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Greater Gods

Gwyn, God of Impressive Crowns of Royalty (Lord of Sunlight, Lord of Cinder, Leader of the Lords, King of Anor Londo, The Old Iron King, Ichorous Earth, Soul of Cinder, The Red Knight, The Incarnation of Kings, The OG Lord of Cinder)
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  • Greater God, Overdeity as the Soul of Cinder
  • Symbol: The Crown and Fiery Soul of Gwyn
  • Theme Song: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, Old Iron King, Soul of Cinder
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sunlight Spear, Flaming Sword, Bright Flames and the Corruption Thereof, Power of the Lord Souls, The Power of the Sun, Mistreated His Children
  • Domains: Fire, Sunlight, Godhood, Royalty, Eternity, Lightning, Thunderbolts
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Once the king of the wondrous realm of Anor Londo, he and his knights slew the Everlasting Dragons, ending the Age of Fog and allowing the development of mankind into the Age of Fire, a time of prosperity and peace. However, he eventually discovered that the First Flame that allowed this to happen was dying. He tried to use his Lord Soul to reignite it and stave off the darkness, but was soon consumed by the fire and withered into the Lord of Cinder. Wandering in the Kiln of the First Flame, one day he was surprised to feel his mind return and found himself in the House of Royalty. To this day, he still says he doesn't know how it all happened.
  • While many Undead have attempted to recreate his lordly crown, all have failed to correctly imitate its awesome power, inspiring Gwyn to claim it as his spot at the Pantheon.
  • Has an intense hatred for dragons regardless of alignment, as in his mind they are vile remnants of the Age of Fog. Still, those willing to help Humanity are exempted from his wrath, as he sees them as worthy successors to his old ally Seath the Scaleless' legacy.
    • His stance on Dragons has soften as of late, when it was revealed one of his most powerful, and loyal subjects was an Archdragon of immense power, Midir the Darkeater, a Dragon that him and the other gods raised themselves to be a stalwart defender against the darkness. Though it was revealed that ultimately he raised the dragon to eternally fight the dark for him, meaning he meant for him to be a Tyke-Bomb rather than genuinely changing his stance.
  • Gwyn constantly assaults users of the powers of darkness, driven by his fanatical hatred of the Abyss. However, he has cautiously chosen to trust the channelers of The Sacred Darkness such as Midna, Cecil and Riku, as they have proven they are capable of using the Darkness without being taken by the void.
  • Seeks his lost followers and fellow Lords. He's aware he can't reasonably expect to return to the height of the Age of Fire, but nonetheless tries.
    • Often tries to help vulnerable Magical Girls in memory of his friend, the Witch of Izalith, whose ill-fated attempt to duplicate the First Flame instead transformed her into the chaos-tainted monstrosity known as the Bed of Chaos. Pained by this, Gwyn seeks ways to avoid these senseless acts of suffering.
    • Successfully reestablished contact with Nito, and seeks to strenghten his position by convincing Zobek and Quan Chi to aid him (so far unsuccessfully).
    • Greatly cheered up by finding his faithful knight Artorias, along with the Great Grey Wolf Sif. Gwyn has also developed great respect for Guts.
    • Likewise, he was also most pleased when he found Ornstein and Smough, and promptly had them ascend as protectors of his Temple. Gwyn allows Ornstein to indulge in his dragonslaying duties, though he often has to rein him in. While disgusted by Smough's eating habits, he has pondered on the possibilities of setting him loose on the Disgraces.
  • Speaking of Ornstein's obsession about killing Issei Hyodo, Cosmos had a stern talk with Gwyn. The boy's doing his best to help and really doesn't deserve the Old Dragonslayer obsessively trying to collect his head. As a result, master and servant are reviewing exactly which dragons are fair game. So far Gwyn has decreed the Fairy Tail guild can only be challenged in established non-fatal duels, and that Issei is severely off-limits and must not be killed, otherwise the Dragonslayer will be stripped off his title as protector of Gwyn's temple. Ornstein's not really happy, but abides by the word of his lord.
    • On the other hand, he is known to carry a deep hate for Issei's rival, Vali Lucifer. To him, Vali is the very image of the depraved Everlasting Dragons of the Age of Fog, so Ornstein is free to kill him, and Smough is welcome to devour what remains. Vali, however, is greatly annoyed by the two of them, and asked Wiz and Boomstick to make a tag-team Death Battle between him and Issei versus the two minions of Gwyn.
  • Still obsesses about the First Flame, and seeks undead of all kinds to feed them into the Kiln in an attempt to prolong the dying Age of Fire. This has already netted him a permaban from the House of Otherness after repeated attempts on some of the occupants, but he believes the diversity of the Pantheon gives him possibilities. While his cause is certainly noble, his methods aren't, and so many are reluctant to openly ally with him.
    • A new possibility has opened to Gwyn with the ascension of the immortal Mokou no Fujiwara, with whose infinite life and fire powers could theoretically sustain the First Flame indefinitely. As desperate as Gwyn is, though, he sent his knights on fact-finding missions before immediately tossing her into the Kiln, remembering what happened last time he acted rashly without thinking of the possible consequences.
  • When he is forced to fight, he invokes the persona of the Lord of Cinder through the power of his Lord Soul. He really doesn't like wallowing in the ashes, especially knowing he might still sink into the abomination that is Ichorous Earth, but often sees little way of imposing his will otherwise.
  • Despises his Boletarian counterpart, False King Allant, and is greatly incensed by his actions - not only successfully locating and reactivating the threat of the Abyss by awakening Manus, he's also ensured the death of the Old Chaos and Manus' eventual release. While it can be said no one knows the risks better than Gwyn, his paranoia and utter fear of the Flame being extinguished is an opening Allant has seen fit to exploit by turning Gwyn's mistrust against him. His mood was not helped when he learned Nadalia, the Bride of Ash, one of Manus' fragments, sought his own Lord Soul as her King.
  • Utterly hates Acnologia, for not only does the Black Dragon represent everything he despises about the dragon race, but also because he was a Dragon Slayer before he transformed and betrayed humanity. In his eyes, the Dragon King is worthy of no other end but utter extermination, and it's to the point that sometimes he is tempted to abandon his fight with Allant to strike the beast down with his own hands, although he almost erupted in anger when he heard Acnologia allied with Allant, even if they don't get along that well.
  • Gwyn's opinion of Grima is similar, but made more complicated by Grima's working relationships with two of Gwyn's own allies, Seath the Scaleless and Gravelord Nito.
  • A mortal lore-ist by the name of VaatiVidya has taken it upon himself to recount the story of Gwyn and his kingdom in all its glory. His efforts have impressed the Lord of Sunlight and his warriors greatly.
