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The House of Weapons. Better known to some as "The Pantheon's Largest Armory."

Created in the wake of the ever-growing population of weapon-based War Gods (including several ones), the House of Weapons is one to be feared. Nearly every wall is lined with swords, axes, boomerangs, and anything that wouldn't make any sense in the real world, but exists solely because of the Rule of Cool.

The house itself is fairly accessible and looks more like a series of sturdy barracks built around a central square than anything else, surrounded with large sparring grounds, multiple target lines, forests of millenary trees and other kinds of training areas used for testing and honing one's mastery.

A huge forge has been built at the center of all the Halls, with direct access to the House of Craft whose blacksmiths come to mould and repair the weapons, along with specialized woodworkers.

The House is guarded by the Three Weaponmasters whose rules are quite cut-and-dry: sparring and testing only. Breaking this rule may lead to the guilty Hall's resources be cut for a while.

Due to the growing number of deities in this House, the Gods have decided to split it into the following Halls:

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The Weapon Master Quintet

The Guards of the House of Weapons, they keep all the deities in this house in check.

    Cloud Strife 
Cloud Strife, God of Giant Swords (Spiky, the SOLDIER, Chocobo Head, the Buster Basher, SOLDIER 1st Class, Thunderhead, Guardian of the Lifestream (And Orphans), Sword-swinging, Spiky-haired Sephiroth slayer, Blonde Zack, Croudo-kun, Ms. Cloud)
Advent Children appearance 

    Jackie Chan 
Jackie Chan, God of Improvised Weaponry (Chan Kong-sang, Chan Jackie Chan, Chance Jackson, Yin/Light Jackie (Pussycat), Yang/Dark Jackie (Tiger))
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    Luke Skywalker 
Luke Skywalker, Godly Grand Master of Lightsabers (The Chosen One, Wormie, Red Five, Rogue Leader, Commander/General/Master Skywalker, Master Luke, The Last [of the] Jedi, Skywalker's in Flight (Boooo), "Cool Hand, Luke", My Midi-Chlorical Romance, The Easiest Money Mark Hamill Ever Made, Luke TeatMilker, "Use The Force, Me", Malibu Luke, Daddy Issues, "Mark Hamill, Space Wizard")
Luke as a Jedi Knight
Luke in the Start of his Journey 
Luke as a Jedi Master 
  • Greater Godnote 
  • Symbol: His Custom Green Lightsaber or his X-Wing Starfighter
  • Theme Song: The Force Theme, The Star Wars Theme, A Friend
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Leading Hero of the Franchise, Wielding a Lightsaber, The Franchise's Closest Analogue to Jesus, Relatable Characters, Compassionate and Willing to See the Best in Others, The Idealist, Trained by Obi-Wan and Yoda to Become a Jedi and Becoming a Mentor to Future Jedi-in-Training, A Crackshot Pilot, Deadpan Snarker, Takes Upon a Lot of Traits from his Parents, The Fettered, Was Bought Up in A Healthy Household and was Taught Good Morals, Having an Inherently and Incredibly Powerful Connection to the Force, Nice Guy, Ideal Guile Hero, Living Legend, Long Lost Sibling, A Stark Thematical Contrast to his Father, Is Ultimately Not the Chosen One but Convinces Vader to Turn Back to the Light and Fulfill his Prophecy, Ultimately Among the Galaxy's Strongest Jedi Masters, One-Man Army, Strong and Skilled, Beware the Nice Ones, Master Swordsman, Always Manages to Resist the Dark Side, Heroic Lineage, Hope Bringer
  • Domains: Heroism, Destinies, Family, Redemption, Hope, Mentors, Trust, Wisdom, Power
  • Heralds: The Rebel Alliance and New Republic Starfighter Corps, The New Jedi Order including Mara Jade (his wife) and Ben Skywalker (his son)
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Family: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (his father), Leia Organa (his sister), Ben Solo/Kylo Ren (his nephew), Han Solo (his brother-in-law), Padmé Amidala (his mother)
  • Mentors: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda
  • Successor: Rey
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man
  • Arch-Enemy: Emperor Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious
  • Evil Counterpart: Darth Bane
  • Enemies:
  • Enemy Mine: Thaal Sinestro, Atrocitus
  • Opposes: Melkor, Unicron, The Anti-Monitor, The Anti-Spiral, Galactus
  • Respects: Rosalina, Ganthet, The Farmer (Harvest Moon), Moral and Hard-Working Farmers in General
  • Respected By: House of Machinery and Technology
  • On Speaking Terms With: Golbez
  • Conflicting Opinion: Boba Fett, The God-Emperor of Mankind and the Imperium of Man
  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a young man named Luke Skywalker. A humble moisture farmer, skilled mechanic, and rookie pilot, Luke dreamed of leaving his home planet Tatooine, and joining the fight against the Empire. That dream soon came… in the worst possible way. After acquiring two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, Luke discovered a message for a former Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom Luke knew as Ben. While away from home, the Empire made their move, destroying the farm and killing his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. With his home and family destroyed, Luke left Tatooine with Obi-Wan, hoping to learn the ways of the Jedi and the Force. What followed next? Well, it was certainly more than what he anticipated. After rescuing Princess Leia from the Empire, Luke joined the Rebel Alliance and would become the galaxy’s greatest hero. He destroyed the Death Star and fought against bounty hunters, monsters, and Imperial stormtroopers, all the while honing his skills as a Jedi Knight. He would also cross paths with the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, who just so happened to be Luke’s own father. Luke fought long and hard to defeat the Emperor, free the galaxy, and redeem his fallen father… and he did. The rebellion won the war and Luke began rebuilding the Jedi Order as its new grand master. But dark times soon returned. His nephew, Ben Solo, had turned to the Dark Side and with help from the Knights of Ren, destroyed all that Skywalker worked so hard to achieve. Luke went into exile, where he was discovered by a young force-wielder named Rey, who asked him to help the Resistance fight the First Order. Luke refused, still haunted by his past failures, but he eventually aided the Resistance through a mental projection, taking on his nephew in a lightsaber duel. It would be his last. Luke Skywalker would fade away in peace, becoming one with the Force just as his father and Obi-Wan did long ago.
