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Greater Gods

Accelerator, God of Attack Deflectors (The One Who Wields the Power of God, Number One, The Strongest, Yuriko Suzushina)

Boros, God of Surviving Ultimate Attacks (Lord Boros, Dominator of the Universe)
When his power is unleashed 
When activating "Meteoric Burst" 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: An Ornate Armor that keeps his power in Check.
  • Theme Song: The Ruler
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Aliens are Bastards, Alien Invasion, Anime Hair, Blood Knight, Cyclops, Humanoid Alien, Can heal his wounds pretty fast, Lightning Bruiser, Came to Earth because of a Prophecy that told him he would find someone who could match him
  • Domains: Aliens, Planet invasion, Power, Surviving pretty strong attacks
  • Heralds: The rest of the Dark Matter Thieves
  • Allies: Frieza, Cooler, Cell, The Ginyu Force, Mard Geer Tartaros, Ragyo Kyruin, Ridley, Mother Brain, Gigan, The Yellow Devil, Black Doom, SpaceGodzilla, Trakeena.
  • Rivals: Beerus, Sephiroth
  • Enemies: Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Tatsumaki, Clark Kent/Superman, Commander Shepard, Lordgenome, Cloud Strife, XCOM, Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, Samus Aran, Isaac Clarke, Jim Raynor, Serious Sam, General Fletcher, The Immortal Emperor of Mankind and his followers.
  • Opposes: Excessively Violent Heroes
  • Worthy Opponent: Saitama
  • Complicated Relationships: The House of Prophecy (Especially the Prophets)
  • Lord Boros was an Alien leader of a group of intergalactic invaders that dedicated themeselves to invade planets until one day, a Prophet foretold that Boros could find someone who could match him in strenght in planet Earth and he immediately departed there in hopes of finding said person. To put it short, he wasn't dissapointed in what he found.
    • To say that he managed to survive more than one punch from Saitama and even managed to give him some resemblance of a Fight is what surprised many people. This was one of the reasons why he was ascended not long after he was defeated.
  • The first thing he did after ascending is confronting the one person that managed to defeat him, Saitama. He declared in front of the Hero that he will train hard enough to go beyond his limit and then challenge him for the Rematch. While Saitama wasn't fazed at all, he secretly looks forward to the Alien's training results and see if he can keep his word. And there are many gods worried of what would happen if these two Cross paths again.
  • After hearing about Boros, Frieza decided to confront him personally to see if he was as strong as he was rumored to be. It wasn't surprising that Boros was gleefully smiling after hearing that there was another being strong enough to oppose him and the resulting battle left neither emperor disappointed. To the surprise and eventual horror to everybody, both intergalactic lords became best buddies.
    • To top it off, Boros started to take sparring matches with Frieza on his spare time after hearing that the former attained a powerful form after a short amount of time. Worse, he plans to test his new found skills on Frieza's arch-nemeses, the Saiyans, after hearing of their immense combat potential. Looks like defeat wasn't so bitter after all for Boros...
  • Altough he has clarified that his Regenerating Power is what allowed him to Shrug off some of Saitama's powerful punches, many theorize he actually has the Sturdy ability.
  • Another person that caught his attention was the Swordman Sephiroth, especially because they both sound suspiciously similar and have Powerful forms that they only unleashed as a trump card. This also didn't sit well with Cloud and the latter has been careful of the Alien lord ever since.
  • He is planning to form another intergalactic group because sadly the last one were all killed. One of the first people that joined him was the Space Pirate Ridley, because the Dragon was impressed that there was another Creature as durable as he is. This pleases Boros greatly.
    • This alliance has brought the ire of many people who have fought aliens before and it is possible that a new organization may be formed to counter whatever Boros has in store.
  • He gets along surprisingly well with One-eyed deities like Mother Brain or Gigan, who are aliens that also invaded planets for their own cause. He also is in good terms with the Yellow devil even though he isn't an alien, as he reminds him of one of his Top lieutenants who fought on Earth.
