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    Death (Final Destination
Death, God of Absurdly Coincidental Deaths (Mr. Dead)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Metal bars driven through a skull (Final Destination 5 poster), or simply a dark shadow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with evil tendencies
  • Portfolio: The Grim Reaper, The Chessmaster, Dramatic Wind, The Dreaded, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Is Petty, Hidden Villain, Invincible Villain, Reality Warper, Trap Master
  • Domains: Death, Fate, Chaos, Destruction, Trickery
  • Allies: Death of the Endless, Death (Regular Show), (Discworld) and the Horseman, Nurgle, Light Yagami, Dhuum, Malthael, Jigsaw
  • Enemies: SCP-1440, Death (The Seventh Seal)
  • Opposes: Anyone who cheats death or has Joker Immunity, especially Garnet and Shulk, Angela Ziegler/Mercy, Harry Dresden, Dr. Gilbert Grissom, Jean Grey, Lobo, Virtuous
  • Special Relationship: Kenny McCormick
  • Out of all the Death deities, this one may well be the most feared in all the Pantheon, not only because it has all sorts of elaborate ways to kill you, but also its incredible success rate. Out of all of those who had previously cheated Death's design, only three have ever survived its wrath (and even then details are somewhat sketchy). The only respite for those who fear him is that he isn't that active. With so many death deities, he's content with idly running things. But once it finds someone who rigged the system... well that being was probably better off dead.
  • Having starred in a franchise involving increasingly brutal and elaborate deaths, this version of Death's induction into the Pantheon was met with relative fear from many, especially those who have cheated death.
  • Much of the information of his allies and enemies come from word-of-mouth, as his lack of a corporeal form is obviously unable to articulate his opinions.
  • Reserves his greatest hatred for those who have visions of the future. Those are usually the ones who are able to thwart it plans. It has blamed the likes of Garnet and Shulk for giving the likes of Alex and Kimberly foresight to prevent their initially planned deaths.
  • Also despises those who can easily give life immediately after death. The ascension of Mercy into the Pantheon was a harrowing day for its followers. The only respite is that her own life can be snuffed out rather easily. Recently gained a hate of Virtuous after her ascension, even more so since she serves as de facto resurrection goddess of the Pantheon.
  • There is no doubt that this Death has been responsible with the many deaths of . What is difficult to decipher is its opinion on Kenny's immortality. It could either be frustrated with how easily Kenny can revive himself or entertained at the prospect of someone that can be killed over and over again. As no one has seen the physical form of Death, one may never know.
  • Has mulled over whether to join the GUAD. On the one hand, he would finally prevent seers from predicting his deaths. On the other hand, it would mean Death would no longer have anyone to kill. So far, Death has agreed to only aid when the GUAD targets someone it hates. Not to mention that the GUAD may have given spare resurrections to its followers.
  • Is glad to work hand-in-hand with Dhuum to end the aspect of cheating death. It turns out the two death entities share common end goals. Dhuum may balk at the cruelty of some of Death's kills, but understands its frustrations with those who can come back from the dead.
  • Malthael believes that most of the people targeted by Death deserved that fate. He has even offered to hunt down those who try to change the outcome.
  • Is happily eager to act upon Light Yagami's methods of death. It considers the man to be quite creative in that regard. It is a common theory that the entity likely responsible for the majority of deaths caused by Light in his home universe.
  • This brought Light's so-called mentor, Jigsaw, to his attention. After an attempt to kill the trap master, the two found each other similar and are now allies.
  • Oddly enough, Dresden has some experience dealing with these kind of deaths. Whether it was due to Death or not, Harry has offered to assist those affected. That didn't sit well with the entity.
  • The same can be said with Dr. Grissom, though in the forensic scientist's case, he only investigates the cause of death. He knows there is little he can do to stop Death, but he hopes to prevent the doubt that happened in the first Final Destination movie.
  • Holds Jean Grey as a key factor in the ease at which superheroes die and come back alive. In this case, he actually has a sizable audience that agrees with him. Jean kindly denied responsibility, telling the entity to blame the writers who continue to do so. That and her very powers allow her to come back from the death with ease.
  • Has tried to lobby with Heaven and Hell to try and take the soul of Lobo if he ever does die. As such neither side has been moved by the arguments; Lobo is simply too volatile of a being to belong in either place. Death moved to a different strategy, constantly trying to kill the bounty hunter until either side falters. Unfortunately, Lobo has proved to be just has hard to kill as it is for him to stay dead.

Greater Gods

Freya, Goddess of Valkyries (Queen of the Valkyries, Pew Pew Goddess)

