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Intermediate Gods

    William and Elizabeth Turner 
Captain William Turner, Jr. and Captain Elizabeth Swann Turner, Holy Patrons of Couples Who Wed At Sea (William: Will, The Whelp - by Jack Sparrow; Elizabeth: Poppet, The Governor's Daughter, Lizzie, Bonnie Lass, Calypso, The Pirate King, Pirate Lord of the South China Sea)
Will and Elizabeth's wedding, during the Battle of Calypso's Maelstrom.
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbols: Will's sword and Elizabeth's Jian sword, crossed together over a seascape.
  • Theme Song: Will and Elizabeth's Love Theme
  • Alignment: Between Chaotic Good and Lawful Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Piracy, Marriage, War Against Piracy
  • Heralds: William 'Henry' Turner III (their son), The Crew of the Flying Dutchman and The Pirates of the South China Sea.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Phantom, Cervantes de Leon, Stannis Baratheon
  • Suspected Mentor To: Arya Stark (for Elizabeth)
  • Worthy Opponents: Red Sonja, Zorro
  • Annoyed By: Jack Horner (Fables)
  • In General:
    • Getting hitched at sea? Very romantic. Getting hitched at sea in the midst of a violent maelstrom whilst in the middle of battle, with Hector Barbossa himself conducting the ceremony? Pure win. Just ask William and Elizabeth Turner, as they have just ascended to the Pantheon (and freeing Will of his duty of ferrying the dead onboard the Flying Dutchman).
    • Thanks to Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth's exploits were already the stuff of legend. The Battle of Calypso's Maelstrom was the icing on the cake. Of course, knowing Jack's habit of embellishing the truth, it was a surprise to discover that most of what Jack was saying about the Turners were true.
    • Stannis Baratheon is not a huge fan of pirates. While he did pardon Davos Seaworth and granted him a knighthood, he did chop off the tips of his fingers on his right hand. As for Will and Elizabeth, Stannis vows to show Elizabeth the same courtesy that he had given to Davos (i.e., chopping off her fingers), while for Will, Stannis wants to make him a head shorter.
    • The Phantom is not a big fan of the Turners either. Despite Will being the ferryman for those who died at sea and Elizabeth having retired from active piracy (yet retaining the title of Pirate King), they are firmly in the enemy category.
    • Cervantes de Leon is not on good terms with the Turners. Primarily because he wants to seize control of the Flying Dutchman from Will, usurp the title of Pirate King from Elizabeth, and torture their son for his own amusement.
    • As for Jack himself, he's still sore about Elizabeth burning his hidden stash of rum. Being left for Kraken bait, that he understands, and would have done the same thing. But burning the rum...that was unforgivable. Elizabeth did earn her way back into Jack's good graces by giving him several barrels full of premium rum upon arriving in the Pantheon. Jack's response? "Welcome to the Pantheon, love."
    • Whether you love or hate Will and Elizabeth, one has to admit that their wedding during the Battle of Calypso's Maelstrom was romantic, and very much badass. Granted that Will did end up dying, but he was later brought back from the dead.
    • Jack Horner has found himself earning the ire of the deified pirate couple. If it's not attempting to steal the Dead Man's Chest containing Will's heart, it's his attempts to steal Elizabeth's prized Chinese jian sword, a memento from her pirate days. Jack Sparrow himself is also not a fan of Jack Horner due to repeated attempts to steal his compass.
  • Will Only:
    • Before becoming a pirate, Will was a blacksmith's apprentice. When asked about his former occupation, Will replied, "I don't know. I guess I'm an old hat when it comes to being a blacksmith." When he's not hanging with his fellow pirates or spending time with Elizabeth, he can be seen at the forge, fashioning himself and Elizabeth new swords. So much so that Will got a visit from Vulcan himself. After seeing some of Will's work, he was impressed.
    • Once got an odd look from Odysseus. "Apologies. You look a lot like Prince Paris of Troy." Aragorn also mistook him for the Elven archer Legolas.
    • Will is on friendly terms with Jon Snow. The fact that they both were slain and brought back from the dead certainly helps. Of course, like his wife, both Jon and Will often engage in a friendly sword duel to see who is the better blade.
  • Elizabeth Only:
    • Arya Stark was dismissive towards Elizabeth at first, as she reminded Arya of Sansa. Then she learned about Elizabeth's exploits as the Pirate King. Elizabeth is amused, but admires Arya's spirit. The pair bond over the fact that they both lost their fathers, Arya seeing Elizabeth as an older sister.
    • Elizabeth found a friendly rival in Snow White due to her background in swordplay. That, and Snow's cubs adore Elizabeth. When she's not at her and Will's temple, she can be seen hanging around the House of Weapons.
    • While she respects Isabela of Rivain as a fellow pirate, she is wary of the looks that Isabela have been giving her now-adult son. "At least she's not trying to seduce the whelp," Jack had commented, referring to her husband.
    • As with her husband, Elizabeth is often confused with someone else. Padmé Amidala thought that her handmaiden, Sabé, had gone rogue upon looking at her. When placed side-by-side, even Will and later, Anakin Skywalker, had problems in figuring out who's who. "They both look exactly the same," Anakin notes. Surprisingly enough, only Jack was able to tell the two apart.

Lesser Gods

    Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy 
Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, Holy Guardians of Perfectly Matched Couples (Elizabeth: Mrs. Darcy, Lizzie, Lizzy, Eliza, Lalita Bakshi)
As zombie hunters 
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Pemberly
  • Theme Song: "Dawn"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Couples who have a lot in common, even if they don't admit it at first, insane amount of adaptations, dry wit, learning to be less prideful, also they kill zombies sometimes
  • Domains: Love, Marriage, Pride, Sarcasm, Regency England, (Zombie Slaying)
  • Heralds: Jane and Charles Bingley
  • Allies: Belle and the Beast, Harry and Sally, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Elizabeth and Will Turner, Sam Malone and Diana Chambers, The March Sisters, Anne Shirley, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Liz Lemon
  • Enemies: House of Undead and Phasmata, Prince Hans
  • Elizabeth was a young woman living in Regency England with ideas ahead of her time, finding the society's customs exasperating and dealing with them with a dry wit. Her path crossed with that of Mr. Darcy, a taciturn, unsociable and elitist man who she immediately found disagreeable, but with whom she had much more in common than she initially thought. After a series of misunderstandings, Darcy changing his attitude for the better and both him and Lizzie learning that first impressions aren't everything, they realized they were made for each other. Because of this, and because their tale continues to enchant, they were selected for the Pantheon.
    • There are quite a few alternate universes of their world; some take place in different time periods, some in different countries. But a special mention needs to be given to an alternate universe where they still go through all of the above... while fighting a war against zombies. For some reason, the Darcys in the Pantheon came in with the abilities (sword-wielding and eastern martial arts) they had in this universe. It certainly helps them to fit in more comfortably, and they may perhaps be of use in taking down Nekron. Although they prefer to speak of this aspect of them as little as possible, as they don't exactly find zombie-slaying an agreeable topic of conversation.
  • Their temple is a recreation of Darcy's country estate, Pemberley.
  • Lizzie is a known bookworm, and probably the most intelligent person from her family. Darcy admires these characteristics of hers and also likes books himself, as he takes great pride in his family's collection of books. They frequently peruse the House of Knowledge's library for interesting books. This habit got them first acquainted with Belle and the Beast, who're fond of books themselves. Both couples learned that their respective love stories have a lot in common, in that the male halfs started off with very unpleasant personalities, which they overcame thanks to the influence of their kind but strong-willed love interests.
    • Lizzie also became friends with Twilight Sparkle, who proceeded to read Pride and Prejudice and loved it so much, she just had to sing its praises to her sister-in-law Princess Cadance, thinking she'd certainly approve of Lizzie and Darcy's love. She wasn't wrong, as the princess and her husband Shining Armor requested to meet them and became fast friends.
    • Jo March and Anne Shirley are other book lovers who've loved meeting such an important literary heroine. Lizzie has noted how similar Jo and Anne are to herself in that they're all Spirited Young Ladies who don't strictly conform to society's expectations. She also thinks that Jo's family reflects hers in some aspects, like how Jo's good relationship with her Cool Big Sis and Proper Lady Meg is akin to what Lizzie has with Jane, as well as both Lizzie and Jo having had to tolerate an Annoying Younger Sibling, though at least Amy got better and Lizzie unfortunately can't say the same of Lydia.
  • Their tale's status as one of the codifiers for romantic comedies earns them much respect from the House of Love in general, and especially from certain specific couples like Harry and Sally, who also didn't have the smoothest path to true love, Sam Malone and Diana Chambers, who also bicker a lot, and Elizabeth and Will Turner, the former of whom has been noticed to have a resemblance to Lizzie sometimes.
  • They cannot abide those who affect affability while being rotten on the inside. Back in the mortal world, Lizzie had to deal with being duped by Wickham into believing him to be the victim of Mr. Darcy, when in truth, Wickham had cheated him out of money and attempted to seduce his sister out of pettiness. While Wickham isn't in the Pantheon, Hans of the Southern Isles is remarkably similar to him. The Darcys despise him for seducing Anna with a view to steal her sister's throne and then trying to dispose of them both. They're both glad that Anna learned a lesson of not jumping into relationships with men she barely knows from the ordeal.
  • Mr. Darcy can't walk by the House of Memes without hearing someone yelling "Ooh, Mr. Darcy". Both he and Lizzie had to blush upon learning the meaning of the meme. Given the impropriety of the subject in their eyes, entreatments to tell of whether their marital relations are that good have been met with refusal. Well, that's in public. When in the privacy of their temple, they have a good laugh over the whole thing.
  • Lizzie and Darcy were some of the sanest and most practical people among their social circles, being able to see the long-term consequences of actions that no one else can or is willing to. They are well-liked by Liz Lemon, Stan Marsh and Kyle Brovfloski for this reason, as they're also sensible people who have to deal with those who act borderline crazy on a regular basis.
    • Stan and Kyle weren't really sure they wanted to be seen hanging out with deities from a romantic novel, but they got over it once they saw that Lizzie and Darcy weren't exactly Sickeningly Sweethearts, and besides, they're reasonable adults, a sight that's sadly rare in South Park. Stan and Kyle also sympathize with Lizzie for having to put up with Amazingly Embarrassing Parents like they do. Doesn't stop Cartman from making fun of them, though.
    • Liz, meanwhile, is a bit frustrated that Lizzie is basically a housewife despite being well-read, but she supposes it can't be helped given the time period she comes from. She thinks it's totally awesome whenever Lizzie is in zombie hunter mode though.

