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Greater Gods

    Androids 17 and 18 
Androids 17 and 18, God and Goddess of Infinite Energy and Power and Co-Deities of Sibling Teams (Android 17: Artificial Human 17, Cyborg 17, #17, Lapis, The Ultimate Android, Monster Island Ranger, MVP of the Tournament of Power | Android 18: Artificial Human 18, Cyborg 18, #18, Lazuli)
18 behind 17 in their classic Red Ribbon attire
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18 during the Super era in front of Super 17
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18 beside 17 competing in the Tournament of Power
  • Greater Gods (though 17 becomes an Overdeity when his power circuits are amplified)
  • Symbol: Red Ribbon Army Insignia
  • Theme Songs: Android 17 & 18, The Artificial Humans Go to Town…, Encounter, Dream Tag Match
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral (Chaotic Evil in an alternate timeline)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Power, Destruction, War, Chaos, Peace
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Vergil Sparda, Jiren
  • Respected by:
  • Two twin androids created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku were activated prematurely to do his bidding, only to instantly turn on their creator and destroy him. They're actually cyborgs, converted from two human teenage runaways Dr. Gero kidnapped and experimented on years ago; while their memories were wiped so thoroughly their human names didn't matter anymore, the one thing they both knew aside from their loyalty to each other was they hated the shit out of the old man and wanted him gone.
  • In one timeline, these two Androids would go on a long-suffering rampage across the Earth, causing destruction and chaos, with even the Z Fighters ending up dead at their hands, leaving Vegeta and Bulma's son Trunks the only one capable of stopping them. With a time machine, Trunks travelled back in time to warn the Z-Fighters about this threat three years in advance. Thanks to a number of factors, the resulting changes in what's now considered the Dragon Ball multiverse's main timeline meant that 17 and 18 were both far stronger and far less murderous than they were "supposed" to be, enabling them to actually become good guys following the nightmarish conflict with a far more sadistic monster who it turned out Gero had converted them to be a Living Battery for: Cell.
  • After the conflict with Cell, Android 18 became drawn to Krillin because of the goodness he showed her, first going through with a promise to herself to rock his four-foot world and then eventually marrying him and bearing his child, who goes by the name Marron. Through a combination of 18 manipulating Mr. Satan into giving her two tournament winnings' worth of zeni as well as Krillin gaining a steady job as a West City police officer, she was finally able to get him out of Master Roshi's house where he'd been living since he was a child. Meanwhile, Android 17 became a park ranger in the wildlife preserve area of a gigantic royal nature park. He is an outstanding guard who does not hold back against poachers. It is an ideal job for him, as he loves to be on his own and is not big on cooperating with others; since he is so good at his job, he takes in a modestly high salary. He also married a zoologist; they have one child and two adopted children and live happily in an isolated house somewhere around the nature park.
  • Following the appointment of his new job, Android 17 went and met his sister and her husband Krillin, on one occasion, but did not talk about what he had been up to, as he had considered the new wholesome lifestyle he had been living somewhat embarrassing.
  • Ever since marrying a zoologist, 17 has become very fond of Kevin Richardson and the late Steve Irwin. But he doesn't plan on sleeping with any of the animals... or wrestling crocodiles.
  • Tarzan has great respect for Android 17 because of his no-nonsense attitude towards poachers as a park ranger.
  • Future Trunks vehemently opposed their ascension into the Pantheon, pointing out the mass destruction and chaos they cause in his timeline. They were given pardon on the condition that the Android 17 and 18 from Future Trunks' timeline and the main timeline were two separate people, and within the main timeline, the twins ultimately caused no real harm and even lived peaceful lives, fighting for good and protecting the innocent in their own ways. Trunks tolerated the decision but refused to support it in any way.
    • He later added the condition that Hell Fighter 17 be kept out of the Pantheon, to prevent Super 17 from being formed, which both of them agreed. Rumors persist that some scientists deities, both good and evil, still want to recreate the Super 17 form some other way, but none have approached 17 with any proposal thus far.
    • Hansel and Gretel once came after them to prove that they're the most powerful killer twins on the block. 17 and 18 were caught off guard and took a bit of time to regroup, but ultimately pushed back the psychotic kids. Future Trunks, who happened upon the scene and prepared to intervene if necessary, saw 17 and 18 let the kids live after that, proving to him that they were not the same as the killers of his future. He then tied up Hansel and Gretel once 17 and 18 were gone.
    • This was ultimately resolved when Trunks met 18 again with Krillin and child in Dragon Ball Super and realized that the cyborg twins were part of the change in the world caused by his timely intervention. From then on he fully recognized that mainline 17 and 18 were not the ones who destroyed his world and began to accept them, though he does keep an eye out to make sure they don't get replaced by their evil counterparts within the Pantheon.
  • Android 18 was questioned twice by members of the House of Love how she and Krillin ended up together. The first time, she told them that “Societal definitions of beauty are B.S anyway.” The second time, she got pissed and threatened to kill them all.
  • Android 17 initially despised several members of the House of Personal Appearance due to the constant teasing and ribbing he has been receiving from members of that house after discovering that Android 17 is a natural blonde and he dyed it black because people were mistaking him for his sister. Then he quickly got over it and told them don't hate.
  • Members of the House of Music are very wary of the Androids due to their great hatred of Country Music and a strong indication that they would destroy every form of it.
  • Android 18 is greatly admired within the ginger community for refusing to make "Soulless Machine" jokes when she sees that Gero had built 16, a "ginger android", claiming it to be beneath her. As for the two's relationship with 16 himself, one of their few times reconvening since ascending to in the Pantheon involved going to find him. They were pleased to discover him alive and well in the House of Combat and spent the day hanging out with him there. Despite their separate lives, both continue to enjoy his company, as he spends a lot of time helping 17 as a park ranger and 18 occasionally comes through his area to see him.
  • Android 17 was originally asked to join the Toku Base House by many of its members after hearing he had become a "Ranger". Stating he would perfect a Ranger due to looking young, handsome and strong, but declined and later explained the specificity of the kind of "ranger" he was. Many members of Toku Base House were left red faced in embarrassment after this blunder of misinformation.
  • Nathan Drake, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have often queried Android 17 and 18 as to whether they are descendants of treasure hunters or a wealthy family from centuries back due to their real names, Lapis and Lazuli, being based on gemstones. They have continuously given the same response of “no”, but the three of them refuse to believe them as they are convinced they are hiding a great bounty and their names are a clue to it. The truth is they don't know the answer to that question, as they can barely remember anything about their human lives thanks to Dr. Gero's experiments; 17 just enjoys messing with the treasure hunters.
  • One day while he was doing his rounds in the Bestiary, Android 17 was surprised to find that Crash Bandicoot, a former follower of his, had ascended. The two's catch-up session was cut short when Cell arrived to try and absorb 17, but 17 and Crash worked together to send him packing.
  • Android 17 gave Aghanim's Scepter a whirl. To 18's shock, the scepter transformed him into Super 17. To hers and Krillin's relief, becoming Super 17 with the scepter doesn't seem to affect 17's personality (most likely since it filled the gaps in his power structure without inserting an evil clone). That being said, he made sure to pay Cell back personally for absorbing him and 18. On a positive note, since he has a way to go Super on his own in full control whenever he wants, any curious scientists would have no leverage in getting him to agree with their plans.
