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Greater Gods

Plutonian, God of the Wicked Outfit Change (Tony, Dan Hartigan, The Wolf-Boy)
  • Greater God (potentially an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: His Chest Insignia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (originally tried to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Face–Heel Turn, Superman Substitute Gone Wrong, Broken Ace, Token Non-Human, Evil Costume Switch, Ax-Crazy, Can't Take Criticism, Smug Super, Faux Affably Evil, Genius Bruiser, Fallen Hero, For the Evulz, Villain Protagonist, won the Superpower Lottery, Tyrannical Superhuman, Irredeemable Indeed
  • Domains, Heroism (Resigned), Villainy, Power, Insanity, Costumes
  • Allies: Aurum, General Grievous, Katsumi Daido, Arthas Menethil, Shego, Rau Le Creuset
  • Rival: Regime Superman
  • Enemies: Clark Kent/Superman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Lex Luthor, General Zod, Mark Grayson/Invincible, Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Statesman, those that have redeemed themselves (especially The F.I.S Receptor Children and Lordgenome), Dr. Manhattan, The Doctor (the Tenth one in particular),The Boys
  • Evil Counterpart to: The F.I.S Receptor Children
  • Opposes: The House of Family and Relatives; Chessmasters in general, but especially Ozymandias and Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Opposed By: Every. Single. Superhero. EVER!
  • Commonality Connection with: Reaper
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Syndrome
  • Frustrated at: Wander
  • Once Upon a Time, there was a superhero known as The Plutonian. He was someone that many can look up to, and arguably, someone that seems to follow Superman's morals by heart. Unfortunately, one too many bad things happened (including a toll on his ego), he lost his shit and turned into a destructive force of evil. With that, not only did he get a darker costume, but also a different hairstyle.
  • Despite being the former High Priest of Regime Superman, the two are on pretty bad terms with each other (though this is likely a result of the High Councilor's Knight Templar tendencies). Battles between the two can get rather destructive.
  • Among the handful of allies that the Plutonian has is Aurum, another Fallen Hero that's had a Broken Pedestal for some time. No one can say for certain if it's true or not (and many are hoping it's not), but the Plutonian is trying to get Aurum to embrace his own powers and cause chaos.
    • Speaking of fallen heroes, the Plutonian has also been seen alongside General Grievous, Katsumi Daido, and Shego. There are rumors that the four (Aurum doesn't have much interest in this particular group, at least for now) are going to form a group dedicated to targeting those who have redeemed themselves and trying to atone for their former actions.
    • Both Reaper and Plutonian were former heroes that turned evil due to circumstances regarding attention and got a new look on top of it. However, the Plutonian got a lot of attention and not all of it was positive and Reaper...didn't get a lot of attention in general. Reaper is rather jealous that the Plutonian even had attention to start with and more annoyed that the Plutonian doesn't have much time to hang out with him.
  • One of the factors that lead to the Plutonian to become evil was him taking criticism very poorly. A number of people learned that the criticisms happened only sporadically and that the few criticisms drove him over the edge. Many believe that things would be far worse if he heard a lot more criticism than normal (especially since he has excellent hearing). A lot of dread is bound to occur if he were to take part in a contest in the House of Popularity, a place where criticism by many is bound to happen.
  • If some have redeemed themselves or trying to atone for their actions, then they would hold him in very low regard. The most notable instances of that are the F.I.S Receptor Children and Lordgenome. The former for having their title being the inverse of his (though the Plutonian doesn't care about it and finds that reason to hate him very petty), and the latter because of the aforementioned rumors regarding Plutonian and Aurum (of whom Lordgenome is trying to help get back on track). That said, a few of these particular deities are convinced that there may be a way for the Plutonian to become good again.
    • Wander is one of the handful of deities who believes that the Plutonian can be redeemed. It is possible, but extremely difficult, to get the Plutonian to do at least a good deed in his state. Whether or not it can happen no one knows (and the supervillain tends either ignore him or attack him and Sylvia just to get them to leave him alone), but Wander is convinced that there is a way for the Plutonian to return to his days of being a genuine hero, regardless of how messed up the Plutonian is.
  • More or less, every superhero in the Pantheon hate him for his actions. Superman, in particular, is both disappointed and angry at him. Disappointed because the Plutonian was someone who tried to follow the path of being a hero like Superman was and failed. Angry because the Plutonian turned back on his former ideals with no intention of returning to them.
    • Ironically enough, part of the Plutonian's essence managed to make its way to a universe where Superman's real-life creators were at, thus inspiring the then-young writing duo to create the Man of Steel. In a very loose way, Superman does have a bit of essence from the Plutonian; it's just that the former is much more stable than the latter.
  • When he was still a superhero, the Plutonian fell in love with Alana Patel, his universe's equivalent of Lois Lane. Unfortunately when he revealed the truth about his identity to Alana, she didn't take it well. Because of that, the Plutonian holds nothing but contempt towards many love interests of superheroes (including Lois Lane).
  • If there's one type of person The Plutonian hates to no end, it would be chessmasters, as they remind him of Modeus (The Plutonian actually keeps his distance from Lex Luthor given that both Lex and Modeus are similar in some aspects). However, there are some chessmasters that The Plutonian is on watch for.
    • Plutonian is highly wary of Ozymandias, a very smart being who also happened to be a fallen hero like the Plutonian. Adrian does understand why the Plutonian fell from grace, but is more than willing to have some plans for him in case the Plutonian goes too far (not that he hasn't already).
    • Lelouch's supposed unpredictability has also put The Plutonian on edge and considering that Lelouch is good-enough friends with Ozymandias, it's another reason for the Plutonian to be wary. In addition, there are rumors going around that a joint plan by the two is being considered to take down The Plutonian if things go really bad in the Pantheon and the problems can be traced to The Plutonian.
  • Before becoming a supervillain, Syndrome was originally someone who had idolized a superhero (Bob Parr). His turn to evil was because Bob didn't live up to the man formerly known as Buddy's expectations. Although both Syndrome and Plutonian do work together in targeting superheroes, there has been some tension between the two, mostly out of their own self-centered desires to get more attention. And then there's the fact that the former superhero Plutonian became evil out of his own failure to be adored by everyone as a superhero and Syndrome, even as a supervillain, tried to be a hero for his own sake at the expense of other heroes.
    • Suffice to say, the Parr Family was on edge after finding out their arch-enemy is working with another dangerous supervillain, even if that particular alliance isn't the best one there is. That family is already keeping tabs on him, whilst Syndrome has been convincing the Plutonian to eliminate the Incredibles. The Plutonian has thought about it, but has other matters in his mind for the time being.
  • There is a lot of tension between him and The Doctor, mostly because the latter brings to mind Qubit. The tension is even more pronounced with the Tenth Doctor since that one looks very similar to Qubit.
  • Both the Plutonian and Dr. Manhattan served as very powerful beings in their own universes and although they used to be involved with heroism, they moved away from it very differently. While Dr. Manhattan became more withdrawn, the Plutonian simply took his anger out on his world. The blue Physical God is rather disappointed that a former hero would devolve into a mass murderer simply because things didn't go how the Plutonian wanted it to be.
  • Rau Le Creuset has taken a liking to the Plutonian's destructive tendencies against humanity due to, as they put it, the selfishness that humans have to offer. The fact that the two of them are not exactly human beings in a traditional sense served to strengthen their friendship.
  • Part of his childhood involved being sent to multiple foster families, only to get removed from all of them due to his powers. Some of the deities in the House of Family (mostly the ones that have had a terrible childhood, though that can include those not from the aforementioned house) feel somewhat sorry about that, but they still concede that it doesn't justify the atrocities the Plutonian committed later on. The Plutonian doesn't like everyone from that house, mostly because it brings back bad memories of his childhood.
  • Nemesis was picked as his first real partner in crime because The Batman Who Laughs was amused at an Ax-Crazy Batman and Superman expy teaming up.
  • The Plutonian is not so much someone who has Superman's abilities, but more of a Reality Warper that just doesn't know he has that power (though he knows that he is very powerful as is). If the Plutonian does become aware of the fact that he is even more powerful than he is, who knows what would happen (especially since the GUAG has been trying to figure out ways to end his madness).

    Skull Knight 
The Skull Knight, God of Skeleton Apparel (Knight Of Skeleton, Demon King, Emperor Gaiseric (maybe), The Cosmic Maintenance Man, Galloping Death, Ultimate King of War)

Intermediate Gods

    Bandana Waddle Dee 
Bandana Waddle Dee, God of Uniformity Exception (Bandana Dee, Waddle Dee)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His bandana and spear
  • Theme Song: The Apple Juice Song
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning towards Good
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extra, Spin Attack, Number Two, Uniformity Exception, Elite Mook
  • Domains: Spears, Distinction, Mooks
  • Followers: the Hero Prinny, Sonny, The Booted Wight
  • Superior: King Dedede
  • Allies: Kirby, Meta Knight, The Minions, The Prinnies, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Friendly Rival: Jigglypuff
  • Enemies: Any Bad Boss
  • Even if you gave a group of identical mooks some names, it's hard to tell them apart. Sometimes, a particular mook will have their own appearance of sorts, mainly to dictate a slightly higher level of power in the group. While Bandana Dee is still under the orders of King Dedede, he is reasonably competent in his job and sometimes helps Kirby if needed.
  • Bandana Dee was formerly the High Priest of the regular Waddle Dees prior to ascension. The arrangements to give him his own temple was planned out by Dedede.
  • A few gods have been thinking of taking Bandana Dee's bandana and spear to a different Waddle Dee for the sake of comedy. It hasn't happened yet, due to Dedede stopping such attempts.
  • Compared to the other Waddle Dees, Bandana Dee doesn't have as much of an issue with Jigglypuff. The two get into a few battles whenever they can.
  • Although not the strongest spear user in the Pantheon, Bandana Dee is able to use the spear for temporary flight by spinning it over his head.
  • Reportedly seen in a competition to see who has the strongest punch. It can be assumed that his physical strength is not that great compared to his skills with the spear.
  • Whenever he isn't working with Dedede, Bandana Dee can be seen alongside the likes of the Minions and the Prinnies. They all seem to relate to the fact that they don't like bad bosses.
    • During one meeting with the Prinnies, Bandana Dee was told about Valvatorez and how the Prinnies under his command are more competent than normal. Bandana Dee is hoping that Dedede will be able to lead a stronger Waddle Dee army following that meeting.
  • Is believed to be taking lessons on loyalty from Ira Gamagoori. No one is certain as to how well the lessons are turning out, as while he is very loyal to Dedede, Bandana Dee seems to like to hang out with Kirby and help him if possible.
  • He's actually not the only Waddle Dee to have some sort of outfit to distinguish himself from the other Waddle Dees. While one wearing a sailor cap was sighted, any encounters towards this particular Waddle Dee are infrequent.
  • Even though he was originally called Waddle Dee despite the difference in outfit and having a spear, many prefer to call him Bandana Dee for the sake of clarity.
  • While the other Waddle Dees have wielded a spear at some point in time, Bandana Dee is probably the sole one to be proficiently skilled in such.
  • It remains to be seen if there will be a Waddle Dee that is also wearing this particular Waddle Dee's bandana while wearing a spear. Confusion is guaranteed to ensue and not just from the fact that none of the Waddle Dees have any names.
    • Though this confusion could theoretically be cleared up if there were different colored bandanas for the Waddle Dees to wear. Dedede hasn't thought much of the idea for the time being.

