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Post Coital Collapse

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A scene begins, focusing on bed or surface when suddenly one or more characters collapse into it, being exhausted, panting for air, drenched in sweat, and with their hair in disarray, clearly implying they had just finished having sex. This is done to tastefully show two characters have just been intimate without actually having to show the act, and the scene will move on to the characters having some kind of pillow talk, such as wondering Did the Earth Move for You, Too?, proclaiming That Didn't Happen or gushing about how amazing their partner just is or how fast it was.

Sometimes this is preceded by an Establishing Shot of the outside building, where we hear the grunts and moans of the couple, before the camera cuts inside. A common, more risque variation is to briefly show one character on top of another before they roll off and collapse into bed. A woman can do a backward Hair Flip while arching her spine before rolling off her lover, as a tasteful way to insinuate she has reached her climax.


Since this is commonly done in an effort to make a suggestive situation tamer, camera tricks are often used as to hide any actual nudity, with the collapsing characters being shown only from the shoulders up or under a Modesty Bedsheet. If they collapse on their stomach, Toplessness from the Back may also apply. Sometimes the characters may also simply be more dressed than expected for the act.

This is the inverse of a Sexy Discretion Shot where a scene ends with characters starting to get intimate, although it can sometimes follow a Sexy Discretion Shot. It can also be what follows after an Instant Seduction. See Destructo-Nookie for when the coupling causes objects around the couple to collapse.



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  • A 2011 Super Bowl ad for the mattress company "Sealy" showed many couples collapsing into bed in this fashion, each with their own Modesty Bedsheet wrapped around them.

    Comic Books 

  • Brian Michael Bendis' Superman: In Action Comics #1004, Superman and Lois Lane reunite after being separated from a while, and their reunion quickly leads to them hitting the sheets. In one panel we see a shot of the empty bed and the following panel has them both collapsing on it, exhausted from their second round of sex.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • The Foreigner (2017): We hear a a grunt as a man collapses into bed, sweaty and panting quickly followed by his lover Maggie. While he goes to the bathroom to clean up, she quickly searches his room, revealing she is actually a terrorist that seduced him for being a journalist that had info she needed to further a bombing plot.
  • Hector and the Search for Happiness: We get this shot after Hector and Clara sleep together, with her being the one to drop on top of him, wrapping herself up in a Modesty Bedsheet and then rolling off him.


    Live-Action TV 

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:
  • The Arrangement (2017): The first time we see DeAnn and Mason in bed, the scene begins with both collapsing on the bed, exhausted and panting but each still carefully covered by their own Modesty Bedsheet.
  • Desperate Housewives: In "Being Alive", Kat and Orson's conversation is interrupted when they years Bree's orgasmic screech that could be heard throughout most of the neighborhood. Cut to Bree collapsing in bed next to Karl, both sweaty and wrapped up in their own Modesty Bedsheet.
  • Dollhouse: In "The Target", Echo is out hunting with the "Client Of The Week", and after some flirting while he teaches her how to hunt, we Smash Cut to them collapsing in his tent, panting for breath post-sex.
  • Fringe: Olivia Dunham is introduced this way in "Pilot", complete with establishing shot of the motel where she and John Scott have met to hook up. They're interrupted by calls from their respective agencies summoning them to a crime scene where we learn that they work together, hence the secrecy of their relationship.
  • In Plain Sight: In the "Pilot" episode, Mary goes to Raphael's house during a Heat Wave so she can talk to him about Brandi. He answers the door shirtless and their UST immediately starts up, but Mary is determined to just talk even as Raphael invites her in. Cut to Raphael's bedroom as we hear Mary's loud moan as they both collapse in bed panting and sweating.
  • Jane by Design: In "The Birkin", a scene begins with India rolling off Jeremy post-sex, each of them wrapped in their own Modesty Bedsheet.
  • Justified: "Where's Waldo?" begins with Raylan and Lindsey collapsing in bed after a vigorous coupling.
  • Outsourced: In an effort to get her romantic rival Asha off his mind, Tonya puts Todd through a sex marathon that ends with her rolling off him on a desk at the office, while she's still wearing underwear.
  • Private Practice: Many of the shows sex scenes are portrayed in this manner, including Modesty Bedsheets usually involving Addison. One notable example being when Cooper and Charlotte first get together after he invites her for a drink.
    Cooper: A drink. Not sex. Absolutely no sex.
    [Charlotte gives a reluctant shrug and a skeptical look]
    [Smash Cut to Charlotte collapsing in bed, panting and drenched in sweat followed by a smug Cooper]
    Cooper: Can I get you that drink now?
    Charlotte: Not yet. Ask me again in two hours.
  • Revolution: In "Happy Endings", Charlie seduces Connor in Vegas and we later cut to a shot of her collapsing into a pile of hay after they're done, with her clutching a blanket to her chest while Conner is shirtless.
  • Second Chance (2016): In "Palimpsest", we see Mary gasping softly before rolling off her lover, a billionaire Guy of the Week that is supposed to merge their two companies, with their post-coital pillow talk being them just talking business.
  • The Secret Circle: "Loner" begins with both Melissa and Nick collapsing in bed wrapped in a Modesty Bedsheet after just finishing having sex.
  • Shadowhunters: In "Original Scene", we see Magnus collapsing beside Alec after having sex, both panting heavily.
  • Teen Wolf: "Superposition" shows a brief shot of Malia on top of Nathan from the back before she rolls off and collapses unto the bed. After gushing about how amazing she just was he tries to cuddle, but she's clearly not as into him as he's into her.
  • Valor: Gallo is seen rolling off of his girlfriend Anna in bed post-sex, quickly followed by a Talking in Bed scene where she confesses she feels she's Being Watched at work.
  • Veronica Mars: Several of Kendall and Logan's sex scenes are filmed like this, specifically in "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" when Kendall cuddles up to him as a way of attempting to get money from him after finding out she's broke.
  • Upload: In the opening scene of "Five Stars", we cut from Nora and Byron consenting to have sex to their sweaty bodies collapsing on the bed.
  • Witches of East End: The pilot episode shows Dash rolling off Freya in bed after they have their "goodbye sex" before he leaves the country for a while, both carefully wrapped in a Modesty Bedsheet.

    Music Videos 

    Web Original 

  • Conversed in Asexuality Archive. The man who runs the site discovered that he was asexual after analyzing such a scene in a movie. Namely, two characters fall back into bed naked and panting with the implication they had sex, but from their positioning, they wouldn't have been physically able to.


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