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Greater Gods

    Eirin Yagokoro 
Eirin Yagokoro, Goddess of Creative Chemistry (Brain of the Moon, Town/Hourai Pharmacist, The Lunarian That Offers Medicine As Needed)
  • Greater Goddess (formerly Intermediate Goddess, not wanting to outrank Kaguya Houraisan’s position previously)
  • Theme: Gensokyo Millennium - History of the Moon
  • Symbol: A crescent moon incorporated into a drawn bow
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Used to be Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Ability to Create Any Drug, Undying Loyalty Towards Kaguya, Manager of Eientei, Moon Person, The Archmage, Space Elf, Insufferable Genius, Presumed Cause of Apollo 13’s Failure, Archer Archetype, Presumably Omoikane, Mad Doctor, The Medic, The Professor, Maybe 25+ Million Years Old, Betrayed The Lunarians And Has Been Friendlier Since
  • Domains: Medicine, Pharmacy, Divinity, Immortality, Genius
  • Heralds: Kaguya Houraisan (shared with Fujiwara no Mokou), The Watatsuki Sisters, Sagume Kishin
  • Subordinate: Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • Allies:
  • Wary of: Yukari Yakumo
  • Unknown Relationship: Sakuya Izayoi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Junko, Chang’e, Houyi
  • Opposes: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki
  • Enemies: Nekron, Red Skull, The Dead Moon Circus, The Death Busters, Queen Beryl
  • Lady Yagokoro is the greatest pharmacist to ever live, at least, in terms of Gensokyoan history. Her main ability is to be able to create any drug at will- even hyperspecific ones- without too much issue or effort, allowing her to create some really insane concoctions, such as the Ultramarine Orb Elixir, the Dream Butterfly Pill, and of course, The Hourai Elixir. Besides this, she’s also known to be a brilliant mind, capable of tackling almost any form of scientific, mathematical, and potentially even technological subject matter, backing it up with a wide suite of magical abilities that can rival that of the Sages of Gensokyo.
    • With Gensokyo becoming a quick power player in the grand stage of the Pantheon once again since Chimata’s rebellion, the Sages of Gensokyo have been looking to make sure they stay alert and have multiple checks on multiple enemies in the Pantheon. One of these enemies, Nekron, had begun to take interest in the land of fantasy again alongside other despicable foes such as Yuuki Terumi. Yukari Yakumo does bring up one thing in a Sage meeting one day- the return of Eirin Yagokoro to the Pantheon as their counter to Nekron. This naturally upset the other Sages, as they also knew that her ascension would only make things worse, leading to an intense argument. However, Yukari’s suggestion won out anyways, but that was merely just the first step to solving that issue.
      Eirin: No. I won’t consider returning, at all. I only partook in the Tenkyuu Uprising by Princess Kaguya’s request, nothing more.
      Yukari: You must trust me, Yagokoro. Your ascension will be very beneficial to us-
      Kaguya enters the room the two were discussing in.
      Yukari: Perfect timing!
      Eirin, turning to face Kaguya: …oh, greetings, Princess.
      Kaguya: I was approached by Yukari first, and she told me about what had transpired since that counterattack. Hearing of those new troubles, I would suggest you listen to her.
      Eirin: But, Princess-
      Kaguya: The safety of Eientei & Gensokyo seems to be threatened by much more powerful deities recently. While I myself would rather not partake in these affairs, I can trust you to do those in my stead. Do you understand?
      Eirin: …I understand, Princess.
      Yukari, opening a gap: Now then- shall we?
    • Despite being generally mutual towards most Gensokyo, the aforementioned Yukari Yakumo is one such character that Eirin is somehow scared of. This is because of how Yukari was able to fuck with her one time. The gap youkai orchestrated an apparently doomed mission to invade the moon, but through it she was able to obtain, and serve to the exiled Lunarian, a rare bottle of sake from the Moon. This plan was so that Eirin would be faced with an unexplainable moment, as she had previously never feared the youkai of Gensokyo before. Needless to say, this did not sit well with Eirin even to now, long after that amount of Trolling.
  • Sun Wukong was perplexed at how Eirin managed to pull off creating a substance that granted Complete Immortality with such ease, when he had to undergo five separate processes to achieve a similar type of it. He also wanted to test such immortality's limits- so he offered to challenge the Brain of the Moon in battle in the House of Weapons to get a better scope of their respective immortalities. While Eirin did deny the offer of challenge, she would relay such words to Mokou, who was more than eager to try and beat down the Monkey King, while the Lunarian and her companions would watch. The fight lasted for a week, neither side managing to back down right up until Mokou decided to just walk it off, having seen enough of Wukong's strength and being impressed as a result, an opinion shared by Eirin, which resulted in a decent partnership between him and Eientei's group (+ Mokou).
  • Has an up-and-down but overall positive partnership with The Medic, and that's putting it lightly. She would constantly chastise him for using live test subjects for his medical experiments, an accusation that the Medic would always ricochet by bringing up how she distributes & tests her shady new drugs. Despite this, however, they would collaborate upon trying to improve medicine as a practice overall, finding new ways to bend magic & technology towards curing others. It may indeed be a bit sketchy, but when has that stopped the progression of medicinal science, exactly?
    • One such drug that Eirin had concocted is the Kochoumugan, or the Dream Butterfly Pill, which gives its users pleasant dreams as they sleep. While very few would go out of their way to buy such a product, sources have confirmed Alice Margatroid to be probably the only repeat customer for it, but the reason why is unclear. Speaking of dealings with her fellow deities from Gensokyo, she had also taken an interest in the humanity-hating doll, Medicine Melancholy. Eirin has taken a particular interest in Medicine's poison, but like with Alice's motive for the Kochumugan, nobody else (probably not even Medicine) knows the reason why the Lunarian has such an interest. As for Reisen Udongein Inaba, she serves as Eirin's main subordinate, not just because she's also a Lunarian exile, but for her talents & abilities- her telepathic powers allow her to spy on the Lunar Capital, but most of the time, she just simply works as a peddler in the Human Village for Eientei's brand of pharmaceuticals.
  • Was the one who initially recommended to fellow medicine-practicing deity Retsu Unohana of the idea of ascending Florence Nightingale, the Goddess of Medicine, presumably over lunch. When both Retsu & Florence eventually learned of Eirin’s reascension, both were glad of that being the case. They quickly caught each other up what they’ve been doing since the Lunarian’s first departure from the Pantheon, as well as learning of other new doctors & physicians.
    • Some members of the Marvel Universe have certain affinities with the Lunarian. For instance, Dr. Erskine often consults with Eirin alongside the GUAG for notes on how to continue improving the Super Soldier Serum, which she usually responds to with tips & positivity. However, this has earned her a few foes as well, such as Red Skull, whose contempt towards Erskine has allowed him to put his attention toward the Lunarian as well, and found her to be quite a considerable foe that has the capacity to throw a wrench in his plans with her intelligence & immortality.