    Nagash the Undying 
Nagash the Undying, God of The Undead (Nagash the Great Necromancer)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Nine Books of Nagash.
  • Allignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Progenitor and Masterty of Necromancy, Evil Sorcerer, The most feared figure in the Old World, Indulging on Goodhood and can back up his claims, Godzilla Threshold, Greater-Scope Villain, One-Man Army, will kill everybody to instill an empire filled with undead individuals where only he possess free will can can dictate with will, Cannot develop feelings for anybody, Doesn't care for anyone and will only do what would benefit him, Wrote Nine Books about Necromancy, Killed his own brother for the throne of Nehekhara, Won't spare a moment in torturing and insulting others, A Monster in every sense of definition
  • Domains: The Undead, Necromancy, Dark Magic
  • High Priests: The Nine Mortarchs (Neferata, Arkhan)
  • Allies: Nekron, Big Daddy, Dracula, Grima, The Flood, Undying, Gul'dan, Zhaitan
  • Enemies: The Four Chaos Gods, Archaon the Everchosen, Alucard, Harry Dresden, Squigly, all living members of the Pantheon.
  • Upon the coming of the End Times, Mannfred, Neferata and Arkhan combined their necromantic powers to make Nagash rise again to fight against the Chaos invasion led by Archaon, the Everchosen. His return caused a new kind of Magic to blow in the world, one infused with the power of Necromancy. Because of the influence he had upon his world and his immense powers of Necromancy, Nagash ascended into the Pantheon.
  • Because of his immense powers of Necromancy, Nagash was quick to summon an army of undead to his hand, both from his world...and from the dead within the Pantheon.
  • He made himself an ally with Nekron, as the two of them have a shared goal of wiping out all life. While the wary know that Nekron would include Nagash in that statement, he is willing to make the alliance in order to have a powerful ally should the time come. Rumours are persisting that Nekron may choose to turn Nagash into his "Avatar" by giving him a Black Lantern Ring...
  • The Four Chaos Gods consider Nagash to be a threat because of his desire for a dead world, and such a world would mean no more emotions, souls or prayers to empower them. It is for this reason they are his biggest enemies in the Pantheon, and why they goaded Settra into reassembling himself after his defeat at Nagash's hands.
    • After the events of the End Times, the Chaos Gods began sending constant messages to Nagash, mocking him for his loss and death during the End Times, also for ever believing he could defeat Chaos. This has lead him to seek new alliances in preparation for revenge, even going so far as to consider a temporary one with The Flood to show the Chaos Gods their place.
  • He has named Harry Dresden a target because of his knowledge of the Word of Kemmler and the Darkhallow, a powerful spell of Necromancy that could turn an individual into an immortal Dark God on Halloween. Likewise, Harry considers Nagash a monster, as his Necromancy goes against the Fifth Law of Magic.
    • Nevertheless, even Nagash admitted he was impressed when he heard how Harry once used Necromancy to reanimate Sue the Tyrannosaurus.
  • He was not amused when Alucard rejected his offer to fall under his banner, but is fully aware that going up against Alucard would hinder his efforts to accumulate power. As such, the two are at a stand-off with one another.
  • He was very pleased to see Grima, God of Dracoliches, join him in an alliance, both for his incredible power and his knowledge of Necromancy. Some have even said that Nagash will be granted the honor of being the God who shall ride Grima into battle in the End days.
    • The final events of the End Times left Nagash less than pleased. The Necromancer entered a cold fury and began trashing his own temple out of sheer anger at the results of the final battle. He is furious at the idiot Mannfred for killing Gelt during the crucial moment of the battle and causing a downward spiral that ended with the final victory of Chaos over the Warhammer world.
  • Nagash reclaimed his power in the Warhammer world, having usurped all the guardians and deities of the afterlife, becoming the sovereign and master over all the Underworlds, and is ready to fight against Chaos once more in the Age of Sigmar.
  • Also in Undead.

Ryuk, God of Monstrous Shinigami


Intermediate Gods

    Death (Discworld)
Death, God of Timekeeping Lifespans (The Stealer of Souls, Defeater of Empires, Swallower of Oceans, The Ultimate Reality, Harvester of Mankind, "Picker-Up of Unconsidered Trifles", Bill Door, Reaper Man)

