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In cases where a character is so good-looking, kind, muscular, badass, etc. they may suffer the misfortune (or not) of being found attractive by members of their own sex, and only by their own sex.

Note: A character can only qualify for this if people of the opposite sex show up in the series and clearly show no romantic or sexual interest in them. So if there are only members of the same sex that show up, they don't count.

Could develop into Chick Magnet or Dude Magnet later on if members of the opposite gender do eventually show interest.

If the male character is a Bishōnen it could be a case of So Beautiful, It's a Curse or of only men wanting to go for him because he looks like a beautiful girl and the men may justify still being straight by pointing this out.

A reason they may not attract characters of the opposite sex is they look at them as not being good looking, too macho, too tomboyish, too rude, too feminine looking, too tempermental, too spineless or even too nice. If the character is a big enough same-sex magnet this could be another reason they don't attract people of the opposite sex because the opposite-sex characters are jealous of the magnetic pull the character has on their crushes. (For example, a guy may attract numerous guys some of who are chick magnets and their female admirers see the pheromone releasing male to be in the way of them being with their crushes to the point of jealousy and this can go both ways if a female character attracts all the female characters in the vicinity that the guys are crushing on.)

If the female character is a Bifauxnen, girls could be wanting to go for her instead of guys because she's the next best thing. Another reason she may not attract guys is because No Guy Wants an Amazon.

Bara, Yaoi or Yuri genre can still appear here when other gender characters appear in those shows.

