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Soldier: Is it true you went twelve-for-twelve with last year's Maxim cover models?
Tony Stark: That is an excellent question. Yes and no — March and I had a scheduling conflict, but fortunately the Christmas cover was twins.

Does sex just happen as naturally as breathing around you? When you meet up with a very attractive person, is the next shot always of the clothes hitting the floor? Does an instant harem/stable appear at your house? Perhaps you have a Compelling Voice, and take it to its logical conclusion. You almost certainly make Bow Chicka Wow Wow music on the soundtrack when you walk down the street. People will look.

You, my friend, are The Pornomancer.

In pornographic movies, the characters usually don't earn their sexual conquests so much as receive them from some greater power...whether that power is in-universe magic or simply a godlike, but lazy, writer or director (or both). There wouldn't be much of a porn movie if the characters didn't have sex, and nobody involved—including most of the audience—cares whether the seduction would be plausible in the real world. So it isn't. Thus, in the grand tradition of wizards who are helpful to lazy writers, this field of study is known as "pornomancy."

Often, pornomancers are a walking Deus Sex Machina, but they can exist in more family-friendly works, such as The Casanova in a sit-com, or the Femme Fatale in a detective show. Pornomancy is often exhibited by Stupid Sexy Flanders and any other character so hot that they engender attraction from same-sex heterosexuals.

Pornomancy is sometimes blatantly supernatural in a work, particularly in Hentai, where powers are almost immediately used for their most sexual application upon being obtained or there's actually a loose magical justification for all that sexing, but more often the cause of a character's ability to make respected citizens become slobbering sex maniacs is completely non-magical within the context of the show's universe: it simply starts off as an Informed Ability and everyone pretty much accepts it as a given (with the occasional Hand Wave when writers feel frisky). Even if the show has no established super-normal content, pornomancy is still possible through TV magic.

The Pornomancer is a non-gendered trope often combined with The Casanova, Even the Guys Want Him, Even the Girls Want Her, The Vamp, Femme Fatale, Stupid Sexy Flanders, and other tropes that take note of the tendency of characters in fiction to have nigh supernatural powers of getting laid. Kavorka Man would be a sub-trope; by definition his power over women is mysterious and ill-defined. In worlds where magic or its sci-fi equivalent exist, this is often related to Power Perversion Potential.

Aversions of this trope occur when, for example, The Casanova "earns" the conquest plausibly to the viewers. Subversions take place when the Informed Ability turns out to be just that… for example, the Femme Fatale's charms fail and she strikes out miserably; it's also a subversion when the person with said powers knows he or she can use them for sex, but doesn't.

It's also possible for a person to have this ability but not want to use it. If the Pornomancer is apathetic or even against his/her own abilities, they are an Accidental Pornomancer.

If he/she enthusiastically takes on the sex offered, it results in Really Gets Around. Such a Pornomancer may develop their lovemaking skills to become a veritable Sex God, or they might focus only on their own gratification.

More scholarly tropers should note that the prefix of "pornomancer" is being used in its more modern sense of an abbreviation of "pornography" rather than carrying the direct meaning of the root word "porn?" meaning "prostitute".

When used as a defined in-universe power, this is a subtrope of Whatevermancy, but doesn't have to be. When it's just implied because the writers want a character to have improbable fornication skills, it is not.