    Julio "Rictor" Richter and Gaveedra Seven/Shatterstar 
Julio Esteban Richter and Gaveedra Seven, Gods of Relationship Reveal (Julio: Rictor, Ric, Joaquin "Jake" Murrieta, Mutate #527, Unit #2347 | Gaveedra: Shatterstar, Shatty-buns, Gaveedra 7, The Prince of Blades, Benjamin Russell, Star, Star Face)
Shatterstar (left) and Rictor (right)
  • Lesser Gods (Demigod for Rictor when he was depowered)
  • Symbol: A brown coat (for Rictor); a star marking around the left eye and a white jacket (for Shatterstar)
  • Alignment: Both are Neutral Good, but Shatterstar is formerly Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heterosexual Life-Partner turns lovers after nearly 20 years of hinting, Odd Friendship turned to an even odder couple
  • Domains: Love, Narrative, Family
    • Rictor: Earth, Power
    • Shatterstar: Entertainment, Travel, Time and Space
  • Followers: Kurenai and Asuma
  • Allies: Sue Richards, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, The Doctor, Thor
  • Enemies: Victor von Doom
  • Opposed:
  • Rivalry with: Ben Grimm (because Shatterstar beats him up once for messing with his teammates)
  • Complicated Relationship:
    • Rictor: Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch
  • Pities:
  • Pitied by: Kraft Lawrence and Holo, James Howlett / Wolverine
  • Admires:
  • Received the position because their romantic relationship was hinted and told to have started 20 years before it was confirmed with a kiss after Shatterstar snapped out of a brainwash (It's a Long Story).
  • When heard that they ascended, their former X-Factor teammate Monet personally flew to their temple and gave them a hug, right after berating Rictor for accidentally seeing her naked that one time much to his annoyance.
  • Shatterstar's lineage is so complicated that it rivals with the infamous Summers-Maximoff branch: he is both his "father" Longshot's son and Longshot's genetic father travels through time. What's more shocking to everyone is that this miraculously somehow did NOT involve any Maximoff-Summers at all. When asked to give opinion about this revelation, Rictor just shrugs and said that they now both have the "screw-up family" aspect in common.
  • Hearing his reputation of kissing everyone he meets, the House of Love goes to great length to avoid letting Shatterstar enters the House of Lust as they fears that area wouldn't have as much restrain like the rest of the House which might lead to something more than kissing and thus would upset Rictor; especially now the latter had his power back meaning that he can turn the entire house into rubbles within minutes.
    • Having said that, hisadventure in a time-displace Mojoworld and the discovery of his complicated parentage has Shatterstar softened this tendency somewhat as he is grateful that Rictor helped his mother delivering his younger self (Don't Ask).
  • Both of them have VERY mixed feeling about Scarlet Witch. While Rictor initially dislikes her for causing him to lose his power, the fact that she repowered him has made him soften his stance on her while Shatterstar just straight out dislikes her as she is the one that caused Rictor's depression because of his power loss to the point that he came close to commit suicide. It got to the point that Shatterstar once bluntly told Wanda that he won't hesitate to off her if she ever hurt Rictor again, be damn with the consequences.
  • Because he came from a criminal family, Rictor dislikes any and all ascended deities that has their entire family to involve with their dirty business. Most prominent example would be Vito Corleone and Walter White (for dragging his family to his drug dealing, endangered and ignored their plea to get out).
  • Get along really well with The Doctor as Shatterstar is also an alien that has multiple time-traveling adventures like the Time Lord and Rictor doesn't find the Doctor's story any weirder than the shit he encountered. Additionally, The Doctor's relationship with one of his companions Sarah Jane Smith and The Master is somewhat similar to theirs, only to be revealed even longer (after almost 30-40 YEARS).
  • Because of his past experienced of being brainwashed into almost killing his boyfriend, Shatterstar REALLY hates brainwashing like his teammate Monet. He and Monet are both discussing a plan to destroy the tech of the Mad Hatter so that he can't brainwashing anyone again without being affected by them. This led him to greatly sympathizes with Alex Mason as the soldier is constantly being brainwashed by a trigger word.
  • Hearing about Shatterstar's love for Earth's entertainment, Samara and Sadako both sent him two separate VHS tapes in order to trick him into playing and became their next victim. Fortunately, that night Shatterstar decided to spend time watching the tapes with Rictor, who immediately threw them out of their temple before Shatterstar can put them in and explains the effect of the tapes to the alien. Now Shatterstar hates both Samara and Sadako for turning entertainment that was meant for fun into a weapon to kill people, which he deemed as a cowardice move.
  • Shatterstar greatly sympathizes and gets along with Princess Giselle as they were both thrown into a world that perceived theirs as entertainment. He can sometimes be seen in his off days watching the elaborate dance routines that Giselle thrown using her temple's power and natural charisma.
  • Because of his past experience of being tortured by a terrorist group, Rictor came to despises every single terrorists in the Pantheon. This led him to admires Jack Bauer as the man spent almost his entire life to stop terrorists and suffered many loss and sacrifices.
  • Because he took part in the dismantle of his family's drug business, Rictor made an alliance with Jin as both of them have fought their evil family. He even earned Jin's respect and sympathy given the fact that Rictor took down his family's entire business and thus was forced to face many more relatives than he did.
  • Shatterstar and Katniss also greatly sympathizes with each other as they were both forced to kill in an arena for entertainment from a young age. Both of them glad that they have found people who loved them, but Katniss is first displeased when heard that Shatterstar abandoned his allies on their world during the middle of their revolution. However, she decided to look past that when Katniss learned that the resistances are the ones that sent him to a strange land for help without telling him how to get back.
  • It was pointed out by various deities of the Pantheon is that because Shatterstar has healing power, he will eventually outlive Rictor and almost all of his friends. While both of them shrug this off as something to be worried about later in the future, this nonetheless earned them the sympathy of Wolverine, Kraft and Holo; all of which worried that their ascension won't change the matter.
  • Also have a spot in House of Narrative.

    Sanada Nobuyuki and Inahime 
Sanada Nobuyuki and Inahime, Deities of Perfectly Arranged Marriage (Inahime: Ina, Honda Komatsu)

    Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese 
Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, Co-deities of Time-Travel Romance
Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor in the original timeline
Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese in the Genisys timeline
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A pipe bomb
  • Theme: Love Scene
  • Alignments: Neutral Good (Sarah became more True Neutral in the second film)
  • Portfolios: Shell Shocked Veterans, Badass Normals
  • Domains: Protection, Love, Family
  • Followers: Kate & Leopold, Henry and Clare, Tim Lake and Mary, Phil and Keely
  • Superior: James Cameron
  • Allies: The T-800, John Connor (their son), The Doctor, Kagome Higurashi, Trunks Briefs, Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott, Solid Snake, Belle and the Beast, Ellen Ripley, Dwayne Hicks, Jenette Vazquez, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Lucina, Rintarou Okabe, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, John Nada, Cable, The Master of Chaldea, Silver the Hedgehog, Jeffrey Sinclair
  • Enemies: SkyNet, The Original Terminator, T-1000, the Grand United Alliance of Machines, The House of Technology, but especially Dr. Eggman, Megatron, Starscream, Boris the Animal
  • Rivals:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Robocop
  • Kyle Reese always loved Sarah Connor - the problem is, she lived decades before him. He received her picture from his commanding officer in the Robot War and her son, John Connor, and memorized every line, every curve of the snapshot. Once the resistance assaulted the SkyNet lab complex and discovered a Terminator had been sent back in time to kill Sarah, Kyle jumped at the opportunity to follow him, and finally meet the object of his affection. The time-displaced Rescue Romance would not last long, as the Terminator would only go down at the cost of Kyle's life, but as Sarah put it, "The few hours we had together, we loved a lifetime's worth", with the most important part being the conception of John.
  • Part of the reason why it has been difficult to ascend the two is with their convoluted history. One timeline had the two as adults, while another timeline had a slightly younger Sarah. Tired of the ambiguous timelines, The Doctor sought to end it once and for all. In the end, he managed to fix the time continuum. Sarah and Kyle survived the initial encounter with the T-800 and entered the Pantheon shortly afterwards.
    • As such, they are forever thankful to the Doctor, and are always willing to go after those who like the T-800 went back in time to disrupt history, such as Boris the Animal. In the meantime, they have become closer with good time travellers. While Marty McFly and Bill & Ted were all from lighter fare, they actually welcomed people with more positive outviews (plus, the San Dimas duo also has experiences with evil robots), and Marty is pushing them to learn bass and drums so all five can form a band. From Japan came one time-shifted romance as complex as theirs in Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, and one possible ally in Rintarou Okabe, who becomes a rebel leader in a future world line. And Lucina earns much sympathy for being in a situation that was the reverse of what led to Kyle's travels, a fighter who goes back in time to save her parents and defeat evil before it appears.
  • As soon as they ascended, they were received by an adult John, happy that his parents could be by his side, and the reprogrammed T-800. Kyle reacted to the Terminator as badly as Sarah did when she first met him, but was easy to convince that the cyborg was now on their side. The former Terminator may not show it in its mechanical mouth, but many theorize it is most pleased with the couple's ascension.
    • By contrast, Skynet was soon ready to set up their targets on two of its fiercest enemies. The original T-800 and the T-1000, both of whom have personal histories with the couple, are alread, and while the T-X only targeted John, she's on standby, specially because she can disguise as either of them for a deceptive attack.
  • Tend to distrust all forms of machinery in order to prevent Skynet from happening in the Pantheon. (doesn't help Skynet has a lot of allies in the GUAM who are out to get the couple, such as the Venjix Virus, Ares and Justin Pin, and Metallo) The two have been subsequently banned from the House of Technology after it was ransacked.
    • The two have their eyes set on Eggman, as they see him as the one most likely to set off an event similar to Skynet.
    • Robocop has been assigned to guard the House of Technology from further meddling. The two are are not sure what to think of this super cop. There is the chance that the Machines can corrupt his systems, but there is definitely some for of humanity left in him. They're sure to keep an eye on him for now.
  • Neither expected to have a temple in the House of Love of all places. Still, the House appreciates the additional firepower the couple possesses. Kagome in particular became one of their closes allies in the House, talking with them about her relationship with Inuyasha.
  • Although wary of Optimus Prime, they agreed to focus their efforts on the Decepticons. Megatron has them on his sights as the first humans to crush once victorious.
  • Absolutely despise Barney Stinson, who has stated that while watching their movie, the death that made him cry was not Kyle, but the killer machine who "didn't get to kill those people".
  • Exclusive to Kyle:
    • Turns out he wasn't the only god sent from the future. He was visited by a purple haired Saiyan wielding a sword. The two sat down to chat on their adventures as well as the troubles of dealing with living in the past. With a smile on his face, Trunks paid a small tribute before leaving. Kyle simply grinned back, happy to find some companionship. He similarly gets along with Cable, who Kyle finds lucky to have been able to time travel while bringing his guns along, and Silver the Hedgehog, in spite of the weirdness that came from finding common ground with an anthropomorphic hedgehog.
    • Solid Snake made a surprising visit to the temple to talk to Kyle. Turns out he arrived to thank him for being the inspiration of his Metal Gear Solid NES cover. It wasn't long before the two realized just how many similarities the two shared.
    • Has been noted to look exactly like Corporal Dwayne Hicks. Being both rugged soldiers, they bonded easily, and once Skynet sent a Terminator after Hicks that was easily dispatched by Colonial Marines weaponry, Kyle is doing his best to get a Pulse Rifle like Hicks's. Hicks also brought along Vazquez, who is more than willing to blast Terminators away.
    • Admires John Nada, whose successful quest to take down a hidden alien society is something that the human resistance can aspire to copy.
  • Exclusive to Sarah:
    • Lucked out of the Action Mom title to Crimson Viper, ending up as the High Priestess. Her time there was rather strenuous, as Viper's reliance on technology to fight unnerved her.
    • Is best friends with Ellen Ripley, who ascended shortly after her. The two are seen as one of the most recognizable Action Girls in film.
    • Sonya Blade came to her after an encounter with a Terminator who mistook her for Sarah. It was easy for these tough as nails women to get along and join forces to fight Skynet.
    • Was sought out by Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott who were impressed with her evasion of the Terminators. Sarah offered her protection from the evil horror gods. She also found out much in common with their friend Tree Gelbman, who also grew to be a capable fighter after being stalked by a killer while facing time-related shenanigans.
    • Gained the approval of Belle when the princess thanked her for playing her in a little known TV series.
    • Once she learned of a timeline where John was killed before her eyes by a Terminator, she got really depressed and said that dying of cancer but certain that he'd live was preferrable. Still, Sarah has made 'For John' into a motto to prevent such tragedies.
    • There was yet another different timeline that depicted her and her mortal son preparing for Skynet. Although it was well-received by various gods, footage of these chronicles was cut shot. The Pantheon is searching for more footage of this timeline - a project that Cersei Lannister leads for unclear reasons.

    WALL•E and EVE 
WALL•E and EVE, God and Goddess of Robo Romance (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class, Terraformer of Planets | Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, Planetary Security Sentry)
  • Demigod (WALL•E); Lesser Goddess (EVE)
  • Symbol: Pixar Logo (That, or the BnL logo)
  • Leitmotif: Define Dancing. Alternatively Down to Earth.
  • Alignment: WALL•E: Chaotic Good, EVE: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Robot Names, Battle Couples, Cute Machines, Robo Romance
  • Domains: Love, Loneliness, Travel, Loyalty, Mechanus
  • Allies: the Lorax, the Cast of Toy Story, Amaterasu Okami, Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya, Carl Fredricksen, the Parr Family, Haro, Crimson Viper, Lois Lane, Mystery Gang (particularly Daphne Blake), Gertrud Barkhorn, Kosmo and Nova
  • Enemies: AUTO, HAL 9000, Syndrome, Omega, GLaDOS
  • Opposes: Sora Shiun'in, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • It is something of a rare occurance to witness machines having feelings towards each other. This was the case with WALL•E and EVE, as a relationship between them grew during their journey. Wall-E was the last robot of his kind helping to turn trash on Earth into cubes, while EVE was sent to find any sign of life, which was a boot filled with soil that had a seedling. When the Axiom came to pick EVE up, WALL-E went with her, and through this adventure, they helped the passengers on the Axiom want to return to Earth to help bring life back to it.
  • The entire Pantheon has unanimously agreed that any attempt to usurp, attack, or demean WALL•E and EVE's positions in the Pantheon will result in a horrible, HORRIBLE demise. Most likely by EVE.
    • This is also the reason why many, including the two, are wary about Ato-ko Shirogane interfering with them. So far, she has decided not to get involved with the two, but measures are in place in case anything happens.
  • Friends with fellow deity Chance the Gardener and his companion Eve Rand. It's probably coincidental, but deities wonder…
  • The two sometimes "dance" across the Pantheon, with many aspiring lovers take as a sign of eternal love and devotion to one another. They can sometimes be listening to some old "Hello Dolly!" videos and singing to the song "Put on your Sunday Clothes". Other times, they are holding hands while listening to "It Only Takes a Moment".
  • WALL•E is known to be very curious with many of the items in the Pantheon and sometimes just wanders about picking up little knick-knacks and such. Many of the gods don't mind, and even if they did, EVE is close by with her gun ready.
  • The two were surprised to hear that EVE had some similarities when talking in Japanese with some of the other deities. While friendly with most of them, the one they have issues with is Sora Shuin'in as the latter's attempts at acting cute for his own gain is off-putting to them.
  • The two naturally weren't happy to hear that there are plenty of robots in the Pantheon that are far less kind than the ones from their world, such as Omega.
    • However, the two seem to be in good company with Haro as its behavior reminds them of their own robot companions from their journey.
  • They have been asked as to whether or not Syndrome is using BnL for his future plans. Given what his past actions were like, the two robots can only hope the rumor is false and they also disapprove of his actions.
  • The two were surprised to see a not only new temple built within their own subhouse, but also that it was a deity couple for Human and Robot love. The two were immediately fascinated by Kosmo and Nova and became fast friends with them, especially seeing how they were also experts in space travel as well.
  • Aside from dancing, the two show their love for one another by holding hands. This made them meet with the deities of this trope, Ico and Yorda, whose bond and trust was represented by holding hands. It helps that they have many similarities like Yorda and EVE having white coloring and the language barrier between them, not to menttion WALL-E's determination to protect EVE is like that of Ico for Yorda.
    • Another duo who were known for their holding hands was Emmet Brickowski and Wyldstyle. It's not uncommon for the three groups to go to a beach to dance, build sandcastles, or eat watermelon.
  • Can also be found in A.I. Personalities.