Compare Unwanted Harem and Abhorrent Admirer. Compare/contrast Even the Guys Want Him and Even the Girls Want Her.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Teito Klein of 07-Ghost. Mikage once told him he loved him; Frau, Hakuren, and Ayanami also have an interest in him and though there are girls in the setting they haven't expressed interest yet.
  • In Anne Happy, Bifauxnen Ren's "misfortune" is that while she's an extreme Chick Magnet that can literally attract females of any species, no males seem to be interested in her so far.
  • Black Butler:
    • In contrast to Ciel and Sebastian, Claude and Edward attract the attention of only Alois and Aleister, respectively.
    • Soma. Agni's behavior towards him seems similar to a Bodyguard Crush at times.
    • Maylene is subject to some blatant sexual overtures when Nina Hopkins is around (which includes Nina kissing her, hugging her, and openly groping her breasts and thighs with some heavy breathing sound effects and hearts). Also, in the behind-the-scenes episode, Ran-Mao strips Maylene of her maid outfit and straddles her and has them switch clothing before she gropes her breasts and thighs. Despite her being attractive to the point of attracting girls there are no guys in the series that have expressed interest in her as of yet.
  • The Case Study of Vanitas: Vanitas. Johann mentions that he thinks Vanitas "has a pretty dishy (attractive) face" with a heart in his speech bubble. It becomes increasingly apparent that Noé has a thing for him as well. All girls thus far either want to kill him or think he's a jerk. Although, as of late there is one girl who has taken a shine to him though she initially hated him.
  • Akiyoshi of Cute Devil counts as Naruse is obsessively and unhealthily in love with him, and he also had a fellow male classmate try to jump him while his back was turned and a straight guy mentioned he wouldn't mind kissing Akiyoshi since he's so cute without his glasses. Although he goes to a school with girls and boys there are no girls who find him attractive.
  • Devils and Realist:
  • Shino of Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East notably has only guys having a thing for him with one going so far as to say he's his type and wanting to marry him when he gets older.
  • Haru wo Daiteita: Iwaki gets this constantly from both men who are essentially straight and gay men. This, of course, causes Katou to be very paranoid about every guy he meets and sends him into Crazy Jealous Guy mode more than once (although admittedly he gets a lot better as time goes on).
  • In episode 100 of Inazuma Eleven there's a one-episode character named Kamezaki Kappa (yes, a kappa) who apparently is more than just a Hiroto fanboy. He stalks him while he's training, follows him in the forest, and even blushes when he asks him for an autograph, but Hiroto doesn't mind him. In addition, one comic in the defunct mobile game Inazuma Eleven SD reveals that him and Midorikawa are both Kariya's legal guardians. On the other hand, none of the female characters are attracted to him and he has no fangirls, but there's no evidence that Hiroto expresses any interest in girls, either.
  • Family Complex has Natsuru, a Bifauxnen who has attracted fangirls ever since primary school all the way to college. Her male friends don't see her as a girl, and therefore never show romantic interest towards her.
  • In the Clear Moonlit Dusk: Up until she meets Ichimura, this has been Yoi's experience. She is fawned over by girls of all stripes because of her Bifauxnen looks and accidental princely treatment towards women and is otherwise ignored by guys who often mistake her as one of them. This changes as she begins to be pursued by Ichimura and later Ouji.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • China is a Dude Looks Like a Lady Bishōnen whose looks have attracted the attention of only guys thus far. The guys include N. Korea, France, Russia, and maybe Hong Kong.
    • Germany has guys like Iceland commenting on his attractiveness and getting distracted by his muscles and has Italy wrapped around his finger. Also in season 5, Japan called Germany "the most handsome man in the EU."
    • England has attracted no girls, and he has shown no interest either. Although they also get annoyed and fight with him his fellow male nations have occasionally shown interest, namely America and France.
    • The only girl Lithuania interacts with would be Belarus who hates and abuses him because he has her brother Russia's affections. Poland also hints that he has a beyond platonic interest in him.
    • In one strip Emperor Nero mentions "a cute boy wouldn't be bad all all" when talking about Roman woman lovers being scary before leaning towards Anicetus who pushes him away.
  • K:
    • Yata attracts attention mainly from Fushimi, his childhood male friend who seems to have Single-Target Sexuality towards him.
    • Mikoto is not a Chick Magnet but attracts tons of Foe Romantic Subtext with Reisi starting with their suggestive, almost flirtatious conversation in prison, which is later followed up by Reisi leaning down so close to Mikoto at one point that their faces are only inches apart. He and Tatara were also extremely close with the two being hinted at having a thing together.
  • Kaguya Hime: Akira, at first, when she gets crushed on at school and outside of school only from girls who range from sweet to seriously creepy. She comments on this in the beginning wondering why only girls seem to have a thing for her and if she's releasing pheromones. She grows out of this trope as we discover she has started to attract boys as well as the story progresses.
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl has Tomari where, especially in the anime, it seems that only the girls want her. The following is what they have to say about her: "I was surrounded by reporters, and just when I thought it was all over... Tomari-chan leapt to my rescue!" "KYAAAAA!"... "Tomari is so cool sometimes that she makes my heart skip a beat." "She's even received love letters from girls before." "Ah, my wonderful prince." "I'm also attracted to you." "She's like a prince!"
  • Kaze to Ki no Uta: Whereas Serge attracts girls (and guys) it seems only the males who come across Gilbert want to sleep with him. Naturally, he's okay with this.
  • Teshio of Kyoumen no Silhouette is a Dude Looks Like a Lady bishie in a world where manly men appeal better to girls, and perverted men are the only thing Teshio can attract. Later he starts attracting girls too just by being himself making him grow into being Chick Magnet as well.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kobayashi has at least three girls that show interest in her (Tohru, Elma, and Ilulu), not that she's interested. The only man she regularly interacts with is her Platonic Life Partner Takiya.
  • Monochrome Factor:
    • Akira has Kengo, who's attracted to him; Shirogane, who's in love with him; and Haruka, who's blushed around him and is hinted to like him. Kou also is quite fond of him and wanted to see him naked. Also, the only girl he interacts with is tsundere around him but does not like him that way.
    • And Haruka as Kou loves to flirt with him.
  • Yuu Kashima from Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun has a massive fanclub of her female classmates, but doesn't generate much interest from guys. While her sexuality is ambiguous, it's not an issue for her, since she's an incorrigible flirt towards her admirers.