  • Luke has seen and experienced a lot in his life, even after defeating the Empire and serving as the Jedi Grand Master for a new generation. And regardless of the success and failures he's endured, he was still deemed to have achieved so much in his life, hence the Pantheon were quick to take notice of the man. When approached by Cosmos, who introduced herself as a Goddess of Good and about the divine realms that she governs in, Luke was surprised by the fact that there was so much more than the galaxy had offered as well as beings and powers outside the Force that rivaled it's reputation. She offered a chance to join Luke as a representative, to fight not only for the Jedi and for who he loves and respects, but for a greater good and to be a grand herald for other heroes who need guidance from a leader, and Cosmos stated that few were as inspiring and reputable as Luke. After a while, he conceded and went on to join the ranks of the Pantheon as a great warrior and force of good. This was before he realized that Vader had already been in the Pantheon before him and that the Empire had continued to restart its attempt at galactic domination, which furthered the Jedi's determination to keep the Pantheon realms under protection and peace as well as personally reaching out to his father again, who was also carving a path of redemption under Cosmos's watch.
  • Luke is one of, if not the, most powerful and formidable Jedis the galaxy had ever seen. Being the one to finally end the terrible regime and tyranny of the Galactic Empire, having incredible potential in the Force which he had mastered at an early age, and an expert practitioner in most Jedi Forms, especially regarding Form V: Shine/Djem So, which employs fluid, elegant maneuvering in agility, placing a balanced emphasis on defense and offense, and deflecting and reflecting blaster shots. Thanks to his training from Obi-Wan and Yoda, Luke is also well versed in Form III: Soresu, and Form IV: Ataru, which involves an emphasis on defense and analysis for the former and channeling the Force to allow for greater speed and offense for the latter, though it involves a lot of physical exertion. All this, plus being a skilled pilot and a leader who prefers to mentor and lead through compassion, wisdom, and mutual respect between himself and his followers ultimately made Luke one of the most active and well-represented heroes in the Pantheon and a key factor in how the divine reaches of the cosmos has seen a long period of peace. That said, Luke admits that being a beacon of hope and reliance from fellow heroes has been a burden to some degree, given that he's been fighting a persistent force of evil and more for most of his adulthood. Even so, he's not one to give up and will continue to fight for a better hope for the galaxy and the Pantheon.
  • Encountering the old Jedi Order proved to be a very interesting, yet bittersweet experience for Luke, and a similar sentiment was held by the older Jedi in return. Of particular note, Mace Windu was surprised to learn that Anakin was expecting a child when members of the order were usually required to remain celibate, though considering Anakin's marriage with Padmé was done in secret, he was pretty miffed at learning about this. Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan's former master, was eager to encounter Anakin's son and engage in some friendly and meaningful conversation about philosophy and ethics, hoping that Luke could learn some things from him and apply them to his teachings. Being a man from a different time and age, Luke decided that he would want to lead and train future generations of Jedi in his own way, but still respected the old masters for their contributions and their willingness to uphold peace, even if they became flawed. While Qui-Gon was encouraging, Mace remained a bit skeptical but eventually came to appreciate Luke for being humble, considerate, and willing to listen and seek counseling, things that he felt that Anakin didn't pay mind to.
  • It was only a matter of time before Luke would be reunited with Anakin, which came about when he heard from a couple of people in the Pantheon that his father became a frequent visitor in a cafe that served as a centerpoint for the Hall of Romantic Loss. The two had a rather... awkward first meeting, to say the least. Luke was happy to actually spend time as a father-son pair, though Vader reprimanded that though this may be true, he still has a penance to pay and that the Pantheon is a realm to prove his atonement. Luke did try to appeal to Anakin that there's more to the Pantheon and that he should spend some of his time in peace. Vader felt compelled and did want to take his son's side, but struggled to agree, feeling that finding joy and pleasure has been a very hard thing for him. Regardless, Anakin expressed his love for Luke and being there to support him, though this hasn't stopped Luke from trying again in getting his father to see the brighter side of life.
    • When Padmé Amidala ascended into the Pantheon, Luke was very nervous about meeting up with her and when they did, their first time in ever speaking to one another proved to be even more awkward than Luke's first time with Vader in the Pantheon. Padmé was overjoyed with the idea to see her two children grow up to become a handsome man for Luke and a beautiful woman for Leia respectively and even more so in that they were beloved figures and were more than willing to uphold her legacy. Luke was rather lost on what to speak about with his mother, as he clearly doesn't have any recollection of Padmé aside from what R2's data had stored, so he defaulted to asking questions like "how was it like being a queen?", "what are your favorite hobbies, flowers, and places to visit?" and "how were you and dad like back when you first met?" whilst fumbling around and even stuttering in his speeches. Padmé just answered them calmly and, in turn, asked Luke a couple of her own questions like "how did you learn to fight?", "who did you look up to?", and "have found someone you'd like to get settled down with?", questions that made Luke blush a bit. Despite their awkward first encounter, Luke and Padmé did gain each other's respect very quickly and the former became more confident in talking to his mother in later conversations, with said respect turning to familial love. He hopes that he and Padmé can work together in reaching out to Anakin and helping him take an interest in and even embrace a side of optimism and positive hope in life.
  • He had a bit of a headache when he realized that there was more to just Palpatine when it came to Sith Lords in the Pantheon. Among those were Sidious's former apprentices, Maul and Dooku, who much like Vader, came to oppose their master for their own grievances. Luke came to pity the two once he learned enough about them, but though he may be in a complicated alliance with Dooku that is only held together by Qui-Gon's presence and influence, Maul saw Luke as a Worthy Opponent, even if he wasn't The Chosen One and delights at the opportunity at fighting him and proving himself the better fighter. Though Maul hates the Jedi, Luke is an odd exception and makes it clear that he only wants to battle him because of his reputation as the most powerful Jedi according to some sources, and wasn't disappointed. That said, Maul also made it clear that he hates Palpatine more and, as much as he hates to admit it, would ally with Luke and Obi-Wan if it means taking on his former master, and the two Jedi are similarly not comfortable at the idea of joining forces with a former Sith Assassin either, but to agree that fighting together would be their best shot at combating Palpatine. Dooku personally sees Luke as a better grandmaster than Yoda due to his idealism being earned and his working actively to achieve order and peace and, despite being the son of the man who killed him, vouches for him to be the main Jedi leader in the Pantheon, though Luke feels uncertain about how to manage his strained alliance with Dooku due to his past as an apprentice to Palpatine.
