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Greater Gods

    Cyborg Superman/Hank Henshaw 
Hank Henshaw, God of Irrational Hatred (Cyborg Superman, Cyborg II, The Man of Tomorrow)
Henshaw during his first outing as the Cyborg Superman
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A red and black version of the Superman "S" shield
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: From Nobody to Nightmare, Death Seeker That Cannot Die, Completely Irrational Hatred at Superman Due To Being Driven Completely Insane, Goading Superheroes To Kill Him, Dead Person Impersonation, Healing Factor, Cyborg, Machine Manipulation, Flying Brick
  • Domains: Hatred, Technology, Immortality, Death Wishes, Insanity, Revenge
  • Allies: The Anti-Monitor, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Albedo Piazzolla
  • Headbutting Villains with: Dr Weil, SKYNET
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Sigma, Merged Zamasu
  • Enemies: Superman/Clark Kent, The Green Lantern Corps and all their friends, the Grand United Alliance of Machines (most of them at least), Linkara, The Fantastic Four, John Connor and allies, Galactus, Darkseid, Doomsday, the Grox, Axl, X
  • Sympathy for the Hero: Fujiwara no Mokou, Suzaku Kururugi
  • Hank Henshaw was once an astronaut who was part of the doomed Excalibur mission with his wife and two of his friends. A solar flare mutated them horribly and ultimately led to their deaths. Though his body disintegrated, Henshaw's mind survived and learned to control machines. After all of this, Henshaw had gained a delusional belief that Superman was somehow responsible for his woes, and the ability to inhabit technology that could match the Man of Steel.
  • Possesses an Irrational Hatred of the Man of Steel that surpasses even Lex Luthor's. As the solar flare was indirectly caused by Superman throwing the Eradicator into the sun, he thinks Superman should be held responsible. During the time he has dead, Henshaw managed to create a cyborg clone of him and posed as him Back from the Dead, to ruin his reputation by strong-arming Mongul into working for him, bombing Central City and planning to lay waste to the planet. Naturally, he has often been in conflict with the Green Lantern Corps as well.
  • Recognized some commonality with Zamasu, specifically his Goku Black component. They both despised a hero, eventually leading them to become homicidal maniacs who stole the visage of that hero. While the Cyborg-Superman is willing to work with the mad Kaioshin, it is only to achieve their mutual vengeance, as Henshaw doesn't trust Zamasu and while Zamasu thinks he is a useful tool in his Zero Mortals Plan he is still a dangerous mortal not to be trusted either.
  • The GUAM requested he be banned from the House of Technology, due to being a dangerous and deranged technopath. Namely they were afraid he would try to hijack them and that house, having once notably controlled an entire planet's population of machines(though not without considerable strain on his part). The Grox have banned him for ever getting close lest he hijack them and discover the many secrets of their cybernetics and other technological marvels.
  • Decided to try and control Axl and X. Axl was because his abilities to shapeshift and copy other machines would be incredibly useful, X because of his unlimited potential and weapon copy abilities. His "Cyborg Superman" self being but a physical shell, his consciousness managed to hijack a Reploid to do his bidding. In this body he met Sigma, who agreed to a mutual alliance in order to deal with both of their enemies. Of course the two don't trust each other and are waiting for the opportunity to try and override each other's programming. Since Henshaw was a living being, it is unclear what will happen if they try. Most don't want it to get that far.
  • A prior crossover alliance showed up with SKYNET. It is hard to deny a Terminator homage with the Cyborg-Superman, and during the time Superman and the Terminator crossed over the Cyborg formed a cross-time alliance with SKYNET. Of course now SKYNET is much more aware that the alliance is going to be a volatile one due to Henshaw's insanity. Linkara once riffed on the first issue, and it was when his arch-enemy Mechakara first appeared. Naturally, he was apprehensive of Henshaw's ascension.
  • One hell of a Death Seeker, though as Doomsday found out he dies on his terms. The Cyborg-Superman is one of the very few allies of the Anti-Monitor since he promised to kill Hank Henshaw, and has promised again to help Henshaw find oblivion so long as he follows orders. He served the Sinestro Corps for a time as part of this endeavor, though Sinestro has stated he has no further use of the Cyborg.
  • Sought out the GUAD for the sole purpose of having them help him die, even if it means everything else must. He had tried to get Nekron's attention during the Blackest Night, but as he had no heart he and the Black Lanterns couldn't even sense him. That is more or less true now, but various living deities serving destruction's cause have served as interpreters of the Cyborg Superman. Henshaw supposes there is an irony in the only beings who sought out what Nekron was offering were ignored by him.
  • Though they absolutely want nothing to do with him, Henshaw feels some pity towards Fujiwara no Mokou for wanting death, yet being completely incapable of doing so. Or Suzaku Kururugi for not being able to end his own life. He deeply relates to Albedo Piazzolla given their similar immortal condition and wanting to die, along with being Ax-Crazy.
  • Sees himself as Captain Ahab and Superman as his white whale. He hates Superman so badly that he deliberately used a magic space stone to turn himself back into the Cyborg Superman, even when he had the chance to have a normal life. Given what he's done, Captain Ahab was rather disturbed by the comparison.
  • Recognized a similarity between his crew and the Fantastic Four, though their fate were far more pleasant. Naturally, thinks went south in the Fantastic Four-Superman crossover.

