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Created so as to give room for the other sub-houses of Love, this house is home to those who incite feeling desire, love, affection and/or lust. Most gods associate it with the Lust sub-houses, which in part comes from many of its members being former members of that House. However, attracting others sexually is just one aspect of the House. Dating sims and romance tips can be found strewn over the place, the former of which Keima Katsuragi is in charge of.

Naturally, it is a very attractive and popular sub-house, with gods often visiting to win the favor over some of the gods here. However, they do not take kindly to those who do evil to win them over, and do not permit fights inside this sub-house over them. It doesn't stop them competing for one another on who's the best though. Those who have a bad time trying to get a date like Zapp Brannigan are rather bitter at the new sub-house.

As the living embodiment of desire and taking the form of whatever someone finds attractive, Desire of the Endless serves as the leader of the House. As with all Endless, it'd be incredibly unwise to anger them. Is trying to keep asexual and celibate gods out of the sub-house.

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    Desire of the Endless 
Desire of the Endless, Deity of Attractive Hermaphrodites

Greater Gods

Cereza, Goddess of Seducing Viewing (Bayonetta, The Famed Witch, Umbra Witch, Monkey Witch, Cerezita (by Luka Redgrave), Arch-Eve, The Witch of Genesis, The Witch in Remembrance, The Witch with Discerning Eyes, The Blooming Witch)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Madama Butterfly's silhouette with a glowing red left eye, superimposed over the Umbran symbol
  • Theme Songs: Mysterious Destiny, Tomorrow is Mine, Al Fine (Whispers of Destiny)
  • Weapons: Colour My World, Love is Blue, and Scarborough Fair, four handguns dual-wielded and used on her heels
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with shades of Chaotic Good on a good day
  • Portfolio: Hot Librarian, Hot Witch, British Accents, Guns Akimbo, Being covered with nothing but hairs which looks like leather, Mama Bear, Dance Battler, Surprisingly chummy with children, Having a bone-dry wit, Heroic but sadistic Lady of Black Magic
  • Domains: Love, Lust, Beauty, Battle, Magic, Witchcraft
  • Heralds: Madama Butterfly (her summon), Luka Redgrave/Strider (her husband), and Viola (her daughter)
  • Allies: Jeanne, Loki, Rodin, Queen Sheba, Father Balder (her father, formerly thought of as an enemy), Akeno Himejima, Dante Sparda, Millia Rage, Jack Cayman, Big Bull, Blacker Baron, Kuroka, Rias Gremory, Lady Gaga, Mondo Zappa, Rick Taylor and The Terror Mask, Ryouna, Sonic the Hedgehog, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Lena Oxton/Tracer, Boa Hancock, Shantae (sort of), Trish (sort of), Lady, Kat (DmC), Ren Amamiya/Phantom Thief Joker, The Emperor of Mankind, Sparda
  • Odd Friendship: Pit
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Koneko Toujou (one-sided on the latter part), Lucas
  • Enemies: Loptr, Jubileus the Creator (her father's corrupters), Maximillian Caxton, Mundus, David Zappa, Enrico Pucci, Raynare, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
  • Conflicted on: Nine the Phantom
  • Opposes: Vergil
  • After five hundred years of being sealed away without her memories, a woman woke up in Europe with vast skills and powers revolving around magical gunplay, martial arts, and a demonic aide called Madama Butterfly. Going by the name of Bayonetta, she went out seeking to discover her identity while taking down every angel of Paradiso that was seemingly carved out of marble to try to take her down. She discovered that not only was she, in fact, an Umbra Witch, a member of an ancient magical clan dedicated to protecting the world's sacred darkness, she was the offspring of an Umbra Witch mother and a father that belonged to the light-based clan called the Lumen Sages — a union which led to the destruction of both of their clans and resulted in her being sealed away and her memories wiped out for her own protection, including those of her original name, Cereza. Oh, and that demonic aide? Their contract together is the source of Bayonetta's powers.
  • She is such a formidable fighter, much stronger than her position would indicate, that she was actually considered to join the House of War or the House of Combat. However, contrary to her bloody origin and training, Bayonetta is also an outrageously carefree person who handles the angels sent after her with a mixture of playful sadism, camp, and sheer joy, all while remaining untouched by the carnage and ruin around her. Because of this, her ally and fellow Stylish Action game character Dante Sparda suggested that this is where she most belonged, and she'd give the House of Love a powerful defender if it were ever threatened. Bayonetta accepted the suggestion with a smile, a wink and a lick of a lollipop. Many gods were taking cold showers for a while after this. This combination of pure sexiness and badass power results in everyone capable of getting aroused doing so whenever Bayonetta walks, talks or fights. No exceptions.
  • Many have thought she is Dante's long lost sister, but Bayonetta denies any claims of descendant from Sparda. She also has a very friendly relationship with Dante which would be… awkward if they were siblings. Although considering it's rumored that Dante's mother was also an Umbra Witch and Madama Butterfly carries a very similar appearance to Sparda in his true demon form, there might at least be some connection between the two families…
  • Has found a kindred spirit in Akeno Himejima, who looks upon her as a mentor. Bayonetta is often shown teaching Akeno some of her dances, and sometimes they share ideas for 'punishments' against their foes. Moreover, Bayonetta often teases Issei Hyodo, and Akeno, who is one of his haremettes, usually joins her, since she finds her beloved's reactions to be very amusing. Furthermore, Bayo is openly encouraging Akeno to become Issei's mistress.
    • The same thing can't be said, however, for Koneko Toujou, who, given her dislike for perverted things, thoroughly dislikes Bayonetta. When the chips are down, she will try to help, albeit reluctantly. However, Koneko did admit that Bayonetta reminds her a bit of Kuroka, her older sister. As a matter of fact, Bayonetta befriended Kuroka when she ascended — even if that came to Koneko's own annoyance. The fact that Issei's other haremettes — Rias, Asia, Xenovia, and Irina — have all decided to attend the Umbra Witch's lessons alongside Akeno only makes things harder for the young Nekomata, who hesitantly decided to attend the Umbra Witch's lessons as well.
  • Many Goddesses of the Pantheon are still trying to find a way to replicate her hair, but none has succeeded so far. Considering the magical properties of her hair, this is not surprising. What did surprise people, though, was seeing that she cut her hair short prior to the battles with the Masked Lumen. She stated that she just wanted to reinvent herself.
  • The antagonist of her first adventure turned out to be Cereza's own father, trying to steal her Left Eye of Darkness in order to fuse it with his Right Eye of Light so he could bring back Jubileus, the creator dea served by the Lumen Sages. Having to defeat both Balder and Jubileus was a tough fight, but rekindling her lost friendship with Jeanne and summoning Queen Sheba, were both key aides in accomplishing the task. This would ultimately lead to Jubileus and Queen Sheba gaining Pantheonic seats in the same temple, still very much at odds with each other, as well as Bayonetta herself pulling strings to the effect of getting Jeanne ascended. She was the one who suggested that Jeanne could take the position of being the Goddess of Mirror Bosses, as well as fought Jeanne before the Court of the Gods in a very impressive test battle to prove it.
  • Through dealing with the chaos on Fimbulventr, she discovered that Balder was not responsible for his crimes but was, in fact, being controlled by an entity known as Loptr, whose soul is trapped within Balder's body. Bayonetta has gone on a quest since, looking for a way to separate Loptr from Balder to free her father from evil. Rick has offered a hand to help her to free her father as he understands quite well what he's going through. Just look at what happened to his girlfriend! The aforementioned Akeno has also pledged her support for Bayo for this cause: she's no stranger from the drama of dealing with issues regarding her father.
  • To the surprise of, well, EVERYONE, herself included, she was selected by Master Hand to be the final invited participant to one of the Smash Bros. events.
    • She took to the tournament wielding both of her trademark gun sets, Love is Blue and Scarborough Fair, which Rodin had modified to tone down her combat abilities so that no one could get super aroused by her naked body. Despite this, when she first showed up, she was so overpowered that the rest of the cast demanded that Master Hand Nerf Bayonetta. Even then, she was still very powerful, though not to Meta Knight's levels.
    • During the tournament, her "If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum!" taunt has become notorious among the roster, since a third of them have Missing Mom syndrome. Lucas has been especially scared of fighting her because of this.
    • She also finally met the leader of the Phantom Thieves after several people noted that there was a resemblance between the two, resulting in a rumor that he was her son from an alternate realm of reality. This wasn't her first rodeo with "alternate-reality son" rumors, although it was more or less in good fun compared to another one which had been previously investigated for awhile before being quietly dropped. While both of them were somewhat annoyed by this, they were more or less pleased with each other's company, gaining a healthy respect for each other for their great deeds.