  • Of all the Sith Lords that Luke has encountered, very few have left him with a strong impression as Darth Bane did. Much like the Jedi himself, Bane was also formerly a simple man who was tied to a grand prophecy, in this case being that he would destroy the Sith, but in doing so, make them stronger, which came about when Bane eradicated the Sith Order, leaving only his apprentice, Zannah, spared so that he could establish a Rule of Two to dictate that there must only be two Sith Lords; a master and an apprentice. Bane was amused by the similarities he shared with Luke, right down to even having a similar voice, while Luke was somewhat disturbed by his Evil Counterpart for those same reasons. That said, Bane was glad that his influence destroyed the Jedi Order, but was angered that the Sith who finally did it, Palpatine, was someone who disregarded the Rule of Two and saw him as a perverted disgrace to the Sith, not subscribing him as the ideal example. Regardless, Luke states that it doesn't matter either way as the Jedi would eventually rise and win again, but Bane remained committed to his ideals. While Luke remains one of his biggest enemies in the Pantheon, Bane also saw him as his most ideal foe and considered the idea of corrupting him to his side, feeling that he would make an excellent Sith Lord if he can manage to twist his ideals in his favor. Outside of the Empire, Bane is Luke's most persistent enemy and it seems neither will stop fighting one another until they can secure an absolute victory against the other.
  • Luke realized very quickly that he needed new allies in the Pantheon as Palpatine was also doing the same to further solidify his power and authority, though Luke also figured that despite his alliance with Melkor, the depraved Dark Lord is discreetly planning a scheme to backstab and take his benefactor out so as to become the ultimate face of evil in the Pantheon. Fortunately, thanks to Luke's kindness, a tendency to try to see the best in others, and his ability to inspire morale, allies came pretty easily for him. Among those were great heroes in their own right like Superman, Optimus Prime, and Son Goku, who were quick to recognize a good soul in Luke and expressed nothing but praise and support for his actions, even if the Jedi felt that he should have done better and failed in some aspects. Superman personally affirmed to Luke that he knows how it feels to endure loss and circumstances beyond their control, with the Kryptonian having undergone his own series of failures, but still kept on with his role, claiming that he would never stop fighting for a greater good, something that Luke was personally inspired by. Even learning of his true identity as Clark Kent, Luke expressed some surprise at Supes's humble background as a Farm Boy, given that Luke himself was raised in a similar environment, although Tatooine was not as pleasant as Smallville. The two agreed that it was them being taught good morals and values that led to them becoming great heroes and as a result, both see each other as worthy allies and comrades-in-arms.
    • Speaking of Goku, while Luke sees him as a force of good and the two get along well, he does have some sense of uncertainty about how to feel regarding Saiyans as a whole. After all, Luke has seen the ugly side of extraterrestrial races multiple times and notes the irony of how one of the greatest heroes of his universe came from a race that was instead known for their brutality and rampant desire for fighting and bloodshed. Of course, learning about the Siyans in further detail meant that Luke couldn't bring himself to meet someone like Raditz, Nappa, and Turles on negotiable terms, even when they're on a loose ceasefire with the other heroic Saiyans. It took a while before Luke came to speaking terms with Vegeta due to his aloof nature, though he senses that the Saiyan Prince has a good heart and is willing to defend those he holds dear. Even then, despite his conflicting views towards the race, Luke understandably sees their genocide by Frieza as a horrific act and has compared him to Palpatine in regards to his cruelty and sadism, vowing that the alien warlord will one day pay for his crimes, a statement that won Vegeta's support.
    • Upon learning of Cybertron and its history, Luke came to see the battles between the Autobots and Decepticons to be rather reminiscent of the eternal clash between the Jedi and Sith. Of course, becoming good friends and associates with Optimus meant that Luke would be welcomed warmly by the Autobots, but also seen as a foe by the Decepticons, who generally see humans as a reliable tool for themselves to advance their battles and plans and not much else. Similarly, Luke saw Megatron as a cruel tyrant similar to Palatine, though the Decepticon leader isn't really fond of comparisons with the Sith Lord and boasted that the Force is but a faction compared to the full power of his army and that Palpatine's vision of conquering the galaxy was underwhelming when Megatron himself aims for the universe. That said, Megatron acknowledges that Luke is a powerful enemy and credits him as a Worthy Opponent, seeing as he was able to take out a small Decepticon squad entirely on his own while the Jedi is aware that it would more than himself to be taking on against the Decepticon leader. Finally, much like almost everyone else, Luke opposes Unicron as, while a Decepticon-governed galaxy would be nightmarish, its destruction is a similarly undesired outcome and it's just about the only thing he and Megatron could agree on. Still, even if Luke would do anything to stave off Unicron's assault on the Pantheon, he does intend to be on the lookout for Decepticons as well, an action that the Jedi Order have supported and have taken a part in as well, determined to uphold their aim for peacekeeping, much to Luke's satisfaction.
  • His circumstances regarding his past and heroism isn't the most unique background, provided there have been a number of like-minded heroes who've been through a similar situation. This was something Luke shared with Harry Potter, in spite of the fact that they came from very different worlds and had different sets of powers and skills. The two related with one another regarding their similar pasts of being raised by an adopted household, only that Luke's was stable while Harry's was abusive and that they had to be sheltered out of safety from a looming force of evil. Both also had to deal with prophecies and an oppressive organization hellbent on domination, not to mention having some issues regarding missed loved ones, a mentor dying, and going through inner conflict and self-doubt. Luke and Harry were surprised by just how similar they were, and this helped them to understand one another a bit better than most would, contributing to a strong friendship with one another. Luke has since developed an interest in Hogwarts and how their academic system works as well as their proficiency in magical spells, though Harry finds understanding the Force to be rather difficult, even if Luke states that he's open to helping Harry out on that.
  • As an enthusiast for robotics and having spent much of his childhood and teenhood repairing used robots partly for money and partly for interest, Luke is a frequent visitor in the House of Machinery and Technology, which was recommended to him by Optimus. There, Luke was stunned to discover the vast amount of robotics that were either built there and those who took residence in the House. At one point, out of a sign of good gesture, he came over to the Hall of Robots and Automata to do some repairs on a collection of dismantled and malfunctioning robots. It took a long time, but Luke managed to get them fixed up, though responses varied, with some thanking the Jedi while others simply just moved on to do some labor. Of course, years of experience meant that Luke was a skilled engineer and could have potentially taken robotic engineering as a well-paying job had it not been for his calling to become a Jedi and a rebel hero for the galaxy. Overall, Luke very much likes the House and hopes to learn more about the various robot models and series that he's learned in the Pantheon, though he's also taken caution on how they could be used for malicious intent and how some could end up becoming tyrants and destroyers who are just as bad as the Sith, as attested by SHODAN, AM, and Skynet.