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  • If the commercials are to be believed, this is what will happen to absolutely anyone who uses Axe body spray.
  • The woman in this commercial.
  • The woman in this English Leather commercial is bragging about being a playgirl when she says "All my men wear English Leather, or they wear nothing at all.". Based on her eye contact and tone of voice, the woman means that her men are naked.
  • The guy in this Bod Man commercial.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Ai Yori Aoshi, the male lead is in a committed (if secret) relationship with the first girl, but for some reason he attracts girls with a tendency to fall in love with him, appear half-dressed, and/or grope one another.
  • Basically the entire concept of DNA˛ with Junta Momonari, AKA the Mega Playboy, having a Marvel-style mutant power (i.e. it naturally activates at puberty) to become such a perfect man that he can literally seduce any female (except Ami, his Victorious Childhood Friend who's immune to his charms since she's known him for so long) into falling head-over-heels in love with him with just by looking at them. That, and he also gains instant Saiyan-level combat prowess. Too bad that, whenever he's not in Mega Playboy mode he's so allergic to women he'll throw up whenever he sees a naked woman that is not Ami or his mother.
    • For added hilarity, we have Ryuuji, a rather successful casanova who thinks he's this. He even tells his girlfriend he has such superior DNA that women can't help but throw themselves at him, thus she'll never break with him in spite of him continuously cheating on her... Then she meets Junta as the Mega Playboy and uses Ryuuji's own bullshit to justify her sudden feelings for him to herself, before breaking up with him.
    • And to counterbalance the hilarity, all of Junta's male children, and possibly the females, will inherit the same abilities and immense libido, and, according to Karin, had she not been sent back in time to prevent the ability from activating he'd have grown so bitter at being repeatedly humiliated by girls to have a hundred children from a hundred different women, causing indirectly a threat to her already overpopulated future timeline.
  • GTO: The Early Years: Hiroshi Abe claims to have slept with 158 women, and Eikichi and Ryuji beg him to teach them how to be like him.
  • Taken to an extreme in Chapter 273 of Hayate the Combat Butler'. Hayate being a Chaste Hero, he doesn't even realize he's doing it, though it is noticed by the other characters and one tries to follow his example to his love interest. It doesn't work.
  • Irresponsible Captain Tylor has Tylor himself. After saving the ship as he always does by just being his blissfully ignorant and incompetent self, the other crew members give him a porno tape and wanted him to enjoy it for himself, but threatened him if they didn't get it back. Blissfully unaware that there is an alien princess hiding behind his bed (who honestly doesn't know anything about human relationships), Tylor puts in the tape, but keeps fumbling to turn it off as EVERY FEMALE ON THE SHIP comes to his door to express their sexual desires for him. Hilarity Ensues. On top of that, Tylor ended up joining the military to begin with because his ignorance ended up causing a female COMPUTER to confess her love for him in the first episode!
  • Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is well known for attracting massive numbers of women to him with just his sheer charisma, some of them have such an undying love for him that they even volunteer to give away their lives to feed his bloodlust.
  • Kengan Ashura has Muteba Gizenga, a world-famous mercenary who gets hired by Iwami Heavy Industries to fight for them in the Kengan Tournament. When he enters the ring for the first round, we get a shot of the literal trail of satisfied women behind him, and he doesn't stop there. Between each of his fights, he is usually with around half a dozen naked girls while casually talking about the currently ongoing fight. And judging by the state most of the women are in, he seems to be quite good at it as well.
  • Maken-ki!: Love Espada has male and female students alike chomping at the bit for the chance to bang her and she's just as eager to please. The 70.5 omake chapter recounts how an unnamed waitress voluntarily became her Sex Slave, after falling in love with Espada at first sight. In chapter 76, Espada is said to have slept with over 100 girls during Tenbi's previous Himekagura Festival. And three chapters later, she leaves another group of female students passed out at her feet in various states of undress, with two still trembling in orgasm.
  • My Balls has the demon sealed within Kouta's bollocks actually doing this to him. Most of it is justified in that the demons of hell are trying to make him ejaculate, so that the demon sealed in his balls will be freed. However, there's also a normal instance of this trope in Minayo, who has the worst timing EVER in revealing that not only is she interested in the boy, but that she also becomes a raging nymphomaniac when drunk.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Both Akio and Touga are prime examples, though not quite as skilled as Akio, whose seductive ability seems magical, whereas Touga is just suave. Eventually Touga decides to submit to Akio's power and become his herald/implied buttboy. Touga's best friend calls him out on it, and Touga admits that being around that much power feels just plain good.
  • Yurika's Campus Life is about the titular girl with the rather strange gift of female-only Pornomancy, to the point that even men recognize her as beautiful, yet somehow not attractive. The main issue with this is that Yurika is straight and actually wants a boyfriend. After a few chapters' worth of denial and accidental sexing, she comes to terms with this and amusingly becomes known as "the girl with the stamen", using her skills at female love to score food and a place to stay after her father's business collapses.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics
    • Jughead Jones once upon a time had a pin that he wore in his hat which made him completely irresistable to women. This was paired with a drop in his gynophobia.
    • And while we're on the subject of Archie—how does that plain, ordinary guy with no money, poor grades, and little talent except an occasionally demonstrated musical ability get two girls to fight over him all the time? Not to mention get a date with anyone who happens to be just passing through Riverdale?
  • Iron Man: Tony Stark is very much this. A quote from the movie (when being asked if he went "Twelve for Twelve" with the Maxim covergirls) explains it all: "Yes and No. March and I had a scheduling conflict, but fortunately the Christmas cover was twins."
  • Dylan Dog has an uncanny talent for getting in the bed of pretty much every female he meets. And we used "female" in place of "woman" because he had sex with at least one devil. And he doesn't even do that on purpose (hence why one of his suitors was actually the ghost of a witch).

    Fan Works 
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" starts playing whenever Duke Devlin appears.
  • In Concentration (Ratt9) Matsuda asks Light for some dating advice:
    Matsuda: (wearing an ugly suit) Hey, Light-kun.
    Light: What is it?
    Matsuda: Uhh, you're good with girls, right?
    Light: (thinking) Hell yeah, I have! (out loud) Well, I have had quite a few girlfriends over the years. So, I guess you could say that.
    Matsuda: Well, you see… I'm going on a date with someone in an hour, and, uh, I was sort of wondering if you could give me some advice…
    Light: (thinking) Well, that explains the ugly suit. (out loud) Oh, sure. Do you want to learn how to make her like you, or how to make her want to knock you over and fuck you into a mattress? Because I'm fairly good at both.
  • The Luckster and his Luck is a series of one-shots where the author seems determined to have Makoto Naegi sleep with every girl in the series.
  • In The Rocky Horror Picture Show fanfics (such as You Set Me Up With Who?), Dr. Frank N. Furter often fills this role. Humans and aliens alike jump into bed with him. Interestingly, in the film itself, he resorts to trickery (wigs, fake voices, and so on).