  • The question of whether Dante or Bayonetta is the superior fighter was hotly debated for quite a while amongst the denizens of the Pantheon and was finally answered with a heated Death Battle. For the first time in the contest's history, their allies Trish and Jeanne invited themselves in and assisted their partners before eventually splitting off to clash with one another. The winner turned out to be Dante: the demon hunter edged out the witch in pretty much every regard, ultimately skewering her and blowing her up. Thankfully, being reduced to Ludicrous Gibs only lasted a couple minutes. Despite this, she was rather sulky, quietly leaving to blow off some steam on a small army of angels while still physically sore from the after effects. During this, her grumblings revealed she also takes a bit of offense at Boomstick calling her a "Monkey Witch". This also closed off the idea of the two ever being together seriously well before she finally accepted Luka, something which Dante confirmed immediately after being asked about it. His reasons for meeting the news rather morosely have nothing to do with any idea that he "missed his shot" with the witch.
  • In an attempt to improve her arsenal even further, Bayonetta has made trips to the House of Demons. While she has yet to successfully make a contract with any of them (to the relief of the rest of the Pantheon), she has become quite friendly with the Aensland sisters.
  • Was once ambushed by the mercenary gunmen Reaper and Deathstroke, who'd teamed up to collect a bounty that had been placed on her head. While she and Madama Butterfly were able to hold them at bay, Slade and Reaper still managed to close in ever so slightly...until another stylish woman with an English accent started zipping around and shooting at them from several angles, which eventually irritated the two into calling a retreat. Learning that this woman was the famous Tracer people were comparing to her, she struck up a conversation about the source of Tracer's abilities, and the two became fast friends, each liking the other's style.
  • While visiting Rodin, she was encountered by Lady, who decided to go see the weapons dealer herself after hearing of him through tales of Bayonetta's exploits. The two women traded stories, and Lady related to Bayo's issues with Father Balder because she too had to put down her father to stop his evil ambitions. While Lady understands Bayonetta's situation with Loptr controlling Balder since she thought Vergil was doing something similar with Arkham, she still can't condone a father being treasonous and evil.
    • Bayonetta and Lady's conversation turned to the issue of Dante and his brother Vergil, and through that, they ended up mentioning a witch called Kat who herself has issues with both fathers and demons who's been seen around the two brothers. Finding her, the two discovered her story and empathized with her both for her world being completely overrun by a demonic conspiracy and for her having to kill her demonic stepfather with the help of her counterpart to Vergil, which lead to her joining his Order against the banker Kyle Ryder, who was actually that world's Mundus.
    • On that note, she was already aware of Vergil's rivalry with Jeanne, and the rumors of Jeanne being the mother of Vergil's son Nero. Learning that Kat's Vergil ultimately manipulated both Kat herself and his own brother in order to take Ryder's throne for himself rather than truly free humanity did not do Bayonetta's opinion of the Dark Slayer any favors, especially when Lady herself bitterly recounted that the real Vergil had ripped off his own son's Devil Arm and created a monster out of himself which went on to destroy his and Dante's own hometown with a demonic portal, all out of desperation to heal up from his injuries and get strong enough to beat Dante.
  • Desiring to free Father Balder from the evil of Loptr, she inquired with the Court of the Gods as to why Loptr was around undetected. The ensuing investigation revealed that Aesir had reached the Pantheon eons ago, thus giving his halves access as well. She asked for Loki to be brought into the Pantheon as a result, which was granted. Thus, the two embarked on a plan. Loki took the Left Eye of Darkness back from Bayonetta, drawing the corrupted Balder into a fight to steal the Left Eye from him. However, backing Loki was Bayonetta and Jeanne, Lady and Trish on a Devil May Cry commission, Rick Taylor, Akeno Himejima, and Phantom Thief Joker all fulfilling a promise to help her free Balder. This was the plan. Trish and Akeno irritated Balder with their lightning attacks and survival/defense skills, occasionally assisted by Rick intercepting and throwing Balder mid-move and Lady providing some well-timed gunplay, all of which provided openings for the Umbra Witches to attack him and actually do damage. Eventually, Loptr had enough, throwing the lion's share of his power into a final assault on Loki; however, with a rocket launched from Lady's Kalina Ann weapon, Joker working his craft while hidden in the Metaverse, and some Umbra magic on the part of herself and Jeanne, Bayonetta was finally able to eject Loptr from her father's soul, at which point Loki begrudgingly forced Loptr to fuse back with him into Aesir, officially exposing the God of Chaos in the Pantheon.
    • In the end, Balder was freed and Loptr was not, and her father promptly demonstrated his gratitude to everyone involved as well as resumed his expression of belief in humanity's best shot. This included accompanying her on her next visit to the Occult Research Club in hopes of striking a deal to help them. Not too long afterward, her father encountered some truly good members of the Hall of Angels who used their influence with the Court of the Gods to press a case and have her mummy Rosa revived and brought in as daddy's Herald. Being reunited with both her parents in the Pantheon, she finally cried Tears of Joy. Also got to laugh a bit at Dante's jealousy on the matter, as the best he could do as far as reuniting family was to settle on a straightforward no-bullshit rivalry with his brother...
    • least, until Sparda, finally, miraculously, turned up ascended in the Pantheon after decades of having gone missing and being presumed dead, and with the Court of the Gods' approval used the power of their contract to bring Eva with him as his Herald. As shocked as she was to see him, Sparda was also pleasantly surprised at seeing two more surviving Umbra Witches in her and Jeanne, believing that his wife had been their Sole Survivor. Both Bayonetta and Jeanne requested a contract with him, but he politely declined, stating that his wife was the only one for him.
  • One day, a mysterious punk girl called Viola, who had somehow seen Bayonetta killed before her eyes by a monster called Singularity, came into her world to warn her about an invasion of artificial homunculi from a place called the Alphaverse seeking to wipe out the multiverse. Questioning the girl, she and Jeanne learned from Rodin that their universe's human world specifically does indeed run on a multiverse of different timelines, hence its title as the World of Chaos.
    • She got to explore several of these timelines, seeing how her life could've settled in very different directions and locations while still being the badass Umbra Witch in every single one, meeting several of her counterparts as well as recovering key artifacts just in time before their worlds were erased by these homunculi. Furthermore, there are actually three Bayonettas who share the same story we know much more closely but with slightly divergent details. The one that most primarily dealt with the incursion, the Witch of Genesis, would be rescued by the other two, the Witch in Remembrance and the Witch with Discerning Eyes, representing the times where Bayonetta thwarted Loptr's plans, just before she could be killed by Singularity. The three prime versions of Bayonetta ultimately combined their forms during the battle with Singularity, overcoming the evil sentient weapon with her unified power.
    • Prior to meeting her B1 and B2 counterparts, she and Viola also had to deal with a fae/wolf-creature known as Strider, who turned out to be her hopeless suitor Luka Redgrave becoming imbued with powers from two of his counterparts in reaction to the destruction of the timelines. With this came the revelation that Viola, who had seen her world's Bayonetta killed before her eyes, was actually the daughter of her world's Luka and Cereza. After Luka's fae king counterpart, Lukaon, helped him gain control of his new power, and he and Viola acted with trademark brave determination to help Bayonetta defeat Singularity, Cereza finally slowed down long enough to accept him as her lover at the end of the fight...just in time for her Umbran Watch to break and the demon she'd summoned at the time to break loose from her control and kill her while Luka was rescuing Viola.
    • Most demons collecting on a Faustian deal would've instantly captured, devoured, and tortured Cereza after that. However, much like Sparda, Madama Butterfly is a maverick amongst Inferno and has come to care for the Famed Witch. By permission of Butterfly, Cereza's soul had enough time above ground to share her first kiss with Luka, who willingly stayed with her to be dragged down as well through said kiss. Furthermore, rather than torment her now two captive souls, Butterfly allows them to use her corner of Hell as a gateway to the Pantheon, freeing them to enter these crossroads and continue on within as normal. This also enables them to visit their alternate daughter in spirit form, as well as her to come see them in the Pantheon occasionally. As this is all done through Bayonetta's temple, this means Luka and Viola have joined Butterfly as Bayonetta's Heralds, and the Bayonetta of the Pantheon can now swap instantaneously between all three of her main character forms, or even separate multi-form style and provide a triple dose of Bayo, both for the viewing pleasure of spectators and to the dismay of unlucky foes.
  • Can also be found in Game Characters.

