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"Nothing really happens, but in a really good way."
Sayaka Ohara, voice of Alicia in ARIA

Iyashikei (癒し系) is Japanese for "healing", a term used for anime and manga created with the specific purpose of having a healing or soothing effect on the audience. Works of this kind often involve alternative realities with little to no conflict, emphasizing nature and the little delights in life. If anybody talks about a "Moe" genre about cute girls doing cute things, it may very likely be in this genre.

Even though many iyashikei creations seem to have a strong escapist basis, the goal is not only to offer a means of getting away from daily worries, but to let the audience embrace a calming state of mind. As these works tend to involve normal people in normal situations, this trope often overlaps with Slice of Life. Other tropes often associated with iyashikei are Arcadia, Ghibli Hills and Scenery Porn.

Iyashikei often involves the subtler kind of Heartwarming Moment. Compare and contrast Warm and Fuzzy Feeling, Tastes Like Diabetes, Sweet Dreams Fuel, and Happiness Tropes. Contrast Utsuge (the closest genre to its diametric opposite in Japanese media), Glurge, Nightmare Fuel and Paranoia Fuel. Works adhering to this trope might function as Real Life Brain Bleach. See also Escapism for a very similar concept.

Works in this genre:

Alternative Title(s): Healing Anime, Healing Manga