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     The Universal Century 
  • In a rare author example, Yoshiyuki Tomino is referred to by fans as "Kill 'em All Tomino" for his reputation for killing the entire casts of his shows, main characters included.
  • Granddaddy - a nickname given by most modelers to the RX-78 Gundam, due to being the very first one to bear the name.
  • Ped Comet - Another name for Char due to his rumored questionable relations towards underaged UC girls like Lalah and Quess (Puru is often roped into this group due to Super Robot Wars series coexistence hijinks).
  • Gruntmobile - The GM, The Federation's mass produced mobile suit in the UC continuity.
  • Blueberry Yogurt - Gundam ZZ's Roux Louka, thanks to her characteristic violet hair that resembles blueberry yogurt.
  • Space AIDS - Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team's Ginias Sahalin, spurred by his implied terminal illness and unfortunate character design.
  • Top Gundam - Gundam 0083 (reference to Top Gun)
  • Metal Gear Gundam - The GP-02 from Gundam 0083, as like the titular Metal Gears is a mecha designed to deploy nuclear weapons.
  • Heavy Metal L-Gundam / Gunchoon - White Gundam from Mamoru Nagano's Newtype Magazine MSV series, due to its resemblance to the title mech of Nagano & Yoshiyuki Tomino's earlier collaboration Heavy Metal L-Gaim or its Expy, Junchoon from Nagano's later Spiritual Successor solo series, The Five Star Stories.
  • Gundam 0081 - The nickname given to the latest UC Gundam videogame project before its official name was known. The game was eventually released under the title Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081.
  • No Zaku - The MS-07B Gouf, after Ramba Ral's memetic declaration to Amuro that it is "no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!"
  • Tobia Arronax is often referred to as "UC's Chuck Norris" or "UC's MacGyver" because of all the crazy stunts he gets away with. Seriously. The kid is tough.
  • Papsmear Circus - Paptimus Scirocco. The guy had such a silly name already, it just had to be made even sillier.
  • Banana Clips - Banagher Links of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, due to his silly first name, yellow eyes, and the Unicorn using a magazine for its beam magnum (some magazines are called banana clips due to their shape).
  • Purustitute - Marida Cruz a.k.a Ple Twelve, due to her Dark and Troubled Past as a hooker.
  • Palm Tree - The Kshatriya, for its funnel pods looking like large leaves and its green color scheme
    • Other fans also refer to it as "Quad-Wing" because of its overly huge pods (used as an In-Series Nickname)
  • Godspeed - The nameless Stark Jegan pilot from the first episode.
  • Spiegel Cosplay - The Geara Zulu, for looking like a Zaku with Gundam Spiegel's helmet
    • Geara Leo - The Geara Zulu that blew up when a stray Beam Magnum shot passed near it, in reference to Gundam Wing's Mecha-Mook Leo, which were known to blow up even from shots that missed.
  • Mullet Char - Full Frontal
    • Fat Frontal, because he looks rather bulky in that uniform compared to the original Char he is trying to emulate.
  • Commander McAwesome - Daguza Mackle, for his audacious tactics against Ace Custom units. Usually with a Bazooka.
  • Kobe Byarlant - The RX-160S Byarlant Custom in OVA 4; despite being an outdated Titans design, it more than holds its own against a multitude of Sleeves and Zeon Remnant suits, simultaneously.
  • Gundam F97 - Crossbone Gundam, a reference to the technical name given to the titular model by SNRI.
  • Queen Bitch of The Gundam Universe - Katejina Loos, resident Ax-Crazy Ace Pilot from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.
  • Bikini Babe Assault team - the girls that attacked Uso Ewin's Gundam on Katejina's orders. In space. With RPG's. Wearing nothing but... well, guess.
  • The Red Comet Begins - a nickname to the upcoming animated version of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, with the first episode covering flashbacks to Char and Sayla's childhood.
  • Last Shooting - the nickname for the famous scene in Mobile Suit Gundam where the RX-78, headless and one-armed, stops in a tunnel in A Baoa Qu, aims its Beam Rifle upwards and fires one last time as the Zeong does the same, striking down the legendary suit. Parodied and referenced to hell and back.
  • UC's James Bond - a nickname given by fans to Kai Shiden since Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, given his exploits as an Intrepid Reporter and sleuth.
  • Char "Ago"nable/"Agoi Suisei" ("Chin Comet") - Derisive nicknames created by Japanese fans toward the live action depiction of Char in the little-known FMV game Gundam 0079: The War For Earth. Said nicknames stem from live action Char's rather prominent chin ("Agoi" means "chin" in Japanese, by the way.)
  • Not An Anime - Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, because of its first Opening Theme.
  • Space AK47 - the Beam Assault Rifle of the Re-GZ Custom (from CCA-MSV), because its appearance is very similar to that of an AK47, despite being a beam rifle.