  • He hates heroes who show no mercy toward their enemies, as he found out that the surviving Crew that came to earth with him was executed by Knight Templar Hero by the name of Sweet Mask. People like Killia, Kenshiro or Shadow the Hedgehog are what makes him get instantly angry.
  • He isn't very fond of the Prophecy house, since altough the Prophecy he was told was right at the end, he felt very dissapointed that he couldn't give a Challenge to Saitama. He has stated that Prophecies became a very touchy subject for him and he wouldn't mind getting rid of that house, which has left most of its members Worried.
  • Also present in Dodging And Defensiveness.

Intermediate Gods

Celebi, Goddess of Having Many Weaknesses (The Time Travel Pokémon, Onion Fairy, Pixie Time Lord)

Greed the Avaricious, God of Instant Armor (The Ultimate Shield)
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  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An ouroboros on the back of a hand
  • Theme Song: Greed, Sorrowful Stone when acknowledging death
  • Alignment: True Neutral at first, Neutral Good later
  • Portfolio: Niceness and villainy, defecting from decadence, Benevolent Boss, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Greed (obviously), Wouldn't Hit a Girl, Defiant to the End, desiring friendship
  • Domains: Avarice, Combat, Defense, Companionship
  • Heralds: Roa, Dolcetto, Martel, Bido, Zampano, Jerso, Darius, Heinkel
  • Allies: Ling Yao (once shared his body), Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Van Hohenheim, Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, Lin Beifong, Asami Sato (the latter two opposed him briefly), Avatar Korra, The Truth, Wario, Eustace Bagge, Teddie, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Hercules, Avatar Aang, Milla Basset, Tenzin, Bolin, Mako, Phoney Bone (and Smiley Bone)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Maxie and Archie
  • Enemies: Father Homunculus, Dante of the Deep Forest, Führer King Bradley, Envy the Jealous, Lust the Lascivious, Pride the Arrogant, Raditz, Amon (LoK), Zaheer, Larfleeze
  • Friendly Rival: Moe Szyslak
  • Approved by: Toph Beifong
  • Approves: Sae Niijima
  • Pities: Gluttony the Voracious, Sloth the Indolent
  • Annoys: Chronoa/The Supreme Kai of Time
  • Opposes: Kuvira
  • Annoyed by: Most evil/greedy members of the Houses of Commerce, Leadership, and Royalty
  • Ascended into the Pantheon a while after his Heroic Sacrifice, out of raw desire to gain things on a godly level. Truth helped facilitate the move after approving how he surpassed his arrogant progenitor in his greatest desires, using his Ultimate Shield as a representation of such to grant him his title.
  • He still introduces himself through his "I'm Greed the Avaricious, I want the finer things in life" speech and makes reference to his own avarice on a regular basis. The Elric brothers are beyond bored of that speech at this point. Though after a while of hanging out in the Pantheon and not doing much to acquire higher rank, more money, fame, or women, instead just spending time in groups, it has become clear that what he really wants is friends. Though he may not admit it at first, he won't outright lie.
    • Is sometimes seen alongside Teddie as they identify with each other's want of companions.
  • In spite of the above, he is still rather greedy, and still tends to want things. Sometimes he's known to pocket objects from the Pantheon's treasury. His Ultimate Shield protects him from any security system, though he still refuses to allow it to cover up his face, if he can afford it. Sometimes he pushes his luck with that philosophy.
  • His ascension does not sit well with Father, and Greed isn't pleased to see him in the Pantheon either. Luckily for both of them, they don't cross paths often, as Father has no further need for his son. He knows it'd be a lost cause by now.
  • Thanks to ascending, Greed has finally achieved immortality, one of his stated goals during his time in the mortal world, without being bound to a suit of armor or taking some other unfeeling form. Ed specifically teased him about that the first time he saw him in the Pantheon, but he was a good sport about admitting the "brat" was right.
  • Speaking of his form, he has his own body again but his English voice is the one he took when his stone was reconstituted to possess Ling Yao. Though it's an odd development, he likes it, since that's when he finally understood what he really wants in life.
