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What kind of help people needs can vary. Sometimes, you just want someone to talk to. That's where the Hall of Aides and Benefactors comes in. Simply make a phone call, and they'll be ready to advise you. Most tend to be honest and trustworthy, though the likes of Gunter Prozen can be otherwise.

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Greater Gods

"Rise and shine, Troper. Rise and shine."

G-Man, The Unexplainable Benefactor (The G-Man, The Cryptical, Bureaucrat, Mystery Man, Government Man, Our Mutual Friend, The Employer)
  • Greater God (Potential Overdeity, or unknown)
  • Symbol: A Briefcase
  • Theme Song: Radio
  • Alignment: Unknown, veering towards True Neutral with some Lawful Evil inclinations
  • Portfolio: Unknowingly evil but very polite, Ambiguously Human, Rather weird wording and emphasis on sylLABles, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Remains businesslike despite the scenarios, Creepy Blue Eyes, Only visible to people who takes interest in, Manipulative Bastard, Offscreen Teleportation, Mysterious Watcher, Not human in anyway outside of looks, Controller of time and space for his "employees"
  • Domains: Time and Space, Mystery, Knowledge, Control, Choices, Consequences
  • Superior to: Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard (Not so much on Freeman)
  • Allies: SCP-990, and no one else; the rest are either assets or business rivals
  • Rivals: The Illuminati, The SCP Foundation, Dr. Manhattan, Uatu the Watcher, Kyubey, Moguro Fukozou, The Laughing Salesman (the last two he refers to as business rivals)
  • Possible Connection with: Dr. Wallace Breen
  • Source of Interest to: Dipper and Mabel Pines, The Mystery Gang, Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, XCOM and ADVENT
  • Potential Assets: The Doom Slayer, The Mysterious Stranger, Homura Akemi, The Point Man and possibly anyone who he sees fits his criteria (which is technically everyone)
  • Benefactor to: All Grand United Alliances, including the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Feared by: Robert E.O Speedwagon
  • Enemies: The Vortigaunts, The Nihilanth, The Combine, The Sibyl System, Bill Cipher, Agents K and J
  • Commonality Connection: Richard, The Doctor, The Slender Man
  • Holding sway over time, space, reality, and some say the Tropes themselves, the G-Man is able to act with total secrecy and is presumed to be beyond powerful. Not even the wisest and all-mighty Gods have ever been able to track the suspicious figure down or find out his plans, or even itself in general. Yet the figure never seems to stay in reality long, much preferring to stay inside his strange sub-dimension. He doesn't even have a proper temple and at the same time, very mysterious that at one point he disappeared completely from the face of the Pantheon, only to mysteriously reemerge after the Grand United Alliance of Law went through an important reformation. The only known thing is that this entity works for a group or "employers" that are very interested in the whole Pantheon dimension and that it was him that acts as their agent as well as the most commonly believed superior of Gordon Freeman who not many can actually see, well according to him that is.
  • The G-Man, as many call him, never fights. Ever. Instead of fighting in a usual matter, he places his own form of assets to deal with the situation, setting down a spark of unrest or of similar dark doing to achieve his desired results. Gordon Freeman is usually his preferred underling but he has been keeping an eye on other potential new "employees". Among them is the HECU Marine Adrian Shephard who has been in longer stasis than Freeman has been placed to.
  • His presence was ignited following a bellowed scream of the Nihilanth, who have warned among those within his subhouse of an impending deceiver in a suit. Crying out "Deceive You", none knew who it was but the Vortiguants immediately felt the unnerving sense of an all-powerful being creeping towards the dimension. Despite their combined efforts to hold it off, when the Vorts tried warning Gordon, he was nowhere to be found, thus signifying the G-Man's entrance.
  • News have been very vigilant to understand whether the G-Man is real or not, but Breen has been keeping out on his presence, as he may have ideas on who are the so-called "employers" the G-Man is in service to. Perhaps, this connection between him and the figure links further to Black Mesa when Breen was among those who objected the survival of a very young Alyx Vance. Curious for an answer, the G-Man could only say this:
    G-Man: "When I -plucked- her from Black Mesa... I acted in the face of objections that she was a mere child and of no practical use to anyone. I have learned to ignore such -naysayers- when... quelling... them, hm, was out of the question."
  • The similarities he and the elusive SCP-990 haven't gone unnoticed and the debates among the Pantheon sparked the moment the two were spotted chatting before they vanished out of thin air. Some people have theorized that the both of them are similar of origin, possibly the same being but of different servitors, while others would make a guess that one of them might be the employers of the other. What doesn't help is that both entities are very gray on their moral code, making it more terrifying as to what their discussions entail.