    • He was equally impressed with the story of the most recent Bearer of his Lord Soul and his closest ally, Sir Alonne, who reminds Gwyn somewhat of both Ornstein and Artorias.
  • The Fate of his world has left the Lord of Sunlight broken, the fate of his family (gone or devoured) became the reason Gwyn refused to leave his temple for awhile, The fate of his loyal knights (all dead) has left him enraged. He fell into a depressing obsession to find a way to keep the First Flame alive here in the Pantheon no matter the cost, no matter how many had to be sacrificed, no matter how many enemies must be slain.
    • It was through this madness that he discovered how to protect the Flame if he found no other way, by connecting his soul to it he can combine it with all others that linked the flame after him becoming "The Soul of Cinder", this devastating amalgamation uses every bit of skill, knowledge and power in every single one of those souls to be the striking force stopping those that attempt to end the Flame, especially against Allant!
  • He was noted to be very "unhappy" about the ascension of The Nameless King and has done everything he can to prevent The Nameless King from entering into the House of Royalty. Other gods have noticed the animosity held by Gwyn and The Nameless King which has led to an unofficial agreement by a majority of the pantheon to make sure the duo never meet under any circumstance despite the fact that evidence points toward The Nameless King being Gwyn's firstborn son.
    • He also seeks to slay the leader of the Cathedral of the Deep, Pontiff Sulyvahn. Not only did the mad sorcerer successfully drive his forces from his realm of Anor Londo, corrupted his palace into an abominable church to the Abyss, he also fed Gwyn's son to his grotesque master, Aldrich, Saint of the Deep and all but exterminated Gwyn's line. By now, the Lord of Cinder's hate for the Pontiff easily surpasses his rivalry with Allant, and has stated he will mow both down and feed them to the Flame.
    • To add further insult to injury, Friede and Ariandel have ascended and the former has permanently grudged Gwyn's system of Linking the Flame, with the Painted World of Ariandel as proof of her statement. The fact that she wields Blackflame makes the situation worse, since its a sign of the Abyss.
  • Many gods that came from humanity and aligned themselves with Gwyn have started to question their loyalty after news from the Ringed City, ancient city of the pygmies, arrived in the pantheon. The Pygmy Lords, humanity's ancient rulers, willingly fought alongside the gods against the dragons and sent their own knights to fight alongside Gwyn's out of loyalty and longing to serve the gods of Anor Londo. These ancient humans had control over the Dark Soul and was able to keep control over the Abyss but still Gwyn felt fear towards those that sought to serve and worship him. Gwyn erased the contributions humanity gave to the war against the dragons and put a seal of fire aka the Darksign itself, which in turned caused humanity to loose much of its connection to The Sacred Darkness, in an attempt to curb the power of humanity and the Abyss. The truth that Gwyn was responsible for one of the greatest causes of suffering the humans in his world face despite their loyalty has been one of the largest discoveries made in the ancient city Gwyn sent the early humans of his world to. This revelation has caused members of the pantheon who often side with humanity and a few of the channelers of The Sacred Darkness to become weary of Gwyn in light of what he did out.
    • Gywn on the other hand argued in his defense, stating that he did reward humanity, by gifting them the Ringed City, granting there leaders lordship, and gifting them his beloved youngest child. He also pointed out the out of control Darkness is one of the root causes for the atrocities committed in his universe, and no matter how extreme his actions are, he is justified. This has just split the Pantheon's opinion on him even more, especially as said gifts had ulterior motives behind all of them, especilly his daughter. Regardless most people agree, for good or ill, Gywn will attempt to protect the flame at any cost.
  • Another look at his life has recently come to light a chronicle of one of his most loyal Silver Knights, in which it presents Gywn as a reasonable King, ruling just and fairly, protecting both humans and Gods in his lands, enough that the Silver Knights themselves grew discontent at the fact Gywn was putting human interests above their own. It's done quite a bit to fix his damaged reputation, although many of questioned his reasons for said benevolence.

Intermediate Gods

Eight, God of Secret Royalty (The Guv', My Boy, Ragazzo, The Trodain Royal Guard, Commander, The Dragovian Descendant)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dragovian Symbol
  • Theme Song: Overture
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Hero, Cursed with Awesome, Half-Human Hybrid, Draconic Humanoid, Hidden Backup Prince, Lost Orphaned Royalty, Uncanny Family Resemblance, Orphan's Plot Trinket in the form of a pet, The Quiet One, The Reliable One, Hypercompetent Sidekick, Almighty Janitor, Heroic Spirit, Magnetic Hero, Childhood Friend Romance, Lady and Knight, Psychic Link, Dragon Knight, The Dragons Come Back
  • Domains: Teams, Royalty, Dragons, Duty
  • Allies: Angelo, Nine, Son Gohan, Scott Pilgrim, Mario, Peach, Zelda, Link, Spyro
  • Enemies: Galeem and Dharkon, Starscream, Ragyo Kiryuin, Bowser, Crow, Ganondorf
  • Opposed by: Prince Charmles
  • Heralds: Yangus, Munchie, Morrie
  • Eight was only a palace guard of Trodain about his rounds the fateful day that King and Castle were cursed; the Sole Survivor of the curse, he rescued King Trode and Princess Medea and they set out to undo the spell. Gathering a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, they hunted the evil spirit responsible and its Artifact of Doom to the ends of the Earth. After that was wrapped up, he had to deal with his Childhood Friend, Medea, being stuck in an Arranged Marriage with Prince Charmles.
  • While he is happily wed to his beloved Princess Medea, it has become known that there exists an alternate universe in which he may have wed his party's Squishy Wizard, instead. For now, the Eight in the Pantheon is happily married to Medea.
  • Angelo is almost always delighted to have his old friend around, in part to reminisce about Walking the Earth together and partly because having Eight around means having Munchie around, and Munchie is exactly the right combination of adorable and awesome to maximize female enthusiasm. Eight is allowing this on grounds that Angelo helps him ascend the other members they traveled with, which Angelo was more than willing to do, especially if it meant being able to see Jessica again.
  • Eight was in the middle of setting up his new quarters (he's never comfortable unless he's either on the road or in the barracks) when Angelo entered suddenly and whisked him off to meet a new acquaintance. Confused, Eight nonetheless followed and eventually found himself essentially standing in front of a mirror. "Guv', meet Gohan," Angelo introduced them. "Gohan, the Guv'." Feeling slightly befuddled, Eight nonetheless obliged when Angelo told him to reach Max Tension, and Gohan burst out laughing. "Super Saiyan 2! Nice!" Eight remained confused until Gohan demonstrated what he was talking about.
