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I've just been to Rock & Roll Heaven, and you know they got one hell of a band!

The House of Musicality is one big, endless concert, from the amateurs in the dingy basement to the lunatics on the roof (which is on fire). It's just as well every wall, floor and ceiling in the House is soundproof, as you may walk from a screaming crowd in one room, to an elegant ballroom dance in the next, to an exclusive and highly edited showcase in another one and go downstairs to find a cacophonous endless jam session where the greatest musicians in history all have their styles clash horribly.

An entire security force of bouncers, some of whom are said to be trainees from the Defense house, do their best to keep things in line but the Music house is still the best place to find all kinds of mind-altering substance if you know where to look (in particular, in the backyard it's like Woodstock never stopped) and its rowdiness is almost part of its DNA.

Naturally, this house gets endless calls for being too noisy, but blame whoever decided to put it across the road from the House of Knowledge. The reason why the House of Craft didn't soundproof its outsides is generally speculated to have something to do with the Council of Shadows.

The gods in this house often like to play a quirky little game, called the Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness. The gods would listen to songs and rate their heaviness/harshness from a 1 to an 11. Suffice to say the gods have also argued and even beaten each other up on how heavy certain songs are.

There are a few songs that obtained notable attention in the House of Music. Queen Elsa's theme, "Let it Go" has been made into a whole album by every god in the House. Emmet's "Everything is Awesome" has become so infectious that it took the House two days to get the song out of their heads. Carl Fredricksen's "Married Life" is to not be played as the sheer sadness of the song has reduced many soft-hearted gods into tears. Mary Poppins' "Feed the Birds" caused an incident that made many of the birds in the Pantheon a bit too plump after the gods heard the song. Finally, "Prisencolinensinainciusol" by Adriano Celentano caused quite the fuss in the House of Music since its re-discovery, partly because of the lyrics, which are supposed to sound like English, but are actually gibberish. That said, the House of Music is determined to make renditions of every theme song in the Pantheon regardless of how people react to it.

For the record, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, and Patrick Star all have restrictions within this House: the former two are banned from going near pianos because of their past duels that turned violent. The latter is banned outright because of his infamous song that will cause chaos in seconds, and kill entire bands by just playing it. The Great Mighty Poo, despite his undeniable talent at Opera, is similarly banished from here, since his presence is considered by the House's residents to be just as harmful as Patrick's song.

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The Divine Music Genre Artistes

    Classical: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Patron Saint of Classical Music (Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, Wolfgang Gottlieb, Wolfgango Amadeo, Wolfgang Amadè, Mozart Wolfgang, Trazom, Wolfie, Motes, Wolf, Caster)
As a Classicaloid 
  • Demigod (Lesser God as a Classicaloid. Intermediate God as Caster.)
  • Symbol: His signature and the first few notes of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  • Signature Song: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Neutral Good as a Servant)
  • Portfolio: Classical Music, Likes Dirty Jokes, Eccentric but Talented Composer
  • Domains: Music, Personality
  • Allies: Jack & Annie, Quasimodo
  • Avoids: Alex Wesker
  • Other Relations: Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Mozart is one of several notable classical music composers, but a lot of what can be said about his life is highly interesting, even for his time. His musical talents came to be as early as the age of 3, when he started playing the piano. He started composing music at 5 and his first symphony was written when he was 8. While Mozart's personality was quite unlike what one would expect from his time period (he was known to like dirty jokes, for one), he nevertheless became famous for the kinds of music he performed. He died at the age of 35, which could be considered a very short lifespan for someone as talented as he was.
  • His Classicaloid form is considered by some to be very strange, even in comparison to what fellow classic composer Beethoven is like in that form. While Mozart was noted to be a Manchild, this trait is played up quite a bit as a Classicaloid with him being very energetic by default (that and him almost always wearing pink). Like Beethes, Motes is able to utilize Mujik under certain circumstances, but his abilities and what results from that are obviously very different from that of Beethes'.
  • As found out courtesy of the House of Time and Temporality, one alternate timeline (albeit one that can't be accessed anymore) had Mozart become a rock star instead of composing classical music. While most in the Pantheon haven't seen Mozart as a rock star proper, them hearing Mozart's compositions get a more modern treatment through his Classicaloid counterpart makes the whole "rock star Mozart" thing less bizarre than it would be.
    • Given his relatively immature attitude, more than a few deities have pondered whether or not giving Mozart an actual time machine would be a good idea. When someone managed to come up with a crude simulation of what could happen, many have figured that maybe the question would be better asked to the Classicaloid or Servant versions of Mozart and not the real deal.
  • Early in his career, he was appointed as a court musician at Salzburg, later resigning in order to continue and branch out on his own works. There are some deities of royalty who have considered having Mozart as court musician as their own thanks to his legacy, though he's not entirely interested in these offers for the time being.
  • For all of his dedication and skill in writing music, dirty jokes is something that Mozart enjoys, even if most initially assumed that the concept isn't really associated with him. He sometimes enjoys visiting some deities who share a similar sense of humor that he does whenever he isn't working on music. Of those deities, some suggested that it'd be better not to get too involved with Howard & Kreese since their crass attitude and commentary is very likely to get in the way of potential concerts.
  • Jack & Annie are very much aware of Mozart thanks to traveling back to his time period via their treehouse. More specifically, it happened when the two children were sent out by Merlin to find and inspire various people who would later become iconic figures (more precisely, they're versions of people before becoming the well-known figures that they are). This version of Mozart was inspired to write The Magic Flute after seeing Jack & Annie use a magic flute to calm the numerous animals that ran amok in the gardens. When the two met up with Mozart in the Pantheon, Mozart quickly called Jack, "Jack the Clown!" (Jack accidentally embarrassed himself in front of the royal family in an attempt to get to Mozart and had to play the part of the fool before Jack and Annie could return back home safely) which Jack could only facepalm, hoping Mozart would forget that.
  • Mozart has more than a few fans of his work in the Pantheon, with Alex Wesker being among them to the point of adopting his composition of Lacrimosa as her theme song. After learning about Wesker and her motivations, Mozart wasn't too thrilled to hear about someone with ill-will like her using one of his works to establish herself.
  • Whenever the holidays roll around, Mozart is among those that end up on Santa's naughty list due to being "too loud". Relatively speaking, there are deities that are much louder than what happens at a concert for Mozart's pieces, though admittedly the things that happen when he is in his Classicaloid form are indeed pretty loud.
  • One popular play that's held in the House of Theater is a dramatization of Mozart's life that had, among other things, composer Antonio Salieri being depicted as a rival of Mozart. Wolfgang himself later clarified that Salieri was actually a good friend of his, much to the disappointment of those that enjoyed that dramatization and believed that the rivalry was a thing.
    • Incidentally, Marge Simpson once told her family the story of Mozart and Salieri (with the former being portrayed by Bart Simpson) in a library and after that had concluded, Lisa pointed out that what Marge told was based on the aforementioned play/film and inaccurate. All told, what Marge told was an even more inaccurate and shorter version of an already inaccurate account of Mozart's career.
    • Quasimodo, who owes his voice to the film version of this play, has gotten Mozart's sympathy and now he is trying to make a symphony based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, featuring bell sections so the man himself can be featured. The hunchback was moved and felt deeply honored, and always keeps in touch to learn about Mozart's progress.