     The Future Century 

     The After Colony Era 
  • The Perfect Soldier - Heero Yuy
  • The Bat-Gundam - The Deathscythe Hell, especially the Endless Waltz version, because of its resemblance to Batman.
  • The Leo mobile suits became quickly known as "TV Heads" because their large flat head monitors looked more like TV screens than an eye camera.
  • Not completely widespread but Lady Une surely earned the title Schizo Chick, when Saint Une appeared on the scene.
  • Wufail - Wufei Chang, as he isn't exactly popular with the public.
  • Low-Rent Char/Char Fanboy - Zechs Merquise, the most Char-like of all the clones.
  • Wing Boys - The five main Gundam pilots (Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre and Wu Fei).
  • Spandex Space - Heero's use of Trouser Space for his gun (with Pants-Positive Safety, no less!)
  • Longduck - The Tallgeese, because of fun with synonyms.

     The After War Era 
  • Frosties - Shagia Frost and Olba Frost, The Frost Brothers, Gundam X's duo of villains.
  • GARrod Ran - name capitalized for all the awesome things he manages to pull off in-series.
  • The Most Interesting Gundam in the World - the Gundam Double X, better known as the Dos Equis.

     The Correct Century 

     The Cosmic Era 
  • Gundam SEED's Mitsuo Fukuda was likewise known as "Flashback 'em All Fukuda" by the end of Gundam SEED Destiny for the show's overuse of flashbacks.
    • Also known as "Bring 'Em Back" Fukuda for being unable to allow characters like Andrew Waltfeld and Mu La Flaga to stay dead, however awesome their exits were.
    • Also also known as "Clip Show 'Em All Fukuda", again to contrast with Tomino.
  • The Druggies - Orga, Shani, and Clotho, the three Alliance Gundam pilots from late in the series; they can fight on the same level as genetically enhanced Coordinators, but require a special drug (with horrible withdrawal symptoms) to do so. Notable for being used as more of a term of affection than derision among the fandom, despite the name's negative connotations. The Japanese equivalent of this nickname is "Baka Trio", from the word for stupid or idiot.
    • The Japanese fans also refer to Sting, Stella, and Auel (the Alliance Gundam pilots from Destiny) as the New Baka Trio; American fans never really gave them a nickname.
  • Jesus Yamato - Kira Yamato as of Gundam SEED Destiny. Given to the character by disgruntled fans who feel that the character was made invincible and given an Omniscient Morality License simply due to being popular with the Japanese audience, or because of the perceived notion that he is series director Mitsuo Fukuda's Marty Stu. Related are the nicknames "Virgin Mary Clyne" or "Virgin Mary 2.0" for Lacus Clyne, for the same reasons as Kira, only with Lacus being accused of writer Chiaki Morosawa's Author Avatar/Creator's Pet.
  • In the wake of his death, Chairman Durandal acquired the nickname "Space Commie Naraku" due to his striking resemblance to the Big Bad of Inuyasha and the fact that the Destiny Plan is essentially Communism IN SPACE.
  • Darth Lux/Empress Palpacus, thanks to this video.
  • The Destiny Finger - the Palma Fiocina hand-mounted cannon on the Gundam of the same name, being a blatant Shout-Out to the franchise's very first weaponized facepalm.
  • Captain Jiggles - Murrue Ramius, due to her being famous for Gainaxing.
  • Bowdlerized handguns were mockingly called "disco guns" because of their unrealistic design and glow in the dark color schemes.
  • The Strike's Schwert Gewehr anti-sword has been called "the giant potato peeler" because of its design.
  • The Eclipse Gundam has been given the nickname "Asurada Gundam" because of its similarity to the racing machine when transformed into its MA mode.
  • The SEED movie, which had been in development since Destiny ended but was only announced as moving into production in 2021, was nicknamed "Gundam SEED Vaporware".

