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Intermediate Gods

    Alex J. Murphy / RoboCop 
Alex J. Murphy, God of Superhuman Police (RoboCop, OCP-001, The Future of Law Enforcement, Tin Man, Creator, Detroit's Cyborg Defender, Robert Cop)

Lesser Gods

    Carmelita Fox 
Carmelita Montoya Fox, Goddess of Interpol Special Agents (Inspector Fox)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess while possessed by the Mask of Dark Earth)
  • Symbol: Her shock-pistol
  • Theme Song: Carmelita's Dance
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (can be Lawful Good at times)
  • Portfolio: Interpol Special Agent, Action Girl with a shock pistol, Anti-Villain, quite cruel (though she claims to be honest), All Crimes Are Equal, constantly changing voices and accent, Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist, Friendly Enemy (sometimes), Rival Turned Evil (when at her worst), Slap-Slap-Kiss
  • Domains: Law, Justice
  • Allies (Delta Cops): Aqua, Chun-Li
  • Friendly Enemies: Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, Sora, Riku, Kairi
  • Enemies: Neyla, Penelope, Terra, Jasmine, Scar, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, most of the Houses of Crime, Hatred, and Villains.
  • Rival: Sark
  • Ascended because of her request to keep the pantheon in check after suspicious behavior from some gods. Let's just say that a lot of evil gods were "not pleased".
    • What caused Carmelita to ascend: seeing Penelope ascend and learn of her alliance with Clu.
  • Sly overheard of Carmelita's ascension and wanted to congratulate her. However, he's got a big bounty on his head, she's very ticked on his ascension long ago, and even the vents are heavily secured... It's fortunate enough that Murray was waiting outside with the van should the attempt on the congrats fail.
  • At one point, Carmelita had a lancer named Neyla who teamed up with her in several missions, even though they hate each other's guts. Of course, Neyla was able to frame Carmelita for being an ally of Sly (when she hated him at the time), and got her suspended and captured by The Contessa. Carmelita was able to get her revenge later by smashing the Hate Chip that was keeping Neyla (and Clockwerk, whom she was possessing at the time) alive, getting her job back as a result.
  • Has a very black-and-white view on crime, and even the slightest mishap could cause you to be hunted down and shot at by Carmelita. It does not matter if you're an Anti-Hero like Kevin Levin, or purely innocent like Winnie the Pooh; commit one crime, and she'll pursue you until you're dead or in jail. In fact, Terra is even on her "black-list" thanks to the many times he helped several villains out, even if unintentionally.
    • Speaking of Keyblade Wielders, Carmelita has little trust towards Sora, due to his friendship with Jack Sparrow (a pirate), and would only team up with him if forced. She doesn't trust Riku either, on account of his former alliance with Maleficent. She doesn't think very highly of Kairi, either. After all, just because you're a Princess of Heart, it doesn't excuse you from being a thief.
    • Heck, the only Keyblade Wielders Carmelita can even trust are Aqua and Ventus; the former because she also has a black-and-white view on criminals thanks to Master Eraqus' anti-darkness teachings (which once nearly lead to her recreating the χ-blade when she tried to assassinate Lady Tremaine and her daughters using light); the latter for not having a single nasty thought in his head. However, Aqua can sense a strong amount of darkness in Carmelita's heart, and fears her hatred towards the Cooper Gang (most of the time) will lead to her ending up like Terra. Ironically, Aqua succumbed first, leading to a rift between the two because of Carmelita's Black and White Insanity.
  • She claims to be an honest cop, but one adventure shows her as a villainous cop who's willing to kill Sly and his friends in order to stop them, and even shoots one of Penelope's guards for no reason. In fact, her darkened heart is one reason why the Mask of Dark Earth was able to latch onto her, and (combined with Bentley's sleep darts) grow her into a giant... and go on a rampage against the Cooper Gang.
    • She fully remembers her possession, and it's hinted that she was in full control, strengthening her status as a villain. A few gods even wondered what would happen if she and Sark were to clash in a battle...
  • In the aftermath of "Project: Alternate!Gentaro", Carmelita, Aqua and Chun-Li have joined together to help fight crime and keep the Pantheon secured to ensure another incident like this never happens again. They call themselves the "Delta Cops". The group were called again in the event known as "Tarot Crusaders" to stop Broken Matt Hardy from enacting any more chaos. It was revealed that her trials through the asylum have left her with a fear of talking, moving Creepy Dolls and that she's teamed up with an atoning Eric Draven to investigate what happened to the Hardy Brothers.