    The Grox 
The Grox, Unholy Bane To All Animals

    Mephisto (Diablo
Mephisto, Demonic God of Equal Hatred (Dul'Mephistos, Lord of Hatred, Odium, Mefis, Spirit of Love, The First Brother)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His insignia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Genius, Evil Laugh, Lean and Mean, Manipulative Bastard, The Power of Hate, Weak, but Skilled
  • Domains: Hatred, Demons, War, Cunning, Planning, Trickery
  • Allies (Or people he doesn't quite hate as much):
  • Rivals: Azmodan, Belial
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship: Alarak, Murky
  • Dul'Mephistos, also known as Mephisto, is one of the three Prime Evils of the world of Sanctuary, the Lord of Hatred and the elder brother of both Diablo and Baal. He is the most cunning of the three and an expert manipulator who has given the demons of the Burning Hells an edge in the Eternal Conflict. He is fueled by Hatred and has contempt for every single living creature, but he prioritizes angel and humans over other demons since he is smart enough to work with others for a common goal. His arrival to the pantheon was heralded by his two brothers reuniting and personally receiving him. With all the Prime Evils in the pantheon, nothing will stop them from taking over the place for their own.
  • Was delighted to find out his asigned temple was the House of Hatred itself. He could easily be one of the leading deities of the house considering how common the feeling of contempt is present but he decided to stay out of the spotlight to avoid attention. His hatred is equal for all living beings, even his closest friends and allies, but he is smart enough to not let that hatred prevent him from making alliances.
  • Amused by the presence of the Lesser Evils, Azmodan and Belial in particular. Mephisto is keeping an eye on them since he hasn't forgotten about the time they banished him and his brothers to Sanctuary and they often butt heads with them. There is also the fact that Mephisto was the one that taught Belial everything he knows, of course you know how well Belial reciprocated to his master.
  • Not impressed by the strong presence of angelic deities. Of course, he hates them all, especially the Angels from Sanctuary who Mephisto has been at war since the dawn of time and considering that the angelic forces are much more numerous this time, he has been trying to device new ways to get rid of them.
    • Of course, there is an exception for Mephisto and that would be the Archangel of Hope Auriel. He believes that hope is the only virtue without purpose, otherwise suffering and, by extension, hatred would not exist. Auriel feels nothing but disgust when it comes to Mephisto but the Lord of Hatred himself seeks to corrupt her and drive the archangel to his side.
  • He is aware that his name is quite common for demons, as shown when he met the other Mephisto. While the Lord of Hatred is not flattered by the constant confusion, he nevertheless was interested in allying himself with the Prince of Lies since his powers and cunning rivals his own and he could be a great asset for the total corruption of the Pantheon and the fight against the Angels.
    • Speaking of Mephistopheles, Faust utterly despises Mephisto even if he is not the same aforementioned demon, since he screwed faust over their deal and made his life miserable. Mephisto was only bemused by it, he doesn't mind someone hating him, as long as that happens he will only get stronger.
  • Of course, his ascension did bring the attention of the Nephalem, the misbegotten spawn of his daughter Lilith with the angel Inarius and they did take action against Mephisto and his brothers once more to prevent them from corrupting the pantheon. However, he holds the most contempt to Deckard Cain, a member of the group that imprisoned him, and the mortal adventurers that slayed him, particularly the Necromancer Xul.
  • As if it wasn't obvious, those who are powered by Hatred delights him (Of course, he still hates them anyway). He has paid special attention to Guts and Velvet Crowe, two deities whose hatred define and empower them and their mere presence makes the Lord of Hatred that much more powerful. Both are not stranger to dealing with creatures like Mephisto but since his domain is tied to their powers, they try to minimize the amount of Hatred they feel, even if that little hate still empowers the demon lord.
  • Mephisto made a surprise entrance into the Nexus, deciding to aid his brother Diablo in the conquering of the many realms inhabiting and to spread his hatred. However, he found himself making two unlikely allies. The Highlord of the Tal'darim Protoss Alarak has heard of the demon before and has shown a rather surprising amount of respect for Mephisto while the latter is aroused by the sheer amount of hatred the Tal'darim harness. The other more unorthodox ally was Murky, whose sheer hatred and desire for revenge earned the attention of Mephisto almost instantly.
  • His physical appearance tends to differ from time to time but the body he possesses is not his own. He possessed the body of Zankekur, a Zakarum priest and twisted it beyond recognition to the point that it barely resembles a human skeleton. Sometimes he adds a little meat to his body, nobody is sure why he does that.
  • All those who serve and protect life are some of the deities that he loathes the most and seeks to cull them all. In return, the sheer aura of corruption that Mephisto represent has made him one of the prime enemies for the protectors of life but they do know that hatred only makes him stronger so they only focus on dealing him when absolutely necessary

Intermediate Gods

    Dr. Weil 
Doctor Weil, God of Abysmal Approval Ratings and Co-God of Absolute Immorality (Dr. Vile, Dr. Kool-Aid Man, Devil, Model W, Lord Weil, Dr. Satan Incarnate)