     The Anno Domini Era 
  • Tieria Erde has gained an entire laundry list of nicknames as the series progressed. Here's just a handful...
    • "Vowels" - The most famous of his nicknames, coined within a few episodes of the series' beginning because... well, look at all the vowels in that name!
    • "Zetsubou-sensei" - because he's voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, the same seiyuu who voices the famous teacher.
    • "Moeria" - because his fangirls think he's adorable when he's sad.
    • Lockon's Widows - he and Feldt Grace were collectively known as this for a short time, following certain events from near the end of season one.
    • "Titeria" - just look at episode 8 of the second season for all you need to know on this one.
    • "Showels" - for his little bit of fanservice in episode 10 of season two.
    • Black Tieria - for the pilot of the Seravee in Celestial Being: The Movie, the movie within a movie in Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer. He's also the Greek qualifier in Gundam Build Fighters — he pilots a Virtue Gundam in that series.
  • Team Patrick - Patrick Colasour, resident loser antagonist. Named after the Team Rocket trio from the Pokémon anime.
  • Bad/Evil Amuro - Ribbons Almark, Alejandro Corner's useful and traitorous servant, as a result of being voiced by Tōru Furuya, who played Amuro Ray from the original Mobile Suit Gundam, and there's also "Fucking Ribbons" after he reveals himself to be the true big bad and leaves Corner to die as well as many other bastard moves he does henceforth..
  • Prince Ali - Ali Al-Saachez, since his first name is a popular name for Arabian Nights princes, but most infamously the disguise used by Aladdin in the Disney version: Prince Ali. Thus, there has been some Memetic Mutation replacing Aladdin in his Prince guise with Ali Al-Saachez' face, and they even poke fun with his Image Song: "Prince Ali, Mighty Is He!"
  • Johann Trinity, the eldest of the Gundam Thrones, is referred to as "Captain Hotpants" for being the leader of the trio and wearing very tight white shorts.
  • Setsuna F Seiei has...
  • "Sousuke" and "Gauron" - Setsuna and Ali, after the Full Metal Panic! characters they are expies of.
  • King Arthur - Saji Crossroad, according to Soul Bro Ryu of the Gundamn! podcast.
  • Papa Bear - Sergei Smirnov, due to his in-series nickname "Wild Bear of Russia". Sometimes called 'Pedo Bear' due to his interactions with teenaged Super Soldier Soma Peries... even though his feelings were obviously fatherly.
    • After he dies, the nickname 'Pedo Bear' is inherited to his now much-reviled son Andrei Smirnov for the latter's affection towards a younger Louise Halevy.
  • Stupid, sexy Lockon!
  • Lockon Stratos II, Neil's twin brother Lyle garnered a few of his own:
  • Doublelujah - (H)Allelujah, due to both personalities being active at once during (H)Alle's Moment of Awesome in the first season's finale.
  • The Red Ranger - Anew Returner. When the CB members got color-coded outfits in 00 season 2, fans wondered where the "red ranger" was. One eventually showed up. However it was Soma Peries/Mary Parfacy who dons a Red pilot suit and mecha in batttle.
  • The A-LAWS are less affectionately called as the A-HOLES by fans.
    • Also known as A-LOLS.
  • The name 'Bushido Bob' was given to Graham Aker in the mid-series break due to the mask he was seen wearing in the previews for season 2. The authors thought it was either cool or funny because he returned with the name of 'Mr Bushido', with the note "That's what they decided to call me." (It's all your fault!)
    • And because his new mechas, the Masurao, later upgraded to Susanowo, can use the Trans-Am system, it's jokingly called the Trans-GrahAm by fans. (Or more affectionately Trans-GARHam.)
      • One fan-dub of The Movie even uses this when he activates it to help Setsuna against the ELS blocking the way.
    • Some less affectionate fans call him "Flag fucker" for his... overly affectionate treatment of the various mecha (mostly Exia).
    • Speaking of his Flags, his last two mechs in season two have been called Shin Musha Flags due to their Samurai-based design.
    • And among those less than fond of his S2 image change described above he's known as "Mr. Bullshito".
    • Other fans have also called him Graham Crackers due to the letters of his surname fitting in the second word.
  • Billy Katagiri gained the nickname "Zetsubou Billy" after Setsuna outed Sumeragi as a Celestial Being operative in front of him.
  • Blasting Zone - The 00 Raiser's Raiser Sword.
  • Loli GM - The GN Archer
  • Gundam Lagann - The Seraphim Gundam, because it has a face on its chest.
  • GN Pixie Dust - GN Particles, self explanatory just by looking at them, and also because they give abilities that are almost Spiral Power level in proportion.
    • Everything except revive the dead. In turn, this gave the main character the nickname "Jesus Setsuna", and it's more than his fighting hax.
    • Actually, it revives Louise in the closing episodes of S2, after she kicks the bucket from red GN particles that power her fake left arm.
    • Lacus Dust - Referring to the pinkish-red exhaust particles spewed by the Freedom, and later, Strike Freedom.
  • Princess Poverty - derisive nickname for Princess Marina Ismail.
    • Povertistan - The Kingdom of Azadistan
  • Desu-yellow - Mileina Vashti.
  • RX-78 GN Gundam - The 0 Gundam, because that's what it really is.
  • GN Guncannon - The "Reborns Cannon" portion of Ribbons' "Reborns Gundam".
  • Colonel Fatass - nickname given to Arthur Goodman, the fat A-LAWS commander.
    • An alternative is 'Captain KFC'.
    • According to the commentary from Ep 1 of Season 2, the crew referred to him as "Baker-San" after a comment by one of the cast.
  • The ESF president from season 2 was given the nickname "00bama", for looking very similar.
  • SoMarie - Soma Peries / Marie Parfacy, a portmanteau nickname.
  • Darth Louise - Louise Halevy in season 2, due to having a Red Right Hand (well... left hand in her case, but still) quantum brainwaves, mostly answering only to Ribbons, and other similarities between her and Lord Vader.
  • Gundam DD - The entire series in a whole, due to having many busty women.
  • Nena 2 - Meena Carmine, for having her name remain unrevealed for serveral months and for being Nena's Identical Stranger.
  • Corner's Counterattack - The hilarious film within a film shown at the beginning of Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer. The fact that the asteroid base shown bears an uncanny resemblance to Axis does not help.
  • China Bitch - Wang Liu Mei, the Chinese Smug Snake who was quite unpleasant and whose attitude throughout the series was "I want the world to change, but I don't care who does it." Occasionally called China Tits because, like almost every other female in the series, she was large-breasted.
  • Nu Exia - The 00 QAN[T], due to its asymmetrical design, right down to the "funnels".
    • By extension, the 00 Qan[T] Full Saber gains the nickname "Hi-Nu Exia".
    • The Qan[T] is also given the nickname "telephone" or "glorified telephone" because of its in-series role as a conduit for Setsuna to communicate with the ELS.
  • Hank Hercules - Pang Hercury; this was the translation that at least one fansub used, and it stuck around for a while due to its coolness.
  • Zabudget - Gundam Zabanya, because based on its sheer number of remote weapons, fans think that all of Celestial Being's budget went towards designing and creating it.
    • And instead of the "Final Battle variant", fans call it the "Final Paycheck variant", continuing the theme.

