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Recap / Veronica Mars S 02 E 03 Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

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Veronica joins, among others, Duncan, Logan, Dick and Cassidy for the "Future Business Leaders of America" class, taught by Mr. Pope (Michael Kostroff). He introduces them to Richard Casablancas, who explains to the class the benefits of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT for short), as well as promote his new planned chain of hotels, the Sandpiper.


Outside the school, Cassidy approaches Veronica and tells her he's worried about his father; specifically, that Kendall might be cheating on him. Cassidy mentions the condom wrapper he found. Veronica is skeptical, but Cassidy is willing to pay for proof, so she agrees. He gives Veronica Kendall's schedule and leaves. As Veronica is walking to her car, she sees Deputy Sachs waiting for her...

...and she's now in an interrogation room with Lamb. Lamb says he assumes she knows why she's there, and Veronica says, "Okay, I confess...I have no idea why I'm here." He shows her a picture of Curly Moran; Veronica makes a joke about how they must have met, but freezes when she recognizes him from another picture as the man she saw at the bus crash memorial site. Lamb also brings up an earring he found at the scene, but while Veronica denies the earring's hers, she's further shocked when Lamb tells her about her name being written on Curly's hand.


That night, at the Mars apartment, Keith is making dinner for Alicia, and telling her about running for sheriff. He brings up the fact his book has made him a local celebrity, and invites Alicia to Chicago, as he has to go there for a signing. She's hesitant for a second when Keith brings up the Rossmore Hotel (where he's staying), but she accepts, and they kiss. Veronica walks in, and when Keith asks about her, lies that she's fine, and goes to her bedroom. Once there, she pulls up both Kendall and Curly's previous records; in addition to being a Laker girl, Kendall was a backup dancer until hooking up with Richard Casablancas, and Curly was a former stuntman whose career went downhill thanks to drug convictions, assault, and DUI's, though before his death, he was working at a car company. Just then, Keith walks in, and Veronica quickly hides what she's looking at. Keith asks what she's doing; she puts him off at first, but then agrees to show him if he'll answer her question; is he taking Alicia to Chicago to propose to her? Keith sincerely tells her that's not the case, and he won't do anything like that without talking to Veronica about it. Veronica then shows him...her screen wallpaper, which is a unicorn, because all girls love them. Keith just stares at her.


The next day, Veronica follows Kendall as she goes on a shopping spree, and snaps pictures. When Kendall gets to a cafe, a man in sweats joins her. And the two head to a motel. Though Veronica doesn't head towards their window, she takes plenty of pictures of the two of them heading up to the room, and the closed door.

At lunch at Neptune High, Veronica is looking at the photos when Wallace joins her. Veronica makes fun of Wallace's pudding cup (Wallace notes Alicia still seems to think he's five), but freezes when he sees Wallace waving to Jackie. Wallace picks up on Veronica's hostility, and asks her to take it easy, as he likes Jackie. Jackie comes over, and Veronica remembers how Jackie acted towards her at Java the Hut the other day. Jackie apologizes, saying she forgot to leave the "New York attitude" in New York. Jackie complains about having to read Pride and Prejudice; Veronica mentions she and Duncan were going to watch the miniseries version with Colin Firth, and invites Jackie and Wallace to join them. Jackie unenthusiastically accepts, but Wallace winks at Veronica in gratitude.

Later, at Java the Hut, Veronica shows Cassidy the photos she took. Cassidy says he needs more explicit proof, though he does notice Kendall and the man switched bags, which Veronica didn't notice. Veronica assures him she'll get the "Money Shot", asks for $100 in expenses, and asks Cassidy to load up Kendall's music on an iPod Shuffle.

At her apartment that night, Veronica takes apart a new iPod Shuffle to insert a device into it.

The next day, Veronica stops by the Symbolic Motor Car Company, posing as Curly's niece, to pick up his effects. She learns Curly never mentioned her, but she sees pictures of Curly among his effects. One of them is an autographed picture with Aaron Echolls, with the message reading, "All these years still on 'The Long Haul', always your pal."