  • Setsuna Sakurazaki in Negima! Magister Negi Magi gets endless flirtatious remarks from Konoka Konoe, a psychotic attraction from Tsukuyomi and has been paired with Asuna in at least one CD drama in a moment that wasn't what it looked like. She remains the series' center of Yuri.
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!: Tomoko Kuroki starts the manga utterly friendless, completely lacking in social skills, and determined to get a boyfriend. Over time, she's able to improve herself and manages to gain a circle of admirers...all of whom are female. Ucchi becomes her Stalker with a Crush, Asuka takes an interest in her that at times seems romantic, Yuri develops a possessive streak over her, Hina aggressively pushes herself closer to Tomoko, and Shizuku becomes excited at being Tomoko's kohai. Tomoko, for her part, doesn't seem to be fully aware of all these girls' feelings for her, though it's greatly implied she has the potential to reciprocate.
  • PandoraHearts:
    • For all his skills and good looks, Leo is notably only found attractive by Vincent who also likes to be abused by Leo.
    • Elliot is said to be considered attractive by his male schoolmates and no girls have shown attraction to him.
  • Mira from Papa To Kiss In The Dark attracts plenty of attention from his fellow pretty boy companions.
  • Osanai of Paprika. Himuro seems to have fetishized Osanai—we briefly see dirty magazines in his apartment with a younger Osanai on the cover, and his dreamscape features a towering statue of Osanai as a Greek god. Although there is a woman he loves, she finds his stalker behavior (and thus him) repulsive.
  • Shouma of Penguindrum. Despite his pretty boy looks, girls show no interest in him, saying he is boring and plain. However, his best male friend is revealed to have feelings for him in the novels. He eventually falls into Chick Magnet and out of this trope in that Ringo eventually falls for him, making him Even the Guys Want Him since he now has both a female and male admirer.
  • Sailor Moon: Although both men and women acknowledge Haruka's androgynous good looks, it's only other girls that are shown as outright infatuated with her. At one point all of the Inner Sailor Guardians bicker over who gets to dance with Haruka, and Makoto spends one episode nursing a blatant crush.
  • Seraph of the End:
    • Ferid is an effeminate vampire but he has a horrible personality that leads people of both genders to be wary of him, and for good reason. In an omake, Crowley, the one person who can stand him, willingly kisses him while both are at work and requests they go in the back to continue where they left off.
    • Mitsuba attracts no interest from guys but has Shinoa tease her and have a Shower Scene with her while later saying that she'd like to see her body in detail and calling her "sexy". Also, the Lesbian Vampire Chess drapes her body over Mitsuba's when sucking her blood. She later develops into a Dude Magnet when we find out that Yoichi may have a secret affection for her as well.
  • Sora of Shitsurakuen. She's got quite the harem of adoring schoolgirls who she's rescued from evil boys.
  • Nako, Uruka, and Kurumi from Steel Angel Kurumi 2. Nako has Karinka, Kurumi, and her best friend Uruka in love with her. Kurumi has Saki in love with both her and Uruka. And in episode 4 Kurumi gets legions of fangirls at her school.
  • Texhnolyze. Toyama is wanted only by his father and maybe Ichise.
  • Tokyo Ghoul:
    • Urie has captured the interest of Hige and Uta who both comment on his sexiness. They are both men, and so far no woman has shown interest. In chapter 100 of re even Matsuri gets in on the act as he tears off all his clothes and loudly proclaims his love for Urie.
    • Yamori, by contrast, is not attractive, but is so badass and deranged that it more than makes up for it. At least according to Nico and Naki.
    • Ayato is attractive but has only attracted interest from Nico much to his dismay.
    • Yomo is found attractive mainly by Uta who flirts with him in a live-action show while touching his kagune and Nico in an omake when he arrives in his bar and hits on him. Kaneki also comments on his good looks in the sequel.
      • Ishida Sui (the creator of Tokyo Ghoul) also briefly wrote another comic called The Penisman (about a muscular guy with a penis for a head) who attracted a sexual Villainous Crush from another male, Cannibalman.
  • Toward the Terra: Jomy appears to fall into this. Virtually no girl seems to be attracted to him, just the guys.
  • Ultimate Otaku Teacher: Araki Koutarou has only boys falling for him due to his girlish looks.
  • Sen and Swordfish from the yaoi manga Under Grand Hotel. Sen has Swordfish in love with him and has had numerous guys try to rape him, and Swordfish has Sen and Norman in love with him, and there are girls that show up but none show interest in them.
  • Played or Drama with Momoe in Wonder Egg Priority. Her admirers are exclusively female, but her problem is not that they like her— it's that they use her as an idealized male stand-in because of her boyish looks and protective personality. The one girl who did love her as a girl she was still uncomfortable with, and only became more guilty for breaking her heart when that girl killed herself.
  • Fu Inubozaki from Yuki Yuna is a Hero. The Vita game mentions that she's gotten love letters from a few girls, including a girl from the Cheerleading Club after she helped them out. She has no luck with the opposite sex, though.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice: Main character Yuri attracts varying degrees of interest from his male childhood friend, Victor (who he even gets engaged to), Yurio, and Christophe. Notably he has no girls that have crushes on him or fangirls like Victor, Christophe, and Yurio do (Sara is friendly towards him but it isn't clear if she's romantically interested in him, and the Nishigori triplets are fans of him but they're only six years old).
  • The Title Character of Yurika's Campus Life is utterly irresistible to women for some reason (she blames it on genetics since her father was an infamous gigolo in his youth, and pheromones). This initially frustrates her to no end; the problem being she considers herself to be straight and desperately wishes for a boyfriend but despite her stunning beauty, the opposite sex considers Yurika to be unattractive for reasons they themselves can't explain (not helped by unsubstantiated rumors that she's already knocked up half the 10,000 women at her strict, girls-only college) and don't have the slightest interest in her because her charms completely failing on them. She eventually recognizes the utility of being popular with many girls and starts sliding down the Kinsey scale. Then the plot drove her to become a gigolette master, seducing, conquering the hearts, and bedding every woman she encountered with the simplest of ease.
  • Yuureitou:
    • Pre taking a level in badass Taichi attracted interest from trans male Tetsuo and Marube and when he cross-dressed he had males at a local village attracted to him. This didn't extend to girls until he attracted Q by displaying his new badass credentials and this is also part of what made Tetsuo fall in love with him and become his Closet Key.
    • Tetsuo identifies as a straight trans male and while he does initially attract girls and boys, it's when he tried to get intimate with girls that they rejected him when they discovered he was assigned female. Because Taichi accepts him as who he is, they fall in love.

