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Greater Gods

    Altair/Military Uniform Princess 
Altair, Goddess of Autodestructive Anger (Military Uniform Princess, Donut Steel)
  • Greater Goddess borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Holopsicon
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil. Now True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Antagonist Abilities, Attack Reflector, Big Bad, Combo Platter Powers, Evil Is Hammy, Exotic Eye Designs, From Nobody to Nightmare, Invincible Villain, Omnicidal Maniac, An Original Character created after another, Reality Warper, Villain Teleportation, Wanting to avenge her Creator
  • Domains: Fiction, Villains, Creations, Original Characters, Destruction
  • Herald: Setsuna Shimazaki (her creator)
  • Allies: Esdeath, Alcor
  • Rivals: Gilgamesh, Black★Rock Shooter
  • Enemies: Altria Pendragon, Madoka Kaname, Bob, Lord English, Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus
  • Opposes: People who had tried to sympathize with her.
  • Opposed by: Most Magical Girls
  • Annoyed by: Deadpool
  • On good terms with: Other Original Characters
  • Complicated Relationships: Meteora Österreich
  • What is known about this strange character is that she once manifested into the real world and decided to bring a handful of fictional character to life and join her. Altair intended to avenge her creator after the latter committed suicide and couldn't complete her story, which prompted to try and destroy the world. Several of the characters she brought ultimately fought her, but her immense power proved to be a huge obstacle for her enemies and both the creators and their creations that opposed Altair had to create a crossover story featuring her as the main villain to try and contain her for doing further damage to the real world. It almost failed if not for a creation of Setsuna Shimazaki, her creator, didn't convince Altair to abandon her quest for revenge.
  • How she came to become a goddess in the pantheon is uncertain, she only recalls warping into this place after she was trying to create another world for Setsuna, which ultimately led her here. She was surprised for the huge number of fictional characters that reside in this place and having a few of them who looked familiar to her. The problem was that the Court of Gods denied her of taking control of the Pantheon since it wasn't a domain where she could change the rules at will even if she tried, which the only compensation that they allowed Setsuna to be her herald.
  • She was created as an Expy of a MMO character that her Author liked, but many have also noticed many other references to other characters in the pantheon. Her backstory of being a fanmade character who took the internet by storm is very reminiscent of Black★Rock Shooter, which Altair ended up confronting just to see if the rumors were true. She was not dissapointed.
    • Other people noted that she also resembles Esdeath in appearance and attire, even some of her mannerisms too. Surprisingly, Esdeath ended up befriending Altair on the principle that she admires how strong she is and how in the end she managed to end up with the one she loved, unlike Esdeath.
  • Unlike in the real world, in the Pantheon Altair is not as strong as she formerly was, mostly because of the Elimination Festival given her a proper canon and because of the fan reception that powered her being much more weaker. Not too mention that a sizable part of the real world consider her a rather divisive character to begin with.
  • Seems to look down on the Knight in Shining Armor type characters as boring and predictable. She especially does not get along with Altria Pendragon which reminds her of Aliceteria February and because Altair herself seems to have taken a few pages of Gilgamesh in a few of her moves.
  • Magical Girls are also another character that seems to get in her nerves, mostly because of how Mamika tried to talk her down and trying to convince her to abandon her mission, which prompted her to kill Mamika. The latter's resemblance to Madoka hasn't gone unnoticed by Altair, but she has no intention of talking with the magical girl.
  • Considering how much she loves her creator, the idea of killing your own creator seems alien to her. Yet, she found a few gods that did exactly that, who disgust her. Bob was one who was very close to killing his author and obviously does not get along with Altair. The same could be said for Lord English, who actually succeeded in doing so and is powerful enough to give Altair a run for her money.
  • Can't stand the likes of Deadpool for his constant breaking of the Fourth Wall and also because he made fun of her because of being an Original Character, constantly calling her names like Donut Steel. And given his Healing Factor, she can't even get rid of him.
  • Some may wonder if her feelings for her creator are either of a child loving their father or maybe something else. Altair has not made any clarifications on the matter.
  • She was named after the brightest of the Aquila costelation and that might probably mean why she has been confused for other people. That said, she does get along with Alcor given a few shared similarities plus his powers have piqued her interest.
  • Many good-aligned gods are absolutely disgusted by the fact that she got away with all the death and destruction she caused in her universe and have taken measures to fight her if she provokes them. Altair even had the gall of saying she doesn't really regret the harm she has caused and she would do it all over again if it meant seeing Setsuna alive. Her unrepentant attitude means even the friendlier gods like Ash Ketchum, Twilight Sparkle and Steven Universe want nothing to do with her, especially after hearing about what she did to Mamika and Aliceteria. They haven't made a move against her because the Court of the Gods ensured she cannot do as much damage in the Pantheon as she did in her homeworld and because Setsuna vouched for her. Still, if she ever steps out of line, they'll know.
    • Other more neutral leaning gods reasoned that while she did kill Mamika and debatably killed Alicetaria, she never killed any humans, (even though she planned to), and that both her kills were Creations that would have had went back to their worlds becoming subject to the will of the authors too. Some of the more sympathetic of them had said that while they died in the real world, they still got to live a happier ending when a crossover event was made featuring both of them.
  • Is angered and disgusted by the ascension of Masamune Dan. Having seen his arrogance and treatment of all creations, Altair has come to view the villainous Kamen Rider as the very embodiment of everything wrong with the land of the gods she wanted to destroy and the kind of inhumanity that caused her Creator to commit suicide in the first place.
  • Also present in the House of Emotion.

