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Greater Gods

Heimdall, God of Super-Senses (Heimdallr, The Watchmen Of the Bifrost, Gatekeeper, The Watcher of Worlds, The Protector)
Heimdall as depicted in the MCU
Click here to see Heimdall as depicted in the Battlefield of the Gods.
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His horn, Gjallarhon
  • Theme Music: the Norse theme of Smite (shared with other Norse folkloric figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Our Gods Are Different, Can See Everything In The World, Has Nine Mommies, Light Is Good, Triple Shifter
  • Domains: Sight, Divinity, Vikings, The Bifrost, Guardians, Fire
  • Interests: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: The Aesir in general, most Marvel Comics superheroes, Uatu the Watcher, Zygarde, Mata Nui, Whis, King Kai, The Machine, Lucario
  • On good terms with: Shin
  • Enemies: Surtr, Loki, Hela (MCU incarnation mainly), Thanos, YHVH, Merged Zamasu, The Divine Powers, Walder Frey, Sauron, Bill Cipher
  • Annoyed by: Rick Sanchez
  • The Bifrost is the great rainbow road that connects Midgard and Asgard. Guarding it is Heimdall, or Heimdallr according to some spellings. He possesses foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing. It's said that Heimdall can see anywhere in the world.
  • Almost never leaves his post, and whenever he does it usually means some serious shit is going down. In the pantheon his temple has been connected to the House of Space and Cosmos, both to allow easy access to the Nine Realms and many other realms, and so he can see more.
  • Rick Sanchez got bored once and decided to break security with his portal gun just to prove he can, and to annoy figures like Heimdall for being "tight-assed bureaucratic types". He ended up getting super drunk on the Asgard mead. Heimdall groaned at this and is trying to build defenses against his portal technology, but admits it was funny.
  • The etymology of the name is obscure, but 'the one who illuminates the world' has been proposed. One legend has him involved with the creation of human classes; incognito, he stayed with three different human families and rewarded them based off their treatment of their host. Because of this, he does not abide by violaters of Sacred Hospitality like Walder Frey.
  • Relates to Uatu the Watcher as they are dedicated to their job of watching over the world, though will on rare occasions interfere. Whis admires his professionalism, given how the angel is very studious and patient. He's advised Heimdall not to given Beerus any Asgardian mead, it probably won't end well.
  • Likes the Machine for being a benevolent watcher of things, and Zygarde for being a guardian of Earth/Midgard much as he is watching over Asgard. He is also interested in training Lucario in his aura sight. Sauron and Bill Cipher boast better sight and vision than Heimdallr, but he doesn't care for them. Zamasu ranted as he is wont to that Heimdall should be using his powers on the field and not being lazy, but the Watcher of Worlds just finds him a threat to Asgard and the Nine Realms as a whole.
  • May have a bit of a pervy side as he was the one who convinced Thor to dress up in drag. Long story. He also has nine sisters as his mother. The House of Family and Relatives is still trying to figure out how that works, and the House of Celebration jokes he's going to have his hands full getting gifts for Mother's Day.
  • Shin was a bit worried that like Old Kai he might be using his all-seeing powers to peep on girls, but Heimdall has told him he doesn't have time for that. He does have time to advise Shin on high maintenance god jobs. He was also told about King Kai and how he watched his sector from afar, and the two liked each other well enough beyond the comparison of being watchers.
  • Because of how good he is at keeping his eyes on things, the SCP Foundation believes he could help with containment. Heimdall is considering it, but hasn't made his decision. It's unclear if his supernatural sight would ensure SCP-173 stays still or if he would still need to be physically present near 173.

    Simon Williams/Wonder Man 
Simon Williams, God of Not Needing What Others Need (Wonder Man, Wondie)
Simon's Ionic Form

Intermediate Gods

Azrael, God of Power Limiters (The Mad Dog, King of Atrocity, Genocider, The DeathBringer, Massacre King, Azu-nyan, and many more)
  • Intermediate God (Can rise higher if he decides to release his Enchant Dragunov)
  • Symbol: His chest tattoo (Enchant Dragunov), imprinted into the back of his coat, on his emblem
  • Theme Music: The Tyrant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (on a good day, a really dark shade of Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Thristing for battle and being crazy when being in one, Power Limiting Tattoos, Applying weak points and then hitting them, Being really destructive, Feared by All, Being Near Unstoppable
  • Domains: Bloodlust, Combat
  • Allies: None. He is known attacking his own allies due of his bloodlust so no one wishes to be near him.
  • Rivals: Any one who he considers being Worthy Opponent, like Ragna.
  • Enemies: None in normal basics
  • Opposed By: Kokonoe
  • After hearing of all the warriors who lived in the Pantheon, Azrael considered it being the perfect feeding ground for him and wanted in. Originally he wanted to usurp Kenpachi Zaraki as the God of Blood Knights, but got tired of waiting and started searching for open thrones he would apply do.
    • After the fact that he was able to defeat Rachel Alucard, Jin Kisaragi and Ragna the Bloodedge, without removing any levels out of Enchant Dragunov, most gods were afraid what he could do if he could completely remove it. As such, he was able to get his godhood that way.
    • When Gods ask what he can do if he would loosen up Enchant Dragunov or remove it, they are directed to these videos. He keeps it on to draw out the battle and not kill people instanly for a reason.
  • Azrael also has another thing what limits him: A restriction from Sector Seven which prevents him from attacking people who have no will to fight, aside of Tager, Kokonoe and maybe Ragna, who he can attack anyway. Where this causes him being unable to just fight any god he wants, there are enough gods who will fight him to keep him satisfied and he also attacks Mooks if he needs to.
  • Wesker has found some interest on Azrael. It would be that his inhuman strenght has peaked his interest, or that they sound a kind.
  • Before he ascended, Terumi spread a rumour in a radio podcast which claimed that he might be gay. Azrael denies this and in worst case will put the person in the recieving end of Valiant Crash combo. This has gained him some sympathy from Kanji Tatsumi, but he tries to keep his distance from Azrael anyway.
  • He can also dance to the tune of the Love Phantom.
  • Believe or not, Azrael has a good side for him: he actually cannot stand strong bullying the weak. Whenever it is because he thinks that wasting their strength on the weak is waste of time or not, it is possibly a good idea to stop what you are doing and run away.
  • Considers himself to be somewhat of a opposite to Issei Hyodo due to them having quite the opposite positions. Azrael has made it clear that he wants to fight Issei one day and if he refuses, well, it wouldn't be the first time Azrael has attacked a lady to anger some one. Issei tried to attack Azrael because of that, but had to retreat when Azrael almost broke Issei's arm after he caught his punch. Some gods are taking bets on the clash between limiter-free Azrael and Cardinal Crimson Queen Issei.
    • On Issei's part, it ticks him off how he sounds like Kokabiel, and wonders if the two of them and Asura are somewhat related or not. To pile up on this, Ikaruga honestly thinks that Azrael is like if his brother, Murasame, was Drunk with Power.
    • When asked about Shinnok and his plans to steal away the Boosted Gear, Azrael shrug, saying that he would only be interested on him if he was that bored, or if he actually manages to take away the Boosted Gear, giving him a even stronger opponent to feast upon.note 
  • Can also be found in the House of Magical Items.

    Elite Tauren Chieftain (E.T.C.) 
Elite Tauren Chieftain, God of Involuntary Dancing (E.T.C., Rock God, Chief Thunder-Skins)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The ETC logo and a Guitar in form of an Axe
  • Theme Song: Too many to settle but the most famous ones are Power of the Horde, I am Murloc and Rogues do it from Behind.
  • Alingment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heavy Mithril, Member of the Tauren Race, Ascended Meme, Dynamic Entry, Can jump almost everywhere, Wields an Axe Guitar, Lightning Bruiser, Can harness the Power of Rock, Incredibly tough to kill
  • Domains: Rock, Metal, Bands, Dancing
  • Heralds: The Rest of his band
  • Followers: the Para Para Brothers, Piper, Super-Hip, Pied Piper, Dischordia
  • Allies: Baine Bloodhoof, Thrall, Vol'jin, Murky, Ragnaros the Firelord, Abathur, Ormagöden, Brook, Dethlok, Eddie Riggs, The Guy, The Symphogears, Sona Buvelle, Miltank
  • Rivals: Haruko Haruhara, Pantheon
  • Friendly Enemies: Diablo, Arthas Menethil
  • Not-So-Friendly enemies: Lucia Nanami
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Brightwing, Malfurion Stormrage
  • Odd Friendship: Any Deity with pink hair
  • Elite Tauren Chieftain is a famous Musician known all accross the World of Azeroth and it shows as he can found battling numerous heroes in The Nexus or in a quiet Inn as a prominent player. The next big objective in ETC's mind was get a spot in the Pantheon and he surely did in a spectacular way.
    • After reviewing his history and finding out that his Music had an interesting Charm into it (Which mean that his music made people near him dance Uncontrollably) he was allowed to have the title of Involuntary Dancing.
    • It should be noted that Mosh Pit's influence is so strong that ETC can even perform it beyond the grave!
  • His band used to have different names over the course of thier career. First they were called Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, then Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain and Level 90 ETC and Level 100 ETC, until they said "Screw it" and sticked with Elite Tauren Chieftain ever since.
  • He sports a particularly pink goatie, which he is really proud of. As a result, he has made friends with many people who also has Pink hair and is not ashamed to admit that his Favourite color is Pink.
  • Believe or not, ETC and his band used to be buddies with Arthas before. Apparently, he was the lead Guitarist of the band and even had a part in the making of "The Power of the Horde"
  • Unusually for him, ETC became friends with Sona Buvelle given that both have the power to make other people Dance uncontrollably. Even then, the Tauren is slightly disappointed that she doesn't "Rock it out" like he does but acknowledges her power and considers her an equal.
  • He also has the ability to "Stage Dive" anywhere he wants which caught the attention of another Mighty jumper, Pantheon. While the latter is impressed by the Tauren's abilities, he still mocks him for not beings as strong as him with his jumps and became rivals ever since.
  • Ever since the release of one of his bigger hits, I Am Murloc, the Tauren has been good friends with Murky. ETC definitely enjoys the little fellow's antics.
  • He gets along surprisingly well with Diablo, even though they would more likely be enemies if the other good guys were around. ETC on his part wants Diablo to be part of the cover of his next album but the Demon is having seconds thoughts.
    • Even then, ETC will not particularly care if The Lord of Terror decides to antagonize him and even he has defeated him on a couple of occasions.
  • If you ever wondered what would have ETC become if he didn't started his band? Well, he would have tried jumping into a Country music Carrier. In fact, he once designed a costume just in case he really wanted to try Country music.
  • While he is normally a pretty Chill dude with others, he really cannot stand Brightwing, because she is always trying to befriend him and in his words, "She is ruining his cred".
    • He also can't get along with Malfurion Stormrage given his "Hippie" Personality. ETC always mock him, telling him to Go hug a tree.
  • Has declared himself the rival of Haruko Haruhara because they both use Instruments as Weapons. They often spend their time "Rocking out" in the House of Music and ETC is even considering her a spot in his band.
  • He is looking for something "Brutal" enough to be part of the cover of his next Album. He currently stuck between choosing Abathur or Ormagoden.
  • Lucia Nanami doesn't particularly like him, mainly due to the fact that one of her enemies back in the mortal realm had similar powers as he does
  • Also present in the House of Musicality