    • Around the same time, Son Goku, who Dr. Gero converted the twins to destroy, had unlocked his own super state from the GT timeline as well thanks to the influence of Sun Wukong. Not one to pass up a blatant opportunity, 17 went to challenge Goku to a fight in these two forms, with each declaring himself the Ultimate Android and the Ultimate Saiyan respectively. Like the GT version, the fight was intense, and 17 took advantage of his Super form's absorption skill to surpass Goku in power; however, this battle was held under friendly intentions and Goku picked up on 17's trick earlier, so there was no kamikaze attempt. Instead, they went Good Old Fisticuffs until Chichi announced that dinner was ready, then called it a draw.
  • Many deities hate Dr. Gero because of how he treated them. At least one of said deities, Commander Epsilon, promised to have their back because of this. They appreciate it for the most part but don't want to become charity cases.
  • Eventually Goku recruited Android 17 to reunite with his sister and her allies in the mortal world to take part in the new Dragon Ball multiverse tournament hosted by Zen'o. Contrary to a previous concept of what this tournament would look like, the various sources of competitors would be actual alternate universes instead of simply divergent timelines. By this time he's finally communicated to his sister what it is he does now and proudly wears his park ranger uniform, taking the job itself very seriously and appreciating its healthy yet modest paycheck. He's also trained himself and gotten much stronger even without the Super 17 form, capable of matching a suppressed Super Saiyan Blue now as Goku finds out during their brief sparring bout.
    • He initially refused to abandon his post for the tournament because the poachers' persistence in hunting down a rare animal on the island makes them a constant threat and he couldn't guarantee they wouldn't attack and raze the entire island while the tournament is taking place, even if it is just two hours. However, after Goku helped him recover the island's animals against a massive attack from space poachers and told him about the winning universe's prize, a wish on the Super Dragon Balls, 17 accepted with plans to acquire a luxury cruise ship to travel the Earth with his family. That said, he can finally be confirmed as a friend of Goku's, much like many others who Goku first met as enemies, and openly acknowledges Krillin as his "brother".
    • Speaking of which, other points of the conversation reveal that 17 believes that he owes Krillin his life and that he could hear Goku's voice from inside Cell (which is how he recognized it when Goku was calling for the Earthlings' energy against Kid Buu). The latter is particularly enlightening as well as horrifying, as it would mean that within Cell, 17 and 18 were held prisoner in a state of suspended or paralyzed minimal consciousness, and could at least hear everything that was going on through that entire saga. This served to clear up several questions about their relationship to Krillin, their reformed attitudes, 17's park ranger occupation, and even what was going through the mind of GT-era Super 17, solidifying the credibility of the twins' turn to good.
  • Both are grateful to the Supreme Kai of Time for allowing their present selves to exist by not undoing Trunks' changes to the future. They're also both sympathetic to Sailor Saturn and SCP-191, who each have a similar experience of being turned into a cyborg by a mad scientist. They're also good with the robot with a heart named Labrys, who herself was subjected to horrible trials at the hands of amoral researchers, as well as the combat cyborg 2B, who they know wouldn't want to be a "soulless machine" like Dr. Gero attempted to make them.
  • Despite 17 becoming much more focused due to his ranger duties and 18 generally being a serious person, both played along when the love-obsessed Magical Girl leader of the Universe 2 team accused them of being evil during the Tournament of Power. 18 even acknowledged the Pantheon by calling herself a goddess when she defeated Ribrianne by turning The Power of Love against her. This instantly caused Kamina to decide she was awesome and Sanji to declare that if she wasn't married he would ask her out the minute she returned. (Nami took care to add "and strong enough to clobber [him] for hitting on her like a joker" just to make sure he dropped the idea.)
    • When Sanji did compliment her, he made sure to pay respect to both her brother and her husband in the process, treating all three of them to a fine meal. She took it gracefully as a result.
    • The Magical Girl Sisterhood was initially uncertain of how to take to the Androids after seeing their battle with Universe 2, but upon watching how 18's victory over Ribrianne was empowered by love and learning that they considered Brianne and her friends to be kinda cool in the end, 17 and 18 became allies to the Sisterhood. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Mami Tomoe, and Nanoha particularly took a shine to them after watching 18 sacrifice her place in the tournament to save 17 from elimination, and 17 detonate himself so that Goku and Vegeta could partially heal their wounds and stay in the fight, and moreover, actually survive that to become the champion of the Tournament of Power and wish for all the erased universes to be restored, saving the entire multiverse.
    • Many of 17's grandest efforts, including his self-detonation, took place against a Grey-type superhero named Jiren, whose tragic background had left him so obsessed with strength that he didn't even care for his own teammates. Upon returning to the Pantheon, 17 remembered that someone just like Jiren already existed in the Pantheon. Shortly after the twins reunited following 17's post-tournament cruise with his family, they found that Jiren had indeed become Vergil's High Priest, the two no doubt using each other for their own ends. The twins' reaction to Jiren's ascension was rather dull, having considered it inevitable after his showing in the tournament. They are relieved that the influence of Top and Goku has gotten him to mellow out some, though.
    • One who seems to have taken particular interest in 17 is Mule, the God of Destruction of Universe 3. Mule is very into robotics and engineering, and 17 is a human augmented by technology whose barrier enabled him to overpower Universe 3's giant trump card. Between this and the Super 17 form, he wants to study 17's power, but being a decent creature as well as grateful for his return to existence, he wants to be as non-intrusive as possible about it.
  • Despite being professional enough to not confront him during the Tournament of Power, 18 has a deep grudge against Frieza stemming from when he killed Krillin. Were it not for the Dragon Balls, she would've never met her husband because of him. It doesn't help that Krillin is obviously still spooked by Frieza; when the monster returned, he had her stay behind despite being stronger than him specifically to protect their daughter Marron even before finding out anything about Frieza's massive gains in strength.
  • The "God of Control" makes no sense to the twins, especially 17. Their entire history with Dr. Gero from the moment he kidnapped them as teenage runaways to 17's violent murdering of the old man is a case study in rejecting control by others, so why Yaldabaoth would think humanity in general wants to be dominated by social control is anyone's guess. 17 has gone so far as to meet the Phantom Thieves and affirm his support for them… so long as they don't steal any of the animals that he and 16 care for. They reciprocate the support, and to no one's surprise, hope to meet 18 someday.
  • Both 17 and 18 were very happy to see their compatriot Android 21, who they helped after being taken to her base by her rebuilt version of 16, revived and ascended in the Pantheon after her sacrifice to stop her evil hunger-obsessed self from eating everyone. 17 and Ren Amamiya have conversed about her situation, wondering if her hunger side could possibly be treated like the Shadows of Ren's world.
  • MVP chants have been following 17 everywhere since he returned from his family's global cruise. Even the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind has chimed in to give him a trophy for his victory and virtue. The Truth even complimented 17, noting the similarity between how he passed the Zen'os' test of character and Truth's own encounters with Edward Elric.
  • As 18 revealed, 17 seems to miss the full range of human emotion that he used to have as Lapis before the experiments. This is part of why he still values the Super 17 form in the Pantheon (as long as he's the one in control). It's not really a shortcut to strength anymore since he's learned how to maximize the power of his android tech without it, but it does adjust his parameters for a more fierce offensive approach as well as allow him to cut loose moreso than usual.
  • They also have a place in the House of Family.