    Lunatic Cultist 
Lunatic Cultist, God of Summoning Greater Powers Before One's Demise
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A rune circle with him and two doppelgangers around it
  • Theme Song: Golem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Dragon & The Heavy to The Moon Lord/Cthulhu, Ambiguously Human Evil Sorcerer heading an Apocalypse Cult, Doppelgänger Spin to Doppelgänger Attack, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Instant Runes, Magic Missile Storm, Plague Doctor-like mask, "Get Back Here!" Boss
  • Domains: Cults, Magic, Summoning
  • Heralds: The Lunatic Cult, The Celestial Pillars (Solar Pillar, Vortex Pillar, Stardust Pillar, Nebula Pillar)
  • High Priest: Darksol (Trope Namer)
  • Superior: Cthulhu and by extension The Great Old Ones
  • Allies: The Mechanical Bosses, Sinistar, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Eggman Nega, Arthas Menethil and The Scourge under his command, The Hag, Hagatha the Witch, Ganondorf Dragmire, King Sombra, Zarok, Majora, Void Termina, Millenniumon and Diaboromon, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Enemies: The House of Plants and The House of Nature (primarily the Nature Preservers and of them Gaea), Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy Rose, Rotor Walrus, Link, Zelda, Skull Kid, Kirby, All heroic Digimon deities, Tippi and Count Bleck, Plague Knight, Mona, SCP-049
  • Our story in the world of Terraria begins with The Moon Lord, Cthulhu. Long ago, he arrived bringing forth his goals of wanton destruction and enslavement of all life. The only ones who stood bravely in a world on the verge of annihilation were a race of Dryads and through their connection to the planet were truly able to halt his advance and wage war against such an immense being. Yet for all their power it was not enough to truly kill, only able to cripple through taking out much of his organs and forcing his retreat into the darkness of the moon itself. It came at a cost, however, as all but one one of the Dryads perished in their efforts. An untold amount of time later would a Lunatic Cult emerge to try and reconstitute their master and many of what's wrong with the world can be traced back to them, or more precisely their leader: The Lunatic Cultist. Left unchecked, their actions will spell doom for the world and finish what The Moon Lord had long started. A hero would come into the picture and catch up to the cult performing a ritual, but before the Lunatic Cultist met his untimely demise he would successfully summon The Celestial Pillars and by extension, The Moon Lord himself after their destruction.
  • It was yet another day involving The Mechanical Bosses wrecking havoc across the landscape. Several members of the Grand United Alliance of Good have been dispatched alongside local House authorities to deal with their dissidence but they soon noticed four ominous looking figures overlooking the destruction down below. In trying to confront them the figures vanished without a trace. Later, the same reported group was seen alongside a shoreline conducting some sort of ritual. When another team was sent to they turned hostile but all of them proved to be easily dispatched... until their boss appeared out of the blue. Despite being no more impressive than his cohorts by appearance, he proved to be a very tricky foe to deal with in the end. Though the fight did shift to their favor in the long run, the leader ultimately escaped and stole away a Pantheonic title for himself.
  • Hearing of Cthulhu's presence in the Pantheon was really all the incentive needed for the Lunatic Cultist to have interest in the Pantheon. He bid his time, exploiting the Pantheon's ability to bring back even the most Deader than Dead beings to allow The Mechanical Bosses to roam free once more. The Grand United Alliance of Good catching on to his actions was a bit unprecedented, expecting them to do so a bit later, but it proved unimportant. In the end he was still able to remain in the Pantheon and serve him. By extension this includes the rest of the Great Old Ones and isn't at all opposed to working under them though his loyalties lie squarely with The Sleeper of R'lyeh. Often, he and his cronies will be seen in many places around the Pantheon trying to truly awaken him.
  • As you may have already guessed the Lunatic Cultist is the reason why The Mechanical Bosses even exist in the first place thanks to the kidnapping of The Mechanic. They would served as replacement organs for Cthulhu and would along with a work in progress new mechanical brain had not a hero came in and slayed them all. His involvement with The Mechanical Bosses, along with his desires to improve them and actually finish up on the cerebral simulacrum, has lead to an alliance with Dr. Eggman who himself has a piqued interest in the mechanical monstrosities. It's clearly for his own benefit of furthering his empire and crushing Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies for good, but more than likely he's probably biting more than he can chew here associating with a cook like the cultist. Admittedly, it's nothing new anyways. A more straightforward alliance would be with his identical descendant, Dr. Eggman Nega whom he does behind the original Eggman's back. He's much like his ancestor, only much more cruel.
    • You'd better believe these alliances with the two Eggman have tipped off Sonic and his allies. And it hasn't helped that in one incident he and his cult tried to apprehend Tails and Rotor Walrus to repeat what they did with The Mechanic. The two proved far more capable they look and it didn't take long for Amy Rose and a large group of gods she gathered to catch up and fend him off. While a very deadly foe in his own right, the Lunatic Cultist doesn't wish to draw any further attention and opted to retreat instead.
    • While we're still on The Mechanical Bosses it had become apparent that they are affiliated with Sinistar so it would come natural that the cultist would also partner with such a being too. Being similar in nature to the Mechanical Bosses might have helped smoothed the process of becoming allies. That, and sharing a roof with said bosses. Though kept confined in his temple the cultist has plans of granting Sinistar more, shall we say, carte blanche as a deity.
  • In addition, he and his group were also responsible for the curse befalling a once thriving city, twisting its inhabitants into becoming maddened undead servants and thus creating what would now be called the Dungeon. Such corruption of the land on such as scale has earned the approval of both Hagatha the Witch and The Hag of the Weald, two sorceresses who have accomplished similar feats. The cultist has taken routine visits to each of their domains to combine their magical talents, in preparation for something truly catastrophic in proportion. As far as actual undead allies are concerned, however, the cultist gives his support towards Kel'Thuzad and the rest of the Scourge that supports Arthas Menethil.
  • As The Dryad people have weakened his master the Cultist holds a severe vengeance against not only the entirety of the Houses of Plants and Nature but also any and all Nature Spirits out there. Generally, the sentiment is returned just as much for his crimes against the world of Terraria itself and have since become his most recurring foes. In particular, there is some serious vitriol between him an Gaea as he sees her as one of the biggest threats to any plan continuing forward. No matter what form she takes. Associating with both Hagatha and The Hag have only served to heighten the vicious vitriol.
  • The cultist found himself frequently opposed by the likes of Link and Princess Zelda. Their troublesome opposition has logically lead to the Lunatic Cultist seeking out their archenemy throughout all of history: Ganondorf. He partnered with him both under a matter of convenience and because he was impressed by the sheer power no matter the form he takes. Still, the cultist watches his back behind him. While on the topic of magic users the cultist has also partnered with King Sombra and Zarok, no doubt wanting to gather more powerful allies on his side.
  • A staunch worshiper of a great destroyer himself, he took note that the Pantheon has a great deal of such entities and there doesn't seem to be any visable shortage of them. To note, the Lunatic Cultist became allies with the likes of Majora, Void Termina, Millenniumon, and Diaboromon. And of them all, the Lunatic Cultist holds a special interest in Majora and Void Termina. Both their rather eldritch natures have intrigued the cultist as though his faith in Cthulhu is unshakable he believes they are nonetheless both worthy of praise. One wonders how even he can willingly partner with Majora, a Psychopathic Manchild of a monster, though such is zealotry.
    • By then, the cultist was already opponents with Link due to his encounter with Majora but Skull Kid had also joined in due to being directly manipulated and corrupted by the nefarious entity through his deep loneliness. In addition, Kirby has begun opposing the cultist as he's all to familiar with battling the Jambastion Cult who sought to revive Void Termina himself as well as every single good Digimon deity out there. Count Bleck and Tippi have also greatly opposed the cultist due to the former having once tried to destroy everything himself in his despair over the latter's disappearance. The cultist only responded by looking into the Chaos Heart for himself.
  • For your information, no, The Moon Lord isn't a brother of Cthulhu. They are one in the same being, The Moon Lord is just an alternate title. The Lunatic Cultist has no idea what spawned such an odd train of thought and will quickly dispel such blatant misinformation whenever possible.
  • The shape of his mask draws inspiration from Plague Doctors, but of course the cultist is no mere medicine man seeking to mend plagues or any other maladies. This miffed Plague Knight and his partner Mona, who find him quite the... eh, lunatic. SCP-049 shares this sentiment, even believing the Lunatic Cultist is betraying the oath all doctors take. While the cultist himself is not exactly a spreader of plague and disease nor does he actually commit to any medical malpractice he is indeed open to such an idea for future reference.

Intermediate Gods

    Jinpachi Mishima 

I'm impressed that you've made it this far. I am Jinpachi Mishima. My goal... My goal is to destroy all existence!