    • Unfortunatly, Aqua and Carmelita are currently not on speaking terms because of Aqua's fall to darkness. Even after Aqua was purified, and reunited with Terra and Ventus, Carmelita refuses to talk to her because of her devotion to the law.
  • Because she reminds them of Neera Li, Lilac and her friends don't really like sticking around with her. Carmelita on her part doesn't like them either due to Lilac and Carol for their thieving pasts and Milla for siding with them.
  • Carmelita hates it when nothing against the views of the GUAL happens over a long period of time. Of course, here in this Pantheon, a lack of craziness is unheard of.
    Carmelita: (if nothing happens) Another uneventful patrol. This pantheon is beautiful, but a bit quiet for my tastes.
    • But her alliance with the GUAL has forced her into a Sadistic Choice in the aftermath of the "Diamond Disaster". She must choose between staying with the GUAL and being labelled a villain, or return to the GUAG and lose her control over law and order.

    Cole Phelps 
Cole Phelps, God of Cops That Follow The Rules (The Ghost, The Shadow of Death, The Pusher)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An LAPD badge
  • Theme Song: Menu Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Lawful Stupid at his worst)
  • Portfolio: A skilled boxer, one of the only honest cops in the LAPD, fluent in Japanese and is familiar with classic literature, haunted by the events on Okinawa, A Good Cop with some Bad Publicity, The Atoner
  • Domains: Detectives, Military, Crime Solving
  • Heralds: Stefan Bekowsky, Finbarr “Rusty” Galloway, Herschel Biggs
  • Allies: Jim Gordon, Koichi Zenigata, Chief Wiggum, Lin Beifong, Naoto Shirogane
  • Conflicted opinion: Carmelita Fox, SomeCallMeJohnny of BrainScratchComms
  • Enemies: Carmen Sandiego, James Moriarty, Scott Shelby, Manny Pardo, The House of Villains, Banzai Chargers
  • Opposed By: The Couples of the House of Love, A few deities in the House of War
  • Odd Friendship: John Marston
  • Cole Phelps has been called by many names; Lieutenant, war hero, Patrolman, case man, Detective, and when he shed his mortal shell in 1947, God was soon added to the list. At first, Phelps was both in awe and lost of the strange world before him, but with the help of Jim Gordon, he was given a position in the House of Justice, working to improve his detective skills and keep the Pantheon a safer place.
  • Initially many were a bit skeptical about Phelps, considering he had a rather controversial affair that ruined his public perception and he has a rather dark military past he would rather leave behind. However, he ended up leaving a good impression after catching a member of the GUAE attempting to murder one of the heads of the GUAG before they had the chance and has since been gaining a more positive reception. He ended up impressing Inspector Zenigata after showing a stark dedication to Justice and conceded the By-the-Book Cop title to him.
    • However, there are plenty of Gods in the House of Love who will never live down his affair.
  • Like many good detectives in the Pantheon, Cole has dedicated himself to hunting down and apprehending both Carmen Sandiego and James Moriarty. Considering that Cole managed to catch one of the most infamous Serial Killers from his time (The Werewolf/Black Dahlia Killer) but was unable to be recognized considering the brother of the murderer was a powerful politician, he is more than up to the task and has received support from many of the law forces in the pantheon.
  • Phelps was quick to bring most of his old partners up as heralds, who often accompany him on investigations. The only exception was Roy Earle from the Vice desk. He was immediately booted out of the Pantheon after being brought up for inspection. Some though have found it odd that strange that Phelps didn’t choose his wartime associate and rival Jack Kelso for Herald. Phelps’s response;
    Cole Phelps: He’ll make it up. Sooner than later.
  • After hearing reports that his driving had become hazardous, Phelps paid a visit to SomeCallMeJohnny of the Super Gaming Brothers, telling him to stop spreading the rumours. Johnny then explained it was actually his brother Elliot doing the driving and promised to make sure the rumours stopped... they haven’t.
  • Sympathizes a lot with John Marston, strange considering no one expected the lawful Cole to become friends with a former outlaw. While at first Marston was hesitant to approach a fed, Phelps confessed that he also was a victim of things from his past that haunted him. also suffering a betrayal from a Jerkass associate and Cole even gave his life to save others from impending danger. The one thing Marston doesn't approve about Phelps is that he cheated on his wife with Elsa Lichtmann but other than that he is an ok guy.