    Father (KND
Father, God of Child Haters (Benedict Uno)
Click here  to see Benedict Uno
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His own Silhouette on fire.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Degraded Villains, Child Haters, Evil Is Burning Hot, Unfavorites, Moral Myopia, Pipes, Evil Is Hammy, Clothes That Gain Fire Powers, Broken Haughties, Card Carrying Villains, Cowardly Lions, Villainous Woobies, Evil Uncles, Freudian Excuses, Family Revelations.
  • Domains: Family, Evil.
  • Allies: Every Evil Deity in the House of Family, especially Relius Clover
  • Enemies: Every Good Deity in the House of Family, the Kids Next Door Sector V, Anakin Skywalker, Bryan Mills, Superman, Batman
  • Opposes: Every child in the Pantheon, especially The Dimensional Counterparts, Bart Simpson, Dennis the Menace
  • Uneasy Relationships: Professor Hojo, Yoshino, Bondrewd, Bowser
  • Annoyed by: Lord Dominator
  • Special Relationship: The Delightful Children From Down The Lane
  • Here is the story of a father who started off as a terrifying villain and yet takes a fall from grace. His first few encounters with the Kids Next Door showed the GUAE how threatening he can be. Already a deadly pyrokinetic, he also proved to be a cunning adversary. All of this was destroyed with the arrival of his own father, who promptly took over his own organization upon his arrival. Even when Grandfather was ultimately defeated, he played no part in his redemption. That prompted the GUAE to oust the man from the Pantheon. After some years, it was decided their initial ruling was harsh, with his accomplishments showing he was still a threat even to the end. Thus, his original title was reinstated. Now, he gets to exact revenge on all children in the Pantheon.
  • This re-ascension came over the objections of Numbah One and his teammates. They did not want to have to deal with a deified version of himself once again. With their opposition rejected, the crew have no choice but to declare battle-stations to take on their old foe.
  • He returns with a bit of help this time. His kids the Delightful Children from Down The Lane had ascended in his absence and were keeping the Kids Next Door busy on his behalf. He briefly thanked them for keeping the seat warm before taking over once more. It is difficult to tell whether he likes his own children (though they may well be the only ones he would ever like).
  • His temple is completely off limits to any snot-nosed brat within 200 feet of the premises. He promised to burn alive any child who violates his policy, even those who pose no threat to him.
  • Bart and Dennis saw his ascension as their personal mission to annoy the living hell out of Father. It's one target the majority in the Pantheon wouldn't mind the two go after. Two two can be seen launching water balloons and eggs at his temple lawn. Father is planning to hit back at them tenfold.
  • The Dimensional Counterparts also have a personal beef, with Father reminding them of Professor Leo Akaba except the professor was a Well-Intentioned Extremist. Father merely hates children and seeks to correct them into beings that he can tolerate. Yet that would be a fight that may not end in his favor; he is unfamiliar with the game of Duel Monsters and would unlikely be able to defeat their strongest cards on his own.
  • Procured an uneasy alliance among the evil-teenagers on the Pantheon. They have helped him back on his world and was ready to ask for their assistance once more. Still, not all of them agreed to do so, and there were a few who proved to be just as annoying as children.
  • Thought that Yoshino would be easy picks to beat. While she was initially afraid of his flames, a few stray hits with her cold powers was enough to knock him out. He has since stated that she got lucky, but the LOL Rangers pointed out that he has yet to demand a rematch, calling him a coward.
  • Relius Clover remains as one of his closest allies, even during his exile. The Antagonistic Father took over the spot for evil dads until Father made his return. With his return, the two can now pool their clergy to wreak havoc upon kids.
  • Has received a strong reaction among other fathers in the Pantheon. Virtually all good-aligned fathers outright booed his reintroduction into the Pantheon. There were especially strong objections from Bryan Mills and Anakin Skywalker. Bryan was disgusted with Father's contempt towards children, which went against his philosophy of saving loved ones. Anakin felt the need to take care of his children even as Darth Vader. He could not accept someone who hated children as so and wondered how Father treated his own kids.
    • As a matter of fact, Father retorted that he actually likes them. He sees the Delightful Children as the prime example of what every kid should be like. And if they refuse... he won't be opposed to turning them to adults, animals or something even worse that that.
    • There are many superheroes who have a rather soft spot when it comes to taking care of children. This is especially true for Batman and Superman, both of which have children of their own. The World's Finest are not fans of him at all.
    • Any alliance with the villain Bowser is one with one eye open at all times. Bowser has a son of his own who he takes care of. And while Bowser Jr. can be annoying at times, the elder would never go so far as to brainwash him like what Father did to his children.
    • Yet even he won't go so far as to experiment on his own children. While Professor's fascination for genetic engineering seemed promising, Father suspects that the scientist merely wants to put him in a lid for testing.
    • Bondrewd is another scientist that is simply too batshit insane for Father to consider an ally. That scientist wouldn't also mind taking a look at the Delightful Children.
  • Not everyone thinks he should return. Lord Dominator has been masterful at tearing down villains emotionally and she quickly went to work on Father, stating how pathetic it was that he never got to stand up to his own father. While it was clear that those words stung him, Father has managed to steel himself from her attacks.

    Mard Geer Tartaros 
Mard Geer Tartaros, God of Those Who Deem Humanity Insignificant (Underworld King, King of Hades, Absolute Demon, Mardi Gras if you want to piss him off.)
Mard Geer's Etherious Form 
Mard Geer's Book 