Heimdall, God of Super Senses (Heimdallr, The Watchmen Of the Bifrost, Gatekeeper, The Watcher of Worlds, The Protector)
Heimdall as depicted in the MCU
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His horn, Gjallarhon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Our Gods Are Different, Can See Everything In The World, Has Nine Mommies, Light Is Good, Triple Shifter
  • Domains: Sight, Divinity, Vikings, The Bifrost, Guardians, Fire
  • Interests: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: The Aesir in general, most Marvel Comics superheroes, Uatu the Watcher, Zygarde, Mata Nui, Whis, King Kai, The Machine, Lucario
  • On good terms with: Shin
  • Enemies: Surtr, Loki, Hela (MCU incarnation mainly), Thanos, YHVH, Merged Zamasu, The Divine Powers, Walder Frey, Sauron, Bill Cipher
  • Annoyed by: Rick Sanchez
  • The Bifrost is the great rainbow road that connects Midgard and Asgard. Guarding it is Heimdall, or Heimdallr according to some spellings. He possesses foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing. It's said that Heimdall can see anywhere in the world.
  • Almost never leaves his post, and whenever he does it usually means some serious shit is going down. In the pantheon his temple has been connected to the House of Time and Space, both to allow easy access to the Nine Realms and many other realms, and so he can see more.
  • Rick Sanchez got bored once and decided to break security with his portal gun just to prove he can, and to annoy figures like Heimdall for being "tight-assed bureaucratic types". He ended up getting super drunk on the Asgard mead. Heimdall groaned at this and is trying to build defenses against his portal technology, but admits it was funny.
  • The etymology of the name is obscure, but 'the one who illuminates the world' has been proposed. One legend has him involved with the creation of human classes; incognito, he stayed with three different human families and rewarded them based off their treatment of their host. Because of this, he does not abide by violaters of Sacred Hospitality like Walder Frey.
  • Relates to Uatu the Watcher as they are dedicated to their job of watching over the world, though will on rare occasions interfere. Whis admires his professionalism, given how the angel is very studious and patient. He's advised Heimdall not to given Beerus any Asgardian mead, it probably won't end well.
  • Likes the Machine for being a benevolent watcher of things, and Zygarde for being a guardian of Earth/Midgard much as he is watching over Asgard. He is also interested in training Lucario in his aura sight. Sauron and Bill Cipher boast better sight and vision than Heimdallr, but he doesn't care for them. Zamasu ranted as he is wont to that Heimdall should be using his powers on the field and not being lazy, but the Watcher of Worlds just finds him a threat to Asgard and the Nine Realms as a whole.
  • May have a bet of a pervy side as he was the one who convinced Thor to dress up in drag. Long story. He also has nine sisters as his mother. The House of Family is still trying to figure out how that works, and the House of Celebration jokes he's going to have his hands full getting gifts for Mother's Day.
  • Shin was a bit worried that like Old Kai he might be using his all-seeing powers to peep on girls, but Heimdall has told him he doesn't have time for that. He does have time to advise Shin on high maintenance god jobs. He was also told about King Kai and how he watched his sector from afar, and the two liked each other well enough beyond the comparison of being watchers.
  • Because of how good he is at keeping his eyes on things, the SCP Foundation believes he could help with containment. Heimdall is considering it, but hasn't made his decision. It's unclear if his supernatural sight would ensure SCP-173 stays still or if he would still need to be physically present near 173.