  • Despite being intimately acquainted with the royal, noble, and wealthiest classes of his own world, he's never exploited Screw the Rules, I Have Connections! aspect of it, keeping him on good terms with all of the members of the House Of Royalty, or at least those that actually have such moral ethics. Doubly so once they learned of his dedication of protecting his wife, the Princess Medea. He’s allowed to bring her there whenever he desires; helps that some members of royalty there can put up a fight to help Eight protect her if needed.
    • Two princesses that were extra impressed with him for his actions and dedication to protecting his princess wife were Peach and Zelda. As such, Mario and Link are honored to have another damsel saving princess hero in the Pantheon, and are more than willing to team up with him to save their respective princesses when possible. Of course, this only gave him a fast ride up on the list of those that plan on capturing them, like Bowser, Ganon, and Crow.
      • That said, Mario does feel a bit sheepish since Eight was able to actually marry Medea while Mario blew it due to fighting with Bowser during his proposal. He and Eight can sometimes be seen talking with ways on how to avoid that happening again.
  • Despite Medea's original Arranged Marriage, neither Eight nor his wife had any real problem with betrothal as such, so long as the two can find happiness in each other.
  • He secretly quite amused by the tale of Scott Pilgrim, though Eight has never actually met Prince Charmles in combat; it's more fun to think about that he would like to admit, not that many would argue that wanting to hurt Charmles is wrong.
  • He accidentally made the mistake of carrying extra gear while taking a tour of the House of Beasts; he accidentally dropped Baumren's Bell and the House of Felines exploded. Since then he's been required to check his pockets at the gate.
  • Eight holds Starscream (the Pantheon's ultimate disloyalist) in something very near to contempt. It was the failure to observe obligations that lead to so much tragedy in his homeworld, and he dreads the same fate for the Pantheon.
  • Hearing of Ragyo Kiryuin abandoning her own humanity reminded him all too strongly of his own heritage, and of the Lord of the Dragovians who abandoned his human aspects, going insane with power that nearly wiped out his own race. Of course, her abusive side towards her children didn't help sweeten his opinion of her.
  • Has visited the House of Dragons out of curiosity, and was promptly confronted by the King of the Koopas, who asked him about his Princess back home. It was not a friendly conversation in the slightest, leading Eight to realize he needs to keep his eyes on Medea now more than ever.
    • Despite this, he was happy to meet a friendly dragon by the name of Spyro within the house. The dragon, after getting to understand how Eight was technically related to dragons, was more than accommodating to Eight and gave him pointers on what friendly dragons to visit and which evil dragons to be wary of.
  • Prince Charmles has a personal grudge against Eight, in part because the hero stole his "rightfully wedded" bride. Eight mostly ignores his cousin, though makes a point of always standing in between him and Medea when possible. He's thankful that he at least has more allies than he does to help him out in case the rejected prince tries anything drastic.
  • He has received one of the most important invitations he could ask for; to stand with three other Dragon Quest heroes and represent the series on Nintendo's biggest stage. Namely, he received a message from The Luminary, the one formally announced for the stage, to join him, Erdrick, and Solo. Because of this, Eight has been making his rounds to meet up with the other fighters. This was for the best as the first fight he wandered into, Luminary was in desperate need of help thanks to Dharkon's forces. As such, joining the roster meant becoming enemies with him and Galeem.

We have butchers at the front gates - four-armed and eager for slaughter.

Eliksni, Divine Race of Vestigial Empires (The Fallen, House of Devils, House of Kings, House of Exile, House of Winter, House of Wolves, House of Dusk, The Scorn, The Spider's Crime Syndicate, Pirate Scum, Bugs, Insects, Children of the Whirlwind, House of Light)
The Scorned Barons 
  • Intermediate Gods altogether, but are capable of taking on Greater.
  • Symbol: Their Glyph
  • Theme Song: The Fallen, End of the Line, Sepiks Prime, House of Wolves Main Theme, Queen's Ransom, The Shadow Thief, The Ruling House, Skolas Battle Theme, Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, can slip into Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil for the Scorn, Lawful Good for the House of Light
  • Portfolio: Surviving on desperation and dreg strength alone, Somehow managing to keep their Ketches afloat through just scavenged resources, Fallen Hero, Gang of Hats, Resorting to plundering after their fall from greatness, Dying Race, Badass Cape, Color-Coded Armies, Once worshipped a giant machine god, Dual Wielding, Extra Eyes, Creepy Blue Eyes, Arc Based Weaponry, Ultimately trying to bring back their former glory, Dubbed the Fallen by many, Multi-Armed and Dangerous
  • Domains: Piracy, Lost Glory, Jury-rigging, Desperation
  • Heralds: The Devil Splicers
  • Followers: The Fallen Empires, The Third Empire of Tamriel, Brotherhood of Steel's West Coast Chapter
  • Allies: The GUAM, Ridley, Felix, Sundowner, Roman Torchwick
    • For the Scorn: Uldren Sov (not ascended) But that may change as of recent events.
  • Enemies: ORYX, The Vex (unless it concerns the GUAM), The Guardians, Emperor Calus, The Taken, YHVH, House of Justice, Samus Aran, XCOM, The Tactician, The Blood Gulch Crew, Team RWBY and Team JNPR, any darkness affiliated deities, Father Elijah, the Scorn
    • For the Scorn: The Guardians (for Fikrul), The rest of the Fallen and their allies
  • For the House of Light, the allies and enemies are reversed, but the Scorn are still their primary enemy. All other deities from their home universe (except the Guardians) are their enemies still.
  • Opposes: Undead deities, Deities with Resurrective Immortality (The Pantheon's way doesn't count)
  • Feared By: House of Machinery and Technology
  • Respects: The SCP Foundation, The Machine, GLaDOS, Anavel Gato, Fafnir, Smaug, and any deity that is difficult to steal from.
  • The Eliksni are a nomadic race of arachnids that once was a flourishing civilization, just one of many Traveler's followers. But like so many before them, the civilization was attacked by Oryx while The Traveler fled and the Eliksni could have been killed off if it wasn't for the efforts of a respected Eliksni Kell to hold him back while the remaining escaped for their lives. Time passed, and many Houses died off due to infighting and they shaped themselves to what they are now. They eventually found their machine god once again... in the hands of Humanity. Believing they have stolen their God for themselves, they've grown to hate humanity and have had come to blows with them after The Collapse. Notable engagements include the Battle of Six Fronts where Four Titan Legions defend against an onslaught of Fallen coming from six different sides and the Battle of Twilight Gap where Fallen Houses work together to lay siege to the Last City. To this day, they are a scourge upon the Last City and have become more and more desperate to take back the Traveler.