    • The SCP Foundation too noticed the G-Man's encounter with the Dream Man, which prompted their agents to find out more about him. Results have been mostly the same as trying to capture SCP-990, inconclusive and unreliable and it's not helped by the fact that the G-Man operates in a whole manner compared to the latter being and there are suspicions that the man in the blue suit is aware of the Foundation's efforts of trying to catch him and has been one step ahead of them every time.
  • His relationship with the two Incubators, Kyubey and Juubey can be somewhat described as business rivals. As both are known mysterious benefactors who hire several assets for their own means, with G-Man being a more picky sort in comparison to the two who are more than willing to give contracts to anyone. Kyubey especially has contracting issues with the G-Man, believing that he might get rid of the Magical Girl business just because he will start snarching those he seem valuable to his service (read: Kyubey's assets).
    • Has also been seeing business relations with another mysterious salesman. However, this "Laughing Salesman" has piqued his interests. Selling a rather weird commodity for an extravagant price (human souls), and even punishing those who breaks their bargains. The only thing the G-Man could muster was a laugh, since his "employers" have all been respectable unlike the customers the Salesman offers. Meanwhile, Moguro has no idea that the G-Man exists, probably because the G-Man has no human soul to begin with.
    • If his forte with other benefactors hasn't been obvious, one known benefactor has been fearing of him the moment of his inception. Even with the Joestar family and his own Foundation at his side, Robert Speedwagon has a bit of a fear whenever the G-Man is mentioned. Menacing, mysterious, and possibly more, the benefactor of the Joestars has been cautious everytime the mention of him has made, so much that the phrase "Even Speedwagon is afraid!" comes to full effect.
  • The Illuminati's response towards this mysterious figure was a written report of it calling the G-Man a hoax, until the latter sent Adrian Shephard to dispose of the messenger who wrote the report. This only fueled the rivalry between the two to the point that the hidden organization sent multitudes of propaganda around the Pantheon; one was intended to prove that the so-called "G-Man" is actually an agent of Big Brother and another reminding everyone that the world was filled with hoaxes and myths formed by the government. However, this only brought the opposite reaction, as not only did the Illuminati almost lost their shadowy presence but was being played and fiddled by him to a T. As a result, both parties, especially the former, are forced to play a shadow chess between each other on who can remain the most hidden amongst the Pantheon.
    • This action did not go unnoticed amongst the Pantheon, with 3 (actually one unified group) parties that are actively on the hunt of the G-Man's identity. The Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, the Mystery Gang and the Pines Twins all have applied to look for any clues of the G-Man using all that the Illuminati used to thwart him of his presence. The G-Man however was amused by this and decided to play a small game of hide-and-seek until, Dana Scully found him by accident. He teleported her and muttered this:
    G-Man: "Cleverly done, Ms. Scully, but you're not supposed to be here. In fact, you're not. Go back where you belong, and forget all about this, until we meet..."
    • The persistent mystery of the G-Man as witnessed by multiple individuals and groups has led to the Men in Black making a statement to whether or not he is in relation with the MiB, which is an obvious no. Several investigations came up but not a single evidence of the G-Man has come to fruition. Despite the announcement, many still claim that he is connected to them, as his stature and gray-ish suit is often mistaken for the Agents. Even so, this has lead to the two constantly finding where the G-Man is in order to apprehend him as well as remove the memories of those who have claimed to identify him.
  • For his gray suit, and his unknown intentions, people often mistake him as part of the Silent Priests or even the Slender Man. These mistaken connections gave him interest in those two, with the Silents taking full caution against him due to his power to sway time in his favor, and no response to the Slender Man. Surprisingly though, he cannot describe the latter other than the black suit.
  • At one point, some people have pointed out a certain "masked man" having short talks or even close encounters with the G-Man. Richard has admitted of visiting him but considering what he is representing, much info may be muddier than clear. Even the G-Man was startled and is slowly considering him for reassessment, a word, not many people would want to know.
  • Both the Combine and surprisingly, the Sibyl System have taken direct measures when the news spread from the propaganda of the Illuminati noted the presence of a "gray figured government man". The latter has even brought on its chief to handle the scenario and the former was notified when Breen confirmed his suspicions. The G-Man could only laugh at the scenario the two systems made in response to him, believing each of them to be "naysayers", as eventually they will fall in one or two ways, though it will take time, as shown when he was the one responsible for the Resonance Cascade.
    • Speaking of alien contact, both XCOM and ADVENT took the matter very seriously the moment the G-Man was mentioned. Believing that he can change the tide between the XCOM-ADVENT war, both sides have taken into an information war in a desperate attempt to apprehend him. This action against him made interested into the Earth ADVENT took over and reminded him of what the Combine was capable of.
