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"SCP-1048-C - Subject resembles a teddy bear similar to SCP-1048, but composed entirely of rusted metal scraps. Subject was first sighted on ██/██/████ by Dr. Carver in his office while writing up a report on the SCP-1048-B incident. Subject fled the room when it noticed Dr. Carver observing it. In the attempted pursuit of SCP-1048-C, Dr. Carver witnessed the death and maiming of █ Foundation personnel as the subject exhibited extreme violence during its escape."

A random teddy bear, or any other cute and (formerly) innocent Living Toy plush animal, from your childhood, just earned a place in your worst nightmares by killing/being used to kill people. Sometimes caused by a Sealed Evil in a Teddy Bear.

Related to Creepy Doll and Cute Is Evil. Sister Trope to Perverse Puppet and Demonic Dummy. Not always a case of Fluffy the Terrible. See also: Bears Are Bad News, even if the plush is not always a bear.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The psychic children in AKIRA first attack Tetsuo after forming a giant teddy bear and other toys out of debris. It's a lot creepier than it sounds.
  • Bleach
    • Averted with Kon. He may seem creepy at first, but the poor guy is totally harmless.
    • This is played with during the Fullbring training of Ichigo: Riruka shuts him in her dollhouse and his "opponent" is a Yakuza boss trapped in a stuffed pig.
  • WaruMonzaemon (and regular Monzaemon, when he's somehow turned evil) in the Digimon franchise.
  • In Dirty Pair Flash, Murderous Monica, a.k.a. "The Pink Sniper", is a teen assassin with a stuffed teddy bear named Mr. Mackie. She uses it as a portable weapons cache, which includes everything from her hair dryer to a laser gun, hand grenades, and an acidic bubble blower among other things. When enraged, she can even transform it into a Humongous Mecha, complete with Gatling guns and missile launcher, and pilot it!
  • The Ankle Biters from Medabots use a teddy Medabot appropriately called Churlybear. Churlybear looks harmless enough until its owners are provoked into Robattle, at which point its eyes light up with sinister red... and much ass-kicking ensues. The Medabot can use several extremely powerful explosive blasts, but its signature move is a gravity beam that can completely negate an opponent's speed and agility while throwing it around like a helpless doll - if this attack hits, the battle is pretty much over. (Unless, like Spyke, you get extremely lucky...)
  • One Piece: Kumacy, a zombie designed to look like Perona's old teddy bear and serve as her assistant, initially appears to be harmless thanks to his goofy looks and submissive personality. But when Usopp underestimates him, Kumacy proves himself to be far stronger than expected, able to cut through solid stone with a swipe from his claws.
  • There's a scene in Tenchi Muyo! 2: The Daughter of Darkness where Tenchi and Ryoko are pulled into Yuzuha's realm and dumped into a toy room. There, they're greeted by a killer cadre of, you guessed it, toys: including a psychotic teddy bear! They soon dispense with the pleasantries, and unleash a rapid-fire barrage of knives!
  • Tiger & Bunny: Kriem has a NEXT ability that allows her to control a collection of creepy teddy bears that sold wildly throughout Sternbild in order to set off bombs and hold the entire city hostage.
  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5: a Kowaina possessing a pile of teddy bears appears early on the series' run.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Sora's Signature Mon is called "Death-Toy Scissors Bear" in the sub (Frightfur Bear in the dub), and it's a pink teddy bear that's been ripped apart from the inside by a pair of demon-possessed scissors, stitched back together in a Frankenstein-like style, and it eats its enemies to gain their attack points. It's also a pretty good metaphor for Sora himself: cute on the outside, and a sadistic villain on the inside.

    Audio Plays 
  • Big Finish Doctor Who: In Cuddlesome, the eponymous Cuddlesomes were the hottest must-have toys of the 80s: cuddly pink talking hamsters, sold as are the perfect toy for children of all ages. They were also a host for a psychic virus, and when reactivated, attempt to murder any owner who they judge had not loved them enough.

    Comic Books 
  • The title character of Boris The Bear (a parody series mainly targeting the Black and White independent comics boom of the 1980snote ) is basically Rambo in the form of a robotic teddy bear.
  • There's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic with some kind of possessed stuffed bear that was used in an attempt to get at Dawn.
  • After his first defeat, Ashley Guthrie from Hack/Slash became trapped in his old teddy bear. He didn't enjoy it.
  • Judge Dredd: One short strip featured Dredd fighting a mutant who looked like a plush teddy bear and went on a murder spree.
  • Stabbity Bunny: The titular character is a stuffed White Rabbit toy belonging to a little girl named Grace. It's also imbued with supernatural powers that it uses to protect Grace and her family, which it's been doing for many generations.

