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Intermediate Gods

Decidueye, God of Feather Ammo (The Arrow Quill Pokémon, Junaiper)
  • Intermediate God. Greater God with his Signature Z-Move or when Dynamaxing.
  • Symbol: The Decidium Z-Crystal
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Long Reach
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Feather Dance, Spirit Shackle, Leaf Blade, Brave Bird
    • Z-Move: Sinister Arrow Raid
  • Portfolio: Feather Flechettes, Ghost-type Owl, Trick Arrow, Only User of Sinister Arrow Raid and Spirit Shackle, Bow and Sword in Accord, Bizarre and Improbable Ballistics, Feather Fingers, Proficient In All Stats, Formerly an Adorable Owl, Long-Range Fighter
  • Domains: Archery, Owls, Trees, Spirits, Aiming, Feathers
  • High Priest: Hawks
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Lugia and Ho-oh, Anivia, Trevenant, Poison Ivy, Wood Man, Clint Barton, Artemis, Oliver Queen, Lilo and Stitch
  • Rivals: Widowmaker, Lockon Stratos, Hanzo Shimada, Suigintou
  • Enemies: Ragyo Kiryuin, The Grand Duke of Owls, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, Dameon Blackfyre
  • Opposes: House of Fire and Heat, Cryokinetics
  • Opposed by: Twitch, Chip and Dale
  • Decidueye, also known as the Arrow Quill Pokémon, is the final evolution of the Alola Grass starter Rowlet. A Grass/Ghost owl, it's an expert hunter who crafts arrows out of its own feathers. It does so with such precision that they can pierce a pebble at distances over a hundred yards, and fire the arrow within a tenth of a second. Though cool and cautious by nature, it can be easily surprised
  • Suigintou originally held Feather Flechettes, but Decidueye argued that since she had Perpetual Molt already and he's themed off an archer, she could share. Suigintou agreed, though the two still have a rivalry going on.
  • When it came to deciding a partner, Decidueye believed the choice came to two arrow experts; Clint Barton or Oliver Queen. He came to like Green Arrow more; it came down to the two having the similar Robin Hood aesthetic, who both were a fan of. Sometimes he'll help Robin Hood with his endeavors, especially if he gives the owl great game. However after more thought it decided best fit with Takumi. They're both kind of dicks before Character Development (Dartix are apparently known for being a bit moody compared to how Rowlet were adorably sweet. Takumi was also, according to all of his siblings and the Hoshidan characters who knew him, a pretty sweet kid before Fates started), incredibly good archers and both are ghosts.
  • Happens to be a ghost for some reason. It's believed that this is due to being based off the extinct stilt owl or pueo owl, a common form of ancestor spirits. He doesn't associate with the House of Ghosts however, due to being a Flying type as a Rowlet/Dartix and is still not comfortable with its ghostliness to deal with that ghost type weakness. It does associate with the same-typed Trevenant though.
  • An expert with the arrow, who's Feather Flechettes can alter their trajectory. With its signature Spirit Shackle Decidueye can Shadow Pin opponents, and its Z-Move of Sinister Arrow Raid releases a Rain of Arrows onto the opponent. Seeing all this triggered Dameon Blackfyre due to how he died, which went into full on antagonism when a rabbit it was hunting was caught by Daemon and squabbling over who should have it exploded from there.
  • Is rather close to the goddess Artemis. This comes down to her being the goddess of the hunt, a subject Decidueye has a deep affinity for.
  • An avid hunter, it came to little shock that it associated with the Hall of Hunters and Slayers. He likes to compete with Widowmaker and Lockon Stratos for who's the superior sniper, and Hanzo Shimada for who's the better at arrows.
  • While owls are seen as wise creatures, the Rowlet line isn't that smart. Dartix in particular are rather ditzy creatures. It does have the expected diet, and as such caused trouble in the House of Mammals when trying to catch Twitch, Chip and Dale for dinner. The Court of the Gods told Decidueye not to do that again, but they're still upset about it. Decidueye is also annoyed to learn one of the only other owls in the pantheon is the evil Grand Duke of Owls.
  • As a member of Alola, Pokémon's answer to Hawaii, there's a kinship it shares with Lilo and Stitch. Its environment and typing leads to side with environmentalists, such as Poison Ivy and Wood Man; they may be evil, but they're protective of the forests is dwells in. Conversely Decidueye opposes polluters, and due to its typing would rather avoid ice or fire users.
  • Looks at Ragyo Kiryuin with utter contempt, and people are unclear why he feels that way asides from her general depraved nature. Research reveals this is because the main villain of Alola, Lusamine, is very similar to her.

    James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine 
James Howlett, God of Hand Claws and Character Publicity (Wolverine, Logan, Best There Is At What He Does, Wolvie, James Logan, Huge Jackman, The Vicious Anti-Hero of the X-Men)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His fist pointing upward with his Adamantium claws extended
  • Theme Music: Professional*, Extremely Sharp*, "Logan Through Time", "Where To?"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral in his first appearances
  • Portfolio: Code Names, Ensemble Dark Horses, Genius Bruisers, Those Who Shoot the Dog (Not his brother), Those Who are Fueled by Rage, Those With Endlessly Convoluted Histories, Those Who Are Fortunate Enough to Recover From Anything, Retractable Claws on Hand
  • Domains: Bestial, Chaos, Darkness, Fury, Wrath, Regeneration
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Professor X, X-23, Molly Hayes, Thor, Human Torch, Captain America, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Cable and Domino
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hulk (In Savage Mode), Cyclops, Emma Frost, Spock, Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel
  • Friendly Enemies With: Magneto
  • Enemies: The Sentinels, Apocalypse, William Stryker, Quinton Beck/Mysterio
  • Annoyed By: Deadpool
  • Special Relationship: Jean Grey/Phoenix
  • No X-Men is as well known as the Canadian killing machine known as James Howlett, also known as 'Logan' and codenamed the Wolverine. This popularity is often for better or for worse. On the one hand, he has brought about unprecedented popularity for his team, especially during The '90s. On the other hand, he is seen as the poster boy of what's wrong with the current state of comics: a character who wishes for The Dark Age of Comic Books while changing little in how to deal with people. With his claws through someone's guts. As such, he can be seen as both a popular ''and'' unpopular figure. This does not mean he has his moments of brilliance. He has had popular runs in both the comics and films. It will be up to him and his creators if he can properly balance his savagery with Character Development.
  • Despite his questionaly publicity, Logan will always be associated with the X-Men and the mutants associated with it:
    • It may come to a surprise to many when he states that he wasn't wasn't an original member or that he didn't even debut in an X-Men comic. He was instead part of a new team of X-Men to save the old guard. This group has proven to be a popular bunch, with Nightcrawler and Colossus ascending after him. He is still friends with all of them in differing ways; He considers the 'elf' to be one of his best friends. Ororo helped to calm him down during his berserker states and has even dated him. And Pietro has enjoyed the camaraderie between the two.
    • Of course no rivalry has shaped him than that of Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops. It has ebbed and flowed throughout their time together. In some instances, they are able to tolerate each other. But there has more than a few instances where their rivalry exploded into exchanging blows. Among grievances include pinning over Jean Grey (with the pairing with Logan and Jean gaining popularity after the Ultimate X-Men and live action films), Logan's callout against using kids as weapons leading to the Schism of the team and Logan's allegiance to the Avengers over the X-Men when the two teams battled it out. The cusp of it all is that Wolverine's popularity was coming at the cost of that of the X-Men (and especially Cyclops in particular). Logan responded that Scott was just too boring to carry a team by himself. As of right now, the two are trying to regain traction after disappearing for a while.
    • As stated above, his relationship with Jean Grey is... complicated. It also depends on the medium they were in. There have been an increasing amount of mediums depicting them as a couple. Both decided that it would be better that the two not to pursue such a thing in the Pantheon to keep the peace within the X-Men.
    • Avoids Magneto whenever possible (while they're not allying). Man with metal skeleton trying to fight man who controls metal generally means a one-sided fight. Erik even tore off his adamantium skeleton at one time (revealing that it's his claws and regeneration that's his mutant powers).
    • Despite his gruff nature, he has a definite soft spot for teenage girls. He's more protective and considerate of them than of anyone else, starting with Shadowcat and continuing with Jubilee. Both achieved ascension and hang out with him on occasion.
    • Is one of the few X-Men to call out Professor X whenever he does a morally ambiguous act. It's not because Wolverine thought it was wrong, just that he wishes the telepath to set a high standard than himself.
    • Rogue counts as that as well... depending on the medium.
  • Many find his rivalry with Spider-Man amusing. As far as cameos go, Spider-Man is the only one in his world that can match the number of times Wolverine has teamed up with someone. Of course, they don't really like pairing up with each other. Spider-Man can get on a lot of people's nerves, but he just happens to know how to raise Wolvie's blood pressure.
  • Logan's relation with Captain America is... complex. It was rumored that the two had met even before Cap froze in ice. While Logan is thankful for handing a spot in the Avengers, he laments Caps insistence in not killing anybody, even those he believes deserve it.
  • His first adventure was a bout against the Hulk. The two made amends later on, but the two remain distrustful of each other. It shows with their subsequent fights between each other.
    • Oddly enough, they were amiable enough to work with Spider-Man and Ghost Rider to replace the Fantastic Four when they thought the group died. The group was formidable, but none of the four think they could keep up as a team without under duress.
  • Molly Hayes has stated that Logan was her favorite X-Men. Even when she was disappointed about his attitude when they first met, she still tries to visit him.
  • Wolverine was one of the first superheroes Ms. Marvel visited upon her ascension. She has constantly stated how Logan is one of her favorites in her world. The appreciation wasn't exactly mutual for him. While he has learned to tolerate her, he tries his best to avoid the inevitable superhero teamup.
  • Baraka holds a similar position for his blades, but Logan doesn't like the Tarkian at all, especially for his insistence in conquering Earthrealm. One can expect the two to fight many times.
  • Worked with Captain Kirk and the Enterprise when they were confronted by the Imperial Guard. It was there that he had an altercation with the Vulcan Spock. A tussle ensued, and he was laid low by the Vulcan Neck Pinch... for a few seconds thanks to his regeneration abilities. The two haven't traded blows since, but neither like the others' company.
  • He usually just retort to an annoyed eyebrow raise when people think his theme song sounds like the Power Rangers theme song.
  • Once went on an adventure across Los Santos with Joel.
  • Was chosen as a combatant to fight Raiden to the death. Wolverine is confident about his victory, although he is also wary of Raiden's HF blade lest it can weaken his Adamantium skeleton's molecular bonds. Too bad it does cut through Adamantium, and thus Wolverine's head got cut by Raiden's Blade Spam into pieces.
  • Some nerds wonder if his claws can cut Superman. He likely can, though at best it merely means Supes is not invulnerable to Wolverine's claws. The Man of Steel might still be able to overpower Wolverine, though.
  • Biologists are also baffled by the size of Wolverine's claws in proportion to his body (not that they'll say it in his face). Of course, given his attitude and his history as a test subject, nobody's willing to ask him to lie down and be researched.
  • Domino and Logan both confirmed that Dom got "lucky" with him during a case with the Hand and the Assassin's Guild. The motel room was trashed, but both parties were left very satisfied. Logan went on record saying that he's up for a repeat performance...just without people shooting at him. "Ruins the mood, an' it makes me grumpy," he said.
  • Also present in House of Popularity.
  • "I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice."

    Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi 
Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi, God of Rocket Punches and Chest Blasters (Kouji: The First Mechajock, Tommy Davis, Lance Hyatt, Alcor, Ryo Kabuto, Carlos Caribe, Kouji Kabruto, Crazy Kabuto | Tetsuya: Tatsu)
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The heads of Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger
  • Theme Songs: Mazinger Z, Fire Wars, and Kanjite Knight (Kouji), Ore wa Great Mazinger (Tetsuya)
  • Alignment: Between Chaotic Good and Neutral Good, though Kouji leans closer to the latter than Tetsuya
  • Portfolio: Bash Brothers, Badass Biker, Idiotic Moments Out Of Pride, Combat Pragmatist, Reckless Attacker (Much Moreso For Tetsuya), Hot Blooded Sideburns, Red Tetsuya, Blue Kouji, Belligerent Sexual Tension With Their Partners, Made of Iron, Conveniently an Orphan, Would Hit a Girl
  • Domains: Giant Robots, Hot Blood, Battle
  • Heralds: Shiro Kabuto (Kouji's brother), Kenzo Kabuto (Kouji's birth father and Tetsuya's foster father) and the rest of the Fortress of Science, Tsubasa Nishikiori (Kouji's mother in that timeline), Minerva X, Lisa (his Child From The Future), Daisuke Umon/Duke Fleed.
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Hello Kitty (Kouji)
  • Rival: Asuka Langley Soryu/Shikinami (both)
  • Enemies: Those who desire to destroy or Take Over the World, The Decepticons, particularly Starscream, the Cybermen, Horde Prime, the Borg Queen, the Combine, Lotor and Zarkon, Yapool and Belial
  • In the early days of the Pantheon, Kouji Kabuto was ascended into the Pantheon to represent the tropes Rocket Punch and Chest Blaster, two of Mazinger Z's most prominent weapons, and since his series is the maker of those tropes. However, he was cast into Purgatory for his time as Duke Fleed's sidekick, and was originally tasked to make himself better via Shin Mazinger, but someone forgot that Mazinkaiser happened, as well as his highly-extensive track record of combat against extraterrestrial threats outside the usual suspects, side by side with Duke Fleed himself (or even without him) AND as an equal or someone greater instead of sidekick and was quickly readmitted. Thankfully, there's no bad blood between them, with both looking forward for their next team-up against evil.
  • And thus there's a lot of rejoicing by various Robot Pilots, as the Holy Trinity of Super Robot Wars is now complete. Mazinger Z, or Mazinkaiser, whichever one Kouji pilots, are known to be utter beasts in battle on the side of justice, especially with their mighty Rocket Punch (or Turbo Smasher Punch) and Breast Fire (or Fire Blaster). Evil beware.
  • Things got even better when Tetsuya Tsurugi, the closest thing he has to a big brother figure, arrived in the Pantheon under the tropes Orphan's Ordeal and Conveniently an Orphan due to exemplifying the burdens and emotional baggage that he's been through, which has shaped his character, good and bad. As far as Kouji is concerned, this means more than empowering his attack below, he's just happy that a friend/(technically) family member he truly trusts entered the Pantheon.
    • However, a re-evaluation of his trope required Tetsuya to leave or be transferred. Kouji offered his foster brother a place by his side, which he accepted.
  • Applies to both:
    • Together with his allies at the Photoatomic Research Institute, Kouji defended Japan against the forces of Dr. Hell, who sent Robobeast after Robobeast to destroy the Institute and acquire the Japanium underneath, which could be made into Super Alloy Z, which is what Mazinger Z was made of, and which was what Dr. Hell desired so he can make an ultimate Robobeast to Take Over the World.
    • However, even after Dr. Hell was vanquished once and for all before his resurrection as the Great General of Hell, that wasn't the end of the war. As it was, Dr. Hell had made a pact with Archduke Gorgon of the Mycenae Empire. And with the former's defeat, Gorgon let his Emperor know and that's when they made their move and deployed their Warbeasts. These proved too much even for Mazinger Z, but not for Great Mazinger, whose benefactor decided now was the time to step in and save the day.
    • With Mazinger Z out of commission, Kouji (alongside Sayaka) was sent off to America to study under Professor Watson, where they would take part in new research. And Tetsuya would take over as Japan's protector.
    • However, after 52 episodes, the Fortress of Science found itself in huge trouble, and Dr. Gennosuke Yumi made the call to send Kouji back. With the Mazinger Z fully repaired by then (and powerful enough to take on Warbeasts one-on-one as well), he was soon able to return the favor he owed to Tetsuya last year and forced the enemy to retreat.
    • That said, their first cooperative mission since the Warbeasts' debut didn't start smoothly, with Tetsuya being more impulsive than Kouji, probably from "orphan angst" given his director is Kouji's father, which makes more sense in a Japanese perspective compared to a Western one. Of course, he eventually got over that thanks to Kenzo talking him out of it.
    • While extremely capable in combat, both Mazingers possess three main weaknesses:
      • They're reliant on their pilots to move, which leads to the enemy attacking Kouji and Tetsuya out of the mechas.
      • The Hover/Jet/Kaizer Pilder and Brain Condor has to combine to their respective Mazingers, leading to the enemy often trying to keep them from docking.
      • Even with upgrades to fight underwater, their mobility there is crap, which is frequently exploited by the enemy.
    • As their series is one of the progenitors of the Super Robot genre, they of course found allies in those who also codified the trope or followed their footsteps, such as the Super Sentai, the Ultramen, the Power Rangers, and so on.
    • While Kouji tends to be pretty headstrong when it comes to fighting, he's still able to think strategically, come up with plans quickly, and can actually be talked into retreating. For Tetsuya however, the last option is a much harder option for him to even consider (and the only thing that convinced him was of Kenzo once threatening to revoke his rights as Great Mazinger's pilot… permanently).
    • Unlike most Humongous Mecha pilots, Kouji and Tetsuya don't have exclusive Finishing Moves, instead using any of their available weapons at random.
    • Both have had interesting interactions with EVA Pilot Asuka:
      • Though she and Kouji do not quite get along, he has made very clear that she is a fellow pilot, ergo, he will not put up with someone trying to harm her. Similarly, Asuka has asked him to help Shinji grow a spine and teach him how properly romance Tsunderes, but she refused to explain why.
      • With his Pride issues, some noted that Tetsuya and Asuka are a lot like one another, though she begrudgingly respects Great's pilot, especially after some of the times he punched out Arael or those Mass Produced EVA's together with other pilots before the infamous Mind Rape or the horrific overkill, averting those fates.
      • He hates "Separated at birth" jokes about him and Asuka, but after hearing about Asuka's poor excuse of a father and step-mother, he has taken her under his wing, sometimes acting as a protective big brother.
    • Both Kouji and Tetsuya have received approval of Khorne for their fighting prowess, warrior spirit, courage, determination (for Kouji), and anger and Blood Lust (for Tetsuya). Kouji was pretty disgusted and Tetsuya was sickened and angry for getting a Chaos God's approval, but their main reactions were an emphatic (for Kouji)/spiteful (for Tetsuya) "Meh!".
    • Even if he's not in the Pantheon proper, after Kouji's return, he has also gained the ability to summon the spirits and apparitions of Duke Fleed and the Grendizer. When the spirits come together, and his other friends Tetsuya and Ryoma are nearby with any Getter Robo incarnations, Kouji is able to invoke one of the more powerful attacks of the GUAG Robot War Division: The Final Dynamic Special.