  • Considers the likes of Scott Shelby and Manny Pardo to a be a disgrace to the armed forces. One because it perpetuated the stereotype of cops being uncaring deranged lunatics (Something he had been accused before thanks to some of his possible overreactions when interrogating someone) and the other because he took advantages of his clients to bury his dark deeds. With Shelby it hit to close to home when he heard his namesake of the Origami Killer, reminding him of a marine he commanded in the second World War, Ira Hogeboom, who later went to become a Serial Arsonist after Cole accidentally forced him to burn down a Japanese Cave full of Civilians and to atone he became obsessed with Origami figures.
  • Some people of the House of War have digged about Cole's past in the military and found out about his less than stellar performance as a Lieutenant. His own marines never liked him, some even came to resent him after the cave incident and later becoming a cop. For that reason, some of the soldiers in that house don't think highly of him.
    • Not helped by the fact that he is known as "The Shadow of Death" for his tendency to get his men killed, often unwillingly.
  • Japanese deities that lived during the WW2 era are not very fond of Cole given her involvement in the war, less so when they heard about the Cave incident. Ironically, his game is quite popular in modern Japan.
  • Whenever someone says something very suspicious, Phelps usually makes this face

    Dirty Harry 
Harold Francis Callahan, God of Vigilante Cops (Dirty Harry)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His .44 Magnum revolver on top of a Police Badge
  • Theme Song: from his movies
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Carries a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver, Clint Squint, Cool Shades, Deadpan Snarker, Exalted Torturer, Good Is Not Nice, Noble Bigot with a Badge, No Warrant? No Problem!,
  • Domains: Law, Good, Destruction, Torture, Defense, Guns
  • Followers: Burnett and Lowrey, Axel Foley, Tequila, Martin Riggs, Detectives Carter and Lee, U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens
  • High Priest: Lt. Frank Bullitt
  • Allies: Robocop, Samuel Vimes, Kurtis Stryker, Lennie Briscoe, Ron Swanson, John McClane
  • Enemies: The Joker, most gods in the Houses of Crime and Villains, Carl Johnson, Tommy Vercetti, Niko Bellic, Yosemite Sam
  • Rivals: Revolver Ocelot, John Marston, Lucky Luke, The Lone Ranger
  • Opposes: The Nostalgic Critic
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Punisher
  • Odd Friendship: The Man With No Name
  • Respects: The Undertaker
  • Annoys: Omar Little
  • The old god of Cowboy Law was Sledge Hammer!. No one doubted that he was completely devoted to the cause and his followers. In his last mission, he tracked down the Joker, cornering him on the street. His allies offered their assistance, with the Inspector responding: "Trust me; I know what I'm doing." Turns out he bit out more than he could chew, with the Joker spraying acid on his face. He was sent to the House of Health and Disease, but they were too late. A new god was needed, and it turns out there was a perfect candidate for the title; a man holding similar weapons walked up to take over the title. Once he ascended, Dirty Harry was quick to pick some of the most prominent cowboy cops in the Pantheon. He swore to bring the Clown Prince of Crime to justice. That doesn't mean he's willing to partner with any of them.
  • Many in the House of Justice were glad to see Harry ascend, citing him as an inspiration to not only for cops but for those with tough interrogation techniques. Even Sam Vimes, God of Policemen and leader of deified cops, lets him off with a loose leash, only pulling back under the most extreme decisions. Never one to team up with anyone, he prefers to work his cases on his own... until Sam Vimes pairs him up with the newest recruit in the house.
    • There is one god in the House that he meets up more than most, ironic as he also prefers to work alone. Both he and Ron Swanson share a breakfast meal together before they go back to work.
  • He just can't help but feel a connection with the mysterious Spirit of the West. Indeed, the two ever look similar. Oddly, the spirit visits Dirty Harry more often than most other deities.
  • When he found out that the Gorillaz made a song in commemoration of him, he could help but check it out. It was one of the few things that managed to warm Dirty Harry's heart... for a brief moment before going back to work.
  • Few suspected that the Undertaker would be a fan of his actions, but lo and behold some footage of him parodying Harry was found. Harry was merely amused.
  • He was not pleased in the slightest in the Nostalgic Critic when one of his followers released a scathing review of his exploits.
  • Harry is much more active in dealing with the House of Crime, ruffling up followers to get a chance to put them in jail. The deity of Gangsters is among the top of the list to capture. The followers of both deities run into each other many times. This extends to all of the GTA gods, whether they are associated with their criminal activities or not.
  • Sometimes goes on the hunt for Yosemite Sam whenever he goes back into his outlaw ways.