Intermediate Gods

    Luka (Monster Girl Quest
Luka, God of Accidental Attraction (Ruka, Fake Hero, Lukafer, Judgement, Worldbreaker)
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  • Intermediate God normally, Greater God while using his Angel powers, borderline Overdeity as the Worldbreaker or Judgement
  • Symbol: His sword, Angel Halo, with his mother's ring
  • Theme Song: Hero Luka Theme When using his angel powers, MGQ Final Battle. Alternatively, "Touch Fluffy Tail" by Ken Ashcorp. Worldbreaker.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Porfolio: Chick Magnet in a world where it sucks, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Dark Is Not Evil, Spirit-granted Elemental Powers, Owning a blade made of 666 melted angels, Fast healing by mediation, Happily Married to the Monster Lord, Kind of an idiot because it's heroic, Lightning Bruiser, Missed his baptism yet went on regardless, Thou Shall Not Kill unless necessary, Beware the Nice Ones, Supports coexistence despite his experiences because it's possible, Atoning for his father's sins, Half Angel, Half Human, Chekhov's Armory, Most dangerous when asleep, Being just like his ancestor Heinrich, Sealed angel powers that kill if overused
  • Domains: Heroes, Monsters, Darkness, Angels, Light
  • Allies: Alice (his wife), Cosmos, Princess Celestia and Luna, Issei Hyodo and the rest of the ascended members of the Kuoh Academy's Occult Research Club, the other Chick Magnet Quartet members, Asura, Natsu Dragneel, Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Shirou Emiya, Lambadelta, Pit, Papyrus & Sans, Flynn, Aleph, Optimus Prime and X, Commander Shepard and his/her crew (especially Mordin Solus), Makoto Nanaya, Kimihito Kurusu, Squigly, Meliodas, Toriel, Frisk, Yomi and Ceri, Salazzle, Mata Nui, The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Enemies: YHVH, Chakravartin, Slaanesh, Melkor, GUAE Twisted Tormentors, Metatron, Satan (Castlevania) and Satan (SMT), Dr. Weil, Mard Geer, Ragyo Kiryuin, Copy X Nightmare, Soul Edge, Raynare, Gul'dan, Flowey (except not really), SCP-953, Zamasu
  • Conflicting Opinion on: The entirety of the GUAC, but especially Lucifer, Homura Akemi, and Vali Lucifer
  • Tries to Stay Away From: The Monster Girls and really any female monster in the Pantheon.
  • Ascended on just another day (for him), when Amira the Unfortunate Lamia told him about the location of a mysterious portal that leads to a world from which beings of their 'verse were forbidden from entering after an... incident. Curious as to what she meant, despite knowing the risks, he found the portal and entered it, finding himself within the halls of the Pantheon.
    • Almost immediately upon his arrival, every female monster or monster girl, from Ahri to Ungoliant came rushing out to try and get him to sleep with them, saying that "he just smelled so good". Luckily, he was able to fight/run away long enough for the other Gods to arrive and get things back in order.
  • To keep that from happening again, he uses a special perfume courtesy of the House of Technology to help mask his scent. While it's not perfect (in that female monsters will still be able to smell him within a certain distance), the effect is greatly reduced, so they can usually control themselves even if he's in the vicinity.
  • It should be noted that, for all his acting the Idiot Hero, Luka is actually much more. Nothing sets him off more than watching the weak being oppressed or harmed, so woe betide any who does in his presence. He went so far as to take down Ilias (albeit with help) for trying to kill all monsters and humans, a feat which earned him the respect of several deities such as Asura, Flynn and Aleph.
  • Was overjoyed when his wife Alice finally ascended to the Pantheon. He didn't even care that her first action was to insult him for making her worry, he just made her a giant dinner to placate her. They then retired to a private room in the House to... get more comfortable for dessert.
  • Thanks to his vicinity towards other races and his support for interspecies relationships, he has received the support of Commander Shepard and his/her crew, Frisk, Toriel, Papyrus and Sans, and Makoto Nanaya. However, most of Luka's meetings with Makoto end up with her wanting to make love to him, much to Luka's own chagrin. Since then, Luka and Makoto only ever contact one another via video calls.
    • Luka, however, despises Flowey, seeing him as not just a wretched entity; his god complex reminds him far too much of Ilias as well. Flowey, in turn, is interested in Luka, since he finds him not too different from Frisk, and therefore a perfect prey for him to corrupt. That being said, though, Luka was greatly depressed to hear that Flowey's old self, Asriel, was a Nice Guy under all respects; he wishes he could return him back to his original self.
  • Is greatly respected by the members of the Chick Magnet Quartet, especially Issei Hyodo. Luka, in turn, respects each of them for their power and their girlfriends, and hopes to someday get his wife Alice to ascend so he might someday become an official member; however, upon hearing of the formation of a fan club by Flonne, he immediately joined it, eventually becoming an honorary member of the Quartet. Until then, he often spends his days around Issei, where they have... interesting discussions about women (monsters, devils and otherwise).
    • Of Issei's harem, he gets along best with Rias, Asia, Irina, and Xenovia, due to the former reminding him of Alice and the latter three for their faith in their benevolent God, much like he once believed. They all like him for his belief in peaceful coexistence between monsters and humans and his dedication to what's right. Luka has also befriended Issei's BFF, Kiba, especially since the latter's background of being used as a lab rat by religious fanatics reminds him of the bad experiences he got with the angels of his own world. He is rather uncomfortable around Akeno though as her ultra-erotic personality reminds him of the girls he met on his journey, more specifically of Alma Elma, one of the Four Heavenly Knights.
    • Koneko, however, tries to stay as far away as possible due to the fact she starts to go haywire in his presence. Her sister Kuroka, on the other hand, doesn't mind as much.
    • Likewise, with many of those who are friends with Issei, Luka wasn't amused at all upon knowing from Rias about Raynare's wrongdoings on the young pervert. He has since then vowed to bring her down whenever she tries to lay a finger on Issei once again. He even thinks that, due to her being an evil angel, she might be a follower of Ilias...
  • His relations with Lucifer is... complicated. His mother was Lucifina, the Second Great Seraph of Ilias, who betrayed the Goddess when she began to make war on monsters despite earlier peace, eventually leaving her service to become a Fallen Angel. In other words, this makes Lucifer his mother in a sense. Needless to say, this has left many of Lucifer's enemies, from the Sisterhood to even Metatron, in fits of hysteria. Luka for his part is often awkward around the Lightbringer, both for those reasons (because it leaves him confused if he should try and get Lucifer a gift for Mother's Day or not) and others he didn't agree with. The Lightbringer, in turn, is surprisingly okay with the notion: it wouldn't be the first time he sired a child in a female form. He has extended an offer to Luka to join the GUAC. Luka has taken it under advisement.
    • Because of this, Vali Lucifer, who is said to be the Lightbringer's great-grandson, has taken interest in fighting Luka. Luka, however, tries to stay away from Vali, especially since his personality reminds him of Granberia, one of the Four Heavenly Knights, though he can't help but wonder what their relation to each other actually is.
    • Despite this, he's actually rather close to the Sisterhood, as he admires them for what they represent and sympathizes with the many things they have gone through. Most of them, in turn, are wary of him given his ties to Lucifer, but they've given him a chance.
    • On the other hand, he utterly despises Satan, calling him a monster who deserved everything that happened to him. When he learned about what he did during the Rebellion, he actually transformed into his Lukafer state and challenged the Unholy One to combat. Their clash made massive craters throughout the House of Otherness, and it ended with Satan trapped in the form of a raven thanks to Luka's Angel Halo.
  • Hates YHVH. Hates, hates, hates him. For Luka, the Great Will is an even worse version of the Goddess Ilias in his efforts to subjugate the Pantheon to His will, His refusal to see compromise in destroying all who oppose Him, and seeing any who does oppose Him as "Evil" regardless if they really are. As such, he's one of the first to oppose Him in any manner. This is also the reason he despises Chakravartin, as he created the monstrosity known as Gohma Vlitra simply because he was tired of governing his world and wanted to find a successor through the destruction.
    • YHVH, in turn, despises Luka both for defying and slaying His own Expy in Ilias and also for being Lucifer's (well, his in-universe equivalent's) son. When He learned that Luka used his Angel powers to help him defy and defeat Ilias and intends to do the same to him, His rage was truly something to behold.
  • Greatly respects Cosmos, Mata Nui and Princess Celestia, as all of them are Big Goods who both look and act the part, something that he feels is what Ilias should have been. Even though she's been depowered, he also looks at Madoka with the same level of respect.
  • While he prefers a peaceful life, he has often sparred with the various gods in the Pantheon, from Natsu Dragneel (who reminds him of Granberia and has the same nickname as Salamander) to Shirou Emiya to even Flynn and the Demi-Fiend himself (who are both interested with his relation to Lucifer and his Angel abilities).
    • Fights with the Demi-Fiend had to be toned down, after one match ended with Naoki using Freikugel and Luka using Daystar, which ended up blowing up the entire wing of the House of Combat they were fighting in.
  • Admires X and Optimus Prime for their beliefs on coexistence and considers them both allies, to which they share the sentiment. He's even tried to get some of the more human-hating deities like Viridi, Ika Musume, and Elpizo to warm up to them, and while he hasn't had much luck he has avoided being brutally attacked by any of them, so there might be some hope yet.
  • Gets along swimmingly with both Pit and Sayaka Miki, due to their shared beliefs on being heroes, being in the service of Goddesses (though Pit and Sayaka do sympathize with him on how Ilias didn't quite turn out like Palutena or Madoka), and angel motifs. Despite his relations with Lucifer, both of them don't care, and Sayaka put it best.
    Sayaka: "I might hate Lucifer, but you're not him. You're better than your old man... woman... How does that work again?"
    • He has since also tried to teach them some of his sword techniques. Sayaka is especially eager to try out Death Sword Chaos Star with Oktavia...
  • Determined to seal and destroy Soul Edge for good with his Angel Halo, as he believes such a weapon shouldn't exist in the world. When people point out his own weapon isn't that different, Luka counters with the fact his sword only temporarily seals, not kills others.
  • Due to past experiences with angels in his world, he's on the fence about the various other ones in the Pantheon. Some, like Tyrael and Artina he gets along with quite well, even joining the later in battles. Others, like Jibril and Sangunius he can't help but feel wary about due to their personalities or methods of going about doing things, even if they aren't bad. Lamington is someone he can't quite figure out how to feel about: He understands that his manipulations aren't in any way meant to be malicious and actually help heroes in the long run, but at the same time there's always that feeling of secrecy and half-truths that reminds him of Ilias, who always manipulated for her own ends. Flonne... he honestly wishes she wouldn't ask him about his love life and how he handles all the monsters who come after him.
  • Unsure if he should be proud or embarrassed by his title of "Top Male Most Monster Girls Want to Bed at Least Once" as given by an official House of Love and Affection poll.
  • Doesn't hate any of the Monster Girls, just prefers to stay away out of previous experience with members of their races. Despite this, he has the closest relations with Miia and Suu, as they remind him of his comrades Alice and Erubiete, and occasionally spars with Centaurea. They, in turn, respect his privacy and are quite impressed that he refuses to cheat on his wife much like they refuse to do so with Kimihito.
  • Luka also has a friendly relationship with most of the monsters from the Underground, including Papyrus, Sans, and Alphys, but above all with Undyne. They like to share stories and even used to spar together, even though they both know Luka is too kind-hearted to take a fight with a friend seriously. Instead, Luka promises she'll introduce her to Granberia, the only warrior he knows that is just as eager to fight as her.
  • The Twisted Tormentors once tried to troll him when he was asleep. Unfortunately for them, they were unaware of the fact that Luka is actually at his most dangerous while asleep and they learned that lesson courtesy of his Heavenly Demon Revival. After they got out of the crater, they have since resorted to performing their troll tactics on him during the day when he's awake, like how they switched his perfume with one that makes one attractive to both genders... Needless to say, he doesn't like them.
  • Once had a personal encounter with Slaanesh him/herself. Sufficient to say, he spent several days cooped up in his temple unwilling to come out before declaring himself the Chaos God's eternal enemy. He punctuated that statement by unleashing his Vaporizing Rebellion Sword on the very next minion of Slaanesh he saw, slashing it apart and scattering the ashes.
  • Was scared out of his mind when he first encountered Alice, thinking that she was the eighth Monster Lord, Black Alice. He breathed a sigh of relief when he learned he was mistaken, but he still tries to stay away from her, given her abilities and personality. She in turn just wants to get to known him better... of course, that's exactly why he tries to stay away.
    • The other Alice he gets along with though, often finding himself amazed by the things she brings to life with her imagination.
  • Became fast friends with Yomi and Ceri. He enjoys swapping adventuring stories with the knight (with Alice and Yomi close by to clear up any... embellishments that slip into the narrative) and has gone on a couple of dungeon expeditions with her. Ceri was thoroughly impressed with Luka's victory over Ilias, and Luka likewise congratulated her on helping to defeat Izanami. Luka's also relieved that Yomi is seemingly unaffected by his scent, though ironically he's found himself fighting against an urge to touch her tail: it just looks so fluffy...
  • He and Alice instantly came to loath Zamasu, seeing him as an even more insane version of Ilias. When the mad Kai declared that Ilias' cause was just and that the idea of monsters, mortals and gods co-existing was blasphemy, he suffered the wrath of Alice who called him nothing but a hypocrite, a murderer and a thief. Enraged, Zamasu tried to attack her, only to be blocked by Luka's Angel Halo. Pushed into becoming a screaming, drooling madman, Zamasu called Luka an abomination that should never have been born and a heretic for turning against his goddess and her justice. In response, Luka sealed him into a weaker form and had this to say to him:
    "To hell with you and your meaningless justice!"

Lesser Gods

    Dark Magician Girl 
Dark Magician Girl, Goddess of Perverse Sexual Lust (Black Magician Girl, Mana, Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight, Cardfu)
Click to see her mortal form 