    Films — Live-Action 
  • As seen on the page image (which is actually from a Deleted Scene), Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man, right from the start of the movie. While establishing his character, it's shown that he can easily turn a reporter from trying to paint him up as some kind of evil warlord to falling into bed with him in about 20 seconds. He becomes much less promiscuous after returning from Afghanistan and becoming Iron Man.
  • In Perfume the sociopathic protagonist with an inhuman sense of smell makes a perfume Powered by a Forsaken Child or seven that, when applied, causes everyone in a large area to not only love you, but also tear off their clothes and have sex with everyone around. He uses it at a public event with hundreds of people. This scene also occurs in the novel.
  • Dangerous Liasons and remakes like Cruel Intentions specifically avert this trope by spending quite a lot of time on the planning and implementation of a seduction.
  • James Bond's talent with pornomancy is legendary; nearly every movie he is featured in has him seducing women under the most peculiar circumstances and using the most improbable techniques. The most recent, rebooted Bond movies have played with it:
    • Much of Casino Royale (2006) was built around a fairly massive subversion/aversion of this: Vesper Lynd is set up as a typical Bond conquest-to-be, but instead of that he falls for her, hard, and she completely plays him. Given how Casino Royale is Bond's origin story, it's more accurate to say his callous womanizing stems from their destructive relationship. Few people realize his signature vodka martini is actually symbolic: Bond names it after Vesper and then continues drinking it long after she's dead.
    • This trope is so prevailing that it's a bit of a stunning subversion when one realizes that, in Quantum of Solace, he doesn't sleep with Olga Kurylenko's character, Camille. Not to worry though. During the course of the movie, Bond manages to bed Gemma Arterton's character, Agent Fields, who was sent to retrieve Bond from his mission. All it evidently took was the come-on of "finding the stationery" in their swank hotel room. His callous treatment of Agent Fields is perhaps the biggest indicator in the movie that the Bond of this movie had no use for personal entanglements, focused as he was on revenge.
    • Ironically, the only woman that Bond may have truly loved, the one who he actually married (in On Her Majesty's Secret Service), was murdered by Ernst Stavro Blofeld less than an hour after the wedding. It may well be then, that it is somewhat justified that he will not commit to a woman a second time.
  • Austin Powers: Austin's mojo also counts.
  • Alvin Purple was a 1973 Australian sex comedy about the title character, who is irresistable to all women, except of course the one he falls in love with.
  • Danny Trejo's eponymous Machete may be one ugly hombre, but still, "Machete gets the women." By the end of the movie, every main female character has favored him, and he even did Lindsay Lohan's character and her stepmother at the same time, complete with porn music.
  • All of the British Sex Comedies of the 1970s. But especially the Timmy Lea Confessions of series, Adventures of series, and The Ups and Downs of a Door-to-Door Salesman (a film which screamed for sequels).
  • Both versions of Alfie Elkins.
  • Lacey Underall in Caddyshack.
  • Jock from Mortdecai is this, over the course of the film he is shown sleeping with several beautiful, young women without any apparent effort whatsoever.
  • Shapely aerobics instructor Jaimy in Killer Workout {Aerobicide) is shown to be one when she spills her condom-filled purse in the parking lot while she gets out of her car. There's also an unopened box of condoms in her purse and she has them in preparation for her upcoming sexcapades.