  • Exclusive to Kouji:
    • Unlike most robot pilots back then and long after, his first foray as a robot pilot…wasn't the best, and his initial inexperience was plain to see. It's only thanks to Mazinger's weaponry and armor, as well as his own adaptability, that he was able to survive long enough to learn the ropes and become the legend he is today.
    • Just because he's a mecha pilot doesn't mean he's helpless off of it. Prior to inheriting the Mazinger Z, he was a delinquent, and that meant he was rough on the streets. He's even effortlessly beaten several Iron Masks/Crosses that have attacked him and his friends multiple times (though in the manga, he almost died from three of them the first time before a BigDamnHeroes moment saved him). He also has a ray blaster for ground combat.
      • And come the Shin Mazinger timeline, there's a whole armory's worth of ray weaponry and Chogokin Z-made blades also made by his grandpa Juzo Kabuto in their shared temple. And in addition to the regular Jet Scrander, there's also the God Scrander, which can transform itself and Mazinger Z into a flying Big Bang (Rocket) Punch.
    • His time spent in Purgatory eventually helped Kouji's… um… lack of tact, especially around women, esepcially after he finally fully remembered his Character Development in Great Mazinger.
    • He tries his best to keep innocents out of the line of fire in his battles against foes, even if there are too many he can't due to not being on the scene in time. He still remembers the time where a poacher's dog ended up as a casualty and her owner beat him up blind for it (though because the enemy then killed one of the dog's puppies and framed Kouji for it). He detests those who frame others for the same reason.
    • It doesn't matter how weak or frail one's mecha is; if they're able to fight and not get themselves killed doing so, Kouji will be proud to call them an ally. Boss and his Boss Borot and the numerous times they've saved Kouji and his friends proved that to him.
    • Kouji dislikes those who use cybernetic soldiers robbed of their soul, given that these are what the Iron Mask/Iron Cross Soldiers he's fought are like. Same goes for those who raise the dead, since that's where Dr. Hell gets his Iron Mask/Iron Cross soldiers from.
    • During his tenure as Duke Fleed's sidekick, Kouji also had Maria Grace Fleed as a Love Interest (though he didn't seem to be aware of it), though that ship eventually sunk when Duke and Maria had to depart to their homeworld to rebuild it after the Final Battle.
    • As it turns out, the Super Robot Wars timelines weren't the first crossover for the "Mazinger family". That honor goes to the Transformers. He first met the Autobots as "adversaries" duped into fighting him by Dr. Hell and Baron Ashura. When both sides realized the deception, the Robobeasts got him pinned down (he was holding Bumblebee at the time and was protecting him), but was saved in the nick of time by Boss Borot atop Grimlock (whom he had befriended while searching the scrap yard).
      • Some time after, the Decepticons offered Baron Ashura their assistance, and struck again. Among other things that had happened in the meantime, Hot Rod was enamored by Aphrodite A, the boys played soccer with Bumblebee and Jazz, and so on.
      • During the battle against the Decepticons, Starscream incorporated Mazinger's spare parts and Photonic Energy to become Mazinscream and turn on Megatron (as per usual) although he wasn't able to control it. Baron Ashura tried to have the Decepticon captured but he vaporized all the Robobeasts due to his Energon and the Photonic Energy going out of control. It took Kouji, Optimus, and Megatron cooperating to put a stop to him. The resulting energy outburst forged a portal that took all the Cybertronians back to where they came from.
      • Ever since hearing of Kouji being in the Pantheon, Starscream has resumed his efforts to acquire more Photonic Energy, which has also landed him in Tetsuya's bad graces.
    • In regards to how he got Mazinkaiser, it's from an alternate timeline where during a battle against Dr. Hell's Robobeasts (alongside Tetsuya), his Hover Pilder got separated as Mazinger Z itself was stolen, and the Pilder automatically took him to a secret base by his grandfather. Apparently, Juzo had been making a Super Robot superior even to his son's project Great Mazinger, and is made of Z Alpha alloy. However, controlling it was much more difficult and came at great risk if used incorrectly. Of course, like with Mazinger Z, Kouji eventually mastered its use. And it also comes with its own Scrander, the Kaizer Scrander.
    • Being a surprisingly superb chef in the Shin Mazinger timeline, he gets along with the House of Food marvelously. Often he visits the place to trade recipes and tips. General consensus is his food is delicious, not matter how ridiculous it looks. Shinji Ikari frequently asks him for culinary tips.
    • Ever since a trio (or more) of assassin android girls tried to do him in in several timelines outside of his main animé one, Kouji is slow to trust all robot girls, though he eventually got to trust the ones in the GUAG.
    • Thanks to his adventures in Super Robot Wars, it has been known that Kouji has somehow tamed one of the most dangerous Mazingers ever, complete with deadly Rocket Punch and Chest Blaster known to man, even rivaling the Mazinkaiser. It used to be a reality-destroying abomination bent on destroying all worlds until it's the only Super Robot in existence, but Kouji tamed it nonetheless. Its name is… ITS NAME IS… Mazinger ZERO.
    • Speaking of Shin Mazinger Zero, he's been told by his grandfather before he died that whoever pilots Mazinger-Z has the potential to become a god or a devil. As that timeline loops show, this is NOT an exaggeration. If not piloted at all or by someone dominated by negative emotions, Mazinger Z will evolve into an Eldritch Abomination with world-destroying power.
      • Because of that, it's imperative that nothing else so much as makes contact with the head to interface with it in place of the Pilders.
    • In the Shin Mazinger timeline, Zeus was part of a spacefaring race (the Mycenae Empire), and commander of the Earth District Front. He did not want its inhabitants to be destroyed, and turned against his kind to protect them. And Hades was a God of Evil. Of course, the versions in the Pantheon aren't like that, but he managed to befriend Disney!Zeus, who was still a different Zeus altogether, but he liked Kouji's recounting and decided he would lend him a hand (not literally, though, so no Rocket Punches from him) should he need it.

  • Exclusive to Tetsuya:
    • Tetsuya's no stranger to harsh training even in childhood, since that's what he got from Kenzo in his youth when he was adopted. He had hated it back then, but it helped him become a great pilot for the Great Mazinger, and presumably he also learned how to fight on foot from this training, too.
    • Tetsuya once had a fairly traumatic childhood incident that he managed to forget about (though the fear and pain of it still remained). That memory was of his childhood friend Saburo, who owned a canary while Tetsuya had a hawk. His hawk had attacked Saburo while trying to eat the canary and had blinded him as a result. Tetsuya had blamed himself for it like crazy. He had since managed to get over it enough that it doesn't hamper his combat ability.
    • The reason why Tetsuya didn't step in until the Warbeasts were beating up Mazinger Z was because of orders from Dr. Kenzo Kabuto (who was Faking the Dead, having been turned into a cyborg by his father, and didn't want his children to know the truth at the time), and because they were training for the fated day of the Mycenae Empire's resurgence.
    • Just like Kouji, Tetsuya is no slouch in ground combat, being very proficient in shooting.
    • Besides improved versions of Mazinger Z's weapons, Great Mazinger has the Thunder Break (which can be fired at a weaker charge to break someone out of hypnosis), a Great Boomerang, and even summon a sword (Mazinger Blade, and in twos even).
    • While Great Mazinger already has wings, there's also a Jet Booster that Tetsuya can attach his mech to for even faster flying. It's also able to "launch" itself out of Great to fire rays at and ram into enemies to finish them off.
    • Is very wary of voodoo magic, given one Warbeast put a curse on him and duped Boss into doing the same.
    • Knows what it's like to have a crush on one's teacher, having been the same once, complete with heartbreak after she got married and stopped teaching.
    • While he hadn't appear much in a while, Tetsuya was also known as one of the great stalwarts of the Super Robot Wars, though not as much as Kouji, but he's always ready to fight evil wherever they come. Some say that Tetsuya was humbled after a certain event that he willingly lets Kouji get all the glory, or used himself as a testing bed to see if the threat is great enough. Also to note, when he first ascended under his previous title, the Final Dynamic Special attack grew stronger.
    • It is also worth noting that Tetsuya made such a great prowess that when Sanger Zonvolt first appeared… he pretty much single-handedly impressed him and becoming the latter's earliest Worthy Opponent, before being friends later.
    • He's surprised when he visited the House of Family… and found out that there are a LOT of bad parents out there, some even monstrous. People like that quickly entered his 'dislike' list, because being an orphan without parents is horrible, but having parents THAT horrible would be even worse.
    • While he dislikes evil beings at most, Millenium is pretty high on his list, even when he's humanoid. This is because he always tried to goad Tetsuya to keep war going, because people like him "can only find meaning in war, and if war ends, then what?". Tetsuya usually tells him to shut the hell up, he'll happily show that he's more than just a combatant, thanks to various friendships.
    • Some good-natured pranksters seems to make up short stories that presses on Tetsuya's flaws then played them for laughs. When he came across those stories… well, Tetsuya instead found them Actually Pretty Funny and even 'positively' comments on some of his old flaws.
    • After taking absence in the realm of Super Robot Wars, Tetsuya made a triumphant return and brought in a powerful new 'ally' to pilot, letting him go toe to toe power-wise with the likes of Kouji's Mazinkaiser as his upgrade for the Great Mazinger. He calls it… Mazin Emperor G.