    Dance: μ's (Muse) 
μ'sMembers , Divine Idols of Dancing Themes (Muse || Honoka: Honk, Honkers, Honk Honk, H*noka || Kotori: Minalinsky, Birb, Birbwaifu || Eli: Elicchi, Eri, Elichika || Nico: Niko, Nicocchi, Satan || Hanayo: Pana, Kayo-chin, Ricelord || Nozomi: Nozomom, Nozomommy, Washiwashivana || Maki: Tomato)
Members of the School Idol group μ's. From Left to Right: Nico Yazawa, Maki Nishikino, Umi Sonoda, Eli Ayase, Honoka Kosaka, Hanayo Koizumi, Kotori Minami, Rin Hoshizora, and Nozomi Tojo.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: μ's
  • Theme song: Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life, Snow Halation, START:DASH!!, Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari, It's our Miracle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Honoka, Rin, Nico, Nozomi), Neutral Good (Kotori, Maki, Hanayo) Lawful Good (Umi, Eli)
  • Portfolios (All): Dancing Theme, Idol Singer, Girl Group
  • Domains: Idols, Music, Dancing, School
  • Heralds: A-RISE (Tsubasa Kira, Erena Toudou, Anju Yuuki), Hideko, Fumiko and Mika, the Band Members' respective families, Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Members , Liella! Members , Hasunosora Girls' High School Idol Club Members 
  • Followers: AKB48, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Kamen Rider Girls, SHINee, Big Bang
  • Allies: Houkago Teatime, Corey Taylor, The New Directions Glee Club, Giselle, 765 Pro, Hatsune Miku, Yuu Haruna, GiIvaSunner, Susan "Stargirl" Caraway, Elite Beat Agents, Michael Jackson, AKB0048's Trainees, the "Cinderella Girls" Idols, Rise Kujikawa, Eri Karan, Sayaka Maizono, Miku Izayoi, Rion Kugayama, Freyja Wion, Lynn Minmay, Isola, the Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, the Mermaid Princesses, LOONA, Fuuka Akitsuki, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, Yui (Angel Beats!), Aoi Tategami/Cure Gelato, Ibuki Mioda, Kaede Akamatsu, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, Marnie, Piers, Chad Warden, The CPUs
  • On Good Terms with: The House of Birds (Kotori)
  • Rivals: Mei Hatsume, Lumpy Space Princess (Nico)
  • Enemies: I-No, Courtney Gears, Mayhem, Dethklok, The Voice Inside your Head
  • Opposes: Vanilla Ice (Kotori), Dr. Gregory House, Nurse Ratched (Maki), Airy, Nui Harime, GIFfany, Kyubey, B.B. Hood, Dahlia Hawthorne, Monaca Towa (Nico)
  • Admires: Santa Claus (Maki)
  • Admired by: Aqours
  • Respects: The House of Physicians (Maki)
  • Pities: Mima Kirigoe
  • Annoys: Tenko Chabashira (Nico)
  • Otonokizaka High School is a prestigious all-girls school located in Tokyo's Akihabara, Kanda, and Jinchoubou's neighbourhoods, with a long-standing history. Unfortunately, due to an increasingly low number of applicants to the school, it lead to the increasingly real possibility of the school's doors shuttering once all of its students graduate. Second year student Honoka Kosaka refuses to let her beloved school die, and begins hatching a plan to save it by boosting its popularity. Seeing how rival school UTX is popular because of its idol group A-RISE, she gets the idea to save her school by forming her own idol group. Starting by recruiting her childhood friends Kotori Minami and Umi Sonoda, they form idol group μ's, with all the responsibilities it entails. They recruit 6 other members into the group, like shy Hanayo Koizumi, tomboyish Rin Hoshizora, sisterly Nozomi Tojo, coolheaded Eli Ayase, intelligent Maki Nishikino, and shrewd Nico Yazawa, and soon μ's would end up soaring to new heights as Japan's hottest idol group, especially when they tackle the biggest idol competition in the country, "Love Live!". While the group disbanded due to the third years graduating, they have made their impact on the idol scene and forged lifelong friendships with each other.
  • μ's is divided into three sub-units, made up of three members of the group. The sub-units distinguish themselves from each other with differing music styles while keeping consistent with the Pop genre and Idol culture μ's focuses on.
    • Printemps (Honoka Kosaka, Kotori Minami, Hanayo Koizumi) is the "Smile" sub-unit, which focuses on songs that are upbeat and cheerful, with many references to love, friendship, and sweets. However, they can also take on a darker, more sorrowful tone on occasion to show their versatality.
    • lily white (Umi Sonoda, Rin Hoshizora, Nozomi Tojo) is the "Pure" sub-unit, which has a slower, softer tone with an elegant and dreamlike feel, and the sound is inspired by the idol music of the seventies and eighties, adding a nostalgic spice to their tracks.
    • BiBi (Eli Ayase, Maki Nishikino, Nico Yazawa) is the "Cool" sub-unit, who unlike the previous two sub-units are much more varied in style due to the members varied personalities, and so their songs can vary from love songs to Electronic Dance Music to ballads while still reflecting the overall sharp style of the trio.
  • The girls initially arrive to the Pantheon when they were listed for a concert performance. Despite them disbanding, the venue was confidant in bringing them up to ressurect them for a new audience. Arrive to the Pantheon via train, the girls were confused by their new surroundings, but upon being told of their new purpose, they reunited, no longer restrained by school grades forcing them apart. The concert was a smashing success, with packed crowds waving their glowsticks in excitement as μ's preformed on stage. When it was over, the girls received a standing ovation, and they received their divine title of Dancing Themes shortly after. The group, fully reformed, aim to entertain and enjoy their new Pantheon lives.
  • Since their ascension and reformation, μ's became one of the biggest pop acts in the Pantheon, attracting large crowds to their concerts. It would be inevitable that they would encounter other idols within the Pantheon. Their biggest rivals by far are the idols of 765 pro, who have also amassed a massive fanbase both in their world and in the Pantheon. Both groups carry no ill will towards each other, and respect their strengths and dedication to their craft. Rumors of a collaboration concert still buzz within the Pantheonic gossip circles. They also encountered and befriended their ascended close associates, the "Cinderella Girls" after 765 pro introduced them during a party. LOONA also happens to be a fierce, yet friendly competitor group for the girls, with their dance battles being showstoppers during concerts. SoLaMi Smile also happen to be close allies, with the girls noting how difficult it could be to keep their careers private as their school strictly forbids students from being idols. They were amazed to hear that AKB0048 also functions as a resistance group against a tyrannical order that made any sort of entertainment illegal, which they hope to subvert with their music. They were a bit surprised that the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook are actually humanoid cephalopod people, but quickly took it in stride and some members even want to participate in a few Turf Wars themselves. Likewise, they were awestruck by the Mermaid Princesses being actual mermaids with magical singing properties. More surprisingly, they also struck a bond with the CPU's as they tried their hand with the idol business thing, though they are quite shocked by their... eccentricness.
    • Of course, not all idols are in groups; some prefer to act solo instead. It was inevitable that the girls would end up meeting up with those idols. They were both awed and confused to meet with Hatsune Miku, a popular virtual idol in the flesh, and some even wish to cover some of the songs she sang. They get along with Rise Kujikawa and Sayaka Maizono for also being school-age idols, with them being saddened that Rise's goal to get friends by being an idol was hampered by people only seeing her for her stage persona and not the real person beneath, while they pitied that Sayaka being seen a video of her group disbanding and dying by Monokuma would distress her enough to commit murder which only lead to her death. They became sort of mentors to aspiring idol Eri Karan teaching her about idol-related duties like dancing and singing, though they aren't afraid to compete with each other. Like AKB0048, they were amazed to learn that Freyja Wion and Lynn Minmay also fight against a dangerous enemy, with their music having magical properties. They were horrified to hear the unfortunate tales of Miku Izayoi and Mima Kirigoe, with the former being abused by her manager and being falsely accused of seducing him, leading her to distrust men, and the latter's attempts to gain a more adult image led to her being stalked and terrorized by a Loony Fan. Miku Izayoi swears to protect the girls from any creeps while Mima hopes that the girls don't face any major problems in the future. They were relieved to hear that Rion Kugayama's attempts to gain a more adult image didn't implode as much. They were initially confused by Isola's dual personalities, but came to respect her absolute dedication to her work.
    • The girls also ended up meeting up with other school-age musicians of the Pantheon, of which there are plenty to find. The first they encountered were the girls of Houkago Tea Time, of which they got along very quickly due to their shared interests. Tea parties and jam sessions are a common occurrence between the two groups. Another friendly rival for them would be the New Directions Glee Club, which began with a fierce song-and-dance battle. The two groups respect each other's strengths while egging each other on their shortcomings, such as μ's' less energetic dances and the Glee Club's lack of original songs. They were very saddened by Kousei Arima's and Kaori Miyazono's tragic tale, as their budding romance was cut short by Kaori's fatal condition, though they were happy that they inspired each other to play music and cherished the time they spent together. Likewise, they expressed their condolences to Yuu Haruna and Fuuka Akitsuki due to the latter being suddenly run over by a truck. They also got along with more rock-oriented students like Yui and Aoi Tategami, with Yui being shocked by Nico's cutesy facade being much like her stage persona and Aoi's PreCure form wowing the girls. They also met up with the other musician girls of the Killing Games like Ibuki Mioda and Kaede Akamatsu, with them being mostly shocked by the former's blistering, frightening songs and saddened by the latter being executed due to being framed as Rantaro's murderer when it was Tsumugi Shirogane's doing. They get along with Susan "Stargirl" Caraway, especially Honoka as both are energetic, quirky girls with goals of making people smile with their songs. Honoka has expressed interest in playing her ukelele one day.
    • It was inevitable for the girls to encounter the other musicians and dancers of the Pantheon, whether by curiosity or chance. The girls were amazed to see Michael Jackson within the Pantheon, as being of the biggest pop acts on Earth, it's a bit surreal to see him in the flesh. He praised the girls for their skill and tenacity. They struck a quick bond with the Elite Beat Agents as they use dancing to solve people's problems and even averted an alien invasion. They even borrowed some of the Agents dance moves in their concerts. Giselle also became a good friend of the girls due to her pep and sweetness, plus her singing causes people to unite in song. Despite the stark difference in music styles, the girls get along with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor (even if he thinks his music is better), even if their fanbases are quite sour towards the other's music. The same cannot be said of those like Dethklok, Mayhem, I-No, and Courtney Gears, who are either frightening, abrasive, or downright murderous in what they do, making the girls stay far away from them for their safety.
    • Being of the biggest idol sensations of Japan in their world, it was no surprise that people would look up to them as inspirations. One of such people inspired by µ's would be Chika Takami, who along with longtime friend You Watanabe would form Aquors, and eventually recruit seven more into the group. Of course, they faced many more challenges along the way, such as attempting to save their school from closure, competing against more popular idols, and trying to make themselves stand out instead of being seen as a μ's imitator. Knowing that their inspiration ascended to the Pantheon before them, they were honestly nervous about encountering them, fearing that their idols will be disappointed in them. Eventually, Aquors swallowed their courage and met up with µ's... While the girls did scold their fans for certain things, like Honoka scolding Chika for being excited at the prospect of her school closing down and Umi's disappointment in Kanan getting too reckless with their first Love Live performance, resulting in them losing and straining her relationship with Mari, they ultimately expressed sympathy, respect, and praise for the group for their hard work and effort, knowing that their problems were much higher than their own. Aquors was sent over the moon having received praise from their idols, and they end up their loudest fans during their concerts. They gleefully await the day they share the stage together.
  • μ's was formed in the intention of saving Otonokizaka High School from closing due to a lack of new students. They were able to successfully save their school through their massive popularity gained with hard work and effort. They met up with two other deities who also went through similar trials like Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld and Marnie. Julis participated in the Festa to save a downtradden orphanage in her Lieseltania, the land she rules over, and Marnie aimed to become the Pokemon champion of the Galar region to save her dying hometown of Spikemuth. The two girls are impressed with the girls massive success in not only saving their school, but becoming a nationwide phenomenon while μ's is amazed that they tried to accomplish their objectives single-handedly. The two girls became fervent supporters of μ's while the idols return the favor by visiting the orphanages and Spikemuth whenever they're available. Marnie also introduced the girls to her older brother Piers, who is the gym leader of Spikemuth and a punk musician. Despite his initially scary looks, they quickly got along with him as they got to know his softer side.
  • One of their biggest, most vocal fans is SiIvaGunner, who likes to use their songs, especially "Snow Halation" in his high quality rips. The girls quickly bonded with him and even collaborate with him for a few very special rips on occasion. Of them all, Nozomi gets along with him the most, and was amused when she heard that one of his friends is named Nozoomy, a Fun Size version of her. Needless to say, they hate the Voice Inside Your Head for altering the channel because of his hatred of them and their music, believing he's doing a favor for the fans by deleting their songs from the world. Likewise they respect Chad Warden for defeating the Voice and restoring the channel back to what it was, with Chad returning their thanks, and they do get along with him, crude language notwithstanding.
  • Honoka is the energetic founder of μ's. Optimistic and full of energy, she's determined to see her goals realized, but can overexhert herself if she pushes herself too much. Her spirit and drive allowed μ's to reach greater heights and become a massive sensation. While there are many tenacious deities out there, Honoka did interact with a specific few. She gets along swimmingly with Monkey D. Luffy, who is determined to find the legendary One Piece, with his unfailing determination wowing Honoka, who experienced burnout and exhaustion once in her career. She was also impressed by Frisk's and Tomoya's determination to reach the happiest ending possible for themselves and their loved ones, with her amazed that Determination is a tangible force in Frisk's world and saddened by the many tragedies Tomoya faced in his life.
    • Speaking of energy, Honoka is known to have a boundless reserve of energy. It can take her a while to calm down once she's fired up, but before then she's quite hyperactive. Those who are also energetic like Pinkie Pie, Astolfo, Serval and Tigger are able to catch up her, and thus provide her with company when most others are too tuckered out.
    • Honoka's family runs a traditional sweet shop named "Homura", which also functions as her home. Ironically, she doesn't like red bean and white bean paste despite those items being on her families menu. She still ended up meeting Chiya Ujimatsu, a girl who works at her family's traditional Japanese sweets cafe and became good friends, though Honoka is still confused by Chiya's strange nicknames for her food items. On a side note, Honoka loves to eat anything bread related, and this is how she became one of Kazuma Azuma's regular customers, buying as many tasty meals from him.
  • Kotori is Honoka's longtime childhood friend, the daughter of the chairwoman of the school board, and the fashion designer of the group. She's incredibly devoted to Honoka, always willing to back up her ideas and opinions with great enthusiasm. Some deities admire and respect her for her devotion to Honoka, while some others accuse her of being a willowy Yes-Man. Kotori met up with Jessica Rabbit, Hinata Hyuga, Kotori Mizuki, and Robert E.O. Speedwagon, who are also very devoted to the ones they love. Kotori was touched by Hinata's devotion to Naruto Uzumaki, which started when she was a small child as she was inspired by his determined spirit to become stronger, and eventually became husband and wife. Kotori's also touched by how Jessica loves Roger Rabbit regardless of their contrasting appearances. She was amazed when she heard of Speedwagon founding the Speedwagon Foundation to continue supporting the Joestar family even beyond his passing. She could only sigh as the other Kotori does note how some others make fun of her for saying Yuma Tsukumo's name a lot. On the other hand, she's unnerved by Vanilla Ice, a vampire so sycophantic to DIO that he would do anything for him without questioning it, such as cutting his head off when DIO desired blood to drink.