    Haruka and Sora Kasugano 
Haruka and Sora Kasugano, Twin Sibling Deities of Twincest

    Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato 
Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, Divine Couple of Separations and Later Reconciliations (Ichiro: Koga Maryuin)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Ichiro's wristwatch and Ryoko's staff surrounded by multiple schooldesks
  • Theme Song: "Bokura no Sekai"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Love at First Sight, Deconstructed Chuunibyou, Separating and Later Getting Back Together, Dark and Troubled Past, Official Couple
  • Domains: Love, Separation, Reconciliation, Self-Improvement, Devotion
  • Allies: Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki, Haruto Tsukishiro, Harry Potter, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Mario, Yugi Muto, Yami Yugi, Chihiro Fujisaki, Harry and Sally, benevolent gods in the Houses of Love and Affection and Family and Relatives
  • Enemies: Bullies in general, the House of Tainted Love (except for Erina Joestar)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homer and Bart Simpson, Sam Malone and Diane Chambers, Ross Geller and Rachel Greene
  • Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario has been a staple in character-driven storytelling since time immemorial, as it serves to test the strength of the heroes' feelings, and to make the audience wonder whether they’ll come back together and have a Happy Ending. Problem is, this scenario is used so often in fiction that it would be easy to expect it whenever a story focuses on the relation of the couple. Over years, it went from a major plot twist to a convention, or even a cliché. The Pantheon's higher-ups debated who would be the most appropriate holder for this trope. Fortunately, they didn't have to search for long, as Ichiro and Ryoko proved to be the right candidates.
  • Their story was one of the most poignant to ever happen: after a traumatic experience with his chuunibyou past, Ichiro attempted to be normal, until he met Ryoko, who still harbored the same fantasies he previously indulged into. At first, Ichiro tries to keep up her distance from Ryoko but learns to grow closer to her. Things go south when a Gang of Bullies found out about Ichiro's chuunibyou past and threatened tell everyone about unless Ichiro abandoned Ryoko. As you can expect, this caused a lot of grief to both Ichiro, who goes through a period of self-loathing, and Ryoko, who got tired of the real world and wanted to live in her fantasies forever. Fortunately, Ichiro reached out to Ryoko and promises to her that they will confront reality together. Among cheers of celebration and Tears of Joy, Ichiro and Ryoko ascended.
  • Ichiro and Ryoko quickly became friends with Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki, who weren't all that different from them, aside from one tiny detail. They enjoy going on double dates, which involve exploring exotic places, eating fancy meals, watching movies and playing video games. Another couple fond of Ichiro and Ryoko were Harry and Sally, who were shocked that despite their young age, Ichiro and Ryoko endured a harsher and more difficult experience to reaffirm their relationship. Harry and Sally ultimately decided to become their mentors in the ways of love, but there are times when Ichiro and Ryoko come off as more mature and reasonable than their adult counterparts, at least, they don't complain as much whenever they visit the House of Food.
  • Ichiro and Ryoko were amazed by the existence of magic, space travel and epic adventures in the Pantheon, as they were the things they fantasized about in their chuunibyou days. Many feared their stay in the Pantheon would cause Ichiro and Ryoko to have a relapse, but fortunately, no such thing has happened. As a method of precaution, Haruto Tsukishiro offered them the chance to visit the dreamscape, where they could live out their fantasies in a healthy manner. While Ichiro and Ryoko accepted the opportunity and visit the dreamscape as much as they are able, they have come to understand that dreams are only valid if people have the will to make them a reality, much to Haruto's satisfaction, as that was the lesson he was trying to teach them.
  • Their stay in the Pantheon have earned them friendships in gods who teach them lessons about life. For example: Mario taught them to seek joy in their activities, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda taught them to appreciate the bond they made, even Trip and Grace confided in them the many mistakes they have made in their marriage and advised them not to repeat them. Also, their chosen trope earned the friendship of Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiiragi, whose relationship was an important factor in their series; not to mention as hard as their experience was, Ichiro and Ryoko didn't suffer through a war between dimensions.
    • They also befriended Samurai Jack and Ashi. More specifically, Ichiro connected with Jack because of their struggles to overcome depression while Ashi was worried that Ryoko could have lost her life in the climax of her story and gave her some words of support.
  • They don't like bullies. Bullying is not acceptable. Bullies are the reason why they broke up in the first place. Any bullies shall earn Ichiro and Ryoko's eternal enmity. Hearing of their experience with bullies, Yugi and Pharaoh Atem were quick to befriend the young lovers and invite them to their card games. Their attitude earn them Chihiro Fujisaki's sympathies, as bullies caused him to develop a meek demeanor and deep rooted issues regarding his own strength.
  • Ichiro and Ryoko's problems in the mortal plane were not at all helped by the ineptitude shown by their parents. The Heroic Protectors of Family took pity on the young lovers and placed them under their collective protection, giving them solance and counsel whenever they need it.
    • They faced a moral dilemma when confronting Homer and Bart Simpson, who shared one of the most dysfunctional father-son relationships in the Pantheon. Unable to decide who was the perpetrator and who the victim, given both were prone to episodes of sudden Jerkassery, Ichiro and Ryoko consulted the Heroic Protectors of Family and agreed to let the Simpsons to their devices, much like Mario had done before them.
  • They are confused as to why Sam Malone and Diane Chambers share the same temple even if their relationship ultimately didn't work, not to mention they can barely spend five minutes without having some pointless argument. While there is hope for Sam and Diane to improve their relationship, the young lovers still keep their distance from them, as they have a very turbulent relationship and that's the last thing the young lovers need at the moment.
    • Their encounter with Ross Geller and Rachel Greene even more awkward. Aware that Ross and Rachel took their relationship problems into decades-long absurdity, Ichiro and Ryoko said that they were glad they finally got their act together but they kinda expect they would break up, as their relationship looked kinda toxic and damaging after ten years. Offended by such comment, Ross and Rachel haven't contacted the young lovers since.
  • Before anyone asks, they are not related. Their similar last names are just a coincidence, so don't get any funny ideas. Many deities have joked that if they ever tie the knot, Ryoko will at least have the benefit of going by her maiden's name.
  • Exclusive to Ichiro:
    • Ichiro was amazed to find that, as hard as his situation was, it was nothing compared to Shido Itsuka's duty to protect the Spirits. Needless to say, a friendship bloomed between Ichiro, Shido, Haruto and Kaito, motivated in no small part to their attitudes and voices. Still, Ichiro can't help but think that Shido, Kaito and Haruto have the same situations that he only experienced through his chuunibyou fantasies.
    • While is not what most people would call an everyman, Ichiro still gets along fine with those that fit the archetype, like Spider-Man and Yuu Haruna, as he can relate to their love problems, well except for one thing. He is also friends with regular men chosen by destiny to become heroes like Link, who accepts his heroic destiny with dignity and honor, and Luke Skywalker, who always wanted to be part of something greater than himself. By the time Ichiro earned Luke's trust, the Jedi shared his darkest secret: in a rare moment of fear and distrust, he attempted to kill his nephew, with disastrous consequences for the galaxy. Ichiro, while naturally unnerved by such revelation, understood where Luke was coming from and that he had tried to fix things. Hopefully, it will all work out just fine.
  • Exlusive to Ryoko
    • Because of her shyness and awkward demeanor, Ryoko had trouble making friends in the Pantheon. That changed, however, when she came across Fuuka Akitsuki, who was exhausted from a singing practice and met Ryoko when they visited a restaurant in the House of Food. Fuuka was able to break through Ryoko's shell and they related on many things, such as their love problems and desire for self-improvement. Tohka Yatogami, having received an invitation from Fuuka, joined them for dinner. At first, Ryoko was a bit scared from Tohka, as she had the same voice of one of the people who bullied her, while Tohka was confused that Ryoko spoke with the voice of Rinne Sonogami. Fortunately, Tohka earned her trust fairly quickly and the three have been inseparable ever since.
    • Honoka Mitsui, having heard of Ryoko's problems, came to console her and gave her support in anything she needs to improve her relationship with Ichiro. She even said that while Ryoko speaks like Mayumi Saegusa, she behaves like Kokoa Watatsumi. Ryoko earned similar support from Mayuri, who loves Shido enough to sacrifice her life for him. Knowing she would have likely died had Ichiro not reached her in time, Ryoko thanks her new friends for believing in her.

    Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark 
Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lady Lyanna Stark, God and Goddess of Kingdoms Ruined by Love (Rhaegar: Prince of Dragonstone, The Dragon Prince, The Bard Prince, The Silver Prince, The Last Dragon | Lyanna: The She-Wolf, The Wolf Maid, Lya)
Lyanna Stark (left) and Rhaegar Targaryen (right)
  • Demideities
  • Symbols
    • Rhaegar: The Sigil Of House Targaryen - a three-headed red dragon on a black field - and a harp
    • Lyanna: The Sigil Of House Stark - a gray direwolf on a white field - and a crown of blue roses
  • Theme Song: House Stark for Lyanna, House Targaryen for Rhaegar
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral for Rhaegar, Chaotic Good for Lyanna (seen by Baratheon historians as Neutral Evil and Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Situation, "Rashomon"-Style, An Abduction That Was Actually An Elopement, Started A War Which Dethroned The Targaryens, Posthumous Character, Fire/Ice Duo, Rose Crowns Of Love And Beauty, Are Jon Snow's Biological Parents (confirmed in the show, probable in the books)
  • Domains: Forbidden Romance, Music, Theories, Mystery (both), Princes, Music, Aloofness, Prophecy, Romanticism (Rhaegar), Tomboys, Betrothals, the North, Family (Lyanna)
  • Herald: Jon Connington
  • Author: George R.R Martin
  • Varying relationship with: Robert Baratheon (Arch-Enemy to Rhaegar, opposes and pities for Lyanna), Aerys II Targaryen (father of and opposed by Rhaegar, enemies with Lyanna)
  • Special relationship with
  • Interested in: The Hall of Canines, most notably Cerberus (Lyanna)
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Hades and Persephone, Aphrodite (both), Lord Byron, Marcus Aurelius (Rhaegar)
  • On speaking terms with: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, the non-evil members of the Hall of Draconic Beings (Rhaegar)
  • Odd Friendship with: Empress Nero (Rhaegar), Jake the Dog (Lyanna)
  • Enemies
  • On difficult terms with: Rhaegar's ancestors Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives, Bowser (Rhaegar) and Daeron II Targaryen (both of them)
  • Disrespects: Aegon the Unworthy (both of them (Rhaegar's ancestor)), Emperor Nero (Rhaegar)
  • Opposed by: Queen Elizabeth I (both)
  • Pities: Simon Petrikov/the Ice King (Rhaegar)
  • Uncertain on: Varys (Rhaegar)
  • How many lives were lost because of Rhaegar and Lyanna. The son of the Mad King was by all accounts a worthy future king; intelligent, thoughtful, charismatic and romantic. However his eye was on one Lyanna Stark, who he crowned his queen of love and beauty in a tourney. Lyanna was known by her family as the She-Wolf, a Passionate Sports Girl and Spirited Young Lady that was far from the image her betrothed Robert Baratheon thought. Rhaegar would abduct her, leading to her brother Brandon confronting Aerys about it and his father Rickard followed to sort the issue out. In short, Aerys chose violence to deal with this. Add in Robert wanting to rescue Lyanna and you have a recipe for a civil war; Robert's Rebellion. The result was the kingslaying of Aerys, death of Rhaegar in combat against Robert, Lyanna's death in "a bed of blood" and the Targaryen dynasty ending with a new Baratheon one being formed. And thousands high and lowborn dead because of Robert's Rebellion.
    • The official story by Robert Baratheon is that Rhaegar was a villain that abducted and raped Lyanna, however most doubt the story since everyone who knew Rhaegar knows he was not the kind of person to do that. There are hints that this was in fact an elopement in the form of abduction, leading to one of the most well-known theories in the ASOIAF fandom; R+L=J. That being that rather than being Ned's bastard, Jon Snow was the secret son of Rhaegar and Lyanna's passion and a potential heir to the Iron Throne. Knowing how Robert hated Targaryens, Ned tainted his honor to hide him. The TV adaptation confirmed this as fact, and while the books have yet to confirm it it's highly likely to be true there considering the guys at the head of the TV show had to guess the identity of Jon Snow's mother correctly to get George RR Martin's blessing.
  • Applies to both
    • For the numerous Westerosi deities, the ascension of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark was a momentous occasion. Some were joyous, some were angry, some felt validated and many were critical of their actions. The first to approach them was Oberyn, who slugged the prince in the face for his stupid, selfish decisions and spurning his sister Elia; he outright said that if Rhaegar hadn't absconded with Lyanna his sister would still be alive. To his credit the Dragon Prince said the Red Viper has every reason to be mad with him and though his heart hasn't changed, he realizes he made a mistake. That said, it's much less known what Elia's perspective on what happened is, given she wouldn't live to give an answer. Many others wanted their own confrontation with the two.
      • Robert Baratheon's reaction to Rhaegar's return was one of ABSOLUTE ANGER, fueled more by the shocking revelation that his friend Ned had been deceptive with their child and that Lyanna loved Rhaegar. Lyanna defended Rhaegar by pointing out that Robert was Loving a Shadow and she was never fond of him since he would've been unfaithful and mercurial anyway. In addition, as king Robert would become morally lazy, even guilty of rape as Cersei can attest to. Robert was speechless and wailed that everything he stood for was a lie, only for his brother Stannis to comfort him. The ever-dutiful Stannis has pointed out that for all her virtues Lyanna was a Hypocrite since she knowingly eloped for a married man and that what they did was just plain stupid. He doesn't fault her not liking Robert, but this isn't one-sided. Though more despondent than before and still trying to come to terms with the near-pointlessness of the rebellion, Robert has tried to improve himself by going to the gym and being less hedonistic both to live more to Stannis' standards as a thank you for his emotional support, and to prove Rhaegar wrong about him.
      • Being Lyanna's brother and Robert's closest friend, Eddard Stark felt it was only right to try and find some peaceful resolution between the three. Robert has promised that in spite of his hatred for Targaryens he will not allow harm to come to Jon Snow, saying "fuck whatever dragon is in his blood; he's a Stark and he's yours", and that to not hurt his friend he will try to grow out of his one-sided love for Lyanna. This is honestly close to how Jon Snow himself feels; he still feels Ned Stark is his real father, and while he does want to learn more about his bio-parents he is critical of their actions. The two are nothing but proud of him and his accomplishments, and can only wish the circumstances of his conception were not so tragic and violent. Catelyn was ashamed to realized she had been cruel to Jon for something that never happened and wants to make amends to him. That said, she remains critical towards Jon's bio-parents for their foolish decisions and she's bitter that Ned never trusted her with the truth. Ned angrily pointed out even if he did cheat she shouldn't have been nasty to Jon, which she's conceded.
      • Rhaegar has a difficult relationship with his progenitors. His father, the Mad King, is envious of how loved he is and fears that he wanted to usurp the throne. Rhaegar countered by saying that he'd only do so because Aerys is too unstable to rule..that said they were able to bond slightly over anger of the fate of the innocents in their family. His ancestors Daeron the Good and Aegon the Conqueror weren't impressed by his actions with Lyanna, though the former does like his bookish, thoughtful nature and they believe he had potential for being a great king like his great-grandfather Aegon V. Aegon the Unworthy thought that Rhaegar had every right to do what he did...which only made Rhaegar agree more with the Conqueror and the Good.
      • Upon finding out from Dany, Tyrion Lannister was seen laughing his ass off in schadenfreud-tastic hilarity over the fact that Eddard Stark, of all people, was able to keep the secret of Jon's heritage for 17 years, fooling the major players in the game of thrones, his father included. Tywin is livid that he didn't know, though he hardly hates Rhaegar; he wanted him to replace his father and tried wedding Cersei to him (hence the latter's immense jealousy to Lyanna, which Robert never helped). The two hate the Lannisters for the most part because of their hand in his family's death, mainly the Mountain and Armoy Lorch killing his kids Aegon and Rhaenys, and the former raping and killing Elia Martell.
      • Unsurprisingly Aerys barely tolerates Rhaegar in spite of all this as he's convinced he intends to usurp the throne. He won't call for his execution since he need Rhaegar's help against their mutual enemies, plus even he knows Kinslaying Is a Special Kind of Evil. In Aerys' defense there's evidence Rhaegar did plan to either overthrow him or force an abdication, but in Rhaegar's defense this was only because Aerys was no longer capable of ruling the realm. Also Aerys complained Rhaegar's kids smelled Dornishnote . It's worth nothing Rhaegar doesn't hold anything against Jaime for killing Aerys to save King's Landing; his father was sick and needed help long ago, and his death was practically a mercy. Lyanna bluntly said his death was "too good for him" because of how her brother and father met the Stranger.
      • The two are also universal in their contempt for Joffrey Baratheon, Walder Frey, the Boltons and Littlefinger. Asides from generally being despicable people, all of them have resulted in a lot of suffering for Lyanna Stark's family and the realm as a whole for Petyr and Joff. On a much lighter note, Lyanna was pretty overjoyed to meet her extended family. She gets along really well with Arya given their similar personalities as being rebels against the expectations of noble ladies. As whole, she's on good terms with her family. Rhaegar is also on good terms with his little sister, hoping for a restoration of the Targaryen dynasty through her, though he fears she may inherit their father's madness and that their relationship with his son (or is it sons?) could complicate matters. If the adaptation is any indication, he's absolutely right to be worried.
    • The Greek Pantheon see some similarities in regards to the supposed abduction of Lyanna by Rhaegar, as Hades had kidnapped Persephone to make her his Queen. Though highly professional when not villainized and not one to typically humor, the god of the underworld does have a bit of a soft spot for the couple because of this and because of Rhaegar's fantastic harp playing. The divine couple fondly reminisce on Orpheus' music that brought tears of iron to Hades' face and wished them well in the afterlife; they doubt Rhaegar's skill at the harp will ever match Orpheus', but he's still a really skilled player. Aphrodite applauds what they did as an act of true love, though whether this a compliment or not depends on your perspective.
    • Persephone suggest that they make friends with Romeo and Juliet, perhaps the most famous example of young and romantic love ruining the realm with conflict. Both couples have gone on double dates, musing over shared history. People have come to compare R+L=J as "the Westerosi Retelling of Romeo and Juliet", though for many cynical deities it's a stealth insult. Another less harsh comparison is between Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. At first they didn't get it, but Rhaegar realized this was tied to prophecy; he saw himself as the savior and his potential children might be key in saving Westeros; just as how Sarah Connor was the mother of The Chosen One John Connor and key to him growing up as said chosen one. That said, he doesn't think he deserves that kind of comparison even if his actions do save the day in a roundabout way.
    • To some R+L=J is seen as beautiful and romantic. As seen with Rhaegar's below-mentioned dynamic with Anakin/Vader, Padme is understanding of the couple and the promise that the two of them have...though cynics believe she may be projecting her own experiences onto them. Rhaegar and Lyanna do hold a mutual respect for Padme, though they don't get the value of a democratic monarchy. The couple have a fondness for Ashe due to her kind royal personality and reminding Rhaegar of his sister. Elizabeth Tudor isn't nearly as sympathetic, however. From personal experience she knows how important an intelligent marriage (or chastity as she ultimately decided) is and she will not let them forget the damage that their forbidden love caused.
    • Because the two are nobility, they will often be seen conversing with members of the House of Royalty. Rhaegar has taken a liking to Prince Charming, not only because both of them are charming but because of Charming's Rebel Prince traits. He looks up to the more respected and proven royalty like Aragon and King Arthur, along with Lord Elrond due to his role as a philosopher king appealing to his sensibilities. Lyanna is friendly with Princess Bean and Daisy because of their independent princess streaks, with the latter having the clear tomboy traits Ned fondly remembers Lyanna having. Also, in spite of being nobility and not the kind of people who would be that friendly with pirates they're friends with Will and Elizabeth Turner. They're kind of jealous of the strong bond they have and Lyanna went on record that getting married while fighting in the middle of a maelstrom is both romantic and awesome.
    • Though their relationship is almost certainly loving (if foolish), the two had a nightmare of a timeline where Rhaegar was, in fact, a rapist, in order to fill the prophecy. Admittedly that incarnation was so ashamed they welcomed their death, but it was still a disturbing reveal. Lyanna went to the House of Time and Temporality to find a better timeline where they were betrothed from the get-go, and she sort of got her wish. Granted it wasn't perfect, but it was certainly happier than what happened in canon. The former scenario still frightens Rhaegar. More surprisingly for the two was what happened when Rhaegar actually got his wish of having a daughter, which among other things led to Lyarra Snow being betrothed to Oberyn of all people.
  • Applies to Rhaegar Targaryen
    • Though it was done is a foolish manner, Rhaegar's actions may have been Necessarily Evil; he wished to fulfill the prophecy of the Prince that Was Promised, which required a sort of recreation of Aegon and his sister-wives. He had a bouncing baby Aegon, young prince Rhaenys and likely expected Jon to be the Visenya equivalent...he was ultimately named Aegon instead when he proved male. And he thought he was the chosen one, destined to save the world from darkness...well there was an oncoming darkness in the White Walkers, but the prophecy was perhaps misread. Anakin Skywalker couldn't help be reminded of his Chosen One prophecy and comforted Rhaegar saying as much as he dropped the ball, it wasn't bad as him even if he did technically fulfill the prophecy. Rhaegar is intimidated by him given his past as Vader, but the two still like to talk about their experiences and opinions about the universe.
    • As with the other Targaryens in the Trope Pantheon Rhaegar spends a fair bit of his off-time in the Hall of Dragons. It wouldn't be until Dany's time that they returned to his world so he only had stories, bones and historical records to go on so he loves seeing the variety there. Admittedly he's put off by the evil dragons and just because he's a Targaryen doesn't mean he'll command too much respect from deities like Smaug. Bowser trolled Rhaegar by saying they weren't so different in that they're dragons who like to kidnap princesses, but the prince didn't take the bait; instead if need be he'll beat the Koopa at his own game playing Mario Kart.
    • He's known as the Bard Prince and can be seen playing his harp. It's said that he can move a woman to tears with his playing, a fact proven by several of the female deities that pass by. So much so that he holds concerts inside his temple for the female (and some male) guests. Just don't insult his harp playing around Lyanna. She has a mean right hook. You can usually find him on his down-time in the House of Musicality. He wants to learn more about rock music from Elvis Presley, who muses that Rhaegar is basically the rock star of Westeros. He's also a big fan of poetry, and has come to enjoys the works of Lord Byron. Many see the two as similar individuals.
    • Caligula has earned the ire of both of them due to being the exact kind of ruler Rhaegar's father was, not helped by to his comments about wanting to fuck Lyanna. He's at least smart enough to keep his distance to avoid bisected by Ice or burned alive by Dany's dragons, as he still remembers his own assassination. Rhaegar fears what Caligula represents; he may have fallen to the Targaryen madness as his father and many other family members had if he lived. This fear of Targaryen madness is also why he was shaken after meeting Arthas Menethil, who was once a noble prince like himself. Rhaegar's fear of becoming his father wasn't helped when he learned one of his friends was Ozai, who declares Rhaegar "insipid" and is just as associated with insane fire as the worst of the Targaryens...except unlike Aerys who was a barely functional mess, Ozai is (mostly) sane and makes Aerys look like a decent father.
    • After seeing the deranged psychopath that was Lucas Blight, Rhaegar has vowed that he would never become his father and he has looked to the more noble members of the House of Royalty for both support and advice. Amusingly despite the bad blood Tywin considers this unnecessary since he always thought he'd have made a better king anyway. The book smart Rhaegar looks up to one Marcus Aurelius, though the latter will give fair criticisms. Amusingly his son Commodus might be Rhaegar's Sitcom Archnemesis since he keeps wanting to prove his gladiator schemes are more entertaining than "the dragon geek". On the topic of Roman emperors, Rhaegar gets along with Nero Claudius in spite of how much of a huff she gets into that he claims his artistry is better than hersnote . Her historical counterpart Emperor Nero appreciates a royal who manages to make their entertainment charming and considers Rhaegar a rival, though the Last Dragon considers him a creep.
    • His son Aegon (no not Jon) may have been rescued at the last minute via baby swap by Varys and his allies, and is being secretly raised as "Young Griff", to one day become the perfect heir. May have been the key word; one on hand, Rhaegar's close friend Jon Connington is convinced he's legit. On the other, the Golden Company's support for Young Griff despite historically being pro-Blackfyre and anti-Targaryen means he could be a Blackfyre pretender...yes the male Blackyfre line is extinct but the fate of the female line isn't accounted for. Rhaegar has said that if he's legit he's in Varys debt but if he's not, Varys will pay for the insult to his family's memory. We may never get a concrete answer.
  • Applies to Lyanna Stark
    • Lyanna, for lack of a better term, is a tomboy. Ned said that she, like Brandon, was "wolf-blooded," meaning that she was "headstrong, willful, courageous and hot-tempered." Had Rickard Stark allowed it, Lyanna would have trained with the sword. She's a skilled rider, and loved winter roses. This played a part in how she made friends with Koku-oh, the God of Horses. Yes, Lyanna is friends with Raoh's elephant-sized horse. While Raoh won't allow Lyanna to ride his steed, he is impressed with how Koku-Oh warmed up to Lyanna. "The girl has spirit," Raoh compliments. Being such a big fan of horses Lyanna has bonded with Hazel Levesque, who got in contact with her through the good words her father Hades had towards the Wolf Maid. Sometimes you can catch her riding horses in the Hall of Ungulates, and there are reports that she goes by the Knight of the Laughing Tree. She was probably this in her mortal life too, but she remains mum on the subject.
    • As the sigil of the Stark family is the direwolf, it's no surprise to Rhaegar that Lyanna has made friends with Bigby Wolf and his wife, Snow White. Lyanna is a sucker for kids, seeing as how Bigby and Snow's children warmed up to her right away. Great Grey Wolf Sif had heard good news from his friend Ned Stark about her sister and Lyanna was happy to pet the literal dire wolf. She's a Stark after all, and has a general interest in members of the Hall of Canines that don't look like they're about to rip her face off like the Hellhounds. Amusingly Cerberus has allowed her to give him a bone to chew on since his master had a positive opinion on her. It's a sight to see, the three-headed watchdog of Hades, tongues lagging as Lyanna scratches It's belly.
    • Hans had tried to approach her and convince Lyanna he was a better, more charming prince than Rhaegar, only for Lyanna to laugh in his face. At this point everyone knows his exploitation traits and that he's a sociopath, and she proceeded to kick him into a pile of manure. After he cleaned up Rhaegar said he knows that "you're an insecure "second child syndrome" prince...sadly like my little brother, so leave Lyanna alone or else. Hans wisely retreated afterwards. Elsa and Anna laughed about the whole event with Lyanna. She's more concerned about the harsh, Chaos-worshipping Wulfric than she is about Hans since like her brother she seems him as a sort of Evil Counterpart to your classic Stark.