    Simon Williams/Wonder Man 
Simon Williams, God of Not Needing What Others Need (Wonder Man, Wondie)
Simon's Ionic Form 

Intermediate Gods

    Atropos the Bane Elemental 
Atropos, God of Vampiric Draining (Bane Elemental)

    Elite Tauren Chieftain (E.T.C.) 
Elite Tauren Chieftain, God of Involuntary Dancing (E.T.C., Rock God, Chief Thunder-Skins)

SCP-073, God of Practical Uses of Powers (Cain)
Fan depiction of SCP-073
  • Intermediate God (Euclid by SCP standards)
  • Symbol: The Mark of Cain on his forehead
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Attack Reflector, Photographic Memory Used For Data Storage, The Original Cain Turned Nice Guy, Creepy Monotone, Real Men Eat Meat As He Withers Plants Around Him, Still Feels Pain From Injuries On Him, The Stoic, Nigh Invulnerable, Artificial Limbs
  • Domains: Memory, Cybernetics, Immortality, Decay, Data Storage, Power Reflection
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: The Admins
  • Allies: Wobbufett, Android 21, Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan, Chuck Bartowski, Jack Harkness
  • On speaking terms with: Chuck Shurley, God(God, the Devil and Bob)
  • Enemies: Vril Dox/Brainiac, Vandal Savage, Voldemort, Szilard Quates, The Cybermen
  • Slightly annoyed by: Ned Flanders
  • No comment: YHVH, Naoya
  • Avoids: The House of Plants, The Mage of the Beginning
  • Pities: Kenny McCormick
  • SCP-073. Class: Euclid. SCP-073 is an enigmatic cyborg human who refers to itself as Cain. He has the ability to reflect any damage inflicted on him, and causes plants to wither near him. Most useful is his perfect recall and photographic memory. For this reason, he serves as the data storage for the SCP Foundation.
  • Appears to be the Cain from The Bible. Despite his reputation as the first murderer, he's an amiable figure. It's his brother, SCP-076-2 aka "Able", who's an Ax-Crazy lunatic. This is believed to be a consequence of said murder and his Attack Reflector. Ned Flanders started getting angry at him for being Cain, and while he annoyed 073 a bit Flanders eventually realized he was mistaken in judging him. After all, the scriptures never said Cain remained evil until the end.
  • Naoya is the reincarnation of Cain, retaining his old memories. With the SCP multiverse being what it is, whether they were ever the same person is unclear but 073 is of the belief that Naoya is his Alternate Self. YHVH is also of this belief, but has no interest in the SCP as it is not the Cain who opposes him. SCP-073 hasn't mentioned and probably doesn't even know if YHVH has any relation to any being it has known. 073 doesn't care about Him, but he is friendly with Chuck Shurley and God(God, the Devil and Bob), which further hints at his Biblical origins.
  • Vandal Savage insists that he is the real Cain, with the Mark of Cain to prove it. SCP-073 flat out stated that Vandal almost certainly isn't, and at the best is just another Alternate Self who remains stuck in his evil ways. The Contemporary Caveman scoffs at 073, believing he's wasting his perfect recall and powers and should be using them for evil like himself. When it comes to Kane, he remains neutral on him and his claims of being the Cain.
  • Has spent some in the House of Memories, out of curiosity due to his perfect recall. He has come to feel sympathetic towards Android 21, due to suffering from Identity Amnesia. Her scientist good side is fascinated by him. Her evil half merely wants to eat him. It is unclear how the Attack Reflector would deal with transformation and assimilation, but even if the latter works it would probably poison and kill her. The SCP Foundation has zero interest in letting this happen.
  • It is unknown how the Mage of the Beginning's ability to possess her killer would work if she was killed in assaulting SCP-073. They have no intention to ever come close enough to find out. It is also unknown how it would relate to Wobbuffet's own power of reflecting attacks. They aren't trying to find out, but so far the two seem to be civil.
  • While immortal, he still feels pain from damage inflicted and reflected. For this reason, he feels pretty bad for Kenny McCormick as he keeps dying and coming back, and it always hurts. Cain at least keeps his original body. He seems to be friendly with Jack Harkness, another man who's inexplicably immortal. Unfortunately this led to Voldemort being very interested in the idea of making SCP-073 a horcrux, as no-one could destroy it. It's unclear if 073 is even compatible however.
  • Because of his ability to function as a data storage, both Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan are fond of him. So is Chuck Bartowski. The Admins are very interested by his capabilities. This has led to the attention of the Cybermen and Brainiac. Brainiac wants all the knowledge in him and his perfect recall experimented on to enhance his own knowledge. The Cybermen believe a converted SCP-073 would make the perfect Cyber Planner.
  • Szilard Quates was immediately interested in SCP-073. He wants absolute knowledge, and SCP-073 contains more memories to extract than anyone he's ever encountered. He immediately put his hand on 073 to devour him, only for it to do absolutely nothing because while 073 is immortal, he is not the same kind of immortal that he uses. Cain is making sure to never allow himself to taste the same panacea that allows people in the Baccano series to become immortal. It is unsure how assimilation countering with the Attack Reflector would play out, but much like the Mage of the Beginning nobody wants to find out.