    Dagan Gera 
Dagan Gera, The Deified Knight of Wearing a Past Allegiance's Uniform (Sith-pheroth)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His personal lightsaber with a red Kyber Crystal
  • Theme Songs: Release Me, Grand Oculus
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, formerly Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A Talented and Powerful Jedi Knight who Fell into The Dark Side, Defined by his Ambition for Tanalorr and his Fleeting Sanity, Is Quick to Resort to Violence, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy who can Justify his Credibility, Continuing to Wear High Republic Jedi Robes in the Present Despite his Betrayal, Personally Feels Betrayed by his Order, A Formidable Fighter even with a Severed Arm, Was Kept and Preserved in a Bacta Tank for Hundreds of Years, Fallen Hero, Tragic Villain, His Determination Further Troubles and Heightens his Mental Fragility, Is Haunted by his Past and Failures, Uses a Red Lightsaber to Allude to his Insanity, Intends to Overthrow the Galactic Empire, Duel Boss, Too Powerful to Live
  • Domains: Ambition, Insanity, Combat, Betrayal, Pride
  • Heralds: A Collection of Bedlam Raider Members
  • Allies: Vergil Sparda, Regime Superman, Madara Uchiha, Deathstroke, Char Aznable, Psy-Crow, Tai Lung
  • Villainous Friendship: Rayvis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thaal Sinestro, Lockdown
  • Rivals: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Maul, Griffith, Gharnef, Jiren
  • Enemies: Cal Kestis, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, Frisk, The USS Enterprise Crew, The Sector 2814 Green Lanterns, Atrocitus, Mongul, Optimus Prime, The Space Sherriffs, Samus Aran, Ridley, The Zabi Family, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Opposes: The Jedi and Sith Orders, The Plutonian
  • Dagan Gera was once a Jedi Knight from the High Republic Era, said to be the golden age for the Jedi Order. An apprentice to Master Santari Khri, Dagan was renowned for his martial prowess with a lightsaber and his close attunement to the Force, which was said to be much stronger and more proficient than almost any Jedi of his time. His greatest accomplishment was discovering a fabled planet which was christened Tanalorr, located in the depths of a seemingly unpassable nebula known as the Koboh Abyss named after a nearby planet, and making plans to establish a Jedi fortress. Things went downhill, however when a race known as the Nihil attacked Tanalorr, and Dagan and Santari barely held them off without any help from the order despite Dagan sending them a distress signal and at the cost of the fortress being decimated. When the Jedi Order further refused to help him out due to the planet's inaccessibility, Dagan snapped and started to attack and kill his fellow Order members for going against his goals and dreams, only to be disarmed and incapacitated by Santari, who chose to place him in a bacta tank hidden away in a facility in Koboh, unable to end his life.
    • Dagan was completely unheard of in centuries since... that is until another Jedi Knight named Cal Kestis stumbled upon his suspended state and freed him from his bacta tank. Realizing that the Jedi Order is no more thanks to the machinations of the Sith and his feelings of resentment and betrayal still lingering strong, Dagan gave himself up to the Dark Side, restarted his ambition to reach and claim Tanalorr and fought Cal before making a getaway via the newfound alliance with the Bedlam Raiders led by a friend of his, Rayvis. Overtime, Dagan also discovered the severity and influence of the Galactic Empire but decided that because the Rebels were being ineffectual in their conflict, Dagan opted to create a third alliance secretly in Tanalorr, hoping to create a Force-trained army and make a surprise attack on his enemies in an attempt to overthrow the Empire and become the galaxy's main source of authority. Despite his ambition and determination, Dagan would confront Cal twice more as he too wanted the coordinates to Tanalorr to provide a safe haven for those oppressed by the Empire, with the final one ending with Dagan's death, though the damage and impact the fallen Jedi would leave behind would eventually cause grave consequences for Cal later on.
  • Although Dagan failed in his ambitions during his mortal life, he would somehow find his way back alive through mysterious circumstances. From what he could remember, Dagan awoke in an unfamiliar place and took some time getting adjusted to his surroundings before traveling around seeking answers. He was furious about the failure of his desires and nearly destroyed the area he was in, but managed to rein control just enough to properly think and rationalize his predicament. In time, he learned about the Pantheon, that he was now in a realm where the Jedi Order, the Sith Order, and the Galactic Empire were now coexisting, and the fact that he was in a realm that was populated by "gods", something that Dagan found some slight humor in. Eventually, he realized that he was also a "deity", an ascended being in a divine realm. Feeling that Tanalorr may exist in the Pantheon and that he could have another chance in opposing his enemies and realizing his ambitions, Dagan decided to discreetly build his power and influence, hoping to create new alliances of his own to accelerate his plans.
  • Dagan is among the most formidable Jedi Knights the Order had seen; strong, fast, refined, adaptable, and commanding a strong presence anytime he was in battle. He was also very well-attuned in the Force with few being able to match him in his ability to manipulate it in ways beyond just telekinesis and mind control; he could create duplicate clones, alter gravity and perception, and create sword beams and energy slashes, making him rather unorthodox for a Jedi. To accompany him is his dwelling on the Dark Side, which has furthered amplified his already fearsome powers... at the cost of his sanity and grip in reality, though Dagan would do whatever it takes to keep himself under control, even if he admits that patience isn't his strong suit. Finally, his feats and talents are not without an air of arrogance and self-assurance on his part, for Dagan is very confident about his abilities and would gladly demonstrate his powers against anyone who dares to stand in his way. Regardless of his insanity and great confidence as well as his obsession over Tanalorr and overthrowing the Galactic Empire, Dagan is not without his virtues, namely displaying loyalty and friendship to those who respect him and back, as shown with Rayvis and the Bedlam Raiders, the latter whom Dagan as a fraction of as his heralds.
  • One could say Dagan is a disgraced pariah for the House of Heroism given his past occupation as a Jedi Knight. However, a striking detail about Dagan is that despite falling to the Dark Side and his clear opposition against the very order he used to fight alongside, he still wears their old golden robes and would still identify himself as a Jedi. Still, there were some who were bound to resemble Dagan regarding their past reputation, as evidenced by an alternate version of Superman, who became an oppressive tyrant after a tragic incident that convinced him that villains need to be killed and extreme measures should be taken, a fact that Dagan could well easily relate with. This was a similarity that few could share with one another and they figured that finding allies due to their twisted morality would be rare, hence their alliance. Dagan thinks that this "Regime" Superman would make a good partner thanks to his authoritative might and while the fallen Man of Steel thinks Dagan is trustworthy and genuine, he's also cautious about his ambitions and seeks to mediate that in case it gets too out of hand. He also found kinship with Tai Lung as both were arrogant warriors with the might to back it up and felt betrayed by their masters. The two have sometimes bantered and sparred with one another to test each others' martial prowess and were impressed enough to see how much they had in common. So long as the "Regime" Superman and Tai Lung respect him and honor their deal of fulfilling each others' goals, Dagan has no issues with their alliance.
    • Because of his betrayal of the order, Dagan has made many enemies in the Pantheon, with many condemning him for choosing his ambitions and desires over the safety of others, though there is a degree of pity to be shown as Dagan became a Dark Side practitioner due to desperate circumstances that were out of his control. He has clashed against heroes like the Green Lanterns, Samus Aran, and the Space Sheriffs on a number of occasions due to Dagan's searches for allies often ending with him bumping into them. Hal Jordan, himself a man who has fallen to darkness due to similar circumstances, understands where Dagan's plight comes from, and feels a bit unnerved, considering how both betrayed their allegiances with drastic consequences, but regardless uses his own experiences to state that what Dagan is doing is not justified and has to be stopped. While Dagan possesses great rage, Atrocitius personally thinks the Fallen Jedi is too mentally slippery and confrontational to be considered for an alliance, let alone be gifted a Red Lantern Ring, and criticizes his stance of feeling betrayed as even with his legitimate grievances, killing his own was still a sin Atrocitius cannot ignore. And even with his enmity against Samus due to Dagan's desire for Tanalorr often clashing against the bounty Hunter's many travels, even the Fallen Jedi realizes that making an alliance with Ridley and his space pirates is a moot point as they are too interested in planetary mass slaughtering and Dagan feels this would detract from his goals. He has battled against the Cunning God of Death a few times and Dagan admits that Ridley is a foe that troubles him, giving him all the more reason to want to kill the draconic alien the next time they meet, clearly seeing Ridley as a threat to his ambition.
  • Despite his unpopularity thanks to the alienating nature of his stance, Dagan has some allies, though whether he's a superior or an equal to said allies is dependent on how much he could benefit from it. He has an alliance of convenience with Psy-Crow, a bounty hunter renowned for his openness to his violent occupation. Dagan is aware of this and even acknowledged that Psy-Crow has his own goals, but decided to make a deal after seeing how the crow can be a beneficial mercenary to his operations. Psy-Crow personally saw Dagan as a good employer to work under as he found that most other villains wanted to emphasize their ambitions so much they would send ordinary mercenaries into grand plans that detracted from their occupation and the Fallen Jedi was respectful enough to give the crow autonomy and a good paycheck, though Dagan expresses amusement over how his Arch-Enemy happens to be something as seemingly inconsequential as an earthworm of all things and is not above making a snide remark on it, to Psy-Crow's annoyance. Dagan also developed a measure of respect for the supervillain Deathstroke and established a working relationship, feeling that his infamy as an assassin would allow for a stronger presence and influence on Dagan's end. For Deathstroke, Dagan seems like a good employee, especially if he puts emphasis on might and loyalty and is willing to reward friendship if possible, and while the two have had their disagreements due to their conflicting goals, Deathstroke and Dagan maintain their respect for each other.
    • For a man very entitled to his dreams, it is surprising for many to hear that Dagan has an appreciation for loyalty and friendship, to the point that he wants to form his alliances not just based on mutual goals, but also out of respect for the other party, feeling that this sort of alliance would strengthen his influence. This is one of the reasons why he laments the loss of Rayvis and the fact that he is absent from the Pantheon despite a fraction of the Bedlam Raiders being his heralds is a sore irritation for him as, at the end of the day, Rayvis was the closest thing Dagan had to a friend. He's not winning points with the Houses of Friendship and Camaraderie and Loyalty and Servitude, but Dagan doesn't have much ill will towards them either, likely because friendship is something he'd rather have than outright discard. Outside of his desire to claim Tanalorr and prove superior to the Jedi and Sith, Dagan now has the additional goal of one day seeing Rayvis ascend as he feels that having a close friend in the Pantheon would alleviate some of his own personal tensions.
  • With great power comes great hubris; Dagan is an arrogant man who prides his combat prowess and his innate strong attunement to the Force and claims that he isn't sugarcoating in the slightest. He is eager to prove his abilities anytime he's in a fight to the point where anyone threatening his credibility becomes a source of great irritation for him, but despite this and his fleeting sanity, he'll still credit someone for being powerful. This attitude bled into his ambitions where Dagan felt that successful leadership and rule are determined by how powerful its occupant is. This Might Makes Right belief is how Dagan got to learn about a demon named Vergil and the two of them conversed about power and rulership, leading to some familiarity and eventually a friendly relationship. They battled against one another as Dagan and Vergil were curious enough to demonstrate how good the other was in combat; Vergil won, but Dagan bore no ill will as the elder son of Sparda affirmed that he could help Dagan fulfill his ambitions so long as the Fallen Jedi can aid his in return, which seemed like a tempting promise that Dagan could support.
  • Although the two never met in their mortal lives, many who came to learn about both Dagan and Anakin Skywalker realized that they were more similar than one would expect; former Jedi who was known for being abnormally strong with the Force, only to succumb to a particular vice and submit themselves to The Dark Side whilst rationalizing that their new goals were for the sake of proving a better future for the galaxy, not to mention them being cut down by their masters at a critical moment that led to their predicament only getting worse. The difference is when Anakin, as Darth Vader, was openly a Sith Lord until his redemption, Dagan still identified himself as a Jedi in spite of his betrayal. And given the former's stance as Empire's primary enforcer and playing responsibility for the fall of the Order, the two of them are on anything but good terms, even if Dagan admitted that Vader was stronger than he'd have expected. To Anakin, Dagan is a representation of his past self's hot-headed and impulsive nature but without compassion and full of arrogance while Dagan saw Vader as unambitious and weak-willed due to giving himself to Palpatine's influence and never truly realizing his full potential, a claim that still remains even after Vader's redemption and attempts at atonement in the Pantheon. The two of them have fought on some occasions since, with Dagan being uncharacteristically quite wary and cautious about dealing with Anakin, a testament to why he was seen as The Chosen One by many.
  • Maul, a former Sith Lord under Palpatine until his crippling defeat from Obi-Wan and his subsequent abandonment, was rather intrigued to learn about Dagan and even more interested when he learned that, much like Vader, he was more similar to the Fallen Jedi than he expected; both were castaways who still held bitter resentment against those whom they felt betrayed them and were prideful warriors who were eager to prove their worth in combat. Initially, Maul was open to the idea of an alliance with Dagan, feeling that had they met, they likely would have been able to fight against Palpatine together, but the end results came different; Dagan was repulsed by the idea of even working with a Sith Lord, something that Maul found strangely hypocritical seeing as Dagan was a practitioner of the Dark Side himself, further emphasized by how both had similar criminal organizationnote  and the fact that both even have the same allies at times due to their nature of establishing working relations regarding their influence in the Pantheon. The only thing they could share an agreement with was opposing Palpatine and his empire, but otherwise ended up being rivals who have occasionally clashed with one another, though Maul is willing to lend some praise to Dagan, something the Fallen Jedi has problems expressing to a Sith Lord.
  • Dagan would rather contest himself against tyrants, especially Palatine as they feel that they would get in the way of his goals and he has no intention of letting them get impeded. He marks an exception for the "Regime" Superman thanks to their alliance and companionship, but beyond that, Dagan finds tyrannical oppressors to be generally difficult to get along with. His enmity against Palpatine is actually simple on the latter's end; Dagan's attunement with the Force means he could pose a serious threat and he doesn't want opposition on his end, though he is humored by how a Dark Jedi desires to overthrow him in an attempt to be a better ruler, yet is oblivious on how he would turn out to be just as tyrannical if he actually were to do so, not to mention he could make for a hypothetical fourth Sith Apprentice to him. That said, Dagan still thinks Palpatine is a madman and that the Sith are a complete antithesis to what he supposedly fights for, a claim that only humors Palpatine more. The Sith aside, Dagan found himself in conflict against the Zabi family, thinking that their aim for subjugating just Earth and their constant in-fighting makes for disappointment in his eyes and concluding that they're not worth his effort fighting against, although he thinks a Gundam could prove a useful tool to have on his command. To that end, he's developed a sense of respect for an enemy of theirs, Char Aznable, citing his ambition and determination as commendable and perhaps a man worthy of being in an alliance with. Char similarly thinks that while Dagan's insanity is dangerous, they do have a Might Makes Right belief, came to respect each other's abilities, and had a mutual for, hence the two of them managing to keep in contact with one another, with Dagan being open to helping Char out as a way to affirm their partnership.
  • Dagan's ambition for Tanalorr and to crush the Empire in the hopes of heralding a brand new rulership with him on top is what motivates him more than anything else. However, most have noted that with his fragile mental state, Dagan's determination is a fragile one and he was prone to losing himself on several occasions, with his closest allies having to come by and council him in an attempt to keep him focused and relaxed, a task easier said than done. Dagan's steadfast and reckless ambitions bring to mind Griffith, also a man who would stop at nothing to achieve his dreams of having a kingdom and would eventually succeed in doing so at the price of sacrificing his own friends and comrades to be killed and condemned to Hell, an act he has no shame about. Despite both being Fallen Heroes, Dagan was admittedly a bit intimidated by Griffith's cold callousness, and while his commitment is something to praise, his ruthlessness, act of betrayal, and being willing to work alongside Palpatine meant the chances of an alliance were none, though Griffith himself personally scoffs at Dagan, seeing him as beneath him. Oddly enough, a boy named Frisk proved to be an opposite of Dagan's approach, being a figure who used his seemingly endless determination to instead try to get along with and treat everything he encountered with kindness, even being forgiving. This puzzled Dagan as he would realize that Frisk is capable of great destruction, but unconditional love is something he admittedly has trouble understanding, given his own belief of power is a necessity to one's own ambition and desire. That said, he does admit that maybe Frisk's nature is for the best as a genocidal version might not bode well for him and their intentions generally don't clash with one another, even if Frisk is rather wary of the Dark Jedi.
  • He has a rather negative opinion about the House of Betrayal and Treachery, even if one was to point out that it was technically Dagan who turned against the Jedi Order, even if they personally didn't help him when the Nihil attacked Tanalorr. Regardless, Dagan remains insistent that he was the one who was wronged and, sure enough, betrayal has become a very sore subject for him. There are beings who were similar to Dagan in this regard as being seemingly good figures who would eventually turn to evil because of something that went wrong on their part, with notable exceptions including Gharnef and the Plutonian, but Dagan not only wants to acknowledge his similarities with them, but he also feels rather peeved and a bit taken aback by the level of destruction they've caused during their mortal lives. While Dagan intends to stop the Plutonian, they're mainly for self-serving ends, despite what the Fallen Jedi claims while with Gharnef, Dagan has angrily called out on how they're nothing alike during their scuffles despite the Dark Pontifex musing how he has great darkness in him and trying to relate to being cast off as disappointments by their masters, conveniently ignoring how he was driven more by spite over being denied a tome, a fact that Dagan would come to learn about and emphasize his disdain for Gharnef further for.
  • Suffice it to say, he's not a paragon for sanity. To Dagan's credit, his slipping mind wasn't entirely his own fault as he was one of the very few Jedi who stood their ground against the Nihil when they attacked Tanalorr, a planet that he discovered and was genuinely saddened and angry that the Order he served under didn't respond to his distress signal, and this is where arrogance, pride, and hubris would eventually take over. Despite his mentality, he doesn't really pay much attention to the House of Madness and Insanity as he personally feels that there isn't much to offer for him there and he personally does get freaked out by the more deranged residents of that House. Interestingly, a good deal of his own newfound allies in the Pantheon also have issues with being insane and losing their cool in favor of acting out of control in their violence, though they're either since been able to better control themselves and be more aware of their insanity and taking regular attempts to rein it, whereas Dagan is fairly new to the feeling and doesn't have much control over it, with his pride and insanity even leading to his death. He's since been wondering how he could keep his mentality in check in an attempt to better control himself as well as maintain his combat ferocity.
    • As an extension, Dagan's insanity gave way to a deep, seething hatred, evidenced by his bleeding his Kyber Crystal to red and his connection with the Force being warped into all the powers one would recognize in a Dark Side user. Although it proved further poisonous to his fractured mind, Dagan's powers were only further amplified and this made him an incredible threat to even many of the existing Sith Lords in the Pantheon who would rather compare Dagan more to themselves than to the Jedi, as denying as he is. Dagan's powers being furthered by his newfound hatred towards the Jedi Order, betrayal, and being overshadowed by the Sith and the Empire bring to mind members of the Uchiha Clan, whose powers were heavily tied to emotion, with hatred, in particular, fueling the largest quantity of such at the cost of one's sanity. Sasuke quickly saw Dagan's reputation and tale as a cautionary one and while he pities him for becoming evil out of desperation, there's not much in the way of sympathy given his own betrayal and massacre of fellow members of the Order either, not to mention Dagan would rather retaliate violently towards anyone who tries to pity or criticize his circumstances. Madara, on the other hand, found Dagan rather relatable and the two were quick to form an alliance after a spar to test each other's might, in addition to Madara personally seeing Dagan's hatred as something he could personally monitor, feeling that he could mentor the Dark Jedi in his own way. It helps that Madara is already friends with the "Regime" Superman and both of them are willing to treat Dagan with a measure of respect in spite of their own personal baggage and differences, not to mention the fallen Man of Steel had a hand in getting the Uchiha warlord to learn about and befriend Dagan.
"That wretched Order will rue the day they betrayed me and forsook Tanalorr!"

    Elsa (Frozen
Elsa, Goddess of Clothing Based on Personality (Snow Queen, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, formerly Princess Elsa of Arendelle, Ice Storm Elemental)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her signature snowflake; alternatively, a crocus flower, the symbol of her kingdom
  • Theme Songs: "Let It Go", Into the Unknown, Show Yourself
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ice Queen, Defrosting Ice Queen, An Ice Person, Broken Bird, former inability to control her powers, Celibate Heroine, The High Queen, Braids of Action, care for her sister, Dreamworks Face, powers based on her emotions, Mystical White Hair, formerly stoic, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Snowlems, unintentionally caused an endless winter in her kingdom, able to undo the endless winter by love, strutting in the light of day
  • Domains: Royalty, Ice, Snow
  • Heralds: Kristoff and Sven (shared with Anna), all residents of her kingdom, Marshmallow (her snow golem), Gale, Earth Giants, The Nøkk & Bruni (her fellow elemental spirits).
  • Special Relation: Anna (her sister), Olaf (her creation).
  • Allies: Every other Disney Princess (including Vanellope von Schweetz who doesn't consider herself to be a princess), Weiss Schnee, Sora, Cygnus Hyoga, Charlotte LaBouff, Rachel Roth, Kazumi Amano, Ashe, Ice King, Jaina Proudmoore, Blanc/White Heart, Regice, Grenth, Anivia, Ymir the Tusk, Bentley Turtle, Mitsuru Kirijo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Rin Tohsaka, Esdeath
  • Enemies: Prince Hans, Penelope Mouse, anything that associates with fire (no offense to Gods like Zuko, Scorpion, K', the Human Torch, or Yukiko Amagi), Arthas Menethil, Master Xehanort, Maleficent, Larxene, The Evil Queen, Tyrantrum (one-sided), Jadis, the White Witch
  • Complicated Relationship: Jack Frost
  • Elsa was the young ruler of Arendelle, born with the power to control and manipulate ice. She embraced her powers at first, until an accident that nearly froze her little sister Anna, which resulted in her scorning her gift and distancing herself from Anna to avoid hurting her. That lasted until her coronation, when she accidentally revealed her powers to her people and nearly caused an endless winter in her kingdom, and she ensconced herself in the mountains in an attempt to protect everyone from herself. It took the love and sacrifice from her little sister to thaw her frozen heart, upon which she returned as the benevolent ruler of Arendelle. The clothes she wore throughout her adventures also serve as a good visual indicator of her character throughout it all.
  • She is a good friend of Mello because of their (and Anna) liking of chocolate.
  • There was once a time when she tried for a title of a literal Ice Queen, unlike that of Mitsuru Kirijo's actual attribute. Since then, she found comfort of a title associating with ice-motif ruler though it's so that she doesn't get the reputation of "executing" her victims. Regardless of that fact, the two are good friends as she seen a bit of her sympathetic side like her caring nature and her appreciation of her late father.
  • She despises Arthas Menethil for his evil use of ice and reminding her a lot of Prince Hans. However, she was able to respect Captain Cold for showing some humanity, despite his evil use of ice, and says Victor Fries' story is genuinely heartbreaking.
  • Many of the Disney Princess were shocked to see that she is crowned Queen and is not evil, considering their stances with them, particularly Snow White. Elsa shows that not all queens in Disney worlds are immediately evil and is willing to help her princess friends with that prospect.
  • She hope to see Lina and Rylai make up and become sisters again, just as how she and Anna were able to rebuild their sisterly relationship after thirteen years of separation and several other problems.
    • Likewise, Elsa wants Rin Tohsaka to make up with her estranged sister Sakura Matou, knowing about the latter's childhood trauma and how having a sister for comfort really helps. Unfortunately, Rin continues to be apathetic to the situation of Sakura; as Elsa doesn't see any way in which this coldness is helpful at all, she and Rin aren't on great terms.
    • Befriended Satsuki and Ryuko for they remind her of her own relationship with her sister sort of.
  • When no one is looking, Elsa has an uncanny ability to phase her braids through her arm. She claims that her hair is very 'complex.'
  • She has made a statement that she is not 'interested' in Jack Frost as much as she's told Nicholas St. North, but she is willing to help Jack with his merriment of snow making.
  • Some people actually want her to be friends with Wreck-it Ralph due to their stance of heroism/villainy. Vanellope likes her a lot and is willing to share hot chocolate with her every now and then.
  • She sympathizes with Rachel Roth over their need to control their power and emotions, the havoc their powers can wreak if left unchecked, and Rachel's belief that she needs to be emotionally closed off from others. They have been helping each other to open up more emotionally.
  • Has met Ice King before and surprisingly, Ice King isn't interested in her as he claims he's only interested in princesses.
  • Her theme song is popular, having been translated to every known language spoken in the Pantheon. The House of Music compiled a whole album based on that one song. It rivals Emmet's theme of "Everything is Awesome!" in pure catchiness. Emmet himself has conceded in knowing that Elsa's song was well-known, and even did his own performance with his LEGO just for her. It has found a special place in the hearts of Himeko, Chikane.
    • Lucifer gives his full recommendation to the song, citing the virtues of letting one's desires and emotions run free rather than bottle it up and put on a false face, and to use your powers to shape the world as you see fit, regardless of what others think: Elsa thinks he's a creep: at least she had the 'decency' to run away to use her power in solitude! Even at her worst, she didn't use her power to bully and crush those weaker than herself!
  • She doesn't hold any antipathy towards the fire-based gods, but they are her polar opposites, and it's simply not prudent to hang around pyrokinetics when your clothes are made of ice.
  • When she found out the god of Snowlems was a homicidal killer, she personally stormed his temple, destroyed him, and crowned Olaf as the new god in residence. As Jack had fallen into obscurity at the time, few gods objected to the change in leadership.
  • In particular, she is in support of Ashe for her benevolent rule of Avarosa and hopes that one day she would succeed in uniting the region of Freljord.
    • While also forming friendship with the Demacian Prince, Jarvan IV, Elsa has gone around to stop Jarvan into trying to visit the Southern Islands and exact 'righteous' retribution towards Prince Hans for what he did, saying that the past punishment should suffice, and she's taking at heart about those words where people shouldn't be monsters to face one. Out of respect to the Queen, Jarvan complied.
  • Elsa has no respect towards Penelope Mouse for her actions against Sly Cooper and Bentley Turtle, because her actions against them both (for money) is almost identical to how Prince Hans tried to kill her and Anna to take her throne for himself.
  • She made it very clear to both Larxene and other Seekers of Darkness that she walks down a path of her own making that will lead into a bright new day for herself, friends, and the kingdom she now wishes to protect with her magic alongside her sister.
  • She certainly despises Jadis, the White Witch who keeps her petrified victims in her courtyard and caused an endless winter in Narnia (and living in a land of snow without Christmas). It doesn't help that Jadis try to pass herself off as her High Priestess, in which ticked off the Snow Queen.