  • They came to the Pantheon, by force of course, to achieve godhood and to find some sort of way to help their race. They ascended with an unfavorable trope, made worse by the fact that the man who did this to them is here long before them and that there are threats here that comparable to, if not worse than The Darkness. Still, it's a much better situation than in the Solar System in that they aren't alone in terms of allies. Not to mention, there are so much they can learn from while staying here.
    • Their temple is a stark contrast to the opulent and glorious House they reside in. A Wretched Hive living under a mix of Golden Age Humanity buildings and some salvaged ships, ships like Ketches and Skiffs drop in and out by the day for raiding and scavenging, Fallen tech and caches stored under the untrained eye, remnants of former royalty seen by tattered banners now symbolize a nomadic lifestyle. Expect a large concentration of Fallen with many forms of new and old weaponry and traps within here, the larger more important Servitors creating Ether to help sustain the spider pirates.
  • Although zealous for the Traveler specifically, they are still known to worship technology in general. Their servitors, although just robotic effigies of their god, do have their own identities. Because of this, they fell in line with the GUAM as it's more comfortable with them not to mention the Council of Machines promises them to help create more Servitors to supply their Ether. While it would of been nice if they were more bigger in terms of manpower, the Eliksni are used to being the underdog, and it hasn't stopped them from accomplishing their near-successful heist of the Vault of Glass. They serve in the Infiltration and Assassination Unit given their subtle nature as Space Pirates with their versatile Servitors and Shanks (the robot, not the knife, but their blades are that too). If it does come down to open war, they will not shy away from it and are more than capable of dealing damage despite their jury-rigged appearance. Falling Ketches, and Tricking their enemies to killing each other are notable tactics they employ. They plan to pull some strings and ascend the Devil Splicers, even if they are more radical than they themselves can take.
    • Of course, aligning with the GUAM means facing the Vex, who are still bitter over the Wolves' heist of the Vault of Glass. In their defense, only Skolas was brave and crazy enough to do so, not to mention the opportunity presented itself as by that point most of the notable Vex were destroyed by the Guardians. The Pantheon's crises are no different, and when one erupts expect them to use it to their advantage. Though besides being on the same team, they at least agree on their choice of enemies like YHVH for example (for drastically different reasons). While the Vex won't directly help the Fallen, they have intentionally left some of their Time Portals unguarded. They welcome the additions, mitigating the problem of limited numbers. That being said, they are still very much hostile to each other.
    • The GUAC would of been their go to initially if it wasn't for the fact Lucifer reminded them all too much of Oryx. Sure, the Vex are with them and they don't have the most positive relationship with them but its still a good offer.
  • Made an enemy out of XCOM due to their opposition and atrocities on Humanity in the mortal plane. It's not uncommon for them to be involved in skirmishes with one another, the more aggressive Fallen instigating the conflicts. Aside from certain Servitors and their ships, their technology is pretty worthless when compared to other alien technology XCOM got a hold of. The opposite is true for the Fallen's end, who are very interested in their research on the other antagonistic aliens in the Pantheon. A major hurdle when it came down to facing XCOM is the assistance of The Tactician where any battle with them at the helm of XCOM's battles always results in a defeat for them while XCOM's forces sustains no losses, a hard counter to the Fallen's Dreg strength. Though after hearing about the stress it puts on them, they started becoming more methodical with their battles, making more use out of their Laser Tripwires, Shank Exploders (among other types) and Web Mines in addition with their cloaking tech. It doesn't change the outcome, but it does limit their presence, an advantage they hope that keeps up until they no longer are here.
  • Despise any darkness entities, are weary of any undead and deities with Resurrective Immortality since those traits remind them of their enemies that made their lives a living hell. They stay away from the Undead subhouse and are very cautious in the Light and Dark subhouse. They abhor and are deathly afraid of Teridax and the Vashta Nerada, the former is an incredibly cunning strategist with immense power at his disposal and the latter is essentially a large swarm of alien predators that can strip people done to bone in just seconds.
  • As Space Pirates, they frequently try and break into the The Great Treasury with little success due to efforts by the SCP Foundation and the House of Defense. They aren't discouraged by it as they respect their ability to not be stolen from and count on the day where they falter, no matter how many times they fail. This strange sense of respect extends to many of their enemies, regardless of how horrific they may be.
    • Speaking of the Treasures, their primary focus is in the Armory and the Magical Artifacts section. They seek to empower themselves even further, some Fallen showing little care of the consequences. It's heavily advised to keep them away from the Fallen at all costs, especially the evil artifacts stored there considering the damage they did with just the SIVA Nanotechnology. Among the sought after items include but are not limited to The Stand Arrow, Aghanim's Scepter, The 12 Talismans, Adamantium, The DEMONICA, many of the mechas stored there, and the large chunk of Kryptonite.
    • Naturally, they heard of Fanir's treasure and have made multiple attempts at stealing it. They weren't deterred by the hostile environment surrounding it due to their reliance on Ether to live and their adaptable physiology. Said attempts are successful or come close due to their discretion. The same can be said for Smaug, who is a little easier to steal from but they are more careful as to not incur his wrath. Inspired by their resolve to protect their treasure hoards, they stored some of their cashes in obscure areas in the House of Toxicity and Fire & Electricity.
    • They've also set their sights on the Sierra Madre Casino, a city of gold beneath a blood red cloud, a place of opportunity to allow others to begin again. With the technology able to kill off civilzations and the assortment of other treasures, it's no wonder the Eliksni are interested. Such plans have ticked off Father Elijah, furious that "more children" have come to play with things they don't understand.
    • This led to them encountering the likes of Ridley and Felix as both are fellow Space Pirates. They decided to form an alliance, the Fallen offering to share their spoils of Glimmer extracting in the mortal planes. It didn't sit well with their respective enemies, Samus and the Reds and Blues, though the Fallen find the former a much larger threat to their existence. To them, she's no better than the Guardians and abhor her and are finding a way to counter the Bounty Hunter besides being even more discreet in their actions.
      • Felix's connections allow them to ally themselves with Sundowner and Roman Torchwick, both of which are rich suppliers that would greatly help the Fallen. Desperado's Services and Remnants Dust are more items to add at their disposal thus raising their edge in combat. Just like with Ridley and Felix, they now trade blows with Raiden and the ascended Team RWBY and JNPR. It's worth noting while they have no problem working with Roman, they heavily avoid Sundowner's boss Senator Armstrong due to his alliance with Oryx. The only reason they haven't cut ties with the war loving Winds of Destruction boss is because Oryx does not interact with Armstrong's subordinates at all, so HF technology and the Unmanned Gears are still used whenever available.