Jinpachi Mishima, God of Instigating One's Own Death (Strongest Fist)
Jinpachi's devil form 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when transformed)
  • Symbol: The Mishima Zaibatsu Logo
  • Theme Songs: The Finalizer and Conclusion
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Evil when fully possessed)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, The Ace, Back from the Dead, Body Horror, The final boss of the fifth tournament, Death Seeker, Dying as Yourself, Fighting from the Inside, Large and in Charge, Transforms into a demon with a Belly Mouth, Sometimes covered in fire, SNK Boss, Tragic Villain, One of the few good-hearted Mishimas
  • Domains: Combat, Martial Arts, Possession, Honor, Death
  • Allies: Master Roshi, Mr. Miyagi, Gouken, Master Oogway, Sun Wukong
  • Enemies: Heihachi Mishima (His son), Ogre, Akuma, Pazuzu, The Rock of Ages, Shao Kahn, Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein, Tai Lung, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Conflicting Opinions: Kazuya Mishima (His grandson), Kazumi Mishima (Daughter-in-law and student), Jin Kazama (Great-grandson)
  • Jinpachi Mishima, founder of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the Mishima Style Fighting Karate. Once an honorable man that strived to benefit his company and dojo, considered to be one of the best martial artist in the world. That all changed when his son Heihachi Mishima betrayed him by staging a coup and taking over his company, imprisoning the old man and letting him starve to death under the temple of Honmaru. This was one of many tragedies that befell the Mishima clan, overtime something darker slowly awoke inside Jinpachi that perdured even after his death, corrupting his very soul and overtaking his body years later after his prison unexpectedly exploded. Jinpachi, with his remaining inner strenght, wrote a letter to his best friend, Wang Jinrei, and organized the Iron Fist Tournament 5 to ensure that someone would put an end to him should things get out of control. And he patiently waited for the one to put an end to his madness.
  • That one fighter eventually turned out to be his great-grandson, Jin Kazama. After a grueling duel, Jinpachi was killed as he so desired, the fate of the Mishima Zaibatsu in Jin's hand. Though many would assume that was the end for the tormented old man, imagine his surprise when he awoke in another temple, familiar yet different, no longer shackled under a rock. Due to his plan to end himself assisted by an unassuming fighter, he was awarded such a title. Not an expected result but one that would give Jinpachi a second chance at life and redemption after death.
  • Knowing that his family members were around in the pantheon didn’t amuse him in the slightest, especially knowing that both Kazuya and Heihachi shared a house. His presence did make Kazuya calm down a little, if only because both him and his grandpa have a common enemy in Heihachi. The latter is not surprised to see his old man again and is already planning to trap him under an even bigger rock.
    • He’s on fairly cordial terms with his great-grandson Jin Kazama. Even though he killed him, he saw it as a necessary to end his madness. However, he definitely does not agree on the way Jin used the Mishima Zaibatsu to wage war against the world, even if he had good reasons to do so
    • And then there was Kazumi, one of his star students. Jinpachi was glad to see her again after so long, but learning that she is the origin point of the devil gene that plagues his descendants definitely didn’t sit well with him, especially given that she planned to end his bloodline. Although in rare twists of events, Jinpachi said that at very least, his son deserved it.
  • Even here, he struggles to keep the devil at bay. Doing research inside the pantheon libraries and with some help from Kazumi, he discovered that the entity possessing him was not a curse in the Mishima bloodline, but an unrelated devil entirely. Even so, Jinpachi is dead set on getting rid of him, or managing to control it. This is one of the reasons he stays as far away from the house of Demons as possible (especially Pazuzu, who took an interest in Jinpachi as a potential host)
  • As an old martial artist, he struck a friendship with those in similar positions. From Master Roshi to Mr. Miyagi, they respect Jinpachi for his prowess even if he is over 100 years old at this stage. He is also fairly close with Master Oogway, who style and personality remind him a lot of his old friend Wang Jinrei
    • Gouken was another deity that was interested in learning more about the Mishima Style, hearing from both of his students who had fought users of the style before. Through Jinpachi he learned that his estranged brother Akuma actually was hired by Kazumi to kill both Heihachi and Kazuya should she fail her mission, which alarmed both he and Jinpachi. The elder Mishima is not at all pleased of this discovery and scoffs at Akuma's whole philosophy, while the latter is dissapointed such power and skill is wasted on a foolish old man struggling to even control a fraction of his power without obliterating the world.
  • Sympathetic to those that were imprisoned for a long time. He couldn’t believe it when he met the legendary Sun Wukong who had also been imprisoned, but in his case under a mountain, and the two began to form friendship, even sparring from time to time. In another situation, he also heard of Tai Lung, a powerful martial artist feared in his lands from his immense might. He was warned by his friend Oogway to not take Tai Lung lightly, so when they actually met, Jinpachi was well prepared to fight him. It was a close match but Jinpachi proved to be the superior fighter, which only made Tai Lung even hungrier for a rematch as he finally found yet another worthy opponent.
  • The House of Gaming is not fond of Jinpachi, supposedly due to how much of a challenge he is to beat, exploiting tricks that would leave even the most skilled of fighters helpless, although Jinpachi has claimed he fights fair and can't do much against the devil that takes control of his body whenever he is fought at the end of the tournament.
  • The last thing Jinpachi wants to be reminded of is about his imprisonment under Hon-maru. There, Heihachi forced him to hold a giant rock till he either got crushed or starved to death. That’s why he almost went berserk when the Rock of Ages was just rolling around and almost ran over him. With his immense strength, Jinpachi stop the rock in its tracks and transformed into his devil form out of pure rage. After an intense battle, Jinpachi was victorious, though witnesses say it’s because he kept spamming his fireballs.
  • Although his reputation precedes him, that doesn’t mean he gets along with fighters with similar reputations. He abhors the conqueror Shao Kahn as yet another power hungry monster not unlike his son Heihachi, a comparison that made Kahn scoff at the idea of being compared to mere earthrealmer. On the other hand, Geese Howard was itching to fight THE Mishima patriarch, as he had faced his brethren before and been wanting a real challenge after the disappointing output of the other Mishimas, a challenge Jinpachi was eager to accept. So was his co-deity, Rugal Bernstein, who found the perfect opportunity to go all out to someone that could actually take him head on.
  • The GUAD took interest in the devil possessing Jinpachi, as the untapped potential of sheer destruction it has is immense and could further their plans of total annihilation. Unfortunately, Jinpachi has been getting help in attempts to control it and the demon’s influence diminishes by the minute. The GUAD has made numerous attempts to capture Jinpachi, but as usual, any attack is met with a swift beatdown provided by Jinpachi. He won’t lose his will this time.
  • On calmer days, he can be found drinking his favorite drink in the House of Food alongside his best friend Wang Jinrei. He hadn’t had the proper time to catch up ever since his resurrection after all. Although secretly, they both have been trying to find a way to regain the lost hair they lost during their old age. (Some say that this is the actual Mishima curse: pattern hair loss)
  • "Show me what you can do!"

Kessler, The God Who Seeks Death (Cole MacGrath)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Ray Sphere
  • Theme: End of the Road
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but was originally Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Shock and Awe, Artificial Limbs (an arm though), Can use lightning better than Cole, Flash-stepping everywhere, Light Is Not Good, Genius Bruiser, Time Travel, Doing what was necessary to prepare against The Beast, Atoning his mistakes by being the villain, being the dark future version of Cole himself
  • Domains: Lightning, Delivery, Time, Knowledge, Evil Counterparts
  • Heralds: The First Sons
  • High Priests: Kratos Aurion, The Nameless One
  • Allies: Samaritan, Ozymandias
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: SCP-1440, Dark Danny, Most villains, especially Omnicidal Maniacs.
  • Commonality Connection with: Portgas D. Ace, Deadshot, Jellal
  • Opposed by: Majority of the House of Time and Temporality and Prophecy. This heavily extends to Chromie, Clockwork and Nozdormu
  • Enemies: Cole MacGrath, Alex Mercer, Eneru, Billy Baston/Shazam
  • Not so different from: Lord Gwyn
  • A man of an unknown past, Kessler was one of Cole's first enemies he hunted down in his story. While fighting him, he had no idea of his origins and his motives, until the reveal came up, in which he is an alternate version of Cole but in a terrible future, where his girlfriend and kids are dead by the Beast. And to make up for this, he became a villain to correct his mistakes. Not only did this reveal give Cole a Heroic BSoD, but gave him a potential spot in the Pantheon.
    • But what did give him a spot in the Pantheon was his objective to search for another alternative Cole (aka the one he's fighting against) and fight him to the death in order to see if he's worthy against The Beast, in which is a sign that he wants to end his miserable life. This became his marking spot in entering Pantheonic grounds.
  • During his first day of ascension, he wanted to bring his army, the First Sons into the Pantheon to secure his position. It failed, but the Main House agreed to only keep them as heralds for now, as what they would be ascended for will be unknown.
  • As the evil, alternate version of Cole, he seeks Cole MacGrath for more preparations to come. He has been trying his best to avoid Kessler as much as he can, since he has vehemently hated him as him, but on a darker past. Because of this, his searches on Cole has become aggressive, to the point of harming his allies to attract him down.
    • On a larger note, the reason why he wants to fight Cole is to prepare him for a larger entity known as the Beast. Sadly for him, the Pantheonic Cole is still the weaker version, meaning it will take more than just simple confrontations to "train" him down under.
    • However, he also doesn't like the fact that this Cole also has two sides, Good and Evil, mostly on the Evil one, since later on, it absorbs the Beast's power to became the new beast. Making his confrontation and objective All for Nothing. He's planning to see which side he can control.
  • While he is a Death Seeker, his ascension to the Pantheon rather left him in disappointment, as his wishes in death weren't entirely fulfilled (since the Pantheon had to revive him just to claim his position). However, upon hearing of many powerful deities in the Pantheon, as well as Cole himself, this has given him motivation to become the villain once more, and forewarning to the presence of The Beast.
    • Thanks to this discovery, he's sometimes seen having chatting sessions with Portgas Ace. Both have seeked death once in their life (though he got better by Luffy, but still died anyway) and have to deal with the fact that they have to live once more even though they want to stay dead (because its the Pantheon's Death Is Cheap status). Thankfully, he shares his sympathies with him too.
    • Jellal and Deadshot also visits him, as they were also Death Seekers at their own primes. The former however sees danger in him, since he reminds him of Mystogan, Jellal's otherworldly counterpart.
  • Studying the Pantheon for potential candidates he can use to merge Cole into, he has looked on a few potentials:
    • He finds Alex Mercer to be the true candidate for confrontation since his virus powers can prove worth for fighting against Cole. Problem is, he's also hated by him for reminding him too much of Cole even though he's actually Cole from another universe. He's only bidding his time for the two to fight to the death and see who's worth.
  • His ability to Time Travel at will, along with going back in time to the present Cole has earned him a heavy ire towards most gods in the House of Time and Temporality. This is because while he may have time traveled to warn him of a Bad Future, his actions and atrocities against Cole alongside his manipulation of the prophecy of The Beast was almost against most morals for the keepers of time. Nozdormu and most especially Clockwork have placed him on probation should he attempt to use his powers again.
  • Shazam has placed a huge watchlist on him, as his powers and his First Sons reminds him greatly of Black Adam. Because of this, the two clash, though Kessler admits Shazam may have great potential.
  • Despite being oddly similar, he has a mixed relation with Dark Danny. They may be similar in terms of characteristics, with Dark Danny being the future of the phantom himself and Kessler being Cole's future self in an alternate universe, but in objectives, thats where the comparison ends. Kessler only wanted to fight Cole, so that he could prepare him for the Beast but for Dark Danny, he only wants to cause destruction at his own will. This placed both on odds against each other.
  • Due to his objective with Cole and his actions, he's almost compared to Lord Gwyn, possible for many similarities, such as using the good guys as tools (Kessler for Cole, and Gwyn for most humans), going to heavy lengths to achieve their goals, (being the villain for the former and the latter forcing chosen undead to be fed into the fire) and being extremely powerful in their own right. However, this did not sit well for the Old King, as he still sees Kessler nothing more but a human.
  • With his plans of seeking new allies, he has planned to join many other villains, but only if they will fight with him against the Beast. Anyone else that are too evil for his tastes are taken down with no mercy. Just ask him about his first encounter with Eneru.
    Kessler: Anyone who allies with me must follow me to death. If you aren't worthy, stay out of our path.
    • Because of this, Samaritan and Ozymanidas have joined in his crusade against the ultimate threat. The latter expresses his sentiments to Kessler's life, something most villains wouldn't do.
    • As a result, his resume to the GUAE has been on hold as most villains sees him as not evil enough. Melkor is disappointed upon hearing that another potential candidate was not worthy for his alliance.
  • "I've always been there, Cole. Every step of your life."