    The F.I.S. Receptor Children 
Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Goddesses of New Costumes Upon Turning Good (The F.I.S Receptor Children | Maria: Useless, Useless Tentacle Woman, Failed Wielder | Shirabe: Buzzkill, Jii~ | Kirika: Kiri-chan, DMG, DESS | Shirabe and Kirika: DMJii)
Left to right: Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe
Their Symphogears, pre-Heel-Face Turn 
In Ignite Mode 
X-Drive Mode 

    John Henry Irons/Steel 
John Henry Irons, God of Letter Logos (Steel, The Machine of Steel, Henry Johnson)

    Jubilation Lee/Jubilee 
Jubilation Lee, Goddess of Outdated Outfits (Jubilee, Jubes, Wondra)
Vampire Jubilee 
  • Intermediate Goddess (as a vampire)
  • Symbols: The Yellow Raincoat
  • Theme Song: X-Men '92
  • Alignment: Lawful Good as a member of the X-Men, but Chaotic Good otherwise; Chaotic Evil while under Xarus
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Adopted Motherhood, Vampires, Depowered Mutants
  • Herald: Shogo Lee, her son
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: with Cassie Cage
  • Headbutting Heroes: with Sonya Blade, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Damian Wayne/Robin, Noriko Ashida/Surge
  • Rivals: Demitri Maximoff, Dracula
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Buffy Summers, Erik Leshner/Magneto
  • Enemies: Alexander Anderson, B.B. Hood, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Raven Darkholme/Mystique, The Sentinals.
  • Despite losing her powers following M-Day and later, her humanity upon being turned into a vampire by Xarus, the Pantheon allowed her to join their ranks (due to a stellar recommendation by Wolverine and Storm). Jubilee suspects that it was her classic costume that was the reason why, although she had upgraded to a bodysuit following the events which led to her state. She still wears the jacket, though.
  • Upon her arrival, Jubilee was given a choice to remain as a vampire or be restored as a Mutant. Jubilee chose the former, as she has been in training to hone her new abilities. She did, however, apologize to Logan for changing him into a vampire, but Logan waved her off, saying that she was not herself at the time.
    • After the events surrounding her time with Quentin Quire, she has lost her vampire powers, but regained her mutant abilities once again. While she is grateful for this many of her vampire companions are saddened to lose her however she is still able to become a vampire of her own free will in the Pantheon.
  • Jubilee became friends with Tsukune Aono, who introduced Jubes to his companion, Moka Akashiya. For Jubilee, it made her ascension a bit easier to know that she wasn't the only vampire in the Pantheon.
  • While Headmistress Frost has the Fanservice Outfit, Jubilee's leather bodysuit from her brief time under Xarus also makes the other gods turn their heads. In fact, she was wearing this when she reunited with Tim Drake/Robin.
  • Speaking of Tim, he was very happy to see that Jubilee had ascended to the Pantheon... and shocked as to what she had become. But he did warm up to Shogo, which helped overcome his fear over Jubilee's vampirism.
  • Jubilee is very protective when it comes to Shogo, so threaten him at your own risk.
  • Jubilee has become fast friends with Cassandra Cage. As it turns out, both girls grew up in California, and Jubes is a huge fan of Johnny's movies, with the Dragon Fist series being her all-time favorites. She was then introduced to Johnny Cage. "Always good to meet a fan...even if she is a vampire," Johnny had quipped. While Papa Cage doesn't mind the friendship, Mama Blade, Jax and Jacqui watch Jubilee with a wary eye.
  • Buffy Summers tends to keep her distance from Jubilee. The fact that she is a good mother to Shogo gives the legendary vampire slayer pause. In the end, after thinking about it for a long time, Buffy decides to leave Jubilee alone.
  • While Kitty Pryde sees Jubilee as a kid sister, she will never forget that one time that Jubilee tried to turn into a bat, but transformed into a cat instead, much to the amusement of herself, Storm, Logan, Pixie, Deadpool and Laura. After a failed attempt from Mr. Fantastic to turn her back to human — as he turned her into a catgirl instead — it took a visit to Doctor Strange to return Jubilee back to normal.
  • While we're on cats, Jubilee was delighted to eventually see the ascension of Hellcat, given she was her intern once.
  • Jubilee knows that her popularity comes from one incarnation of her character while in another universe she has been considered un-interesting and less appealing due to a lack of screentime.
  • There is a saying: "When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear." Gabriel Belmont knows potential when he sees it and he sees it in Jubilee. Gabriel becomes Jubilee's mentor in the ways of the vampire. For Jubes, Gabriel is a harsh taskmaster, but due to her experiences with the X-Men, she welcomes the training. The deciding factor to train under Gabriel was the aforementioned episode when Jubilee transformed into a cat rather than a bat.
  • When Jubes is not spending time with her fellow X-Men, training with Gabriel, or hanging out with Tim, she can be found inside her temple — a replica of the Danger Room — practicing her gymnastics. It even goes as far with Tim helping her with her training.
  • Like most other vampires in the Pantheon, she would like to stay as far away from Wario as much as she can.
  • Being an adoptive mother, she highly respects the Kirigaya Family of Alfheim Online, and often participates alongside them in Dominic Toretto's family barbecues with Edward Newgate and Piccolo. She has found an especially strong kinship with Asuna Yuuki, who finds Jubilee as some sort of her Western counterpart. Interestingly enough, Jubilee has once tried to invite her fellow X-Men to the barbecues; they have yet to respond.
  • While she can respect Magneto for being a passionate mutant who wants to protect his people, she is not exactly willing to support his more extreme measures of bringing about equal mutant rights, but she can at least respect him to some extent unlike Mystique. Her treatment of her daughter and son pisses her off to no end, such lack of kindness is enough to make Raven one of her worst enemies in the Pantheon.

Koriand'r, Goddess of Modest Clothing Through Adaptation (Starfire, Kory Anders, Kori, Star, Troq, Starfire the Terrible)
One of Star's most modest outfits
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess if she absorbs enough Solar Energy)
  • Symbol: Her Starbolts
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, acted as Lawful Evil during the "Starfire the Terrible" stunt
  • Portfolio: Shameless Fanservice Girl, Ms. Fanservice, Pretty Princess Powerhouse, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, Loves to Hug, Fiery Redhead, The Heart, Nice Girl, Being Able to Learn Other Languages Through Kissing, Swearing in Tamaranian, Always Smiling
  • Domains: Space, Friendship, Beauty, Royalty
  • Herald: Silkie
  • Allies: Dick Grayson, Raven, Victor Stone, Garfield Logan, all good aligned DC heroes, Sunset Shimmer, The Mane Six, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Vivio Takamichi, Yutaka Kobayakawa, nearly the entire House of Friendship and Camaraderie
  • Enemies: Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Joker, Darkseid, Vergil Sparda, Unicron, Galactus
  • Friends with Benefits: Dick Grayson
  • Odd Friendship: Jason Todd
  • Conflicting Opinion: Viridi, Princess Bubblegum, Azula
  • Koriand'r's costumes were notoriously known for their tendency to show off a lot of skin. Even certain villains wore more clothes than her. Since her risqué costume wouldn't work in certain media, her costume was tweaked to cover more skin.
  • A princess of the planet Tamaran, Koriand'r lived a happy life before her people were conquered and dominated by the alien invaders known as the Citadel . Putting her through numerous harmful experiments that gave her the ability to direct the solar energy she absorbs due to her natural biology (which gives her physical abilities similarly to Kryptonians) and project it from her body in the form of her signature "Starbolts", Koriand'r used this new ability to escape imprisonment and eventually found her way to earth, where she took on the name "Starfire" and joined the Teen Titans.
  • What was the first thing Starfire did once she ascended? Fly at top speed to glomp Dick Grayson, Victor Stone, Raven, and Garfield Logan at the same time and give them the most bone crushing hug she could muster. The four other Titans didn't mind their ribs breaking as they too were overjoyed at being reunited.
    • After spending hours catching up on things, both Koriand'r and Dick slipped away to have a more private reunion that lasted for at least two hours.
  • With Starfire's official ascension, the Titans were forced to watch every episode of Teen Titans Go! that aired so far. It was an... interesting experience.
  • For the love of X'Hal, don't ever call Starfire a Troq, which is a derogatory term to Tamaranians meaning they are worthless. It's not that she will pummel you until you are paste, but that her friends would do that instead.
  • After Starfire's ascension, the House of Food have double their shipments of mustard as Star would go through them like crazy. Also, Kori would use their kitchen to cook up many of her Tamaranian dishes. Very few dare to taste her foods.
    • Speaking of alien food, many are very careful if any are eaten by any genetic creatures of the GUAE for fear it would mutate them further.
  • Once mistook Sunset Shimmer for a Tamaranian because of her appearance. She was informed that she wasn't an alien but a pony in human form. Star wasn't fazed by that but befriended Sunset after the former told her about her redemption through friendship.
  • Is a little peeved that most think she had sex with Jason Todd. The only time she ever visits the fallen Robin is to listen to any of his problems.
    • She also take offense of others calling her a slut or being called an alien bimbo.
  • Has a mix of anger and sadness when it comes to Count Logan. The anger comes from him destroying an alternate version of her home planet Tamaran to spite that version of herself and Robin. But the sadness come from the fact that Count Logan is an alternate Beast Boy. She could never imagine someone as loving as BB ever being that cruel.
  • Was overjoyed that there was a House of Friendship and has made many friends including Nanoha Takamichi, Gentaro Kisaragi and Nia Teppelin. The last one is special for her because the two sound very similar.
    • Has been teaching the house about Blorthog, a Tamaranian holiday that celebrates friendship. Many are petitioning to make it an official holiday in the pantheon.
    • Is very interested in the concept of beating one's foe and befriending them and actually being powered by friendship. It's because of these two concepts that she also befriended Fate Testarossa-Harlaown and the Mane Six.
    • Because she was friends with both Nanoha and Fate, she also became friends with their daughter Vivio, when the two fought against each other. It's unknown who defeated who to befriend the other.
  • Was surprised when she was informed that her sister, Blackfire, was part of the pantheon before being replaced by Azula. What she heard about her actually reminded Star of her own sister's cruelty. Though, she found out that Azula is trying to turn over a new leaf and Star is very supportive of it.
  • Has very conflicting feelings on both Princess Bubblegum and Viridi. For the former, it's because of certain actions of hers that to Star are a bit disturbing like spying on her people, though BB has been trying to stop doing that and she does care about her subjects in her own way. For the latter, it's her tendency to want to wipe out humanity which Star would stop if she tries to do again. There's also the fact that all three have very similar voices.
  • Hates both Unicron and Galactus because they are planet eaters. Considering that her home planet has been destroyed twice, it's pretty much understandable.
  • While she is overjoyed at making new wonderful friends, her friendships with Dick, Raven, Victor and Garfield are her most precious. She consider the four her family and would do anything to protect them.
  • Was shown an alternate universe in which she and Dick are married and have a daughter name Nightstar. This has cause a severe conflicting emotions on her part as now old feelings of her love of the former Robin have resurface and wants to get back together. Though, there's only one thing stopping that.
  • She completely missed the whole event of 'transported to the universe where Superman is a tyrant', only hearing hearsays of it from Cyborg. To be fair, Dick also 'kinda missed that', but even Starfire was absolutely horrified, an icon of compassion and heroism like Superman falling like that, and worse, said alternate Superman, High Councilor Kal-el, made it to the Pantheon. Starfire has sworn that if he EVER does anything harmful to her friends here, no mercy expected.

    Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy 
Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, Patron Goddess of Garden Garments and Evil Gardens (Poison Ivy, The Green Queen, The Guardian of The Green, Paula Irving, Ivy Pepper, Red - by Harley Quinn)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Could potentially become a Greater Goddess if she ever learns to channel the full power of The Green)
  • Symbol: Her Garden-Inspired Lair And Her Costume
  • Theme Song: Poisoned Ivy from Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (as a villainess), Chaotic Neutral (as an anti-heroine)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villainess, Deadpan Snarker, Earthy Barefoot Character, Her Kisses Can Either Kill You or Control You, Sometimes-Evil Fiery Redhead, Gaia's Vengeance, Green Thumb, BFF's with Harley Quinn (Sometimes Romantically Involved), Defrosting Ice Queen (thanks to Harley), Always Has a Man-Eating Plant on Standby, Master Poisoner, Has a Villainous Crush on Batman, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Yandere
  • Domains: Eco-Terrorism, Plants, Redheads, Environmentalism
  • Herald: Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man (her creator)
  • High Priestess: Zyra
  • Commonality Connection: with Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride (unfortunately)
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Ororo Munroe/Storm, Nakoruru, Talim, Durathror
  • Enemies: The Joker (due to Ivy stealing Harley from him), Exdeath, Mard Geer Tartaros, Hedorah, Syzoth/Reptile, William Birkin and Albert Wesker (as both are rival scientists whose experiment on plants), Azula
  • Respects: Swamp Thing (as a fellow scientist and chosen of The Green), Aerith Gainsborough, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom
  • Opposed by: Bruce Wayne/Batman and the ascended members of the Batfamily (Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl), Captain Planet
  • Fears: All deities who use fire; particularly high up on Ivy's list are Kakashi Hatake, Onaga, Sasuke Uchiha, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Ken Masters, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Alexstrazsa, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, M. Bison, Sonya Blade; exceptions include Aang and Korra
  • Annoyed by: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Odd Friendship: with Claire Redfield and Felicia (due to their work with orphans), Groot and Rocket
  • Mentor/Lover?: Kurama
  • Dr. Pamela L. Isley found an invite to the Pantheon inside her lair. As it turns out, her Siren cohorts Harley and Catwoman had been working on her ascension (it was mostly Harley's idea). Moved by the gesture from her friends, Ivy joined them in the Pantheon. The Gotham City Sirens have been reunited.
  • When Ivy's old flame Harvey Dent — who works at the Court of the Gods — heard about Ivy's ascension, he was heard saying that "one part of him wants to strangle her while the other part wants to hit her with a truck." Ivy's response?
    Ivy: We used to date.
  • Pamela Isley may not always have been Poison Ivy, but she was always plant-like from the day she was born, with a skin condition that rendered her hypersensitive to sunlight. As a child, Pamela's mother was in an abusive relationship with her husband. She would always pardon his beatings after he'd bought her flowers, and spoke of talking to her garden and having them talk back. To Pamela, this demonstrated how plants could manipulate people, and it was when her father murdered her mother in cold blood that she learned of the viciousness of man. Becoming a specialist in botany and toxicology, she was caught up in an accident that forever bound her to The Green. This connection gave her plant powers and biology, and with them, she became the plant-obsessed eco-terrorist, Poison Ivy.
    • So, what exactly is The Green? The Green is an elemental force which connects all forms of plant life on Earth, experienced by elementals as an ethereal realm inhabited by the collective minds of the Parliament of Trees. Aside from Ivy, several other characters are connected to nature through The Green, among them Dr. Alec Holland, better known as Swamp Thing.
  • With Ivy's ascension, there is an ongoing debate over who is the hottest redhead in the Pantheon. As of this moment, the debate is still ongoing, but it's between Ivy, Crimson Viper, Mary-Jane Watson, Barbara Gordon, Natasha Romanoff, Jean Grey-Summers, Erza Scarlet, Rias Gremory, and Stella Vermillion. The Pantheon's resident God of Photojournalism, Frank West, sees Ivy not only as an interesting story, but a candidate for his PERFECT EROTICA photo contest.
  • Seeing as her temple is an abandoned conservatory overrun with flora and fauna (some of it extremely rare), she has forbidden any fire-wielding deity to take one step onto her domain, lest they incur her wrath. Azula found this out the hard way when she incinerated several of Ivy's plants. Azula failed to take notice that Ivy has several oversized man-eating plants on hand. It took Batman, Catwoman and Harley to rescue Azula from said man-eating plant.
  • In spite of her views on humanity, she does have a soft spot for children, particularly orphans. It is because of this reason why she has mutual respect towards Claire Redfield. But one sure-fire way to piss her off is to experiment on plants. No wonder Albert Wesker and William Birkin are high on her shit-list.
  • Like fellow villainess Talia al Ghul, Ivy is torn between trying to kill Batman or trying to bone him… after doping him up with her pheromones first. But, as Catwoman (and Talia) have told her: Batman is off-limits.
  • As for her portrayal in the media, it's best not to speak of her live-action portrayal (a sentiment shared with fellow rogue Bane, as he is much more than just Dumb Muscle). She does, however enjoy both her portrayal in both the animated series and especially in The Arkhamverse.
  • Speaking of the Arkhamverse, her Moment of Awesome came in the third chapter of the series, in which she saved Gotham City by sacrificing herself to cleanse the city of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. This act is what redeemed herself in Batman's eyes, as he always knew there was still good in Ivy. Even Captain America was impressed and moved by Ivy's selflessness.
    Ivy: Nature always wins.
  • It's also a known fact that the main reason that Harley spearheaded Ivy's ascension is that both her and Harley are an item. Even Batman knows that Harley and Ivy are romantically involved. "Ivy's a better choice than the Joker," he once grumbled to Selina, who shared the sentiment.
  • As Ivy is quite literally a walking biological weapon, she thought Harley was joking when Harley told her that there was actually a House of Toxicity. But it was Catwoman who had confirmed it. Cue Ivy giving Harley one The Big Damn Kiss that left Harley dazed for most of the day. When she is not at the temple tending to her babies, she is at the House of Toxicity. While she was able to start up a friendship with Coco, she loathes Hedorah, as he stands what she is against. She also dislikes Syzoth, and has forbidden the Zaterran deity from stepping foot in her domain. Mainly because his acid keeps killing her plants, of which she can sense through the Green.
  • The ascended rogues' occasionally get together at one of their respective temples for card night, Ivy's games of choice being Blackjack and Poker. The group swap stories of their antics and compare notes on how close they came to killing Batman. Of course, the Joker is not invited, due to both his rampant cheating and his being Harley's ex.
  • The House of Plants are concerned about Ivy. Some of the more villainous members of the House see Ivy as a major threat, despite Ivy being a baddie herself, due to being able to not only create plant life but to control it as well, giving Ivy what they see as an unfair advantage.
  • What is most surprising is that Ivy is on relatively good terms with Tony Stark. Seeing as how Stark Enterprises is branching out into clean energy and biomedical research, he has sought advice from the Green Queen due to her background…after making sure she was not related to either The Hulk or his cousin.
  • She has been praised by another plant being who felt she is similar to the siren rogue of Gotham Zyra. She's also made an enemy who felt she was unworthy of being a plant in Mard Geer. He believes since she was and still could be human she does not deserve to be part of the plant kingdom.
  • Green Arrow once asked Ivy for tips on growing tomatoes. Her reply?
    Ivy: Choke on 'em.
    Green Arrow: No salsa for you.
  • In another timeline Ivy was absent following The Joker giving Superman one really bad day, but she resurfaced as part of Gorilla Grodd's Society. This puts her at odds with Harley, who has joined Batman's team.
  • Sometime ago, she met Kurama, who could also manipulate plant life as she could. As a scientist, she wanted to see the scope of his abilities and challenged him. While she did hold her own, Kurama was her superior. Even her tactic of kissing him failed and she was surprised to hear that it had no effect on him since his abilities were demonic in nature as well as being Batman's equal in tactics and strategy. What shocked her was that Kurama offered to be her mentor in being more effective in plant manipulation and creating new flora as well. To the Pantheon's shock, she accepted.
    • When asked why she did, she said this:
    Ivy: There is something different about that man, and he's handsome.
    • Many have speculated that Pamela and Kurama's relationship evolved into something more than teacher and student. When Batman was asked to comment, his answer was, "While Pamela was better for Harley, Kurama is what Pamela needs." When Ivy was asked if she and Kurama were an item, Ivy blushed and gave a warm smile at the suggestion.
  • Also has a spot in Greenlands and Guardians.