    Sam Malone and Diane Chambers 
Samuel "Sam" Malone and Diane Chambers, Co-Deities of Belligerent Sexual Tension (Sam: Mayday Malone)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Cheers sign
  • Theme Song: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Sam); Neutral Good (Diane)
  • Portfolios: Snarky guy meets Haughty gal, All Girls Want Bad Boys, Slap-Slap-Kiss, One True Love
  • Domains: Love, Madness, Destruction, Chaos (Sam), Good (Diane)
  • Heralds: "Coach" Pantusso, Carla Tortelli, "Norm" Peterson, "Cliff" Clavin, "Woody" Boyd and Rebecca Howe
  • Allies: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Anne Shirley, Charlie Harper (Sam)
  • Rivals: The ''Seinfeld'' Group, The ''Friends'' Crew, Moe Szyslak (Sam)
  • Admires: Peter Warne and Ellie Andrews
  • Pities by: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Sheldon Cooper
  • Special Relationship: Fraiser Crane
  • When talking about romances that keep teasing whether they will happen, few of them are as notable as between Sam Malone and Diane Chambers. Some may have found it annoying, but there was no doubt that this laid the groundwork for future flirting between two main characters. Once ascended they took off where they left off, flirting with each other. It is particularly awkward as the two failed to permanently hook up as a couple.
    • Many in the House of Romance balked at the prospect at taking in the couple. Many pointed out at how self destructive their relationship was towards each other. It also put that House in a pickle; where could they put the couple? The prospect of being sent to the Tainted Love section was frightening to the both of them. In the end, it was decided they would be sent to the Couples Relationships section. It was hoped that the two could take cues from various couples in that subhouse to improve their own relationship.
  • Things were tense when Sam and Frasier eventually met face to face. It was little wonder that Sam was on edge during the meeting, as Sam was responsible for his breakup with Diane. Frasier merely stated that he has made peace with that mistake, though he laments about having to deal with the two of them continue to deny their love for each other. It's safe to say that he will not become their therapist to sort things through.
  • As the God of Sitcoms, the Ricardos were happy to have successfully brought one of the most famous comedies of all time into the fold. The two turn to them for advice on how to deal with each other. This usually happens with the same gender talking to each other. Hilarity Ensues when they both find out about their partner's schemes.
  • The Seinfeld group took things differently. Sam found his temple defiled with spray paint saying "Seinfeld #1". Thus began a series of pranks between the two groups with no end in sight. It is especially personal as the two come from rival cities.
  • The only group that may have a comparable romantic progression may be Ross and Rachel. Their sexual tension lasted the entire show with some people getting tired of it going on.
  • Sam initially applied for The Bartender... and was annoyed that the position was already taken by Moe Szyslak. In retaliation, he decided to set up his own bar just like in his mortal world. It was a decent hit, taking customers away from Moe. Things are likely to heat up as long as the two of them keep their bars.
  • After an adventure too wild in the subhouse of Lust, the deities there decided to put him in a sex addiction therapy in the House of Philosophy. Hosted by Wonder Woman, she put him on her lasso to tell him how she felt. His reply was "So... do you like Chinese food?" He was subsequently kicked out of the house until they could find a proper God of Therapists to help him out.
  • Was a lot more haughty before a series on unfortunate incidents caused her to tone it down. Fuyuhiko knew how that could feel and was there to greet her and talk about those instances. In the end the two of them felt better about themselves.
  • Peter and Ellie decided to have a go at it. The two were at each other throats during a road trip before it blossomed into a romance. It turned out to be rather successful. Sam may not be the traveling type, but he was impressed with how they managed to deal with each other. Diane loved Ellie's stories as a socialite.
  • Few people would turn to them for romantic advice, but that's exactly what Anne Shirley did when he met up with them. She wanted advice on what to do with Gilbert, her academic rival. She wondered how Gilbert was able to forgive her even after she threw away the apology. A snide remark on Sam's part on women's stuffiness later, Diane chalked it up to hidden feelings for the man. To her, the reason they are so antagonistic towards each other is that they have yet to accept that a relationship between the two just might work out. She's proud that Anne was able to figure it out in time.
  • Sam likes to hang out with Charlie Harper who turns out to be a reliable wingman. All bets are off whenever they both see a hot woman.
  • Diane likes to act like the smartest person in the room... bringing out plenty of derision from said room. One day she was confronted by Sheldon Cooper. He sympathized with her having to deal with "bottom feeders". It looked like a beautiful friendship... until he began to belittle her too. It didn't take long before she found herself back at Cheers restaurant, promising not to brag as much.