  • Uatu's response the moment the G-Man has been reported was met with unwelcoming feelings, as he now has to contend with an enigmatic being who is more mysterious than he would have thought. Despite the Watcher's presence, the G-Man always vanishes before the Watcher could apprehend him and only a bemused chuckle could be heard from the farthest of spaces indicating his amused attempts. As for the G-Man's opinion on him, he may or may not have details regarding the Watcher's fate at the hands of Nick Fury but he can only give hints. Considering who we are dealing with, almost all information he gives are to be taken with a grain of salt.
  • As time grew on, a certain Doctor has given his stance towards the G-Man, with his powers almost similar to him from stopping time to traveling to multiple dimensions with no repercussions. Studies from him are coming slowly but the G-Man has more plans for him and believes he may be useful someday, but for now, forestalling his progress is his only motive for the Time Doctor.
    • After being searched by the Pines Twins, Bill Cipher decided to meet with the G-Man but was unable to after months on end. Despite his dimensional powers and all-seeing information, there was very little he could do to give him interest. That was until he found the G-Man stalking one of his potential candidates and decided to annoy him by blocking his ability to communicate with his future asset. Upon the G-Man noticing the nuisance, he only escaped giving the evil triangle the last laugh.
    G-Man: *inhales* "We'll see about that."
    • With all the powerful beings in the Pantheon taking interest, none are more obvious than the once-meek scientist now superpowered being Dr. Manhattan, who sees the G-Man as a peculiar one. Almost similar in regards to dimensional powers, time stopping and omniscience, one could argue that Manhattan could have met him at any point in his life. The latter denies it however, claiming that he has kept Manhattan "busy" at the moment, and that the curiosity of another powerful being really doesn't ruin his occupation. What Manhattan doesn't know is that the G-Man is alien and is not the same as him or the other superheroes. Maybe he is only looking at his powers and not the "person" himself.
  • With new potentials arriving into the Pantheon, possible sightings identified by other deities have been reported of the G-Man's short appearance nearby. Some have guessed if whether he has been adding recruits into his line of assets, but very few has caught his attention:
    • The Doom Slayer has been added following his extermination and razing of hell for what seems to be an eternity. Add that to his multitude of weapons and continuities, some have theorized that he is being sought out as a potential asset. Though this news did not reach well once the Slayer heard it, especially when he was subjected to being used by a certain Samuel Hayden. The mistake has been done once and he won't be fooled again.
    • The Mysterious Stranger has also been added to his list of potentials, since his presence remains unknown: origins, intentions and even his presence via a small guitar string. The only thing that makes him present is via bounty placements, which can fit in many scenarios when it comes to surgically removing obstacles. The contract has yet to be signed however.
    • With Kyubey's interference, the G-Man took notice of one of its Puella Magi with interest. After having dealt with Kyubey, he took his eyes into Homura Akemi, believing she could be of better usage into his care since the Incubators can prove detrimental to both other people and her and the rest of the signed Magi as well as being perhaps the most qualified of all the rest, thanks to her arsenal. The warnings given off by most of the people surrounding the G-Man lead her to be cautious, especially at one point, where the G-Man took her into his dimension and offered her a contract, in which she refused to sign it. Hesitant to leave her under the control of the Incubators, he decided to send her into a battle as to what he describes as "an unwinnable battle".
    G-Man: "I can offer a battle you have no chance of winning. Rather an anticlimax, after what you've just survived."
    • After the failed attempt to bring Homura into his assets, he also took note of a certain Point Man who not only has heightened senses, but also has the ability of Bullet Time and is fitting of a soldier, someone who ticks the boxes of potential assets much like Adrian. However, what he did not realize was that he was the first son of Alma Wade, the dangerous ghost girl who immediately lashed out the moment the G-Man was about to bring up a contract. At one point, he did steal the Point Man, until Alma attacked him and had to cancel his appointment with him. After a few weeks of unknown engagements, the G-Man came back unscathed, believing her to be very troublesome but manageable, still with his request of the Point Man to join his service.
  • Outside of his employers, he has also started taking notes about the Forever War half the Pantheon has placed into. At first, he was hesitant, seeing the war nothing more but a foolish attempt for the top deities to gain every upper ground, but as time grew on, his interest was rekindled when the GUAD and GUAM stepped in. Seeing the interest for himself and possibly his employers, he has become a secret investor of the war, supplying every Grand United Alliance with weapons and assets, utilizing certain members as his puppets and creating scenarios that would benefit him among his employers. Proof of this has been sparse and as a result has not been proven, but with his short-sightings with some of the GUA Leaders, this may be true to some regard.