    Fan Works 

  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts: To Hideyoshi's annoyance, his girly looks have him garnering only male attention at regular intervals.
  • Sukisho: Sora and Sunao are the most obvious, but there are also other examples. Despite the large mostly Bishōnen cast, there are some girls who show up and none show attraction to the main characters.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Chris Kattan's recurring character Mango on Saturday Night Live is an exotic dancer who instantly triggers love in every man who sees him, regardless of their previous orientation, but has no effect on women.

    Video Games 
  • Advanced V.G. II:
    • Satomi Yajima is an athletic and borderline androgynous looking tomboy, which has incited Ayako Yuuki's unrequited lust for her. Ayako merely tries to flirt with her in-game, but the OVA adaptation has Ayako grope Satomi before shredding her clothing then steal a kiss on her cheek.
    • The third Light Novel adaptation features a new female transfer student who also becomes smitten with Satomi. It eventually leads up to a scene in the school's infirmary where she steals Satomi's first kiss, making it the second time it was done to her by another girl. She's never been hit on by any guys, despite attending a co-ed highschool.
  • In Ensemble Stars!, Hajime's girly looks make him more popular with men than women, and he has many fanboys declaring that he's "cuter than any girl!" He is not very happy about this, as he'd much prefer to be considered cool than cute.

    Visual Novels 
  • DRAMAtical Murder: Aoba has feminine features and an alluring voice, which attracts many a guy's attention to the point of inspiring some to try to rape him or get maddeningly protective over him. When it comes to girls, they aren't so much attracted to him as annoyed and jealous of him for the fact that he can attract their male crushes' attention without even trying.
  • Kyou Fujibayashi from CLANNAD only gets love letters from girls, who think she's beautiful and cool, while guys are generally just scared of her. This leaves her very embarrassed and frustrated.
  • Akira from the Togainu no Chi anime/manga and game is definitely a dude magnet. Although girls show up it appears that he's only really wanted by the guys. Keisuke is not so subtly in love with him and follows him around like a devoted puppy, Rin regularly comments on his looks, insinuates wanting to have sex with him, and acts all clingy around him, Shiki, Gunji, and other guys love to invade his personal space a lot while acting dangerously flirtatious and commenting on his looks, and Arbitro has an "interest" in him. In the game, he's raped sometimes by his male admirers.

    Web Original 
  • Donnie DuPre from Demo Reel seems to be a case of only guys wanting him. His wife hates him, a blonde girl who he tries hitting on is completely uninterested, while he and Rebecca share some Ship Tease she's still aiming for Tacoma, and the less said about the yandere daughter the better, but Tacoma, Carl, Uncle Yo, Egoraptor, and Quinn all eventually melt under his sad Puppy-Dog Eyes and shameless flirting.
  • Furry Fury: Only the guys want Sinku.