Serpent, God of Daring To Be Struck Down With Hatred

    Velvet Crowe 
Velvet Crowe, Goddess of Empowerment Through Hatred (The Lord Of Calamity, The Daemoneater)
  • Intermediate Goddess, bordering on Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her bandaged arm
  • Theme Song: Velvet's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, close to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Getting Her Payback, She Uses What She Eats, Byronic Hero, Lost Innocence, Doesn't Like Comments About Her Breasts, Daemon Eater, Her Nasty Right Hook, She Wants To Be The Villain
  • Domains: Hate, Revenge, Family
  • Allies: Ragna, Guts, Homura Akemi, Akame, Zero (Drakengard 3), Killua Zoldyck, Raven Branwen.
  • Rivals: Artorias, Eren Yeager
  • Enemies: YHVH, Malthael, The Vex, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Ardyn Izunia, Merascylla
  • Uneasy Allies: Caim, Zero, Shantae, Noel Vermillion, Presea Combatir
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Ganondorf
  • Fears: Khorne, Stella Vermillion and the House of Hatred in general.
  • Velvet ascended to the Pantheon after sealing herself away with Innominat in her world. It seems like the Velvet in the Pantheon is more of a manifestation of her than her actual self which is too busy being asleep.
  • The first thing Velvet did upon ascending was, after hearing of Artorias, going to go and seek him out to try and kill him, having mistaken him for Artorius, the target of her vengeance. She realised her mistake soon after they met, but they still battled considering Artorias' current state and his corruption flaring up. The fight was broken up soon enough, but Velvet was able to consume the Abyss' power from his sword, at least temporarily. The connections between the Abyss and Malevolence are a bit... Vague, however, though both being created by humans has sparked some theories.
    • While more lucid, however, Artorias tends to oppose Velvet, purely for the reason that her being the Lord of Calamity brings forth Malevolence than the average human would, and the similarities between it and the Abyss does not endear him to her any further.
  • The second thing she did, however, was notice how much of a mess the House of Hatred was and she set herself the task of trying to make the place spotless so she'd enjoy her stay a bit more. Considering the nature of the house, the task DID eventually prove fruitless, though that never stopped her from trying. She at least cleaned some of the rooms to a semi-permanent degree, earning her the ire of some of her fellow inhabitants as they weren't fond of their things being cleaned.
  • Interestingly, several gods who don't know Velvet too well seem to wind up assuming the Lord of Calamity is a monstrous being, being described by them as an amalgamation of those she associates with. Whenever Velvet properly introduces herself as the Lord of Calamity, however, those assumptions are dropped, on threat of being eaten.
  • While not the most powerful deity out there, her ability to devour has made many wary of her, especially considering her apparent ability to disable a Fusion Dance by literally eating the bond between those fused, as she demonstrated during her fight against Artorius when he had Armatized with Innominat.
  • Don't get on her case about her outfit. She doesn't feel the cold, anyway, and you'll likely be threatened with being eaten if you push the subject.
  • Apparently, one of her closest allies is Ragna the Bloodedge, due to sharing so many similarities from life story, personality, dark power, and even Ragna noted a good deal of similarity within her voice and his Morality Pet friend. The two became good friends and Velvet also made a deal to help him if Terumi would wreak havoc again, it's probably a good side activity with the lack of Artorius in the Pantheon. She's also allied with Guts, for the same reasons.
    • One time, needing to calm down, Ragna gave Velvet a hug. The two of them deny it, but several gods have proof.
    • Due to their similarities, several Gods ship Velvet with one of the two. The three of them usually just brush it off, but if someone assumes it's all three of them together, be warned. At best, you get a triple death glare that can scare the crap out of most gods. At worst, you get a triple ass-kicking from The Lord of Calamity, The Grim Reaper and The Black Swordsman.
  • Homura, Noel, and Shantae were surprised to hear Velvet's voice sounded quite similar to each of them, but Noel and Shantae were concerned about how Velvet used her powers to deal with her target of revenge. Homura could tell that Velvet was special not just for failing to save someone, but also deciding to become a daemon of evil.
  • She didn't know how to feel about the Demon Thief King of the Pantheon. While she admired the Gerudo's desire for conquest, she knew that in the end she didn't want to become a mindless beast of destruction like Calamity Ganon became in one reality.
  • Despite the fact both herself and that "harmless" chancellor have several things in common, she knew that Ardyn was beyond someone who simply wished to get simple revenge considering he tried creating an endless night where daemons roamed free across Eos.
  • Akame didn't know what to think about this Velvet except for the fact that like herself, the Night Raid assasin was also keeping her emotions in check while seeking out targets. They quickly came to an understanding about each other's goals for revenge against the powers that be who wronged them in the past.
  • While enjoying to dish out punishment every now and then, she knows the likes of Khorne and others in a particular house were deities that she didn't want to confront in the Pantheon.
  • The former holder of the Hateful Empowerment spot wasn't exactly thrilled about Velvet taking his old position wanting to see for himself if she was worthy of such a label.
  • Never. Ever. Tell her to act like a dove.


