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Greater Gods

Canaletto, God of Feather Motifs (The Timeless One, The Lord of Purity, The Avatar (formerly))
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His sigil
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (believes himself Lawful Good, but don't tell him otherwise)
  • Portfolio: Avatar who went rogue, wants to obliterate the Universe so he can create a "better" one, Still as powerful as he was when he held the Avatar title, Manipulative Bastard, Long, complicated plan to free himself, Believes his intentions righteous when they most certainly aren't, Capable of causing catastrophe and influencing major events despite being sealed in an underground cage, Giant Bird-like alien resembling a cross between a spider and a Raven, Black Feathers to represent his Blackened soul, Absolute Immorality and Misanthropy
  • Allies: Aku, The Lich, Light Yagami and Ryuk, The Nibiru Entity, The Auditors Of Reality, Ridley,Apophis,The Crow
  • Interested In: The Jigsaw Killer, Black Shadow, Nitros Oxide
  • Enemies: Eva Wei, Avatar Aang and Korra, Samus Aran,The Chozo, Pops Maellard, Mordecai,Rigby, Benson, Skips, Discworld's Death, Cyrus, Hareta, Anything and anyone that doesn't fit his definition of "purity"(nobody knows what does)
  • Rivals: Father, Thanos, Horde Prime
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Zamasu
  • Eons ago, a great race, spanning galaxies, was held to determine who could achieve the title of Avatar-the all-powerful guardian of the Universe, appointed by beings known as the Great Ones. One ultimately prevailed-but unfortunately for all life in existence, this creature at some point decided the current universe was too flawed to exist, and set about destroying planets in his mad crusade to realize his vision of a perfect world. Eventually the monster was sealed away after a fierce battle with Satis, the one who succeeded him as Avatar.
    • But his evil was far from over. For thousands of years, the one known as Canaletto manipulated events in his favor so that by the next galactic race, one pawn would free him from his cage and allow him to resume his omnicidal quest. That pawn was Eva Wei.
    • Canaletto came dangerously close to reclaiming the power of Avatar before he was thwarted by the sacrifice of one Jordan Wilde, who became the new Avatar and seemingly obliterated the mad bird for good. With Eva's recent ascension, Canaletto has followed to reunite with his "most trusted pawn" and make another bid to create a universe of purity.
  • Upon finding out of his arrival, Eva nearly went into shock from fury and horror. She'd love nothing more than to ram Canaletto with the Whizzing Arrow and end the monster that killed her mother and manipulated her life, but she realizes she has to be careful if she ever wants to take down a powerful menace like him. Canaletto is somewhat flattered that his "creation" remembers him, but he's got grander ambitions now than manipulating teenagers.
  • Canaletto has very little mortal allies given his life-destroying agenda, but one human he's taken a liking to is Light Yagami AKA Kira. He's impressed by the young man's sheer ruthlessness, devotion to creating a better world, and manipulation skills to rival his own. He also admitted respect for his Shinigami friend Ryuk, as Ryuk found a truly evil human pawn as opposed to the good natured Eva.
    • He shares Aku and Ryuk's love of toying with mortals, but not their sense of humor about it. He also has chided Aku before on why he insists on drawing out his feud with that pesky swordsman rather than straight up killing him when he has the chance. Aku has told him to lighten up a little.
    • Similar to Light, he's approached John Kramer, the infamous Jigsaw killer, with an offer of partnership. Canaletto realizes the old man wants to purge the flawed and impure of his city as he does the universe, and he's somewhat flattered by Jigsaw's puppet design as it slightly resembles his own shiny white, red eyed visage. He claims that together they can build traps for super-beings and Gods. That said, their methods differ exponentially, as Jigsaw believes suffering can lead to salvation while Canaletto just wants to end life as he believes it's beyond saving. When Jigsaw called him out on this, the alien bluntly responded that Kramer's methods are hardly any different and that sooner or later, he'd need friends in high places unless he wants the more powerful gods to exact justice for his gruesome games.
  • Samus Aran wonders if Canaletto is a surviving member of the Chozo race given their physiological similarities. Of course Canaletto's heinous actions are as far removed from the gentle Bird creatures as possible, and he looks down on them in turn, calling them weak for failing to prevent their own extinction.
    • He's also enlisted Ridley of the Space Pirates to his cause as an attack dog should the bounty hunter interfere with his plans, which only gives Samus more reasons to want his head as a trophy.
  • He's offered an alliance to the Auditors Of Reality, since they share his desire for a world of stillness with no life. He's also baffled by how the Death of Discworld opposes the Auditors, as he doesn't understand why a death god wants to preserve life.
  • Both Avatars of the Avatarverse, Aang and Korra, regard Canaletto as an abomination. The Timeless One's mere presence is enough to bring the Avatar state to full power, as both Aang and his successor know full well of the devastation Canaletto leaves in his wake. Canaletto on the other hand scoffs at this, claiming he alone is the master of peace and balance in the universe.
  • One of the Timeless One's favorite hobbies is spying on the inhabitants of the Pantheon through magic visions he conjures with his feathers. He hopes to find more insecurities to exploit and potential allies/pawns to sway.
  • Among the few gods on good terms with the Lord of Purity is Apophis,the giant Serpent who longs to devour the sun. Canaletto has promised he can kill Apophis' nemesis Ra and give him infinite souls to consume...provided the snake doesn't interfere with his vision of a "pure" universe.
  • While they're more similar than either would like to admit, Canaletto does not get along with the being called Zamasu, as apparently the Kai is unbelievably self righteous and xenophobic even compared to someone like himself. Zamasu on the other hand abhors Canaletto as a monster that stains his vision and should've died millenia ago. The Lord of Purity is only willing to form an alliance when those annoying "heroes" try to save this galaxy from its much needed rebirth.
  • Another such ally is the mysterious entity called "the Crow". Canaletto was somewhat surprised by how much they have in common, and even more that such a small creature would be capable of such Multiversal devastation. He's considering joining forces with the Alone, her alien army.
  • Despite their similar nature and endgame, Canaletto doesn't like Father of the Homunculi that much. The Lord of Purity doesn't think a being like him is deserving to actually consume God and called him an arrogant fool, because the concept of irony is truly lost on him. Father heeds him no mind and says that the Truth is a far, far greater ultimatum than whatever this "Avatar" is, especially since it's not something to be won in a mortal race.
  • Both being insane, god-like behemoths who want to create their idea of a perfect world at the expense of billions of lives, you'd think the Mad Titan and the Timeless One would get along swimmingly. Fortunately neither can stand each other, as Canaletto points out that Thanos is utterly deluded to think his plan of killing half the universe would actually result in utopia or appease Death herself, while Thanos called the former a petty egomaniac whose idea of perfection is completely superficial and only satisfactory to himself.
  • Canaletto was infuriated to learn of the existence of one Pops Maellard, particularly because this silly little lollipop man is a being of pure good who sacrificed himself to destroy his brother, who wanted to erase the universe as Canaletto did. He finds Pops' friends(Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, and Skips) just as insufferable and wonders how such lackadaisical fools could save their own universe.
    • Mordecai and Rigby weren't pleased at all to learn of him, as he's like a combination of Anti-Pops and the evil Geese, with triple their power and malevolence. Fortunately they're no stranger to world-destroying villains, and they've still got their Baby Duck friends on call to kick the Timeless One off his new perch.
  • When the Timeless One offered an alliance to Cyrus, leader of Team Galactic, he was enraged when the man told him off, stating he'd abandoned his plans for a World of Silence, and that even if he hadn't, he'd never join forces with the old bird as he finds the latter's methods of ruining a girl's childhood for his plans totally abominable. To the former Avatar's further frustration, this decision was because another annoying idealistic human child named Hareta somehow convinced him to turn on his plans. Cyrus is currently mobilizing Galactic's forces to capture and possibly banish Canaletto, and the Timeless One has sworn he'll regret turning down his offer.

