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Intermediate Gods

    The Monstars/Nerdlucks 
Pound, Bang, Bupkus, Nawt, and Blanko, The Divine Opposing Sports Team (The Monstars, The Mean Team, The Nerdlucks, Little Guys, Tiny Little Guys, Little Aliens, Little Pipsqueaks)
As the Nerdlucks 
  • Intermediate Gods (as the Monstars). Demigods individually, Lesser Gods when together (as the Nerdlucks).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, formerly Neutral Evil
  • Symbol: A basketball surrounded by space rings.
  • Theme Music: Hit 'em High; alternatively The Monstars or Alien Transformation (as the Monstars).
  • Portfolio: Opposing Sports Team, Amazing Technicolor Population, Make My Monster Grow, One-Winged Angel, Stealing the Talent of Other Basketball Players, Unnecessary Roughness, Punch-Clock Villain, Defeat Means Friendship, Heel–Face Turn, Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal
  • Domains: Aliens, Basketball, Cheating
  • Followers: The Luca Goers, Cobra Kai, The Globo Gym Purple Cobras
  • Heralds: Goon Squad
  • Allies: Michael Jordan and All Looney Tunes Deities (former enemies), Johnny Lawrence, Zim, Wander, Lord Hater and Peepers, The Warner Siblings, Stargirl.
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, John Kreese, Mr. Burns, Mom, Dr Eggman, Biff Tannen, Emperor Palpatine, Dr. Hämsterviel, Lord Dominator, Ludwig Von Tokkentakker, Lord English, Keith Howard.
  • Uneasy Relationship: Many non-Looney Tunes Warner Bros. Deities, Disney Animated Deities, and Cartoon Network Deities.
  • Rivals: The Tenno, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, Randy Orton.
  • The Nerdlucks worked at the intergalactic amusement park, Moron Mountain, there they suffered under the tyrannical leadership of their boss, Mr. Swackhammer. When Moron Mountain began to lose popularity, Swackhammer began thinking up a way to save the reputation of his business, eventually deciding to capture all the Looney Tunes to use as slaves for an attraction for all of eternity. With their orders, the pipsqueak aliens went to Earth to find and capture the Tunes, with them proving to be far smarter and deadlier than any foe that all of them faced, even Bugs Bunny was ultimately unable to be rid of them as he did with any previous antagonist of his. When the Toons thought they had outsmarted them by tricking them into playing baseball for their freedom, the Nerdlucks stole the talents of the best NBA players and became the hulking Monstars, but thanks to Michael Jordan's guidance and the Tune's own toony nature, they were beaten in the end, and following some motivation from Jordan they turned on Swackhammer and shot him to the Moon, never to be seen again.
  • They were ascended after handily defeating most other candidates that they went up against when contested to see which sports team would get the honors... Once they were temporarily given their Monstar forms back. Upon ascending they were then given the ability to transform into the Monstars at will permanently, much to their delight as they had missed being strong and big. They've set up a reputation of dread in the Pantheon's Sports House as their skills have significantly improved and are now able to catch up to more competent basketball players than before.
  • As aliens who are Laughably Evil they made friends in Lord Hater and Peepers, after the duo beat them at a basketball match when Hater lost his temper, they ocassionally hang out to chat or have some fun together in a friendly match. Similarly, they made friends with Wander, as the little guy proved to be a one-man team against them, they also liked his kindness and how cordial he was to them, Wander was glad to hear that they had abandoned their evil ways and had turned good or at least close to it, Wander has tried to make sure that they get on better terms with other cartoon characters and has ocassionally organized parties for that purpose. An enemy they did made was Lord Dominator, having heard of her wanton destruction of planets as a major red flag to stay away from her at all costs.
  • Occasionally have friendly rematches with both the Tunes and Jordan, still grateful that they gave them a place to live in much happier than before and forgiving them in spite of what they did. The Tunes also want to prove to the Monstars that they've improved since their match in the 90s and that now they can match them in a game without outside help. No one has seen the results, but given everything it's believed that the Tunes can indeed give the Monstars a better fight if not outright defeat them all on their own.
  • Many of the Cartoon Network Deities are rather afraid or uneasy around them, given how the Monstars came close to defeating and capturing the Looney Tunes, even Bugs Bunny. Though their reformation and attempts to be nicer to everyone else has made it less awkward and allowed them to gain some friends among those deities, similar things happened with animated deities from other companies and works. In a similar basis, they hate Judge Doom for wanting to eradicate all Toons and having control over the Dip, which even their Monstars form can't help them survive against, Doom would rather not confront them head-on given that they were able to give the Looney Tunes a good roughhousing which means he might not fare too well directly against them.
  • Gained rivals in the Tenno, as the modified warriors practice an ancient ball game known as Lunaro. Their enhancements have allowed the group to keep up with the Monstars and thus both will constantly challenge each other to matches to see who's the best. The Tenno also taught them the rules of Lunaro, so as to help the Monstars be able to play other sports without much issue, even if their lack of intellect made it a bit of an uphill struggle at first.
    • Other physical rivals they made were Randy Orton, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, who all betted they could take on the Monstars and win even without any superpowers, though they clashed a few times, the Monstars ultimately came out on top, but their rivals have sworn to surpass them one day. Michael Jordan has offered to teach said rivals how to employ the "Toon-Force" that helped him triumph over the Monstars in the past, with the three deities considering it and the Monstars awaiting for a better challenge in the future.
  • Given the abuse they've suffered at the hands of Swackhammer, they detest any evil or abusive bosses, but mainly Mr. Burns, as the magnate was not too different from their old boss when it came to treating his underlings badly, Burns once thought of trying to employ them, but they proved too wise this time around to be stuck with an abusive boss and when he tried to negotiate in their temple, their response was to fold him into a ball and punt him into the distance and out of their temple. Burns has made sure to never cross paths with them again after the incident.
    • Similarly they gained disdain for the abusive sensei that is John Kreese, as they've heard of how he teaches his students Karate and do not approve of his harshness and lack of regard for those who learn from him, likewise his scummy business practices at times remind them too of their old boss. Another evil boss they gained as an enemy was also Dr. Hamsterviel, as they were reminded by his treatment of Gantu of how the much smaller Swackhammer tried to abuse of them in their Monstars form after losing the basketball match to the Tunes.