  • His journey in becoming a hero and figure of celebration was compared to the odyssey partaken by Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, and Gandalf who underwent a similar experience in traveling to create an alliance, form strong bonds, and combat against an oppressive force seeking to subjugate all to its tyranny, it's figurehead being Sauron, a being just as merciless and maniacal as Palpatine. Despite the massive difference they shared, Luke was willing to acknowledge one similarity they had with him; bravery, and that was enough to win them his respect and approval. He called Frodo one of the most enduring figures he's encountered, Aragorn a great warrior and king, and Gandalf a worthy master and a guide for peace and prosperity, alongside the Fellowship being a group worthy of all the respect they've gained in their quest to stop Sauron's influence and goal of domination and uniting whole races together on spite of their past strife and issues they held towards each other. In return, Frodo, Aragorn, and Gandalf saw Luke as an inspiring figure and a noble warrior upon learning of his tale and his attempt in rebuilding the Jedi Order, though Luke affirms that it's a work in progress for now and he would be delighted to receive help from others in that regard. That, and both parties are very willing to support and fight alongside each other, feeling that it would strengthen their resolve and it would be imperative to aid Cosmos in repelling Sauron and Palpatine as much as they could together.
  • Despite not being The Chosen One, Luke still has a strong association with those dictated by destiny, though he personally believes that one should still dictate their own actions and desires and not be bound to prophecy. One such friend he made was Neo, a hacker-turned-resistance fighter who discovered that he was able to manipulate the code of the Matrix and took it upon himself to resolve the conflict between humanity and the machines, despite the personal consequences that came with such an arduous task. The two would often train together, with Luke hoping that Neo could teach him some hand-to-hand skills that he could implement with his lightsaber-wielding and Force powers whereas Neo could learn more about Force users and become adept in challenging the Sith if he was to confront one. On the other hand, he also made fast friends with Aang, a man who was destined to become the Avatar, a being prophecized to bring the four nations to harmony and stop a cataclysmic disaster from occurring in addition to mastering the four main elements. Despite this, Luke and Aang would simply try to have fun and partake in some activities rather than go out in fights against mutual foes, though that doesn't deter the fact that they are willing to help each other if need be. Aang found fascination with the Force, lightsabers, and spaceships while Luke became interested in Aang's world and wishes to travel there on occasion as a gesture of goodwill to his friend.
    • The cataclysmic disaster that Aang and his "Gaang" tried to stop was Sozin's Comet, a celestial body that passes through the world every hundred years and temporarily grants enhanced powers to Firebenders, who at that time were oppressive warmongerers led by the cruel, power-hungry, and merciless Fire Lord named Ozai, with him planning to use his powers to raze destruction on the other nations and solidify his tyranny, though Aang was able to defeat him and permanently disable his powers. Although his powers were fully restored, Ozai was once confronted by Luke who soundly defeated the Fire Lord despite Ozai initially presenting a challenge with his Firebending skills and acrobatics, forcing him to retreat. The fight gave him the knowledge that he and Luke shared a very similar voice and tried to use this as a ploy to trick Luke's friends and allies to come to him, planning to deceive and kill them as his way of spiting his foe for defeating him. Ozai was delighted by getting his first response being Vader, unaware of his redemption, and greeted him with an attempt to kill Luke's father. It ended very horribly; in a matter of seconds upon seeing each other, Vader furiously choked Ozai and then maimed him with his lightsaber for daring to imitate his son's voice. While he didn't kill the former Fire Lord, he left him writhing in agony and further humiliated, having not even attacked Vader and being defeated without making a move. When Luke caught wind of what had happened, he told his father not to get too destructive next time, with Anakin admitting that maybe his rage got the best of him at this time, but took his son's words to heart on being more careful about his anger next time.
  • He became good allies with Link and Princess Zelda mainly because their courage and wisdom respectively were traits that Luke possessed and they were revered heroes who were beloved by nearly anyone who came across them, with Link being well-regarded as Hyrule's greatest hero and Zelda being a wise, compassionate ruler. Despite their fate being tied to prophecy, Luke feels that they should try to settle down and enjoy the simpler aspects of life with whatever friends and family they have in their world and in the Pantheon. Link and Zelda do make the most of their free time and they have several hobbies they love to participate in, not to mention the duo was intrigued by the galaxy Luke resided in and wished to learn more about it, which the Jedi was happy to teach them on. Of course, Luke's friendship with Link and Zelda also meant becoming enemies with Ganondorf, but while Luke does recognize his malevolence and his sheer power registering him as a dire threat, he also pities the Gerudo to a degree after learning about him, feeling that he probably wouldn't have turned out to be evil had it not been for the curse Demise had thrown on Link and Zelda to ensure that there would always be an incarnation of himself to oppose them. Ganondorf, on the other hand, simply sees Luke as another foe to dispose of, though after properly witnessing his power, he quickly took to assessing Luke as someone he would want to keep an eye on for his power and his ability to inspire morale, thinking that either killing or corrupting him would make a huge dent on the forces of good.
  • There was some doubt concerning Omni-Man, especially when Luke found out about his role of masquerading as a hero to Earth in an effort to assimilate the planet into the service of the Viltrumite Empire, which was led by a darwinistic tyrant named Thragg. Despite almost achieving said goal, his affection for his son Mark, who also went by the superhero alias of Invincible, caused him to abandon his post, though he would swing back from being an aloof ally and a reluctant threat before finally deciding to be a real hero for the sake of his species. While Nolan Grayson is making an attempt in being a genuine force of good, his vicious ways of dealing with enemies and seeking no compromises make him a difficult ally to stick around with as many other heroes have discovered. Luke has tried to convince Omni-Man into being more pacifistic in his approach, but he noted that he's done that a couple of times and that it's hard to show this to everyone, especially when there are certain foes who cannot be reasoned with or will never learn and continue to destroy till the end, something that Luke solemnly agreed on. They'll still work together, even if Nolan's way of doing things can be a bit rough and go against Luke's desired outcome. At the very least, Nolan being allies with Anakin means he does respect Luke and his wisdom to a degree and Luke himself gets along with Invincible for his determination and willingness to always fight for the sake of his family and friends.