Dhuum, Godly Enforcer of Inevitable Death (Death Inevitable, Emperor of Oblivion, Master of Nothingness, Omega Death, The Ender of All, The Final Death, The Final Judge, The Mouth at the Edge of Darkness, The Voice in the Void)
  • Intermediate God, formerly a Greater God before his defeat.
  • Symbol: Dhuum's scythe.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Bonus Boss, Intolerant of Resurrection and Undeath, Immortal Immaturity, Physical God, Sinister Scythe, The Grim Reaper, Third-Person Person
  • Domains: Death, Void, Injustice
  • Allies: The Dahaka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Enemies: GRENTH, every God who has cheated death especially Jean-Grey Summers and John Egbert, every Undead God, Yuma Tsukumo, Orochimaru, Ridley
  • Opposes: Cheaters and Trolls in general.
  • Tolerates: Every god who has died and accepted it.
  • When Grenth ascended to the pantheon, the GUAD realized that the God of Death could very well undo their hard work as he allows resurrection. The Ring Overlords searched for ways they could possibly defeat him. Eventually, they discovered the existence of a fallen Tyrian god called Dhuum, who hunted down those who cheated death or became undead, and was overthrown by Grenth himself. Nekron and his fellow masters decided to pull a few strings and, after several attempts, successfully got Dhuum ascended with the goal of having Dhuum defeat Grenth and retake his powers, hopefully getting rid of an obstacle in the process.
    • Although the GUAD is largely responsible for Dhuum ascending, the fallen god himself balked at sight of the undead armies that GUAD uses. The only reason that he's working with them at all is because the Pantheon is outright packed with gods who cheated death in the past. Once the cheaters of death has met their demise and he has punished Grenth for overthrowing him, Dhuum plans to betray them and assist the rest of the Pantheon in bringing final death to every undead member of the GUAD and their leaders.
    • Though word has it that the GUAD might be influencing Dhuum, for recent uncovered information has revealed that Dhuum has new plans for Tyria's humanity. Its annihilation. However, his hatred of resurrection and undeath has not dissipated one bit, and his hatred for the GUAD persists still.
  • Note that Dhuum won't hunt every god who has died before. It's only if they were resurrected in their home universe that he will hunt them down to grant them undeniable death. He also won't hunt them if they survived in an alternate reality/timeline, as long as they wasn't actually resurrected. As such, he leaves gods who died and wasn't resurrected alone.
  • Awful he may be, even Dhuum hates trolls and cheaters and has been known to punish them (aka immobilize and then kill them in a single strike) in the past. Trolls and cheaters within in the pantheon was relieved to know that Dhuum won't hunt them for now, as those who cheated death and undeads are above them when it comes to his priorities.
  • In his hunt for those who has been resurrected, Dhuum confronted Jean-Grey Summers. Though powers of his godhood lingered around, it wasn't enough to take on Jean in the end, especially since he didn't expect her to as powerful as she is. Learning from his mistake, he has made a mental note to hold off from trying and bring undeniable death to similarily powerful comic book gods like Jean until he has taken back his powers from Grenth.
  • Bifurcated Kenny McCorwick with his scythe on his first day in the Pantheon, which had many call him a bastard immediately... then Kenny returned from death as usual. Dhuum reaped him over and over out of annoyance, the kid resurrecting each time, before he finally gave up and decided to figure out a different way to bring undeniable death to Kenny.
  • Hearing about how Yuma Tsukumo resurrected many in a large-scale casualty event, the enforcer has issued a warning to Yuma that if he interferes in his mission, resurrected and undead gods won't be the only targets of his campaign.
  • While Dhuum often knows who cheats death, figuring out who cheated death by changing time itself is a different and tricky matter. Which is why he has a professional alliance with the Dahaka, as the Dahaka knows exactly who does that and where they are. Dhuum is often seen helping the Dahaka out as a result, since the Dahaka's goals are very likely to be shared ones.
  • For a god, Dhuum is actually somewhat childish during battles, using phrases such as "DHUUM LAUGHS AT YOUR PATHETIC ATTEMPTS TO HARM HIM, HA HA!" and "YOU STILL BELIEVE YOU CAN DEFEAT DHUUM? HOW SAD FOR YOU!". This has made him friends with Lord English, who's undeniably immature. Lord English is also said to punish those who cheats death, but Dhuum isn't quite sure of the validity of these claims.
    • Hearing about how John Egbert has returned from the death countless times, Dhuum has put John Egbert near the top of his shitlist. Now if only John wasn't so annoying hard to catch.
  • Does not like Orochimaru for his resurrection jutsu and threatened the ninja with a terrible fate should he end up being an obstacle.
  • As Dhuum's shit list grows ever larger, there is a replica of the list put on the shrine in front of his temple as a reminder to his followers and worshippers as to who cheats death within the Pantheon. However, some has pointed out that Asura is curiously missing from the list. Dhuum's response?
  • Statues of Dhuum do not exist. This annoys the Ender of All greatly, for Grenth has many statues dedicated to him.