    Excellen Browning and Selena Recital 
Excellen Browning and Selena Recital, Goddesses of Flirtation, Innuendo, and Teasing (Excellen: Ex-neesama, Miss Excell, Sexcellen Browning | Selena: Ensign Recital, Second Lieutenant Recital, Miss Selena)
Excellen Browning (left), Selena Recital (right)
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol:
    • Excellen: Chibi-Weissritter with a heart sign nearby, or a set of bunny suits.
    • Selena: Her breasts, (ever in motion)
  • Theme Music
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolios: Notorious Flirting and Teasing, Ladies of Fanservice, Buxom Is Better, Great Piloting Skill, Action Girls
  • Domains: Love, War, Fanservice; Fun (Excellen); Revenge (Selena)
  • Heralds: Einst Alfimi (Excellen’s clone), Elma (Selena’s support robot)
  • Allies: Kyosuke Nanbu (Excellen's boyfriend), Lamia Loveless, Setsuko Ohara, Bright Noa, Kamille Bidan, Amuro Ray, Kouji Kabuto, Frank West, Yoruichi Shihouin
  • Friendly Rivalry
  • Not to be Confused With: Excel (Excellen)
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Opinion
  • Fangirl of: Domon Kasshu (Excellen)
  • The cross-continuity multiverse of the Super Robot Wars boasts many kinds of interesting people, which is only to be expected considering the myriad of different worlds of Humongous Mecha riders that end up being melded into its everarching conflicts. However, while the elseworld guests are the draw at first glance, those whose origins start from the central binding reality tend to be most crucial, both to its conflicts and to the flavor of the world itself. Take for example, two striking female Real Robot pilots, known well for their excellent piloting skills and intelligence as women; yet they particularly stand out for their full-fledged reveling in the joys of using their curvaceous figures to flirt and tease at will.
    • Excellen Browning pilots the sniping-based Weissritter, which has been mutated into the Rein Weissritter. Known for being the life of the party, she is boundlessly cheerful, majorly flirty, will play the tease with absolutely anyone, and routinely messes up Japanese and Chinese proverbs. She's even been known to walk around a base wearing sexy bunny suits just for the viewing pleasure of surrounding guys. Despite all of thee things, she is completely devoted to her boyfriend, fellow pilot Kyosuke Nanbu, serving as the playful complement to Kyosuke's serious and stoic countenance.
    • Selena Recital pilots the ninja-style Assault Scouter Soleares, and now by its upgraded form AS Alegrias. She is an extremely coyly flirtatious and playful woman with a very… uh… "mobile" pair of assets who tends to speak with Gratuitous Spanish and frequently hop around between factions. She's assisted by her Robot Buddy "Elma", a little communicative support robot in charge of assisting her piloting, serving as her co-pilot.
  • Originally, the two were in the Pantheon in separate places, with Excellen holding this temple solo in the Hall of Romance while Selena served in the Hall of Female Anatomy as Goddess of Bouncing Breasts. They first met when Selena took interest in Excellen's ideas about bunny suits, as this seemed like an easier way to distract people (of either gender) with her… assets. As it goes without saying, both of these ladies rather enjoy playing The Tease, giving various gods nosebleeds, or at least Luminescent Blushes, at the sight of their pneumatic bosoms, and they bonded over this. Upon hearing that Selena's temple was to be decommissioned, Excellen actually got a bit upset, and knowing that Selena likes to toy around similar to how she does albeit for different reasons, she used that to petition the Court of the Gods to bring Selena back in exchange for sharing her temple with her. (Said temple was also moved between Halls due to a classification fix, with some figuring that teasing had more to do with provoking desire than romancing anyone.)
  • It's worth noting that these are not the only women seen within their franchise to come with large breasts and flirtatious tendencies. In fact, Excellen has met and gotten along splendidly with Kaguya Nanbu and Xiaomu, whose appearances and personalities seem to be a direct homage to her. Selena only ever met Kaguya in passing due to sharing the same Hall, and had yet to speak with Xiaomu until after sharing a temple with Excellen, but did offer her comments when Excellen told her about them.
    • When Kaguya first ascended, Excellen thought Kyosuke was cheating on her. Just joking, she just felt like meeting the girl personally. For Kyosuke's worth, he barely even responded to that accusation, returning the flattest of dismissals in response. When they actually met, the first thing Excellen did was to glomp her. She took such a liking to Kaguya that she ended up requesting to Kyosuke that she'd be the 'third daughter'. She's happy when Kyosuke rolls with it. Selena, upon being told the tale, was rather unimpressed that Excellen went with the cheating joke first, considering that Kaguya sharing Kyosuke’s name would much more likely hint at familial relation than a dalliance. This did cause Excellen to reflect on why Kyosuke no-sold that joke but was much warmer to the 'third daughter' remarks.
    • As for Xiaomu, Excellen and her boyfriend were introduced to the fox spirit and her Shinra comrade Reiji Arisu by their friend Sanger Zonvolt, noting the similarities to each other. While things were a bit rocky between the guys when Reiji commented that Kyosuke was too much of a gambler, Excellen and Xiaomu hit it off almost instantly, making plans to have a girls’ night out within thirty minutes of knowing each other. The invitation would be passed forward to Selena, who agreed to attend if she could as long as Excellen gave her a heads up in advance when it was scheduled.
  • Both Excellen and Selena were invited to partake in Frank West's PERFECT EROTICA photoshoot back when they operated separately. Since banding together, the two have received yet another invite as a duo, with the idea being for them to simulate a catfight. While initially played straight, mutual admiration kicked in and led to the ladies doing more tag team, friendship, and embracing poses than combative ones. Rather than complaining about the change in tone, Frank gleefully ran with this, and the three would sit down after the shoot to come up with a tag team name to sell it under. As Excellen recalled the time she tried to get BRIAN BLESSED to christen her as (S)EXCELLEN BROWNING (more on that in her section below), Frank and Selena both got inspired to actually run with it, resulting in the photoshoot being called “PURE S[E)XCEL(LEN]A”, formatted as a clever portmanteau of the girls’ names as well as Excellen’s personal tribute to the former God of Merriment. Their edition was one of the most successful to date, with many fans wanting to see PURE S[E)XCEL(LEN]A actually become a tag team.
  • Someone else they both met back when they had separate temples would be Setsuko Ohara, the Sphere Reactor of the Sorrowful Maiden. With Excellen, it’s thanks to her ties to Masaki Andoh, one of the Masou Kishin Heralds, who she helped out during a civil war on La Gias while she was transported there. Masaki, having made it to the Pantheon, met Setsuko after she ascended and initially caught her ire due to resembling the man who made her life a living hell just to activate her powers. When told about this, Excellen personally went to see the girl and convince her that Andoh and her tormentor were not the same guy; she slowly came around after this, accepting him as a tenuous ally. Selena, meanwhile, after having her own communications with Masaki and the Heralds after they heard she’d become involved with their former archrival, did some research on them and their circumstances and discovered all of this. Thus, when Setsuko came to visit her after learning that of her ties to said former enemy, Selena was the less surprised of the two, explaining to her that her connection to that man was actually a past encounter with him alongside her last Jelba teammate. Looking back on this time rather fondly, she assured Setsuko that Shu Shirakawa would mean no trouble as far as she could tell.
    • While Masaki, Shu, and friends would all later leave the Pantheon, Setsuko's ties to Excellen and Selena remain to this day. Excellen's favorite female to render 'victim' to her teasing wiles used to be Lamia Loveless, the android she befriended during the 2nd OG campaign, but after the deification of Setsuko and learning of her dilemma, Excellen showed some of her subtle wisdom and switched her focus more to Setsuko as her main 'victim' in order to cheer her up. Lamia wholeheartedly agreed with this decision, and the three of them could be seen hanging out together a lot, with Excellen sort of being the "ringleader" of their little crew. Meanwhile, Selena has become something of a mentor for Setsuko, both for keeping interested men at arm's distance and for learning to control the effects of her Sphere so she can use its power without losing her five senses, something the case of Gadlight Meonsam shows is in fact possible. Since joining Excellen in her temple, Selena has been privy to much of Excellen's antics with Setsuko and Lamia. She sometimes joins them of her own accord, at other times observes while minding her own business until Setsuko calls her over for company.
  • There is an ulterior motive behind this friendly partnership, though, and it all resolves around the Shadow-Mirror, a warmongering army from a harsh parallel dimension that encroached upon the main world of SRW in hopes of plunging it into eternal war. Excellen has had plenty of personal experience with Shadow-Mirror enemies, especially considering the case of Lemon Browning, Excellen's Evil Counterpart who built Lamia and the other W-Numbers. This experience caused her as well as Lamia to notice peculiar details about Selena, from her robot being an Assault Scouter type to her talent for technological assimilation, which are eerily similar to those of Shadow-Mirror agents. Excellen is hoping to find out if Selena is in any way connected to the Shadow-Mirror, whether it be just the dimension or the organization itself, or if she just happens to be similar enough to eventually be worth their attention. Any one of these answers means Selena could be tapped for additional information on them in case they have any plans for the Pantheon, one way or another. Miss Excell is also willing to explore Lamia’s theory about Asakim Dowin being Shadow-Mirror as well due to being such a blatant Shadow Archetype of Masaki Andoh, though she isn’t totally convinced of it (and he’s currently not present to provide the lead, in any case).
  • Applies to Excellen:
    • Excellen was involved in a shuttle crash during her youth that killed everyone on board, except for her and one other passenger: Kyosuke Nanbu, who shielded her from the flaming debris. Although, to see both of their conditions in the aftermath you would think the case of who shielded who were the other way around: while Kyosuke had barely a few bruises on him, Excellen was in such bad shape as to be described as ‘’damaged beyond repair'', with the likelihood of her survival and recovery being slim to none. Somehow (more on that below), she not only survived the crash, but went on to take part in the Super Robot Wars on behalf of the Earth Federation, and in fact was recruited before Kyosuke. When he finally came on board and joined the Federation’s forces, she reintroduced herself to him (he had forgot their first meeting), and their budding relationship began.
      • In the Original Generations timeline, Kyosuke and Excellen’s post-shuttle reunion occurred on-scren when they were inducted into the ATX Team alongside Bullet Luckfield and their mentor Sanger Zonvolt. They also got involved in a war between The Federation and the United Colony Corps (at the same time the SRX Team were contending with the UCC's allies the Divine Crusaders). Ironically, Sanger would end up apparently defecting to the Divine Crusaders’ side, causing Kyosuke to take over as the ATX Team’s leader while Excellen became his solid #2, with their potent combination being just as good as Sanger’s leadership. She would later end up being transported into La Gias, hiding as a co-leader of a bandit gang before being fished out by Masaki Andoh and helping him out with a civil war.
      • In the Compact 2/Impact Timeline, Excellen’s reunion with Kyosuke already happened off-screen while he was still a simple test pilot, and both were involved in parts of the Londo Bell alliance. While Kyosuke was tagging along with the Gandor squad and any allies they pick up along the way, Excellen was with Bright Noa and the rest of Londo Bell, fighting her own battles alongside Duke Fleed, Quattro Bajeena, and their allies, as well as other allies they meet up with along the way around the same time.
    • Along the way, she would get entranced by the Einst and pulled away from everyone else for a while before waking up to find herself under attack by several Einst before Londo Bell and/or the ATX Team came to her rescue. One of the Einst, Alfimi, is also a regular intruder in the local battles against the usual enemies. There was also the certain strange giant asteroid that seemed to be their (and other villainous actions they've allied with) "base of operations", and there were debates on what to do in response. Eventually, the heroes pieced together that the Einst have special interest in Excellen, which ultimately leads to certain truths coming to the forefront (more on that below).
