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Forced Orgasm

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Simply put: when somebody is brought to orgasm against their will, whether it be a modest or immodest one. It may be done either deliberately by molestation/sexual assault, psychic powers or sometimes even accidentally.

The accidental type may involve some device stimulating the victimnote  with no means to remove/escape it. In extreme cases even a clueless person may be the cause of this especially if the recipient has some weird and unusual sensitive spots.

While this trope may overlap with Jizzed in My Pants, JIMP doesn't require much effort or even direct physical stimulation. The focus there is on how little stimulation was required for the orgasm. Forced Orgasm, on the other hand, can happen regardless of arousal. The amount of required effort is usually related to how perverse or despicable the perpetrator is, how unfortunate/helpless the victim is, or even both.

This trope may involve Electric Instant Gratification or Orgasmatron if done by a Mad Scientist. The characters causing this may invoke I Didn't Mean to Turn You On, "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization or Cool and Unusual Punishment, especially if the situation is Played for Laughs.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • The infamous Ass Shove scene from Arifureta has Hajime not only shoving a pile bunker up a dragon's backsidenote  but torturing her by repeatedly hitting and twisting it. This awakens the dragon's masochistic side, and after he pulls it out a little more roughly than intended, she gets an orgasm, then takes her human form as Tio Clarce and begs him to be her master and punish her some more.
  • Mizuki Suzushiro of Boku Girl is caught in a tug of war game with a rope between their legs being vigorously pulled back and forth. The outcome is so modest that Mizuki being recently genderbent into a girl and thus not familiar with the sensation mistakes it for a Potty Failure.
  • Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight!: Maria Luisa manages to choke Veronica Lynn until she climaxes in defeat. The woman is so big a fountain of pee and cum comes out of her.
  • Embryo of Cross Ange forces one on the heroine using his Mind Rape powers.
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School: During the end of the Despair Arc Yukizome's Brainwashing procedure involves Mukuro Ikusaba tempering with her brain with needles, affecting the pleasure center and forcing her to orgasm as she watches the Despair Video, thus equating her newfound pleasure into despair. It's very much played for horror, as we get Fandisservice close-up shots of Yukizome's face, groin, and breasts as she vainly attempts to resist it.
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter!: This is how Athena chose to defeat her sister, Artemis, during their duel in chapter 9. Since they were evenly matched in direct combat, Athena gains the upper hand by suddenly making out with her and subsequently 69ing with her 'til her sister climaxed. It gets a full page spread, complete with lightning bolts in the background, amidst Artemis' screams.
  • Played with in Food Wars!, where this trope happens in the Food Porn variation. Mostly when Soma Yukihira (as well other cooks in the series) provokes The Immodest Orgasm in the ones who taste their dishes, at which point they jizz in their pants just by eating some of his recipes.
    • In the first chapter of the series, Soma makes a dish so good that it got off the mafia members who wanted to close his dad's restaurant, making them put off the foreclosure.
  • Ghost Talker's Daydream: Considering Misaki's line of work it was inevitable. One of her clients takes her by surprise and goes down on her. She's visibly struggling and begging him to stop only to end up arched back and screaming to the heavens moments later.
  • Interviews with Monster Girls: When Reluctant Succubus Sakie Satou was in the middle school, a boy named Takkun attempted to pick on her... and learned the hard way that the combination of her having studied some Judo and being a succubus, turned his screams of pain from being tossed into screams of absolute joy and ecstasy. Needless to say, he's so thoroughly humiliated that a guy actually almost feels sorry for him. Almost.
    Takkun: Ow ow ow! Stop stop stop stopDON'T STOOOOOP!! It hurts... It hurts... Don't stop... Don't stop! Make it hurt more! More... More... MAKE IT HURT MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRREEE!!!!!!!
  • Maken-ki!:
    • Seen during the flashback in chapter 69, when Haruko and Takaki recount what Love Espada did to them at the previous Himekagura Festival. During which, she's shown with her back arched and her hand cupped over her mouth, as Espada was fingering her.
    • Espada herself sufers this during chapter 79 due to taking an attack from Azuki's newly evolved Maken which was strong enough to draw blood from her. The next scene is a full-page spread of Espada smiling with a full faced blush, as she squirts - complete with a sound effect hiragana and a ?.
  • Manyu Hikencho: Done by Kagefusa to Kaede as punishment for choosing to defect from the Manyuu clan, because of Kaede's loyalty to Chifusa. After a few tense moments of writhing and moaning, the scene quickly shifts to a shot of the night sky as Kaede screams. The camera pans back down to show she's passed out from it.