  • In The Witcher, it's easier to count the number of women who appear and haven't been banged by Geralt. In particular, Geralt ends up sleeping with nearly every named sorceress in the books at one point or another, and quite a few normal women besides. During the course of the main saga, however, he only sleeps with a few women, but by the time of the video games, he's back to sleeping with nearly every woman he meets. In fact, at one point in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, this exchange happens:
    Margarita: I just realized... except for Ciri, you and me, Geralt has slept with every woman on this boat.
    Phillipa: Don't worry. It's only a matter of time in your case.
  • What discussion of sex magic would be complete without Anita Blake? Though the series began merely using sex as appropriate to a modern vampire story, as it progressed, it got further derailed to the point that nobody can resist having sex with Anita, and she can do anything she wants with sex magic.
  • Merry Gentry: Laurell Hamilton's other major character, Meredith Gentry, also qualifies. She's been able to bring creatures of Faerie into power via sex, and even revive parts of the Unseelie enclave.
  • Sir Apropos of Nothing: Apropos gets a ring (that does not go on his finger) that gives him pornomancy in The Woad to Wuin, the second book of the series. Subverted in that it quickly proves to be a curse: "The women came to me in all shapes, all sizes, young and old, pretty and... less so. Finally they tied me to the bed. There are worse ways to pass one's hours, but none come readily to mind."
  • The Dresden Files:
    • This is the power of one of the families of the White Court of Vampires, which they use to facilitate their feeding on a person's soul and life through sex. If a vampire gets hungry, gender-appropriate preys will try to get close and tear their clothes off. The vampires can tone the effect to tolerable levels, though. It should be noted that gender doesn't matter for the White Court. If it has a libido, they can eat it. One of them is a Defector from Decadence who can't hold down a normal job because his especially strong "aura" tends to cause him to be the victim of sexual harassment, forcing him to quit or get fired due to Double Standards. He eventually gets around this by masquerading as an outrageously campy homosexual hairdresser and absorbs minute amounts of life energy coming from the feelings of sensuality his patrons enjoy by having their scalps massaged.
    • While Harry himself is not an example, wizards are known to have this effect. It actually serves as a decent early-warning sign of dark wizards, a.k.a. "warlocks". Magic is heavily tied to the wizard's sense of right and wrong, and the fact that magic that takes control of people means that the person doesn't consider what they're doing abusive is a pretty good clue that someone is up to no good. Harry's strength (and certain Mantles of Power that he has) make a lot of the major magical players want him on their side. Many of them are Femme Fatales or have them on staff for that purpose.
    • The Sidhe are capable of doing this almost without thinking.
  • Mikael Blomkvist, the male lead from the Millennium Series. There are only two female characters featuring in more than a few paragraphs that Blomkvist doesn't sleep with — one is a married woman with young children and the other is his sister. It never seems to be Blomkvist who seduces them, either; it just seems like every female jumps him as soon as she gets a chance. Luckily, the movies downplay this. Some of this is due to Larsson's editors making him put more sex scenes in because they felt it would give the novels more commercial appeal. They stopped doing this by the third book, and it shows.
  • Marla Mason actually uses the word "pornomancer" to describe Tantric magicians who derive power from sexual desire and sex-related emotion. There is also a character described as a "lovetalker" with the magical/psychic ability to involuntarily evoke feelings of attraction and affection in everyone around him, making him irresistible.
  • Smoke and Shadows: In Smoke and Ashes, Leah is this by virtue of being the handmaiden of a demonlord of lust. However, it fizzles when she attempts to use it on gay men.
  • Dune presents Duncan Idaho as a lampshaded example. His charm with the women is remarked upon by more than a few characters throughout the entire original Frank Herbert run of the series. Not bad considering that he gets killed partway into the first book. And near the end of the third. And countless times in the fourth. Being able to bed almost every female character in the universe is most likely just karmic balance for Duncan being the Duneiverse's resident Cosmic Plaything. Though by the fourth book it's probably Darwinist Desire given that God-Emperor Leto is quite clearly interested in his bloodline given how he keeps cloning him and putting them in charge of his otherwise all-female guards, to say nothing of his official use of the clones in his breeding program.
  • In American Gods, Mr. Wednesday rarely spends a night alone, seducing waitresses, hotel clerks, practically every mortal woman that has prolonged contact with him (except that neopagan barista, she annoyed him). At one point he quite explicitly states that he knows a charm (as in spell) that makes any woman he desires fall in love with him.
  • Lakewalkers in The Sharing Knife can use their magic powers to get sex with Muggles. In theory, their culture frowns on this, although some lakewalker communities have enough cultural contempt for muggles to be cavalier about it.
  • Luo Binghe in The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System bones virtually every single woman he comes across in graphic detail, often with some Fuck or Die or Deus Sex Machina "plot"-related reason behind it, before they become yet another wife in his three-hundred-plus harem... at least, in the original narrative of the Proud Immortal Demon Way webnovel. One of the major changes Shen Yuan's transmigration (accidentally) makes to the original webnovel's narrative is turning Luo Binghe into the complete opposite of this trope.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Joey from Friends is possibly the most famous modern pornomancer. Despite not having any magical skills (or intelligence) of note, he rarely needs to utter more than "Hey. How you doin'?" before scoring.