    Suzaku Kururugi 
Suzaku Kururugi, God Who Cannot Self-Terminate ([Formerly] Knight of Seven, Knight of Zero, Spinzaku, Zero)

Lesser Gods

    Elize Lutus 
Elize Lutus, Goddess of Reduced Lifespans (Elise Lutus)

    Helena Bertinelli/Huntress 
Every hero has a story, not that I'm some kind of hero. But there comes a point when to survive, the hunted must become the Huntress.

Helena Rosa Bertinelli, Goddess of Preferring Dangerous Circumstances (Huntress, Helena Janice Bertinelli, Batgirl, Iron Owl, Matron)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her crossbow or her trademark eyewear
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Vigilante Woman, Unscrupulous Anti-Hero, Action Girl, Badass Normal, Is a High School Teacher by Profession, Was Emotionally Damaged by the Death of her Family, Is a Lot Smarter than she Seems, Sees Herself as More Expendable than her Teammates, Was Willing to Kill, Torturing Criminals for Intel, Determinator, Used to Be a Sweet Kid
  • Domains: Vigilantes, Revenge, Acceptance, The Mafia, Challenge, Expendability
  • Herald: Helena Wayne (the Huntress of Earth 2)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Most of the Hall of Detectives, Rorschach
  • Enemies: The Joker, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Victor Zsasz, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Regime Superman, Nicky Cavella, Diavolo, Vito and Michael Corleone, The Slavers, Zouken Matou
  • Worthy Opponent: Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva
  • Respected By: A Majority of the House of School
  • On Good Terms With: Filia, Cerebella, Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki , John Rambo
  • Opposes Any and All Rapists (especially Griffith and Molag Bal)
  • Pities: Bloody Marie
  • Commonality Connection: Rei Ayanami
  • Helena Rosa Bertinelli was once a citizen of Gotham City who used to be a member of a notable Mafia family. Befitting of someone living in one of the most crime-ridden cities, Helena did not have a good childhood and was forced to endure a series of personal tragedies, with various different events told in different iterations, including sexual violation and watching her family get gunned down in front of her. This provided a stimulus in her deciding to take up crimefighting and rechristening herself as the vigilante, Huntress. Unlike a certain famous vigilante in the same city, Helena had no qualms about using lethal force against her targets and enemies, because of which she came into blows against the Batman himself regarding how to fight crime.
    • Despite their conflicting stance in combating their fears and enemies, Huntress and Batman have occasionally worked together when it came down to battling mutual foes. Regardless, she was able to make new friends via particular members of the Batfamily. In time, she decided to induct herself into a Power Trio, consisting of herself, metahuman Black Canary, and former Batgirl Barbara Gordon, who took up the mantle of Oracle. Together, they formed the Birds of Prey firmly setting themselves up as some of the most formidable female vigilantes in their world.
  • Huntress was the last of the original members of the Birds of Prey to find her way into the Pantheon. Prior to that, Black Canary and Barbara were seeking to find a way to ascend her, with additional help being given to them by their allies from their world who had also ascended and by new friends that they had made in this new world. In time, Barbara was able to make her way, though her first days in the Pantheon were rather rocky. She ended up in the House of Crime and Transgressions where she had to fight her way through a couple of criminals. Her time there led to her learning about a trio of disgusting slavers who made profits in human trafficking. Hellbent on punishing them, Helena razed through, though a sudden reunion from Dinah and Barbara cut her attempt abruptly. The three of them promised to take down the Slavers one day, and news came around that someone else had beaten Helena to it when it came down to delivering justice upon them. After taking the time to rest, Helena decided to explore the Pantheon and familiarize herself in the new realm of which she was now a part, with help from Dinah and Barbara, of course.
  • Helena's role as a vigilante has been rather... interesting. While the core idea of a Gotham vigilante who takes lethal actions towards crime is now a new thing as a certain Red Hood has proven, Huntress has been doing that before he did. Many have noted that she went through a similar tragedy as Bruce, only that she ended up repaying her suffering in a more violent fashion. While Bruce does understand Helena's turmoil, he does have a difficult time in trying to reach out to her in regards to approaching crime. That is until Huntress did mellow out and stopped killing criminals, though she does remain as vicious as ever. Even so, she does aid Bruce from time to time.
    • Like Bruce and the rest of the Batfamily, Huntress is pretty well known for one thing; she will never, ever, give up in a fight or completing an objective, even if it means dying or passing out to get the job done. So much so that in an obviously losing battle against Lady Shiva, her persistence and her tendency to use whatever underhanded and dirty tricks possible allowed her to get a hit on Shiva, an act that wound up earning her respect as no one, not even the Batman himself, is able to knock her down. Though at the same time, Huntress doesn't really put a much higher emphasis on herself, which explains her nature to constantly take on missions and objectives that would cost her her life. She's aware of this and states that she wouldn't be as missed as, say, Black Canary, though her fellow allies digress.
      • She's surprisingly become friends with Adora because of this. Adora, during her adventures as the hero She-Ra, stated that she was thrust into mission-after-mission in an attempt to save the universe from the tyranny of Horde Prime and on some occasions, she was willing to die if it meant completing her objectives and saving the universe. As a result, she empathizes with Helena, though Adora does feel as of Huntress could tone down her vicious nature towards criminals. Helena respects Adora and what she's said but finds difficulty in becoming less brutal towards her enemies, despite her lack of killing for now. Even more surprisingly, she realized this was a trait she shared with Rei Ayanami. In the case of the latter, Rei thinks she can be replaced in case she is killed because she's a clone vessel for Yui Ikari, though much like Huntress herself, the friends she's made beg to differ and accept her regardless. Rei does pity Helena's circumstances for why she became what she is, while Helena feels as if Rei deserves better than being a backup clone who's engineered to be a weapon. John Rambo is one more being who developed a thought of seeing himself as expendable, as his experiences in the Vietnam War left him traumatized and jaded in general. The weight of the damage was so much that Helena thinks that Rambo deserves a good rest after all that he went through and would like to help him out in that regard, to which the soldier reciprocated with some respect.
  • Helena's signature weapon is a crossbow. When given a thought, it seems like a weird choice as Huntress tends to be someone who is willing to apply lethal force to her enemies, yet she doesn't use a gun, much like most of the Batfamily. The reason why Huntress doesn't use a gun? She's just not good at using them, it's got nothing to do with the fact that crossbows are cooler. For using a similar weapon, she gets along rather well with the Green Arrow... unless one counts that time where she was an ally-turned-adversary for him, but Helena herself doesn't seem to dwell too much on it.
  • For her civilian identity, Helena serves as a high school teacher and, on top of treating her job seriously, is also quite passionate and supportive about her students. So naturally, she was able to take up the role of a substitute teacher in the House of School. It's pretty clear that she enjoys her job and obviously enough, her forte is in Physical Education. Little does anyone know, Helena tends to bring along her vigilante costume with her in case trouble appears close to where she is teaching. A general rule; mess or hurt with one of her students and Helena will be paying back. Hard.