Lesser Gods

    Avenger (Fate/Hollow ataraxia
Aŋra Mainiiu, God of Societal Outcasts (Avenger, Angra Mainyu, Ahriman, All The World’s Evil, The Greater Grail, Black Grail, Black Iri, The Weakest Heroic Spirit, Angry Matthew, Angry Manjew, Angry Mango)
As Black Iri 
  • Lesser God as a Servant. Overdeity as the Black Grail.
  • Symbol: A purple-coloured chalice. Alternatively, the Avenger Class symbol.
  • Theme Song: holLow wORlD
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Spoilerific, The Corruption, Starting out as a no-name villager then sacrificed to expel all of the world's evil, Taking on the name of the Zoroastrian's devil, Being Tortured Makes You Evil, Behind everything wrong in the Fourth and Fifth Fuyuki Grail Wars, Ax-Crazy with some surprising moral actions, Humanoid Abomination, All The World's Evil, Saner than the other Avengers making him even more deplorable, Learning to value humanity, Now lays back in the background in Chaldea, Pretty weak as a Heroic Spirit
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Community
  • Heralds: Bazzett Fraga McRemitz and Caren Hortensia, the closest people he has to Morality Pets.
  • High Priest: Scapegoat
  • Followers: Akira Takizawa, Generals Cremin and Edison, Ben Richards, Juliette Faxx, Pamela Landy, Emmanuel Goldstein, Snowball, Mogh, Trinia Sabor, Bill, Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey
  • Allies: Ritsuka Fujimaru, Melkor, Beatrice the Golden Witch, Vector, The Outsider, Vanitas, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Noob Saibot, Naoya
  • Rivals: Lucifer, Nyarlathotep (Persona), Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, Yuki Terumi, Merged Zamasu, Kefka Palazzo, Phazon, Don Thousand, BEN
  • Enemies: Everyone involved in the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars, the other Angra Mainyu, Eru Iluvatar, Philemon, YHVH, Yaldabaoth, Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi, Phil Connors, Tree Gelbman, Stefan Butler, Freddie Mercury, Robert Edwin House, The Prince
  • Intrested in: Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, 'Hero Killer' Stain
  • Unwitting Pawns: Saber Alter
  • Pities: Gai Tsutsugami, Ramza Beoulve, Shinji Ikari, Haruka Kotoura, Sirius Black, Lazlo, Oyashiro-sama, Homura Akemi, Velvet Crowe, Ren Amamiya
  • Opposed by: Jeanne d'Arc Alter
  • Conflicting Opinion: Master Xehanort
  • Long ago, there was once a villager who was just going about in his day. Then his fellow villagers decided to ostracize someone in order to rationalize all of the disasters they had gone through, and that someone is him. Since then, he had every atrocity committed inflicted onto him and gets blamed for them until his old age and after that, they placed a curse that made him represent the world's evil on him to seal the deal. Throughout all of this, he was confused at why would they do this to him, but eventually he began to hate them back and later, his forced sacrifice qualified him to become a Heroic Spirit. Throughout the years, he has seen generations come and go and hatred becomes second nature to him, then eventually becomes his entire being once he lost all of his humanity.
    • He was later summoned into the Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War, where he was swiftly killed due to his weak powers and gets stuck in the Holy Grail. The Grail then grants every evil wish humanity has placed on Avenger, turning him into an actual daemon designated as All the World's Evil, Angra Mainyu. Within the Greater Grail, he tainted the grail system, allowing irregular spirits to manifest in Holy Grail Wars. During the Fourth and Fifth Holy Grail Wars, he taunted Kiritsugu Emiya and his ideals by claiming his methods will make him an enemy of humanity by impersonating Irisviel and granted Kirei Kotomine's wish for destruction with his black mud swallowing Kotomine and gave him a blackened heart; in separate timelines of the Fifth War, he lies to Illyasviel von Einzbern that her father killed her mother and contracted with Sakura Matou to manifest in the material world but in the end, the physical Grail corrupted by him get destroyed in all of the three timelines.
    • But one of the timelines ensured his survival by having enough souls of Servants to fuel his resurrection, and later he wandered to find one last desire to fulfill due to being a weak Grail. He then found Bazzett Fraga McRemitz, the Master of Lancer who was left to die by Kotomine who also wished for life, so he made a contract with her and put her in a comatose state, until Caren Hortensia found Bazzett and nursed her in her mansion. To keep both her body and consciousness up and running, he made a four-day time loop and impersonates Shirou in mind and body but reverts to his true form as Bazzett's Servant; during the loop, he enjoyed becoming Shirou and began feeling wrong about the timeloop while Bazzett eventually realizes the situation but keeps the loop going to keep herself alive by sealing him in her left arm. With Caren's help, Avenger finally ended the loop once and for all with his time in Shirou's daily life represented his desire to live a normal life.
  • Melkor once realized that after all of the Forever War that's going on in the Pantheons, the blame needs to go to at least an entity worthy of taking all of them. Sure, there's Zamasu but he wants someone that best embody the very concept of scapegoating and its horrible consenquences; later while browsing through universes, he found the Avenger Servant, Angra Mainyu who Melkor finds fascinating due to also being banished by Eru Iluvatar for embodying evil. Seeing Angra's worth, he made his case to the Court of the Gods, who while feeling uneasy towards Melkor actually got convinced of his reasoning; the papers filed in and Angra Mainyu ascended to the Trope Pantheons. Angra also saw himself in Melkor, and so they hang out around the place off-hours though he can't but feel Melkor is very extreme against Eru and everything else good.
  • It's an Understatement when the participants of the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars are not pleased to see him given that he basically screwed up their lives both indirectly and directly. Angra outright expresses that he has no regrets doing his wrongs to them, especially to Kiritsugu and his family, as well as Sakura and Gilgamesh. All parties are readying themselves to face him once more, which shows that all innocent people want is a good life.
    • Bazzett and Caren were the only two people that he legitimately cares about after the time loop fiasco he had a hand in creating. The Court decides to appoint them so that he's kept on a metaphorical leash, which Angra is actually grateful for. It was a sweet reunion, albeit a bizarre one to see an embodiment of evil and two women hanging around happily.
    • Kotomine arrives to Angra's temple once he heard news of his ascension in order to request more great power from him so that he can satisfy his lust for destruction. Since he helped him before and he's totally advocating for evil in man's heart, Angra agrees to give him aid once again. As for Bazzett and Caren, the latter has a lot of questions for her father while the former is hesitant to work alongside him since he killed her and stole Lancer from her before the Fifth Grail war started.
    • Angra is responsible for the corruption of Saber Alter and made her oppose Shirou to keep himself preserved until his full birth into the world. Saber Alter is bitter towards Avenger for that and is finding a loophole to get back at him; not that he cares much for her anyways...
  • Avenger is surprised that his current Master, Ritsuka Fujimaru ascended at the same time as him. When Ritsuka bonded with Angra, by now his loops with Bazzett and Caren has already happened and he now takes a backseat in Chaldea's missions until needed. Angra's enemies along with Bazzett and Caren are counting on the Master of Chaldea to keep him in line.
    • Angra finds Amakusa Shirou very interesting, particularly his sheer determination to go after the Holy Grail for his wish of salvation for all and even their summonings by the Einzberns determined the outcomes of the future Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars. Amakusa could care less about Angra's opinion of him, because a corrupted Grail is still a Holy Grail and he'll not stop to get it... at least, had it not been for Ritsuka keeping him in line.