    Vali Lucifer 
Vali Lucifer, God of Divine Division (White Dragon Emperor, Butt Dragon Emperor)
His dragon form 
  • Intermediate God (aims to vanquish even Overdeities; borderline-Overdeity himself while using Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive)
  • Symbol: The wings of his Sacred Gear, Divine Dividing.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, slowly became Chaotic Good overtime
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Showing No Sexual Interest, Divine Division to the point of non-existence, Rivalry, Aces, Searching for Worthy Rivals, Fighting for the Weaker Side to Battle Against Stronger Foes, Dragons, Always besting Issei up until the latter's resurrection, Born Winner, Victim of parental abuse, Wants to have a loving family all things considered.
  • Domains: Strength, Nerfing, Combat, Devils
  • Allies: Bryan Fury (admittedly uneasy on Vali's part), Vegeta, Kenpachi Zaraki, Accelerator, Shu Ouma, Gajeel Redfox, Kuroka, Lucifer, Fenrir, Chaos Knight
  • Rivals: Issei Hyodo (became more allies than rivals overtime, but the opposition of their Sacred Gears still makes them this), Natsu Dragneel
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The other members of the Occult Research Club (they're on much better terms now though), Touma Kamijou
  • Enemies: Gwyn, Ornstein and Smough (especially Smough), Acnologia, YHVH, Shao Kahn, Korra, Ghetsis Harmonia, Esdeath, Cletus Kasady/Carnage
  • Opposes: Nefarian
  • Opposed by: Greninja, Terrorblade
  • Interested in: Luka
  • Ascended not longer after defeating Pluto, the Ultimate Grim Reaper, by using Divine Dividing to the point that Pluto could no longer exist.
  • Due to his desire to vanquish every powerful god in the entire pantheon, he has few allies and holds little political power despite his powerful abilities. That said, he is willing to work together with other gods, including Issei, if it would allow him to vanquish anyone too powerful for him to handle alone.
  • Had caused trouble for Issei by informing the other gods of his actual combat prowess, especially his Cardinal Crimson Queen form, thus causing Kenpachi Zaraki and various other "battle-manic" gods to gain an interest in him, and even get pursued by some dragonslayers, such as Gajeel Redfox, and, more infamously, Ornstein. Interestingly enough, Vali has managed to befriend Gajeel, though he did gain another rival in the form of Natsu Dragneel.
  • Hearing of Asura's incredible feats had earned his immense interest. Vali aims to one day defeat him once he becomes strong enough.
    • He also was sincerely amazed at how Bryan Fury could keep up with Issei... That is, until he pushed the pervert's Berserk Button. On Vali's part, however, he decided to train Bryan, as he expressed interest in fighting Issei once again, as well as his haremettes. Despite that, though, Vali admitted that Bryan's bloodlust is a bit too much even for his standards.
  • Gets along quite well with Kenpachi due to their shared interests in fighting strong opponents. Kenpachi is also one of the few gods who can fight against Vali while he is using Juggernaut Overdrive.
  • He also gets along greatly with Accelerator, for having similar appearances, personalities, are regarded respectively as the strongest in something, and also sound a real lot alike. Ironically, Issei has befriended Accelerator's former arch-nemesis, Touma Kamijou. However, Vali, along with Issei, has also befriended Shu Ouma for similar reasons - that is, they also sound similar.
  • Has a fetish for butts but has little interest in either love or sex. Due to this, Flonne often approaches him trying to explain to him "the meaning of love", similarly to what happens with Ichika Orimura. Not like Vali cares though. However, because of his fetish for butts, many gods think he likes twerking videos. This has not been proven as of yet, and probably never will. That being said, he once watched porn at Issei's house. He didn't get anything about it and Issei had to explain everything to him.
  • Ever since Ornstein was forbidden to hunt down Issei due to his obsession on killing him, Smough decided to target Vali to try and eat him, but not for any reason: just because, he says. Vali defeated him a few times - quite the coup de grâce knowing the game where the executioner comes from, but is really annoyed by him, and decided to settle it once and for all with a tag-team Death Battle between him and Issei versus Ornstein and Smough. This battle is currently pending approval by Wiz and Boomstick.
    • That being said, Ornstein and Smough's master, Gwyn, unlike with Issei, appears not to think too highly of Vali: he says that Vali is the very image of the depraved Everlasting Dragons of the Age of Fog, and thus approved of Ornstein and Smough's desire to kill him. Vali says that he's more than willing to fight the Lord of Cinder if he wants to.
  • When asked about Shinnok and his desire to steal the Boosted Gear, Vali simply said that he'll fight him whenever the two have a chance, but preferably if Shinnok succeeds into stealing the Sacred Gear. However, Vali really doesn't know that a bloodthirsty conqueror (or better, konqueror) named Shao Kahn has taken interest in stealing his Divine Dividing.
  • Unlike with Issei, who became part of the GUAG, Vali has decided to join Lucifer's GUAC, as the Lightbringer promised him many opponents to battle, a similar reason to how the Vali Team was originally part of the Khaos Brigade, and also to oppose Ornstein and Smough, as the duo is part of YHVH's GUAL. Little does Lucifer know that Vali is aiming to vanquish him, and possibly even betray the GUAC altogether and become part of the GUAG (not that the Morningstar would really care, being one of the few to fully accept the Might Makes Right philosophy - should he be defeated, his opponents have more than earned his friendship in his book). Vali's taking his time, though, albeit he does wonder if this Lucifer is his ancestor.
  • Is aware that Acnologia is gunning for him for the very same reasons that he's targeting Issei. Vali expresses some approval of the idea of fighting the Dragon King, though he's not stupid enough to think he can do it without help. All things aside, however, the threat of fighting Acnologia is so high he might even call a truce with Ornstein and Smough to fight the evil dragon.
  • Albion, Vali's dragon and Sacred Gear, was known to visit Xuanzang for counselling due to having to put up with the fact that he is currently known as the Butt Dragon Emperor while Ddraig is known as the Breast Dragon Emperor. The fact that Azazel is currently considering adding Vali to the Grabbin' Dragon show only aggravated Albion further.
  • Since Greninja's change of title and the increase of Better Nerf Greninja jokes, the Frog Pokémon has grown a slight annoyance with Vali's own title. The White Dragon Emperor, on the other hand, doesn't understand this sudden hatred.
  • Is very interested in Issei's latest friend, Luka, since he is also offspring of Lucifer (well, his own world's counterpart), which should technically make him his own father. Luka, however, tries to steer clear from Vali, since his fighting spirit reminds him of Granberia, the Dragon Queen and one of Alice's Four Heavenly Knights.
  • Is a frequent victim of the Black Dragon Nefarian's trolling. Usually, Blackwing copies Vali's Divine Dividing and depowers him until he gets bored. Though often when he finishes with Vali he goes for other unlucky gods who cross his path. The Hakuryuukou is considering joining forces with Ragnaros The Firelord just to get rid of this annoying jerk.
    "From now on, you should call me Dr. Balance, Mr. Lucifer. I really wonder why don't you have more fun with this power, instead of having your pathetic crusade against everyone in your world.

    Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch 
Wanda Maximoff, Goddess of Probability (Scarlet Witch)