    • Ironically, his skills beyond that single line are nearly non-existent. When the phrase does fail him, he goes into a Heroic BSoD.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Implied with Daario. Proven absolutely when he becomes the first man to share Dany's bed after her departed husband.
    • Squire Podrick Payne is given a night with three prostitutes in Littlefinger's brothel by Tyrion as a reward for saving his life. The next morning Pod returns all of Tyrion's money as the three women enjoyed the experience so much they refused payment, despite the fact that these are seasoned professional whores and Pod was a virgin. It becomes a running joke in the series that nobody's quite sure what Pod did but those whores sure enjoyed it. Unfortunately, circumstances conspire to deny Pod any further opportunities for the remainder of the series.
  • Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Nate Archibald as well, but to a lesser degree.
  • House: A handsome young doctor with a sexy accent, Chase has no trouble picking up multiple women, in one episode managing to sleep with three at a single wedding. In one episode, he denies that women would be so shallow as to fall for him just because of his looks, so House bets him $100 that if he signs up for Speed Dating and acts like a total douche the entire time, he'll still get at least 12 out of 20 women wanting a second date. House wins that bet.
  • Supernatural
    • Dean Winchester alternates between being a pornomancer and actually being a viable romantic lead. The third season premiere started with Dean cavorting with "the Doublemint Twins" in a hotel room while Sam hides in the car. Though the show does contain magic, it's reasonably certain that he didn't need anything more than Author Appeal to cross that one off the bucket list. In several episodes, however, such as with Cassie in the episode "Route 666", the tenderness is definitely earned.
    • Played with in terms of Andy Gallagher in "Simon Said"; he has the power to control people with his Compelling Voice, and has no problem using it to make random women sleep with him, but refuses to use it on the woman he actually loves.
    • Charlie Bradbury is a lesbian Pornomancer who has effortlessly attracted almost every woman she has shared any amount of screentime with, if not every woman. Even female background extras can't stop themselves from turning to check her out as they walk by. Her accomplishments include crossing the species barrier to make out with a fairy, and it's heavily implied but not confirmed that she hooked up with the actual Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.
  • iCarly: Spencer. Basically scores with every woman on the show older than 18, and younger than Mrs. Benson. Also scored with Mrs. Benson in the Christmas Episode. And a 80 year old guy whilst Spencer was pretending to be a busty old woman. In episode Locker 239 he may have had a girl in his room at the start of the episode, and then scored with the art teacher at the end of that episode.
  • Surely Charlie from Two and a Half Men is an 18th level Pornomancer? Admittedly he's probably Charlie Sheen's own Marty Stu, but the guy's been laid more than the contents of 12 egg cartons.
  • In Night Court, prosecutor Dan Fielding's whole life revolved around his sexual conquests. Humorous given that the actor later went on to play a character on Boston Legal, which had its own fair share of pornomancers.
  • "Aaay!" The TV Ur-Example would be Fonzie of Happy Days.
  • Barney from How I Met Your Mother is a master of this, as not only does he have an arsenal of magic tricks, he once managed to pick up a French chick whilst pretending to be an 80-year-old man. Basically, his pornomancy is a servant to Rule of Funny, and if it's funny for him to get martinis thrown in his face that will happen instead.
    • The episode "Stuff" highlights some of the weak points in Barney's game; although he is shown on-screen with a great success rate in picking girls up, it apparently falls apart fairly often on the way back to his or her place. Barney's solution? Turn a moving truck into a one-room bachelor pad in the alley behind the bar. Though, according to his own admission, he has never had a "perfect week", (7 women in 7 days) though he has tried to.
      Barney — by his own admission — has actually flirted with way, way more women than he has slept with. One episode has Marshall using GNB's photocopying department to make an absurd number of graphs: Barney's success rate is only about 1%. Somewhat Truth in Television, Barney is using what might be called "The Shotgun Approach". Basically, he tries so much, so often, that the law of averages kicks in. Even if he only scores once for every 50 shots he takes, he shoots so much that that still means he'd get more tail in a week than most of us would see in a lifetime.
  • Coupling: Patrick keeps a closet full of video tapes of women he has slept with. One made a sex toy from "Junior Patrick". He doesn't understand the idea of friendship with a woman. In any particular room in which women are present, it's expected to find that many have been "patricked".
  • Chris Stevens of Northern Exposure has this power. There's an episode devoted to it, in fact.
  • Veronica, the niece in The George Lopez Show who always sleeps her ways to the top.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: Captain James T. Kirk gets more interstellar tail than the rest of the human race put together.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Humorously, Rodney McKay lampshades Colonel Shepard's ability for this trope with a reference to the above.
    Rodney: Oh my god, he is Kirk!
  • Stargate Universe
    • Lt. Matthew "Can't Keep It In His Pants" Scott bagged at least two women in the first four episodes, neither with any pretext whatsoever. A flashback during those episodes mentions that as a teenager, he'd gotten his girlfriend pregnant. After that ignominious start, he settled down for the next two seasons with just Chloe.
    • The real Pornomancer is Lisa Park, who's not only slept with as many people, she's done so in less screentime (two in one episode, one in a webisode). More to the point, while Scott's liaisons are at the very least an attempt at an actual relationship, Park is doing this just to relieve stress.
  • Californication
    • Author Hank Moody, played by Real Life pornomancer/sex addict David Duchovny, is Cursed with Awesome pornomancy. An endless slew of gorgeous women fall into his bed; even his daughter and his soul mate usually just roll their eyes when they find out about his sexual shenanigans. A case could be made that his power is Blessed with Suck (heh), since his life is always complicated by his sexual antics. One generally doesn't feel sorry for him, however.