Lucario, God of Aura Vision (The Aura Pokémon, Master of Aura)
Mega Lucario
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when Mega-Evolved)
  • Symbol: His paw wrapped in aura
  • Theme Song: Lucario's Theme, Battle! Wild Pokémon (Diamond and Pearl) (Super Smash Bros. Remix, Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl Remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Inner Focus (Adaptability as Mega Lucario)
  • Moveset: Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Flash Cannon, Power-Up Punch
  • Portfolio: Being both a steel-type and Fighting-type Pokémon, fangs, Aura Sphere, Glass Cannon, aura-based fighting style in addition to ki, Mega Lucario, liking chocolate
  • Domains: Mons, Aura, Fighting
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, Cynthia, all good Dragon Ball characters (particularly Goku), Brock, Misty, Meta Knight, Solid Snake, Satori Komeiji, Heimdall
  • Rivals: Mewtwo
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Tabuu, Black Doom
  • Has mixed feelings for: Viridi
  • Ascended when it was revealed he would return for the 4th Super Smash Bros. Tournament, alongside packing extra heat with his Mega Evolution.
  • Has become a protégé to Goku, due to having the same voice in Sean Schemmel. Also spends time with the other Dragon Ball gods, although Vegeta keeps calling Lucario "hedgehog" due to his own dislike of Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Mewtwo hates him with an utter passion, due to Lucario taking a spot in the 3rd Smash Bros tournament while he only had a trophy showcased and then returning for Smash 4 even though Mewtwo has two Mega Evolutions. Mewtwo has heard of a special program that would give him the ability to use a Final Smash and waits to fight Lucario one-on-one.
    • With Mewtwo having entered the 4th Smash Bros Tournament, Lucario awaits his challenge.
  • Lucario has a fondness for chocolate and eats it whenever he's in the House of Food. Shares hot chocolate with Anna because of this. This got to the point of him drooling when he first saw Willy Wonka's temple, almost slurping from the chocolate river.
  • Met up with Ash, and the two now start to train to see if Ash can enhance his aura abilities. He's taken pride that Ash has a Lucario on his team and has helped him to train the Lucario and improve his Aura since Ash's Lucario was a Riolu.
  • His Aura powers make sneaking virtually impossible. Solid Snake should know—how else did Lucario notice Snake hiding in his box?
  • Lent a bit of his power to a boy named d. Unfortunately, that Lucario tended to get kicked around all the time and was eventually boxed for Xernas.
  • Is known to be quite fond of Sora because he sounds a lot like Nate.
    • Oddly has a friendship with Téa Gardener too because her voice reminds him of the first person who introduced him to chocolate: Max.
  • Viridi has spoken interest in Lucario due to his powers over aura, and wants to recruit him into her Forces of Nature. Lucario himself is unsure of the notion, due to Viridi's campaign against humanity. While there are some humans who are as bad as she says they are and a few even outright irredeemable, it's still no reason to condemn the entire race as a whole. He should know this as he has several human friends who want to preserve nature just as much as he does, voiding the Nature Goddess' opinions of humanity. Viridi hasn't given up though.

SCP-073, God of Practical Uses of Powers (Cain)
Cain in SCP-6666
  • Intermediate God (Euclid by SCP standards)
  • Symbol: The Mark of Cain on his forehead
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Attack Reflector, Photographic Memory Used For Data Storage, The Original Cain Turned Nice Guy, Creepy Monotone, Real Men Eat Meat As He Withers Plants Around Him, Still Feels Pain From Injuries On Him, The Stoic, Nigh-Invulnerable, Artificial Limbs
  • Domains: Memory, Cybernetics, Immortality, Decay, Data Storage, Power Reflection
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: Wobbufett, Android 21, Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan, Chuck Bartowski, Jack Harkness
  • On speaking terms with: Chuck Shurley, God (God, the Devil and Bob)
  • Enemies: Vril Dox/Brainiac, Voldemort, Vandal Savage, The Cybermen
  • Slightly annoyed by: Ned Flanders
  • No comment: YHVH, Naoya
  • Avoids: The House of Plants, The Mage of the Beginning
  • Pities: Kenny McCormick
  • SCP-073. Class: Euclid. SCP-073 is an enigmatic cyborg human who refers to itself as Cain. He has the ability to reflect any damage inflicted on him, and causes plants to wither near him. Most useful is his perfect recall and photographic memory. For this reason, he serves as the data storage for the SCP Foundation.
  • Appears to be the Cain from The Bible. Despite his reputation as the first murderer, he's an amiable figure. It's his brother, SCP-076-2 aka "Able", who's an Ax-Crazy lunatic. This is believed to be a consequence of said murder and his Attack Reflector. Ned Flanders started getting angry at him for being Cain, and while he annoyed 073 a bit Flanders eventually realized he was mistaken in judging him. After all, the scriptures never said Cain remained evil until the end.
  • Naoya is the reincarnation of Cain, retaining his old memories. With the SCP multiverse being what it is, whether they were ever the same person is unclear but 073 is of the belief that Naoya is his Alternate Self. YHVH is also of this belief, but has no interest in the SCP as it is not the Cain who opposes him. SCP-073 hasn't mentioned and probably doesn't even know if YHVH has any relation to any being it has known. 073 doesn't care about Him, but he is friendly with Chuck Shurley and God(God, the Devil and Bob), which further hints at his Biblical origins.
  • Vandal Savage insists that he is the real Cain, with the Mark of Cain to prove it. SCP-073 flat out stated that Vandal almost certainly isn't, and at the best is just another Alternate Self who remains stuck in his evil ways. The Contemporary Caveman scoffs at 073, believing he's wasting his perfect recall and powers and should be using them for evil like himself. When it comes to Kane, he remains neutral on him and his claims of being the Cain.
  • Has spent some in the House of Recollection and Amnesia, out of curiosity due to his perfect recall. He has come to feel sympathetic towards Android 21, due to suffering from Identity Amnesia. Her scientist good side is fascinated by him. Her evil half merely wants to eat him. It is unclear how the Attack Reflector would deal with transformation and assimilation, but even if the latter works it would probably poison and kill her. The SCP Foundation has zero interest in letting this happen.
  • It is unknown how the Mage of the Beginning's ability to possess her killer would work if she was killed in assaulting SCP-073. They have no intention to ever come close enough to find out. It is also unknown how it would relate to Wobbuffet's own power of reflecting attacks. They aren't trying to find out, but so far the two seem to be civil.
  • While immortal, he still feels pain from damage inflicted and reflected. For this reason, he feels pretty bad for Kenny McCormick as he keeps dying and coming back, and it always hurts. Cain at least keeps his original body. He seems to be friendly with Jack Harkness, another man who's inexplicably immortal. Unfortunately this led to Voldemort being very interested in the idea of making SCP-073 a horcrux, as no-one could destroy it. It's unclear if 073 is even compatible however.
  • Because of his ability to function as a data storage, both Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan are fond of him. So is Chuck Bartowski. This has led to the attention of the Cybermen and Brainiac. Brainiac wants all the knowledge in him and his perfect recall experimented on to enhance his own knowledge. The Cybermen believe a converted SCP-073 would make the perfect Cyber Planner.
  • Szilard Quates was immediately interested in SCP-073. He wants absolute knowledge, and SCP-073 contains more memories to extract than anyone he's ever encountered. He immediately put his hand on 073 to devour him, only for it to do absolutely nothing because while 073 is immortal, he is not the same kind of immortal that he uses. Cain is making sure to never allow himself to taste the same panacea that allows people in the Baccano series to become immortal. It is unsure how assimilation countering with the Attack Reflector would play out, but much like the Mage of the Beginning nobody wants to find out.

