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Recap / Veronica Mars S 02 E 08 Ahoy Mateys

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In a dream sequence, Meg sits in a white chair against a white background, dressed in white. She addresses the camera, "Do you love me? Did you ever love me?" Veronica, wearing black, skates in, says she's tired of this, and gags Meg. She turns to the camera, asks if they just want "teddy bears and mash notes", and brings her arm up as if to slap someone...

...and Duncan wakes up with a start, as this was his dream. He's sitting on a sofa in his suite at the Neptune Grand, while Veronica and Logan are discussing Dr. Griffith. Logan thinks Keith's assertion the cigar store is a front for drug dealers means Dr. Griffith is guilty, but Veronica warns him, "Sometimes a cigar store is just a cigar store." Logan says he'll be just as "quippy" when Veronica faces a murder charge; Veronica sardonically points out Logan is being a Jerkass again, and Logan admits he'll stop being one if Veronica is able to prove his innocence. He also brings up the possibility Dr. Griffith is illegally dealing prescription drugs.


Duncan, meanwhile, has gone into his bedroom. He looks at the envelope he took out of Meg's air vent, and hides it in a drawer.

Back in the living room, Veronica finds a complaint against Dr. Griffith about a procedure he performed on Danny Boyd (Taylor Sheridan), and says she'll check it out.

The next day, in the Neptune High parking lot, an 09er approaches Weevil, looking to score some cocaine. Weevil has no idea what he's talking about, and threatens the kid, who claims he bought coke from one of Weevil's associates. Weevil scares the kid away by threatening to steal the hubcaps off of his car, but when the kid leaves, Weevil looks worried.

Meanwhile, at Mars Investigations, Carlos (David Barrera) and Maria Oliveres (Norma Maldonado), the parents of Marcos, one of the bus crash victims, are there to ask for Keith's help. Seems someone's been harassing them since the crash; playing voicemail messages, filling the house with the smell of Marcos' cologne, and leaving a toy bus in plain sight, among other things. Keith expresses his sympathy, and assumes he's supposed to find the harasser. Carlos, however, says he knows who it is.


Later, Veronica and Logan pull outside the house where Danny Boyd lives, and she tells an unhappy Logan to stay in the car. When she knocks on the door, and Danny answers, Veronica introduces herself as "Laurie Zachs". While Danny just wants to know if she's legal, Veronica asks about Dr. Griffith and the procedure he performed on Danny that got him into trouble. Danny takes her to the River Stix, a dive bar around the corner of his house, and, as Veronica sourly notes, the headquarters of the Fitzpatricks crime family. Danny shows her a pool table with a blood stain, and explains he got into a fight and Dr. Griffith sewed him up. He calls his cousin Liam (Rodney Rowland) to help him explain. Liam's eyes narrow when he sees Veronica, and he asks who she is. Veronica tries to keep up the lie that she's "Laurie Zachs", but Molly Fitzpatrick (Annie Campbell), Danny's niece, reveals Veronica's real identity. Liam threatens Veronica to get her to state her real business. Veronica, scared but trying not to show it, backs into Danny. As he tries to grab her, she tasers him and is able to break free, but Liam trips her up by pushing a trolley of beers into her. She tries to taser Liam but he disarms her, grabs her, and drops her on the pool table. Liam then brings a tattoo artist over, and taking his tattoo gun, threatens Veronica with it. Just then, Logan yells out, and the others turn. He's holding his cell phone, and has called 911, letting them know where he is and that he's wearing an ankle monitor. Liam turns back to Veronica to see what damage he can do before the cops show up, but Logan pulls out a gun and says, "I've had a very bad year." Liam lets Veronica go, and she and Logan flee the bar.


Back in Logan's car, Logan tries to comfort Veronica, but she's so freaked out by what happened that she yells at Logan for having a gun. Logan tries to point out it's not even loaded, but Veronica's not convinced, and tells him he's going to get killed. She gets out and storms off.

At Mars Investigations, Veronica composes herself and greets Keith. He asks if she's okay, and she lies that she's fine. Keith tells her about Marcos and what her parents want, and she agrees to check around at school. He also says Marcos' parents think the school administration is behind the harassment to get them to drop their suit against the school, but he's skeptical, though Veronica thinks it's possible.

At school the next day, Veronica asks some kids in the TV class about Marcos, but none of them volunteer anything. Finally, Ryan (Bradford Anderson), one of the students, says Marcos just kept to himself, and other students nod in agreement.