    • Jeanne Alter finds it disappointing that the very first Avenger-class Servant is pretty weak, so she's not gonna expect much of him sooner or later. Angra could care less about her, although he's fascinated that there's more Servants under his class which delights him that his influence towards the Greater Grail is working.
    • Angra considers himself a cheap imitation of the Beasts, because an Evil of Humanity is comparable to them. Funnily enough, he can actually go head-to-head with them especially against Goetia which prompted him, Tiamat and Kiara (when she's Heaven's Hole) to be careful around him.
  • Having just redeemed himself, he acquainted himself with Beatrice the Golden Witch and Vector who also used to screw around their victims maliciously before their calling out. They would be antagonizing had it not been for that they have been equally vile to others as well, so they gave in and ultimately exchange their past experiences with glee over coffee. Onlookers are still intimidated despite the happy situation.
  • Being a nearly unstoppable force of chaos and evil, Angra finds himself at odds with Lucifer and Don Thousand, who scoffs at his general weak Servant form and preferring him as the Black Grail. Unfortunately for Angra, most of the Pantheonic higher-ups are banning him from going near the Treasury's Grail so he can't impress them after all. The Nyarlathotep of the Shin Megami Tensei world is delighted to see more proof that Humans Are Bastards, but he calls dibs on ending humanity first; Angra finds it a shame that another embodiment of humanity's evil would want to compete with him than cooperate with him.
    • YHVH and Yaldabaoth are furious that another chaotic being has ascended and the latter refuses to let himself be corrupted by him while Philemon and Eru Iluvatar sees him as no better than Nyarlathotep nor Melkor. Angra couldn't care less about them, as long as they don't mess with his plans.
  • The ACTUAL Angra Mainyu scoffs at Avenger, laughing at the fact that his village sought out him and ruining his life to do so; the feeling is mutual since Avenger blames him and his name for his unjustified suffering. You won't be seeing these two in cahoots even if they have common ground. Despite sharing the Zoroastrian devil's name, Freddie Mercury and the Prince still antagonize him regardless since not only he's not better than Ahriman but also potentially more dangerous than he will be.
  • By this point, Avenger has done enough monstrous stuff to warrant him a lot of understandable hate which put him at odds with Yuki Terumi, Evolto, Zamasu and Dr. Weil. Terumi and Evolto had a party of their own when they found out what Angra embodies who proceeded to not be involved in their schemes while carrying out his own, as opposed to Zamasu who uses him as proof that humans deserve to be wiped out for, which actually offended Angra since at least he values humanity in spite of hating them so much. Terumi did call it a shame since like Angra, he too keeps himself alive with hatred and they would have debated about humanity evil all day long. Dr. Weil could care less about humanity's evils, he still wants Reploids to serve them regardless of their feelings; Angra even wonders if he ever needs redemption at all.
    • Since he can also corrupt others with his black mud, he also gained rivals in Phazon and BEN though BEN doesn't really use black stuff to corrupt his victims and surroundings. Phazon reacts negatively in Angra's presence which means it sees him as competition rather than ally.
  • Sure, he made a time loop to save Bazzett's life, but Phil Connors, Tree Gelbman and Stefan Butler are staying very far away from him because his Heroic Spirit form alone is Obviously Evil. Angra himself could care less for them, unless they are standing in his way.
    • He did feel bad about Homura Akemi using time loops to save Madoka forever, stating that he would have done the same for Bazzett. Homura wants nothing to do with him since he reminds her of what she has becomed: a monster warped by her love for her friend; Angra may not be warped by twisted love, but he still understands her situation nonetheless.
  • Avenger also embodies the very idea that heroes are a worthless idea and was interested in the Hero Killer, Stain regarding this. Except, Stain has a twisted idea of what a hero should be and while he finds Avenger interesting as well he does not want to completely dismiss heroism entirely. In spite of not seeing eye to eye, they remain civil even when debating the importance of heroism.
  • Because he got shunned by his fellow villagers and sacrificed later on, he truly sympathized with Gai Tsutsugami (who shunned himself willingly), Shinji Ikari, Haruka Kotoura, Sirius Black (who got convicted of a crime he didn't commit), Ramza Beoulve, Lazlo and Oyashiro. All of them feel ashamed, not because he's patronizing but because his actions outweigh his aforementioned sympathies which Angra surprisingly accepts as a fair criticism. Lelouch & Suzaku, while they too set themselves up to become public enemies number one refuses to find him any more than abhorrent.
    • Also found sympathy in both Ren and Naoya’s cases. He pities the Phantom Thief for being wrongfully charged as a criminal by society and Naoya for being setup by YHVH to become a figure none shall strive to become. Naoya is more kinder to him since Angra got unfairly sacrificed to banish evil while Ren stays very far away from him, finding him very hard to fully redeem since he's... you know, "All the World's Evil".
    • The one fellow scapegoat who actually allied with Angra is the Outsider, who The Abbey of the Everyman condemns for all the corruption and sin that plagues humanity while he just sees them as "that cult dedicated to hating me." While yes, he is behind what is considered witchcraft in his world and people do use it to commit terrible things, he never actually goads them into doing so. In fact, he gets disappointed when people opt to that route. There's also the fact that the Outsider was just some street rat sacrificed by a cult that the Abbey descended from. The higher ups are aware he isn't as evil as they say, but don't say anything and fear of losing their power when he dies since they don't have anyone to blame then. Since then, these two are seen together, intimidating nearby onlookers. What are they planning? Who knows...
  • Naturally, he'll hate anyone who would pin the blame onto someone else. One example would be Robert Edwin House because during the power struggle for New Vegas and by extension the Mojave scapegoating was one of his plans, House opted to let President Kimbell and General Lee Oliver live so that when he does pull the rug under the New California Republic they will be blamed for the loss. If they die, then they'll be seen as martyrs instead and be inspired to take action against him, which isn't ideal. Angra wishes the latter happened cause people like House who unjustly blame someone else should get their throat slit while House himself understandably gets scared shitless everytime he sees him.
  • As they too represent the evil in everybody's hearts, Vanitas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness got aquainted with Avenger. He's not really keen on joining their schemes, but still finds no harm in seeing how they go against heroes anyways. As for their boss Xehanort, he loves his villainy but finds his hidden motive of using the Kingdom Hearts to purge the worlds of their evils to be unfitting for him (not to mention offending Angra since he's an embodiment of evil).
  • Has affiliated himself with Noob Saibot, who also has dark-like abilities like Angra and they turned evil once they died under circumstances beyond their control. Bi-Han thinks by allying with Angra, he can use him as a way to gain control of a clan that would follow his command and finally plunge the universe into darkness while Angra himself should keep the doomsaying down. At least the wraith is considering him a possible alternative should Noob's alliance with Kronika fall short.

