shrek to slip up.
  • Some theorize that Rumpelstiltskin is associated with dwarves. That theory isn't supported by any of the dwarven deities as all of them have disassociated themselves with the short man. Rumpelstiltskin does not care one bit, claiming jealousy at the fact that he can create gold, a feat no dwarf has done before.
  • Courage was not happy with his ascension. He already had to deal with a version of him in Scotland named Rumpelstiltskin. While that version became more friendly once he knew his name, this one has no intention of losing gracefully.
  • The Muppets were happy to remind others of the story of Rumpelstiltskin. Gonzo himself even reprised the role of the dwarf. As far as performances go... Rumelstiltskin thought it was pretty decent. It at least let him off better than most other stories.
  • Turns out another fiend gave some people a similar challenge to say their name in order to win. Beetlejuice made sure that the only way to beat him was to say his name three times. The poltergeist didn't starting things on the right foot, saying the dwarf shouldn't have said his name in song form. But it didn't take long for the two to bond. Both hand magical powers and loved to use them in mischievious ways.
  • In one reality, he used the Magic Mirror to go to a world without magic in order to conquer it. He did this all while antagonizing Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood in the process. The women already had a low opinion on him (Rapunzel especially since she lived through what Rumpelstiltskin could have done with the queen's baby), but this stunt was enough for all of them to put him on their shit list.
    • The Magic Mirror didn't take too kindly the idea of becoming a conduit between the fairy tale world and the real world. With that said, he sees Rumpelstiltskin at the middle of the road in terms of evil beings he had to deal with. Worse than the Evil Queen but not as bad as Lord Faruqaad.

    The Voice inside your Head 
The Voice Inside your Head, Deity of Not Needing Names (Gay Mexican-Ass in my Ass)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Himself. He doesn't really need symbols
  • Theme Song: P-R-O-G-R-A-M
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, but believes himself to be Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Arc Villain, Back from the Dead, Came Back Strong, Evil Brit, Knight of Cerebus
  • Domains: Rips, Channels, Extermination, Reboot
  • Allies: Yathzee, Filthy Frank
  • Enemies: SiIvaGunner, Chad Warden, μ's, All ascended deities from The Idolmaster, Inspector Gadget
  • Respects: All ascended deities of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Oppose: Anime in general, as well as Otakus and Weeaboos.
  • The entity behind the Reboot, The Voice inside your Head seemingly took over SiIvaGunner's channel with one particular goal in mind, delete Snow Halation from existance. While his plans ultimately were foiled by Chad Warden after he sacrificed himself using the power of the MF Like Button, the Voice resurfaced during Christmas, his resurrection apparently caused by none other than Wood Man.
  • The Voice seeks to destroy all anime as he considers it "Weeaboo anime bullshit" and after he returned during the Christmas Comeback Crisis, he put his plan in motion. Now that he is here in the pantheon, the targets he has to exterminate has increased by a lot but he is determined to follow through his plans.
  • He wasn't happy to learn that Chad Warden was already present before he came along, but the voice tried to negotiate a deal with Chad. It failed horribly, as Chad kept calling him Gay Mexican-Ass in my Ass and calling him other names, so he will have his revenge by other methods if necessary.
  • He hates μ's with a passion and they were primarely the reason he caused the reboot in SiIva's channel. In the reboot universe he replaced the "Snow Halation" rips with "GO MY WAY!" instead. But the latter aren't to his liking either, since he publicly executed the Cinderella girls as a warning to his enemies.
  • Believe or not, the only one exempt of his wrath are the ascended cast of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure since he doesn't consider them anime, but "Manime". Said characters have no strong opinions on the voice, but they aren't fond of him either.
  • He was the one that created Wood Man in the SiIvaverse, mostly so the Voice would stay alive thanks to Wood Man's will. However, Wood Man eventually left the Voice's command and now hunts superheroes with Robbie Rotten
  • Sometime after the Christmas Comeback Crisis, the Voice was overthrown by none other than Inspector Gadget with little effort. Obviously he hates the inspector after what happened, but it's not sure if the ascended Gadget is the same one that actually attacked him.
  • In his crusade against anime, he found an unlikely ally in Filthy Frank who also got to deal with a lot of weeaboos himself. Although Frank keeps their relation casual, since he finds the voice to be a weirdo.
  • Was once caught singing "GO MY WAY", which prompted other deities to call him in a Hypocrite given his hate for anime. He has yet to respond.
  • Really loves pizza, to an unhealthy extent.