     The Advanced Generation 
  • Mega Man - Flit Asuno, based on the design of his pilot suit.
  • Cult of Graham - the sinister guys in black robes that appear in Ep.5, as their leader wears a mask almost identical to one worn by Graham Aker (during his stint as Mr. Bushido) in 00 S2.
  • GM Unicorn for the Genoace Custom, due to being a cross between Gundam Unicorn and a GM.
  • Gundam RAGE for the series itself, referencing the incredibly negative reaction to the series' announcement by many fans.
  • Not-Frau Bow for Emily Armond.
  • "DAT BEARD" for Grodek Ainoa.
  • Captain Hershey: Stoller Guavaran, best known for munching on chocolate bars.
  • As of Asemu's arc, the series is starting to be called Gundam Time Skip due to its extensive use of Time Skips.
  • Super Pilot, or Supah Pairotto!: Asemu after he Took a Level in Badass.
  • Super Pirate: Captain Ash of the Bisidian pirates, because he's a pirate and Asemu Asuno.
  • Kira Asuno/Kio Yamato: Kio, after adopting Kira's anti-killing mentality.
    • Also "tree-hugger" for his naivete that ends up getting a lot of characters killed.
  • Flit's worsening attitude towards the Vagans over Asemu and Kio's arcs has earned him the title Flitler.
    • And/or Grandpa Genocide in the Kio Arc.
  • Fans have dubbed "Flitoshiki" an edited version of Flit's statue at the end of the series, complete with the kanji symbol "100" - supposedly a Shout-Out to the MSN-0100 Hyaku-Shiki from Zeta