Hermes, God of Winged Clothing (Mercury, Mercurius, Merc, Messenger of the Gods, Argeiphontesnote , Diakotorsnote , Agoraiousnote , Enodiasnote , Epimelosnote , Nomiosnote , Takhusnote , Krysorrhapis note , Psychopomposnote , Eriounios note , and Dolios note  God of Muscle
A painting of Hermes by Giovanni Tiepolo
One of Hermes' more modern appearances under his Roman name, Mercury
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His winged sandals and/or the Caduceus
  • Theme Music: the Greek/Roman theme of Smite (shared with other Classical Mythological figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Mercury's Wings, Super-Speed, A Doting Parent, One Of The Kinder Olympians, Lovable Rogue, Trickster God, Wields The Caduceus, Unstoppable Messenger, Tricked-Out Shoes, The Heart, Some Major Dongage, Usually Young And Beautiful, Papa Wolf, Jack of All Trades
  • Domains: Messengers, Speed, Trickery, Thievery, Psychopomps, Commerce
  • Heralds: Maia (his mother), Pan, Hermaphroditus (some of his more well-known children), Iris (his Distaff Counterpart and goddess of rainbows), the Hermes Familia (that's Asfi Al Andromeda, Aisha Belka, Lulune Louie and Meyrl Tear)
  • Varying relationship with: Hades (his uncle; usually an ally except when he's vilified)
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Aphrodite (mother of two of his children), the House of Commerce (excluding the pretty evil deities), Wile E Coyote, Bennington Austin Cotwell IV (aka Baby Bink), Josuke Higashikata, Kevin McCallister
  • On speaking terms with: Hera (his step-mother)
  • Rivals: Loki (original version), Odin, Quick Man
  • Enemies
  • Armistice with: Kratos (one of his half-brothers)
  • Opposed by: Rohan Kishibe
  • Conflicting Opinion: Percy Jackson (one of his cousins), The House of Crime and Transgressions, the Itazura Griefers, Alucard
  • Of the Olympians, Hermes stands as one of the more lighthearted and fun gods. The son of Zeus and Maia, Hermes started his reign of mischief straight out of the womb by stealing Apollo's cows and acting innocent when caught. Zeus found the whole thing amusing and the two brothers got along over Hermes' tortoise-shell lyre, however the king of the Olympians couldn't just have Hermes causing unguided mischief. So he made him the messenger of the gods. Hermes is famous for his winged sandals and winged hat, which aids in his Super-Speed. In addition to this, he would sometimes serve as a Psychopomp delivering souls to uncle Hades. In fact, he's where the word comes from.
  • One day, Zeus needed to assemble the Olympian representatives within the Pantheon and he sent messages out to them. However, he grew impatient and tired with the Courier's affinity to be distracted by other things and Derpy's... well... being Derpy respectively. He then had a brilliant idea and immediately sent out an important invitation (which took several days to get to its destination outside the Pantheon). The second the recipient received the letter, a blur was seen entering the Main Gates and reported in at Zeus' temple in the House of Magic and Sorcery. Mercury had arrived. The reason he was going by his Roman name is because he was using his Smite profile, but Zeus eventually told him to change it because it was getting confusing mixing Greek and Roman names. He informed his son on the status of both his divine relatives, and other traditional pantheons. Here's how some of these interactions went down
    • Hermes was initially in conflict with Hades, as he had made a mistake in believing he had undergone a Face–Heel Turn. Hades was angry at this and believed that Hermes was trolling him or finding some excuse not to work, only to realize "oh, the mortals have been selling me short to you". As it turns out Hades' villainous actions were caused by people's perception of him. Normally Hermes and Hades are allies because the former helps guide souls to the Underworld. The other Hades was the cause of some of this negative reputation, and Hermes soon understood why his uncle was pissed at his counterpart. The messenger god has become an ally to Pit and Palutena in order to stop the wicked counterpart of his uncle, having said that he likes Pit's aesthetic. He's also hit on Palutena who's charmed, but not interested.
    • He is one of Zeus' favorite kids, almost as much as Athena and Apollo. Hermes is close to pretty much all his siblings, even Hephaestus despite being understandably annoyed he slept with Aphroditenote . Hermes thinks people shouldn't be mean to Hephaestus just because he's The Grotesque, as he is a loving father to a pretty ugly satyr god known as Pan. Among the demigods he's had, one of them was the grandfather of the hero Odysseus, who takes after him in being one crafty and cunning mofo. Hermes is also tight with his demigod brother Perseus due to aiding him in his hero's quest. Medusa has seen him as having a hand in her murder. It's worth noting that Hermes isn't blind to how much of a dick his father can be, but he's still treated well by the god. He's also on good terms with his aunt Hestia (but who isn't) and managed to make a good impression with his cousin Zagreus.
    • One of Zeus' few affair children to not suffer the wrath of Hera, in part because his mother Maia was a lot more clandestine in her affair. She tolerates him in part because he's just a Nice Guy, though she is still annoyed that he killed her giant Argus in order to help out one of Zeus' booty calls. Hermes is also one of the few to be in the good graces with Ares, though less out of liking the guy and more because of a favor; he rescued Ares from a brazen vessel. Less surprisingly is that he is on bad terms with his grandfather Cronus, as he hopes to claim the throne back from Zeus and sees his grandchildren as in the way of that.. Cronus was bemused to learn that someone thought that Hermes was his half-brother, as along with Hygienus they said that he was actually the son of Uranus and Hemera. Now Cronus' actual half-brother Typhon; he invokes true dread in Hermes.
    • When he was hiding from Typhon in the form of an ibis, he ended up being syncretized with Thoth. Hermes has also been syncretized with Anubis and Odin. He gets why; Odin is a cunning trickster and traveler, and Anubis is a psychopomp. Hermes and Anubis get along, while Odin finds he has much to learn and has challenged Hermes in a race with his eight-legged horse Sleipnir. As a good-aligned Trickster God Hermes often gets into feuds with and competes with Loki, as he's never sure when he's an anti-hero or a villain.
    • Finally it's worth noting that he originally entered the Trope Pantheon almost naked, with at most a chlamys hiding his privates. Some more lustful deities were distracted, but most demanded he Please Put Some Clothes On. Hermes complied, though some gossip remained about the size of his..herms. No, not the old stone markers, but close. He also demanded that he bring his mom in as a herald and some of his kids, though he couldn't get all of them as he has a lot.
  • Hermes is the OG Super-Speed god. All those who come after him pay him tribute with the use of his winged accessory motif, whether on headgear, footwear or any other accessory. Also, despite general opinion, his winged sandals do not grant speed or flight. They are more or less specially made for him as any other footwear would quickly wear out due to the distances and velocity he travels on and when worn by others, his inane ability was transferred to them hence the false belief that Hermes would no longer have Super-Speed without his sandals. With so many other natural speedsters in the Pantheon from Flash to Rainbow Dash to Charlotte E. Yeager to even Superman himself, and now including the original speedster himself, many deities have decided to set up an eventual race between them all to see if he still has what it takes or if he will pass the torch to a new deity... after the Pantheonic Tournament and the Sniper Duel Battle Royale have passed, of course.
  • As Zeus can attest, Hermes is a far more competent messenger as once he has his delivery mission, he will deliver it, no matter what. However, he only specializes in message delivery, so other types of deliveries and mail are still the domains of the Courier and Derpy Hooves, much to the dismay of other Houses who also grew tired of the Courier's lax attitude and the mare's klutziness. Still, when not on the clock, he is seen having some drinks (and a muffin or two) with his fellow delivery deities to show no hard feelings. Not as talked about is his Super-Strength; many eventually think twice after feeling what amounts to being hit by a speeding train right in the jaw as the Messenger relies on his speed to further increase his damage output with his punches and even sends entire Mook armies flying with Special Delivery, among other feats. The only drawback is once you get him to stop, he goes down just as fast as he can run.
  • Has some experience with the superheroes. Billy Batson still refers to him as Mercury as you know what the M in SHAZAM! refers to? Yup, it means the speed of Mercury. Hermes is notable for being the only male god to bestow power on Wonder Woman, namely his speed, and is the only Olympian to hang out with her in a casual way..well, while in his human disguise. Still can't figure out if they're family or not. He's not stuck up his own ass like many of his relatives and is Intrigued by Humanity. In spite of trying to prove to the different Flashes he's still faster than them and jokingly calling out Jay Garrick for copyright infringement he has a lot of respect for their heroism. He was actually responsible for Jay's Earth 2 incarnation's powers after his avatar in that reality died in the war against Apokolips.
  • By contrast he's disgusted by the sheer, petty evil of Eobard Thawne. Yes, Hermes is a trickster and a thief but he doesn't abuse his power at the expense of others. Contrast the Reverse Flash going back in time to traumatize a girl who rejected himnote  to Hermes responding to being rejected by Aphrodite by...stealing her sandals. They're still on good enough terms to sire a few gods, mind you, though she feels Ares is better at the whole bad boy aesthetic. Naturally Darkseid is an enemy, not just because of his prior conflicts with the Olympians or being a God of Evil, but his inherent Control Freak tyrannical nature is antithetical to Hermes' nature. One of his nemeses, his adoptive son (and nephew depending on the canon) Scott Free is actually similar to Hermes in being free-spirited. While monogamy isn't Hermes' thing, he does respect the strong relationship he has with Big Barda and Hermes occasionally will help to fight crime with Mister Miracle...though the messenger's not above pickpocketing himself.
  • When not needed by Zeus or other gods, he can be found playing light-hearted pranks or shoot good-natured snark salvos around the Pantheon. However, he clearly does it to get laughs, not because of malice. If it doesn't get a laugh, then what's the point of pranks? It really places him in a different category than the Joker. He's also known as the god of thieves back in his own Pantheon as some of the most legendary feats (which included stealing his brother Apollo's sacred herd of cows while still an infant) dealt with mixing his trickery with his really fast sticky-fingers. He personally doesn't like the attention he gets in the House of Crime, but he does have good relations with Carmen Sandiego, Captain Jack, Sly Cooper, Robin Hood, Aladdin, and Isaac & Miria.
  • One of the moments he's ashamed of was mocking Kratos for killing his family, which especially in hindsight of what happened to Luke Castellan comes off as rather hypocritical. While Hermes has come to re-evaluate Kratos following his redemption and Kratos did do a lot to anger himnote , he still can't forgive him for what he's done. There's a truce between the two born from wanting to be better, but they are far from getting along. Despite being an optimistic and carefree god, he has his moments of sobriety when it comes to his demigod son, Luke. In fact, anyone who claims he doesn't care for any of his demigod children will be met with a salvo of punches as he circumvents Primus at beyond-light speed. He and Percy Jackson didn't see each other eye to eye after he accused him of being responsible for Luke turning the way he was. He was extremely irate for being thought of as a deadbeat. However, things eventually patched between the two, but he still hasn't forgotten the sting of Percy's words.
  • He is one of the few gods that gets along with Pinkie Pie as she's always fun to be around and always tell him to smile even in the face of despair as she somehow knew about Luke, and her baking skills are amazing. She later introduced him to one of his favorite new friends, Wander. Despite both are as different as can be, they enjoy each other's company and they tend to have a banjo/lyre jam session every once in a while. When Wander asked Hermes why he is playing his brother Apollo's instrument, the speedster laughs and replies that he was the one who invented it and his brother merely became associated with it after trading it for the cow herd he has stolen from him. Wander also told him about Kino who rides a motorcycle which bears his name. Curious, he was instantly at the House of Travel as soon as Wander finished the sentence and met her, agreeing to travel together for a few days. He had to slow down his pace as he journeyed with her but got to know both her and his namesake Hermes well. Kino was quick to point out that Hermes was better with using figures of speech than the motorcycle could which made the god laugh. In the end, the god said spending time with her was possible one of the best "slow times" he's ever had in his immortal life and places her friendship with her next to Wander and Pinkie.
  • The WVBA boxers in the Pantheon were shocked to see none other than their fellow combatant Von Kaiser around the Pantheon moving extremely fast on his feet and dishing out extremely rapid punches. The second he spoke in what was not his familiar voice, they all realized it was Mercury in a very convincing likeness of the German pugilist, down to his pre-title defense hairstyle and suspenders. Little Mac hopes someday to challenge him but decides to train in order to prepare himself against such a fast opponent. He also asked him if he roots for the Roadrunner or Wile E Coyote. Hermes' response was "the coyote. Sure he's not the smartest, and definitely not the speedster, but I'm a Fan of the Underdog who's inclined to support the rascal".
  • Likes to watch Baby's Day Out as he can relate to the antics of Baby Bink; he was even more of a precocious lad at his age. Sometimes he'll invite Josuke over, who doesn't get the appeal. Still they get along; Josuke Higashikata is a Heroic Bastard like Hermes who's not and out and out thief, but is fond of a Zany Scheme to get money. The speedster of the Olympians likes his attitude but doesn't stick around. He also likes Kevin McAllister's craftiness and spunk, but being a thief himself does have to wonder what he'd think of him. Rohan however is extremely distrusting of Hermes because his human avatar Yoma Hashimoto is an exercise-obsessed Serial Killer. Given what Hermes is normally like, one wonders if this was due to some lingering influence of the evils of Pandora's Box, or that he's inherited more from his father than people expected.
  • On a more apocryphal comics note, one of the first stories Jack Kirby penciled and ink (as in so early American hadn't entered the War yet) was "Mercury in the 20th century". He would introduce Hermes with Stan Lee to the Marvel universe. Another apocryphal but not comic-related note, Carl Jung believes Hermes is the god of the unconscious. Hermes is flattered but he doesn't think he understands where he gets that idea from. He's also not sure why Kassandra believes he was ever mortal, even if she claims she met him, but he's going to be considered "venerated because he was that skilled a craftsmen and inventor" as a compliment.