    • Kotori, being the fashion designer of the group, is the one responsible for the costumes they wear during preformances and even aims to become a professional fashion designer in the future, which caused a conflict in the group when her decision to go overseas to study fashion comes up. She met up with other aspiring fashion designers of the Pantheon like Rarity, Tomoyo Daidouji, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and Erika Kurumi. She idolizes Rarity for her success in eventually expanding her Carousel Boutique to other locations such as Manehatten, though was surprised by her more melodramatic moments. Her initial encounter involved Erika crashing into her and being her typical exhuberent self, but things went smoother when she praised Kotori's designs for the groups costumes. She appreciates Tomoyo's talent in designing and sewing multiple outfits for her cousin Sakura Kinomoto, plus they bonded further over their shared devotion to their friends. She and Marinette relate to having the same dream careers, though Marinette knows that she may have to travel to other places to study just like what Kotori nearly did.
    • Prior to μ's, Kotori was already famous in Akihabara working in a maid cafe as a maid called "Minalinsky", nicknamed the Legendary Maid for her kindness, cuteness, and soft voice. While she doesn't work in such a job as often anymore, she did end up meeting up with other deities who work at maid cafes. Maika Sakuranomiya and Hideri Kanzaki work at Cafe Stile, a maid cafe where the waitresses take up personas based off of common archetypes that appeal to anime Otaku, and their initial meeting went a bit awkwardly as Kotori was unnerved by Maika's sadistic-looking face and Hideri's attention-hogging actions, but quickly warmed up to them, especially as Hideri wants to be an idol one day. She also gets along with Sharo Kirima and understands that she took the job to get money as she is destitute, though she does wonder why she works in a rabbit-themed cafe if she's afraid of the creatures in the first place. She and Misaki Ayuzawa got along swiftly, since Misaki's goal is make her school more female-friendly since it's been recently converted from an all-boys school to co-ed, which overlaps with Honoka's goal to save her all-girls school. She was enamored by Ichigo Momomiya's cat ears and tried to pet her, which embarresed the red-haired girl.
    • Kotori is frequently compared to birds as her name can be read as "little bird", with some even portaying her as a bird for giggles. This eventually led to Kotori visiting the House of Birds to check out the many birds of the area. She got on pretty good terms with the benevolent deities there, but does avoid the more malicious deities like Lord Shen and the Grand Duke of Owls. Outside of the House, she gets along well with Decideueye,as she's impressed with its archery skills and loves the feel of its feathers.
    • Certain Deities have noticed a strange phenomenon involving Kotori; whenever they take a photo, there is a rare chance that Kotori will appear to photobomb the results. This happens even if she isn't in the vicinity, seemingly teleporting to a location just to photobomb. No one, not even Kotori, knows how this happens, and Kotori frequently ends up seperated from the group and lost somewhere in the Pantheon because of this. This bizarre phenomenon has been dubbed "Kotoribombing" by a few.
  • Umi is also Honoka's childhood friend, and the groups personal trainer. Out of all the girls, she's the most levelheaded and "sane" of the group, occasionally getting exhausted by their antics, but occasionally even joins in. This role is something Azusa Nakano finds herself in, being the most levelheaded person in Houkago Tea Time and the one most likely to get bewildered by their lackadaisical attitude. Koyomi Mizuhara also shares a similar role in her group, being the most "normal" out of her wackier friends. Umi gets along with both of them for this shared role, as she finds them to be relaxing to be around.
    • Umi is a member of her school's archery club, of which she is very skilled with her bow and arrow. As a side note, as she hails from a traditional family, she is expected to follow her parents example and inherit their dojo, putting much stress on her. She sought out some of the Pantheon's archers to see their skill with the bow and arrow. Out of all the archers she could meet, she found Oliver Queen, Clint Barton, and Reika Aoki. She was amazed to find out that they use their skills in their superheroics to combat the forces of evil, something she didn't expect. The three sometimes come over to see her prectice her archery. Out of the three, she gets along with Reika the best, as they both come from traditional families and are quite cool-minded most of the time.
    • Of all the girls in the group, she's the one who protests the most when she has to dress in somewhat revealing clothing, especially if it exposes much of the legs. Unfortunately for her, she ends up having to wear them during performances, despite her embarrassed protests. Stephanie Dora and Mio Akiyama of the aforementioned Houkago Tea Time can relate to her, as they often get dragged into wearing embarrasing clothes by their friends. Umi was quite shocked when she heard of Mio's unfortunate incident, fearing that something like that would happen to her eventually.
  • Maki is an aloof, skilled, and wealthy student who acts as the groups lyricist. As the sole heir to her wealthy family, her upbringing, familial expectations, and immense talent turned her into a cold, lonely person who is isolated by her peers, and feels restricted in that she cannot express her love for music. It is to her relief that she can express her love for music within μ's, though it took some time before she could accept them. This angst is something that Adrien Agraste, Karen Minazuki, and Maisie Farange share; all three hail from wealthy families, but are disconnected from their family members and peers, something Maki connects to on a deep level. She was saddened that Adrien and Maisie's parents are neglectful or missing, and knows what it's like to become aloof like Karen did, which initially prevented her from becoming Cure Aqua. The three do appreciate that she managed to express her true self with her friends, something they also managed to achieve through different means.
    • Maki comes from a family of wealthy, renowned doctors, and her parents expect her to follow in their steps someday. However, her passions lie with music rather than the medical professions, yet believes that she must give up her life dreams for the more traditional path before her. While she's still not set herself on that path, she still respects the House of Health and Diseases, especially the Physicians subhouse for their efforts in combating disease and healing the sick and injured. She's quite conflicted about Dr. Gregory House, as while he is a very skilled doctor, he's also incredibly abrasive and rude, which puts her off. Those like Nurse Ratched receive no love from her due to their cruelty towards their patients. She also met up with Yoshika Miyafuji, who also hails from a family of doctors, and her father is well known for the creation of the magic amplifying Striker Units, and felt a pange of sadness when she heard of his unfortunate death.
    • Maki has held on to some childish beliefs due to living a rich, sheltered upbringing. One such belief is Santa's existence, even extending to cleaning her chimney for Santa's arrival and boasting that Santa never misses her house. Nico tried to convince her of the reality of the situation, but was held back by the other members who feared hurting her feelings. Naturally, when she heard of Santa existing in the Pantheon, she dragged the group to the House of Celebration to see him in person. When they did meet him, she jumped for joy while Nico gaped in shock at the verified existence of Santa. Santa wasn't too fazed at the ecstatic Maki, as he met many people who similarly acted that way upon meeting him.
    • On a more humourous note, some deities have made some comparisions between her and Knuckles. Both have red hair and purple eyes, with a serious, aloof attitude that hides a soft spot that come out with their friends. The two did eventually meet up, and ended up on good terms with each other. Maki in particular is interested in Knuckles' digging skills and is thinking of training so she can dig with her bare hands.
  • Rin is Hanayo's childhood friend, and the most athlethic of the group. She's rather tomboyish, with a love for sports and an energietic personality, though is rather insecure about her tomboyishness, feeling that she's too tomboyish and not cute enough to be a proper idol. She managed to become more comfortable with her feminity and tomboyishness over time. Her angst is something that Chie Satonaka and Makoto Kikuchi can relate to, with the former feeling discomforted with her lack of feminity, especially since her feminine best friend, Yukiko Amagi, is very popular for her feminity, while the latter has a tomboyish personality and looks due to being raised by her single father and entered the idol industry to become more feminine. The three can confide with each other with their issues, and knowing that they're on the path to become more confident with their self expression puts them at ease. She also gets along with the more shameless tomboys like Kagura, Rainbow Dash, and Barbara, and admits to feeling a bit envious of them for their security with themselves.
    • While a more minor case than Kotori's association with birds, Rin is sometimes associated with cats, as she sometimes acts in a way that is suggestive of a cat, has a Cat Smile, and sometimes wears cat-themed accessories. Ironically, she dislikes eating fish and is allergic to cats, so she barely visits the House of Felines. Doesn't stop some deities from joking about it.
  • Hanayo is a big fan of idols, so joining μ's was like a dream come true for her. Despite her enthusiasm for idols, she is normally rather shy and softspoken, preferring others to take the initiative for her. She gets along with other shy deities like Fluttershy, Noel Vermillion and Mikuru Asahina, which she feels more comfortable around aside from her crew. Fluttershy fell in love with the alpacas Hanayo takes care of, and Hanayo is interested in seeing Fluttershy's animals. Noel admittedly is a bit envious at Hanayo's... assets, while Hanayo is shocked by what Noel had to go through in her world. Hanayo is a bit concerned about how Haruhi Suzumiya loves to toy around with Mikuru for giggles, and decided to try to avoid her while she's with Mikuru in case she gets dragged into Haruhi's antics.
    • Hanayo is noteable for her strong appetite and love for food, especially rice balls. Whenever she eats, be it a meal, dinner, or even a snack, she would always eat up a lot of food, yet she seemingly never gains much weight from this. She often ends up in the House of Food to dine on the many different foods there, and often stays for a long time at buffets. She was quite surprised when she saw how voracious an appetite Kirby, Chowder, Yuyuko Saigyouji, and Beelzebub of the Seven Mortal Sins have, surpassing her own. She nonetheless became good friends with them, handing over her leftovers when she's stuffed. She also ended up as meal buddies with Yuko Omori thanks to their shared love of rice and food in general, sometimes meeting up just to eat up until they're stuffed.
    • However, her eating habits do come at a cost; she's rather insecure regarding her weight. She angst's a little over being heavier than the rest of her peers, though some deities think that all the weight she gains from eating goes... somewhere else. She bonded with Koyomi Mizuhara as she is also very self-concious over her weight, and even tries out dieting to change it, something that Hanayo is considering. America also ended up as a confidant for her as he is aware of his own unhealthy eating habits, to which Hanayo is baffled that he can subsist on nothing but burgers most of the time.
    • Hanayo is in charge of taking care of Otonikizaka's two alpacas, one with white fur, another with shaggier brown fur. The rest of the girls, especially Kotori, are very fond of them and like to cuddle them and feel their fur. Carl Wheezer happens to visit the alpacas a lot, as they remind him of the llamas he adores. He even managed to get Hanayo accepted into his rather small "Llama Love Society" as an honorary member! Still, there are times when he gets too afffectionate, resulting in the alpacas headbutting him, launching him far away from the pens.
  • Nico Yazawa is the chairwoman of the Idol Research Club, and the wannabe leader of μ's. She may initially appear to be sickeningly cute and upbeat, but that's just a mask to her true personality, who is much more irritable and self-absorbed, which can be shocking to those not expecting it. It is because of this trait that she gets along with Miu Matsuoka, who is also a rather sour and cranky person who uses her cute looks to her advantage, like stealing pudding from others. There are moments where the two do get on each other's nerves, but overall they're rather close, which makes a few deities uncomfortable. On the other hand, she doesn't get along at all with other deceptively cute deities like Nui Harime, Airy, .GIFanny, Dahlia Hawthorne, Monaca Towa, and the Incubators, as their cruel, destructive actions make her cringe in disgust, and so she refuses to associate herself with them.
    • Possibly the most (in)famous thing to know about Nico is her idol catchphrase, "Nico Nico Nii~". Recognized as overly saccharine by many, it nonetheless had many deities replicate it for fun, even altering it to base it off their names or a pun. Nico is proud that her catchphrase became such a worldwide phenomenon, even if it (and by extension she) ends up as the butt of jokes.
    • Nico is also rather infamous for her attention grabbing tendencies. If there's any opportunity to draw peoples attention towards her, expect her to take it no matter what. This has caused her to butt heads with other attention hogs like Mei Hatsume, the Lumpy Space Princess and Greg Heffley, and all four sometimes try to sabotage each other whenever they're around the other's attention hogging schemes. However, Nico has taken pity on Greg for his failures in his attempts to get in the spotlight that she ended up as his sort-of mentor in this field... when they're not squabbling, that is.
    • Nico ended up having chance encounters with two other deities who happen to sound similar to her. The first was Hideri Kanzaki, a crossdressing male employee at Cafe Stile who dreams of becoming an idol. They ended up becoming fast friends after Hideri was finished with his geeking out over idols, with him winning her over by perfectly imitating her "Nico Nico Nii~". However, they do sometimes end up clashing due to their attention hogging personalities, causing many scuffles. The other occasion was when she teamed up with Miu Matsuoka to create a recording of her imitating Tenko Chabashira's voice and gushing about men when she was visiting μ's. This greatly pissed the aikido practitioner off, especially given her love of idols, and told them not to pull off such a nasty prank again. Not that they're stopping pranking her by other means any time soon.
  • Eli is the coolheaded, mature former student council president and the group's choreographer. Intelligent, skilled, and beautiful, she is seen as a role model by many in the student body. She initially opposed the group, believing that they will fail and ruin the school's reputation, but joined later after their continued success and reviving her desire to save her beloved school. She met up with fellow student council presidents Makoto Nijima and Madoka Kaguya, who despite their amazing skills feel overwhelmed by their positions, Makoto being crushed by both heving to maintain her perfect image, fighting against a reputation as the principal's lapdog, and tensions between her and her sister Sae Nijima, while Madoka gets stressed with the many duties she must juggle, wishing that she was born average so she wouldn't have to be saddled with such duties. They ended up on good terms with each other, as they know what it's like to be stressed out by such a position, and both girls respect her for handing the position to Honoka.
    • Eli has partial Russian heritage coming from her grandmother, and her family emigrated to Japan when she was young, so she isn't completely used to the customs yet. She has a habit of saying "хорошо!" ("Good!"/"Okay!") in certain situations. She met up with other Japanese girls with partial non-Japanese heritage like Karen Kujo and Ann Takamaki. Karen moved to Japan as her friend Alice Cartelet moved there due to her love of Japanese culture, with her quickly getting used to her new location, though she does act a bit quirky at times. Karen introduced Eli to Alice, where they got swimmingly along and sometimes go out for dessert. Eli was shocked to hear about Ann being sexually objectified by others due to her American heritage and being harassed by the perverted gym teacher, Suguru Kamoshida. She was relieved to hear about how she managed to defeat him with her friends and bring him to justice, as well as becoming more comfortable with herself.
  • Nozomi is the former vice-president of the student council, and the one who named the group "μ's" after the Muses of Greek mythology. One of her favorite hobbies is predicting future events with her tarot deck, giving her a mysterious and wise air. She befriended fellow fortune tellers Madame Xanadu and Chihaya Mifune, who also use the tarot deck in their predictions. She's amazed by Nimue's magic and clairvoyant powers, wishing to gain those kind of powers one day. With Chihaya, she took notes when she heard of Chihaya's belief in fate being broken and her fake holy stones, using this new knowledge to better herself and perhaps to not be so reliant on her tarot reading. Sometimes she ends up in the Velvet Room to get tarot readings from Igor. While she appreciates his tarot readings, she can't help but feel a bit uneasy, noticing him giving her strange glances and making vague remarks.
    • A peculiar quirk of hers is her "washi-washi", in which she gropes her peer's breasts as an odd form of punishment whenever they act up. Thankfully, she means no harm in this odd act, relieving some others who initially speculated more sinister motivations to it. This habit is shared by Katsuragi of Hanzō National Academy, who often gropes her friends breasts (and bodies in general) as part of her overall perverted behavior. Both girls get along surprisingly well, even if Nozomi doesn't share the shinobi's shamelessness. Katsuragi just thinks it's cool that another girl can appreciate her friends bodies.