  • The only reason that Dirty Harry doesn't go after Omar Little is that there are far worst criminals to deal with as well as the fact that a few in the House of Justice depend on his intel. Omar himself has been able to get in good terms with the cop, with Harry seeing no difference between his thieves and that of more hardened criminals... to say nothing of his remarks on his color.
  • Some of the folks who work with the House of Justice aren't that fond of him either. Lucky Luke and the Lone Ranger see his tactics as too violent for their tastes.
  • There has been a discussion as to how Harry got his nickname. One would get no help from Harry himself, who has kept his mouth shut in the matter. The House of Love has pulled much of its resources into finding the unlucky girl who was responsible.
  • If the Punisher was an official police officer, the two would have been on better terms. Common methods aside, Harry sees him as a vigilante that acts outside of the law. Still, the two often team up as they both go after similar criminals, leaving many of them dead as a result. That's probably why the two do not regard themselves as enemies for now.
  • There is little doubt that the House of Justice is often under Revolver Ocelot's machinations, no matter how hard the gods there deny that. So when Dirty Harry took a more prominent role there, he couldn't help but grimace. This is one cop that won't be as easy to manipulate. The best he could do was to point out more dangerous villains for Harry to put down.
  • Always keeps a bullet handy whenever he visits John Marston's temple. The retired outlaw may no longer be in business, but Harry is willing to work on the more aggressive gods to bring him in at the slightest misstep.
  • When John McClane found out about the new god of Vigilante Cops, he went straight over to Harry's temple, offering him a meal on the house. Both of them discussed the problems with bureaucracy in the police force before parting ways. The two are one of the most prolific action heroes in the Pantheon. Dirty Harry knows that danger always seems to follow the human monkey wrench, making it easy for him to track down the perpetrators.
  • Whenever he does corner a villain, he prefers to keep track on the number of bullets in his Magnum, daring them to attack them so they could find out if he has one more bullet...
    Dirty Harry: Go ahead. Make my day.

    Jim Gordon 
James Worthington Gordon, God of Lawful Allegiance to Superheroes (Commissioner Gordon, Jim, Batman)
Gordon, as played by J. K. Simmons.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The GCPD badge
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: By-the-Book Cop, Lawful Ally to Batman, Badass Normal, Reasonable Authority Figure, The Stoic, The Fettered, Morality Chain to Batman, Briefly Succeeding Batman
  • Herald: Harvey Bullock
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dirty Harry, Judge Dredd
  • Avoids: J.J. Jameson
  • Conflicting Opinion: Catwoman, Amanda Waller
  • Enemies: The Joker, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Talia Al Ghul, Walter White
  • Known by many as Batman's only law-abiding ally, Jim Gordon was a rare one - an honest cop in a city so full of corruption that everyone treated him as if he were corrupt. Though his first meeting with Batman was on shaky terms, he eventually grew to accept that for the time being, Gotham needed the vigilante to keep order.
  • Managed to ascend thanks to Batman and his friends using their godhood and some help from the GUAG, as a police liaison for the Pantheon's numerous superheroes was needed. Barbara Gordon in particular was happy to see her father in the Pantheon.
    • Wasn't all that surprised to learn that Batman's infamous rogues gallery had ascended as well.
  • Shocked to learn Thomas and Martha Wayne were present in the Pantheon. Gordon was already working on the GCPD by the time the Waynes were murdered. He was the one who comforted a young Bruce Wayne in the precinct, indirectly becoming a father figure to the traumatized child. Thomas and Martha thanked him for being there for Bruce and giving him some hope for the future.
  • It has been said that Gordon is smart enough to figure out the secret identities of every superhero. He is Gotham's best cop, after all. He simply chooses not to out of respect for their work and to keep plausible deniability.
  • Given his notorious partnership with Batman, it's no surprise Gordon is friends with Inspector G. Lestrade, who has a similar partnership with Sherlock Holmes. Conversely, this also makes him an enemy to Moriarty, someone who Gordon that for all his intellect and posturing, is not really any better than The Joker or The Riddler.
  • Has his hands full whenever he has to work on a case alongside Dirty Harry and Judge Dredd. To wit: he has the most notorious rulebreaker in police history on one hand, and the practical embodiment of law on the other. It's only thanks to Gordon these two haven't shot each other.
  • In one continuity that gave focus to Gordon's early years as a cop, he shared the same voice as Batman. After some awkward glares to each other, Gordon and Batman ultimately accepted it as a way to strengthen their friendship.