Later, at the FBLA class, a distracted Veronica sits by Duncan again. She and Duncan hesitate when they come by Logan; eventually, they sit in the two empty seats next to him, but Veronica makes a point of sitting in the seat further away from Logan. Mr. Pope brings up his annual stock market game, and he says the winner will receive a plaque and bragging rights, as well as a small cash prize if they manage to beat Mr. Pope's earnings. He thinks that last part will be tough, as he's invested in the Casablancas' company, and predicts he'll make enough money to retire at the end of the school year. He then shows the boat he plans to sail off into the sunset with, and admits he would have retired earlier, but he's had to do some restoration work on the boat. Logan pipes up, "Didn't plug her right the first time, huh?", and pointedly looks at Duncan. Duncan takes a second to get it, but when he does, he angrily tackles Logan, and the two fight each other in the hallway.

Later, both of them sit in the school nurse's office - Duncan with a bloody nose, Logan with a black eye - and the nurse chides them both before going off to notify the principal. As Duncan starts to leave, Logan brings up how Veronica would be impressed. Duncan says he didn't steal Veronica away from anybody, but to Logan, that's not the point; he angrily brings up his summer and wants to know why Duncan wasn't in his corner during the trial. Duncan, in turn, brings up Aaron murdering Lily. As he turns to leave again at the prompting of the nurse, Logan, chastened, says, "I hate him too, you know." Duncan stops and sighs, but merely walks away, and as the nurse goes to treat Logan, his eyes fill up.

That night, at Duncan's hotel suite, Veronica chides Duncan for the fight, and mentions how Colin Firth would never stoop to such behavior. Wallace brings up how the appeal of Firth is lost on him, and Jackie admits, her hatred of Jane Austen aside, she does get Firth's appeal, and mentions how she met Firth backstage at a play he did. As Jackie goes on to talk about all of the people she's met and all the things she's done, Veronica inwardly seethes.

A little later, as Veronica is washing her hands, Wallace asks her what she thinks of Jackie. Veronica tries delicately to suggest Jackie's not right for him; he thinks Veronica is saying Jackie's too good for him, but Veronica assures him it's the opposite. As she tells Wallace she's willing to help him anyway, Jackie joins them. Veronica lies and says she was giving him hair-styling tips. Duncan calls out to them that they're missing a great scene, and the three of them go out to watch.

A little later, as Wallace and Jackie are preparing to leave, Duncan says goodbye, and Wallace mentions they should watch the second half that coming Friday. Veronica and Jackie both have plans, but they agree to make it another night, and Jackie and Wallace leave. Duncan, clueless to Veronica's feelings about her, says he thinks Jackie's cool.

The next day, Veronica is at the gym where Kendall is running on an elliptical, and looking for an opening. Finally, she just goes up to Kendall and makes up a story about her iPod not working, and asks to borrow hers. Kendall hurriedly says yes, as she's concentrating on her workout, and Veronica makes the switch.

Later, while on the beach, Veronica once again follows Kendall and the man she was with before heading to a motel. She calls up Cassidy and tells him she made the switch and will have what he wanted. As she hangs up, however, she notices the hotel Cassidy is at, which is the same one Richard Casablancas owns, only looking nothing like what the brochure did. Veronica follows the man Kendall was with from the motel to the bank, and then the county courthouse. She's able to find out the man is Jack Montana, the county assessor, and has a realization about what's going on...

...and goes to see Mr. Pope. She asks about real estate fraud, and Pope tells her while it does exist, there are a lot of safeguards in place, unless you did something like bribe the local assessor. Veronica urgently tells Pope to sell his shares in the Casablancas' business, and shows him the proof; the property isn't what it's supposed to be, and shell companies owned by the company are the buyers, so it's a house of cards. Mr. Pope despairingly points out if he sold, all he'd be doing would be passing the cost onto someone else, and it wouldn't be fair. He takes down the picture of his boat.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Keith and Alicia are sitting in a booth listening to a live jazz combo play. Alicia again brings up Keith running for sheriff, and Keith admits it would be nice to have people other than Veronica working for him, and assures Alicia Veronica is the one who talked him into running. They decide to go back to their room, and walk by the bar to do so. Nathan Woods (Cress Williams), who's sitting at the bar, calls out to Alicia, though he calls her "Shari". As they get in the elevator, Keith asks about it, and Alicia claims she has no idea who the guy was. Nathan watched the floor numbers to see where Keith and Alicia got off, and then goes down to the hotel desk to find out Keith's name. The clerk balks until Nathan shows her his badge.