Grim, God of Loser Grim Reapers (Reaper, Grimmy, G, Skeleton Man, Big Dummy, Bone Head)
  • Intermediate God (Lesser God without his scythe)
  • Symbol: His scythe and robes
  • Theme Song: The show's intro theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wager Slave, Butt-Monkey, Embodiments Of Death That Are OK Guys, Punch-Clock Villain, Odd Friendship, Unliving Skeletons, The Reaper Is A Loser, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, Scary Jamaican Undead, Frenemy Complexes, Beware the Nice Ones, No Respect Guy
  • Domains: Death, Servitude, Reaping, Monsters, The Underworld, Limbo
  • High Priest: Mister Grimm
  • Allies: Dracula (huge fan), Death (Regular Show) (fellow Grim Reaper), The Kids Next Door (especially Numbah 3), Dhuum, Ryuk, Hades, Satan (South Park)
  • On good terms with: The other reapers not mentioned, Beerus
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Cerberus (former pet), Hoss Delgado
  • Special relationship with: Billy and Mandy (eternally bound to "friends")
  • Enemies: Jack O'Lantern, The Delightful Children From Down The Lane, Pinhead, Cthulhu, Nurgle, Nekron, Pitch Black, Kenny McCormick
  • Opposes: The Forms of Immortality sub-house, Skips, Mr Burns, Rick Sanchez, old people and health freaks
  • Pitied by: Lord Death
  • Grim is his world's embodiment of Death, having had the role since he was elected for it in high school. When he came to collect the 10 year old Mr. Snuggles from Billy and Mandy, he challenged them to a limbo contest. If he won, he'd promise to be their friend for eternity and never reap the pet. It was a limbo contest, and due to his skeletal body he thought he had tricked them-however Mr Snuggles interfered and caused him to lose. Ever since then, he has been the eternal "friend" and caretaker of the kids. Much hilarity and chaos resulted.
  • Forever the friend of Billy and Mandy, though their definition of "friend" is more "babysitter and slave". He cannot break the deal or he'll go to Underworld Jail, though in their defense he was borderline cheating with limbo due to his physiology. Dreams of finding a loophole though. Despite this, there's some genuine affection between the three of them, he just won't ever admit it. Visits the House of Friendship to discuss his issues with this.
  • Dreams of Billy and Mandy dying, however it is unclear if even that is possible. He is meant to be their friend forever, which might give some sort of immortality or he'll just have to serve their ghosts. Upon learning they were gods and thus effectively immortal so long as the pantheon stands, he screamed NO! at the top of his lungs. At the very least, this means he has effective immortality and can't be killed by, say, his life hourglass being messed with.
  • Grim's main tool is his scythe, which proves to be one of the more versatile incarnations of the Reaper's scythe. It can slice, take souls and open rifts in space-time to other dimensions along with other magical phenomena. It can also cut off someone's head permanently such as Jack O'Lantern or his own. Those with a Healing Factor are unnerved by it because the weapon would likely work on them, though he hasn't had reason to use it on any pantheon god.
  • Breaches in the House of Otherness are usually due to mishandling of the scythe, and/or the boredom of Billy and Mandy. One such incident involved Billy and the Delightful Kids From Down The Lane merging into "the Delightful Reaper", who tried to assimilate all it came across. He's grateful towards the Kids Next Door for their help, especially Numbah 3 who served as a substitute for him.
  • It isn't that hard to make a fool of Grim. Having already made the Devil of his series a chump, Rick Sanchez decided to mess around with Grim for no good reason. Mandy would have interfered, if she didn't find his Comedic Sociopathy somewhat amusing, so she let them play. Fortunately for Grim, Rick quickly got bored and moved on.
  • Because of his occupation, he associates closely with the House of Life and Death. He and the Regular Show Death are best friends as they're both incarnations of Death who constantly are made fools of. Him and Ryuk are friendly due to being lax entities of death, and he finds the shinigami rather amusing. Warns him not to let Kira take advantage of him, but Ryuk isn't too worried since he was the one who killed Light at the end.
  • Respects Beerus for being a force of death(well destruction) while maintaining his power and dignity against Goku, and being fun to be around. Straight up friends with Satan as they were once powerful underworld figures who ended up becoming pansies, and are pretty OK guys when all things are considered.
  • Dislikes old people and health freaks, but especially those trying or having some form of immortality. Their position as immortals is a threat to his job, given how other people could learn from them. As such he dislikes the Forms of Immortality sub-house, and Mr Burns for being an old man who constantly cheats death no matter how frail he is. This is something Dhuum can completely understand, and is sympathetic to him since being bound to Billy and Mandy makes it hard for him to do his job and get people to die.
    • Tried to chase down Kenny once, but ended up getting his ass kicked. Still sore about it.
  • While the embodiment of death and a crouchy, cantankerous person, he's not exactly evil but just a reaper doing his job. He just happens to love his work. As with just about all death entities he considers Nekron horrible for seeking the complete extinction of all life. Nekron in turn considers him to be pathetic, a shadow of a shadow of "true" death. Both can at least agree that Nurgle is an abominable representation of life and immortality.
  • Grew up in the underworld, and thus has an association with the creepier and gothic side of the House of Otherness. He is a massive fan of Dracula, and managed to get his autograph again. However some of these beings he is on bad terms with. Pinhead (or rather Pinface) is still mad that Grim dated his sister, though she came on to him. He is glad that the Boogeyman hasn't ascended due to bullying him in college, though this bad relationship has led him and Pitch Black to becoming enemies.
  • Had Cerberus as a pet when he was a child, but the pet was unruly and ate his dad(he got better). Glad to see its with Hades, who's a much better owner.

