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Esther: I feel like, I've... seen this before...
Isaac: These are quite creepy-looking.
Molly: No, they're not. They're adorable! I'm going to call mine, Miss Bo.
Isaac: I'll call mine... Mr. Stripes.
Molly: What are you going to call yours, Esther?
Esther: (Beat) ...Mr. Hopp.
Opening intro, Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2

Mr. Hopp's Playhouse is a horror series created by Moonbit Studios. Inspired by Lasagna Boy and the Clock Tower series, it features similar gameplay themed around exploration and stealth.

The series revolves around the titular Mr. Hopp, a demonic toy bunny who enjoys playing with his victims alongside his friends, the tiger Mr. Stripes and the panda Miss Bo, like in a playhouse. It also follows two children protagonists — Esther, a young orphan girl who lived in Blacklands Manor Orphanage where she, alongside her two friends, Molly and Isaac, receive the cursed toys from the donation box, and her granddaughter Ruby, who is given the titular plush as a gift by Esther sometime in the future before passing away. When the bunny comes to life and starts terrorizing their surroundings, the two have to hide and escape... or fight back under certain circumstances.


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Play with us, Tropers:

  • Antagonist Title: Each game has the not-so-dear Mr. Hopp in its title.
  • Art Evolution: In the first game, the artstyle for the cutscenes are quite realistic akin to Clock Tower (1995). But from the second game onwards, it changes to more distinct cartoony and stylized visuals while retaining the eeriness of the previous look.
  • Big Bad: The titular Mr. Hopp of course, who, in one way or the other, is the source of all troubles. And starting from the second game onwards, Mr. Hopp is accompanied by his friends, Miss Bo and Mr. Stripes, making them collectively known as "The Three Curses". However, The Entity, their superior, is the true villain of the series who created them alongside Isabelle, his right hand girl.
  • Creepy Doll: Mr. Hopp looks creepy for a bunny doll even without taking into consideration the fact he's possessed. Same goes to Miss Bo and Mr. Stripes, a panda plush and tiger plush respectively.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: In retrospective, Mr. Hopp being the only threat in the first game and One Hour With Mr. Hopp could be considered as this given he's always accompanied by Miss Bo and Mr. Stripes in the later games.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: The Entity, the local Satanic Archetype and the master/creator of Mr. Hopp, Miss Bo and Mr. Stripes.
  • Interquel: The New Girl, an animated short which takes place sometime between chapter 1 and chapter 2 of the second game, showing how Esther's nightmares are starting to get worse and the first arrival of Dee to the orphanage.
  • Myth Arc: The mystery of Esther's involvement with Mr. Hopp (and by extension, the Three Curses as a whole alongside the Entity) is a running theme throughout the series. In the first game, the tapes only mention that she created Mr. Hopp as a gift to Ruby and how she behaves strangely before passing away. But with the note of "Nana looked into the fires of hell... and she saw me" hidden in the attic, it's clear that there's more to it than meets the eyes, which is explored further in the later games from her perspective.
  • Killer Rabbit: Mr. Hopp is a literal example, as a seemingly harmless (if already creepy) rabbit toy who's actually possessed.
  • Killer Teddy Bear: If you don't know anything about their true nature, Mr. Hopp, Miss Bo and Mr. Stripes might look like normal and harmless toys. Miss Bo in particular can count as a literal example since she's a panda.
  • Punny Name: Mr. Hopp is a bunny, Mr. Stripes is a tiger, and Miss Bo is a panda... with a pink bow on her head.
  • Revision: According to David's tapes in the first game, Mr. Hopp is a knitted doll created by Esther as a gift to Ruby, but the second game reveals that Esther is actually the original owner of Mr. Hopp and the reason she gave it away to Ruby in the first place is because she was controlled by the Entity. She likely came up with that claim to ensure Ruby and her parents wouldn't throw the toy away.
  • Run or Die:
    • Being children protagonists, Ruby and Esther are unable to fight back against Mr. Hopp as they can only run and hide whenever he's around... until they gain their own weapon that allows them to get the upper hand, with the former equipping a gun/slingshot and the latter obtaining The Six medallions.
    • Same goes for Molly and Isaac in their playable appearances in Mr. Hopp's Manor Escape as they are unable to beat the Three Curses on their own and can only escape from them.
  • Secondary Character Title: While Mr. Hopp is the antagonistic title character of the series, his relevance in the overall narrative is only being The Heavy alongside Mr. Stripes and Miss Bo for the Entity, who is the Greater-Scope Villain of the series. He is more involved to the plot compared to Mr. Stripes and Miss Bo though.
  • Stealth-Based Game: The gameplay for the series usually revolves around stealth in corridor-looking surroundings, with the third game and the spinoff games being the exception.
  • Would Hurt a Child: So far, the protagonists of each work have been children. Needless to say that this is not a good thing if the antagonist is Mr. Hopp.

"...Everything is okay now."