    Electronic: Daft Punk 
Daft Punk, Gods of House Music (Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo)
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Their robot helmets
  • Theme Music: Around the World; Da Funk; One More Time; Get Lucky
  • Alignment: True Neutral or Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: House Music, Kayfabe Music, Heterosexual Life-Partners, The Invisible Band, Cool Helmets
  • Domains: Music, France
  • Heralds: The Crescendolls
  • Allies: [[Machinery and Technology} Kevin]] & Sam Flynn, Tron, K. K. Slider, Sona Buvelle, Vinyl Scratch, Napstablook, Tali'Zorah, The Phantom of Paradise
  • This French electronic musician duo consists of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. They have grown quite popular in the field of electronic music thanks to a variety of hit songs and they even had a hand in a film or two.
  • Both originally served as the High Priests to fellow electronic music group Kraftwerk, their German equivalent and potentially their predecessors in popularizing the genre (as well as having their identities during performances be that of robots).
  • While it's true that Thomas and Guy-Manuel are both known for their work as Daft Punk, they've actually done a few things separately. Among the contributions outside of Daft Punk include Thomas making the music score for a couple of independent art films.
  • Daft Punk's helmets serve as another notable aspect of the group and are almost always seen wearing it whenever they're in public. A wood sculpture of them without the masks exists with their approval and because of that, many deities have become interested in seeing the group without their masks personally. Reportedly, the duo without their helmets look like this.
    • As for why the two prefer to keep their helmets on much of the time? That's because they want people who are listening to their music to place more of an emphasis on the work rather than just the artists themselves.
  • The House of Friendship and Camaraderie has plenty of respect for the group upon learning that the two men have known each other since they were young and have stuck around each other since then.
  • "Around the World" has been noted to be one of the duo's more weirder songs given the composition and the fact that the lyrics simply consist of "Around the World". The House of Travel has wondered how many times these words would be said (and how many times the song would have played) if someone were to literally go around the world, but no one is up for that challenge for the time being.
  • Within the House of Luck and Fortune, it was assumed that "Get Lucky" was a song about being lucky at life. That house was in for a surprise when they found out what the song was actually about (though the House of Love and Affection was able to understand the song's meaning relatively quickly).
  • A few find it ironic that in one of their cameos, the duo lost to a group of aliens (or more specifically, aliens that got forcibly turned into humans) that was playing Daft Punk's music during an awards ceremony. Nevertheless, those aliens have been promoted to Heralds of the duo, given their whole existence owed to making a feature-length Animated Music Video out of the album Discovery.
  • K. K. Slider is already good friends with most of the musicians of the Pantheon, but the canine has taken quite a liking to Daft Punk. The electronic music duo has had experience with different genres, as had K.K. Slider and both have even had a bit of experience with being a DJ before (Daft Punk having made remixes of their songs before and K.K. Slider being a DJ whenever he isn't on guitar). The two are working on a collaboration project.
  • Every so often, Tali'Zorah can been seen at the DJ table with them helping their performance. Her helmet may have something to do with her getting along with the duo.
  • They are noted fans of Tron, Kevin & Sam Flynn and have managed to make music for them. Every so often, Daft Punk could be seen in cyberspace performing their music for those that happen to be interested.
  • Someone asked them about letting Tony Stark be a part of Daft Punk given Tony's party lifestyle and wearing his own cool mask. Thomas did consider the possibility, though he pointed out that Tony isn't quite that good with playing the bass.
  • Due to an infamous interview, Guy treads warily around Merlin and the house of Magic, because the wizard might show up and make good on Guy's answer to that question, for laughs.
  • Were delighted to meet The Phantom of the Paradise, whose movie they have repeatedly seen and was a big influence on their robotic getup. Winslow is always welcome to join them on stage.
    Experimental: The Beatles 
The Beatles, Influential Deities of British Musical Exports and Those Who Perform Live From The Rooftops (The Fab Four, The Young Lads, The Boys From Liverpool, The Four-Headed Monster, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band | John: The Smart One, Lennie | Paul: The Cute One, Macca | George: The Quiet One, Hazza | Ringo: The Funny One, Rings, Richie, Billy Shears, Mr. Conductor)
Their Early Career Look 
As Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 
Performing On The Rooftops 
View Above The Rooftops 
  • Lesser Deities (doesn't believe in their own godhood, arguably had the world changing influence of Greater Deities)
  • Symbol: Drum logo reading "The Beatles" or the Yellow Submarine.
  • Signature Song: Too many to choose from but here's a select few: "Hey Jude", "Yesterday", "Here Comes The Sun", "Let It Be", "All You Need is Love", "Blackbird", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "In My Life", "Come Together", "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You"
  • Alignment: As a band: Neutral Good
  • Members: John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Sir Richard "Ringo Starr" Starkey
  • Portfolio: Pioneering Artistry, Breakaway Pop Hits, Genre Turning Points, The British Invasion, Snarking, Silly Love Songs, and too many others to list. Broke-up due to Creative Differences, Did their own Solo Projects, Reunited Briefly after the break-up.
  • Domains: Music, Craft, Emotion, Liberation, Trade
  • Heralds: Brian Epstein (their late manager), Pete Best, their respective loved ones
  • Followers: JAM Project, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, etc.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Annie Wilkes, Eric Raymond, YHVH, Chuck Shurley, Big Brother, O'Brien, Mola Ram, Shere Khan, Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, HIM, Richard Nixon's Head
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Elvis Presley
  • Fans and Admirers: Mafalda, Aqours, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Joseph Joestar, SiIvaGunner, Ferris Bueller, The New Directions Glee Club, Ned Flanders, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, The Satellite of Love Crew, Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, David Tennant, Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, Robert Downey, Jr., Vinny (All of them) Marge Simpson (All of them but mostly for Ringo)
  • On Good Terms with: Sabrina Spellman, Asterix, Obelix, Mowgli, Baloo, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Lilo Pelekai, Stitch, Lucy Steel, Jojo Betzler, Fred Flintstone, Some Good Aligned Members of Middle-Earth, Gerald Ford, Krusty the Clown (All of them) Will and Elizabeth Turner (Paul) Homer Simpson (George)
  • Respects: Various Top Gods like The Love That Moves the Stars, God (God, Devil and Bob), God (Bruce Almighty), The One Above All, Eru Ilúvatar, and Vishnu
  • Respected by: House of Love and Affection, House of Friendship and Camaraderie
  • Opposes: The Warmogerers of House of Military and Warfare, Most Members of House of Hatred and Rancor and House of Slaughter, Col. Benjamin Cameron, Captain Beatty, Napoleon, Ghiaccio, Anyone who misinterprets their words and lyrics to harm and/or hate (All of them) Dorian Gray (John) Max Eisenhardt/Magneto (Paul) Kumbhakarna, The Black Knight, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog (George) Count Dracula and all his other versions, Victor Frankenstein (Ringo)
  • Opposed by: Conservative Christians of the House of Religion and Faith, J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Pities: Victims of War (especially the Vietnam War), Victims of Violence (especially of Gun Violence and Home Invasion), The Curtis Gang, Killer B (All of them) Smeagol and Gollum (John) Withnail (George)
  • Pitied by: Archie Andrews, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt
  • Complicated Relations with: Non-Conservative Christians of the House of Religion and Faith, B.J. Blazkowicz (All of them) Holden Caulfield (John) Michael Jackson (Paul)
  • Conflicted Opinion on: The Friend, The Brain, Peter Griffin (All of them) BoJack Horseman (Paul)
  • Annoys: Rocket Raccon, Rigby, Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka Dr. Eggman
  • Appeared in Sgt. Pepper Cover: Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, H.G. Wells
  • The Beatles was one of the most successful and influential music groups of the 1960’s following their formation. Consisting of John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr (the latter of whom replaced Pete Best, a member of the band during their early years), the band has put out many successful songs and albums, starred in a couple of movies, and received a couple of cartoons featuring their likenesses. The band had its share of ups-and-downs and eventually, the group disbanded in 1970 due to internal conflicts with each other and they all pursued their own solo musical careers. No matter what happened good or bad to the band and its members, The Beatles remained a strong influence on other musicians that came after them and media centered on them and their work (whether its fictional stories or documentaries) continues to get made.
  • Applies to the group or at least two members:
    • The first one to ascend was John after his murder by a mentally unstable fan in December 1980. A strange case occurred as due to coming up as "Incomplete" in the system records, he wasn't able to choose a title on his own. The second one was George who died of lung cancer in November 2001 and appeared near Vishu's temple once he ascended. While it was initially tense when they reunite due to previous animosities, John and George had since made a conscious effort to mend their friendship after expressing sadness for each other's unfortunate deaths. The third and fourth one was Paul and Ringo, who were teleported sometime during the new 10's from their respective residences. They arrived in a familiar rooftop and transformed into their younger selves. Though confused and shocked, the two were happy to finally reunite with their long-deceased mates in this strange world, whatever remaining grievances they had in the past must have been washed away years ago.
      • When summoned for their Title choosing, The Band was informed by The Court of Gods that the John and George's title glitch was now fixed by summoning Paul and Ringo into this place. As the Band don't feel like arguing with each other at the moment, they instead requested to randomized their long list of titles given to them and go with whichever it picked. The randomizer got God of Rooftop Concerts, which seems fitting as this is the last time they publicly performed together. While Paul and Ringo didn't think of that event as anything special, The Fab Four all agreed to take the title as a symbol of their renewed friendship. The Band then decided to celebrated being conferred their status with, what else, a Rooftop Concert, as they feel grateful to whoever is responsible in bring John and George back to life. On the day of their concert, the areas around the building where they are playing were packed to the brim with so many screaming people that the Band were given high-tech noise cancelling earpieces to hear what they are playing. Originally, the Band played a one and a-half-hour setlist before extending it to two and a half hours due to encore requests, which is not their normal touring routine but they kept playing on as they kept looking and are fascinated by the various fantastical beings and creatures that shown up down the street, on the adjacent rooftops and up above them. Besides some protestors outside the Music Hall, the concert went well without incident much to the Band's relief.
    • On their first week after their successful concert, they were visited by a few deities who shared their rooftop stories, which the Band finds interesting, except for George who boredly remarks that "It's Been Done.", but even he was interested in these next 3 stories. Sabrina, the teenage witch, shared how their band Flavor Babes reunited by doing a rooftop performance after they temporarily broke up due to their clashing egos caused by their rockstar-making spell. The Boys from Liverpool find it very relatable, even if the Band find that the Flavor Babes played very terribly without magic. The Band feels bad for Killer B, Ninja God of Gratuitous Rapping, after being drop-kicked from his rooftop performance by his brother A, because the latter was not pleased that he was performing in the middle of an alliance meeting. They were also touched by TriState Area residents Phineas, Ferb, and Candace's told the story about how they found their lost pet Perry by playing music on the rooftop in the hope that he can hear it and come back to them, although they did question where their parents were during all this.
      Lennon: Aren't you a little too young to be performing on top of a building unsupervised?
      Phineas: Yes, yes we were.
    • No one is bigger than they are in the domain of Music, as such they are very well liked by the House of Music and even its most evil aligned members have a begrudging respect or slight jealousy for them. Bands like Pink Floyd, Queen, Metallica, Green Day, Weezer, and Gorillaz, who are either inspired by them or looked up to them with respect, are one of their closest allies. Weird Al, of course, has made of parodies of their songs, and he's friends with Paul whose done a weird interview with him. The Fab Four also used to be one of the "The Master Composers" before being forced to forfeit their positions due to the Music House's renovation. This allowed the highschool band Houkago Tea Time a chance to apply for newly formed "The Divine Music Genre Artists". The Girls get along well with The Beatles due to their similar temperaments and musical quirks, thought, it's debated which members are based on each Beatle (you can find some two examples here). Regardless, it's agreed that Paul and Mio are the ones that get along the most, they are both left-handed bass players who like to write silly love songs. The Boys from Liverpool wholeheartedly supported the Girls from Sakuragoaka's positions in the main Music House.
    • As compensation for their Main Music House removal, the Band were reoffered to return with a second title "Gods of The British Invasion" due to their early music marking the start of foriegn interest in other British musical acts, which they accepted. They were not surprised that are various fans and admirers of their music in the Pantheon. The Fab Four gave one of their biggest kid fans named Mafalda a photo of them holding her picture after learning that she fainted upon seeing them (she loved it). The girls of Riverdale Betty and Veronica have been fans since the height of Beatlemania but you don't notice this at first as they don't age. Aqours, a highschool idol group, are admirers of their music and they even have plans to make a Beatles tribute performance on a rooftop. The New Directions Glee Club are familiar with them as they were given a two-week assignment to cover their songs, which they sang to express their frustrations in their lives and their romantic feelings for the others. Due to learning that their mortal Superior is a Beatles fan, that their world is filled with occasional references to their music, and even sometimes named after them in their original language, The Chosen Four from Eagleland got along very well with The Fab Four.
      • There were quite a lot of guys who like their music too! The Movie Riffers from The Satellite of Love Crew references and quotes the Beatles so often that one follower listed a bunch of them. SiIvaGunner, a Divine Collective who identifies as one male, likes the Band a lot that he posts his High-Quality Rips of their music to his YouTube channel. While the Fab Four likely don't approve of bootleggers of their music, they are perplexed on why it sounded a bit off and different. High-schooler Ferris Bueller who once skipped school, went on a parade to passionately lip-syncing performed to "Twist and Shout" with everyone around him gleefully dancing to the music. Peter, Stewie and Brian Griffin are also fans and kinda know the Band's history, thought the Band are frustrated with Peter's antics at times. James Bond is obviously a fan, given one of them (Paul) wrote "Live and Let Die" and another (Ringo) is married to Agent XXX. However, he prefers to only meet them when screaming crowds aren't present - 007 once said "That's as bad as listening to The Beatles without earmuffs" for a reason!
    • Their first Pantheon performance made them consider exploring a lot more Houses for musical and non-musical related trips. When they do, they always have security guards with them, would be wear some protective technology (like a high-tech protective vest or GPS) or just wear a disguise (which they used to do in their early careers). They understandably have fears of travelling as while everyone knows of John's death, not a lot of people know that George once survived an attack in his residence by a mentally unstable fan. What eased their fears a bit are when US Presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Ford, all of whom experienced public assassination or attempts in their careers, wrote letters to both John and George about their own experiences in the Pantheon and reassure them that some of its heroic deities would protected despite the increase dangers. Only Ford is aware of the band when he was a mortal and he even personally visited their temple a few weeks after George ascended. While Nixon also had kill attempts during his term, he never contracted the Band, mostly because he opposed them in real life but also because his revived head hates their guts.
    • The area around their temple looks like a typical small and relatively quiet Liverpool-like city distinct with old brick buildings, several trees, and a cloudy sky. Their actual temple looks like the front of the Apple Corp building, with 4 floors for each Beatle and their heralds to stay in, has a high tech recording studio in the basement, and of course, a rooftop, which where their reunion and first Pantheon concert happened. Absolutely no outsiders is allowed inside their temple unless you made an appointment or let in by one of the Beatles themselves. The temple and its immediate area are some of the most secured and highly guarded in the entire House of Musicality. It's not that they are afraid of dying, but they are all afraid of being violently attacked, kidnapped or tortured for any reason. Annie Wilkes, Goddess of Loony Fans, and all of her followers are absolutely not allowed within several kilometers from their area, despite not having stated any opinions on the band herself. There are a lot of small-numbered floored buildings around the temple which are used for fan meet-ups, musical sessions or if one decides to do a rooftop concert of their own, with the Band's only request is to not make their music too loud while they have guests over.
    • The Beatles usually look like they were in their late 30's and early 40's (around the same age John passed away), but can also shift ages and outfits from time to time. Both John and George had tried to age themselves to match the ages of their surviving members but they switch back shortly as they sometimes get sad about the years they have lost. Although their older selves don't like shifting into their younger 20's selves that much because of their mature mindset, they would occasionally shift into this form, complete with their Mop-top and suits, with the side effect that their mindset also changes that they can act jokey, carefree and free-spirited, similar to their fictional characterization in movies like "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!". They can also be seen in other outfits as well like Sgt. Pepper's outfit (where they are treated as if they are another band) or their Magical Mystery Tour outfits. To shift to a different topic, they are also without any supernatural powers of their own and if you bought up that they had one while being stuck on other planets, they would give you looks of confusion. Also, they request to stop giving them drugs of any kind as they are done with that lifestyle.
    • While initially weirded out by this, The Band befriended deities who recognized their similar look in other worlds. Asterix and Obelix told them about a popular group of bards during their visit to Britannia. After learning their likeness to a musical group of 4 insects, the Band and Cookie Monster gladly performed a cover of this song with him at a Pantheon charity concert. While no longer with the travelling band that resembles at least three of them, Pinkie Pie is still on good terms with the human Young Lads. The simple-minded lab mouse Pinky get along with the Fab Four just fine due to looking like another Liverpudlian band from their world. The scheming lab mouse The Brain fears that Pinky's new friendship may distract him from their world taking schemes, while the Band are a bit unsure of The Brain's world taking motivations due to having noble intentions of wanting a better world. Reminded of the four rockstars he used to train with, The Guru of the Stone agreed to teach the Band the peaceful magic called Dreamtime after they expressed their curiosity about it. Fred Flinstone, when hearing their "Bug Music", told them of the time he, his wife and neighbors pretended to be in a band to annoy their irritating guests off their house, which the Band finds his story amusing.
      • Their likeness brings unexpected dangers too. An tiger named Shere Khan was found stalking their temple with murderous looks in his eyes. He left when a South Asian boy with a torch and a black bear came to shoo him away, and the pair, named Mowgli and Baloo, explained to the the Band that the tiger must have been stalking them due to how similar they look to the vultures that helped defeat him. The Band thanked both of them and later install lanterns due to learning the tiger's fear of fire. They would later be harassed by 3/4 of The Beat-Alls, consisting of Mojo, Princess and HIM, who the villains claim that the Band stole a lot of their ideas from them. The Powerpuff Girls would kick these villains of course and later grew to befriend this "dumb old band"(especially Ringo, who admits to wishing to be a Powerpuff himself) and promised to be vigilant in case Fuzzy's ascension would cause an unwanted band reunion. B.J. Blazkowicz admits that he's a bit wary of them due to mistaking them to a band who sings Nazi propaganda songs. The Band says it's not theirs as they only rerecorded at least two of their songs in German to appeal to their country. While The Fab Four were glad Jojo Betzler likes their German music and was able to turn his ideals around, they politely asked him to stop making comparisons between Beatlemania and Nazism.