  • During one of his lightspeed travels, he stumbled across a peculiar-looking satellite hub in the House of Space and Cosmos where he met Rosalina, a powerful and motherly patron of a collective race of sentient stars named Lumas. The two of them got along very well with Luke finding a lot of inspiration from Rosalina's tale with her adopted children and he even enjoyed playing around with the Lumas during his stay there. In return, Rosalina was praiseworthy of Luke's efforts in rebuilding the Jedi Order as well as establishing a new set of rules to ensure the sins of the previous order weren't repeated and entrusts the Jedi for a better, hopeful galaxy, which Luke was adamant on achieving. Thanks to this, he's also become well-acquainted with the Mario Brothers and Princess Peach as the two parties found admiration for each others' heroism and Luke was able to collect a few power-ups like Super Mushrooms, elemental powers, and even a Power Star as gifts of respect. That said, while Luke is not a participant against whatever schemes Bowser plays out, he has seen himself in a number of scuffles against the Shroobs due to their constant travels around the galaxy searching for planets to invade and violently colonize, something that the Jedi were very quick to respond to. It seems that Luke has caught the attention the most, seeing as Princess Shroob has expressed a deranged desire to destroy Luke and his order as well as potentially Shroobify his loved ones and any Jedi that stands before her armada.
  • As a man who wanted to rebuild an order dedicated to upholding peace and liberty for the common folk, Luke was once recommended to meet with King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot, hoping that the Jedi could learn new skills and develop existing ones from the famed warrior king who governed his land with the aid and support of the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur greeted Luke warmly and allowed him a seat at his table to discuss matters of peacekeeping and looking after the common folk, to which Luke stated that he wishes to learn more about diplomacy and wisdom. It's here where Luke also met the legendary wizard, Merlin, who sensed good within the foreign warrior and decided to practice mindfulness and wisdom with Luke. Throughout this, Luke learned to better manage his emotions as well as considering the thoughts of others, with Merlin reminding him of Obi-Wan. On the other hand, Arthur practiced Luke in mock-sword fighting, with Luke using a wooden sword for practicality purposes as well as a set of diplomacy skills to help in convincing and inspiring others. These training sessions paid off very well, for Luke's wisdom saw good improvement and he felt more charismatic and approachable when conversing with others, not to mention his combat skills and abilities with the Force impressed Arthur and Merlin, a worthwhile feat given that the two of them were masters of swordplay and magic control respectively. As a token of appreciation, Luke was made an honorary member of the Round Table Knights, who themselves established a friendly working relationship with the Pantheon's Jedi Order, with Luke seeing Arthur and Merlin as good friends and even better mentors who are willing to fight side-by-side if they ever needed each other's help.
  • Inevitably, the actions and tales of the Jedi, Luke included, would catch the attention of a collection of space travelers who explored the cosmos, wanting to discover more about extraterrestrial life, culture, and ethics, which also led to them getting involved in a lot of adventures and saving planets and the universe from a series of dangerous threats. Luke would come to meet with the USS Enterprise and the Deep Space 9 Crews on separate occasions with talks of maintaining peace in the Pantheonic reaches of space as well as wanting to learn about Jedi customaries and practices out of curiosity. They've also met with other Jedi Knights and Masters, though many proved to be too difficult to properly communicate with. Luke was one of the more open and sociable ones to speak to, and he was very eager and willing to describe his order's goals and ambitions, hoping that the crews' curiosity would entice them to strengthen their relations with the Jedi. James T. Kirk and Ben Sisko have spoken to Luke regarding philosophical beliefs and scientific technology respectively, which helped in them developing a good friendship with the Jedi hero as Kirk's talks were good insight for wisdom while Sisko's conversation made Luke interested in learning about how robotics and technological travel work in their realms. Still, Luke was made aware of their foes, namely Khan and Dukat and he does affirm that they'll be stopped if they ever cause mayhem and mischief.
  • His exploits did catch the attention of the God-Emperor of Mankind and he was very praiseworthy of Luke. While Luke accepted his respect, he himself was lost on how to approach the Emperor; true he held good intentions, but the universe he comes from is not only a ravaged wreck filled with monstrous abominations and horrifying events terrorizing everyone and everything, but it's also influenced the Emperor into becoming harsh and uncompromising towards anything he deems a threat towards humankind and that even the most innocent of extraterrestrials is viewed with extreme uncertainty at best and outright contempt on a neutral day. As a result, Luke couldn't really bring himself to get along with the Imperium of Man if they were going to remain xenophobic towards anything outside Earth regardless of whether they want to defend their home. Being the compassionate, humble man that he is, he did plead with them to at least give some aliens a chance to prove their worth, especially as he knows there are aliens in the Jedi Order and heroes like Superman who have proven their worth as paragons, and while a few members of the Imperium did consider Luke's words, if mainly because of the Emperor's influence and some agreement with the Jedi, the rest weren't deterred, remaining committed to their beliefs, to Luke's disappointment. Still, he and the God-Emperor remain on speaking terms, though it would be a long time before they'll ever fight side-by-side with one another.
  • He's no stranger to fantastical worlds, considering that he's from a fantastical galaxy. Still, Luke is not above being surprised, such as the time when he came across a humanoid mouse, Mickey Mouse to be exact and the two just became friends very quickly as they shared some good stories with one another and realized that they shared a similar sense of justice regarding being open to helping others and putting your faith and trust in those you care about, something that they think is among the best ways to overcome adversity. Through his connection with Mickey, Luke also got to learn about Sora, Kairi, and Riku and while their tale was a bit complicated to understand, it was still easy for Luke to recognize them as worthy heroes in their own right and even dueled against them as a way to test our their combat prowess and endurance. Sora admits that Luke is one of the toughest opponents he's fought against in the Pantheon, but their compliments of one another and their shared feats of having stopped great threats and relying on their loved ones' faith meant they could relate with each other and be friends, with Sora citing Luke as a great mentor. He's heard about Xehanort even before meeting with Mickey, though he's only really fought Xemnas once before Xehanort seemingly disappeared from the Pantheon, with Luke admitting that Xemnas's cold presence did unnerve him and that surviving him was a feat in and of itself. He's had more fights against Vanitas, who simply wants to find a strong warrior to clash his Keyblade against and wants to destroy Luke's Jedi foundations just for self-gratification. Of course, Luke isn't going to let that happen and has fought against the dark Keyblade wielder alongside Sora, recognizing that Vanitas's presence and actions spell bad news for anyone who stumble across him.
