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Recap / Veronica Mars S 02 E 07 Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

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Veronica and Duncan are in his hotel suite watching The Big Lebowski; Veronica is saying the dialogue along with the movie, while Duncan tries to make out with her. Eventually, she turns her attention back to Duncan. Logan interrupts them, and wonders why they started watching without him. There's a knock at the door; as he goes to answer it, Logan says the three of them need to work out a system for Veronica and Duncan having "alone time". Kendall's at the door, and as she comes into the room, she recognizes Veronica, though Veronica tries to hide her face at first. Logan and Kendall march off to the bedroom. Duncan tries to get Veronica's attention back on him, but she's too skeeved out by Kendall and Logan. She turns her attention back to the TV.


The next day, at Neptune High, the FBLA are meeting again. Mr. Pope shows the class a chart that shows how each student is doing in the stock market game; Cassidy and Veronica have been running neck-and-neck so far, and while Veronica was leading the week before, Cassidy has pulled ahead. Dick is in last place, since he's kept his money in his father's company, which has gone downhill. Logan and Duncan also aren't doing as well as they were at the beginning; when Mr. Pope shows Duncan's progress, he and the others notice Duncan is missing.

Meanwhile, at a golf course, Woody tells Keith about his plan to incorporate Neptune so he can turn it into a real city. With that, he tells Keith there would be a police chief position, and he wants Keith to fill it. Keith points out he wouldn't be able to afford to live in the town he was policing, but Woody says they can work that out. He drives off in a cart.


Back at school, Veronica tries to call Duncan, but gets his voicemail. As she's walking down the hall, she sees an "out of order" sign on the girl's bathroom door. Sure enough, when she enters, Logan is there. He brings up the memory of when the two of them made out next to the sink before getting down to business. Logan tells Veronica about the witness who's come forward saying he stabbed Felix. Veronica reluctantly agrees to help.

As she walks out of the bathroom (pulling off the "out of order" sign), Veronica sees Duncan, and tries to explain what she was doing with Logan. Duncan, however, couldn't care less; he pulls Veronica aside into a classroom and tells Veronica he read some of Meg's e-mails from her flash drive, and he found out Meg was e-mailing Child Protection Services about a kid she was babysitting who was abused by her parents.


Later, at Mars Investigations, Duncan mentions how the kid in question was forced to write, "I was bad, I deserve to be punished" over and over in a book. He also says Meg probably still has the book in her room, but the only time to get it would be Sunday nights, when her parents were at a church group. He then rattles of a list of names of people whom Meg babysat for; when Veronica stares at him, he jokes about how he never had to work a part-time job, but Meg did, since her parents didn't want her to be spoiled. Veronica says she'll get a writing sample from each of the kids she babysits for to compare it to Meg's book. Keith comes in, snarking about the fact he was invited to the sheriff department's bachelor auction. He good-naturedly teases Duncan about working for Veronica.

Meanwhile, at the Casablancas house, Dick, Cassidy and Kendall are meeting with the family lawyer, Barry (he's also the Echolls' lawyer). Barry informs them while the house and the cars are fully paid for, all the other assets have been frozen pending trial; Kendall points out there won't be a trial because Richard isn't coming back. Barry goes on to tell Dick and Cassidy they each have trust funds, but they don't get access until they turn 21, and Kendall doesn't get any money at all, which she's upset about.

At Neptune High, Veronica calls Jessica Fuller, the school superintendent, and reminds her that Veronica helped her daughter Sabrina. Veronica goes on to volunteer herself for a babysitting job.

In health class, Deborah Hauser (Kari Coleman) is trying to teach about STD's, but Jane keeps interrupting by sneezing; frustrated, Ms. Hauser finally sends her to the principal's office. The students then pair with each other to "confess" to their partner that they have an STD. Veronica and Gia pair up, while Dick snarks about how Ms. Hauser is bitter because she's divorced. Since Gia's brother was one of the kids Meg babysat for, Veronica pretends to be impressed by Gia's wit. Gia, in turn, invites her over for a "girl's night". When the bell rings and the students file out, Veronica approaches Ms. Hauser and volunteers to babysit, but Ms. Hauser turns her down. Veronica looks defeated, but notices a self-help book about dating after divorce on the desk, and gets an idea.