    Wataru Takagi and Miwako Sato 
Wataru Takagi and Miwako Sato, Godly Couple of the Almost Kiss (The Two Lovers of Tokyo Met | Wataru: Takagi-kun, Takagi-niisan, Takagi-keiji, Cute Boy (by Chianti), Harry Wilder | Sato: Sato, Sato-san, Satoko-san, Miwako, Miwako-san, Sato Miwako-keibu-ho, Nice Girl (by Korn), Onēchan, Saimone Miwako, Division One's Own Miss Universe)
Takagi (left), Sato (right)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A shot of them being interrupted mid-kiss
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Always Caught About To Kiss Before Episode 535, The Tokyo MPD's Resident Romantic Drama, Sexually Active, Insecure Love Interest, Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy, Ship Tease (a lot of it)
  • Domains: Law, Kisses, Side-Stories, Parenthood, Love, Police, Investigation
  • Heralds: Juzo Megure, Ninzaburo Shiratori, Yumi Miyamoto, Kazunobu Chiba, Naeko Miike, Hyoue Kuroda, Kiyonaga Matsumoto (their colleaguesnote ), Wataru Date (Takagi's mentor)
  • Superior(s): Sam Vimes, Jim Gordon, Godot (police commissioners)
  • Allies: Conan Edogawanote , Ran Mouri, Ai Haibara, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, Jim Gordon, Captain Holt, Robocop, Sherlock Holmes, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Jet Black
  • Enemies: Walter White, Ethan Roark Junior, Scott Shelby, the GUAE, The Joker, Professor Hojo, Garfield Lynns/Firefly
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Shuichi Akai
  • Oppose: John Wick
  • Annoyed by: Kaito Kid
  • Abhorrent Admirer(s): Any single cops in the Pantheon (Sato)
  • A lot of eyebrows were raised when Conan Edogawa filed an application to ascend one of his allies, whereas the previous Case Closed deities ascended based on their own merit. Everyone assumed it was Juzo Megure, an inspector at the homicide unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who was ascending under the trope Inspector Lestrade, but it turned out Megure was already in talks with the Trope Namer himself. Mr. G. Lestrade bargained Megure down to being his high priest. The officers Conan was actually having ascended were his two subordinates, couple Wataru Takagi and Miwako Sato under Almost Kiss. The House of Love and Affection rejoiced as Takagi and Sato joined their ranks. Sato and Takagi promptly applied for recruitment at the Pantheon's police force that was slowly being built up in the 77th Precinct, amid 'informal concerns'.
  • In the early stages of their relationship, every time they attempted to go for The Big Damn Kiss, anyone, absolutely anyone would unknowingly interrupt them, be it Megure, a fellow cop or Conan. Even though the kiss did come to pass in Episode 535/Manga Volume 64, this rule still applies. While progress on their relationship was slow since both had their own trials and tribulations, it eventually did blossom into a full-on romance.
  • Their knowledge of the Black Organization and Conan's true identity is a chaotic affair. In fact, they entered the Pantheon because of the Organization. They were tailing a low-ranked Black Organization operative as his superiors were making a move to the Pantheon. but he lagged behind long enough to murder an unsuspecting witness. Sato and Takagi entered the House of Crime and Transgressions via a secondary gateway (the main Organization party was attacking the Janus Checkpoints). They later found his body in a nearby alley riddled with bullets courtesy of Chianti and alerted a nearby officer, who turned out to be one of Commissioner Gordon's men patrolling. You know what comes next.
  • Applies to both of them:
    • Sato doesn't want her mother to know of her relationship with Takagi. This is in spite of the fact that Mrs. Sato worries for how her daughter is past the prime age for marriage and is trying to force her into marriage with other men as a result. Sato has her reasons, and whatever they are, Takagi respects them. Mrs. Sato does have a legitimate reason to be concerned: she wants her daughter to marry a well-off and financially stable man which Takagi certainly is not.
    • They have met quite a lot of opposition with regards to their relationship. While most of Sato's problems are merely frivolous jabs and teases from her colleague Yumi Miyamoto (angsty over being the only single person in her circle of friends), Takagi has it a lot worse. Most of his male colleagues also love Sato to the point that they regularly intimidate and interrogate Takagi on the progress of their romance, even forming a lobbying group to boycott their dates. Commander Vimes, a senior officer of the House of Justice expressed concern for this, seeing as how the 77th Precinct is not the Tokyo MPD, and many corrupt and outright sociopathic officers exist in the Pantheon like Jigsaw's herald Mark Hoffman. It's not as serious as in their homeworld, but Takagi is still facing minimal resistance from his new colleagues.
    • They're very sexually active, but obviously for privacy reasons, they never advertise this or discuss it in public. This has happened often enough for Takagi to think his girlfriend was pregnant when in reality she had merely lost her red police badge. This hasn't stopped nosy deities in the Pantheon (specifically those watching the show) from asking. Don't Ask what happened to them, let's just say broaching the subject insensitively is one of the few ways to make Takagi angry.
    • Their colleagues occupy pretty much the same positions as they did in their homeworlds. Yumi's been finding more ways to tease the couple on their relationship (when she's not off on traffic duty with Naeko), and Chiba's still working on his budding romance with Officer Miike (which unlike Sato and Takagi's is just beginning). Shiratori, who once led the lobbying group opposing their relationship, is now opposing those very same people. It's obvious he'd rather be doing anything else, but now that he's in a committed relationship with Sumiko Kobayashi, he takes it as his duty to make others stop bothering his colleagues. Then again, the Metropolitan Police Love Detective Love Stories showcase enough of their romantic journey for their colleagues to bother them about, to the point it may have reached Never Live It Down levels of embarassment.
    • As with all deities in the Pantheon, the mandate regarding Conan's darkest secret applies to them, more so as denizens of Conan's homeworld. However, the fact that their ascension was caused by a BO operative was too important to ignore. They were allowed to retain this initial knowledge upon ascension, since they know nothing about said member being part of the Black Organization or its existence. Nevertheless, Conan worries for their safety in the Pantheon, since their status as his staunch allies renders them helpless if the Organization discovers his true identity. Alleged Organization member and police superintendent Hyoue Kuroda is similarly looking out for them, but leaves matters to their direct superior and herald Megure. Thankfully, plenty of matters come up that keep them away from Organization-related crimes.
    • For professional law enforcers, they place an awful lot of trust in a six to seven-year old kid. They can clearly see his above-average intelligence even though he's Kogoro Mouri's 'apprentice'. During their investigations, they frequently listen to his counsel and feed him classified information from time to time. For some reason, they haven't been caught or reprimanded for such actions in their world, but they have in the Pantheon, but for different reasons. Unlike in their world, high-ranking officers like Vimes and Gordon know exactly why they trust Conan so much, so they've warned Sato and Takagi to refrain from doing so. Their more hardliner colleagues could easily report them.
    • In a place like the Pantheon, there was bound to be children that reminded them of the Detective Boys, most conspicuously Dipper and Mabel Pines. They first met the Pines twins when they were called to a murder scene at a House of Family diner by an entire host of witnesses (which included Grunkle Stan, one of the Pines' heralds), with the description given of a short, dwarf-like figure. Dipper persistently tried to help them with his journal despite opposition from the rest of the police team, and Sato allowed him to give his two cents on what was going on.
      • Resolution: Turns out that Yuuki Terumi, who seems to get off on causing havoc, no matter petty and unbecoming of his title, fed Shmebulock, a gnome from the Gravity Falls forest an entire litre of Wonka Buttergin, which left him drunk, delirious and murderous. The deaths were caused by him. Before they could take Shmebulock into custody however, military police from the Grand United Alliance of Good came in. They claimed that since Terumi had committed the crime on behalf of his team, the GUAE Trollkaiger, it was an Alliance affair now. The entire team wasn't happy but was forced to go along with it. They still maintain regular contact with the twins when in their immediate vicinity, and Sato absolutely loves to pet Waddles.
    • As a cop couple, they have working relationships with others of their ilk, including Jacob Peralta and Amy Santiago. Since married officers cannot serve in the same division, they work with Santiago in Homicide more while Jake works in Organized Crime. Sato can personally respect her competitive spirit and dedication to Captain Raymond Holt. Both of them are more than a little amused at the extravagant personas Amy takes on when she's drunk. Yumi, ever the teaser, sometimes gives Amy new alcohol brands off-duty just to watch the fun. Amy once took on a very Scottish persona when Yumi gave her a scotch (and played makeshift bagpipes for a full thirty minutes.)
    • They have similarly warm feelings for Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, They first met when a string of grisly murders erupted around the House of Beasts and Fauna. The quartet performed a raid on a Night Howler warehouse in the area and arrested seventeen suspects who were hired by amoral Professor Hojo. The mastermind himself managed to escape, though not before filling the room with a gaseous form of the serum which infected Nick. Nick managed to hold himself back from fatally injuring Takagi long enough to be sedated, while Sato took care of a ravaged Takagi. Thankfully, Asia Argento's treatment managed to prevent a costly resurrection fee in the House of Life and Vitality. Since then, they've met once a month to go to a double date (Judy's and Nick's in a platonic sense) to a Gazelle concert (and a Yoko Okino one once).
    • Unlike some police officers, they don't have any unfavourable biases towards private detectives, looking up to some of them as far more honourable than their own colleagues. Most pertinent to their work so far is Ryotaro Dojima (considering how much Persona-related crimes take place in the Pantheon). The three all have some lingering trauma from That One Case and the subsequent jadedness impeded their lives, though Ryotaro had it a lot worse than them. Oddly enough, they've been the ones to help him improve his relationship with his daughter in the Pantheon despite not yet being married themselves.
    • They are appalled by the corruption of the police force in the Pantheon. Granted, it's not nearly as bad as in places like Gotham and Basin City, but the sudden change from the highly professional and clean Tokyo MPD forced them to step up their game. This is especially so since deities Made of Evil exist in the Pantheon, such as Nyarlathotep who they vehemently oppose on the idea that Humans Are the Real Monsters. They don't enjoy violent approaches to crime either, and are dead-set on capturing and rehabilitating John Wick. They can sympathize with Jet Black for leaving his corrupt police department in response, but since he's a bounty hunter, they often come to blows. Police officers like Chun-Li and Lei Wulong have similar philosophies, with the latter attempting to convince them to join the Delta Cops. They politely refused.
  • Exclusive to Takagi:
    • Like all the officers in Detective Conan, Wataru Takagi is a morally upstanding individual who views even the most minor of crimes as absolute blasphemy. He is characterized as the Shrinking Violet to Sato's Tomboy, yet is the police officer in his unit who has received the most near-death experiences, ranging from being held hostage by a criminal multiple times, kidnapped because of a case of Mistaken Identity and trapped in a tower with a ticking time bomb. This still holds true in the Pantheon.
    • He's a nervous and insecure fellow, which tends to make criminals underestimate him. In reality, he is one of the most dedicated officers in the police force, with a self-sacrificing trait that as stated before, gets him in a lot of near-fatal incidents. Many heroes in the House of Heroism can respect this trait and like with a number of other deities, consider him an honorary member of their house. None more so than Spider-Man and Clark Kent, who see his desire to get at the full truth of a crime and catch the true culprit mirroring Conan's. Clark, being a meek man in his civilian self masking a confident and brave hero underneath, likes Takagi for his strong conviction and bravery in duty but warns him to be wary:
    Clark: There's a fine line between bravery and recklessness, Takagi-san. Don't be that guy.
  • Exclusive to Sato:
    • Sato has endured much heartbreak in her life. Her father Masayoshi, a well-liked police superintendent, was killed in a traffic accident while escorting a bank robber to jail. This traumatic event would greatly scar her and her family and spur her to become a police officer in his stead. Hence, like most other law-abiding figures in the world of Case Closed, she views all crimes, including petty thievery and kidnapping as complete blasphemy.
    • She absolutely detests serial bombers, terrorists and pyromaniacs in the Pantheon. This is because her partner and First Love Jinpei Matsuda died in a Ferris wheel bombing, cementing her belief that she was a "bad omen", and repeatedly tried to stop Takagi from courting her to prevent him from dying, as much as she loved him. While she has since moved past the trauma of the incident, she is determined to ensure that such tragedies never befall others in the Pantheon. One of the objects of her hate is Garfield Lynns, a madman who loves setting fire to anything and everything.
    • When she first entered the 77th Precinct, she was slightly apprehensive about entering deep friendships with anyone else due to her unfamiliarity with the environment. She would find many veterans willing to help her get oriented with the craziness of the Pantheon, some of which would become close friends.
      • Kyoko Kirigiri, originally a private detective in the House of Costumes, had graduated from the police academy soon before Sato's ascension, and was assigned to her as an intern officer. She has since become one of Sato's closest partners, and her unofficial protege. Sato is very impressed by Kyoko's detective skills, stating that they exceeded some other teenage detectives she knew given that her family's detective trade had lasted for decades. Sato is a tad disturbed by her habit of examining corpses though.
      • She had seen Batman in action quite a few times, especially when Scarecrow gassed the House of Emotion with a new version of his fear gas. But it isn't him that she's enamoured by. It's Batgirl. The Joker is among the highest on the "Most Wanted" list in the House of Justice, and Barbara Gordon was among his most high-profile victims, having temporarily gotten paralyzed from the waist-down and molested thanks to him. She often goes to her for counsel whenever a suspect is determined to be an Arkham escapee, and is very impressed of how she's continued to get back up after years of torment by her enemies, especially when continued her war on crime as Oracle after The Killing Joke incident. Commissioner Gordon is very supportive of this dynamic.
    • Shino Asada is a prime example of how badly even a single crime can affect someone, and Sato saw herself in the traumatized girl. Sato checks on her from time to time to see if she's okay, and has even made an ALfheim Online account as a Sylph.
  • Takagi: It doesn't matter whether it's a petty or a major crime, all crimes are unforgivable!
  • Sato: The word "justice" isn't a word you can involve in any occasion... it's something we must hold secretly in our heart.


    Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski 
Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski, God and Goddess of Love Under Amnesia and Amnesiac Resonance
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Two people lying on ice
  • Theme Song: "Spotless Mind"
  • Alignment: True Neutral for both, with some shade of Chaotic Neutral for Clementine
  • Portfolio: Lovers who erased memories of each others, keeps returning to Montauk, REALLY rocky relationship, discovered that they chose to erase each other from their mind, Deconstruction of Romantic Comedy
  • Domains: Love, Memory
  • Allies: George Bailey, Chuck Bartowski, the Doctor, Elie, Jason Bourne, Goliath, EVE and WALL•E, Sabrina Spellman, Link and Zelda
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationship with: The House of Romance
  • Pities: The Ice King, Kermit the Frog
  • Pitied by: Katniss Everdeen, Guts
  • The couple who both decided to wipe out all the memories of each other's relationship, the couple's story that deconstruct romantic comedy reached the Pantheon. The sheer Tearjerker nature of their story as well as the exploration of memory and love has ascended the couple into the Pantheon.
    • With their ascension, the couple have been working together to avoid the mistake of their last time together and build a better relationship this time around.
  • Because of the fact that the two of them intentionally wipe themselves of their memory of the others, they have a rather... complicated relationship with the House of Love. The entire house always erupt into a big argument over whose fault it is for their break up: Joel's judgmental attitude or Clementine's wild and irresponsible personality. Nevertheless, the House has high hope that the two will work out their relationship this time around.
  • Their temple has a lot of visitor due to sharing the experience of someone they romantically involved with lost their memories. However, because the couple chose to wipe their own memory instead of the usual route of an outside force, most of the visit are rather awkward...
    • Both of them are rather confused when EVE dragged WALL•E to their temple not only because they are robots, but also because they have very limited vocabulary to express their story. Luckily, with time and effort, EVE was able to communicate her love story.
    • Link and Zelda starts almost every new installments by entering and exiting the couple's temple since in almost every games they are romantically involved.
    • Katniss refuses to visit their place because it triggers her memory of the time when Peeta's memory is lost and he became a puppet for her enemies. The same story with Guts because the temple's story just reminds him too much of Casca.
    • Those who have happier ending on their love ones with lost memories tend to have more positive interaction and hope that the couple will have a healthier relationship this time around. Among them are Elie, Chuck and Goliath.
    • The couple is glad that Kermit has broken up with Miss Piggy after hearing how poorly Miss Piggy treats him when he lost his memory.
    • Feels very sorry for the Ice King after hearing his story and hopes that he remember his love Betty as well as finding a cure for him.
    • Learns from Sabrina Spellman, who also once has her love Harvey lost memory, that Libby Chessler once took advantage of this to tricks him into thinking Libby is his girlfriend. This caused Clementine to despises her with a passion since the latter was a victim of a similar trick.
  • One of the few civilians that have an extended relationship with Jason Bourne considering he went through similar experience of spontaneously remembering his old life.
  • Joel bonds over with Truman Burbank and Stanlet Ipkiss over their complicated love life. The fact that they looks the same is a nice bonus. The same situation happens when Clementine encounters Ophelia and Rose.
  • Joel absolutely hates Bruce Nolan for his reckless use of the power that was given to him, as well as his callousness toward his love interest reminds Joel too much of his own. The fact that the two looks the same also doesn't help.

    Jon Arbuckle and Liz Wilson 
Jonathan Q. "Jon" Arbuckle and Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson, the Godly Couple of the Relationship Upgrade (Jon: Zit, Bean Boy, Clown Boy, Carp Face, Greek Boy, Dork Boy, Lame Brain, City Slicker, Sissy Boy | Liz: Dr. Wilson, Lizard)
Liz (Left) and Jon (Right). The top is their comic forms, and the bottom is their live action forms.

    Kaoru Samura and Hajime Tsunashi 
Kaoru Samura and Hajime Tsunashi, Goddess and God of Rough, But Passionate Couples (Hajime: Takashi)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A picture of two of them together
  • Theme Music: This
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: (Both) Caring For Eachother In The End, Happily Married, Opposites Attract, Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy
  • Domains: Couples, Workers (Kaoru), Otakus (Hajime)
  • Allies: Nyarko and Mahiro Yasaka, Ichika Orimura, Son Chichi and Son Goku
  • So what would you get if you put an office lady who is passionate about her work (to an extend) and an otaku who spends most of his time home? A surprisingly good couple, believe it or not. Where they might have some issues about understanding eachother, they really do love eachother for that to not matter.
  • Hajime was rather happy to ascend due of being able to actually meet all of the anime characters he so adores. Kaoru was happy, but for not for any particular reason.
  • Mahiro, believe it or not, seemed to look up for the two. While Nyarko and Hajime seem to hang out, Mahiro talks to Kaoru about how she can stand Hajime, wondering if he can have a similar relation with Nyarko. Though the two have promised to keep it between the two of them.
  • Where Kaoru cannot get that easily drunk, when she does, she gets utterly smashed. Some gods claimed that she once got into a drunken frenzy where she mugged Nui Harime's clothes and went on the night dressed as her, laughing manically. They really thought they heard Nui raving around.
    • However, it might be some weird rumour, as Kaoru has toned down on both drinking and smoking (not like most people see her smoke that much). Her being pregnant is the reasoning for the fact.
      • As the day of the baby's birth is going closer, some god have been wondering what gonna happen if an entity is born here in the Pantheon.
  • Hajime spends most of his time back at their temple, where Kaoru is more outgoing.
  • Many were surprise that an otaku like Hajime was able to marry someone like Kaoru. Atleast some believe they are a part of some Japanese Propaganda.
  • Hajime was very upset about the Reset Button being destroyed. Since he wanted to use it to restore Kaoru's hymen. That earned him a punch in the head.
  • Kaoru often visits the House of Food to practice her cooking. Unfortunately, her skills haven't improve one bit despite having some of the best cooks in the pantheon. But she hasn't given up just yet.
  • The House of Craft were commission to build a storage house for Hajime's many apparels. They had to build two more.
  • Have often gone on double dates with some of already ascended married deities. However, they don't go on the ones with Gomez and Morticia. Their last one was a boat ride to the Black Lagoon. It, it wasn't a good trip.
  • No one is not sure how it happened (though some evidence support it was Hiyori Tamura's fault), some of Hajime's brother's doujins about his brother ended up in the Pantheon. Hajime didn't even bother trying to get them back.
  • There seem to be some questions on how Kaoru went from having black hair to having blonde hair. Most gods think that she dyed it for Hajime's sake.
  • Besides his flaws, the fact that Hajime would make a better parent in the near future than some other people is something to consider about.