    • At the same time, he had the same voice as notorious drug lord Walter White. Having heard of White's crimes, Gordon has sworn to take him in. However, White knows how to cover his tracks and dares not to attack Gordon directly, as doing so will send Batman and his family coming for him, and given the enemies they face, all of which can get in the way of his criminal enterprise, watching is all he's going to do. Fortunately, that same avatar also earned him the friendship of Zordon, who offers him guidance and counsel in his quest for justice.
  • Annoyed that he shares an avatar with J.J. Jameson, given his hatred of superheroes, including Batman. Not helping matter is Jameson threating to smear the GCPD for being so incompetent that they need help from a vigilante. Clearly, Jameson hasn't spent a day in Gotham. Meanwhile, Spider-Man loves Gordon, thinking him to be a more rugged and serious version of Uncle Ben.
  • Good friends with Sirius Black, and not just because they look the same. Aware Sirius was majorly screwed over by the wizarding world's legal system, Gordon feels obligated to make sure no has to suffer what Sirius endured. At least, Sirius appreciates Gordon's efforts and has helped in some cases as a consultant in magical affairs.
    • Robocop once confused him for Dr. Norton thanks to that same avatar. Once the confusion was cleared up, Gordon and Murphy became friends. Gordon even said that Robocop's black armor kinda reminds him of Batman.
  • As a believer in the rule of law, Gordon has an uneasy relationship with Amanda Waller, who is famous for being The Handler of the Suicide Squad. Although she keeps criminals on a short leash, her ruthlessness creeps him out to no end. In fact, he fears Batman could become just as nasty as her if he ever loses sight of his principles.
  • He once subbed for Batman. He'd rather not talk about it.


    Axel Stone, Adam Hunter & Blaze Fielding 
Axel Stone, Adam Hunter & Blaze Fielding, Deities of Rebellious Cops
Left to right: Adam, Axel, Blaze

    Captain Holt 
Captain Raymond Holt, God of Minorities in the Police Force (Captain Holt)
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: His Medal of Valor
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Loves Analyzation, By-the-Book Cop, The Captain, Became a Bit More Fun In His Later Years, Cold Ham, The Comically Serious, Cultured Badass Gay, Perpetual Frowner, No Social Skills, Reasonable Authority Figure, Straight Gay (Mostly), Takes Competition Seriously, The Stoic, Team Dad, Will Not Tell a Lie
  • Domains: Cops, Race, Homosexuality
  • Heralds: Kevin Cozner, his husband, and Cheddar, his pet Corgi
  • High Priest: Nathan Seymore
  • Followers: Susannah Dean, Dr. Hugh Culber, Cindy Park, Elisa Maza, Hooper X
  • Superior to: Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago
  • Allies: All good Deities in the Houses of Justice and Romantic Orientation, Cole Phelps, John Luther, Patrick Jane, Renée Montoya, Mozart and Beethoven
  • Enemies: All evil Deities in the House of Crime, Bambi Hughes
  • Pities: Anthony Chu
  • Opposes: Rosco P. Coltrane
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gene Hunt, John Constantine
  • Odd Friendship: Team RWBY
  • Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago enjoyed working in the Pantheon, but something was always wrong. Police duties weren't the same without their boss, Captain Holt, so they tried convincing him to come with them. He wasn't impressed with Jake's description of it being "a place filled with various characters from pop culture", mostly because only 1% of the gods were from historical classics. However, he relented and is now giving them orders in the House of Justice.
    • He ended up getting Twofer Token Minority as his trope, since throughout his time at the NYPD, it was regularly noted that he was black and gay and was promoted up the ranks partly because of his race and sexuality. Holt was conflicted about this, as he wanted to ascend because of all of the hard work he had done and not because he's a minority. However, as someone who had to face discrimination early in his career, he's happy that most of the Pantheon is fine with his lifestyle.
  • Just from seeing his personality, many were surprised that he's actually gay. With that said, Holt isn't entirely free of features from Camp Gay stereotypes, it's just hard to tell from his reserved nature. He's fussy, neat, and cultured, and is an amazing ballroom dancer. Plus, he especially loves classical music. In fact, he nearly lost his breath when saw Mozart and Beethoven in the same house.
  • Holt's the founding member of an organization for African American gay and lesbian police officers, so he's very disappointed that there aren't any cops (or anyone) who's Black and LGBT in the Pantheon. He does hope that he can get more alike people to ascend.
    • He tried to find other law-enforcing minorities with varying degrees of success. Despite his questionable methods, John Luther is good co-workers with him. On the other hand, Holt really finds it hard to tolerate John Constantine due to his smartass attitude, though he does admit his abilities are very useful for stopping fantastical criminals.