    • Another bad boss to this list was Biff Tannen, another magnate who disregarded the lives of those working for him. Doesn't helps that he's a massive bully and would've turned the United States and the world at large into a Crapsack World fit to his selfish desires. Though, unlike Kreese, Hamsterviel and Mr. Burns, they don't really view Tannen as a threat worth acting about beyond him crossing them too harshly, as the few times they've fought against him Tannen proved that he could not hope to even scratch them.
    • The evil and abusive ringmaster, Tokkentakker also gained their disdain for his cruelty and evil plans, the Monstars have thought of beating him up to teach him a lesson he'll never forget, Tokkentakker thought up initially of recruiting them for CarnEvil, but backed off once he saw that they were no longer evil.
    • Finally, there was Carol/Mom, who similarly to Burns is a massively horrible boss to her employees and not too different from Swackhammer. Though she's way more effective at getting under the Monstars' skin and has come close to manipulating them a few times through reverse psychology, thankfully they were able to wise up quick to her tricks before she could get them to do anything for her.
  • The Warners trio showed no fear of them, even after knowing of their near defeat of the Looney Tunes. According to the three, they're interested in such infamous foes to the Tunes ever since meeting them in the Warner Bros Studios after the Nerdlucks had been accepted by the Looney Tunes as part of their group. The trio do keep away from challenging them to sport matcehs and mostly enjoy talking with them about topics such as the world of sports or teaching them some tricks around the Pantheon. Whenever both groups team up, pure chaos is guaranteed to follow.
  • Gained a strange ally in Stargirl, as the ukulele-playing girl did the music for some friendly re-matches they had with the Looney Tunes, she was glad that they no longer were abusive cheaters and welcomed them with open arms into her circle of friends, though she prefers interacting with them in their Nerdlucks form. From time to time she'll play music for them when they play against other basketball players as well.
  • Hate cheaters thanks to them having long abandoned their cheating ways in favor of playing fair and square, especially they hate Bandith Keith Howard, who not only cheats but resorts to violent threats to get his way when he fails, not unlike they used to do. Another Sport deity they hate is Lord English for his cruelty and ultimate end goals.
  • On the 20th anniversary of their first game, they faced off against Blake Griffin in a sadly not broadcast game hosted by Bugs Bunny, which was used for advertisement purposes for a line of sportswear. Though how they recovered their Monstar forms in the mortal world is unknown, Bugs Bunny himself refused to share details, claiming that they "had been working out". As it was not broadcast, no one knows how it ended and some try to find out by asking the Monstars, who won't say it, preferring to leave others in the dark; though some suspect they're saving face after being defeated.
  • The orange Monstar, Pound, was disappointed to learn that while he has the talent of Charles Barkley, turns out it wasn't even the most powerful version of him. Though was a relief to everyone else, because a Monstar is already scary enough without the abilities of a Person of Mass Destruction capable of leveling cities with a slam dunk.

Lesser Gods

    Atom & The Kentons 
Atom, Charlie, and Max Kenton, Divine Team for Robot Athletes (Atom: The People’s Champion)
L-R: Charlie, Max, Atom
  • Lesser God (Atom), Demigod (Charlie), Quasideity (Max)
  • Symbol: Atom’s face
  • Theme: Give It a Go
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Involved with Robot Boxing, Children Raise You (the Kentons), 20 Minutes into the Future, Good Old Robot (Atom)
  • Domains: Sports, Family
  • Heralds: Bailey Tallert, Aunt Debra & Marvin
  • Allies: Little Mac, Rocky Balboa, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, Maisie Farange, Domon Kasshu, Jenny Wakeman, Mega Man
  • Enemies: Balrog
  • Robot boxing has become a popular sport in the future, replacing humans as competitors in such a field. Charlie Kenton, a former boxer, learns that his ex-girlfriend has died and has left behind a son, Max, that Charlie never knew he had. Charlie agrees to spend three months with Max while Debra and Marvin, Max’s maternal parents, go on vacation for the time being. Things get to a rough start between Charlie and Max at first, but the latter is a robot boxing fan and while looking for parts to build a robot boxer after Charlie’s previous robot boxers get destroyed, Max finds Atom, an obsolete sparring robot and that can withstand severe damage and from there, the two decide to train it. As Atom’s popularity grows, so does Charlie and Max’s bond with each other, leading to Max directly wanting a challenge with Zeus, the reigning robot boxing champion, but a bad encounter with Ricky (who Charlie had previously been involved with regarding a bet) results in Charlie having to hand Max over to Debra and Marvin. After some self-reflection, Charlie is able to get the fight between Atom and Zeus to happen and have Max be there for it. Although Zeus still kept the championship title at the end, Atom putting up a strong fight in the process won over the crowd to the point of being labeled “The People’s Champion”.
  • Some time after Atom’s battle with Zeus, Charlie got an unknown message from someone saying that this particular battle was a hit among an audience from a faraway place and that Charlie and Atom were invited to go to a place known as “the Pantheon”. The message also stated that Max would be there as well and from there, Charlie took a long road trip with Atom to head to this “Pantheon”. He eventually arrived at what appeared to be a city not that different from where he had traveled before at first glance, but closer looks revealed that there was technology he wasn’t familiar with. Charlie was then greeted by the sender of that message, who welcomed him to the Pantheon (which happened to be the name of a place where various places are connected to) and had set up for Atom, Charlie, and Max to be part of it. From there, Charlie promised to Max to be there for him more often and they, alongside Atom, had plenty of more boxing endeavors to take part of.
  • While robot boxing did grow in popularity in the Pantheon with some denizens taking up the sport thanks to the three, regular boxing was thriving in that place as Charlie found out. Not only that, but the Pantheon being a very fantastical place meant that there were plenty of variants of boxing that are far more outlandish than having robot competitors and that included having boxers with unorthodox gimmicks such as Min Min. Even those who play the sport normally such as Little Mac (who the Kentons and Atom are friendly with given that Mac had a boxing underdog story of his own that involved fighting against opponents with their own gimmicks) were able to adapt to a multitude of stranger circumstances. In particular, Max is very interested in seeing what kind of robot boxers can be made in the Pantheon thanks to the vast scope of that world.