  • Eirin's relations with the Moon, its inhabitants, and anyone else related are, to say the least, rather complicated. At first, she was heralded as the Sage of the Moon, an esteemed position belonging to the most brilliant minds of Lunar society. However, with the help of Princess Kaguya, she would manufacture the Hourai Elixir (man this drink really is that important), and would end up with Kaguya's exile as a result of her drinking it. Years pass until Eirin and a few others were sent to Earth to retrieve the princess, but she would instead kill the other emissaries and stay with Kaguya on Earth, and they'd remain for a few hundred years, until the Lunarians finally locked on to their locale. What ensued was one of Gensokyo's most intense incidents, which involved moon masking, a mask on the masked moon that was caused by the ones trying to stop it, all the while the heroines themselves are at odds with each other (and as a bonus, she was surprised to see Sakuya Izayoi, the Scarlet Devil Mansion's maid there, but only Eirin knows why). And from there, things only get stranger for Eirin, regardless of where she is.
    • The Imperishable Night incident wasn't the only high-profile Lunarian incident that Eirin had to get involved in, because hoo boy this one was a ride in the making. First starting off in the Urban Legend incident, a mysterious Occult Ball that is separate from the rest would make itself known; this Ball happens to be that of the Lunar Capital, and with it, the Lunarians would then launch one of the most daring invasions in Gensokyo history. In order to stop Earth from being purified, Eirin developed a special elixir, known as the Ultramarine Orb Elixir, that would allow the heroines (Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, and eventually, Eirin's own subordinate Reisen) to be free of impurity and take the fight to the culprit. This had been the plan of Sagume Kishin (who also was responsible in a way for the Urban Legend incident) all along; she would openly set up her back-up plan to invade Gensokyo so that its resident resolvers would get up and deal with her, and should they succeed, she would then drop the back-up plan and send them to deal with whoever's attacking the Lunarians: the divine spirit Junko.
    • The Hourai Elixir is Eirin’s crown jewel in her vast history of chemistry & knowledge, and it’s one that has seen contention by just about everyone who’s heard about it. It grants an absurdly perfect form of Complete Immortality and eternal youth to the imbiber, to the point of removing them completely from the cycle of life and death forever - even nonsense like time travel or paradoxes will fail to kill anything that has ever tasted Hourai. She's been under heavy pressure by multiple other powerful deities in the Pantheon to reveal the exact composition of the Elixir, but she points to Albedo Piazolla as the exact sort of thing she wants to avoid with this- the Elixir's effects are permanent, and it's below someone of her dignity to invoke I Warned You.
    • The existence of the Hourai Elixir alone has put Eirin close to the top of Nekron's shitlist, and especially so since it avoids just about every form of removal, including Time Travel and paradoxes. What's worse for the leader of the GUAD, however, is that Eirin herself drank the Elixir as well, so killing her would be virtually impossible. Eirin, and by extension Kaguya & Mokou, have made the GUAD's shortlist of permanent enemies, as they have become just too sticky to truly remove from existence thanks to the perfect immortality the Hourai Elixir provides. In kind, those at Eientei are more than willing to put them in their place if they ever do so much as try, so if one intends to take the fight to Nekron and his allies, the Hourai immortals are crucial to ensuring any form of success.
    • Eirin's personal thoughts on Junko, Houyi, & Chang'e and the whole debacle surrounding the trio are best described as "rather divided". To briefly recap, here's what happened: Houyi got essentially two bottles of the Hourai Elixir, Chang'e drank both and ascended, then Houyi decided to kill a few birds, and one of them landed on Junko's son resulting in his death, so in a disproportional form of Equivalent Exchange, Junko now set out to kill Chang'e...who's immortal. And then it got worse when all three became part of the Pantheon at different times, and all three had also known that Eirin was here before them, and they naturally had their own respective opinions- usually negative- about her. For Houyi, he states that her deliverance of the Hourai Elixir to Chang'e started this whole feud, and for Junko, she wants revenge on the Lunarians as Chang’e is associated with them, and are therefore associated in a way to her son’s killer, Houyi. Chang’e herself is the only one who is accepting of Eirin, as she knew that drinking the Elixir was a bad choice in and of itself, but still did so nowadays. In terms of Eirin’s own thoughts, she is very much guilty of what she did to Chang’e as she did to Kaguya and is sorry for it, neutral on Houyi despite his aggression towards her people for locking Chang’e away, and feels some pity for Junko, who, despite being allied with Gigyas among other things, is still someone that can be able to let go of her vengeance, and is more than willing to work with her if she asks- a goodness out of her heart and not by Kaguya’s instruction.
    • Leaving behind the moon to pursue a life on Earth is a tough choice to make, but concessions had to be made in order to confirm such a decision. For Eirin, it was to punish herself for getting Kaguya exiled with the Hourai Elixir. But for Magnolia Arch, it was so that she can be together with her soulmate, Yew Genelogia. Both Eirin & Magnolia would often chat up about their lives on their respective Earths and the things they’ve learned while there, as well as the differences between their Moon cultures- including the importance of rabbits.
    • Eirin knows very well that the currently-ascended Princess Kaguya in the Pantheon is not the one she actually serves, but still respects her as if she is. Ghibli!Kaguya found the Lunarian’s presence very soothing & enchanting, especially when Eirin visits her temple on some occassions to retell her some tales & times of history that she once shared with Touhou!Kaguya. However, there is yet another Kaguya that Eirin is very much less-approving of, and that isn’t just because of how she looks. At first, Ōtsusuki didn’t see her as a threat at all, when she heard rumors of just how powerful Eirin actually is (as she had first learned of her as an Intermediate Goddess back then), she was quick to be more apprehensive of the Brain of the Moon and what damage she can cause.
    • She sees Queen Nehelenia as a disgrace to any and all lunar inhabitants everywhere, and her alongisde anyone associated with her (especially Queen Beryl) as a threat to Eientei for what they did to their own Moon civilizations, a judgement paid in kind when she was viciously struck by a coordinated attack by not just the Dead Moon Circus, but the Death Busters & Queen Beryl as well, a day after she opened Eientei up to the Sailor Guardians at Touhou!Kaguya’s request. Though she was able to clear off the chaff, her battle against Beryl herself & the Witches Five would begin to push her to her limits, only for Princess Luna and her crew of cohorts to intercept the fight by mere coincidence. By the time many Touhou deities & the Sailor Guardians came to Eirin’s aid, the battle had been turned in the Lunarian’s favor, but like with their attack on Kosuzu, the Dead Moon Circus, and now their other in-universe allies, are once again scorned by all of Gensokyo. As for Eirin’s personal thoughts on Sailor Moon in particular, she respects her as a protector & hero, able to carry on the legacy that Serenity, her previous incarnation, had.
"Young children like yourself can't stand a chance against me, an eternal being. All the scarlet history that you've built up—- Divided by my history, the result is zero. From eternity's point of view, you are but a mere instant."

Skuld, Goddess of Magical Use in Science (Norn of the Future)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her facial markings
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic fits.