  • Gets along famously with Wario, given how greedy the two of them are. Greed sometimes helps Wario's game business, and Wario funded the opening of Greed's new Bad-Guy Bar to replace the Devil's Nest. Though the two still sometimes bicker over who gets what percentage of their profits, and Wario's greed is more for just money than universal desire, which is exactly what annoys him about corrupt Commerce, Leadership, and Royalty house deities in general.
  • In honor of his slain chimera henchmen, Greed's aforementioned establishment is called Stray Dog.
    • Despite being a seedy-looking place funded by a GUAE member, many a villain will not trust this place after knowing of his rebellion against Father, whereas only the absolute purest of heroes prefer not to frequent an old-school nightclub. Also, his unofficial mascot is Teddie, a Shadow turned good. Many see this as a major sign that Stray Dog actually functions as a Good-Guy Bar.
  • Is looking into taking over Moe's bar in the House of Food (because he wants everything), so he can have two bars, but he's had no luck yet. The best he's been able to settle for is competing with Moe's bar to see who can have the most frequent customers. Moe so far is in the lead, but Greed is slowly gaining ground.
  • Met Illya von Einzbern when she interrupted a fight between him and Lust with questions for both of them about Father. After Lust retreated, Greed told her all he knew about Father's plans since he doesn't like either Father or lying very much. He earned Illya's trust that day. Since then they've hung out a few times, as he likes that she's…usually more or less good-natured compared to either of their families, and she appreciates his honesty, even as he teases her about her thing for Shirou Emiya. He tends to be a bit more careful with her when she has her Berserker around, but still avoids lying. It helps that he's trying to get her to see the value of humans and doesn't think Shirou will ignore her forever. In fact he's interested in meeting the guy himself.
  • When Greed discovered that a teenager heiress-turned-owner of a reputed manufacturing company is who happens to heavily resemble Lust had ascended to the Pantheon, he found this hilarious and decided he had to meet Asami Sato. Paying a visit to her home in Republic City, he tried immediately to strike up a deal similar to his arrangement with Wario, but she didn't trust his intentions and politely told him to buzz off. He thinks she'll come around. No, he's not after her sexually. Yes, he has been asked about that. Thing is, he's actually telling the truth here. And we know this…
    • …because we later found out who he does want in that way. See, one day, Greed's eyes caught the sight of a particular police lady handling a criminal in the city, and instantly he was drawn to her and decided he had to make her his Queen. He very quickly went to strike up a conversation with her, learning that she was a recently-ascended police chief named Lin Beifong, before hitting on her by stating his desires and being instantly rebuffed. Despite the rejection at first, he had a good feeling about it because her name gave him a sense of destiny.
    • These dynamics started to change when Raditz attacked Republic City, during which Greed helped Chief Beifong lead the resistance to beat Raditz back away from the city, which earned both Lin and Asami's respect. Since then Lin has tapped him as an off-the-books resource in her police work as well as visited his bar on several occasions, but is still resistant to his romantic advances. Lin's mother Toph says the latter part is changing with time, and interestingly enough, she had a touchy reaction when confronting him about Stray Dog being funded by a member of GUAE, which persisted even after he reassured her no discussion on that ever came up. As for Asami, he hasn't presented his previous offer again but still helps her out sometimes with security detail — particularly when Korra isn't around, because that's when she needs it.
  • Speaking of stray dogs in more ways than one, Greed was lounging around in his sub-house once when he finally noticed he shares the grounds with a humanoid canine girl. So he taught Milla some of the hand-to-hand skills he learned from Ling.
  • Unlike his view on the rest of his siblings, he…kinda pities Gluttony, honestly. The poor kid doesn't even understand why his actions register as bad; all he can think of is to consume others, protect Lust, and revere Father.
  • Greed and Teddie recently went to visit the Supreme Kai of Time after she ascended, being interested enough to want to know what she's about. However, when she offered to contribute some items to his bar, he taste-tested her cooking himself. He lost 30 souls from his Philosopher's Stone. Naturally, he told her that it sucked, angering her enough to where she summed her ki-shooting cloud Time Judgment and fired at him for close to four hours. The Ultimate Shield protected him. She's been sore at him since.