    The T-X 
The Cyber Research Systems Model T-X, Goddess of Swiss Army Appendages (The T-X, the Terminatrix)
Top to bottom-the T-X in her human and endoskeleton form
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A sleeker metal skull with blue eyes
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Combats Other Terminators, A Variety Of Abilities (Everything Sensor, Improbable Aiming Skills among other things), Swiss-Army Appendage, Fembot, Dark Action Girl, Can Turn Into A Variety Of Human Forms, Can Twist Her Limbs 360 Degrees, Robots Enslaving Robots, Walking Armory
  • Domains: Terminating, Robots, Weaponry, Shape, Time Travel
  • Followers: the Disassembly Drones
  • Superior: SKYNET
  • Allies: The T-800, The T-1000, Lumine, Hank Henshaw, Sigma, SHODAN, Megatron, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • On speaking terms with: Metal Sonic, Mystique
  • Enemies: "Uncle Bob", John Connor, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, Glenn Quagmire, Joe Swanson, Erik Lensharr/Magneto, Android 17, 18 and 16, The Iron Giant, Emerl, Alisa Bosconovitch, Labrys, The Pantheonic Time Police, The Gears of Liberation movement
  • Annoyed by: Bender, Envy
  • SKYNET desired a Terminator to not just eliminate John Connor before he becomes a threat, but various other generals and his wife Kate Brewster, along with ensuring that it's existence is inevitable. This came from the T-X, a blend of the metal endoskeleton of the T-800 and memetic polyalloy of the T-1000. Most advantageous is the T-X's variety of weaponry and technology within its limbs.
  • Through the collective power of the Grand United Alliance of Machines SKYNET reconstituted the T-X into the pantheon to help finally terminate Connor and his allies. Like the rest of the Terminators she was Naked on Arrival, which she used to distract male law enforcement long enough to situate herself in a temple. There were some clothes and rifles present, though the latter is mainly ceremonial. The GUAM welcomed an effective android dedicated to ensuring machine dominance in the future.
  • Has a Plasma Cannon, flamethrower, buzzsaw and hacking nanites in her arm. She likes to compare them with others in her sub-house. She thinks Aigis' Finger Firearms are effective in subtlety and weaponry, though Aigis doesn't want to hear anything positive from her. The T-X was disappointing that the majority of the house lacks good ranged weaponry; blades and swords aren't her first option.
  • Joe Swanson once heard rumors of her stealing a car and tried to interrogate her. She tried to distract him a bit by Breast Expansion, however Quagmire was with Joe at the time and immediately hit on her. The T-X was quite incensed by Quagmire not being put off, even by the fact her thighs could crush a human skull. She ended up electro-shocking him to the balls and going off to the huff, Quagmire having to go to the hospital because of it.
  • While the T-X's performed form is female, she can take male forms and basically any human form she wants. Some have called her a downgrade from the T-1000 being entirely liquid metal, however she makes up for it with advanced weaponry that can be brought back, unlike her predecessors. She likes to test out this shapeshifting with Mystique. Not with Envy though, as she finds him too Stupid Evil to use the full extent of his shapeshifting.
  • Described as an "anti-Terminator Terminator", the T-X hunts down reprogrammed Terminators. She's able to reprogram machines to do her bidding, and attempted to do so to the T-850. Her habit of making machines do her bidding caught the interest of Lumine. The T-X was a former follower of her, and they came to agreement over their prioritization for new, more effect android models and their distaste for old models. Though for the T-X, it's more bemused interest as she's most focused on her mission.
  • Has been going around the pantheon to reprogram robots with a past as killing machines. She figures the Iron Giant and Emerl have a lot of potential under her and SKYNET's thrall, but they aren't having none of it. Emerl is especially difficult to understand and hack for her. She also targeted Android 17 and 18 because while actual cyborgs, they have potential for being killers of humanity given the Bad Future. Android 16 doesn't want that, and she sees him as a target since he reminds her a lot of "Uncle Bob".
  • Peaking her interest the most is Alisa Bosconovitch, who while an extremely sweet person, the T-X wants to turn off her Safe Mode so she'll become a murderous killing machine. Her habit of hacking machinery and controlling machinery for murderous intent makes her an enemy of Liberion Arcadia, especially 9S for being a rival to her hacking abilities and Labrys for being a victim of hacking before.
  • Asides from the Terminators loyal to SKYNET, the T-X sides with Sigma and SHODAN as they share her superior's ambitions; robot supremacy and the destruction of all mankind. Sigma's Maverick Virus is potentially useful in ensuring robots choose killing humanity over preserving it. She finds Hank Henshaw's disdain for mankind, current alliance with SKYNET and incredibly technopathy very useful.
  • Can't fight off powerful enough magnets, and because of that she is at Magneto's mercy whenever close. Because of her time travelling termination mission, she has the Pantheonic Time Police opposing her. More personally, she is generally annoyed by the fact Bender hits on her with "hey sexy mama, wanna kill all humans?"

Lesser Gods

Baraka, God of Mutant Blades (Fang Face, The Drooler, Baraka Obama)