    • The protesters during their first rooftop concert were actually selected Christians of the House of Religion and Faith and other Christian deities in the Pantheon, who argued that John proclaiming that he was bigger than Jesus himself is enough to get the band kicked out of the Pantheon for their blasphemy, or at least banned from coming into their House. This peeved John and he argues to the protestors picketing outside their temple one day that: 1) It's misworded and was not about comparing himself to Christ but was attempting to explain the decline of Christianity in the UK 2) He had already issued an apology (even if he believes he was just expressing his opinion). 3) He doesn't have a problem with Jesus himself and even convert back to Christianity few years before passing.note  4) He finds the protests insensitive when his killer cites his bloody comment as one of his murderer's "excuses". That last statement stopped their protest, some started feeing pity about John's passing or feared being lumped with a killer. Since then, there were fewer protests around their temple, mostly from some conservative deities who still think the Band disrespects Christian or Traditional values. The Band also express that they aren't that offended if other deities make references to that statement.
    • The Fab Four didn't know what surprised them more; that both Abrahamic God and Hindu Gods exist in physical form, that there are multiple versions of them, or that they co-living in the Pantheon. For context, all members used to have Catholic/Protestant backgrounds before embracing other religious beliefs alongside Christianity (besides Paul who seems agnostic still). Most good-aligned Top Gods the Band encounters are pretty understanding and chill with them, including His Highest Joy, The God That Bob Knows, The God That Bruce Knows, The One Above All, Eru Ilúvatar and the Hindu God Vishnu (who sometimes appears as one of his avatars Krishna). As an Hare Krishna follower, George has huge respect for Vishnu, who in turn would gladly help the Band if they needed protection or guidance. The few Top Gods they have a problem with is YHVH, who wishes to smite the Band for John's assertions that his influence is decreasing or being jealous that they are more popular than him, and the God who calls himself Chuck Shurley, who treats his world as like it was his original novel and they don't like the idea that their personal tragedies being there for his entertainment only, not caring whether he's a music fan or not.
    • The Beatles are known for advocating for Peace and Love, which they started after learning about the horrors of the Vietnam War, and have several songs dedicated to these ideals. They were horrified by the Pantheon's Forever War and even thought Death is Cheap here, there's still suffering everywhere. That said, The Band do give kudos to the GUAG for their good-aligned goals of peace and justice, and to the Nature Uprising for protecting animal kind and nature in general. They also oppose any hateful, violent, or warmongering deities, mostly found in the Houses of Military & Warfare, Hatred & Rancor and Slaughter, with special hatred goes to Big Brother and his loyal mole O'Brien, being an antithesis for their ideals and for maintaining a perpetual war in their world, as well as the animal-oppressing pig Napoleon. Big Brother would like to break them but the Band's high security would make them hard to reach, while The Pig is not amused when told that "Piggies" was likely inspired by him. Due to this stance, they are considered honorary members of the Houses of Love and Affection and Friendship and Camaraderie, with "All You Need Is Love" playing at certain peace rallies there. They're also befriended the spritually-minded Avatar Aang, who is also against war and violence.
    • The Band also has some beef with a few of the deities and the titles they represent. Being no stranger to the shady Music Industry, The Band don't like the shrewd music executive Eric Raymond, who in turn, has seething jealousy over their success and plans to take them down one day. Being reminded of the burnings of their records, the Band would also oppose Captain Beatty, who in turn, is wary of the information spreading and emotional upsetting power of music, and this burning incident gave him some interesting ideas should he ran out of books to burn. The House of Musicality is well prepared should fires start to break out in their Domain. Due to their not-so-good experiences with The Klan, they also oppose Col. Cameron, a Deity who represents them. Being a conservative Christian, Cameron opposes the Band simply because he agreed with the modern Klansmen's opinions on the Band's perceived blasphemy. After The Trollkaigers invited him to a screening of "Help!", Mola Ram was outraged by their mockery of his religion and swore to sacrifice The Band to appease Kali. This offended the Band because it was during the filming of Help! that their interest in Indian culture started, and they feel like they have more respect for the culture than The Head of the Thuggees ever could.
    • The Doctor and The Beatles recently got reacquainted since they have a long history together spanning back to The Time Lord's first incarnation. The Band are well aware of The Doctor's past as a solider and while they oppose their War incarnation, they acknowledge that The Time Lord has saved a lot of people too, and at least they weren't warmongers but another victim of war itself. During a friendly meeting one day, John, out of the blue, asked The Time Lord if there was a way to prevent his death via time travel, to which the room fell silent. The Doctor calmly told them about fixed events as he briefly tells them of the story when one of his companions "tried" to fix the death of her father. While The Band were saddened by this story, The Doctor tried to comfort them by sharing about other timelines where John could have lived, like a curious incident where due to a strange blackout, the Band never formed and only a few people can remember them. The Fab Four's curiosity grew a bit and the Doctor also told them of worlds where they never broke up, other people tried to save John, etc. and there are even some books about these stories. The Band made a mental note to read these books from the House of Knowledge in their free time.
    • The Young Lads are well aware of the reason English author J. R. R. Tolkien's hatred of them is because he hated hearing the noise some Beatles wannabe band would make near his residence. While there's no information if he held any personal grudges with the Band itself, it's speculated that's why his estate rejected their offer of adapting one of his beloved books, The Lord of the Rings. According to the mortal director Peter Jackson, they had this plan back in 1968 to adapt this book and even approached Stanley Kubrick to direct the film. John wanted to play Gollum, Paul would play Frodo, Ringo would take on Sam, and George would have bearded up to play Gandalf. Paul has seen and liked Jackson's version but laments that it could have been a musical with Beatles songs as its soundtrack. Either way, they seem to be on good terms with most of Tolkien's creations since the beings from Middle-Earth don't have a real grudge against them. The Band also allied with the characters they are supposed to play as, since they each felt flattered by their gesture of wanting to embody their journeys, except for Gollum, who John pities for the hobbit's obsession with the One Ring. The Band and Kubrick, along Steven Spielberg, who is a big Beatles fan, were recently seen together, leading to rumors that they are working on other book adaptation of some kind.
    • With Elvis Presley being one of their main musical inspirations, learning about Paul's trip to Graceland made the other Beatles reminisce about Elvis in his prime and they eventually made friends with other Elvis fans as well. One of these fans was a girl named Lilo, who showed them a video of Snitch and Dr. Doof performing their song "Blackbird", and while the two were seen making fun of their lyrics, the Band finds their odd friendship kinda cute. The Curtis Gang, a close-knit group of greaser youths, didn't expect to learn that the Band were fans of Elvis too, that they aren't born into a rich family nor that they used to dress like greasers. The Band (sans Ringo) did admit they aren't into the culture, but wanted to imitate the other bands back when they are staring out. Due to their varying lifestyles, they can't see each other as friends but they are amicable since the Band feel pity on what the Band's fans, the Socs, did to them. Due to having mutual admiration for both Elvis and the Beatles, Archie, Betty, and Veronica decided to go to a private fan-up with the Band, who know the teens as their band The Archies actually outpace them at one point. Archie did express pity for the Band as he sympathise their stresses in their fame, from a dream at least. The Beatles told Archie and his friends that they would have to deal with that eventually and give some tips on dealing with fame and making music too.
    • There's a rumor within the Pantheon that the reason why the nickname JoJo was applied to Jonathan Joestar and most of his descendants was because of their song "Get Back", which was focused on a man named Jojo. While neither The Beatles nor Jonathan would elaborate any further, they get along rather well otherwise. His grandson Joseph Joestar is a fan of the Band and has even gone to see one of their concerts in the 60s. Through their meeting with the Joestars, the Band learned of the existence of Stands, which Joseph explains, is a manifestation of one's own life energy and possesses superhuman abilities. Two of those Stands, namely White Album (with one of its abilities named "Gently Weeps") and Ticket to Ride (which was created when The Holy Corpse, which may or may not be Jesus' actual corpse, merged with its owner) seem to be named after one of their albums and two of their songs, though Joseph clarifies that the names are probably coincidental in his world. After learning about their owners, they oppose White Album's user Ghiaccio of La Squadra Esecuzioni simply because he's an assassin while they got along Ticket to Ride's user Lucy Steel, even if her young marriage squicks them out. If there's one thing both the Christians deities and The Beatles can agree on, is that they want to know how her whole "giving virgin birth to the head of Christ" thing works.
    • Some of the residents of Springfield have a long history with some of The Beatles members. Apu is a friend of the Band since they met each other in India during their Maharishi days. Ned Flanders, who is and still is a fan, used to have a room filled with Beatles memorabilia until Bart and Millhouse wrecked it. While he's made no mention of what he thinks of John's infamous comment, it's evident that Flanders still admires the Band regardless. Krusty the Clown has only met the Band once and has picture of their meeting with him. The Simpsons themselves have interacted with some of The Beatles members, which led them to meeting all of The Fab Four at their temple at Lisa's request. Marge thanked Ringo for inspiring her to paint again, Lisa thanked Paul for inspiring her to continue her veganism, while Homer thanked George for pointing him towards a pile of brownies at a Grammy after party. While John has never met any of the Simpsons in his lifetime, he was initially angry at Homer who had killed various celebrities to help exploit their decreased likenesses but since this Homer doesn't recall these events at all and is even horrifed by his story, John started to warm up to him.
    • While The Beatles are together in the sense that they are playing as a band again, they aren't going full-time with the reunion just yet. Eventually, Paul and Ringo would return to the mortal realm as they still have their mortal obligations and solo careers to deal with, leaving the permanently ascended John and George, to run their temples most of the time, doing their own solo careers in the Pantheon. They did promise each other to reunite more often or visit the Pantheon their own as they find the place is too interesting for them to pass up. If ever they occasionally reunite, which is hopely not in a ring fighting each other to the death, they would continue to do tours on the rooftops or actual stages periodically (like 3-12 month intervals) as they feel like touring is a bit tiring for them to do it often. As for another Beatles album, they are a bit secretive about it if they are working on it or not but who can say for sure that happens in the future? But for now, they seem content in making this place their own for the meantime.
  • Exclusive to John Lennon:
    • The Smart Beatle: As the leader, founder, and spokesman of the band, John plays the Rhythm Guitar on stage along with other instruments on recordings and is one-half of the Lennon/McCartney songwriting partnership, where they co-own the songs either or both of them wrote. His lead vocals can be heard in songs such as "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "Come Together" and "All You Need is Love". He is described by those who know him as very smart, sarcastic, witty, passionate and isn't afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to political and social causes. He also harbored a dark side, being prone to anger and jealousy, and being distant to some of his loved ones, probably stemming from the fact that his parents were not present in his early life. Despite that, while you can't buy John Lennon love, he will kick your ass for free if you mess with his loved ones. His most visited Houses are the Hall of Felines, since he's a cat lover as well as House of Knowledge since he loves to read a lot ever since he was a wee lad.
    • Despite staying in the Pantheon the longest, John rarely goes out of his temple for the first few years, being traumatized by his sudden death. During that time, he mostly stayed in his temple reading books he requested from the House of Knowledge, writing about his thoughts and feelings, or seeking therapy from Frasier Crane, who has heard of the Band before. It wasn't until he reunited with George did he found the courage to go out and explore more frequently. Being an avid reader, he's surprised that many literary figures had ascended here. Having read and loved Carroll, Alcott, and Wilde's work, he befriended Alice from Wonderland and The March Sisters of Little Women and stays the hell away from Dorian Grey, given his youthful self-destructive nature. John also felt a deep connection to Snow White as his late mother used to sing her song "I'm Wishing" to him. Snow White is flattered that "Do You Want to Know a Secret" (which John wrote) references her song and they became good friends ever since. While he doesn't hold any grudges against Holden for inspiring his killer to commit his murder, he still gets chills whenever he passes by the kid.
    • He's aware of his ironic title about performing, despite his disdain for it in his later years. It could be a side effect of his improving mental health or the positive interactions he's had, which made him not worried about whichever title he took when he was able to. Either way, he befriended other troubled artists, like Van Gogh and Beethoven, who appreciate his concerns for their mental health. He also found a sort of kinship in Avatar Korra for being an emotionally troubled public figure with anger and jealousy issues, noting that they both have a "Lost Weekend" being separated from their loved ones. Speaking of positive friends, given John's friendship with David Bowie, the two hugged each other when they reunited. Whenever he meets EpicLloyd and NicePeter, he remembers the time he was summoned into a rap battle with Bill O'Reilly and doesn't mind getting a rematch should he ascend.
  • Exclusive to Paul McCartney:
    • The Cute Beatle: As the co-leader and co-founder of the band, Paul plays the Bass Guitar on stage along with other instruments on recordings and is the other half of the Lennon/McCartney songwriting partnership. His lead vocals can be heard in songs such as "She Loves You", "Hey Jude", and "Yesterday". He is described by his peers as friendly and polite, and also cheesy and sensitive, which is reflected by his Silly Love Songs. He also tends to be very guarded, kinda bossy when doing recording stuff, and also sometimes likes being the centre of attention. Some deities swear that he has been in the Pantheon for much longer having been "dead" since 1966, to which Paul ignores those comments as he'd already hear all of them. During his spare time, he can be seen in the Hall of Birds as he is an avid bird-watcher. Being a comic fan, he's met Stan Lee and Jack Kirby before. Magneto remember the time Paul and him used to hang out and is reluctant to admit that song dedicated to him slaps. He is also friends with actor Sir Christopher Lee, who appeared on his other band Wings' album Band on the Run.
    • An eventful day during Paul's visit started like this: Due to his compassion for animals, which started when he, a young boy, saw how Dumbo and Bambi's mothers were treated poorly, Paul was overjoyed to hear that their children were in the Pantheon and decided to meet them along with other vegetarian animal lovers like Beast Boy, Fluttershy, Wander, and Eliza Thornberry who are waiting for see him. On his way there, he chats up with Liz Lemon and Kermit the Frog, who are glad to meet up after he was invited to their Live sketch show and the Queen's Jubilee respectively. He hopes that his next invite would be better than the time he was invited by BoJack's herald for a surprise party or that time he had a scuffle with BoJack at the Golden Globes. Making his way back from the visit, Paul walked passed MJ's temple, who had a falling out after he bought rights to the Beatles' songs and refuse to talk to him. Granted, Paul was the one who advised purchasing other people's songs for investment to him and the reason why he didn't bought their own songs was because he didn't want to own all for the songs he and John wrote, but it still ironically hurts coming from friend he thought he knew. At least that whole rights thing is kinda sorted, so Paul just leave him alone and left. As he was returning from the meeting (which he enjoyed), he was approached by the pirate couple Will and Elizabeth who were outside the Band's temple asking about Jack Sparrow's whereabouts, after hearing that his uncle had ascended. Quickly figuring out that someone must have mistaken him for someone who looks like him, he clarified the confusion and invited them for some tea for their troubles.
  • Exclusive to George Harrison:
    • The Quiet Beatle: As one of the founding members and the youngest of the group, George plays the Lead Guitar on stage along with other instruments on recordings. His lead vocals can be heard in songs such as "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Something", and "Here Comes The Sun". He is described by those close to him as fun, thoughtful, sociable, and very spiritual. Despite his "nickname", he isn't that untalkative according to his friends, it's just that he only spoke when something needed to be said, and didn't give as many interviews as the other Beatles. He can be seen visiting the House of Travel due to his love for cars as well as the Hindu temples of the House of Religion and Faith to practice his faith. Despite being aware that he can be healed, be revived and have as much cigs as he wants, he doesn't touch any of it and advocates for anti-smoking causes in his free time. He also gets nervous when going near any Pantheonic hospitals.
    • One of his first allies in the Pantheon were the Monty Python troupe, whom he was friends with in the moral realm, but after they descended following a certain spam incident, George became friends with their underling Brian, the non-messiah, who the latter swears looks familiar to him. He is, however, wary of Monty Python's other underlings like The Black Knight and Killer Rabbit. Knowing that George helped produced his film, Withnail is surprisingly grateful and even invites him for a drink, while George pities his alcoholic lifestyle and tries introduce his religion to get Withnail to change his ways before his health gets worse. Speaking of religion, besides Vishnu, George befriend a few Greater Deities from Hindu faith such as Ganesha, Karna, Rama and Sita, all of whom admire his dedication despite not being born into the faith. Being a friends with the other Hindu deities as well as a famed boxer in India, he also gets along The Great Tiger. Despite being a fan of Hindu Mythlogy, the light-bending architect Symmetra hasn't heard of the Hare Krisma Mantra, to which George gladly teaches her all about its ways. On the other hand, the demon Kumbhakarna is not interested in this puny human, while George doesn't like him after hearing how he ate the monks who disturbed his sleep.
  • Exclusive to Ringo Starr:
    • The Funny Beatle: As the heartbeat and soul of the band (according to the other Beatles) as well as the oldest member, he plays the Drums on stage along with other instruments on recordings. His lead vocals can be heard in songs such as "Yellow Submarine", "With A Little Help From My Friends" & "Octopus’s Garden". He is described by his friends as usually laid back, goofy, jokey, kinda blunt but gets along well with pretty much everyone. Sometimes being made fun of as the "loser" of the group, although he doesn't mind it that much as that's only their opinion. At least his bandmates like him in real life. Although, he gets a bit self-conscious when it comes to his singing or his drumming, and was the one who didn't speak a lot. When he's not playing with his band-mates, Ringo has been seen telling stories to some of the child deities, most of the stories being about train engines on the Island of Sodor. Given his previous issues with it, he steers away from the Hall of Alcohol.
    • Being the voice of his stories, he is friends with Thomas the Tank Engine and fellow narrator George Carlin, even if Ringo doesn't mind that Carlin thinks that "the wrong two Beatles died first". Wakko tried to volunteer to be Thomas' storyteller since his voice is based on him but Ringo politely declined the offer. They still get along well. His other on-screen roles got him into some interesting scenarios, such as when Alice would sometimes mistake him for The Mock Turtle, who somehow turned human. As he played Merlin in Son of Dracula (no, not that one), he's allied with the actual Merlin and his aid with Van Helsing in that movie also got him in hot water with Count Dracula (and all his other versions) as well as Dr. Frankenstein (while not the evil Baron, Victor is frustrated at another evil depiction of him). Having been a Caveman before, he gets along with Loana and her tribe and even introduced her tribe to the concept of music. Like Paul, Ringo has met Kermit and Stan Lee before, and while Ringo and Stan still can't get a good comic idea they can both agree with, they remain good friends.
John Lennon: "I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we've passed the audition."