  • Portfolio: Using Magic In Her Engineering, Being a Master Engineer Because of That, Physical Goddess, Skuld Bomb, Sweet Tooth, Clingy Jealous Girl Regarding Her Sister, Bad Liar, Little Miss Badass
  • Domains: Technology, Magic, Goddesses
  • Heralds: Noble Scarlet (her angel), Banpei (her Robot Buddy)
  • Allies: Belldandy, Urd, Kokonoe A. Mercury, Phineas Flynn, Mahiro Yasaka, Special Lovers Squad, Pit, Tyr
  • Enemies: Anyone who would threaten Belldandy. Or tries to hit on her.
  • Afraid of: House of Ghosts
  • Skuld is an odd case in the Pantheon. You see, she has been here for a long time... and not really. As a goddess of Undiscovered Country, she was based on some sort of fan fic what didn't even get finished. She stayed as she was until one day, Belldandy found out about this and wanted The Court of Gods to fix this. After they looked into things, they collectively face palmed and made her go through "instant-fire Purgatory" to renew her position.
    • Due of this embarrassing past, she doesn't like to talk about gods from Warhammer 40k or Neon Genesis Evangelion universes. In fact, talking about Lars (a daemon who she seemingly had a relation with and who she fertilized) is sure-fire way to piss her off.
  • She has a thing called Direct Manipulation Type Magic that allows her to use magic when dealing with machinery. Note, this trait does not make her good allies with the Incubators.
  • You really shouldn't get any bright ideas regarding her sister, Belldandy when she's around, unless you want to get into the receiving end of her Skuld Bombs. This makes her sort of allies with the Special Lovers Squad.
    • Both Nyarko and Mahiro has stated that she sounds like Mahiro's mother if she was younger. Pit also states that she sounds sort of like lady Palutena. In fact, many gods who say she sounds like someone tend to follow-up with "if she was younger".
  • Avoids the House of Ghosts due of her fear of ghosts.
  • Can be used as a Persona by Tatsuya Suou and Maya Amano, at which point her bombs turn into Nuclear-type.
  • No relation with Shulk.

Intermediate Gods

    Cave Johnson 
Cave Johnson, God of the Pursuit of Pointless Knowledge
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme: This fanfare
  • Symbol: His portrait, the Aperture Science logo, or a trophy for Potato Sciences. Any will do!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Aperture Science-level Science, Inventional Wisdom, Always Second Best, Foolish Use of Company Assets, Bungling Inventor, Badass Boasts, Bad Bosses, For Science!, Absolute, Demented Genius, Obliviously Evil, Incredible Support of Loved Ones, Posthumous Character.
  • Domain: Technology, Research, Development, Testing, Pre-recorded Messages
  • Followers: Every scientist who has ever used the Cave Johnson approach to SCIENCE!
  • Herald: Wheatley
  • Allies: GLaDOS, The Turrets.
  • Enemies: Wallace Breen and all of Black Mesa (including Gordon Freeman).
  • Opposed by: Balthier
  • It's not really known whether he's dead or alive. However, his pre-recorded messages suddenly started being broadcast across the House, and GLaDOS and a very large contingent of mad scientists have decided they like the idea of listening to Cave. The fact no pre-recorded message seems to have been heard twice supports the idea that at the very least, Cave is present in some form in the House.
  • Cave's life is the holy grail for aspiring mad scientists, who hope to achieve at least a fraction of his genius. Money and sanity optional.
  • Cave was one of the few who sponsored the ascension of Polybius, although he refuses to say why.
  • As the former Corporate Leader of Black Mesa, Cave despises every single bit of Wallace Breen so much. Breen however doesn't think much of him, since Johnson isn't spotted in the Pantheon (despite having a seat). Then again, since Black Mesa and Aperture Science were competitors ever since, it kinda makes sense why such a threat was needed.
  • While he was already dead when Chell came to Aperture, he can't help but like someone who made great use of all the inventions his company left behind. He's better off not knowing that Chell has a very negative opinion of him exactly because being responsible for that nightmarish laboratory she had to escape twice.
  • Cave has been noted to sound like J.J. Jameson, though he disagrees on his anti-Spider-Man stance, hoping to replicate the results someday. Though J.J has expressed interest in writing about Aperture's creations since it's plenty of news material to work with, and even how said replication experiments could mean that people won't need the real Spider-Man anymore.

    Edward Elric 
Edward "Ed" Elric, God of Alchemical Magic (Fullmetal Alchemist, Edo, Pipsqueak [call him the latter at your peril], Hagaren)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when fighting in peak condition)
  • Theme: Uso (TV-size instrumental, full version), The Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Symbol: His coat and his mechanical limbs; alternatively, the flamel on the back of his coat.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Child Alchemist Soldiers with really horrid pasts, Teen Genius, Being Short and Irritable (and incredibly sensitive about it), Not Believing in Gods despite having met one and now being one himself
  • Domain: Alchemy, Magic, Science, Strategy, Knowledge
  • Followers: the Einzbern family. Kazuki Mutou, every single Atelier protagonist, the boy from Podunk, USA
  • Heralds: Darius and Heinkel (his chimeric companions)
  • Teachers: Izumi Curtis
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mayuri Kurosutchi, Dovahkiin, Tatsumaki, Kiritsugu Emiya (by proxy of the Einzbern family being his followers), Alucard
  • Distaff Counterpart: Rosette Christopher
  • Rival: Rand al'Thor
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Wiz and Boomstick
  • Conflicted Opinion on: Charlie Nash
  • When offered his original seat in the House of Magic, he went on a rant about how alchemy is science, not magic or miracles or anything like that, since he has to actually carefully study and understand the elements involved in order to be able to do anything. It was pointed out to him that clapping your hands and altering the world around you is basically magic. He took the seat on the condition that they would at least acknowledge that there was a science within it. Asuna Kagurazaka agreed to this.
  • Respects Vash, Kenshin, and Kanji. The former two for their views against killing others unless they've crossed the Moral Event Horizon, and the latter for loving his mother. They genuinely love their mamas. Kanji on the other hand, seems quite fond of Ed for some reason.
  • Now that his brother's back in his human form, he'll just serve justice although he isn't very noble.
  • Is utterly disgusted at the depravity of Relius Clover because the latter's actions are similar to Shou Tucker. Wesker's also high on his target list, considering he and Relius are allies, with the purpose of seeking perfection. Ghetsis is no different than the rest of his enemies.
    • This causes him to reluctantly strike an alliance of sorts with Mad Scientist Mayuri Kurosutchi, who somewhat respects his philosophy, but still doesn't think very highly of him.
    • Has a huge amount of contempt for Basco ta Jolokia for abusing the concept of Equivalent Exchange, sacrificing and betraying humans for his own benefit.
      • Is deeply disturbed by the fact that Ragyo Kiryuin has the same voice base as him.
  • It's not a good idea to pull Grand Theft Me on him. The last time he was on the receiving end of it, he destroyed them by turning himself into a Philosopher's Stone, making it backfire.