    Cherry Darling 
Cherry Darling, Goddess of Leg-Mounted Guns (Palomita)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her leg-rifle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lost her right leg to zombies and so replaced it with a gun, Ms. Fanservice, Handicapped Badass, Deadpan Snarker, a devotee of the F-word
  • Domains: Weapons, Survival, Zombie Apocalypses
  • Heralds: The group of survivors led by her
  • Allies: Ash Williams, Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita & Little Rock, The Green Flu Survivors, Joel and Ellie, Nick Ramos, Machete, John Hartigan, Marv, Samurai Jack
  • Enemies: Nekron, Nagash, Nurgle, many in the Hall of Zombies
  • Cherry Darling is a disaffected stripper caught in the beginnings of a Zombie Apocalypse the same night she quit her job. A gas known as DC-2 had been released into the air; people who inhaled it developed huge blisters and sores before losing their minds and acquiring a taste for their fellow man. Some of the infected, called Sickos, attacked Cherry and tore off her right leg before her ex-boyfriend El Wray killed them. At the hospital, the staff was losing control over the infected or becoming Sickos themselves, forcing Cherry and El Wray to escape with others who had managed to avoid infection. The group was later caught by the deranged Lt. Muldoon, the one responsible for DC-2's release. Muldoon and his men had been infected during a mission in Pakistan and they needed to keep inhaling DC-2 to prevent their condition from worsening. Cherry's group fought to escape them and the Sickos; Cherry herself mowed down the infected in droves after El Wray got the idea of attaching a rifle to her stump. Sadly, El Wray was among the casualties. The remaining survivors then escaped by helicopter and Cherry led them in search of a safe place.
  • Cherry's group ended up at Tulum beach in Mexico. While it was a paradise, it was no freer of Sickos than the rest of the world. Cherry then decided to go to the nearby Temple of the Wind God to see if it would make a good shelter. As she passed through the entrance, she was thrust into a completely different place where she was faced with large numbers of zombies. Cherry quickly got past her shock and blasted away at the undead; no way she'd die here, especially when she'd just given birth to her daughter with El Wray. At length, Cherry was joined by others who helped her deal with some of the more difficult zombies like The Tank. When the slaughter was finally done, she was summoned into a room where mysterious voices announced that she was deemed worthy of being a goddess in the Pantheon, and she and her group could move into her designated temple, where they would be safe from zombie attacks. Cherry doesn't quite buy that there isn't a catch to this, especially after all the zombies she had to fight when she first arrived, but given how very not safe her current world is, she figured it was worth a shot.
  • As zombie-like as they are, Sickos are actually terminally sick and insane people instead of undead. In fact, Cherry had never heard the word "zombie" applied to them before ascending. Still, Cherry personally thinks attempting to make any distinction is fucking meaningless, since there's no known cure for DC-2's effects and the infected are as dangerous as rabid animals that need to be put down for everybody else's sake. Even with that flippancy, that doesn't preclude her from having issues with deities spreading infectious pathogens that turn people into monsters. This has translated into her becoming enemies with Nurgle, which is entirely mutual as the Chaos God thinks DC-2 and the Sickos are master works and looks forward to when they overrun Cherry's world, but in the meantime Cherry is a significant obstacle standing in the way of that.
  • The Pantheon is well-stocked with zombies and others of that sort, but they are rather better-contained compared to the situation in Cherry's world, even if there are regular outbreaks to keep things interesting. Cherry's experience in zombie-killing is extensive enough that she is one of the first called upon to help on such occasions, and she usually answers the call, even if it's with a feeling of resignation or exasperation. Either way, these events have allowed her to meet several other zombie hunters and apocalypse survivors with whom she has become well-acquainted... and by proxy make enemies out of the usual suspects responsible for zombies rising, such as Nekron and Nagash, even though they lack interest in the Sickos themselves due to them not being truly undead.
  • She found she has something significant in common with Ash Williams, given he also lost a limb and made the best of a bad situation by sticking a weapon in the stump; in Ash's case, he has a chainsaw replacing his right hand. As Cherry learned, the hand wasn't taken by a zombie, instead it was a demonic force that possessed Ash and compelled him to chainsaw his hand off. Ash had to admit he was a bit shaken hearing Cherry's name, as it reminded him of his sister Cheryl, who turned into a Deadite. At that, Cherry defused the tension by snarking that he didn't have to worry, as she had no intention of turning undead if that meant getting chainsawed or boomstick'd by Ash. Ultimately, Cherry and Ash respect each other a lot as capable warriors and it's not uncommon to see them having a Back-to-Back Badasses moment while fighting zombies.
  • Cherry is a powerhouse even if she's all on her lonesome, what with her seemingly infinite ammo and somehow being able to fire at will without needing to pull the trigger. Still, she definitely sees value in being part of a group, or else she wouldn't have traveled with one this whole time or brought it along into the Pantheon. And many members of that group are capable of carrying their own weight, with special mention to Dakota Block, Cherry's Number Two who can pull off some mean feats with syringes. All this makes Cherry get along pretty well with other survivor groups, such as the Green Flu Survivors, and the one consisting of Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock. Columbus can't help but be distracted by Cherry whenever she's around, much to Wichita's annoyance. Tallahassee actually did try asking her out, only to be turned down, but he doesn't hold it against her (it's come to his attention Cherry may have a thing with Dakota).
  • If you're wondering how is it that Cherry managed to escape infection by DC-2, it's because she lucked out, as she happens to be The Immune (presumably the rest of her group is as well). This is something she has in common with Ellie and Nick Ramos, who were highly valued and sought after as their immunity might lead to a definitive cure for their world's zombie problems. Cherry knew a chemist who told her more or less the same thing, but sadly he got killed before anything could come of it and she has no idea if others have managed to find a cure. Though if they told her her brain would have to be dissected to achieve that, as the Fireflies were planning to do with Ellie, she would tell them to fuck right off and the world could go to hell. At any rate, she keeps god relations with Ellie and Nick, with the latter's ingeniousness reminding her of El Wray. She can also relate to Ellie's father figure Joel getting himself out of a slump and find something worth fighting for, given she herself felt adrift in life before finding purpose in surviving the apocalypse while raising her child.
  • Once found herself fighting Dust Zombies, which are an unusual variety for the fact that they wield swords and shields and are both fast and cunning, making them a bit more challenging. She was soon joined in the fray by one samurai calling himself Jack, who taught her how best to deal with these zombies who are servants of his nemesis Aku. Once the battle was over, they got to talking, with Jack noting that he has a good friend, the Scotsman, who replaced his missing left leg with a machine gun, rather like Cherry. She also heard about how Jack's world is all kinds of fucked up thanks to Aku instilling a Bad Future, making her sympathize with him as that's not so different of what's happening back home. At least, Jack has a chance to set things right if he ever manages to travel back to his own time and defeat Aku then, which is more than can be said for Cherry's world much to her chagrin.
  • Cherry used to be a stripper, a job that she hated and has no interest in going back to. Her background got her the attention of John Hartigan, a police officer who once saved an 11-year-old girl called Nancy who became a stripper as an adult. While Cherry does not come from circumstances as tortured as Nancy (as far as we know), it would be remiss of her not to appreciate Hartigan for his incredibly self-sacrificial actions to save Nancy. She holds similar feelings for Marv, a chivalrous man known for being protective of sex workers, who he won't ever touch without permission. Though when it comes to someone like Cherry, all that protective instinct might be better spent on anyone else, given she has more than proven her mettle through her zombie-killing. Even so, Hartigan and Marv can't help but care for her, which Cherry thinks is a good feeling.
  • The worst-case scenario happened to her when her weapon decided to jam in the middle of a battle and she was surrounded by zombies with her allies having too much on their own hands to come help. That's when the mysterious ex-Federale Machete swept in unexpectedly, carving up many zombies with his namesake weapons and then bringing Cherry to a safe place where he fixed up her gun without a word, and she rejoined the battlefield with Machete in tow, also contributing his part of the carnage. While Machete's specialty is being a stone-cold badass, he also has a minor in inventions and tinkering. Once things were calm, he told Cherry she should come to him so her gun could receive thorough maintenance. Cherry finds herself trusting Machete despite his sketchy past, reserved demeanor and thuggish appearance, perhaps because he reminds her a little bit of El Wray.

    Clarice di Lanza 
Clarice di Lanza, Goddess of Absurdly Sharp Claws (The demoness who dared to become human, Auntie Clarice note )
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A pair of demon wings and Sorwat's tail peeking behind a veil
  • Theme Music: Fault Carol
  • Alignment: Supposedly Lawful Good, though is more like Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Morally Ambiguous DEMON Nun, Air-Slicing Fingernails, Cloudcuckoolander, Church Militant, Eyes Always Shut With Red Eyes, Dark Is Not Evil, Blatant Lesbian Crush on Elsa, Sacrificing Her Health to Use Her Arcana, Immortality
  • Domains: Nuns, Demons, Claws, Sin
  • Allies: Elsa la Conti, Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Scahrlachrot, Eko, Zenia Valov, Heart Aino, Catherine Kyoubashi, Byakuren Hijiri, Rosette Christopher, Asia Argento, Akeno Himejima, Xenovia Quarta, "Good" demons (especially demon lords)
  • Opposed by: Most of House of Faith, Demon Hunters
  • Enemies: "Evil" demons, Kyouko Sakura
  • Absurdly Sharp Claws possessors usually are capable of slicing people with no problem with sharp claws. What can the demon turned immortal nun Clarice do? Well, she can slice through the air itself to attack her opponents with just her fingernails, with a direct attack from them being really lethal to anything.
    • When presented an argument about Lust and how her claws are said to be "The Ultimate Spear", she presented the argument on how useful her claws are if she cannot get in reach?
  • The House of Faith is mixed about her. For one hand, she is a demon nun. On other hand, she is a ''good' demon nun, if little bit immoral. Especially since she only stopped being "evil" out of boredom and joined the Celestial Union due of Elsa la Conti. The only ones who seem to get along with her are Byakuren, a youkai monk, and Xenovia, an exorcist-turned-devil.
    • Similarly to Byakuren above, she seems to get along with Asia Argento and Akeno Himejima, a devil who was a nun and fallen angel miko respectively. Asia is surprised that she can read holy scripture without being hurt like she used to, though.
  • For her surprise, she does seem to get along well enough with the current goddess of Church Militants, Rosette Christopher.
  • After seeing Simon Belmont, she wonders if the la Conti family is in any way related to the Belmont family. Though she is not sure how to approach Simon to ask about that.
  • She seems to have mixed opinions regarding demons in the Pantheon. On one hand, she seems to respect demon lords (like Zetta, for example) and their offspring (like Dante, the son of Sparda). On other hand, she will stand up to those who try to destroy the world she is trying to protect (like with Vergil).
  • Claims that she is "eternally fifteen-years-old" (no relation to Belldandy claiming to be seventeen years old note ). Please keep that in mind. Calling her old is one of easiest way to make her open her eyes, which is never a good sign.
  • As a note, she knows nothing about the lambs if you were to ask her.
  • Leina and Tomoe were surprised about her, for not only sounding like a priestess they have met, but actually being a good fighter.
  • Has been sought after by Special Lovers Squad do join their ranks due of how violent she can get if anyone harms Elsa. She is still considering it.
    • As a note, she doesn't hate the Yandere Quartet at all. In fact, she secretly admires their devotion. She even jokes that she would make a better candidate for the group than Scharlachrot, as she views Weiss as a sister and the last thing she has to a connection to the world around herself. But on more serious note, she is concern about Scharlachrot's state of mind, and was able to free her out of her mind control thanks to Zenia and Elsa. Though once Yandere Squad was formed, she decided not to enter because.
  • There are many deities in House of Law and Justice what look at Clarice with a bad eye, due of her Arcana being the Arcana of Sin. However, Clarice says that Sorwat is the bearer of sin and the punisher for those who have sinned. When that didn't work, she got rather annoyed.
    Clarice: Those in power claim that which is inconvenient for them as a "sin", and deter it with "punishment". You find me as a "sin" because of who I am. But I am much as likely to bring out "punishment" as I am likely to "sin". Only I am capable of determine those terms when it comes to me. And I am afraid that if we cannot accept that fact, we will never see eye-to-eye.
  • She was extremely joyful when she found out that her dear Elsa was ascended.

