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Webcomic / Discovery (Neo Yi)

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The cover of Chapter 8

Another AU Fan Webcomic by Neo Yi, this time about Transformers: Animated, a What If? scenario where Prowl accepts Lockdown's partnership in "A Fistful of Energon". In more ways than one.

Along the way, they pick up Cloud Cuckoolander Wreck-Gar, The Smart Guy Perceptor, and Team Pet Skippy to form the bounty hunting team the Crescendolls.

You can read it here or here.

Sadly, it's been discontinued.

This series provides examples of:

  • Blind Without 'Em: Perceptor has the best eyesight out of the entire crew — when he has his glasses on.
  • Break the Cutie: Skywarp. He gets lost after fighting Blurr with the other clones, crash lands in Ponyville where the residents start yelling at and beating him for breaking their houses. Wrec-Gar proceeds to find him and forces him to apologize by dragging Skywarp back by the foot. He proceeds to get yelled at again until the problem is resolved. He is pretty much freaking out and crying through the entire thing.
  • Could also count for Searchlight/Darklight, a Batman homage (and a cannon one at that) who narrates everything he does.
  • Pinkie Pie was featured in one chapter. see below.
  • Team Pet: No matter how adorable and useful he is, Skippy is still a cat (he pretty much belongs to Prowl and Wreck-Gar does call Skippy "my cat" in the first chapter.
  • What If?: What if Prowl had taken Lockdown's offer to be a bounty hunter?

Alternative Title(s): Discovery