  • Rocky Balboa was one boxer who Charlie was able to get along with very well. Besides his storied career as a boxer, Rocky went through a lot in his personal life as well, such as trying to work things out between his son Robert. One of Rocky’s more prominent career moves involved training Adonis Creed, who lost his father Apollo when he was very young, to become a great boxer, with Adonis himself wanting to prove that there’s more to him than what his father left behind. Charlie was able to relate to Rocky’s endeavors very well, especially since some of them was reminiscent of Charlie’s former career as a direct participant in boxing before robots took over the sport and in some regard, Rocky saw Charlie as a bit of a more hotheaded version of himself, with Atom as a mechanical Adonis who grew close to him and Max.
  • Given his boxing career (both related to himself and Atom), Charlie wasn’t thrilled to learn about a handful of boxers that were willing to play dirty in order to win. Balrog was one such boxer who Charlie doesn’t like for that reason and Balrog being involved with far darker activities outside the fighting arena only worsened Charlie’s opinion of him. On a slightly related note, Charlie getting involved with Ricky, an arrogant man who beat him and Max up after Charlie tried to back out of a bet made with Ricky, remains a bad experience for him and why he’s been trying to not get too involved with the betting field in the Pantheon. It hasn’t prevented the Kenton and Atoms from being the subject of bets themselves related to matches against other robot boxers in the Pantheon.
  • As the Kentons and Atom would quickly find out, there were a lot of robots in the Pantheon, ranging from friendly to subservient to outright antagonistic towards others while trying to assert their superiority to others. Of the numerous robots present, the ones who the Kentons have taken a significant liking towards were those who have had some sort of familial bond with the humans they’re with, akin to the Kenton’s dynamic with Atom. Those included Mega Man and Jenny Wakeman, both of who were created by Dr. Light and Nora Wakeman respectively and are not only treated as family by their creators, but have saved the world plenty of times from various threats. Mega Man and Jenny are supportive of the Kentons and Atom and have helped them out in scenarios that may prove to be too much for Charlie and Max to handle.
  • Besides the robots that are roughly the size of a typical human (with some such as Atom being a bit taller than average), there was something known as mecha which were not only much larger than many humans in the Pantheon, but had much more advanced capabilities depending on what the mecha was. While plenty of robots in the Pantheon were at times willing to live a normal life whenever more separate pressing matters aren’t involved, the majority of mecha users in the Pantheon often deal with large-scale conflict, something that the Kentons and Atom have tried to avoid while in the Pantheon. Despite this, they did learn of a tournament where giant robots being controlled by their pilots and met Domon Kasshu, one of the participants of said competition. Besides fighting giant robots, Domon had a bit of his own family drama to deal with regarding his brother Kyoji and uncovering a conspiracy that threatened the world. Domon was also a surly individual before gradually softening up over the course of his journey. The Kentons saw what Domon went through as a supersized version of their own boxing career and while they and Atom would opt to live as normal of a life as they can, they’re still friendly with Domon given his predicaments, with Domon reciprocating the amiability to them.
  • There were a few other figures in the Pantheon that had to put up with parental neglect or something far worse than that when it comes to family issues. Maisie Farange was someone who was involved in a legal battle regarding her own custody, something akin to what happened when Charlie first learned of Max, but her ordeal was much more complicated than simply negotiating a deal. Maisie was very sympathetic towards what Max went through regarding family drama and has acknowledged that Charlie was able to improve overall thanks to hanging out with Max. When it comes to the multitude of parents who hate their own children and not just merely neglectful of them, the Kentons have contempt towards them, Charlie especially given how he later regretted his own neglectfulness towards Max.
  • Max’s interactions with Charlie initially started off poorly, but the time they spent together as Atom climbed its way to the top helped Charlie improve as a person. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck were a group of triplets whose energy helped their uncle Scrooge Mcduck become a better individual and rediscover his passion for adventuring and both parties would end up encountering each other following a robot boxing match that the triplets would attend. Max would take a liking towards the triplets during their conversation over how the three would get involved in an assortment of interesting adventures, something that the Kentons and Atom would quickly get involved with after word spread of an attempted robbery was under way at a house belonging to a friend of the Mcduck Clan. The would-be robbers were attempting to use a robot to steal money and gold from the place and were stopped thanks to Atom fighting off the robbers with help from the triplets. Since then, the triplets have become friends with the Kentons and Atom and have cheered for them while attending subsequent robot boxing matches featuring them.
  • One thing people aren’t sure about regarding Atom is the robot’s possible sentience. Atom’s shadow function allows it to copy the movements of whatever it sees and saves it in its memory for later use. While Charlie and Max aren’t willing to discuss whether or not Atom is sentient, the most people are willing to say in that regard is that it's a loyal companion to the Kentons and will follow their orders on what needs to be accomplished for its matches. It hasn’t prevented a few devious scientists from trying to further understand the shadow function to use for their own benefit, but those plans have always been thwarted.

    Maximus Decimus Meridius 
Maximus Decimus Meridius, God of Glorified Gladiators (General of the Felix Legions, Gladiator, The Mercifull)


    The Anglerfish Team 
The Ōarai Girls' Academy Anglerfish TeamMembers , Divine Triumphant Underdogs (Team A (All). Miho: Miporin, Nishizumi-dono, The Miracle of Ooarai, The War Goddess, The World's Strongest Boko-fan. Yukari: Heinz Wilhelm Guderian, Sergeant Third Class Oddball, Tank Fairy, Fluffy Hair, Tank Pope. Mako: Remako)
Top: Saori, Miho, Yukari, Hana. Bottom: Mako
the Panzer IV upgraded to Ausf. H 
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbols: The Anglerfish Emblem or a modified Panzer IV. Alternatively, the Ōarai Girls' Academy logo.