  • For some reason, Guile reminds him of his superior, Roy Mustang, due to having the same voice and also being a soldier. He does learn that Guile has a friend he lost as well, reminding him of another military buddy, Maes Hughes.
  • Now with the return of Homunculus (Father), Ed's alchemy will be more of use than before in case of a Homonculi attack. The one exception would be Greed, who he and Al are friends with (even though hearing his "I am Greed and I want the finer things" speeches has gotten beyond tedious).
    • This only became worse with the ascension of Dante, a sad and pathetic body-stealing lowlife who thinks she's worth much more than she really is and actually intended to seduce her timeline's version of Ed with the body of his friend Rosé.
  • Is rather uneasy with Dovakhiin due to the fact that the God of Dragonslaying keeps using Soul Gems so carelessly, knowing how they are so similar to Philosopher's Stones. He has confronted him about it, but Dovahkiin always defends his actions by claiming that they either contain the souls of bandits, wolves or giant rats. It does little to make Edward feel more comfortable about it.
  • Despite the fact that he claims that he never wore it, rumor has it that he once wore a military uniform one time. There's also rumors that he was called the Tea Alchemist at the time. Lol Ranger, for their own amusement, is attempting to make these rumors a reality.
  • Was offered a position of God of Artifical Limbs, but turned it down for reasons unknown. On another note, NEVER advise that he should be The God of Half Pints. Or The God of Vertically Challenged People.
    • Unfortunately for him, Tatsumaki loves teasing him about this despite being short and childish herself even as a full-blown adult. Rand al'Thor is another one who Ed's had to be restrained from attacking due to insensitive comments about his height.
  • Is a member of the Mighty Majors along with Alex Armstrong. Of the other members, his working relationship with Jin Kisaragi, who he often calls "Ice Jerk" due to his aloof Jerkass Façade, mirrors that between him and Mustang. Also considers Guile's hairstyle odd, referring to it as a "circletop", and has a bit of a mixed opinion on Charlie Nash due to how he got revived by The Illuminati.
  • Due to the many evil gods that betray their family members to achieve some depraved goal, he is willing to be a member of Jin Kazama's anti-parental abuse club. However, since none of his parents abused him in his childhood, he is not a full-time member.
  • Is allies with Gust over their mutual skills at Alchemy however Gust's height for her age bugs Ed frequently.
  • He and his brother Alphonse are baffled at how Rias Gremory has the magical ability to change her breast size without giving up something in exchange. As a result, he, along with many other deities, in this house, is trying to investigate the cause of this in order to not look like a pervert.
  • Has recently gotten into a feud with Alucard due to the millions of souls he has absorbed, reminding Ed too much of Father. Their relationship has gotten better when Alucard made himself an enemy against the Homunculi.
  • The Joker has incurred Ed's wrath when the clown prince left a few messages pretending to be Ed's mother and Nina Tucker. To say Ed didn't find it funny would be an understatement.
  • Edward was left absolutely mortified after seeing a video that basically told him that the human transmutation recipe he and Al used in an attempt to revive their mother was completely wrong to begin with and had nothing to do with the soul.
  • Lucifer rocketed to the top of his Shit List when he caught wind of The Lab, having heard that some truly abhorrent abuses of science were occurring there. It quickly became apparent that the examples he had heard were merely the tip of the iceberg. To quote a pale and thouroughly shaken Mr. Elric:
    Ed: Not a laboratory... a torture chamber... no “breakthrough” is worth... not even the GUAL deserves this...!
  • Became friends with Avatar Aang, initially getting along well due to the latter's friendly childish nature which reminds him of Alphonse. The bond became further entrenched when Aang and the Elrics came to recognize each other's tremendous value for life, refusing to kill if it's at all unnecessary and coming to the same realization he did about how the connection between one and all. He even accepts Aang's scolding about having attempted human transmutation especially in light of the above video, though he already learned plenty of lessons about that on his path to ascension.
    • That said, their first meeting was actually more hostile than one would expect. He had been in a very foul mood at the time, and he had overheard Aang calling him little. It escalated into a brutal fight, but just as Aang activated the Avatar State, Katara and Alphonse broke the tension and calmed them both down.
    • However, footage of the battle was caught and sent to Wizard and Boomstick, in which they doctored it into one of their later episodes, which concluded in Aang's victory by way of Avatar State. When said "competitors" watched and realized it was an edited version of their first meeting, Aang was horrified that he almost did to Edward what he almost did to Ozai, and knowing he intended to do what he actually did to Ozai and then reverse it after they both calmed down did not help much. Either way, Ed had to admit he would've been screwed were it not for their friends breaking it up. Naturally, everyone involved despises the two hosts after that.
  • Is also somewhat friendly with Aang's successor Korra. Though the two can butt heads when competing or disagreeing on something, they both respect each other and will come to the other's defense when faced with a common threat.
  • At some point Asuna, the one who agreed for the House of Magic that his alchemy could be called science-powered magic, approached him and asked to practice using her Anti-Magic ability against his alchemy. The result officially proved both sides' point — she could only somewhat minimize the effects of his alchemic attacks on her person and immediate area, but never fully cancel them out. Because of this, Asuna approached him about getting into this house shortly after its creation, resulting in a meeting with the Court of the Gods which ultimately got his seat duplicated here.
  • He and Al were invited to Asami Sato's party to celebrate Korra gaining a new seat in the Pantheon. They brought along Winry and, at Al's insistence, Hohenheim, and were both scared stiff to see that Major General Armstrong was there and actually friends with Korra's police chief and Greed's new target of desire. He was also the one who deduced from the strange commentary surrounding Illyasviel von Einzbern and her friendship with Hercules that the Greatest Hero of Greece was in fact Illya's infamous scary giant Berserker. A funny moment took place when he tried to introduce his future wife to Korra's girlfriend Asami, only to discover that Winry had already met the Sato heiress, along with MANY other "mechanics" in the Pantheon.
    • Later, the Elric brothers stuck around for the Krew's post-party conversation with Greed. They provided additional context to Greed's re-tellings of the ordeal against Homunculus and his progeny, and whenever Greed almost talked his way into trouble with his "avaricious" persona Ed was there to snark it back down to size. One highlight was when he burst into laughter when he learned the chief's name was Lin, all too similar to Ling Yao. Ed was also the least surprised to hear Greed criticize how Lin handled breaking up with Tenzin, given his insistence on never telling lies, or talk about wanting to mentor Korra's earthbender friend Bolin, knowing how the man's history started with both Ling and Alphonse.
  • Earns the absolute respect of the Emperor of Mankind, who considers him and Alphonse champions for the talent, compassion, and overall promise of humanity.
  • Has communicated and collaborated with the likes of Iron Man and Spider-Man in the wake of certain Pantheonic incidents.
  • Often teams up with the Italian Stallion to tell people who've been hurt that they have the ability to keep moving forward.