      • By Season 3, about the only adult women on the show he hasn't slept with are Marci, his best friend's wife, the boss of his best friend, and his daughter's best friend. He has slept with Mia (the 16 year old daughter of the man he took his wife back from), his teacher's assistant, a stripper/student in his writing class, the wife of the dean of the school he's working at, Karen, and about a half-dozen random sexual encounters. It finally comes crashing down in the Season 3 final episode.
    • In season 5, it appears that Charlie is now the show's resident pornomancer. As of episode 7 he's shown having sex with four women and gotten a free blow-job from a transgender hooker. Meanwhile Hank, in the same amount of time, has had sex with a grand total of two women. One of which he was in an actual relationship with.
  • Jason King of Department S and later his own spin-off series. The moustachioed, velvet-wearing slippery dandy who was the real inspiration for Austin Powers.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Season Two: Cordelia dumps Xander, so he tries to win her back with a love spell. It works, but not on its intended target (obviously). Hilarity Ensues. It might be better to just declare Xander the series Pornomancer, period. At one point or another, every human and non-human chick alive (plus one undead) in the series has wanted to fuck Xander's brains out. By the third, season, he already banged the character played by Eliza Dushku, and by the fourth season, he was regularly engaging in sex marathons with his nympho ex-demoness girlfriend (who was the patron saint of scorned women and as such, THE absolute man-hater for 1100 years until she met Xander).
    • Season Four: The episode Superstar inexplicably sees literally everybody being hot for the hottest vampire hunter in town, Jonathan. Even Giles owns a copy of his sexy underwear calendar. He's so hot that he takes the major part of the opening credits for the episode and the Scooby gang is unable to function without calling on him for help. Turns out he used black magic to make himself supernaturally hot and popular, unleashing a dangerous demon on the city to maintain the magical bargain. Woops.
    • Season Seven: there's a boy at the rebuilt high school whom all the female characters immediately fall for, with dreamy expressions and the theme from A Summer Place. Even Willow (she started working a spell to change him into a woman so it could work for her). Hilarity Ensues. It's the jacket.
  • Lost: James "Sawyer" Ford gets laid more often than any other character on the show, on or off the island. Likewise, any women that Jack shows interest in, such as Ana-Lucia, Kate and Juliet, seem to always end up sleeping with Sawyer first.
  • Douglas Renholm on The IT Crowd fancies himself a Pornomancer but the jury's still out on whether or not he actually is one. He failed to seduce Jen, but things like iPod parties seem to back up his claims. (Jen might be a case of I Want You Because I Cant Control You.)
  • The Wire: Jimmy McNulty has shades of this. A Season 2 episode starts with him effortlessly picking up a waitress despite being slovenly drunk and nursing a wounded hand from an earlier car crash. Then of course there was the incident with the two prostitutes during a sting, something that other BPD Officers would joke about well into the show's final season.
  • Brian Kinney of the American version of Queer as Folk, as well as Stuart Jones, the character he was based off of in the original.
  • Lord Flashheart from Blackadder is pretty much the embodiment of this trope.
  • From Warehouse 13, Mata Hari's pantyhose can make anyone Yandere for the wearer.
  • Monty Pippin from Keen Eddie.
  • One episode of The Golden Girls had Dorothy dating a short, nerdy, bald man whom she and the other ladies found inexplicably irresistable and kept throwing themselves at him. The man had apparently dealt with this his whole life.
  • Weeds
    • Nancy Botwin. So many hot guys slobbering over her, it's like a gender-reversed Axe commercial.
    • Also Andy Botwin. Here's his explanation of what makes him the pornomancer:
  • Don Draper from Mad Men gets picked up by ridiculously beautiful women and he hardly has to raise an eyebrow at them.
  • Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who (and Torchwood) thrives on this trope. One time, he was sentenced to death and somehow talked both of his executioners into bed ("lovely couple, they kept in touch"). Another time, the man whose girlfriend he was forced to shoot in a Mercy Killing and who vowed to watch him die a painful death ended up his "naked hide-and-seek" buddy (and, later, boyfriend) instead. He spent about a week in occupied London in WWII, posing as an officer with a stolen name, and managed to bed at least two soldiers during that time. When he eventually met the guy he stole the name from, they ended up making out in the middle of a crowded ballroom. And so on, and so forth. It should be noted, though, that Jack is a Chivalrous Pervert, and Torchwood shows that he won't (seriously) hit on anyone who's already in a committed monogamous relationship, or anyone who's uncomfortable with the flirting.
  • Sam Malone from Cheers was an odd case. While he was indeed well known for being a seducer who had slept with numerous women, he spent much of the plot of the show trying hard to seduce women who wouldn't submit so easily. Diane was the first tough case (who eventually did succumb, whom he actually felt true love for, and tried to marry... It didn't end well) and later Rebecca (who he did sleep with after a long and unsuccessful campaign to seduce her, but only because she wanted a child).
  • Shane from the The L Word wields such powerful pornomancer powers, even the straightest of straight girls go "gay for Shane".
  • Agent Carter featured Howard Stark prominently, and made it quite obvious where the son got his tendencies from.
  • Lucifer (2016): The title character is so seductive and promiscuous that when his ex-lovers from "the last eight weeks" are brought in for questioning during the course of an episode's plot, they fill the entire waiting area of the police station. A Call-Back reveals that there were ninety-two, an average of 1.6 every night. According to Lucifer himself, it was a dry spell.
  • The L Word: Shane rarely has to do anything with seducing women. Just being around tends to attract them, even when the women were seemingly straight.