    SCP- 179 
SCP-179, Goddess of Living Sensors (Sauelsuesornote , SCP-ES-026, The Lookout, Sister Semaphore, Lady of the Vacuum Lake, Pointer sister, Tyche, Estrellite, Sally, Sun Witch)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Object Class: Thaumiel)
  • Symbol: The alchemical symbols on her body
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sensor Character, Guardian Entity, Was Originally From The Spanish Branch's Website Before Becoming SCP-179, Is Roughly 22,700 Years Old, The Power of the Sun, Is A Benevolent Guardian Of The Solar System, Used To Be A Hunter-Gatherer Woman, Power Tattoo, Multi-Armed Multitasking
  • Domains: The Sun, Anomalies, Watchers, Guardians, Detection, Warning
  • "Brother": The Sun
  • Working relationship with: The SCP Foundation, The Men in Black
  • Allies
  • Enemies: Those who want to bring The Night That Never Ends, any threat to the Solar System (so by default the Grand United Alliance of Destruction), The Dalek Empire, the Harvesters, Apophis, The Sleeper, the C'Tan, the Grox, Planet Remina, Pinbacker, The Iris
  • Respects: The New Alliance Of Free Stars
  • Wary of: Necrozma
  • Some anomalies in the SCP Foundation aren't just benevolent, but helpful. Anything under the "Thaumiel" class actively helps containment. One of these anomalies is SCP-179, or Sauelsuesor if you will. This name means "Sister of the Sun"; she is a black-skinned humanoid that floats over the southern polar region of the Sun. She is a guardian and watcher of life in the Solar System, and not just Earth; if she senses a danger approaching she'll point it out and thus allow people to react in time. She has several markings, identified as those typically representing the Sun, are placed throughout her bodily midline. She's strongly fond of both the sun, who she refers to as her "brother", and is kind, loving, caring, and benevolent toward all life, earthly or otherwise.
  • The SCP Foundation was somewhat flummoxed by the arrival of SCP-179 to the Trope Pantheon, as they had hoped to restrict access to her for, among other things, preventing their enemies of knowing about any potential attacks they may launch. The GUAG felt this was rather selfish as Sauelsuesor is one of the few wholly benevolent and effective anomalies they have on record, and a worthy warning signal for any threat to enter the various incarnations of the Solar System. The Thaumiel-class anomaly is still on good terms with the SCP Foundation, but she does consider the GUAG a worth organization to ally herself with. She's never seen leaving from her spot next to her "brother" the Sun, so communication with her is sparse and spotty at times. Because of how hard it is to detect her the Men in Black find it easy to cover up her existence from any unascended individuals, and they have a working relationship with her because she can alert alien threats and threats to the Masquerade in record time.
  • Because of where she lives few deities can even survive reaching her. Those who have gotten close have seen her use sign language to communicate in the vacuum, but she can also speak fluent French... in spite of the fact that she was stationed long before France existed. While "the Star in the Smith" claims that she used to be a star, the more accepted origin is that she was a hunter-gatherer that became what she is somehow, and judged on her very very long hair is around 22,700 years old. And by long, we mean "puts Rapunzel to shame" as it is over 34 kilometers long. It is heavy and strong enough that it was able to tie SCP-096 up, but again good luck at someone other than SCP-179 being able to remove a strand.
  • One of the few people that is able to come close to her is also someone powered by the sun, like her; Superman. Well, she's powered by solar winds and he just needs the sunlight, but it's more a "to-ma-toe to-ma-to" difference. He can't spend too much time that close to the Sun though since it could result in a fatal power overload, though in one timeline he overcomes that and gains immense power from spending millennia in the sun. The two respect one another because of their dedication to protecting the Earth, and generally being heroic. SCP-179 sees all life in the Solar System as precious, and if Superman can't detect danger she'll always be there to warn him and others. Because of his super-hearing, he's actually able to hear what she says if he tunes it carefully enough.
  • While Superman was the character of the superhero genre that approached her first, some might argue that she shares more in common with the Watcher. Granted she's far more likely to interfere and point out danger, but despite his claims the Watcher isn't above interfering if he feels there's an emergency. Both are situated on classical iconic celestial bodies too. Together, the two serve as invaluable "lifeguards" for residents who live around the Sun. Heimdall is fond of SCP-179 and respects the dedication to her job, noting that the two also share a very similar job. A couple other allies in this regard are Absol and Cassandra. Not so much for their awareness of dangers in space, but in time; she doesn't ignore their prophetic warnings and she doesn't think highly of those that ignore or blame them.
  • Why is SCP-179 capable of living so close to the sun in a vacuum? No-one knows for sure. One origin suggests she was once a young star, but most origins suggest she was still human but became something more by unknown means. Her ability to exist the way she does has been compared by some to the Power Cosmic. The Silver Surfer was intrigued and wondered if she somehow uses a weaker strain, which might explain her own cosmic awareness. The Sister of the Sun likes him since he's not native to the solar system, but he has helped to protect it. Norrin Radd is one of few that can meet her in person with zero issue, and in fact he likes surfing right next to the sun. The Lady of the Vacuum Lake was informed by Norrin about a couple other superheroes. One, Nick Fury, was kind of a dick but also helpful because he was able to identify and stop cosmic threats his contemporaries didn't know about. She is also curious about Jean Grey because of her Phoenix powers which let her get close to the sun, but 179 hasn't made a clear decision on how she feels about her yet.
  • Her name means "Sister of the Sun", which of course asks the question "which Sun?" It's a question she didn't get at first until SCP-179 realized "wow, there are a lot of them aren't there?" The eldest of these appears to be Ra, the Egyptian Top God who's daily journey is meant to explain, well, the day. He was quick to inform Set that "no, your job won't be effective; I still need your help fighting the dreaded serpent". The Lady of the Vacuum Lake has given Set a heads up when Apophis is going to try and do something unexpected, musing "we're both anomalies, after all". Set scoffs at this as "typical Foundation pride" but accepts the help. Helios, Amaterasu and Apollo were happy for the additional help. They wonder if she counts as an unrecognized demi-goddess.
  • SCP-179 is allied with Apollo, however she thinks he's kind of a jerk because of her aforementioned friendship with Cassandra. Apollo isn't above hitting on her, which she finds annoying, but he's protective of her and dedicated to his role as an "averter of evil". Another ally of hers is Chanticleer, because of his important role in crowing to signal her brother. As she is the sister of a stellar object SCP-179 is allied with Rosalina and Aurelion Sol. She's also very grateful towards Robert Capa for healing her brother. Pinbacker is flippant at this as he's of the belief that SCP-179 is one of the Devil's servants trying to deceive people away from the Judgement Day God has demanded, to which she's mused "only the one in your mind".
  • The main concern of the sister of the Sun is, naturally, interstellar forces that are either completely hostile aliens who would harvest/exterminate the Solar System like the Daleks and Harvesters, or malignant celestial bodies like the Sleeper or Planet Remina. The Grox are on her naughty list too, since she has detected hostile spaceships of theirs breaking through the Kuiper Belt. SCP-179 also regards those who want to bring about The Night That Never Ends as ridiculous and self-destructive. Another enemy is the Iris, who wants to infect and subvert the ecosystems and geology of the different planets in the Solar System for its own purposes, and the C'Tan as they would love to just eat all the souls and poison her brother. Initially SCP-179 would've been in conflict with Necrozma due to their hunger for the Sun's light, but they've had a Heel–Face Turn since then. Not that she trusts him, however.
  • For the most part, even if you're a villain that lives in the Solar System SCP-179 will leave you alone. She doesn't take favorites; she loves and protects all life in the Solar System. Since there are two different belligerent Martian species, she's somewhat upset whenever there is conflict within the system and would rather they stop fighting and think of either uniting against a shared threat, or recognizing they could accomplish more as allies. Sauelsuesor respects the New Alliance Of Three Stars. The Martian Manhunter was interested in her and he's stated that he has a good relationship with both Earth and Saturn; he could help her in keeping order within the Solar System.
  • Though admitting they can be unpleasant at times, she appreciates the spirit of the Blorg Commonality wanting everyone to get along. She's also quite thankful for the Doctor and his TARDIS always coming along to help, and she likes how the TARDIS always warns the Doctor of dangers in the universe (in her words, she always takes the Doctor where he needs to go). She's kind of annoyed when people yeet stuff into the Sun though. Not that she doesn't get why on many an occasion, it's just a pet peeve of hers seeing stuff like this happen to her brother like he's some glorified disposal unit. And yes, she is aware that her brother is going to die eventually; it's something the Doctor has seen but doesn't bring up to be polite. It's not gonna happen for billions of years, but she's come to terms with everything having its time. It's just a downer if you keep mentioning it to her.

