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The novel series Discworld has many spinoffs and adaptations.

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    Main Novel Series 

The main Discworld novels, in order of release. Brackets denote date of UK publication and main character(s) — standalone indicates that it is not part of a series. note 

Illustrated novels:

  • Eric (illustrated by Josh Kirby) (1990 — Rincewind; also available in paperback novel format)
  • The Last Hero (illustrated by Paul Kidby) (2001 — Rincewind, bits of The City Watch and Wizards, Heroes; republished with more illustrations)

The young-adult Discworld novels:


    Other Books and Writings 


  • The Witches Trilogy (Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, and Witches Abroad in one volume, 1995, UK)
  • The Death Trilogy (Mort, Reaper Man, and Soul Music in one volume, 1998, UK)
  • The City Watch Trilogy (Guards! Guards!, Men at Arms, and Feet of Clay in one volume, 1999, UK)
  • Rincewind The Wizzard (The Color of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Sourcery, and Eric in one volume, 1999, US)
  • The Gods Trilogy (Pyramids, Small Gods, and Hogfather in one volume, 2000, UK)
  • The Rincewind Trilogy (Sourcery, Eric, and Interesting Times in one volume, 2001, UK)

Children's books:

Short stories note :

The Mapps

  • The Streets of Ankh-Morpork (with Stephen Briggs, illustrated by Stephen Player) (1993)
    • The Compleat Ankh-Morpork City Guide (with Discworld Emporium staff, illustrated by Peter Dennis) (updated version of The Streets of Ankh-Morpork, 2012)
    • The Ankh-Morpork Map for iPad (fully zoomable and animated with achievements and narrated walking tours)
  • The Discworld Mapp (with Stephen Briggs, illustrated by Stephen Player) (1995)
    • The Compleat Discworld Atlas (with Discworld Emporium staff, illustrated by Peter Dennis) (updated version of The Discworld Mapp, 2015)
  • A Tourist's Guide To Lancre (with Stephen Briggs, illustrated by Paul Kidby) (1998)
  • Death's Domain (with Stephen Briggs, illustrated by Paul Kidby) (1999)


  • The Discworld Companion (with Stephen Briggs) (1994). Universe Compendium. Second edition as The Discworld Companion Updated (1997); third edition as The New Discworld Companion (2003), fourth edition as Turtle Recall: The Discworld Companion ... So Far (2012).
  • Quizbooks The Unseen University Challenge (1996) and The Wyrdest Link: Terry Pratchett's Discworld Quizbook (2014), by David Langford.
  • The Science of Discworld I-IV (with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen) (1999, 2002, 2005, 2013)
  • Nanny Ogg's Cookbook (with Tina Hannan and Stephen Briggs, illustrated by Paul Kidby) (2002)
  • The Discworld Almanack (with Bernard Pearson) (2004)
  • Discworld Diary datebooks (1998-2015): calendar-books seeded with original content about various Discworld institutions (the Watch, the University, the Guilds, the Igors, etc) that has made them highly sought-after by collectors.
    • The Ankh-Morpork Archive Vol 1 (2019): The information from the UU, Post Office, Thieves and Assassins Diaries, assembled and republished without the actual diaries.
    • The Ankh-Morpork Archive Vol 2 (2020): As above, but from the Watch, Fools, Reformed Vampires, and History Monks.
  • The Folklore of Discworld (with Jaqueline Simpson) (2008)
  • The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld (quotations; compiled by Stephen Briggs) (2009)
  • Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook to Travelling Upon the Ankh-Morpork & Sto Plains Hygienic Railway (with Discworld Emporium staff, illustrated by Peter Dennis) (2014)

  • The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Mort, Guards! Guards!, and Small Gods have been adapted into graphic novels.

    Film — Live-Action 

Made For TV Movies

  • Terry Pratchett's Hogfather (2006), an adaptation of Hogfather.
  • The Colour of Magic (2008), an adaptation of The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic
  • Going Postal (2010), an adaptation of Going Postal

    Live Action Television Series 
  • The Watch (2021), a TV show for BBC America featuring the characters of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch but in original stories

  • From the Discworld, Dave Greenslade (1994)
  • Soul Music Soundtrack, Keith Hopwood and Phil Bush (1996)
  • Soul Harmonics, Lavington Bound (2011)
  • Wintersmith, Steeleye Span (October 2013)

    Tabletop Games 

  • Discworld Roleplaying Game — like it says, The Role-Playing Game, originally published as GURPS Discworld RPG (1998), and one supplement for it, GURPS Discworld Also (2001) (both with Phil Masters); the first book was later repackaged as Discworld RPG in 2002. A new edition, incorporating material from both the earlier books and other sources, and with the rules updated to GURPS Fourth Edition, was released in 2016.

Board Games

  • Thud (2006)
  • Discworld: Ankh-Morpork (2011)
  • Guards! Guards! (2011)
  • Discworld: The Witches (2013)
  • Discworld: The Clacks (2015)

    Video Games 

    Western Animated Series 
  • Terry Pratchett's Discworld: Soul Music (1996)
  • Terry Pratchett's Discworld: Wyrd Sisters (1997)

    Other Mediums 
  • Several Radio adaptations on The BBC
  • Stage-play adaptations of many books, most originally scripted by Stephen Briggs for the Studio Theatre Club in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
  • The Duel (2015): Animated short made through Animation Hub by students of the Irish School of Animation and Trinity College Dublin, and approved by Trinity Adjunct Professor of English Terry Pratchett.


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