    Dolores Umbridge 
Dolores Umbridge, Goddess of Widely Hated Characters

    Emilia Justine 
Emilia Justina, The Goddess of Conflicting Acceptance (Emi Yusa, Emilia the Hero, Holy Knight Emilia, The Battle Maiden and Goddess Knight)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess when powered up)
  • Symbol: Her Sword, Better Half
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Red Is Heroic The Cape, being half-angel, Born and Raised to Kill Maou, Constantly keeping an eye on Maou, Anger at the loss of her father Or so she thinks
  • Domains: Heroism, War
  • Allies: A majority of the house of heroes, Funabori
  • Enemies: The Demonic Legion and the various evil demons throughout the pantheon, Raynare, stairs, and most of the denizens of hatred with a few demigods such as Eren Yeager and Barney being the only exceptions. YHVH and his angels.
  • Conflicting Opinion/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Maou and few of the good demons in the pantheon.
  • Commonality Connection with: Eren Yeager
  • Pities: Issei Hyodo
  • After hearing of Maou's ascension to the pantheon she quickly found a way to ascended in order to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't try anything. As she will cut him down if necessary. Concerning their current condition, he can no longer take her seriously. Though he does find her to be a Worthy Opponent. Unfortunately, her approach to dealing with Maou tends make other think that she is in a relationship/ex-girlfriend. As they tend to act Like an Old Married Couple.
  • Is... less than pleased that she was transferred to the House of Hatred, despite her extreme dislike of demons. She finds a majority of the inhabitants to be extremely dislikeable and even down right despicable. In short, she would rather not have anything to do with any of them, except for Eren, who she formed a kinship with, and Barney, as she doesn't understand why anyone would hate such a harmless and plushy dinosaur who enjoys giving hugs.
  • Even though there are many demons, she can't bring herself to hate all of them. She gets confused when she always was raised to believed that all demons are despicable creatures, but after seeing many demons such as Maou not being evil such as the Occult Research Club, specifically the kind Asia who once worked in a church. It tends to make her not as judgmental.
  • Her temple has both a training ground dedicated to perfecting her sword skills and a room filled with computers that accommodate her job as a call center agent. Distracting her from her job with prank calls in inadvisable. At best, she will give you a stern talking-to; at worst, watch out for the Better Half.
  • Many evil demons are trying to stop her from reaching her full power as they know she would become a force to be reckoned with as she was the one who drove Maou from Enta Isla and he was at full power.
  • She has found a job as member of a Call Center. Unfortunately for her she constantly being victim of prank calls courtesy of the Trollkaigers.
  • She has been invited to join Sacred Knights acknowledging her many victories over the demons of her world.
  • She isn't to happy about her chest size though she tries to play it off saying that armor is cheaper for her size unfortunately she isn't fooling anyone. She might join the League of Flatchests... maybe.
  • She has met the gods who might share the same voice as her unfortunately almost all of them have large chests (Rias, Mio, Stephanie Dola, Houki, Sakaki, Asuka the shinobi) and she excuse Ryobi of cheating which usually end with them fighting because of it. Then she gets to Kei Kugimiya and Funabori in which she breathe a sigh of relief. Though Kei and Funabori believe that they were just insulted because of her reaction.
  • She has befriended Eren Yaeger thanks to their similar pasts when one of they parent was killed by a demon/titan, they also train in order to take down the demons/titans, and they both have a pretty mean Death Glare.
  • Surprisingly enough she has a child with Maou... Not that way, as she is horrified at the thought that someone would think that she had that type of relationship with her archenemy.
    • Said child, Alas Ramus, is part of Better Half and is with her at all times. Emi is very protective of her and will go to great lengths to keep her safe.
  • Although he's half-demon, she can't help but feel sorry for Issei Hyodo for being murdered by his ex-girlfriend and causing him psychological issues. In turn, she's disgusted by Raynare for being so unbelievable cruel and is uneasy on the fact that they share the same voice. She also wonders how horrible of an angel, even a fallen angel, she was if she can make a demon look like a better lover. She then thinks of Lucifer of her world as well as the angel Sariel and remembers that not everything is all Black and White.
    • Of course it gets rather awkward with her and Issei. Mostly because she sounds like his beloved buchou in Japanese and his evil ex Raynare. Also to make things even worse he sounds like the aforementioned angel in English, and has recently begun sounding like Maou himself. So they tend to avoid each other whenever possible.
  • Being half-angel, Emilia has been granted access to the House of Angels. There, she has made friends with some of the righteous angels, such as Michael, Manwë, Pit and Tyrael; all of whom agree with her mission to keep an eye on Satan. She also was pleasantly surprised to know the holy energy in that house replenishes her magic, so she has made visits to to spar with her fellow angels and keep her abilities in top form.
  • Completely tired of YHVH's angels trying to remove Better Half/Alas Ramus from her grasp.
  • Has been recently helping out Chiho train in holy magic with Crestia and... Sariel. So far, it's been a success.