  • Gained respect for Ajani Goldmane after noting that Ajani was the one who allowed Al to keep shifting between his body and his armor in the Pantheon without using human transmutation or the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Got a visit from the mysterious Red Ribbon Android 21 shortly after she ascended to the Pantheon. She'd heard that he took part in a project to create an Earthling Soul fit for her world; said soul had discovered that 21 had been turned into something with powers and a hunger she was never meant to have. While he maintains he had nothing to do with it, he sympathized with her since the experiments happened for the same reasons as he and Al's attempt to bring their mother back to life. Overall, the two made friends while talking science, and the way she was both innocent and intelligent made it almost like talking with Al as a girl. It was a very easy conversation and he's glad to call her a friend.
  • Was overjoyed to see the return of Maes Hughes in the Pantheon, especially with his family (and his pictures of them) getting to be his heralds. For a few minutes Ed didn't even care how ridiculous Maes' gushing over Elicia and Gracia was. He was completely unsurprised about that photo getting him ascended, and happy to receive Hughes' compliment on how tall he's grown. Later, Winry took him and Alphonse to meet up with the Hughes family and let them try out Winry's apple pie. It was slightly different from Gracia's, but everyone agreed that it was delicious.
  • He once met a Huntsman from the world of Remnant who sounded a lot like him. Of course, their first meeting wasn’t great since he felt the need to comment on his stature, sending the man into a rage. After the initial hostilities, they calmed down around each other. Though, there was some weirdness lingering, since Edward misunderstood Qrow’s ability to turn into a bird as him being some kind of chimera. Once all the misunderstanding was cleared, the two became steadfast allies.
  • As elaborated above, his seat can also be found in the House of Magic.

    Ultimate Reed Richards/The Maker 
Reed Nathaniel Richards, God of Evil Science (Ultimate Reed Richards, The Maker, Mister Fantastic of Earth-1610, Mister Candyfloss, Mr. Mystery, Dr. Richards, Stretcho, The Ultimate Enemy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Metallic Helmet
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: THE Evil Alternate Universe Reed Richards, Evil Science, From simple scientist to Terror of the Multiverse, Everything Reed fears to become, Cool Helmet, Still has the burn scars from Johnny, Omnidisciplinary Scientist, Can no longer be considered human, Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist, Surveillance, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Science, Evil, Alternate Self
  • Heralds: W.H.I.S.P.E.R., City
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Batman Who Laughs, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA, Lord Recluse, SHOCKER
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Venom Symbiote, Eddie Brock/Venom, High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, The 501st Legion, Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus, Galen Marek/Starkiller, The Combine
  • Enemies:
  • Interested In: Dr. Manhattan, Metron, G-Man, The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • On Speaking Terms With: Kang the Conqueror, Rick Sanchez
  • The Multiverse is a vast place with near limitless possibilities. In it there exists an Alternate Universe, an Alternate History and an Alternate Self. Such is the case with Reed Richards of Earth-1610. Unfortunatly this Reed Richards is from an Ultimate Universe, but not just any Ultimate Universe, THE Ultimate Universe. The universe where unless your name is either Peter Parker or Miles Morales, your either a bigger jerk then usual and or even worse of a villain then usual, and this Reed was both.
  • This Reed Richards didn't start out as a villain, he was initially a simple man who wanted to help the world in the best way he knew how. Unfortunately tragedy after tragedy would eventually lead him down the path of villainy. Starting off with an abusive father who never cared for science and would openly speak of how much he preferred Ben Grim (his Only Friend) instead, and received almost zero respect from anyone. It wasn't until years later did his life turn for the better, when he joined a government think tank, found a father figure in Franklin Storm, a new love in Susan Storm and a family in the new Fantastic Four. Unfortunately absolutely none of this would have last. Having had his attempts to help improve humanity and the world repeatedly rejected. His wedding proposal to Sue was interrupted thanks to Ultimatum, with said proposal later being completely rejecting when Reed went to save the world instead of being by her side. This was immediately fallowed with Sue leaving him and having the team disbanded forcing him to go back to her family. The final nail in the coffin was when Kang the Conqueror a future Sue Storm warns him about the coming disaster, finally turning him into the terror he is today.
  • Nobody knows how The Maker managed to access Pantheon. Nobody had sought to give him a position, be it Herald, High Priest, or Follower. Nobody even made a proposal to bring him in. Somehow beyond all understanding he entered Pantheon by himself, gave the Court of the Gods his resume and was then made the God of Evil Science. What's even more concerning is how he's already aware of events that have taken place in Pantheon, knows about Gods that no longer reside, and has made claims to know of Gods and events that will appear in the future. Many are concerned, but at the same time, many are interested in what he knows and what he's willing to offer.
  • It has to be said, even though Reed Richards of Earth-1610 had lived a hard and difficult life, especially one in a hard and cruel world, it doesn't remotely excuse him for the crimes he's committed. He had a loving and caring mother and sister who supported him, a loyal friend who defended him since childhood, and a father figure who encouraged his love of science. These people no longer mean anything to him.
  • Naturally the Richards Family weren't exactly thrilled to see him, Reed especially. When Reed first met his alternate self, he was initially taken back by how amoral and ruthless he was. He sees his other self as everything that he feared he would become, and still may be. The Maker in turn wasn't very thrilled to see them either. But this was mostly towards Johnny and Ben Grim. He still has the scars that Johnny scorched onto his face, and he's seemly still sore about the Ben Grim of his earth hooking up with Susan Storm. Despite his relationship with his counterpart family, The Maker actually has some respect for his prime counterpart, both for his intelligence and idealism.
  • Besides the Fantastic Four, Doom was absolutely furious to see The Make enter Pantheon. Mostly because he didn't like seeing another Reed Richards running around. That and he understood that this Reed Richards was far too dangerous to move freely. In a rare moment of non self-service, Doom warned the residents of Pantheon of the danger that is The Maker. While this made The Maker's existence and crimes known to the public, it also gave The Maker an easier time to find new allies and form new partnerships with others. Although he probably already had an idea who he wanted to meet up with anyways.
    • Unlike other gods from his home reality, The Maker is on good terms with the Time Traveling Conqueror, Kang. The one he personally knows has no relation with the version most others are familiar with, but he doesn't really mind that. The Maker sees Kang as someone who understands what needs to be done. That the world is a mess and that someone needs to fix it.
    • The only person who wasn't unhappy about The Makers arrival was Thanos. The two having met at the eve of the Incursions. In the brief time they've met, Thanos developed a begrudging sense of respect for the alternate Reed Richards.
    • Eddie Brock wasn't happy to see The Maker again, but at the same time he's glad he doesn't have to worry about looking where to find him. Eddie knows that The Maker has answers, about his son Dylan, Knull and other questions he doesn't know need answering. Both Eddie and Venom plan on getting their answers, one way or the other.
  • The thing that makes The Maker so dangerous and effective is also what makes the main Reed Richards such a great hero, he's super smart. Invent a devise to depower other superheroes and give others similar, but superior versions of said power? Tell him what said power is and he'll have done in a couple minutes. Ask his to build a weapon capable of destroying a planet? He probably already has one laying around. Build an impenetrable fortress capable of withstanding attacks from weapons and beings of mass destruction, nearly impossible to sneak, or hack into, can hack other machines, defend itself from attacks, has time and space work differently from the inside, and work as a personal lab? He calls that City and he built a new one into his temple and turned it into a herald. Create an entire race of hyper evolved humans with the power and capabilities to take down Physical Gods? He did that already, called them the "The Children of Tomorrow", they destroyed Asgard and everyone in it. What's more is that this is simply what he can do with his brain, his actual powers?