    Ichigo Kurosaki 
Ichigo Kurosaki, God of Shinigami (Strawberry)
  • Theme Song: Number One
  • Intermediate God currently (Greater God in Visored form, Overdeity in Mugetsu form)
  • Symbol: Zangetsu, and a bottle of Clorox
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Substitute Soul Reaper, The Natural Born Hybrid of Human, Soul Reaper, Hollow, & Quincy, Soul Purification, Really Big Swords, Superpowered Evil Sides, Ghost-spotting, Divine Empowerment
  • Domain: Afterlife, Death, War
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Ryuk
  • Enemies: Sosuke Aizen, Yhwach, Shukuro Tsukishima, Gin Ichimaru (or so it seems), Tenjuro Banno, Shiro Tagachi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Coyote Starrk
  • Somewhere in the midst of shounen battles and powerups, a young looking man made an offhand comment that made Ichigo look at his fellow Shinigami and realized they weren't really helping human souls so much as having awesome battles. He really didn't like thinking about it that much, but he then realized that his own family was going to have to go through this screwed up system eventually — hopefully after a long and full life — so the only way to clean it up is...:grimace: become respectable and become part of the system.
  • Ichigo's crew protects other benevolent Grim Reapers when they're just escorting already dead souls to the other side. He defends against The Heartless and any other entities that consumes souls or otherwise disrupts the perceived natural process of death.
  • His story came to an end with the final defeat of Yhwach. More importantly, he decided to settle one of the most brutal shipping wars in the Pantheon. He ended up with Orihime, with Rukia settling with Renji.
  • Ichigo is currently in a meme war (it's a fancy word for bickering) with Ryuk over what being a Shinigami means.
  • Apparently gives out the vibe that he isn't interested in girls, and thus gets extremely shy and flustered when women around him start to... tease him. Unfortunately, this made him the victim of teasing from both Excellen Browning and Selena Recital. He's destined to marry Orihime, so this won't last forever.
  • Is part of the "Shonen Big 3", along with Naruto and Luffy, and the latter two often drag Ichigo along to act as judge for their various competitions whenever he has free time. Although he went along unwillingly at first, he has since become resigned to his designated role. Rumor even has it that Ichigo will sometimes join in on the antics, though he denies it profusely. Despite his denials, there's indisputable evidence that he's actually competed in a contest judged by them, a sparring match against similar-voiced fellow aloof swordsman Zero. He still won't mention the result since he'd rather not acknowledge the match even happened.
    • Ichigo and Naruto ultimately decided to see who was the better man between them in a fight to the finish. Wiz and Boomstick noted that the only attribute Ichigo seemed to have any sort of edge over Naruto on was speed, and ultimately it ended in Naruto's favor after Ichigo's Mugetsu failed to finish him off. After being brought back to life, Ichigo congratulated his rival on his well-earned victory.
  • There has been talk about how to classify Ichigo, since it has been revealed that not only is he a Human that has Shinigami and Hollow powers, but Quincy powers to top it all off.
  • He gained a new enemy with Sora Shiun'in. Ichigo himself doesn't understand how this happened, he was just minding his business when the young card game duelist popped out of nowhere screaming "KUROSAKI!!!" and attacked him. The fact he inmediately curb-stomped the intruder (only for self-defense, mind you) in spite of supposedly being of the same power-levels really has made the gods think he might need a re-classification.
  • If anything, don't present him any Martial Arts Headband. He thinks it's either trying to make oneself unnecessarily nerdy, or he suspects that it's just a trick to embarrass him, like claiming it has special powers and can only be activated if he yells out of blue: "AMAZING HEADBAND OF JUSTICE IN PLACE, AMAZING ARMOR OF JUSTICE PROTECT ME!!!", only for it to do nothing.
    • A hilarious subversion happened when one day when Naruto tried to give him a standard Konoha ninja uniform and told him it would transform on him and make him invulnerable to pain. After putting on the uniform, including the headband and flak jacket, he made the aforementioned incantation—but then added a zinger: "BECAUSE I KNOW YOU CAN'T TRANSFORM AT ALL!!!" By hilarious, we mean Naruto himself burst into laughter.
  • Came to the house of Heroes to actually visit Zero once, when he caught none other than old foe Shukuro Tsukishima trying to cut Naruto with Book of the End. Quickly alarmed, he abandoned his original plan, warned Naruto what Tsukishima was trying to do, and joined the battle against the Xcution mentalist. Police chief Lin Beifong arrived and intervened to interrogate both sides, and after each side claimed the other was the aggressor, Lin asked each of them which house they were from. Ichigo was the only one who didn't claim Heroes; she deduced from there that he couldn't have been the perp and promptly chased off Tsukishima.
  • Has gained a friendship with Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze due to the fact that one version of Ichigo looks eerily similar to Gentaro, minus the friendly attitude. They became good friends after Ichigo learned how Gentaro would let himself die if it meant being able to help someone. This attitude also extends to the Kamen Rider Club and Ryusei Sakuta (although Ryusei now reminds Ichigo of Uryu Ishida in some ways)