  • For the longest time, Hercules, a frequent patron at the bar, occasionally tossed Greed coded hints with a knowing glance, which always seemed to connect to a conversation that he and Illya had, which only her Berserker could've possibly heard easily. This confused Greed until he invited the two separately to a party that he himself was invited to by Asami to celebrate Korra's transfer into her own seat in the Pantheon. Greed made a remark noticing their camaraderie, to which Hercules replied curiously about being the closest to a "monster" Illya knows. This led Toph, Olivier Armstrong, and Ed to connect the dots that Hercules and the Berserker were one and the same. Greed was annoyed at Herc for having tricked him for so long, but got to laugh at the Champion of Rome's expense when it turned out Illya knew what he was up to the whole time.
    • He'd also brought Teddie to this party, and thus had to take responsibility for the blonde's lame flirting attempts with Korra, Asami, and a few other girls. Lin's snarky comment about this was how she introduced him to both Korra and Tenzin, who proceeded to converse with him; though affable enough, his claim to be gunning for King of the Pantheon with Beifong as his queen threw them off to an extent. The Krew asked him and the Elric brothers to stay behind after the party specifically for the two sides to share histories. While Ed had to snark him out of trouble when he kept going on about his ambitions, he was honest about his background and history and warned them about his kin Homunculi, and showed appropriate care for Lin and the others when told of their ordeals. With Tenzin's caution, the Krew approves of him as Lin's "hopeless suitor". He's also taken an interest in ascending and mentoring Mako and Bolin.
  • After learning about what the Avatar is through talking with Korra and Aang at the party, he's just realized that in the few times he saw the Elrics' father, those moments where he thought Hohenheim was just spacing out and talking to himself, the old man was actually conversing with the souls in his stone. Greed then approached Hohenheim to learn how to do this as well. It's currently a work in progress.
  • Has been decidedly more on edge lately thanks to the ascensions of Führer Bradley, who nigh-immediately assembled a new High Command team for Father's forces; Dante, an alchemist woman who comes from a timeline where she was the Big Bad who controlled the Homunculi and hunted down Greed's crew; and the reveal of Envy's presence in the Pantheon. He's warned others about them, tried to kill Dante, and promptly resumed verbally roasting and needling Envy the next time he saw the Jealous. He also backs up Lin and Tenzin in their opposition of the recently-ascended Kuvira.
  • Despite being the living incarnation of avarice, Greed does not get along very well with Larfleeze at all, as the alien sees him as a rival for his Orange Lantern Ring. While Greed does express interest in making a play for that power, he wants a team with him when he makes his move. So far Illya's the only one on board.
  • Got his wish regarding mentoring the Ferret Brothers when they finally ascended. Mako, while cautious, seems to be accepting of it, while Bolin is all in. They sometimes work together when acting alongside Beifong, as the brothers are two of her detectives on the force.
  • Recently hired Smiley Bone, the Herald and cousin of Phoney Bone, to work as a bartender at the Stray Dog. While Phoney was initially suspicious of the homunculus, the pair have gotten to know each other more and nowadays they're seen chatting about ways of increasing their wealth. Greed for his part figured that Phoney might need some brute force in case things get ugly, and has kept Lin out of the loop, in case she decides to arrest the bone. Further complicating things, Asami isn't a big fan of Greed's new friend either, as she finds the bone's business schemes to be very similar to Varrick's.
  • Despite living up to their claims to have reformed so far, Greed hasn't completely warmed up to the two Pokémon team leaders and former Team Rainbow Rocket members Maxie and Archie, being cordial but cautious around the two. He also knows Lin wants to arrest them to teach them a lesson, but is making sure that she waits until they start to slip up again before doing so, especially in light of Toph detecting that they're telling the truth.