    Sophie (Izetta: The Last Witch
It happened back in the days of witch burnings. A prince of a tiny Alpine country went out hunting. He was saved by a young witch with silver hair, like snow. At first he feared the witch, but he realized that she was a kind young woman. He gradually opened up to her, and the two of them soon fell in love. And, when his injury healed, he tried to take her back to the castle. But she refused his offer, saying that, as a witch, she could not be his bride. The witch promised the sorrowful prince, "If you ever desire the power of a witch, I will offer it to you". One day, a long time later, after the prince returned to the castle, an enemy suddenly attacked his country. The prince went to battle and was horribly wounded, almost losing the war. But that's when...The White Witch appeared in a blaze of light. She used a strange staff to instantly drive away the enemy and saved the country. And there was a brief period of happiness. And the prince died from a wound he'd received during the battle. The witch sorrowed over his loss and swore that she would become the guardian of his country. And she protected the country until the end of her life.

Sophie, The Goddess Of Reich-like Imagery (Weiss Hexe, The White Witch of Eylstadt's Legend, Germania's Witch)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her witch's staff, containing her half of the Magic Stone
  • Themes: Shiroki Majo no Densetsu, Saigo no Tatakai, Sophie no Maryoku, and ME ZA ME
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Formerly Neutral Good in her previous life)
  • Portfolio: Wearing the officer's uniform of the Germanian Empire after regaining her memories, and promptly helping them turn the tide of her world's World War II in Germania's favor, Clearly unhinged and bloodthirsty in the midst of combat, Using her own subordinates as shields and weapons to throw at Izetta, Essentially an evil magical girl, Going from Eylstadt's Guardian to its worst enemy following her betrayal, Being one of the villains responsible for the story in the present day, Calls out her foe Izetta for intervening in a human conflict, yet has done so willingly in the past and is even aiding the Germanian Empire in the present, The story taking a turn for the worse when she makes her debut, Becoming the symbol of the Germanian Empire's victory against Eylstadt and subsequent reign of terror across Europe, Her primary motivation being revenge against Eylstadt, Caring about no one else but herself and her goals, Her mere existence spoiling both the backstory and the story's present day, Has white hair, and is an absolute bitch
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Not to be confused with: Sophie Zawistowski
  • While the legend listed above has been the most popular retelling of the story regarding the White Witch of Eylstadt, there were several noticeable problems with it. For one, the White Witch's appearance came at a time when Witch Hunts and witch burnings were commonplace throughout Europe, and the Vatican considered any form of witchcraft as heresy. Come to the mid-20th century, more details surrounding the full and true story of the White Witch would come to light, thanks to the witch Izetta's voluntary intervention in her universe's World War II. Following their initial defeats against Izetta during the initial invasions of Eylstadt, the Germanian Empire began researching on anything relating to witches, with the Kaiser himself having given Major Arnold Berkman and the rest of the Germanian Army Special Unit a blank check.
  • Within the next few months, they had discovered Izetta's weakness: her reliance on Europe's Ley Line network. Without access to an area with magical energy, she would be Brought Down to Normal, and her powers rendered useless. What's more, the Germanians uncovered several important documents and artifacts relating to this historical White Witch, ranging from documents of a secret room within the Eylstadt Royal Castle, to the actual remains of the White Witch. Not wasting any time, Berkman and the Special Unit began coordinating with Elisabeth, Director of the Germanian Army's Design Division, in developing a proper counter to Eylstadt's new White Witch. With approval from the Kaiser, Elisabeth revealed to the curious Major that Design Division 9 had managed to perfect cloning, and had gone to work in creating a clone of the original White Witch using the remains they had uncovered.
  • What's more, thanks to the research efforts taken by Berkman's subordinate Rickert, the Germanians were able to find out the true ending of the White Witch Legend: Sophie had been betrayed by the Eylstadt Royal Family following their victory against the foreign invasion and the death of the now-King, specifically by the jealous Queen. Managing to find the witch's weaknesses, the Royal Guard stripped her of her powers, captured her, and then handed her over to the Inquisition, who promptly tortured her and then eventually burned her to death. What's more, thanks to the Germanian spy network in Eylstadt, Rickert was able to find and help retrieve the Magic Stone that Sophie had used inside the Eylstadt Royal Castle, at the cost of his and another spy's life.
  • Not wasting any opportunities, Berkman and Elisabeth manage to create their perfect clone of Sophie. While initially just a Soulless Shell, thanks to Blood Magic through samples of Izetta's blood, she's gradually able to regain her past memories, ultimately culminating in Berkman and Sophie infiltrating Britannia for the sole purpose of getting blood from Izetta herself, with this final blood sample giving Sophie back her full memories and powers. Upon regaining consciousness, Sophie, without second thought, sided with the Germanian Empire of her own volition, due to their shared goal in wanting Eylstadt destroyed. For this, she received a customized version of the Germanian Army officer's uniform.
  • During Sophie's combat debut during the second Germanian Invasion of Eylstadt, she not only proved to be an even match for Eylstadt's Witch, she was able to utterly trouce Izetta to the point she was able to cripple her. Only the intervention and Heroic Sacrifice of Eylstadt's Armed Forces was Izetta prevented from being captured and tortured by the Germanian Army. However, this brief victory was overshadowed by what was happening at the same time: Sophie and the Germanian Forces, with the help of new Germanian wonderweapons developed and powered by her crystallized magical energy, were able to bomb and overrun Landsbruck, the Eylstadt capital, in only 2 hours. Using this decisive victory to their advantage, the Germanians made Sophie their new Propaganda Hero, not unlike how Eylstadt had promoted Izetta herself only months prior. With Eylstadt conquered and Izetta down, the Germanians soon redirected their sights to Britannia, with Sophie helping them launch a terror bombing campaign with Hexenium (as the weaponized magical energy was now called) powered and controlled flying bombs on the Britannian capital, with no opposition.
  • Sophie's, and by extension the Germanian Empire's, downfall, was the result of a number of factors, with the most prominent being the discover of the other half of the Magic Stone in Eylstadt's possession, Berkman's subsequent outliving of usefulness to the Kaiser and betrayal by the SS, and Izetta coming up with a plan to drain Europe, and possibly the world, of magical energy. The last part turned out to be a good idea, as, through Berkman, the Eylstadt forces found out the existence of Hexenium-powered missiles with a payload capable of wiping a city off the map. During an hours long struggle over the skies of Germania and later the Thermydorian capital, Izetta was able to lure Sophie away and fight to a standstill. Deciding that now was the time to act, Izetta, at great personal risk, pulled off the massive feat of draining Europe's magical energy, causing Sophie to lose consciousness and die a Disney Villain Death, the missile launched by the Germanians against the Eylstadt capital to peter out and fall harmlessly, and all of Germania's Hexenium reserves to be completely dried out, rendering all of their developments for naught. The Germanian Empire would ultimately lose their World War II, when the United States of Atlanta and the Volga Federation joined the war, and promptly crushed the Empire on two fronts.
  • The Sophie that is found in the Pantheon is...not the one from this alternate World War II. In fact, this new Sophie is the result of HYDRA's efforts to bring in a new "Champion" that would fight for their cause. Following Lt. Colonel Berkman's ascension into the Pantheon, HYDRA and the Nazis, using documents recovered from the now-fallen Germanian Empire as well as Berkman's research and advice, got to work on creating an improved version of Sophie. All parties have addressed several of the flaws in the original cloning process, including but not limited to the Clone Degeneration that prevented Sophie from being able to fight for long periods of time, and also caused her to have a very limited lifespan.
  • Unlike previous projects such as Vahlen's P.1000 Ratte and Bohm's mass production of the Ms 300 "Razor" missile, "Projekt Weiss Hexe", as it was now known, involved cooperation between Schmidt's and Strasse's scientists and the more supernatural-reliant Nazi elements such as Milleneum and even members of the LDO. The latter groups provided the additional funding and magical knowledge necessary for the procedure to go without a hitch. The final key to plan, which involved giving Sophie witch's blood to bring back her previous memories and powers, was addressed thanks to the donations of one Tanya von Degurechaff, a close friend and ally of Lt. Col. Berkman. And so, when the "new" Sophie was finally ready, Berkman began giving her the vials of witch's blood, which allowed her to regain her strength and powers, but not her memories and consciousness. For that, a vial of Izetta's blood, recovered from the Neu-Berlin facility in Germania, was given, as the last piece of the puzzle. Immediately, Sophie went into shock, her memories of her defeat and death by Izetta's hands resurfacing.
  • Waking up in an unfamiliar laboratory surrounded by dozens of spectating officers, scientists, and soldiers, Sophie angrily asked them where she was and who they all were. Not wasting any time, Berkman steps forward, briefing her about everything that had happened, both in their universe and the Pantheon. He then tells her that she still needs one more procedure done: being given a dose of the Super Soldier Serum, the same one used by Captain America, Bucky Barnes, and the Red Skull. This would address the last few flaws in Sophie's body, namely the Clone Degeneration suffered from prolonged use of the Magic Stone (which the serum's Healing Factor would be able to fix), and her lack of physical strength without the presence of magical energy (the serum granting it's users Super-Strength upon inoculation). Without any hesitation, Sophie agrees to receiving it.
  • Unbeknownst to all those present in the laboratory, one of the German "officers" present is actually an Allied spy in disguise...Lt. Mike Powell of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Having heard of "Weiss Hexe" from Lt. Karl Fairburne, Powell had been tasked by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to investigate the true nature of the project. Successfully infiltrating and photographing Sophie receiving the serum, Powell's true identity is eventually compromised by none other than Berkman, who points a gun to his head. Having anticipated his cover being blown, however, he had planted charges in the facility, which promptly detonate and give the OSS agent an opening to escape. Unfortunately for Powell, Sophie survives unharmed thanks to the serum, and the Nazis have already constructed backup cloning facilities in other parts of the Reich's occupied territories. The one Powell had just discovered Sophie in was, in fact, just a prototype.
  • Despite this initial setback, the Nazis waste no time in having Sophie serve their goals, promising the White Witch that they're already arranging for Eylstadt to be ascended into the Pantheon, and that she's free to vaporize the capital and serve as the head of it's eventual occupation force. With this, Berkman handed her back her half of the Magic Stone that they had recovered from his universe's Thermydorean coast. Satisfied, she and Berkman show the other German leaders the scope of her capabilities, starting with the production of the first samples of Hexenium, essentially crystallized magical energy produced with her powers. After analyzing the power and potential of Hexenium firsthand, both Dr. Arnim Zola and Wilhelm Strasse tell Johann Schmidt that this new energy source can power all of their newer wonderweapons designs. With this, Schmidt immediately asks for a test run, to which Berkman agrees. Using the blueprints recovered from Neu-Berlin, Zola and Strasse manufacture improved versions of the Flying Bombs Sophie had used against both Eylstadt and Britannia, which now had their own launching and guidance systems and thus require no assistance from Sophie herself. Their targets? The Dutch City of Eindhoven and Omaha Beach, which are key allied supply bases and routes, respectively. The end results prove devastating, with Eindhoven's residential sectors levelled, and tons of Allied supplies and dozens of Allied ships destroyed and sunk respectively.
  • With reports from German troops near the front telling them nothing but good news and destroyed Allied equipment and facilities, Schmidt congratulates both Sophie's and Berkman's work, giving the White Witch the formal military rank of Gruppenfuhrer (SS Lieutenant General), and giving Berkman command of a new German Army Special Unit. He then gives General Heinz Bohm the approval to make a Propaganda Piece centering on "HYDRA's new Champion". Sure enough, the news spreads like wildfire across the Pantheon, with the Nazis spreading fear and terror upon mention of this White Witch. In addition, Schmidt decides to push through with a more advanced Hexenium-powered wonderweapon design, specifically a V2 rocket powered with the substance and using a special warhead loaded with it. While similar in design and principle to the similar Germanian missile project, HYDRA's improved V2 rocket design, once again, doesn't rely on Sophie to be launched or guided, with their scientists instead having installed their own proper guidance and launch systems in order to prevent a repeat of what happened with their Germanian counterparts. While the Nazis and HYDRA are still producing Soulless Shell clones of Sophie, they're not using them to have the White Witch use them as a Body Surf to. Instead, they're using the clones to produce more Hexenium for more planned operations against both the Western Allies and Soviet Union.
  • Sophie herself is given a new uniform, one based on the HYDRA officer's uniform worn by Johann Schmidt and various other members of his inner circle. In addition, she receives a new magic staff, with the head of the staff being HYDRA's skull and tentacles logo, in order to keep up with her image as "HYDRA's New Champion". Sophie, however, is ultimately still a Wild Card, still seeing the Nazis, HYDRA, and even the Red Skull, as beneath her and unable to truly replicate the power she wields. However, knowing that trying to take down or ditch her own allies will ultimately result in another downfall for her, she decides to continue working with her revivers, knowing that she has nowhere else to go. And with the super soldier serum in her enhancing her intelligence in addition to her physical strength and metabolism, she now knows of the consequences of such reckless behavior. On the other hand, the serum turns her already vengeful and sadistic tendencies even worse, with her actually enjoying in slaughtering and torturing all of Germany's enemies whether they're armed or not. So much so, she actually becomes allies with The Four Libertines, Italian Fascists who themselves are infamous for torturing victims, over this commonality.
  • The Allies, having already seen the devastation firsthand, immediately listen to Powell's intelligence, and decide to conduct their own research into finding a definitive way of countering the Nazi's new wonderweapons. For the time being, all they can do now is hold their ground and resist. Their first attempt at a counteroffensive against Sophie involved sending their own superpowered heroes to fight "HYDRA's new Champion". The end result? Sophie ends up trashing most of them, with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes unable to score even a single hit on the White Witch, Wonder Woman able to land a few good hits only to be repelled with a powerful burst of crystallized magic, and Hawkman ending up badly injured trying to break through. The 501st JFW, having no experience fighting other witches of Sophie's caliber, are similarly on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle from Sophie, with many of their flight units badly damaged or destroyed. Consequently, B.J. Blaskowicz and Karl Fairburne, two prominent Nazi Hunters with hundreds of enemies killed between them, are effortlessly tossed around like ragdolls by the White Witch, with none of their bullets so much as grazing her. Realizing the significance of the threat with this wake-up call, the Allies, particularly Captain America, conclude that the best way for them to stop the White Witch would be someone from her own universe who has bested Sophie in combat - none other than Izetta herself...Rogers ends up contacting Director Nick Fury, to see if he can find a way to contact Izetta's universe, and find a way to bring the Second Coming of the White Witch into the Pantheon.
  • Despite this massive setback, several good-aligned deities previously uninvolved in the Allies vs Axis Forever War now become interested when they find out the Nazis' new wonderweapons revolved around a powerful and very much evil Witch. Several of them begin banding together to form hunting parties tasked with luring Sophie into various traps. Among those to rise up in this seemingly monumental task are Koyuki Himekawa, aka "Snow White", and Jeanne D'Arc Alter. While both of them couldn't be any more different, with the former being a good-aligned magical girl who wears white and the latter being evil-aligned who wears black, they both equally hate Sophie, with Koyuki having dedicated herself to hunting rogue magical girls (which Sophie technically is), and Jeanne Alter seeing too much of her eviler past self in Sophie. Star Butterfly, who once had drained her world of magic, is also asked if she could help fight Sophie given the latter's previous incarnation was defeated in a similar way. Surprisingly, one deity that ends up helping both them and the Allies fight Sophie is none other than the supervillain Lord Recluse. While a Card-Carrying Villain like the White Witch, he draws the line at working with the Nazis. Seeing her work for them without second thought disgusts him immensely, and he ultimately helps both these magical girls as well as the Allies come up with a solid plan in finding a way to counter her. In fact, working in tandem with Steve Rogers and Nick Fury, he volunteers to help them find a way to ascend Izetta, their last hope against Sophie.
  • With Eylstadt proper not in the Pantheon yet, Sophie decides to exact her revenge on the alternate universe equivalent: the various Austrians currently residing in the Pantheon. Among her list of current targets include the von Trapps (who are already themselves targets of the Nazis' revenge), Marie Antoinette, and Wolfgang Amadeuz Mozart. The latter two ultimately become another reason for Jeanne D'Arc Alter to oppose Sophie, since her past self had also antagonized the two of them as Servants during the Orleans Singularity.
  • Outside of combat, Sophie can be seen aiding individuals like Dr. Rene Belloq and HYDRA's Werner Reinhardt in analyzing ancient magical artifacts and assisting Millennium and the LDO in their respective experiments and rituals. But, most often, she can be seen conversing with Lt. Col. Berkman and Tanya von Degurechaff, the two individuals most responsible for getting her into the Pantheon. It's through Berkman's stories after his reassignment that Sophie finds another common connection with the Germanian officer, specifically their betrayals despite their loyalty and service to their respective nations. As for Tanya, they both get along quite well, having a lot more in common than what Berkman had initially thought. They're both evil-aligned witches of their respective German/German-esque Empire, are regarded as heroes of their respective nation, were brought Back from the Dead through an outside intervention or force, and are both seeking revenge against something. In fact, Tanya becomes one of Sophie's few actual friends in the Pantheon, with only Berkman coming in at a close second.
  • Upon seeing the Philosopher's Stone found in The Great Treasury, Sophie scoffs at it, seeing it as an inferior attempt to replicate the power of the Magic Stone currently in her possession.
"He betrayed me! I loved him so much! I fought so hard for him! I killed so many for him! So I'll destroy them! His country, his descendants...They'll taste the ruin I suffered upon my body and soul, the pain I endured from the flames!"