  • Theme Songs: Enter Mission. For separate members:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good mostly with some exceptions, Chaotic Good for Miho and Yukari and Lawful Neutral for Mako in some cases
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: School, Tanks, Sports, Squadrons, Team Spirit, Victorious Underdogs
  • Heralds: The other members of the Ōarai Tankery Club
  • Friends: Millhiore, Leonmitchelli and Couvert, Miku Kohinata, The Nagarekawa Girls, The Peregrine Falcons and The Sparrows Team
  • Friendly Rivals with: Maho Nishizumi (Miho's big sister), Darjeeling, Katyusha
  • On Good Terms with: SCP-516, Leonardo da Vinci
  • Student to: Kamina (for Miho)
  • Big Fan of: Mio Akiyama (for Yukari)
  • Commonality Connection with: Sodom (for Yukari)
  • Impressed by: Commander Shepard (for Miho and Hana)
  • Odd Friendship with: Alice the 16th, Nao Midorikawa, Ragna the Bloodedge (for Mako)
  • Opposes: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, The Rebel Army (all of them), Princess Celestia, Volcarona, Amaterasu, the Ghosts subhouse, Nue Houjuu (for Mako)
  • Meet the Anglerfish Team, Ōarai Girls' Academy's representatives of the Sensha-dō. Lead by the talented commander Miho Nishizumi, she and her 4 other crew members, Saori, Isuzu, Yukari and Mako are known by the competitors to be the weakest of the bunch, due to the school's reputation of being the least potential winners, especially under comparison by Kuromorimine and other colleges. However, after winning a few battles against other rival schools, their repuation has increased and after proving their might against the top school, did they prove that they are the underdog victors of the Sensha-do competition.
  • For a long time, Ōarai Girls' Academy was never a competitor of the Sensha-dō; Tournament, instead joining there for the very first time. Most tanks they had were sold and the ones retained were not in the best shape. Thankfully, all changed when Miho Nishizumi was drafted into the school as its main leader, both as Tank Commander, and eventually of her own squadron. Following her as her tank crew is Saori Takebe, their Radio Operator; Hana Isuzu as the Gunner; Yukari Akiyama as the Loader; and Mako Reizei the tank's Driver. Together, these 5 girls would not only revive the Sensha-dō; within Ōarai Academy, but would also become the the school's champion team.
  • The team's composure has been handled by Miho somewhat, as they had to develop bonds together before setting off into Sensha-dō; matches. Overtime, their differences and antics have kept the team afloat despite difficulties with more experienced schools. At the end, their underdog status is what defined them as a crew and with their slow successful attempts were able to get them into the position and fame they rightfully earned.
  • Being a skilled crew even at the younger ages of high-school has attracted both low-key and high-key related Gods and Goddesses, especially on topic of combat. Their tank skills are very much refined and worthy of praise, though if not sometimes inconsistent with their performance. However, they rarely do actual combat and perform only on the basis of Sensha-dō matches, considering the fact that the crew in question are children. They do get the praise but they only comment in regards to the sports they actively participate in.
  • News of the Anglerfish Team's return to the Pantheon was received firsthand by Darjeeling and Katyusha, high-school rivals who have witnessed the skillful team in the tournaments. Miho has rather felt unnerved once she saw the very commander who beat her fair and square twice (which was Darjeeling) while Katyusha only has regret following the latter's big stupid idea of a ceasefire for 3 hours just to nap only to result to their humiliating loss. Not that the two are bitter, more that they respect and cheer the team for being the graceful underdogs of the tournament.
    • Speaking of old reunions, Miho's shock came in once she realized her Cool Big Sis Maho entered the Pantheon before her team did. While she was saddened to notice it, she received a welcome banter from her courtesy of Kuromorimine's congratulations on Ōarai's unexpeted success on the tournament, that and alongside Maho's approval that Miho's worth as a Nishizumi has been well-earned. Receiving both a hug and the trophy the team won with, they all celebrated the team's return.
  • First greetings after the reformation of the team and restoration of their Panzer IV came from both Millhiore, Leonmitchelli and Couvert alongside the Nagerakawa Girls, seeing that a bunch of high school girls managed to not only drive a tank, but actually win battles. The princesses have remarked that their way of the Sensha-dō is something they will consider for the art of non-lethal warfare and that they can be the figureheads of the sport while the Nagerakawa Girls consider their friendship mutual due to being high schoolers.
  • Despite being relegated to non-lethal tankery, they are still welcomed by the Falcons and Sparrows team for being an effective team, that and they wanted to recruit them but Miho refused on behalf of the team. Nonetheless, both parties tend to allow tank practice with each other.
    • Speaking of tank training, SCP-516, despite its sentience actually scaring the team, has expressed willingness to practice alongside the Anglerfish crew, seeing them as a friendly rival of sorts. Many where either surprised or scared to see that a sentient tank is having interest with them, but decided to just go with the flow and accept it's challenge.
  • Leonardo da Vinci's response when hearing that a bunch of small girls managed to drive a tank was dumbfounded at first, but as time passed by, he finally came into his senses and just agreed that such idea would exist with these girls. He decided, for all his glory, show off his tank as a Rider servant, which the girls screamed at excitement at, except for Hana, who was sleeping at her compartment as usual.
  • While being one of the younger generations of military-esque warfare, they are not the first ones. After the crew's reformation, they were approached by Anoa Aoba with an invitation to the Girl Military Force. There was hesitation among the group about this, especially Mako, who just wanted to sleep, but after much clarification from Miho and Aoba, they were cordially welcomed to the group alongside were submarine leader I-401 Iona, Teana Lanster, shipgirl Naka, and a representative from the Strike Witches Sanya V. Litvyak, all of which are finally glad that the group is now established.
  • You'd think that for a girl military force, they would be ignored by the likes of Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann due to their size. Wrong. The Sergeant's nasty presence has left a terrible mark on the group, so much that Miho's heart would pound harder the moment his presence is heard and her crew mates share their painful encounters with him, with his exercises considered by the rest to be too much to handle, not to mention the Sergeant's tenacity of spitting out offensive words against them.
    • Their military relations and their allied friendship with the Falcons and Sparrows dragged them against General Morden's Rebel Army, being thought as potential recruits to the general. Thankfully for the crew, the aformentioned Falcons and Sparrows intervened before Morden could get a single handle to them. Time will tell should Morden push through once more towards the team.
  • Miho Nishizumi is the Commander of the Anglerfish Tank Crew, and is the key member to both the team and the entire school, proving herself to be a capable commander to even the newer leagues. Though there is more to that than simple goodness, she is afterall a dropout student from the prestigious Kuromorimine College when she gave away her team's advantageous point to save a student's life, causing the college's first loss. That's not to say that even the forced dropout changed her perspective, afterall, she only does tanking all because its the one thing she loves to do in all her life, and commanding a tank crew, is something she has been great at thanks to her ambition.