    SCP- 1440 
SCP-1440, God of Those Despised By Death (The Old Man From Nowhere)
  • Rank: Keter by SCP Standards, Intermediate God by Pantheon standards
  • Symbol: A pack of worn playing cards
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Enemies with Death, Barred from the Afterlife, Brings Calamity Upon His Presence, Destroys Anything Man-Made, Flying Dutchman, I See Dead People, Won Against Death And Regrets Every Second Of It, Death Seeker, The Problem with Fighting Death
  • Domains: Immortality, Disaster, Gambles, Wandering, Destruction
  • Followers: Craig "Mr Immortal" Hollis, Yuri, Harlan Hawkes
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: Scathach, Bill and Ted, Skips, The Spring Sprite, Yveltal, Fujiwara no Mokou, Czeslaw Meyer, Kenny McCormick, Nathan Drake, AZ
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Zeref, Albedo Piazzolo, Kessler
  • Enemies: Lord English (one-sided), Death (Regular Show and Final Destination), Nekron, Doctor Weil, AM, The Firebird, Randall Flagg
  • Opposes: Lord Voldemort
  • Opposed by: The House of Technology
  • Pitied by: Samurai Jack, Lord Death, Death the Nephilim and Dhuum of all people
  • Respects: Harry Potter
  • Feared by: The Scarlet King
  • SCP-1440, known as the Old Man from Nowhere, is a man who looks in his eighties yet hasn't aged since the Foundation learned of him fifty years ago. Currently, there's no known means of keeping him permanently sealed, and this is due to his curse. Immortal, after a few days he will cause destruction in human habitats or man-made environments with the exception of what he possesses. Despite hating this curse, he is compelled to wander to human habitation. He approached the SCP Foundation in hopes they could kill him.
  • Has given advice to those who play Chess with Death; don't, and hope you do not win. After dying in some war, the Brothers claimed him and he challenged them to a game. He won against the Small Death, the Great Death and the All-Death, and they cursed him with a meaningless eternity. Bill and Ted, having beaten and befriended their version of Death, naturally pitied his state. As did Skips, who has his own experience with Death.
  • Avoids the many versions of Death in the pantheon. It should be noted that most don't hold anything against them. Death of the Endless wonders if he'd get along with Hob Gadling, and Lord Death believes his punishment was cruel. Shockingly Dhuum feels bad about his state since he's about keeping death permanent and believes the Three Brothers have brought shame upon Deaths everywhere through their punishment. Death the Nephilim was curious about the old human he couldn't slay. Given he helped the Hunter pass on upon learning he sold out the other survivors for nothing, he pities the old man and wants to help him die.
  • While he doesn't have much to fear from the various reapers, other Deaths were not so merciful to the old man. Chief among them was the Regular Show Death, who's the God of Chess with Death. Many believe that he was one of the Three Brothers, sick of losing so often that he struck big against him. That Death isn't responding to these claims, but SCP-1440 certainly believes he is. The Death from Final Destination is likewise infuriated, as is Nekron due to being repulsed by the very idea of immortality.
  • Possesses Complete Immortality, and wishes to rid himself of it. It is for this reason why he entered the Trope Pantheon, however, this backfired as the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon makes kill himself even harder. Beerus tried to erase him, and while there was some initial success he popped back into existence shortly afterwards. The desire to die was so strong he requested Lord English slay him, believing his ability to destroy universes and ghosts would be enough. While it could have been, English decided to be cruel to and spare him. This, and his evil, destructive nature, has led him to despise the cherub.
  • He works well with the other death seekers in the Trope Pantheon, those who hate their own immortality. He is sympathetic towards Fujiwara no Mokou and Scathach, who hoped his curse could be used to spare them from eternity. His curse hasn't affected them though. Feels bad for the utter agony Czeslaw's immortality has given him, and Kenny's random deaths.
  • Recognizes a lot of himself in Zeref; the two are cursed with Complete Immortality and possess an aura that causes cataclysm-an "Instant Death" Radius for Zeref, and a Walking Disaster Area for 1440. However he disagrees with some of his more evil actions and goals. Similar feelings are expressed towards Albedo Piazzolo and Kessler. Despises AM because of his desire to inflict fates worse than death.
  • Because of his nature as a Walking Disaster Area, he is forbidden to enter the House of Technology. Compulsion to wander leads him to rarely stay in his temple, which for safety purposes doesn't allow visits by other gods more than an hour long. He is trying to dampen his destructive nature by working with the Spring Sprite, putting him at odds with the Firebird. He opposes Randall Flagg due to being a malevolent Walking Disaster Area that enjoys his destruction, and pities the official god of this trope, Nathan Drake.
  • Condemned to wander, a man without a country. He suffers a fate similar to AZ, however the former isn't cursed to cause disaster but mull over the guilt of firing the Ultimate Weapon 3000 years ago. The two have met, sharing a drink. Samurai Jack understands his state considering he's been left to wander long after he should have died. In spite(or rather, because) of his condition, he despises Dr Weil. Spent wandering the ruined world for a century due to his monumental sins, he is angered that Weil has not use the opportunity to realize the error of his ways and has instead become even more depraved. While SCP-1440 could have easily let himself become numb, he chooses to still care about others.
  • Proud of Harry Potter for realizing that being Master of Death means accepting that it is an inevitability, something he wish he knew back when he was mortal. Disappointed of Voldemort for never realizing this and committing atrocities to achieve immortality, eventually becoming a broken thing in Limbo.
  • He felt a strange sort of connection to the Scarlet King, though he does not know why. It's believed that he is one of the seven destined to assist in slaying the Scarlet King and that his immortality was granted to him by the three brothers of Death to slay the Scarlet King.

Lesser Gods

Decim, God of Afterlife Antechambers
  • Theme Music: Flyers; Last Theater
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His magical eyes or a set of dummies
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Psychopomp, Magical Eyes, Exotic Eye Designs, The Comically Serious, Deadpan Snarker, Sharp-Dressed Man, Mystical White Hair, The Bartender, Supporting Protagonist, Artificial Human, The Stoic (Unless Otherwise)
  • Domains: Arbiters, Bartenders, Stoicism
  • Heralds: Nona, Clavis
  • Allies: Anubis, Chen Stormstout, Moe Syzlak, Sans, King
  • Odd Friendship: Plain Doll
  • Opposed by: those who have a negative viewpoint of humans
  • Decim owns a mysterious bar known as the Quindecim and he, along with a few other arbiters there, have a rather unconventional way of determining what happens to a pair of souls after they die. The arbiters have the memories of those who died stored in their eyes (via crosses in their pupils, though the memories are eventually gone). After the souls play a different kind of game, the souls are either reincarnated or sent to "the void".
  • Given how death works within the Pantheon, Decim's primary job of judging souls hasn't happened as often as it did originally. If a couple of deities were to end up in the House of Life & Death by some circumstance, there is a possibility of them ending up in the Quindecim to play a game at Decim's suggestion (regardless of if they want to or not), but that's about it.
  • Despite not having the best understanding of human emotion on a complex level, he has acknowledged humans who had a full life. This did not go over well with deities who believe that there is nothing special about humans.
  • Even though he and Eiki Shiki are tasked with judging souls and determining their fate, the two have very different ways of going through it. Decim has his guests play some sort of game and the memories get revealed gradually whilst Eiki Shiki has the ability to judge somone as either "Black" or "White". Given that she wants to ensure the best out of those already living, she has issues with Decim's stoicism. She is aware of Decim acknowledging those who lived full lives and the fact that he is capable of showing emotion, though she's trying to make sure Decim is fully empathetic when it comes to judging souls together.
    • As far as those related to the afterlife are concerned, both Decim and Anubis are seen having friendly conversations with each other (though Anubis feels that Decim is a bit strange in some aspects).
  • There have been instances of Decim using a device to make something happen during the judging process between the souls. No one is certain as to whether or not it works outside of his bar.
  • Whenever he isn't determining the fate of two souls that have just died, Decim serves as a bartender who is known for serving some excellent drinks and is suggested to be a good cook (though occasionally, other gods who are skilled cooks have offered to prepare some food something whenever he has free time; it surprised him a little at first, but doesn't have issues with such). He gets a few frequent customers during these instances. Despite the eccentricity of these guests, Decim doesn't really mind that much.
    • On occasion, Decim can be seen having conversations with fellow bartenders such Moe Syzlak. Whether or not a joint bar will happen remains to be seen, but it's not likely to happen given their own individual commitments outside of bartending (and Decim probably being the most unusual out of them, which hasn't gone unnoticed by the others; they still like Decim's bartending skills, though).
    • One of his most frequent bartender aids comes from Chen Stormstout, who is not only a skilled cook, but also a solid crafter of drinks. They are known to exchange drinks with each other in their free time.
  • Decim decided to make a visit to King's bar after hearing about it. Since King is just as capable of making good drinks as he is, Decim and King have been seen talking to each other exchanging drinks with each other. Every do often, one of them will visit the other's bar in their freetime to have a quick conversation.
  • Sans, having heard of another bar within the Pantheon, decided to drop by to see what it was like. The skeleton struck up a conversation with Decim and remarked that Decim judging human souls was not exactly different from Sans judging (or at least determining) if humans have a good heart or not in the Underworld. The two have become friends as a result, with Sans frequenting the Quindecim whenever Decim isn't busy (even if Sans' puns completely fly over Decim's head).
  • Owns a lot of mannequins, presumably so that he can remember people who have lived fulfilled lives to some extent. It's believed that he asks the Houses of Craft and Costumes to design costumes based on said guests for the mannequins.
    • It came as a bit of a surprise to him when he found Plain Doll since she happened to be a (sort-of) living mannequin. They've actually gotten along since then and because both are capable of showing emotion in spite of appearing emotionless.
  • In what can be considered as a slightly dark bit of irony given what he is meant to judge, Decim is actually made of souls that have been sent to the void. A few deities know about this, and it hasn't gone unnoticed by those who want souls for personal gain.
  • Some have been wondering where this "void" that Decim talks about leads to. Guesses have ranged from hell itself to some sort of nothingness to something far worse. He hasn't responded on the matter.