Intermediate Gods

    Daffy Duck 
Daffy Duck, God of Feather Fingers (Duck Twacy, The Scarlet Pumpernickel, Daffy Horatio Tiberius Duck, Daffy Armando Duck, Daffy Sheldon Duck, Daffy the Wizard, Duck Dodgers, Robin Hood, Daff, Joe Monday, Doorlock Holmes, Drip-Along Daffy, Stupor Duck, Superior Duck, Superior Bug, Boston Quackie, The Masked Avenger, Duck Drake, Daffy Dumas Duck, The Green Loontern, Egyptian God of Frustration)
Duck Dodgers
  • Intermediate God (Intermediate God as the Green Loontern, Greater God as the Green Loontern if near a Blue Lantern)
  • Symbol: His beak
  • Theme Music: Duck Dodgers theme know; Daffy the Wizard whenever he has a particular daydream
  • Alignment: All over the place, though he mostly leans towards Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being a chew toy, Crazy Survivalist, Lovable Coward, Jerkass with moments of kindness, being greedy, Straw Loser, Feather Fingers, Lisp, Cloudcuckoolander, Alliterative Name, Always Second Best, Deuteragonist
  • Domains: Ducks, Toons, Insanity
  • Heralds: Plucky Duck, Tina Russo, Dr. I.Q. High (the latter only appears when Dodgers is involved)
  • Avatar: Mel Blanc
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Mickey Mouse, Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester & Tweety, Roger Rabbit, Pinky & the Brain, Freakazoid, Buck Rogers, Michael Jordan
  • Rivals: Donald Duck, Tom
  • Friendly Enemies: Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian
  • Enemies: Lord Shen, Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk, The Crow, HYDRA, Red Skull, Wilheim Strasse, Millennium
  • Annoyed at: Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck
  • Odd Friendship: Hal Jordan, Eikichi Onizuka, Buck Rogers
  • Ascended at the request of Bugs Bunny because of an agreement to share the spotlight together (see below), as well as because of a ploy to ascend Toontown into the Pantheon's dominions by ascending as many toons as possible.
    • Once also tried to get the title of God of Karmic Trickery, but lost to Bugs because the latter said Daffy should get it.
      • At one point, much to Daffy's frustration, his old title got revoked for reasons unknown. The duck demanded that he be kept in the Pantheon, so the Court of the Gods had to find another title he could take.
  • Once got himself fired from Warner Bros. over his complaint of always being second to Bugs, and wanting a movie of his own. Bugs was able to get him rehired, and the two agreed to share the spotlight together. This is the reason why Daffy is an Intermediate God.
  • Ever since the 1980s, Daffy can't keep even a dollar to himself after inheriting a vast fortune from J.P. Cubish for making him laugh, and being too self-centered to follow up Cubish's will, resulting in Cubish to take any money the duck touches. As a result, he is banned from the House of Commerce (his disposed predecessor's former house) because of his curse.
  • At first, Daffy hated Speedy for no particular reason. The two reconciled since then and have never said anything about these conflicts. The two have been hanging out quite a bit, with one notable instance of them running a private island (though it ended in failure and it took a lot of time to get a burrito out of Speedy's nose).
  • Non-toon gods have a lot of fun with trolling Daffy using pencils from the House of Theater. It got to a point where Daffy got tired of it and wanted to see Bugs in such a situation, which later came true.
  • Has a rivalry with Donald Duck that was triggered by a piano duel between them in 1947. To this day, they still hold piano duels, which always result in them fighting. Daffy gets rather annoyed at Huey, Dewey, & Louie for constantly heckling him during these performances.
    • A piano duel was held in the House of Musicality at one point. At least, it started as a piano duel. The end result had Daffy and Donald banned from going near any pianos. The two are free to try out other instruments as long as it's not a piano. (Daffy is eager to do a xylophone duel, but Donald is not willing to accept the suggestion)
    • The only thing the two will agree on is that at least their music isn't as destructive as Patrick Star's infamous song that brings far more chaos. The starfish is banned alongside them.
  • Holds credit for creating one of the earliest examples of what would later be known as the Youtube Poop during one of his outings.
  • Every now and then, Daffy has had different daydreams. One such example is him being a wizard. Daffy is reportedly interested in becoming one though many are uncertain as to the results of it outside of these dreams.
    • There was another dream where he imitated Samurai Jack. It's been said that it happened after he ate a poisoned blowfish in the House of Food.
  • Has some weird guidelines on what kind of birthday presents he should get. It's been a source of frustration for those shopping for birthday presents.
  • Back in the 1940's, Daffy went up against Nazis and has shown contempt towards them. In turn, Nazi deities such as Red Skull are disgusted at the duck.
  • Daffy has a pretty long resume, including being a detective (in different forms, one of them based on Sherlock Holmes) and a superhero (yes, he was a Green Lantern at one point).
    • Arguably one of his most noticeable jobs was being the space hero, Duck Dodgers, who's a bit of a Genius Ditz. If he's really unlucky, then the flight packs will blow up in his face if he just says "Duck Dodgers".
    • Still, none of the deities he has imitated have anything against him, and in fact like to hang around Daffy.
  • In his spare time, he has been trying to start up his own sports team known as the Ducks. Others have been telling him that the team won't get far and that the name sounds like something a "Mickey Mouse organization" would give to a team.
  • The duck got bored one day and decided to speak Japanese for a change. To his surprise, he sounded like Eikichi Onizuka during these instances. Daffy is trying to be a Japanese teacher at the School just to further his resume and though nothing has come of the task for now, Daffy gets along surprisingly well with Eikichi.
  • His personality changes quite a bit. One day, he may be a crazy loon (during such a day, his signature laughter is a clue to start running), the next he will be egocentric. Other times, he can be an idiot (for lack of a better term regarding certain antics). Given his general unpredictability, it's hard to say what his personality of the day will be.
  • For whatever reason, he has a rivalry with the Co-God of Slapstick, Tom, where both of them keeps wearing odd suits and posing. Some people theorize that this is because of a pair of newly gained Stands, respectively named Literally Me and One More Time.
  • If villains gang up on him, Daffy tends to dip into his hat-wearing Duck Twacy form and without fear, yell "YOU'RE ALL UNDER ARREST!!", which makes the villains gang up on him en masse. How he survived those routines in the Pantheon (he always did) remained unknown.