    Fan Works 
  • In Later, Traitor, Frazie encounters a relentless monster teddy inside the mind of an extremely cowardly man. It starts out looking normal enough until she loses track of it in a skirmish, after which it mutates into a taller, deadlier form and begins pursuit. It completely ignores all her psychic powers, keeps going even after getting set on fire, and mauls everything in its path. Its rampage is only brought to an end when it's completely obliterated by a cluster of bombs.

    Film — Animated 
  • One of the dolls from The Nightmare Before Christmas (the one that's seen along side the wooden duck with painted on bullet holes) is stated in the original poem to be a vampire teddy bear.
  • Lotso from Toy Story 3 doesn't kill people, but he's more than willing to send his fellow toys to their doom in an incinerator.
    "Where's your kid now, Sheriff?!"

    Film — Live Action 
  • Child's Play (2019) replaces the doll possessed by a serial killer's soul with a doll with an evil AI. It can basically control anything computerized for its murderous intentions, including a Buddi 2 teddy bear.
  • In Dolls (1987), after Rosemary throws Judy's teddy bear in the bushes, the bear comes out of the bushes life-size and rips through the teddy bear look to reveal a real bear that attacks and kills her parents. However, it's just Judy's imagination so, it's subverted.
  • Krampus features a gaggle of living, killer toys, one of which is a ferocious teddy bear with loads of teeth and unnervingly organic-looking eyeballs.
  • Screamers: Killer robots looking like little boys, carrying killer robot teddy bears.

  • The Free Kingdomers in the Alcatraz Series disguise their grenades as teddy bears, the logic being that the enemy shouldn't know to run away from their weapons. Plus, it means that children will be more willing to play with them, which means they'll have a defense handy.
  • In the Discworld, there is a one-armed teddy bear displayed in the museum of the Assassins' Guild. The plaque underneath the display case states that the Baron von Wendeltreppe-Steckenpferd was assisted to his heavenly reward by Croydon Minimus (Scorpion House) in 1687, and this soft toy was the means of inhumation. No further details, such as How? are given, and this problem is used to stimulate the minds of young trainee Assassins.
  • Downplayed in the chilling short story "I Always Do What Teddy Says" by Harry Harrison. In a future society, it is learned that by carefully shaping a child's psychological development from birth, it can be made so that it is impossible for them to commit a crime like murder. This is done by giving the child a teddy bear which is carefully programmed to encourage good behavior and discourage criminal behavior. A group of scientists, wanting to effect political change, change the programming for the teddy bear for one of their sons, making it possible for him to commit murder. The child grows to adulthood, never suspecting anything but feeling that he is different from the rest of the people he knows. Finally, when he is in college, his father and his friends tell him exactly how he is different and give him a gun, wanting him to murder a political leader. What he proceeds to do is unexpected, terrifying, and heartbreaking, as are the last words of the story: "Teddy. Oh, Teddy. You should have told me."
  • In Mercedes Lackey's short story "The Last of the Season", a little girl's teddy bear comes to life to protect her from a serial rapist/murderer, which it does with extreme prejudice.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Haunting Hour: In "Near Mint Condition", Ted is obsessed with buying collectable toys online, and spends five thousand dollars (which he was supposed to use to buy a car) on a rare Robo-Bear toy from the 80's named Mangler with a mysterious link to accidents and deaths that occurred to the children that received the toys. Mangler comes alive that night, and goes after Ted's younger brother Mark and friend Jason for using him to mock Ted.
  • A MADtv (1995) sketch parodied commercials for Snuggle fabric softener, where the housewife freaks out when the Snuggle teddy bear arrives and tries to kill it. The bear fights back.
  • Saturday Night Live - on the "Consumer Probe" talk show, sleazy toy manufacturer Irwin Mainway doesn't see the harm in his "Teddy Chainsaw Bear".
  • Inversion: In an episode of Supernatural with a wishing well, a little girl wishes her teddy bear to life; it becomes suicidal. It eats its gun, but it doesn't work.
  • The episode "Ursa Minor" from Tales from the Darkside has mishaps occurring around the house that the little girl keeps blaming on her teddy bear. The mother eventually realizes the truth when it starts threatening the family directly and kills it, which angers the bearskin rug mother kept in their attic.