    Rook and Alette 
Rook and Alette, Gods of the Viking Funeral (Sundr-Slayer)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The red banner of Skogr
  • Alignment: True Neutral (leaning Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, The Heroes, Refugees from Skogr, Makes Choices for survival, One Dies Fighting Bellower And Given a Funeral
  • Domains: Vikings, Survivors, Caravan, Funeral
  • Allies: Lost Vikings, Thor, Odin, Tyr, Freya, Joel & Ellie
    • Rook: Sean Archer
    • Alette: Artemis, Merida, Yukari Takeba
  • Enemies: Loki, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Apophis, Bradwarden, Hecarim
  • Refugees from Skogr, Rook leads his people in a journey to Abberang from a Dredge invasion. However, in the middle of their journey at Boersgard, a city under siege under the dredge led by Bellower. Under the plan of a Mender named Juno, he and his daughter Alette has a silver arrow that could bring hope in defeating the Sundr. However, one of them was killed by Bellower after firing the shot and after his defeat, they were given a viking funeral and arriving in the afterlife.
    • The one who survives would arrive to the Pantheon later and the two are reunited, as father and daughter.
  • They express a bit of relief of seeing day and night for a long time ever since the sun stopped moving.
  • The two are surprised of seeing the pantheon of the Norse gods due to some striking resembles to the now dead gods of their world.
    • That said, they don't like Loki and his children who would bring the end of the world as their world was threatened by the "Darkness" that nearly consumed it and Jormungandr resembling the Serpent that could destroy entire mountains and was destined to devour the world.
  • The two come across another bunch of vikings known as the Lost Vikings, who are "lost." Alette found them to be rather amusing since they are not like the warriors in her world and found them to be goofy.
  • Because of the world they live in, they had to take some priority in survival over morality even if it is against their own judgement. They can sympathize and respect those who had to make the tough choice if their caravan were to survive.
    • Rook shows some sympathy to Joel as he would do the same thing like him if he were to lose his daughter and had to make a choice that would sacrifice anything.
  • Rook has always feared losing his daughter when he lost his family to the winter since childhood and his wife. Such fear became reality should she fall to Bellower, in which he was broken by it to the point of nearly killing himself when he charged to a horde of dredge all by himself.
    • While it will not happen again and Alette is still alive in the Pantheon, he still wants to protect his daughter and he pay some respects to some who grief over the lost of their child.
    • As a result, Rook shows some sympathy and respect to parents who had lost their child.
  • They thought that Egil somehow manage to ascend into the Pantheon, only to find that it is a man with metal armor, unlike a dredge. The machina is intrigued that there is a human (or Hom in his case) boy that is named after him, though he is curious about how much time his life was in peril.
  • Alette has been training in archery so that she could be a hunter like her father, unlike other girls who follow the traditional roles. She has considered training other girls in ways of archery since she was taught by her motherly figure, Oddleif, and have found a few girls that could help with the class.
  • They once considered shooting a Colossus when they mistaken it for a dredge. However, when the two found that there are various kind of Colossi and the fact that they are larger than even Bellower, they reconsidered.
  • The two found that there are other "Horseborn" in the Pantheon, in which they look completely different from them. They note that some are not very aggressive and savage unlike the Horseborn that has pillaged and attacked other humans.
  • Though Alette is a capable archer, she doesn't wish to harm humans or varls that aren't in the Pantheon. However, when she puts on her hood, she will not hesitate to shoot!