Decidueye, God of Feather Ammo (The Arrow Quill Pokémon, Junaiper)
  • Intermediate God. Greater God with his Signature Z-Move or when Dynamaxing.
  • Symbol: The Decidium Z-Crystal
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Long Reach
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Feather Dance, Spirit Shackle, Leaf Blade, Brave Bird
    • Z-Move: Sinister Arrow Raid
  • Portfolio: Feather Flechettes, Ghost-type Owl, Trick Arrow, Only User of Sinister Arrow Raid and Spirit Shackle, Bow and Sword in Accord, Bizarre and Improbable Ballistics, Feather Fingers, Proficient In All Stats, Formerly an Adorable Owl, Long-Range Fighter
  • Domains: Archery, Owls, Trees, Spirits, Aiming, Feathers
  • High Priest: Hawks
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Lugia and Ho-oh, Anivia, Trevenant, Poison Ivy, Wood Man, Clint Barton, Artemis, Oliver Queen, Lilo and Stitch
  • Rivals: Widowmaker, Lockon Stratos, Hanzo Shimada, Suigintou
  • Enemies: Ragyo Kiryuin, The Grand Duke of Owls, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, Dameon Blackfyre
  • Opposes: House of Fire and Heat, Cryokinetics
  • Opposed by: Twitch, Chip and Dale
  • Decidueye, also known as the Arrow Quill Pokémon, is the final evolution of the Alola Grass starter Rowlet. A Grass/Ghost owl, it's an expert hunter who crafts arrows out of its own feathers. It does so with such precision that they can pierce a pebble at distances over a hundred yards, and fire the arrow within a tenth of a second. Though cool and cautious by nature, it can be easily surprised
  • Suigintou originally held Feather Flechettes, but Decidueye argued that since she had Perpetual Molt already and he's themed off an archer, she could share. Suigintou agreed, though the two still have a rivalry going on.
  • When it came to deciding a partner, Decidueye believed the choice came to two arrow experts; Clint Barton or Oliver Queen. He came to like Green Arrow more; it came down to the two having the similar Robin Hood aesthetic, who both were a fan of. Sometimes he'll help Robin Hood with his endeavors, especially if he gives the owl great game. However after more thought it decided best fit with Takumi. They're both kind of dicks before Character Development (Dartix are apparently known for being a bit moody compared to how Rowlet were adorably sweet. Takumi was also, according to all of his siblings and the Hoshidan characters who knew him, a pretty sweet kid before Fates started), incredibly good archers and both are ghosts.
  • Happens to be a ghost for some reason. It's believed that this is due to being based off the extinct stilt owl or pueo owl, a common form of ancestor spirits. He doesn't associate with the House of Ghosts however, due to being a Flying type as a Rowlet/Dartix and is still not comfortable with its ghostliness to deal with that ghost type weakness. It does associate with the same-typed Trevenant though.
  • An expert with the arrow, who's Feather Flechettes can alter their trajectory. With its signature Spirit Shackle Decidueye can Shadow Pin opponents, and its Z-Move of Sinister Arrow Raid releases a Rain of Arrows onto the opponent. Seeing all this triggered Dameon Blackfyre due to how he died, which went into full on antagonism when a rabbit it was hunting was caught by Daemon and squabbling over who should have it exploded from there.
  • Is rather close to the goddess Artemis. This comes down to her being the goddess of the hunt, a subject Decidueye has a deep affinity for.
  • An avid hunter, it came to little shock that it associated with the Hall of Hunters and Slayers. He likes to compete with Widowmaker and Lockon Stratos for who's the superior sniper, and Hanzo Shimada for who's the better at arrows.
  • While owls are seen as wise creatures, the Rowlet line isn't that smart. Dartix in particular are rather ditzy creatures. It does have the expected diet, and as such caused trouble in the House of Mammals when trying to catch Twitch, Chip and Dale for dinner. The Court of the Gods told Decidueye not to do that again, but they're still upset about it. Decidueye is also annoyed to learn one of the only other owls in the pantheon is the evil Grand Duke of Owls.
  • As a member of Alola, Pokémon's answer to Hawaii, there's a kinship it shares with Lilo and Stitch. Its environment and typing leads to side with environmentalists, such as Poison Ivy and Wood Man; they may be evil, but they're protective of the forests is dwells in. Conversely Decidueye opposes polluters, and due to its typing would rather avoid ice or fire users.
  • Looks at Ragyo Kiryuin with utter contempt, and people are unclear why he feels that way asides from her general depraved nature. Research reveals this is because the main villain of Alola, Lusamine, is very similar to her.

Dizzy Kiske, Divine Representative of Good and Evil Wings (The Innocent Gear, The Child of Fate, Maiden of the Grove)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess at true potential; she purposely holds back)
  • Symbol: Two wings, one white and concealing a beautiful goddess-like face, one black and concealing a malevolent-looking skull
  • Theme Music: Awe of She, Tears Are Forever
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Always Being Where the Deer and the Antelope Play, Incredible Amounts of Power, Technical Jailbait, ZOMG FEATHERS, Pacifism
  • Domains: Ice, Fire, Magic, Shape, Love
  • Herald: Sin Kiske (her son)
  • Allies: Sol Badguy (her father), Ky Kiske (her husband), Chiyo-chan of the Azumanga Daioh Girls, Yotsuba, Mai Tokiha, Bridget, Noel Vermillion, Seras Victoria, May, Nana, Bastion, Riza Hawkeye, Nozomi Yumehara/Cure Dream, Melfina of the Outlaw Star crew, NoLegs of the Epic Battle Fantasy Team, Leina Vance, Mega Man X, SCP-516, La Muerte & Xibalba, Lidia Sobieska, Celica A. Mercury
  • Enemies: Justice, Khorne, the Millennium, Sundowner, I-No, Serpent (Mega Man ZX)
  • Complicated Relationship with: Baiken
  • Some believe she is named that way due to how her backstory can leave people...dizzy. One of the rare half-Gears in the world, she is feared by many and with good reason. She is under the giuidance of two persona, one of which would love to kill all humans. For the most part, she keeps both sides of her under control under the watch of Sol Badguy, the man who decided to give her a second leash of life. This story has been made sweeter by the revelation that Sol is her father.
    • Was once the good counterpart of Person of Mass Destruction to counteract with Justice. Unfortunately, there were not that many followers that followed that mantra and she decided to move her temple. Nowadays, she serves as the perfect fit to contrast good and evil aligned deities with wings. Most deities were in agreement that this position fit her better.
  • With Testament yet to ascend to the Pantheon, she now resides along with Ky who volunteered to watch over her. It has been confirmed that she and Ky are an Official Couple and gave birth to their non-ascended son Sin Kiske. Neither person has confirmed whether this is true and would rather leave things be. This would imply that she becomes the Queen of Illyria. Whether the people would accept a gear in that position remains to be seen.
  • She has been one of the top priorities of pacifists everywhere to keep her to their cause. She has longed for a time when people like her don't have to worry about persecution. Dizzy was glad that she has plenty of support for her cause.
  • While there are very few people she actively hates, the person who is number one on that list is I-No. The two women may well be polar opposites. The Musical Assassin has long tried to provoke Dizzy to unleash Necro. Dizzy is determined to prove her wrong and maintain her composure.
  • The same can be said for Khorne, who's entire clergy thrives on the concept of being violent for violence's sake.
  • Despite her outfit, is actually quite demure and shy. Most of the gods and goddesses were caught off-guard by this. Morrigan and Lilith in particular were befuddled as to "that new succubus-looking-girl's" behavior. Not that this dissuaded them from trying to get into her... good graces, though. Of course, the two are hoping a more outgoing personality out of her.
    • Among her most fervent defenders from debauchery are May and... Johnny of all people. Handsome Lech aside, Johnny genuinely hopes that Dizzy can naturally create her own path. People question whether putting her in a pirate ship comprising of all women would do that, but May insists that they want the best from her. They have been wary of any Abhorrent Admirers after her.
    • Regardless, she also has plenty of other suitors around from other universes. Some may want to think of naughty stuff, some may be just as shy and demure, some may be a bit rough-minded yet sweet... though both Sol and Ky seem to feel annoyed at this newfound popularity Dizzy has gotten.
  • Is quite interested in cooking, and likes to compare recipes with Mai Tokiha. Mai has taken a liking to the girl, given how easy it is to gather food with such powerful abilities.
  • Has a strange feeling that she's known Chiyo-chichi for some time, but she can't quite put her finger on it...
  • Sometimes her power sparks out of her control. Whenever it does, Sol and Ky always happen to be nearby and steps in to help her get it back under control. Anyone who questions them about this gets a noncommittal grunt from Sol and a sigh from Ky.
  • She's noticeably gotten a bit more in control over herself and her wings in the past five years, though that doesn't stop her from sometimes having to tackle her black wing Necro so he doesn't end up nuking her enemies. Thankfully, most people would stop short of taking on her after that.
    • And to those that don't, here's a demonstration of what she is capable of. Luckily at this point a few of her attackers surrender at that point.
  • Among the rival BlazBlue gods, she has most in common with Noel. The sharpshoot has also been subject to several Break the Cutie moments, including being brainwashed to become the Big Bad. Not surprisingly, the two were quick to befriend each other when their friends became rivals. Even when Dizzy grew out of her A-Cup Angst, Noel never felt intimidated by Dizzy's lumps.
  • Has befriended the robotic killing machine Bastion, who has become a Friend to All Living Things. Dizzy was among the most ardent supporters of its ascension and the robot returned gratitude with a gift. The girl has also given seeds to the Bastion's friend Ganymede for gratitude.
  • Has gotten help in how to handle her lost memories from Ryoji Mochizuki. He has also had to deal with a past that threatens to consume him to darkness.

