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Characters / Discworld

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The Discworld has numerous characters, so here they will be grouped roughly by "series" most of which have their own character pages. Characters that mainly appear in only one book will be grouped at One Book Wonders, with a complete lack of alphabetical order.

Once more for old times' sake... WATCH OUT FOR SPOILERS!

Grouped character pages:

  • Discworld City Watch note 
  • Discworld Witches note 
  • Discworld Wizards note 
  • Discworld Death and Company note 
  • Discworld Tiffany Aching and The Wee Free Men note 
  • Discworld One-Book Wonders note 
  • Discworld Others note 
  • Discworld Villains note 
  • Discworld Godsnote 
  • Discworld Species: For details on the species of the Disc and the wider universe.