    • Excellen is immune to mental illusions, though physical ones like holograms can still fool her. Also, when it comes to traitor revelations, instead of letting one say, wallow in self-pity, think it's just a nightmare, or come around to the truth in their own time, she prefers to lay it all out as bluntly and quickly as possible. Her friendly personality doesn’t mean she can be BS’ed. Already quite a few consummate liars in the Pantheon have tried pulling a fast one on her in order to either seduce her or get her to help them with something, and she has summarily seen through them and shut them down. Some have remarked that there’s something inhuman about her sense of perception. The reasoning for this comes down to the true reason why she survived the shuttle crash. Newsflash: she actually didn't.
      • The shuttle accident fatally wounded her, but then she was taken by an alien species called the Einst, who rebuilt and rejuvenated her body with their technology, turning her into essentially a humanoid member of their species. To be more exact, she’s described as being 80% Einst, 20% human. In fact, the Einst had orchestrated the crash in the first place as part of their Adam and Eve Plot to recreate humanity after destroying it, using the pair as their means of repopulating the Earth with humans, but without emotion to stop them from becoming threats. The only real reason this plot failed was because Kyosuke legitimately survived the crash. Thus, they created Alfimi, an artificial human-Einst clone of Excellen, for the purpose of bringing her to the Einst or, barring that, coercing Kyosuke to unite with Alfimi. However, Kyosuke and Excellen were able to instead convince Alfimi to turn from her creators’ way, with Alfimi helping to destroy them.
    • Has teased virtually every deity in the Pantheon with the chance to see her or the deity of their choice in a bunny suit. Reactions vary. Her favorite victims of teasing include Ichigo Kurosaki, Issei Hyodo — who had a rather uncontrollable reaction once, and Guy Cecil, who gives out the best flustered reaction, she thinks. She even once competed with one of Issei's harem girls, Akeno Himejima, in a contest of who could tease the most gods in one day. The scorekeepers lost count of the result, but Excellen and Akeno became friends ever since and can be seen sometimes training together. Her goal is to make her boyfriend Kyosuke pull that reaction, but she has yet to succeed.
    • Excellen eagerly joined the great BRIAN BLESSED in adding merriment to the Pantheon, and thus BRIAN BLESSED has considered her a rare breed of female Boisterous Bruiser. At one point as a result of that, Excellen insisted that her name be transcribed as (S)EXCELLEN BROWNING ?, but got refused. Despite outwardly pouting at the rejection, she was secretly pleased by the chatter this moment created, with some deities giving her props for the attempt and others cheerfully “petitioning” for the Sexcellen nickname to eventually catch on. While BRIAN BLESSED has since left the Pantheon, this ultimately became the inspiration behind the “S[E)XCEL(LEN]A” moniker for her and Selena’s tag team photoshoot with Frank West, with the shoot itself being dedicated to BRIAN BLESSED.
    • Whenever a set of deities from Mecha-series worlds approach Kyosuke and Excellen and ask for both of their presence, she tends to think they’re finally going to arrange a marriage between her and Kyosuke (which prompts her to act bashful and say “Oh nooo! I’m not ready for thiiis...”). However, normally they’re just enlisting the two to help out during a crisis situation that needs Real Robot pilots, bringing Kyosuke on as a field leader and Excellen as his lieutenant because they recognize that the two are one of the best duo-teams in the Pantheon. Thankfully this is also acceptable for her. Even on the battlefield she’s occasionally prone to bubbly outbursts causing Kyosuke to direct her to focus on the task at hand, but this is usually in good fun to keep him on his toes and she really is paying attention.
    • Her experiences with the Einst and Shadow-Mirror mean she has a severe distaste for The Network and its plans to raise Earth up to the standards of the galaxy by replacing over 90% of humanity with blank slates. While agreeing with The Network as far as disliking the idea of Forever Wars, she made sure to reaffirm Gary King’s message that humans don’t want to be controlled, saying that if Gary and his friends ever ascended here she would personally buy them a drink. She wasn’t lying when she said that either; in fact, she was thinking it’d be fun to tease them with her bunny suit.
      • When Alfimi and Lemon appeared before Excellen in the Pantheon one day, they not only were together, they ambushed her and forced her to fight them. Luckily, Lamia, Axel, and Kyosuke came to her aid before very long and, after deducing that these were in fact clones sent by the Network, promptly destroyed the two “copies of copies”. She bluntly declared that if it tries something like that again, she’ll be first in line to take it down.
    • She has a similar distaste for villains like Ragyo Kiryuin and The Maker, who betrayed their humanity due to combinations of nihilism and God complexes. In fact, she admits that if it weren't for her earlier incidents with The Network, she would've likely suspected the Lemon and Alfimi clones she and her friends had to fight were either Life Fibers or The Maker's handiwork. When she found out Selena had once infiltrated The Maker's organization W.H.I.S.P.E.R. (more on that in Selena's section below), she made her promise to help her get inside his temple next time so she could give him a piece of her mind personally.
    • At one point, much to Excellen's horror, she was unable to say anything except words or sentences she has said before, losing touch with something. As much as she tried to cheer things up via Talking with Signs to her friends (or jumbled messages based on the things she has said and recorded in the past), this is a very big blow to the otherwise perpetually cheerful Excellen. Others who were connected through this strange sense of sadness and loss at the same time but were not as physically affected, such as Iris of Repliforce, Mihoshi Kuramitsu, and even Buffy Summers, came to cheer her up almost every day. 51 days later she regained her normal self, but the occasional pang of wistfulness is still there, and her vocal base seems like it's trying or waiting to change...
    • “What does D stand for? Demon? Destroyer? My cup size?”
  • Applies to Selena:
    • Tragically, Selena is a military ghost from an Earth Federation unit called Team Jelba. The team was close-knit, almost like a family, but as she was ranked as an ensign, she wouldn’t be privy to the bigger details of some of their missions. This includes Mission Doll, a mission whose data was encrypted within Elma, whre her teammates were all destroyed by an enemy unit of masked soldiers. A furious Selena had managed to shoot off the mask of said unit’s leader, whose face she later recognized as that of an Earth Federation commander. She spent months seeking revenge against that woman while the galaxy was once again plunged into warfare.
    • While hopping through various factions that were being pitted against each other, she found targets from the same masked army that killed her team on numerous occasions, including one where the masked woman and the commander both appeared at the same time fighting against one another. In particular, meeting Sleigh Presty and Ibis Douglas of the Project Terrestrial Dream group caused her to start seeing things a bit more clearly, ultimately choosing her friendship with them above her quest for revenge. As it goes, it was while letting go of her vengeful tendencies that she came into the truth about her crew’s killer, meaning both the singular perpetrator and the conquering army as a whole; she became instrumental in the ensuing ultimately victory over the Ze Balmary Empire.
    • The Highly-Visible Ninja aesthetic to Soleares/Alegrias isn't just for show; Selena herself is very skilled at espionage despite her own flashy uniform, often infiltrating enemy ranks and adapting their knowledge and technology for her own purposes. Her skills are advanced to the point she's actually infiltrated a Blue Cosmos terror cell operation for an entire week while disguised as a man. She also carries an energy knife/whip and knows how to use it, both on foot and while piloting Alegrias (and yes, the handheld and Alegrias versions are each adjusted to the appropriate size). The teasing stuff, while she does enjoy doing it, was ironically employed a way for her to keep others from getting too close to her, as behind the flirty facade, she's actually a very professional and duty-focused soldier; that's the side of her you need to see to know that she's loyal to you.
    • Many denizens of the Pantheon look at Yuuki Terumi and Zamasu as the obvious most threatening examples of depraved omnicidal mania and hatred of humanity. Selena believes the attention these two get is misguided because it allows at least one very important enemy of similar stripes to fall under the radar. Case in point: Rau Le Creuset. Due to her very temporary alliance with ZAFT, Selena is quite aware of what Commander Creuset is truly capable of, seeing his courteous approach to ruthless warfare as a mask for his true nihilistic intentions. One such example she cites is when he tried to use Athrun Zala’s retrieval of Lacus Clyne from a willing Kira Yamato as a pretext to launch an ambush on Kira and the Strike Gundam, which was the lynchpin for her and two members of the Alpha Numbers to defect from Creuset’s ZAFT team to rejoin the Earth Federation.
    • Has a friendly competition with Major Armstrong involving bouncing things off their bodies, her breasts vs. his muscles. She does it to encourage him as a soldier who she respects, and because it's fun. She's also friendly with Mai Shiranui and Kasumi, both of whom are well-endowed kunoichi. She and Mai hit it off especially well, as Mai approves of the use of sensual distraction as a martial tactic.
    • Charlie Nash, both impressed with her particular skills and sympathetic to her tragedy due to the details of his own mission and deaths, approached Selena with an opportunity. She initially used her "tease" persona to keep silent on what it is, as well as who else may know about it. Eventually things became a bit more clear when the details of how Father Homunculus was able to orchestrate the ascension of Führer-President King Bradley were disseminated to the public despite the Homunculi thwarting Guile and Chun-Li’s investigation and forcing Charlie to pull them out early, and then Selena accompanied Nash to the office of President Josiah Bartlet while discussing the matter of forming a team to handle similar threats as Shadaloo and the Ze Balmary Empire. They very quickly reunited with Nash’s friend, Rashid of the Turbulent Wind, and later also aligned with Ahsoka Tano and Brock Samson.
    • It’s notable that Selena makes no play to tease either Nash or Rashid, instead respecting Charlie as a captain and regularly bickering with the Turbulent Wind. This is in fact treated as a sign that she holds the two in hgih regard. Proving the point, she once saved Rashid from being crushed by Annie Leonhart in her Female Titan form, which created a fast enmity between the two ladies. Samson, being who he is, occasionally tries to bed her after seeing her fight. She plays hot-and-cold with Brock while using these encounters to take notes on him, but this typically goes nowhere.
    • Some research on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s connections show that she's also occasionally done some work for Nick Fury in the past, infiltrating various nebulous evil organizations on their behalf such as HYDRA, A.I.M., W.H.I.S.P.E.R., SHOCKER, and The Black Organization to find out more about their operations within the Pantheon. Though it’s uncertain to what extent she works for Fury, what is known is that she typically deals with Fury Jr. as he’s more active these days. She eventually shared some details of this in a conversation with Setsuko, though Excellen ended up walking in on them (hence the bit about W.H.I.S.P.E.R. and The Maker in Excellen's section).
      • Her infiltration of HYDRA saw her most concerned about Hive due to learning that one interpretation of the monster was an ancient Inhuman whose name was translated tothe close-enough Latin “Alveus”. Her infiltration of SHOCKER was nearly sniffed out thanks to them testing out the creation of a Roidmude with rudimentary mind-reading abilities, but one certain Hawkeye appeared to shut down said Roidmude with an EMP arrow before it could expose her. As for the Black Organization, there was one member who was onto her from the start, but nevertheless her cover was safe. Kir, AKA TV reporter Rena Mizunashi, AKA CIA Agent Hidemi Hondou, could tell a fellow infiltrator when she saw one. She pretended to suspect her constantly while taking care to never actually fish her out, an intentional cue to adjust her moves which Selena caught onto.
    • “How cute...I guess he wants to play?”