Dragonite, God of Having Ridiculously Small Wings (The Dragon Pokémon, Sea Guardian, The Sea Incarnate, Kairyu)

Salamence, God of Growing Wings (The Dragon Pokémon, Bohmander, The Blood-Soaked Crescent [as Mega Salamence])
Mega Salamence
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Mega Salamence)
  • Symbol: His wings
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Intimidate (base), Aerilate (Mega Salamence)
  • Moveset: Fly, Dragon Claw, Double Edge, Flamethrower
    • Z-Move: Devestating Drake
  • Portfolio: Growing Wings, Dreamed Of Flight And Finally Achieving It, Lightning Bruiser, Clap Your Hands If You Believe, Becoming A Dick Upon Getting Flight, VERY Rare Chance Of Early Encounter, The Fighting Narcissist, The Dreaded, Having A Mega Evolution
  • Domains: Dragons, Flight, Speed, Power, Aggression, Collisions, Dreams
  • Heralds: Roaring Moon (his ancestor)
  • Allies: Rayquaza, Zinnia, Ash Ketchum, Tate and Liza, the Red Gyarados, Daenerys Targaryen, Reubus Hagrid, Suguha Kirigaya/Leafa
  • Respects: Io, Ventuswill
  • Rival: The White Metagross
  • Enemies: Pokémon Hunter J, Ghetsis Harmonia, all cryomancers, Kyurem, Jakiro, The Dovahkiin, Acnologia, Ripto (really any hater and/or hunter of dragons)
  • On poor terms with: Mushu, Spyro and non-flying dragons, the House of Celebration
  • Unclear opinion on: Petrie
  • Salamence, the Dragon Pokémon, is the final evolved form of Bagon. This Dragon-type dreams of one day flying, dashing off cliffs and falling down which it gets through with literal thick-headedness. Bagon evolves to Shelgon, and out of this chrysalis emerges the flying dragon it always dreamed to be. And as one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon in Hoenn to boot.
  • Upon achieving flight, Salamence proceeded to fly around until it got exhausted, and act like a complete asshole by shooting fire at stuff for the lulz and marveling on its own flight and power. It takes great pride in its flying offense. The House of Celebration were not pleased by the destructive "party" it held upon being able to fly around in the pantheon, and has told him to knock it off.
  • His love of flight led him to form a partnership with Annabelle for having a wish to fly one day and achieving it. Given her compassionate nature and Salamence's Jerkass attitude, it was pretty peculiar they got along...or maybe Salamence still has some softness in him. His passion for flight has led him to be very confused about Petrie, given she's a pterosaur with an ironic fear of flying. He feels bad that anyone would be afraid of the gift of flight, but can't for the life of him understand why a flying creature like Petrie would.
  • Hunter J was disappointed that her own Salamence didn't ascend. The Salamence in the pantheon hates her like every other Pokémon who she doesn't own, and has gone on to say her Salamence is a traitor to all Salamence and Pokémon for siding with her, thinking only a Pokémon bad at heart would follow Hunter J without hesitance. Which is saying a lot from him.
  • Seems to get along with the Red Gyarados. Presumably it's because they were both relatively weak(Gyarados more so) that became monsters who cause trouble. He also seems to have a respect for, and rivalry to the White Metagross. They are the two psudeo-legendaries from Hoenn, something no other region shares, so they like to test their meddle on who's the better psuedo-legendary of the two.
  • Usually comes to rest in the House of Draconic Beings. He likes to match flight with many other flying dragons. However he seems to be unimpressed by dragons who don't fly, particuarly Spyro who can't normally manage. He calls Spyro a pipsqueak, and treats Mushu with little respect for being a small dragon. Mushu pointed out he shouldn't be boasting about size considering he's 4 foot 11. This embarrassed Salamence, saying "only from top to bottom, not length!" and he angrily stormed off.
  • Has a deep contempt towards anyone associated with ice, as he has a x4 weakness to Ice type moves. But what really pisses him off are dragons with ice-related power, as he considers it a betrayal of everything dragons are. As such, he hates Sindragosa and Jakiro because of their ice powers. He also gets on really badly with Kyurem, a Dragon/Ice legendary.
  • Possesses even more loathing towards those that hunt dragons, and as such will attack the Dovahkiin on site. He hates Acnologia for being a dragon-loathing dragon that used to be a human, and Ripto for his Fantastic Racism towards dragons.
  • Despite his unpleasant behavior, there are dragons that Salamence behaves properly around. He respects Io as the god of dragons, and won't try something stupid like show off around him. He also acts cordially around Ventuswill. She's a winged dragon who grew happier over time, reminding him of the joy he felt when Growing Wings. Given his trainer, he also is fond of Rayquaza.
  • He gets along with Daenerys Targaryen due to her position as the mother of dragons, and will let her ride on his back. He seems to be fond of Reubus Hagrid as well, because of how he's able to handle dangerous magical animals and seems to treat him with respect.

Lesser Gods

    Angela Ziegler/Mercy 
Dr. Angela Ziegler, Goddess of Symbolic Wings (Mercy, Doc, The Witch of the Wilds, Mommy Mercy, Mom)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Wings.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Combat Medic, Gold and White Are Divine, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Holy Halo, Using the Valkyrie suit to fly, Light Is Good, Martial Pacifist, Is 37 but looks much younger than that, Reluctant Warrior
  • Domains: Medics, Healing, Revives, Angels
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Reaper, Widowmaker, Ares, Nurgle, Pestilence, Typhus, Evil Necromancers in general.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Retsu Unohana, The Medic
  • Opposes: The House of Military and Warfare (Mostly the people that encourage it), Sirius
  • Angela Ziegler is a genius scientist who thanks to her contributions in the field of applied nanobiology, she was able to revolutionize medicine. While initially hesitant to join Overwatch, having lost her parents in war left a deep mark in Angela and that's why she doesn't approve of military organizations like them. However, she saw an oportunity to save lives on a much larger scale, Angela agreed to join, leading to the creation of Valkyrie swift-response suit, which she uses to save lives on the battlefield.
  • Her suit allows her to revive all her fallen comrades, giving them a second chance to return to the fight. This makes Angela both a valuable teammate and an important target to take down. She is very used to the latter anyway.
    • The resurrection of her allies is accompanied by her shouting "HEROES NEVER DIE!", usually negating the effort done by the enemy team. Though there have been rumors that Mercy lets her teammates die on purpose just so she can get the "Play of the Game". She has not commented about this. Later her suit got toned down and her resurrection ability happens less regularly, so Angela was commissioned to a different temple after reviewing her Valkerye suit and the motifs behind it.
    • Given the nature of her abilities, it's no surprise that she wouldn't get along with Necromancers, as they basically do the same, only with dead people.
  • Even though people consider her to be one of the best doctors of her field, there is someone who would like to disagree with everybody and that one in particular is none other than Reaper. Apparently, Ziegler is responsible for the creation of Reaper and the details are fuzzy because Mercy is hesitant to explain what really happened. And Reaper refuses to let her live it down.
    Reaper: Don't forget, you're the one responsible for this.
  • Rumor says that she went to the same school as The Medic and graduated top of her class while the German doctor got his license revoked thanks to an incident she would rather not talk about. As such, she tends to butt heads with him over their different approach in medicine.
    • She would like you to know she is Swiss, not German. Just ignore her blonde hair, blue eyes and obvious German accent. She doesn't mind the confusion though, because German is one of the four official languages of Switzerland.
  • She often comes across as a very motherly figure to her peers, which prompts people to label her as the Team Mom. She is flattered by all that sweet comments she regularly gets, especially from the House of Childhood and Adolescence who look up to her. This might happen because she herself is an orphan, and wouldn't like other kids to grow up without a parent figure.
    • People often likes to pair her with Soldier: 76, but only if he is in his Dad: 76 mode.
  • Mercy opposes violence and killing, and is very advocate about her pacifism. As such, she befriended a lot of Pacifist people in the pantheon that share the same view as her.
  • Of her Overwatch colleagues, she is very close with Genji given that she was the one that saved him from the brink of death. Genji is very thankful towards Angela for saving him and is very glad that she was able to join him in the pantheon. People have said that they make a cute couple but so far they haven't commented about that.
    • Some say that Mercy took some "liberties" during Genji's reconstruction. Some say it's about his butt but she refuses to tell anybody if that event really happened, and usually gets rather nervous if she's ever 'caught in the act'.
      Mercy: Uh… um… G-Genji… I-I can explain…
  • Her angelic appearance is said to bring hope to the victims of war that she attends to if needed. When she met Tyrael the angel was immediately reminded of one of his fellow angels, Auriel, the archangel of Hope. They have become good friends after getting to know each other better.
    • She also befriended another angel in the form of Artina, who also happens to be a field medic as well. Artina has considered making Angela to be another angel when the times come but the doctor has told her that in the meantime she prefers to attend to the people that need her help.
    • Another Angel she befriended was Dokuro, who she found very peculiar. While Dokuro is able to ressurect people with a chant, she instead prefers to be more of a fighter than a healer. Mercy always tries to put her back on track but it's so far she is showing no sign of progression.
  • Doesn't really approve of Sirius after hearing how he has destroyed countless planets. Doesn't help that he also looks like a technological angel just like her.
  • Having lost her parents to war, Mercy is obviously against the idea that a house of Military and Warfare even exists. She understand that not everybody there are that bad - she's perfectly fine with the ordinary soldiers that exist in the house, and will willingly heal them - but she is absolutely disgusted about the warmongers that inhabit the house.
    • Though essentially the one warmonger she despises more out of anyone would be the god of war himself, Ares. He isn't very surprised to the slightest.
  • Often the target of unwanted jealousy from other goddesses of her age given how time has been kind to her. People wonder what her secret exactly but she isn't revealing it any time soon.
    • Even then, she is somewhat jealous of her colleague Mei, who hasn't aged a bit for about ten years. Though Mei is more straightforward with her answer.
      Mei: Cryostasis, but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it.
  • On the recommendation of Mei, Mercy became acquaintated as good friends with Litchi Faye-Ling as they tend to work together in the area of expertise, with Mercy also trying to console her about how she was trying to save her friend Lotte Carmine that became Arakune. On hearing that, Mercy immediately volunteered to help develop such cure.
  • Freya initially mistook her for a fellow Valkyrie, albeit one more unconventional than the rest. They became good friends and even sometimes, Mercy will don a special Valkyrie suit gifted from Freya herself.
    Mercy: Till Valhalla!
    • She also likes to be a little more devilish from time to time. Don't worry, she will still help you out… for a price.
    • There have also been reports of a version of her more evil around Halloween, using Reaper, Junkrat, Roadhog and eventually Symmetra as her minions. She would like Reinhardt to stop telling his tale.
      The Witch: My servants never die!!
  • Sometimes she gets too over the top when she's cosplaying and either brings up a horse, or sings Tenacious D's Pick of Destiny (those riffs were fucking tasty!) that her allies get a little creeped out.
  • "I'll be watching over you"