At the Fuller house that night, Jessica proudly shows off Sabrina's achievements, and then gives Veronica a detailed schedule for Edwin, their young son. Edwin's father Stuart greets Veronica, and before they leave, Jessica tells Veronica not to have any boys over. When Edwin's parents leave, Veronica discovers Edwin is both eager and willing to follow his mother's schedule. When Duncan calls and asks how it's going, Veronica replies, "Disturbingly well". They banter a bit about Veronica babysitting when she brings up how often Meg babysat. Before Duncan can respond, Veronica notices Logan outside the house, and hangs up. After checking on Edwin, Veronica sneaks Logan into the house. In a study room, Veronica identifies the witness as Dr. Tom Griffith (Rick Peters), a plastic surgeon. While admitting he lied about not knowing who the witness was on the bridge, Logan is adamant Dr. Griffith wasn't the one who saw him. Just then, Veronica hears the Fullers' car, and shoos Logan out. Jessica walks in, and Veronica tells her Edwin was a dream. Outside the house, Stuart pays Veronica, tries to hit on her, and gives her a drawing Edwin did of Veronica being decapitated.

The next day, at the Mars apartment, Veronica e-mails Wallace, telling him of what she's been up to.

At Neptune High, in the teacher's mailbox area, Deborah Hauser finds an invitation to the bachelor auction that Veronica left for her, though it's been photo-shopped so Lamb is no longer in uniform. Smiling, she starts to leave and almost runs into Veronica, who's hanging up fliers advertising her services as a babysitter. After admonishing Veronica for not looking where she's going, Deborah takes one of the fliers.

Later, at the Casablancas residence, Dick and Cassidy's real mother, Betina (Kate McNeil), drops by. She gives them sandwiches she made while Kendall looks on in disgust. Dick reminds her of the papers she's supposed to sign, and Cassidy brings up the possibility of them moving in with her. Betina points out they have to save some money for their future, and that she spends most of her time in Europe, so it wouldn't be practical.

That night, at the Mars apartment, Deborah Hauser drops off her son Albert, and warns Veronica not to feed him certain things, let him watch TV, or get him too wound up. When his mother leaves, Albert demands that Veronica give him ice cream. Veronica tries to point out he's not allowed to have any, and Albert responds by screaming...

...but when Duncan comes by with ice cream, Veronica has finally been able to pacify Albert by parking him in front of the TV. She sneaks a sample of Albert's writing back to her bedroom. A little later, Deborah comes by to pick up Albert, who's fallen asleep, and she's in a much better mood than she was earlier, as she has a date with Deputy Sachs. When they leave, Veronica collapses in exhaustion.

The next day, Veronica goes to Dr. Griffith's office, and asks to have work done. Dr. Griffith, however, tells Veronica she doesn't need any plastic surgery. His assistant interrupts them, and Dr. Griffith offers Veronica some literature to read and says he has to go to a surgery. Outside the office, Veronica leaves a voicemail for Logan, telling him the doctor is actually honest, but then notices him get in his car and drive away. Veronica follows him.

At the Casablancas house, Dick gives Kendall a French maid's outfit, bragging that since his mother signed over their trust funds, he can do whatever he wants. Kendall looks disgusted.

Meanwhile, Veronica has followed Dr. Griffiths to a cigar store. She goes into the store, pretending to be buying cigars for Keith, and sees Dr. Griffith buying cigars.