  • Among his travels, Luke was interested in learning about the Green Lantern Corps, an orderly organization of peacekeepers who were assigned to defend a sector of the universe from harm and were gifted rings of power empowered by strong emotions, in this case being willpower. Seeing as they shared a similar desire as the Jedi Order did, it didn't take long for Luke to become supportive and friendly with them and he was surprised to learn that one of their members was a literal planet named Mogo, where he could set shop and establish a base for the Jedi, that is if he could earn the Planet's consent. Aside from that, Luke got to converse with one of their premier members, Hal Jordan, and expressed great admiration for their heroism. That said, Luke was stunned to hear that Hal has been in a very similar situation as Anakin did, namely losing something he held dear, snapping and becoming a villain, though Hal has been doing his best to keep this part of the past behind and work on his duties. There's also the fact that Hal is one of the few heroes to actually get along with Vader as he can actually understand the difficulties in trying to atone for one's actions, to Luke's further surprise. As a result, the two of them have some private conversations regarding Anakin and are willing to do whatever it takes in the hopes that he can fully earn his redemption. That, and Hal was impressed by Luke's piloting skills to the extent where he dares to engage in a flight competition against the Jedi to see who's the better flier, which Luke stated he'll look forward to one day.
    • In addition to the Green Lanterns, Luke would come to learn about the other Corps. The Blue Lanterns, led by Saint Bro'dee Walker recognized that Luke embodied great hope, and the Jedi Master saw the alien's dedication to peace and his influence as very soothing and respectable, not to mention the two of them were quick to recognize how friendly and open they were with each other. As a token of their friendship, Saint Walker gave Luke a Blue Lantern Ring, which he accepted, but has decided not to wear it for the time being, thinking he'll only use it if he has no choice. Beyond that were the more unscrupulous factions, namely the Sinestro and Red Lantern Corps and despite their proclamations in wanting to secure the universe's longevity and peace, Luke was very skeptical given their dark and antagonistic history and wondered if any good can be done by listening to them. Thaal Sinestro at least saw Luke as a capable fighter, but notes that his desire for wanting peace is somewhat flawed. Atrocitus is a bit more respectful of the Jedi, though he's a bit taken back by how Luke has kept his focus on looking to the brighter side of things, even if the losses he's suffered through more than guaranteed him of displaying the rage of a Red Lantern. Overall, Luke has a hard time finding any middle ground with both of them and sees their methods for peace as a bit too violent and aggressive, though he does admit that they are genuine about it. The only thing they can agree on is that Palpatine is a figure far too dangerous to be left governing galaxies and fighting against those who do want to threaten the Pantheonic Cosmos by either subjecting it in cruel tyranny or destroying it, such as the Anti-Monitor and the Anti-Spiral, meaning that Luke is forced into a strained alliance with Sinestro and Atrocitus when dealing with those sorts of foes.
  • Among other allies Luke made some of Cosmos's personal warriors including the Warrior of Light, Firion, Cecil Harvey, and Kain Highwind, all of whom were involved in a grand adventure to stop a great evil from spreading its influence to subjugate and/or destroy all of existence in their worlds as well as being involved in a grand battle against the Warriors of Chaos. Of particular note, Luke became well-acquainted with Cecil and Kain as both underwent a tale of redemption for themselves and in turn, both saw Luke as a paragon to look up to after hearing of his struggles to become the galaxy's savior. Luke also got around to speaking with Golbez, Cecil's older brother who was brainwashed to serve an evil being from the moon in killing humankind in his megalomaniacal bid to conquer Earth and would eventually go on to atone for his actions years later. Golbez personally came to respect Luke's pacifism and idealism whilst also being steeled enough to not hesitate in combat when necessary, the makings of a good leader and role model, and the Warrior of Light similarly considered Luke to be among the finest warriors he's come across. Speaking of Firion, while the two do consider each other good allies, they don't have much in common, though Firion's tale does bring to mind Emperor Mateus, a ruler whose malice, depravity, and deceit rivals that of Palpatine and someone that Luke feels must be treated with caution should they ever arrive to threaten him.
  • As a former Farm Boy, Luke has a lot of respect for those who tend to live a rural life or those who like to tend to farms. Granted, Luke was specifically a "moisture farmer" where his job was to use vaporators to absorb the humidity of Tatooine's air to generate water for his and his family's drinking supply, but the working and moral principle that comes with being a farmer is retained, so he has a surprise honorary place in the Hall of Hobbies and Lifestyles, a position he also shares with Superman, which furthers their similarities with each other. Beyond that, he's made friends with a number of people of similar backgrounds like Rand al'Thor, Po, and even the demigod Hercules, and furthering their analogies, they've been prophecized to be a paragon of hope. Even so, Luke would prefer to just talk and even spend time doing fun activities with them, aware that not everything is about fighting to save the world or galaxy, though that isn't off the table either. The Bone Cousins may not be farm residents, but they did help a farm girl who was secretly revealed to be a princess. Luke found amusement in the tale, and though the cousins might be bumbling, eccentric, and a little dysfunctional at times, Luke knows they're good people and is willing to befriend them, even finding their antics to be pretty humorous.
  • It didn't come as a surprise that Luke made a number of enemies in the Pantheon, such as Darkseid and Thanos, provided that their occupation was not so different from Palpatine's. Luke was appalled by the extreme lengths they would go through to see their objectives completed, and Luke isn't going to stand for the enslavement of the universe nor much of it being culled for the sake of appeasing Death. On the other hand, Thanos sees Luke as naive and foolish for his ideal beliefs and even questions how man so powerful and attuned to his beliefs and the source of his abilities waste it on rebuilding what he saw as a wasted order. Darkseid was more complimentary and praised Luke's power, but his idealism does irritate him. Unlike most of his adversaries, Darkseid doesn't want to kill Luke, but would rather destroy everything he loves and then convert him to his side, believing that no matter how stout and faithful they are, a good man can still be tempted into darkness, and if there isn't any, then Darkseid will create it, and he'll see to succeeding where Palpatine failed. The fact that the Lord of Tyranny expresses interest in the Force and seeks to one day understand it is bad news for any Jedi and Luke, who have taken it upon themselves to stop the Apokoliptian God.