    • After the accident that transformed his body gave him his powers and tuned him into Mister Fantastic, Reed has since no longer needed to eat, sleep, or breath. He doesn’t bleed, excretes, or age. He no longer has any internal organs, or posses an actual skeletal structure. The moment he stopped being Mister Fantastic and became The Maker, Reed effectively stopped being human. In almost every way conceivable. Without the concepts of humanity and morality, Reed used his powers and abilities to its most logical and horrific conclusion. He can, and actively does, stretch out his brain for more brain power. He can heal From a Single Cell and creat an expendable clone from said ability with single strand of hair. He can stretch out his body in a way to become multiple people, while still sharing a single body. And while he was efficiently immoral with having an near indestructible, nobody has ever seen him in the House of Death and Postmortem when successful at actually killing him. This is because Owen Reece, The Molecule Man, after seemly killing him, placed a piece of him in every universe that was made after the third Secret Wars. All of them share a single mind within multiple bodies across the entire multiverse.
  • With his world having crossed over with the world of the DC Gods, The Maker has made himself known to a number of it's residents. Lex Luthor approached and offered him the chance to join his Legion of Doom. Saying that he could give The Maker all the money, equipment info and resources he would ever need, but to his surprise The Maker claimed that he had all of those and more. Teleporting Luthor and himself to his temple Luthor saw that he was telling him the complete truth. What's more alarming was how The Maker somehow had recordings of him slaughtering his alternate counterparts. The Maker made it clear that he knows and has anything and everything he would ever need, but he still decides to join him and his Legion of Doom. Saying that they are better together, than against each other.
    • Much to Luthor's (and everyone else's) shock, he learned that along with already knowing what's going on in his own reality, The Maker is also well acquainted with The Batman Who Laughs. He thankfully explained just how the two knew each other. But to everyone's concern, there's no hostility between them, in fact the two are mostly friendly with each other. There's a sense of rivalry between the two, despite or maybe because of the two having different plans and end goals. There's also been rumors of the two having made some trade with Iso-8 (more info bellow) for Nth Metal. The two have been disturbingly silent on the mater.
    • With DC being filled with Alternate Universes and Alternate selves, The Maker was made aware of the existence of the Regime Superman. While the rogue Superman had zero interest in the mad Reed with how he was allied with Luthor, Brainiac, Joker and was vaguely associated with the Evil Batman, The Maker had made multiple attempt to speak with him. Eventually the Regime Superman decided to hear him out, The Maker claimed that he merely wanted to help solve all the problems in the world including Superman's. He told him about a Lois Lane in the Dark Multiverse that not only mourns his death, and has decided to take a similar stance has him. He says that with how all Universes in the Dark Multiverse are doomed to fail she doesn't have much time to live. With The Maker's extensive knowledge of multiversal travel and exploration and the Regime's kryptonian technology, they could access the Dark Multiverse and save Lois. The idea of a Lois Lane in danger, one that also shared his world view, was all he needed to hear to agree to whatever The Maker wanted. And it was all what The Maker needed to do to acquire both new advance technology and a pawn to keep it safe.
  • The Maker considers the existence of Pantheon to be an intriguing anomaly. He notices that it seemly acts as a nexus point for the omniverse, yet at the same time it's separate from any reality it connects to. Individuals who shouldn't exist, or no longer exist walk freely without consequence. Death is meaningless even though there is still a reaper and an afterlife, several even. Beings of higher power can walk among mortals, the laws reality are even more flexible than any universe he's ever seen. One of The Maker plans is to find out what exactly makes Pantheon work this way and how he can us it to his advantage. He's glad to know that he wasn't the only one to take special notice to this, as the New God Metron thought the exact same.
  • One of the first things the Maker did upon ascending, was to bring in W.H.I.S.P.E.R. (World Headquarters for International Scientific/Philosophical Experimentation and Research) as his herald in Pantheon. W.H.I.S.P.E.R. is a scientific organization similar to the Nebulous Evil Organisation A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics). His goal was to bring into Pantheon not only to counter Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D, but to also bring in some like-minded individuals. Luring in other scientists to push science to its limits, to reshape the world and everything in it. To insure further success in recruitment, he offered a free supply of Isotope-8. A strange ore that can be found across the Multiverse (potentially native to earth) and can improve everything and anything be it physical, magical, technological, cosmic, demonic or divine.
    • Being the leader of his own organization, The Maker is considered to be competition towards others others like HYDRA, The Arachnos Organization and SHOCKER. Although it's more friendly competition between him and Lord Recluse. Needless to say The Maker is now seen as an enemy to the likes of Stateman and every Toku Hero in Pantheon.
    • Thanks to the help of W.H.I.S.P.E.R., The Maker was successful into forming a number of partnerships in the mad scientist community. Some of the most notable ones are the Evilutionists of Mad Science, they don't let, or care for things like "morality" and "ethics" to get in the way of their experiments and goals. Albert Wesker and William Birkin were considerably beneficial allies, having generously donated samples of both the T and G-Virus for experimentation. Relius Clover is someone who he's come to respect, reasons being for both his accomplishments, scientific brain and for being the first to notice his Multiversal Omnipresence. Seemly with but a single glance.
    • Promestein came in contact with The Maker when looking further into how the world worked. Having heard that one of The Maker's goals is to learn how Pantheon truly functions, as well as already having an extensive knowledge of The Multiverse of his world, and potentially other worlds too. He was surprisingly generous and shared all the information he had. He says that he's more than willing to share any and all scientific information need to help further someones research and work. Being more than grateful, Promestein took to learning everything she could, even taking some notes in his genetics lab to help perfect her White Rabbit drug.
    • Of Course with being a popular figure in the mad scientist community, he's largely hated by other more benevolent scientists. Those who believe that science should be a force for good, like the Philanthropists of Benevolent Science, Senku Ishigami, Dr. Light and the The Elric Family see The Maker as everything science should't be. Those who use science as a source of heroism, like Qubit, Jimmy Neutron and of course Mister Fantastic, see him as a near personal enemy. Prime Reed Richards being the most obvious reason.
  • Rick Sanchez heard about how The Maker was trying to find a way to enter and restore his home universe, a universe he claims to still be destroyed, despite certain events proving otherwise. Thinking it would be fun to humiliate The Maker, Rick went to see the universe for himself and maybe take a few pictures to show off. It was admittedly a little harder then he'd like to admit to access and then enter. He eventually made an operating portal and went in to see it for himself. Turns out it was destroyed, but in a Class 2 fashion instead of Class X4 like he initially thought. When came back he showed The Maker pictures of the still burning buildings from his universe.