  • She also has a good deal of interest in theatre and in finely crafted food. As a result, Helena sometimes spends her free days attending the Houses of Food and Theatre and Spectacle and does what she can to make the most of it. It's a common trait for mafia members to enjoy such subjects that Helena herself is into and sometimes, she'll even bring along her fellow Birds of Prey members to hang out and have fun. Still, she is a bit annoyed that there are some villainous deities there who are up to no good, but with other heroes handling the business there, Helena is fine with taking a break in that case.
  • The criminals that Helena hates the most are rapists, which seems reasonable enough given that she was a victim of one, and it's one of the reasons why she goes ahead with killing criminals at first. Her motivation for revenge proved a familiar collection with Sakura Matou, who also underwent a similar situation that ended up turning her into a fragile and emotional figure with a dark side. Learning through one another's pain allowed Sakura to empathize with what Helena had been through and offered condolences. Learning about Zouken Matou, the architect of Sakura's suffering as well as her ancestor, Huntress vows to make him answer to his crimes. Huntress also became familiar with Fujino Asagami, a legendary Servant of the Archer Class who awakened her psychic powers through being sexually violated and used them to kill her tormenters in self-defense. While Huntress did feel uncomfortable about what Fujino went through, she understood why Fujino killed her rapists and said that she had it coming. While they don't fight side-by-side as they have their own matters to contend to, they do get along and Helena and Fujino feel as if them seeing one another can help them come to terms with their pain and dedicate their goals to help those in need.
    • By extension, Helena also found good company with Casca, Red Sonja, Miku Izayou, Yui Kiriyama, and Ellen, all of whom went through harrowing experiences of rape. Huntress is especially protective of Yui as she's in her teen years and reminds her of the high school students that she tends to teach. Casca does sadden her as her rapist also happened to be her savior and the one who inspired her to become a mercenary. Helena is open to taking training sessions with Casca and Red Sonja whilst trying to help out Miku and Yui in fending for themselves, even if they're more than capable of doing so. That said, Helena is happy to learn that most of them are recovering to an extent, though in the case of Ellen, she wants to find a way to connect and help her out due to her experiences with AM.
  • Helena, of course, sees Griffith in absolute disgust and does not buy into his messianic image for even a second. Of course, her being friends with Casca has helped in finding out what kind of person Griffith really is, and the fact that he raped Casca out of petty sadism towards Guts and still wanting to be seen as a king and hero has Helena cringe in disbelief, though it does frustrate her as she can do nothing about it, given that Griffith is way beyond her power. In a similar vein, Huntress also keeps wary of Molag Bal, a Daedric Prince whose act of committing rape gave rise to Vampires in Tamriel, not to mention that he takes pride in his actions.
  • The House of Family is a bit of a sensitive spot for Helena. Not that she has anything against the House, but the reminder of her family does sting her mind whenever she is reminded by it, hence she feels reluctant to visit it. To her surprise, some deities have paid their condolences to her and have offered her an invitation at any time. She's yet to reciprocate, but it does make her content that there are others who are willing to emotionally support her.
    • During her stay in the Pantheon, she came across Frank Castle, another vigilante who went on to become a lethal vigilante after seeing his family get gunned down as bystander casualties in a mob battle. The fact that the two share a similarly tragic past was relatable enough, though Helena is cautious on just how brutal and uncompromising Frank can really get regarding his war on crime. Frank himself sees Helena as someone who could understand the pain of losing a family and is normally affable towards her. Helena does want to see if she can help Frank in some way, though his tenure as The Punisher has made adjustment admittedly difficult. He does respect Huntress for the gesture and affirms that he'll help her out at times. Helena also became well-acquainted with Yuri Nakamura. While not a vigilante, Yuri also witnessed her siblings get murdered by burglars in a home invasion for not getting any valuable items in time, which motivated her to rebel against "God" for putting her and other teens going through tragic predicaments and emotionally scarring them. Helena was happy to learn that Yuri was now recovering, having come to terms with her past and looking forward to a new life experience while Yuri sympathizes with Helena's past, though despite her growing list of enemies, is reluctant to join Huntress's crime-fighting crusade as Yuri herself has her hands full for now.
  • Her experience as a ruthless vigilante had Helena cross paths with Rorschach when she was on patrol in the House of Crime. Both learned of their tragic past, however, Rorschach was in no position to strike up a relationship, let alone a partnership with a fellow vigilante, and told Huntress to mind her own business. It was rather awkward on Helena's part until she realized that Rorschach doesn't really have a positive opinion on women in general and that his moral and philosophical perspective on life borders on insanity. The two have similar enemies to deal with, but their allying with one another seems rather seldom, and even then, they don't get along due to Rorschach's pessimistic worldview and his hyper-violent tendencies being too much for Huntress to tolerate, even if she occasionally does those as well. She has, however, reprimanded that she's trying to tone down her aggressiveness, though Rorschach couldn't really care.
  • Despite her relationship with the Mafia, Helena is not really fond of being associated with them, and given that many of the recognized mob bosses in the Pantheon are far from good, including the Corleones and Diavolo, it's hard not to see why. That said, she was surprised to learn of a few beings connected to the mafia that, nonetheless, were actually pretty good people. Among them was a squad of Stand users led by Bruno Bucciarati, who were tasked to deliver the daughter of an infamous crime lord to him... because he wanted to kill her off to wipe out any traces of someone associated with his identity. Learning from the experience, Helena was able to befriend Bruno and occasionally be of good company to his team.
    • Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki were not exactly members of the mafia per se, but they were children to Yakuza leaders hence they led privileged if complicated lives. Learning of Huntress's reputation and her hatred towards the Mafia, Raku and Chitoge were rather fearful of her, so Helena decided to just approach the two as her civilian self. And given that they were just teenagers no older than the ones Helena would teach in high school, she bore no ill will on them and just hung out with the two, wanting to see how the two got along with their lives. Raku and Chitoge's vitriolic romance with one another did endear Helena and wishes that the two would be students that she could teach at some point. Still, given that they don't know who Huntress is, Raku and Chitoge still remain fearful of her.
    • Helena also learned of a pair of beings in the Pantheon who were part of the Medici Mafia, a vicious group of criminals, though the two in question, Filia and Cerebella were actually good people who only worked in it for their own goals that deviated from what the Midici wanted. Huntress was surprised to learn of it, though she was relieved to learn that Cerebella caught track of who she was working with and ended up leaving for her own benefit. That, and the fact that the Medici were behind the troubles of Bloody Marie, Peacock and Squigly were reasons for Huntress to be wary and on the lookout for the Mafia organization, though she does present her condolences to those who were affected.
My life is different. My life is a means to an end. I have dedicated it to a real cause. I do not mind losing it... if I can achieve an end.