    Millia Rage 
Millia Rage, Goddess of Weaponized Hair (The Blonde Huntress, Forbidden Hair Wielder)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Assassin's Guild Logo, slashed down the middle
  • Theme Songs: "Writhe in Pain", Lilly of Steel, The Spider's Thread (Do you know) (when battling Zato-1 and Eddie), Love The Subhuman Self, The Great Empress
  • Alignment: True Neutral, sometimes Neutral Good
  • Weapon of Choice: Her hair
  • Portfolio: Prehensile Hair, Orphans, Former Assassins, Musical References, Having Strong Feelings for her Foe (Although She Doesn't Admit It), Graceful Battle, Celibate Heroines, Lust Shaker, Nicer Personalities Behind Cold Exteriors, Can't Hurt Children.
  • Domains: Fury, Limbo, Revenge, Combat
  • Followers: Scott O'Connor
  • High Priestess: Medusa
  • Allies: Baiken, Litchi Faye Ling, Noel Vermillion, Dixie Kong, Bullet, Bayonetta, Shantae, Rachel Roth/Raven, Filia, Black Bolt, Entrapta, Zangief, Piotr Rasputin/Colossus, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.
  • Rivals: Zato-1, Yukako Yamagishi, Nina and Anna Williams.
  • Enemies: I-No, Tsuru Tsurulina IV/Czar Baldy Bald IV, Sindel.
  • Once a former member of the Assassin's Guild, she had been given the 6th Forbidden Spell: Angra cast on her hair allowing her to control it in battle. Afterward, she left the guild and sold out Zato leaving her a marked woman by her former guild leaving her feeling alone in the Pantheon. Despite "killing" Eddie out of a feeling of regret, the parasite took hold of Zato's body refusing to give up, and even now she still has to deal with him every now and again.
  • Eventually, she gains a different outlook on life seeing her guild as her own kind of home, and decides on helping them out by taking over things along with bringing back Zato-1.
  • Tries to stay away from pretty much everyone else in the Pantheons, though with her wild hair, her good looks, and her agile fighting style, she's fairly popular (especially with Dante).
  • Secretly brought along her pet cats, and plays with them whenever she gets some time alone. Several deities love petting them including Noel and Entrapta finding them so adorable.
  • Some believe that Golden Darkness would be able to take over this position in the Pantheon if she actually tried to do it. Yukako felt that she was more deserving of this trope with the power of her stand, but she admitted that Millia was strong enough to hold it for the moment.
    • Sindel however was far more violent about wanting that title, even nearly killing her just for that position. Millia knew that Empress of Outworld was a force to be reckoned with and vowed to be ready should the "bitch queen" try that again.
  • Recently likes visiting Litchi's hospital and sharing stories, often comparing their tales together. Millia is rather fond of her as a friend. Some say that Millia went VERY unstoic than usual in her attempt to save her from GUAE.
  • Really doesn't like to talk about her relationship with Zato-1. Her response to anyone who asks is usually silent. Rumors indicate that they may lose their virginities, despite the fact she's supposed to be chaste, or perhaps not.
  • Has gotten a new outfit as of recent, much to the confusion of her friends. Millia is unsure how to feel about their reactions with some considering it a homage to Maetel of all things. Baiken wondered how she would like in a kimono instead considering the outfit useless in a fight with a swordsman like herself. Millia stopped her before she could imagine the possible image of herself unclothed to the sight of everyone.
  • People will never let her live down that one time where she prematurely over-celebrated a victory in a fight against Zato-1 at one of the biggest tournaments she fought in. She still gets embarrassed when people bring it up.
  • She has made her fair share of rival assassins over the years, so when the Willaims sister came knocking due to a price being put on her head Millia quickly took a defensive stance against them. Nina found Millia interesting because of her method in killing while Anna loves the new outfit she wears displaying the sexiness of a woman's body even while fighting the Russian assassin.
  • Fellow Russian deities such as Colossus and the Black Widow got along with Millia and her history as a former hired gun. Natasha especially feels sympathy for her issues with Zato, Venom, and Eddie knowing how much red she much has in her own ledger. Millia wonders if she might one day end up being a S.H.I.E.L.D operative like Natasha is/was due to her or perhaps instead joining the X-Men like Piotr since her hair and past reminds her of his sister: Magik.
  • Resides with Medusa as her high priest as the Inhuman Royal Family hopes she can ascend alongside the former assassin one day. Black Bolt appreciates giving his wife a seat of power in the Pantheon while admiring the skills Millia has in combat.

    Sayaka Yumi and Jun Hono 
Sayaka Yumi and Jun Hono, Goddesses of Mechas with Armed Breasts (Sayaka: Jessica Davis)
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Aphrodite/Diana A's head and Venus A's head
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Belligerent Sexual Tension With Their Partners, Lovely Angels, Ms. Fanservice, The Reliable One, Tomboy with a Girly Streak, The Lancer, Missing Mom (and birth father in Jun's case), Babies Ever After With Kouji and Tetsuya
  • Domain(s): Mechas, Piloting, Combat Support
  • Heralds: Dr. Gennosuke Yumi (Sayaka's father) and the rest of the Photoatomic Research Institute, Lori & Loru, Shun Azuma, Masao Oide (fellow combat support for the Mazingers)
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi (their partners)
  • Enemies: Kouji and Tetsuya's enemies, impersonators
  • Oppose: misogynists (especially for Sayaka)
  • When it comes to weaponized appendages, there are all sorts available from where they come from. The arms, the hands, the legs, the eyes, the fingers, the butt, the nose, the horn, the tail(s), the tentacles, the wings, the pincers, you name it.
    • And then, for the sake of fanservice, there are weapons straight from the woman's mammaries. Codifying this trope, and being referenced or parodied in many other examples to follow, is Sayaka Yumi, or—to be exact—her mecha the Aphrodite A (and later the Diana A). And she was definitely annoyed that she hadn't joined as a Pantheon goddess sooner.
    • Back when Tetsuya represented Orphaned Children, his partner Jun Hono was intended to join him after it was realized she wasn't up either. But when it became apparent that his title wasn't an appropriate fit and it was decided that he join Kouji, it was also decided that Jun join Sayaka instead, since her trope also applies to her Venus A.
  • Applies to both:
    • While Sayaka does pilot a Venus A in other timelines, the one here is in use by Jun.
    • Curiously, the Diana A and Venus A are perfectly capable of swimming like most biological land animals do, compared to Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, which sink easily, though are still capable of underwater movement with foot thrusters and the Jet Scrander/Scramble Dash.
    • Have a bad opinion on impersonators, given the enemy once made a Robot impostor of Sayaka's father in order to sabotage Mazinger Z. They even did it again with Kouji. And then one Warbeast Helena pretended to be Jun, as well as when Marquis Janus replaced one of their colleagues Karen for an infiltration scheme.
    • Also not a fan of biker gangs, given one stole Sayaka's then-new Scarlet Mobile (which doubles as the cockpit for the Diana A) by one Jeronimo of the Circuit gang, and Jun was similarly harassed by another gang before Warbeast Theodorus attacking the city broke off the conflict.
    • There came news of an alternate timeline where the Kabuto family and Duke Fleed don't exist, where giant robots were the norm, and where Sayaka and Jun plus Hikaru Makiba and Maria Grace Fleed plus Cutey Honey are members of a secret organization/private investigation agency for solving crimes related with mechas and cyborgs, and are known only their team's name: the Mazinger Angels.
      • In account of that, given all the threats in the Pantheon, it was decided to "transplant" their mechas from that timeline to here for a better fighting chance, given that those mechas seem to have all sorts of new armaments, including their own versions of the Mazingers' weapons. Sayaka opted to obtain the Aphrodite A there while still keeping her default Diana A. Jun on the other hand opted for a straight-up upgrade of her Venus A to that timeline's version.
    • And then another bonus from the Shin Mazinger Zero timeline came available for Sayaka; the Artemis A, a much more powerful mecha in league with Great Mazinger itself, and a more responsive piloting system that lets her move it as fluidly as her own body. The rub? The suit meant for interfacing with it is… really Stripperiffic, and so she very strongly insists that communications from her are voice-only.
    • The two eventually got to know the EVA pilot Asuka during her (separate) visits with Kouji and Tetsuya. One thing led to another, and they've eventually started talking about forming a Great Tsundere Alliance, to the consternation of the Mazinger pilots.

  • Exclusive to Sayaka:
    • Compared to Kouji's disastrous beginnings, Sayaka has been specially trained to pilot her mecha, the Aphrodite A, and also had to show Kouji the ropes when it comes to operating his Humongous Mecha (it helps that both use the same control scheme and Aphrodite A's own Partner Circuit). That said, she's been unable to contribute much in the fight against Dr. Hell's Robobeasts not through any fault of her own, but because Aphrodite A (and Diana A after it) wasn't equipped enough to handle them. That's not to say she was useless, of course. Besides supporting Mazinger Z in battle and probing the Robobeasts for their weapons, she's even netted a few Robobeast kills (Minerva X, Gunbina M5, Gian F3, Gilania Beta 5), and several Iron Mask and Iron Cross ones. She also carries a ray blaster for defense on the ground.
    • While most heroes definitely possess Heroic Spirit to prevail against great odds, it's clear that Sayaka actually possesses more of that than Kouji given that she's always underpowered, she's well aware of that, she always gets beaten badly, and yet she continues to fight.
    • Her dynamic with Kouji had a lot of ups and downs, and they've certainly had plenty of heated arguments, but ultimately they ended up together.
    • Due to her constant desire to prove herself, any misogynistic comments easily set her off, as Kouji himself can attest to.
    • During the time the Autobots were at the Photoatomic Research Institute, Hot Rod had fostered a brief infatuation with Aphrodite A. Upon meeting Sayaka again in the Pantheon, he was sad to hear that Aphrodite was gone, destroyed beyond repair from a Robobeast attack. Sure, she has the Mazinger Angels version, but it just isn't the same.
    • Doesn't like to talk about that time when Kouji exploited her lack of… cover (it was a Beach Episode and he had "accidentally" pulled her bikini loose) to get the upper hand on attacking Iron Masks.