    Ichika Orimura 
Ichika Orimura, Herald of House Husbands and Unaware Attraction (Ikkun, Orimuu~, Neutron Star Ichika)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God if deploying his IS unit Byakushiki, Greater God if the said unit went to Second Shift)
  • Symbol: His white bracer (Byakushiki’s standby mode), with the silhouette of a man wearing an apron behind it.
  • Theme Songs: His titular theme, befitting his caring nature for the females around him, and Straight Jet (shared with Chifuyu)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though many seem him as merely a “nice” shade of Stupid Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Being the Only Male in the World Who Can Pilot a Type of Female-Pilots-Only Mini-Mecha, Becoming a Walking Doom Magnet, Gradually Growing Out of the Non-Action Guy Type, Having a Group Of Seven Multinational Female Pilots Falling for Him and Willing to Protect Him at All Costs, Looking After His Big Sister Like a “Wife”, Piloting a Not-So-Super Prototype Mecha Which Housed the Core of a Real Super One, Fighting with Only an Energy-Hungry BFS Before Receiving Additional Equipment in the Form of a Beam Cannon and a Shield, Not As Clueless As He Wants You To Believe, Was Aware Of The Girls’s Feelings Towards Him All Along
  • Domains: Combat, Mecha, Romance, Uniqueness, Family, Relationships,
  • Heralds: The unascended students and staff body of the IS Academy.
  • High Priest: "Immortal" Tatsu Kuroda (House Husband)
  • Allies: His fellow IS pilots in the Pantheon (Houki Shinonono, Lingyin Huang, Laura Bodewig, Charlotte Dunois, Cecilia Alcott, and Chifuyu Orimura—the last one being his older sister), all Good-aligned deities in the House of Weapons, War and Technology, all deities allied with the aforementioned IS pilots, Elenore Baker, and the GUAG Relationship Enchancers, especially Issei Hyodo, Kitakami
  • Bash Brothers with: Banagher Links
  • Enemies: None at the moment, but he truly despises those who look down upon the potentials of women OR question his ability to protect the ones he cared about.
  • Opposes: Nui Harime
  • Odd Friendship: Team Metal
  • Worthy Opponents/Friendly Rivals: Nanoha Takamachi, Char Aznable.
  • Rival: Lux Arcadia (one-sided)
  • The first ever male to be able to pilot an Infinite Stratos exoskeleton, Ichika is a polite and respectful young man raised (and seemingly Spartan-trained) by his older sister Chifuyu. He quickly became a center of attention in the Infinite Stratos Academy, garnering the interest of many of his female peers (and even a few outside the school itself), with the personal IS pilots of his year forming the closest attachments to him. Among others, this included two close childhood friends of his (who both share a seat in the Pantheon for this exact reason), a friend of Chifuyu's who initially blamed him for his sister dropping out of an IS pilot tournament, and even a transfer to the IS class who had disguised herself as another rare male pilot in order to spy on him.
  • Despite his popularity in his own universe, his ascension was a rather complicated affair: he was at risk of being officially banned from the Pantheon just because a bunch of deities were put off by his boneheaded personality. O-Haruhi-Sama decided to hear out the pleas of Ichika's haremettes and his elder sister Chifuyu (after having moved hell and high water for his ascension), in order to appease them.
    • Even at this, some evil-aligned gods wanted to leave him to his fate, to be banished to a certain unspeakable place for unfavorable deities, only for Haruhi to quickly cotton onto both the excuse provided by his trope and the fear of his power with his IS (and his harem backing him) that was the real reason they wanted him out of the way. The following rebuttal left them all taking cold showers for awhile.
      Haruhi: Will his haremettes even allow him to choose in the first place?! I'd say we just let him ascend anyway. No harm in allowing it.
    • The Court of the Gods, however, saw a bit of a flaw in his title; although it's more of the fact that there would be no way in hell would there be a "Likeable" Clueless Chick-Magnet. After much deliberation though, they all agreed to downgrade his second title as a "Regent-on-Probation" status—the very first to be given in the Pantheon.
  • His ascension was one of the most heartwarming in ages: five particularly enthusiastic young maidens—Houki, Charlotte, Rin, Laura and Cecilia—rushed toward the gate, their eyes flowing with tears of joy, their bodies clad in the finest clothes they could find... And all of them trying to land hugs or kisses on the guy of their dreams... Well, until they started pulling out their IS suits against each other to see who got to greet him FIRST. Fortunately, Chifuyu arrived and gave everyone (including Ichika) Dope Slaps to the head, followed by the proper ascension greeting.
  • Ichika took a while to adjust to the vast Multiverse of the Pantheon, but nonetheless quickly accepted his new life here, because he's already seen enough antics at the IS Academy. Besides, it’s not like a few extra thousands of them everyday would hurt.
  • Issei had approached him on multiple occasions, partly to invite him in the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet (thus rebranding the group into the Chick Magnet Quintet), and partly to give advice as to how to handle his haremettes better. Ichika was rather confused to the first, but was openly cooperative to the second; in fact it seems to be partly working.
    • There were light rumors about Issei's visits that, apart from advising Ichika in how to handle his haremettes, he's covertly pinning for the latter to consider Houki as a primary choice. Issei neither confirms nor denies this, but such rumor might have sprung from the fact that Houki and Rias share some similarities together.
    • Ichika noticed when Issei came to sound just like him even moreso than before. While it did further strengthen the two's bonds, their respective haremettes now confuse Issei and Ichika with one another when hearing them talk from a distance, creating not a few mishaps. Upon hearing why Issei's voice changed, however, Ichika's take was simple.
      Ichika: Yeah, let's just keep this new voice. Definitely better than the old one...
  • He quickly became good buddies with Banagher, partly for having predominantly-white (And apparently semi-sentient) machines, and partly for similar voices. He was also surprised to learn about the Noodle Incident between Charlotte and the young Gundam Pilot.
    • He has also developed a bit of a friendly rivalry with The Red Comet, who notably was reported to have a soft spot for Charlotte (who was - surprisingly - an avatar of his), and had previously challenged Chifuyu to a duel, which ended in a draw to the shock of many.
  • Flonne, distraught by his denseness, often tries to explain to Ichika "the meaning of love". He says it's not helping the slightest. Furthermore, Excellen Browning often pops up nearby Ichika with a bunny suit; to ignore it, he recites pi in his head, although he once remarked that Excellen reminds him of Tatenashi Sarashiki. Even more, Excellen often lures Ichika's haremettes to wear bunny suits for him (with partial success on Cecilia and Laura). However, unknown to them, Ichika isn’t as clueless as he wants them to believe...
  • Many deities have commented that while they have seen harems that packed serious punches, Ichika’s one has got the most potential to start a war that could wreck a very sizeable portion of the Pantheon. His response?—“Perish the thought, everyone!” said with a smile.
  • Ichika holds almost no personal grudges against other deities… save for Natsuru, Tomaru and Djibril; the first for being even more of romantic blockhead than him, for the days that he rued as his high priest, and sharing the voice with one of his haremettes; the second for abusing his female relatives and manipulating Makoto Itou into what he became; and the third for ruining the reputations of mecha-related characters everywhere, heroes or villains alike.
  • During one of her sparring sessions, Nanoha Takamachi took Ichika by surprise: it took him quite a while to recognise that this girl is NOT equipped with an IS unit nor any type of mecha. “And they call you a magical girl!!!???” was the only thing he uttered in disbelief after three minutes of being left jaw-dropped.
  • What Ichika doesn't know is that a Nazi called Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse planning to reverse-engineer IS-related tech, as well as those of his haremettes; his goal was to create the "Ubersoldaten Bewegliche Klage", which he considers as "the Gundam to on-foot soldiers". No one is in the know about this, but Wilhelm is playing it safe as he knows that the IS Academy is guarded by its ascended students and that stealing the IS Cores right from the Academy would be a bad idea. Just to add more fuel to the fire, however, Wilhelm has allied with Phantom Task to help him further his goals...
  • Spends his free times helping out other deities (especially Goddesses) in need by providing them with relaxing massages or food he made himself... before being jealously dragged away by his harem.
  • Some deities (again, especially Goddesses) have wondered what would be like if Ichika wasn't that much of a bonehead against lovelorn maidens and apparently, his have been caught daydreaming about this. Unknown to them, their daydreams are slightly closer to reality than they realize, since Ichika isn’t as dense as he seems. And as for Chifuyu, she sensed something much, ''much'' worse than mere daydreams...
  • For some reason, he befriended the members of Team Metal, especially Frost. When asked how did a group of veteran soldiers are good friends with an everyday teenager, they just shrugged and said "We like him. He's nice and reliable."
  • You'd think he'd be friends with Lux Arcadia, given how similar they are. Nope; in fact, Ichika didn't take it kindly to Lux being described as a better than him in every way. His harem even noticed how unusual is for Ichika to be jealous. The matter was eventually settled with a battle, one that Lux won handily. Ever since, Lux has been trying to smooth things over to no avail.
  • In the Light Novel, it was eventually revealed that secretly, Ichika is not as dense as he seems. He’s known about the girls’ feelings towards him the entire time, he just wants people to think he’s that oblivious because he doesn’t want to pick any girl of his harem over the others. Why would he set about deliberately invoking the Clueless Chick-Magnet trope on himself for so long? Because he knows that if he were to enter in a relationship with any of his haremettes, they would definitely start fighting each other over him and he doesn’t want to see his friends hurt each other because of him. Naturally, very few people in the Pantheon are aware of this, because he doesn’t want anyone to find out, especially his harem. Among those very few deities who know Ichika’s true nature are Issei Hyodo, who surprisingly managed to deduce the truth on his own, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, who accidentally found out when they tried to explore Ichika’s cognition for unknown reasons, and Batman, who’s naturally prone to know such things about everyone in general. There are also a few other deities who suspect the truth, but they haven’t managed to prove anything or confront Ichika about it yet. Most deities view Ichika as dense and clueless and he prefers it that way.
  • Can also be found in Gender Roles.