    Joe Gillis 
Joseph "Joe" C. Gillis, God of Posthumous Narrators
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His dead body floating in a swimming pool
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, Foregone Conclusion, How We Got Here, Lemony Narrator, Most Writers Are Writers, Out-Gambitted, Posthumous Narration, Private Eye Monologue, Death from being shot near a swimming pool, Writers Suck
  • Domains: Screenwriters (failed), Death, Narration
  • High Priest: Lester Burnham
  • Allies: Marion Crane, Kenny McCormick, Flynn Rider
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob
  • Opposes: Krusty the Clown
  • Pities: Rosemary Woodhouse
  • Pitied by: Max Payne
  • Annoyed by: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner, Alex DeLarge
  • Complicated Relationship with: Norma Desmond
  • Joe Gillis was a down-on-his-luck screenwriter who was hired by Norma Desmond to help her set up her movie comeba—er… “return.” Joe believed he can manipulate her, but soon finds out that he is wrong. His ambivalence about their relationship and her unwillingness to let go leads to a situation of violence, madness, and death.
    • Joe found himself waking up in the Pantheon after he was murdered by Norma at her swimming pool. When he asked why he was brought into the Pantheon, it was revealed that he was resurrected and given a position in the Pantheon due to him narrating the story that led him to his death.
    • He learned that Norma Desmond also ascended into the Pantheon as well, making him more cautious of her and because of that, he avoids visiting her temple. He also avoids going near any swimming pool due to being murdered at one.
  • Both Marion Crane and Kenny McCormick visit his temple at times. Joe especially feels sorry for Marion as he discovered that both of them have had encounters with an insane person and didn’t survive them. Max Payne also takes pity towards Joe upon hear about his story.
  • He noticed that Flynn Rider did a similar narration, though when he did die, it didn’t take. The two are on good terms with each other.
  • After his failed attempt at having a screenwriting career in Hollywood as well as having to deal with Norma, Joe has become increasingly wary of several actors that reside in the Pantheon. He doesn’t like Krusty the Clown for his jaded personality as well as Sideshow Bob.
    • He is also annoyed with the Warner siblings due to their antics.
    • Has felt very sorry for Rosemary Woodhouse upon learning that she was married to an actor and what he did to her.
  • He couldn’t stand seeing Alex DeLarge as he doesn’t like seeing him mocking his narration and his followers.

    Malcolm Crowe 
Malcolm Crowe, The God Who Was Dead All Along

    Rose Bukater 
Rose DeWitt Bukater, The Goddess Whose Heart Will Go On (Angelica, Elizabeth)
  • Symbol: The Heart of the Ocean
  • Theme Song: "My Heart Will Go On"
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Jack got killed off to show how strong she is, Spirited Young Lady, Action Survivor, Cool Old Lady, (almost) being Driven to Suicide, Together in Death, Uptown Girl
  • Domain: Love, Wealth, Disaster
  • Allies: Jack Dawson, Shinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa, Tiana, Charlotte LaBouff, Princess Jasmine, Anne Shirley, Jo March, Belle and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet
  • Enemies: Cal Hickley, any domestic abuser, Gaston, Calvin Candie
  • Opposes: Jay Gatsby, Scarlett O'Hara
  • After Rose's peaceful death in her sleep, she was immediately ascend the Pantheon because she is one of the most iconic example of the trope. And because her theme song keep repeating that phrase over again.
  • When heard about Rose's ascension, Jack immediately ran to her temple to reunite with her with a kiss. Cal, on the other hand, immediately throws a tantrum about how she cheated on him and he will make her pay for dropping the diamond into the sea. Protection has been granted to her temple by the House of Love so she and Jack don't have to get separated again.
  • Rose's song is so popular that it develops back its own Hatedom for how invasive it was during the time the film came out. Although her song wins back a lot of followers thanks to the re-release.
  • Jack and Rose hates Gaston's guts for his bad treatment of Belle and the Beast. This endears them to Belle and the Beast, who relates to his experience of loving from different social status.
  • With his ascension to the Pantheon, Rose can sometime be seen joining Jack through his drifting throughout the Pantheon. People know not to disturb the two of them whenever they are saying they are drawing like the French.
  • Shinichi Kudo is a strong supporter of Jack's relationship with Rose because they remind him of his friend from the police force Sato and Takagi.
  • Charlotte LaBouff is a big fan of Jack and Rose's relationship because she thinks their story is romantic and Jack's friendship with Tiana while dislikes Cal for how poorly he treats Rose.
  • Made a close friendship with Princess Jasmine because the two of them are in a relationship with someone they love with lesser status.
  • Has a good relationship with Jo March and Anne Shirley for their similar in personality. The three of them can sometimes be seen sharing their story together in a gathering take place in their temple.
    • However, Scarlett O'Hare is not invited to the meeting due to the three consider her an Evil Counterpart for everything they stood for. The fact that she is a proud slave owner does NOT help.
  • Stays away from Jay Gatsby due to how obsessive he is about Daisy and the fact that he looks like Jack.
  • Like Jack and Cal, she forbid anyone from calling her Angelica, Elizabeth or mentioning her with talking animals.
  • Jack and Rose got along well with Romeo and Juliet due to the tragic nature of their romance. The four of them congrats each other that they now reunite with the one they love. The fact that Romeo and Jack looks the same also helps.
  • Hates Calvin Candie with a passion because outside of being a slave owner, he once used likeness to Jack to kidnap her. Luckily, Jack and Cal put aside their difference to rescue her.

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