    Vali Lucifer 
Vali Lucifer, God of Divine Division (White Dragon Emperor, Butt Dragon Emperor)
Click here to him with his Scale Mail armor
  • Intermediate God (aims to vanquish even Overdeities; borderline-Overdeity himself while using Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive)
  • Symbol: The wings of his Sacred Gear, Divine Dividing.
  • Theme Song: Saikyou no Sonzai
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, slowly became Chaotic Good overtime
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Born of the original Lucifer's blood, Showing No Sexual Interest, Divine Division to the point of non-existence, Rivalry, Aces, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Starts off as a villain but then becomes a hero, Searching for Worthy Rivals, Fighting for the Weaker Side to Battle Against Stronger Foes, Dragons, Being much stronger than Issei up until the latter's resurrection, Victim of parental abuse, Wants to have a loving family all things considered.
  • Domains: Strength, Nerfing, Combat, Devils
  • Herald: Lavinia Reni
  • Allies: Vegeta, Kenpachi Zaraki, Vergil, Accelerator, Shu Ouma, Lucifer, Fenrir, Chaos Knight
  • Rivals: Issei Hyodo (became more allies than rivals overtime, but the opposition of their Sacred Gears still makes them this), Natsu Dragneel
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Touma Kamijou
  • Enemies: Gwyn, Ornstein and Smough (especially Smough), Acnologia, YHVH, Shao Kahn, Korra, Ghetsis Harmonia, Esdeath, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Opposes: Nefarian
  • Opposed by: Greninja, Terrorblade
  • Interested in: Luka
  • Ascended not longer after defeating Pluto, the Ultimate Grim Reaper, by using Divine Dividing to the point that Pluto could no longer exist.
  • Due to his desire to vanquish every powerful god in the entire pantheon, he has few allies and holds little political power despite his powerful abilities. That said, he is willing to work together with other gods, including Issei, if it would allow him to vanquish anyone too powerful for him to handle alone.
  • Had caused trouble for Issei by informing the other gods of his actual combat prowess, especially his Cardinal Crimson Queen form, thus causing Kenpachi Zaraki and various other "battle-manic" gods to gain an interest in him, and even get pursued by some dragonslayers, such as Gajeel Redfox, and, more infamously, Ornstein. Interestingly enough, Vali has managed to befriend Gajeel, though he did gain another rival in the form of Natsu Dragneel.
  • Hearing of Asura's incredible feats had earned his immense interest. Vali aims to one day defeat him once he becomes strong enough.
    • He also was sincerely amazed at how Bryan Fury could keep up with Issei... That is, until he pushed the pervert's Berserk Button. On Vali's part, however, he decided to train Bryan, as he expressed interest in fighting Issei once again, as well as his haremettes. Despite that, though, Vali admitted that Bryan's bloodlust is a bit too much even for his standards.
  • Gets along quite well with Kenpachi due to their shared interests in fighting strong opponents. Kenpachi is also one of the few gods who can fight against Vali while he is using Juggernaut Overdrive.
  • He also gets along greatly with Accelerator, for having similar appearances, personalities, are regarded respectively as the strongest in something, and also sound a real lot alike. Ironically, Issei has befriended Accelerator's former arch-nemesis, Touma Kamijou. However, Vali, along with Issei, has also befriended Shu Ouma for similar reasons - that is, they also sound similar.
  • Has a fetish for butts but has little interest in either love or sex. Due to this, Flonne often approaches him trying to explain to him "the meaning of love", similarly to what happens with Ichika Orimura. Not like Vali cares though. However, because of his fetish for butts, many gods think he likes twerking videos. This has not been proven as of yet, and probably never will. That being said, he once watched porn at Issei's house. He didn't get anything about it and Issei had to explain everything to him.
  • Ever since Ornstein was forbidden to hunt down Issei due to his obsession on killing him, Smough decided to target Vali to try and eat him, but not for any reason: just because, he says. Vali defeated him a few times - quite the coup de grâce knowing the game where the executioner comes from, but is really annoyed by him, and decided to settle it once and for all with a tag-team Death Battle between him and Issei versus Ornstein and Smough. This battle is currently pending approval by Wiz and Boomstick.
    • That being said, Ornstein and Smough's master, Gwyn, unlike with Issei, appears not to think too highly of Vali: he says that Vali is the very image of the depraved Everlasting Dragons of the Age of Fog, and thus approved of Ornstein and Smough's desire to kill him. Vali says that he's more than willing to fight the Lord of Cinder if he wants to.
  • When asked about Shinnok and his desire to steal the Boosted Gear, Vali simply said that he'll fight him whenever the two have a chance, but preferably if Shinnok succeeds into stealing the Sacred Gear. However, Vali really doesn't know that a bloodthirsty conqueror (or better, konqueror) named Shao Kahn has taken interest in stealing his Divine Dividing.
  • Unlike with Issei, who became part of the GUAG, Vali has decided to join Lucifer's GUAC, as the Lightbringer promised him many opponents to battle, a similar reason to how the Vali Team was originally part of the Khaos Brigade, and also to oppose Ornstein and Smough, as the duo is part of YHVH's GUAL. Little does Lucifer know that Vali is aiming to vanquish him, and possibly even betray the GUAC altogether and become part of the GUAG (not that the Morningstar would really care, being one of the few to fully accept the Might Makes Right philosophy - should he be defeated, his opponents have more than earned his friendship in his book). Vali's taking his time, though, albeit he does wonder if this Lucifer is his ancestor.
  • Is aware that Acnologia is gunning for him for the very same reasons that he's targeting Issei. Vali expresses some approval of the idea of fighting the Dragon King, though he's not stupid enough to think he can do it without help. All things aside, however, the threat of fighting Acnologia is so high he might even call a truce with Ornstein and Smough to fight the evil dragon.
  • Albion, Vali's dragon and Sacred Gear, was known to visit Xuanzang for counselling due to having to put up with the fact that he is currently known as the Butt Dragon Emperor while Ddraig is known as the Breast Dragon Emperor. The fact that Azazel is currently considering adding Vali to the Grabbin' Dragon show only aggravated Albion further.
  • Since Greninja's change of title and the increase of Better Nerf Greninja jokes, the Frog Pokémon has grown a slight annoyance with Vali's own title. The White Dragon Emperor, on the other hand, doesn't understand this sudden hatred.
  • Is very interested in Issei's latest friend, Luka, since he is also offspring of Lucifer (well, his own world's counterpart), which should technically make him his own father. Luka, however, tries to steer clear from Vali, since his fighting spirit reminds him of Granberia, the Dragon Queen and one of Alice's Four Heavenly Knights.
  • Is a frequent victim of the Black Dragon Nefarian's trolling. Usually, Blackwing copies Vali's Divine Dividing and depowers him until he gets bored. Though often when he finishes with Vali he goes for other unlucky gods who cross his path. The Hakuryuukou is considering joining forces with Ragnaros The Firelord just to get rid of this annoying jerk.
    "From now on, you should call me Dr. Balance, Mr. Lucifer. I really wonder why don't you have more fun with this power, instead of having your pathetic crusade against everyone in your world.

    Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch 
Wanda Maximoff, Goddess of Probability (Scarlet Witch, Harbinger of Chaos, Westview Fitter-Inners.)

Lesser Gods

Byakuya, God of Web Traps (The Non-Volitional Predator, The Predator that Roams the Night)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Eight Legs of Shredding: The Predators
  • Theme Song: Beat Eat Nest, The Cradle of Demise
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral under his Sis’ command. Closer to Chaotic Evil otherwise.
  • Portfolio: Dull Eyes of Unhappiness, EXS of Dark Spikes: Chelicerata, Confusion Fu, Ax-Crazy Troll, Hair-Trigger Temper, Spider-like Humanoid Abomination, Creepy Child, Brother–Sister Incest with Tsukuyomi, Preying on the EXS of others, Tragic Monster
  • Domains: Spiders, Webs, Blades, Brothers, Obsession, Madness
  • Herald: "Tsukuyomi"/Strix
  • Allies: Mana Ouma, Belarus, Hansel and Gretel, The House of Arthropods, Nerscylla, Muffet, Kidomaru of Sound Five
  • Rivals: Merkava
  • Enemies: Hilda, Hyde Kido, Orie Ballardiae, Haruka and Sora Kasugano, Ephraim and Eirika, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, The Investigation Team (especially Yu Narukami), Marie
  • Feared by: All Arachnaphobes
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha, Chrollo Lucilfer
  • Those who enter the Hollow Night as In-Births come from many different walks of life, and the transformation into said In-Births can be quite overwhelming. While there are many who can easily cope or ease into the transition without much trouble, others are liable to be forever changed. One such person permanently twisted into the person they are today is Byakuya. A odd young man dubbed "The Non-Volitional Predator" as an alias in the Night, his unstable nature means he can change demeanors on a whim. One moment he is emotionless and holds no reprieved grudges and in the next he's sporting a sinister grin as he's goading his opponents into fighting him before ripping them apart without a hint of remorse, much like an animal. Byakuya is always accompanied by a woman named Tsukuyomi whom he claims to be his sister. He essentially serves as her attack dog in the Hollow Knight and woe to those who have the misfortune of encountering them, especially if it's clear they mean a threat to her or her goals of finding a friend of hers.
  • It began with hearsay, like so many stories before his. There existed a place different from the Hollow Night, but one many a person ends up in sooner or later in some way. By the insistence of Tsukuyomi they both would travel to this place for her purposes. Their entrance came quietly, one they took advantage of perfectly. The two went around throughout the Pantheon, Tsukuyomi asking people questions regarding the whereabouts of a white-haired and insane woman her age, though they often drew only on blanks. There were some people they ran into that held ill intentions, forcing Byakuya hand to have them murdered and devoured in return. Other times, however, there were those who unknowingly got in their way and were hunted all the same. Byakuya's reputation gained traction all the while, but he didn't mind though, being here beats waiting in the Altar of Light and Dark for his Sis' mystery person to come to them. He'll pass the time sharpening his claws all the while for that fateful day.
  • His relationship with his sister very much borders in the realm of obsessive. Well, his relationship with his real sister is like that, anyways. The "Tsukuyomi" that he accompanies in the Night? She's a fake. The real one was much more sweeter and bubbly and it is really no wonder Byakuya held her in such high regard, especially with the absence of any other family member. Then she passed away from a fatal car accident, and Byakuya's sanity took a nosedive for the worse. Still in denial, he wanders out into the city to try and find her but ends up encountering a Void and accepted his fate. Yet Byakuya survives the experience and became an In-Birth and he came to the conclusion through a hallucination that the powers he gained were a gift from his late sister and thus his will to live on was rekindled. It was definitely not for the best, however. He seemed to have gained far more than just superpowers since that day...
    • Truth be told, he didn't know what to do since that day and months after Tsukuyomi's death he went on a killing spree throughout the various Hollow Nights that have occurred, even lamenting that it was too easy. At one point after cleaning out another Night of its In-Births he came across a young woman named Strix, who's image was a striking resemblance to his late sister's. Seeing her inability to fight even as she roams the dangerous Night to look for someone Byakuya took it upon himself to help her even as both parties agree that it's just be mere self-fulfillment on Byakuya's part. Still, he retorts that she's free to use him as a weapon. In the end, and without much options left, Strix accepted his help and agreed to take on Tsukuomi's name for the time being. When Byakuya inquired more into Strix's past it only reaffirmed the need to help her in finding this friend of hers, apparently further affirming to him that Strix may be Tsukuyomi's reincarnation as they play along with the act for a while longer.
  • The infamy of the "Predator's" ascension made rounds in the denizens of the Hollow Night, and not many are positive. Hyde blundered into the two in one possibility of the Night's unfolding where Byakuya attempted to reason with him but ended up only inciting him to fight despite Strix's curiosity regarding the Insulator. Hilda, meanwhile, was ecstatic to finally meet him and "Tsukuyomi" again as the Amnesia leader has a history with Strix and a rival organization, Bankikai. Orie, through the Licht Kreis' intelligence networks, is also aware of "Tsukuyomi's" true identity of Strix. While Strix has no intentions of crossing the Licht Kreis, she does not like her for knowing too much and will rescind such sentiments if the person she is looking for is in any way harmed by them. The most positive relationship to come about their inclusion would actually come from the Humanoid Abomination, Merkava. Though appearances may not indicate otherwise, the Void stated the two are similar in being. And apparently, the kid's mannerisms appeal to Merkava's more monstrous side of him as a fully conscious Void.
    Merkava: Wonderful. It appears we have a deal then, yes? Eat, or be eaten... A very primal and barbaric way to settle matters.
    Byakuya: Right? But that's what makes it so interesting.
  • He possesses the EXS of Dark Spikes: Chelicerata, which grant Byakuya the ability to spin webs to trap his opponents and leave them vulnerable to his weapons, The Eight Legs of Shredding: The Predators, which he is free to move and manipulate however he pleases ranging from dancing in the wind to even extending in length and/or reach. With both in tandem, Byakuya can easily overwhelm his opponent. As he admitted himself he racked up quite the body count in previous Nights before meeting Strix and taking it upon himself to help her out. His transformation into an In-Birth has also granted him the abilty to devour the EXS of living beings, not unlike the Void and their appetites. It is something that Merkava has himself sensed to be true and is proven further by evidence of something sliding down inside Byakuya's body.
  • Oddly, he himself denies having annoying incestuous with his sister. Whether or not he's lying or just oblivious or something else is another matter though ultimately this did not stop him from making some gaining new pals in the House of Incestuous Dynamics and those outside it: Namely there's Mana Ouma, Belarus (although she finds Byakuya creepy), and the twins Hansel and Gretel. He does admit having someone who understands what he feels is... good. Honestly, he never really payed much mind to what other people thought about him as it didn't really matter overall to him. Byakuya is especially close with Mana Ouma given her involvement with an organization like with Strix, though details and circumstances of course vary greatly, most glaringly the whole incest thing happened after her infection with the virus.
    • That being said Haruka and Sora Kasugano regard him in the negative sense as they feel he's apart of the group of people who give a really bad name to people like them. Ephraim and Eirika, too, oppose him though it's moreso for general decency than anything as despite their placement in the House they insist aren't at all incestuous. Byakuya's affiliations with Mana had alarmed her brother, Shu Ouma, and Inori Yuzuriha. They're concerned about Mana being involved with him and by extension the Hollow Night's dangers could nullify the stability she has since gained while in the Pantheon.
  • Really, those Dull Eyes of Unhappiness are all you really need to look at to know that there's something plain off about this kid. Brother–Sister Incest and Void-like hunger for EXS aside, there's also the menacing Slasher Smile he sometimes sports, or the various spider motifs present going right down to his powers. Some have reported that the Predators he wields actually do sprout from his back like Spider Limbs, something he himself can actually attest to. For this reason, he's actually quite chummy towards the various spider gods in the Pantheon like those in the House of Arthropods for they let him have a test of their ensnared targets' EXS. The kid has also gotten along well with those outside the House like with Nerscylla and Muffet though the latter admits even she's a bit put off by him. In his routine trips to the Arthropods House he also got antiquated with Sound Five's Kidomaru. Setting aside the spider-themed abilities, both are also generally on the save wavelength when it comes to sadism and combat.
    • Not everyone is necessarily on board just because of said spider traits, however. There are, of course, arachnaphobes who would wish to stay out of both his and Strix's way whenever possible because of this. More seriously, his nature did not endear him with Spider-Man especially after catching having just beaten someone into the ground. Though Strix opted to ultimately spare the nameless fool instead of letting Byakuya devour them before the two escaped it did little to un-sour opinions. And though Chrollo Lucilfer is apart of a spider-themed criminal organization known as the Phantom Troupe, Strix had strongly advised caution when it comes to him. She sees him and the organization as a potential bother when finding her old friend, although unlike with the case of Hilda she's not willing to pay him a visit with Byakuya unless it is deemed necessary. Strix has no intentions with meddling with his plans so neither does Byakuya in a stark constrast with Hilda.
  • To some who happen to meet him in person you may find he looks familiar. Byakuya has quite the resemblance to the leader of the Investigation Team, Yu Narukami, a fact that he, his team, and the rest of his friends are all too aware of. Indeed, he would be Yu if he really did have a sister complex. And was, well, a way more messed as a person of course. Byakuya, being him, took advantage of the similarities just to incite and mess with them even further along with the people who mistake him for Yu at a distance. To top it off, Byakuya seems pretty fond of mentioning bonds since the discovery of the visual similarities with Yu.
    Byakuya: 'Bonds' this, 'bonds' that. Commit this to memory, then: My bond with Sis gave me strength, too. The claws and webs I use to hunt.
  • Apparently he's very ill fond of people gallivanting with the ideas of justice if the way he reacted to Hyde is of any indication. Though unstated, it could perhaps be related to the death of his real sister from long ago. In his grief, as far as he was concerned, it was unfair that she had to die resulting in him being left to fend for himself while other people live on instead.
  • "Ah, my dear sister! Just leave everything to me. I'll rip apart anyone who gets in your way. My manifestation was a gift from you, and exists to do your bidding."

    Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke 
Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Goddess of Sensor Characters (Ace of Spades, Fürstin)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Grey wolf imprinted into a red spade inside a four-pointed star
  • Theme Music: Lili Marleen
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Commanding Coolness, Three Dimensional Space Understanding Ability, Reasonable Authority Figure, Will Do Anything To Ensure Her Team's Safety, Glamorous Wartime Singer, Broken Bird, Beware the Nice Ones, Gray Wolf Ears and Tails, Stomaching Foods Others Can't
  • Domains: Commanders, Witches, Wolves, Singing
  • Allies: (Strike Witches) Mio Sakamoto, Gertrud Barkhorn, Charlotte E. Yeager, Francesca Lucchini, Perrine H. Clostermann, Yoshika Miyafuji, Lynette Bishop
  • Enemies: The Neuroi, The Borg, Ragyo Kiryuin The Millennium, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Wilhelm Strasse, Red Skull, Gendo Ikari
  • Wing Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke from Karsland, she is the commander of 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches". She is a commander who cares dearly for her men, and doesn't want them to get hurt. Though while she is motherly, just make sure you don't do anything self-destructive.
  • Her magic is called "Three Dimensional Space Understanding Ability" what allows her to spot anything around herself from a really long range. This allows her to know where everyone are and if there is something unusual going on with them.
  • Believe or not, Minna originally intended to be a singer, as her family thrives in musical talent. However, she had to stop studying music due of Neuroi invasion. She is still a really good singer, as heard in her rendition of "Lili Marleen".
    • Because of this, she gets along with Sheryl Nome.
  • One reason she seems so protective of her troops, and practical ban on any romantic relation with men, is because of the death of a man called Kurt Flachfeld, whom she had known for a long time and was like a big brother to her.
  • While not a Big Eater and neither is she known being able to eat absolutely everything, she is known for being able to stomach, to outright like foods what many other would find disgusting. Unfortunately, this also means that she has no real sense of taste, meaning that her cooking are questionable at best. Not helped by the fact that there aren't many who will stand up against her in terms of questioning her cooking skills.
  • She has a particular disgust forwards Koko. On one hand, she quite respects of her devotion forwards her team (some also claim that they sound similar when speaking European languages) and both of them are trying to save the world. But on other hand, her trying to control the air space, what would kill hundred of thousands of people just sickens her. The two of them seem to have mutual cease-fire forwards their team members. However, Minna has warned Koko that if she even tries to harm her team, she will learn first hand why Minna received the "Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross With Oak Leaves and Swords" (or not, as her 200th kill involves crushing her enemy between her buttocks).
  • Despite the fact that Minna took one of her titles, Commander Susan Ivanova isn't too bitter about losing Commanding Coolness and both Minna and Susan seen to get along well
  • Has gain a negative view on Gendo Ikari. This is because just like Minna, he too lost a love one. However, instead of coping with it, he instead abandoned his son and tried to end the world in an attampt to reunited with his wife. That selfishness disgust Minna. Though, she would admit that if thinks were different, she might of ended up just like him.
  • There are some who think Minna might have a much deeper affection for Mio. And it isn't just base on her getting knocked out after being deep kiss by a drunk Mio. But because she once pulled out a gun on her so she won't have to battle the Neurois since her powers were fading.
  • She respects Mitsuru for her leadership skills. Though some think that there is also something else going on here.

Samuro, God of Multiple Clones (The Blademaster)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The banner of the burning blade clan
  • Theme Song: The Samuro theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Arm-Fold, Badass Back, Confusion Fu, Critical Hit Class, Decoy Getaway, Doppelgänger Attack, Master Swordsman, Me's a Crowd, Spin Attack
  • Domains: Blades, Clans, Honor, Wandering Swordsmen
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Afro Samurai, Yurnero
  • Enemies: Gul'dan, Demonic entities in general
  • Opposes: Medivh
  • Distrusts: Good-aligned demons.
  • Samuro is one of the last known members of the Burning Blade clan, famous for being really good orc swordsmen. After his clan fell under the influence of Demons, Samuro wandered Azeroth looking for redemption and restoring his clan's honor. That's why he carries the clan's banner in his back.
  • He was allowed the position of shadow clones after he demonstrated his fighting capabilities against the brewmaster Chen and later got drafted into the Nexus. Samuro is honoured to have a place among deities and is looking to redeem his clan in the eyes of the pantheon.
  • He was happy that the old Warchief Thrall was also in the pantheon. Even if he is not leading the horde anymore, he still follows and respects him. He also found that both Rexxar and Chen were in the pantheon too, which he then promtly decided to challenge the Pandaren to a sparring match.
  • He found other deities in the pantheon that also fight with clones. He has challenged the likes of Naruto or Mami Tomoe and was surprised about their techniques and has kept an amicable relationship with them.
  • One thing that Samuro despises is demons, given how his clan fell from grace thanks to their corruption. He has sworn to take down as many as he can in order to avenge the burning blade. Of course he has come to understand that not all ascended demons are evil, but he is keeping an eye on the supposed "good ones"
  • Compared to other orcs, Samuro has a distinct accent that differents him from others. Unfortunately, people like to make fun of how he pronunciates certain words
  • Has formed an interesting rivalry with Yurnero because of the similar fighting style that he possesses, which is very characteristic of the burning blade clan. However, he is hesitant because he heard that his power is similar to that of the corrupted blademasters.
  • Has been asked about how he does his training. He said that he always does one hundred cuts, one hundred stabs, one hundred parries, ten miles of wandering, every single day. Saitama took a little interest after hearing that statement.
  • He often can be found in the House of Food claiming that his sword is really good for cutting tomatoes in addition of cutting through armor. He also has an special fondness for "WASAAAABIIII"
  • His wandering has made him found a lot of worthy opponents to fight, who also happened to be wandering swordsmen like him. From the likes of Samurai Jack or Samuel Rodrigues, they have been capable of giving him a good fight for being mere pink skins (as he calls humans).
  • Often confused to be the lead singer of ETC, given that they share names. He has gone on record clarifying that he is nowhere related to him.
    Samuro: No, 'dude', I cannot get you backstage passes. I am Samuro, not Samuro! Go ask ETC himself, then!
  • Sometimes, Samuro has been noticed to assume the guise of the "Monkey King" during the Lunar Year Festival. This has caught the attention of Sun Wukong himself, who has been interested into knowing more about this monkey king.
  • He's not currently opening a dojo, but still, he does have one basic training for those who wish to train with him: "Snatch the pebble from my hands, grasshopper!" (Real hand, not his illusion's hand. Good luck...)
  • Surprisingly he is a pretty good, if dangerous, shaver. According to him, twin blade action is pretty good... for clean close shave everytime.
  • "I hear and obey!" Note