    Siegfried (Nibelungenlied / Nasuverse
Siegfried, God of Nigh-Invulnerability (Dragon Slayer, Sigurd, Saber of Black, Sumanai, The Sorry-Looking Fella)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His heart soaked with the blood of Fafnir, imposed with Balmung in front
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Slayer of Dragons, Permanent Invulnerability Boon, Decoy Protagonist, Legendary Low Tier During Chaldea Struggles, Blood Bath, Balmung, Loyalty, Desire To Help People
  • Domains: Combat, Dragons, War, Heroism
  • Allies: Kriemhild, Jeanne d'Arc, Astolfo, Shirou Emiya, Link, Saint George & Martha, Siegfried Schtauffen, Clark Kent/Superman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Optimus Prime, Shido Itsuka, Thor
  • Rivals: Karna, Mordred, Achilles, The Dovahkiin
  • Special Relations: Brynhildr
  • Enemies: Fafnir
  • Siegfried is known as one of the famed dragonslayers in myth, where after defeating Fafnir and bathing on his blood, he was granted an invulnerability boon except on a leaf spot on his back. There's absolutely nothing that can graze his invulnerability unless they aim for that one weak spot, or Siegfried himself wills it. For that, the Pantheon ascended him to the position.
    • The position was once held by Lu Bu. Siegfried's response about it was "Sorry." He also apologized for moving the House from Combat to Power.
  • He was quite surprised that Fafnir somehow materialized back in the Pantheon, but he was more surprised that the Fafnir standing before him was... a dwarf. Fafnir was very annoyed that his slayer didn't even bother to check his origin, but regardless, he demanded a rematch after a lot of times training by fighting other Gods. Siegfried believes that it is destiny that they will be locked in combat forever and braced himself.
    • Though there's also a line of people wanting to fight him anyway. In particular, Karna, Mordred and Achilles were ecstatic that this time, they fight against the true form of Siegfried, not a homunculus that took his form. They DO want a full extent of Siegfried's invulnerability, considering a catalyst for a super epic battle.
    • He's also quite glad to see his ally during the Red vs Black faction Holy Grail War, Astolfo. He said that he'll try to see where the homunculus that he gave his heart for (Sieg) went off. With the help of Jeanne as well.
  • He was several times summoned to help out in the troubles of Chaldea. But for some reason, the process ends up cursing him with some sort of weakness that he couldn't perform as well that it reaches legendary status of mockery. Other Heroic Spirits that are at least good understand his plight and suspect that even his invulnerability was infectuous to that 'curse'/'weakness' that it's also invulnerable, and all he could say was "Sorry."
  • The Sword Balmung is known not only for slaying dragons, but also shooting out powerful beams that decimate a lot of things. Therefore, he's a Saber that can shoot beams. Sorry.
  • He has a rather WEIRD relationship with the Valkyrie Brynhild. While he does appreciate her company when fighting together, he had to remind her that he's NOT her Sigurd, despite her thinking they're too similar and starting to love him more and increasing her urge to kill him as a result. And as he remembered it, he knew a Brynhild who was instead a queen of Iceland...
    • That said, he'll have everyone warned that if his wife Kriemhild knows he's 'dead' again, she would unleash hell.
    • Brynhild once invited him to watch something she was actually pretty fond of, together. Siegfried did enjoy it, but if asked if he could recite "Kill da wabbit kill da wabbit kill da wabbit" while swinging his Balmung to recreate the effect of "Nowth winds bwow! South winds bwow! Typhoons! Huwwicanes! Eawthquakes! SMOOOOOOGGGGG!!", especially when there was nothing important on the stake, he'll sternly reply with, "I'm sorry, but no."
  • As the title of Dragonslayer has been taken by The Dovahkiin, Siegfried found himself engaging in a rivalry in those terms with him.
  • He's also friends with the same-named Siegfried Schtauffen, though Siegfried shows his condolences about how the latter ended up possessed by the Soul Edge but now is on the path of atonement.
  • He's a believer of being a Hero of Justice that helps people. For that, he became quite a friend with Emiya Shirou, as they share ideals and there's something similar about that homunculus he saved within Shirou. However, Shirou warned him that his alternate self might not like the idea of being a Hero of Justice that much, especially coming from the same voice.
