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Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac (聖鬥士星矢 : 覺醒) is a Free-to-Play mobile phone game in the Saint Seiya franchise, developed by Tencent Games. It was released for the Android and iOS app stores.

Tropes that appear in this game:

  • Adaptation Name Change:
    • Delphinus Mii's name in the Japanese version (Rising Cosmo) is "Yukino".
    • Following the release of the Lost Canvas version of Crane Yuzuriha, this game's incarnation of said character was renamed to "Kaede". In the Japanese version, "Kaede" was her name since the game's release.
  • Adapted Out: Equuleus Shoko is nowhere to be seen. Every Saintia is here (albeit with a redesign), but not a single mention of her.
  • Blindfolded Vision: Sextans Luna's
  • Composite Character: While Sagitta Ptolemy's character model resembles Ptolemy, his artwork is designed after Sagitta Maya, a deceased Silver Saint revived by Eris in "Saint Seiya: The Movie".
  • Decomposite Character: Sextans Luna is an entirely new character created for this game that takes on some traits from Peacock Mayura from the Saintia Sho spinoff manga, such as her being a blindfolded Saint and astrologist.
  • Easter Egg: If you hold tap in the Daily button, a music box renderition of Pegasus Fantasy can be heard.
  • Extra Turn: Sextans Luna's skill "Star Fate Prayer" gives an extra turn to another Saint.
  • Genki Girl: Ursa Minor Xiaoling is a Perpetual Smiler with a very energetic and cheerful attitude.
  • Go Through Me: Dragon Shiryu and Cassios' skills invoke this; If a teammate has very low health, they will step in front of them and take the hit. Their physical deffense is buffed up as well.
  • Gratuitous Mariachi Band: Well, not a band, but one of Kiki's skins is a mariachi costume, guitar and sombrero included. Why would he wear something like this? Only Zeus knows.
  • Guest Fighter: Tagara is actually Jia Luo from Honor of Kings, another mobile game by Tencent.
  • Inconsistent Coloring: Hound Asterion's clothes are yellow in his artwork, but the character model's are black.
  • Microtransactions: The only way to get someone like Phoenix Ikki is by purchasing him with real money. Only then he'll join the pool for good.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Remember Europa, the girl who gave a flower to Aldebaran? She gets replaced by a greengrocer blonde girl called Melissa, who can be found in the townlet. When you check God Cloth Aldebaran's profile animation, she shows up to give him a flower, instead of Europa.
  • Turn-Based Combat: The main gameplay mechanic is turn-based fighting.
  • You Don't Look Like You:
    • For some reason Lionet Ban looks younger and less bulky here, and his hair is now green, rather than brown.
    • None of the Saintias present here resemble their manga counterparts. For starters, Delphinus Mii's hair was originally blonde, and her "armor" was... Less than revealing.
    • Ursa Minor Xiaoling has a younger appearance, purple hair, long twintails, and a completely different outfit.
    • There was an early version of Crane Yuzuriha that, while resembling somewhat the original Lost Canvas version of Yuzuriha, wasn't quite the same in looks. Then Tencent started adding other Lost Canvas characters, including the exact same version of Yuzuriha from that spinoff. To avoid name confusion with this new Yuzuriha (which was clearly meant to be the actual Lost Canvas character), the older, early version of Yuzuriha was renamed as Kaede.
  • The Voiceless: Despite having one or two dialogues in the story, the Ocean Witch is not voiced at all.