    • Luke also came to personally hate Mongul. He's seen and heard a few gladiatorial games and didn't approve of them, but the idea that there's a tyrant who gets off on seeing fighters kill one another and takes personal delight in tormenting others to the point where his subjects would rather commit suicide meant that Mongul was a madman that he needed to be opposed. Mongul also took notice of Luke and even got to kidnap him and take him to Warworld to be made a spectacle. Fortunately, the Jedi escaped, fought his oppressor's servants off, and, with the help of a distress signal, was aided by the Jedi, Rebel Alliance, and the Superman Army after a short while. Mongul held his own, but Luke eventually overcame, forcing him to retreat. Since then, Luke has been much more mindful of his surroundings and about dealing with someone as devious as Mongul, though Superman has stated that he's more of an issue and that Luke shouldn't burden himself too much in regards to someone like Mongul. Though his enemies are numerous, Luke's truest enemy is Palpatine but admits that he needs to calm himself and be better prepared and tempered.
    • While Luke generally doesn't try to get himself involved with other supervillains, this didn't stop Brainiac from taking interest in the Force and demonstrating this by picking a fight against a few Jedi Knights and Masters, whom he killed rather easily after getting enough data about their combat abilities and connection to the Force. When news of this broke out, Luke was angered and worried about how this would spell a lot of trouble for so many, especially after learning how Brainiac was a megalomaniacal, sociopathic collector who will destroy planets and civilization if it means making the data and information collected there "exclusive" to himself. The rest of the Jedi and Luke are making sure they can stop Brainiac from causing further destruction whereas the Coluan is generally unfazed and treats Luke as a "special specimen" among the Jedi that he needs to collect and analyze for his own morbid curiosity. And despite their shared enmity against the Coluan, Luke isn't fond of General Zod either due to his history of being a renegade general and that his supposed well-meaning intentions don't stop him from being arrogant and haughty about wanting to treat Kryptonians as being better than everyone else. That said, Zod is willing to be diplomatic and ostensibly friendly towards Luke, even if the Jedi is opposed to his intended regime, with the Kryptonian warlord thinking he could be a useful ally if convinced. As of now, the only thing they can agree on is opposing Brainiac and Luke maintains his suspicions towards Zod, hoping that he doesn't go on another rampage anytime soon.
"Never. I'll never turn to The Dark Side. You've failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me."

    Mash Kyrielight/Shielder 
Mash Kyrielight, Goddess of Shields (Shielder, Servant of Shield, Mashu, Matthew, Shieldy, Galahad, Dangerous Beast, Mash Potato)
Casual wear 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her shield, Lord Camelot
  • Theme Song: Shikisai -Snowflake Shield-
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Clingy Jealous Girl, Designer Babies, Nice Girl, Living on Borrowed Time, Badass Adorable, Stone Wall, Becoming Stronger, Becoming More Confident, Shield Bash, Sacrificing Herself But Later Coming Back To Life, Rei Ayanami Expy, Determinator, Heroic Willpower
  • Domains: Shields, Determination, Vessels, Heroism, Designer Babies
  • Allies: Those who have become Heroic Spirits, The Master of Chaldea, Leonardo da Vinci, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Sieg, Sakura Matou, Braum, Captain America, Steven Universe, Rei Ayanami, Yoko Littner, Erza Scarlet, Naofumi's Party, Kaede Honjou/Maple, Fiore and Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia, Solomon, Illyasviel "Illya" von Einzbern/Prillya, Miyu Edelfelt, Chloe von Einzbern, Byleth, Silver the Hedgehog
  • Enemies: Merged Zamasu, King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Anti-Monitor, The Vex, Harbringer, Malty Melromarc, Goetia, Tiamat (Beast), The Marauders, Father, King Bradley, Lust, Pride, Envy, The Gold-Toothed Doctor, Dante, Kiara Sessyoin, Shinji Matou, Argalia
  • Odd Friendship with: Death
  • Special Relationship with: Lancelot du Lac (Her "father")
  • Fan of: Sherlock Holmes
  • Complicated Relationship with: Sir Galahad
  • Inheritor of Lord Camelot, a shield capable of blocking nearly everything as long as it's holder's heart is steadfast. The shield is second to Artoria Pendragon's Avalon which was able to defend against Gilgemesh's Ea. It's owner, Mashu Kyrielite, was ascended to the pantheon after blocking Demon King Goetia's Ars Almadel Salomis to protect her Senpai but at the cost of her life.
  • Plenty of people have messed up pronouncing her name and how to spell it. Got so bad that some have gone far and call her "mash potato" out of frustration.
  • Mash soon crossed paths with the Master of Chaldea, much to their mutual excitement and happiness. Mash is loyal to her senpai and is happy she can fight alongside them in the Pantheon, promising to stay by their side and be their shield. The Master in turn trusts Mash very much and she is the Servant they are the most happy to see. Mash is also happy to see Leonardo da Vinci in the Pantheon, though she was initially confused to see him with a male body.
  • Got a chance to meet with both Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka, the former masters of Artoria Pendragon and EMIYA. While Mashu had seen Rin's face in Ishtar, it's only seeing her with Shirou did she realized that the two resembled her Senpei. She even ask the two if they had children, causing the two to blush madly.
    • Also quickly got to meet Sakura Matou, the master of Medusa and the vessel of Parvati and Kama. Mash quickly became friends with Sakura, and learning of her story allows her to understand why she was chosen by Parvati. Sakura in turn saw Mash's feelings for her senpai, and helps to encourage her in her pursuit.
    • Soon crossed paths with the Kaleid Liner trio, albeit the alternate versions. Nevertheless, Mash got along with the three quite well, showing interest in their adventures as Magical Girls and being quite honored to fight alongside them as Servants.
  • Quickly befriended Sieg, since they were both artificially made for a purpose related to the Holy Grail War. They both symapathize with their origins and get along very well because of it. They're also willing sacrifice themselves for the person they love most (Sieg for Jeanne, Mash for the Master of Chaldea).
  • Has fought with and against many deities here who have become Heroic Spirits. She was happy to see many have made it here and is hoping to fight along side them again.
  • Has very special relationship with Lancelot du Lac in that the two are father and daughter via her being bonded to Galahad. While the two do care for one another, their relationship is a bit shaky. It can be best described as "a daughter embarrassed of her father and a father not knowing how to deal with his daughter".
  • Has look to other shield wielding deities as inspiration to further better herself. In respect, she addressed them as her senpais. Even as young as Steven Universe.
    • Speaking of which, Steven is willing to train with her to help improve their skills with a shield and the special abilities that come with it. Steven's kindness also allows him to quickly become friends with Mash as they train together.
    • While she is at first stunned by Naofumi's abrasiveness, she can quickly tell he's a good person, especially after she heard all of his good deeds from his companions Raphtalia and Filo. Naofumi is willing to spar with her to test the limits of their shields and see which areas need to be improved upon.