  • Monster Girl Doctor: A few of Glen's patients are implied to experience an orgasm when he has to examine some of their bizarre body parts that are rather sensitive for their species. The most explicit being Flesh Golem Kunai who feels extreme sensitivity in the edges of her limbs, and is mortified when the process of Glen stitching back her limbs causes her to orgasm, although she ends up respecting him as a doctor for remaining professional during the procedure. Later Glen comments that the Mad Scientist that made her this way was mentally sick in more ways than one.
  • Monster Musume:
    • In her debut appearance, Kii the dryad inflicts one on Papi by wrapping her in vines — which of course occurs in a BDSM fashion — and tightening them until she orgasms. Papi, Kimihito, and Suu inflict one on Kii in turn by sucking and groping her breasts in an effort to remove the fertilizer-saturated waternote  from her body.
    • Suu the Slime will frequently inflict this on the other girls in the household if she gets dehydrated or gets called on to takedown Rachnera whenever Rachnera, Centorea, or Miia try to sneak into Kimihoto's room for some late night nookie, (as Centorea takes down Miia, and Rachnera takes down Centorea).
    • Kimihito himself has inadvertently done this to Miia on one occasion where she fell asleep in his bed after wrapping herself around him, but being a lamia, she unknowingly nearly chokes Kimihito to death in her coils. The only way he was able to escape was by tugging on the tip of her tail, causing her to loosen her coils and climax soon afternote .
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Played for Laughs with Chachamaru, who feels pleasure from being refueled via the Wind-Up Key in the back of her head, which grows more intense as more magical energy is put in. Negi fails to notice it and enthusiastically winds the key while pumping way too much magic into it, and Chachamaru has to clamp her hands over her mouth to muffle her scream of pleasure and then falls into a panting heap, while Negi remains clueless.
  • Rosario + Vampire: Trying to teach Tsukune to control his abilities as a ghoul, Ruby ties herself to him with a magical whip that will inflict painful shocks on her when his powers overflow. Ruby inadvertently turns out to be a masochist and gets off on the constant shocks, to the ire of the rest of Tsukune's harem when they arrive on the scene.
  • Shimoneta: This is actually exaggerated to parody levels because Anna Nishikinomiya has her sexual desires awakened from an Accidental Kiss and remains in a perpetual state of arousal where even the slightest thing (but especially contact with Tanukichi Okuma) can make her orgasm.
    • At one point, Hyouka manages to keep Anna at bay like this with a vibrating doorknob. Anna repeatedly tries to break down the door, but the doorknob vibrating in such close proximity to her crotch forces her to orgasm repeatedly.
    • After Okuma gives Anna a pink eggnote  as a "gift", she instead wears it as a pendant, which gets stuck inside her massive chest. When she tries to pin down and sexually assault Okuma the egg malfunctions and constantly vibrates at max speed. While she has her (still vibrating) chest on Okuma's crotch, he comes close to climaxing...but fortunately for him, the egg breaks before that can happen.
    • Tanukichi does it to Oboro in chapter of the manga version. He mistakes Oboro for a member of Gathered Fabric and wrestles her to the floor, resulting in his foot being pressed against her groin. It's at that moment that Tanukichi realizes that Oboro is a guy, but he uses his foot to "double-check" to be sure. It confirms his suspicion, but also inadvertently causes Oboro to get off from it.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil, female lead Mio has a curse seal placed on her that makes her a servant of male lead Basara. If she disobeys him or has other negative feelings towards him such as jealousy, it immediately activates the seal which causes her to become aroused, and the longer it stays active the more aroused she gets. The only way to turn off the seal is for the MC to bring her to orgasm, but a key part of it is that she has to submit to his efforts to satisfy her, or else it still won't deactivate. Because she's an extremely stubborn tsundere, the first time he had to relieve her it took nine forced orgasms before she finally submitted to it.
    • Averted later in the series: after she's genuinely fallen in love with him he normally only needs to do it once or twice, if she even resists at all.
  • In one of the bonus chapters of To Love Ru Darkness, Yui ends up in a compromising position on a crowded train with a bag containing an artificial electronic cat-paw-toy pressed up against her crotch with no way to remove/disable it. Her scream and afterglow in the subsequent scene makes it pretty obvious what happened.
  • Vermeil in Gold: When the jealous Tsundere Lilia challenged Alto to a duel over his overly-familiar familiar, Vermeil (who is a succubus disguised from everyone else), she magically induces this trope on Lilia to end the duel.
  • WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?: The pressure point massage Willem uses to treat venenum poisoning seems to cause his patients an extreme amount of pleasure, to the point of causing some involuntary orgasm. Chtholly is mortified and muffles her moans in the pillow and Rhantolk has a series of The Immodest Orgasm. Subverted when Nopht endures the massage — she simply feels tickles and laughs instead.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • Exploited in Frostbite. Breen commander Ruul remarks to Tess Phohl while torturing her with a pain-stick that he sometimes sets the stick to arouse his victims instead, then switches it back to pain mode before they orgasm.
  • With Pearl and Ruby Glowing: Boo's mother had an orgasm while being raped, something that left her with a lot of shame.