    Maki Harukawa 
Maki Harukawa, Goddess of Friendly Address Privileges (Maki Roll, Harumaki, Super High School Level Nursery School Teacher, Ultimate Child Caregiver, Super High School Level Assassin, Ultimate Assassin)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her hair scrunchies
  • Theme Music: Heartless Journey, Almost Hell Heaven
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, before becoming Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Gets called "Maki Roll" by Kaito, which she initially dislikes before she comes to accept and like it, Fire-Forged Friends with Kaito and Shuichi, Friend to All Children despite claiming to hate children, Professional Killer, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Assassins, Caretakers, Love, Nicknames
  • Allies: All good Danganronpa deities, including Shuichi Saihara, Kaede Akamatsu, Kyoko Kirigiri, Aoi Asahina, Sakura Ogami, Chihiro Fujisaki, Chiaki Nanami, Toko Fukawa/Genocide Jill, Most members of the Brotherhood of Assassins, Gunvolt, Yoruka Kirihime, Yu Narukami, Nanako Dojima, Killua Zoldyck, Dorothy Haze, Night Raid, Koro-Sensei
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima, Tsumigi Shirogane, Monaca Towa, Vicky, Dolores Umbridge, Alessi, Rhoda Penmark, Eric Cartman, Hansel and Gretel, Yuuki Terumi, Joker
  • Rivals: Mandy
  • Dislikes: Kokichi Oma
  • Wary of: Laetitia
  • Adored by: All child deities in the Pantheon (except for the most evil), especially the House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Sympathetic to: The Delightful Children From Down The Lane
  • Maki was the V3 Killing Game participants, ironically bearing the tile of "Ultimate Child Caregiver" despite being a Child Hater due to children at the orphanage adoring her. It later turns out she's actually the Ultimate Assassin, and while she initially acted cold towards everyone, she begins to warm up to some of her fellow students, especially Kaito Momota. She ends up being one of the three survivors of the Killing Game alongside Shuichi and Himiko.
  • Maki would be invited to the Pantheon due to the gods taking interest in how she came to accept Kaito's nickname for her. Maki finds it a little embarrassing and would rather let Kaito call her that. While she's disappointed that Kaito hasn't ascended yet, she still accepts her invitation due to Shuichi being present in the Pantheon, and is willing to wait as long as it takes for Kaito to ascend.
    • Maki, now having becoming a kinder person after making friends in the Killing Game, begins to interact with the other deities from her universe. While she still talks mainly with Shuichi since he and Kaito were the people she spoke with the most, she does manage to interact with other people. When Maki expresses some surprise when some of them eagerly accept her as a friend despite her talent, they all point out that Toko Fukawa has a split-personality as a serial killer, not to mention some of them aren't exactly innocent themselves.
    • Kaede, though surprised to learn that Maki is actually the Ultimate Assassin, still accepts her as a friend, while Maki slowly builds a friendship with the Ultimate Pianist due to being moved by her kindness and acceptance. The two tend to meet in their spare time, engaging in conversation as they get to know each other.
    • Tends to spar with Sakura Oogami on some occasions, being one of the most athletic girls in among her classmates. Although, Maki states she isn't really interested in fighting all that much.
    • Once teamed up with Genocide Jill during a sports festival, mainly because of how unpredictable she is. On the other hand though, Maki does seem disturbed by Jill's insanity, as well as her lust for Byakuya Togami.
    • Aoi Asahina likes to hang out with Maki and play sports with her while also eating snacks with her (especially donuts unsurprisingly). While Maki did get roped into it once, she admits she actually enjoyed it. Kyoko also hung out with the two girls, so she and Maki are also on civil terms.
    • Chiaki Nanami (both the AI and the human) introduced Maki to video games and suggested she try playing them with the children. They generally play First-Person Shooters.
    • Chihiro Fujisaki came to see Maki as a supporting figure, not only because she helped him when it came to burying a dead bird, but also because they came to an understanding over their secrets. The two quickly learned the other's secret in the Pantheon (Maki being the Ultimate Assassin, Chihiro being male), but neither ended up judging the other.
    • Maki has nothing but utter contempt for Junko and Tsumigi Shirogane for the Deadly Games they put their fellow classmates through. Maki has experience in dealing with Shirogane and promises to stop her and Junko for the sake of her new friends.
      • Because of her experience with Hope Crushers, Maki has become enemies naturally with the likes of Terumi and Joker, both of whom enjoy breaking people's hopes and driving them to despair. Since Terumi gets from his enemies hatred of him, Maki decides to get rid of her emotions entirely when fighting him, turning her into an apathetic killing machine. This also helps her in dealing with Joker, who can't break her due to her apathy, though he has managed to break her stoic attitude by reminding her of Kaito.
    • While Maki claims to dislike children despite them liking her, a lot of people in the Pantheon seemed to doubt such a claim, just like Kaito. However, this truly does seem to be case for Monaca Towa, considering how she brainwashed other children and had them kill people around them, even going so far as to attempt to manipulate Komaru into killing them all and potentially starting a war. Maki finds this young girl truly rotten to the core, finding her actions towards both children and adults outright atrocious.
    • To say Maki is less than fond to reunite with Kokichi in the Pantheon is a huge Understatement. He was the one who revealed her true talent to everyone in the Killing Game, and constantly antagonized her throughout it. Maki still has utter hatred for him, even if his actions did contribute to stopping the Killing Game, all the while Kokichi still messes with her occasionally.