    Mai Shiranui 
Mai Shiranui, Goddess of Fanservice (Ninja Hottie, The Crimson Ninja, Nippon Ichi/Japan's Finest, The Alluring Ninja Girl, The Queen of Fighters)

    Richard "Dick" Grayson/Nightwing 
Richard "Dick" Grayson, God of Blameless, Guilt-Free Sex (Nightwing, The World’s Greatest Acrobat, formerly Robin I)


    Francine Smith 
Francine Smith, Goddess of Using Sex Appeal To Her Advantage (Francine Ling before marriage, born Francine Dawson)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her dress
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dumb Blonde Republican Sex Kitten, Beware the Nice Ones or Bitch in Sheep's Clothing (depends on her mood), Ms. Fanservice That Exploits The Hell Out Of it, Nice Girl Though She Has Her Moments, was a Hard-Drinking Party Girl who Really Gets Around, Attracting Her Son's Friends, Can Be Smart If She's Really Determined, Cloudcuckoolander, Not So Above It All
  • Domains: Housewives, Blondes, Mothers, Attractiveness, Sex
  • Allies: Stan and Steve Smith, Liane Cartman, Amy Wong, Uncle Chan, Greg Universe, Betty Suarez, Marge Simpson
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Santa Claus and Nicholas St Nick, Kitty Forman and Son Chi-Chi
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger the Alien
  • Enemies: Eric Cartman, Stewie Griffin, Robot Santa Claus and SCP-4666, Judge Claude Frollo, Tomie Kawakami, Dr Sofia Lamb
  • Pities: Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Finn the Human
  • Francine Smith is the wife of Stan Smith and mother of his two children. A fairly happy housewife, she fits the image of a Blonde Republican Sex Kitten though lacks any interest in politics. She knows she's attractive and often uses that to get what she wants. While a nice person, she has her moments of being a jerk and if she's determined to do something, she can be pretty smart at it.
  • Before marrying Stan she was known to get around, all in the name of fun and partying on both sides. She's got the biggest sex garden in North America, but outside of one moment of weakness at the beginning of her marriage remains loyal to Stan. The lust sub-houses are happy to let her visit and tell tales, however made it clear she's not going to do any swinging given how Stan wouldn't care for it. She was initially ignored until she started flashing the guards, all in hopes of joining Stan in his new pantheon antics. Even hardened security officers couldn't help but stare. Stan was mixed on this but happy to see her and made out(partly to make the guards jealous).
  • Has a mostly amiable relationship with fellow sitcom mother Marge Simpson. Marge is much more prudish compared to her and they do disagree with each other's parenting, but found they were similar enough to get along and both can be too overly motherly at times. Both sometimes want to take up hobbies and tasks to break the mundanity of being housewives, even if they enjoy their dayjob.
  • Sometimes discusses parenting tips and other things with Kitty Forman and Chi-Chi. They disagree with her more loopy moments, but otherwise find themselves liking Francine. Liane found her a comforting presence since she's not one to judge her slutty ways. Francine finds her son Eric Cartman intolerable however, reminding her of the time Steve became a spoiled a-hole when only she raised him, but worse. Stewie Griffin doesn't like her, as she reminds him of Lois for all that's worth.
  • Adopted by a Chinese couple. She gets along with Uncle Chan as he reminds her of her dad, Bah Bah Ling. She also ended up getting along with Amy Wong, a Martian-Chinese woman who was and still is to an extent a party girl who occasionally boasts of her general sluttiness. She seems to like Greg Universe for being a down to earth father.
  • The reason she was adopted? Her parents abandoned her as a baby, just because they a first-class ride on the airplane wouldn't allow babies. And later on after her bio-mother died, her bio-father went crazy and had his family fight to the death. Naturally, she sympathizes with Finn the Human for how much of an ass his bio-father turned out to be, and Heinz Doofenschmirtz for the multiple abuses his parents inflicted on him like leaving him to be raised by ocelots.
  • Grew up with the belief that left-handed people are evil, despite being left-handed. She grew over it. She doesn't like Frollo due to how judgmental he'd be with stuff like that, and that Frollo is quick to slut-shame her past and claim she's inspiring "unwanted lust". Francine also has a serious grudge against George Clooney for stealing her big moment, going so far as to chop off her own hand to try and kill him when it was handcuffed.
  • Like the rest of the Smith family, she wasn't on good terms meeting Santa Claus or Nicholas St North. Ever since the family shot Santa by accident he's been out for their blood. These Santas have no bad blood and aren't the same as the Bad Santa that bothers them, and will help them out with that incarnation, though the family is cautious. Robot Santa Claus and SCP-4666 proved much worse than even the Santa they know.
  • In order to keep her looks, she has to do vigorous work-outs and binging and purging. She relates to Betty Suarez to what it's like dealing with ugliness when she doesn't have her looks. By contrast, Tomie insulted her for "not being naturally beautiful" like the sociopath she is.

    Glenn Quagmire 
Glenn Quagmire, God of Implausible Casanovas (Glenn Quagglecheck)

    Misato Katsuragi 
Misato Katsuragi, Goddess of Attracting the Young Males
Click here  to see post-timeskip in Rebuild.
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her cross.
  • Theme Song: A Cruel Angel's Thesis (san ningen version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, The Lad-ette, Broken Bird, Beergasm, Genius Ditz, Mama Bear, Scars are Forever, Having Some Attraction to Shinji, Becoming a Less Pleasant Person After 14 Years of War, Would Hurt a Child(?), I Have No Son!, Becoming Disturbingly Similar to What She Opposes
  • Domain: Leadership, Love, Bitternessness, Vengeance, Regret
  • Heralds: Doctor Ritsuko Akagi (her best friend and colleague from NERV), Ryoji Kaji (her on-again, off-again lover), Ryoji Kaji II (her son).
  • Allies: Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Souryu/Shikinami, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Leone, Tsunade, Motoko Kusanagi, Homer Simpson, Amuro Ray, Mai Shiranui, Commander Shephard, Releigh Becket and Mako Mori, Genjuro Kazanari
  • Former Allies: Shinji Ikari (they reconciled after 3.0+1.0)
  • Enemies: Gendo Ikari, Arael, King Ghidorah, Hedora, Char Aznable
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yui Ikari, Kamina
  • Dislikes: Zapp Brannigan
  • Misato Katsuragi, a woman whose apartment is an utter mess. A woman who drinks a whole bunch of beers. A woman who maybe a bit too flirtatious. However, these habits are born after surviving the Second Impact and are a testament of her tragic life.
  • Misato couldn't deny the fact that on some levels she does find Shinji attractive. Especially with the implied offer of comfort sex and kissing him. It was because of this that she tried to avoid Shinji when she first ascended, feeling ashamed for what she did. It was useless, however, because once Shinji found out she ascended, he desperately searched for her. And when he did find her, he gave her a big hug. Taken aback, Misato reciprocated his hug.
    • Was actually surprised when she found out Asuka as well missed her former guardian. Misato was worried, however, when she noticed that she had some kind of split personality that would change ever so often. She has spent more time with Shikinami given that both fought together for 14 years.
  • Misato's relationship with Yui Ikari is a bit rocky. Might be because that whole 'Shinji attraction deal' and the whole guardianship. They do however have respect for both being mama bears for Shinji and Misato sacrificing her life for him.
    • Their relationship took a turn for the worst after 3.33: the scientist calling her out on her treatment to her son and her hypocrisy in holding all the guilt of Third Impact against him while the commander called her an even bigger Hypocrite since she manipulated Shinji to further her goals and has no say in the consequences of what happened.
  • Became very close friends with Usagi Tsukino after the two noticed that they both sound very similar. There's also the fact that the two act very similar to each other, both the good and bad qualities. And just for fun, Misato actually dressed as Usagi's Sailor Moon form on at least two occasions.
    • She also became friends with Mai Shiranui as they are a bit flirtatious. Unfortunately, there's no photos of Misato cosplaying as the ninja.
  • Has been hit on a couple of times by Commander Shepard, both male and female. She always declined, however. And even though she is tired of it, it's not as bad as Zapp Brannigan's constant howling.
    • She is on good terms with Genjuro Kazanari as they both care deeply for the kids they are in charge with.
  • Really hates the rumors going around that she some kind of slut and sleeps around. She only slept with Kaji.
  • She was actually surprise when she found out she had a teachers degree. Because of this, she is employed in the School House.
  • Gain a couple of drinking buddies in Homer Simpson, Tsunade, and Leone. She seems more closer to the last one as they have some similar personalities. Not only that, they even sound similar when they speak in English.
  • The House of Technology have built a couple of personal roomba cleaners for Misato's temple since she leaves it in such a mess.
  • The GUAG has offer Misato a position as lead coordinator for all mecha battle strategies. They are looking for Bridge Bunnies for her to work with.
  • In some universe, Misato would sometime flirt a bit with Amuro Ray. Usagi thinks this is a bit funny as Amuro sounds just like her husband, Mamoru Chiba.
  • Despite the contrary, Misato isn't a crazy driver. As in Chiyo-chan won't go catatonic. She may also like cars in general.
  • Has swore that if Gendo ever does anything to hurt Shinji, and proxy Asuka and Rei, she wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet through his head. Death Is Cheap be damn.
  • After the events of 2.22 and 3.33 she has disowned Shinji and warned him that should he become a trigger again, she and Wille will kill him. However, some deities did noticed a level of hesitation in her voice and hope for the best.
  • Also resides in the House of Personality.
    And remember tropers, there be plenty of fanservice on the next episode.

    Naze Turbine 
Naze Turbine, God of Good-Looking Men with a Harem ("Darling", Space Fellini / Not!Fellini, SUPER PIMP)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Turbines Emblem
  • Theme Song: Teiwaz Accordion ver.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Brother Mentor to Orga, Chivalrous Pervert, Ethical Hedonist, Sharp-Dressed Man, Mentor Occupational Hazard, The Scapegoat, Going Down with the Ship, Prioritizing His Crew's Safety Over His Own, Together in Death With Amida
  • Domain(s): Harems, Mafia, Refuge, Death
  • Heralds: Half of the Turbines (the other half are with Amida)
  • Followers: Al-Cid Margrace, Chuck Bass, Charlie Logan, Skywise, Kiryuu Touga, Rokujo Chikage, Tengen Uzui
  • Allies: Amida Arca (his Top Wife), Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka, Kazuma Kiryu, Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki
  • Enemies: Most Gundam villains, Lord Djibril in particular, Zeus, Hera
  • People with harems can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are average, some are absurdly young, and some look revolting and hedonistic. However, there are also some who look real handsome enough to make any other woman swoon, and one of Orga Itsuka's friends nominated Naze Turbine for the trope.
  • As soon as he was ascended, after being filled in on what he missed, as well as what the whole Pantheon is all about, he immediately nominated Amida Arca for Top Wife, only for the Court to be way ahead of him.
  • After the ascension ceremony that followed (and the heartfelt reunion with Tekkadan's leaders), the two were escorted to their separate temples, only to then each find a portal that takes them to a spatial dimension that holds the TIR-0009 Hammerhead's interior. The portals also allow both of them to visit each other's temples so that neither are as separated as their Houses would otherwise require them to be due to distance.
    • And greeting them inside were others in the Turbines who made it in the Pantheon as well, though—just like with Tekkadan—it wasn't all of them, for some reason. Specifically, only those who have died, Lafter Frankland among them, have ascended with Naze and Amida as their heralds.
  • No longer part of Teiwaz, the couple were immediately invited to the GUAG. Despite being from what was essentially a Yakuza In Space, they're treated somewhat better than Tekkadan's is.
    • Due to a shortage of ships as a result of his frame-up and Iok's attack against his fleet, extra ships and supplies from the GUAG have been provided to compensate for those losses, though it's not that much given his significantly smaller crew compared to his previous count of 50,000.
    • Speaking of yakuza, this got them the attention of Kazuma Kiryu, who has history as such a member himself. That said, he can see that the Turbines aren't even that evil, so he gets along with Naze just fine. His good care with kids has also earned him Amida's approval as well.
  • Being part of an unorthodox love dynamic means it wasn't long before the usual rivals who get involved in such affairs, Princess Cadance and Kyu Sugardust, come over to evaluate their relationship.
    • As Naze's neighbor, the love fairy was first to meet him and was intrigued with how he's gotten so many ladies under his belt. He decided to invite her in to the Hammerhead so he can tell the full story.
    • After being escorted to a recreational room—at around the same time Amida was bringing in Cadance, and after the Turbines were familiarized with their rivalry—the couple narrated the tale of how they met and how they formed the crew they see here today.
    • By the end of the tale, Cadance was close to shedding tears while Kyu was left somber; after all, marrying ladies in order to rescue them from their previous exploitative careers is a pretty special circumstance, and Naze was lucky that Amida was fully on board with his plans.
  • Harem aside, Sei Iori and Reiji find him very similar to a friend of theirs, Ricardo Fellini, who's also a womanizer, though had less luck with the ladies than Naze (even if he did eventually did get a girl to be with).
  • Even though he makes love with all the women in his crew, he treats them more like adopted daughters, though a number of them do become his actual wives as well.
  • Of all the Gundam villains in the Pantheon, none earn his ire more than Lord Djibril, whose actions are reminiscent of one Iok Kujan.
  • The situation with Raku and Chitoge has a similarity to Naze and Amida's; they used the pretense of marriage for protection purposes, the older couple for rescuing exploited women and the marriage was legal, and the younger pair pretended to be a couple to keep their yakuza families from tearing each other apart, although it does become real by the end.