  • Has the entire House of Technology worried given their skill with technology in that they managed to gain control over the Vault of Glass's Oracles and Vex Time Portals in a short amount of time which was only done by a crippled Fallen House led by an ambitious and desperate Kell. There's also the case where the Devils constructed the S.A.B.E.R. -2 to hack into the Warmind's systems, enough to turn the very bunker against their enemies just by manipulation of the environment. One shudders to imagine what they could have done if they were to work together, having more time and technology at their disposal. Luckily, they're restricted from stepping inside the House and they don't seem to be interested in taking over, yet.
    • Since the Red Legion's assault on the Last City, the Fallen Houses have dissolved and have unified under one banner. All Fallen are now under the House of Dusk's rule, identifiable by the purple and cyan coloring though remnants of the old Houses still linger but are far from ever being a major threat. It's thanks to their unification that they've now become more organized and they've become more bolder in their line of work. Their stealth tech is put to better use, they've become more evasive, and have become much more creative and bold in their actions. The threat of their assault looms ever closer each day.
  • After the Red War's end, people have spotted Eliksni patrolling the House of Undead. Upon closer inspection, these Eliksni are vastly different: their exoskeletons are brighter, they have bulging tumorous-like skin, some of these Fallen even have been mutated, from four-legged kamikazes to hulking brutes, it is reported that these Eliksni have been cast out from the House of Exile and they lash out at the rest of their kin, and they have taken upon a new name: The Scorn. The eight leaders of the Scorn: Fikrul, Elykris, Hiraks, Reksis Vahn, Yaviks, Kaniks, and Pirrha, all took part in the murder of Cayde-6, and the eight Barons, along with the Scorn they command, are on the run, causing chaos wherever they go.
  • The Scorn are crazed undead Fallen who died and were resurrected multiple times thanks to Fikrul's power of necromancy. How he got said power is unknown, but the Pantheon instantly took notice when dead Eliksni suddenly rose up from the dead and continued fighting. They are preparing defenses when more of these Scorn have appeared.
    • The Scorn's origins are revealed, and they did not expect it. The Scorn started with Fikrul, who was mortally wounded by the House of Kings and was close to death. He would have died were it not for Uldren Sov, who wished for Fikrul to be revived. Riven, the last Ahamkara, heard his wish and granted it. By putting part of Uldren's darkness in Fikrul's ether, he was returned from death as the first Scorn, and he gathered cast out members of the House of Exile, and they collectively called themselves the Scorned Barons.
  • Fikrul was the first of the Scorn to arrive in the Pantheon. When he hears that the Guardians also inhabited the Pantheon, he roared in vengeful anger for one particular Guardian murdering his friends all for the sake of revenge on his "father" Uldren Sov. Fortunately for him, he has the power to resurrect his fellow Barons. While the others were brought back just fine, Elykris even bringing herself back to life thanks to something called Ether Rituals, Reksis Vahn and Hiraks were much more difficult to bring back, because the former was burned to ash, while the latter had his soul shattered within his Ascendant Realm. But in the Pantheon, death is temporary, and the eight Barons are together once again to forcefully convert more Eliksni into twisted Scorn.
    • To start off their campaign, the Scorned Barons begin their assault on the regular Fallen's Dregs and Servitors, destroying the latter and reviving/corrupting the former. The Eliksni were not prepared to see their brethren mutated into the Scorn, and they attack with all they have, and every soldier they lose is added to the Scorn's side. They contacted their allies, such as Ridley and the Space Pirates, to give them help on driving back their former, twisted brethren. The Fallen will keep finding help in containing the Scorn, even if it means allying with their enemies to help contain the Scorn and their eight Barons.
    • The entire Pantheon started to take notice of the Barons and set off to declare war against the Scorn, the Guardians leading the charge. The Barons only taunted their efforts, with Elykris boasting:
    Elykris: The Scorned Barons always stand together! Divide us, but you cannot break us!
  • One day, a lone Fallen Captain started to speak to some non-hostile Fallen. The Captain was asked who he was, and he gave his name: Mithrax, the Forsaken, Kell of the new Fallen House of Light. He hopes to unite 'open-minded' Eliksni to join him in this alliance between Guardian and Eliksni. The Pantheon allows him to help with that mission, meanwhile the Scorned Barons are amused that a lone Captain would try to bring unification to the Eliksni, while claiming that they 'are the true evolution of Eliksni-kind'.
  • "Remember the hope that brought us here. Remember the age before the Whirlwind, when ether ran free, when we ruled ourselves and our futures as kings. We wanted more than glimmer and glints and herealways. Always remember that we came to this star in hope. And remember that we were denied! Remember the City of the Death of Children, the City That Docks, which claimed for itself the Great Machine that might have saved us. Remember the City that even now sends its ghouls to murder our Primes, starve our ether, and leave our young to die gasping. Curse that City and its name. The curse is just."

    Noctis Lucis Caelum 
Noctis Lucis Caelum, God of Divinely Elected Kings (Noct, Prince Noctis, The Son, The King of Light, "Sasuke", The Heir, John Fantasy)

Lesser Gods

    Margaery Tyrell 
Queen Margaery Tyrell, Goddess of Hot Consorts (Little Rose, Little Queen, Maid Margaery, Queen Consort)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: The sigil of House Tyrell - a golden rose on a green field.
  • Leitmotif: Theme of House Tyrell
  • Alignment: Supposedly Lawful Good (in truth, she's a Wild Card in the game of thrones)
  • Portfolio: Universally Beloved Leader, The Arch-Enemy To Cersei Lannister, Married Three Times, Big Sister Instinct, Brainy Brunette, The Chessmaster, Consummate Liar, Cool Big Sis To Loras Tyrell, Ethical Slut, Friend to All Children, Considered To Be Either A Guile Heroine or a Manipulative Bitch, The High Queen, Ms. Fanservice, Obfuscating Stupidity, Silk Hiding Steel, Wealthy Philanthropist, Wild Card, Women Are Wiser
  • Domains: Queens, Manipulation, Popularity
  • High Priestess: Anne Boleyn
  • Commonality Connection: Jamie Moriarty
  • Odd Friendship: Danny Rand/Iron Fist and Arya Stark
  • Superior: George RR Martin
  • Additional Relationships: Renly Baratheon (husband No.1), Robert Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon (brothers-in-law), Cersei Lannister (mother-in-law)
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Sherlock Holmes
  • Enemies: Cersei Lannister, Petyr Baelish, The Evil Queen
  • Annoyed By: Henry Tudor
  • Wary Around: All fire-based deities.