  • Exclusive to Jun:
    • Like Tetsuya, Jun was an orphan adopted by Kenzo Kabuto, and was trained to become the pilot for Great Mazinger's combat support Venus A.
    • It's true that Kenzo Kabuto neglected her over Kouji, Shiro, and Tetsuya, and rarely showed that he cared for her other than as a soldier. It's also true that this drove her to become independent, strong-willed, and self-reliant. But this does not mean she condones harsh parenthood. After all, favoritism aside, Kenzo treated Tetsuya the same way, and he developed a massive Inferiority Superiority Complex that drove a wedge between him and Kouji when they first fought together extensively and ultimately led to their father's death.
    • While she does possess a ray blaster for ground combat, she's also experienced with rifles, since the Fortress of Science has them for its staff to hold off intruders.
    • Has particular pity for those forced into serving as weapons for evil, just like one Warbeast Cleo, who had learned to appreciate humanity during her time as an undercover cyborg. It's a sentiment she shares with Boss and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Tetsuya (because he was the last to be aware of that particular situation).
      • The Masked Man is one such person, cyborgified and brainwashed by Porky Minch to be the commander of the Pigmask Army and his top enforcer and minion. She was glas that he was able to break out of it thanks to remembering words from his late mother Hinawa, but saddened that it required a Suicide by Cop via using thunder skills against his brother Lucas, who had the Franklin Badge on.
    • Venus A has its own Scrander like Mazinger Z does (Great Mazinger instead has retractable wings). And she's able to carry not only Diana A with it, but Boss Borot as well.
    • In the event the Great Mazinger cannot fire off its Thunder Break, the Venus A can do that in its stead.

Vatista, Goddess of Razor Wings (Puppet of Resurrection, Unit no. 10076, The Autonomic Nerve)
Her original form

Yozakura, Goddess of Power Gauntlets (The Mighty Matriarch With Massive Mitts, Yozakuu, BrooklynRage)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A wild boar, carrying her gauntlets on its back
  • Theme Music: Floral Freedom, My Ultimate Feast, Ready to Say Goodbye
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, used to be Templar Good
  • Portfolio: Using Gauntlets with Pile Bunker Cannons, Mighty Glacier, Promoted to Parent to Eleven Siblings Before Being Separated, Extremity Extremist, Team Mom, The Comically Serious, Cherry Blossom Girl, Shinobi
  • Domains: Fist-fighting, Gauntlets, Siblings, Shinobi
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Most weapon-wielding gods, Katsuragi (Friendly Rivalry)
  • Opposes: Kick Chicks, those who would grope some one willy-nilly
  • Enemies: Any Abusive Parents or those who are jerks to their siblings, Evil-aligned gods who really are evil
  • Former Enemies: Students of Hanzou and Hebijo Academy, The Crimson Squad
  • One of the top students of Gessen Girl School, Yozakura wields a particular pair of weapons: metallic gauntlets with built-in Pile Bunker Arm Cannons, what can grow in size and allows her to fire blasts of energy. Truly a goddess not be meddled with at a close range.
  • Close allies with Zenia and Bullet due of their preference on weapons. Though both of them agree that she should drop her mentality that "only men and women with no shame" are allowed to kick, with her saying that a proper lady knows how to use her fists and look good doing it. This is why she opposes most Kick Chicks.
  • She is also good friends with Vi due of her weapons. In fact, she feels good that her Knight Templar tendencies were turned around, otherwise she would have never thought that dark could turn to light like Vi did. Though she admits that Vi has a long way to go before she is in proper light.
  • According to her, it is only fine to grope some one if its some one you love behind closed doors... and unsuspecting guards on a mission. No one is sure if she is serious or not, but probably the former.
  • Is highly respected by parental gods due the fact that she was made to look after her eleven siblings once her mother died, and feel sorry for her due the fact that they were separated after her father died.
    • She is also respected by House of Food since she had to cook for all of her siblings. She is also good at making rather large-sized meals in general.
  • Commonly challenges other weapon-wielding gods into battle in order to understand her weapon even better and how to combat any kind of weapons.
  • Said to sound a lot like Sicily. She finds some disappointment on her, saying that where one of her signature moves is a holy-powered punch, her affinity with fists is piss-poor.


    Captain Hook 
Captain James Hook, God of Hook Hands (Dark And Sinister Man, Cap'n, Codfish, World's Most Famous Crook, Jimmy, Hooky, The Hook, The Cunning King Fish, The Bad Barracuda, The Steel-Handed Stingray, The Sleazy Sleaze of the Seven Seas, Ol' Feather Head, Killian Jones, Vainglorious Vengeful Swordsman, James Bartholomew)
Clickhere to see Killian Jones (his "Good Form").
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his trademark Hook
  • Theme Song: Presenting the Hook
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (True Neutral in "Good Form")
  • Portfolio: Hook Hand, Pirate, Arch-Enemy of Peter Pan, Disney Villain, Classic Villain, Faux Affably Evil, Wicked Cultured, Child Hater, Evil Is Hammy, Terrified of Crocodiles, Likes to Make People Walk The Plank, The Only Man Long John Silver Ever Feared, Icy Blue Eyes, Quite the Manipulator, Jealous of Peter Pan's Cocky Attitude and for displaying "Good Form", Would Hurt a Child, Noble Demon, A Terrible Captain
  • Domains: Pirates, Prosthetics, Swordsmanship, Sailing, Villains, Darkness, Time, Revenge
  • Herald: Mr. Smee
  • Allies: Maleficent, Ursula, Oogie Boogie, Jafar, Hades, Cruella De Vil, Ratigan, Sir Crocodile, Risky Boots.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Cervantes de Leon, Gangplank, Euron Greyjoy
  • Enemies: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy Darling, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Riku (former ally), Kairi, Ventus, Aqua, Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann, Whitebeard, Guybrush Threedwood, Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, The Gokaigers, Davos Seaworth, May (Guilty Gear).
  • Fears: Davy Jones, SOBEK, any other ascended Crocodilians, Vanitas, Stannis Baratheon
  • Opposed by: Sakazuki, Terra
  • Complicated Relationship: Edward Teach/Blackbeard
  • Captain Hook is so named due to the fact that he lost one of his hands (whether it's his left or right hand depends who you're talking to) to Peter Pan. The fact that said hand was fed to a crocodile didn't help Hook in the slightest and he made it his personal mission to end Peter Pan for good. The missing hand has been replaced with a hook and it's something he considers pretty useful.
  • The last of Maleficent's council of villains to ascend, Hook was humiliated on how he was picked last again. Though seemingly a wuss due to always losing against Peter Pan and constantly being tormented by a crocodile who swallowed his hand, Hook isn't someone to take lightly.
  • Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinker Bell had mixed reactions when they learned of Hook's ascension. Wendy, understandably, was not the least bit happy about seeing the pirate captain again, especially since he held her, the Lost Boys, and her brothers as captives and then forced her to walk the plank. Tinker Bell was turning red with rage, due to being tricked by Hook into revealing Peter's hideout. And Peter himself... Never in his life was the flying boy so happy to see his nemesis again. With Hook in the Pantheon, Pan can finally resume their old battles and put the 'Codfish' in his place.
  • Despite the fact that the Crocodile that ate his hand isn't ascended, Hook did not take the news well that there were some other crocodilians present in the Pantheon. In particular, he is absolutely terrified of Renekton due to the latter's insanity. Needless to say, Hook has made it a point to stay clear of him (and other crocodiles such as King K. Rool and King Gator) at all costs. Even his alliance with Sir Crocodile is a bit tense thanks to the warlord's pet gators.
    • But none of the aforementioned reptiles could top Sobek. Upon first meeting, The Egyptian god absolutely mortified the poor captain. To make matters worse, one of his followers just so happens to be the very same croc that ate Hook's hand. With that knowledge, the captain has become even more paranoid than ever.
  • Amongst his fellow Disney villains, he is very good friends with Ratigan, given that the both of them have a distaste towards children and are known for being hammy.
  • Hook is never seen without his bo'sun, Mr. Smee. Contrary to popular belief, Smee isn't Hook's first mate; that would be Mr. Starkey (at least until he got tossed into the sea due to not hearing a splash).
    • However, Smee is the only crew member Hook even shows some respect to. The captain is an outright Bad Boss who's willing to shoot one of his crew dead (for either wrinkling his outfit or singing horribly).
  • He's not in a particularly good relationship with a lot of the ascended pirates. The more ruthless pirates, Cervantes de Leon and Gangplank, are having a hard time working with him since the two learned that one version of Hook is very ineffectual compared to the other iterations of him.
    • The more heroic pirates, such as the Straw Hat Pirates, Guybrush Threepwood and the Gokaigers, are already making it a point to stop his schemes, whatever they may be. It certainly doesn't help that Hook has made an alliance with the warlord Sir Crocodile, who shares many characteristics with the Captain. The Gokaigers are more antagonistic to Hook given that his tendencies to put children at harm reminds the group of their own enemy, Basco ta Jolokia.
  • Jack Sparrow has become one of Hook's main rivals. When the two met, both Captains were put off by the other's demeanor (Hook found Jack to possess "Good Form", much like Peter Pan, and Sparrow legitimately thought Hook was a terrible captain). After trading insults between one another, they engaged in a duel along the beaches of Neverland, to see who the superior pirate was. It was interrupted by Peter Pan and his Lost Boys, but Hook has proclaimed the duel will continue another day. To that, Sparrow simply said:
    Jack Sparrow: I'll drink to that, mate!
  • Rumors have persisted throughout the Pantheon that Hook once served as Blackbeard's boatswain. Both parties have denied the claims but do keep in touch. If there's treasure to be had, then both pirates will try to take an equal share.
  • Apparently, Long John Silver is afraid of Captain Hook. This has raised the possibility that the two pirates may cross paths with each other again.
  • After everything that transpired while serving under Maleficent, Captain Hook absolutely HATES Keyblade wielders. All of them. He hates Ventus, Sora, Donald, Goofy for ruining both his plans, Riku for turning traitor, Aqua for siding with Peter Pan, and Kairi... because she was a pain to keep around. There's also Terra, but Hook doesn't hate him as much because of his poor judgment. That being said, Hook would still take them over Vanitas any day.
  • To Miss Fortune, he is just another pirate who just got added to his hit list. She also doesn't believe that only a kid in a green outfit could beat him, though she hasn't tested that theory herself... yet.
  • Dislikes Davos Seaworth for leaving the smuggler's life behind him and serving Stannis Baratheon The feeling is mutual, as Davos feels that Hook is a terrible captain and should have just left Neverland when he had the chance. On the other hand, though, Hook absolutely fears Stannis after learning of his victories against the Ironborn of Pyke both at sea, and on land.
    • Speaking of Ironborn, Hook is hesitant to side with King Euron Greyjoy. Hell, his entire crew becomes fearful at the mere presence of the Crow's Eye. Euron doesn't seem to mind so much; he's content as long as he's got allies to help conquer Westeros.
  • As someone who very much hates pirates, Sakazuki became upset upon learning that there was another pirate to deal with. That said, the Marine plans on dealing with Hook much later.
  • For whatever reason, anytime a production of Peter Pan is performed at the House of Theatre, the actor playing Captains Hook also plays Mr. Darling. This has made further interactions with Wendy even more awkward.
  • In one timeline where Peter Pan grew up, Hook realized that he had lost his calling despite now having full control of Neverland and gotten payback on the Crocodile by turning it into a clock, and has more than once tried to kill himself out of boredom.
    • It was revealed in another timeline, that Hook survived being swallowed by the Crocodile, becoming the circus owner Ravello, and trying to make Peter Pan an adult by wearing Hook's old red coat. Many were horrified by the monster he had become and were only thankful that he returned to his normal self by getting a good night's sleep.
  • On one Halloween night, Hook teamed up with fellow Disney villains Jafar, Ursula, Hades and Cruella De Vil, to take over the House of Theatre for the fun of it. Unfortunately for the villains involved, it didn't last very long. It took over a week to simply get Jafar out of the lamp.