    • Her easygoing personality is noted to be one of the reasons why she is an efficient commander of the team, as she shares compassion equally on her sport and her teammates. This is also why she is the most social out of the group, and makes the majority of the commanding within the group and by extension, the school she represents.
    • Tanking is pretty much her hobby, and something she takes very passionately about. She'll go on days talking about how it pretty much defines her life, but at the same time caring for the teammates she hangs out with, especially Ōarai Academy. This has been noted by several of the people who managed to be friends with Miho, with Madoka being the first to communicate with her and note her hopeful personality, something that proves detrimental with the crew.
    • Her position as one of the players of the Sensha-dō was monitored by others especially Saki Miyananga, who is also a high schooler who is also proficient on her sports, (I.E: Mahjong). Outside of that, the high school deities residing in the House of School do adore her quite much as seeing her as a figurehead of sorts.
    • Being a sister to a more popular and older sibling is one of the few burdens Miho was forced to keep during her early years in her academy, almost being questioned of her being a Nishizumi when she cannot be an effective player of the Sensha-dō, a practice among her bloodline. This left her partially outcasted but not until she rose and was finally proven of her worth as a Nishizumi. This akin similarity lead to her easily bonding with Greg Heffley, Takumi and Luigi, all who had to bear the burden of being outshined by an older sibling.
    • Her group, especially Miho's leadership skills lead to her being evaluated by Commander Shepard, who saw a large amount of possibilities opened by the group following their underdog victory in the tournament. Upon closer inspection, he would say that she is the prime example of a staunch leader, one who not only cares for her own comrades, but is also dedicated to the profession she willfully undertook.
      • Her potential was also reached out by a man of clad skin and roaring triumph, one who saw that she could be mentored on her own ways of emulating a Rousing Speech. The first attempt was rather horrible and as a result, lead to the man, revealed to be Kamina, to take yer under his own wing as his own student in the art speeches.
  • The tank crew's Radio Operator, Saori Takebe is not only a very efficient cook for the girls, but is very very entranced of the idea of love, something she has clamored at, even throughout her High School life. She has claimed to find love and knows every single experience, except she knows absolutely zero on love advice and has even yet to find a single boyfriend in all her life. Outside of that she also uses her phone in the frontlines of Sensha-dō combat, being rather useful in a handful of scenarios.
    • Love pretty much describes Saori... well hopeless love that is. Very intrigued at romance, but has yet to actually have experience on it. With her place on the Pantheons, maybe she can finally have some people she can actually date with... except when it isn't failing at the first meeting.
    • Outside of radio communications, Saori likes to take the shortcut I.E, texting her teammates about the battle plans of the team. So don't expect reading through the radio to always work when one of the members has a phone whilst in battle.
    • Even with all those aside, she is still a very pleasant member of the team, hence why she friended Shirabe out of pure coincidence. This also lead to her first date with Alito, who just managed to be nearly similar with Saori's love dilemma. What resulted from their date spanned their friends' tank, bad pickup lines and other stuff.
    • Her hopeless love took Kyu Sugerdust by surprise, noticing that she now has a female client to talk to. It would have been considered easy had she just followed Kyu's suggestions over her own. What could have been a successful try for Kyu was lead with frustration and headaches to the point that she just took a break from helping her. Despite this, she will not back down from a client that is stubborn, as she has experience in that field.
  • Meanwhile, Hana Isuzu is the team's main gunner, a flower arrangement maiden who, after desperately wanting to find more than just simple flower arrangement assigned into Ōarai to see what she is capable outside of her family's heritage. The result of this is her stoicism and her flower arrangement skills being one of the key playing skills to her gunning skills. She also eats the most portions of the Anglerfish Team's provisions, something the team remarks.
    • Some consider Hana to be the group's equivalent to a sniper, precise and careful in her arrangements before the shot, only considering one shot (most of the time). While she is the most stoic of the team, that did not stop her from getting people to know her. Snipers like Yoko Littner and Lockon Stratos saw great potential on her and remark that a flower maiden can use her flowering skills to be accurate on her shots.
    • However, while flowering is something she knows well, she wants more than just one profession, hence why she chose to distance herself from the flowering side of things. This caught he eye of Yukiko Amagi, who also had the same mindset as her after years of being the heir to her inn.
    • Much like Miho, her skills also got noticed by Commander Shepard while he was being introduced to each of the members of the group. Upon inspection, he can only describe her being filled with great possibilities on her role, to which she felt honored to hear.
  • On the other hand, Yukari Akiyama is the team's resident loader. Years of being a big lover of everything tank related, to the point of being noted as a Tank Pope, unfortunately graced her with less friends and even lesser social skills. Her recruitment into the Anglerfish Team was a dream come true, noticing all the different tanks of the competition and being one of Miho's biggest fans (with some going albeit too far). At the same time, her skill on the outside also goes for disguising as other students in other schools, spying for the team and by extension her school.
    • Expect Yukari's temple filled to the brim with everything military based. Virtually all are at the very least representative to something related to either the World Wars or just tanks in general. Her collection of food rations from all around the world are littered over the place (spam included) and her knowledge on those topics are vast. Just too bad that it rendered her less proficient on social skills.
    • To summarize her, she is a weeb of the military kind and was rather relieved to hear that people just like her do exist around the Pantheon, including the very known weebs Umaru Doma and Konata Izumi, who dragged Patricia Martin considering that all them are collective weebs.
      • Sodom was surprised to hear that Yukari's interest of all things was military. It made him rather nervous considering that their topics do not align with each other, but they do relate like the aformentioned above just because they are weebs as well.
    • Yukari was filled to the brim with joy the moment she heard that Mio Akiyama was just nearby in the Pantheon including Hokage Tea Time, who she declares as one of their biggest fans. This lead to a bonding session with both the Anglerfish crew and HTT, with Yukari and Mio talking the most, though the band started pointing out some of Yukari's obsessive nature such as the Miho body pillow she once brought.
    • Need intel quick? She can fill the spot rather easy, able to disguise effectively as a student of the opposing team if uniform is involved. After doing the same thing in the Pantheon, she managed to disguise herself with different outfits, such as a Stormtrooper and even a S.H.I.E.L.D operative until Nick Fury confiscated her costume.