    South Dakota 
South Dakota, the Goddess Of Flag Decals (BB-57, SoDak, Battleship X, Radio callsign N-E-B-C)
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Lesser Gods

AUG, Goddess of Whole Costume References
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her namesake firearm with a white flower
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Jack of All Stats and Mechanically Unusual Fighter, Temporary Online Content, Funeral Rain, Unable to Cry to express sorrow, Number Two to IWS-2000, Flower Motif, Whole Costume Reference to NieR: Automata's 2B, Finding joy in rainfall, Dramatic Wind
  • Domains: Androids, Assault Rifles, Calmness, Flowers
  • Heralds: Her teammates (IWS-2000, Glock 17, SSG 69)
  • Allies: G36, S.A.T.8, Contender and Thunder, Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38, TAC-50, AA-12 and Vector, 2B, 9S, X, Zero, Chaac
  • On Good Terms with: A2
  • Enemies: Sigma, The Infested, The Special Infected, The Cybermen, Null Sector, The Helghan Empire, The Rebel Army (Metal Slug), The Grineer
  • Complicated Relationship (mainly mistrust): Isomer Black
  • Avoids: Weather Report, Sea King, Dr. 0
  • Pitied by: Princess Sapphire Rhodonite
  • By the 2060s the battlefield is practically dominated by the use of T-Dolls. Manpower is limited and there are machines that are not only faster than their masters but also stronger and overall much more suited to the task. Despite being intended as simple manpower many T-Dolls are as human-like as they come, including even the emotional capabilities to match their masters. But what's the point in such additions? Why allow them to mirror us so? What separates the way we feel as real compared to how dolls feel? Are we not also "programmed" to express emotions as well? And would that not be such a burden to them as well, especially as enlisted weapons of war? Whatever is the case, it is here we meet AUG: A white-haired doll who dresses in all black as though she's tending to the recently departed. Ever so serene, the aura she gives off is nothing short of melancholic and it only adds to this bud's allure as does her distinct floral fragrance.
  • This time around G36 and Contender pushed for AUG's ascension to the Pantheon when opportunity arose in the form of them overhearing some discourse being thrown around of a vacant spot and that AUG was among the list of candidates. The next day they asked the situation to the Court of Gods but they reported that AUG, to their complete surprise, had already ascended and made her way to the Pantheon. And so the two T-Dolls went and asked all around to regroup with their comrade though eventually it was narrowed down to a place in the House of Plants. Here in a remote area in the forestry AUG sat on a bench with a roof over her head enchanted by the scenery even in its current heavy downpour.
    • It had turned out AUG ascended under the title of Whole Costume References which refers to the fact that her clothing bears an almost unmistakable appearance to 2B. The YoRHa android herself as well as her partner 9S can attest to that after having been prompted to meet up and ally with the T-Doll like with the others in the past. The two found, however, that it didn't stop at just appearances. Ask AUG to put on the visors the YoRHa androids use and have 2B wear a lunar tear then compare the two: You will start to see double. 9S himself summed up that the resemblance is uncanny, and in some ways it would be unsettling had she instead been an enemy. The similarities go further with two being on the receiving end of a Mercy Kill from a virus. For information on that see below.
  • She is the Number Two to IWS-2000, a clumsy and gentle T-Doll dressed in white who strives to be relied on. She is also apart of the playable dolls who packs a mean anti-material rifle as large as she is with the respective firepower to boot. AUG serves as her adviser and the way she responses to her IWS can seem cold and brasque but her intentions are in a good place.
    IWS: Rather than destiny or whatnot... It’s more like... you’ve never given me your opinion on this new outfit, have you, AUG?
    AUG: ...I dislike white clothes. I have no grounds to evaluate its aesthetics. And besides...
    IWS: Hm?
    AUG: In front of you, white things immediately go dull... Frankly speaking, it’s terribly unfair to the color white.
    • They alongside their team take center stage in the Chapter 8 Night Battle Storyline Eagle and Jackdaw where they deal with the threat of Sangvis Ferri employing an WMD against Griffin and Kryueger. With repeated failures in their mission lately IWS has been having actual dreams during her repairs. Dreams that seem oddly reminiscent of things to come. Events would reveal that the WMD they were going after wasn't so much as a dirty bomb but something more subtle: Neurotoxin. And both them and another squadron were tricked by SF Ringleader Dreamer into unknowingly coating themselves with it during their investigation only to bring about their Commander's demise when they return. Though able to warn the other squad in time, AUG was forced to afflict herself with the Parapluie Virus in order to communicate with them, forcing IWS to execute her subordinate. While AUG would recover through a Body Backup Drive IWS would have to live with the memory of her comrade dying with AUG herself forgetting about it, coming full circle from not only IWS's dream but also what AUG had also gone through during these events after having lived through her teammate's repeated failures and subsequent deaths with them being none the wiser.
  • You would be mistaken but also forgiven to think she is a completely Emotionless Girl. Underneath that serene expression she is capable of emotion just as any other doll, but she has particular difficulty expressing sorrow. Save for the yellow Tears of Blood AUG is Unable to Cry by command. There was a time she hoped she'd shed genuine ones but AUG has since given up on that dream. Though she is able to give off a smile once in a while but these only come around during rainfall. In the Pantheon where many of its environments are by comparison much more lush and vibrant compared to the Collapse Fluid infected and worn-torn world where she comes from she can't help but find the rain here nothing short from breathtaking. On her off days she can't help but go for walks with an umbrella in hand.
    AUG: I like rainy days. The rain lets my expression look... more natural.
    • Princess Sapphire shares AUG's inability to cry as well, to the point where she was looked at as a heartless monster when it came to the funeral for her mother when in reality she was genuinely mourning as pointed out by Almaz. Though, it would later turn out she can indeed tears, just not of sorrow. For her part she gives sympathies towards the T-Doll for that and the fact she had given up on such a thing happening. Meanwhile, AUG could only balk at how much of a nutter the princess can be. Especially when it comes to her proficiency with chainsaws. Or her solutions.
  • Her fondness towards downpour had led her to her demeanor being somewhat warmer towards the Mayan deity of rain, Chaac, who's very entrance to the Pantheon was even heralded by Happy Rain. With that said, however, she takes great caution when it comes to both the weather-manipulating Stand User, Weather Report, and the superhuman fish monster who is empowered by the moisture of rainfall, Sea King. While Weather Report isn't usually someone to be concerned with (barring the return of his memories and the Stand, Heavy Weather), Deep Sea King is if the amount of heroes he bodied before Saitama managed to catch up to him before he could kill anyone are of any indication.
  • Since the events of Eagle and Jackdaw, AUG is in many ways cautious of Sigma due to his nature as the Sigma Virus after having merged with the Maverick Virus. Admittedly, it's not too far from the true nature of Parapluie Virus. Though she may not show it, AUG does dread the damage it could cause should it get a hold of her or her friends through the Zener Network and come back to their base in their universe. Similarly, she feels the same about the Technocyte Infestation as despite being a physical plague it is perfectly capable of assimilating both flesh and metal on the molecular level. Thus, it perfectly capable of turning anything into a Technically Living Zombie, somewhat akin to what Collapse Fluid exposure does to the unfortunate people that survive, but on a whole different level. Luckily for her, X and Zero don't take the threat of Sigma lying down and are willing to help the T-Dolls with him as well as the Infested.
    • While on the topic of Technically Living Zombies, AUG had quite the encounter with them one day while out exploring the outskirts some city ruins to procure some supplies. Like LEGOnote . Armed with naught but her own weapon and accompanied by four other dummies the T-Doll was assaulted by the Hunter as well as some Common Infected. Though able to dispose of the Hunter, she was caught off guard by the Boomer and instinctively shot at it. For her troubles she along with her links were covered in bile and thus had a whole horde battering down on her. AUG was able to survive through successive uses of Funeral Rain, though she was forced to fall back in the end.
  • After her first encounter with 2B and 9S she was continuously made aware of A2's existence by people asking if she had met her, usually responding that she has not at increasingly frustrated but calm tones. At some point she did indeed manage to cross paths with the lone YoRHa android. After that if A2 came up at a conversation AUG usually refers to her in a more positive manner. If we had to hazard a guess as to why it came to be that way it would probably had to do with them relating to each other's burdens, namely those relating to carrying out the wills of the fallen. Coincidentally enough them doing so would actually come at a detriment to others in the end for both of their cases.
  • She, much akin to her T-Doll companions have felt before her, is not all too fond of evil automatons. The renegade Sangvis Ferri remain to be one of their main opponents after when the former PMC's AI went rogue and killed all of the humans there. There have been countless times in which she along with her comrades have faced off against the Omnics that originated from the terrorist group known as Null Sector. And though they're moreso cyborgs than full-on robots AUG is also enemies with the Cybermen. While naturally cautious towards the Cybus Cybermen that came from a parallel Earth's evil corporation really all Cybermen are worth watching out for.
    • For the same reasons AUG displays similar sentiments towards evil militaries. The above situation involving the neurotoxin came from the New Soviet Union's military developing it and abandoning it in the first place. And then there's the situation in which KCCO, a faction within the Soviet Military, decided to betray the entire PMC for their own interests alone and are perfectly willing to wipe out both G&K and Sangvis Ferri. In that regard AUG finds the likes of the Helghast, the Rebel Army, and the Grineer no different in that regard. Especially so since KCCO was a very formidable opponent back in her world and the armies the three show off in the Pantheon are no slouches either, perhaps in some aspects even surpassing them in power as well.
  • While taking a walk with her teammates in the House of Technology they all the collective feeling that they were being watched. It had turned out the thing that was tailing them was a floating Brain in a Jar named Dr. 0, who seemed to have taken a grate deal of concentrating at all the dolls. When confronted he explained he's doing. The dolls happened to catch his eye monitors one day and he had to study them... from a distance. And when the Doctor was asked about that he the explained that people tend to stay from him due to his tendency to break machinery. All of them merely nodded in understanding before high-tailing it out of there.
  • "We are tools used to replace humans on the battlefield. Therefore, a human life is saved every time we die in their place."

    Guy and Maki 
Guy and Maki Genryusai, Co-Deities of Gendered Outfits (Guy: 39th Master of Bushinryu Ninjitsu, Red Lightning, Gai | Maki: The Heir to Bushinryu)
Maki Genryusai
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbols:
    • Guy: A pair of sneakers, preferably Nike High-Top Dunks
    • Maki: A pair of tonfas, criss-crossed
  • Theme Songs: No More Swingin', For Metro City, Sneaker Man, Sneaker Wearing Ninja
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Bushinryu Ninjitsu, Sneakers (preferrably Nike High-Top Dunks), Delinquency
  • Heralds: Rena Genryusai (Guy's wife and Maki's elder sister), Kimberly Jackson (Guy's uninvited student)
  • High Priest: Ginzu the Ninja
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • In General:
    • Thanks to Mike Haggar and Hokuto, Guy and Maki's ascension finally came through. The ascension notice for the 39th Bushinryu Master and his hotheaded sister-in-law came when Maki was fighting Guy, first demanding the whereabouts of Master Zeku, the previous Bushinryu master, of which was then changed to Maki challenging Guy for the title of Master. Maki's mood changed almost immediately upon receiving news of the ascension.
    • Guy and Maki's style is called Bushinryu Ninjitsu. Translated, it means Martial God-Style Ninja Arts Like the Sith and the practitioners of Hokuto Shinken, Bushinryu Ninjitsu adheres to the practice of isshi soden, meaning 'one student, one master.' Although that tenet is sometimes broken. Zeku, Guy and Maki's teacher (and the 38th Bushinryu master) had emphasized more on taijutsu to make it more of a practical combat style. Before that, Bushinryu Ninjitsu was a more traditional style with an emphasis on stealth and silent kills. Having been raised in the Bushinryu clan, Hokuto is also proficient in the style, having combined it with the Mizukami style of Kobujutsu to create her own hybrid style.
    • Both Guy and Maki are banned from entering the House of Crime and the House of Villains alongside Mike Haggar. It seems that whenever they're around, the cars of various deities end up being smashed to bits.
    Some Poor Schmuck: OH, MY CAR!!
    • To Kim Kaphwan, Guy and Maki are the perfect examples of using martial arts to rehabilitate delinquents. But in the case of some people like Juri Han, some folks are beyond help.
    • Vega finds himself on the Bushinryu clan's shit-list, second only to M. Bison. Doesn't help matters that Vega had mentioned "wanting to make Rena scream as he sliced her with his claws." That and Guy bluntly stated that Vega is a disgrace to the ninjitsu style.
  • Guy Only:
    Guy: Waruku omou na! (Nothing personal!)
    • It's rumored that Guy's signature attack, the Bushin Senpukyaku, was either learned from seeing Ryu and Ken perform the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, more commonly known as the Hurricane Kick, but he tweaked it and made it his own.
    • Both Cassandra Wayne and Damian Wayne were seen inside the temple. While Guy cannot violate the rules of Bushinryu and teach them directly, he has been teaching them meditation techniques in order to better control their emotions. And it seems to be working. So much so that Lady Shiva took notice.
    • Rumor has it that Guy was involved romantically with Rose, seeing as how he rescued her from M. Bison. Those rumors were confirmed false, as Guy is happily married to Rena.
    • When Guy teamed up with Cody and Haggar to rescue Jessica and destroy the Mad Gear, he was seen wearing the more traditional jika-tabi, before upgrading to a pair of sneakers, Nike's High-Top Dunks being his shoes of choice, of which Maki herself also adopts. When asked as to why the change in footwear, Guy replied, "Sneakers are well-suited to swift footed techniques." Kazuya Mishima, despite his rivalry with Guy, and an avid sneaker collector himself, admitted that Guy had excellent taste in sneakers.
  • Maki Only:
    • Maki used to lead a bosozoku, or a Japanese motorcycle gang. Her dyed blonde locks is her paying homage to those days. Guess it's no surprise to find out that she's found a kindred spirit with Ekichi Onizuka, he himself being a legendary gang leader before going into teaching. The pair occasionally swap stories and tips on maintaining their bikes.
    • Both her and Ryuji Yamazaki had a run-in at a tournament a while back, which ended in a standoff between the pair. Yamazaki looks forward to a rematch with the Bushinryu kunoichi.
    • Got into a fight with Yang Xiao Long whilst at one of the Pantheon's many nightclubs. Maki ended up shearing a strand of hair off of Yang's head and Yang busted one of Maki's tonfas. Even more surprising was that the match ended in a draw. Despite the outcome, both women vow to train harder, so that the next outcome would be in their favor.
    • Maki finds herself at odds with Asuka Kazama due to her bosozoku past and Asuka's habit of breaking up other people's problems usually by means of knockout. Guy and Jun usually have their hands full in trying to keep the pair from trying to maim each other.