Creepers, Divine Suicide Attackers (Penis Monsters, Exploding Dicks, Boomers, Exploding Hedges, Kamikaze Shrubs, Green Terrorists, Minecraft's Grim Reaper)
Charged Creeper 
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Their own face (Shared with Minecraft itself)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Living Explosives, Made of Explodium, Implied To Be A Plant Creature, Feared By Players, Can One-Shot The Player, Stealth Expert, The Mascot Of Minecraft, Powered Up By Lightning
  • Domains: Explosions, Destruction, Stealth, Plants(?)
  • Allies: the Zombies, the Endermen, Herobrine, The Bob-ombs, Bomberman, Micheal Bay, the Soldier, Demoman, Kuribohs
  • Enemies: Steve And Alex, VanossGaming And Friends, Lance (Epic Battle Fantasy), The Crimson Raiders
  • Fears: The House Of Felines
  • Banned From: The House of Craft, The House of Nature
  • Arguably the most recognized mob in Minecraft, Creepers are a race of vaguely plant-like creatures who exist only to make the player's life more miserable. One of the few hostile mobs that can survive in daylight, Creepers are notorious for sneaking up on unsuspecting players and suddenly blowing themselves up, taking out both the player and anything around them (usually their house). While they're relatively simple to deal with if one knows that its coming, the fact that they make zero noises when moving around, combined with just how powerful their explosion is, makes them one of the most consistently feared mobs in the game.
  • Nobody's quite sure how the Creepers managed to sneak into the Pantheon in the first place. All thats known is that they started spawning one day and began blowing up numerous unsuspecting gods by the dozen. Thankfully, Steve quickly found out about their arrival and joined with a bunch of other gods to round up every Creeper they could find into one big temple. Unfortunately for the miner, a short while later the green menaces were approved for properly ascending to the pantheon, taking the title of Suicide Attack thanks to their infamous method of attacking. Ever since then, Creepers would regularly escape their prison, free to cause more explosive mayhem.
  • Predictably, Steve and Alex were not amused by the fact that there were now Creepers in the pantheon, as one of their favorite bits about the realm was the initial lack of the creatures. Now the two have to go back to dreading if a Creeper will suddenly appear and ruin their hard work again. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it's shown that they're on good terms with both the Zombies and Endermen, considering that all three of the mobs share the same goal of killing the players, often never (intentionally) targeting them. Herobrine, the enigmatic Humanoid Abomination haunting the game, has gotten plenty of milage out of the bombers, often using them to destroy whatever Steve and Alex make.
    • The gods who have played Minecraft as well similarly despise and fear them. A notable example would be Vanoss and his ascended buddies, who had to deal with the Creepers during the period they played the game. One instance, a Creeper prematurely set off a bomb prank that was meant for Wildcat, killing everyone in the house and ruining the prank. Another instance was the crew dealing with seemingly invisible "super Creepers" while collecting armor stands (It was actually mostly Wildcat using a mod to secretly blow his friends up, but there were indeed invisible Creepers that managed to kill him and the others).
  • While they're understandably banned from most houses due to their destructive nature, they're welcomed with open arms in the house of Explosions for the exact same reason. To name a few, Bomberman finds the Creepers fun to use in his games to add a bit more explosive flair to them, acting as obstacles to avoid in the arena. The Soldier and Demoman, both mercenaries that utilize explosive weaponry, find them hilarious and can be seen using them as explosive launchpads to launch themselves into the air. Filmmaker Michael Bay finds them to be an excellent and cheap alternative to using explosions in his films, having them on standby just in case he needs to save budget on his films. As a result, Creepers can be seen wandering the house regularly, as if the place wasn't dangerous enough.
    • Of these gods, the Creepers get along the best with the Bob-ombs, a race of sentient Cartoon Bombs that usually serve the King of Koopas, and are far more chatty and friendly than the silent green bombers. A similar case is shown with the Kuribohs, a race of seemingly useless but potentially lethal critters who explode on contact with their opponents. Rather tellingly, they're one of the very few gods that they dont't instantly blow up on sight, intead perfering to stop and hang out with the little guys. It's a bit jarring to see these normally explosive happy creatures peacefully hanging out, but they're at their least dangerous during this, so most deities don't mind at all.
  • If there's one thing that can stop a Creeper (other than killing them, of course), it's cats of all things. For some reason, Creepers refuse to go anywhere near felines of any kind, keeping their distance from them and even running if one was to approach them. This extends to the pantheon, with the race staying clear of not only cat deities, but the entire House of Felines as well. Steve and Alex have recommended that any god venturing forth into Creeper territory should bring a cat with them in case they get ambushed by one of the mobile bombs. Either way, the sight of these feared creatures fleeing from the sight of Garfield is agreed by many to be an amusing sight.
  • Surprisingly, although they hadn't met beforehand, Lance of the Epic Battle Fantasy party has a personal phobia toward them, given that not only did he get startled by things approaching and exploding behind him, but his (abusive) father actually died from a "minecrafting accident", which actually involved a Creeper. When his dad perished from the explosion, all that was left was some wood and a piece of coal, which Lance used to become the military gun freak he is today. Lance pretty much shoots them on sight whenever he runs into one, but the Creepers unfortunately can't always do the same. This is since Lance is often accompanied by fellow party member NoLegs, who is a cat adventurer, which prevents the Creepers from sneaking up on Lance whenever the limbless cat is around.
  • So remember when we mentioned that Herobrine would often use Creepers to mess with people? Well, the blank-eyed troll concocted his most ingenious scheme yet: hide a Creeper Spawner inside the House of Craft and see just how much destruction the creatures could cause. The result was one of the most catastrophic events in the house's history, with the green menaces invading the temples and creations of various gods living there and blowing all their hard work to smithereens, and the deities desparatly trying to find just what was causing the sudden infestation of Creepers to begin with. By the time they located the spawner and destroyed it, the residents were not pleased: it took months to repair all the damage the creatures had done, and the Creepers, alongside Herobrine when he was eventually found out, were permanently banned from stepping foot in the house. Herobrine, alongside the Creepers, didn't care and thought it was Worth It.
  • While nobody is quite sure where exactly Creepers come from, their similar appearance and texture to grass, alongside outside sources saying that they feel "Crunchy, like dry leaves", has led to some to believe that Creepers are some sort of plant-based creature. Initially, this tidbit led to a few of them populating the House of Nature, where a few nature gods thought they could tame the beasts. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they also happen to blend in well with the green scenery, they ended up blowing up a bunch of gardens and crops, resulting in the Creepers getting once again banned from the house. Even afterwards, a few residents were dedicated to taming the beasts to not explode on sight, and since then can be seen attempting just that. Long story short, they're only making a little more progress than last time.
    • Another reason the Creepers were banned from Nature? What happens when a Creeper is hit with lightning. On the chance that it does happen, they become "Charged" and become even deadlier than they already were, gaining a blue aura to signify this. Their explosion radius also becomes much bigger, becoming capable of instakilling any unfortunate victim from farther away. The one upside is that if they end up killing their fellow mobs, Creepers included, in the blast, they'll drop their heads, allowing someone to use it as decoration or even wear it like a mask. Either way, it's advised that if you by chance stumble upon a Charged Creeper, either carefully take it out from a distance, or get the hell outta there.
  • Oddly enough, a few Creepers can be seen inhabiting Pandora of all planets, residing in a hidden cave located at Caustic Caverns. Upon someone digging through some conspicuously placed blocks, they're immediately met with a wave of Creepers rushing them, ending with a bigger, tankier one dubbed the "Badass Creeper". Killing them not only nets the adventurer with some Minecraft-themed cosmetics, but they also have a rare chance of dropping some unique guns that only drop from them (A Tedior shotgun that shoots fire in a block formation and a Jakobs sniper rifle that acts like a bow, specifically). As soon as the Crimson Raiders found out that these green bombs were in the Pantheon, its members began farming them to see if they dropped the same loot, eventually figuring out that only the ones from Pandora do and the ones in the Pantheon only drop gunpowder. The Creepers were not amused by how difficult it was to blow them up, and have since seen prioritizing the group out of revenge.