  • Other assassins in the Pantheon have taken an interest in Maki's skills. The members of the Brotherhood of Assassins have offered Maki a place amongst their order. Maki is honored, but has turned it down due to feeling she needs to help her friends right now. Yoruka Kirihime, despite being different to Maki in personality, also fell in love with someone who treated her with kindness, so the two form an Odd Friendship with each other. Gunvolt's personality can be described as the opposite of Maki's initial demeanor, but the two also become good friends, with Gunvolt also showing pride in Maki growing beyond her solitude and actually finding friends. Night Raid's friendship with each other reminds Maki of her friends, and while she does decline the offer to join their group, she does become an Honorary True Companion to them. Especially with Mine due to their initial attitudes towards their Love Interests before falling in love with them. Koro-Sensei, despite his eccentrics, was once one of the best assassins of his time and even trained an entire class of high school students to be assassins. Maki finds his behavior bizarre, she is honored to meet him and also surprised that the skills of assassins can actually be used in a beneficial way.
  • Maki's well-liked by children in general, despite her claims of hating them. This seems to stem from the fact she had to look after the children at the orphanage she once lived at. Just like in the mortal world, Maki is adored by children in the Pantheon as well. Despite her claims of being annoyed, the other deities don't seem to buy it at all, especially not her friends from her world.
    • Nanako finds Maki to be a supporting figure despite the latter's attempts to act cold to her, which isn't helped by the fact she still looks out for the girl's well-being and gives her sound advice. This earned her the friendship of Yu Narukami and the Investigation Team, all of whom look out for Nanako and happily accept Maki as a friend.
    • Maki is downright shocked and concerned by Baby Bink's fearlessness and tendency to get into trouble without actually getting harmed. Maki is unamused by Baby Bink's tendency to disappear the moment she takes her eyes off him for a second, forcing her to go to great lengths to find him. Kaede, Shuichi, and Tenko are willing to help Maki with keeping Baby Bink safe, even if they tend to meet the same misfortune as her.
    • Seems to get along the most with Momo Isshiki, most likely due to how she's the most mature child she's ever met. Maki and Momo admit that while they both find the people they care about the most a handful, they will still be there for them no matter what. They both respect each other for this.
  • Despite claiming to not like children, even Maki is disgusted with grown ups and adults who abuse children. Some of the most notable include:
    • Vicky for being a cruel and barbaric babysitter. It's gotten to the point where Maki ends up protecting children from her, with Vicky actually feeling fear towards the assassin's killing intent and staying away from her.
    • Agatha Trunchbull for being a Sadist Teacher. Just like Vicky, Agatha has learned to fear Maki's killing intent and see her as The Dreaded.
    • Alessi had assaulted a few children in the Pantheon. When Maki immediately fought him in defense of those children, Alessi tried to de-age Maki to make her an easier opponent to fight. But just like with Jotaro, Maki showed that even as a child, she still manages to knock him to ground with ease, since she started her assassin training when she was very young.
    • Dolores Umbridge probably fears Maki, especially after the latter learned of how she used the blood quill on Harry and a few other students. Feeling her presence is the one of the two things that will elicit an Oh, Crap! from Umbridge, the other being the sound of horse galloping.
  • Dorothy Haze and Maki form a surprising friendship due to how they're a friend to children (even if Maki claims otherwise). Just like everyone else, Dorothy doesn't believe Maki's claim of being a Child Hater, stating that children had to like her for a reason, not to mention she went out of her way to take care of them even though she didn't have to. While Maki still denies this, she does admit Dorothy does provide good company.
  • While she isn't the type to show fear, Maki is rather wary of Laetitia. Her Deadly Pranks, even if they aren't done out of malice, make her a very dangerous threat to her, so Maki prefers to stay away from no matter what.
  • Maki is surprised to find out how much she has in common with Killua, since they were trained to be assassins at a young age, but eventually found friends that brought out the best in them. This is probably why Killua and Maki are able to form a quick friendship with each other, with Killua and Maki helping each other with their personal problems.
  • Besides Monaca, Maki has interacted with several vile children in the Pantheon. Many of those evil children, such as Rhoda Penmark and Eric Cartman, have felt Maki's killing intent and have learned to fear her as a result. Hansel and Gretel are far too Ax-Crazy to care, which naturally makes them Too Dumb to Live. The Delightful Children From Down The Lane are perhaps the only evil kids Maki feels sympathy for after learning of their circumstances.
    • Mandy shows many similarities to Maki in personality, such as her aloofness and seriousness, but Maki has learned to care for her friends. Mandy only rarely shows good intentions, but mostly hasn't changed at all. Maki has formed an intense rivarly with Mandy due to their similarities as a result.


    Takao and Funabori 
Takao and Funabori, the Goddesses Known by Only One Name (Takao: Boobs Mcgee, Legendary Boob Crusher; Funabori: Fujou Academy's #1 Future Housewife)
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