  • Things have unfortunately changed for the G-Man and its not looking good. As it turns out, his "unforeseen consequences" changed drastically, by changed as in literally. Eli's death was spared by Alyx in another timeline. This unfortunately revealed a large chunk of the G-Man's powers including his perception of the future and the ability to change time and space on a whim. The deal she did by saving Eli's death not only placed her under his control, wiping her from the timeline, but also dumped Gordon as he considered him too problematic to control. No one knows what will happen next but the results are not pretty, especially with his mixed reactions with Gordon and his unwilling cooperation.
  • "Prepare for unforeseen consequences."

So, wake up Mr. Troper, wake up and smell the ashes.

Lesser Gods

    Gunter Prozen 
Gunter Prozen, God of Treacherous Advisors (Gunther Proitzen, Dark Kaiser)
Spoiler from the second half of the anime
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Guylos Empire Symbol.
  • Theme Song: Prozen
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil later Chaotic Evil as Dark Kaiser
  • Portfolio: Treacherous Advisors, Regents for Life, Villainous Chancellors, Faux Affably Evil, Sociopathy, Big Bads Who Don't Fight During All the Anime, Disney Death, Body Horror, That Man Is Dead, The Man Behind the Man, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Betrayal, Evil, Manipulation
  • High Priest: Ulube Ishikawa
  • Followers: Zead, Alpha, Gil Graham, Albert Maverick, Korso, Shuji Ikutsuki,
  • Allies: Prime Minister Honest, Jafar, Orochimaru, Hades (Kid Icarus), Ali Al-Saachez, Deidara
  • Rivals: Gihren Zabi, Haman Khan, Cao Cao, Oda Nobunaga
  • Enemies: Van, Fiona, The Blitz Team, Rosso, Viola, Rudolph, Thomas, Hiltz, Most heroic mentors on the Pantheon as well as their students, Every single member from the GUAG mecha division, Jiraiya, Corvo Attano, Night Raid, Aladdin (Disney), Jasmine, The Genie, Pit, Palutena, Viridi.
  • Interested on: Heinz Windermere, The Backdraft Group
  • After the ascension of many heroic Zoids deities, and more recently the failures of Hiltz and The Backdraft Group, the most evil members from the Council of Shadows have an idea - Ascend another one of their worst enemies from Planet Zi. So they give Gunter Prozen, a former chancellor from Guylos Empire an offer: The godhood title of Treacherous Advisor. Prozen accepts.
  • Since the day that he was ascended into the Pantheon, he still hates Van and Fiona, given that they're the ones who ruined his plans. Twice, but especially in the Grand Finale, even though they weren't the ones who killed him.
    • Rosso and Viola still hates Prozen for his attempts to kill Rudolph. And the Emperor himself is no more fooled.
    • Prozen still found new enemies on the form of the Blitz Team. Thanks to Van and Fiona's previous advices, the members aren't fooled. Also, of all the members, Bit, Brad and Jamie are the most hated: Bit is a Liger-pilot similar to Van (and possibly his descendant), Brad's attitude is no different from Irvine and Jamie because the fact that he pilots aerial-type Zoids (Pteras and later Raynos) makes him no different from Rosso and Viola. Leena is sometimes also hated as she used to pilot a Dibison... the same as Thomas, one of the members from the Guardian Force.
    • And speaking of the guy himself, Thomas is not subtle on showing his hate for Prozen... independent if he's Dark Kaiser or not.
    • As for Hiltz, Prozen still hates him so much... Especially considering that he's the one that killed him in the last fight.
    • Less bad is his situation with The Backdraft Group, as while he doesn't hate them, Prozen is disapointed by the fact that they're mostly incompetent. That said, the fact that the organization's goals is to subvert the "Noble" concept of Zoids Battles makes them a possible pawn for his future plans. It helps that Vega, one of the members, is similar to Raven, one of Prozen's former soldiers, at least appearance-wise. He still hates Stoller, Sanders and Pierce through, not helped that the latter pilots a Storm Sworder.
    • Surprisingly, his view of Dr. Layon is neutral, likely because Prozen only sees him as an "incompetent ramen eater". On the other hand, he fully disapproves of Layon's "relationship" with Leena, one of his enemies in the Blitz Team.
  • Prozen isn't much of a fighter, as he prefers to see his "allies" do the dirty work to him. Many gods compares him to Viridi, as both are pretty much The Unfought and relays on Mooks. However, this similarity is only superficial: While Viridi is not that heroic, she at least cares for the nature. Prozen, on the other hand, is a borderline sociopath which cares for no one but himself. It doesn't help that Viridi sounds similar to Fiona, especially considering that both are blond-haired girls and have the "power" to destroy the world.