  • Tone Loc will tell you that, while the Funky Cold Medina always works on the ladies, you should always be careful of what you wish for.
  • Even now, when he's in his 70s, Tom Jones can sing women out of their clothing at will.
  • K.T. Oslin presents herself as one in her Cover Version of the Mickey & Sylvia song "Love Is Strange":
    'Someone say to to me 'K.T.,how do you call your loverboy?'
    Come here loverboy
    And if he doesn't answer
    Oh loverboy
    And if he still doesn't answer
    I simply say
    Baby, oh baby,my sweet baby,you're the one
    Baby, oh baby,my sweet baby,you're the one'
  • "Just Another Lover Tonight" by Cheryl Ladd is about a female pick-up artist.

    Music Videos 

    Tabletop Games 
  • Unknown Armies has a whole school of magic called Pornomancy, based on the rites of the Naked Goddess, a porn star who ascended to the Invisible Clergy by fulfilling the archetype of the Woman Everyone Can Have But You. Pornomancers accumulate charges for their magic through ritual sex, recreating the roles the Naked Goddess played in her films, and can use these charges to do pretty much anything on this page. Beware though, this is Unknown Armies and every school of magic restricts its practitioners; if a Pornomancer has sex for love, enjoyment, or any purpose other than ritual, all of their magic is negated.
  • The horror RPG KULT features the Lore of Passion, which allows for magical seduction among other sex and fertility effects. Also, Body Horror. There is ALWAYS body horror in Kult.
  • Most White Wolf games feature a power or ability that can be used for this purpose.
    • Exalted features a charm called Husband-Seducing Demon Dance, which works on everyone that can see you. Being that it works on a person or cause, it can be used both for instant seduction, instantly recruiting a Redshirt Army or becoming a one man Propaganda Machine. Being Exalted, it's available to a starting character.
    • The Abyssal equivalent, Irresistible Succubus Style, is an even purer example — it can only be used to invoke lust, but removes gender requirements for seduction use.
    • On a related note, Alchemical Exalted can get the Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations. which lets them have sex that is so good it can be used as a form of mind control. Of course, the sex has to be consensual for the mind-control effect to work, but it's doubtful that anyone with the charm is going to have that problem.
    • There's even a whole Sidereal Martial Arts Style (that being the most powerful level, which is about as similar to mortal martial arts as theoretical physics is to arithmetic) — Sapphire Veils of Passion — for this sort of thing. One particularly fun technique makes anyone who grapples you lust after you.
    • Vampire, both of them, are naturally the most prominent example in White Wolf's library. With two entire magical skills dedicated to making the Vampire irresistible in some fashion, and with several abilities of other disciplines able to do the same. Dominate allows you direct orders, and Majesty/Presence allows you to become unnaturally sexy to everyone around you, and they can't explain why.
    • From Requiem, there's the Daeva Bloodline, the Duchagne, whose primary power is Licencieux, which can cause spontaneous waves of pain or pleasure in the target, meaning you can make anything attractive or repulsive, not just yourself. Bonus: repeated uses on the same target following a repeated action can cause addiction. Addiction to the caster's favor, addiction to doing as they're told, addiction to contributing to wikis... the applications are endless.
  • This is the nickname for a certain Archetype in Shadowrun, who can throw a ridiculous number of dice at any social roll. Their powers aren't explicitly related to sex, though the ones capable of spellcasting often end up taking the spell that induces a mass orgasm for the sake of living up to the name. And yes, that is a canon spell. Presumably, it's quite popular at certain parties. Shadowrunis probably the Trope Namer.
  • This is an inherent power of all werewolves in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, although it won't work on anyone who's already in love or in a committed relationship. There's actually a good reason for them having it BEYOND Power Perversion Potential. Breeding is VERY important for the Garou, since being a Werewolf is in the blood...only they can't breed with other Garou, without cranking out a deformed child called a Metis (which you can play as). Since Wolves spend a LOT of time fighting the Wyrm and dealing with their own brand of tribal politics, it's a little...difficult to get into a committed relationship (but not impossible), making one night stands preferable. That's right, Pornomancy is almost mandatory for their very existence.
  • The demon lord Graz'zt from the Dungeons & Dragons setting is an extreme example. His reputation as a rake and a seducer is legendary; there are numerous myths and stories about his affairs with mortals, female demon lords, and even goddesses. Most of his servants are female demons, and not all of his conquests were consentual ones. This behavior has caused him to sire numerous children, most of which are vile villains in their own right. The most infamous one is Iuz the Old, a tyrant who rules an empire on the world of Oerth.
  • Lukas the Trickster was an infamous one before joining the ranks of the Space Wolves. One of his proudest accomplishments was twelve different liaisons in a single night. His age during this time is not specified but should be around 14 as space marines are recruited between 12 and 14. These days he's happy to be the greatest Troll on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.
  • The legend of Phlambror in the Forgotten Realms setting (a merchant known because of the town named after him) was clearly this Trope. A rich philanderer who got away with his lecherous actions due to his philanthropy, he was eventually murdered by a jealous husband. While the suspect was caught red handed (literally, the garthraun arrested the man who had Phlambror's blood all over him) the killer was never punished because 400 men (all of them fathers or husbands of the victim's former conquests) came forward and confessed to killing him.

  • In Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years, Jamie finds that after he is married, women begin throwing themselves at him. Due to his crumbling relationship with Kathy, he eventually caves into temptation.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Ric Flair a.k.a. "The Nature Boy", so named for his old nemesis Buddy Rogers (himself named after an obscure country song). He went through many permutations in his character before settling on a Hugh Hefner-type ladies' man, known for his limos and flowing Liberace robes.
    • A more contemporary version would be the late Nelson Frazier aka Viscera, among whose many gimmicks was an oversexed hybrid of Mr. T and Barry White.
    Wrestlecrap : RIP Nelson Frazier. In related news, Trojan and Durex have filed for bankruptcy.

    Video Games 
  • The so-called "Romantic Encounters" mod for Baldur's Gate II adds many dialogues that can make the PC into this. It also modifies an existing mage in the sewers (Mekrath) into a more or less literal Pornomancer.
  • Disciples: In the fourth game in the series: Disciples: Liberation, protagonist Avyanna has a huge number of (text description) Optional Sexual Encounter options, of both sexes, and not only humanoids.
  • In the God of War series, Kratos during the games set in the age of Greek Myth has no trouble finding random women willing to have sex with him. To the point that nearly every game has a sex minigame. By the time Kratos ends up in Midgard, he's moved on from this, especially since he's a widower raising a son.
  • The protagonist of Knights of Xentar is blessed to never go without a bed to sleep in. This has... interesting results.
  • Mass Effect
    • Commander Shepard is infamous for this due to the wide range of romanceable companions. Averted within the context of a single character's playthrough, though, as Shepard can't be in more than one relationship per game and changing your romantic interest in the sequel is likely to result in a scene when both paramours confront each other over Shepard. However, if a single game is compared to a Bond movie... And there are optional one-night-stands with the Consort and Kelly Chambers. Shepard definitely CAN be James Bond IN SPACE if he or she so desires. It is possible for a male Shepard to bed seven separate people over the course of the trilogy if he wants (Liara or Ashley and the Consort in 1, Jack, Kelly, and Miranda or Tali in 2, Diana Allers and Ashley/Liara or Steve Cortez in 3).
    • The Illusive Man is apparently well-traveled as well, according to the dirt the Shadow Broker has on him.
  • Neverwinter Nights
  • There's a PG version with Zelos Wilder in Tales of Symphonia. The man is so pretty and so charming that women of all ages give him money and gifts just for talking to them. Literally. It's a gameplay mechanic. In a rare introspective moment he suggests women love him only because he's The Chosen One, but the free-gifts-from-women shtick still works in the parallel world where no-one knows who he is, so... yeah, Pornomancer.
  • The Witcher: Geralt of Rivia can't seem to avoid falling into bed with townsmaidens, nurses, and sorceresses; some of the sillier things that lead to sex for him include passing a quiz on the language of the Elves and giving a ring (any ring) to a young woman who is jealous of her sister's marriage... it can be any ring. Luckily for him, STD Immunity and sterility are standard effects of Witcher mutations. And a literal example exists in an off hand note that magic can induce orgasms.