That night, Veronica shows up at the Goodman house, and Gia excitedly greets her. After telling Veronica to take off her shoes (her mother doesn't want anything tracked in), Gia takes her to the closet, where everything is sorted in labeled baskets. Veronica hears the laughter of other girls from outside and is dismayed, especially when Gia leads her outside and it turns out Madison Sinclair is one of the other girls.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Logan are in bed together at the Neptune Grand. Kendall tries to compliment him, but Logan correctly guesses Kendall is angling for money. Kendall points out they have a good thing going, but Logan doesn't want to pay for it. After getting her clothes, Kendall leaves the bedroom in disgust. She then sees Duncan getting out of the shower and tries coming on to him.

Back at the Goodman's, Veronica is increasingly disgusted by the girl's night out. She's momentarily distracted when Gia introduces her to Rodney, her little brother, whom she describes as sweet, but a little intense. That last part is borne out when he gets upset over spilling water. Woody comes in and admonishes Rodney for breaking the rules, and that he'll have to tell "your mother" about this. He stops and smiles when he sees Veronica, and leads Rodney away. As the other girls natter on, Veronica is grateful when she gets an excuse to leave; Gia, in a panic, thinks she hears her mother. Veronica notices Woody and his wife speaking and Rodney looking like he's going to be punished. Rodney follows his mother into one room while Woody goes into another.

Back at the Neptune Grand, Kendall makes a big show of wiping her mouth as she passes Logan, who's watching TV. Logan asks if she ever thought about getting a job, and she retorts, "This is my job".

Back at the Goodman's, Dick and Cassidy crash the party, and Veronica takes the opportunity to finally exit.

Later, at the Mars apartment, Keith good-naturedly teases Veronica about her leaving a party early, but is disturbed when he smells cigar smoke on one of her jackets. Veronica claims she stopped in the cigar store to use the bathroom; Keith informs her the store in question is a front for drug dealers. Veronica looks thoughtful.

The next night, at the Neptune Grand, Veronica and Duncan get ready to sneak into Meg's house. Logan comes out of his bedroom and pointedly brings up Kendall being in Duncan's room. Duncan blows it off, and tells Veronica they should get going.

At the Manning house, Duncan gets them in by using a key hid in a flower pot. In Meg's bedroom, Veronica starts looking around until Duncan realizes Meg probably hid the book in an air vent. Sure enough, it's there. Veronica compares the notebook to the writing samples she took, and finds out none of them match. When she takes a closer look, she realizes the notebook is in a girl's handwriting, and that Meg must have been covering. Veronica and Duncan walk down the hallway into another bedroom, which has a sign that says "Grace" on it. Inside, Veronica hears a thumping. She opens a closet door, notices a hidden door inside the closet, and opens that to reveal Grace (the little girl who was with Lizzie at the hospital). Grace tries to warn them about her parents as Veronica and Duncan try to calm her down. Just then, the light comes on, and Mr. Manning is standing over Veronica and Duncan, holding a baseball bat. He tells Grace to go downstairs to her mother, which she does, and then orders Veronica and Duncan to get on the floor. When Mrs. Manning comes up, Mr. Manning orders her to call the sheriff's...

...and when Lamb comes by a little later, Mr. Manning accuses Veronica and Duncan of trying to rob the place. Veronica accuses Mr. Manning of abusing Grace, to which he responds by calling Veronica a whore and telling her to shut up. Lamb breaks it up, and handcuffs her and Duncan. Veronica tries to tell Lamb in a low voice about the closet, but Lamb gives no indication of hearing her and leads the two of them outside to his car. He goes back inside the house to take a statement. He goes inside Grace's room, where Mr. Manning is, and before Mr. Manning notices, Lamb looks inside the closet. Mr. Manning protests that he's the victim, and Lamb says, "It's funny. I heard my father give that exact speech once." He leaves.

Back outside, Lamb gets in his car and drives off, but merely goes around the corner before stopping. Getting out of the car, he takes the handcuffs off of Veronica and Duncan, lets them out, and drives back to the Manning house.

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