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The Modern Prometheus.

Jimmy Pritchard is a seventy-five year-old disgraced sheriff, forced to resign after a scandal regarding corruption, witness tampering, evidence planting, and assorted other crimes. Now, he has little to do but sit and smoke.

One night, while at his old house looking for some pictures, he finds two men going through his son's office. When he confronts them, they overpower him easily, and toss him off a bridge to make it look like he killed himself. His death is ruled a suicide, and the case is closed.

Meanwhile, Mary and Otto Goodwin, twin geniuses running a technology company called "Lookinglass," have an interest in the sheriff. His precise genetic structure is one in ten million, and with the proper treatments, could be used to fight Mary's cancer. Although Mary forbids him, Otto acquires the sheriff's corpse and begins an experimental resurrection procedure.


When Pritchard awakens—after some initial confusion—he finds himself far stronger than he has ever been, a perfect specimen of the human race, if not more. While he agrees to help Mary with her cancer, he insists on using his new lease on life to fight crime in his city, starting with the men who killed him—one of whom is his son's partner at the FBI. This is complicated both by Otto's overprotective nature, his son's suspicions, and the fact that he needs to return to the tank every twelve hours to be revitalized, or he'll die for good.

Second Chance aired from January 13th to March 25, 2016 on Fox, before being canceled.

Not to be confused with the 70s ABC game show that was the predecessor to Press Your Luck.


This series provides examples of:

  • Ambiguous Disorder: Otto clearly has some severe form of autism, possibly a completely unique type. Until he was nine years old, he never spoke to anyone except his sister, and even then only in a language he invented called Twinspeak. While he has improved significantly since then, he still avoids speaking to anyone but Mary and Arthur, and part of the reason Mary is willing to go so far to fight her cancer is because she knows he'll shut down completely without her.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Arthur, a basic assistant intelligence Otto created. He controls their house, but little outside it. He's also invaluable searching and collection information from all possible sources, and, in the episode 1x05 Scratch that Glitch, he locales Jim when he calls for him on a tablet after loading the Lookinglass page. It turns out he's been scanning from his voice pattern to locate him.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: The Lookinglass software is running on millions of computers and Mary and Otto can use it to track people.
  • Dirty Cops:
    • Duvall's partner and boss in the FBI were committing bank robberies and using their position to hinder the investigation. They had Jimmy killed when he accidentally discovered them committing a crime and would have done the same to Duvall.
    • Jimmy had to resign from the police force due to a major corruption and abuse of power scandal. He's always claimed he did it to protect the city.
  • Dungeon Bypass: When Jimmy is unable to break down a steel door, he instead breaks through the back wall.
  • Everything Is Online: Since he never really leaves his home, Otto is usually used as a problem-fixer by using his computer skills to manipulate technology miles away. He's been shown "hacking" into police cams, mechanical cranes, or anything else really if the plot requires it.
  • The Face: Mary for Otto. It's public knowledge that Otto is behind the technology of Lookinglass, but Mary is the CEO of the company.
  • Fountain of Youth: A 75-year old man is given a "second chance" when he is de-aged to his 35-year old self. He's not the first person this has happened to either, just the most successful.
  • Heroic BSoD: Otto goes into this state every year on the anniversary of his and Mary's parents' death.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Sheriff Pritchard never made any apologies for what he did to keep his city safe, even at his trial.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Otto has such a relationship with his twin sister Mary. He was an incredibly introverted but brilliant child, to the point that he invented his own language to share with her and only spoke to other people through Mary. This dynamic continued into adulthood, so when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he goes to extreme lengths to find a cure for her.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: The Goodwins needed a lot of power to resurrect Jimmy and caused a major blackout when they overtaxed the power grid. As a result, two very dangerous killers escaped from prison and are on the loose.
  • No-Sell: Jimmy tries to use his strength to break through a wall like he did once before but this time the wall is solid brick and he just bounces off.
  • Oh, Crap!: Jimmy is having the time of his (new) life when he realizes that the corruption in the FBI might go further than just his son's partner and he might have just sent Duvall to his death.
  • Papa Wolf: The first thing Jimmy does after he is resurrected is head over to his son in order to warn him that he might be in danger. Later he has to go back into the resurrection tank right away or he will die a second time but his son is in danger so he instead races to save him.
  • Police Brutality: Jimmy has no problem torturing a prisoner for information and is implied to have done worse when he was sheriff.
  • The Sheriff: Jimmy was the Sheriff of King County and despite being forced to resign in disgrace more than fifteen years ago, he still considers himself to be the sheriff.
  • Supernaturally Young Parent: The show revolves around a 75-year old man who is brought Back from the Dead and de-aged by an experimental treatment to his 35-year old self. This results in him actually being younger than his own son, a 40-something single father of a teenage girl.
  • Super Strength: After he's resurrected and de-aged by the Goodwins, Jimmy's strength takes an inordinate leap even for a man in his physical prime. He almost punches through a steel door in the first episode.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Duvall quickly realizes that the strange man that approached him looks and behaves very much like his late father. Duvall starts to suspect that the man is his half-brother from one of the many affairs Jimmy had.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Jimmy apparently was not faithful to his wife and his children are not very surprised by the idea that they might have a half-sibling.


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