  • He was wary of Cole Phelps for being a white guy from the late 1940s, a not-so-progressive time in history. Surprisingly, not only was Cole fine with him, they found a common interest in classic literature. The two have worked on various cases ever since.
  • Holt works a lot with Renée Montoya, not just that she's a fellow twofer token, but because she also faced discrimination for being homosexual. (In Renée's case, from her parents) Holt has noted that she reminds him of a (somehow) tougher version of Rosa Diaz. Granted, Rosa's bisexual, not a lesbian, but she's close enough for him.
  • As someone who loves analyzation, he can definitely appreciate a guy like Patrick Jane, who uses it to solve crimes. Unfortunately, this slightly ruined his partnership with Jake, who's pretty much best buds with Mr. Jane's rival, Shawn Spencer. For what it's worth, their interactions have gotten more hilarious.
  • Just because he's gay, doesn't mean that he gets along with every LGBT deity. One example of this is Buck Hughes; Holt is quite disgusted with his actions, and has successfully arrested him once when Buck tried to "have fun" with him.
  • For obvious reasons, he doesn't care for Gene Hunt's bigotry. Every time they meet, it's often filled with insults (with Gene using a specific word). Being tired of this conflict, the House of Justice forced them both to solve a case in hope that they'll warm up with each other. It kind of worked, but don't expect them to team up again.
  • He prefers his food bland and sees it as fuel more than anything else, so he mostly avoids the House of Food unless he's hungry. Upon getting his "Flavorless Nutrition Brick", he saw Anthony Chu eating a victim's finger.
    Holt: "Why are you eating that finger?"
    Tony: "It's for a case. Basically, every time I eat something, I get psychic visions of memories for what I ate. That finger I had from the poor guy? I just saw him head off to work."
    Holt: "And this is part of your job?"
    Tony: "Essentially my entire job."
    Holt: "..."
    Holt: "Wow, that is disgusting! I hope you have a nice day."
  • Considering that they're both laughably bland and stoic, some deities have compared him to Maud Pie. He'd like it if they'd stop telling him that, not because he insulted by it, in fact, he sees it as a compliment as he finds her very interesting since she's a talking pony, forgetting that the Pantheon is a World of Weirdness.
  • Holt had to deal with a corrupt sheriff when he was in Florida, so he naturally hates Rosco P. Coltrane. Though, even Rosco wouldn't go as far as to be homophobic like that cop was.
  • He may not seem like it, but Holt is really good at taking care of dogs as seen with his pet Corgi, Cheddar. One day, he was taking him for a walk, when Cheddar ran near Team RWBY to meet Zwei. While Holt was hesitant at first, due to how tough Zwei is, he relented and both him and the team have set up meetings so the two Welsh Corgis can play with each other.

    Clancy Wiggum 
Clancy Wiggum, God of Cops Straddling The Line Of Incompetence And Malice
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Springfield Police badge
  • Theme Song: COPS: In Springfield
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid
  • Portfolio: Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop Fat Bastard and/or Fat Idiot, Incompetent Police (Sometimes), Doting Parent, Juggling Loaded Guns, Likes To Nickname, Dirty Cop or Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist, Suspect Is Hatless, Chummy With Organized Crime, Occasionally Having A Good Point, You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • Domains: Police, Donuts, Incompetence, Loaded Guns
  • High Priest: Officer Barbrady
  • Allies: Ralph Wiggum (his son), Krusty the Clown, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Aoi Asahina, Rosco P. Coltrane, Miko Miyazaki, Koichi Zenigata, John Hartigan
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: The Simpson family, mainly Homer Simpson
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob, Light Yagami, Teru Mikami, Tohru Adachi, Ethan Roark Junior
  • Outwitted by: Many a god in the House of Crime like Jack Horner, Kasumi Goto and Sly Cooper
  • Opposed by: Most competent police, Sirius Black
  • Commissioner Clarence "Clancy" Wiggum is the head of police in Springfield Police department, however, his work leads many to wonder how he even managed to become a member of the police in the first place. On many an occasion, he is shown to be a Dirty Cop who accepts bribes, but has just as proven to simply be incompetent and sometimes even pitiable. Ultimately it's unclear where he stands on the Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop scale.
  • Represents a number of negative qualities to the police, though he does try sometimes. This can reach Too Dumb to Live moments when he does things like eat donuts with his gun. In spite of his incompetence he has some skill, successfully finding the kidnapped Bart and chasing Marge and Ruth Powers when they went on the lam. If he musters enough passion towards his job, he'll dedicate himself to follow through with it.