That night, at the Mars apartment, Veronica is looking at last year's Neptune High yearbook, and finds no trace of Marcos. Just then, she gets an anonymous e-mail claiming Marcos was great once you got to know him, but they couldn't say anything more because they had a jealous boyfriend. Veronica overhears Keith "yelling" on the phone, and goes out to him. Turns out he's calling to track down the MP3 player attached to the Oliveres' car, and that it came from the Neptune High school district. Veronica agrees to check that out the next day...

...and the next day, she's in Clemmons' office. Clemmons says he can't say anything, and she needs to speak with Principal Moorehead (John Bennett Perry). Veronica snarks about how powerless that must make Clemmons feel, but goes to see the principal. Principal Moorehead expresses sorrow for what happened and sympathy for the families, but points out he's made settlement offers, and if the Oliveres' win the suit, it'll end up gutting school programs. Veronica brings up the MP3 player, and Moorehead denies knowledge of it. He gives Veronica the card of the lawyers representing the school.

Later, in a classroom, Veronica shows the MP3 player to Mac. Mac recognizes Marcos as one half of "Ahoy Mateys!", a pirate radio show. Marcos was "Cap-n-Krunk", and his co-host was "Imitation Crab"; on the show, they would snark on everyone at the school. Veronica doesn't believe at first Marcos was the Howard Stern of Neptune, but Mac confirms you didn't want to get on his bad side. She pulls up their website; Veronica notices a four-week gap in their broadcasts, and Mac brings up the fact the show is still on the air, though it's not as good as it used to be. Veronica asks if there's any way to tell where the show is being broadcast from, and Mac says, "Yes." After she and Veronica stare at each other for a few seconds, Mac admits she wanted to see how long they could have a conversation without Veronica only asking questions, and admits while she's happy to help Veronica, she needs compensation. Veronica admits defeat, and Mac hands her the MP3 player back.

Outside, in the lunch area, Veronica listens to some of the broadcasts, where Cap-n-Krunk and Imitation Crab snark on, among others, Logan (winner of the "Cock of the Week" award for forty weeks running), an 09er girl named Roxie, and Duncan, whom they think is hiding something. Veronica wonders about that herself.

As Veronica is getting things from her locker, Logan asks if she's heard anything. She says nothing beyond the fact Dr. Griffith seems to be in the pocket of the Fitzpatricks, but she says she's working on just how they're connected, and what that has to do with Logan. Logan leaves, and Veronica notices Weevil looking at her. She walks up to him, brings up Logan's house burning down, and accuses Weevil of working with the Fitzpatricks. Weevil emphatically denies this, but Veronica brings up Dr. Griffith, and storms off, as Weevil looks surprised and worried.

That night, Veronica and Mac both track the signal of the broadcast.

Meanwhile, Weevil has called together the PCHers, tells them about Dr. Griffith (though, not knowing his name, only calls him the witness in Felix's murder case) and the kid who wanted to buy coke from him, and asks if any of them are doing business with the Fitzpatricks. No one answers, and Weevil sends them away. Thumper stays behind, and Weevil asks if he saw the person who called the cops. Thumper says he didn't, but says the cops didn't know the whole story...

...and in a Flashback, we're back at the night of Felix's murder. While Logan is down and Weevil is still unconscious, Felix orders Thumper and another biker to take Weevil's bike back to his place, along with Weevil. After they leave, Felix talks about how much he wanted a car like Logan's when Logan reaches up with a knife and stabs Felix.

Back in the present, Weevil angrily wonders how Thumper could know this if he wasn't there, but Thumper says they didn't say anything to Weevil to protect him. Weevil vows to get to the bottom of things.

Meanwhile, Veronica and Mac have tracked the signal to a house, and they knock on the door. The door opens to reveal...Clemmons. Veronica and Mac look panicked at first, but Veronica recovers and asks if they could see Vincent, because they had "homework" questions. She claims Mac has a crush on Vincent, and while Mac gives Veronica a Death Glare, Clemmons is convinced, lets the two of them in, and leads them to the basement. Vincent, panicked, tells his father not to let them in, but Veronica and Mac barge in anyway. They identify him as "Imitation Crab", and Veronica claims Vincent is harassing Marcos' parents on behalf of his father. Vincent denies this, and says his father doesn't even know about his radio show. Veronica asks about the four-week gap, and Vincent tells her Marcos went to camp, came back a different person, and didn't want to do the show anymore. Veronica and Mac leave.