  • Lastly, Mako Reizei is an effective driver of the tank crew. But there is just one problem: she constantly sleeps. She is the laziest of the bunch, so much that she got late 245 days in a row, unable to grasp the ability to wake up as early as 5am. Many people refer to her as a cat, due to her quiet, sleepy type being similar to one. Despite this, she is an immediate expert when it comes to maneuvering a tank, so much that many people scratch their heads at such a notion being true. Though she scoffs at it and says she would rather do less of the work than anyone else.
    • Laziness is what can basically describe Mako in a nutshell. Never so much as to getting out of the tank out of pure unwillingness and her inability to wake up in accurate times is compensated for the fact that she is the crew's best driver. Its this absurdity that makes her an integral part of the team, despite contributing the least.
    • Because of her habits of sleeping, she would rather wish it would be night almost everyday, leading her to just follow deities who are related with the night or moon just to make her sleep often. She'll request to Princess Luna on extending the nighttime while simultaneously finding a place to sleep. This attitude made everyone compare her to a cat, just lazy and sleepy most of the time. Its this comparison that led to her actually bonding with Len, another cat that she can sleep with.
    • This also lead to her being sleep-buddies with both Lie Ren and Francesca Lucchini, both who often just want to remain lazy for the majority of their lives. Their animal comparisons also come up since Ren is akin to a sloth and Lucchini to a panther, while Mako is the cat.
    • Her stance against the sun and light in general can be summed up in this: "Aaah let me sleep!". She really dislikes the sun, hence why she kept asking Princess Luna and other moon-based deities to just extend the time of the moon, and as you can guess, Princess Celestia's main goal of raising the sun just annoys her sleeping time, which is almost everyday. And this also goes towards other sun-based deities, Amaterasu and Volcarona included.
    • There is also another thing she gets annoyed at, or rather scared at: ghosts. One moment a ghost is find on her sights, she just rams the tank full reverse without any idea on whats behind her or she just faints. The latter happened when she encountered Nue Houjouu up close, waking up at the Pantheon's own hospital after suffering a big faint.
      • This led to her bonding with Ragna the Bloodedge, who is much like her scared shitless of ghosts and was one of the few who brought her to the hospital, while Alice the 16th just nuked Nue out of the distance and Nao just watched in interest with her, seeing that all four do have something in common.
    • At one point, while giving the Panzer IV a stroll, she encountered a huge creature blocking the path of where she was driving. After attempting to move it using the tank itself, it didn't budge and Mako's laziness to not get out of the driver compartment only resulted to the two just simply sleeping. After waking up, she decided to come up to the creature, actually a Snorlax, to just sleep in its belly. This ended up in a mutual bond between the Anglerfish Crew's driver and the lazy pokemon.
  • "Panzer Vor!"

Darjeeling, Goddess of Spirited Competitors

    Glass Joe 
Glass Joe, God of Jobbers (Glass Jaw)
  • Demigod (Lesser God with his headgear on)
  • Symbol: His protective headgear.
  • Theme Song: "La Marseillaise" and Glass Joe's Theme (Wii Version), Glass Joe's Title Fight (whenever's he feels more confident)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Always Losing, Improving Immensely After 100 Losses, Always fighting despite his losses, Atrocious Alias
  • Domains: Protection, Retribution, Boxing, Losing
  • Followers: The J.O.B. Squad, The Brooklyn Brawler, Red Shirts everywhere
  • Herald: Gabby Jay (his student)
  • Allies: Dudley, Remy the Rat, Rock Lee, Amélie Poulain, Charlotte Dunois, Perrine Clostermann
  • Rivals: All ascended W.V.B.A. Boxers, Ippo Makunoichi, Balrog, Joe Yabuki
  • Enemies: French Jerks like Remy or Widowmaker
  • Afraid of: Wrestling Monsters
  • Pities: The Professor
  • Glass Joe is almost a living legend amongst boxers from his world for being the man with the worst record in boxing history at 1-101. He has lost so many fights that the W.V.B.A had to create a special rule just for him and allow anyone who reaches 100 losses to use a special headgear just so he can keep fighting.
  • Despite being a professional boxer, Joe can't help but whine and complain about his health, his stomach hurting, his gloves being too heavy or even him being too old for boxing.
  • True to at least one French stereotype, Glass Joe is prone to being frightened by a lot of things, and thus is sometimes called a coward. However, many have a lot of respect for the Frenchman given that he still keeps fighting to this day, even with such an abysmal record.
  • There is a lot of speculation regarding who was the one that even lost to Joe in the first place. There are theories that it was Mike Tyson himself after he made a wish with Calypso to win the fight against him, which he conceded but only against him. Others believe that it was a freak accident against Nick Bruiser, an undefeated champion of the W.V.B.A. Another likely candidate is The Angry Video Game Nerd, who once tried and failed to fight Joe with the Power Glove.
  • In his free time, Glass Joe often likes to drink a cup of coffee in the House of Food, often accompanied by some Croissants (as if he wasn't French enough).
    • Joe also has become a big fan of Remy's food, and always comes to visit his restaurant on weekends. Remy, for his part, encourages Joe to try and do his best in the ring, advice which the boxer has taken into consideration.
  • During his stay in the pantheon, he got to meet various French deities that happened to be fans of him like Charlotte, Perrine and Madeline. Although he is not sure why is this case given he is a total Jobber, he appreciates their compliments anyway.
  • Dudley has taken the time to try and improve Joe so that he can stand up for himself more and respect how determined he is about boxing. Even then, Joe has been considered retiring for a while given that he is getting old, but has taken the advice of Dudley to heart.
  • Joe was once confused with another frenchman by the name of "Glass Man" by none other than Amélie Poulain. When the confusion was cleared, they became friends in the end.
  • Despite being an impressive fighter, Rock Lee feels he has a lot in common with Joe. Despite doing his best, he has had his fair share of losses and Lee admires Glass Joe's determination to keep fighting, even though the latter would disagree.
  • Surprisingly, Joe has an apprentice by the name of Gabby Jay, who happens to share the same atrocious record as his master. What's more embarrassing to Joe is that Jay's only win was against him.
  • Being the quintessential of the average French stereotype, Glass Joe doesn't take kindly to the notion of French Jerks. People like Remy (the Street Fighter, not the rat) or Widowmaker are the type he is not very fond of, although he is not going to tell them straight to their faces.