Muffet, Goddess of Arachnid Attires and Innocuously Named Products (Miss Muffet)
art by dogbomber
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pet muffin monster, or a teacup filled with spiders
  • Theme Song: Spider Dance
  • Alignment: Neutral Pro-Spider (In other words, True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Binds her opponent's SOUL in a "web", Can be bribed with GOLD or her own products, Serves spiders as food, Cute Monster Girl, Hartman Hips, Distinguishing giggle, Attacks with spiders and donuts and croissants, Holds a bakery, Lets anybody loose so long as they don't hurt spiders
  • Domain(s): Spiders, Pastries, Monsters
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Temmies, Orren Pierre Alfonzo
  • Enemies: All who kill spiders (unless it's to eat them), Arachnophobes (Misty, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Billy), SCP-953
  • Opposes: Widowmaker
  • Muffet acquired the attention of the Pantheon when she was found having trapped numerous victims in a secret corner in the House of Commerce (or the House of Food, no one could remember) because of the fact that they hurt spiders. As soon as they heard of the disappearances, Frisk was quick to appeal to her to let them go, even if some of them really did hurt spiders. When the other gods caught sight of her looks and apparel, it was decided that she be ascended in order to keep her in check.
  • Now that Muffet has ascended, she decided to open a shop where she sells food made from spiders by spiders. Contrary to what most would think, the products she makes are actually really delicious (according to Frisk at least).
    • However, her longtime business rivals, the Temmies, had already set up shop before her. And this time, she is going to make sure that her Spider Donuts make a better impression than those pesky Tem Flakes, even though she finds them delicious.
  • As a supporter of all Spider related, she is a huge fan of Spider-Man himself, even sometimes dressing as him. She was initially very upset that Peter did not buy any of her Spider Donuts, until Peter revealed his long-standing financial troubles to her. She gives him large discounts as a result, which he eats for her sake.
    • She also met the Alternate Gwen Stacy and, unlike Peter, she actually got to try some of her pastries and found them pretty good (she is financially more well-off after all). And of course, a Spider-Gwen costume was inevitable.
  • One of the things that will piss her off is if you harm a spider in her presence. She once caught Garfield hitting one and she immediately webbed him up for his cruelty. Garfield was almost fed to her Muffin pet, but he was saved in the nick of time by Frisk. This serves as a warning that harming spiders is not a good idea.
    • She is also not really fond of Billy. Besides him being afraid of spiders, she considers the treatment of his spider "son" to be unacceptable.
  • Being a spider Monster Girl, Muffet decided to go out and meet other people like her. She was glad to meet Arachne and Rachnera, although the two are rather confused by Muffet's more anthropomorphic appearance.
    • Rachnera also invited her to "play with her webs". Muffet still isn't quite sure what her offer means or what to think of it.
  • She is also a supporter of other races that embrace their love and care for spiders. For example, hearing about how Widowmaker used to fear Spiders yet came to feel like one after a while made her giggle with joy.
  • Since she runs a pastry shop, Muffet has found a rival in Kamer Rider Bravo given that he also runs one. However, she is rather friendly towards him, at least because he hasn't harmed spiders as far as she knows.
  • Often seen with a rather big Muffin Spider Monster that happens to be her pet. She also likes to feed it people that either has done bad things to spiders or tried to steal from her shop.
  • According to unknown sources, she is apparently a really young spider monster even though she looks older and even runs her own business. Might explain why she is so childish most of the time.
  • Despite the Temmies being her sales rivals with their Temmie Flakes, she occasionally is seen scarfing them down, embarrassed that she finds them so delicious.
  • She has been called out as a hypocrite by many gods for proclaiming herself a defender of spiders and attacking people who hurt spiders, even though she eats her own kind and makes pastries out of them. Muffet replies that it's only natural for big and strong spiders to eat smaller spiders, but squashing spiders out of fear or torturing them for fun is a waste of good spiders. Those who spend time with her come to realize that she clearly genuinely cares for her smaller brethren in her own way, though she seems to privilege the survival of collectives over that of individuals.

    Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor 
Ryusei Sakuta, God of Star-Spangled Suits (Kamen Rider Meteor, Captain Planetarium, Space Sheriff Meteor, Interpol Agent Sakuta)
Kamen Rider Meteor 
Meteor Storm 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Meteor Storm)
  • Symbol: The Meteor Symbol
  • Theme Songs: "Shooting Star", "Evolvin' Storm" in Meteor Storm
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Secondary Riders, New Transfer Students, Bruce Lee Clones, Aloof Allies Whose Surrounded By Idiots Until He Became Kinder to Others Later on, Becoming the Mask, Prefers Hand to Hand Combat, Jerks With Gold Hearts, Often Switching Sides Until He Stays on the Good Side, Star-Spangled Suits, Sphere of Power, "HOWATCHA!"
  • Domains: Combat, School, Trusts, Redemption, Friendship, Space
  • Heralds: Jiro Iseki and Kuniteru Emoto/Tachibana/Virgo Zodiarts (his In-Universe mentor)
  • Mentor: Kazuya Oki/Kamen Rider Super-1
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The entire Demonic Legion, Light Yagami, the Trollkaiger (especially Nui Harime)
  • Graduating from the Toku Base, Ryusei Sakuta is a high school student who originally studies at Subaruboshi High School and a practitioner of the Seishin Dairin-Ken martial arts before becoming a Kamen Rider under the guidance of Tachibana. He transfers to Amanogawa High School in a quest for the search of the Aries Zodiarts in order to cure his friend Jiro Iseki, who was put in a coma after an incident where Jiro attempts to activate his newly received Zodiarts Switch to no avail. After a series of his own Character Development kicks in, and after having killed Fourze (he came back to life, don't worry), Ryusei became a true Secondary Rider of the Kamen Rider Club to Fourze's Primary Rider as he fought through the remainder of the conflict between the Kamen Rider Club and the Zodiarts.
  • He had a relationship of sorts with Tomoko Nozama due to her having a crush on him since the day he transferred to Amanogawa High. He was happy to find out that, five years into the future, they're a couple with him as an Interpol agent and Tomoko a children's book author.
  • He has somewhat become allies with the ToQgers, especially Hikari, since he reminds him too much of his friend Jiro Iseki, as well as both of them being the calmest members of their respective groups.
  • He had became friends with Rana Linchen since both of them are Transfer students of their respective school as well as both of them are martial arts practitioners who were adept in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Has an intense hatred towards Light Yagami due to the crimes that he commit back in his own universe, and also remind him too much of how he used to be. Ryusei is glad that he's only resorted to killing just one person.
  • Has gained the respects of Martial Arts practitioners Bruce Lee and Ip Man after Ryusei impressed them with his Seishin Dairin-Ken. However, the Kamen Rider was eagerly wants to learn more of their martial arts skills which both Bruce and Ip took Ryusei under their tutelage.
    • At the same time, he gained new allies with fellow Heralds of Bruce Lee, such as Fei-Long, Jan Lee, Liu Kang, Might Guy, and Rock Lee. Since then, they often seeing training to improve their skills so that they become stronger in order to prepare for their respective upcoming battles. They were disappointed when they learned that Ryusei enacted the One-Inch Punch on Fourze to kill him — even if it was to save his friend and said friend was disappointed in the lows Ryusei went — but after Gentaro explained that he and the rest of the Kamen Rider Club forgave Ryusei, they decided to let it go.
  • Became close allies with the Sailor Soldiers, especially Rei Hino since both had a moment of being a Good-Hearted Jerks, Makoto Kino since she reminds him of Gentaro a bit since both Gentaro and Matoko were mistook them for being delinquents in their respective schools, and Hotaru Tomoe since she also reminds him of Tomoko. Also, Rei, Makoto, and Hotaru were kinda surprise a bit after they notice of Ryusei's attacks while using the Meteor Galaxy gauntlet, it has planet-motif abilities based on Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Because of this, Sailor Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, gives Ryusei the privilege to empower his planet-based attacks when needed.
  • Gained an ire towards the Trollkaigers, especially the likes of Harime since most of them are malicious trolls just like Kijima.
  • Has struck up a friendship with Subaru Hoshikawa due to their similar costumes, shooting star themes (IE, RYUUSEI no Rockman) in Japan, both being transforming heroes, and both being anti-social nerds who learned about the Power of Friendship. He sees Subaru as a combination of himself and Gentaro.
  • Learned of Gentaro's friendship with the Dimensional Counterparts and went to see them for himself. He notably became the closest with Yuto and finds his relationship with Ruri similar to that of his and Tomoko. He felt pity for poor Yuto's situation as it felt like a reverse of his and Gentaro's (the only difference was that Ryusei killed Gentaro in an attempt to save his best friend and would have been permanently dead if it weren't for Kengo) and for what happened with Ruri. Every now and then, they (and Tomoko) like to hang out together, with many gods calling them cute.
    • Ryusei is keeping an eye out on Yuri as the boy reminds him too much of Natsuji Kijima, especially with the glee Yuri had in carding people like Kijima took the souls out of people's bodies to power him up. Yuri has told him that he's trying to clean up his act and Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club backed up this claim.
  • "My name is Kamen Rider Meteor. Your fate is mine to decide!"

    The Yatterman Cast 
The Yatterman Castmembers , Divine Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains Ensemble
Clockwise from top-right: Yatterman-1, Boyakky, Doronjo, Tonzura, Yatterman-2
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The respective emblems for Team Yatterman (stylized Y) and Doronbo Gang (D)
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Team Yatterman); Between Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil (Doronbo Gang)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Conflicts, Outfits, Technology
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Yami
  • Uncertain Relations: Grimlock of the Dinobots
  • On Poor Terms with: The Black Tri-Stars (Doronbo Gang only)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Red Guy (Doronbo Gang only)
  • Legend says that if all the pieces of the Skull Stone are assembled, then the place where the world’s largest deposit of gold will be revealed. This is where the Doronbo Gang, consisting of Doronjo, Boyakky, and Tonzura, a trio of criminals serving under Dokurobei, come in. With a variety of schemes involving scam businesses, the Doronbo Gang try to look for those pieces, but they are always thwarted by Team Yatterman. Gan Takada, a mechanic and son of a toy designer, and Ai Kaminari, daughter of an electrical appliance shopkeeper, form Team Yatterman and, with the help of various mecha (most prominently Yatter-Wan, a dog-shaped rescue robot finished by Gan after his father was unable to do so), fight off the Doronbo Gang and whatever mecha those villains are using, often ending in some sort of humiliating defeat for the Doronbo Gang, which includes being punished by their boss.
  • A strange shop suddenly showed up in the Pantheon one day, with the shopkeepers being an attractive woman and two ugly-looking lackeys working with her in selling home appliances. When one customer asked them how they managed to get there, the woman replied that the separate roads she and her lackeys took led them to this so-called Pantheon. Some time later, the Pantheon fell into chaos and some believed that the shopkeepers behind that home improvement store were to blame. Luckily for those that want the Pantheon to continue thriving, a pair of teenagers, referring to themselves as Yatterman-1 and Yatterman-2, entered the scene, having gotten a notice that the Doronbo Gang were causing havoc in the Pantheon. Having realized that Team Yatterman managed to catch up to them, the Doronjo and her lackeys managed to pilot a mecha themed after their home improvement scam business. An oddball fight ensued between the Yatterman’s mecha and what the Doronbo Gang was using, but in the end, Doronjo and her lackeys ended up defeated once more and had to retreat. After learning more of what this Pantheon was, Gan and Ai decided to set up a base there, hoping to keep track of not just the Doronbo Gang, but other more dangerous threats that the duo can take on.
  • The Doronbo Gang managed to find a lot in common with Jesse, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket to the point of befriending each other. Both trios often rely on ridiculous schemes in order to appease their boss and often fail in doing so despite having some inspired moments every now and then. What Doronjo found interesting about the Team Rocket trio was that whenever they made attempts to do heroics, they managed to get a better track record in such compared to doing evil deeds. In some way, this brought to mind Doronjo’s desire of wanting to live a normal life outside of villainy and the Team Rocket trio has given the Doronbo Gang some advice on an assortment of subjects. Even Team Yatterman became aware of the comparisons between the Team Rocket trio and the Doronbo Gang after learning about Team Rocket as a whole, especially after thwarting one plan that both Doronbo and Team Rocket came up with together.
  • Sonic and Tails ended up witnessing a mecha fight between Team Yatterman and the Doronbo Gang one day and after the latter group was driven out of the area Sonic and Tails was at, the two noticed how odd the mechs they saw were. Yatterman-1 and Yatterman-2 came out of the mech they finished using and after seeing Sonic and Tails come out of the airplane the fox was piloting, agreed to have a quick chat with the two. Like Sonic and Tails (and by extension their friends), Gan and Ai have traveled to a lot of different locations in their adventures and have stopped an arch-enemy of theirs from causing havoc to achieve some sort of goal. Gan and Tails have taken a liking to each other thanks to their skills as a mechanic, with Tails being impressed by the various mecha Gan designed and used. It was through Sonic and Tails that Team Yatterman learned about Dr. Eggman, the kinds of robots and mechs he uses, and his overall ambitions. While the Doronbo Gang aren’t taken all that lightly despite their frequent bumbling nature, Eggman ended up being more dangerous to Team Yatterman based on what Sonic and Tails said about him. Sonic and Tails have since become good allies to Team Yatterman, with Tails and Gan often working together on vehicles to be used later on. The Doronbo Gang later learned of Dr. Eggman and seeing the kinds of mechs and robots he uses gave them some sort of motivation to try and improve on the mechs they use for their schemes, something that Eggman is willing to do after finding out about another group of heroes who use unorthodox mechs that Sonic and Tails befriended.
  • Team Yatterman managed to find another young hero that uses an animal-themed mecha to fight evil in Peni Parker. Peni takes a more unusual approach to SP//dr, her mecha, in that she’s able to pilot it alongside the radioactive spider she has a psychic link with. Gan and Peni found a lot more in common with each other beyond that as both their main robots (the Yatter-Wan and SP//dr respectively) were originally conceived by their missing fathers (though Peni’s is deceased in her case) and are well-versed in mechanical design to make improvements to their respective mecha. After Team Yatterman thwarted another plan by the Doronbo Gang with Peni’s help, Peni wondered if what Team Yatterman normally fought against were actual villains or nuisances that don’t know any better and she has given the duo a rundown on some of the bigger threats she’s gone up against alongside her allies. While Team Yatterman has some awareness of these larger threats thanks to their time in the Pantheon, they are thankful for Peni’s help in preparing them for fighting against more dangerous enemies that threaten the Pantheon.
  • While both Team Yatterman and the Doronbo Gang have long often piloted their own mecha in their skirmishes with each other, the Pantheon gave them a chance to learn about mecha that’s able to perform actions of its own free will. That was when Team Yatterman learned about the Transformers, a group of giant robots that can transform themselves into different vehicles, and one group related to such known as the Dinobots, who can turn into dinosaurs in addition to robots. Seeing a group of mecha, let alone ones based on animals much like what Team Yatterman is known for using, was quite a sight for the young heroes. However, the Dinobots are much more ruthless in their fighting compared to Team Yatterman and Grimlock made it clear that as much as Gan and Ai are well-intentioned in their heroics, they needed to step up their game in dealing with enemies that are far from pathetic jokes compared to the Doronbo Gang. Gan has been working on a Yatter-Rex dino mecha to be more combat capable compared to the other Yatter mecha since meeting Grimlock, though it will take a long while before it’s fully ready to go into action.
  • The Doronbo Gang ended up crossing paths with the Black Tri-Stars, another three-person team who uses mecha in their battles, but the difference between the two groups couldn’t be more different as the Black Tri-Stars (especially Gaia) pointed out. The similarities between the two groups begin and end with villainous camaraderie among their respective members as despite the Doronbo Gang having some inspired moments in action at times, they are otherwise consistently stupid in the eyes of Gaia. While it was one thing to rotate between a bunch of gimmicky mech on a regular basis (Gaia thinks that a mech with a variety of abilities that can adapt in battle should be enough), it was another thing to use a bunch of dumb plans comparable to Team Rocket, who the Black Tri-Stars aren’t fond of due to failing often like the Doronbo Gang. As Gaia, Ortega, and Mash are competent for a three-person team, they prefer not to get involved with the Doronbo Gang’s shenanigans and Doronjo and her lackeys aren’t all that willing to engage in something comparable to what the Black Tri-Stars do for their plans.
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz was one individual who the Doronbo Gang took a liking to when they had an encounter with him. Like that trio, Doofenshmirtz was a villain known for having outlandish plans that tend to fail in spite having shown some competence every now and then. Doof has often shown redeeming qualities such as trying to care for his teenage daughter and developed a camaraderie of sorts with his frenemy Perry the Platypus, who has thwarted Doof’s schemes back when he was a villain. Having noticed Doof’s attempts to try and do good, Doronjo has wondered if she and her lackeys would be better off moving on from villainy like he has (along with the fact that in the long run, the Doronbo Gang and Team Yatterman don’t hate each other fully compared to some other hero-villain rivalries), though such a thing was easier said than done. That said, the Doronbo gang has repurposed some of Doof’s rejected ideas for their scan businesses and Doof does maintain a good friendship with the trio via having conversations with them when they aren’t busy with something.
  • Tonzura and Boyakky are Doronjo’s lackeys, with Tonzura being the strongman of the trio and Boyakky creating the mecha the team uses in addition to being a bit of a lech. Tonzura was once a professional wrestler and one attempt for him to get back in the wrestling ring while the Doronbo Gang made an attempt to try and live normal lives in the Pantheon ended poorly thanks to the number of skilled wrestlers present. As for Boyakky, he’s attempted to get close to some high school girls running around the Pantheon, only to get violently rebuked in between finding ideas on what the Doronbo Gang’s next mecha will be. Boyakky did find Johnny Bravo one day, a man who has had a habit of unsuccessfully trying to woo women on a regular basis and while he did understand Johnny’s problems when it comes to women, things got a bit tense when Johnny made an attempt to woo Doronjo, but she wasn’t interested in him at all, much like the other women Johnny attempted to win over in the past. Boyakky then told Johnny that Doronjo isn’t interested in Johnny (ignoring the fact that Boyakky’s own attempts to get too close to Doronjo have gone poorly) and Johnny was then driven out by an unfinished mech Boyakky was building.
  • During one of the Doronbo Gang’s attempts at setting up a scam business as part of a scheme of theirs, The Red Guy saw an opportunity to set up a rival scam business of his own from across the street to try and take customers from them. The Doronbo Gang got annoyed that someone would try and copy a business and attempted to one-up what The Red Guy was doing in order to gain more customers. Things escalated until the Doronbo Gang got out a mecha that they were hiding under their building and wrecking The Red Guy’s business, moments before Team Yatterman arrived on the scene and defeated the Doronbo Gang once more. The Red Guy would ultimately have the last laugh on the Doronbo Gang while trying to escape from the chaos after their mech was destroyed thanks to all the Clothing Damage the trio suffered in the aftermath. The Red Guy is more of a loud prankster that likes to have fun at the expense of others and he is willing to get involved again if the Doronbo Gang want to set up another scam business for their schemes, much to the trio’s annoyance.
  • Both Team Yatterman and the Doronbo Gang found themselves in a fighting competition where they encountered a variety of characters such as Ryu, who has had a history of encountering plenty of strange individuals outside his world. The Doronbo Gang ended up being the only villain participants of that tournament, but nearly everyone who fought against them didn’t take them seriously as villains. The biggest threat to everyone in that tournament was Yami, a powerful entity that can summon demons and pose a danger to reality on a grand scale. It’s enough of a threat that both Team Yatterman and the Doronbo Gang are willing to work together to try and stop it if it ends up being the cause of some event that greatly endangers the Pantheon (and it wouldn’t be the first time that the two would team up to stop something incredibly dangerous).