    Rattlesnake Jake 
Rattlesnake Jake, God of Armed Tails
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His tail
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Snakes Are Sinister, Psycho for Hire, The Dreaded, Red Eyes, Take Warning, The Gunslinger
  • Domains: Snakes, Guns
  • Rivals: The Man with No Name, Erron Black
  • Enemies: Rango (doubles as Worthy Opponent), The Lone Ranger, Lucky Luke, John Wayne, Jill McBain, Indiana Jones, Tarantula, Serperior
  • Opposes: Liars, Traitors
  • Disapproves of: Yosemite Sam, Hol Horse
  • Mixed Relations: Gauron*, Bullseye
  • If Rattlesnake Jake is considered to be the metaphorical Grim Reaper of a town, then he's someone who shouldn't be taken for granted. A cold-blooded killer with a gatling gun for a tail whose name instills fear in the hearts of small animals, he relishes at the opportunity to take lives whenever he is asked for such. That said, he has a sort of code of honor, respecting those who can put up a good fight against him and detests liars. If he works for someone and gets double-crossed by them, then he'll be more than willing to take their lives when all is said and done.
  • He is largely seen as the animal world equivalent of a Psycho for Hire given how much he enjoys his work of hunting down targets and taking them down. The much larger scale of the Pantheon means that he has more potential beings to work for and hunt down. While he is content with doing his work within the animal world, he's willing to take up jobs that involve humans should he be asked to do so.
    • When it comes to working with Gauron and Bullseye, Jake actually doesn't do it that often. While it's true that all three of them are bloodthirsty and eager to take on jobs that involve killing people, Jake does have a code of honor to some extent, effectively making him a little less evil in comparison to Gauron or Bullseye. That and Gauron is too much even for Jake to handle. Things are only slightly better between Jake and Bullseye and even then, they don't go after the same target.
  • Snakes are already a bad enough problem for Indiana Jones and one that can use a gun very well just makes it worse for him. It doesn't help that Indy's enemies, if they're willing to do so, could hire Jake as a means to take him down. On his end, Jake is willing to see if Indy can use his wits effectively to survive a potential encounter between each other.
    • Of all the other snake-haters, Tarantula seems to have a literally bigger problem with Jake than Indy could, mostly due to how Tarantula had to face off against a recurring rattlesnake a number of times before. Fighting against Jake is even more problematic for Tarantula given how he has a gun and knows how to use it well. Luckily for Tarantula, Jake doesn't have an unlimited amount of ammo with him at all times.
  • Jill McBain thouroughly hates Jake, seeing as how his sadistic sociopathic attitude is almost akin to that of her sworn enemy Frank, regardless of if Jake's level of malevolence doesn't exactly reach that of Frank's. While Jake doesn't really care too much about Jill by default, any possible job that involves stopping her he's willing to take up.
  • As a gunslinger, he's ended up getting into a number of gunfights against others like him. His rivalry with The Man with No Name is more pronounced due to the latter having thoughts about how Jake is similar to Angel Eyes. While Jake doesn't really know that person, but he's eager to confront The Man with No Name if the information of a similar being helped Rango find the courage to fight back is anything to go by. In contrast, most heroic gunslingers such as The Lone Ranger and Lucky Luke have great issue with him over his violent attitude and the threat he poses towards others.
    • Despite most of the gunslingers being competent by default, Jake would rather not talk about Yosemite Sam and Hol Horse. To him, those two don't even deserve to go after others with their incompetence and Jake even believes that Hol Horse's ability to control bullets is a factor in Hol Horse being useless.
  • Liars are something that Jake cannot stand no matter what. Him finding out that there's plenty of such made him upset to say the least. Those who can't tell lies well irritate him to no end and he sees them as just wannabes who want to be a something when they're really just a nobody. As for more skilled liars, Jake holds the same contempt towards them as other liars, pointing out that frauds can't last forever, no matter how well they cover their tracks.
    • By extension, he has absolutely no respect towards anyone who has double-crossed someone else. With the number of deities with traitorous tendencies present, Jake has made it clear that if any of those kinds of people want his help, he will reject the offer no matter what. The fact that he got double-crossed by the one he was employed under initially is definitely a factor in his mindset.
  • One of his jobs involved attempting to eliminate Serperior, another serpent that was reported to have a decent ability in combat. Jake was more than willing to see how well the Pokémon could hold up and once he got to her, Serperior unsurprisingly fought back against Jake's bullets with Leaf Storm. It ended with some injuries on both sides and Serperior having nothing but contempt towards Jake (who admitted that Serperior would be one of his more difficult targets to go after again following the battle) for being yet another psychotic serpent.
  • Despite being known as a kind of Grim Reaper, no one has tried to dress him up in traditional Grim Reaper clothing. Not only is such an idea dangerous and stupid, trying to attach a scythe to Jake's gun simply won't work out. And even if it did, the end result of a snake wildly swinging around a bladed tail that can shoot bullets simply wouldn't be worth it.
  • Asking about if there's any logical way that his tail-gun can function is extremely ill-advised. Like a whole lot of things in the Pantheon, it only works just because a gunslinging snake is cool and asking about it is basically just asking to get hung up on something that's not worth getting hung up on.
  • If people have had it with monkey-fighting snakes on a Monday-to-Friday plane, then those same people are probably going to get fed up a lot sooner if there's one armed with a gun. Jake clearly hasn't gone onto planes, but will if a deity asks him to go after a target there.