  • One should remember that in the end of the day, Siegfried does not view himself in good light. To him, he is a failure. A hero who helped his future brother-in-law to defile a woman so that she can truly marry her, what caused conflict between her and his own wife. A man who let himself die to prevent further disaster between the two, only for his wife to go to avenge his death, causing more people to get hurt. A hero who in the end only caused tragedies. And the only thing he can say is "I'm sorry".
  • Has an Invisibility Cloak called Tarnkappe what he received alongside Balmung and most of his treasures. However, after his death, it sort of disappeared. He doesn't necessarily miss it, as it reminds him of what he did to deserve his death.
  • Thanks to a call to arms by Astolfo that noticed that something was wrong with Jeanne with the possibility of being brainwashed by YHVH, Siegfried helped out in investigating the case, which led him to Jeanne Alter who once summoned a 'fake' version of himself and managed to find a clue about the foul play that YHVH used.

    Silver the Hedgehog 
Silver the Hedgehog, God of the Catch and Return Technique
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his head
  • Theme Music: Dreams of an Absolution, Rival Battle: Silver the Hedgehog
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Walking, talking, white hedgehog, being a Determinator, being from the future and having mental powers, striving For Great Justice, Mind over Matter
  • Domains: Psychokinesis, Countering
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Enemies: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, The Dahaka, JonTron, Vile, Ermac
  • Additional Relation: Mephiles the Dark
  • Conflicted Opinions from: Solid Snake, Raiden (from Metal Gear)
  • Was once scorned by the gods, especially for his performance during the year 2006. However, once that was erased from collective memory, and Sonic's birthday allowed him to prove the full power of his psychokinesis, many were more than willing to allow Silver to ascend.
  • Gets along well with most of the Sonic characters in the Pantheon, with the exception of Dr. Eggman.
    • Mephiles also rubs him the wrong way. The two have not had any major conflicts, given their previous encounters have been erased. Though they have had minor scuffles. He does seem to trust Mephiles a little bit, which makes even Terra shake his head.
    • Of all people, he's been seen getting along with Yoshi.
  • With their similar histories and goals, Silver has become friends with Lucina and Future Trunks. The three of them have together formed a bond, and they'll help the other in need. This friendship has also placed Silver in the crosshairs of The Dahaka, which hunts down Lucina for her actions in changing her fate (and no doubt would probably go after him and Trunks next if it ever caught her). The three of them have stood together and beaten back the horned Guardian of the Timeline on a number of occasions.
    • Lucina's current voice also reminds him of his good friend Blaze the Cat. Hilariously enough, people have pointed out that due to his and Trunks' respective voices, they may or may not be akin to the Sanada brothers, Yukimura and Nobuyuki. Lack of speech falls onto everyone's minds at that point.
      • Funny enough, Nobuyuki himself needed to hide from some fangirls at some point with the timely assistance of Silver. While they're starting to get along ever since, Nobuyuki explained the reason for that being both of their voices seemed to radiate an ominous fragrance that was very akin to Sebastian Michaelis' charm. Both of them shuddered at the thought.
  • In spite of the timeline being changed, Silver still has the scorn of JonTron, over the boss battle he had with Sonic in Soleanna.
  • Is sometimes seen in the House of Mentalism.
  • Solid Snake is reminded of Psycho Mantis whenever he witnesses Silver's power. He commented, "good thing he doesn't have fire powers, at least." The relief was short-lived when Silver told Snake that his friend Blaze the Cat had fire powers instead.
  • Raiden has heard of how Silver went back in time to try and kill Sonic to change the future. This reminded him of his own futile attempt at killing Big Boss, at which Raiden can now look back and laugh. He also finds something oddly familiar about his voice.
  • One of his preferred lines of Boss Banter is to inform his opponent that nothing they can do will have any consequence. In other words, IT'S NO USE!
  • Once stopped Vile's plans during a merging of worlds. Vile, naturally, is looking to pick a fight with him once more.