Back in Neptune, at Java the Hut, it's karaoke night. Veronica joins Cassidy, who congratulates her on the camera put inside the iPod. Veronica pulls out her laptop, and shows him a page of thumbnails of all the pictures the camera took (one ever 15 seconds). Veronica starts to tell Cassidy about what she learned about her father's company, but Cassidy points out she's got customers. Veronica goes to look, and narrows her eyes when she sees Jackie with another guy, "Dave". Jackie greets Veronica happily enough, notes that she's busy, and says she and Dave will find their own table. Veronica inwardly seethes again, and walks back to Cassidy's table, only to find Cassidy has disappeared, and the picture on the laptop is of Kendall getting intimate with Logan. Veronica gapes in shock.

The next day, in the halls of Neptune High, Veronica catches up with Dick and asks if he's seen Cassidy or Logan. Dick makes a mock-terror face before walking off. Wallace and Jackie come by and ask Veronica if she's up for watching part 2 of P&P. Veronica pointedly asks if Jackie is busy; Jackie, unconcerned, says she isn't. Veronica says she has something to take care of first, and tries to call Logan on his cell. Logan, of course, is with Kendall. Kendall picks up his phone and jokes about him cheating on her when she sees who's calling. Logan gets the phone from her, throws it on the floor, and gets back to making out with Kendall. Veronica only gets Logan's voicemail, and runs through the hall.

As Veronica drives to Logan's house, she unknowingly passes a diner that Nathan has just walked out of. He finds a pay phone and a phone book, and after flipping through the book, finds the page with Alicia's address.

At the Echolls house, Veronica sneaks in and finds Logan just out of the shower, wearing only a towel around his waist. Veronica confronts him about cheating with Kendall, and angrily brings up how much trouble he'd be in if it was Mr. Casablancas confronting him instead of her. Logan doesn't pay much attention to this, but when Veronica accuses him of having a death wish, that point hits home. He recovers, though, and snarks about Veronica looking after him; Veronica bitterly tells him it was only a job. She storms out, but stops when she notices a poster of one of Aaron's movies; The Long Haul. She freezes when she realizes this is how Aaron and Curly knew each other. Logan walks in, and she snaps out of it and hurries away.

At the Casablancas' offices, Cassidy shows his father the picture of Kendall and Logan, and apologizes to his father, saying he needed to know. Richard, however, has more pressing problems to worry about; as his secretary tells him that investigators from the SEC are there, he grabs a briefcase and some files, tells everyone in the office to start shredding everything, and runs out to a waiting helicopter.

Duncan is in his hotel suite when Veronica enters. He starts to tell her about Dick's dad, but she starts crying and says she thinks the bus crash was meant to kill her, and everyone died because of her.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Call-Back: Logan's bad summer, and Veronica briefly meeting Curly Moran.
  • The Cameo: Courtney Taylor-Taylor, lead singer of the Dandy Warhols (the band providing the show's theme song), is the karaoke singer who sings "Love Hurts".
  • Cat Fight: Discussed; when he senses Veronica's attitude towards Jackie, Wallace tells her, "Retract claws." Veronica has to remind herself of this later when they're all at the Neptune Grand.
  • Chekhov's Classroom: Mr Pope helpfully tells Veronica everything she needs to know about banking, property, and she specifically learns about the Casablancas.
  • Chekhov's Hobby: The FBLA, although it only appears in this episode and one other (after this).
  • Foreshadowing: We find out in the next episode who Nathan Woods really is, and his relationship with Alicia.
  • Infinite Monkey Theorem: When Veronica recognizes Curly, she surmises the monkeys at the typewriters must have written up King Lear, as Lamb finally got one right.
  • It's All About Me: Veronica thinks Jackie is like this, especially with the stories she tells when they're with Duncan and Wallace.
  • It's All My Fault: After finding out about Curly and Aaron, Veronica believes she was the real target of the bus crash.
  • Last-Second Word Swap:
    Cassidy: Hey, Veronica?
    Veronica: Hey, Beav, er, ah, I mean Cassidy.
  • Literary Allusion Title: The title is a play on the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • Ripped from the Phone Book: Nathan finding Alicia's address.
  • Shout-Out: In addition to those mentioned above:
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Cassidy, possibly, as he does seem genuinely shocked when he learns about the depth of his father's fraud, although he does use it for incorporation. However, it's probable that this is all an act, given that Cassidy hates his father and is an evil Chess Master.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Duncan and Logan give one of these to each other; Logan to Duncan for not standing by him when he was falsely accused of murder, Duncan to Logan for the fact Aaron killed Lily.
    • Veronica gives one of these to Logan when she finds out he's been sleeping with Kendall.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Veronica's opinion of Jackie drops even more when she sees her at Java the Hut with another guy.

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