  • All Cheerleaders Die: When Hanna has sex with Manny in the bathroom and reaches her climax, it causes Maddy, Martha, Leena and Tracy to all experience it due to their Psychic Link. It's particularly humiliating for Maddy and Martha, since the former was trying to intimidate Terry, while the latter was in the school hallways filled with students.
  • In Barbarella, the eponymous heroine falls into the clutches of the villain Durand Durand, who places her in his fiendish Excessive Machine, a device designed to orgasm the victim to death. However, Barbarella proves to be Too Kinky to Torture, overloading the machine and exhausting the villain.
  • In Bruce Almighty, Bruce is able to use his infinite godly powers to make his girlfriend have spontaneous orgasms while in another room.
  • Hobo With a Shotgun: During a fight with the Hobo, Slick gets electrocuted with a toaster. When it's over, he sits up while sparking and smoking and screams "You made me COME!" It's that kind of movie.
  • In The Matrix Reloaded, the Merovingian demonstrates his power within the Matrix by forcing a random woman in the restaurant with him to have an orgasm from eating a piece of cake.
  • The Orgasmorator device in Orgazmo causes this to whoever it is fired at, men and women alike.
  • In Pretty Cool, Howard commands his sister's two friends to have the most intense orgasm they've ever felt when they hear the word "now". Cue the two of them cumming for the rest of the movie whenever anyone innocently drops that word into the conversation.
  • Pretty Cool Too: Walter curses a girl to have orgasms whenever she hears the word "In", until she hears the word "Out". Agatha also accidentally causes her sister to orgasm whenever the phone rings. Agatha herself is forced to orgasm by the GNE phone's A.I., and Walter finally has the GNE make Brittany orgasm in an attempt to get her to have sex with him.
  • A Snake Of June: A woman is blackmailed with revealing photos of herself and forced to engage in humiliating tasks, culminating with her blackmailer directing her to wear a remote-controlled vibrator in public while they stimulate her at random intervals, forcing her to orgasm. Subverted when she finds the photos where they promised to leave them, along with the vibrator's remote; she's seen standing against a wall with the remote turned to full blast, implying that she secretly enjoyed the experience.
  • In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, this is how Scott defeats Roxy Richter. Unable to overcome her fighting skills even with Ramona's help, Ramona (who has been... intimate with her) shouts for Scott to touch the back of Roxy's knee as she prepares to ax-kick him. He does, cueing an Immodest Orgasm from Roxy as she explodes into coins.
  • In The Ugly Truth, Abby receives a pair of remote-controlled vibrator panties but has the misfortune to lose the remote. A kid finds it while she's at a business meeting, and she finds herself trying very hard to act casual.
  • In Wedding Crashers, Jeremy's one-night stand masturbates him under the table in front of her family while he struggles to maintain his composure.