    Metal: Corey Taylor 
Corey Todd Taylor, Patron Saint of Heavy Metal Vocals (#8, Great Big Mouth, Corey Motherfucking Taylor [CMFT], The Sickness, Todd Tigger, The Boogie Knight, Neck, Plankhead)
Eponymous Slipknot Album 
Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses 
All Hope Is Gone 
.5: The Gray Chapter 
We Are Not Your Kind 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Tattoo on his Neck, A Stylizied "S" and The Number 8
  • Signature Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good Normally, Acts Chaotic Neutral in Slipknot
  • Portfolio: The Frontman and Most Well-Known Member of his Bands (Though is Actually Second in Leadership to Shawn Crahan in Slipknot), Heavy Metal Vocals (Types 1, 2 and 3), Is More Knowledgeable than First Thought, Wearing Scary Masks Which Change with each New Album, Often Singing in Slurred, Incomprehensible and Voracious Tones (And Often Dropping Screams Randomly), Harsh Vocals (Though he Also Has a Very Soft Voice), Dark and Troubled Past, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Divided Audience Reception
  • Domains: Heavy Metal, Aggression, Vocals, Popularity, Sadness
  • Heralds: The (current) band members of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Griffin Parker Taylor (his son)
  • Allies: Metallica, Megadeth, Linkin Park, Green Day, Kousei Arima, Kaori Miyazono, Yui (Angel Beats), Batman, Spider-Man, Luke Skywalker, Fin Shepard, Shinji Ikari, Joseph Joestar, The Nostalgia Critic, Dr. Zalost, Sayori (Doki Doki Literature Club), Makoto Yuuki, Kotone Shiomi, Hikari
  • Friendly Rivals: μ's (Muse)
  • Enemies: Frank Underwood, Ember McLain, The 456 Ambassador, Monika, Johan Liebert, Yuuki Terumi, Mayhem (Mainly towards Euronymous and Hellhammer, is on more neutral terms with Necrobutcher and Dead)
  • Respects: Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Epica, Sabaton, Josiah "Jed" Bartlett, Aqours, Dethklok
  • Disappointed In: Lucifer (SMT)
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Santa Claus, Knight of Despair
  • Complicated Relationship: House of Costumes, Madness and Insanity and Hatred and Rancor, Pink Floyd, Despair of the Endless
  • The Great Big Mouth, CMFT, The Boogie Knight... Corey Taylor has done a lot to build up the reputation of becoming one of the biggest names and icons in Heavy Metal and Rock Music. Born in 1973 in Des Moines, Iowa, Corey's life was not for the faint of heart, filled with abuse, excessive consumption, depression and thoughts of suicide. These all played a factor in his musical career, initially forming Stone Sour as it's frontman before also receiving an invitation to join Slipknot. And from there, the rest is history, Corey became one of contemporary Rock and Metal's most well-regarded singers and personality... whilst also developing a sort of mixed reception regarding his personal character.
    • Corey is often considered to be one of the most versatile vocalists of the 21st Century. This is attributed to the fact that he possesses a 5 1/2 vocal octave range (by context, Freddie Mercury was estimated to have had 4 octaves). Barring a select few singers from the Classical genre, the only known rock singer to surpass Corey's vocal range is Mike Patton with 6 Octaves.
  • Corey's ascension was rather different, compared to other music artists. Rather than receiving an anonymous mail that pointed to a concert, he was instead given an invitation to do an interview at a designated club. What resulted was Corey getting pulled into a rather fancy setting where he was interviewed by what appeared to be weird creatures and aliens. It was surely a surrealistic experience for Corey before he was given questions about how it would feel to live in a different world. Corey figured out that he was in a new world, but chose to go along with the questions. The final answer turned out to be "How do you feel being a member of the Pantheon?", which Corey stated that if it had Batman and Spider-Man in it, alongside many others, it'd be "fucking awesome". Hence, Corey took his new position in the Pantheon with stride, even managing to get his bands, plus his son Griffin, an up-and-coming singer himself, as his heralds.
  • To a lot of people's surprise, he's a pretty big fan of comics and a lot of contemporary media. One of the reasons he was excited to be a part of the Pantheon was learning that he would get to meet a lot of characters that he used to idolise in his childhood. He spoke about Batman and Luke Skywalker during a talk show broadcasting and how he would like to meet up with them at some point. That said, while a Star Wars fan, Corey knows better than to meet up with Darth Vader, though Corey admits that it'd be nice to meet the guy for once.
    • He surprisingly became fast friends with Joseph Joestar. The two of them are comic book fans and Joseph was eager to hang out with someone of the same interest. At one point, he tried to enlist himself as a potential tenth member of Slipknot just so he can hang out with him. Corey declined, though he is open to hang out and watch nerd stuff every now and then. That's not stopping Joseph from coming up with his own mask though...
  • One of Corey's defining trait is his outspoken nature; he is not hesitant in voicing out his opinions and thoughts on various different matters, whether be they political, emotional matters or a social issue. When the Pantheonic Forever ar was bought up, Corey stated how it's nothing more than a tantrum between various factions (he means no disrespect to heroes though) and how as something that's broadcasted every now and then, there's nothing of merit to talk about.
    • He does admit that Lucifer strikes the impression of a cool guy with stylish traits and someone you would want to look up to. That said, his role in the Forever War doesn't exactly make him out to be someone to look up to and thinks that Lucifer is someone with "good ideas and a lot of styles who fucks up badly in his delivery". Still, he can see where the Grand United Alliance of Chaos is coming from, even if the end-goal isn't exactly agreeable.
  • At one point, he and the rest of Slipknot actually tried to make their own clothing brand. Given the band's personality and identity, it would make a little sense, seeing as Slipknot is a band with a lot of star power. Unfortunately, they started off wrong when they decided to name their venture Tattered and Torn, which became the subject to mockery for a few people. This didn't stop Slipknot from fully shutting off their attempt as they decided to promote their merch regardless. Many in the House of Costumes thought the name as awkward, but given how Corey is pretty laid back, they didn't have a problem with having Tattered and Torn clothing and items be available at their place. That said, Slipknot masks are a rarity to come by, much to many fans' dismay.
  • While not the leader of Slipknot, he is its most famous member for various reasons and the nine-member band are well-known for their utterly chaotic and bombastic live tours and performances. Expect members to dance like maniacs, drum on a barrel keg or swing a baseball bat at another keg, alongside a series of hard electronic beats and the usual riffs, solos, breakdowns and Harsh Vocals you'd see in a Metal band. Stone Sour, on the other hand, is fairly ordinary enough with just five-band members, though it's a lot more tolerable to get by with Corey being more melodic and soft here. His stage presence is enough to win a lot of fans in the Pantheon to the point where the end results in a Slipknot show is staff members having to pick up a lot of trash and waste thrown around by fans.
  • As far as Corey is aware, there aren't that many bands with a nine-member ensemble. The most popular one of that kind was Muse, a group of high school girls from Japan who wanted to pursue a career in idol singing and had to work in a steep competition against other girls whilst also attending school. While Corey has his gripes towards music being homogenized and corporate-shilled (especially apparent in Pop), he does give credit to Muse for sticking up to their beliefs of working independently, though them being the most popular of their type also means influence and a slew of imitators were soon to follow.
    • Muse themselves don't know what to make of Corey. A few members like Nico Yazawa think he's pretty funny, especially when he starts ranting about certain people and events in an over-the-top fashion, while others like Kotori Minami and Umi Sonoda find him rather intimidating, given his shtick in Slipknot (and the masks). There was once a planned schedule for Corey and Muse to meet up, where Corey admitted that he would be fine seeing a mashup of something along the lines of Duality and Snow Halation. After all, he did approve of a mashup between Psychosocial and Baby by Justin Bieber, much to the girls' amusement.
    • Clearly enough, their music couldn't be any more different, though Stone Sour seems ordinary enough. Muse is more dance-oriented, melodic and focuses on lyrics of fun, love, friendship and hope. Slipknot is absolutely chaotic, aggressive and it's lyrics delve into misanthropy, nihilism, depression, melancholy and anger. The fact that the band members are actually affable outside of the music is a surprise to the uninitiated, which caught Muse by surprise when they met Corey. Despite their difference in their musical styles, Corey is open to talking to them and helping them out if they're feeling down, though he's pretty adamant that his content is better. Their fandoms, however, are quick to argue with one another, with Muse fans staying away from Slipknot's music for being too heavy (though they're content with what Stone Sour has to offer, somewhat), whereas Slipknot fans either can't take Muse's music seriously or outright hate it for being light, cheesy Pop. Corey has since tried to quell this down to a notch.
    • Aqours was initially not on Corey's radar, given that he was usually busy in his musical schedule and learning and exploring more of the Pantheon. When he did learn about an Idol group that took cues from Muse, Corey took to being skeptical, until he realized how they, particularly Chika Takami, resolved to try finding their own sound and identity to try to differentiate themselves from their main influence. Corey appreciates the gesture, plus he has shown some ounce of support once he learned the school in which Aqours went to was closed down and they struggled to find a footing in their music. Corey's main advice to the girls is to remain strong in the face of adversity. In a more humorous situation, Yoshiko Tsushima has tried to imitate Corey's guttural growls as part of her deep-voice gimmick to little success, which Corey personally found rather funny. Still, Yoshiko isn't giving up replicating that sound, even if it means several souring her throat.
  • He has a great deal of respect for Green Day, which is reciprocated with equal measure. Both of them are not afraid to state their opinions regarding politics and their personal beliefs on societal topics. As with the case in the Pantheon, Corey and Green Day quickly came to dislike Frank Underwood very quickly due to his callous disregard for his followers and being willing to order bombing strikes if it meant maintaining his seat as president. Frank, predictably, sees Corey as a "talkative idiot who barks without warning and without construct", to which Corey responded that he spends much of his time "flailing over his seat of power and his business like a clueless sheep", a gesture which Frank ignored.
  • Regarding who Corey hates, the 456 Ambassador is a pretty obvious example. It's already infuriating enough that the Ambassador sells drugs and is backed by incredibly shady individuals, but selling them to kids is a tipping point for Corey. And while Yuuki Terumi does enjoy Rock Music in his spare time, Corey knows better than to invite him in a tour with him, lest Terumi wants to wreak havoc upon everyone he comes across for his own amusement.
  • In spite of his reputation in Heavy Metal, Corey is despised by Mayhem (or at least Euronymous) for daring to bring Heavy Metal to the mainstream and apparently "poisoning" the essence of the genre being mysterious. Corey rebutted that Euronymous should really get on with the times and, in spite of the Black Metal band's influence, needs to quickly consider their approach to other artists. Euronymous hasn't said a word, though Necrobutcher, having lived longer than him and Dead think he may have a point.
    • In contrast, while they've barely interacted, Corey has told Necrobuther that he should be on the lookout for Dead and probably try hanging out and helping him. He states that he knows how it feels being suicidal and that is it never a pleasant feeling. Necrobutcher has given it a thought, though he knows that dealing with Dead is a difficult task in itself, especially considering there's also Euronymous's potential thoughts on the matter, which may not be mutual.
  • One of the most bittersweet moments in the Pantheon for Corey was when he got word that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was also ascended there. He quickly took to arranging a meeting with him, as Corey personally knew Chester and wanted to quickly get back into contact with him. Manly Tears were shed when the two reunited, alongside their respective band members. One of the things Corey said to Chester was that he wasn't a coward, regardless if he took his life or not and asserted that his fans will always be proud of the fact that Chester was an inspiration to them. This actually bit hard on him as Chester took Corey's words to heart and decided that he will be more open to talking about and expressing his feelings. Corey also said that he's always available for help if he needs it and that Chester should keep up with therapy, which he was enlisted in upon his ascension, to which he said he's working on it. That, and Corey and Chester are more than eager to perform on tour together.
  • Outside of his music career and his outspoken thoughts on certain topics, Corey is also aiming to be an advocate for Mental Health, being a volunteer for the You Rock Foundation, especially considering that he didn't grow up with an easy life and once tried to take his own life via overdose before being pulled away by his mother. It'll take a lot of time before he can be a mentor of-sorts regarding that, but Corey is trying regardless. Alongside the pressures life, he also knows the difficulties of being a rockstar as he's told that Slipknot's recording sessions are never easy, especially when they were working on Iowa.
    • After hearing the story of Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, Corey personally took to visiting the two privately for a talk. He initially chided Maori for manipulating Kousei into getting back to music, angering her, though does mellow up once he began to talk about his own issues and the fact that Kaori at least did her best in motivating Kousei. As for the pianist himself, Corey gave him a few words of advice, namely that he isn't alone and that he should be thankful for having friends that look out for him. That and Kousei's tragic childhood meant that Corey can relate in a sense and urged him to be happy and hopeful for times ahead.
    • While never having been in an abusive situation before entering the afterlife, Yui did catch Corey's interest. When the two first met, Yui proceeded to challenge Corey... in a wrestling match after catching onto some of Corey's stints regarding wrestling. Seeing a little girl trying to suplex him impressed Corey somewhat, though he actually came to her to talk about any future plans. All Yui thought was that she wants to be happy and content, though she's only leading Girls' Dead Monster before Iwasawa ascends herself. Corey told Yui that she should do what makes her most satisfied, in addition to stating that she should not give up in music if it's what allows her to express herself. Yui responded with an approving giggle.
    • Dr. Zalost was a person of interest when Corey realized how he was driven by sheer depression and was determined to make others feel like him. Rather than hating him, Corey took pity on him, thinking he may have missed out on a lot of things. Fortunately, he is making an effort to be a better person thanks to Courage and the two quickly became good friends, even letting Dr. Zalost hang out with his son Griffin after he gave him a nice pep talk on motivation and happiness. That and he would like to get Dr Zalost into Heavy Metal as a way of having him vent out his frustrations in a different, yet less malicious manner.
    • Sayori was a high school girl who suffered from depression despite her cheery disposition and later committed suicide. The circumstances of her death angered Corey upon realising that Monika was behind the events of mentally breaking Sayori. He knows how it feels being suicidal and wrote a note to her for encouragement, which Sayori appreciated. Even if she is behaving herself, Corey has nothing to say towards Monika other than to not approach him under any circumstance. The fact that the whole thing reminds Corey of his own suicide attempt makes him hate Monika more.
    • The stories and concept of the Knight of Despair and Despair of the Endless are intriguing and Corey can learn a lot more about different aspects of angst and depression from them. That said, Corey is wary of the Knight of Despair's melancholy, which can be weaponized if taken too far and instead would like to learn from her via word of mouth. As for Despair of the Endless, Corey thinks that while her importance is undeniable, her inactivity and lack of general interest makes her somewhat boring to deal with. Oh, and he can't meet her if he wanted to either, for obvious reasons.
    • Corey was raised by a single mother, whilst also taking shifts at his grandmother's home. He was around 30 when he met his father for the first time, though the circumstances of the lack of a father-figure is undisclosed for the time being. He connected with Makoto Yuuki and Kotone Shiomi in that missing piece of family, though in both of their cases, Makoto and Kotone's father died and each of them had to deal with it differently (Makoto tends to be socially distant whereas Kotone tries to make an effort to remain upbeat and optimistic). Conversely, Hikari had an active father in her life, though she began to shut him away once depression took hold of her. Corey took the effort to talk to them regarding their struggles with anxiety and depression and while he isn't all too familiar with the Persona concept, he did tell them that they should try to make the most they could with family and actions. While appreciating his words, Makoto, Kotone and Hikari, while not minding Stone Sour's discography, can't seem to get into Slipknot for just how chaotic it is for them to get into.
  • Was incredibly delighted to have an opportunity to meet up with Elvis Presley. After all, Presley's discography was what got Corey into music, to begin with. While thankful for his gesture and admittedly enjoying the works of Stone Sour, Elvis isn't sure what to make of Slipknot. It's certainly got style and a personality, but it also feels too loud, guttural and incomprehensible for him to fully get into him. That didn't stop Corey from still looking up to him and said that if he's feeling it, he's more than happy to hang out with him around the Pantheon.
  • Him and the Nostalgia Critic know each other even outside the Pantheon and became quick friends as Corey admits to enjoying the latter's work and Doug stating that he likes what Corey does as a music artist. They even collaborated at one point. Unfortunately, said collaboration was a failed parody on Pink Floyd's The Wall, which did not win over fans in any way. Corey's involvement was rather minimal, so most of the damage was taken by Doug, who's still recovering from that mess. Still, Corey and Doug do maintain their friendship and would often drop by with cameos and hangouts every now and then, to Doug's comfort.
    • That said, Corey still has a lot of respect and admiration for Pink Floyd, though, given his role on that specific parody, he feels rather hesitant in approaching the band for mocking their work to an embarrassing degree. Corey does, however, hope that he and Doug will try making it up to it someday.
  • But what does Corey Taylor think about the Pantheon? Short answer: he enjoys it. The long answer? Well, there are a lot of things that he has seen and will likely talk about it in interviews.
You're stronger than you think. You're always stronger than you think. Feel with your heart and do what you want.