The next day, at Mars Investigations, Keith tells Carlos about "Ahoy Mateys". Carlos admits it makes sense that a kid as private as Marcos would gravitate towards a radio show, but doesn't believe any of his "targets" would harass him, and when Keith brings up the camp Marcos went to, Carlos snaps that it's about money, and he reiterates his claim the administration is behind it all. Carlos leaves, and Keith tells Veronica he'll be staking out the Oliveres house while they're bowling to see if he can catch the harasser in the act before following Carlos out. Veronica pulls up the Oliveres' credit history, and finds out the camp Marcos went to, called "Self Quest", was about "gay therapy", and realizes Marcos was gay.

That night, at the Oliveres' house, a man comes in, turns off the alarm code, and heads for the refrigerator. Keith tackles him, and the man claims he's a neighbor borrowing beer because his wife won't allow it in the house. Keith kicks the neighbor out, and notices a toy bus in the fish tank, along with a piece of paper in a nearby wastebasket with the alarm code and the letterhead of the school's lawyers. Keith calls Carlos, confirm's the neighbor's story, and brings up what he found. He hangs up the phone and looks thoughtful.

Meanwhile, Logan is downtown, walking to his car, when he notices a van blocking it. He walks to the other side of the van and gets sucker-punched, knocking him out. Two masked men grab him and throw him into the van. When Logan comes to, he's in an abandoned warehouse, tied to a bed, and the masked men are threatening him. One of them asks what happened to Felix that night on the bridge, and Logan claims he doesn't know. The other man pulls out a gun and starts to play Russian Roulette with Logan, firing at his hand. As there's a click, revealing an empty chamber, Logan screams that he doesn't know anything. The first masked man taunts Logan, saying he's just like Aaron, and the other one fires again, with the same result. The other masked man aims this time at Logan's private parts, and Logan screams again how he doesn't know anything. The first masked man is on his cell phone, and hanging up, tells the other masked man to stop. A little later, the two of them drive Logan to a deserted area and dump him from the van, but Logan recovers enough to steal the cell phone from the first masked man. When he gets up, he hits the redial button, and when Weevil answers, Logan warns Weevil he has no idea what he's in for.

The next day, at Neptune High during lunch break, Veronica finds Vincent, and tells her about the camp Marcos went to, and that he was gay. Vincent doesn't believe Veronica, and tells her Marcos not only loved "chicks", but almost got his ass kicked by the jealous boyfriend of one of them. Veronica thinks maybe Marcos' "secret admirer" can help, and sets up a sting e-mail involving a giveaway from "Radio Alliance".

At the sheriff's department, Keith joins Carlos and Maria, and asks to speak to Carlos in private. Keith tells Carlos there was fish food in the aquarium where he found the toy bus, and Carlos hangs his head. Keith apologizes for not finding out who's been harassing them, but says he won't testify because if he did, he'd have to bring up Carlos planting the toy bus and the paper with the alarm code, and suggests to Carlos that he take the settlement offer.

Back at school, Veronica gets a phone call. When she answers, "Radio Alliance," the caller hangs up, but Veronica smiles...

...and a little later, she's in front of a house. Roxie (one of the people mentioned on "Ahoy Mateys") answers the door, and Veronica starts to ask her about Marco, but when Ryan, Roxie's brother, shows up, Veronica realizes he was the one who sent the e-mail. A little later, Ryan tells Veronica he was a fan of "Ahoy Mateys", and realized Marcos and Vincent were the ones who did the show because they signed out the microphone, and he became friends with Marcos. He also admits he had a crush on Marcos (who, unlike Ryan, was sexually on the fence), and when Marcos' parents caught Ryan giving Marcos a back rub, sent Marcos to Self Quest, after which Marcos pretended like he didn't know Ryan. Ryan also points out Marcos never would have gone on the field trip if he wasn't trying to win back his parents. Veronica points out Ryan is hurting Marcos' parents by harassing them, and Ryan says, "That was the idea."

At the Neptune Grand, Duncan is dreaming again; this time, Meg is in bed with him, and she says he's the only one who can save her before she kisses him. Duncan wakes up, goes to the drawer where the letter is, opens the drawer, and the letter as well. Upon reading it, he exclaims, "Oh my God."

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