    Shino Aizawa 
Shino Aizawa, Goddess of Self-Duplication
Her duplicates
Anna Fushino
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her other selves.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Genius Ditz, Covert Pervert, Gamer Chick, Puberty Superpower of Self-Duplication, Power Incontinence, A-Cup Angst, Crushing on Souta Mizutani for two years, Confessing it immediately after escaping from a hole
  • Domains: Love, Girlfriends, Popularity, Duplication
  • Allies: Sket Dan, Iori Fuyusaka, Ai Mizuno, Umaro Doma, Chiaki Nanami, Pacifica Northwest, Ann Takamaki, Bo, Yotsuba Koiwai, Peppa Pig, Hitori Gotoh, Wander, Silvia
  • On Good Terms with: Hekapoo of the Magic High Comission
  • Pities: The Main Cast of Charlotte
  • Opposes: Vlad Masters
  • Opposed by: Cheems, Commander Peepers
  • Herald: Souta Mizutani (her boyfriend), Chika Ozeki (her friend and Souta’s childhood friend)
  • To many, Shino Aizawa may as well be the epitome of “mysterious beauty”. Her presence has cultivated many admirers, enough to form an unofficial fan club at her school, though her heart was always set on Souta Mizutani. One day, while running late for class she took a shortcut through a forest and ended up falling down a hole. Deducing that it was impossible to climb back up on her own and that help wasn’t coming she vowed that if she ever got out she’d confess to Souta Mizutani right then and there. And then she multiplied. With her copy’s help, Shino was able to escape from the ditch and follow through with her promise to herself.
  • Her ascension was something of a Deja Vu moment for her as, while walking home from school, she ended up falling into another hole that somehow appeared out of the blue. After tumbling through, Shino was greeted with an entirely different world as if the hole she fell into was something out of Alice in Wonderland. Her other copies entered the scene and decide to take a gander with Hami and Anna freaking out during all of this. Shiki, however, remained calm when she realized and led everyone else to the Court of Gods to set things straight.
    • Long story short, they did the typical greetings and explanations and offered the Shinos the position of Self-Duplication which the prime Shino accepted since it sounded like a fun time. Before that, however, she requested they drag her boyfriend Souta Mizutani, and friend Chika Ozeki along for the ride. A good thing too since they were panicking the whole time and Shino could use a voice of reason during her time in the Pantheon.
  • As stated before, Aizawa has the ability to create copies of herself based on specific emotions she felt at the time. Such strange powers apparently run on her mother’s side of the family, first manifesting when she fell for her father in high school. The first duplicate was Yuki (courage) and was later followed up by Hami (shyness) and Shiki (lust). Later on, there’s Tomoko (childishness), Anna Fushino (anxiety), and Tarounote  (happiness). It should be noted that Shino has absolutely no control over when a duplicate will appear or return back, the duplicate does. If her mother is of any indication, though, her copies lose the ability to do so while Shino gains it in exchange as she gets older. For now, her doubles come and go whenever they please.
    • When it comes to her duplicates’ feelings yes, they do indeed feel the same way for Souta. They are also Shino, after all. At the end of the day, Shino being with Souta takes precedence and they (mainly Shiki) have taken measures to further their relationship rather than taking him for themselves. Tomoko’s the weird variation to this in that she’s also Shino and Souta’s soon-to-be kid should they ever settle down. Not quite a Kid from the Future per se, but just what a hypothetical child between them will turn out to be and will cease to be once she’s born.
  • Women in the Aizawa family gain their powers during puberty and the feelings manifesting in their own wills and bodies can happen at any time. No such thing has occurred beyond the listed emotions just yet and Tarou is so far the last of them. To protect the truth, she uses the cover story of her duplicates being sisters from overseas which, flimsy and paper-thin as it is, everyone accepted with little to no doubt. Overall, life isn’t all that fantastical for her, certainly not as full of tribulations as the children who gained powers thanks to the comet, Charlotte. Still, she alongside Souta and Chika will exercise discretion when it comes to those who have ill intentions and interests surrounding her powers.
  • When it comes to the Pantheon, the ability to create copies of oneself is hardly an unusual power. Samuro the Blademaster has the ability to conjure duplicates of himself to assail and confuse his foes. Shino is in no way a combatant, though hearing of an otherwise average human being naturally capable of a technique similar to his own is no less intriguing. Due to his wandering, however, neither of the two actually met in person despite being in the same Hall. Shino and Yuki brought up the thought of emulating the Blademaster but Souta and Chika shut that idea down before any Shinos began waving around real swords.
    • Shino and the other clones still weren't deterred, however. Offhandedly, they heard of the powers of Flandre Scarlet and Vlad Masters (the latter they find deplorable for his mad love for Maddie Fenton despite being in a loving marriage with Jack Fenton) which only stoked that thought process. After thinking about this some more, they ultimately came to the conclusion to go to Hekapoo of the (former) Magic High Commission for help. As Hekapoo was free at the moment and didn’t have much else to do for the rest of the day she decided to entertain the notion and agreed to help teach them, even if their ability isn’t quite magic. In the end, not much progress was made as other than her ability to duplicate herself Shino and her clones are otherwise normal human beings so not much could be done other than the time in which they split off and return to her being slightly quicker. Still, both were goodsports about it and Hekapoo can at least respect Shino’s reason for going this far is to help both herself and her boyfriend (even if she doesn’t see anything in him personally, given her taste in masculine men). After discussing it over tea, Hekapoo offered that if they really needed help she’ll just ring up one of her friends or friends’ friends to help as part of a favor to which the Shinos accepted the compromise.
  • To her fellow schoolmates, Shino is nothing short of beautiful, athletic, and intelligent. However, to anyone who pays a bit closer to the girl herself, they’ll find she’s actually quite the airhead. For example, her famed “fragile look” is actually the result of drowsiness. In addition, Shino sometimes puts her slippers on the wrong foot without noticing, frequently doodles over her notes, and immediately thinks of her powers as an opportunity to do stand-up comedy. Her copies also have shades of this as they also share in her skills but (albeit briefly) considered going along with the paper-thin backgrounds she came up with for them to explain their existences to everyone else. Much like her powers, this trait was also inherited from her mother.
  • One day, Shino ended up going to Sket Dan’s help with her worries when it came to juggling spending time with Souta and Chika as she truly valued both relationships. One pep talk later and Shino left satisfied with their advice. Shino was apparently so satisfied that she repeatedly kept coming to them for whatever problem she had, her mood and hairstyle shifting in the blink of an eye. In truth, throughout the week Shino and her copies were unknowingly cycling through with one another when it came to asking for the club’s support and none of them bothered to correct them; they were technically different people. One of them thought they were keeping the whole thing about being separated sisters. Still, all’s well and good since they ended up becoming friends anyway. As odd as Shino is, the three were pretty eccentric themselves and the people they’re acquainted with aren’t lacking in that department either.
  • She became friends with Iori Fuyusaka one day after Iori took a shortcut through a woodland path and fell into a ditch. Coincidentally, Shino and her copies walked the same path back and when they saw her in a familiar situation they took it upon themselves to help her back up. Every once in a while Shino joins Iori and some of her friends for some crepes. Iori finds herself jealous of Shino’s natural aptitude for many things, particularly academics. Even if she’s no longer burdened with freaky dreams/past selves’ memories, any intellectual stuff still makes her head spin. Shino, meanwhile, is jealous of Iori’s figure. To be precise, she is jealous of how her older self has greatly matured, a fact that killed Shino’s mood when Iori brought it up casually with one of her friends.
  • It takes courage to confess one’s true feelings to the one they’ve fallen for, and Yuki came into existence from Shino’s vow to confess to the boy she came to love for who she was. Knowing this, one can say Yuki is a bit of a go-getter type of person as one of the first things she did after manifesting and getting the confession out of the way was to find a part-time job so the rest of the Shinos would be able to eat. This problem was quickly solved by just coming clean with their mom to begin with. She also lost her way for a while, which resulted in her losing the ability to return to Shino and being afraid of the prospect of becoming an entirely different girl from her original, but Yuki was able to overcome this and regain the ability once more. With this in mind she (after getting past the whole zombie thing first) got along great with Ai Mizuno, whom she finds inspiring for her work ethic even though it can be a double-edged sword at times.
  • At one point in her life, she picked up gaming as a hobby. This aspect of her is most readily apparent with Hami, the shy part of Shino who initially stayed home playing video games to help with her communication skills. This side of her comes from her father though he wasn’t very good at it. Painfully bad at it if you take the Shinos at their word. In addition to video games, she’s also an aficionada of anime and other otaku-related things that would otherwise contradict her image. For that reason, she immediately connected with Umaru Doma who outwardly is the perfect student but actually a lazy slacker and the epitome of an otaku. In Umaru’s case, that image she created for herself is something she actively maintains while for Shino it’s just something that other people simply perceive her as and Souta was one of the few who bothered to notice the disconnect. As for gaming she also befriended Chiaki Nanami (both of them) and Pacifica Northwest with her and Hami (mostly Hami) playing several rounds with them. Part of this is that they’re good company and part of it is also because they crushed Hami when she first faced them and wants to pay them back.
  • Even a person as airheaded and stone-faced as Shino, she still has a devious side to her. Shiki, who represents lust, is proof of that. Among the various duplicates, Shiki is the most active in furthering Shino’s relationship with her Souta. The reason why Shiki was pretty familiar with the Pantheon already can be attributed to Shiki originally being a follower of Ann Takamaki before the latter eventually joined up with the other Phantom Thieves. The phantom thief hosted a competition among her old followers for who would inherit her old title and Shiki ended up losing to Bo. Shiki took it in stride, however, and admitted she didn’t plan on taking it if the other Shinos weren't able to join her. She still hangs out with them from time to time. Her representation of Shino’s lust also ended up running afoul of Cheems for this very reason who is intent on “bonking” her though Shiki has so far evaded him.
  • It is said that everyone has an inner child, that is exactly who Tomoko represents, at least initially. She’s the first of the Shino copies after the initial three when Shino and Souta were looking for a way to return things to normal by investigating the mysterious hole. Needless to say, it didn’t work, but she was made welcome all the same. Being the youngest of the Shinos, she of course tends to hang around Childhood and Adolescence and is the closest to Yotsuba Koiwai and Peppa Pig. Admittedly, she sort of stands out among them since she is, rather ironically, a bit mature herself.
  • Anna Fushino came about from Shino’s anxiety, specifically her anxieties about the future when her relationship with Souta is going too well. Despite her dark appearance and initial impressions, she isn’t in any way malicious and simply wishes good fortune for her original and her boyfriend as the other Shinos do, Anna just took a more roundabout way of doing so. Her anxiety is shared with Hitori Gotoh aka Bocchi whom she finds cool for her guitar work (most of which is self-taught!). They’re amicable to one another though passersby sometimes see what can only be described as “an anxious feedback loop” between the two.
  • Tarou represents Shino’s elation, specially created from the relief and happiness she felt after making up with Souta after a brief fight. She’s the very last of Shino’s duplicates and thus the youngest existing copy of Shino. As such, she’s very eager to take in each and every sight as to not fall behind the others. During one of her visits, she met an orange alien and his blue steed who introduced themselves as Wander and Silvia, respectively. When Tarou explained her reasons for sightseeing Wander was more than eager to help out and the two went on an extensive trip all around the Pantheon’s locales (and at one point invoking Commander Peepers, somehow). Upon finishing their journey, Tarou was immensely grateful to the two and wasted no time in meeting with Shino and the other copies to brag about it. The other Shinos then began recounting how their day in the Pantheon went which had their flavor of weirdness to them and find Tarou’s on the tamer side.