  • Captive Prince: While Damen is enslaved in the Decadent Court of Vere, his owner has him restrained so that an escort can perform oral sex on him for the courtiers' amusement. It's unambiguously portrayed as a sexual violation and a deliberate cruelty from the owner.
  • Hannibal: After Dr. Lecter is captured by Mason Verger, Mason's sister Margot tells Lecter she's helping her brother in vain hope that he'll donate sperm to impregnate her female partner, so that Margot's family will inherit the Verger fortune. Lecter nonchalantly tells her that one can obtain sperm by stimulating a male's prostate with a cattle prod... and also that he would gladly claim responsibility if Mason were to be murdered. She takes advantage of his advice.
  • Kushiel's Legacy: Protagonist Phèdre is an anguisette and cursed to feel pain and pleasure as one, meaning any bit of pain will register as pleasure for her. When she gets her marquenote  she was reduced to an orgasm-laden mess due to the pain. The guy doing the job even complains about how annoying it is to work on someone who is constantly writhing in ecstasy. This is also Played for Drama later when she's raped and tortured by her former lover Melisande and Phèdre finds it deeply humiliating that she enjoyed it so much.
  • In one of the Eric Van Lustbader pulps, a female KGB officer gets payback on a superior who's blackmailing her by forcefully masturbating him while he's in his office.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Breaking Bad: After Hank is shot in an ambush, his recovery is hampered by his stubborn refusal to leave the hospital for home rehabilitation. Marie, while giving him a sponge bath, suddenly offers a wager: if she can stroke him off in under five minutes he has to check out. Hank takes the bet, insisting it isn't possible in his condition. Cut to a visibly pissed-off Hank being wheeled out of the hospital, followed by a smirking Marie.
  • A variation is seen in an episode of CSI: NY, where an investigation reveals that a college student died in the middle of a restaurant after she climaxed to death. The autopsy reveals that she had an experimental aphrodisiac that was being tested in a local university. At the end it was revealed that the girl told her sorority sister that she was still a virgin, so the leader of the chapter set a romantic night between her a fraternity member, and to ensure she enjoyed the night, spiked her drink with several times the recommended dose of the aphrodisiac. When she got nervous and ran out of the room, the frat boy followed her to the restaurant and tried to talk to her, which is when the aphrodisiac kicked in and she had an orgasm so strong that it eventually led to heart failure.
  • Doom Patrol (2019): When Flex Mentallo (an obscure DC comics character that can cause magical occurrences by flexing his muscles) flexes the wrong muscle, everyone on Danny Street has an orgasm.
  • Drop Dead Diva: In the appropriately titled "Guess Who's Coming", Bobby has a spontaneous orgasm in the middle of her court hearing as a result of surgery to enlarge her G-spot.
  • Farscape: In, "Coup by Clam", when Noranti starts stimulating herself, D'Argo experiences a sudden and involuntary orgasm due to their temporary Psychic Link. He's horrified and promptly tries headbutting himself (and therefore her) unconscious.
  • In the season 2 episode of Grey's Anatomy "Yesterday," a patient is admitted who is suffering from spontaneous and uncontrollable orgasms. While trying to figure out the cause, the situation is at first Played for Laughs with the doctors marveling and envying over her situation, but when asked if she really wants it cured, the patient makes it clear that this is more Blessed with Suck than anything: she can't go to church, is afraid to hang out with her parents, and has a hard time being in public. After a series of tests, the doctors find out a tumor on her pudendal artery is the culprit and surgically remove it.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • The episode "Betrayal's Climax" is about a girl whose boyfriend sets her up to be gang-raped, and to her horror, she experiences an orgasm during her ordeal.
    • The episode "Design" is about a woman who drugs men who she believes have "good" DNA, and then uses a type of cattle prod which when inserted into their rectum makes them ejaculate, all in order to get their sperm.
  • My Name Is Earl: Comatose Earl is kidnapped by a crazy woman who wants to make him her husband. When Earl's friends finally manage to get him to the hospital, the doctor rattles off a list of injuries Earl sustained which ended with "He seems to have had an involuntary orgasm."
  • Outlander: After Captain Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall is able to strong arm protagonist Jamie Fraser into a Scarpia Ultimatum, his stated goal is to make Jamie respond to their sexual contact. Jamie initially resists but eventually severe exhaustion and injury-induced delirium trigger a defensive delusion that Randall is his wife Claire. Believing himself safe with his wife, he relaxes enough to orgasm from the sexual stimulation. Immediately afterwards, Smug Snake Randall throws Verbal Salt in the Wound, saying Claire will never forgive him for giving in to Randall, which causes Jamie to break down sobbing.
  • Smallville: In "Instinct", the Human Alien Maxima has Living Aphrodisiac and releases potent endorphin hormones via her kiss and ends up giving extreme pleasure to 'ny man she kisses, to the point of giving them an involuntary orgasm. It also doubles as a Kiss of Death for most human men, as most end up dying via cardiac arrest if they don't get immediate medical treatment.
  • One episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer features a house tainted by years of sexual repression thanks to extreme and violent woman who ran it as an orphanage. One of the weird things going wrong in the house is a spot on a wall that gives people orgasms whenever they touch it. The first person finds it by accident; after that, people are using it deliberately (though some are tricked into it).

  • Allegedly a true story related in the song "Go Kart Racing (Accidentally Masturbating)" by Garfunkel and Oates. Apparently Riki is very sensitive, and the vibrations from riding in a go kart for the first time were hitting her in exactly the right spot...

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Shadowrun, 4th edition, one of the spells which causes extreme pleasure to the point of disabling targets, called 'Orgasm' (single target) and 'Orgy' (multiple targets). They do exactly this trope. In 5th edition, these spells were renamed 'Euphoria' and 'Mass Euphoria' to make it less obvious.

    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • The Legend Of Luo Xiao Hei features a couple of spirits hiding as shuttlecocks. When Shanxin starts loading them up into a carrier, the bottommost one gets their behind stuffed with its three compatriots, and upon the addition of the fourth involuntarily orgasms.

    Web Original 
  • There's an FML anecdote about a girl climaxing from the engine vibrations when riding on the back of her father's motorcycle.

    Western Animation 
  • Rick and Morty: In "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty", Rick get Morty a dragon, only it turns out that dragons are all massive sluts, and their soul bond is a magical orgasm which can happen involuntarily. Rick accidentally soul-bonds with Morty's dragon, and when they go to the dragon homeworld to rescue it (long story), Rick, Morty, and summer all end up making a super dragon through a long orgasmic process.

Alternative Title(s): Involuntary Orgasm