    Gabrielle (Xena
Gabrielle, Goddess of Adrenaline Makeovers (The Battling Bard of Potidae)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Two sais crossed diagonally and a bostaff crossed vertically
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Took a Level in Badass, Using Staves, Wandering Minstrel (formerly), Sais, Badass Bookworm, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Morality Pet, Plucky Girl, Guile Hero
  • Domains: Trickery, Purity (formerly), Travel, Feminism
  • Followers: Jane Porter, Evelyn Carnahan, Amy, Claire
  • Allies: Xena, Elan, Katara, Elektra, Imu, Edward Chris von Muir, William Shakespeare, GUAG Lol Ranger, Hercules, Sue Storm, Elizabeth
  • Enemies: Slaanesh, GUAE Trollkaiger, Ares
  • In an attempt to increase their standing in the House of Villains, the trio of Dr. Drakken, Jack Spicer and Wily E. Coyote managed to successfully kidnap the bard known as Gabrielle. Sending a note to Xena, they demanded secret information from the GUAG or she would never see her girlfriend again. She sought help from local detectives on her location, who managed to piece together her whereabouts in the span of 10 minutes. Xena proceeded to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, mowing throw minions, Jackbots and Acme products. To her surprise, she found Gabrielle not only free, but with her captors beaten and tied up. As it turns out, Gabrielle used a combination of her dexterity, wit and skill to escape.
    • Afterwards, the GUAG sought to find a position to help her ascend. Although the House of Love had no appropriate positions as usual, the House of Costumes had a free spot, noting the transformation of her clothing alongside her change in personality.
  • She was glad to see Xena alive and well, considering she sacrificed herself in order to complete her redemption. Together once more, she is more than ready to continue being Xena's guiding light within the pantheon. One of the few people who can catch her chakram, she sometimes keeps the sacred weapon for safe keeping.
    • Ares was naturally peeved with her ascension, as Gabrielle puts a wedge between Xena and his attempts to make her a full-blown ally. Is secretly forming a plot to bring her downfall.
  • Gained support of many gods and goddesses than went through similar changes, such as the Invisible Woman and Elizabeth.
  • Though she is quite formidable with either her staff or her sais, she is also a capable speaker, able to talk her way out of many situations. She sometimes helps out the Lol Rangers perform pranks against Trollkaiger, drawing their ire.
  • Is also seen frequently in the House of Theater, reading out stories about her adventures with Xena. She was originally a bard after all. Other bards such as Elan welcomed her ascension as yet another well-spoken mistral has entered their ranks.
    • One of her favorite moments when she met the Bard of Avon himself, William Shakespeare. He made sure to advocate her oratory skills to the House.
  • Is a natural match with the more introverted Edward Chris von Muir. Both gods sympathize with each other with horrible luck with lovers. When together, they form a rare genderbend team of Sais and Bard.
  • Is amused that she ended up on the same deity ranking as Xena's ally Hercules. Because of this, she is technically at the same power level. Though she mostly uses that fact to get out of tight situations rather than any boasting on her part. Hercules on his part doesn't mind as long as she acknowledges that fact.
  • Was considered for the position Goddess of Purity until she was tricked into killing a priestess of the Evil God Dahak, using this as a catalyst to conceive a powerful minion. Interested in this development, Slaanesh hopes to replicate the results. Gabrielle has been avoiding her ever since.
    • Was also considered for the title of Xenafication, but does not qualify as she has only existed in one media. She and Xena are looking for the best candidate for the title.
  • Is going under training with Elektra and Imu, Goddesses of Sais and Staves respectively, to improve her skills in these weapons.
  • Katara also admires her, as she also went through a similar process.
  • Was the subject of a rather awkward meeting with Macbeth when he kissed her on the lips. He claimed he mistook her for his wife Lady Macbeth. Gabrielle was skeptical at first, but then found out that her Avatar acted as her in a famous play in 2002.
Gabrielle: The world belongs to men, only because we let them.

    Jacob Marley 
Jacob Marley, God of Deathbed Clothing and Warning Others to Not be Like Him
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His chains
  • Theme Songs: Link By Link, This Chain, Jacob Marley
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Jacob Marley Apparel and Warning (obviously), Ghostly Gape, Chained by Fashion
  • Domains: Ghosts, Warnings, Clothing Theme
  • Allies: Ebenezer Scrooge, The Ghosts of Christmas, Scrooge McDuck, Statler & Waldorf, Jason Todd, Goofy, Sylvester the Cat, Nicolas Cage
  • Opposes: Unrepentant and/or greedy deities
  • Tense relations: Wario
  • Jacob Marley used to be a business partner alongside Ebenezer Scrooge before death. It was only a matter of time before he came back as a spirit to warn Scrooge that the miser will end up becoming like him if he didn't change his ways. Even as a spirit, he is still wearing the same clothes that he had before his death, albeit with chains.
  • Compared to most of the other gods in the Pantheon, Jacob Marley is rarely seen on a frequent basis. Most have only seen him during the holidays if someone is a greedy miser that's unlikely to change their ways and he largely disapproves of said misers.
  • Has claimed that he doesn't have a brother named Robert Marley. It was largely Statler & Waldorf's doing, though he commends the two on warning the Scrooge from that universe to avoid a bad fate.
    • In addition to the two Muppets, Jason Todd, Goofy, Sylvester the Cat, and even Nicolas Cage have played Jacob's role on different occasions.
    • Jacob was a little annoyed when he found out that Bloo attempted to play the role of Jacob Marley, but ended up being like Bob Marley instead.
  • Had an encounter with Bugs Bunny, who claimed to have played Marley's role one time. The spirit has a feeling that constantly annoying someone and threatening to send them to hell is not the best idea to try and change a greedy miser's way.
  • He quickly found out that there was a House of Commerce and was disappointed to find that a number of deities there were greedy, if not mor eso that him and Scrooge before the latter redeemed himself.
    • Marley had an unusual encounter with Wario during that visit to Commerce and found out that Wario took up Jacob's role one time. The spirit was annoyed that Wario encouraged that greed, and Wario telling him that he had to carry out the warning simply to fulfill the story didn't really change Jacob's opinion of him.
    • During that same visit, he met Scrooge McDuck. Beforehand, Marley felt disappointed that Ebenezer Scrooge would have a place in a house that focuses mainly on money, but the confusion got cleared up quickly. Jacob is thankful that Scrooge McDuck does have his own family to make sure the duck's own greed doesn't get out too of control.
  • Rumors have started to spread that he might sound a bit similar to Lord Shen. The spirit is not amused at all by the rumors.
  • The chains that he carries with him are made of moneybags and ledgers, meant to symbolize how selfish he was before his death. Some believe that the chains can be removed, but others think that the chains are a burden he'll have to carry forever.
  • Jacob Marley was much relieved to see his old friend not only reformed, but ascended to the Pantheon. Scrooge was likewise touched to see him, though he wondered if Marley's chains might be any lighter for his efforts, crediting his friend with saving him from a dismal fate. Whether this is true remains to be seen.
  • Marley is in contact with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come and was able to join forces with them in saving Scrooge, though how he procured this chance is a mystery for the ages.

Lillie, Goddess of Clothing Reflecting Growth (Lilie (pronounced lee-lee-eh))
"Z-Powered Form" 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her duffel bag with Nebby sticking out of it
  • Theme Songs: her original theme, Lively Lillie!, Steely Lillie, Lonely Lillie, this in battle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Slightly taller than her brother, Telling Off Her Mother, Secondary Hero, Kid with the Leash, Mysterious Waif, Dark and Troubled Past, Disappeared Dad, Possesses green eyes like her family members, Specializes in Fairy-Type Pokémon, Blonde Hair Nice Girl, The Nicknamer, No Sense of Direction, Carries a lot of trainer's gear with her, Cute Bookworm, Support Party Member, Happily adopted by Professor Kukui and Burnet, Travelled to Kanto to become a Pokémon Trainer, Narrator All Along
  • Domain: Adventure, Family, Growth
  • Party Pokémon: Snowy (her Alolan Vulpix), Clefairy, Ribombee, Comfey, Magearna, Polteageist
  • Allies: Gladion (her older brother), Nebby, The Guardian Deities, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Profesor Kukui, N, Olivia, Mina, Haruka Kotoura, Asami Sato, Hibiki Tachibana, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Carl and Ada Clover, Shinji Ikari, Cinderella, Adora & Catra, Rapunzel, Maisie Farange, Zuko
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket note , Hunter J, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Gendo Ikari, Mother Gothel, Morathi, Arael, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Conflicting Opinion: Guzma
  • Pities: Princess Azula, Jecht, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Malekith
  • Complicated Relationship: The Ultra Beastsnote , Necrozma
  • At first glance, Lillie may seem like your average girl. She kept to herself, assisted Professor Kukui with his research, and showed no particular interest in Pokémon battling. But when one gets to know her more, then a fuller picture begins to unfold. Lillie is the daughter of Aether Foundation President Lusamine, who had become obsessed with the inter-dimensional creatures known as the Ultra Beasts, and desired to be with them, neglecting and even abusing her own children. After rescuing a Legendary Pokémon called Cosmog - who she later nicknamed Nebby - Lillie fled Aether Paradise, but would later end up aiding two young trainers on their Island Trial challenge. Through this, she began to change. She became more outgoing, bold, willing to take on obstacles and overcome them. This was reflected in her clothing as well, ditching the large hat and skirt (which made her look like a jellyfish) in favour of her "Z-Powered" form. Eventually, she and her friends confronted Lusamine in the Ultra Deep Sea, and with Nebby's help, defeated and freed her mother from its grasp. After the trainers became champion, Lillie gave them a heartfelt farewell, telling them she would be going to Kanto to help in her mother's recovery...
    • Lillie travelled to Cerulean City, to speak with the famous Pokémon researcher Bill, who himself merged with a Pokémon long ago. He offered his assistance but warned it would take some time and encouraged her to stay and help with his research. A week passed and while some progress was made there was still little sign of Lusamine making a full recovery. Then one day, after meeting and befriending the local gym leader, Misty, Lillie returned to the Sea Cottage to discover it empty. On Bill's table were two items. A Pokéball, containing an Alolan Vulpix, and a note explaining she had been "chosen". A gateway opened up at the back of the house, ethereal light pouring out of it. Lillie was hesitant, but she entered through regardless. What greeted her on the other side caught her completely by surprise. There, standing before her very eyes, was her mother, as well as her older brother Gladion. She had countless questions to ask... but the only thing she could say was... "Mother... I missed you." The family shared a group hug, finally reunited in the strange world known simply... as the Pantheon.
  • When first met, Lillie was seen wearing a distinctive white sundress and hat; an outfit that reflected her mother's obsession with the Ultra Beast, Nihilego. Wanting to grow as a person, be independent of her mother's toxic behaviour and make decisions for herself, Lillie cast aside these 'shackles' and donned her "Z Powered Form"; a white sailor-like shirt and a short white miniskirt with blue light blue highlights. It's the appearance Lillie is often seen wearing while in the Pantheon, and the attire she's most comfortable with.
  • Her temple leads to Aether Paradise, an artificial island situated in the middle of the Alola region, and the Aether Foundation's main HQ. It is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to Pokémon conservation and research, complete with a nature reserve and laboratories. It was Lillie's original home before running away with Nebby, but ever since her adventures, she comes back to aid Gladion in maintaining the Aether Foundation. Much work had to be done to restore the Foundation's reputation and both are busier than ever keeping a tab on any Ultra Wormholes emerging in the Pantheon. That being said, they don't want to open the Secret Labs to the public.
  • While at first, she didn't think that much about Pokemon battles, Lillie's opinion has changed after her adventures with her friends and as a result, she decided to become a Pokemon trainer herself. She made her first step toward that goal with Snowy, and in the Pantheon, she obtained several Fairy-Types, including Clefairy, Ribombee, Comfey and a unique Magearna her father had intended for her. These Pokémon primarily serve as support, but Lillie is still willing to learn and remains as confident as ever, especially with all the other Pokémon trainers residing in the Pantheon.
    • Surprisingly for a rookie trainer, Lillie always comes prepared with plenty of repels and potions that she usually gave to her dear friends back home. She still does this in the pantheon as she would give out supplies to anybody who encounters her.
  • At first, Ash Ketchum was happy to learn of Lillie's ascension, having gone to school with her back in Alola. But when the two met in the Pantheon, Lillie initially didn't recognize him. She only began remembering her time together after a few days of conversing and as a result, she also recalled another timeline where she aided two Pokédex holders on their adventures. Every now and then, Lillie and Ash will be called upon along with their classmates as Ultra Guardians, tasked with roping in Ultra Beasts, Angels and other alien beings who often wander into the Pantheon. With Altaria by her side, Lillie has got it covered.
  • Due to her complicated and problematic experiences regarding her mother and brother, Lillie happens to be a well-known topic for the House of Family. There was a time in which the Heroic Protectors of Family condemned Lusamine for her abusive and neglectful attitude towards her children, but so far, Lusamine has shown signs of becoming a better person and parent. At the same time, they also came to respect Lillie for her resolve and becoming braver as time went by. She's personally grateful for the condolences and admiration the House of Family had given her and they're always welcome to invite her for a stay.
  • The Child Abuse Supporters, in contrast to their Heroic Protectors counterparts, felt that Lillie and Gladion's abuse was "adequate enough," and have even tried to convince Lusamine to join their ranks. Thankfully, the kids have kept their mother out of the organization's reach. Lillie in particular opposes Lady Tremaine and Fire Lord Ozai due to their cruel treatment of their own children - Cinderella, Zuko and Azula respectively. Cinderella and Zuko have sympathized with the young trainer and often stop by Aether Paradise to help the Foundation in whatever way they can, but Azula did not appreciate the pity. She made sure Lillie kept well and truly away from her... with a little lightning to boot.
    • Lillie gets along well with other individuals who also had to deal with neglectful and abusive parents. Rapunzel, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown and Maisie Faranage became close to Lillie, the three often discussing their past experiences with their family - Rapunzel and Fate more so while Maisie isn't around. Lillie was saddened to learn of their relationships with their mother figures; Gothel and Precia Testarossa respectively and was happy that both were able to get out of it and start a new life. The same can be said for Adora and Catra, who were also physically and emotionally abused by Shadow Weaver. The pair assist Lillie when they can, using their skills to ward off any wayward Ultra Beasts and, on one occasion, fighting off Morathi when she came to invade.
  • On the subject of parents, her initial acknowledgement towards Darth Vader came off as Lillie seeing her mother, only a tad bit more wrathful and physically aggressive. To Vader's credit, he wasn't exactly abusive in a sense; he only realized the revelation of Luke and Leia's survival much later in his life and instead wanted to have his children join him in ruling the galaxy. It's a great and heartwarming thought... had it not been for the fact that Vader was a feared Sith Lord who was reviled by nearly everyone in the galaxy. That said, his repressed familial affection for Luke was what redeemed him. Personally, Lillie is hesitant to approach the former Dark Lord but is happy to see him at least trying to be the good man he used to be. Vader himself accept's Lillie's acknowledgement for him, but understands why she keeps a good distance from him.
    • She has come to pity both the Blitzball legend Jecht, due to his fractured relationship with his son, Tidus, and the Phoenix King Malekith, who truly loved his family despite his dark intentions. Jecht didn't appreciate the pity but he agrees that he messed up, explaining how he was never good at expressing the love he has for his son. Malekith on the other hand respected the girl's concerns... but threatened to take over her world along with all other worlds.
  • One day, a young boy was seen aimlessly wandering through Aether Paradise. Lillie and Gladion met with this third child, Shinji Ikari, and after getting to know him more offered him a place to stay in Alola and their support. Why you may ask? Because they learned of Shinji's estranged relationship with his father, NERV Commander Gendo Ikari, the Evangelion program and the war with the Angels; all of which shocked and terrified the Alolan children. Ever since learning this, Lillie and Shinji keep in touch and often get together to chat and share their own adventures.
    • The Ultra Beasts weren't the only thing to worry about. Arael, an angel NERV had fought in the past, arrived in the Pantheon and subjected Lillie to a horrible flashback, where a Nihilego attacked her and resulted in her being scared of touching Pokémon. She was saved not only by Shinji but Hibiki Tachibana of the 2nd Division Symphogears. They were able to fend off the Angel before Nebby dealt the finishing blow. Ever since that incident, Lillie has kept a close eye on the Angels, hoping that no more will arrive in the Pantheon.
  • In another timeline where Lusamine was not corrupted by Nihilego, Aether Paradise was taken over by Team Rainbow Rocket, forcing Lillie, her friends, and even Team Skull leader Guzma to storm their castle, defeat the grunts and evil leaders inside and restore the facility to its original form. At one point, she was held hostage by Team Plasma leader Ghetsis, who threatened her life before being saved by Colress. When Lillie got word of the group's reformation in the Pantheon, she wasn't happy in the slightest but was only thankful that Maxie, Archie and Cyrus are no longer part of it. That said, she has to contend with Ghetsis once more, and even a bounty hunter known simply as J, who tried to steal Lillie's Magearna on a few occasions.
    • Lillie still has a little difficulty working with Guzma due to his involvement with Lusamine's original plan. But he's making good on becoming a better person and from what fellow Alolan trainers Olivia and Mina have told her, progress is being made. For that, Lillie can respect that.
  • Asami Sato, Chief Executive Officer of Future Industries, met with Lillie and Gladion following Team Rainbow Rocket's attack, expressing interest in the Aether Foundation's technological advances and wishing to set up a business deal with them. As talks went down, Lillie learned of how Asami's own estranged relationship with her father, Hiroshi, after she learned he supported the Equalist movement. She was happy at least the Sato's were able to patch things up and soon the two became good friends. Asami will come to visit from time to time, and in return, the Aether Foundation has even provided aid to Republic City.
  • One time, Lillie and Ash were busy with their Ultra Guardian duties when they encountered two beings quite unlike any Ultra Beast they had ever seen. One was a white-clad woman with bright, rainbow-coloured hair and a sadistic look on her face. The other was a man dressed in violet clothing, a gold masquerade mask, and accompanied by a metallic magenta-coloured humanoid being. These two individuals, Ragyō Kiryūin and Relius Clover wiped the floor with the Pokémon trainers, using the Life Fibers and Detonator: Ignis to their full effect. They would have killed the children had it not been for some unexpected help. A young boy with his own battle doll and two young sword wielders; one dressed in red and black, the other in white and blue. Working together, the group was able to repel the two intruders and drive them away from Aether Paradise. The strangers introduced themselves properly afterwards. The boy was Relius' son, Carl - the battle doll his sister, Ada, while the young women revealed themselves to be Ragyō's daughters; Ryūko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryūin. They explained how Ragyō and Relius were devising a means of opening new Ultra Wormholes and unleashing the Ultra Beasts upon the worlds, offering their assistance to the Aether Foundation. Lillie accepted and welcomed them all in, with Aether's scientists working to understand the Life Fibers and aiding Carl in restoring his sister back to normal.
  • Despite Lusamine's recovery, Lillie has special arrangements in the house of Health and Diseases to treat her mother of any residual Nihilego poison left in her system. While there, she met a young man named Coco, who just so happened to have an immunity to poisons. The Heavenly King offered his help in trying to assist Lusamine, which Lillie greatly appreciates.
  • Lillie was ecstatic to learn that Nebby had found its way into the Pantheon and was quick to see it, giving the Pokémon a big hug when they reunited. She noted how it was able to change between Solgaleo, Lunala and its standard Cosmog form, and will sometimes team up with it whenever Nebby is in a pinch, especially with Necrozma roaming about the Pantheon too. She was surprised to see the Tapus in the Pantheon as well and was just as happy to learn they are well protected too.
    • Lillie's attempts to keep Nebby in her bag, and failing at it, is well known amongst the people. It's become a popular pastime to parody her trying to put Nebby in a bag, especially after it evolved into Solgaleo/Lunala.
      • Related to this, some are perplexed that she was able to carry Nebby's evolved form, Cosmoem in her bag despite it weighing over a thousand pounds. Of course, given that it floats, she's probably not doing much of the carrying, but it's still a hilarious thing to note.
  • Can also be found in Character Changes.
  • "Everyone's smiles shine so brightly. Those smiles led us to so many other people. And those meetings will lead us to a bright future."