Lesser Gods

    Azwraith/Phantom Lancer 
Azwraith, God of Self-Multiplying (Phantom Lancer, Cancer Lancer)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: About six blue-colored illusion of his chibi version
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Lance-Fighting, Creating Illusions Of Self That Can Create Their Own Illusions, Referring Self As An Entity Of Many, Confusion Fu, Former Fisherman Now One-Man Army, Doppelgänger Attack, Doppelwalk, Looking Like A Feline-Thingy
  • Domains: War, Combat, Technique, Visibility, Illusions
  • High Priest: Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, Dire Heroes (but especially Ostarion, who hates him)
  • This throne was supposedly belonging to Naruto Uzumaki as his Kage-Bunshin no Jutsu was extremely well known. However, Naruto has used the technique less and less and also took different portfolio that it started to lose prominence... until Azwraith came and claimed the throne, having learned much from Naruto.
  • Azwraith is a keen God with lance-fighting, but his lance was nothing special. What needs to be watched out for is any chance he pops out an illusion that will fight for him, and they MULTIPLY until they surround the enemy to death. Worse, Azwraith also keeps a Diffusal Blade nearby, causing his illusions to burn any magic sources of his victims. He's come to accept that he's gonna dislike anyone with area-of-effect attack that can sweep away his illusions.
    • As Diffusal Blade is Azwraith's favorite item, he's quite friendly with Anti-Mage who appreciates Azwraith's ability to destroy enemy mages in no time. However, Anti-Mage is still considered the better Mage Killer, as his mana drain comes naturally.
    • On the flipside, while he has no opinions on him, Ostarion hates him, as he didn't have much Herd-Hitting Attack to counter being swarmed with a Diffusal Blade-possessing phantoms courtesy of Azwraith.
    • On further flipside, he doesn't really like Strygwyr as he can detect the real him, as long as he's rather low on health, and he's a canine Beast Man, while he's a feline. Azwraith's sole consolation is that if he swarmed him alone, he won't have enough Herd-Hitting Attack to blow the rest of his clones (The Blood Ritual took kind of long and the technique below mitigated that). For this, even if it's normally impossible, he's also hoping that he doesn't get pitted against Tassadar, who has a 'Detect Real Self Button'.
  • Is one of the few people who can keep his cool and unamusement in the face of Jinx. However, being a good-hearted warrior he is, if Jinx makes people suffer with it without remorse, she'll have to answer to his lance and illusions.
  • Tidus seem to pester him a lot because he said Azwraith looks like his buddy Kimahri Ronso. There's just a simple headshake from Azwraith as a response.
  • Occasionally, he could be seen in the pond of the Beasts house, fishing. He usually lets go of the fishes he hooked there since he's usually well fed with another, he's just doing an old past time of being a fisherman. Azwraith has found a companion to these journeys in fellow fisherman Serge.
  • Officially, a sighting of tons of Azwraith charging upon you is to be dubbed as "Cancer Lancer". You will need a lot of Herd-Hitting Attack to make short work of that. For that, he dreads the day he finds himself on the opposing side against Sven.
  • As a feline-like lancer fighter, Azwraith forms a good bond with the walking panther, Eugene Gallardo, and noted that he might have enough might to take on his illusions at once, he still have some area attacks after all.
  • While it was not known how he trained, some has taken notice that his spear fighting style at one point was very similar to axe-fighting courtesy of Grom Hellscream. Azwraith admits that yes, he did just that, and he took on more of the style of normal, pre-corruption Grom, at least easing Grom's mind a bit.
  • At a certain point of time, he trained for a slightly newer style that he could suddenly teleport and split into three of himself and also increasing his pursuit speed. He's become a more powerful hero that way, especially when he could simply say "NOPE" and effortlessly dodge on skillshots aimed at him. Comes with a cost, though, he sacrificed his magic resistance and some base damage. Maybe just so Anti-Mage doesn't get jelly that he's upstaging him as the Mage Killer.
    • For the speed boost, there was later an incident in the Pantheon that Azwraith witnessed Jinx blowing things up and, getting excited, tried to run with extreme speed. Unfortunately, that couldn't outrun Azwraith's new running speed, and he proceeds to apprehend her (ganging her with his illusions) and turning her to the local cops, Vi and Caitlyn, before leaving, stating that while he helped them because he can't stand such suffering, they're still rivals and maybe they'll meet on the battlefield next time. (Obviously Jinx escaped in a latter date)
  • "We outnumbered you. We outnumber them all!"

Lucario, God of Aura Vision (The Aura Pokémon, Master of Aura)
Mega Lucario 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Mega Lucario)
  • Symbol: His paw wrapped in aura
  • Theme Song: Lucario's Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Inner Focus (Adaptability as Mega Lucario)
  • Moveset: Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Flash Cannon, Power-Up Punch
  • Portfolio: Being both a steel-type and Fighting-type Pokémon, fangs, Aura Sphere, aura-based fighting style in addition to ki, Mega Lucario, liking chocolate
  • Domains: Mons, Aura, Fighting
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, all good Dragon Ball characters (particularly Goku), Brock, Misty, Satori Komeiji
  • Rivals: Mewtwo
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Tabuu, Black Doom
  • Has mixed feelings for: Viridi
  • Ascended when it was revealed he would return for the 4th Super Smash Bros. Tournament, alongside packing extra heat with his Mega Evolution.
  • Has become a protégé to Goku, due to having the same voice in Sean Schemmel. Also spends time with the other Dragon Ball gods, although Vegeta keeps calling Lucario "hedgehog" due to his own dislike of Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Mewtwo hates him with an utter passion, due to Lucario taking a spot in the 3rd Smash Bros tournament while he only had a trophy showcased and then returning for Smash 4 even though Mewtwo has two Mega Evolutions. Mewtwo has heard of a special program that would give him the ability to use a Final Smash and waits to fight Lucario one-on-one.
    • With Mewtwo having entered the 4th Smash Bros Tournament, Lucario awaits his challenge.
  • Lucario has a fondness for chocolate and eats it whenever he's in the House of Food. Shares hot chocolate with Anna because of this.
    • Was at the point of drooling when he first saw Willy Wonka's temple, almost slurping from the chocolate river.
  • Met up with Ash, and the two now start to train to see if Ash can enhance his aura abilities.
  • His Aura powers make sneaking virtually impossible. Solid Snake should know—how else did Lucario notice Snake hiding in his box?
  • Lent a bit of his power to a boy named d. Unfortunately, that Lucario tended to get kicked around all the time and was eventually boxed for Xernas.
  • Is known to be quite fond of Sora because he sounds a lot like Nate.
  • Brock has asked Lucario to help save Ash from the "Friendship Asylum" due to his aura powers. Plus since Lucario is part-fighting type, the darkness of the Asylum shouldn't be able to easily corrupt him. Just in case, Lucario is holding onto a Lucarionite Mega Stone.
    • Lucario was able to help turn the tides of a battle with Ash by Mega-Evolving after Greninja snuck a Key Stone into Neku Sakuraba's hand, and using an Aura Sphere to block one that Ash summoned, which also helped prevent Oerba Dia Vanille from corrupting into a vampire when her transformation began.
  • Viridi has spoken interest in Lucario due to his powers over aura, and wants to recruit him into her Forces of Nature. Lucario himself is unsure of the notion, due to Viridi's campaign against humanity. While there are some humans who are as bad as she says they are and a few even outright irredeemable, it's still no reason to condemn the entire race as a whole. He should know this as he has several human friends who want to preserve nature just as much as he does, voiding the Nature Goddess' opinions of humanity. Viridi hasn't given up though.