  • IC3PEAK feature a Creepy Good teddy bear in the music video for "Сказка" (Russian for "Fairytale"), where it helps them escape from the clutches of a Baba Yaga.
  • One of MelanieMartinez's songs is called "Teddy Bear. It's about a teddy bear she sowed together and loved, but that same teddy bear then attempts to kill her.
  • Muse are a fan of this trope:
    • In the video for Invincible, the amusement park ride diorama, which showcases various events through human history, ends with giant teddy bears attacking the citizens and eating the buildings, prompting all of history to rise up and fight back against them.
    • Giant evil teddy bears are once again featured in the "Uprising" music video, rising up from the ground and causing chaos on the streets. On a lesser note, they also feature on the single's artwork.
  • Radiohead's Modified Bear logo, which is meant to be a genetically modified teddy bear.

  • Dice Funk: Anne uses a teddy bear as her holy symbol, which means that she uses it to channel certain attacks, including one that incinerated an undead monster.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Malifaux has the Neverborn model Teddy, available as one of the Dreamer's enforcers. The model has changed a bit between 2nd and 3rd ed, but it's roughly the same - a ten-foot-tall, well-over-half-a-tonne teddy bear with a valentine shaped panel in its chest and a big mouth full of nasty big pointy teeth.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! has featured several deadly plush toys in the past, but ARC-V sets introduce the Frightfurs, an entire archetype consisting of twisted fusions of the meek and adorable Fluffals with the violent and vicious Edge Imps.