  • Being also an Evil Chancellor himself, he allied with Prime Minister Honest and Jafar. Prozen also seems to have a rivalry with Gihren Zabi, Haman Khan, who also are villainous chancellors. Bonus points for Haman, who, like Prozen, is also a Regent for Life.
  • He is targeted by many assassin gods: Most notably, there's Night Raid, since Prozen is a corrupt nobleman who also have connections with the aforementioned Prime Minister Honest. There's also Corvo Attano, as Prozen's actions reminds him of Hiram Burrows.
  • Due to a certain incident involving Van and Fiona, Jiraiya also hates Prozen very much, due to their "similarities": Both are white-haired long-haired guys, have Facial Markings and shares the same japanese voice actor. But, there's a difference: While Jiraiya is a lovable pervert, Prozen is a dirty, rotten, and manipulative minister.
    • Many gods also comment that Prozen's theme song sounds a lot like Orochimaru. In fact, there's a rumor that Prozen has sided with Orochimaru: In exchange for the secrets of ninjutsu, Prozen will supply the former Sannin with some of the most powerful Zoids in existence to eradicate the Hidden Leaf Village. That said, there's also a good chance that he'll backstab Orochimaru after the invasion.
    • Because of that, Naruto sees Prozen as a legitimate threat in the Pantheon, especially concerning his alliance with Orochimaru.
  • The fact that he used to manipulate Prince Rudolph and trying to kill him earned the ire of many mentors in the Pantheon. Their pupils aren't too found of him, either.
  • He also gained a lot of enemies from the GUAG robot division, most notably Domon Kasshu. The hateful relationship is mutual, as Domon reminds Prozen of Irvine in a lot of things. Meanwhile, Prozen himself reminds Domon of Ulube Ishikawa, given that both believed power to be the ultimate deciding factor in life, and have used incredibly powerful and destructive machines to obtain said power.
  • Seems to have an interest on Heinz Windermere, given that he reminds him of Rudolph, the emperor from the Guylos Empire. This immediately gives Hayate (Which is also a member of the GUAG) another reason to put Prozen's name in his list of "enemies" - The other is that like Roid, Prozen is also a villainous chancellor with seeks domination.
  • Is also a rival of Cao Cao, given that he is the one with the official title of Regent for Life. As surprising as it is, Cao Cao is surprised by the fact that Prozen is one of the few people that nearly succeed in his plans of dominate Planet Zi, albeit he didn't counted with the fact that Van and Fiona defeated him. Still, the regent sees him as a enemy, rather than a rival and a Worthy Opponent.
    • Also has another rivalry with Oda Nobunaga. He's pretty impressed by the fact that he's the "Demon King Nobunaga", and that's one of the reasons why Prozen considers him his biggest rival. It helps that he's pretty much a Large Ham, not unlike Prozen himself.
  • After becoming Dark Kaiser, Prozen started recruiting some terrorists to help him further his plans. Two of them are confirmed to be Deidara and Ali Al-Saachez.

    Jet Black 
Jet Black, The Reliable God (Black Dog)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His arm
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Bounty Hunter, the Big Guy of the Bebop, Gentle Giant, The Leader, Smoker, The Reliable One, Team Dad, Anti-Hero, Renaissance Man, Honorable Individual, Zen Survivor, Cool Old Guy, Combat Pragmatist, Only Sane Man
  • Domains: Bounty Hunters, Cops, Father Figures, Husbands, Culture
  • Allies: Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Radical Ed, Dunban, Captain Holt, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, Lei Wulong
  • Enemies: Scott Shelby, Manny Pardo, Mordecai Heller, Billy Kane, Love Machine
  • Odd Friendship: Hit
  • Respects: Kei Shirogane/Shiroe
  • Before his life aboard the Bebop, Jet Black was formerly an investigator for the Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP) on Ganymede. While he was on the force, he was given the nickname "Black Dog" because of his stubborness while chasing after criminals being akin to a dog that bites its prey and never lets go. However, in spite of his ferocity towards criminals, he was unable to prevent his police force from being corrupted, and on one fateful night, Jet was shot by his own partner whilst in pursuit of a gunman known as Udai Taxim, destroying his left arm. Disgusted with how rotten the police force has become, Jet left Ganymede and ISSP to start a new life as a bounty hunter, a time during which he would purchase the titular Bebop and partner up with a man called Spike Spiegel...