  • He is disliked by most competent police and other competent members of his house, though being relatively harmless this rarely troubles him. Most either wonder how he managed to become chief of police or dread ever visiting Springfield if their bar for chief of police is this low. Sirius Black takes some issue with him due to how he was screwed over by the incompetence of law.
  • Most who oppose him aren't that malicious about it, but there are gods who outright hate him. Teru Mikami despises the incompetence of Springfield Police due to his position as a dedicated attorney and obsession with justice, declaring him a disgrace to the system and would've written his name on the Death Note were it not for the fact Death Is Cheap in the Trope Pantheon. Light Yagami shares Teru's contempt for someone like him being on the police force. His father Soichiro doesn't have any respect for Clancy, though obviously doesn't want to see him die.
  • Often visits the House of Commerce, trying to get food cheaper using bribes. It's not as successful as in Springfield however. He shares the donuts he gets with Aoi Asahina and enjoys spending time with her. That being said there are some so corrupt even he will not honor bribes. This led to a confrontation with Ethan Roark Junior, who wanted to get out of a parking ticket. When informed of the horrible things he's done, Wiggum angrily ordered for his arrest. The Yellow Bastard was sneaky and managed to steal his gun away, only for John Hartigan to shoot him in the balls against and save the officer.
  • While not that popular in his house, there are gods there who get along with him. He is good friends with Roscoe P Coltrane given they're incompetent cops, and have gone on a number of hilarious adventures trying to get the Duke Boys. Miko Miyazaki works well with him due to his lawful stupidity, and while an honest cop Koichi Zenigata is sympathetic to his failed attempts to be a good cop.
  • For all his flaws he's a Doting Parent to Ralph Wiggum. He was overjoyed to see that his son had ascended, and immediately went to the House of Philosophy in order to give him a big old hug. Because of the relationship he has with his son and the Simpsons' family's habit of getting involved with the law, he often gets involved with said Simpsons family.
  • Often tries to get involved with the House of Crime, however most members are far more competent than he is and keep outwitting him. Jack Horner made a joke of Springfield's prison system, and he couldn't stop Kasumi Goto and Sly Cooper's thievery. That being said, he's not adverse to getting long with those in the house of crime. He ended up forming a very close friendship with Fat Tony. Devastated to see him die, he was overjoyed to see the original Fat Tony alive in the Trope Pantheon.
  • There are some criminal gods that even he won't give leeway, two of which are Sideshow Bob and Tohru Adachi. Sideshow Bob is due to constantly arresting him and going after Krusty the Clown, who he gets along with. Tohru is due to being a cop and while he's a Dirty Cop, he cannot stand a Killer Cop. He's also made a point that just because you're a Classy Cat-Burglar or Lovable Rogue doesn't excuse you from a crime.

    Inspector Javert 
Inspector Javert, God of Pursuit (The Implacable One, Emperor of the Devils)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his hands.
  • Theme Song: "Stars"
  • Alignment: Absolute Lawful Neutral; some would say Lawful Stupid
  • Portfolio: Honor Before Reason, Anti-Villain, Bureaucracy, Pursuit, Good Is Not Nice, Badass Baritone, Badass Longcoat, Black and White Insanity, By-the-Book Cop, feared amongst those in the Pantheon, Principles Zealot, ultimately driven to suicide
  • Domains: Law, Trickery, Retribution, Inquisition
  • Followers: Samuel Gerard, Detective Heinrich Lunge, Inspector John Acheson, Henry Burken, Gustave the Station Inspector, Sheriff Cooley, Customs Agent Dave Kujan, Captain Schroeder, Inspector Glebski (The Dead Mountaineer's Hotel), Leclerc, Chauvelin, Paula Myo, Inspector Russell Flint, Agent Henricksen, Lt. Jon Kavanaugh, Detective Dorn, Jack McCoy and Elliot Stabler, The Judoon, Nelson Van Alden, Agent Nightengale, Knight Commander Meredith, Lt. Carter Blake, Vhailor, Agent Rammer, Agent James Bennet, Solomon of the Galactic Guardian Group
  • Allies: Judge Dredd (to an extent), Miko Miyazaki (also to an extent), Caitlyn, Vi
  • Opposes: Virtually, The entire House of Crime, especially Jean Valjean, The Dark Judges, Rosco P. Coltrane, Monkey D. Luffy, Dolores Umbridge
  • Opposed by: Tintin, Ferris Bueller, Perry Mason, Phoenix Wright
  • Pities: Rorschach, Koichi Zenigata
  • When someone absolutely needs to be caught, the House of Justice sends this man to do the job. Javert will stop at nothing to bring the perp to justice. And gods forbid you try to break out of jail, as he will hunt you down to the ends of the earth to drag you back in bars. Whether he wants to enjoy seeing you punished, or if he honestly believes it's for your and everyone else's own good.