Negan Smith, God of Bad Guys in Black Leather (Leader of the Saviors, The Big Swinging Dick)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A barb-wire baseball bat named Lucille
  • Theme Songs: Easy Street, Atrocity (Last Day on Earth), Something To Fear
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with hints of Lawful Evil; Chaotic Good in the comics and Season 9-10
  • Portfolio: A God Am I, Lucille Swing Away, Beware the Silly Ones, A Fuck-Load Of Fucking Cussing Fuck, "Savior Of Mankind", Evil Overlord, Badass In Black, Psychopathic Manchild, Tall, Dark, and Snarky, Visionary Villain
  • Domains: Terrorism, Violence, Thievery, Crime
  • Allies: The Joker, Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Badgirl.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rick Grimes
  • Enemies: Rick Grimes, Lee Everett and Clementine, The Green Flu Survivors, Joel and Ellie, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, Abigail (Street Fighter/Final Fight), Sam and Dean Winchester
  • Fears: The Doom Slayer
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Dokuro Mitsukai, Scout, Junpei Iori, Trevor Phillips
  • As the leader of a group of hostile survivors Negan is used to getting his way, since to him it is the only way. The word quickly got out about his arrival into the pantheon after a huge war took place between his men and Rick Grimes along with his combined army of surviving communities from the fallout. Despite losing the battle he showed up with the barb-wire baseball bat that he always carried swung around him while he was given the chance to ascend to a higher place. All deities wondered if he would crush a person's skull like Negan did to an unfortunate fellow or two.
  • Rick thought Corallll was the next deity to arrive from his universe or someone close to him like Daryl, Maggie, and perhaps even Glenn... When he learned it was, in fact, the man who went on to make his life a living hell such a realization drove him into attacking the head of the saviors, and both men had to be restrained and while Negan admitted he was glad to see his fucking best friend and worst enemy again. They both weren't allowed to be in the same house together out of fear of another fight.
  • Both Lee and Clementine find Negan's behavior rather deplorable, the man's most infamous actions brought up bad memories of Carver who they've met in their own adventure in the land of the dead. Negan simply considered the both of them one screwed-up family that met a dick who wasn't as big as his dick.
  • Other groups of people from post-apocalyptic worlds also think Negan is simply a bully who's acting high and mighty with his pack of thugs and guns to keep him protected, so Negan hasn't earned their love as well.
  • He once sought out a "confession" with a nun who wouldn't shun him away, the only one who accepted was a woman who isn't clean of sin herself. While talking she learned about his life, the reasons he ended up becoming a "Messiah" of his world, and while she does feel sorry things went to shit Eda doesn't support his cult-like ideals.
  • While one version of the foul-mouthed megalomaniac tolerates and even slightly likes some deities such as Scout, Dokuro Mitsukai, and even Junpei for their similar usages of bat-shaped weapons in combat, the other version doesn't tolerate any of their shit. Scout merely had this to say in response to the newly elected god under the threat of Negan's tool of choice. "He'll take Lucille out on a steak dinner tonight." Which reminded Scout of when he did the same thing with Heavy's own "Lucille" called Sasha.
    • Being a man who despises when a mortal man decides to oppress the weak Cloud Strife finds Negan and his warped philosophy on the world to be something that should die along with him. When his sword knocked away Lucille Negan lost it to the point of wanting to turn Cloud's head into fucking spaghetti with the meatballs being the former SOLDIER and his shitty eyes.
  • There were only two deities who could not only tolerate this new arrival to the point they would consider him an ally: the Clown Prince of Crime Joker and his obsessive side-kick harlequin...Harley Quinn. It turns out that Negan better than most gods understands the reasoning for the madness that has shaped both Joker and Harley into who they are, the kind of people who bash the fuck out of those who are considered "sane" by society.
    • Harley in particular thought she was looking at Bats or rather the father of Mr.J's mortal enemy, but Negan quickly reminded her "Bats" may be big and black however he is the one with THE fucking bat. Being generous he gave her the chance of being one of his many "wives" much to the annoyance of Joker.
    • This naturally got the attention of one of the smartest detectives in the pantheon, but he was shocked when he got a look at the older man...who reminded him of his deceased old man. Negan wanted to get a rise out of the caped-crusader since his serious personality reminded him of his fucking best fucking friend in Rick Grimes.
    • Turned out that two other deities who were also considered super-heroes mistaken the savior as a man they knew as The Comedian. Negan merely laughed and laughed some more while suggesting the big, blue guy take his blue fucking glowing dick out of his house along with his shit looking cow-faced friend.
      • Once Eddie Blake ascended, Negan was impressed at their similarity, and is considering hiring the Comedian as his hitman.
  • At the first sight of Trevor Negan was delighted to see his "right-hand" man Simon was in the pantheon, but Trevor made it clear that he was the one in charge of himself. There is no way he would work for anyone else since he is the C.E.O of Trevor Phillips Industries, but he offered the savior the chance to work for HIM.
  • The Doom Slayer quickly made the self-proclaimed savior of humanity scared shitless when he decided to kill his pet rabbit when he pissed Negan off with his rapist tendencies.
  • Many other survivors of zombie outbreaks have less than positive remarks on this new deity. Negan while admitting both Jill and Sherry were very nice gods to look at he would shut their shit down if trouble exceptions.
  • In a move that surprised everyone, Negan would later participate in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.
  • "You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick named Rick who thought he knew shit but didn't know shit and got everyone that he gave a shit about killed?"

    Popo and Nana 
Popo & Nana, Sibling Deities of Ice-Themed Costumes (The Ice Climbers, Bone-Chilling Duo)
Popo (left) and Nana (right)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: An eggplant with eyes
  • Theme Songs: Ice Climber Main Theme, Bonus Stage / Title Theme, Ice Climber (Melee Medley, Brawl Medley)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Hammers as Weapons, Combination Attacks, Ice Powers, Gender-Specific Coloration
  • Domains: Teamwork, Climbing, Glaciers
  • Allies: Meta Knight, Rom and Ram, Queen Elsa, Mei-Ling Zhou, Madeline (Celeste)
  • Enemies: Tabuu, Kaldr & Lissandra, Queen Vanessa, Murkrow, Bashmaster, Lord Fredrik, Hansel & Gretel (Black Lagoon)
  • Collectively known as the Ice Climbers, Popo and Nana traverse tall icy mountains in order to catch up to a condor that's been stealing food. To get to the top, they have to use their hammers to get through parts of the mountain and fend off against some creatures that get in the way. Fittingly enough, they wear parkas to ensue they never get frozen solid, with Popo wearing blue and Nana wearing pink as a way to make identifying each other a lot easier.
  • During one of their daily climbs, the condor that's been stealing their food was acting a bit more erratic than normal. Popo grabbed the eggplant that the condor was holding, but the condor starting moving around wildly afterwards. Nana managed to grab onto Popo and the two alongside the condor ended up away from the mountains. A few hours later, the duo found themselves in an unfamiliar land that they were in awe by. They ended up landing in a cold location far different from their usual endeavors. After traversing the place, they eventually claimed a part of the Pantheon that was cold as their own.
  • Most in the Pantheon tend to know the two more for showing up to fight other Nintendo characters than them actually climbing mountains despite two of the mountains being used as a fighting arena. It was through there that they met Meta Knight during a climbing trip and while he doesn't mind them that much he doesn't really join them on their climbing, if at all.
  • Kaldr and Lissandra are two powerful foes with ice-based abilities that scare Popo and Nana quite a bit mainly by the sheer scale of damage that can potentially be caused. Even if they're called the Ice Climbers, the two just want to do the expeditions on their own and not have any involvement from those with extreme malicious intent.
  • While having never displayed this during their ice-climbing escapades, the Ice Climbers do have some control over ice and can even summon a glacier under certain circumstances. Elsa has met the Ice Climbers and not only do the three got along well enough, but she has offered some occasional tips to the two in utilizing their skills properly.
  • The Murkrow flock has become quite a pain for the two to deal with like that condor, even if the crows' hideout is nowhere near as frigid. Popo and Nana often have to go against the birds in order to get back whatever specific vegetables they have stolen, but unlike the condor, the crows are not willing to give up the veggies that easily. Conflicts between them often result in slightly frozen Murkrows, with the Ice Climbers coming out with minor injuries.
  • Both have managed to find a few deities that share the same climbing interests as them. They got along very well with Mei-Ling Zhou as she has climbed through frigid mountains for her research. They were also intrigued to learn that Madeline went on a large-scale version of a typical climbing adventure.
  • It's said that these two are capable of reappearing on one side of the area, opposite from where they just left. Spacial gods are still trying to work this out. Pac-man was said to have taught them this ability.
  • Lord Fredrik and Bashmaster find the two to be very annoying. Bashmaster in particular has gotten into fights with them over who is the better hammer-using ice user. He's a bit frustrated that the two are more of a challenge than he thought, but Fredrik doesn't think the climbers are that threatening regardless.
  • The two don't have a lot of time to meet with other children, but seeing that they've encountered a couple in Ness and Lucas during Smash tournaments, they've tried a few times to hang out with some kids. Most the two generally don't have much of an issue, but when it comes to scary children, especially twins such as the Hansel & Gretel that didn't wind up at a witch's house, Popo and Nana are frightened.
  • No one is exactly sure what kind of relationship the two have. While it's commonly assumed that they have a brother-sister type dynamic present, there are some who think that there might be more than that. Plenty of others have stated that it's best not to think too much into it seeing as how the climbers are just children.

    Tsumugi Shirogane 
Tsumugi Shirogane, Goddess of Cosplay (Ultimate/Super High-School Level Cosplayer, Junko Enoshima the 53rd, The "Mastermind" of the Killing School Semester, New Ultimate Despair, Cosplaycat Criminal)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A pair of glasses placed in front of a wardrobe of outfits
  • Theme Song: Let Us Sing of a Hollow Truth after being revealed as the Mastermind
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Actually Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Becoming Her Cosplays, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Changing Clothes Is a Free Action, Consummate Liar, Danganronpa Fangirl, Like Totally A Killer, "Nice Girl", Playing The Ditz, One Of Us, Shape-Shifting Outfits, Brainwashing, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Disguises, Chaos, Domination, Madness, Evil, Death, Despair, Fiction
  • Followers: Sarah Hazen
  • Allies: Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Gleeman Vox, Lionel Starkweather, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, to a lesser degree The Trollkaiger, Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Larxene
  • Enemies: Every deity from Danganronpa, but above the rest Shuichi Saihara, Makoto Naegi, Hajime Hinata, The Former Remnants of Despair in general, Monomi/Usami and to a lesser extent Gex, Sayaka Maizono, Miku Hatsune, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Mary Jane Watson, Miles Morales, Toxie, Suzune Horikita, Mikuru, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm,
  • Worthy Opponent: Celestia Ludenberg
  • Annoys: Howard and Kreese
  • After the success of the now popular "Killing Game" show in another version of the home of Danganronpa...maybe, and one of the contestants is a girl who was selected for her special talent. With her skills with cosplay, Tsumugi was one of 16 students taking part in the 53rd annual Danganronpa event.
    • The truth is that she was chosen to serve as the "Mastermind" of this game as she was hand-selected by Team Danganronpa to continue the game by any means at her disposal. Due to Ki-bo and the rest of the surviving students her game was promptly brought to an end. After that, she quickly woke up in the pantheon finding herself in another school-like environment.
  • She was ecstatic to learn about Junko Enoshima and Monokuma being here since the "Diva of Despair" helped inspired one of her favorite cosplay outfits along with following in her footsteps. Junko wasn't sure what to think about "not being real" in Tsumugi's world, but she was proud to see another disciple of despair that was making others miserable.
    • Monokuma playful warned to Tsumugi that she needed to remain on her best behavior, since "they" were still watching her actions trying to ensure the best show on television remains on-air no matter what.
  • Makoto, Hinata, Monomi/Usami, and Sayaka were among the first to voice their disgust for Tsumugi's ascension into the Pantheon. Hinata found the idea of Danganronpa being a televised show for others to enjoy too horrible considering what had been done to the contestants, Makoto felt reminded of the horrors that he had to endure during Junko's own killing game when looking at this girl's smirking expression, Monomi knew that anyone who works alongside her "brother" wasn't anyone good, and Sayaka can't believe that Tsumugi sounds awfully similar to herself not wanting her singing to be tainted by this woman's actions.
  • While Celestia was impressed by the number of lies Tsumugi was able to tell others, she wasn't exactly supportive of her motives deeming her D-Rank at the worst not simply because due to her "gifted" size.
  • Tsumugi was ROYALLY PISSED when she learned that Shuichi Saihara, who was responsible for ruining her killing game and ending her favorite reality show, has ascended. Just as the Detective promised to stop whatever schemes she’s planning, she herself promises to make the “Weakest Ultimate Detective” pay for everything he did. In the meantime she’s keeping Shuichi’s audition tapes, along with those of his friends Kaede Akumatsu and Kaito Mamota, just in case she wants to psychologically torture him again.
  • Another idol singer was displeased about this cosplayer making a mockery of her image, but Tsumugi just considers Miku a nice edition to her line of outfits while finding her songs rather dull in comparison to Sayaka.
  • Two deities were impressed by how well Tsumugi orchestrated the events of Danganronpa V3 to create a game of slaughter, and both Gleeman and Lionel wanted to work with this woman for the future television productions to work on.
  • Peter wasn't sure what to make about Tsumugi when she tried cosplaying as "comic book" characters resembling fictional versions of Gwen and Mary Jane quickly earning his disproval. The spider-themed superhero also could detect with his spider-sense evil underneath that fake smile she wore like one of his costumes.
    Tsumugi!Gwen: Come on, tiger! I can make it the night when your dear Gwen Stacy lived. *changes* You can have another day with your MJ!
    • Later, she hid in her house due to getting "Cospox" from realizing these two outfits were from real deities, not just fake people like she thought. This, even moreso than Junko, drove home the point that she was now in a world where every fictional character she previously recognized as such could actually exist on the same level as her. This epiphany excited her at first, before she thought through the implications a bit further and realized she would have to move more carefully when it comes to her game.
  • Continuing their annoyance with Junko Enoshima and her killing games, Howard and Kreese have also expressed disdain with Tsumugi by proxy. They particularly don’t care about her views about fiction, citing it as even less interesting than Junko’s views on despair to them (which isn’t even saying a lot to begin with). When feeling particularly frustrated on some days they vent it out by heckling her.
    Howard: “Fiction can’t affect reality,” now, see, that’s just not true. I spent much of this morning jacking off to the various drawn pornos before coming to work. Pretty sure fiction is affecting the reality of the loads I blow.
    Kreese: This morning? Those are those rookie numbers. I still remember the night two weeks after I slid off a wire.
    Howard: Been meaning to ask about that. How did you manage to do it when it was still healing?
    Howard: Yeah, but I’m genuinely curious though!
  • Once helped out Enoshima with a plot to capture and publicly brainwash Maria Robotnik into a soldier of despair, which ended badly when Shadow the Hedgehog destroyed Junko's temple with a Chaos Blast. While Gerald Robotnik and Eggman's retaliation for this was centrally aimed at Junko, brainwashing her into a cheerleader for hope for a whole week, Tsumugi was spared the brunt of anyone's fury post-incident due to keeping herself out of the public eye. She was not a part of Junko's broadcast of her intent to brainwash Maria, and she kept her distance from Junko's temple from the time of the thwarted attempt until about a week after Junko's "hope" brainwashing was undone. What no one else knows, not even Junko, is that Tsumugi saw Eggman stealing the blueprints to create more Monokuma units and could've tried to stop him from doing so, but this same sense of self-preservation caused her not to act. Thus, she is indirectly responsible for allowing Eggman to get Monokuma units as part of his fleet to battle against Sonic.