Lysandre, God who was Maddened to Misanthropy (Fuladari)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Team Flare logo
  • Theme Music: Battle! (Lysandre) Alternatively his Ultra Leader Encounter
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Knight Templar, Civility towards the enemy, Red hair with all that that implies, Misanthrophy behind philanthropy, Ax-Crazy, Being the deadliest and most devastating main-series Pokémon villain, Visionary Villain, Omnicidal Maniac, The reason he was maddened to misanthropy
  • Domains: Disgust, Embitterment, Ideals, Mass extinction
  • Followers: Team Flare, Rambo, Gulliver
  • Allies: YHVH, Metatron, The White, Clu, Purple Eyes, Master Xehanort, Jadis, Keel Lorenz
  • Enemies: Calem and Serena, AZ, Tron, Ash Ketchum, Team Rocket (both the trio and Giovanni), Zygarde, Hareta, the other Serena, Yuna, Aqua, Leia Organa
  • Opposed by: Xerneas, Yveltal, Viridi, Ika Musume, Yomi, Flynn, Cyrus, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Admired by: Dr. Nefarious
  • Lysandre either died after the failure of the Ultimate Weapon or was granted eternal life while trapped in the ruins of his base. Regardless, the pure unrestrained hatred and cynicism of his consciousness allowed Lysandre to appear in the Pantheon.
  • Lysandre has gone too far over the deep end, and cannot be reasoned with, as much as other gods in the Pantheon have tried. Only certain mortals may be his followers, as long as they dislike humanity as much as he does. There are no signs of him attempting to cause mass extinction again, but he has been spending an uncomfortable amount of time around the House of Technology.
    • He's also been giving Majin Buu some odd looks, muttering about his Human Extinction Attack.
  • YHVH and Metatron practically fell in love with the guy once he ascended. Likewise, Lysandre was drawn to their mentalities and has offered to assist them.
    • This includes helping them during the Great Upheaval.
  • Viridi and Ika Musume had no problems with Lysandre's point of view that people were tarnishing the world's beauty, and thought his plan to wipe out most of humanity was a good idea. But then they found out that this would also include the extinction of Pokémon (essentially animals), and neither of them would stand for it.
  • Despite being a fellow Pokémon villain, Lysandre finds Ghetsis utterly disgusting, citing him as not being the kind of person Lysandre would want in his perfect world.
    • On the flipside, Ghetsis thinks Lysandre is even crazier than him for trying to exterminate all Pokémon.
    • Recently they have agreed on one thing: they both loathe Ash Ketchum for interfering with their plans. This recent agreement is due to Ash just coming into conflict with Team Flare over the third most important legendary Pokémon of the Kalos region, Zygarde. However, later on, Lysandre was intrigued by the mysterious "Bond Phenomenon" between Ash and Greninja and sought to gain control of both using Mega Evolution energy. It didn't end well for Lysandre, in fact, it ended with Lysandre taking a fully powered Core Enforcer from Complete Zygarde.
  • Lysandre is under heavy watch when he enters the House of Technology since no one wants him to find the pantheon's ultimate weapon, the Yamato Perpetual Reactor and use it to destroy the entire pantheon.
    • For this reason, The White consider him an ally and are keeping a close eye on him, while Flynn considers him an enemy, while also keeping a close eye on him, mainly to prevent him from using the Reactor.
  • Considers Clu an inspiration, based on their similar goals, and (directly or not) forcing an innocent being (Emma and Tron, respectively) into helping him with his dirty work.
  • Tragically, Lysandre succeeded in destroying his world in one timeline where Calem and Serena never existed, or at least never rose up to become the champions as they did in their canon timelines. In response, Master Xehanort admitted that he's impressed and offered an alliance. Jadis sent her admiration to him, since she succeeded in destroying her world, too. Dr. Nefarious is now looking into using the Ultra Beasts to creating his world where robots are the sole life force, and where heroes always lose.
    • In contrast, Yuna now has to spend a long time sending the billions of murdered souls to the Farplane. She called Lysandre out the genocide, comparing him to Yu Yevon. Leia also called him scum for his action, citing what happened to Alderaan and the Hosnian system. And Aqua has pointed out that, like Lady Tremaine beforehand, it would be almost impossible for Lysandre to live down the actions of his alternate self.

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