  • Initially, it was assumed that Jet would arrive upon the Pantheon shortly after Faye Valentine's ascension. Unfortunately for Jet, due to an error in the registration process, he and his profile were lost for years to come, unable to access both his original universe or the Pantheon. Just when it seemed like he was gone for good, he had mysteriously emerged one day outside a Janus Checkpoint with no recollection of how he got there to begin with. The Court of the Gods, recognizing who he was, almost instantaneously ascended him as the Reliable God to prevent him from being lost once again.
    • Whereas a large amount of reunions between allied deities from the same franchise are usually celebratory occasions, the reunion between Jet Black and the rest of the Bebop crew was a little different. Instead of some spectacular party waiting for him when he arrived at the Pantheon's gates, Jet was greeted with a tired crew audibly wondering what took his ass so long. Jet didn't complain however; he was just glad that he was finally with the rest of his crew. Although he did complain about how Ed had drowned his bonsai trees by over-watering them while he was gone.
    • Was told about how Love Machine had blocked his ascension for a long time by stealing the avatar from his registration data until Hit and Kei Shirogane defeated it. Still, that got him absolutely no leeway from Faye, who complained that he still didn't ascend until two months after that incident had been dealt with. Regardless, he still bought beers for both of them as thanks. Hit took one and casually drank it, since he hangs around the crew. Shiroe still has yet to take his.
  • Jet had managed to gain a friend in Dunban over how they both have to act like a father-figure to their more immature companions. Dunban in return respects Jet for his determined attitude regarding criminals and targets, which reminds Dunban of himself. As a result, the two can often be found tending to bonsai trees within the House of Nature.
  • As a former officer who had resigned out of disgust with the ISSP's corruption, Jet Black has made sure to ally himself with whatever decent, well-meaning cops he finds in the pantheon:
    • Has a great deal of respect for Lei Wulong after hearing about how Lei was famous for taking down numerous criminals before going after Mishimas, and has even offered to lend a hand catching Kazuya and co. should Lei have difficulties apprehending him. Although Lei Wulong has objected to the idea, he can't say he hasn't thought about teaming up with Jet. After all, when the Black Dog bites down, he won't let go.
    • Shockingly, he seems to consider Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago to be some of the best officers in the pantheon. True, he is annoyed with Jake's constant immaturity and ginormous ego, not to mention Amy's butt-kissing, but hearing about their exploits such as the Figgis takedown always manages to put a smile on Jet's face. So much so that he even told Captain Holt that he had a fine pair of officers on his hands.
  • Although Jet is glad that he managed to find a few decent cops within the pantheon, he's dismayed that he's found far more Dirty Cops running amok. He particularly disdains cops like Manny Pardo and Scott Shelby for pretending to be decent cops when in reality they're brutal serial killers. That said, Jet is much more apprehensive about Scott Shelby than he is about Manny Pardo since most of Scott's victims were children he had kidnapped, as Jet, not knowing that Scott had discontinued his crime spree as the Origami Killer, fears that Scott might target Ed in the near future.
  • Back in his universe, Jet ended up losing his arm to a man known as Udai Taxim, a bespectacled mob assassin who was notable for being one of the most irredeemable villains the Cowboy Bebop crew has ever faced. Because of this, Jet has found himself especially eager to take out Mordecai Heller, a bespectacled mob assassin known for being one of the darker members of his webcomic's cast. Mordecai himself has barely acknowledged Jet for the most part beyond having a brief but intense crisis of "Symmetry" over Jet's asymmetrical appearance.
  • Jet really holds no respect towards Billy Kane because the latter is always yelling at him to stop smoking. However, unlike Spike and Faye, Jet is at least willing to temporarily stop smoking if someone, usually a Guest-Star Party Member, makes a complaint on it.

    "Mr. Deeds" 
Mr. Deeds, God of Butlerspace
Fan-art by DanTemirov
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: SCP-662, the bell that summons him
  • Alignment: True Neutral, or whatever the ringer of his bell needs him to be.
  • Portfolio: Basically A Genie in a Bottle, Benevolent Genie, Absolute Loyalty To Whoever Rings The Bell, Will Even Kill People If Asked, Needs To Be Unobserved To Do Deliveries, No Explanation To How He Does What He Does, Always Comes Back Okay When Killed
  • Domain(s): Bells, Butlers
  • Followers: The Devil King's Butler, Eirote, Hagiyoshi, Discworld Igors, James MacGuiness
  • Allies: Whoever summons him
  • Enemies: Whoever he kills
  • Awareness of Mr. Deeds became known during an experiment where he was tasked with performing something that inadvertently required him to be present in the Pantheon proper. An investigation eventually led to the Foundation and to SCP-662. His explicit abilities made him the perfect fit for Butlerspace, as he's a servant who explicitly appears out of nowhere when needed.