  • Margaery Tyrell's life had came to a violent end when Cersei Lannister blew up the Great Sept of Baelor using a hidden stash of wildfire left over from Aerys the Mad's reign, killing not only her, but her father, brother, the High Sparrow, most of the nobility in King's Landing, and Kevan and Lancel Lannister. But in some cases, an end is only the beginning, as Margaery finds herself ascended into the Pantheon.
    • Speaking of Cersei, the mad goddess flipped her shit upon discovering her hated daughter-in-law's ascension to the Pantheon. This was witnessed by Arya Stark, who was disguised as a serving girl, as she watched in amusement as Cersei ranted and raged on about Margaery's ascension. So much so that she plotted to blow up Margaery's temple with wildfire. Fortunately, Arya warned Margaery of the plot, and brought it to a halt. While Margaery is slightly put off by the young homicidal Stark, she is spared Arya's wrath due to her showing kindness to Sansa.
    • However, in one scenario, Margaery had tried to seduce Arya's betrothed away from her, thus earning her a black eye from a furious Arya.
  • The daughter of Mace Tyrell and his wife, Alerie Hightower, Margaery is much more than just a pretty face. She learned how to play the game of thrones from her grandmother, Olenna Redwyne Tyrell. And as Tywin himself verifies, Margaery is much more competent when it comes to Westerosi politics, so much so that she even gave Joffrey good PR for the people.
  • As it turns out Queen Elizabeth had thought her mother had ascended to the Pantheon, which is why she made her way to Margaery's temple. Due to the striking similarities Elizabeth mistook Margaery for her mother. Amused, Margaery pointed out that Anne is her High Priestess. Mother and daughter were reunited, and many, many tears were shed as Elizabeth and Anne caught up on what has happened the last time they saw each other.
    • Speaking of Henry VIII, he was less than amused to find out that wife No.2 was now the high priestess of Margaery, let alone that many people tend to mistake both Anne and Margaery for each other. Unlike Cersei, he keeps his distance.
    • In passing Captain America had said that Margaery "reminded him of a woman that planted a big kiss on him during the war."
    • Katniss Everdeen was freaked out at how Margaery looks like a cleaned up version of District 13 film director Cressida.
  • Margaery found herself being drawn to the House of Crime. There, she met Professor Moriarty. Or rather, Jaime Moriarty. While Margaery knew of Anne sharing the same likeness as her, she is surprised to see that Moriarty's female incarnation looks just like her. "This keeps getting stranger and stranger," Margaery muses. "Try it from my end," Moriarty replies. The two became fast friends as a result. So much so that most of the deities in the House of Crime give Margaery a wide berth due to her connections to Moriarty. That, and it pisses Cersei off something fierce. For his part, Sherlock Holmes now has to keep a wary eye on Margaery.
  • Margaery mistook Danny Rand for her brother, Loras Tyrell. "You two look exactly the same," Margaery notes. Danny tells her that there is no hard feelings.
  • While Margaery is ambitious, she knows that there are limits to her ambition. While she wants to be Queen, she knows that she has to be smart about. She just didn't take into account that Cersei had nothing to lose after Tommen banned trial by combat, hence what is now being called 'The Green Trial." The deities in the Pantheon were sorely dissapointed, as they wanted to see Cleganebowl take place.
  • One possible future has not only Tyrion Lannister winning the trial by combat, but also sees Margaery not being arrested by the High Sparrow. A lot of people survive as a result of this, Margaery included. She did apologize to Tyrion for her grandmother's role in the Purple Wedding.
    Tyrion: I don't know if I should be upset with Olenna or send her flowers.
    Margaery: Go with the latter. Joffrey was a monster.
    Tyrion: I'll drink to that. At least she killed Baelish.
  • On good terms with most of the defied royals in the Pantheon. Suprizingly enough, she gets along very well with Rhaenys Targaryen. Visenya...not so much. Maybe it's because that they have the tendency of wooing the opposite sex.
  • There were rumors that Margaery was planning on wooing Arthur Pendragon. Margaery shot those rumors down by saying that being married thrice is enough for her.
  • More than a few gods are suspicious of her, namely because they don't know how she is toward Tommen Baratheon, her third husband. His kind nature (especially when compared to his brother) endeared him to many on the Pantheon and don't want to see the poor lad suffer some more. However, Margaery was utterly floored when she saw what Tommen went through and that he took his own life. For all her cleverness, she did truly care for him.
    • This made their reunion all the sweeter. While Margaery's feelings toward Tommen regarding love remain unknown, she does truly at least like him and seems at least happy in their marriage. When Tommen finally found her and embraced her, she returned it.

    Perrine H. Clostermann 
Perrine Henriette Clostermann, Goddess of Poor Royalty (Four-Eyes)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Coat of Arms with a Chartreux in one half and the other quarters taken by vines and a wing over a blue, white and red background
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Originally Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Took a Level in Kindness, Character Development, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Shock and Awe, Clingy Jealous Girl, Butt-Monkey, Ojou, Uncle Pennybags, Adopting the features of a Chartreux when using magic
  • Domains: Magic, Combat, Wealth, French people
  • Allies: (Strike Witches): Major Mio Sakamoto, Yoshika Miyafuji, Lynette Bishop, Francesca Lucchini, Charlotte E. Yeager, Gertrud Barkhorn, Sanya V. Litvyak
  • Opposes: Remy, The Spy
  • Enemies: The Neuroi, The Borg Queen, Deoxys, Princess Morbucks, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Bernkastel
  • Coming from the land of Gallia is Perrine H. Clastermann of the 501st JFW. Before the Neuroi invaded and took over Gallia, Perrine came from an extremely wealthy family and after Gallia was liberated, Perrine donated all her funds to rebuilding her homeland.
    • Perrine's magic is called "Tonnerre", it gives Perrine a wide AOE lightning attack. Despite being really powerful, Perrine doesn't use it very often because it messes up her hair.
  • Originally, Perrine was much more antagonistic towards not only Yoshika because Yoshika and Mio were more friendly with each other than Perrine would have liked them to be but also the other Strike Witches because Perrine didn't like how a lot of them were too lax despite being in a war with the Neuroi.
  • It's not uncommon to see Perrine trying to raise money however she can so she can give it all to the Gallia reconstruction efforts. This has earned Perrine the friendship of other generous and kind rich deities such as Elizabeth, Jerrica Benton and Rarity.
  • Perrine can sometimes be seen playing with the orphaned children of the pantheon as she converted her manor into an orphanage for children whose parents were killed during the war against the Neuroi.