     Gundam Build Fighters 
  • Gundam Boy Friends, since the show's title abbreviates to BF. Then there's the fact that there are abundance of shipping material, both the Ho Yay and straight variety.
  • Sazaki is often called Gyandere, due to his obsession with Sei and his preference of Gunpla.
  • Rinko is called Mama-n, the suffix ~n is used in Japan as to point out cuteness aloud.
    • Also it sounds the same like the Japanese slang Maman, who is the equivalent there of the phrase MILF.
  • The moment Sengoku Astray appeared fully as a model kit, it quickly earned the title Weeaboo Astray, having an overt Japanophile influence all around - even the name Gundam is written in Kanji.
  • The alliance of pilots who attack Fellini in episode 11 was quickly dubbed "Team NTR", since their entire motivation was revenge for Fellini stealing their girlfriends (though he insists that they came on to him).
    • Rainer is known as "Butt-hurt NTR guy" in Japan. Oh, and he lost the qualifier too.
  • In the western fandom: UC STRONK, because of the tendencies of UC-era Mobile Suits to win random battles they're portrayed in, especially against model kits representing the Alternate Universes.
  • Attack on Zaku after the appearance of a Colossal Zaku in Episode 11. Just to give you an idea...
  • This Ship Tease between Reiji and Aila has been named by reddit as "The Meatbun Chronicles". This has in turn lead to Reiji and Aila being referred to as "Mr. and Mrs. Meatbun".
  • "Gundam Valhalla", referring to the fact that Episode 23 showed off a bunch of cameos featuring a number of fallen or hard-lucked Gundam characters. Even the director has stated that this is pretty much where they all go to when they die.
  • From Build Fighters Try, it did not take long for an all under-water fighter team, consisting of three guys who dress only in speedos, to be nicknamed "Team Free!"
    • Later changed to "Team Free(ze)" after they were eliminated due to the Antarctic icecap being the battlefield.
  • G-Potato, G-Pettanko: The G-Portent
  • The REAL Gundam Jesus: Meijin Kawaguchi III, who makes his official debut in Try by descending from the heavens in the Amazing Red Warrior, the sun silhouetting behind it and its arms spread outward, all while his Leitmotif which offly resembles a semi-Aramaic chant, plays in the background. It even emits particles that bring dead, withered plants back to life, and the final shot of the Amazing Red Warrior has the sun behind its head as a Background Halo. Unlike Kira's nickname, this is not intended as derogatory.

     The Reguild Century 

    The Post-Disaster Era 
  • Jewhime/Jewfu: a nickname given by 4chan user to Kudelia Aina Bernstein of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, due to her very old German/Jewish last name. What's more surprising is that it seems to be used adoringly, rather than in conjunction with racist stereotypes. Posters will often sing Kudelia's praises using Yiddish phrases.
    • Alternately, KOODELIAAAAA AAAAAINAAAAAA BAAAAAANSTEIIIIIN for Ein's Freak Out Say My Name incident near the end of the first season.
  • Hitlerstache guy: for Todo Mirconen, a member of the old CGS administration, who has a toothbrush mustache and is something of a jerk.
  • Space Guts: You can probably guess that this was Akihiro Altland's nickname from his very introduction.
    • In conjunction with the abovementioned, Gutsion for the Gundam Gusion Rebake.
    • There's also McGillis, who turns himself into McGriffith. Apart from his most infamous nickname below.
  • Chocolate Man: Mika has given McGillis Fareed an in-universe nickname that has stuck around since then. Due to his looks and role in the story, the portmanteau CHARcolate has also been popular.
  • After Episode 8, Naze Turbine has earned the nickname "SUPER PIMP" (as a nod to his voice actor's previous role as Asemu "Captain Ash" Asuno) or "Space Pimp" (since well, Space Dandy was already taken). Also "Space Fellini" or "Not!Fellini", thanks to his strong resemblance to The Italian Dandy himself.
  • Thanks to Mikazuki mishearing his name, Gaelio Bauduin has forever been branded "Gali Gali" in the eyes of the fans.
  • "Pepe Gundam" for the pre-Tekkadan Gundam Gusion, as its facial features resemble Pepe the Frog. By extension, "Pepe Zaku" for the Man Rodi.
  • After Episode 13, Almiria Baduin got called "Akatsuki" by some fans for being way too similar to the said fleet girl, down to the same hair color.
  • "Artichoke Vagina" for the Ālaya-Vijñāna system, due to fans giving up on trying remember the correct spelling for the words.
  • "Mace-chan" for Barbatos' primary weapon, after a running joke on Reddit in which it's personified as being "thrown away" during the Brewers arc. Its eventual replacement is, naturally, Wrench Mace-chan. The weapon is so iconic that it floating in space is the last image of the first season finale.
    • And as an offshoot of the "go to horny jail" meme, we get the BONKbatos.
  • With the reveal on Episode 23, "EINDroid, or FrankenstEIN" for the Graze Ein. Others have even called it a "Not!Dreadnought" or "R-Type Graze" due to its configuration. Also Robo-Ein.
  • "17-Year-Old" for Carta Issue, thanks to being cast by Kikuko Inoue. Alternatively "Kabuki Lady", prior to her introduction, for looking like an actress in a Kabuki play; or "Kitsune Lady" for having fox-like features on her hair. Fanart of her with fox ears are aplenty, as a result.
  • Mikazuki "Punished" Augus in light of the fact that his right arm and right eye have been badly handicapped during the first season's final battle, adding on to the already numerous jokes that Orga is Big Boss and Tekkadan is Diamond Dogs IN SPACE!
  • On the merchandise side, a HG 1/144 heavily-armed red variant of the Gundam Astaroth was erroneously tagged as being from Gundam Build Fighters instead, leading to the nickname "Amazing Red Barbatos" (since it looked like it was customized by Meijin Kawaguchi III).
  • "Barbie" for the Gundam Barbatos (particularly in regard to model kits)