    • However, there came a few legal issues. Namely the fact that for the first time in the Pantheon, it's not an SCP of the Foundation that's being ascended (or an employee or a rival organization), but rather a byproduct of one. Also, given the nature of Mr. Deeds, tests had to be made to determine whether or not a location in the sight of an omniscient entity who can see everything everywhere counts as being observed; it's not, as long as where Mr. Deeds will "spawn" is not focused on, otherwise the bell would not have worked at all since the Foundation's ascension to the Pantheon.
  • Arrangements had to be made for his temple to ensure that there is at least one completely unobservable enclosure to guarantee Mr. Deeds's manifestation. At present, SCP-662, which is how Mr. Deeds is summoned, is kept in its red velvet lined case and stored in a High Value Storage locker in the temple when not being utilized for testing or other appropriate activities. Like SCP-261, Foundation staff are on guard to ensure nobody absconds with the bell when used. They're also there to perform regular polishing to avoid tarnish.
  • For the record, Mr. Deeds is a short well-dressed Caucasian butler of self-proclaimed British heritage.
  • Due to the strange nature of the House of Space and Cosmos, the temple is solely located at the House of Loyalty and Servitude, though there is a door at the former that takes traverses straight here.
  • Mr. Deeds is summoned when SCP-662 is rung, and always addresses the ringer of the bell by their appropriate title and last name (e.g. Mr. Mertens, Ms. Drevis, Mrs. Simpson, Shimada-san, Agent Carter, Dr. Jones, Colonel Sanders, President Washington, Lady Hakurei, Prince Arcadia), and ask what it is they desire. His knowledge of individuals’ last names and titles is a mystery, as he himself will purport.
    • If the individual is gender-neutral or gender-indeterminate, and holds no royal title or military rank (like King Pendragon (whether it's Artoria or Arthur who summons him) or Commander Shepard), Deeds will use an honorific that matches the commonly perceived gender (or switches between Mr., Ms., or Mrs. between summon periods), along with an apology for his inability to 100 percent determine their gender.
    • If the individual has no surname (such as A2 or Teddie), he will use their single name.
    • If the individual conceivably has a surname that merely isn't known to the public (like Agent G or the Zombieland crew), the surnames he provides will be distorted and unhearable to all except the addressed individual. Said individuals' reactions often vary.
  • Most reasonable requests given to Mr. Deeds will result in satisfaction. However, there are limits to what he can do, such as very complex items like sports cars, luxury homes, or personal jets. If he is allowed to leave line of sight and return, he is able to produce smaller, less complex items such as a ham sandwich, a glass of iced tea, or even more luxurious items like caviar or a brick of gold (though only up to 99.14% purity).
    • So far, he's been able to procure the following in Foundation tests: Nearly any conceivable kind of sandwich (except human flesh), beverages of nearly any kind (except human blood, though pig blood was okay, and served still warm), a hand grenade of modern U.S. Military grade, which performed as expected in testing, the board game Monopoly (Mr. Deeds won on the first playthrough), a bouquet of fresh-picked red roses.
  • Mr. Deeds will also perform menial tasks, such as washing vehicles, preparing food, and cleaning bathrooms. If a request is deemed unreasonable or impossible by the butler, he will kindly tell the ringer so, and offer an alternative if one may be had.
    • Among tasks he's performed in Foundation tests: cleaning of cars, dish washing of a day's worth of meals from a cafeteria, trimming of hair (but it turns out that Mr. Deeds is not in fact a very good barber), washing of laundry (and the clothing was found to "fit better" in the user's estimation), and assassinations (but not if they're too well guarded and entrenched, and could not or would not give further details).
  • Unfortunately, his origins and why he does why he does (or why he can't do certain things) are unknown, even to himself, as far as the Foundation has been able to glean from their methods. All attempts at mind-reading came up with the psychic-mental equivalent of seeing static and color bars like on television.
  • As a manservant, Mr. Deeds drew the attention of folks with similar lines of work and was summoned on separate occasions by Elenore Baker, Sakuya Izayoi, Alfred Pennyworth, Fiona Mayfield, Hayate Ayasaki, and Sebastian Michaelis for conversations.