    Hanshiro Tsugumo 
Hanshiro Tsugumo, God of Seppuku
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A broken katana and a set of destroyed samurai armor
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A lone ronin with a just cause against a corrupt and arrogant clan, shows contempt by wrecking the Ii's ancestral armor and committing seppuku, thrown into obscurity by the Ii
  • Domains: Samurai, Rituals, Vengeance, Rebellion, Seppuku
  • Heralds: Miho (his daughter), Motome Chijiwa (his adoptive son/son-in-law), Kingo (his grandson)
  • Allies: Sanjuro, The Seven Samurai, Kenshin Himura, Samurai Jack, Nathan Algren, Eddard Stark, Seita and Setsuko Yokokawa
  • Hanshiro Tsugumo, a ronin, arrived at the manor of the proud Ii clan, requesting to commit seppuku on their estate. The Ii were suspicious, as there was a trend of ronin claiming to want to perform seppuku, but really hoping to invoke sympathy and through that, find employment or at least obtain a few coins. The Ii had already dealt with one by forcing him to go through with his stated intention. Hanshiro seemed sincere enough, however his three choices for a kaishakunin were not readily available, so while he waited for one to be fetched, he told the Ii the story of what led him to that point.
    • As it turns out, the ronin the Ii had dealt with before was an adopted son of Hanshiro, Motome Chijiwa, placed under his care after Motome's father committed suicide in Hanshiro's stead to accompany their disgraced lord. Motome married Hanshiro's daughter Miho and they had a child, Kingo, but the impoverished family faced hard times. Miho and Kingo fell ill and a desperate Motome did whatever he could to gather money for a doctor, including pawning off his prized swords. That was when he got the idea of going to the Ii and pulling a suicide bluff to garner their sympathy. Soon after his horrible death, Kingo and Miho succumbed to their illness, leaving Hanshiro with nothing to live for.
    • Hanshiro then revealed he had already defeated all his chosen kaishakunin, who had played a large part in Motome's murder. They lived, but were irredeemably disgraced according to bushido. Ironically, they refused to commit seppuku to atone for their failures and instead feigned illness, even though they had been so vehement in making Motome follow through against his will. The Ii, outraged at Hanshiro's accusations, attempted to kill him, but Hanshiro was a formidable opponent and took down several of their number, who had never seen true combat. In the end, however, he was overwhelmed by their numbers, but he was still able to commit seppuku in the proper way as a last show of contempt to the Ii.
  • Hanshiro found himself in a grassy plain within the Pantheon following his death. He didn't know where he was yet, but he thought for sure it was the afterlife and he looked forward to seeing Miho, Motome and Kingo again. He set out in a random direction, eventually reaching the Main House where he met the higher gods, who explained where he was and what they intended for him. Hanshiro realized it wasn't quite the afterlife he thought, but it didn't particularly bother him so long as he could see his family again. He asked the higher gods for permission to let him show them how much that meant to him, then proceeded to slash his stomach. Of course, he was healed immediately by the gods' power before he could even lose consciousness, and was told that his wishes were known and he would find his family when he got to his temple. Hanshiro thus found peace after settling with his family in the Pantheon.
  • Ultimately, Hanshiro's story is one about how those in power will abuse the established social structure and traditions to crush those beneath them. That's a familiar problem for a lot of samurai in the Pantheon, who have often found themselves disillusioned with a corrupt lord, among other situations. These commonalities are why sometimes Hanshiro gets surprising visits from fellow samurai in his temple (made to resemble his old home). Hanshiro is always a bit cagey when meeting a samurai for the first time, as he wishes only to live in peace with his family, making fans and umbrellas, and not get dragged into any of the conflicts he has heard are constantly raging within the Pantheon. In this regard, Motome can be a source of some concern of Hanshiro, as he is still youthful and idealistic enough to express interest in joining the war effort for a good cause.
  • Fortunately, one of the first samurai he met, Sanjuro, had no interest whatsoever in trying to indoctrinate Hanshiro in any of the business involving the Pantheonic conflicts. Being a rather jaded loner to begin with, Sanjuro has similar, fairly cynical views as Hanshiro and scorns the Pantheon's Forever War. Sanjuro was simply interested in befriending a fellow warrior who got screwed over, and offering his help if anything came up. Being a drifter, Sanjuro isn't seen a whole lot by Hanshiro, but the latter at least seems to like his attitude and smarts.
  • Also keeps a pretty good relationship with the Seven Samurai, respecting them for their choice to defend a peasant village from bandits for almost no pay of any sort, not because they were following a lord's orders but because it was the right thing to do. Hanshiro particularly gets on with their wise and reasonable leader Kambei. Conversely, he's had to teach that clown Kikuchiyo to respect his elders, though Hanshiro reckons the maverick peasant-turned-samurai, despite acting like a buffoon most of the time, has a lot of insight into how those in power trample on those beneath them. As far as Hanshiro is concerned, Kikuchiyo and the rest of the seven are truer samurai than anyone in the Ii clan. But he takes care not to let these thoughts be known to Kikuchiyo so he doesn't get a big head.
  • While doing some research on his own on the samurai of the Pantheon, Hanshiro became interested in the story of one Kenshin Himura, who refused to commit seppuku and instead chose to wander through Japan in search of an alternate form of atonement. Eventually, after some adventures, Kenshin settled down and started a family. Hanshiro feels like that's a rather better thing to do with one's life than throw it away for a cause that may not be worth it. After visiting Kenshin personally and talking with the pleasant redheaded samurai about their respective experiences, Hanshiro seems to think even more highly of him. Kenshin for his part laments Hanshiro's sad fate and the corruption of the Ii clan.
  • Evidently, a man from the Sengoku era like him had a fair amount of things to get used to upon getting placed into the Pantheon, which is a very hi-tech place in certain areas. Despite that, Hanshiro took many of his discoveries with a samurai's typical stoicism, no matter how outlandish they got for him. He supposes he is rather luckier than Samurai Jack, who was thrust into the far future by his worst enemy and thus had a lot to acclimate himself to with a lot more pressure upon him. Incidentally, Jack has also attempted seppuku, but was talked out of it by the woman who would become his wife, Ashi. Hanshiro finds that to be an extremely and uniquely fortuitous turn of events.
  • Was surprised to meet a foreigner who came to embrace the samurai way of life for the rest of his life. That foreigner is Nathan Algren, who had to pay his respects to the newest admirable samurai. With that said, the events that had befallen Hanshiro did shock Nathan, who has little exposure to the dark side of the samurai. Hanshiro is not particularly sorry about it as he doesn't think it's good at all to have an over-romanticized view of the samurai, as they truly are good for nothing outside of war. That may sound like Hanshiro and Nathan are on bitter terms, but that's not the case, with Nathan recognizing the injustices Hanshiro went through, and Hanshiro recognizing that Nathan found peace in the samurai village that he couldn't find anywhere else and he doesn't wish to strip him of that.
  • Hanshiro knows better than anyone that there's a big difference between looking honorable (like, say, the Ii) and actually being so. He is therefore pretty skeptical of those who claim to uphold honor as a core value of theirs. At least one deity who passes in his eyes is Eddard Stark, after Hanshiro heard about how he took Jon Snow under his wing, passing him off as his bastard son, to protect him, tarnishing his public image in doing so but ultimately doing the right thing in saving the life of an innocent child. The two grizzled warriors hold each other in high regard, especially considering they both went up against powerful factions (the Lannisters, in Stark's case) that were hypocritically abusing the systems of values that backed them up, and they both perished in doing so despite being completely in the right.
  • Hanshiro has studied how his country evolved after the war-torn Sengoku era and is gladdened to know that the samurai as a caste are no more and that Japan has largely settled into a peaceful country. Which is not to say that there weren't some unfortunate events along the road, such as Japan going through a phase where the samurai and bushido were lionized, leading to their involvement in World War II, in which they committed many atrocities. Hanshiro is deeply ashamed that the mere existence of samurai led to such a tragedy in the long run. It's for that reason that he has taken an unusually strong interest in the Yokokawa children, seeing that they were victims of what Hanshiro terms their country's foolhardiness and he's protective of them. The older of the children, Seita, strongly identifies with the older samurai, seeing that he's just as disillusioned with his society as Hanshiro.