Lesser Gods

    Milla Basset 
Milla Basset, Goddess of Deflector Shields (Milla the Hound)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess in her mutated state)
  • Symbol: A Phantom Block of her creation
  • Theme Song: Aqua Tunnel, Neo Chase
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, forced into Chaotic Evil during mutation
  • Portfolio: Shrinking Violet, barriers that can provide Recoil Boost when utilized properly, attracted to shiny objects, prefers to go barefoot, innocent child, ear wings, High Power but Low Durability, Precious Puppy, asymmetrically-colored bracelets and anklets, goes on all fours while running, Brainwashed And Transformed into a Giant Mutant Scorpion
  • Domains: Earth, Defense, Flight, Adorableness, Mutation
  • Allies: Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Commander Torque, Xion, Fluttershy, Weiss Schnee, Colette Brunel, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, the Vivid Team (particularly Himawari Shinomiya), Cream The Rabbit, Weiss Winterprison, Greed
  • Enemies: Carmelita Fox, Dragonslayer Ornstein, Acnologia, Deathwing
  • Fears: Darkseid, Thanos, Galactic Conquerors in general for good reasons, but none as much as Lord Brevon. And Roy Mustang
  • Despite her cute and harmless appearance and personality, Milla is one of Lilac's strongest friends. She has the ability to create Phantom Blocks and use them as projectiles. She can also turn these Blocks into shields, which can block almost anything and launch short-ranged lasers for high damage. It was decided that she be given a place here. Milla is all the more happy if it means seeing her friends again.
  • Much like Lilac, she's become friends not only with Sonic, the one who got Lilac into the Pantheon in the first place, but also his best friends Tails and Amy. All three of them comment how she reminds them of their younger friend Cream the Rabbit. She also would like to know how they can breath in space so easily, whereas she and her friends cannot.
  • Whenever Milla meets a new friend, when she finds something interesting about them, she'll ask for their permission to touch it, just as she did with Lilac's twin tendrils. So far, these consisted of Sonic's quills, Tails's twin namesakes, the equine Equestrian deities' manes, Weiss Schnee's side ponytail, Cream's ears, et cetera. Knuckles sort-of-gently turned her down, and Shadow was too intimidating for her to even ask.
  • Her friendship with Weiss Schnee is due to the oft-a-jerk heiress's soft spot for absolutely adorable canines. She's impressed further upon the hound showing off her abilities. Weiss plans to introduce Milla to the rest of Team RWBY, although she's well aware that Blake's very nervous around canines.
  • Her friendship with Xion and Colette are also based on the fact that they have soft spots for dogs. Milla also greatly sympathizes with them due to having very sad lives and being used by despicable people, so she's more than happy to give them company.
  • On the other hand, she would rather not be anywhere near Roy Mustang, due to his much different reasons for liking dogs. As Roy once said, "Be a jerk to them and they won't complain and they never once beg for a paycheck!"
  • Milla's friendship with Himawari comes from their similar application of Deflector Shields, though the rest of the Vivid Team absolutely adore her.
  • Upon hearing of Lord Brevon's ascension from Lilac, Milla's reaction was that of her fur turning pale(r than usual) as she remembers what he did to her. Still, Milla is willing to try her hardest to stop his plans again.
  • With her Story Mode come out, the House of Knowledge is a little confused as to how her story fits with the others, as in her story, instead of getting herself mutated, Brevon "merely" ambushed Carol and Torque and incapacitated the former, forcing the latter to back out with her, while Milla goes after Lilac who in turn did what was predicted of her. And then she faces Brevon herself for a while before Lilac rescues her.
  • The sequel shows lots of promise for Milla. For one, she'll be adept at hand-to-hand combat like her friends (in part due to help from Greed, who finally noticed the stray dognote  under his nose and decided to teach her some things he picked up from a friend), and she's physically tougher than before. For another, she no longer needs to physically heft her Phantom Blocks and can do so much more with it like shoot mini-blocks. That said, until the story is fully revealed, she won't have access to these abilities yet.

    Wood Man 
Wood Man, God of Orbiting Particle Shields (DWN-016)

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