    Lady & Tramp 
Lady & Tramp, Deities of the Spaghetti Kiss (Lady: Pidge | Tramp: Pooch)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Blue and Red collars, respectively
  • Theme Music: Bella Notte
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Tramp was formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Pet's Perspective, Huge Guy, Tiny Girl, Happily Married, Had Four Puppies Together
  • Domains: Dog, Love, Spaghetti
  • Heralds: Jim Dear, Darling, Jim Jr., Jock, Trusty, Scamp, Angel, Anette, Danielle, & Collette
  • Allies: White Fang, Pongo & Perdita, Bolt, Tiana & Naveen, Shaun the Sheep
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Ratigan, Cruella De Vil, Chantel DuBois
  • Lady lives with a loving family and is friends with two other dogs named Trusty and Jock living nearby while Tramp is a stray living the carefree life. When an incident at home results in Lady being forced to wear a muzzle, she runs off and encounters Tramp, who is able to get Lady’s muzzle off with the help of a beaver. Lady and Tramp spend some time together, falling in love with each other and later having a candlelit dinner at an Italian restaurant. Sometime after that, Lady ends up in a dog pound where she learns that Tramp was a womanizer who never truly settled down with a woman. Things get strained between the two, but a rat that was about to threaten the family baby that Lady took a liking towards results in Tramp coming to her aid and while Lady is able to put a stop to the rat, Tramp ends up being captured by a dogcatcher. After Trusty and Jock free Tramp (with Trusty getting injured as a result), Tramp gets adopted by Lady’s family and they have a litter of puppies consisting of three who resemble Lady and one who resembles Tramp.
  • Even though Lady and Tramp have been living well with their family and pups, there was that feeling the two had that more adventures would be happening sooner than later. That time would come when the mail came one day and a letter specifically addressed to Lady and Tramp was one of the items that arrived. While the human members of the family found it amusing to know that there was someone who admired their dogs, the canines were curious to know what the Pantheon that the letter was talking about was exactly. The pictures that came with the letter did give Lady and Tramp a better idea of what to expect from the Pantheon and although there were plenty of elements much more extravagant than what they were used to, Lady and Tramp are willing to see what life is like in a very lively world that’s somehow close to where they’re at.
  • White Fang was one canine that Lady and Tramp took a liking to, Tramp especially considering the circumstances of being a former stray that found a caring owner and having some puppies with a mate once domesticated. Both Tramp and White Fang had to rely on their wits and instincts to survive, but while the Tramp had witnessed more urban surroundings, White Fang had to survive in the harsh wilds and had to contend with more antagonistic human beings that didn’t care for White Fang’s well-being. The wolf-dog had to endure harsh circumstances compared to Tramp and it was something both Lady and Tramp were aware of when they first met White Fang. It didn’t prevent the two from welcoming White Fang as a visitor to their home from time to time and if Tramp’s street-smarts aren’t enough for him and Lady to get through trouble, then White Fang’s natural-born instincts as a wolf-dog will help the two through events more dangerous than what they were used to.
  • A rat ended up endangering Lady’s family’s baby and while some of the rats in the Pantheon were more friendly in comparison to what Lady and Tramp had to deal with, one notable rat ended up being a bigger problem for the duo compared to back then. Not only was Ratigan someone who posed a danger towards animals, but he had a level of intellect that surpassed that of the rat that Lady and Tramp went up against previously. As Lady and Tramp are content with living a normal life in the Pantheon, they are opposed to Ratigan’s plans and getting rid of him won’t be as simple as taking down a feral rat that doesn’t have human-like behavior, especially if Ratigan himself decides to engage in direct combat and drop his polite demeanor. Tramp being a street-smart dog has helped him get in touch with other animals who are aware of what Ratigan is planning and if his friends and family are threatened in some way by him or someone else connected to that rat, Lady and Tramp will do what they can to defend them from Ratigan.
  • Dogcatchers or any kind of animal control officer in general have been a problem for the two at different points, Tramp especially back when he was a stray animal. While the Pantheon had a few animal control officers and most of them were just doing their jobs, one such officer who was sadistic in her occupation was Chantel Dubois, who had pursued some animals in France and was determined to have a lion’s head in her room of animal heads. If any dogcatcher ended up being as psychotic as she is, Lady and Tramp would definitely try to avoid her and use their wits to throw her off their trail. During one instance of them avoiding Dubois, the duo encountered Shaun the Sheep, who had previous experience evading animal control officers and helped them get out of trouble. Shaun was a farm animal and was very interested in having fun, even though he has to make sure things don’t get too out of control. While someone like Shaun is someone who Tramp in his days as a stray could look up to when it comes to living carefree, he and Lady both like the sheep’s company whenever the canine couple decided to visit farms in the Pantheon.
  • Pongo and Perdita were a pair of canines that took a liking towards Lady and Tramp, given that they a pair of dogs who fell in love and live with a family, with the dalmatians not just having more pups in their litter, but adopting a large number of other pups later on. Said pups were formerly held hostage by Cruella De Vil, who wanted to make a fur coat out of dalmatian fur and was hated by all the other dogs in the Pantheon. Lady and Tramp share that same contempt towards Cruella and they’re more than determined to make sure that their pups don’t end up kidnapped by Cruella. While making a fur coat from the separate species that Lady and Tramp are from isn’t that big of a priority for Cruella compared to a dalmatian fur coat, she still sees Lady and Tramp as not much different from Pongo and Perdita in the long run and has targeted them on separate occasions.
  • Lady learned about another dog who had a caring owner that ended up getting separated and went on an adventure that ended with the dog getting reunited with their owner and bringing some friends along with them through Bolt. What made Bolt different from Lady was that he was an actor for an action-adventure series and his journey made him realize that reality doesn’t even resemble what happens in the TV show he once starred in, prompting him to enjoy life as simply Penny’s dog in the end. Lady did have some canine friends of her own before Tramp entered the scene compared to Bolt finding some friends during his quest back to Penny, but Bolt’s upbringing in an attempt to make him a great actor did have consequences. Bolt has made visits to Lady and Tramp’s family on separate occasions, with Tramp remarking that trying to use TV acting to survive had issues as Bolt experienced firsthand, and Tramp did give Bolt some advice on how to better survive the streets if something happened that would result in Bolt and his friends being out in the open.
  • There were plenty of other dogs for the two to meet up with in the Pantheon and many of them have had adventures that were much more unorthodox than what Lady and Tramp went through. A handful of these particular dogs have extranormal traits that would help them out of danger and while it was unusual to see such traits, the Pantheon was known for being a fantastical place by default and the two appreciate the help they need when things get dire on their end. Such dangers they would learn about in the Pantheon would likely be more intense than just a rat or a dogcatcher and while Napoleon the pig sounds like a more mundane threat, the danger he poses to others can’t be ignored. Given that he corrupted some puppies into working for him and the fact that Scamp, son of Lady and Tramp, attempted to be stray by joining a group of junkyard dogs, the canine couple are more than willing to make sure that Napoleon’s schemes, especially those involving turning puppies into vicious enforcers, fail to come to fruition, regardless of Napoleon denigrating his detractors.
  • Their relationship can be described as that of a romance between a rich entity and a poor one and the Pantheon had its share of deities whose romance fit that category. Tiana and Naveen was another couple who went on adventures following meeting with each other, with Tiana being a working-class woman and Naveen being an upper-class person, though Naveen got transformed into a frog and the same happened to Tiana when she tried kissing him the first time to undo that spell, with it only being properly undone at the end. Tiana and Naveen also operated a restaurant (with opening a restaurant being a goal Tiana wanted to achieve), with Lady and Tramp being some of their regular customers and a place where the canine couple hung out with others. Another couple with a notable gap among social standing that the dogs learned about was Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater, but despite getting along well with each other, that relationship ended in tragedy with the ship they were on hitting an iceberg and Jack falling into the bottom of the cold ocean in the end. It was disheartening for Lady and Tramp to learn about such romantic tragedies, especially those that are related to being on opposite ends of social standings.
  • A notable aspect of their adventures prior to Tramp being part of Lady’s family was their dinner date at Tony’s and them sharing a kiss with a strand of spaghetti. This moment has been recreated and parodied a number of times by others, sometimes with different reactions and other times with different food items in place of the spaghetti strand. The two figured that such imitations would happen, partially since they're no stranger to being subject of such parodies at Mickey’s nightclub where they would get interrupted while eating spaghetti. Others have had their spaghetti kiss moment interrupted in the Pantheon, be it by those noticing the oddity of such or the recipients realizing what’s about to happen, but while the canines are aware of how associated they are with it, they’re more focused in making sure their relationship as it stands is still in good condition.

    Peter Warne and Ellie Andrews 
Peter Warne and Ellen "Ellie" Andrews, God and Goddess of Road Trip Romances
Peter (left) and Ellie (right)

    Satine and Christian 
Satine and Christian James, Divine Duo of Selfless Breakups (Satine: Sparkling Diamond)
From left to right: Satine, Christian
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Moulin Rogue sign
  • Theme Song: Come What May
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Chaotic Neutral (Satine), Neutral Good (Christian)
  • Portfolios: Starving Artist, Both Serve as Fanservice, Follows The Plot of Dramedies, ultimately she died in his arms
  • Domains: Good, Love, Song, Death
  • Allies: Aphrodite, Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, Tony and Maria, Jack Dawson
  • Enemies: Ato-ko Shirogane, Dr. Frank-n-Furter
  • Opposes: Lezard Valeth, Cal Hockley, Inspector Javert
  • Pities: Rose Bukater, Jean Valjean
  • Not so different from: Romeo and Juliet
  • The House of Love turned to the streets of 19th century France to the story of Christian, who told the story of a Dramedy through the means of a flashback. It told of the time when he entered Paris as a naive poet striving to make it big. It was there that he was drawn to the Moulin Rouge, a nightclub/brothel that was the hottest sell in the city. There, he met the star attraction, a High-Class Call Girl named Satine. He was instantly smitten. What followed was a tale of wonderful and tragic woe, ultimately ending in her death due to tuberculosis. The house took interest in the story, particularly when she rejected his proposition so that her jealous suitor Duke wouldn't go after him. With that story in mind, the deities there decided to bring not only Christian but also Satine. Finally together, the couple settled down to have their happy ending.
  • The couple draw a big crowd from the House of Music as well. The movie is believed to have helped revive the Musical film genre. It didn't matter that many of their songs were a mix-mash of cover songs fro the modern era, it was the way it was depicted that made the songs enjoyable.
  • The Greek Goddess of Love took a liking to the couple, especially how Christian was able to wrest her from the Duke, even if it didn't work out well for them in the end. The couple has been sprinkled with gifts of wine and flowers in the hopes of rekindling their relationship.
  • Now that they can be together, Satine set up a cabaret of her own filled with dancers from all over the Pantheon. Their temple quickly became the new Moulin Rogue for all to attend. Within is a memorial of Zidler, her former boss. Sure, he was the one who propositioned her to the Duke, but she knew he was doing so for the best of the Moulin Rogue.
    • There was one time when she invited a group of people claiming to be from the Transsexual, Transylvania. Little did they know that their leader, the infamous Dr. Frank-n-Furter had plans of his own. It didn't take long before he took over the temple for himself, transforming all the dancers to his own troupe for his entertainment. Thankfully, others received word of the takeover and drove him out. Frank was subsequently slapped with a restraining order from both the couple and the building.
  • As with many couples in the Pantheon, a lot of comparisons have been made between the two and Romeo and Juliet. This is especially true as the two couldn't have been more different from each other. At least one of them survived in the end. Still, both are happy to have their happy ending in the Pantheon.
    • In that regard, the two have more in common with Tony and Maria. In Maria's case, he comforted Christian for the loss of his love in a gender reversal. In fact, Maria suspected she had similar misgivings against the wilder suitor at first until they found out there was a soft side under that exterior. One can often see the two couples go on double dates with each other in classic diners. The two aren't that too far off in terms of timelines.
  • Ichiro and Ryoko watched the couple's relationship flow and ebb throughout their lifetimes in the hope that they complete the loop that many of their followers go through. Which made it more tragic to them when the two made up when she was already about to die. Thus they were excited to see the two have arrived in the Pantheon. Both were willing to help them sort out their new leash of life as well as where to go from there.
  • Much of their problems in their story stemmed from a wealthy suitor code-named the Duke of Monroth. The Duke was to invest in the cabaret to keep it flowing and he would receive Satine as his prize. Christian's arrival threatened those plans and he raged war against the man. This infatuation with her was the cause of many of their problems and was openly sponsored by none other than Lezard Valeth. The couple have made great pains to make sure he doesn't decide to bring the Duke over to bring them more misery.
    • Christian's ascension means that another of Jack Dawson's followers have made the big time. Jack and Cal share deistic powers between rich and poor suitors to love interests. Of course, Cal wasn't too happy about getting one-upped and has banked rolled multiple suitors towards Satine in the hopes of breaking the two apart.
    • The two brought the attention of Rose Bukater, survivor of the ill-fated Titanic... and also the love interest of Jack Dawson. Christian felt that he had a similar pain to that of Rose when both of their love interests died. She proved to be the perfect person in handling their reunion. At least on their part, the couple do not have to worry about their rich suitor ruining things between them.
  • Apparently, tragic figures compliment the French, so the couple thought when they came upon the case of Jean Valjean. Satine in particular took the fate of him and Fantine to heart. She understands the dangers of prostitution and wanted to speak her mind about Valjean abandoning her at her time of need. Yet it was is care of Cosette that won her over. In the end, the three French people threw their anger at Javert for his pointless pursuits. Their temple has become a popular hiding place for the runaway when escaping the officer.
  • As with all other couples Ato-ko Shirogane has sought them out in order to break up their relationship. In this case, she has an easy line of attack: focusing on Christian's insecurities in dating a call girl along with Satine's suspicions that her lover will never accept her for who she is.
  • They can also be found in the Hall of Pragmatism.