    • Both Mash and Maple get along very well, considering how they mainly focus on defense. Maple shows admiration for Mash's determination and how it powers her shield, while Mash admires Maple's expertise with her defense as well as the skills she uses with them.
    • Captain America is probably the Shield-bearing hero that Mash respects the most, due to his leadership and how well he can use the shield in combat. Captain America also shows great towards Mash's capabilities with her shield and respects her heroic spirit.
  • In one Halloween event, Mash was force into a very revealing costume dubbed "Dangerous Beast". This garner many of admirers in the pantheon with many photos taken of her. Though, those pictures mysteriously vanish thanks to a berserking black knight.
  • Has been getting along very well with Rei Ayanami as the two learned that they were each specifically design to house a unnatural being in themselves. They also bonded over that they each have a special someone that they would do anything for.
  • Seems to have a special aura that cause many Cool Big Sister types not help but fond over her. This embarrasses Mash greatly. Especially when some, like Erza Scarlet, can't help but get a bit to physical which cause plenty of "mashing".
  • She greatly respects Fiore and Caules as Masters who fought in a Holy Grail War, and the siblings are also respectful of Mash for her loyalty and achievements under the Master of Chaldea. Mash is willing to help Caules with his magic training under the Master and help him to learn how to better protect himself and his sister.
  • She also highly respects Solomon, who also happens to be her Master's mentor Dr. Romani Archaman, even if she does tend to point out his various flaws. She is quite happy to see him again in the Pantheon, after he sacrificed himself to help her Master stop Goetia, and Solomon in turn promises to help her in her time of need.
  • Her relationship with Galahad is complicated, since despite being the source of her power and keeping her alive, he is willing to withdraw his power from her if he deems her not worthy of his help, to the point the Master has to rely on a Command Spell to force him to cooperate. She's even willing to stop him if he tries to use her body to do something she doesn't want to do. Galahad makes it clear he will continue to defy her and the Master at every turn due to them stopping Goetia's plan.
    • Being a vessel for another's soul just like her, Byleth quickly grew to befriend Mash, sympathizing with her over how they were created to host someone else's soul and be empowered by them. They also were emotionless before their bonds with other people helped them become more emotional over time. Mash comes to see Byleth as her sensei, while the latter comes to see Mash as another to guide and protect.
  • Mash is on guard after reuniting with Goetia in the Pantheon, especially since it took her sacrificing her life to save her Master from him. Mash promises to put a stop to Goetia if he ever tries to create his world again, since hardships are what make people strong and bring them together.
    • Because of Goetia's actions and goals, Shielder has fought against other bringers of destruction such as the Anti-Monitor, King Ghidorah, and Deathwing the Destroyernote , as well as those who want to make the remake world in their image at while subjugating life, such as the Vex and the Harbinger. Mash is searching for allies to help her fend off these foes and stop them before they bring ruin.
    • Tiamat is also one of the Beasts the Chaldea fought in the past. Mash strongly opposes her not only for goals to regress humanity to make them her children, but for also killing many of her comrades and injuring her senpai in the process. Despite her faith in the Master, she is one of few disagrees that Tiamat will listen to reason.
    • Kiara Sessyoin, as Beast III-R, once fought against the Chaldea organization, so Mash understandbly opposes her when they meet again. Although the Kiara she met is less destructive than the Beast, Mash still opposes for her Lack of Empathy towards human beings and finds her lust for humanity and pain very creepy.
  • The Marauders found their match in Mash when both sides discovered the other's skill in defense. Mash does sympathize with their circumstances, but still knows how dangerous and will not hesitate to help her allies put them down. Knowing just how tough their shield is, Mash has them attack her first so her allies will take advantage the opening they make.
  • Father and the Homunculi (with the exception of Greed) became very personal enemies of Mash, considering that they're evil artificial people that treat natural and artificial life as expendable. Mash does sympathize with Gluttony and Sloth since they're the least malicious of the Homunculi loyal to Father, but still won't hesitate to fight them if they hurt her friends.
  • While Mash is a Nice Girl to everyone but Lancelotnote , unless someone flirts with her Master, there are some people she truly cannot stand at all for just how evil they are:
    • Zamasu for his genocidal hatred towards mortals, his Moral Myopia, and his pettiness towards Goku. Zamasu in turn sees her as an abomination for how she acquired her powers (despite also being a fusion) and claims that as a mortal, she should be killed for the sake of salvation. All Mash has to say is to call him out on his self-righteousness, claiming all mortals are evil when he never even tried to look for the good in some of them, and committing sins that are far worse than any mortal he condemns for. She even asks what him what he intends to do once he wipes out every mortal and is the only one left, considering the world can't last with only one person no matter how powerful they are. Zamasu's only response is "YOU WOULD DARE SUBVERT JUSTICE?!", to which Mash can only give a sigh of resignation at how hopeless Zamasu is.
    • Malty Melromarc is probably one of the few people Mash has outright contempt for due to how she gleefully ruins lives For the Evulz and out of petty spite. Mash outright calls the corrupt former princess a pathetic excuse for a human being, lampshading how she's her own worst enemy due to never truly learning from the consequences of her actions and thinking she get away with it all.
    • Dante, Gold-Toothed Doctor, and Shou Tucker prove themselves to be easily the most vile humanity has to offer. Mash personally loathes the three for the way they treat people, Dante through her abuse of her Homunculi "children", committing atrocities in name of her immortality by stealing people's bodies, and for planning to rape Edward Elric as soon as she stole Rose's body, the Gold-Toothed Doctor for his immoral experiments and raising children to become disposable soldiers (even turning the remaining Fuhrer candiates into mindlessly obedient Elite Mooks), and Shou Tucker for irreversibly turning his family into tortured chimeras. Because of this, Mash has no intention of letting them get away with their crimes.
    • The Demi-Servant shows outright disgust for Shinji Matou's sexual abuse of Sakura and what he attempted to do to Rin. Mash doesn't even hesitate to call him a loser like everybody else does, and that's actually because of his cruelty rather than his ineptitude. She makes it clear that his circumstances do not justify or excuse his actions, since he takes his pain on other people who suffered just as much as him, yet treated other people far better than he ever did.

    Vash the Stampede 
Vash the Stampede, God of Impeccably Accurate Marksmanship (The Humanoid Typhoon, The $$60,000,000,000 Man, "Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobella Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andry Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III")