  • If it wasn't clear already, The Makers ultimate goal is to turn the world into a utopia, using any means necessary. To reach said goal, The Maker formed a partnership with those that not only share the same goal, but are also willing to get their hands dirty. With a few choice of words, he was able to recruit Clu, Yamato Hotsuin, Light Yagami and Ozymandias. This is notable because Yamato opposes YHVH, Clu's and Light's leader. In truth, The Maker doen't care for the good of the world and is only in it to prove he's better than everyone else, but his allies actually do believe him. Partially because he's that good at using people, but also because he has the brains, tech and power to do it. It doesn't hurt that he actually did manage to make his world a better place, even if it was only for a short time before the heroes stopped him. What's more is that he has valid reasons for his extreme actions. He tried to help, but others wouldn't let him. He tried to be "good", but nothing helped. He had the answers, but no one listened. It was almost like they wanted to live in a broken world. While this is a massive load of hypocrisy, The Maker has little care or interest for those who wish for despotism and/or dystopia.
    • His partnership with Ozymandias has lead to him learning of the existence of Dr. Manhattan. He's genuinely amazed at both his power and the mental fortitude he needed to pull himself back together after losing his body.
    • While this should come to no surprise, Zamasu has a special sense of distaste for the alternate Reed Richards. While he can understand the frustration of having superiors that not only refuse act, but actively hinder progress, and the desire to create a perfect world. He's disgusted with The Makers lack of humanity and for his unnatural form of immortality. The irony is not lost on him.
  • In search to lean more of the world and beyond. The Maker eventually came across Lord Drakkon, the most dangerous and feared Power Ranger to ever exist. The two work almost perfectly together. The Maker would not only help Drakkon in increasing his power in exchange of learning more about the Morphin' Grid but The Maker would also strengthen Drakkon‘s belief that he isn’t the flawed Tommy Oliver. The Maker seemly genuinely believes that Drakkon is the ultimate version of himself, having acquired power like no other. having dealt with every threat to earth by himself. Having created a utopia where everyone was safe and happy until a "flawed" version Oliver came up and ruined everything. Drakkon genuinely appreciates The Maker’s friendship and support.
  • Space isn't an area that The Maker regularly deals in, preferring to focus more on earth, or other earths first. But it doesn't mean he's unfamiliar with what's out there. He himself had personally put an end to his world's version of Thanos, was there to stop Gah Lak Tus and later Galactus himself. He's been more active in the field and has proceeded to make even more enemies and allies.
    • The Doctor complexity and absolutely despises The Maker. Being a member of the Overseers of Time and Space and a partner of The Living Tribunal, The Doctor is given special insight of others do in greater omniverse and is completely disgusted with The Makers actions. Besides faking his own redemption, having destroyed sixty-seven different earths during the Incursions all while keeping the event a secret from everyone, he tricked Nick Fury into having the heroes of Earth-1610 to attack Earth-616. And these are only some of the crimes he's aware of. While The Maker normally wouldn't care, he did feel the need to point out that not only was what he did needed, the other heroes set out to do the exact same thing. Only he didn't back out at the last minute, cause the superhero community to split and have them ignore the end of everything in the process.
    • Without having to anything towards them, The Maker has earned the ire of both the entire Jedi Order and the Rebel Alliance. Besides already having a infamous reputation, he began supplying The Empire with advance weapons and battle ships. What's even worse is that they know these weapons from the Legends Univers and they know just how dangerous they can be. They initially hoped that they were well made replicas, but that was until The Maker approached Vader with a magma kyber crystal, a kyber crystal that could only be found on magma planets like Mustafar specifically in the Legends Universe. When The Maker approached Vader, he offered a deal between him the Jedi and Rebel Alliance. Namely that he would supply them with improved weaponry, vehicles, equipment and of course kyber crystals, as long as they turn a blind eye and leave him alone. Obviously they refused, but those who were closer to The Dark Side agreed to his offer. Concluding that the equipment was too valuable and useful to deny, all the while fully aware that they're playing right into The Maker's plan.
    • Among the many entities that either hate, tolerate or somehow enjoy the presence of The Maker, The Emperor of Mankind instead someone who pities him. The Emperor knows that he's tried to do good, tried to be good, but they wouldn't let him help. As someone who knows the potential in humanity and despises the ineptitude of those in charge, he knows his frustration and pain. He's upset with how The Maker, someone who he believes should have been the Ultimate Hero is instead The Ultimate Enemy.
    • In an effort to to find acquire more manpower and to insure that his business runs smoothly, The Maker sought out for a mercenary or freelancer. He decided to hire two known solders, Felix and The Meta. He managed to hire them both by paying them only with money, but with further upgraded versions of their equipment and the opportunity for revenge. The Maker even gave The Meta a special AI, a Smart AI made from The Maker's own brain. Fully capable operating anything and everything The Meta's previous AI's did and more. He gave Felix a personal Energy Sword, made specifically to work only for him.
    • Shepard really hates The Maker. Like The Doctor he hates him for how he destroyed sixty-seven different earths and all of it's inhabitants without remorse and almost getting away with it. He sees the alternate Richards as an affront to the heroic prime version, and swears to make him pay for all of his crimes. His partnership with The The Illusive Man did little to improve things, especially with how much more effective and dangerous Cerberus became from their new partnership.
    • The Maker came in contact with The Combine through Dr. Wallace Breen. Despite having incredibly advance alien technology, they're severely lacking in teleportation technology. They sent Wallace to recruit him, knowing full well that the Ultimate Reed Richards can fix their problem easily. Having made a number of deals ans alliances with aliens in the past, he accepted without much problem. But has yet to deliver, claiming that with each universe having different set of rules and laws with in how they function, teleportation included. A single mistake could lead to massive consequences, not to mention a loss of valuable resources. This is all a complete lie though, he the tech ready before they even heard of him. He's just biding his time, studying their technology and working alongside Wallace to overthrow The Combine.
      • What's actually concerning is that there was a report of the G-Man being spotted speaking with The Maker. Members of the House of Science, Technology, Time And Space built a device to try to spy and monitor the G-Man. The devise was a complete success, and they were able to briefly spy on the G-Man talking to The Maker in an unknown area. Unfortunately the devise wasn't perfect and both individuals saw that they were being spied on. The devise immediately malfunctioned and all attempts to replicate it have been met with failure.
  • The Maker isn’t really interested in the Grand United Alliances or their Forever War. Half of them don’t even want him involved. The only one that he actually pays attention to is the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Because he can’t fix the world if their is no world in it. It’s also why he’s against the Anti-Monitor.
I'm Reed Richards. The ultimate Reed Richards. The one who's finally going to solve everything.

Lesser Gods

    Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus 
Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius, God of Unplanned Lab Injuries (Doctor Octopus, Doc Ock, Master Planner, Leader of the Sinister Six, Master Programmer, Doctor Octogonapus, Superior Spider-Man, Superior Octopus, Dr. Elliot Tolliver, The Living Brain, Monster Ock, Science Squid, "Doctor Strange")
Superior Spider-Man 
Rami-Verse Doc Ock 
His "Spider-Man P S4" Self 


    Lewis Anthonio 
Lewis Anthonio, God of Homemade Inventions (Cornelius Robinson)
Click here  for his future self.