Sadira, Goddess of Trapping Web
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her mask and gauntlets on top of a thick spider web
  • Theme Song: Ballet of Death
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Greyish Skin, Evil Second-in-Commands, Supernatural Gold Eyes, Wears a hooded Qipao, or something close to it, Kick Chick, Dark Action Girl
  • Domains: Webs, Assassination, Kicks, Greed, Killing
  • Allies: ARIA, Spinal, Riptor, Shao Kahn, Mileena, Kars, Juri Han, Arachne, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Enemies: B. Orchid, Jago
  • Sadira and her secret clan of female assassins called the Red Eyes of Rylai are able to use the abilities shoots a spider web at her foes, wall jump or bounces off web, can use web projectile, which can paralyze her opponent, given her the opportunity to attack Their opponents viciously.
  • She was sent into the new Killer Instinct Tournament under the orders of ARIA for treasures, and battles, though she has gone on to try and kill B. Orchid and Jago for this purpose.
  • She has confused Kyoko Kirigiri when ever Sadira speaks, this due to sounding similar.
  • She also would like to make sure people understand that she is not some overly clingy girl that tried to gain the affections of Aladdin.
  • Her Clan used to be seclude and unknown to the world but due to her new employee she has now offered her services to many other members of the pantheon.
  • Her assassination clan has been hired by many forces of Evil to help them kill their enemies.

Samuro, God of Multiple Clones (The Blademaster)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The banner of the burning blade clan
  • Theme Song: The Samuro theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Arm-Fold, Badass Back, Confusion Fu, Critical Hit Class, Decoy Getaway, Doppelgänger Attack, Master Swordsman, Me's a Crowd, Spin Attack
  • Domains: Blades, Clans, Honor, Wandering Swordsmen
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Afro Samurai, Yurnero
  • Enemies: Gul'dan, Demonic entities in general
  • Opposes: Medivh
  • Distrusts: Good-aligned demons.
  • Samuro is one of the last known members of the Burning Blade clan, famous for being really good orc swordsmen. After his clan fell under the influence of Demons, Samuro wandered Azeroth looking for redemption and restoring his clan's honor. That's why he carries the clan's banner in his back.
  • He was allowed the position of shadow clones after he demonstrated his fighting capabilities against the brewmaster Chen and later got drafted into the Nexus. Samuro is honoured to have a place among deities and is looking to redeem his clan in the eyes of the pantheon.
  • He was happy that the old Warchief Thrall was also in the pantheon. Even if he is not leading the horde anymore, he still follows and respects him. He also found that both Rexxar and Chen were in the pantheon too, which he then promtly decided to challenge the Pandaren to a sparring match.
  • He found other deities in the pantheon that also fight with clones. He has challenged the likes of Naruto or Mami Tomoe and was surprised about their techniques and has kept an amicable relationship with them.
  • One thing that Samuro despises is demons, given how his clan fell from grace thanks to their corruption. He has sworn to take down as many as he can in order to avenge the burning blade. Of course he has come to understand that not all ascended demons are evil, but he is keeping an eye on the supposed "good ones"
  • Compared to other orcs, Samuro has a distinct accent that differents him from others. Unfortunately, people like to make fun of how he pronunciates certain words
  • Has formed an interesting rivalry with Yurnero because of the similar fighting style that he possesses, which is very characteristic of the burning blade clan. However, he is hesitant because he heard that his power is similar to that of the corrupted blademasters.
  • Has been asked about how he does his training. He said that he always does one hundred cuts, one hundred stabs, one hundred parries, ten miles of wandering, every single day. Saitama took a little interest after hearing that statement.
  • He often can be found in the House of Food claiming that his sword is really good for cutting tomatoes in addition of cutting through armor. He also has an special fondness for "WASAAAABIIII"
  • His wandering has made him found a lot of worthy opponents to fight, who also happened to be wandering swordsmen like him. From the likes of Samurai Jack or Samuel Rodrigues, they have been capable of giving him a good fight for being mere pink skins (as he calls humans).
  • Often confused to be the lead singer of ETC, given that they share names. He has gone on record clarifying that he is nowhere related to him.
    Samuro: No, 'dude', I cannot get you backstage passes. I am Samuro, not Samuro! Go ask ETC himself, then!
  • Sometimes, Samuro has been noticed to assume the guise of the "Monkey King" during the Lunar Year Festival. This has caught the attention of Sun Wukong himself, who has been interested into knowing more about this monkey king.
  • He's not currently opening a dojo, but still, he does have one basic training for those who wish to train with him: "Snatch the pebble from my hands, grasshopper!" (Real hand, not his illusion's hand. Good luck...)
  • Surprisingly he is a pretty good, if dangerous, shaver. According to him, twin blade action is pretty good... for clean close shave everytime.
  • "I hear and obey!" Note 