  • Least I Could Do. Rayne is exceedingly lecherous, and supposedly has many conquests. Much like Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother, he uses the "Shotgun approach", according to one "Tao of Rayne" strip — "The foolish man concerns himself with the 99 who say no, while the wise man comforts himself with the one who says 'yes'." Character development and the writer's own growing up have severely downplayed this aspect of the character over the years, however.
  • Skin Horse: Wholesome Crossdresser Tip somehow manages to charm every woman he meets without even trying. The other characters jokingly refer to it as his "superpower". When Tip ends up getting turned into a werewolf, it turns out his "superpower" transcends species (and in once case orientation).
  • Zii of Ménage ŕ 3 has probably had sex with most of the cast by now, one-shot characters included. She can seduce presumably straight girls (and middle-aged, married women) with ease, and once had a foursome with male triplets. Probably the only reason we haven't seen her use her Pornomancy on any gay men yet is because she'd rather watch them do their own thing (although in one what-if scenario created by Gisèle on Slipshine is an indication, she could easily do that too).
  • The Chupacabre in Girly is something of a light-hearted deconstruction of this trope. Any woman who sees him will immediately rip off her clothes and throw herself at him, and he is more than happy to give them the best sex they've ever had. And while sometimes this really does improve their lives, it's more likely to ruin any current or potential relationships they had. Chupacabre is completely unaware of this until Winter explains it to him, and makes a very concentrated effort to be more careful from then on. He's successful — mostly.
  • Magick Chicks uses this as a plot point, concerning Faith Abbot. For much of the series, Tiffany speculated whether Faith's psychic powers were somehow at the root of her charm over the student body. Which was eventually confirmed in chapter 15, when Cerise revealed Faith's powers had sync'd with the school's without her realizing it, essentially creating a lust field around her that enhanced her desirability. Meaning, she quite literally oozes sex appeal, without even trying. However, given the circumstances and the implications that came with it, she didn't take it well.
  • The Order of the Stick: Elan has some unwitting shades of this, including with the team Rogue, a bandit chieftain/sorceress, a half-orc Ninja assassin, a succubus....
  • Sailor Sun: Crystal, the pink-haired girl, never speaks and communicates by mime or writing notes - not because she can't speak, but because she is apparently a Siren, and any male who hears her voice is instantly compelled to do whatever she tells them to.
  • Pibgorn: Drusilla can seduce pretty much any male character, whether man, boy or demon with ease... but, of course, she's a succubus, so that's pretty much a given.
  • Discovery (Neo Yi): Prowl was apparently a huge slut back in the day; the comic has shown him use his animal magnetism to his advantage twice already.
  • Incubus Tales: Dhiar and Chana are Incubus and Succubus respectively, and both have tremendous ability for seduction.
  • Dmitri of Spacetrawler is introduced on a rowboat with two bikini-clad beauties. After being forcibly recruited by alien terrorists, he hits on all the human women, then proceeds to seduce every compatible female alien he sees, regardless of looks or shape. Often within minutes of meeting them.
  • The epononymous band The Rock Cocks basically caused an orgy with their song during their first concert.

    Web Original 
  • Whateley Universe: Sara. As a demon princess of lust, she can actually hypnotise people into sleeping with her. She prefers not to, viewing it (somewhat accurately) as rape, although no-one ever complains, per se. It's a lust aura. After all, she is a granddaughter of Shub-Niggurath. And she's building up a pretty powerful harem: most of her conquests so far are mutants.
  • Tales of the Folly has a literal instance of unintentional Pornomancy: "Why do I feel frisky all of a sudden?" To a lesser (that is, withstandable) extent, all Chakat mating is this due to their empathy.
  • The erotica writer Salamando has a several stories involving Lust Walkers, succubus like entities that feed on "sex energy" to survive, lest they go feral. Each Lust Walker is named after a type of mythical creature (medusa, siren, vampire), which is based on both their method of feeding and the specific powers they gain. Another series of his features a world where all women on Earth above the age of 19 (but no men of any age) gain Sex Magic, enabling them to psychically sense men's arousal and read their naughty thoughts, and magically play with and control their bodies. They can also do this to other women, but only if the other woman allows it to happen.

    Western Animation 
  • Family Guy
    • Quagmire and his ubiquitous "Giggity Giggity Goo!"
    • Bill Clinton in the episodes he graces. First he sleeps with Lois, then when an angry Peter goes to beat the crap out of him for sleeping with his wife, he sleeps with Peter too.
      Peter: Wow... you are really good.
  • Brock Samson in The Venture Bros..
  • Cal in Undergrads.
  • Black Dynamite and Bullhorn, in an episode where his rhyming ability makes him the greatest porn star in the world in Black Dynamite.
  • Bender from Futurama is this to fembots and A.I's with female personalities, he has also seduced one human and one human head in a jar.
    • He seemed successful with human women in a What If? story that showed him being turned into a human
    • The only time I saw him fail to pick up a woman was when he tried to hit on a bride AT HER WEDDING!! while she was dancing with her husband. He then goes on to sleep with her sister having already slept with her mother.
  • The entire cast of Archer is this to some extent.
  • Boomhauer and John Redcorn in King of the Hill, although Boomhauer slightly subverts it during the one occasion we get to see the "secret" of his success: He simply asks literally every girl he sees until one eventually says yes, though being muscular and blonde helps.

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