    Riza Hawkeye 
Riza Hawkeye, Goddess of Consiglieres (Lieutenant Hawkeye, The Hawk's Eye, Elizabeth, My Queen, Margott Orange Peko)


    Kif Kroker 
Kif Kroker, God of Beleaguered Assistants
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The DOOP logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with a neutral role
  • Portfolio: Beleaguered Assistant, Extreme Doormat, Overqualified Assistants, Amphibian, Boneless Aliens, Interspecies Romance to Amy, Insecure Love Interest, Not Being Respected With Some Exceptions, Sarcastic Devotee, Only Sane Man, Limits To Being Pushed Around, Nice Guys, Nervous Wreck, Mister Seahorse
  • Domains: Servitude, Competency, Sensitivity, The Military
  • Followers: Sakaki, Sancho Panza
  • Superior: Zapp Brannigan
  • Allies: Amy Wong (his smizmar), Turanga Leela, Philip J. Fry, Leslie Knope, Abadar, Riza Hawkeye, Haru Okumura/Phantom Thief Noir, Rose Bukatar, Jack Dawson, Liz Lemon, J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter, Tony Stark/Iron Man and Pepper Potts*
  • On good terms with: The rest of Planet Express, Pinky and the Brain
  • Enemies: Robot Santa Claus, The Brainspawn, The Daleks and any overtly aggressive alien race, Dr Wallace Breen
  • Opposes: Zapp Brannigan, Cal Hockey, the incompetent deities in Law and Justice and Leadership, and to a lesser extent Pepe Le Pew
  • Wary of: Diana/Wonder Woman
  • Kif Kroker, a soldier with the Democratic Order of Planets is the assistant to Zapp Brannigan, or as he puts it his fourth lieutenant. In many ways he'd be the ideal candidate for a general of the DOOP Army, however fate would have it that he must serve under one of the most incompetent generals in human history. Who usually uses him as a scapegoat. The poor bastard.
  • Serves as the voice of reason for Zapp Brannigan, even if he doesn't listen most of the time. Most wonder why he still serves under him, however the most likely reason is that he's literally and figuratively spineless. Plus somebody needs to keep an eye on him. Though even Kif had his limits, as once he learned he pulled a real scumbag move by using his temporary death to have Pity Sex with Amy, he punched his commander hard in the gut.
  • Started as a bit bitchy and more of a Deadpan Snarker, but overall he's a Nice Guy who's biggest flaw is that he's easily pushed around. What really helped him fellow out was his smizmarnote  Amy Wong. While they've had their spats and Amy's interest of bad boys have gotten in the way of things, they've ultimately stuck together. They met on the space trip of the Titanic. As such, he has a certain kinship with Jack Dawson and Rose Bukatar due to having a similar experience, and is just as annoyed towards Cal Hockey as them.
  • Considered attractive by other species, which is likely due to his kind personality. Unfortunately this led to him almost being snu-snued to death by the Amazonians more than Fry and Zapp, but Amy managed to interfere. The experience has made him very wary of Wonder Woman due to being an Amazon, however she's made it clear than she disowns such actions.
  • He respects Riza Hawkeye due to her position as The Consigliere to Roy Mustang, preserving his moral compass. DOOP needs more like her, especially when it comes to reining Zapp in. He also respects Abadar due to favoring rules over money. On the other side of the equation, he hates how Dr Wallace Breen would sell out humanity, though admits he has better reasons to do so than Zapp.
  • Resembles some sort of amphibian, and his species of the Amphibiosans are generally frog-themed. However he is closer related to the sea cucumber, and instead of having bones is supported by a series of fluid-filled bladders. He also got pregnant, with his tadpole clutch currently growing up in the swamp he and his family was born in. While they are Leela's biological children due to accidental G-Rated Sex, Amy is considered the mother according to his species' customs.
  • As a member of the Democratic Order of Planets, he does work in the House of Extraterrestrials seeking potential alliances between the Earth government and the different aliens. Unfortunately aliens like the Daleks would rather kill humanity and sometimes everyone else. J'onn J'onnz was not one of these aggressive aliens. He was impressed by how he handled the peace agreements with the Native Martians, and gave him his approval.
  • Glad that Zapp is no longer in the House of Love and Affection, as it means he can spend time there with Amy without his commander constantly trying to score. Because of his issues with Zapp he's somewhat annoyed by Pepe Le Pew. He is also frustrated with the more incompetent members of Leadership and Law and Justice.
  • Perfectly understands where Leslie Knope is coming from, sharing her frustrations. He also understands where Liz Lemon are coming from. He and Liz are both relieved to have better company in the Pantheon; Kif has been connected to Tony Stark via his secretary Pepper Potts, who used to be one of Kif's followers before transferring her to Tony's temple as a Herald, while Liz is now acting as a secretary to President Josiah Bartlet and his new command unit with the World Warrior officers. He also seems friendly with the Brain for some reason, probably getting his frustration with Pinky.