    Pop: Houkago Tea Time 
Houkago Tea Time members , Goddesses of Girl Rock Bands and Star Making Roles (Ritsu: Ricchan | Tsumugi: Mugi | Azusa: Azu-nyan)
L to R: Tsumugi, Mio, Yui, Azusa, and Ritsu
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: A Star with the initial HTT inside, a teacup with the initals HTT and music notes above it surrounded by a fancy banner with a Clef inside and the words Houkago Tea Time below.
  • Theme Song: Cagayake Girls, Pure, Pure Heart
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Good (Ritsu)
  • Portfolio: Being and All girl band, Producing awesome music, Five Girl Bands, Causing their Japanese voice actresses to gain mass popularity, Eating sweets, Named after members of band P-Model, Iyashikei
  • Domains: Music, Sweets, Highschool
  • Heralds: Sawako "Sawa-chan" Yamanaka (their club advisor), Nodoka Manabe (Yui's friend and classmate), Ui Hirasawa (Yui's little sister), Jun Suzuki (Ui's friend)
  • High Priests: Poppin'Party
  • Followers: Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, Hello, Happy World!, Morfonica, RAISE A SUILEN and the unascended members of kessoku band
  • Allies: The Beatles, 765pro, Miku Hatsune, the Azumanga Daioh girls, The "Is The Order a Rabbit?" cast, The Tenants of Hidamari Apartments, the Civilian Antarctica Expedition Team, The School Life Club, The Anglerfish Team, Yui Ichii, Yuzuko Nonohara and Yukari Hinata, Shinobu Oomiya and Alice Cartelet, Nagisa Furukawa, μ's, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, Aoi Tategami/Cure Gelato, Ibuki Mioda, Iroh, Stocking Anarchy, L Lawliet, Alice and Gretel of the Blood Team, Fuuka Akitsuki, The Classical Literature Club, Romeo and Juliet, Plasmagica, Rainbow Dash, The SOS Brigade, Doki Doki Literature Club, The Literature Club, The Paranatural Activity Club, Gorillaz, Metallica, Rise Kujikawa, the Mermaid Princesses, Naka, Lacus Clyne
  • Rivals: The New Directions Glee Club
  • Enemies: Dethklok, Mayhem, I-No, Lord Raptor, the Dazzlings, Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Fears: Kazuma Satou, Malicious Deities in the House of Dread and Valor, and the Houses of Slaughter and Undead and Phasmata (Mio)
  • Avoids: Amaterasu, Helios, Ra, Sekhmet, Princess Celestia, The Radiance (Azusa)
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Susie (Tsumugi)
  • It is standard for a Japanese highschool to have many clubs specialized for many different subjects like tea ceremonies, archery, literature, music, or just fooling around. However, what if all the remaining members of a club were to graduate on the same year? That would mean the club would have to be closed down. That would be the fate of Sakuragaoka High School's Light Music Club, were it not for a hot-headed girl named Ritsu Tainaka deciding to seize the position of club president to keep the club alive, dragging her shy and quiet friend Mio Akiyama to the club. They soon recruited the bubbly and childish Yui Hirasawa and the rich and polite Tsumugi Kotobuki to fulfill the minimum member requirement. After reforming their club, they realized that none of them can play an instrument well, and decide to work on improving their music skills... when they're not slacking off, eating sweets and tea, and just hanging around with eachother. A year later, they would receive their fifth member, Azusa Tadakoro, who was initially exasperated at the clubs laziness, but warmed up to them eventually. Eventually, they came up with a name for their band, "Houkago Tea Time".
  • Applies to the group:
    • Yui and Mio arrived at the Pantheon before the other three arrived, with them soon abandoning their old titles to join their friends. Their ascension would initially be a rather smooth an uneventful one, if it weren't for the members of Dethklok approaching them, incredulous about a bunch of cute girls appearing, and asked them for a musical duel. The girls, intimidated by their looks and attitude, nonetheless accepted their challenge. At the House of Music, Dethklok preformed first, with their blistering solos and growling vocals scaring the girls, but they steeled themselves when their turn came up. Their performance ended up earning a much louder and rousing applause over Dethklok. The death metal band, feeling humiliated by being beaten by a bunch of teen girls singing sweet, upbeat songs, stormed out of the venue. To this day, both bands have a very rocky relationship with eachother.
    • Houkago Tea Time sometimes hold concerts in the House of Music, and the audience is quite packed during those events. In the House itself, they met up with 765pro and μ's, who happen to be idol groups mostly/entirely comprised of high school girls who sing upbeat songs. They get along swimmingly with eachother, and sometimes even collaborate on some songs. They also met Yuu Haruna there, who also performs in a band as the Lead Bassist, so he naturally got along with Mio, though he does feel a bit sorry for her being forcibly pushed into the spotlight when she didn't want to. He introduced them to Fuuka Akitsuki, who is the vocalist of the Fallen Moon, and they became friends too. On the other hand, they have a bit of a heated rivalry with the New Directions Glee Club, with the Club accusing them of unoriginality and a lack of variety, with them retorting that the Club only makes covers and not composing their own songs. Outside of the house, they became friends and tutors to Aoi Tategami, who's aiming to be rockstar in the future. There's also Plasmagica, which made them awed that they really are a Little Bit Beastly and not wearing animal headbands, and Ibuki Mioda reminds them of their club advisor Sawako Yamanaka, who's also into Death Metal, and enjoy being with her, even if Mio did faint when they heard "From Me To You" live. They also bonded with Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, even if they're more classical musicians than rock musicians, and felt teary-eyed when they heard of their tragic tale. Speaking of girl groups, they became fans of the Godliest Girl Band ever after visiting one of their concerts, and the members of that group also like listening to the clubs music, plus they think that's it's cool that Lucia, Hanon, and Rina are magic mermaids.
    • The girls, during their time in the Pantheon, wound up meeting up with other girl groups residing there. They became close friends with the Azumanga Daioh girls as well as Yui Ichii, Yuzuko Nonohara and Yukari Hinata, and they like to visit Houkago Tea Time's concerts when not hanging out with them. They like the visit the Tenants of Hidamari Apartments to eat sweets and enjoy their artwork. The girls became frequent visitors of Ama Usa An and Fleur de Lapin because of their delicious sweets and tea respectively, though they are also friends with the Rabbit House staff. They were amazed that the Civilian Antarctica Expedition Team successfully went to Antartica, with Yui desiring to see the penguins up close, and the Anglerfish Team's skills in Sensha-Do impressed them greatly. They enjoy listening to Alice Cartelet explain about British culture while drinking tea with Shinobu Oomiya. They do feel a bit sorry that the School Life Club had to survive through the Zombie Apocalypse, but relieved that they mustered the strength to hold onto hope.
    • The Light Music Club is just one of the many school clubs in the Pantheon, so naturally the girls interacted with those clubs. They became good friends with the Classical Literature as the latter are big fans of them, plus Ritsu and Chitanda end up bonding over being the club president even if the latter takes her duties more responsibly. They're also on goods terms with the other clubs, as they engage in poetry reading with the Doki Doki Literature Club and the other Literature Club and investigating the abnormal with the SOS Brigade and the Paranatural Activity Club.
    • The Band are on good terms with the House of Music in general, but there are a few deities to note for them. They get along swimmingly with the Beatles, as they're honored to meet legendary rockstars while the Beatles see much of themselves within them. Paul and Mio have a special bond, relating to their love of Silly Love Songs, playing the bass, and having to deal with Yui and John. They also get along with Gorillaz and there are rumors of a collab album between them, but they are put off by Murdoc's more vulgar antics. Ritsu was disappointed to hear that The Who were not in the Pantheon, but she's still happy to meet other rock legends like Elvis Presley and Pink Floyd. On the other hand, they detest those who use music for evil like I-No, Lord Raptor, and the Dazzlings, plus Mayhem's violent acts make them squeamish.
      • One day, the Reagan siblings, eager to prove their superiority, stole the bands equipment, leaving them empty handed, which was unfortunate as they were due for a tour and gig session. Metallica, knowing how it feels to have their music gear stolen, bought replacement gear for the girls much to their joy. They now have a good relationship with eachother, and even collaborated on a song together. The girls never forgave the siblings for doing such a cruel thing.
    • The girls often take trips to the House of Food so they can have their daily meals consisting of sweets and tea. They like going to the multiple confectioneries and tea shops in and around the House, including the aforementioned Ama Usa An and Fleur de Lapin. Sometimes, they are joined by tea lovers Iroh and the Blood Team's Alice to drink tea, and sweet lovers Stocking Anarchy and L Lawliet, and end up eating and chatting for a while, making quite lively conversations. They also enjoy eating Mugi's sweets whenever she brings them in. Yui in particular can eat a lot without gaining weight, which she attributes to a high metabolism.
    • Once, the girls participated in a school play of Romeo and Juliet, with Mio as Romeo and Ritsu as Juliet. Both struggled with their roles, the former being too shy for a leading role and the latter being to tomboyish for the role. They practiced by swapping roles in order to get more comfortable with the play. Of course, with the actual Romeo and Juliet in the Pantheon, the girls decided to meet up with them, to which they complimented the girls, saying that they tried their best with the roles handed out to them.
    • The band has their own pet turtle named Ton, which they bought from a hardware store as Yui thought Azusa liked the turtle. Ton serves as the band's mascot in a sense, and can be found in their temple swimming in a fish tank. Rainbow Dash decided to show off her pet tortoise, Tank, to the girls, and they were amazed that Tank could fly thanks to a machine strapped to his shell. Rainbow and Tank also like visiting Ton, with Rainbow calling Tank and Ton "Turtle Partners".
  • Exclusive to Yui:
    • If there's anything Yui likes, it's cute things. If it's cute, than she'll dote on it, regardless of other factors. She gets along with Rena Ryugu, Cocoa Hoto, Hime "Himeko" Onizuka and Yaya Panda due to sharing this interest, and they love doting and cuddling cute deities like Yotsuba Koiwai, Pichu and Togepi, and the Waddle Dees, which sometimes result in hilarious misunderstandings.
    • Yui is also rather clumsy and forgetful; she tends to stumble when running, and also she has a difficult time multitasking, as she gets extremely involved in one subject to the point of forgetting other subjects. She ended up meeting Mikuru Asahina and Sumia by tripping onto them, making all three fall into a tangled heap. They scubbed off the dirt, and apologized for bumping into eachother, and ened up becoming friends. Because she's Mikuru's friends, Yui sometimes becomes the victim of Haruhi's mischievous antics and she likes petting Sumia's pegasus.
    • She once held the title of Goddess of Cuddle Bugs in the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, but let go of that title after the Court of the Gods made some revisions in the rules and the rest of the band ascended. She still likes to visit the House often and hug the resident deities there, then hang out and eat snacks with them
    • When the Eeveelutions ascended, Yui was chosen to be Sylveon's partner, given their shared love for cuddling. She and Sylveon took an immediate shine to eachother and enjoy giving eachother hugs. Sylveon also acts as a positive influence to Yui, as she's able to focus more on her guitar playing when Sylveon's around, plus Sylveon enjoys watching her play her Giita. The rest of Houkago Tea Time likes Sylveon and the effect she has on Yui, and consider her the band's secondary mascot of sorts.
  • Exclusive to Ritsu:
    • Ritsu is the club president of the Light Music Club, and the drummer of the band. She is the most tomboyish and sporty of the girls, and excels in Physical Education. She gets along with Chie Satonaka, another tomboy with a sporty streak, and they sometimes go out to watch movies and eat steak. She did feel a bit sad that Chie once felt ashamed of her tomboyish nature as she believed it caused problems for her, but felt relieved that she's over that angst.
    • Ritsu is incredibly energetic and exuberant, often brashly charging towards any challenge in front of her while dragging someone else like Mio with her. Tomo Takino and Astolfo happened to keep up with her energeticness, so they tend to burn off a lot of energy together,and meybe even drag their friends with them willing or not.
    • Her most notable physical characteristic is her large, exposed forehead, and some deities even made jokes about it. She has been compared to Takagi who's also known for her forehead. While Ritsu doesn't get the big deal, she does end up as the butt of some of Takagi's teasing.
  • Exclusive to Mio:
    • She used to hold the title of Reluctant Fanservice with Stephanie Dora, but they split off after the Court of the Gods revised some rules and the rest of the band ascended. They still like to hang out sometimes and talk about getting dragged into embarrassing situations by their friends, when they're not being dragged into those situations already.
    • Mio is a very shy and quiet person. While usually mature and composed, she is easily startled and prefers to stay in the background, which is why she picked the bass over the guitar. She finds many of the deities in the Pantheon rather intimidating to be around, but she feels comfortable with fellow shy goddesses like Fluttershy and Noel Vermillion. Whenever she feels nervous, she can be seen calming down with the two girls.
    • To this day, Mio does not want to be reminded of the time she tripped during a performance, flashing her panties in front of an audience. Referencing this event is sure to mortify the shy girl and reduce her to a stuttering, emberrassed mess. Because of this, she's incredibly afraid of Kazuma Satou, who can snatch the panties off a woman with his Steal ability, fearing that he might try to steal her panties and humiliate her.
    • It's easy to frighten Mio, as the sight of blood, zombies, ghosts, and other unsettling things tend to freak her out. Even a cover of a horror movie will startle her! Predictably, she avoids anyone she thinks is bad in the House of Dread and Valor and the Houses, Undead and Slaughter like the plague, and even being near them will cause her to faint. Unfortunately, some deities like Spooky think it would be funny to drag her into some scary situations just to see her wiggle in agony.
  • Exclusive to Tsumugi:
    • Tsumugi, called "Mugi" for short, hails from a very wealthy family that owns multiple mansions across the globe. She often gives her friends expensive tea with equally expensive tea sets, and also enjoys doing things most middle-class people take for granted because of her isolated lifestyle. She gets along with other rich girls like Emilie "Lili" de Rochefort, Nagi Sanzen'in, Karen Minazuki, and Lilly Satou. Off them, she relates to Nagi for being unfamiliar with more middle-class things, and feels a bit sorry that Karen felt lonely due to her status.
    • Mugi happens to the daughter of a successful company president, explaining her family's large wealth. She ended up getting along with Haru Okumura, who is also the daughter of a wealthy company CEO, although she and her father don't have the best relationship, to which Mugi can only pity her for not fully mending their relationship before her father's murder. Susie also happened to be the daughter of an influential CEO, but Mugi's more conflicted about her as while she feels sorry for her being whisked away to Another Dimension and finding out her father completely forgot about her, she also aims to continue her company's mission to mechanize worlds and was inadvertently responsible for her father's death, so she's conflicted on her.
    • Mugi may be a gentle, dignified person, but whenever two goddesses get very friendly with eachother, Mugi thinks of... intense fantasies involving them, plus she gets excited whenever a goddess gets dragged into rather revealing clothes. She's not alone in this regard, as the mercenary Soleil also tends to have vivid fantasies involving the other goddesses. They like talking and giggling over their rather colourful fantasies together as they observe other girls sharing tender moments with eachother.
    • It may come off as a surprise, but she's incredibly strong for someone her age and size, being able to casually run carrying her keyboard, and wasn't slowed down or tired by carrying large cargo like Ritsu's drum set and the girls luggages. This brought the attention of Pippi Longstocking and Molly Hayes, who wanted to see her feats of strength. In the end, Mugi was impressed by their amazing strength surpassing hers, while the other two bonded with her over this shared characteristic.
    • Like Ritsu, her most notable physical characteristic is her large eyebrows. Though some deities do crack jokes about it, they think that other deities have more impressive eyebrows, like Satsuki Kiryuin. Mugi doesn't really get it, but is interested in meeting her.
  • Exclusive to Azusa:
    • Azusa, in contrast to the rest of the club, is rather mature and responsible, and so she can get pretty exasperated at the clubs more childish and lazy moments. She did warm up and get used to their antics, but sometimes she will express her displeasure at their sillier sides. She relates to Troy Barnes in being the Only Sane Man in comparision to their friends, although Azusa was surprised that he can be quite quirky when near Abed Nadir. She also gets along with Mirage Farina Jenius, who is also more serious than their compatriots like Freyja Wion, plus Freyja being in Walküre, an idol group who use music and song to prevent cure people from Vars Syndrome impressed Azusa.
    • Azusa is the clubs youngest and newest member, joining when he rest of the club was in their second year. This nearly caused some heartbreak when the rest of the club was about to graduate, as Azusa feared about being alone and away from her friends. She shares this trait with Tommy Oliver, who joined the Power Rangers later on after initially being brainwashed into fighting them. She finds him a nice reprieve from the club's crazier antics.
    • Azusa is infamous for the time she wore a cat-ear hairhand, giving birth to the nickname "Azu-nyan", much to her embarrassment and discomfort. That doesn't mean she dislikes cats; she likes them like other animals, but is a bit afraid of getting near them in the first place. A few of the cat girls in the Pantheon like Lem, Ichigo Momomiya, Stella Hoshii, and Serval are encouraging her to visit the House of Felines to get over her fears and pet the cute cats there. Progress is going slow but staedy, and Azusa was surprised that their cat ears are the real deal and not mere accessories.
    • Azusa's skin is rather sensitive to the sun, as being out in the sun for a few hours is enough to give her a nasty sunburn, leaving her with painful sensations and a bad tan. Because of this, she avoids any and all deities that hold domain over the sun, as she doesn't want to risk getting a bad sunburn or worse. She's especially afraid of Sekhmet and the Radiance, as their malevolent nature would likely leave Azusa with ugly burns on her body.
  • Can also be found in Theatric Performers.