    • Inspector Javert bears a near-pathological obsession toward Jean Valjean that has not abated in the slightest since the end of their respective mortal lives (their relationship varying between what everyone else has seen or heard about them), but he is as of yet unable to capture his rival. Despite only stealing a loaf of bread, he remain's Javert top priority, even when other officers pleaded to focus on other cases.
    • They had hoped that Jean Valjean's absence may finally calm his nerves. It only drove him further into paranoia, afraid that he may never find justice. Valjean's return in the House of Crime had him running straight into the temple with no backup. It went as well as one would expect. As punishment, he was demoted to Demigod. That won't stop him from achieving his objective one bit.
  • Despite demoting the officer, Dredd has an admiration for Javert's praise of the law. The Frenchman remains one of his persistent followers, knowing Javert can be relied on to do his best. Yet even he doesn't understand the man's obsession with a criminal that committed the slightest of crimes.
  • That's not to say Javert doesn't have anyone willing to help him out. Miko has wholeheartedly agreed with his terms. Javert is well pleased with her passion for upholding the law, but even he admits she goes too far. For example, he only wants Jean Valjean to serve time for violating his probation, not execute him. He has to constantly remind her not to go too far.
  • That pales in comparison to what the Dark Judges want to do to him, especially Judge Death. It eventually became too much for him to bear, signaling his opposition to their methods.
  • As shown in his followers page, there are many gods that have been dogged by his followers, whether justified or not. As such, he is far from the favorite officer in the House of Justice. Javert has defended their actions, stating if said gods would stop running and sort things out then they would be left alone.
    • Tintin would love that Javert stops sending Thomson and Thompson after him every time he goes off in an adventure. That said, they do end up helping him sometimes, following him to catch whatever bad guy Tintin is investigating.
    • Ferris Bueller has to deal with Javert every time he skips school. Either him or Principal Rooney would stop at nothing to bring him back to school.
    • Most officers don't even put Luffy in high regard for his piracy... except Javert. He has sent Smoker after the pirate. Unfortunately, his follower has long since been outpaced in power.
    • Illidan has to keep fending off Maiev Shadowsong whenever she's dispatched by Javert, though he's since become powerful enough to not worry too much about the fanatic Night Elf Warden.
    • Those that do get caught are usually protected by either Perry Mason or Phoenix Wright. Those two are usually successful in proving their clients to be not guilty. Javert is fine with the verdict; it's just that the attorneys wish Javert would do a better job vetting his targets.
  • Most cops are wary with working with Javert, buy Caitlyn has proven to be the exception. She too has to deal with the agony of failing to capture one criminal. The two bonded over their failures and strove to help each other. They've proven to be a daunting team; no one has been able to escape when they worked together. Don't bother asking him if he knows who Caitlyn's target is. He's kept things tight-lipped.
    • The one sore spot would be with her partner Vi. While she has been vindicated of her past crimes, she ex-criminal can still hear complaints that she should have served her time.
  • While he admires this cop's tenacity to capture the Dukes of Hazzard, he still holds Rosco to a low regard. The Inspector has little patience for his constant failings against a group delinquent teenagers.
  • It's the same with Inspector Zenigata, but the bumbling cop is a more honest cop than the person above him. Javert has offered to help his fellow inspector, but Zenigata's refusal for help was almost expected. But would want to find their man on their own.
  • While he goes after the man for unlawful vigilantism, even he can't help but have a similar guilt for Rorschach. The man also saw things in black and white and ultimately couldn't survive a world full of gray. Sure that doesn't mean they will be friends any time soon, but the masked man may be the only criminal Javert might see as a Justified Criminal.
  • Is among many gods that absolutely despise Dolores Umbridge, though his reasoning is different than most. While he would agree the students at Hogwarts were acting irresponsibly, he was disgusted with how she abused her authority.
  • Has a good relationship with Maximus, as both shared an avatar and seek justice.
  • Jack Sparrow only sees Javert in an avatar that kinda looks like Barbossa, giving him more reasons to oppose the inspector.


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