     Gundam Build Divers 
  • Grimoire Dog for the Grimoire Red Beret for being a magnificent Expy of the Scopedog.
  • The premise of the anime led to several of these like Gundam Battle Network, Gundam Art Online, Ready Plamo One, Gundam Build Ex-Aid...
  • The fat oni Do-ji was immediately dubbed "Evil Biscuit". Alternatively, "Fat Kirito" due to the character sharing a voice actor with Kirito.
  • Tigerwolf earned the name Woofei for being a wolf and having a custom Altron (piloted by Chang Wufei) as his mecha.
  • Ayame was given the nickname "Ninja Waifu" or even Adult!Akatsuki after her full appearance in episode 5.
  • Yukio's GM III Beam Master was given the nickname "Cheesemaster" due to its virtually-all-orange look.
  • Ogre's GP-Rasetsu was given the nickname "Getter Robo Gundam" or even just "Getter Gundam" as its head is strikingly similar to the titular robot, especially Shin Getter-1.
    • Said nickname turned out to be funnier as in a Super Robot Wars 4koma series, the Getter Team is trying to figure out what does the G in Getter Robo G stands for. They finally settled on "Getter Robo Gundam" in front of an unimpressed Bright Noa.

     Ad Stella 
  • Suletta's Harem: Guel Jetruk, Elan Ceres, Shaddiq Zenelli, and possibly Miorine Rembran, due to the series' premise resembling an Otome Game, prompting speculation that they will be her potential romantic partners.
  • Space Weiss: Miorine Rembran, a white-haired Rebellious Princess going against her Mega-Corp-owning father who seems to have a friendship with a happy-go-lucky redhead. It was not long before people started to note the similarities between them.

  • Wavehawking: Making a custom Gunpla, only for Bandai to announce that they are making a commercial version of the mobile suit in question. Named after an forum member called Wavehawk whom this happened to repeatedly.
  • Jean-Claude Gun-Damme: A model kit that can do full splits, with the HG 00 Gundam and Gundam Barbatos kits being notable examples.
  • Toothpicks: Beam saber parts in older kits, which tend to be molded in just one color.
  • Some model kits are given nicknames due to the unusually large amount of stickers they have. A few examples are the Gusion Rebake Full (of Stickers) City, the Crossbone Full (of Stickers) Cloth, the G-Self Perfect Pack(ed Full of Stickers), the RX-Zero (tolerance for stickers after building this kit) Maru and the Sun Wukong (going apeshit because of all the stickers in the DX Edition) Impulse Gundam.
    • Sticker Deluge — a tongue-in-cheek backronym / nickname given to the Super Deformed line of Gunpla because of the typical large amount of stickers needed for it.
  • DECALS EVERYWHERE: A nickname given to the Ver. Ka Master Grade line (and to a lesser degree the Real Grade line), because of, well, the large amount of decals used.
  • Snapbuild: building a kit right out of the box and sticking to the manual, without any modifications or attempt to make the kit more show-accurate.
  • "Panzer IV in Outer Space" Syndrome: Modifying a Gunpla with parts from a historical kit, especially if it is obvious to someone who is a history buff and/or does military modelling.
  • Plastic Crack: Gundam model kits in general.
  • Hand Grenade: A kit whose parts scatter everywhere whenever it falls down because of loose parts and/or suboptimal engineering.