Batfink, God of Wing Shields
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A B with bat wings
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Animal Superhero, Batman Parody, Keeps Getting Shot at Despite Having Steel Wings
  • Domains: Bats, Defense
  • Herald: Karate
  • Allies: Batman, Krypto, Darkwing Duck, SWAT Kats, Ren Akiyama, Batty Koda, Decidueye, Vatista
  • Enemies: The Professor, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Dr. Drakken, Dr. Cortex, N. Gin, N. Brio
  • On good terms with: Rouge the Bat
  • Crimefighters are a dime a dozen and Batfink, who was born in an abandoned plutonium mine, lost his regular wings as a child, and became a crimefighter after his home was destroyed, is among them. With the help of his “supersonic sonar radar”, Batfink is able to locate various criminals and steps into action alongside his faithful sidekick, Karate, in order to bring these crooks to justice. His primary form of defense comes in his steel wings, which he uses to protect himself from firearms and always tells his opponents how useless it is to shoot their bullets at him.
  • No matter where one goes in the Pantheon, there’s bound to be a place where crime persists. While superheroes and law enforcement do what they can do to stop any sort of wrongdoing that’s close by, there’s bound to be some criminals running around terrorizing a city without anyone there to stop them. What was supposed to have been an easy getaway for some devious thieves ended up being more than they bargained for when they encountered an anthropomorphic bat named Batfink who told them that he’ll put an end to their crime. Those crooks dismissed him as a Batman wannabe or even a random pet owned by the Caped Crusader and proceeded to shoot at him, only to realize that their bullets couldn’t harm Batfink. Those crooks proceeded to try and escape, with Batfink following them in pursuit. Just when it seemed like they lost Batfink, he managed to find a way to catch up to them and send those amateur thieves to jail. Batfink earned the thanks of the town’s mayor, who proceeded to tell him about the Pantheon and from there, Batfink continued his crimefighting in a scale much larger than he could have anticipated.
  • Reports of the “Batman wannabe” and “a crimefighting pet owned by Batman” reached Batman himself and from what he could gather from video evidence, it was clear that Batfink used tactics too different to even be considered related to him. He eventually met Batfink himself while the latter was stopping a deranged scientist from using a death ray to destroy a town. Batfink had already been captured at that point and after being freed by Batman, helped him incapacitate that scientist and had the criminal arrested by the authorities. Batfink found it weird that there would be a crimefighter dressed up like a bat, though Batman didn’t really find anything strange about Batfink given how many adventures he’s been through. It didn’t stop the two from getting along with each other and they’ve crossed paths with each other since then, especially during Batman’s more campy adventures.
  • To Batfink’s surprise, it turned out that Batman wasn’t the only bat-themed superhero running around in the Pantheon. During one of his routine crimefighting runs, Batfink was cornered by a group of crooks before one of them suddenly fell to the ground and a strange looking costumed hero showed up ready to fight those criminals. Batfink helped out this unusual individual in taking care of those criminals and once all was said and done, that rescuer revealed himself to be a regular human with some sort of trinket to let him transform. Ren Akiyama, as that man was called, was a bit bemused to see a bat with steel wings fight crime and Batfink found the idea of people transforming into different heroes very different from what he was used to, but nevertheless maintained a good friendship with each other. Batfink found Kamen Rider Knight’s gimmick of a cape based on a bat-like monster and having some use in combat very interesting and quite different from his signature steel wings.
  • Batfink would end up getting himself involved with Rouge the Bat after finding out of a break-in perpetrated by another bat. Rouge was amused after seeing an actual bat try to stop her and though Batfink was able to prevent any jewels from getting stolen, he wasn’t able to capture Rouge. Some days later when Batfink was tasked with finding a bomb that could destroy a bridge intended to be a pathway for a valuable delivery, he ended up seeing Rouge fight some goons that were trying to blow up the bridge as the truck was slowly making its way across. Rouge had trouble fighting the criminals and the bomb was about to go off, so it was up to Batfink to go under the bridge and defuse the bomb before things got worse. As some lower-level mooks fell off the bridge, Batfink defused the bomb just as Rouge received some backup to incapacitate the criminals just before the truck successfully crossed the bridge. Rouge did admit that Batfink had merit when it came to stopping trouble, but she felt that Knuckles the Echidna was a lot more fun to hang out with. Batfink is aware that Rouge has good in her, but that she needs to be careful lest her more self-indulgent actions for jewels get her into trouble.
  • It didn’t take long for him to discover other animal superheroes running around in the Pantheon putting a stop to different criminals. A plot by Dr. Cortex to create an army of experimental animal hybrids to take over the Pantheon caused Batfink to spring into action and after he ended up in Cortex’s lab, discovered a group of other animal heroes present. Krypto the Superdog was there rescuing Darkwing Duck and the SWAT Kats from certain doom and once Cortex and N. Gin entered the room, Cortex was enraged at what he was witnessing. Cortex and N. Gin got out a giant robot that they intended to use against Crash Bandicoot and prepared to fight the animal heroes that opposed them. As with everything else planned by Cortex, it ended with the scientists’ defeat and Cortex getting another verbal beatdown from Uka-Uka. Batfink took a liking to these animal heroes, even if they’re all strange in different ways and is looking forward to seeing them again, whether there is trouble afoot or not.
  • His primary enemy was a mad scientist named Hugo A-Go-Go, who has prepared a number of schemes that are always foiled by Batfink. Batfink has often gotten involved in the plans of numerous other mad scientists in the Pantheon, with a number of them being more dangerous than Hugo A-Go-Go. While The Professor isn’t considered to be much of a problem for Batfink to the point that the latter believes that The Professor would have been better off had he not been a villain, others like Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman has designed foes that have given Batfink a harder time than normal and required some outside assistance in addition to Karate to take care of them.
  • One of Batfink’s adventures led him to meeting another mad scientist named N. Brio, who has kidnapped Batty Koda and some Zubats and Golbats in an attempt to create a dangerous bat-themed serum that would let anyone who drinks it gain the abilities of a bat and then some. Batfink freed the kidnapped bats from Brio’s lab and the Pokemon bats proceeded to swarm Brio and drive him out of his lab, destroying his bat serum in the process. Batty Koda was still frightened by what Brio was going to do with him, but Batfink assured him that Brio won’t go after him again and explained to Batty about himself. Batty was relieved to learn that there was a literal bat (not just a Batman) out there who was dedicated to protecting others from harm.
  • Batfink’s notable gimmick is how his steel wings help him deflect bullets, no matter how potent those bullets might be. A few less-than-savory bounty hunters such as Erron Black made a few attempts at trying to kill Batfink, but they haven’t been successful not only because of those steel wings, but because of other factors. There have been some plans to make bullets that can pierce Batfink’s steel wings (and objects made of a similar substance) and give those bullets to these bounty hunters targeting Batfink. While Batfink doesn’t have to deal with these bounty hunters that often given that they have more important matters to deal with, it didn’t change the fact that he’ll have to be careful since he’ll be targeted at varying points in time and that it’s possible his steel wings might not save him from those threats.
  • While Batfink uses his wings primarily for defense, he has used them for combat at times and fly at great speeds. That said, those wings come with a few flaws, mainly that Batfink will sink underwater with them and magnetism will render him useless. Batfink did come across a few deities whose wings had unusual properties such as Decidueye and Vatista and took a liking to what he saw. The two are willing to help Batfink out whenever he’s in trouble, with Decidueye providing long-range support and Vatista engaging in direct combat if Batfink ends up being captured by the criminals he’s confronting.