    Video Games 
  • In Alice in the Mirrors of Albion, one of the available bosses is an old teddy bear belonging to Jane Wright that is going on a rampage because she had apparently forgotten about him. However, this trope is downplayed as the teddy bear doesn't seem to be causing too much harm, and he is "defeated" by giving him toys and gifts, so that he and Jane can "reach an understanding".
  • Typically in CarnEvil, the boss of the Freak Show is a giant baby named Junior. If the arcade owner wishes, they can switch Junior out for a giant teddy bear named Deaddy.
  • The Tediz in Conker's Bad Fur Day are an army of these, built by Professor Von Kripplespac with an intention to Take Over the World. Their King Mook, "The Experiment", stands out by combining this trope with Demonic Dummy, Spider Tank, Enfant Terrible and Was Once a Man.
  • Danganronpa:
  • Dark Deception has two of these. One is Mama Bear, a giant stuffed bear with a sweet voice and demeanor belying a vicious predator that desires to control anyone beneath her. The others are her spawn, the Trigger Teddies - tiny teddy bears that explode, eat humans, and follow Mama Bear's every command.
  • Several games in the Dead Rising series have Freedom Bear. A grunt teddy bear with a bandana and machine gun that when activated, mows down zombies while taunting them.
  • Dynamite Headdy: Trouble Bruin is a cutesy bear puppet, and also Headdy's most recurring foe. Trouble Bruin takes control of a variety of killer machines by attaching his head to them.
  • In Final Fantasy X, Lulu uses her dolls as a focus for her magic, or to act on its own and attack. No one knows how she does this.
  • Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy's is the animatronic mascot for a Suck E. Cheese's pizza joint that turns murderous (along with his fellow animatronics) upon being possessed by the spirits of the victims of a Serial Killer.
  • Ghostbusters (1990): One of the small enemies in the Castle level. They run toward you and explode, inflicting damage.
  • Guilty Gear: Bridget has several attacks which involve the use of her teddy bear, as well as her yo-yo. One attack has it drift toward the opponent with spinning blades, and another has it grow to gargantuan size and run the opponent over on a flaming tricycle.
  • A teddy bear is one of the items that can be possessed in Haunt the House. It stretches itself so hard that it nearly rips itself in half, showing its seams.
  • In the Hunter: The Reckoning video game, Kaylie's teddy bear becomes possessed by evil spirits and grows to gigantic size before killing her parents, leading to a boss fight.
  • League of Legends: Annie's teddy bear Tibbers. He's actually the powerful fire demon Tybaulk, once servant to the fallen dark lord Mordekaiser, sealed inside a vial by the Black Rose until they infused him into the body of Annie's mother Amoline Kiosar, who subsequently passed him down to Annie. She carries him around inside a teddy bear toy.
  • Lobotomy Corporation: One of the abnormalities that you have to manage is Happy Teddy, a giant living teddy bear with abandonment issues that will hug employees to death if cared for improperly.
  • Pamela Ibis' main form of offense in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis is a pink teddy bear equipped with craftable Wolverine Claws and possessed by the Mana of Life. Among other things, it can grow tremendously and suck the life out of her opponents.
  • MapleStory Ludibrium is full of these.
  • Mr. Hopp's Playhouse: Mr. Hopp is a demonic stuffed rabbit hellbent on killing you. Come Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2, his friends Mr. Stripes and Miss Bo share the same goals.
  • Naughty Bear: The whole game is based around a bullied teddy bear on an island full of other teddy bears. And he decided to make them pay. Hard. Naughty Bear also appears as a cosmetic skin for the Trapper in Dead by Daylight. He is no less bloodthirsty despite the fact he is now targeting human Survivors, and even has a unique Mori (ie. kill animation) where he lifts up the Survivor, embeds his machete in their head, impales them through the chest and then kicks them into a bear trap.
  • In Paranormal Syndrome, the first paranormal encounter that chases and tries to kill Mikoto is a cursed, knife-wielding teddy bear that was animated during Hitori Kakurenbo (One Man Hide-and-Seek). Only shortly before the events of Chapter 1, the teddy bear had also killed most of the family members of Mikoto's friend.
  • In Persona 4 Teddie looks like a teddy bear, but is a deadly fighter with his claws. It's a good thing he's on your side! His Shadow, on the other hand...
  • Persona 5: Guardian Entity Alice's unique "Die For Me!" Special Attack involves an army of giant Action Bomb teddy bears rushing the enemy before they explode.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 has the Bonta Bearadda, a Darker in the form of a cutesy, pastel-colored teddy bear that's notable for being completely passive initially, simply standing still and constantly turning to face you as you move about. The moment it takes damage, however, it'll turn around and reveal its ugly side that's possessed of a nightmarish chest mouth and some mean claws before taking chase at a speed that's either sluggish or alarmingly fast depending on the difficulty.
  • Plenty of cute-looking toylike Pokémon can still viciously attack you. Snorlax looks like a big fat sleepy teddy bear, but that won't stop it from mauling opponents' faces off. Teddiursa looks even more like a teddy bear, and while it's not very strong it does evolve into the significantly less huggable Ursaring. In Gen 6, there's Pancham, a little panda bear cub, who grows up into the vicious yet honorable Pangoro, which stands a full head taller than an Ursaring. Gen 7 brings us Bewear, a huge stuffed bear that likes giving out friendly hugs which are way too powerful, causing people to put up danger signs warning about them.
  • Putty has teddy bears that charge at you and explode.
  • Teddy bears appear as enemies in Scooby-Doo! First Frights and its sequel, Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp.
  • Depending on the choices you make in the VR Haunted Mansion dungeon of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, the boss might be accompanied by Bugs, a blood-covered teddy bear whose stomach is ripped open and if filled with human skulls.
  • Shut Eye: One of the toys the girl thinks is stalking her is a Teddy Bear. It usually appears in the bunk above hers.
  • Silent Hill. Some of the enemies you encounter in the altered world are Furry Bunnies. OHGODWHY.
  • In The Sims 3, that's probably the Dexter The Bear mod, a stuffed Bear that gives you the ability to kill other Sims with either a knife, a poker, or a hammer. The hammer lets you kill toddlers too, which gives way to the creepy toddler behaviors. That is, when Dexter worked properly and didn't crash the game.
  • One of the two Mascot Mooks of Slamscape alongside Danger Ranger are the Shreddy Bears, slow-moving zombie-like creatures that slowly lurch toward you. They're not much of a threat on their own, but they're silent and other enemies can pick them up and drop them right behind you, and if manage to actually land a hit they do a lot of damage and send your power nodes flying.
  • The third installment of Splatterhouse has the possessed teddy bear of your kidnapped son act as one of the bosses. It actually looks really soft and cute... until the top of it explodes off, revealing a horrid, visceral monstrosity with long, clawed arms. When it's beaten the entire thing swells and blows up in a green, gory mess...
  • The title dolls of Tattletail aren't really very creepy or "killer". The same, however, cannot be said of Mama, a Yandere Tattletail doll that is out to murder you.
  • TinkerQuarry: In general, despite the cast being adorable toy animals, most of them are capable fighters. Actual teddy bears appear as enemies in one area.
  • The main villain of Toy Commander is Huggy Bear, a teddy bear who was Andy's first toy. He is the leader of Andy's old toys, and he and they have taken over Andy's house as retribution for being abandoned for years in favor of new toys, each one being the boss of a certain room. Huggy Bear has a mechanical left eye, a machine gun on his right arm, a stuffed snake on his left arm, and he wears a Jet Pack. He is the Final Boss of the game, and in order to defeat him, you have to defeat each of the game's bosses so that they will join your side and you can play as them.
  • One of the titular Witchkin is a ratty-looking teddy bear with a Bear Trap mouth.
  • In TS!Underswap, One of Flowey's lines of dialogue implies that Temmie is a living plush toy, like in most depictions of Underswap.
  • Shiki Misaki of The World Ends with You once hand-sewed a stuffed cat and named it Mr. Mew. It serves as her sole means of attack in the Reapers' Game. The sequel has Tsugumi use them to zerg you in her first two boss fights.
  • Your Toy: The main villain is the Player Character's childhood teddy bear who's out to get them for pulling its head apart years ago.