    Tony and Maria 
Tony and Maria, Dual Deities of A Boy Meeting A Girl
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A silhoutetted fire escape staircase with a man and woman dancing on it.
  • Theme: Tonight (Something's Coming for Tony and I Feel Pretty for Maria)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Both: Expies of Romeo and Juliet, Star-Crossed Lovers, Love at First Sight, Love Across Battlelines, Both are skilled dancers, Dance of Romance, The only people who care for the well being for the opposite side
  • Domains: Love, Theatre, Dance, Youth, Tragedy, Relationships
  • Hearld: Anita (EXTREMELY reluctant)
  • Allies: Romeo and Juliet, Belle and The Beast, Ophelia, King Lear and Princess Cordelia, Michael Jackson, The Elite Beat Agents, Amigo, SomeCallMeJohnny, Zorro, Alana and Marko, WALL-E and EVE, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, Kermit the Frog, Houkage Tea Time, Steven Spielberg, William Shakespeare
  • Enemies: Gaston, Vega, Rosco P. Coltrane, Scott Shelby
  • Wary of: Cole Phelps, Chief Wiggum, Prince Hamlet, Othello
  • Opposes: Don Flamenco, 3rd Street Saints Leader, Giorno Giovanna, Birdie, The Sub-House of Hatred and Rancor
  • Tony and Maria are a fascinating pair, drawn to each other one night at a school dance and became lost in each other's eyes. It was Love at First Sight... but there only one problem.note  Tony was a white American and former co-founder of the Jets street gang, while Maria was the younger sister of Bernardo, leader of Puerto Rican based Sharks. To make matters worse, on the night the pair fell in love the two gangs decided to end their feud once and for all. While Tony managed to keep the fighting to a simple Combat by Champion... things still went wrong. And it only got worse from there. It was after that terrible night that Cosmos took pity on the couple, and so she brought Maria up to the Pantheon and resurrected Tony. They were originally tasked with serving as High Priests to the Star-Crossed Lovers Romeo and Juliet who were, much to their surprise and horror, their inspiration. But their story, and the circumstances behind their first meeting, met the requirements for the Boy Meets Girl trope, allowing them to be granted a temple of their own. With the consent of their counterparts, of course.
  • Their temple leads to Manhattan's West End, home territory for both the Jets and the Sharks. They rarely visit it though. The turf war between the two gangs may be over but the memory of what transpired, not to mention the lives lost and destroyed by the conflict has left a bitter taste in both Tony and Maria's mouths. Despite so, they will make stops to check up on the surviving gang members and have even invited them to the Pantheon to showcase their dance skills to the other deities, much to the surprise of anyone watching the performance at hand.
  • It was Tony's suggestion to bring Maria's close friend Anita up to serve as their Herald, seeing how she was willing to keep their relationship a secret... and boy did it backfired horribly! Anita was not happy to be made a Herald, not only due to being nearly raped by the Jets, but because her boyfriend Bernardo - Maria's brother - was murdered by Tony's hand during the supposed "last rumble." She only took the job for Maria's sake, but most of the time spends her time away from the duo, interacting with other Latino deities and practicing her own dance skills in the House of Musicality.
    • It was through Anita though that Tony and Maria became friends with several other deities of Spanish/Latin origin. Amigo, Zorro, and Inigo Montoya are among their first acquaintances, though Don Flamenco was a bit too flamboyant for the pair and Vega... is off the list. Interestingly, SomeCallMeJohnny of the Super Gaming Bros relates to Maria and her family's predicament considering he too is Puerto Rican. He's even invited Tony and Maria to join in on his let's play channel alongside Elliot, Matt, Mark and Sabrina but they've politely declined. They're not exactly the "gaming" type.
  • The pair are often seen in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, taking part in the various productions presented there. Most of the time, they help with the choreography and singing practice which produces a plethora of artistic masterpieces. Shakespeare himself has complimented the pair for their work but did goof up when he offered them the chance to play Romeo and Juliet. They politely declined and stuck to training. Kermit the Frog later offered the pair an opportunity to become a part of the amphibian's new Muppet Show cast, an offer that they're considering.
    • Speaking of Shakespeare, Tony and Maria's relationship with the Bard's other creations can be described as... complicated. They help out in taking care of Ophelia's temple - all the while calling out Hamlet for his treatment of her, and have been seen conversing with King Lear and his daughter Cordelia, who also shared a tragic ending to their story. As for Othello, the young couple came to realize the Moor of Venice's fatal flaw and were just glad to get away from him after their first meeting. Romeo and Juliet have confessed that their fellow deities can be a bit... extreme, but reassured Tony and Maria that things will get easier.
  • Both Tony and Maria were amazed by Team JNPR and their ability to dance in unison, so much so that all six have been seen working on their choreography in the House of Musicality along with the Elite Beat Agents. They've even gotten together with Michael Jackson, whose music video Bad took several cues from their home world, and performed their hearts out To all of them, dancing is serious business.
  • The pair get along well with the other couples in the House of Love and Affection, often hanging out and trading stories with them on their off times. Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Belle and the Beast will share tips and advice to the couple for improving their relationship whilst Alana and Marko have connected with the pair due to their connection to Romeo and Juliet. This is a major asset to have, as the pair only knew each other for a few nights and in that time, several of their loved ones lost their lives. Romeo and Juliet echo the advice of the others too; don't rush into love.
  • It's no surprise that They oppose the House of Hatred and Rancor, as the hatred between the Jets and Sharks led to Riff, Bernardo, and Tony's deaths. The House, of once, understands the pairs' stance, and all member have kept their distance... though they have shown up to their performances to show support.
  • Though they have put the gang war between the Jets and Sharks behind them, the Pantheon's ascended gangsters and mob bosses leave a bitter taste in both Tony and Maria's mouths. The 3rd Street Saints Leader, Giorno Giovanna, Birdie are more organized than the youthful gangs but they've given the pair cold glares whenever they pass by. The pair also have trouble with some of the more corrupt officers in the Pantheon, being reminded of the Detective Schrank and Officer Krupke. This extends mainly to Rosco Coltrane and Scott Shelby but the pair are wary around the likes of Chief Wiggum and Cole Phelps too, despite the latter's honest work and actually showing support for their relationship. It may have something to do with Phelps cheating on his wife with another woman.
  • Rumour on the street is Tony and Maria have been conversing with Steven Spielberg about remaking their story for a new audience. Things have been hush-hush but their excitement is more than evident. As a result they've been practicing harder than ever, as well as recruiting young new talent to join in on the fun.

    Trip and Grace 
Trip and Grace, Co-Gods of Secretly Failing Marriages
Trip (left) and Grace (right)

    Tsukasa Domyouji and Makino Tsukushi 
Tsukasa Domyouji and Makino Tsukushi, Godly Couple of Romance Borne from Physical Violence
Tsukushi (left) and Domyouji (right)

    Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot 
Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot, Divine Couple of Arranged Marriages (Victor: Vincent)
Victor & Victoria
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A butterfly (Victor) and a Victorian dress (Victoria).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Arranged Marriage that worked out well, Birds of a Feather
  • Domains: Love, Kindness, Class
  • Allies: Emily, Jack Skellington, Sanada Nobuyuki & Inahime, La Muerte & Xibalba, Mothra, Charlie Bucket, James Henry Trotter and his Bug Friends
  • Enemies: Ato-ko Shirogane, Raynare, Embryo, Akio Ohtori, Oogie Boogie, The Headless Horseman, The Radiance
  • Pities: Trip & Grace
  • Conflicting Opinion: Medea & Souichirou Kuzuki
  • Arranged marriages are an old practice that saw its use dwindling nowadays and they usually were enacted to either extend a family, unite two kingdoms or companies or even for monetary gain. Victor Van Dort, a butterfly enthusiast and Victoria Everglot, a recently poverished lady were set to marry each other to both raise the Van Dorts' social class and restore the Everglots' wealth, benefitting each other; it helps a lot that Victor and Victoria actually like each other. But their elopement was interrupted by Victor's nervousness causing him to ran off and him attempting to regain confidence at an old forest ended up having him meet Emily and causing the rest of the events to play out, eventually ending with Victor and Victoria marrying with love and certainty. Their arranged marriage which not only benefited them but also their families has earned them the right to enter the Trope Pantheons.
  • Emily was one of the first people to greet the couple as she vouches for their ascension in the first place, and not only they are also happy to see her again she is also delighted that they and their families were doing much better than before. Also greeting them is Jack Skellington who is a friend of Emily that was curious about her adventure with Victor; he decided to befriend him to alleviate his nervousness and Victor likes Jack once he looks past his scary exterior. It helps that they share the same creator.
  • When the couple first settle into their newfound temple (which is a recreation of Victor's family mansion), their neighbours Sanada Nobuyuki and his own wife Inahime came by to greet them. Like Victor and Victoria, they too were arranged to be married to bring benefits to both of their families and their love for each other strengthens the success of it so they were very happy that it turned out the same for the other two (well, after some scuffles with Emily no less); they are even grateful that Nobuyuki and Inahime are willing to protect them since they have little to none combat experience. La Muerte & Xibalba initially scared them since they are all-powerful in their homeworld but Victor and Victoria managed to look past their intimidating exteriors and see that despite their quarrels, they do love each other which is something they are awed at since they are Physical Gods. Like with other couples, Princess Cadence wishes the best in their marriage and hopes that it lasts long, a compliment they accepted wholeheartedly and Trip & Grace tells them to cherish each other since their own marriage is not one of perfection, something Victor and Victoria feels bad about.
    • However, not all of their housemates are that friendly. Caster and her husband Souichirou Kuzuki had committed murders as they pleased during the Fifth Holy Grail War, causing Victor and Victoria to stay away from them coldly. The evil couple expected it since said actions warrant some criticism but deep down, Caster is a little sad that because of her actions, she and Kuzuki technically pushed them away and kept their social network minimal.
  • Of course, those that threaten relationships is instantly disliked by the civilized couple. Ato-ko Shirogane is determined to break them up for her sick amusement and satisfaction for her fetish to the point that they outright hate her, Raynare and Gideon Graves are terrible significant others that the couple are glad to never run into and Embryo & Akio Ohtori treated other women with little to no respect let alone their humanity all for their vile and selfish needs. Their powerful allies agreed with their oppositions against the aforementioned and are ready to defend the couple against them.
  • Scary villains like Oogie Boogie and the Headless Horseman unnerve the couple and Victor is horrified that Oogie is made up of bugs, something he's exploiting given Victor loves butterflies. The Horseman is willing to go after their heads, Victor's especially which gave the couple some sleepless nights.
  • Through Jack, Victor and Victoria meet James and his Bug Friends and were amazed at his adventure and his bravery that he experienced. Victor is a little bummed that there is not a single butterfly among the Bug Friends but he does find them a lot more pleasant than most other people he has met before and Victoria can agree.
  • Victor van Dort is an avid butterfly enthusiast and he's delighted to find Sig, Agitha & Shino Aburame who share his love of butterflies on top of bugs in general; they all even go on butterfly catching activities whenever they have the time together. Through them, he and Victoria also befriended Mothra and was both scared and amazed that she is a giant butterfly; it helps that she's very benevolent. She'll even defend the couple against the Radiance, which he accepts given that even though he knows that butterflies evolved from moths, the Radiance is one moth he does not want face with her dangerous plagues and aims of stripping free will from bugkind for subservience to her.
  • Victoria Everglot was a poor aristocrat before marrying Victor and as such, sympathizes a lot with those who share unfortunate situations like her such as Sara Crewe and Perrine Clostermann. She gave her full support to them once she heard their stories of paying for her education after her father's death and rebuilding her homeland after a Neuroi invasion respectively; Sara even comes over to Victoria's temple to tell stories to her and Victor. Charlie Bucket also befriended Victoria and Victor and impressed them when they heard he was chosen to become Willy Wonka's successor of his chocolate factory.