    Senku Ishigami 
Senku Ishigami, God of Benevolent Science
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hair, the Stone Formula, or a map of the Kingdom of Science
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Music: Good Morning World!, Senku's Mind, Strong Desire
  • Portfolio: Science Hero, Science Is Good, For Science!, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Deadpan Snarker, Determinator, Exaggerated Einstein Hair, Geek, Weak, but Skilled, Omnidisciplinary Scientist
  • Domains: Science, Leadership, Inventing
  • Heralds: the Kingdom Of Science, Ishigami Village
  • Allies: All good deities in the House of Science, especially Dexter, Professor Utonium, Lewis Anothio, Skuld, Edward Elric, Qubit, Amadeus Cho, Bentley Turtle, Yue Ayase, Abigail 'Abby' Sciuto, Sandy Cheeks, Manta Omayada, Doctor Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack, Sophie, Vivio Takamachi, Aya Brea, SCP-040, and Shokichi Komachi, Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Angelo, Piccolo, The Monster Hunters, Doraemon, All good Gundam deities, Arusu, Nine, Eight, Rationalist! Harry Potter, Steve, Aloy, Link, Princess Zelda, Princess Bubblegum, STARSET
  • Enemies: All evil deities in the House of Science, especially Professor Hojo, Cell, Dr. Nitrus Brio, and Plankton, Dr. Gero, Baby, Frieza, Majin Buu, Babidi, Zamasu, Fatalis, Prince Charmles, Marcello, Shou Tucker, Lord Recluse
  • Admires: Albert Einstein
  • Pities: The Indominus Rex, Mewtwo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Orochimaru, Kokonoe Mercury
  • Senku Ishigami is a high school student with an intellect capable of rivaling the greatest minds in the modern-day world with a dream of visiting outer space in a rocket. When civilization was petrified, he was able to remain conscious for the next 3,700 years by counting every second that passed. Upon eventually breaking free through his own determination, Senku is able to free his friends with the Stone Formula he created, vowing to recreate civilization by founding a Kingdom of Science. He is currently helping his friends and as well as the people of a nearby village through re-discovering lost inventions and technology.
  • One day, Senku received a letter of invitation to the Trope Pantheons due to the gods showing interest in how he managed to show the benevolent side of science and how it can help people. Senku agreed to shares his ideas with the Pantheon, hoping to help make the Pantheon a better place through science as well.
  • Senku has gotten along with other benevolent scientists and gods who love science, meeting them every now and then to discuss their findings. Of course, Senku has also met scientists who were abusing science for their own ends, so Senku vowed to stop them before they can cause anymore harm.
    • Senku gets along the most with Professor Utonium and Lewis, all of them being great leaders towards their allies (in Lewis' case, his future self. Senku). Senku also gets along with Abby, Sandy, Qubit, and Amadues Cho from the House of Scientists & Geniuses. Senku also meets Dexter and Jimmy, though due to their youth and tendency to make mistakes, Senku hopes to help them overcome their Fatal Flaws and grow as scientists and inventors.
      • Princess Bubblegum is a bit of a complicated case, since she has committed some shady deeds in the past, regardless of the reasons. Since she has changed however, and Bubblegum is doing her best to protect her people, Senku does respect her knowledge in science and leadership.
    • Senku likes to meet with Harry Potter-Evans-Verres to discuss how they can use magic to benefit science and society, although Senku disapproves of his desire to bring immortality to mankind, pointing out that not everyone wants to live forever as well as the numerous negative consequences that might follow if every human were immortalnote . He even points out that while death is depressing, that's exactly why we have to live life to the fullest. Rationality! Harry argues how a lot of people tend to see death the same as oblivion since not everyone believes in an afterlife, justifying a fear of death for both themselves and their loved ones, and wants to make immortality appreciable for those who don't want it.
      • The debate is very long, since gods in the Pantheon either take one side or believe Both Sides Have a Point. The more experienced Senku does show Rationalist! Harry videos of what immortality would be, quelling the latter's ambition somewhat but not eliminating it. Instead he hopes (for the time being) to make death a choice now for everyone instead.
    • Senku views Plankton as a disappointment, since he is a genius in science like him, yet lacks common sense in many matters and wastes time, energy, and resources trying to get the Krabby Patty formula when he could simply make a living selling his technology. Of course, knowing Plankton, he would probably take credit for that suggestion and eventually grow power hungry, so Senku doesn't say anything.
    • Senku downright despises immoral scientists and geniuses, believing they give science a bad name. Professor Hojo, Relius Clovernote , Shou Tuckernote , and Dr. Geronote  are some of the worst examples. Senku also despises Mayurinote  and Orochimarunote  for the innocent lives they claimed in the name of science, to the point he hates working with them despite being on the same side. Kokonoe is the only one he's willing to tolerate, though he still frowns upon her attitude in general.
      • Mobius is the only member of the Think Tank Senku is willing to accept, since he's the only one willing to use science for benevolent and constructive reasons. Senku especially hates the Big MT, which is basically a "scientific graveyard of Old World misery", due to it being a textbook definition science being misused.
      • Senku dislikes Lord Recluse, who despite being a scientist in his own right, uses his Super Intelligence to turn a mafia organization into supervillain conglomerate and plans several attacks out of spite towards his Arch-Enemy.
  • Senku shows kindness to beings created or augmented by science. Sophie, SCP-040, and Vivio he's shown treating with kindness, while beings like Mewtwo and the Indominus Rex he treats with pity due to what they had to go through when they were created. Of course, in the latter's case, he still knows that the creature has to be stopped and put down due to the danger it poses.
  • Senku once crossed paths with Aloy, who like him had to learn to survive in a world where modern age was turned into a primitive one, though in her case she had to fight machines acting as the wildlife. Senku forms a kinship with her over this, and promises to help her whenever she needs it, being a good inventor.
    • Senku would also befriend Link and Zelda, since two particular incarnations, especially Link, had to live in a society 100 years after they failed to stop Ganon from destroying their home. Senku is quite interested in the Shekiah Slate, and hopes to have his own to further his advancements in technology and science.
  • Senku is also quite the otaku, and he's quite excited to meet deities from the video game and anime franchises he's enjoyed, including the Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Doraemon deities.
    • Senku finds the memes of his world and the world of Minecraft rather humourous, considering they both revolve around building things from scratch by collecting any materials they can find. Senku actually gets along with Steve for this very reason.
  • Besides being a genius in multiple fields, Senku is also wise for someone his age and a great leader, which is how he managed to found the Kingdom of Science. He may act like an Insufferable Genius at times, but he also wants to genuinely help people with science and help them grow. He even acknowledges other people's strengths and talents, which is why he trusted many of his allies to do what he could not.


    Albert Einstein 
Albert Einstein, God of Time Dilation and Smart Hair