    John Hartigan 
John Hartigan, God of Heroic Suicide

    Joseph Simmons 
Joseph "Joe" Simmons, God/s of Temporal Suicide
The two in a diner. Left: Old Joe, Right: Young Joe
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A playing card with the young and old version backwards
  • Theme: Closing Your Loop
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Young Joe), Neutral Evil (Old Joe)
  • Portfolio: Killed Their Future Selves In Different Ways, Hating Themselves, Stable Time Loop and Temporal Paradox
  • Domains: Time Travel, Hitmen, Self-Conflict (both), Development, Sacrifice (Young Joe), Loss, Revenge (Old Joe)
  • Varying relationship with: Simon Petrikov/the Ice King, The Doctor and the Master, both Shirou Emiya, Philip J Fry and Lars Fillmore
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Each other, Eobard Thawne, Boris the Animal, Diavolo, Light Yagami
  • In the year 2044, assassins called Loopers get a high paying job, having targets sent back from 30 years in the future as it's extremely difficult to get rid of a body then without being discovered. As a way of covering up loose ends, 30 years later the said Looper is sent back to be iced by their past self, and they have bags over their head so you never know if it's you. But one Looper, Joseph Simmons, managed to get around that and sneak off. The younger Joe went up after him, and the two soon realized they have more to complain about than they thought.
  • Applies to both
    • The young Joe was a mostly self-centered hitman, addicted to eye drops. The old Joe hates him for being immature, however over time the younger Joe became a better person and protective of Cid, even killing himself so Old Joe wouldn't harm him. And Old Joe's desperate need to stop the Rainmaker made him into an extremist willing to kill children to undo the Rainmaker and prevent his wife's death. Old Joe closed his loop back when he was young, and Young Joe ultimately made a Heroic Suicide to close his.
    • Don't want to discuss the mechanics of time travel or they'd be there for hours. Both versions of Joseph Simmons can understand where Bob and George get their hatred of time travel from. Easiest way to understand it is when Young Joe does something different, Old Joe's memory shifts. And thanks to the Trope Pantheon's Death Is Cheap status, Old Joe is freed from the Ret-Gone status that his younger self's suicide caused. This has only further incensed one version against the other.
    • He is not the only time traveler in the pantheon to kill himself. Missy stabbed her Harold Saxon incarnation, before he used his laser screwdriver on his future self and claiming it would permanently kill them, all over the argument of siding with the Doctor. Saxon was wrong. While Missy is the future version, having become a better person in the end she relates to Young Joe improving himself over time. The Doctor, ever the one to fight with themselves and having faced a dark possible future relate to their dilemma. While ultimately opposing Old Joe and siding with Young Joe's issues, the Doctor sympathizes with how Old Joe was screwed by a Stable Time Loop.
    • Depending on his mood, Simon Petrikov's opinion on the two varies. When sane, Simon respects Young Joe's decision to choose the right path even over his own life, however he does feel bad for Old Joe as he knows what love did to him. However he doesn't think it justifies what Old Joe did. When insane, the Ice King is somewhat more supportive of Old Joe in his pursuit to bring his own "princess" back, but still Even Evil Has Standards and thinks killing kids is a bit too much. Old Joe agrees, but has an "ends justifies the means" view on what he did.
    • They've come to hate each other, which is something Boris the Animal relates to. And they both hate Boris. First off, because he's a psychopath. Second, the only reason the two Borises hate each other is how they ended up being captured. As far as Joseph Simmons is concerned, Boris is so Ax-Crazy he wants any excuse to try to rage at and/or murder anyone and everyone, even if it's literally just him from a different point in time. Third, their reasons for hating each other are a lot more valid; Young Joe has a more straighforward case of Future Me Scares Me, Old Joe is disgusted with the driftless and immature existence he used to have.
    • Sometimes they talk about their experiences with trying to commit literal murder-suicide(murdercide?) with Shirou Emiya and EMIYA. EMIYA shares a similar contempt Old Joe has for his more immature younger self, however they disagree on what is right and wrong on "how to Set Right What Once Went Wrong". Given his already present issues before his future self got in the picture, Young Joe and the young Emiya have a fraught relationship but they both value the idea of a better future.
    • Fry and Lars Fillmore are on much better terms with each other compared to the two Emiya or Joe, and their feud was more about jealousy, unrequited love and being a pig about pizza. Both can understand what it must be for Old Joe to lose their wife, and they admit they would abuse time travel to undo it. But they wouldn't trade an innocent life for their love, even if they become a bad person in the future. On Young Joe, Lars was impressed to see how he managed to mature and did a brave thing.
  • Applies to Young Joe
  • Applies to Old Joe
    • Because of what the Rainmaker did and his reign of terror in the future, he tends to go after dictators. His answer to the "would you kill baby Hitler?" is a definitive yes. He agrees with SCP-2578-D on taking out dictators with extreme prejudice, and will help it in Tyrannicide. Mainly, he wants to somehow install the SCP into the future as another way to prevent his wife's death. Old Joe is also a close ally to Nox, due to their ultimately benevolent intentions in trying to save their loved ones through time travel that ultimately ended in failure (though in a different way for Old Joe).
    • One might think, with his actions being akin to Precrime Arrest (well, execution) Old Joe would approve of Kira. He doesn't, as considering the sheer scope of what he does and the fact it's through supernatural means he reminds Old Joe of the Rainmaker. Mainly he critiques Light for targeting innocents if they get in the way, to which Light called him a hypocrite because he Would Hurt a Child. Old Joe countered this, saying he deeply regrets it and is only doing so to avert a future tyrant. He is not motivated by a god complex like Light is, but Light thinks otherwise.
    • Hiiro Kagami knows what it's like to lose one's love, but thinks what Old Joe did is going too far. Barry Allen agreed. Of course, Old Joe reminded him of the mess he caused with Flashpoint due to trying to stop the death of a loved one. Allen admits that was a mistake and while he understands Old Joe's tragedy, as does Hiiro, he doesn't approve of what he did. Old Joe does agree with Barry that Eobard Thawne is a depraved scumbag due to the absolute selfishness of his actions, and so does Young Joe, so at least that's something.
    • After some talk with EMIYA, Old Joe decided he would search for a way to kill Young Joe without doing himself in, as he's not a Death Seeker yet. Turns out, there is a way to ignore paradoxes. He's planning to hunt down Fry, his duplicate Lars, and Bender for the time codenote  so he can do whatever he wants to Young Joe without risking his own existence. Then whenever he fails to take down the younger Rainmaker, go back in time again to undo any "mistakes" until he gets what he wants. Probably create some more Old Joes to ensure the job is done. While he means well, Nibbler is doing whatever he can to prevent him from doing this as he dreads a second tear in space-time will finally bring the cosmos crashing down.


    Cassette Man 
Ok, who's-

"Connection terminated. I'm sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name, but I'm afraid you've been misinformed. You are not here to receive a gift, nor have you been called here by the individual you assume. Although you have indeed been called. You have all been called here into a labyrinth of sounds and smells, misdirection and misfortune. A labyrinth with no exit, a maze with no prize. You don't even realize that you're trapped. Your lust for blood has driven you in endless circles, chasing the cries of children in some unseen chamber always seeming so near, yet somehow out of reach. But you will never find them. None of you will. This is where your story ends."

Cassette Man, God of Pursuing One Last Task Before Death (Henry Emily)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The cassette he sends messages through
  • Theme Song: Nowhere To Run
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Starting And Ending The Fazbear Franchise (or so everyone thought), Wishes To "Sleep" But Cannot Until The Madness He Inadvertently Creates Ends, Greater-Scope Paragon, Mysterious Employer, Papa Wolf, My Greatest Failure, Canon Immigrant, Spared by the Adaptation
  • Domains: Regret, Animatronics, Business, Death, Peace
  • Allies: MICHAEL AFTON, Mike Schmidt, Phone Guy, The Marionette (his daughter), Dr. Light, Bryan Mills, The Heroic Protectors Of Family, Bob Belcher, Celestia Ralgris, Kyoichiro Kuroi, Sol Badguy
  • On good terms with: The House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Enemies: SPRINGTRAP, Freddy Krueger, Dr. Wily, those who Would Hurt a Child, Alfred Drevis, The Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover
  • Opposes: Uncle Howee
  • Pities: All the other animatronics, Burgerpants
  • Although his identity is never given, it is implied that he is Henry Emily, one of the co-founders of Fazbear Entertainment, and the father of The Marionette. He decided that to end the curse brought upon by William Afton, he made one last establishment to free the spirits of the rest of the animatronics and to sent Springtrap (who is William Afton) to hell. This task was eventually successful as he and the manager (who might be Michael Afton) managed to salvage all of them, burn the establishment that they made, and then decided to stay so that they too could die in peace.
  • The first signs of him being ascended was when Michael Afton somehow managed to find out. Although the Casette Man is confused about what the hell is going on, the former reassured him that there is nothing to worry about and that this is how the Pantheon works. Hearing his story, the Court of Gods felt a lot of sympathy for him and decided that Cassette Man should ascend as they believed that he deserves to be reunited with his daughter.
    • He was in tears when he reunited with his daughter, The Marionette and is happy to see her again. He now forges an alliance with her, along with Mike Schmidt, the Phone Guy, and Michael Afton to at least seek Springtrap out for killing multiple children.
    • Pities the animatronics that he had created, as the children are stuck in their shells, and has so much regret creating them that he can't bring himself to meet them in person. He was shocked to hear that they don't actually get along with his daughter, the Marionette, as he believes that she lifted up their spirits and gave them a second chance at life for vengeance. It resulted in hiding himself even more from them considering that he is her father and if they heard that, they might also not get along with him despite their shared sentiment of hating Springtrap and wanting to get back at him.
  • He gets along with The Heroic Protectors of Family and they pity him for the death of his daughter, which he appreciated. Of course, he also hates the Child Abuse Supporters as it reminds him of Springtrap being a serial child killer who never cared about the well-beings of his own children. He is in an alliance with the former in order to ensure the safety of children from the latter and tries to use his intelligence to protect them from harm.
  • Feels that he can relate with Celestia, Kyoichiro Kuroi, and Sol, as the former's guilt, and the latter two's actions and atonement reminds him of himself, even though he himself didn't mean any of it. They bond over the experiences that they have gone through together and occasionally meet up with one another.
  • Is proud that Dr. Light was able to create robots that maintained a peaceful lifestyle, something he believed that he couldn't achieve. Of course, his friendship with him leads him to have an antagonistic relationship with Dr. Wily, who is disgusted at how he had created his own Robot Masters and considers him just as bad as Springtrap.
  • Opposes Uncle Howee because although he's glad that he puts abusive parents in his shit list, but it doesn't help that he turned jerks into his mindless henchmen and doesn't even think about what he is doing, which reminded Cassette Man of how he believed that Springtrap manipulated Baby to become a serial killer like him.
  • Can relate to Burgerpants over having jobs that they extremely hate, as the Casette Man regretted working in the Fazbear Entertainment for all the guilt that he had suffered over the years working on the company. It also helps that their jobs are technically related to food. Burgerpants is of course overjoyed to meet someone that shares the same sentiment as him and occasionally share stories of the life that they have over their jobs.
  • Despite everything he's tried to do, the company has returned, is on their strongest since the 80's, and William returned once again. He wasn't happy about that.
  • "My daughter, if you can hear me, I knew you would return as well. It's in your nature to protect the innocent. I'm sorry on that day, the day you were shut out and left to die, no one was there to lift you up into their arms the way you lifted others into yours. And then, what became of you. I should have known you wouldn't be content to disappear, not my daughter. I couldn't save you then, so let me save you now. It's time to rest; for you, and for those you have carried in your arms. This ends for all of us. End communication."