  • Being the divine representative of a Jobber, Glass Joe is understandably scared of Monster Heels, especially because he doesn't want to get hurt a lot.
  • "Bonjour, bonjour! Je suis Glass Joe! Ha-ha!" Translation 

    Iron Checkpoint Crate 
The Iron Checkpoint Crate, The Divine Inanimate Competitor (DriverIAmAsImportantAsTheBandicootSoIShouldBeTheMainCharacter)
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: The "C" for Checkpoint
  • Theme Song: Checkpoint
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animate Inanimate Object, Ascended Meme, Composite Character, Secret Character, Wild Card
  • Domains: Crates, Objects, Surprises, Driving
  • High Priest: Rocky
  • Allies: Most of the ascended deities from Crash Bandicoot, Patrick Star, Gnome Chompski, Kirie Sakurame, Chell
  • Enemies: Nitros Oxide, Homer Simpson, Dr. Doofenschmirtz, Those that abuse save points
  • Perhaps one of the most Unexpected Characters to show to race in the racing tournament held by Nitros Oxide, the Iron Checkpoint Crate is just that, a simple metal box that acts as a checkpoint for whoever hits it. While it first debuted in Crash Bandicoot's third outing, the Iron Checkpoint Crate could mostly be found in secret areas and the death routes, making it a fairly rare box to come by so it came as a shock that even manage to qualify as a racer, let alone a deity.
  • Most people were utterly confused by finding the Iron Checkpoint Crate standing there in front of the prestigious Court of Gods and even managing to secure a trope for itself. Many thought it was just a misplaced item that belonged to the treasure vault but they were even more confused once they saw it driving a go-kart like it was nothing.
  • The Iron Checkpoint Crate is one of the few deities that doesn't have a temple. It wasn't provided one because the Court of Gods thought there was no need for it and just made a vacant spot for the crate to lay there motionless. Though it can move from that place if it wants to, it's just that nobody has ever seen it move other when it's piloting a vehicle or someone is carrying it. Some believe it only moves when no one is watching it.
  • Morality wise, it's neutral, then again, what can you expect from a metal box? That and apparently the crate can use any of masks from both Aku Aku and Uka Uka to the Velo Mask and the other masks power-ups. Interestingly enough, most of the deities from its universe get along with the crate just fine...except Oxide given his competitive nature and refusing to see the Iron Checkpoint Crate as nothing but a joke.
  • White its known as the Iron Checkpoint Crate, it can actually assume other forms such as the TNT, Nitro and even the regular crates. Naturally, the TNT and Nitro variants of the crate are very popular in the House of Explosives, usually employed by the Mad Bombers of the Pantheon and the crate regenerates just fine. It can also become a purple crate but nobody has a clue what the purpose of that style of crate is for save for some deities.
  • Given his trope, Patrick Star became curious about the Iron Checkpoint Crate and personally went to meet it after hearing about its title, reminding him of his pet Rocky, who also managed to win a race once. Sometimes he competes against the Iron Checkpoint Crate and has tried to get it to become a Pseudo-mentor to Rocky but no one has managed to tell Patrick that the metallic box doesn't actually speak (though some believe the Crate and Rocky are actually good friends.
  • Homer Simpson was reminded of one of his most bitter rivals once he heard of the Iron Checkpoint Crate title, the Carbon Rod. To wipe away that sour memory he decided to challenge the Crate to a race, where he lost horribly due to not knowing how to drive the go-karts and the fact that the Crate was a much better driver than Homer. Needless to say, he is a bit bitter about the loss.
  • Outside of racing, the Box is actually a pretty useful tool for saving your progress in the Pantheon, as many found out the last person to hit the box can use it as a checkpoint in case they die. This development made the Iron Checkpoint Crate more popular by the day as plenty adventurers and possibly other nefarious individuals wanted to utilize this ability for their own gain and the crate is usually ok with whoever grabs it. That said, it does have a disdain for those that abuse of the checkpoint system and in some particular cases it forcibly turned itself into a Nitro crate just to punish Save Scumming.
    • This naturally led Kirie Sakurame to meet the Iron Checkpoint Crate. She never thought that the Pantheon would introduce another save point system in the Pantheon, let alone in a simple iron crate but surprisingly enough, Kirie grew fond of the crate overtime and keeps an eye on it from time to time in order to avoid other deities abusing of its abilities.
  • Chell grew attached to the Iron Checkpoint Crate ever since her companion cube got thrown into the Treasure Vault and usually visits its "Temple" just to hang around with it. Some believe she has even taught it to use the Portal Gun but so far those are just rumours.
  • Seeing potential in the manipulation of checkpoints, Dr. Doofenschmirtz decided to capture the Iron Checkpoint Crate and investigate the source of it's save system in order to weaponize it, and mind you he was doing it for a good cause, not for just a random evil scheme. In one unusual turn of events that no one has clue how it happened, the crate was able to defeat Doofenschmirtz and foil his plans, the doctor subsequently swore revenge upon the Crate for thwarting his plans.
  • The Iron Checkpoint Crate and Gnome Chompski are possibly the two inanimate objects in the Pantheon who managed to get a temple all to themselves, and somehow the two ended up becoming good friends once someone decided to leave the gnome near the crate. Next thing you know, both were seen piloting a rocket towards the House of Space and Cosmos. No one has a clue how they did that.
  • Can also be found in Living Objects.

    Tetsuya Kuroko 
Tetsuya Kuroko, God of Benchwarmers (Kurokocchi, Kuro-chin)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A basketball, Seirin's colors (white, black, red) and Team Pet Siberian Husky Tetsuya 2
  • Theme Song: "Can Do"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Those often relegated to the bench, doesn't leave an impression, which he exploits in his playstyle, loves basketball despite being bad at it, the shadow to Kagami's light (and formerly to Aomine's), speaks very politely
  • Domains: Basketball, Perception, Friendship
  • Heralds: The Seirin High School basketball team, the Generation of Miracles
  • Allies: Captain Tsubasa, Michael Jordan, Mike and Sulley, Charlie Brown, Izuku Midoriya, Anna (Frozen)
  • Friendly Rivalry: The Monstars, The Looney Tunes
  • Tetsuya Kuroko loves basketball, but has no talent for it. No conventional talent, anyway. One thing he is good at is being overlooked and forgotten by people, which sounds sad, but it turns out to be a potent weapon in basketball. It makes him excel at passing the ball before opponents even notice where he is. This made him into the Phantom Sixth Man of the Generation of Miracles, five players of phenomenal skill who won the championship three years in a row for Teiko Middle School. Each dominated matches so thoroughly that they became extremely arrogant and lost their sense of teamwork and love for the sport. As Kuroko never had their raw talent, he did not feel the same way, so he joined the Seirin High School basketball team in hopes of playing against them and changing their minds. His greatest hope of achieving this goal was the Hot-Blooded Taiga Kagami, who had the potential to become as good as the Generation of Miracles. So Kuroko decided he would be the shadow to Kagami's light, and despite their clashing personalities, they make for a fearsome duo.