Miyabi, Goddess of Wings-Granting Powers (The Bullish and Beastly Brandisher of Black Blazes, Miyamiya, Identity of Twisted Sorrow, BlackWingedAngel)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess when activating Parasido of The Abyss/Divine Judgement or Blood Riot)
  • Symbol: A black Seven-Pronged Sword with a white snake wrapped around the blade and a crow resting on the hilt
  • Theme Music: Swear to Dougen, Machiavellism of Despair, Hope And Determination For Mother
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (not really)
  • Portfolio: Ice Queen, Dedicated to the Honor of Hebijo, Dark Flames, Top Student of Evil Shinobi, Masculine Women, Sought by Other Women, Cool Sword, White Hair, Black Heart
  • Domains: Shinobi, Darkness, Swords, Devotion, Masculinity
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Asuka, Homura, Yumi
  • Enemies: Traitors
  • Former Enemies: Every one from Hanzou Academy, Crimson Squad and Gessen Academy
  • The leader of the Elite Students of Hebijo Academy, Miyabi gained the spot after demonstrating the ability to pull out six black wings when activating her Ultimate Ninja Art "Parasido of The Abyss" (which also makes her sword longer), what later upgraded into "Divine Judgement, what gives her three black and three white wings (and turns her hair black besides one lock of white hair and gives big, floating sword). The first thing she did when ascending was mock Asuka, Homura and Yumi who ascended with her a bit for what they got. However, when hearing what she was suggested for the first place, she quickly shut her mouth.
  • It should be quickly stated that she is not outright evil. Her devotion is for Hebijo Academy of Evil Shinobi, who aren't as "evil" as one might think. Where she is willing to kill three factions worth of shinobi, its less because she herself is evil and more because she is that devoted. Especially if her father's job is in line. She is also devoted on killing the yoma for violently killing her mother right in front of her eyes. This is why she would rather avoid joining GUAE, as she explains:
    • However, as a side note, that doesn't mean that she doesn't consider her being evil at all. Just that she views herself as necessarily evil so that those who are righteous enough have someone to fight and grow stronger from.
    • Because of this, she has hard time finding proper allies. However, those who are her allies can rely on her easily.
  • She feels bit despaired that people still look at her like she was a man. Not helped that she shares her voice with such individuals like Grey and Mao.
    • She has gained sympathy of Makoto Kikuchi due of this. Though she is bit confused why any one would mistake her for man. Miyabi responded by saying "Its less 'being confused to a man' and 'Every one views you as a man'".
    • And for her misery, she has noticed that her "I Heart Miyabi Militia" fan club isn't going away anytime soon. She is going to find a way to be more feminine, dammit!
    • She seems to take some comfort for the fact that the DOA girl who took her costume wasn't a complete tomboy. Or a guy.
    • However, she eventually had a turnaround on the way she views herself and has accepted her "hunkiness". In fact, she seems to want to be the hunkiest girl around. Though she doesn't still like having girls fawning over her.
  • A lot of gods who are known to leave a mess tend to stay away for Miyabi due of her "Blood Riot" technique, what allows her to draw in all the blood splattered in the surrounding to power herself up. However, she is also cautious about using her, because the "Riot" part is rather precise, and the first time she used it left her hospitalised for years.
  • Jurai Andou sort of admires her dark power and wishes to improve himself with her. She herself is indifferent on him, though his naming methods remind her of an event regarding her name theming she doesn't want to discuss about.
  • She finds similarities between herself and Stella, like how their fathers both worked on a school they went, their school got destroyed at one point and they have been trying to recover their school's honour (though not in that order). Miyabi believes that Stella can rebuilt her school and make it even better.
  • Solo tried to approach her, due of feeling like they have thing in common. However, where Miyabi admires his devotion to his past, she cannot feel like disagree that you still need some people to help you.

Suigintou, Goddess of Ever-Shedding Wings (1st Rozen Maiden, Mercury Lamp, Angel, Black Rose Sister)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Perpetually-shedding black wings and an upside-down cross
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Winged Humanoid Dolls, Beta Test Baddies, Big Bads with Tragic Pasts, Giggling Villains, Morph Weapons, Deadly Combat, Feather Flechettes, Doing Evil Actions for Love
  • Domains: Competition, Darkness, Magic, Pain, Dolls
  • Medium: Alice Margatroid
  • Allies: Banette, Carl and Ada Clover, Haruka, E-123 Omega, Kyurem, Lieselotte Achenbach, Suiseiseki and Souseiseki
  • Enemies: The crew of Toy Story, Relius Clover, The Other Mother
  • Sympathizes with: Copy X, Liquid Ocelot
  • Though they're not her followers, Suigintou has been accepting doll masters who wish to admire her structure into her temple, as long as they don't call her JUNK.
  • Spent a year battling other dolls non-stop until her previous master (a woman named Tomoe Marguerite) was kicked out for good (Suigintou was more than happy when that happened, since the master frequently referred to her and the other Maidens as junk while practicing her wicked laugh, which she considers an insult to both her giggle and voice). She now does the bidding of a puppeteer who claims to be the "true" overseer of the "Alice game".
    • ... Well, not really, since the Alice Game is sort of over. Alice is really interested in Rozen Maidens due of her desire to create living dolls, but not in the same way as Rozen. Still, she does want to help Suigintou the best ways she can.
  • No one is sure what she thinks about Carl and Ada Clover, Alice's closest allies. However, most gods think that pressing her Berserk Button (calling her "Junk") and Carl's Berserk Button (Calling Ada "Nirvana", saying that she is a doll or that she is not his sister) at the same time would end really horribly.
    • However, after she heard that Relius basically abandoned Ada for the simple fact that he couldn't make her the way he wanted and his plans to create the "perfect doll", she became enraged at the puppeteer due of her own past, and swore to help Carl. She also has a dislike for The Other Mother due the fact that Rozen created the Rozen Maidens and made them fight so that they can replace his daughter.
  • After her current master, Alice, was forming "The Grand Puppeteer Court", she assigned Suigintou as the Marionette Buddy since she had to add the aforementioned Ada into the group. She is clad that the other puppeteers in the group (the aforementioned Carl, Haruka and Uncle Howee) treat her with proper care.
  • Apparently likes to mock those weaker than her by asking if they have been taking their lactic acid bacteria. Some also claim that she likes to drink yakult due of that.
  • Used to be the Goddess of Living Dolls, but because there wasn't really good way to define her due of that, she was instead given a way to stay due of her wings, amusingly. While she doesn't need her wings to fly, she can fire feathers as projectile, make them grow giant size to both attack and defend herself, stone objects inside them and even turn them into dragons.
  • She seems to have an interesting relation with S.E.E.S. Because based on whom you ask, she either sounds like Mitsuru Kijiro, Fuuka Yamagishi or Aigis.
  • She sympathizes with those who are driven into villainy (or just driven) due of the feeling of being incomplete and that is the reason why she wants to become Alice to please Rozen due of her feeling incomplete (as in one world, Suigintou lacked an abdomen as she was given life before Rozen could have finished her).
    • Though just because Suigintou isn't "incomplete" in the Pantheon, that doesn't mean she doesn't have her problems, as she bears the sins of Rozen and the rest of the dolls for the fact that Rozen rebelled against God by creating life. And since she wasn't the result he wanted, she was a "failure". In both cases, she wanted to become Alice to get Father's love.
  • She is sometimes seen in GUAG Medical Division, almost as a way to remind herself of now dead Megu. Most people who spot her seem to want to call her an angel, which does still annoy her a bit.

Vatista, Goddess of Razor Wings (Puppet of Resurrection, Unit no. 10076, The Autonomic Nerve)
Her original form


