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"I am the bone of my sword..."

Jun'ichi Suwabe (born March 29, 1972) is a Japanese voice actor made popular by his uniquely suave baritone voice that usually lands him the role of a cool and serious Mr. Fanservice. Doesn't stop him from sometimes being a Butt-Monkey, a Large Ham, or a complete psychopath, however.

"Steel is my body and fire is my blood..."

Has quite a relationship with Masakazu Morita, Akira Ishida and Kenichi Suzumura.

"I have created over a thousand tropes."


A common Casting Gag for him nowadays is for him to voice some handsome Ambiguously Brown guys, or anyone who can invoke Foreign Fanservice.

Notable roles by Junichi Suwabe:

RESTART!—"Unknown to death nor known to life..."

"Have withstood pain to voice many roles..."

"Yet these hands will never hold anything..."

"So, as I pray... UNLIMITED TROPE WORKS!"Sorry.

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