  • The Seirin team and the Generation of Miracles were summoned up to the Pantheon as contenders in the latest basketball tournament. They weren't exactly asked beforehand, but after some brief astonishment at suddenly being faced with such a fantastic place, their blood was pumping at the idea of playing teams they'd never seen before. Kuroko alternated between playing and being benched in order to study his opponents and rest his special ability of Misdirection, as its usefulness is worn down the longer he stays in play, and if he can't use it, then he's not really good for anything. Due to Kuroko having such an understated style of play for a protagonist, he was granted dominion over The Benchwarmer. Both Seirin and the Generation of Miracles were proud of Kuroko and think he definitely deserves it, though at the same time they stated that they wouldn't lose to him and find a way to ascend themselves.
  • Two of the teams Kuroko and his friends played against during the aforementioned tournament were the ever-present Looney Tunes and the Monstars. Despite their highly bizarre nature, Kuroko is as blank-faced as ever when interacting with them and is respectful of their prowess at basketball. While Kuroko's teammates tend to get irritated or exasperated at their antics on the court, the Looney Tunes and Monstars' larger-than-life personalities allow Kuroko to "disappear" on the court even more easily than usual and surprise the two toon teams when he manages to make a complicated play right under their noses.
    • Kuroko can't help but compare the Monstars to the Generation of Miracles on some level, considering the Monstars all had excellent basketball skills that they thought guaranteed their victory and made them arrogant when they faced the Looney Tunes. Likewise, when the Monstars lost, they got a dose of humble pie and made a turn for the better, eventually befriending their former opponents. Overall, Kuroko is glad that everything turned out well for everyone involved. Incidentally, the fact that the Monstars got their skills by literally stealing them from other players and leaving them powerless reminds him of Shogo Haizaki's ability and he wonders if the two things are related. It's good that the Monstars couldn't do it in the middle of a game like Haizaki could, anyway.
    • Perhaps what really floors Seirin and the Generation of Miracles is how basketball legend Michael Jordan sometimes shows up to play them on the side of the Looney Tunes. While Kuroko is, again, quite stoic in Jordan's presence, even he can't quite hide his excitement at getting to play against him. Though Jordan thinks he doesn't deserve this level of worship, especially after seeing the crazy things these Japanese kids can do on the court.
  • One of the first non-basketball deities to personally welcome Kuroko was Tsubasa Ozora. His usual friendly and open demeanor compensated for Kuroko's dullness and so they managed to hit it off despite the difference in personalities. Tsubasa may be a soccer player, but anybody as passionate about playing ball as Kuroko gets his approval and friendship. Tsubasa commented on the parallels between Kuroko's partnership with Kagami and his own combination with Taro Misaki which won them many games. Though he also notes that Kagami's tiger-like personality is more like Kojiro's and thinks they'd get along.
  • Kuroko received the improbable attention of the one-eyed monster Mike Wazowski, which turned out to be because, like Kuroko, Mike was very passionate about his occupation as a scarer, but had no real talent for it. So he largely took on a support role towards his much scarier friend Sulley, resulting in an outstanding combination that outperformed everybody else in the business. Kuroko definitely sees a lot of himself in Mike and of Kagami in Sulley, though he doesn't dream of calling themselves the best at what they do quite yet. In the end, the two monsters are close to Kuroko and Kagami.
  • Even someone as un-flashy as Kuroko manages to have his fans; his story of carving a niche for himself in a sport he was naturally unfit for is a beacon of hope to those with similar problems. Charlie Brown, for example, is a big admirer of Kuroko. It makes sense since Charlie loves baseball with all his heart, but is unfortunately a disaster at it. Still, hearing Kuroko's story has given him hope that maybe he can find something useful only he can do. He hasn't found much of anything yet, but Kuroko himself encourages him not to give up so long as he loves baseball.
  • Kuroko also managed to become very good friends with Izuku Midoriya on account of Izuku also having had to go the extra mile to reach the occupation of his dreams. In Izuku's case, he wanted to be a superhero, but initially couldn't because he wasn't born with a super-power, or Quirk as it's called in his world. However, Izuku was earnest about his desire, which impressed the top hero, All Might, who took him under his wing and passed his Quirk on to him. Kuroko thinks it's amazingly lucky of Izuku to have had his talent implanted in him, though Izuku countered that Kuroko is lucky as well to have had friends who noticed that he had a different potential from others and encouraged him to pursue it when nobody else believed in him. Kuroko thinks Izuku is right, and after hearing about his relationship with his bully/friend Bakugo, whose arrogance reminds him of the Generation of Miracles, Kuroko hopes he can turn a new leaf.
  • Kuroko is known for having a pretty notorious case of bed hair, which he forgets to fix on rare occasions. That was how, while having breakfast in the House of Food, he got noticed by Anna of Arendelle, who happens to suffer from the same affliction to an absurd level (minus forgetting to fix it). They soon settled into friendly conversation where they talked about their personal stories, and realized they had more in common than expected. Mainly because Anna's relationship to her sister Elsa is actually pretty similar to Kuroko and the Generation of Miracles, with Anna being a fairly average princess who got her sister with ice powers to relax and open up and the unremarkable Kuroko being the one who grounded the haughty Generation of Miracles. Heck, Kuroko was once even referred to as the one who could melt Akashi's icy eyes. Kuroko and Anna have been friends ever since, with some of his teammates ribbing him about having made a female friend, though Kuroko doesn't know why they make a big deal of it.