    Mary the Three-Breasted Prostitute 
Mary, Goddess of Fanservice Extra (Three-Breasted Prostitute)
"We can't show you why everyone remembers her, but let your imagination run wild."
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her three breasts
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Prostitute, Three-Breasted Mutant, Get Shot by Richter In the Back, Memorable Part of the Film
  • Domains: Prostitution, Multiple Breasts, Extra
  • Allies: Douglas Quaid, Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, William Thomas Riker, X-Men
  • Enemies: Jack the Ripper, William Stryker, Mars People, the Martians, Tiamat
  • A mutant from Mars that have developed an abnormally extra breast and works as a prostitute in Last Resort on Venusville, Mars. If that doesn't seem significant, well, she's just fanservice.
  • As a prostitute, she have made several clients through the Pantheon, with her third breast as a fetish for some of them. Her favorite client seems to be Kirk for having many extraterrestrial lovers and found her mutation to be normal compare to the other alien women.
  • As she works as a prostitute, she became cautious of a serial killer known as Jack the Ripper as he is known to target prostitutes.
  • As a denizen of Mars, she is offput by the more alien denizen of Mars rather than other humans or mutants that are found in Venusville. Although she tried to woo Martian Manhunter who has the power of shapeshifting and can look human.
  • She is a mutant as a result of weak radiation shielding in Venusville that caused a generations of humans being mutate. The X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants have found her to be hot and have wondered whether to laugh or envy how her mutation is fairly normal.
    • Her appearance earned her an ire of an anti-Mutant advocate, William Stryker, for her mutation and her profession.
  • Though proud of her breasts as she used them for her work, she's rather bothered that there was a deity named Tiamat beat her to the Multi Boobage department.
  • The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise once mistaken her for one of their crewman, Sonya Gomez, when they stumbled upon her. Her breast aside, she took it as a compliment when they thought of her as one of their officers.
  • Is often visited by Zel of the Interspecies Reviewers due to her reminding him of his favorite sex worker back on his world. Mary, for her part, is often delighted by Zel's presence, enjoying the various tales he tells of the adventures - both in and out of sheets - he's been apart of.

    Mrs. Robinson 
Mrs. Robinson, Goddess of Older Women Who Date Younger Suitors
  • Theme Song: Named after herself
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her leg wearing stockings
  • Alignment: True Neutral with evil tendencies
  • Portfolio: Knight Templar Parent with an Awful Wedded Life, Older Women Seducing Young Men, Head-Turning Beauty, Ms. Fanservice, Dark and Troubled Past, Mama Bear, Affably Evil, Lady Drunk, Abusive Parent, Last-Name Basis
  • Domains: Lust, Trickery, Ambition, Hubris, Youth.
  • Followers: Bulma's mother, Ava Moore, Mida Rana, Wendy Oldbag
  • Allies: The Kankers, The Black Queen of Sogo, Raynare, Lady Macbeth
  • Rivals: Barney Stinson
  • Enemies: Virtually every young person, Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary
  • Opposed by: The Eds, Barbarella, Issei Hyodo, Rias Gremory, Bulma
  • Abhorrent Admirer of: Benjamin Braddock, Xander Harris
  • Observed by: Frasier Crane
  • Pitied by: Mad Moxxi
  • There have been countless stories of older gentlemen who decide to date women far younger than themselves. That does not mean that some women have similar tastes. The most infamous case is from a woman codenamed Mrs. Robinson (her first name was never revealed). She used her status and feminine wiles to coerce a son of their friends into a relationship. The insidious story that followed brought her great infamy. Known for such debauchery, The subhouse of Tainted Love decided to give her a seat in the Pantheon. Now she is free to go after a large number of young men.
    • It took a while to get there, but she was delighted at the arrival of Benjamin Braddock in the Pantheon. She was less pleased that he brought along her daughter Elaine with him. The two play a cat-and-mouse game to this day, with Ms. Robinson doing everything in her power to track him down and reclaim him her for own lusful desires.
  • This time around, she has plenty of fans among her. The Kankers see her as an inspiration, asking her for advice on how to court the Eds. The boys did not like that idea and have been performing pranks on her temple as a result.
  • The Black Queen has been around almost as long and was glad to meet the other women. The two can be seen plotting ways to lure in their objects of desire. Unfortunately for the Goddess of Untoward Attentions, Mrs. Robinson does not swing this way and even if she did she has her eyes of younger types.
  • There is quite a bit of overlap between her and Raynare, Goddess of Bastard Girlfriends. As such, the two cooperate at a numerous number of times. Issei and Rias were not pleased with this development.
    • It should be noted that despite this, there are numerous number of neutral followers who worship Mrs. Robinson and many of them aren't nearly as malicious as her. They see their relationships merely as their preferred taste of suitors. It's to the point that the churches are nearly separated between the two factions. Mrs. Robinson has kept things in order by tying everyone together to protect them from those who see their relationships as taboo.
  • Moxxi did not condone her way of having an affair behind her husband's back, but she does sympathize with how her husband forced her into a bland marriage. Otherwise, she has no qualms over women who date people much younger than them (hell she's done that plenty of times herself). She just wishes that Mrs. Robinson would break up with her husband and let loose her sexual appetite.
  • When Black Canary discovered her ascension, she can only shake her head of shame. There was a time during the Silver Age that she was accusing of doing just that to the Green Arrow. Subsequent reboots revealed she was the daughter of the original, making their age more equal. Still, such discussions occasionally creep up back towards her.
  • Bulma was met with a shocking discovery; her own mother had applied to attend the clergy of Ms. Robinson. It should be noted that she had flirted with many of the cast of Dragon Ball when they were far younger than her. Bulma tried to talk her out of it to no avail.
  • While she searches for her original suitor, she has others on her mind:
    • Well known for his ability to attract the very worst suitors to him, Xander thought he could handle a mere Quasideity. Yet it didn't take long for her to have him as her next suitor. It took a couple months of motivation from Buffy and Willow to get him out of there. He now tends to avoid the woman whenever possible.
  • Psychologist Frasier Crane took it upon himself to study the nature of such people to understand their preference to young suitors. When asked why, he pointed out that he too was sought after an older woman. Such an experiment is trickier as he's too old to be attracted by anyone in the clergy, but he does seek out example to study.
  • Barney amusingly pointed out that he tried to find a Mrs. Robinson of his own who would accept the term "Who's your mommy?" While he did succeed, he ended up with a Dominatrix and needed help from Robin to end the relationship. It was a nice flashback, but he was done with trying to recreate that stunt.

    Youta Tada 
Youta Tada, The Living Aphrodisiac (The Sun)
'Girl' Youta 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Black Ring
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Really Gets Around, Arouses the girls of the Parallel World with a single touch, Chivalrous Pervert, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Wholesome Crossdresser, Intending to kill the God of Deep Jealousy, Weak, but Skilled in Kendo
  • Domains: Sex, Other Worlds, Deicide
  • Allies: Lumi the Paladin (his lover), Issei, Luka
  • Avoids: Lucy
  • Enemies: SLAANESH
  • An ordinary high school student, Youta was, out of nowhere, thrown out the third floor window of his school by a creepy figure dressed in rags. When he came to, he had been pulled into an alternate world populated entirely by women, and quickly found that he was able to sexually arouse them with a single touch. It quickly became apparent, however, that this 'paradise' was a sick, sad world at its core: 3000 years before, an evil deity known as the "God of Deep Jealousy" put a curse on the human race, wiping out all men and condemning the women to die before the age of 20 if they didn't mate with a man. Youta made a vow after seeing the curse claim one of the friends he had made that he would wipe out the God who had done such a horrible thing. Now he seeks answers alongside his lover, the first girl he met in the parallel world, a beautiful paladin named Lumi.
  • Youta actually counts himself lucky that in the Pantheon, his Living Aphrodisiac trait only really affects Lumi: he admits that trying to keep himself from accidentally touching people can become a bit of a hassle at times. As such, he expresses a bit of pity for Luka, who not only is unable to turn of his monster-attracting scent, but he doesn't have to touch monster girls to arouse them. He's become friends with the young warrior, and has been getting a bit of swordplay training from him: as much as he'd like to ask Lumi to train him, he can see a situation like that quickly going off the rails.
  • Had a close call when he noticed a severe-looking young woman with bright red hair: for a moment he thought that it was Haru, the woman who had refused to mate with him and consequently died of the curse. Upon getting closer to her and calling out her name, he was on the receiving end of a withering Death Glare: realizing that it wasn't Haru and that approaching the Diclonius would end badly for him, he made a hasty retreat, making a mental note to warn Lumi not to make the mistake he almost did.
  • Issei expressed incredible jealousy at the idea of being able to arouse women with a touch like Youta can. Upon learning the specifics, however, Issei offered to lend a hand at killing what he referred to as a 'scumbag bastard god'.
  • He and Lumi were approached by Princess Cadance, who after hearing about Youta's 'adventures' in the parallel world intended to give him one of her patented lectures. She was initially surprised to see the two put up their defenses as she approached, Lumi actually grabbing the hilt of her sword and preparing to draw it. The situation was quickly cleared up: the two thought that like the unicorns from Lumi's home world, Cadance intended to attack them for being non-virgins. With that out of the way, Cadance made sure to stress that even if Lumi was okay with Youta sleeping around, it still stresses their relationship, and he shouldn't take it for granted. Youta responded simply that if sex was his priority, he would've just stayed in the city of Meath with Lumi. He wouldn't be trying to kill a god. Cadance thought for a moment, then shrugged and nodded.
    • The existence of the Parallel World has become the subject of an attempted power play by Kyu Sugardust and Cadance: Kyu wants to smuggle her (male) clients into the Parallel World and see if she can easily hook them up with the women (for the greater good), while Cadance has thrown her support behind trying to kill the God of Deep Jealousy and breaking the curse, thus taking away any excuses Kyu might have. More than one god has expressed bemusement at the near Death Note levels of conspiracy and gambits the two are embroiled in over such a ridiculous world.
    • Slaanesh has also set his/her/its eyes on the Parallel World, to the mutual dismay of Kyu and Cadance and the abject horror and disgust of Youta and Lumi. The Chaos God hopes to unleash its own forces on the helpless world, so that it may be overwhelmed and broken into worship of the deranged Sense Freak.