    Tenya Ida/Ingenium 
Tenya Ida, God of Explosive Overclocking (Ingenium II, Tenya Iida, Class 1-A Representative, Fastbergers, Initial D)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Ingenium helmet
  • Theme Song: Ingenium
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Running really fast, Overclocking his engines for an emergency boost of speed, Wearing Stoic Spectacles, Being a representative for his class, Becoming a hero in the name of his fallen older brother, Being part of a Heroic Lineage, Never knowing what to do with his arms, being The Comically Serious, going after Revenge Before Reason but realizing his mistakes, being a bit hammy, Fighting primarily with his legs
  • Domains: Super-Speed, Character Tics, Hamminess
  • Herald: His older brother Tensei, the first Ingenium
  • Allies: Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi, Ochaco Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, Tsuyu Asui, Barry Allen, Sebastian Michaelis, Hayate Immelmann, Genos, Squigly Ruby Rose
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Weiss Schnee
  • Enemies: Kurogiri, Stain the Hero-Killer, Satsuki Kiryuin formerly, The Cabbage Merchant, nearly every deity in the House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Admires: Superman, Ikaruga
  • Friendly Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Katsuki Bakugo
  • Decidedly not friendly rival: Speed-O-Sound Sonic
  • Odd Friendship: with Sasha Blouse
  • Iida ascended one day due to running at immense speeds. Unfortunately, he ended up Overloading the engines in his calves, losing control of his momentum, launching off a hill, and crashing into a Cabbage cart in the House of Food. After a long lawsuit in the Court, he was pardoned for breaking the cart, since everyone does it anyway.Once the Court saw the speed he obtained via supercharging his engines, he was granted ascension as the god of Explosive Overclocking.
  • Upon his ascension, he was greeted by some of his friends from his class at Yuuei High. They welcomed him into the pantheon with open arms, sharing with him some of their stories.
  • He soon learned, much to his horror, that Stain the Hero-Killer had ascended a while back. Iida still harbored some hatred for the man due to crippling his beloved brother Tensei. He tried for a moment to go against Stain alone, but his friends were able to talk him out of it before he did anything regrettable.
  • He has come to admire Clark Kent for acting as The Paragon to all heroes. He aspires to one day be as great a hero as the Man of Steel. He actually went into the house of Heroes as a fanboy and got the chance to meet the legend. Superman was a bit busy at the time, but he was happy to at the least sign an autograph for an aspiring hero such as himself. Needless to say, the autograph led to one hell of a Squee from Iida.
  • He highly values his position as Class Representative of Class 1-A, so he was appalled when he heard about how some would abuse their power over Student government. He especially turned his sights to Satsuki Kiryuin, who he blamed of misusing her power as student president. However, after her Heel–Face Turn, he began to respect her more. Kiryuin understands the ire he felt, and has promised to do right with her position.
  • At one point, he was in the house of Food enjoying a bowl of his favorite beef stew, when a young woman with brown hair sat next to him, aggressively munching on a potato. Between mouthfuls, she introduced herself as Sasha Blouse. An odd bond was struck between the two due to their mutual heroic personalities, and now they hang out at a little noodle shop in the house of Food every other Thursday.
  • He was once running around on a training track to practice, when he was continually lapped by a red blur. After both entities had stopped running, they got to know each other. The blur was a man in spandex who claimed to be able to move faster than lightspeed. Iida soon learned that this was Barry Allen, an ally to Superman. The two exchanged contact information and have agreed to call on one another should the need arise.
    • Their race, however, had a spectator in the form of a talkative blue hedgehog. He wanted to try to race against Iida, having already tried and failed to outrun the Flash. The race rules were simple: 350 laps around the racetrack at the House of Sports. Their bout drew crowds of thousands. After a few brief minutes, a victor was decided. The blue blur had proven too fast for Iida, and won the race. Iida now strives to beat him at least once, and can be seen continually training to be better. Time will tell if he ever succeeds in defeating the hedgehog.
    • Even then, that race drew the attention and ire of another speedster named Sonic. However, this one was much less kindhearted. He wanted a race to prove that he wasn’t the slowest Super-Speed member of the pantheon. So, the audiece got treated to a brief encore. The two decided on a mere 100 laps to see who really was the fastest. This time, Iida was prepared for the race. By activating his Recipral Burst technique, he was able to fly past the oddly-named racer into victory. This blew out his engines, so he was done racing for the day. Speed-O-Sound still resents Iida over his loss.
  • When he first ascended, many who heard his voice confused him for a certain butler in the realm of Demons. The two eventually met and formed a slight bond over this. Iida was originally on the fence about meeting with Sebastian Michaelis on the grounds of him being a demon, but that tension went away when they first met. Iida learned that the demon was actually very cordial and polite, and admired that virtue. The two formed a friendship based in mutual respect for one another.
  • Once, he was walking through the house of Costumes, looking for a place to retire his helmet. He realized how much the Ingenium helmet had defined him while he was in a state of Revenge Before Reason. While there, he met with another blue-haired hero who shared his views regarding the use of helmets. The two quickly saw the similarities between them and became friends. Iida is still a little jealous over Hayate’s adventures through space, but Hayate has promised to show it to Iida some day.
  • He has formed a longstanding alliance with the cyborg Genos thanks to a mutual feeling of owing their life to someone. Plus, according to some people, they sound very similar when speaking in Japanese. Both have proven time and again to be heroes, even if their judgement can get a little clouded by revenge from time to time. The crux of their bond was a shared background, and a bond over family members that have been attacked by villains.
  • Iida thoroughly admires Ikaruga for her position as Academy Student Body President. Looking up to the hard work and dedication required to hold that position, he strives to someday join her in the Student Council.
  • Iida has struck common ground with Squigly, in part because both understand what it’s like to get caught up in revenge. Despite an initial reaction of fear due to her being a zombie, a little communication proved enough to clear up the misunderstanding. Iida and Squigly have promised to be there for each other should either ever get lost in Revenge Before Reason again. It helps to have someone to talk some sense into them.
  • He’s a surprisingly good orator, despite a weird tendency to move his arms around a lot. He gained some serious communication skills during his time as Class Representative of his high school classroom. Occasionally, after an attack from the house of Villainy or Crime and Transgressions, he’ll be there to give a motivational speech to the masses.
  • Once he was running around the Pantheon to get some exercise, not paying attention to where he was going. Unbeknownst to him, another deity with Super-Speed was running in the opposite direction, pursued by her teammate. The two ended up in a high-speed head-on collision, knocking both to the ground. He reeled in horror when he realized that he could have just hurt a young girl in a red cape, but she was able to stand up and laugh it off. Her partner, on the other hand, chided him fiercely for his lack of proper form. The girl introduced herself to him as Ruby Rose of Beacon Academy, accompanied by her partner Weiss. Both admired one another for their heroic dedication and sense of justice. Ruby’s optimism and idealism were exactly the traits that Iida respects in a hero, and she reminded him of his friend Midoriya. He, in turn, reminded Weiss of her butler, Klein. They have since become allies, although he and Weiss still argue and bicker on the regular.
  • “I'm a novice. I can't measure up to their standards! Be that as it may... I have to stand up! Never again! Never again will they... or my brother... Leave me behind in the dust!”