  • Even though Perrine enjoys being in the house of commerce because she's good friends with Jerrica Benton and Emilie de Rochefort due to their shared generosity and upbringing, Perinne is simultaneously reluctant to go the Demigods and Quasideities section due to the existence Princess Morbucks who Perrine finds to be completely despicable due not only to her personality but also due to her views on spending money.
    • The same applies to Eliza and Neil Reagan.
  • Perrine gets along well with Mirai, Azusa Nakano, Len, Yoruichi Shihoin and Mako because they all share Perrine's motif of a black cat. Don't ask Perrine if she likes Bernkastel though, it'll likely end with you being electrocuted.
  • You can sometimes see Perrine hiding behind a corner, watching Major Mio Sakamoto from a distance, when asked what she's doing, Perrine will frequently answer with a very flustered "Nothing in particular!" Don't get too friendly with Mio though otherwise Perrine will start to act somewhat antagonistic around you, unless your name is Ooi who acts the same around people who get too friendly with Kitakami.
  • Perrine finds it kinda jarring how many people sound like her including but not limited to: Koneko Toujou, Nico Robin, Twilight Sparkle, Robin, Cammy White, Carl Clover and Sakuya Izayoi.
  • Perrine found herself enjoying being with Charlotte Dunois as she seems to have come from a similar but different Gallia to Perrine and finding they knew a surprising amount about the other's culture despite never being there.
    • Although Perrine doesn't like Remy or The Spy very much due to the fact that Perrine can't trust either of them; one because he's an asshole and the other because no one can trust him due to supposedly working for multiple sides at the same time.
  • Perrine is well liked by Yomi due to the fact that she spent her family's fortune towards rebuilding her homeland rather than spend it on something selfish as that is the kind of person that Yomi absolutely hates.
  • Perrine gets along pretty well with Emilie de Rochefort and Tsumugi Kotobuki due to their shared upbringings.
  • Perrine is good friends with Weiss Schnee as she too is familiar with how to use a rapier, came from a wealthy family and was a jerk to one of their friends upon meeting them but warmed up to them eventually.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Commerce.


    Elizabeth I 
Queen Elizabeth the First of England, Goddess of Regal Ruff (Elizabeth Tudor, The Virgin Queen, Gloriana, Good Queen Bess, Bloody Bess)
Elizabeth, as portrayed by Cate Blanchett

    Nute Gunray 
Nute Gunray, God of Inaccurate Regal Titles (Viceroy of the Trade Federation)


    Queen Anne, Sarah and Abigail 
Queen Anne of England, Sarah Churchill and Abigail Masham, Holy Trinity of Royal Favoritism (Anne: Mrs. Morsley; Sarah: Duchess of Marlborough, Mrs. Freeman)
Queen Anne
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Anne's rabbits
  • Theme Song: "Didascalies", "Skyline Pigeon"
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Favoritism in the royal court, Clashing Cousins (Sarah and Abigail), Love Triangle
  • Domains: Royalty, Politics
  • Allies: James Bond, King Artoria/Saber, Elizabeth I, Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria
  • Enemies: Prime Minister Honest, Hans Westergard
  • Opposed by: Lady Oscar
  • In 1711, Queen Anne ruled Great Britain in the midst of the War of the Spanish Succession. Her favorite lady-in-waiting, the strong-willed and blunt Sarah Churchill, took over most of the tasks of running the palace and governing the country, in-between indulging the frail Queen's whims. Then Sarah's cousin Abigail Hill arrived at the palace, disgraced and impoverished by her father's gambling. Out of a tenuous sense of family duty, Sarah gave Abigail work as a scullery maid. Abigail rose up in the palace's ranks, getting promoted to Lady of the Bedchamber by Sarah herself after Abigail took the initiative to treat Anne's gout. This proved to be Sarah's undoing, as Abigail's more (apparently) pleasant temperament got her Anne's favor, while Anne and Sarah's relationship was ever fraying. Sarah and Abigail fought each other for a while until Abigail presented (possibly forged) evidence to Anne that Sarah had been embezzling money, resulting in Sarah's exile and a heartbroken and senile Queen resenting Abigail for her machinations.
  • During her exile in Germany, Sarah often socialized with a particularly charming British gentleman. The gentleman eventually brought up an opportunity for Sarah to improve her standing, by taking up a position as a goddess in a place called the Pantheon. Sarah laughed in his face at such preposterousness, but the gentleman, knowing she'd most likely react that way, showed off a number of high-tech gadgets such as cellphones and microchips, rhetorically asking her whether she had ever thought such objects were possible. Then he revealed his true identity as James Bond, a spy at Her Majesty's service from the 20th century and the chosen god of spies. He reiterated his offer to bring Sarah into the Pantheon, believing that a capable and pragmatic stateswoman such as her could greatly benefit the Alliance which he was working for. All this information was rather more than Sarah could process at once, but faced with so much evidence, she decided she wanted to see the place for herself.
  • As you may have surmised, Sarah was the first of this trinity to ascend and was quickly bestowed with a domain over Royal Favorite, somewhat to her chagrin. She was also introduced into the GUAG, officially as a treasurer (based on her previous position as Keeper of the Privy Purse), at Bond's recommendation. She took to her role with pleasure and an admirable work ethic and, true to form, soon ingratiated herself with the high ranks of the Alliance, as well as many monarchs residing in the House of Royalty. Nowadays, few Quasideities compare to Sarah in her willingness to say biting remarks to the faces of Intermediate Gods or higher. She hadn't had this much fun since before the exile, even if she doesn't feel particularly invested in the GUAG's cause and she's overall something of a Token Evil Teammate to them.
    • Around that time, she was approached by a tall, slender knight covered head to toe in pink armor: LordKnightmon, one of the Royal Knights, also associated with the GUAG, White Hats division. For one of the "good guys", LordKnightmon has quite the cynical personality that doesn't mesh that well with many of the GUAG's members, so he despaired of finding a partner that was to his liking among such a pack of "dullards and bleeding hearts", as he put it, and satisfying Norn's wish for all her Knights to find partners. Sarah was the first human he met that he considered truly interesting, with her lack of sentimentality and fearlessness when it came to being ruthless, not to mention her witty verbal jabs were delightful to the knight. Therefore, LordKnightmon decided to pledge his sword to Sarah, if she would accept it. Sarah had not expected such a thing and knew next-to-nothing of the White Hats' business, but in her typical calculating way, she mused that having such a powerful warrior pledge loyalty to her would be very useful indeed. True, LordKnightmon seemed like a bit of a fop, but she constantly dealt with those back home in Anne's court and knew they shouldn't be underestimated. So, their partnership was settled.