  • Charby the Vampirate: Munchy is a constantly hungry blue creature that looks like a giant teddy bear and has taken advantage of this fact to lure in children to eat by laying in the woods near a playground.
  • Reynardine of Gunnerkrigg Court is trapped in a stuffed wolf, and under Antimony's control, but can transform into a life-sized and quite menacing wolf when he feels the need. And he's stuffed full of lockpicks he likes to use like sharp implements.
  • Liv Tyler, aka the Uber Bunny, from Homestuck was once an adorable stuffed rabbit. Over many regiftings and falls from a meteor has been transformed into a patchwork cyborg rabbit (complete with mismatched glowing red/green eyes). It was also equipped with miniature versions of the strongest weapons available for each of the four players' weapon types. However, it was intended to help the protagonists and was quite loyal to that end.
  • Nuggles from I Want a Drink is at least 7 feet tall with huge talons and ripped fur revealing his organs and skull. He plays The Dragon to the Big Bad Squirt.
  • Sleepless Domain: On one particular night, Kokoro and Undine encounter and fight a group of several puppet-like monsters, all wearing white horned masks with perpetual Slasher Smiles. The following day, Rue shows up at school with a black eye courtesy of "some teddy bear-lookin' arse," implying she had a run-in with these creatures as well.
  • In Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, Loki is able to possess a particular stuffed doll, which limits his powers to some extent. But he's almost never seen without a knife.

    Web Originals 
  • 5 Second Films: In ""Secret Admirer," Kelsey finds out that she has a secret admirer who sends her a stuffed teddy bear to sleep with... but it turns out that the bear is, in fact, the admirer.
  • The Deady Bear from the Dr. Monster series of music animations.
  • The Mortasheen universe has a whole line of "Doll" bioconstructs with varying levels of evil. Despire, for instance, is a very creepy living teddy bear who works both as a toy and a killing machine, and can psychically switch others' positive emotions to negative and vice-versa, an ability which is intended to calm unruly children but works great for combat as well:
    Attackers may find themselves only giggling as the monster slices into them with its retractable bone-blades, usually aiming for the belly or groin.
  • An evil teddy bear causes a dreamer to shift between worlds in a nightmare titled "Trapped in the Other World" in the Nightmare Project.
  • The Nostalgia Critic once had to deal with a psychopathic Teddy Ruxpin doll that wasn't very happy about being criticised.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP-1048 ("Builder Bear"). SCP-1048 is a cute teddy bear who makes new teddy bears, from things like human ears (SCP-1048-A), an aborted baby (SCP-1048-B) and rusted metal scraps (SCP-1048-C). While SCP-1048 itself is harmless, its creations have killed multiple human beings in horrible ways.
    • Inverted by SCP-2295, an intelligent teddy bear that saves people by crafting artificial organs out of cloth and transplanting them to replace damaged/destroyed organs in people next to him. They always function as well as real organs and are never rejected.
  • Because the creator of Vaguely Recalling JoJo can't recall what Empress and Ebony Devil look like in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, they look like this.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series turns Rebecca Hawkins' teddy bear into one of these, though so far all it's done is make threats.
  • Huggles T. Bear in Zoofights is what happens when unscrupulous scientists take a grizzly bear, equip it with Wolverine Claws and a chest laser (obviously as a parody of the Care Bear Stare), and send the poor thing to fight other abominations to promote a toy company. It's that kind of series.

    Western Animation