Jumbo Jr., God of Flight Via Ears (Dumbo, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Glamour Boy, Mr. Dumbo, The World's Mightiest Midget Mastodon, The Ninth Wonder of The Universe)
Clickhere to see Dumbo in Live-Action
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His yellow hat with his ears on either side.
  • Theme: "When I See An Elephant Fly" (Alternatively, Baby Mine.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A cute baby elephant, outcasted by the other elephants, A tragic butt monkey, Almost known exclusively by his Embarrassing Nickname, Cute Mute, Able to fly using his huge ears, Ears as Hair, Honorable Elephant, Incredibly innocent, Accidentally caused the Pyramid of Pachyderms to fall, Able to spray water from his trunk, Worked hard to get respect, Dishes out some payback on those who mocked him, Able to speak from time to time
  • Domains: Innocence, Ears, Flight, Elephants, Theatres
  • Heralds: Mrs. Jumbo (His mother), Timothy Q. Mouse, The Greatest Little Show crew.note 
  • Superior: Walt Disney
  • Allies: Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Shaymin, Milla Basset, Cream The Rabbit, Chip and Dale, Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack, Basil and Dawson, Remy, Speedy Gonzales, Horton, Shinji Ikari, The Elephant Man, Pooh and friends, Mowgli, Pippi Longstocking, Anne Shirley, Ty Lee, Richard Grayson/Nightwing, The Muppets
  • On Good Terms with: Jimmy Hopkins, Asuka Kazama, Mikoto Misaka, Kyo Kusanagi, The Freaks, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather
  • Enemies: Maleficent, Pete, Master Xehanort, Libby Chessler, Biff Tannen, Sora Shiun'in, Ratigan, The Joker, Balloon Boy, Pennywise, Akunin Sentai Trollkaiger
  • Avoids: Moe Szyslak, Captain Haddock, Soda Popinski, Cana Alberona, Adam MacIntyre
  • Complicated Relationship: Sylvester and Tweety, Tom and Jerry, Johnny Lawrence
  • Once upon a time in 1940's America, a kind stork delivered a small bundle to circus elephant, Mrs. Jumbo. Inside the bundle was a baby, whom she lovingly named Jumbo Jr. At first, the other elephants were enamoured with the little calf... that is until he sneezed, revealing two massive ears, each one as big as his head. The joy turned to shock and ridicule, resulting in him receiving a mocking nickname. Dumbo. And that was only the beginning. As they travelled across the country, Dumbo was laughed at by the circus' patrons for his ears, which led to Mrs. Jumbo going on a rampage to protect him. Unfortunately, she was placed in solitary confinement, leaving her son all alone. He would later find a friend in the form of Timothy Q. Mouse, who offered to help Dumbo become a star and free his mother. The first attempt ended in disaster, with Dumbo becoming a clown, further adding to the humiliation. Then one morning, after a night of drinking and seeing pink elephants, Dumbo and Timothy awoke in a tree, where a band of crows suggested the elephant flew up. With their help, Dumbo used his massive ears as makeshift wings, which he later showed off under the big top, amazing the audience while getting back at the clowns, the Ringmaster and the other elephants. Dumbo became an overnight sensation; setting altitude records, getting a Hollywood contract and most importantly, reuniting with his mother.
    • Dumbo arrived in the Pantheon with the rest of his circus, setting up shop in the House of Theatre and Spectacle to perform for the excited crowd. Audiences were wowed by the sight of the flying elephant, among them, Dick Grayson and Ty Lee. The two fellow circus performers approached Timothy about performing with Dumbo for the upcoming Muppet Show revival. They accepted the offer, much to everyone's amazement, and upon finishing the show in front of a sold-out audience, Timothy prepared a special surprise for his friend; a temple and position in the Pantheon. Dumbo was excited about the announcement, and to continue his career with new friends along the way.
  • At first, most in the Pantheon assumed Dumbo wouldn't be keen with the title he was given due to the fact that his given name was initially used as an insult. In actuality, he's comfortable with being called that name, wearing it like a badge of honour for overcoming the odds. Nowadays, the only person who actually refers to him as Jumbo Jr. is his mother, who serves as his Herald alongside Timothy. She's rather proud of her son's accomplishments and is happy to see him make new friends but anyone who tries to make fun of him will be met with 7,700 pounds of muscle and fury.
  • It came as a major surprise To Dumbo and Timothy that there were other beings in the Pantheon who could also use their ears for powered flight. Both were quick to meet and befriend Milla Basset and Cream the Rabbit, the latter introducing them to the Chaos, and were left in awe of the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin changing into its sky forme. All four can be seen soaring high above the skies, doing loop-di-loops and other aerial stunts.
  • While he overcame the odds and became a celebrity, not even stardom was enough to save Dumbo's world from being consumed by The Heartless. But his spirit glimmered on, allowing him to survive and become a summon, aiding a young boy named Sora in saving the other worlds. Long after restoring the lost worlds, Sora was overjoyed to learn his pachyderm friend had ascended to the Pantheon and went out to meet with him, along with Donald Duck and Goofy. Dumbo was also happy to reunite with old buddies and welcomed them all to the circus. Sora offered to help out Dumbo with the circus and has made it clear that anyone messes with the little elephant, messes with him.
  • Having seen his world destroyed by the Heartless, Dumbo has come to oppose those who can control or summon them. Chief among them; the sinister Master Xehanort, the dark fairy Maleficent, and her bumbling lackey Pete, who often tries to sabotage shows by summoning Heartless during performances for his own amusement. Nothing a little water can't fix.
    • He is on friendly terms with the three good fairies - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, due to their motherly attitude, protectiveness when learned about his situation, as they were reminded of their own Princess Aurora.
  • As a bully victim, Dumbo got the sympathy of Bully Hunter Jimmy Hopkins, who despite his unpleasant upbringing and violent methods, still stands up for the "little guy" no matter what. At first, the little elephant was scared of the gruff-looking child and was unsure about whether he could be trusted or not. Then along came the Trollkaiger, who began mocking and insulting Dumbo for his massive ears, and they did so... just as Jimmy and his fellow bully hunters - Asuka Kazama, Mikoto Misaka, and Kyo Kusanagi - arrived on the scene. One quick beatdown later and the Trollkaiger were sent packing, and Jimmy's group earned Dumbo's trust. They'll stand up for him no matter what, which Dumbo is quite thankful for, though he still wonders if Jimmy's rough attitude is "too much".
    • It was through Jimmy that Dumbo befriended Pippi Longstocking, with the acrobatic girl being amazed by his ability to fly. She quickly became something of a big sister to the little elephant, quickly defending him from anyone wishing to bully him. Pippi also introduced Dumbo to fellow redhead Anne Shirley, who also found herself hanging out with the little guy more often than not, but also the man-cub Mowgli, who was reminded of his own elephant friend, Hathi Jr., and Shinji Ikari, who happened to have been passing by but quickly related with the little pachyderm's past of neglect and harassment. All the kids have had a positive effect on Dumbo's self-esteem and as a result, Mrs. Jumbo and Timothy will sometimes entrust the four to watch over and play with Dumbo when he's not in practice.
  • Having been picked on and bullied by pretty much everyone in his homeworld save for his mother, Timothy and the crows, it wasn't long for Dumbo to learn there were deities in the Pantheon that were also bullies and jerks. Among the worst he's dealt with are Libby Chessler, Biff Tannen, and Sora Shiun'in, all of them having made fun of his ears and taunt him whenever they get the chance. All Dumbo has to do to retaliate is fly overhead and shoot at them with water or peanuts. He has, however, felt pity for Johnny Lawerence, after learning about how his life fell apart after his defeat at Daniel LaRusso. The two haven't truly interacted but Johnny is aware of the flying elephant's glances and after that had happened, he's accepted it.
    • Dumbo's unfortunate past garnered sympathy from other "freaks and outcasts" in the Pantheon. Fellow elephant Horton relates to being treated as a freak by his fellow animals, first for sitting on a bird nest and then for hearing - in their eyes - imaginary persons. He speaks praise of the calf's enormous ears and has even introduced him to the Whos of Whoville (which Dumbo can hear perfectly thanks to his ears.) As for human outcasts, John Merrick, also known as the Elephant Man, felt an affinity for the baby elephant due to going through the same sufferings as he did. They also have in common a deep love for their mothers, who were a source of comfort to them in a cold and cruel world. Then there was Hans and his band of circus freaks. They were quick to consider him one of them, and Dumbo was happy to meet other people who celebrate his "defect". They did skip part of their ceremony since Dumbo is still a baby and, you know, not allowing him to drink. But nowadays a popular highlight for the Pantheonic circus shows is having Frieda, Hans' wife, flying atop Dumbo.
  • While it's common knowledge that elephants are wary around mice and other small mammals, but Dumbo, however, managed to make friends with Timothy, and it was through this that allowed him to forge friendships with the Pantheon's other rodent deities; beings such as Basil, Dawson, Mrs. Brisby, Fievel, Gadget, Speedy Gonzales and Remy. He and Timothy even founded an airline service for the mice, which proved to be quite successful, which confused many people who are more familiar with the old "elephant fears mice" stereotype. Turns out elephants, with their poor eyesight, large size and highly sensitive hearing, become nervous around small, near-unidentifiable specks running around their feet. It surprised Dumbo quite a bit, but even with that revelation, he's just fine to have friends, no matter what species they are. Unless your name is Ratigan.
    • At the same time, Chip and Dale and their Rescue Rangers often turn to Dumbo to give them rides throughout the Pantheon to reach certain destinations and conduct their missions. This resulted in the little elephant and Timothy being named honorary Rescue Rangers.
  • Dumbo became friends with two other small animals, Jerry and Tweety, after seeing them being pursued by their feline enemies; Tom and Sylvester. With his flying skills, he swooped in and rescued the mouse and bird from being eaten. And it turned out all four animals had previous encounters with circus elephants, with Tom and Sylvester getting the brunt of the punishment. Now Dumbo keeps an eye out for the two "bad, old putty tats," and is more than willing to help out Jerry and Tweety whenever they're in trouble. And should Dumbo being attacked by Tom and Sylvester... he can just call in his mother for assistance.
  • At first, Winnie The Pooh and his friends were hesitant to interact with Dumbo, due to their long-held fear of Heffalumps and Woozles. It was Roo who broke the barrier between them, having been reminded of his Heffalump friend Lumpy and slowly, the others began to hang out with the little guy, feeling sympathetic about his past and wanting to make things better for the future. Roo and Tigger especially were amazed by Dumbo's ability to fly, and will sometimes hitch rides for fun.
  • Aside from the fact that he's just a calf, Dumbo has sworn off all forms of inebriation ever since the last time he got drunk.note  And it was diluted with water, too. As such, he avoids the House of Alcohol at all costs, and the deities who inhabit it. Moe Szyslak has made it clear that no minors would be allowed near the House and has warned his patrons - Captain Haddock, Soda Popinski, and Cana Alberona - not to share with the elephant. He doesn't want to have any more Pink Elephants in the Pantheon.
  • Dumbo may enjoy performing in the circus, but never try and make him a clown. He didn't enjoy being one in the past, and he shows no desire to being one again. On a similar note, the little elephant stays well and truly away from the Pantheon's resident clowns, including the sadistic Joker, the frightening Balloon Boy, the flesh-eating Pennywise, and the absolutely insane Adam MacIntyre. The clowns from Dumbo's homeworld were just plain old jerks, but these four were something else altogether due to their cruelty and terrifying sense of "humour." All the more reason for him to keep his distance.
  • Despite being delivered by the stork, there are some in the Pantheon who have speculated as to why Dumbo has such large ears, and who his father was. Some believe him to not to be an Asian elephantnote  like his mother, but rather an African elephantnote , though other have even claimed he's a hybrid of both. All Mrs. Jumbo could do was shake her head and told her son to ignore these remarks. It didn't matter who his father was; all that mattered was that Dumbo made a name for himself, and she couldn't have been more proud.
  • There are some who claim that Dumbo had more adventures following his rise to stardom; ranging from getting lost with several other baby animals to forming his own travelling circus. In both timelines, Dumbo has been shown to actually speak, surprising most people who glimpsed these worlds. For his part, the little elephant takes it all in stride. He has shown interest in his speaking voice and, thanks to the first timeline, he was able to reunite with his crew from the Greatest Little Show, who currently serve as his Heralds.
    • Dumbo is well aware of another timeline that retold his story from a human perspective. He'd rather not talk about it.