  • With Sarah's position in the Pantheon being very well-established, she supposed it was time to let Her Majesty and her dear cousin hear the good tidings. With LordKnightmon in tow to paint a more convincing picture, she paid Anne a visit in her palace by stealing through the window. She had planned on gloating, but was rather surprised when Anne apologized, saying she had been right about Abigail all along. Sarah's vengeful intentions melted away and she decided to just tell Anne about the Pantheon, eventually arriving at an idea to take Anne with her. That sounded just lovely to Anne. Life seemed to return to Anne as she spent time in the Pantheon, so Sarah proposed her that she visit her on a more permanent basis, which Anne was happy to accept.
    • At this point, Abigail had lost Anne's trust (besides being hated by Sarah) and so wasn't privy to where she so mysteriously disappeared to. She couldn't shake off a bad feeling, so one day she took the drastic and dubious course of action of hiding under the Queen's bed. Through it she did find out about Sarah and Anne's clandestine encounters, but then she was yanked out of her hiding place by LordKnightmon's ribbons, however Anne, being in good humor thanks to the restoration of her bond with Sarah, ordered that Abigail not be hurt. That was annoying to Sarah, but not as much as Anne deciding they should show Abigail the place where they disappear off to since she was clearly so curious. And then, when they were done, as if to rub salt on the wound, Anne ordered that Abigail stay in the Pantheon in Sarah's temple and see if their heads will cool off and learn to get along. Not a pleasant prospect for either Sarah or Abigail, but the rest of the Pantheon seemed to find this amusing because Abigail, as well as Anne, were soon registered as sharing Sarah's domain, thus forming the Holy Trinity of Royal Favoritism.
  • By default, they are allied with the other British monarchs and accompanying royal courts. There is probably something to be said about Anne belonging to the House of Stuart and how that should make things awkward with Elizabeth I, but they seem willing to let that matter rest, especially as Anne is decidedly Protestant. Meanwhile, they were surprised to learn about a female version of the mythical King Arthur called Artoria. Though King Arthur also is in the Pantheon, Sarah in particular seems infinitely more fascinated with Artoria than the original article. Artoria can't say she returns the interest as she dislikes knowing that the British court had descended to such pettiness and manipulations in Anne's time, but supposes they still did their duty for their country and so extends her helping hand whenever they need it.
  • Also fascinating to Sarah is the story of Lady Oscar, a woman who took on a man's role and became a soldier in the French court. Lady Oscar, on the other hand, is not so fond of what Sarah represents, alongside Anne and Abigail. Oscar for her part has had quite enough of the court intrigue that she was a first-hand witness to while at Versailles, especially as it was often utterly insignificant and it distracted the royals and the nobles from their duties of actually ruling the country, ultimately culminating in the French Revolution. Perhaps ironically, Oscar was a royal favorite herself, though she never cared for the favor and never used it unless it was for the greater good. Sarah snarks that that's very noble of her.
  • Though Sarah is, at least according to herself, an Honest Advisor working for the good of her Queen and country, her whole attitude makes it very easy to assume that she's of a more evil sort. Sarah doesn't seem to mind that people think of her that way; it certainly discourages them from trifling with her, for the most part. With that said, she still takes pride in her trade and so despises any advisors who don't take their job seriously and only care about it as long as it keeps them in a cushy position. Thus, she finds the ironically-named Prime Minister Honest a very distasteful personage for taking advantage of his child-emperor and let his country fall to corruption all so he could lead a hedonistic lifestyle. Honest, out of rage at her biting criticism of him and perhaps jealousy that she could fall back into favor with her Queen, tried to set the Wild Hunt on her, Anne and Abigail as revenge, only for the infamously depraved group to be easily defeated and decapitated, one by one, by way of LordKnightmon's ribbons. Since then, Honest has kept wisely quiet about anything to do with Sarah, though he's certainly still seething about it.
  • Sarah has seen her share of all the other Royal Knights at some point or another. Her most significant interactions, for better or worse, are with Dukemon's partner Karin, a Swedish noblewoman, seemingly the only one out of the group Sarah has taken any liking to, probably because of their similar temperaments. However Karin doesn't like to admit to any similarities with Sarah, whom she despises for her harsh treatment of her cousin Abigail and often feels angry seeing the former's cruelty towards the disadvantaged latter. Sarah seems amused by this and remarks that maybe Karin shouldn't talk as her aloofness towards her sisters and their estrangement are well-documented. Of course, Karin is earnestly trying to be a better sister, while Sarah has no interest in trying to nurture a familial bond with the girl who had her nearly killed (arguably unintentionally) and exiled. Knowing Karin's sister Maria was the same kind of duplicitous viper as Abigail and how she managed to play Karin for a fool in the past, Sarah finds it amusing and a little pathetic that Karin, in her view, is so desperate for affection that she allows Maria to trail after her like a puppy.
    • On the other hand, Anne and Agnes have taken to each other very well, having generally more pleasant dispositions and identifying with each other over their frail healths and consequent reliance on others. Anne appreciates having a few more true friends, and given Sarah's connection to the Royal Knights, the Queen reasons that it is wise to cultivate closer bonds with her colleagues in that group. Agnes agrees that it's a splendid idea as well. This means Karin sees rather more of Sarah than she would like, much to her chagrin. Abigail, though usually brought along on these occasions, generally keeps quiet. Agnes once brought her aside to tell her that she could come to their temple if Sarah was ever "too much". She does occasionally take up that offer, even if it's just sneaking in during the night to crash on their couch; she finds a blanket draped over her the morning after. Abigail has unusually benign feelings towards Agnes and her family as a result.
  • So Abigail isn't in an awesome position, having ascended alongside a Queen who has figured out how false she really is and her cousin who almost certainly hasn't forgotten that she got exiled in the first place because of her. Abigail has thus elected to keep her head down for the time being. This has not gone unnoticed by Hans Westergard, a prince also known for favoring duplicitous tactics in his bids for power. Knowing Anne isn't for long in her world (she would die in 1714) and she wouldn't leave issue, Hans suggested to Abigail that she could help him navigate the court on the way to making him king and she would be handsomely rewarded for it. Abigail hesitated and instead sought advice from Agnes and her family. Karin told her, other than the obvious fact that Hans was a scumbag and was probably lying, that she couldn't betray Anne and Sarah again. Abigail listened to them and so warned Sarah and Anne about Hans. Sarah and LordKnightmon took care of the matter and she granted her cousin some token words of praise for her loyalty, though she also said she wasn't discarding the possibility that Abigail was trying to claw her way back into power. Anne, more likely to take things at face value than Sarah, also had most of her regard for Abigail restored. As for Abigail, she felt better about herself than she had in a long time.