    Tenya Iida/Ingenium 
Tenya Iida, God of Explosive Overclocking (Ingenium II, Class 1-A Representative, Fastbergers)
Hero Costume 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Ingenium helmet
  • Theme Song: Ingenium
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Running really fast, Overclocking his engines for an emergency boost of speed, Wearing Stoic Spectacles, Being a representative for his class, Becoming a hero in the name of his fallen older brother, Being part of a Heroic Lineage, Never knowing what to do with his arms, being The Comically Serious, going after Revenge Before Reason but realizing his mistakes, being a bit hammy, Fighting primarily with his legs
  • Domains: Super Speed, Character Tics, Hamminess
  • Herald: His older brother Tensei, the first Ingenium
  • Allies: Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi, Ochaco Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, Tsuyu Asui, Barry Allen, Sebastian Michaelis, Hayate Immelmann, Genos, Squigly Ruby Rose
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Weiss Schnee
  • Enemies: Kurogiri, Stain the Hero-Killer, Satsuki Kiryuin formerly, The Cabbage Merchant, nearly every deity in the House of Crime
  • Admires: Superman, Ikaruga
  • Friendly Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Katsuki Bakugo
  • Decidedly not friendly rival: Speed-O-Sound Sonic
  • Odd Friendship: with Sasha Blouse
  • Iida ascended one day due to running at immense speeds. Unfortunately, he ended up Overloading the engines in his calves, losing control of his momentum, launching off a hill, and crashing into a Cabbage cart in the House of Food. After a long lawsuit in the Court, he was pardoned for breaking the cart, since everyone does it anyway.Once the Court saw the speed he obtained via supercharging his engines, he was granted ascension as the god of Explosive Overclocking.
  • Upon his ascension, he was greeted by some of his friends from his class at Yuuei High. They welcomed him into the pantheon with open arms, sharing with him some of their stories.
  • He soon learned, much to his horror, that Stain the Hero-Killer had ascended a while back. Iida still harbored some hatred for the man due to crippling his beloved brother Tensei. He tried for a moment to go against Stain alone, but his friends were able to talk him out of it before he did anything regrettable.
  • He has come to admire Clark Kent for acting as The Paragon to all heroes. He aspires to one day be as great a hero as the Man of Steel. He actually went into the house of Heroes as a fanboy and got the chance to meet the legend. Superman was a bit busy at the time, but he was happy to at the least sign an autograph for an aspiring hero such as himself. Needless to say, the autograph led to one hell of a Squee! from Iida.
  • He highly values his position as Class Representative of Class 1-A, so he was appalled when he heard about how some would abuse their power over Student government. He especially turned his sights to Satsuki Kiryuin, who he blamed of misusing her power as student president. However, after her Heel–Face Turn, he began to respect her more. Kiryuin understands the ire he felt, and has promised to do right with her position.
  • At one point, he was in the house of Food enjoying a bowl of his favorite beef stew, when a young woman with brown hair sat next to him, aggressively munching on a potato. Between mouthfuls, she introduced herself as Sasha Blouse. An odd bond was struck between the two due to their mutual heroic personalities, and now they hang out at a little noodle shop in the house of Food every other Thursday.
  • He was once running around on a training track to practice, when he was continually lapped by a red blur. After both entities had stopped running, they got to know each other. The blur was a man in spandex who claimed to be able to move faster than lightspeed. Iida soon learned that this was Barry Allen, an ally to Superman. The two exchanged contact information and have agreed to call on one another should the need arise.
    • Their race, however, had a spectator in the form of a talkative blue hedgehog. He wanted to try to race against Iida, having already tried and failed to outrun the Flash. The race rules were simple: 350 laps around the racetrack at the House of Sports. Their bout drew crowds of thousands. After a few brief minutes, a victor was decided. The blue blur had proven too fast for Iida, and won the race. Iida now strives to beat him at least once, and can be seen continually training to be better. Time will tell if he ever succeeds in defeating the hedgehog.
    • Even then, that race drew the attention and ire of another speedster named Sonic. However, this one was much less kindhearted. He wanted a race to prove that he wasn’t the slowest Super Speed member of the pantheon. So, the audiece got treated to a brief encore. The two decided on a mere 100 laps to see who really was the fastest. This time, Iida was prepared for the race. By activating his Recipral Burst technique, he was able to fly past the oddly-named racer into victory. This blew out his engines, so he was done racing for the day. Speed-O-Sound still resents Iida over his loss.
  • When he first ascended, many who heard his voice confused him for a certain butler in the realm of Demons. The two eventually met and formed a slight bond over this. Iida was originally on the fence about meeting with Sebastian Michaelis on the grounds of him being a demon, but that tension went away when they first met. Iida learned that the demon was actually very cordial and polite, and admired that virtue. The two formed a friendship based in mutual respect for one another.
  • Once, he was walking through the house of Costumes, looking for a place to retire his helmet. He realized how much the Ingenium helmet had defined him while he was in a state of Revenge Before Reason. While there, he met with another blue-haired hero who shared his views regarding the use of helmets. The two quickly saw the similarities between them and became friends. Iida is still a little jealous over Hayate’s adventures through space, but Hayate has promised to show it to Iida some day.
  • He has formed a longstanding alliance with the cyborg Genos thanks to a mutual feeling of owing their life to someone. Plus, according to some people, they sound very similar when speaking in Japanese. Both have proven time and again to be heroes, even if their judgement can get a little clouded by revenge from time to time. The crux of their bond was a shared background, and a bond over family members that have been attacked by villains.
  • Iida thoroughly admires Ikaruga for her position as Academy Student Body President. Looking up to the hard work and dedication required to hold that position, he strives to someday join her in the Student Council.
  • Iida has struck common ground with Squigly, in part because both understand what it’s like to get caught up in revenge. Despite an initial reaction of fear due to her being a zombie, a little communication proved enough to clear up the misunderstanding. Iida and Squigly have promised to be there for each other should either ever get lost in Revenge Before Reason again. It helps to have someone to talk some sense into them.
  • He’s a surprisingly good orator, despite a weird tendency to move his arms around a lot. He gained some serious communication skills during his time as Class Representative of his high school classroom. Occasionally, after an attack from the house of Villains or Crime, he’ll be there to give a motivational speech to the masses.
  • Once he was running around the Pantheon to get some exercise, not paying attention to where he was going. Unbeknownst to him, another deity with Super Speed was running in the opposite direction, pursued by her teammate. The two ended up in a high-speed head-on collision, knocking both to the ground. He reeled in horror when he realized that he could have just hurt a young girl in a red cape, but she was able to stand up and laugh it off. Her partner, on the other hand, chided him fiercely for his lack of proper form. The girl introduced herself to him as Ruby Rose of Beacon Academy, accompanied by her partner Weiss. Both admired one another for their heroic dedication and sense of justice. Ruby’s optimism and idealism were exactly the traits that Iida respects in a hero, and she reminded him of his friend Midoriya. He, in turn, reminded Weiss of her butler, Klein. They have since become allies, although he and Weiss still argue and bicker on the regular.
  • “I'm a novice. I can't measure up to their standards! Be that as it may... I have to stand up! Never again! Never again will they... or my brother... Leave me behind in the dust!”


Jigglypuff, Goddess of Sketching and Slumber-Inducing Lullabies (The Balloon Pokémon, The Sleepy Singer, Fat D)

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