    Uriel Septim VII and Martin Septim 
Emperor Uriel Septim VII and Martin Septim, Gods of Worldly Seals (Martin: Brother Martin)
Uriel Septim VII
Martin Septim
Martin as the Avatar of Akatosh
  • Lesser Gods. Martin briefly reached Overdeity status as the Avatar of Akatosh.
  • Symbol: The Amulet of Kings.
  • Theme Song: Reign of The Septims
  • Alignment: Lawful Good/Lawful Neutral for Uriel, Neutral Good for Martin
  • Portfolio: Barrier Maiden, Divine Parentage like the Alessian and Reman dynasties from before, Reasonable Authority Figures, Big Good
  • Domains: Bloodlines, Royalty, Empires, Barriers
  • Special Connection: Sheogorath, The Dovahkiin
  • Allies: The Imperial Watch, Aragorn, Princess Zelda, Princess Bubblegum, Arthur Pendragon, Karl Franz, King Artoria Pendragon/Saber, Princess Sofia, Josuke Higshikata, Alistair Theirin, The Warden and the Inquisitor, The Heroes of Luxendarc, The Eight Travelers, S.E.E.S. (mainly Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi), The Hoshidan Royal Siblings, The Nohrian Royal Siblings, Dante
  • Enemies: The Daedric Princes, The Dark Brotherhood, Miraak, Alduin, Los Illuminados, Lunatic Cultist, Shiro Tagachi, Jafar
  • Respects: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lord Gwyn
  • Heralds: Ocato of Firsthold, the Blades, the Imperial Legion
  • A long, long time ago dating as far back into the First Era the Nede peoples led by Alessia, Morihaus, and Pelinal Whitestrake, began to overthrow their Daedra worshipping Ayleid masters and overlords. Alessia prayed to the Aedra themselves and Akatosh, looking on them with pity, drew blood and blessed hers with his own to form a Covenant to seal the Gates to Oblivion. With this alongside their growling rebellion aided by the Nordic Empire and even some disgruntled non-Daedra worshipping Ayleids the Heartland High Elves of Cyrodiil were defeated and the now-freed Nedes were victorious. With this the Empire of Cyrodiil was formed, the religion of the Eight Divines was established (compromised between Aldmeri and Nordic Pantheons), and in Alessia's deathbed her soul was placed within a pendant called the Amulet of Kings. Should worship towards the Divines be maintained and her legitimate heirs wield the amulet's power, the Dragonfires remain alight and the barrier between Mundus and Oblivion lasts.
    • Come the closing years the Third Era. Uriel VII, the current Emperor of the time, was on the run. The Mythic Dawn, a cult dedicated to the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, was hot on his tail. Already, they have assassinated his legitimate heirs to weaken the barrier and aid their Lord in his invasion and their father was next. He lived a long life and it would come to end, he himselfed having dreamed of such an event, and still he ran. In his final moments he placed his faith in a peculiar prisoner, one who he saw in his dreams and would later be known as the Champion of Cyrodiil, and entrusted them the Amulet of Kings, urging them to seek out his last remaining son, Martin Septim. Before, Martin lived as a humble priest in the town of Kvatch and after surviving an attack by Daedra was then informed of his true lineage by the Champion. Initially confused, he would rise up to the call and fight against the Mythic Dawn. When Mehrunes Dagon entered the material plane Martin sacrificed himself and the Amulet of Kings to become an Avatar of Akatosh and banish the Daedric Prince and forever shut the jaws of Oblivion. The Fourth Era would begin, first heralded by the end of the Septim Dynasty.
  • One day the Pantheon, the entire Trope Pantheon, underwent a "blackout". Details on such an incident vary from god to god, and even accounts from Greater Gods and Overdeities proved inconsistent with each other. The whos or whats in terms of who/what caused it, what actually happened, and how it came to end is all up in the air. Even the perception of how long it went on is left unclear overall. The bottom line is that, for a while, the place was in some deep pandemonium. Not quite to an apocalyptic scale, but still quite the disruption. By its end various gods and goddesses in the GUAG and outside of it contributed to the recovery effort. Among them was were two men in golden armor no one had seen before, accompanied by warriors in more eastern-styled armor and weapons, rallying various members of the Imperial Watch to help give aid. When things started to settle down the two men then formally introduced themselves as Uriel Septim VII and Martin Septim, the last of the Septim rulers.
  • When asked about the time in the Pantheon where the two finally met for the first time, the two remarked how the both of them were at a loss as to speak. It really began Uriel recounted the mutual repulsion he had with Caula Viora which then led to Martin's conception. He had Jauffre spirit him away to a small farm where he would live a life away from the Imperial Palace and its politics but made doubly sure he would live in good health, even keeping tabs on his life periodically. Martin mused Jauffre must have told him about his past and Uriel confirmed he indeed has but notes that he is also long past that. Not only did he atone through becoming a priest of Akatosh but also when he rose to the call during the Oblivion Crisis, showcasing all good traits of an Emperor even if he wasn't officially crowned. All in all, he could not have been any more prouder of his son, legitimate or not.
  • The return of the Septims were, at the behest of Pinkie Pie and the Imperial Watch, celebrated greatly within the House of Royalty. In this celebration the two Imperials would meet and ally with all sorts of rulers starting with The Fierce Protectors of Royalty to other monarchs like Artoria Pendragon to younger royalty like Princess Sofia. You can certainly bet both of their accomplishments precede them. By the party's end, however, it would be crashed by a eccentric and hearty gentleman in red and purple clothing with a staff in hand. Both Septims and many of the party's patrons immediately knew of this stranger's identity: Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness.
    • While everyone was on edge, Uriel and Martin especially knowing what the Prince was capable of, Sheogorath only merrily greeted them. When Martin asked what brought him to their presence Sheogorath expression soured, asking what's so bad about going through the trouble of meeting some old friends. Neither Septims knew what the madman was talking about and would of dismissed his ramblings, but Uriel had the strange feeling he should let him carry on and listen closely. They were, after all, his captive audience, and if it did take a turn for the worst they'd at least buy some time for help to arrive. And so Sheogorath continued, recounting the events of the Oblivion Crisis within Cyrodiil. As he went on, however, the details started to become more and more specific, like a first-hand account of the whole debacle. Then the details starting coming from events from only a select few would of known about before finally recounting Uriel and Martin's respective last words, of which they shared to only one person: The Hero of Kvatch. It sounded bizarre, yes, but they can't help but accept the reality that the madman standing before them was that same person.
    Sheogorath: Everything changes. Even Daedric Princes. Especially Daedric Princes. [Sheogorath smiles] And how could I ever forget the greatest Septim to have ever lived? Well, then again, not many Septims could claim to have turned into a dragon god. Ha ha! Tough act to follow, I know. Well then, I must depart until tomorrow. You have a busy day head of you, I'm sure, as with all kings and emperors.
  • Sure enough, while hosting a military meeting between a similar cast of rulers and various other leaders Sheogorath came back. This time, he was accompanied by a peculiar figure in nordic iron armor. They were the Dovahkiin, or Last Dragonborn, a fact that surprised the two of them since Martin was sure the last of those with Akatosh's blood were finished when he sacrificed himself. The Dragonborn then began to recount the state of the Empire after Martin's departure: Ocato's attempt to keep everyone together and assassination by the Thalmor to destabalize the Empire, the Great War with the Third Aldmeri Dominion, and their overall declining state. All of this greatly saddened them, Uriel especially since he had worked so hard to keep the Empire he loved together through subtle planning. Still, they both admit there was nothing they could have done there, and they still stand by the fact they are of without regrets.
    • The topic then shifted back to the Pantheon's landscape when it come to deities, specifically from those originating from their world. They weren't happy to hear of the Dark Brotherhood and their dark practices having made it to the Pantheon. The assassin cult would certainly relish in the opportunity to take down another Cyrodiilic Emperor to add to their list. Nor were they glad to hear of other Daedric Princes who made their claim in the Pantheon, and with only other Overdeities to keep them in check and not tangible barriers like the Dragonfires they knew their true danger well. Naturally, the Blades have to be spread out to assess their actions (or their followers in the case of the Daedra).
    • The two had to be informed on the likes of Miraak and Alduin, however, due to reemerging far after the Third Era's end. Going by Sheogorath and the Dovahkiin's information they don't regard them any better than the former enemies and were especially troubled at the fact that the end of the Septim Dynasty is apart of the World Eater's return to the world. Meanwhile, Miraak scoffs at the Septims due to his status as a Dragonborn long predating Saint Alessia while Alduin mocks them for calling themselves Dragonborn despite not knowing any Shouts, something the Dovahkiin is at the very least knowledgeable in even if they were only informed of their heritage and destiny recently at the time.
  • For their actions of bringing down Ouroboros and Galdera, respectively, the two Septims hailed the Heroes of Luxendarc and the Eight Travelers and usually call upon them when it comes to dealing with whatever plots the Daedric Princes sans Sheogorath have in store. As for other Barrier Maidens the two men have sung praises to Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi, the two parallel leaders of S.E.E.S. who willingly became the Great Seal when it came time to halt Nyx and Erebus. They also respect the God Emperor of Mankind, who serves as the barrier between the Materium and Immaterium (aka the Warp). That said, there's some tension when it comes to the Church of the Eight Divines as the Emperor particularly frowns upon it as with many other religions. Relations are even worse with Lord Gwyn. While another barrier maiden of sorts through creating the Darksign so that the First Flame becomes the very reason the world that he knew it exists the revelations that were uncovered in the Ringed City does little to endear the Lord of Sunlight to the two Septims.
  • As an illegitimate son and Hidden Backup Prince Martin ended up getting along quite well with both Josuke Higashikata and Alistair Theirin as despite their status they're both ultimately good people all in all. Plus, it helps that Martin used to be a follower of Alistair. Through the latter, both Septims also allied with the Warden and the Inquisitor and the two heroes have been rumored to be assisted by the Blades from time to time.
  • To their surprise, there have been many others all around the Pantheon with Dragon Ancestry and other such special blood. Artoria Pendragon and Alistair aside (who have dragon and elf blood in them, respectively) there's also the Hoshidan Royal Siblings, the Nohrian Royal Siblings, and Dante. Admittedly, they were wary when it regarded the latter given the nature of the Daedra but after a while they at least came to trust him being a mercenary firmly on the side of humanity, something he actually shares with his father, Sparda. It sounded hard to believe, but after hearing that the new Sheogorath was once a close ally of the Empire in its time of crisis anything seemed possible by this point.
  • Prior to becoming a priest Martin was once studied in the Mage's Guild and due to his and other student's impatience they ended up falling into the wrong crowd, apparently as followers of the Daedric Prince Sanguine. It was until a couple students died thanks to his actions that he had to atone by becoming a priest of Akatosh. This, along with his opposition to the Mythic Cult, means he's fully against other cults operating within the Pantheon such as Los Illuminados and the Lunatic Cultist. Knowing they're backed by the Imperial Legion as a whole as well have Blade spies watching their every move they cannot afford to take their threat lightly, Uriel especially.
  • Before Ocato, Uriel's previous Imperial Battlemage was the infamous Jagar Tharn. Tharn plotted to usurp the throne for himself but knew he couldn't kill Uriel lest he set off the Amulet of Kings and thus tip off the Elder Council. To remedy this, he imprisoned Uriel within a plane of Oblivion and took on his appearance with his alibi that he took a period off to train with magics thus heralding a period of time known as the Imperial Simulacrum. Under the imposter king's neglectful watch the Empire would fall into disarray with five separate wars breaking out. Though Uriel would be returned to his rightful place after Tharn's demise he would have to deal with the fallout of such events, keeping the Empire together through cunning wit throughout the rest of his reign. As such, neither he nor his son have anything good to say about Shiro Tagachi or Jafar with the former betraying his respective liege's trust as a bodyguard while the latter betrayed his liege's trust as advisor, something that which reminds Uriel of Jagar Tharn.
"No trophies of my triumphs precede me. But I have lived well, and my ghost shall rest easy. Men are but flesh and blood. They know their doom, but not the hour. In this I am blessed to see the hour of my death... To face my apportioned fate, then fall."
Uriel Septim VII
"The last of the Septims passes now into history. I go gladly, for I know my sacrifice is not in vain. I take my place with my father, and my father's fathers. The Third Age has ended, and a new age dawns. When the next Elder Scroll is written, you shall be its scribe. The shape of the future, the fate of the Empire, these things now belong to you."
Martin Septim