    Rap: EpicLloyd & NicePeter 

Your Life! VERSUS! TV Tropes! BEGIN!

Lloyd Ahlquist and Peter Shukoff, Gods of Rap Battles (EpicLloyd and NicePeter)

    Rock: Bill & Ted 
Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan, Avatars of The Power of Rock (Bill and Ted, Wyld Stallyns, The Greatest Bards To Ever Live)
Older Bill and Ted: 

    Stock: Kevin MacLeod 
Kevin MacLeod, Divine Provider of Public Domain Music
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His glasses
  • Theme Song: Too many to count. We'll just leave you with the playlist
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Genre Roulette, Having made thousands of songs, Mainstream Obscurity,
  • Domains: Music, Public Domain, Composers
  • Allies: Basically any ascended youtuber such as I Hate Everything, VanossGaming, Daithi de Nogla and Terroriser, The Bedtime Stories Crew, Beethoven, Mozart, Richard Wagner, Stanley
  • Perplexes: Greedy deities
  • Monitored by: The SCP Foundation
  • This is Kevin MacLeod. At first glance he would look like an unassuming man and no one of note but in reality he is a composer, responsible for the most popular tracks played all over the media and the Internet. In fact, you might have heard his music basically anywhere and with good reason, since most of his tracks fall under the "Creative Commons", meaning anyone can use them without paying a license, hence the popularity of his tracks in several internet circles. For this reason, Kevin MacLeod was awarded godhood as the guardian and provider of the Public Domain Soundtrack.
  • Not much is known about MacLeod's personal life outside of having studied music education in university and the fact that he is pretty average definitely caught a lot of people off guard. And he himself wasn't expecting ascending to the Pantheon but he adapted pretty quickly. In fact, his first order of business was to compose tracks for all of the Pantheonic temples free of charge, though he hasn't had the chance to visit most houses to get the feel of it yet, probably because of how dangerous some places are.
  • He is popular among internet creators, many of which have visited him and thanked him for making his music be available to anyone. Several youtubers like Vanossgaming or the Bedtime Stories Crew have used his music for ambiance numerous times. And yes, he is also responsible for I Hate Everything's theme song, that's not a random elevator track.
  • Naturally as a composer, he visited the greatest minds in music now that he has the chance to meet them in person. He was impressed at the skills of legendary composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Richard Wagner, so much so that he even told them about a few arrangements he had made about some of their songs, which they found impressive.
  • He has no relation to either Connor or Duncan MacLeod besides the similar surname, though he has joked that if they ever challenged him in a music competition then he would indeed make himself be the only one.
  • His music is perfect for narration, and speaking of which, the House of Narrative has tried to buy the license for using some of the tracks even if they can actually use them for free as a way to thank Kevin for his contributions. He's flattered they would do that.
  • For some reason, Stanley found one song of Kevin's really familiar after hearing it once and it turns out that yes, Kevin did compose it and it wasn't just a random song made for Stanley's game. Some believe the Narrator put it as a secret to distract Stanley and punish him for getting off-track but the odd event did make these two men unlikely friends.
  • If there is one impression Kevin MacLeaod made on some people is why would he file his work under "Creative Commons" and certain greedy gods cannot for the life of them understand why he would waste the opportunity to make a lot of money of his music. Kevin just say that as long people credit him, he is fine with that even if he suffers from Mainstream Obscurity.
  • Not the only deity under the "Creative Commons" label, in fact, there is one organization that works exactly like Kevin's work does and that is none other than the SCP Foundation. For some reason, they have been researching how Kevin can be so influential and yet so obscure at the same time and even labelled him a potential SCP at one point. There is also the thing that some of his more horror-themed music has been associated with some of their SCPs
  • Has been trying to figure out a way to make his temple fall under the same copyright laws that his music does but in doing so he found that the Pantheon has a very complicated relation to copyright laws, namely that it infringes a lot of them unintentionally and with most deities not even aware of that potentially game-ending issue. He decided to drop the attempts altogether to spare the Pantheon from something worse than the constant wars of the Grand Alliances.

Rise Kujikawa of the Investigation Team, being an Idol Singer herself, frequents this house to rehearse her singing and dancing for her next big concert or even perform with the rest of the Investigation Team as an informal band with bassist Yu Narukami, rhythm guitarist Yosuke Hanamura, trumpeter Chie Satonaka, saxophonist Yukiko Amagi, drummer Kanji Tatsumi, percussionist Teddie, keyboardist Naoto Shirogane, and lead guitarist/backup vocalist Mariko "Marie" Kusumi… when Rise's not being interrupted by I-No.

Alternative Title(s): Music